Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chinese for China, gesture of trust?

There's this report in the Malaysian Insider, the portal allegedly run by Pak Lah's insiders, that Najib is likely to break with tradition and appoint a Chinese as Malaysian envoy to China. The report says Najib is doing this as a gesture of (the government's) trust towards the Chinese in Malaysia.

I don't care if the people behind Malaysian Insider want to put the PM in a fix by pre-empting the appointment. As a Malaysian, I take offense to the suggestion that this (Malay?) government is only now able to trust the Chinese Malaysians enough to make one of them Malaysia's envoy to China. Before this, the report seems to suggest, the government was reluctant to appoint Malaysian Indians or Chinese as the High Commissioner to India or ambassador to China because of worries about their loyalties to the motherland!

Perhaps some of the editors at Insider forget that they are not in Singapore. Over there, yes the government hasn't yet been able to trust the minorities - especially the Malays.

What next? Malaysian Turk as ambassador to Turkey?


  1. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Hey Rocky

    See this is happening when they are in control of 4(+1) states.

    Imagine if they are in government.

    Malaysia will be the second state of greater singapore.

  2. Anonymous3:10 pm

    I am soooo with you bro...!

  3. Rocky,

    Putting political differences aside, Anwar would be best candidate to be Ambassador to Turkey..

    He has chummy relationship with them

  4. Anonymous3:14 pm


    'Fixing PM Najib',oh boy ! you must be joking ! You should know how powerful Najib is...everything in Malaysia is under his finger tips right now, of course not to mention with a 'Godfather Madey' behind him.

    Don't be so paranoid lah, Rocky.

    Your beloved leader is still much 'loved' by the rakyat.

    A suggestion for your next posting :
    Rockybru Fixing Pak Lah 2008- Mission Accomplished.

    MalaysianInsider Fixing Najib 2009 ? Mission.. belum tahu lagi...


  5. Anonymous3:15 pm

    I don't agree with this.

    They should appoint any who are well versed with Mandarin and understand the culture of Chinese ppl to be an ambassador.

    From what I know, there are some Malays who are educated in China University who speaks better than locally trained Chinese Malaysian.

    Even the PM of Australia speaks well in Mandarin! Go to youtube anytime and search for one video about the Australian PM speech in Mandarin and see for yourself.

    So to be a true Malaysian, anyone is qualify, Malays, Indians etc.. as long as they can do the job in China well.


  6. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Yeah Bro Rocky,

    Khir Toyo as ambassador to Indonesia, Samy Vellu as High Commissioner to India, Hamid Albar to Yemen, Sanusi Junid as Consul General in Makassar, Annuar Musa as Consul General in Songkhla, ....... we can fill all of our ambassadorships with their kinsmen, no sweat.

    Oh, Rock shall be first secretary at our Singapore embassy.

    Salam Sejahtera

    Malaysian Ambassador to Tristan Da Cunha

  7. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Then appoint Kali to Afghan...


  8. Anonymous3:21 pm

    mi 2 rocky 0 as news came from them first.

    mi fren

  9. eh, say it clearer la, you are insulted by Malaysian Insider or the fact that UMNO dont trust chinese Malaysians to be ambas to china? which ha? say clearer la...

  10. good one bro rocky.

    perhaps MI should change to MalaysiaOutsider

  11. Anonymous3:32 pm

    It's the work of Kali. Kali is an Indian and so is Brendan.

    So its not a surprise to read such a story on Msian Insider

  12. Anonymous3:43 pm

    If argue along the same logic, I wonder why wont there by appointment of Malaysian-Chinese to the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia then?

    Meritocracy is a dream yet in Malaysia's racial mix of practical reality.

    Borneo hic

  13. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Kali punya kerja beb. Brendan tukang tulis

  14. azroy3:53 pm

    very good lah...dont need to appoint to envoy level just to show loyalty, even hawker at pasar malam also know what layalty mean, this fella need to be appoint at the envoy level..huhu

    so next Indonesian malaysiaan aka javanese to Indonesia, how about Timor Leste?
    same colour also..

    Do Malaysia need envoy at Cayman Island..I know suitable person..


  15. Off topic but a question to Rocky. Zambry got his appeal heard and granted within hours of submission, but Nizar has to wait many days. Still say Malaysian Judiciary is unbiased and independent?

  16. haraprockybrubertaubat4:04 pm

    Bro.Jangalah buat fitnah kata laman web Malaysian Insider tu laman web Pak Lah la,laman web Itali la.Sudah la bro.Dulu korang fitnah2 kan Pak Lah sampai dia tersungkur.Esok susah nak jawab nanti.

  17. Bro,

    I read the whole article, with the question statement,

    "In the past, the government has been reluctant to appoint Malaysian Indians or Chinese as the High Commissioner to India or ambassador to China because of worries about their loyalties to the motherland."

    I didnot know that the BN government is playing a double standard rule by not trusting their own Malaysia citizen. This actually the actual policy or instigation statement. Govt shud start play hard with MI as what they did to Malaysiakini if the statement is false.

  18. Anonymous4:05 pm


    Malaysian Insider has gone downright too far this time. They can thank their lucky stars because this government does not have the balls nor the brains to put the likes of MI in their place. Downright racist.


  19. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Whether it a Malay, Indian , Chinese, Iban or Bajau does not matter as long as they are Malaysian and keeping Malaysian interest above everything. Maybe if a Chinese is appointed it is because of their abilities and at the same time will have a better rappor in terms of language; culture, taboo and customs. Congratulations to the new perspective of the government today for being able to fully utilised all of our countryman abilities.
    All this while we all Malaysian trust each other but only the olitician and maybe journalists try to pictured a different images.
    With this development, i sincerely hope that all Malaysian regardless of the religion or political believe will work hard for the achievement of 1Malaysia like what we have successfully done with Malaysia Boleh. Lets walk hand in hand to make Malaysia a wonderful country again.

    Malaysian Apek.

  20. Bro,

    I think MI like to play racial issue la. That's what they want to work right now, to see our beloved country in riot.

    CHINA govt has a lot of respect and strong friendship ties with the Malay since Melaka Sultanate up until now, if there is a move i think is a bit stupid and backward unless Malaysia insider want to FITNAH Malay Government.

  21. skilgannon10664:19 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    What's with this Singapore angle?

    I would hazard a guess that Singapore's Ambassadors and High Commissioners are

    - academically well-qualified
    - completely conversant with all bilateral issues between Singapore and the country they are posted to
    - able to suss out trade, investment and business opportunities for Singapore
    - able to attract investments into Singapore from the country they are accredited to
    - able to keep track of and maintain contact with the Singaporean diaspora in the country they are accredited to
    - able to convincingly represent and advocate Singapore's interests in the country they are accredited to
    - completely fluent in English and have a working knowledge of a second language

    Can we, in all honesty, say the same about Malaysia's Ambassadors and High Commissioners?

    For example, do Malaysia's Ambassadors and High Commissioners bother to keep in contact with the Malaysian diaspora in the countries they are posted to? Do they even know the size, qualifications and demographic profiles of the Malaysian diaspora?

    How much FDI have Malaysia's Ambassadors and High Commissioners succeeded in bringing into Malaysia?

    And how about the principle that it should be the best man or woman for the job - be it for Ambassador, High Commissioner or even a plain Minister! Why should it matter if that person is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, Kadazandusun or whatever?

  22. Anonymous4:21 pm

    what motherland? my only motherland/fatherland is MALAYSIA!
    They are getting more and more ridiculous!

    So they trust a mamak because they assumed the MAmak's motherland is MAlaysia?

    Ah Keong, Malaysian

  23. Anonymous4:27 pm

    i am with you there, isn't everyone the fellow countrymen? why the segregation of the type of countrymen ?!

  24. Really I cannot understand why race should be an issue in appointment of High Comm or Embassador. Appoint based on merit and competency. As a Malaysian Chinese I find it is absurd that we need a Chinese as embassador to China. We can appoint an Indian or Dayak or Iban or Melayu or Chinese or Temuan as embassador to Indonesia, Vietnam or any other countries. Just be fair and appointment is appointed on merit and competency.

  25. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Why not? Malaysia is a melting port of different peoples and cultures for as long as we can remmember. It's a wonderful place with many mixed mariages and offspring of a very unique Malaysia. Let them lure more people of the same ancestry to come to Malaysia, truly Asia!!


  26. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. The MI is shooting in the dark;

    2. MI has inside men and women in Najib's Government;

    3. Remember Abdullah Badawi allegedly telling Anwar Ibrahim at a meeting in Hulu Langat that he has people to watch over Najib?

    4. Could MI be getting the info from Abdullah's people who are still in the Cabinet and the Civi Service?

    4. Or is the MI deliberately catering to the civil servants and politicians who are not happy with Najib?

    5. Lately MI has been "exposing" developments in the mainstream media by targeting some people.

    6. We should challenge MI to state who are its owners, financial backers and editors.

    7. The Information Minister should get the Malaysian communications and Multi-Media Commission to investigate and reveal who they are.

    8. It not enough to suspect that MI is the tool of Kalimullah Hassan or Brenden Pereira, who are known to be close to Khairy Jamaluddin. KJ was once Kalimullah's business partner in ECL Libra.

    Thank you.

  27. President Barack Obama becomes the first African American to hold office. Back here, Malaysian Chinese is still not loyal enough to be appointed ambassador to the People Republic of China?

  28. yup, that's how i see it. isn't it obvious ?

  29. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Bro. Rockey's

    Politically Malays are trustworthy but from development today I reserved my comment on the trust worthiness of the Chinese and the Indians. For 50 years we live happily and the country prosper because of trust.

    See what happened in the 12th General Election...who caused the downfall of BN. The last by-election of Bukit Gantang clearly shows that UMNO/BN was played out by the non Malay voters.

    Today Penang Gerakan cried foul over Perak by suggesting that Perak should go for fresh election towing the line behind the opposition.
    For this I called upon Penang Gerakan to shut-up and concentrate to deliver in the Penanti by-election. We'll watch you from now.

    For YAB Dato Seri NAJIB , it seems that you are moving too fast on other track but not on UMNO. My advice is UMNO's supremacy should be your utmost priority upon taking over the helm of UMNO.


  30. Anonymous4:53 pm

    haha somehow I like the spin by Malaysian Insider better than yours...way to go Malaysian Insider....

  31. You're rite bro. As much as Najib (or most malays, for that matter) wants to trust (or gain the trust of) the chinese, it is very unlikely that it is going to happen. Come on, Guan Eng (the friendly chinese CM)does not even trust a PAS ADUN to be an exco for Religious Affairs. We should ask these people to read (or reread) 'The Malay Dilemma'. - WIRAWAJA

  32. Francis5:05 pm

    Who is judge Ramli Ali, the judge that gave Zambry an stay within 3 hours?

    Well, he is a Lingam appointed judge. A former Chief Registrar of the courts. When Lingam was talking to the disgraced Fairuz on how they were to manipulate the judiciary and appoint their cronies into the bench, Lingam said that Ramli was among the three preferred to be appointed by him. The other two were Datuk Heliliah Mohd Yusuf, a former Solicitor-General and Datuk Ahmad Maarop, a former commissioner of Law Revision. They were appointed as directed by Lingam and agreed upon by Vincent Tan and Mahathir on February 1. 2002.
    Dear Malaysians, that's the man who gave a ridiculous stay to Zambry within 3 hours. Oh, by the way, Mohd Nizar needs to wait for about 6 days for his appeal to be heard. 1BlackMalaysia. Performance for Umno now. Malaysia later.

    P.s Refer to the Lingam tape for verification. (Also read Jeffooi's blog)

  33. Salam Bro,

    1. Setuju dengan analisa saudara;

    2. Sebagai bekas Diplomat, saya sudah served under Chinese Ambassador, bekerja dengan Malaysian Chinese Diplomat, Pengarah Tourism Malaysia, Pengarah MIDA dan MATRADE;

    3. Kesemua mereka berkhidmat dengan cemerlang untuk negara sejak dahulu lagi;

    4. Ini apa cerita pulak Malaysian Insider buat statement macam ni?

    5. Bodoh ke ape......

  34. Anonymous5:16 pm

    This mischievous 'Insider' - whose pocket is he in?

    Now that there's a new PM in Malaysia, lots of snakes will be out for a bite - snakes of all shades and colours, white, yellow, black and brown.

    Malaysia should get a couple of mongoose - snakes are scared of them


  35. Anonymous5:26 pm

    must sent Malaysian Chinese to Australia too!

  36. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Gesture of trust?

    Puak Cina sesama mereka diMalaysia don't even trust one another, are suspicious and unfriendly towards one another! KAKI BERGADUH sesama mereka even on trivial matters.

    Ini kan pula the Mainland China Chinese and the Malaysian Chinese!

    The only thing that brings them closer together is their one and only GOD...M O N E Y.


  37. Anonymous5:41 pm

    But the minority in SG has a much better life than all Malaysian. You go to all their government department, the police force, the public hospital and you did find they employ mostly Malays and Indians. Their majority (Cina) don't even bother if there are more Malays or Indians in the government office. Here MIC is fighting to get the government to employ more Indians....Rocky if you do not know please keep your stinky mouth shut lah! At least do not spin lies at your country of birth, what a shame Rocky.


  38. There can never be smoke without fire!!!

  39. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Chinese is ussually called by Umno as pendatang and asked to go back to China or migrate to other country if disagreed with any of the race based policies that favor the Umno and against the Unity of Malaysians despite of contributing 90% of the Income Tax that supposed to be benefiting all races if not because of the corruption and incompetency of our government.


  40. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Congrats Kali and Brendan. You did it again


  41. Anonymous6:06 pm

    If the Government of Malaysia takes offence of the article, sue them. Better still, sue them in Singapore. Lets see how you guys would fare under Singapore Court System, notoriously Tip Top Quality. Chief Justice, Chan Sek Keong, might preside over this case.
    It would be fun as Chan Sek Keong was born in Ipoh.

    Go ahead! Start the psychological war with Singapore. I am looking forward towards it. Perhaps, it would change any goodwill signals by SPH & PAP.

    All these while, Singapore has been too kind towards Najib......And I am quite sure that Singapore wanted Najib to catch Mat Selamat to shore up with credibility

    Go ahead! Antagonise Singapore. Anyway, National day is near, 8th of August. Lets see if 60000 Singaporeans pointing their minted Newater, quite a provocation towards Malaysia.



    By saying that YOU NOW ARE A BLOODY RACIST!

    Lesson No 1: Never criticize the Malaysian Chinese or Indian. That is the most racist thing to do.


  43. Anonymous6:16 pm

    I can think of a few mamak we can send to Bangladesh or Yemenis we can send to Yemen.

    A Malaysian

  44. Anonymous6:18 pm


    Hot from the oven.

    The new line-up for NST

    GEIC: Chandrasegar
    Deputy GEIC: Lionel Morais
    GE: Lee Ah Chai

    Director of Communication: Hishamuddin Aun

    GM of Training: Kamarul Idris

    Announcement on Monday 18 May 2009

  45. Anonymous6:33 pm

    WP has NO idea at all who they send overseas to the foreign missions. Many times have come across where while Mr Amb.hubby is busy trying to represent the country, the spouse will be busy bad-mouthing about it to their so called circle of friends from their respective revered homeland(achis stick with friends from the Indian continent and nonyas wth u-guess-right again).The kids? Can understand if they are confused teens la, as USUALLY may be seen from this privileged group's upbringing but these are are most of the time, arrogant, biadab, perasan type young adults too "shy" to even try to converse in Bahasa and you can see the half-heartedness in showing any sign of patriotism. They forget where Apa got his gaji from which can afford to put them in some world class ivy league universities in the first place. Lagi la kalau bini Tambi ni mat salleh debal. Nak pakai baju melayu pun macam suruh gi dentist, suruh shopping gila mau la dia, cuba suruh bagi talk on our culture ka. Karma has it that they have successfully made a laughing stock out of themselves to the locals too.


  46. Anonymous6:57 pm

    You must be blind. Let's face it, when did the Umno controlled government trust the Chinese and Indians? You indignation is very pretentious.


  47. Anonymous7:28 pm

    hi rocky....YOU ARE THE MAN
    A true malaysian says

  48. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Bloody Malaysian Insider trying to imply that the majority Malay goverment doen't trust it's own citizen. Bastards fanning racial hatred and trying to trap Najib into doing the opposite so ppl can later condemn him! All for their own damn cause of a sensational news.

    Damn bastards!

    The Malaysian Insider reporting this, is actually a Malaysian inside da ARSE@BUNTOT!


  49. It is quite clear that Those behind Malaysian Insider is continuing with their plan for destabilising Malaysia, I certainly hope that our leadership can see that and do something about it

    this article is clearly designed to make the Government look bad while inciting racial sentiments

  50. Kallimullah is the next Malaysian Envoy to Pakistan or Afghanistan?

  51. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Heard from very reliable source inside PM office that Hassan Merican was told by Najib few days ago to appoint Syed Hamid as new Petronas Chairman. Hassan informed Najib he could not work with Syed Hamid and that he would rather relinquish his President post and become Chairman. Hassan suggested making Amir Azizan (the late Tan Sri Azizan's son now CEO of MISC) President to replace him since Hassan owes the late Azizan for bringing him into Petronas as the youngest VP when he was 36 in 1989. Najib said he wanted Hassan to remain President as he was doing an excllent job but wanted to enforce check and balance by bringing in an outsider as Chairman. Hassan refused and told Najib that if he brings in an outside Chairman, he would resign as President and if Petronas' performance deteriorates, Najib would be held responsible to the Malaysian public...and that Najib would have to think very carefully about this given the next General Elections. Hassan told Najib that he must consult Tun Mahathir before making any decision on his position since Mahathir is Adviser to Petronas. Who is really in control of Petronas...Hassan Merican or Mahathir? Perhaps it is high time that Petronas becomes accountable to the Rakyat via Parliament, and not to a powerful warlord or a former PM.

  52. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Why susah2,memang ramai non-malays ambassadors. Bukan susah nak check out heads of Msian foreign missions.


  53. Anonymous8:41 pm

    I agree....Rocky's indignation is so pretentious !!! Is so disappointing lah ..that he had sunk to new low depths of credibility!!!

  54. Yes, send Hishammuddin to Turkey and save us all from bad decisions favouring the non Malays!!

  55. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Come on Rocky, This is post Obama, what is the problem if a chinese or Indian appointed as High Commissoner of Ambassidor. With You and UMNO everything is seen with myopic view of race, race and race. How then to talk of 1Malaysia. Don't make a joke of Najib's 1Malaysia.


  56. Hahahah,
    I laughed at the possibility a non-malay being lantik as some kepala envoy to represent Malaysia to anywhere.

    Worst part of it is, this Kecundang fler is not even popular with the chinese! He's not representing the chinese nor any decent-minded Malaysian so 'who' is he represnting? Your AMNO Elites-lah. hahaha

    Me thinks PM wanne save on the cost of translation since AMNO needs the $$$ to buy themselves.

    I think somewhere amidst this arguement I agree with you. lol

  57. Hi Rock

    1st, loose74 got our National Day wrong.
    It's 9th August.
    2nd, don worry, the more you bashed us the better cause we also need to wake up, especially netizens.
    They blog like a dead log.
    Lastly, merit appointment, anywhere, would clearly defined CREDIBILITY.

  58. Malaysian chinese is more efficient than a malay....

  59. ketam cili9:57 pm

    zubaidah abu bakar for ge of nst or geic. yes yes i support. hidup zubaidah

    but if zubaidah becomes ge, everyday pge one story about nik aziz, hadi awang, nasharuddin, husam, mustapha ali, mahfuz, azmin ali, salahuddin ayub. hidup zubaidah

    if zubaidah becomes ge, malaysian insider will no longer kutuk nst and in fact they will puji and bodek nst. u want to know why????
    because zubaidah is machai and orang suruhan brendan. he promoted her lah. he always calls her for stories. infact brendan has more trusdt in zubaidah compared to his own malaysian insider reporters

  60. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Hi Rocky;

    Agree 100% on your point concerning Singapore...

    Even though Malays representing a significant minority in Singapore, none of the Malays over there is 'fit' to be appointed as a Senior Minister.

  61. Anonymous10:23 pm

    For Pete's sake DON"T send this guy for he proven to be poor performer for so many years!Blind loyalty cannot merit rewards,pls

    A Confused Malaysian

  62. Anonymous10:25 pm

    "As a Malaysian, I take offense to the suggestion that this (Malay?) government is only now able to trust the Chinese Malaysians".

    Wow, Rocky, fine play of the words, 'Malaysian' and 'Malay'.

    You are showing your true colours, slowly.

    Whatever happended to you?

    Why do you have to interpret like the above? Especially the use of the phrase 'Malay' government?

    Are you confirming that even now, the BN government at Federal level is a "Malay" government?

    If yes, then we can accept the reality as to why most frontliner staff at government departments ar of one ethnic group. Even yesterday, when I went to Kg Baru DBKL housing unit office handling public enquiries, the staff at all the 7 counters were females of only one ethnic group. Imagine, KL having a highly multi-ethinic demographic profile, but the City Hall frontline staff do not reflect that multi-etnicity.

    If this is what you also condone, so be it.

    And why do you have to compare to Singapore? Why Singapore?

    Why you cannot articulate in the Malaysian context only?

    Are you the one really writing all these?

    Come on Rocky. When Malaysia wants to advance to meritocracy, you prefer this to be stalled?

    So what if a Malaysian Chinese is the ambassador in China? Its still not time yet?

    There are so many people out there interpreting your actions, but you still plod on.

    Why have you joined the ranks of these people by now trying to interpret MI's report?

    Will they care?


  63. joenathan said...
    There can never be smoke without fire!!!

    5:41 PM

    joe, shhh..somebody said your mother is a it smoke without fire mah..
    sorry, just to prove a point..

  64. Anonymous10:29 pm

    zombie as ambassador to kerala.


  65. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Sad thing to say about Malaysian today - everybody is racist. Be it an Indian; Malay; Chinese; Sabahan or Sarawakian. We are all racist not only by race but religion, geographical boundry; jobs etc. So why we are making a fuss about it because we have been able to live with it for decades.
    Who dare to say that he is not racist? UMNO is racist simply they are putting up a kris or asking the imigrants to go back to their motherland. Then we can say that DAP; MCA and Gerakan also racist. Why? Even a state Speaker from DAP can say a worship place as a pig slaughtering house. If you dont believe kindly search in the Youtube. The Malays will say Cina Babi; Indian - `wollingkati' and the Chinese with all the `Kui' hantu.
    So why making the fuss now. Don't let the media create hatred among all the races in this unique country. A Chinese proverb says that only when ones know when to satisfy only then they will enjoy longlasting happiness.
    All of us is actually `fighting' for better place for our own race; religion; community; education etc. The most important thing is to nurture our future generation to be able to show gratitude; appreciation; satisfaction and willingness to work hard for the betterment of their race; religion; community and beloved country.
    The government of the day must also restrict the flow of media reporting. Make sure the news is with substance and true. Media to specially the internet has been blatantly manupulated for the advantage of certain quarters. Lots of Malaysian now lazy to find or think about the truth. They simply believe what they read from the media. MI & MT even Awani has been vocal in their reporting but they must observe about the implication as well. MI & MT has even editing the comment in their blog. Only those comment that suit to their `hidden agenda is publish. There is so must restriction imposed in what they so called media freedom. We all must learn to be mature and be able to justified all news reporting by the media.

    Malaysian Apek

  66. /// Malaysia will be the second state of greater singapore.
    3:06 PM ///

    Given the mess that malaysia is in now, wouldn't that be the best thing to happen?

  67. nimalan11:17 pm

    I fail to understand your article. You seem to feel that the article implies that the government has never dared to send a Chinese to China as an envoy before because of worry of loyalties. But the question than has to be asked, how is it that in 50 years not one Malaysian Chinese has been deemed qualified to be Malaysia's envoy, especially as they will be more at ease with the culture and language

  68. Anonymous12:25 am

    hey rocky, why are you not talking about the hottest story anymore. Afraid of exposing more of BN's weaknesses and how they are digging their own grave? Pls remind your head honcho that the power they are flaunting now can all be gone in about 3 years - not a long time in politics. The Old Man said he hopes people will have short memories. While I have the greatest regard for him...his wish may not come true. You see the alternative media wasn't this active and prevalent during his time. With more and more youngsters becoming new voters, their net and sms savvy habits will provide the PR with an effective and relatively cheap medium to keep reminding the electorate. So Rocky you see even if you do become the CEO of the national tabloid Malay Mail, it's still a lost cause for the alternative media will overwhelm you guys. People will only read newspapers to keep themselves abreast with the lies spread by the government and this in turn will create more hatred towards them - a vicious cycle created none other than the BN itself. Spin all you want...but the patient is terminally ill.

  69. Anonymous12:28 am

    big only want to appoint malaysian chinese as ambassador to china,when want to accept first come first serve basis regarding races in the govrnment service such as police and army? when want to reduceimported cars 200% sales tax?all these makes the whole world see umno malays in malaysia as fuckers and suckers left behind now only want to catch up...if najib do all these i guaranteed that bn will win back all the seats they lost last elctions not just that our country currency will be same level again with singapore,mahathir is talking bullshit when ringgit is lowered actually bank negara had not enough reserve compare to singapore,dont believe ahh?

  70. Anonymous12:33 am

    As a Malaysian I demand that Najib sends an Indian to be ambassador to China and a Chinese to India

    Najib should consider making Brendan the ambassador to China and Lee Ah Chai to India

    NST staff

  71. Anonymous12:36 am

    Kalimullah to Afghanistan and get bombed by the American

  72. Anonymous12:40 am

    Quote --"Before this, the report seems to suggest, the government was reluctant to appoint Malaysian Indians or Chinese as the High Commissioner to India or ambassador to China because of worries about their loyalties to the motherland!"

    Mr.Rocky,what is your opinion? Do you personally believe there may be some truth in that?
    It seems you have an axe to grind against MI and also your tendency to bring Singapore into the picture. Care to state your motives?
    It is also my belief you do have access and do know the owners of MI, why not publish those info on your blog?

  73. Hey buddy. Old habits die hard man!!!

    These buggers who studied in all Malay colleges of course, other than enjoying the company of Chinese women, don't see any use for the Chinese other than treating them as hostile.

    I guess, Najib, having studied in St. Johns, KL, has had far greater intimate friendships with the Chinese to know them better. I would think Najib would find it difficult to reconcile the UMNO mantra about Malay Unity, (because it is supposedly needed to fend off the competing and hostile Chinese) with his own experience growing up with his Chinese classmates. So I am not too surprised with a Chinese being sent to China. In fact I would like to think it is a Malaysian who is being sent to China and not a Chinese. 1Malaysia ma!!!

  74. Anonymous12:45 am

    Dato Kadir

    Rais Yatim is not interested in investigating Msian Insider. He is only interested and syok sendiri about seeing his pictures appearing in RTM news daily and upstaging the PM.

  75. Bro its not just this particular article, Malaysian Insider is obviously doing their damndest best to sow the seed of hatred between Malaysians of both sides of the political divide since its inception, a close look at the commentator section will show what kind of budding anarchists and racists that Malaysia have roaming in cybersphere and cleverly cultivated by MI webmaster.

    Why the Government is not doing anything to check the editors and owners of MI remains a mystery, but the Government really should do something as MI's choice of political reporting and editorial and op-eds are so obviously designed to incite and they are not even shy anymore to disguise their devious intentions.

    I hope Rais Yatim will walk the talk and get cracking on MI before the situation gets out of control.

  76. Anonymous1:19 am

    malaysian insider is RACIST!

    From what I know malaysian ambassadors are highly qualified people, be they malays, chinese, indians, sarawakians or sabahans. they were and are sent to americas, africa, asia and europe according to their merits, capabilities and national mission. i believe there is no policy in wisma putra saying only chinese ambassador can be the ambassador in beijing. if there is such a policy..then wisma putra is racist.

    if the government is sending politicians as ambassador then it is only a political manouever and not an administrative move.

  77. MI is just another on-line newspaper and relatively new at the game. UMNO/BN have NST, Star, Sun (now owned by Vincent Tan), Utusan, BH, Bernama TV, Indian Newspapers etc, etc, etc, to counter it.

    So, why are you and UMNO supporters who have commented here jolted and worried by MI. You have 100 times the spin power of MI.

    Why is Shamsul Yunos paranoid and suggesting "I certainly hope that our leadership can see that and do something about it" which reeks of resorting to censorship and ISA and/or Sedition Act sledgehammer to a fly move?

    Is it because you have lost the ability to compete like for like?

    I don't care for this kind of reporting that a Chinese has been appointed Ambassador to China. My only concerns are:-

    1. Is he a M'sian citizen?
    2. Was his appointment based on merit?
    3. Does he have the experience?
    4. Has he been properly vetted for security purposes?

    Otw, I don't care if he was originally a hump-backed kangaroo from the Outback!

  78. Anonymous1:23 am

    wow..malaysian insider is playing dirty. very brave enough to state that the foreign ministry is having a discrimination policy against its multi-racial ambassadors who are professionals, talented and career diplomats.

    i hope the foreign ministry is brave enough too to get the editors of the malaysian insider to retract back the serious unsubstantiated allegation against the them and the government.


  79. Anonymous1:25 am

    how come singapore never appoint a malay as its ambassador to kuala lumpur?

    they ONLY trusted the chinese and indians


  80. Anonymous1:26 am

    Is this a real story?
    Like others have said - no matter what ethnic background any ambassadorial position should be given to the best qualified diplomat.
    I am not totally against political appointees as an ambassador represents the nation not a political reward.

    Anyway I am volunteering to be ambassador to Mauritius, Jamaica or maybe Fiji? Please...


  81. Anonymous1:56 am

    I fail to see what the excitement over a Chinese being possibly appointed as Ambassador to China is all about. As long ago as 1980- 1983, we already had a non-Malay, Datuk Albert Talalla, serving as Malaysian Ambassador to China. I am sure his loyalty to the country was never questioned then. That didn't make any waves so why the swooning over another non-Malay now?

    Diplomatic observer

  82. Last time a TPM was a Malay. It was said he sold government information to Uncle Sam. If it was true, do you call that loyal?

  83. hahaha..maybe that will explore more 1malaysian concept :) oh by the way who will be the best candidate for that turks ambs?..:P

  84. Bro,
    Meritocracy and mandarin language , not base on skin color...our wisma putra people not even speak a proper CNN or BBC english...mostly manglish...

  85. justmy2SEN8:27 am

    All along they preach Malaysians to be COLOUR BLIND...but now the REAL RACISTS UNRAVELLED THEMSELVES...they talk about race when it it to their advantage (e.g Must have chinese KM in a state with chinese majority nevermind Guan Eng has done lots of blunders and show his incompetencies-read:tennis fiasco, tiger park, rising unemployment in penang, FDI in penang in questions, can't even make decision on deputy CM and many more)

    Why not give the job to those who are qualified and sincere and truly malaysian..i don't care if it is chinese BUT IT MUST NOT BE THE TYPICAL CHINESE TOTOKS WHOSE LOYALTY TOWARDS MALAYSIA IS QQUESTIONED BUT A MALAYSIAN OF CHINESE ETHNIC WHO WILL PUT MALAYSIA INTEREST AT HIS/HER HIGHEST PRIORITY and definitely not someone with the agenda of turning another negara di kepulauan melayu into a chinese-chauvinistic country like singapore

  86. Anonymous8:41 am


    Where the hell they get the info that chinese contribute 90% for Malaysia tax collection?? which statistic? Haaa?

    And the minority have a better life in Singapore? compared to what? Uganda?

    I don't really get it bro, this people wrote here, full of themself but still have the nerve to call other people racist!...

    Is Singapore better than Malaysia right now?.. i don't think so. They are badly affected from the economic crisis. We are so much better than them.

    So, be gratefull that youre living in Malaysia as Malaysian. I dont think you are so lucky living in other country.

    Thanks Bro.


  87. MalaysianOutsider8:56 am

    Why is CIMB and MAS advertising in MalaysiaInsider knowing well now MalaysiaInsider is spinning all the way to tarnish BN?

    Stupid isn't it? Financing your enemy to kill your ownself!!

  88. Anonymous8:56 am

    it's dulcolax time, benedict.


  89. Anonymous9:12 am

    Anonymous said...

    If the Government of Malaysia takes offence of the article, sue them. Better still, sue them in Singapore. Lets see how you guys would fare under Singapore Court System, notoriously Tip Top Quality. Chief Justice, Chan Sek Keong, might preside over this case.
    It would be fun as Chan Sek Keong was born in Ipoh.

    Go ahead! Start the psychological war with Singapore. I am looking forward towards it. Perhaps, it would change any goodwill signals by SPH & PAP.

    All these while, Singapore has been too kind towards Najib......And I am quite sure that Singapore wanted Najib to catch Mat Selamat to shore up with credibility

    Go ahead! Antagonise Singapore. Anyway, National day is near, 8th of August. Lets see if 60000 Singaporeans pointing their minted Newater, quite a provocation towards Malaysia.


    6:06 PM

    Hoi looes74,

    Singapork tu dewa ke?
    Besak sangat ke Singapork tu! Baik sangat ke hati budi pemimpin Singapork tu?

    "...Lets see how you guys would fare under Singapore Court System, notoriously Tip Top Quality. Chief Justice, Chan Sek Keong,... "
    Dia ni dari Ipoh? Patut lah Ipoh Mali Ma... Po dah! Orang semua tau la dia ni akan memihak 1001% kepada kerajaan Singapork!

    Bagi tau sikit apa dia goodwill signals dari SPH & PAP tu?.

    Cerita sikit apa dia "All these while, Singapore has been too kind towards Najib......"

    Oi! Kamu minumlah Newater air jamban kamu tu! Takda sapa nak larang dan takda sapa nak heran! Minum air jamban pun nak megah ke? Itu lah orang Singapork, benda macam tu pun nak sombong dan bongkak.

    Itulah sebab kamu ni dah jadi tongong!

    -tukang perati

  90. RockyPru9:20 am

    dah spin ngarut2 mcm ni pun, tak laju jugak meter blog ni..
    kena spin lagi power la rocky. tengok spin ko pasal Nizar sah MB perak. pendek dan dalam spin ko tu..terus komen sampai 400.. kalau ko spin lagik pasal MB zombie tu menang kes rayuan, rasanya lagi berputar meter blog ni..mcm gasing daa...

    cuba ko spin balik sokong PR. sure geng2 UMYES, opps UMNO, akan bashing ko cukup2. hehe..gegar meter blog beb!

  91. Aha..

    Malaysiaaaaa Truleeeee Asiaaaaa!!

    from small tribe deep in Papua to the nearly extinct community in the gobi desert...we have it all man... right here in Malaysiaaaaa.

  92. Wan Shaziman9:32 am


    It has been a standard and well-known fact that the Malaysian civil service, especially the "top-tier" posts in it (such as ambassadorial appointments) have been allocated overwhelmingly on the basis of race (i.e., to the Melayu), and not on the basis of ability to contribute to the nation.

    What Singapore or Brazil or Indonesia or China or Turkey wants to do is their business. So your whining about what is happening "over there" across the fence, is irrelevant, unrelated to the subject of this blog post, and has value only as a side observation.

    If it happens that we have far more non-Malays amongst Malaysia's ambassadors and diplomats if appointments were made on grounds of merit and ability, then so be it. We should be proud of our fellow Malaysians, regardless of race or religion. The key point that will benefit us is that we've chosen the cream of the crop who can contribute maximally to the nation.

    So do spare us readers of your insincere "taking offense" of the glint of truth in the statement that the UMNO-dominated government is "only now able to trust Chinese Malaysian". This statement is poorly worded to begin with, but the fact remains that the non-Malays, especially the highly capable, have been disregarded or overlooked in top civil service appointments in favour of well-connected Malays or just by default of being Malay.

    Live with it. This has been the stock nationalist approach of UMNO-based governance and should come as no surprise at all to Malays like you and I. But your insincerity here borders on the revolting and I suggest you rethink your blogging approach.


  93. Anonymous9:38 am

    (Then appoint Kali to Afghan...


    Hallo McPapadum...tolong jangan insult the Afghans...Kali would probably be "sula"(ed) the instant he sets foot in Kabul

    Taliban Lover

  94. Anonymous9:38 am

    Rocky, I do not know whether to be angry at you or to laugh at you. You seem to bury your head under the sand and oblivious to the reality in Malaysia or maybe purposely chose not to see the reality and still living in the ivory tower like those in Umno. They are in perpetual state of denial.

    You really believe that both past and present governments ever have genuine trust in other races in the country other than the Malays? You must be joking! I thought I have alot of respect for you but now you seem to have erase alot of it with you attitude. I hope you are just joking but then it is not something to joke about.


  95. Anonymous9:40 am

    Hi Rocky, Reading Dato AKJ’s comment one cannot dismiss the possibility of him knowing the intrigues inside the current PM’s Office.
    It revolves around MI’s expose’ of matters of concern especially the scheming and plotting of individuals to justify their influence and authority in Najib Razak’s administration.
    It’s a very dangerous precedent which only hastens the PM’s departure and the government.
    Individuals like Omar Ong, Hardev Kaur, Rahman Sulaiman, Tg Sharifuddin and even the likes of Rusdi Mustapha are viewed with suspicion due to their involvement with tainted personalities and operatives of the previous administration in point no 8.
    A careful assessment of AKJ’s comment show their operatives have succeeded in infiltrating the PM’s setup assuming important roles in and outside the administration.
    Big Dog recently exposed one of them but they are not discouraged and have indeed made major inroads in shaping public opinion.
    Bravo No 8!


  96. Anonymous9:42 am

    Alamak, Rocky, your paymaster is now in a fix. Does this mean your pencen at Malay Mail might be affected ?

    Don't worry lah, your paymaster can fix anything, including closing down the Malaysian Insider and putting up your blog for an IPO which will be underwritten by Khazanah or EPF.

    Your pencen is secure. The dark side will always win.


  97. Anonymous10:12 am


    I am Malaysian of Swahilian origin , how about appointing me as Malaysian High Commisioner to Kenya.

    Adibo Abdalla Kwaju

  98. Anonymous10:36 am

    donplaypuks the new Monsterball.
    donplaypuks = crap blog, crap mind.

  99. Anonymous10:39 am


    If what you say is true "As a Malaysian, I take offense to the suggestion that this (Malay?) government is only now able to trust the Chinese Malaysians enough to make one of them Malaysia's envoy to China."

    Then why have we never had one before? What? You mean there HAS NEVER been a Malaysian Chinese that is qualified? C'MON. This ain't the 40's bro. And the people AREN'T STUPID ANYMORE.

    Good luck in your new job. You're going to need it.


  100. Anonymous10:40 am

    donplaypuke = the Malaysian Inside da Arse.

  101. Anonymous10:43 am

    The Prime Minister finally trust the Malaysian with Chinese ethnicity? What if somebody shouted that he'll soak the blood of certain race with a dagger? Would you trust this person?

    I only trust good UMNO leaders like KU LI.

    A Malaysian Chinese

  102. Anonymous11:07 am

    Is this appointment for the same reason as JJ?

  103. Anonymous11:13 am

    Give me a break Rocky, you are sounding so much like Mahathir now. Doing a sneak tembak on Singapore.What dont trust minorities? Please la Rocky, stop your racist talk. Just 1 question to you Rocky. You had always been like this or recently only you're starting to sway towards UMNO's mindset?

    Justice Chee

  104. Anonymous11:20 am

    US President Obama's first two picks for Commerce Secretary, a powerful and sensitive position, were whites but were not successful. He subsequently settled for an American Chinese, born in Taiwan, who will now be discussing US trade with the mainland Chinese. Talk about meritocracy.


  105. Anonymous11:32 am

    Rocky, Rocky, Rocky.

    By the day you seem more and more like trying to polish apples.

    One comment was correct: why isn't there a non-Malay DPM?

    Obviously, if the new administration says they will consider it, MSM (which now includes you) will say "tolerant, friendly, open etc". But when suggestions are made that envoys to certain countries may be from the ethnic group, as a sign of trust, you label it as "malicious".

    So why isn't there a non-Malay DPM, or PM for that matter? Why do political parties put candidates based on the racial majority of the area?

    Its a racial set-up. We are told these are our Chinese and Indian and Malay friends in school. They were not mere friends, but they are friends that come from this race or that race.

    I don't like the current crop of politicians. But one guy, Kayveas was quoted in The Haven (The Edge) a couple of years ago:

    "When I land in London, I am a Malaysian; when I land in LA I am a Malaysian. But when I land in KLIA I am an Indian (first)."


    - YouKnowMe

  106. Who cares what race??

    As long as they are Malaysian.

  107. nstman12:04 pm

    I recommend that Toyol be appointed special ambassador to Disneyland in the US. And his wife be appointed spokeswoman for Disneyland.

  108. AminGL12:06 pm


    Can you please stop spinning the news like gasing? You are no better than ex-NST spinning master Kalimullah Hassan and Brendan Pereira. Perhaps you can take over their crown as the new king of spinning master

  109. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Anwar should be ambassador to america LOL...

  110. Anonymous12:15 pm

    If Nizar is not seeing it I think he should double lasik his corky eyes..maybe it is in the blood, so no big deal if the DAP rules Perak?.

    Soi Lek, gerakan , all the parties supposedly supporting BN are supporting for anew fresh election when we already hv an election a few months back, obviously hv something else in mind in term of their support for a different govt in Perak. For the Malay, they seemed to be oblivious that something is happening inside their own kain pelikat.

  111. Anonymous12:30 pm


    how to be loyal to china or india ?

    We eat satay and nasi lemak so much we can;t even be loyal to the anything china india

    USE Brain abit

  112. Hey guys, MI doesn't represent PR, don't be confused.

  113. Hello Brader,

    Last time hah, when the Chinese Emperor dispatched an envoy to the Melaka Sultanate, he did not send a KAFIR you know.

    Emperor Xuande [1426-1435] sent the famous Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He) who was a born Muslim in Yunnan. His Muslim name is حجّي محمود شمس Hajji Mahmud Shams) (1371–1433)....

    "Zheng He, on his seven voyages, successfully relocated large numbers of Chinese Muslims to Malacca, Palembang, Surabaya and other places and Malacca became the center of Islamic learning and also a large international Islamic trade center of the southern seas...."

    It is only reciprocal lah now if we are willing to send a kafir to a kafir nation!


  114. Anonymous1:18 pm


    How's Jeff Ooi? Does he still trust you?

  115. Anonymous1:22 pm

    we must stop talking about our differences either by race/color/faith but just concentrate on moving forward positively ! Am not trying to hide anything but there are better issues that you/me/us can discuss rather than making matters from bad to worst-lah.
    Malaysia plus life with-in her, is what we make out of it, opportunities aplenty, just be creative to survive and stop blaming others but to look within oneself. Its just that simple and you Mr. Rocky can lead such forum effectively from today onwards. You have lots of readers/fans/friends plus some not so friendly characters reading/commenting on your blog, so grab this wonderful opportunity to make this World n Malaysia a better place for all.
    Am apolitical by nature but just cannot run away from it, politiking in Malaysia has lost its direction unfortunately, I pray everyone will realise this soonest/asap and concentrate on contributing their fair share for the sake of our future generation and country.

    I love Malaysia and everyone bcas we are a big family, lets seriously work to make everyday really worth it.

    Dear, Brothers/sisters/fathers/mothers we are a BIG Malaysian family. Yooooo man !!!!

    Capt's Longhouse

  116. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Appoint Shamsul Yunos instead as envoy to Beijing. He will carry Malaysian flag high.


  117. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Before you made a comment on the malays in S'pore, I suggest that you go to S'pore and see for yourself on their status. Talk to them and see how the govt treat them. They are much better than many malays here. And they are proud to be a SINGAPOREAN.

  118. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Rocky this is also what you get for this article.

    Click the wblink below for details, if you have not read it yet.

    I doubt they all know that this change was subsequent to all the visits to Peace Hill and the pending cases by NST against you, which must be draining your energy and resources.


  119. donplaypuks,

    you just don't get it do you?

    you are just so racist that you want to see me as racist.

    I have no problem sendind anyone as our ambassador anywhere, but like Rocky says

    tos uggest that the Government now trusts a chinese to be an envoy to china is an insult when we already have chinese cabinet ministers since merdeka

    cabinet ministers are privy to state secrets in a way that ambassadors are not

    MI is usggesting that BN is just now trusting a Chinese to be ambassador and I think that is malicious and they should be given a tight slap for it

    but hey, if you think that all the indian and chinese ambassadors that we have sent to various countries in the world so far is not to be trusted then that is certainly your problem

    or maybe you live under a tempurung and you don't know that our ambassadors are not from just tone race

    I suggest you go back rub some oil on your puks and play with it

  120. Anonymous4:00 pm

    "Chinese is ussually called by Umno as pendatang and asked to go back to China or migrate to other country if disagreed with any of the race based policies that favor the Umno and against the Unity of Malaysians despite of contributing 90% of the Income Tax that supposed to be benefiting all races if not because of the corruption and incompetency of our government. "


    5:48 PM
    Hey BL..better get your fact & figure right first from an official sources before spewing ridiculous nonsense in this blog, or else i'll shoved my army boot into your asshole..

    so typical & so classic of a chingkie, thinking their money are so damn big and everybody else were owing them big time..tell u what, this nation call Malaysia herself contributed the most on her own for the govt annual revenue..individual income tax only contributed 9% to the govt revenue in 2008.

    So, be grateful and don't you forget that u decendant of pendatang..u came here for free..

    THINK of what your tamil nadhu & tongsan motherlands can offer you in return if your forefathers choosed to remain there & then what will become of u now.. ok pendatang?? Remember that always!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  121. Rocky,

    Your writing itself smelt racist.

    I don't like Ong Ka Chuan as i dun see any quality on him as a competent ambassador.

    But look around in all the higher institutions and GLC, there is virtually no non Malay helms the top post. Are u suggesting they less qualified or system flawed ? U have a better idea than me, i guest.

    U can't blog using the MSM concept and tactics to confuse the readers, it is outdated and even my knees know it.

  122. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Hahaha,being exposed by RPK to be a umno machai (abeit a small fry machai)not high level enough to know the real stuff and yet thought so highly of himself as to deem RPK unworthy to be enemy. Took so long to deny the MM appointment (perhaps too embarassed to accept now knowing that he is just a small fry).
    Now trying to gain some self worth and credibity with gullible malay sian by doing the same tired mamak trick of Singapore bashing (even though that stupid Sin paper gave a you a stupid column and you have no guts to bash them in that column). alamak malu man. To late, laready finished


  123. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Hello, I am a Malay, born and grew up in Singapore. I certainly don't feel I am not being trusted by the PAP government.


  124. Hello Damansara

    Your statement "Lesson No 1: Never criticize the Malaysian Chinese or Indian. That is the most racist thing to do."

    Apa lu cerita? when Chinese or Indian critics Malays, you all tell that is your right to speak. When Malays speak about their rights and critics Chinese or Indian, you all say its racist thing. Apa lah, wake uplah. Don't bias.

  125. Rocky,

    It is sad to read about Malaysia from afar. So much anger and so much sadness expressed by so many, I was just thinking what would it take to make all of us Malays, Chinese and Indians and the rest to be happy again!
    The other day someone very dear to me died at the age of 51, she was healthy and happy and then she took a nap and she died so much loss! So what will it take for people in Malaysia to stop spreading rumours, lying and to be expressing so much hatred for them to realise they are not really enjoying life and that we have to be nice to each other! I am just wondering out loud!

  126. the reason1:49 am

    Oii pls lah bodohs....who says that there isn't any non Malay ambassadors from Malaysia?

    The Malaysian ambassador in Chinchiapor is an Indian....One of the PR big shots was an Ambassador in the UN ...apa lagi ??? why so biased against BN/UMNO .....? How come you all never complain about Chinchiapor not having a Malay DPM or Malay ambassadors ...pls lah like Chinchiapor so much, go and see if they are really fair to the Malays ???? Don't say that the Malays in Chinchiapor are not qualified....there are many who are well educated ok .....

  127. Anonymous3:47 am

    Off topic brother

    Although the LTTE has often engaged in open conventional warfare, when facing a stronger enemy, it has resorted to guerrilla methods. This is the likely explanation of the LTTE's behavior in the recent incursion of the Sri Lankan armed forces into Vanni. As I understand, hundreds and thousands of its military cadres have gone underground to begin the next phase of the Eelam War.

    The LTTE represents the collective vision of Tamils in Sri Lanka and the world over for the furtherance of the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka. While LTTE's area of control is diminishing, the organization and its leadership are very much intact. The organization is likely preparing for another phase of struggle. As long as Tamils are Sri Lanka are discriminated, marginalised, shunned and pushed aside, the LTTE will remain relevant. It will be the protective shield of Tamils in Sri Lanka. No organizations can replace the LTTE. It is the only organization that can propose a solution to Tamils that can be accepted.

    Question 1:

    (With specific focus on the last sentence in para 1)
    a.Isnt it time for local intelligence to interrogate the DAP leadership as to determine the extent to which they are privy to changes in the LTTE strategy as well as evaluate their respective roles in sustaining the conflict whether morally or otherwise.

    b.The belligerent discourse in paragraph 2 is redolent of the type spewed by the Hindraf extremists in Malaysia. Isnt it time for the relevant authorities to investigate the possible links between Malaysian extremists and the Sri Lankan considering we have a large Sri Lankan diaspora and recognising the fact that DAP and Hindraf harbour extremist factions who affect democratic ideals for mere public consumption to mask their more subversive intent. Pertinent to this, the investigation should also seek to establish the synergies that Chingkie extremists might be drawing from their Hindulen's acolytes link with the Tigers?as I have averred elsewhere recent Chingkie manouverings are redolent of the scenario preceding 1969... a potential push for a power grab in the making!

    For starters the investigation should look into

    a.the money trail ( electronic bank transfers, offshore accounts for money laundering using the Caymans or even Labuan as staging posts).

    b. immigration records considering the strong Penang-Chennai link and attendant networks. It should be noted that Hindraf staged its internal tete-a-tete to review and coordinate strategy in Madras(Chennai). How extensive was the involvement of other shadowy foreign parties like the LTTE and the role of DAP and indirectly PKR in the proceedings.

    c. To what extent has the role of personalities like the DCM compromised Malaysian security? Are thse roles purely benign in nature or bear more sinister motives (secret emmissary, conduit, point man etc). It is apparent that such a possibility is at work here as certain governmental immunities that position confers are liable to be exploited to pursue a clandestine op.

    My concerns are primarily as an ex-army man dedicated in preserving the territorial integrity and political harmony of this country. Lets start looking beyond the Mas Selamats for a change. Get this bastard and grill him real close and dont let the Hindulen equivocating snake outfox you! SB
    (full interview:

    On Topic.

    A freshly baked chingkie cookie (see BL: 5.48pm) making its rounds in cyberdom is the oft quoted assertion that the bastards provide 90% of tax revenue. This is pure bunkum in the same vein as how the Chingkie motherland massages its economic schlong to portray itself as being impervious to the infernal global economic climes, see:

    and this:

    For both of the above (pay close attention to the electricty figures, they are telling!! and today, even FDI is falling!!LOL)

    The IRB, in a recent report, stated that only 3 million Malaysians declare incomes (30%)of a total 10 million who should. Government servants (GS) are "captive" to the taxman simply because their details are public knowledge and scheduled deductions (PCB) are the norm.

    Assuming a 1.2 million bureaucracy of which 800000 are not exempted from tax, we have approximately 27% of taxpayers being GS. Lets say 80% of the GS are Malay, we have 640,000 or 21% tax payers of Malay origin which effectively skunks the Chingkie cookie into a mash of flour and higgery jiggery.Once again, my assertion that the Chingkie pig is an inverterate liar is vindicated. (90%! ur grandmother's unwashed arse cunt!!)

    Further, I dare say since the GS are all accounted for, the majority of tax evaders are the Chingkie fuckheads and Hindulen arselickers who dominate the private sector, the retail/food sectors, the SMEs etc. It is this slime that the IRB should go after as they are making windfall profits sans the tax responsibility with their char kway tiau, bah kut teh, tosai, appam etc outlets plus of course the other stuff they control especially the chinks.

    Dahlah tak bayar cukai,
    kutuk kita macam chibai,
    hidup senang lenang,
    buat duit kira untung!!

    Hei, fuckheads get a lifelah arsewhores, after sucking Malaysia's natural wealth bone dry and repatriating it elsewhere, u have the nerve to talk ill of us, u bastard mafucking, pa cocksucking, dog whoring, pigdicking arseshit!!.

    I will address the other issue regarding the appointment later as i need to compile the facts first for only the FACTS matter to me

    But for someone who mentioned that Spore diplomats are the consummate envoys who are able "to suss out trade, investment and business opportunities for Singapore"
    here is one for starters: and to show how stupid these arseheads are for they wanna jump one illusion into another - the soon to collapse Chingkie economy...hahahahahahahahahahahaaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  128. Malaysians don't read. Malaysians don't listen.

    The whole point was the fact that MI insinuated that the Malaysian Government has only started to trust non-Malays like, yesterday, when Malaysia has given the non-Malays in this country control of the economy.

    And appointed various non-Malay ministers.

    If that is not trust, man, I don't know what is.

    You want a non-Malay DPM or PM? Sure, that will be supported by the majority Malays - and like it or not, we are still some sort of democracy where majority rules - as long as the candidate sees him or herself as a Malaysian first.

    But that is only in my opinion. I could be wrong, see?

    Maybe if the candidates were to continue demanding separatist school systems and focus on their race and creed, maybe the majority Malays will love them.

    One guy told me, over drinks, that Barrack Obama is genetically part-Kenyan, and I would like to add that his stepfather was Indonesian.

    I don't hear him yelling for Kenyan schools in the US. Or that Bahasa Indonesia be made part of the curriculum. Before, or after being made prezodent.

    Anyway, back to this post, which takes offence at Malaysia being considered racist by a dubious news portal. And then commenters here show how obsessed with race they are.

    Dey! You think us voters would vote for racist monkeys? On any side?

    Chill out, bitches.

  129. Anonymous11:06 pm

    SALT LAKE CITY - President Barack Obama reached across the political divide Saturday and named Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a potential Republican presidential contender in 2012, to the sensitive diplomatic post of U.S. ambassador to China.


  130. Anonymous11:15 pm

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    It was a famous quote by our beloved Dr M, i just copied from his qoute.

    i thought DR M is the fact.


  131. Anonymous11:42 pm

    D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    By the way, i am a Pendatang in US now and i am glad. Hope you can grow up and see the world out there by yourself.


  132. Anonymous1:27 am


    Typical " tarak curi lah yahh, siikit juga angkat, tarak lah"

    Ayyaa, itu orang ahhh, ssaya tadi ada tingooook, dia aaa, lagi baaanyaak currii, butuuul yaaa, tarak tipu yaaa!!!

    Sayyyaa kampong ada, banyaaak baik yaa. sikarang sayaa adaa sikkkiiiittt jahat lah yaa. Butulll yaaa.



  133. Anonymous5:23 am

    obama, a democrat picks republican governor for vital diplomatic post, of course in china. Then, why not a ethnic chinese ambassador from KL for china, hard to understand all these monkey nonsense hoo haa! With all these third world hypocrite buggers here, vision 2020 gone to the dogs!

  134. Bru,
    I am with you bro!!High time for the closure of petty racial politics!

  135. Anonymous9:47 am

    “the soon to collapse Chingkie economy”? What BL mention has nothing to do with China la.

    No matter how some try to talk about maruah and pride, they have to keep on referring back to babi putih source like Forbes, Yahoo and Bloomberg to bring out their point. Enemy of the enemy is a friend? Of course China is trying to avoid the same mistake like what Japan did on Plaza Accord of 1985 and care very less of that small dot barking who is well known a USA pet. But some Malaysian miss the white imperialist so much until they wish to see the collapse of the Asia economy and our values. Hello, you think a vulgar and bullshit ant could shake our twin tower a little with help from some white pig?


  136. Anonymous11:32 am

    "It was a famous quote by our beloved Dr M, i just copied from his qoute.

    i thought DR M is the fact. - BL"
    What a brain reflection self-explaining statement coming from a chingkie boy..nice try boy, but sad to see u end up eating your own shit..sacarstic boy now a circus clown boy?? kesian u sissy boy.. now don't u run crying to your mummy, ok..wait until i finish shoving my boots deep inside your asshole..u ask for it..

    Yeah right, are u trying to tell us how stupid a typical chingkie like u are..? what a thought & self humiliation...before putting a figure/fact as your source, mind to provide us the link from where u "copied" your "fact"..

    Do you know when someone who knows the facts & figure speaks the opposite & made it public, he/she is just being SACARSTIC? That old man were a PM & Finance Minister for quite a very long time & still u think he don't know the figure? Nah, now only a chingkie like u know that the old man already duped a shit on your face without u even realized..kalau kail panjang sejengkal, usah di duga lautan dalam..sad..what a looser! hahaha... mahathir 1: chingkie: 0..

    so typical of a chingkie reaction, when somebody slammed a shit on their face..they will divert the story..modus operandi: stir shit & try to runaway, hoping somebody else will step on the shit & get the blame..what a pig..

    Prove to me that your chingkie worth more than a pig ..ok chingkie boy?

    "By the way, i am a Pendatang in US now and i am glad. Hope you can grow up and see the world out there by yourself. "

    Again divert story and self proclaimed himself as a 'pendatang ' in a another country.. so typical of a looser chingkie.. i've been thru this so many time in this blog..hahaha..i already seen the world enough to make myself worth far more than any of a pendatang boy like u in this blogsphere..just see yourself now, boy..

    GOOD RIDDANCE..! Tell u how glad we are if the rest of u follow..Remember, u came here for free without being invited at all.. now, go be a pendatang elsewhere if you people think u can afford it & lucky enough like your forefathers..just see whether a new country will welcome & admit u people for FREE! hahaha....
    BL, once u already become a pendatang in US, just stay & remain there, ok..? Don't u ever come back here again and spread your filthy swine flu pandemic in MY COUNTRY, ok PIG.. err.. i mean PENDATANG? its really quite synonym..start with a 'P' end with a 'G'...

    :D muhahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  137. skilgannon10666:00 pm

    Hey, anti whatever & Warrior's a link for both of you to check out:

    This will show you Forbes magazine's listing of the 40 richest Malaysians in 2007 (of course, you are at liberty to claim that Forbes magazine is a tool of the reactionary neo-liberal capitalist elite that is the bane of all honest, God-fearing sons of the soil and that this list of the 40 richest Malaysians is a CIA tool to deny honest hardworking sons of the soil their rightful place under the Malaysian sun).

    The Forbes' list shows that of the 40 richest Malaysians in 2007, there are 5 Indians (Ananda Krishnan, Vinod Sekhar, Tony Fernandes, G Gnanalingam and Kasi Palaniappan) and 9 Malays (Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, Azman Hashim, Mustapha Kamal Abu Bakar, Raja Eleena Raja Azlan Shah, Mokhzani Mahathir, Abdul Hamed Sepawi, Kamarudin Meranun, Ahmayaddin Ahmad and Hamdan Mohamad).

    Which makes, by my reckoning, 26 Chinese in the richest 40 Malaysians list.

    Now, unless the Malaysian income tax authorities are complete duffers, these 40 richest Malaysians should have paid a fair chunk of their incomes as income tax. Of which, more than 50% would have come from the 26 Chinese.

    One could always ask the Malaysian income tax blokes to come out with statistics on the amount of income tax collected from the richest people in the country, classified (as is done in Singapore) by income brackets.

    And, given the fact that Malaysian civil servants are underpaid (as attested by the moanings of Cuepacs), it would be a stretch of the imagination (though not a problem for anti whatever and Warrior XXX) to claim that they are a major source of income tax revenues for the federal government.

    But, then, who is going to ask the income tax people to come out with these facts and figures? Facts and figures which, I am sure, would be known to the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and top Treasury officials.

    And, that, perhaps, is what the good Dr Mahathir was referring to. Of course, Dr M should be proud that Forbes magazine has counted his son as one of the 40 richest Malaysians (in 2007)!

  138. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Good observation, brother : pendatang=pig, alphabet synonyms they certainly are.

    Another pig has this to say:

    "babi putih source like Forbes, Yahoo and Bloomberg to bring out their point. Enemy of the enemy is a friend? "

    Hahahaha is its name, stupidity is its game. For starters, it fails to understand that the Forbes piece was written by a pig himself
    Gordon Ghung to be precise and he was merely upbraiding another Chingkie swine by the name of Ken Peng who happens to works for ,..wait.."Enemy of the enemy is a friend?" for Ken's fib:

    " "The recovery has begun," declared Ken Peng of Citigroup.

    and the April export figures and the FDI in last Friday seem to suggest old motherland Swineland is gonna be begging in the streets in a year or two with social unrest being the nouveau art form in the near future. hahahaha..LOL

    2. The sow, Hahahaha, also glosses over the obvious discrepancies in the figure particularly that on FDI, exports et al, aptly summed up by yet another..wait..pig from Beijing itself!!!:

    "Rock Jin, chief economist of Sinolink Securities in Beijing, estimates that only 2.4 % of the announced growth resulted from stimulus spending.

    "The decline of regular economic growth is continuing," Jin noted. That conclusion makes sense because, during the first quarter, electricity consumption was down, foreign direct investment was down, producer prices were lower and government revenue was off. From all indications, unemployment was up. So how could the economy at the same time grow by over 6%?"

    3. Now let me skip to the next article of more recent vintage,,

    in here we have yes, a chingkie piglet by the name of Alistair Chan squealing that at best the figures are mixed.

    And to further back my assertions that the chingkie bastards are digging themselves a big grave with their misallocation of resources so much so their SMEs are dying:

    "We haven't seen any of the 4 trillion yuan -- not even 400 yuan," said Hu Juntang, general manager of the Linxing Timber Co., a furniture maker with 150 employees in the eastern coastal city of Yantai.

    and this further affirms that fact:
    "Only 13 percent of that went to private companies, according to a report by Xia Xiaolin, a researcher for a Cabinet think tank, in the newspaper China Business Times. By comparison, economists at the World Bank and global investment firms say the non-state sector produces as much as two-thirds of China's economic output and creates the majority of its new jobs."

    and this confirms most of the above,

    There are lots more but I aint wasting my time indulging some moron pig with facts which he cannot even digest in the first place, so why bother suffice to say thatthe People's Daily in today's edition projects the outlook to be grim....go read yourself, hahahaha....LOL

    Warrior 231

  139. Anonymous3:45 am

    Chinese for China, no big deal lah if the chinese dont get it, wonder why all these protesting pigs squeaked out so loudly, are you pigs being sembelih??? The ambassador post is nothing compared to the minister post. BTW, since the present FM (foreign) is a bungling fool, why not replace him with a chinese or the other FM (finance) which should be a chinese post!

  140. Anonymous7:57 am

    There is million articles written by Chinese, from left, right, neo, conservative, liberal. They do some research and give opinion on their work.

    Unlike some dog which full time job is to cut and paste from the white pig publication and then bark, that is all it can do.

    Petani Yunnan kalu mahu hujah pasal ekonomi, balik Yunnan belajar kat itu Mao dulu. Ada paham?



  141. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Dei Skillgannon BombedOut Cuni aka Wanked up Sus Barbatus

    Hoi, bearded pig, you know as everyone well know that unlike their Malay counterparts, these bastard slit-eyed arse unwashed chingkies have sequestered their wealth overseas away from the taxman. In fact, their vast holdings acquired through wealth built up in Malaysia is parked in equity, corporate holdings, properties, expensive art etc in places as far flung as Australia, China, Hong Kong, the US etc. It is still the typical Chingkie game of raping Malaysia and parking/repatriating overseas through a variety of off shore accounts. Don’t ever try to pull wool over people's eyes with your cocktalk, you bastard chingkie! Here is a sample:

    Read that entry about your porikee Chingkie pee wee living it up in HK after plundering Malaysia bone dry and still doing so! The top 20 hold about approximately US 42 billion

    Of these 3 are known to be based overseas. Kuok, Anandakrishnan and Quek Leng Chan and they account roughly 20B (48%) of the total amount, so you can figure how much tax they remit!. You want to skin us with your bullshit vomit, Skilly pundek, shove it up ur arse bastard!

    Granted the Malaysian CS accounts for no more than 8% of the revenue collected,there is no way Chingkies account for the 90% collected as you slimeball chingkies claim! The bulk of tax revenues include both Direct and Indirect Taxes. Direct taxes are collected by the Inland Revenue Board and includes taxes such as income tax on individuals and corporations, petroleum income tax, stamp duty and real property gains tax. Indirect taxes are collected mainly by the Royal Customs and Excise Department. Indirect taxes include import duties, export duties, excise duties, sales tax and service tax.. For a general overview of tax stats, visit:

    Using the above schedule, Petronas (a MALAY run body and dont try to claim it as yours, alhamdullillah oil didnt fall into the Chingkie's rapacious hands!) accounted for approximately 28 billion of tax revenue in 2008:

    “RM20.6bil in the form of petroleum income tax, RM5.4bil in corporate income tax, RM2.1bil in export duties” (from ONE MALAY company, mind you!)

    Dr M was, as anti-whatever correctly observed, being sarcastic as we know the majority of the 7 million non-paying bastards compromise of Chingkies and Hindulens who have no qualms sending their money overseas rather than pay taxes and they claim to be bangsa(t) Malaysia! Poooorah cittt!. In fact, the US 300 million the now fucked LTTE used to raise was garnished by donations from Malaysian Hindulen sources. So whoever wants to trust the reptilian Chingkie and Hindulen, beware that you do so at your own risk!

    Don’t play2 Skilly niamah chibai, you arsewhore. Speak the truth and don’t try to wangle canards here.. you can keep those red herrings and have them as cold dinner. And stop issuing challenges unless you get your facts right! Pukimak lanchiau hang, your credibility has been shred to pieces a long time ago and you would be better off repairing your tainted image then spending your time here trying to show off your stupidity!, arsefucked, throat raped cockshit!

    Warrior 231

  142. Anonymous2:51 pm


    Whatever happened to my response to the pig, hahahaha. I think there is nothing in there to warrant deletion. In any case, the decision is yours, bro..but this the 5th time or so and counting and ah' have my rights to scoot from here, right? No, thats not a threat, Bro but more of a freedom of expression issue/principle brother

    P/S : anti-whatever,I have signed the petition by Demi Negara. It was encapsulates what I said in response to Mazlan sometimes back but DN, in his own inimitable way, produced a masterpiece. Signed it yet, anti-whatever? do so, bro, its a good cause worth fighting for! Now i urge DN to come up with 1Pribumi tract.

    Cant seem to get into his website today to suggest 1Pribumi. Dang, must be my browser!

    Warrior 231

  143. skilgannon10664:38 pm

    Warrior XXX.

    Why do you persist in shooting yourself in your ***?

    Here's a little morsel for you to salivate over and which will, maybe, put your racist mindset into overdrive. This concerns a certain property development called Four Seasons Place in KL. This is envisaged to be a upmarket development comprising a hotel - the Four Seasons KL, luxury apartments and a shopping mall.

    Who is the developer of this project? According to reports, its a certain Syed Yusof Syed Nasir. And his partners in this venture? No less than HRH the Sultan of Selangor and a certain Mr Ong Beng Seng?

    Ong Beng Seng? One of the 40 richest Malaysians in 2007, according to Forbes, and a long-time resident of Singapore. Now what in the world would have persuaded the good Syed Yusof and HRH to partner with an expatriate Malaysian Chinese businessman? Just pure and simple good business?

    It is certainly news to me that Ananda Krishnan and Quek Leng Chan are not resident in Malaysia? Can you prove this, say, by quoting Immigration records or income tax records? No waffling or obfuscating.

    And note well, in what passes for your addle-pated thought process, that the reference was to income taxes paid by individuals. Not corporate taxes.

    So, on income taxes, can you quote the relevant statistics from the Income Tax boys that shows breakdown of income taxes paid by income bandwidth (I will make it easy for you - up to RM50,000; 51,000-100,000; 101,000-250,000; 251,000-500,000 and over RM500,000 - annual income)? And cross-reference these figures to the top earners in the government (ministers and civil servants), the professions (lawyers, doctors, accountants etc), senior executives and business people?

    Come on, lah - don't be shy. Let's see whether you can come up with these figures or whether you have the contacts, clout or guts to extract them from official sources?

    Also, let me ask you this? Are our income tax boys and Bank Negara ignorant of, or oblivious to, this hiding of funds and assets overseas by certain individuals? Are you claiming that Malaysians have stashed substantial "black funds" overseas and this has slipped under the government's radar?

    Simple questions, right? Do you have simple, to the point answers?

    The moral of the story is this: when you try to screw around with what you don't know, you get right royally screwed yourself! And that includes substituting racist claptrap for hard facts.

    And that, sir, is putting it mildly!

  144. Anonymous2:04 am

    Dei Skilly Pei Pundek Kalathai aka Bastard uneducated Chingkie sus barbatus:
    1. Globalisation = got fucked up real bad that arse hurts like mad and feels bad till the lad had dad give him a ...

    2.Currency swap= our mister know-it-all, pariah chingkie got his arse chilli sauced by SatD and soy sauced by anti-whatever, yours truly et al.,

    3. Stats on Malaysia in terms of competitiveness etc = got cockrammed in the mouth and throat fucked big time ( heard it was 25 stitches and 3 weeks of medical leave, no wonder missing from these parts tho i suspect the beast was skulking around under another nick)

    4. Supposed Chingkie motherland economic superiority = hahahaha, the great Chingkies are in a mire after investing their dough in US treasuries and cant wait to bailout of their fiasco.already little red dot is running away. Skilly= did a chicken arse turn and ran away like sus barbatus when confronted.

    5. Ong beng Seng= Beng beng Seng Seng lost out on this deal in Spore when court ruled aginst his HPL
    babi Seng is strangely not on this list though:

    although he appears on the 2008 list at no 14. and the latest mart details of his company is available at :

    And just to reiterate what Joe Studwell had noted in the "Asian Godfathers", this is your favie bastard Chingkie corrupt at his consummate best, Skilly:
    " Why did Ong Beng Seng, owner of HPL, offer the units, and presumably the discounts, to the Lee family?

    even better, read this, 10 years on:

    Syed Yusof Syed Nasir + OBS strangers to each other = stupid fella Skilly flashes his wee dead little pecker to the disgusted public once again. OBS is an equity holder of the Hard Rock Cafe franchise, yeah the same one in which Syed flaunts his Harleys and also has an interest in.... (read para 2)

    Syed will be opening one up in Penang in 2009 at the former Casuarina Beach Resort:

    Syed and HRH Sultan of Selangor: Complete Strangers: hahahaha ....LOL
    read this dummy:;col1

    and some say, he also looks after HRH's business interests:
    "Its chairman is Tan Sri Syed Yusof Syed Nasir, who handles the business interests of Selangor's Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah."

    Moral of the story : If you get a chingkie corrupt crook to team up with a Malay with a distingusihed family name and who can leverage on his connections, the door to moolah cafe... oops cave will open sesame itself. Now go and clean your shit splattered arse and bloodied throat before you carry on reading for there are more cybercock ramming coming up...... (Part 1)

    Warrior 231

  145. Anonymous2:06 am

    Part 2 for skilly sutunakara nai

    5. Income Tax= hahahaha LOL, you had to do it skilly, didnt you, scrounge for nuggets and get the biggest bang out of your last kopek (only thing you dont have a kopek as in tetek! hahahaha...LOL). Now let me see, as anti-whatever rightly pointed out DR M was merely being sarcastic.But you need that badly to corner me, aint you skilly, you cocksucking son of an arsewhore. Hoi! pig shagged cum guzzler, i have got some interesting facts nad fancies for you:

    a. Income Tax contributes aabout 16.3% of total revenue in Malaysia in 2008 according to a Heritage Trust Foundation survey.

    b. as a percentage of GDP and government revenue, look at this Table 2 in

    You will find that as % of GDP it is a .....drumroll please .... whopping 2.7% and as percentage og government revenue, IIT is almost one third of the corporate tax revenues. Now bastard chingkie, I will pause here and give you a break to let this sink into your cumswamped, semen splattered mushy brain. When, i get back with the relevant data, bastard chingkie, i will thrust the poker deep into your porky arse and skew you over a right roaring fire, you pig.

    It will be 6-0, by tommorrow Chingkie, zhu tou, gan ni niang, wang ba dan chun zi. and you will get a right royal cyberwhack, deepthroated, arsedicked, pigshagging, dogfucked mafucking bastard! Go and ha bang yourself lest i make you ha wo deh bang yang wei gao wanless fuckhead! You think you are too smart chingkie arsehole...when you aint nothing but a piece of constipated shit that got defecated a long time ago in some god-forsaken maternity ward by you know who.....cuntlicking cocksucking bastard.

    Warrior 231

  146. Anonymous8:45 am


    China never tells anything about their economy superiority, China is still a very poor country and this is a fact. In order to preserve the peg to USD at the current rate and continue the export to USA, buying the rubbish bond is the available option as of now. This trend will continue until a technical correction happens sooner or later to the balance of USA saving and consumption rate. Wen said out openly China doubt of the trustworthiness of USA bond with positive response from Obama is an indication of pro-active action and accountability attitude of both leader.

    Bila gajah gaduh, kita olang Malaysia diam diam dengar dan belajar jangan beraksi menunjukan kebodohan anjing menyalak ke arah bulan.

    Btw, did our PM seek your advice before he left for China this coming June, if no, you should take the initiative to see him and better do it quick. You know la, our second great PM reach out his hand to Mao in 1974 cause many people and dog upset but some see it as special moment. I am worry our current PM sentiment toward China might cause some irrational decision to be made. We need people like you to keep on barking to make our PM alert of the danger.

    On another friendly note, say whatever you want toward Malaysia Chinese, we are one big family and no issue to handle such constructive criticism but don’t pull in China as now is not a good timing to do so. Don’t put our rocky in difficult situation ma.


  147. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Bastard Chingkie Skilly the stupid shit

    "Income tax collection from individuals amounted to RM11.7bil in 2007 or 8.3% of total federal revenue."

    Based on the above data, using my crude estimation model, lets start the "Pig Killing Field" game:

    "Assuming a 1.2 million bureaucracy of which 800000 are not exempted from tax, we have approximately 27% of taxpayers being GS. Lets say 80% of the GS are Malay, we have 640,000 or 21% tax payers of Malay origin.

    Lets assume 50% these Malays are "poor" i.e in the lower taxable income categories and they fork out RM 1500 per pax ( which I admit is stretching it a bit too far, but we have to give allowances for Skilly to be fair to the LIAR, right?) while the other 50% are the "rich" Malay who pay on average RM 3500.00 per pax which works out to
    (320,000 X RM 1500) + (320000 X RM3500) = 1.6 billion

    1.6/11.7 X 100 = 14%

    In other words, the Malays in the CS are already contributing 14% and we are not talking about the private sector Malays, u know the doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers with their own practices and consultancies + the Malay businessmen and tycoons which Skilly himself mentioned.

    Factor that all in and you probably are looking at an indigenous personal tax contribution of 40% which nails the lie perpetuated by the Chingkie "90%" story.

    Bastard Skilly, East Asia is littered with escape routes for slimy chingkie slimeballs to skulk in when the authorities decide to come down hard. case in point: the case Lim Sioe Liong case in Spore, the widjajas et al as narrated on page 150 of Studwell's "Asian Godfathers" ( I dare you to read it if you have the balls):

    Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
    By Joe Studwell
    Edition: illustrated
    Published by Grove Press, 2008
    ISBN 0802143911, 9780802143914
    368 pages

    (part 1)

  148. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Final Part....

    I dont have to plough old terrain here as most people know how the chingkie tycoon class and the rich Chinks got their wealth; the COLT way = COrruption/Cheating, Lying, Thieving way. Whether the Brits or certain latter day rulers, the rapacious sliteyes have an uncanny ability of worming into confidences and leveraging on them to reap the rewards.Of course their criminal, prostitiion and drug cartels helped a GREAT deal as well.And how they increased their wealth through double book keeping, tax evasion, money laundering etc is a tale worth reading.In fact, the major cases of accounting fraud from Transmile to Wimems; from Pan-El to Megan. From Tee An chuan and George Chan to Kee Yong Wee, and LLS, all have the chink's piggie paw spattered all over......

    Skilly pundek, i know whats going on your mind. Probably, u are thinking that we Malays are simpleton jungle wallahs who know nuts.Well you are wrong boy for we are far better than you in terms of brains, manners etc. We have "maruah" boy, which no chingkie ever had or has or will have considering that he is a slave to Mammon and he has the mind of a swine.You lot (u, hahahaha, loess, et,al) fear us thats why you desperately tried to get the blogmaster to reveal me and anti's ID thinking that we will scram these parts. Failing that, you are now trying to mock at our supposed support for Najib. At no time did I ever say that i was enamoured with 1Malaysia, in fact my policy differences with Najib is patently clear as I am an advocate of the 1Pribumi concept, something you would be familiar with if you had followed this blog. Nevertheless, i harbour no malice towards Najib or his vision for i am resigned to the fact that he will sooner than later will discover the folly of his course.Anyway, good luck to him as he is still our PM and as Bush once put it politics is always subservient to patriotism.

    Guess the last para answers the crackpot hahahaha too which brings me to this issue. Bro, where is the repartee, i despatched for Hahahaha. This mad swine would not have dared to get on my nerves, if you had approved it.The contents were innocous and I am sure Hahahaha would have got the message that he is nothing more than scum. With regards to you Bro, I am 0-5 but its your blog and I cant quibble over that. But, the Federal Constitution grants me the right to free expression and although i am loath to burden you with another case seeing that you are beleagured with an unresolved one, my wakil, Haris, has counseled me to go for your jugular over that deleted comment...Like Anwar says: you wanna 24 or 7, bro, the pick is yours : D hahahahahahahahahah..............LOL.
    Here is a Dewar's to that decision...

    Hahahaha the pig dicked, dog shagged mafucking pa cock throating bastard,

    About Obama respecting China's wish.....hahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL. Heard of the budget deficits, Quantitative Easing, TARP etc go read them up and their implications before showing off that you are a stupid has ben wanker...hahahaha LOL. No time for imbeciles like you, hahahaha....who's next?

    Warrior 231

  149. Anonymous8:59 am


    I sincerely think you have mental issue like that monsterball. You make too much assumption and your reply is always selective, rigid in content and language used. For an example, did I say Obama respecting China wish? I said bila gajah gaduh ……

    Take a rest my fren, and contribute positively to Malaysia with your excellent language and knowledge like what Rocky is doing. Even though many disagree with Rocky but I would says his stand and approach earn my respect.


  150. Anonymous1:02 pm

    bro warrior,

    the more you tossed the facts the more it made very clear that these chingkie pigs smartass pretender worth to be eradicated from the surface of this land...they think they are master spinner but forgot that short leg & low IQ pigs cannot make a sudden U-turn and always end up ramming their nose to the tree trunk..their words move faster than their stupid..hahaha..

    The fact is ultra chingkie pigs are the disease for this country..

    see how these decendant of savages forever with no maruah...just a bunch of lowlife pigs trying hard to glorify their motherland (?) but forgot that they were just a chingkie decendant of runaway pendatangs & were never born and been a part of that alien land...just a classic case of sus brabatus identity crisis.. how on earth our forefathers had been so generous to these filthy ungrateful bastards ('anak haram tak tahu harga budi' yg merujuk kpd generasi pendatang ini)..

    fuck them all..chingkies memang bodoh sombong..sudah darah daging mereka..makan babi maka perangai & pemikiran pun mcm babi juga..hahaha! ..|.,

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  151. Anonymous11:50 pm


    I see a white flag raised from your trench and, so, ladies and gentleman another Chingkie DAP/PKR/PAS sponsored cybertrooper bites the dust. The problem with these people is that they cannot accept the hard facts about them.

    Facts, which when laced with the white phosporus of the gutter variety, is definitely a bunker busting weapon. For so long, the Chinks have been hurling their vulgar grenades at us and been reveling in their presumed superiority that they forgot, the malays too can trundle out our Grads, our Stalin Organs aka BM-13 Katyusha, our Denel G6 Howitzers and start firing pounding them into submission ( and there are more TOT and MRSI systems at my disposal if need be). Now they are scurrying away like sewer rats, trying ther level best to weasel out of a tight situation....hahahaha LOL

    Classic example of their current strategem is to deny the obvious as in " For an example, did I say Obama respecting China wish?" when 5 comments or so earlier that was what the imbecile was precisely implying when he said this:

    "Wen said out openly China doubt of the trustworthiness of USA bond with positive response from Obama is an indication of pro-active action and accountability attitude of both leader."

    Even kids can the see the imputation, "Wen balking Obama acceding" but did Obama actually accede. 2 months after Wen said that, QE is the new trend in Washington, Deficit Spending is enjoying a Renaissance and Treasury bonds are being hocked off like Chingkie Funeral paper this has spooked everyone that the rating agencies already leery of highly leveraged economies are already deigning to downgrade their ratings as in the case of the UK "a warning that Britain's credit rating could be lowered because of its huge debt load."

    plus read this,a freshly baked cake just from the oven:

    "Those fears spilled over to the U.S., which is also selling debt at a rate of billions per week to bankroll programs aimed at fighting the recession."

    See, with just one cut and paste, the whole Chingkie canard of responsible US behaviour self-flushes itself in embarrassment down the toilet. And now I am sure those Chingkie bastards in Beijing, Shanghai et al., must be fidgeting, sweating and biting their fingernails in real fear!+ that's why Spore are divesting their holding of US junk and scooting off, much for China as the new global locomotive. Locomotive my foot, more of a boarlock cart whose wheels are about to fall off soon.

    Bro Anti-Hindraf and Ultra Chingkies, you said it again man, I share your sentiments regarding the sus barbatus but I am also perceptive enough to note that there has been a subtle shift in the stance of our erstwhile Malay backers, some of them beguiled as they are by Manoharan's 1Bumiputera being a subset of 1Malaysia. Given this emerging scenario, its time for us to either take the militant road and push the envelope or retreat and husband our resources for the time when these "traitor" malays will come abegging for help once they inevitably get played out but it will be a futile and lost cause by then.

    I have got a better option, why bother about an increasingly culturally and racially disoriented Malay polity, why not Brother Anti, we quit and watch them traitors capitulate to their moment of subjugation and raise a lager to our ancient warriors like Tok Janggut, mat kilau et al, who knew once what it ws to be a REAL Melayu. Better to jaga diri, bini dan anak than to be immersed in a battle when the "saf" is already vaccillating and mired in self-doubt..think about it?

    Warrior 231

  152. Anonymous10:03 am

    Aiya Warrior, why go into so cheap stunt like white flag and cybertrooper huh? Make more assumption and draw silly conclusion again?

    You are the one who said China buy rubbish bond, so I response telling you China do not have a choice, reason being that China is still a poor country, they must continue export to ensure preserving their employment. You selectively paste my writing on Wen and Obama but didn’t I wrote bila gajah gaduh to indicate that it is actually a clash between them but done in proper manner and nice word instead? I never say Obama accede, where got American President accede one? It is always the other way round, I suppose all Chinese and Muslim should have this common sense la.

    You could paste thousand article on what China did wrong but there are still million who said China did right. China as locomotive is the insincere portray from the West media, exactly the same thing done pre Asian financial crisis, hence whether your foot or my foot doesn’t shake the intention of China to rise up slowly and peacefully.

    Some get orgasm through hand and you do it through writing nuisance add in some verbosity word and term. You just want a win right? But I smell inferiority complex.


  153. Anonymous8:56 pm


    1. The Word twist
    Wen said out openly China DOUBT of the trustworthiness of USA bond with POSITIVE response from Obama is an indication of pro-active action and accountability attitude of both leader.

    (capitalised for your sus barbatus lit eyes) = enough said

    2. Selective cut and paste (oh momma,looks who is talking):

    1.Bila gajah gaduh, kita olang Malaysia diam diam dengar dan belajar jangan beraksi menunjukan kebodohan anjing menyalak ke arah bulan.

    why ONLY the intro "bila gajah gaduh" was emphasised and reemphasised in 2 replies leaves me scratching my arse.

    3. Assumptions (aw pappy, what am ah seein and readin in 'ese parts):

    a. I am worry our current PM sentiment toward China might cause some irrational decision to be made. (PM= irrational man)

    b. Don’t put our rocky in difficult situation ma.(Rocky= stooge)

    c. China as locomotive is the insincere portray from the West media, exactly the same thing done pre Asian financial crisis,(Western Media= liars)

    d.Some get orgasm through hand and you do it through writing nuisance add in some verbosity word and term. You just want a win right? But I smell inferiority complex.

    (self-explanatory, enough said)

    Comment: These are the times when the black pot calls the "brasso" polish black.It is also a time to show one's imbecility so that the world can go hahahaha...And with more rubbish coming from the idiot's mouth,there will be more hahahaha. Oh 'tis a time to be jolly....hahahaha

    As Brother Anti-whatever put it down exactly, the sus-barbatus is bound to ram its head until it dies of a swollen head cos its sooooooooo stupid, hahahaha....LOL

    In the end it all boils down to maruah/honour which as we know derives its strength from personal INTEGRITY.
    If you dont have it, cause of hereditary, racial defect (as in being born a Chinese or hindulen), communal illness...what to do, susahlah begitu....only thing left to do is twist,twist, twist until you self-strangulate on your own twists, an appropriate harakiri termination of a sin-ridden, guilt-covered soul.

    P/s Rocky, if you had put up my earlier response, this wouldnt have dragged on.The other pig is dead while this one is limping about on its last legs begging to be put out its self-inflicted misery. Poor stupid pig wlaked itself right into the trap,hahahaha..........LOL

    Warrior 231

  154. Anonymous12:02 pm


    Why you scratch your arse when you should scratch your brain instead? Your comment is base on assumption and generalizing that Chinese like to boost, especially on China, in reverse you did exactly the same to comfort your inferiority complex. You even brag about your travel to the babi putih city and the copy babi putih city to show us how different you are, what a childish mentality.

    You don’t have to out smart me with your strength in language and continue with your selective assumption, like I said you just need a win to cover your inferiority complex. I give it to you foc.

    Btw and to be honest, I like Anti itu ini writing style, more logical and rational and with some sense of humor. Yours are fill with hatred, please go see doctor.


  155. Anonymous2:50 pm

    The white pig predicted the collapse of China in 1980, 1981, 1982, …, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, and every year after. These things actually sounded convincing for a time. Now some dog tries to do the same.

  156. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Your comment is base on assumption and generalizing that Chinese like to boost, especially on China, in reverse you did exactly the same to comfort your inferiority complex. You even brag about your travel to the babi putih city and the copy babi putih city to show us how different you are, what a childish mentality.


    You don’t have to out smart me with your strength in language and continue with your selective assumption, like I said you just need a win to cover your inferiority complex. I give it to you foc.

    Reply:(capitals on for your benefit)

    These are the times when the black pot calls the "brasso" polish black.It is also a time to SHOW ONE's imbecility so that the world can go hahahaha...And with MORE RUBBISH coming from the idiot's mouth,there will be more hahahaha. Oh 'tis a time to be jolly....hahahaha As Brother Anti-whatever put it down exactly, the sus-barbatus is bound to ram its head until it dies of a swollen head cos its sooooooooo stupid, hahahaha....LOL

    Btw and to be honest, I like Anti itu ini writing style, more logical and rational and with some sense of humor. Yours are fill with hatred, please go see doctor.

    Reply: Fuyoh!!! someone is into medicine,aiyoh,aiyoh.kadhavellai....
    sinseh-style and all!! hahahaha..LOL

    We expect more rubbish from this idiot sus barbatus. Thou Shalt NOT Disappoint.

    p/s:since when sus barbatus benn calling his best pal, babi putih..I wonder. A case of a pig calling the boar a swine... must be the effects of swine flu.....hahahaha

    Thanks for the major tickle, hahahaha

    Warrior 231

  157. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Huh? From white flag to cybertrooper and now to swine flu and keep on referring Anti itu ini for support then what? Can’t stand on your own ka? Pray telling us the collapse date?

    Dog is as usual….just a dog.


  158. Anonymous1:19 am

    Huh? From white flag to cybertrooper and now to swine flu and keep on referring Anti itu ini for support then what? Can’t stand on your own ka? Pray telling us the collapse date?
    Dog is as usual….just a dog.

    Reply: See, right on cue. Didnt I tell you readers:"We expect MORE rubbish from this idiot sus barbatus. Thou Shalt NOT Disappoint."

    Now that it is riled up and trying to play bro Anti-whatever off me, expect more shit talk from a dying pathetic pig....hahahaha.

    Hey Pig, remember this : Thou Shalt NOT Disappoint

    P/s :Since a dog is not kosher to s Malays, it is no skin off my nose if you call a muslim a dog unless, in a perverse way, you are desiring that tag too. Ok, I confer it to u now: dog-pig (good rhyme). Even better : doggy-piggie...

    Now, practice your woof and oinks , piggy doggie. 1,2,3 : woof-oink, woof oink, woof-oink, woof-oink.....hey u are a pig-dog (c no.2 below)



    2. (By a chinkie, u know)

    + 9,460,000 search results for "pig-dog" on Google!. Spend the rest of ur meaningless life there, hahahaha


    Warrior 231

  159. Anonymous8:11 am

    Dog has nothing to do with Malay or Muslim, I label one as dog when he barks without substance. Understand?

    Hahahaha Sifu tell Hahahaha :

    When you meet first class brain that make contribution, you shall show him your respect. I did this to Rocky.

    When you meet second class brain who talk rationally, you shall honestly tell him what you think. Anti itu ini use lots of bad words but some thought does make sense.

    When you meet a no brain, you may spill out rubbish. I am now doing this to one. Hoohoohahahakakaka.

    Thanks Sifu.


  160. Anonymous10:17 am

    Dog has nothing to do with Malay or Muslim, I label one as dog when he barks without substance. Understand?

    Hahahaha Sifu tell Hahahaha :

    When you meet first class brain that make contribution, you shall show him your respect. I did this to Rocky.

    When you meet second class brain who talk rationally, you shall honestly tell him what you think. Anti itu ini use lots of bad words but some thought does make sense.

    When you meet a no brain, you may spill out rubbish. I am now doing this to one. Hoohoohahahakakaka.

    Thanks Sifu.


    Reply:Hey Pig, remember this : Thou Shalt NOT Disappoint

    Warrior 231

  161. Anonymous11:55 am

    No more rubbish? Good dog.


  162. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Hahahaha- I forgot to add this

    Singular = pig dog
    Plural= pig dogs

    pig dog (plural pig dogs)

    1. (Australian, New Zealand) A dog bred to hunt wild pigs and boars, typically based on breeds such as Staffordshire Terrier and English Bull Terrier.

    2.(surfing) A stance used for surfing tubes on one’s backhand. The surfer crouches low over a bent front knee, back leg extending back, outside hand holding onto the outside rail, and inside arm extended upwards touching the face of the wave as a guide (or digging in to slow down). Not as stylish as a layback, but practical and effective.

    3.a contemptible or worthless person.

    as in:
    1915, Joseph Conrad, Victory: An island tale, 1995 Penguin Classics p95 (ISBN 0140189785)

    "He proceeded to call Heyst many names, of which ‘pig-dog’ was not the worst, with such vehemence that he actually choked himself."

    1941, The Beano, March 8th, Lord Snooty
    "To der pig-dog Lord Snooty from der Great Adolf Hitler."

    1975, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, directed by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones

    "You don’t frighten us, English pig-dogs!"


    definitions 1 and 3 suits u just fine...hahahaha

    And of course, given your immense admiration for Bro Anti-whatever, here is a gem you will surely enjoy from the one and only anti-whatever:

    "fuck them all..chingkies memang bodoh sombong..sudah darah daging mereka..makan babi maka perangai & pemikiran pun mcm babi juga..hahaha! ..|.," (1.02pm)

    P/S: Hoi, brother anti-whatever, u got a fan club brewing here.Guess what,its courtesy of a chingkie pig. Ohhhh..I am so jealous....hahahaha.

    hahahaha & sifu hahahaha :
    "Thou shalt NOT disappoint"

    Warrior 231

  163. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Wow.. i never know of anyone who thanx someone for raping or sodomizing him/her F.O.C...sound worse than a to describe that? i do smell a burning neuro circuit here...hahaha..

    hahaha, anyway.. i always enjoy what i do best..thanx for the compliment.. good to know some people like u did enjoy it very, really boost my testostrone level.. i do need to f@&k more for this extra power..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  164. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Oh! When I say no more rubbish, immediately I see more. Typical dog characteristic, tag along exactly what man wants it to be.

    So now please shut up, my good dog.


  165. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Anti itu ini

    You like it? Don't thank Hahahaha, acknowledge your thanks to that DOG. But please don't sodomy my lovely dog, his arse and brain is upside down. Be very careful.


  166. Anonymous11:07 am

    Yes, you confirmed yourself as stupid, pig-dog for the world to see:

    Anonymous said...
    NO more rubbish? Good dog.


    11:55 AM

    reply:Find the meaning of 'NO"

    2. Wow.. i never know of anyone who thanx someone for raping or sodomizing him/her F.O.C...sound worse than a to describe that? i do smell a burning neuro circuit here...hahaha..

    Hello, pigdog + "worse than a prostitute." you want more rubbish, i will keep it going. Enjoying it, right.

    Got it right between the eyes from your idol, didnt you hahahaha.seperti biasa, ia menunjukkan ciri-ciri Cina pariah penipunya dengan mengubah cerita setelah kena. memang inilah perangai cina, babi-anjing!hahahaha

    Now pigdog, better scram. I can hear sifu calling for you with a bowl of pig shit and dog-urine for lunch.

    Final nail-in your coffin in your own words back to u, stupid pig-dog,:

    "You just want a win right? But I smell inferiority complex."

    Moral of story: Chingkie bastards like to accuse others of what they actually want when cornered. It doesnt need an Aminah to find out!hahahaha

    Remember pig-dog =Thou shalt NOT disappoint!

    Warrior 231