Friday, May 15, 2009

Dr M to speak at BUM 2009 tomorrow

The Bloggers Universe Malaysia (BUM), an annual even since 2007, will feature Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad @ blogger Che Det, the former Prime Minister, as its key speaker tomorrow.

Dr M is scheduled to speak at 5.30 pm.

To attend, you must register by 10.30 am tomorrow at the venue of the forum. About 150 have signed up, so please hurry as seats are limited.

For more details, click here.


PAPA GOMO said...




Anonymous said...

"The Bloggers Universe Malaysia (BUM), an annual even"


Anonymous said...

true malaysian

Seriously, who the hell are u Rovky? All of sudden very caring about Tun Mahathir( the Setan of Malaysian)Please make up your mind and dont play hide and seek.As a nation you are brutus to us.I'm sure you got the clear message.

teohjitkhiam said...

I guessed right! Doc Frank is the star speaker!

BTW, joke of the day.

Two chaps sitting by the beach...

"Eh, apa nama tu?"

"Oh, tu? ApaNama la!"

"Aku tau la, ngok! Aku tanya apa nama kemenda tu?!"

"Kan aku dah cakap. ApaNama tu! Ko ni pekak ke?!"

Yeah. Who's on first.

borhan said...

This oldman loves to speak. Give him the chance he will be happy.But we all know who he is.Give him power you may feel not so free to speak..

Anonymous said...

IS THERE any food or drinks..??


Anonymous said...

Ah Rocky, the Emperor is talking....make sure you are there to record every word...make sure the Emperor gives you advice on how to manage the mainstream press.



malayamuda said...

expect some racist comments from Bapa Racisme !

Anonymous said...

i would not attend his speech......

Anonymous said...

i do want to go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rocky

You may want to check out the initiative by DemiNegara blog.

Don't be left out.


Anonymous said...

And we need your support to place the logo at your blog.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Is there also going to be an UMNO bloggers flip floppers meeting there?

Why claim to represent the Bloggers universe when the two spheres are now mutually exclusive?

Do ask Dr M why he is so happy to "waste money" on a Penanti byelection in Anwar's constituency but can't bear to waste money on a Perak snap election.

Would want to see how he flip flops his way out of that.


Anonymous said...

This guy is afraid of the Rakyat not supporting his party so he recommend that his party employ his best friend Mr Mugabi's policy of not returning power to the Rakyat so how to respect him Rocky?

Manature said...

I hope bloggers will ask Dr. M about his statement that PR will win if there is fresh elections in Perak, but BN should not go for snap elections. Is that not contrary to Najib's pathetic slogan 1Malaysia, Democracy first, performance now? Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Manature said...

Malaysian Judiciary unbiased Rocky? What do you say to this (from Screenshots)

"Sorry Nizar. The Registrar changed his mind.

It's not 3 hours vs. 5 Days in the Zambry vs. Nizar case.

Hearing for Nizar's appeal to set aside Judge Ramly Mohd Ali's stay order in favour of Zambry has now been pushed back to May 21, instead of May 18.

The 8-day wait is to coincide with the hearing of Zambry's appeal against the May 11 High Court order that declared Nizar as the lawful Perak menteri besar, is and was."

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Dr. M,

During your reign as a prime minister, you successfully enrich the non bumiputera of this country.

Look at the thousand of small, medium and big factory belong to the Chinese and the Indians.

A new industrial area such as kepong, batu caves, seri kembangan, puchong etc were developed.

And by the name of Allah S.W.T, what did the dalit and the eunuch give you in return?

A new, modern, sophisticated communist ideology with the support of PAP.

Anonymous said...

Hope bloggers will talk about racial disunity too, besides politics.

We malaysians are not united, we are divided. So far after may 13th. , this division is not harmful...yet...apart from small scale stuffs such as kampung medan. From young, we live in our own colonies, speak our own languages, attend language based kindergartens and schools, work in race-based environments, etc. Even in business, race/language/dialects are major factors. There are exceptions to all these, but very small in numbers.

Politicians need to sincerely and openly address the issue of disunity. If we keep talking about racial unity which only exists in name, we are going in circle forever.

Bangsa: Lain-Lain

Anonymous said...

yes rocky, this is a good way to show our beloved ex-PM contribution!!! by creating disharmony. he just keep quiet because his time is OVER


Ashe said...

So whats the big deal. All we're going to hear is this fella is responsible for that, because of that fella, all this happened. Sickening to the bone laaa...

monsterball said...

Only Rocky cares.
That is Rocky's master.
It is like playing the "His Master's Voice" gramophone..start it...Rocky will dance to mamak's tune.
Attan la..for sure.

glassman said...

all i can say about most bloggers are, you all are nothing more than key board punchers sitting before your screen, feeling great and rightous while the work of developing, keeping the peace and educating is done by others not so free as you.

Anonymous said...


Allah panjangkan umur Tun Dr Mahathir. Malaysia still needs you!


Anonymous said...

Heard from very reliable source inside PM office that Hassan Merican was told by Najib few days ago to appoint Syed Hamid as new Petronas Chairman. Hassan informed Najib he could not work with Syed Hamid and that he would rather relinquish his President post and become Chairman. Hassan suggested making Amir Azizan (the late Tan Sri Azizan's son now CEO of MISC) President to replace him since Hassan owes the late Azizan for bringing him into Petronas as the youngest VP when he was 36 in 1989. Najib said he wanted Hassan to remain President as he was doing an excllent job but wanted to enforce check and balance by bringing in an outsider as Chairman. Hassan refused and told Najib that if he brings in an outside Chairman, he would resign as President and if Petronas' performance deteriorates, Najib would be held responsible to the Malaysian public...and that Najib would have to think very carefully about this given the next General Elections. Hassan told Najib that he must consult Tun Mahathir before making any decision on his position since Mahathir is Adviser to Petronas. Who is really in control of Petronas...Hassan Merican or Mahathir? Perhaps it is high time that Petronas becomes accountable to the Rakyat via Parliament, and not to a powerful warlord or a former PM.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to any of these forums. A lot of Malaysian politicians talk through their backside. I agree with the Sultan of Selangor that many of our politicians and those in parliament are very low quality
leaders. Most of them dont even know their laws. lawyers can be tangkap for trying to represent their clients and an illegal menteri besar can still jump around trying to fix a state's troubles. i cannot help but laugh even in my dreams.

Ghost of Onn Jaafar

Anonymous said...

Hehe ... hot news

Don't feel betrayed or stressed out, YA

The frog KING in action - such a HERO to many here.

WASHINGTON: Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman has revealed that Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had offered him the post of Deputy Prime Minister as bait to switch sides after the general election last year.

Anonymous said...

He should ashame of what he talk during the BUM session.

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