Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Official Secrets Act 2009

"I wish to remind all civil servants that they are under Official Secrets Act (OSA) oath and they should know that they must not leak ...". - Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister

Alive and kicking in Penang.
Once upon a time before March 2008, we were hoping that all these "draconian" Acts will be history once we have effected change in/of government. The O.S.A. is one of these Acts, tailored, I believe, to make life more difficult for journalists in the country. A proverbial sword over our head, if you like. [More about OSA? Click here]

We can still hope for freedom of information, of course, but I' must remind Guan Eng that he isn't supposed to be supporting the O.S.A. just because he is now the Government.

Report thanks to theSun.


  1. Anonymous8:28 pm

    hahaha... this is like slapping on his own face....


  2. Brunt Council8:34 pm


    Need chili sauce for your shoe?

    Interesting to hear how master spinner Brader Anwar bin Ibrahim spin?

    Diversion? Blame BN for so and so? Ignore? ...

    Or he takut with DAP after kena taruk bad for Penanti?

    Wonder when is Fairuz speaking to demand PKR clear his name? Its more than 2 wks now ...

  3. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Hooray Rocky

    You see how these hypocrites operate??

    So dear rakyat, be shrewd and study the people you vote into government.

    Better the Devil you know than the ANGEL you just met.


  4. I am not against the OSA per se.

    While negotiating contracts and Govt tenders there has to be a level of secrecy to prevent insider dealings, profiteering and outright frauds.

    But contracts which involve general public interest and welfare such as Toll Highways, IPP's and Water Privatisation should not be classified under the OSA to prevent us from knowing the details until it is too late for us to object!

    If Federal & State Govt's follow the general principle of open tender and publicising of bids for 'large' contracts, as opposed to the directly negotiated contract which has become the rule rather than the exception, then we should not have a problem with the OSA.

  5. "I can punish anyone. I can be the complainant, the prosecutor and also the judge in this case. All this is allowed according to the law...” - DAP YB Teng Chang Kim

    Speaking to the press is not allowed. Read here. So much for freedom of speech and press.

    Ah DAP ... CAP more appropriate. Communist Action Party!

  6. Anonymous9:04 pm

    ha ha ha

    cakap tarak serupa bikin!!
    hang kata hang terer, pi la!!

    syed mahmood

  7. Anti-DAP Movement9:14 pm

    just one word to describe those clowns: hypocrite

    one time court is transparent, not biased, fair, uphold justice ...

    certain time court is biased, not transparent, crony, a shame to our judiciary system ...

    what a joke!

  8. Biasalah tu Bro, Sebelum berkuasa macam-macam boleh cakap. Dah kena kat bahu sendiri tau pulak depa menjerit OSA!. Agak-agaknya bila mereka dapat membentuk Kerajaan Persekutuan nanti Depa hapuih ISA tak?

  9. ha..ha..terkena batang hidung sendiri...

  10. Anonymous9:26 pm


    Here is another good one:

    "I can punish anyone. I can be the complainant, the prosecutor and also the judge in this case. All this is allowed according to the law." - Selangor Assembly Speaker Teng Chang Khim



  11. Anonymous9:34 pm

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  12. Anonymous9:49 pm

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  13. Anonymous9:52 pm

    go..go..go.. Rocky, give your bru punch to Guan Eng !!

    Hey boss, before you wanna fix LGE like the way you fix Pak Lah, can you please ask your BOSS Najib to hand off Perak first ar ??

    Today,LGE says PR wants to give power back to Perak people and let them choose their government,but 'Zamry Ghandi' wants to keep powers for himself and UMNO only !!! so'how ar ??

    Can fix this 'Zamry Mandela' first before Guan Eng ar ? Also, newer see you write about 'Pangkor Pele' after he got the appeal stay ??

    Com'on lah rocky.. fairlah sikit, takkan Kepala hang hanya tahu tembak ke arah PR saje ??? takkan pusing kanan atau kiri sedikit pun tak boleh !!

    Bila nak sepak ' Pangkor Pele' ??


  14. Anonymous10:33 pm


    another of your spin. Care to enlighten your readers where and which sentence that says he support the OSA? Its your twists and spins that say so.
    I believe all civil servants whom the majority are attached to the Federal government are bound by the OSA oath and has no bearing on LGE who only remind them of their oath.

    Mr.Rocky, I think you can do better than this low blow in your spins.


  15. Why am I totally not surprised Bro, for one I always knew that Guan Eng like his father Kit Siang are always cakap tak serupa bikin politicians. This guy champions transparency and accountability blah, blah "kononnya lah" but bans the NST from his press conference because tsk,ysk the NST was critical of him and his administration.

    Now that he is in power he will use all the Acts that will favour him and his party that they used to abhor when they are in the opposition. I would not be surprised if Guan Eng will use the ISA if he could have access to it also.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is it not YAB Ketua Menteri Guan Eng?

  16. Anonymous11:12 pm

    A point well taken. I can't argue on that. A scorecard + for you on this, Rocky. Nevertheless, you still many minus points to catch up from my little black book.

  17. sickofit11:23 pm

    yeah, and everybody thought Pakatan Rakyat is supposed to be different. Well, politician being politician, don't expect anything much from them. I foresee that nothing significant will change in Penang for the next 3 years. Trust me!!

  18. Anonymous11:26 pm

    salam rock,

    this the real people of DAP who champion about freedom tailored to them.
    To BN the act is cruel, but for DAP it is relevan. What kind of this people ? all malaysian !!! don't trust DAP leaders, they are racist, destroyer to malaysian muslim etc. DAP ultimate aims is to change malaysia like singapore.
    Break and rule.



  19. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Hey Rocky, stop twisting and spining, will you!! You are acting cheap these days. Pls read the contents. Geesh, you are getting worse by the day. I am pro-no party, just a true malaysian passing time browsing through most blogs. If I cannot take this shit, I am sure many fair minded Malaysians will not take it too.

    True Malaysian

  20. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Apa benda yang confidential tu?
    Stop spinning lah special Bru.....

  21. Anonymous11:58 pm

    bullshit la rocky. even in countries where FOI legislation is in place there are safeguards and exceptions for national security or interests. in this case i totally agree OSA applies. dun spin la.

  22. anti-belit12:09 am

    BN must find more effective way to articulate all these belit-belit by Anwar Ibrahim, LKS, LGE dan lain lain, to all the innocent rakyat who demand a better place in Malaysia.

    Sure BN/UMNO have fair share of shortcomings, but PKR and DAP are not saints!!!! The problem now with the Rakyat is any lie, fiction, belit-belit from Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, LGE, Ngeh and Nga are taken wholesale as gospel truth!!!

    The situation is worsened with the continous spin by Malaysiakini and MalaysiaInsider!!!!

    I would BN media strategy definitely need to improve to counter the lies by Anwar, LKS, LGE dll!!!!

    Look at how these idiots put words in Zambry on the Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Why cant the rakyat read Zambry's blog to find out the truth.!!!! I am amazed by the childish politics by PR!!!!

    PR, a alternative party for Rakyat, fighting for democracy, freedom of expression? My foot!!! Don't talk rubbish!! All they want is power, position and money!!!

  23. Do you all realise NTV is macam TV station for Pakatan Rakyat !!!!

    This NTV seven treat Nizar, Sivakumar, Lim Guan Eng as if they are the controlling shareholders of NTV 7 :))))

    What is going on with NTV 7?

  24. Anonymous12:21 am

    These rebels only want to grab power by critisism and law twisting tactics. They can bend the rules one full circle just to achieve power.

    Once in power, they become complacent and that's where the trouble begins.

    All the promises they made prior to their ride on the high horses, will be conveniently and systematically forgotten, because they know that the masses forget easily.

    Let's face it. The opposition only pretends to fight for freedom by asking for the abolition of laws that land them in jail.

    But when they come to power, they will use the same draconian laws or worse to lock up those who criticise them, using silly excuses such as 'safeguarding national interest' etc etc.

    Yup, politicians come from the same mould, speak the same language and can talk a bird down from the tree.

    YB Lim Guan Eng is no different.


  25. the art of spinning by Phakatan Riot12:28 am

    Do you notice PKR/DAP key political's strategy?

    They try to "market" themselves by championing populist issue, conduct street demo and protest with ultimate intention to be detained or arrested and sent to jail and Kamunting. In jail they will provoke and hope to get some blue or black eyes. This sure get the symphathy from Rakyat and international media attention!!! And the best part is the media attention is FREE of charge!!!!!

    Then after investing fews days/months/years in jail/Kamunting, they will stand for election, sure win one!!!

    Fine examples:

    Anwar Ibrahim
    Lim Guan Eng
    Lim Kit Siang

    Their bloggers also do the same to get attention and glamour, they will spread lies, create fiction, made provocative postings.

    Fine examples:

    RPK. RPK's side kick, zorro went to the extent to be rounded up in Ipoh and true enough he gained that self gratifiaction and he celebrated it!!!!

    The PR strategy, never underestimate them. The beauty is, the Rakyat buys it!!!!!

  26. HaHaH. This is what you call a bloody hypocrite of the highest order!

    So much for your so-called transparency governance. My foot!

  27. Anonymous12:53 am

    Bagus,bagus,biaq keluaq semua belang2 bangsa dorang ni satu-satu cepat. Harap dapat buka mata mat2/minah2 yg mengidap penyakit jiwa benci-diri-sendiri, maka benci bangsa sendiri sebelum terlambat.


  28. Dehra Dun1:00 am


    This nation suffers from an oversimplication of political issues: What's so dreadfully wrong about this place? Answer: Umno clowns are corrupt. How does Umno perpetuate its stranglehold on us, the poor hapless rakyat? Patronage, constructing false feel-good sensations, refusing to repeal draconian laws. Is Umno racialist in its thinking and actions? Yes, most definitely. Why is Ketuanan Rakyat such an enlightened plank? Because Anwar Ibrahim will return power to the rakyat. Are Pakatan leaders not liable to "seeking funds" so that they dont need to work and concentrate fully on politics? They are supported by conscentious members, for a cause.

    Adoi, unless the above school boy sort-of political thinking is smashed, this place is not going to progress or have a proper discourse. Our democracy shall be forever flawed because real issues shall be overwhelmed by one-line thinking. Anwar and Kit Siang must be made to think and try harder before they get to run this place: If most pundits are to be believed Pakatan shall start PRU13 as the raging favourites.

    A way forward is to allow politicians from both sides of the schism to start anew vis-a-vis their political arguments. We need this badly because so many of the highly ediucated souls are turning out to be terribly gullible; rather than think through their own set of political thinking they surrender this sacred rights to Anwar and Kit Siang. I think events have demonstrated that both sides must be made to answer for their mental-struggle frailties. May be start by defining and deepening our own understanding of Bangsa Malaysia. Grant the ones with the best ideas, descriptions and plan of action to have Bangsa Msia big points.

    Then, move on to the PPSMI, domestic investment, new sources of growth, new highways, fast trains, a new housing policy that provides for bigger built-up area...

    This nation needs clarity in the directions we are the take, the substance and tone of our debate, the kind of politicians we shall have, the media we need..

  29. Anonymous1:15 am

    bro rocky, you sounds so amateur. someone without experience in life at all. certain things are meant to be confidential. why not u tell me your account number and pin number. certain things have to be confidential to prevent any beneficial advantage to people with business interest. LGE did mention that the government has nothing to hide, but it's important to keep certain information confidential to prevent any advantages being taken by people with business interest. i suggest you stop blogging because ur a shame to the journalism world.


  30. Too add more spice to your post bro here check his out..

    Quote :
    Keterujaan itu bukan kerana pergantungan yang bakal saya hadapi tetapi kenyataan oleh Speaker DUN Selangor, YB Teng Chan Kim yang antara lain dipetik oleh NST berkata, “I can punish anyone. I can be the complainant, the prosecutor and also the judge in this case. All this is allowed according to the law.”

  31. Anonymous2:22 am

    No need to make the big fuss out of it

    At least LGE is not corrupted despite of having some egos but much smaller than those in the BN.

    Do not expect our politicians to be Mandela or Ghandi except Zambry.


  32. Eh, apa ni Rocky?

    Betul la tu. Transparent habis. Memang lutsinar gilababi.

    Sapa tak nampak, bodoh.

    What happened to you, Guan Eng? Eh, silap. What happened to you, Rocky?

    How much, Rocky? Baru, lama, berapa, Rocky?

    Come back, Rocky! Kambek, Rocky! Embek, Rocky!

  33. Anonymous4:04 am

    That is a new low even by your standards Rocky.

    So wanting to prevent top secret government policies from being leaked illegally to the public is called being a hypocrite?

    So you mean you will let your Malay Mail's secretary off even if he or she leaks out info like who's gonna be retrenched or fired before the info is meant to be let out?

    How is this act even come close to the draconian ISA act?

    Think like a neutral like you used to Rocky and you won't be seen like a fool anymore :-)

    Francis Zhong

  34. Anonymous4:45 am


    Tang orang korek habisan nak expose? National security gendang merata BIAK sedunia dengak!

    Mai tang hang, amboi.. sentuh OSA! Alahai, share share dengan RAKYAT lor, apake hal nak SECRET SECRET sangat?


  35. nstman5:04 am

    Rocky has turned out to be a better spin doctor for Najib than Ahmad Talib and Johan. Rocky should therefore be the NST generalissimo. What say you, readers?

  36. Anonymous6:07 am

    You are biased and infact those who leaked to the politicians are under the oath when they started work,right?Usually these are UMNO people trying to create havoc in the state of Penang.

  37. Anonymous6:49 am

    I'm yawning. What's nexr?

    dark wader

  38. Anonymous7:26 am

    We the Rakyat had enough 52 years of the darkest era in history under UMNO and BN. This 52 years lesson is hard to forget and forgive.

    PR is like fresh air to us, in this short one year it makes me a die heart PR supporter and so as everyone in my University except those good for nothing lectural who is afraid to lost their job if PR take over.

  39. Anonymous7:27 am

    Dato'Bendahara said ---(Omar Ong is one of the shortest individuals in Malaysia, somehow it rhymes, Shortest adviser with the shortest Prime Minister.)

    No so fast Bro. Bendahara. Heard that Omar is being made a board member of Petronas. This Ethos head honco is ambitious...wants to be Petronas Chairman at 40!

    Bru,check rumbling in Petronas. There could be a new chairman --- Abdullah Badawi. This has to be a nightmare for Dr M and Hassan Merican. But I don't think Najib is that S----d!


  40. Anonymous7:31 am

    to all PR supporters, accept the fact that your political masters have spun you all so hard that whatever they say, you will nod your head like parrot.


  41. There is lack of context in this and the article in the star has changed.

    Is he speaking to the civil service in reflection of the missing documents in selangor that kept appearing in UMNO hand? Or that the civil service is subservient to Zamry in Perak?

    Rocky, your blogger alliance is really in problem.

  42. Penyokong Setia Datuk Najib Razak7:44 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Apa nak buat bro... hari Isnin mahkamah rayuan nak dengar kes Nizar nak ketepikan Zambry.


    Rakyat Perak dan tak tenteram lagi. Warga Perak dah bergolek dan meluat kat BN tahap maksima.

    Nak buat camana ni bro? Nampaknya tiada jalan lain selain mengadakan pilihanraya, bro.

    Tapi kalau kita adakan pilihanraya, perdana menteri kesayangan kita Najib malu habis bro...

    Kalau tak buat pilihanraya, hancurlah negeri Perak bro!

    Camana nak selamatkan maruah hero kita Najib bro?


    Bro Rocky tak malu ke, senyap-senyap menyokong Barisan Nasional?

    Bro Rocky tak malu ke sebab senyap tak mahu mengulas pasal salah BN memulakan masalah ini?

    Bro, kenapa kalau Pakatan Rakyat buat sesuatu, bro lekas serang, tapi bila BN di sebelah yang salah, bro senyap?

    Maruah bro Rocky di tong sampah di jalan yang mana bro?

  43. "We can still hope for freedom of information, of course, but I' must remind Guan Eng that he isn't supposed to be supporting the O.S.A. just because he is now the Government."
    Same to you rocky, now that you are with malay mail.

  44. Anonymous8:36 am

    So the CAT is now a pussy! If transparency is their game, threatening with OSA is a shame! Remember how they used to condemn OSA and ISA when they are just mere opposition? So IF they are the federal govt, yeah they will repeal ISA and replace it with PSA (PR security Act)?

    - Anti-Hypocrites

  45. Anonymous8:40 am

    What is wrong with the secret acts if it is to prevent information relating to Tenders etc from getting to the public before it is suppose to.

    In order to be fair, secrets acts should be implemented at certain circumstances.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Some government implement secrets act for the public but disclose it to the cronies. That is when it is wrong.

    Read the article in the paper clip.


  46. Pakar demo jalan8:46 am

    Look at Tian Chua:))

    Pakar street demo dan protest.

    I remember at one ceramah in PJ, he told people he has a house in Bandar Utama but he seldom stay there because he spend most of the time in lock-ups :)))

    And when a reporter ask him to comment on Elizabeth Wong, he shouted "You ask me again, I will smash your head':))))

    Can anyone tell, what has this Tian Chua after elected as YB, done for the Rakyat the last 12 mths beside he usual show face in court, vigil nites, shopping for frogs in Taiwan, demo and protest? Anything useful for the Rakyat?

  47. Anonymous8:50 am

    fuckatan rakyat.

  48. Anonymous8:51 am

    fuckhatan rakyat..


  49. Anonymous8:55 am

    aku pun keje kerajaan danbanyak rahsia kerajaan aku pegang ,tade masalah pun... OSA adalah terhad kepada semua maklumat yg diklasifikasikan dalam UNDANG-UNDANG sebagai SULIT,TERHAD dan sebagainya..

    OSA adalah untuk melindungi maklumat kerajaan dipergunakan oleh musuh dan pengkhianat negara.


    Dulu tak jadi kerajaan cakap macam PELACUR MURAHAN sekarang bila dah jadi KERAJAAN baru tahu kenapa sesetengah PERKARA TAK BOEH DEDAH kepada ORANG AWAM,bukan mengabaikan HAK tapi untuk KESELAMATAN dan KESTABILAN.

  50. artchan9:03 am

    all ministers are also sworn to secrecy...why don't you hantam them also. They have been hiding a lot from the rakyat.

    A simple reminder from LGE to his people got you on an orgasmic ride?

    Even private sectors staff can be sacked if you "sell" company secrets. Itu you pun tak tahu ke?

  51. Anonymous9:05 am

    Damn if you do, damn if you dont, right? So if there is a weapon of convinience at your disposal, you will not use it? If something happens....ooooh lets blame it on CM Penang for not using the OSA when its at his disposal. Come on lah Rocky, you're confirmed swaying bit by bit into UMNO's side of the fence. Well I dont blame you for that because this is what democracy is all about. You can choose your party of affliation.

    Justice Chee

  52. Spin bro.. jangan tak spin..

  53. Anonymous9:21 am

    aisey you guys ah itu pun tak tau.
    our rocky here try to take over no one spot for master spinning from wong chun wai,now dia masih no dua.

  54. Anonymous9:23 am


    Ayoma , ayopa since when Guan Eng turned turtle? He spoke like MCA man ma.....

    Die Hard Rocketman

  55. Anonymous9:25 am

    Not supporting OSA means must reveal everything?

    Might as well ask PR government to submit minutes of meetings to the press, or better still, broadcast the meetings live on tv.

    Stupid la. I thought you were once a big shot editor at some newspapers.....

    Somebody must have pissed you off big time that you accidently reveal your true self...

    -anti(abuse of) isa-

  56. Anonymous9:30 am


    Laaa... ini yang aku marah ni.. kata nak ikut kepimpinan Saidina Umar?

    Apa sudah jadi comrade Lim?

    Sekarang sudah pakai undang-undang sapa?

    Bila kena batang hidung sendiri tau pulak nak melatah.. sekarang rasa la sama-sama.. ingat senang ke nak memimpin manusia?

  57. Anonymous9:46 am

    This time I am with Rocky, the dark knight. Transparency is the only way forward for this country. No OSA !! Abolishing the OSA will allow truth to emerge and crooks to run and hide. Abolish the ISA so that all the Mahathir era documents can also be made public.


  58. Dear Rocky,

    I would like you to make a statement regarding your article on Monday, May 11, 2009:

    Nizar is Perak Menteri Besar!!!

    NST 11/05: High Court declares Nizar as Perak Menteri Besar

    You guys said the Courts in this country can't be trusted.

    Our judges are biased and bought.

    You are right?

  59. Anonymous10:18 am

    but 'Zamry Ghandi' wants to keep powers for himself and UMNO only !!! so'how ar ??

    Pele Perak ...
    Mamak Kutty....
    Roti canai Zambry..

    Wow I thought PR is color and race blind.Or PR are openly declared war on Dark skinned colored Muslim. Why dont go all the way to make fun of Bilal because he is dark skinned ? I had enough of this color based remarks by those who claimed they are color marginalized.

    Anwar proud of you guys are doing ? Whats the difference with balik tongsang etc .

    Hell ultras from both side , look at the mirror once awhile.


  60. Anonymous10:22 am

    this LGE is pure bloody hypocrite and cakap tak serupa bikin...

  61. Anonymous10:32 am

    DAP actually now thinks they are on the verge of taking over this country.

    They think that they have the (almost) full support of Malaysians, more so the Malays. They are using the Malays of PAS, PKR, and the Indians of Hindraf and PKR to get them the trust of rakyat that they can never offer in a million years.

    In short turning this country into another Singapore. They think they are on the brink of achieving this because they think they have the majority support now.

    To hell with Anwar's PKR. Lim Guan Eng can screw him anytime he wants (the penanti fiasco) and they'll be ppl to support him.

    They think they have the upper hand. Now feeling all mighty, he even forgets that he was against the OSA!.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg, they'll be more things that they'll consider 'Boleh' just because they are now in control. Even re-branding the ISA maybe?

    DAP actually runs the show and Lim Kit Siang is feeling so close to taking over Malaysia that he can't lose, not by anything or anybody, even DS Anwar Ibrahim.

    They have never been a Pakatan Rakyat, they were never registered. And their candidates never stand for the so called PR coalition come voting time. They stand for their own party, PAS for PAS, PKR for PKR, DAP for DAP. Unlike BN always under the BN ticket, and they are registered. Now that is a true coalition with real ideals.

    PR = PENIPU Rakyat!


  62. if OSA is good for Najis, it must be good for Guan Eng too !

    if Najis comes out clean, then i'm sure Guan Eng will come clean too...

    Barisan Najis - National SHIT

  63. Why do we expect whoever who is in control to behave differently? In this case, I should think that pro PR commenters should bite their respective tongues and accept the fact that whether its BN or PR, whoever is up there will need laws that can regulate the flow of information as well as the security of the state. Tapi, ada jugak yang nak komen supporting and justifying LGE's reminder on the OSA! But, that's PR. Everything that other people does is never right whereas anything that they themselves do is never wrong. Mark my, they are all against the ISA but one day if ever they come into power, they will still be using the ISA like the current Administration. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

  64. Penggali Kubor11:12 am


    Jangan nak menipu.

    Semua negara di dunia ada sejenis Official Secrets Act yang tersendiri.

    Ini kerana minit-minit mesyarat tu mestilah rahsia. Lim Guan Eng mintak minit-minit mesyuarat kerajaan Penang harus dirahsiakan untuk keselamatan negeri. Itu standard prosedur di mana-mana. Kalau tak pihak lain boleh gunakan maklumat itu untuk menggugat negara.

    Kau dah hilang waras, Rocky?

    Okeylah Rocky. Kalau betul kau tak sokong OSA, kau setuju tak minit-minit meeting Menteri Kabinet didedahkan? Apa Najib cakap dalam meeting dgn menteri-menteri dia? Bersedia tak nak dedahkan?

    Jangan kau cakap satu tapi cakap benda lain kemudian.

    Jangan hipokrit Rocky.

    Kau ni aku tau, tak puas hati dgn DAP, sengaja nak serang DAP, nak tutup cover malu pasal kejadian May 7 di Perak.

    Yang Pakatan Rakyat dengan DAP cakap pasal OSA tu diorang sebut jangan salahgunakan OSA. Jangan guna sewenang-wenangnya macam UMNO nak tutup cerita pasal konsesi tol jalanraya yang diorang buat utk memiskinkan rakyat.

    DAP cakap jangan guna OSA nak haramkan penyiaran televisyen kejadiaan May 7 di mana Tuan Speaker diheret keluar oleh Polis UMNO.

    Rocky tak paham bahasa ke dah terlalu taksub dengan UMNO?

  65. Well, For once I too have to agree with you. I too found this funny when I read it yesterday...Nothing to spin about., But Guan Eng shot himself in the foot. And they were the ones forever asking for the OSA to be abolished. And they are the ones talking about Transparency.

    Aiya..Guan Eng, can do one better or not?

  66. Anonymous11:46 am

    Oh my God,

    Rocky, mengapa kamu nak memanipulasi benda sebegitu.

    Yang rahsia ialah minit mesuyarat Exco. Sama seperti minit mesyuarat Cabinet adalah rahsia. Di mana-mana negara pun sama.

    Di menyuarat exco bincangkan banyak hal, nak bina jambatan atau nak ambil tanah. Kalau orang luar dah tahu, mereka boleh ambil kesempatan.

    Itu tujuan OSA di sini.

    Cuma BN salah gunakan OSA untuk sembunyi perkara-perkara remeh, macam Konsesi Tol dan sebagainya. Itu yang ditentang PR.

    Rocky Bru, I am disappointed with you.

  67. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Rocky: ' ...I' must remind Guan Eng that he isn't supposed to be supporting the O.S.A. just because he is now the Government.'

    Ok then. Lets suggest to the present day Gov to abolish the OSA in the parliament, and since Rocky is suspecting the LGE Gov having their double stands, pls let the Malay Mail do the suggestion FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE.

    You will have my support if you do that, I promise.


  68. Anonymous12:13 pm those fanatic DAP supporters - what say you about using OSA? Didn't Uncle Kit say it should be repealed and replaced with Freedom of Info Act
    And isn't the whole business case/business sensitive reasons the same excuse used for the highway concessionaires.

    Never trust politician...don't matter which side they are!


  69. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Now donplaypuks say OSA is ok but for certain cases only because it concerns Penang. Hypocrite

  70. The whole idea of Rocky posting this article is to make us think why the ISA and OSA cannot be abolished in totality...

    We have to use both sets of laws to protect our interests...but they must be invoked not indiscriminately...

    Rocky wants us to think rationally...but Pakatan Rakyat's lackeys and lapdogs cannot I believe

  71. Anonymous12:20 pm






    - amnesiac aphrodisiac -

  72. Anonymous12:25 pm

    you've obviously not taken your daily dose of dulcolax. you are so full of sh*t.


  73. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Sheesh ! Rocky. can do better than this. Don't waste your talents and sell yourself short.


  74. Anonymous12:25 pm

    When Najib was appointed as PM, he made a Janji AkuSumpah in front of the YDP Agung. So, what was that? He promise to keep secret the confidentiality of the govt. So, what is the difference then?

  75. Anonymous12:28 pm


    I'm with you man...please also note this PENIPU RAKYAT is keeping silent on the Mas Selamat issue

    He's being detained under the ISA which we know was formulated for expediency but Lim Guan Eng and YB Kit are silent on this. Their silence is deafening. I'm surprised...will Mas selamat be given the same level of treatment dished out to YB Kit and LGE when they were detained under ISA?

    "cannot abolish, just review ISA"

  76. Rocky,

    How about CAT ? competency, accountability and transparency ?

    Ha ha ha... This only apply to others but not to LGE and DAP.

    What they have to hide ? It is the "rakyat" govt, right ?

    What a load of BS and hypocrisy ?

  77. Naina Bagan12:31 pm

    Bro Rocky Bru...(not brew k)..
    Most of the comments for this topic seem they "marah" bro pasai ckp LGE cakap x srupa bikin...depa nie buta hati mmg itu lah sifat LGE...aritu debat kunun nk hapus miskin kat Penang dlm tempoh 1 tahun.Bila cukup haul bg alasan akaun x bole buka.Ada gak yg sokong,betui la depa tu buta perot...walhal Parlimen LGE sendiri pon ramai yg miskin...terutama org Melayu,tak caya pi ronda tgk...Depa ni bole menang sbb sokongan kaum depa dan sahabat depa aje.Org Melayu tau dh depa tu kaki ada gak yg asyik dok dongak langit tgk bulan penuh smpai mata bengkak percayakan depa tu....ish ish ish...lupa daratan dah kot sbb asyik dongak ats tgk bulan sampai mata bengkak je kot,ape yg kat tapak kaki penuh taik anjin pon x nampak dah....

  78. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Rocky i am an avid supporter of Lim Guan Eng and always left comments on YB Kit's blog...but they are beginning to show their true colours. I've voted for them in the past for their fervour in uphiolding their princioples but they are expressing views contrary to their principles when they were from the outside looking in. now they are over the other side of the fence they look at things from a different pperspective but still skeqwed in theri political leanings


  79. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Siapa percaya kat DAP...memang bodoh...DAP tu franchise PAP dari singapore laaaa...apasal engkorang yang pangkah DAP tu bodoh sangat? Singapore nak air free, air space free, pasir free...only DAP can deliver that to them.


  80. tebing tinggi12:52 pm

    its not a suprise after all, human is human,we want people to be angel but we remain as human. when we cant get into the pool we say the pool is turbit and dirty but when we got into it we find cool and refreshing so we dont want others enjoy it as well.
    in malaysia its became a culture and people enjoy it but never think about it.

  81. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Dear Rocky

    You have done us a great favour. The comments on this blog clearly shows the mentality of the PR supporters.

    Many are not interested in facts and evidence.

    They just want to shove their "views" down everyone's throats.

    I do hope the man-in-the-street can make his own conclusions based on these views.

    The raw and aggressive style reminds you of the yesteryears, when the communists provoked the Malays in their own homeland.

    May sane and cool heads prevail.

  82. Anonymous12:53 pm

    OSA depends on what secret you want to protect in the first place.I'm not sure what the fuss is about regarding the minute of the SEC meeting, BUT by right civil servant should follow the guidelines UNLESS something fishy is going on and hence they can act as a whistleblower.
    But never the less, OSA is an important component of a government governing the state/country. And it is open to abuse by certain parties to protect their own interests. By the way Rocky you should be objective in your reporting, as far as i know the reason LGE is complaining could be an act of "sabotage" by certain parties in the state government and could indicate a bigger problem in governing Penang.


  83. Anonymous12:56 pm

    hehe u r good spinning the PR supporters head..
    they sure are showing their true color now..
    why y most of them kept blaming BN back as soon any of the PR leaders fuckedup something. Yoo..just admit the mistake laa..what so hard.
    BTW..PR shud fight for Mas Selamat. he is in ISA right now. Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA should be lining up. Dont forget bout the virgils too.
    hahah.. balls


  84. Esok Tak Mungkin Ada1:26 pm

    Know ye all that the greatest threat to the existence of Malays of Islamic origin in Malaysia comes from Malays of Islamic origin themselves although with differing political ideologies.The chinese and Indians etc are only bystanders and would only be required to do the dirty work once the carnage is over between the Malays.

  85. Rizwan1:50 pm

    Some kid from university claim that PR has been a fresh air, in just one year...

    Moron! Go back to your library, and look up in the History book. Better yet, go dig your grandpa's grave and ask him his opinion.

    A bit of fresh air... my foot, my ass, my knee, my ankle, my belly, my middle finger...

  86. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Mr Rocky has never changed as a human being. He is still practising selective reporting only now that it is to be benefits of BN and UMNO instead.
    Hail Rocky the spin meister.

  87. There must be a code of conduct handbook that says that confidential information must not be leaked and if a person is found guilty, disciplinary action can be taken. This code of conduct is common to any organization. It is not right for LGE to single out the OSA to threaten the culprit, but some for of action must be taken on the person who deliberately leaked the info.

  88. Ahmad Din Nejad2:17 pm

    Aku setuju 100% dengan Penggali Kubor kat atas.

    Rocky, cukuplah meng-spin!

    Pusing-pusing macam gasing.

    Aku sendiri orang UMNO, tapi kalau aku tengok orang UMNO sendiri nak menipu dan mengelirukan rakyat, aku tak rela.

    Aku tak rela! Paham??

    Jangan busukkan nama UMNO lagi la.....

  89. RockyPru2:37 pm

    whatever spinning that rocky done,i don't see any Pakatan supporter (except 2bought DUN) jump ship.

    if they continues spinning this, there are going nowhere. tak nampak pun Pakatan makin lemah. So, rocky and the gengs, please...keep spinning...till you fall!

    Pakatan tegar, makin tegar.
    Umno tegar, biaq pi la depa nak tegaq. Geng atas pagaq terkena angin spin then jatuh gelanggang sebelah. Pasai tu majoriti bertambah. Nak buat pilihanraya pun jadik takut. gerenti kalah.

    so, rocky, keep it rolling, keep it spinning!

  90. Anonymous2:44 pm

    "We stand together for equal treatment. There should no double standard. We can't understand why a man can have four wives. Why should there be this type of double standard? I am not encouraging men to have four wives or woman to have four husbands but why should there be a double standard of this kind of perception? It is okay for men to have more, but not for women?"

    Lim Guan Eng di DAP Wanita Workshop 2009 "Implement Gender Agenda as a DAP Strategy to the Hearts and Minds of Men and Women"

    Wake up call for Malay Muslims especially PAS members

  91. RockyPru2:45 pm


    How about this:

  92. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Funny that when a PR supporter leave comments anywhere he/she will say something like 'we the people' 'we the rakyat', 'suara rakyat'. 'rakyat sudah bersuara', 'mahkamah rakyat' foot. Don't you know that BN command the majority in the parliament and you're not representing all the rakyat !! BN represents majority of the rakyat - facts.

  93. RockyPru3:16 pm


    Remember this ?

    "I still say there's no place under the Malaysian sun for the ISA. No more. The ISA has been abused too many times before. The government has made too many mistakes with it in the past."


    p/s: but this when Pak Lah in power la...isn't Rocky? hehe...

  94. RockyPru3:26 pm

    Or how about this judiciary...

    here's ANOTHER scandal... it shows how fearful the judiciary was of a former prime minister who bullied and used threats against these judges (I believe a certain prime minister who is one of your favourite politicians?).Thanks Marco Polo.
    Sigh. What took the Judge so long? It was made 11 years after Dr Mahathir Mohamad (so fearful is this member of the judiciary of the former PM that he did not mention the name so I take the liberty to do so here) purportedly issued the veiled threat to him and his brother judges; 20 years after the sacking of Salleh Abas. And Nearly 5 years after Dr M resigned.

    A really long time to live in fear, Yang Ariff.

    You are right?

  95. AminGL4:16 pm


    Stopping spinning the news like gasing. You are no better than ex-NST spinning master Kalimullah Hassan and Brendan Pereira. Perhaps you can take over their crown as the new king of spinning master.

  96. Neener neener neener!

  97. Anonymous4:47 pm jangan buat lawak laaaa.....waktu u r not in power.....u claim itu salah ini salah....when u in power....u buat jugak......apa giler?

    penyokong pun main sokong jer...popular la ke sokong PR!? use ur head la dim wit.....setakat cakap itu salah ini salah boleh laaaa...cuba masuk pejabat pahamkan kenapa BN buat macam tu dulu

  98. Anonymous4:57 pm

    "Cuma BN salah gunakan OSA untuk sembunyi perkara-perkara remeh, macam Konsesi Tol dan sebagainya. Itu yang ditentang PR."

    waklu sembunyi? lu ingat keputusan di buat tu main senang2 jer ke....ada banyak bende di ambil kira waktu buat keputusan ada kat dalam meeting tu ke?lu tau ke dia org borak apa time tu? lu tak tau?

    tipu la kalau LGE tak buat yang sama...kalau tak why kecoh pasal OSA? kalau tak sorok apa2....bagi tau semua laaaaaa....kata holy giler...ha meh citer

  99. mimitab6:25 pm

    Assalamualaikum Abg Rocky,

    Jangan putus asa berjuang. Takda salahnya berpindah tempat sebab baru sedar tersalah kapal. Sebab orang yg cerdik, akan belajar dari kesilapannya, bukan buat dono jek. Orang yang cerdik juga akan sentiasa terbuka menerima kritikan orang lain dan tidak malu memperbaiki diri. Allah suka akan hamba yang humble dan suka memperbaiki diri.

    Moga kita berlapang dada dgn ujian Allah dan minta diteguhkan hati dalam perjuangan dan dlm menerima dugaan dari orang2 yang 'kurang cerdik'.

  100. Tempe Goreng6:26 pm

    Go Rocky Go!

    Give them what they deserve - cakap tak serupa bikin!
    PR has shown that they lack the expertise nor the calibre to run any state.

    BN may not be the best, but its the best we've got. At least Najib can get his people to listen to him. Anwar can't even keep his own house in order.

  101. Anonymous7:43 pm

    kalau DAP takeover the federal government, alamat laaa.. korang sume ada gaya masuk Kamunting laaa.. dok ka Sg buluh ka.. pilih2 la...kalau korang carut kan apa2 yg berkaitan kegemaran mereka yg hamsap2 ni..kena laa.. sapa2 yg minat sgt nak pangkah DAP tu, kirim salam la...
    wahahahah.. guan eng, kerpal etc sume talk cock saja aaa.. bila in power everything change laaa ..ingat senang ka nak handle kerajaan..jadi pembangkang senang la.. komplen, komplen, komplen..protokol pun x tau.. darat betul..

    hantu teteek

  102. Pemerhati8:06 pm

    Talking of Media Prima favouring Pakatan Rakyat, DAP Perak ADUN gave video memory card of Deputy Speaker Hii alleged pepper spray incident to an 8TV cameraman.

    There is a lot of Kalimullah-Spore-DAP/PKR operatives inside mainstram media.

    Rumour is Zaki Zahid is going to be Deputy CEO Media Prima. These KJ ppl are PKR within UMNO and have similar thinking. They are very apologetic. UMNO shd disband Pemuda and Puetri.

  103. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Rocky,sure bukan Open Source Act ka ni?

  104. Anonymous12:12 am

    now dap becomes government in penang,then only they realise what actually official secret act is all about,now only know.....

    bila kena diri sendiri baru nak tahu

  105. Anonymous1:22 am

    What else ah dey kol u?

    Spinner, turncoat, how much dapat, duit baru duit lama??... tapi kompom lepas baca yg terlatest drpd JMD, confirm subversive dah berjaya masuk dlm pagar. Ari ni keadaan sama 2 atau 3 tahun sebelum PRU May 1969. Mula dengan DAP melalui PR , Gerakan masuk melalui SUHAKAM...(JMD telah buktikan spesis mereka ni diantara yang active didalam perarakan racist dulu, dia baling batu.. lepas tu jerit UMNO buat..., UMNO racist ...waaaaagh jeng.. jeng .. jeng !!!!

    Sekarang ke kenal siapa mereka sebenarnya........damn!


  106. Anonymous1:28 am




  107. Anonymous1:29 am

    Allo Ah BEng ah...

    Wa tak kesah kalu lu bikin billion lalam masa 2 tiga tahun ni, makan ka, lasuah ka, kow tim ka.

    Yang wa malah... lulu ahhh lu manyak mising loh... selupa Angel lohh. Sikalang aaa, lu selupa la*c*u!!!!. Wa bagi lu undi, mukan suluh lu mikin ini macam maa!

    Aiya.. tatak paham kah?

    Hu yoooh, memang mutut lo, lu hilup aaa, mamang kasi olang susah loorr!


  108. There is no mention of the nature of the leaked info. For example, if such info is regards a tender of a piece of info that can give pecuniary advantage to the holder of that information, say in a tender, then the OSA should be enforced. If not, the tender would be compromised.

    Same goes for OSA in militarily sensitive info. But that is not the question in this case.

    OSA that was used by BN usually involves cover up and protection for BN members in corruption cases eg. Ezam and Rafidah is a case in point.

    Why cover and suppress that ACA report for so long?

  109. Anonymous4:29 am


    You are our SERVANTS, apa hal nak OSA pulak. Everything MUST report to us la... We are your BOSS la..

    We elected you in, we pay your salary and allowances, apasal nak rahsia rahsia pulak, hang dok pedo' tak toghah apa pulak ni? Hang doksah duk mula mengedum semacam!!

    Bapa hang kan ada blog yang bertahun tahun repot segalanya demi transparencies?

    Tak kisah la, nak buat pun tapi MESTI beri tau kami semua apa saja yang hang duk buat kat Opis hari hari!!


  110. justmy2SEN8:40 am

    This just further proves how hypocrite Guan Eng is..he thinks its easy running the government when still have opposition mentality?

    Well i bet when they are in power (hopefully the day will never come if more people can see how unreliable and incompetent they are) they will NOT abolish ISA

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. I think information is not free. There must be rules on public servants having citizen information.

    Its better to 'have' a whistle-blower act to protect information on illegal and unethical behaviors.

    Is the Government listening to the whistlers!!

  113. the bee12:23 pm

    Hear, hear, PR should be lining up to free Mas Selamat. Don't forget the posters, the Tshirts with Mas Selamat's imprinted face/name on it, the virgils etc ....Just let me know if you don't have enough candles, I'll supply some more for all of you PR goons FOC!!!!! Go-lah, ask the BN Govt to scrap ISA ......Let Mas Selamat go free and create havoc by bombing this and that ....baru padan muka lu orang ...

  114. the bee12:30 pm


    Do I have to say more ???

    Beat your chest and ask your appetite ..(tepuk dada tanya selera

  115. Dear Bro,

    U trying to be provocative lah..

    If you read the 3rd paragraph you can see what Lim Guan Eng mean by not leaking info to outsiders because some people might get a profit from the info.

    Congrats, most of the people overlook about it & praise you.

    Hahaha.. Congrats again..

  116. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Anwar,Lim Guan Eng, Kit Sing all kaki temberang. Semua PEMBOHONG TEGAR. Cakap tarak serupa bikin. Hypocrite

  117. the bee10:37 pm


  118. Rocky,

    Tulis la apa nak tulis, dont give a flying duck what other people say. Allah beri kita semua akal fikiran untuk kita gunakan. Kalau ada yang marah marah tu sebab dah tak pakai akal fikiran.

    Itu la yang mula sun bathing atas jalan kat Kuala Kangsar tu. Buat malu ajer.

    Jangan fitnah orang dengan buat SD tak tentu pasal dan yang sewaktu dengannya, dah lah.

  119. Anonymous3:57 am

    "If you read the 3rd paragraph you can see what Lim Guan Eng mean by not leaking info to outsiders because some people might get a profit from the info."

    Overlook? bukan lim guan eng jer is common la in the government...why dulu LGE kata nak transparent everything?no to OSA?

    macam la kerajaan dulu x nampak? u sorang jer pandai ma?

  120. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Bolehland ah!

    You said "if you read the 3rd paragraph you can see what Lim Guan Eng mean by not leaking info to outsiders because some people might get a profit from the info."

    So, you mean "reading between the line?

    Lu ingat LGE punya olang, tatak mau wang ah? Lia punye tujuan cakap itu macam ialah "the information is for him self and his goon?Itu yang lia maksudkan maa!

    Apa? Rocky spin spin spin aaahh?



  121. Anonymous1:30 am


    pkr yang hang support tu sama macam pelacur je. kira2 pun tak tahu. dah hilang majority nak juga perintah. is it fair to the perakian that support bn for new election. the only fair thing to do is let us give an opportunity for "pele" government to manage perak. Gua support Bro Rocky.


  122. Anonymous11:37 am

    It is typical of scum like LGE to waffle about the OSA and other Acts. It is in keeping with the mentality of these people to appropriate whatever they ridiculed before once they have tasted power for its a strategy to perpetuate their grip.That is replete in Chingkiedom's tainted history. Here is why the OSA is being invoked:

    1.To hide the shenanigans behind the tennis fiasco.Almost 7 months after the major bungle; no police reports have been made, no one has been hauled up,no one has been fired especially the leading state gov.players save a limp report to whitewash the government's actions and shield saucy Arianne (wink, wink, lGE).

    2. 8 months after the double Pesta boo-boo, we have no action being taken against those behind the blunder despite press reports implying shady dealings involving certain outfits in tandem with certain individuals etc.

    3. Nothing is ever mentioned about LGE's handling of the heritage fuck-up. Nothing about how the state government allowed certain hotel constructions to go ahead...

    4. Not a whisper about the outcome of the much ballyhooed Korean golf club investment. A MOU was initialed almost 9 months ago and silence ever since...hahahahaha LOL

    5. There has been nary a mention of the continued rape of the Batu Feringghi hills and the flagrant violations of EIA it because the developer lobby under the helm of certain people dictating state government policy through their minions.In fact, a director of a developer was selected a MPPP councillor, so what gives? No one ever cares to explain or question the role of Tan Kok Ping, a prominent Penang businessman who timed his own ascension to the top of the PCCC about the same time as LGE's victory and Kok Ping's influence in dictating MPPP councilor selection.What about KP's association with the Penang Turf Club thingy and the PORR under Metroworks?

    6. LGE likes to boast about his role in Penang drawing investments in 2008 claiming that it was primarily due to his efforts. apart from Ibeeden and the Golf MOU, honestly how much credit can he appropriate for himself and how much was due to the previous admin's efforts plus capital reinvestments deferred investments (MOUs signed in 2007?

    7.Can LGE reveal the breakdown of total investments in the first quarter of '09 and provide the figures/outlays and the types of industries.MIDA figures show your abysmal performance especially after all that restructuring brouhaha, kah choon et al.,:

    January-March 2009: 750 million (DAP)=31 projects

    compared to

    4.7 billion (Gerakan)= 29projects

    How come Johore (BN) went from 999 million in 1stQ 2008 to 2.7B in 1stQ 2009 and Sarawak garnered almost 8 (1.7B) times the domestic investment than Penang (2.7) over the 2 periods.

    Dont give the excuse of crisis, iskandar blahblahblah. Fact of the matter is you, LGE, has been busy politicking and racking them up brownie points at others expense with your asinine comments and jibes. and even more pathetic is your inane comment that you have wiped out poverty when the average annual declines [52.7(1970)- 0.3(2004)/34] of 1.5% would have accounted for that save the real hardcore which could be attributable to laziness, subsidy mentality , fatalism of these people.What magic did you pull off, wanker? Allocate scant financial resources to these parasites instead of teaching them how to fish!!

    this is just for starters, LGE; i have got plenty more. Little wonder you need the OSA now to prop up your illusion of being an economics maven as well as burnish your "umar abdul aziz" image right, fraud?:

    "We stand together for equal treatment. There should no double standard. We can't understand why a man can have four wives. Why should there be this type of double standard? I am not encouraging men to have four wives or woman to have four husbands but why should there be a double standard of this kind of perception? It is okay for men to have more, but not for women?"

    Lim Guan Eng di DAP Wanita Workshop 2009 "Implement Gender Agenda as a DAP Strategy to the Hearts and Minds of Men and Women"

    Warrior 231