Monday, May 18, 2009

1 Sekolah Untuk Semua

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1 School for All. A group of pro-unity bloggers have started a campaign for Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua.

Satu Sekolah untuk Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.

I am going to make myself part of this group of bloggers, whether they like it or not. Because I like what they are trying to do. Mine's the 494th signature on the petition here.

I'm the product of a 1 Sekolah system. I started schooling in Singapore in 1968, a year before the May 13 racial clashes and three years after the island achieved its Independence. The government of Lee Kuan Yew went about to "integrate' all primary schools. My school on West Coast Road had a flag of blue and yellow, and for many years it was known as Jubilee Malay Primary School. By the time I went to Primary 1B, it was called Jubilee Primary (Integrated) School. They abolished the Sekolah Melayu Jubilee. Other vernacular schools around the island were systematically replaced by "integrated" schools. Singapore went for its 1 School for All and I thought that they were doing quite alright.

In Malaysia, we have let ourselves fall behind in this regards, but that gives us the benefit of hindsight. Today Malaysians regardless of race or religion (including political ideologies) want a Bangsa Malaysia. 1 Bangsa. Civil society has never demanded harder for One Race as it has been doing in the last couple of years. The government tried to lay the foundations for a Bangsa Malaysia under Wawasan 2020 and there were attempts earlier, including the Bangsa Malaya concept dreamed up by Usman Awang and his Asas 50 friends after the War and just before Merdeka.

Time to join all past and present efforts towards that. Time to walk your talk.

Start with the kids. Integrate. Lets' have 1 School.

Read and Sign the petition again h e r e.

Please also paste the logo at the top of your blogroll so that the Education Minister won't miss it! Attached here is the open letter to the Education Minister "to implore the government to seriously look at the current multi-stream educational anomaly with an eye towards forging a singular Sekolah Kebangsaan for all Malaysians".

p.s. Thank you, KijangMas for initiating the campaign. But I believe we'll need to bring this initiative out of cyberspace into the real world, too.

Updates and Must Read:
1. Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua: Is there a reason to say NO?
2. SSUS by I am A Malaysian [in New Zealand], h e r e:
"Do I think that vernacular schools are the main reason why our society is so broken up, and so racially segregated? No, I don’t think so (but) ...."


  1. Sdr Rocky Bru',
    Tak mungkin apa yang berlaku di Singapura akan terjadi di Tanah Air ini.

    Ia seumpama cuba nak mengajar agama lain kepada yang lain bagi Pejuang-pejuang kesasteraan TiongHua. Walaupun ini bukan isu keagamaan, ia seolah-olah isu pengajaran, pemikiran.

    Walaupun ada banyak ibu-bapa Melayu hantar anak-anak nya masuk sekolah Cina pada masa kini. Tetapi, tolong fikirkan kalau Kerajaan ini paksa semua ibu-bapa Melayu hantar semua anak-anak mereka mengaji di sekolah Cina, apa akan terjadi?

    Begitu lah juga pemikiran ibupapa-ibubapa Perjuang Kesasteraan Cina di Tanah Air ini.

    Konsep Satu Bangsa dan Satu Bahasa telah pun cuba di perlaksanakan pada tahun 60'an, tetapi gagal hingga sekarang.

    Adakah sekolah Wawasan yang di tubuhkan pada 10 tahun dahulu tercapai matlamat yang diingini?

    Sesiapa yang ingin hidupkan pemikiran ini adalah amat remaja sekali, seumpama katak di bawah tempurung.

    Ini lah dari sudut pandangan saya.

  2. Are u suggesting , we abolish Malay, Tamil & Chinese schools as was done in your lifetime in singapore ? Is that what you signed for ? I will join you to support if you could clarify first what is going to be the medium of instruction in the " 1 Sekolah untuk semua " ?

  3. SALAM BRO...




  4. salam bro Rocky

    Thank you for your support on the initiative.

    Folks show your support by signing the petition and joining the facebook group

    Thank you again.

  5. LANGKAH PERTAMA UNTUK 1 MALAYSIA!. Mari kita jayakan

  6. Anonymous1:32 am

    So much flip flop on Singapore. Is it because you have realised that Singapore is trying to give coverage to Najib, your master.
    Anyway, we will tell Singaporeans the truth about Najib. Singapore government. They knew all along......Don't play play with all unfinished Bilateral issues.
    Especially Temasek Holding loses 30 Billion. Wanna suck more from countries like Malaysia. Nothing wrong with that. Rocky bru, you jaga your perut. My CPF savings increases when Temasek finally got back all the "lost" money


  7. taiko1:33 am


    LKY knows it from the beginning.

    Only in Malaysia in the whole world we have these education system. and for what reason they want it, only God knows.

    so stop asking for reducing bumi quota if they don't want to accept the basic 1 school system.

    tough we need some adjustment, but the nations should come first.

  8. Perhaps the effort of 1Sekolah could be taken more seriously if it was extended to include tertiary education too.

    As it is, the proposal seems to be incomplete, at best.

    Forcing children to go through a standardized 'one stream' path, only to face discrimination at the end of it, i.e. when they graduate high school and look to Colleges Universities, seems like it would be counterproductive to integration.

    Maybe if everyone started looking at our diversity as a strength instead of a weakness, there'd be less 'half-boiled' initiatives such as this one, and more strident steps forward could be taken.

    It is sad to see that some people just can't grasp the fact that unity isn't only achieved if everyone thinks, talks, and acts exactly the same.


  9. While I believe we should aim for a single school system (yes, that means integrating the MRSMs & SBPs which they conveniently left out) ...

    ...If you wrap garbage in a nice present wrapper, its still garbage. It still smells like garbage, and you'll find garbage below the nice facade...

    That is my take on this so-called Bangsa Malaysia these people are pushing. If you bother to read...

    It really has nothing to do with reducing racial barriers and different treatment in this nation.

    It has everything to do with getting the "Non's" to accept their lot in life, and not question the status quo.

    The irony is this project tries to solve a problem by eliminating one root cause with the goal that the people will not see the nine other bigger root causes.

    Give me the Real McCoy... at Haris Ibrahim's place.

    ~ BrightEyes
    (product of S.K.)

  10. Had a quick look at the petition and noticed that people who signed the petition are overwhelmingly Malay. We can safely make an interpretation out of that…on second thought maybe anon are

  11. Anonymous2:33 am

    I admit it, this sounded like a good idea...but I'm sure many out there, like me would be reluctant to accept this concept. If you had been a student in any primary or secondary school in Malaysia for the past 10 years, you'll understand that the rift between schools of different systems in Malaysia are so great, it's difficult to imagine how would our lackluster ministry of education merge all school under one singular system. I mean, who and base on what would one decide what from which system should be adapted and which to discard, it would be difficult to please all sector of our society.
    I think I speak for most students when I say the education system in Malaysia right now, is a tad unfair to say the least. So why give the boys in charge more means to make it even more so? Nothing good will come out of this as long as education in Malaysia is being 'toyed' by our so-called 'leaders' whom view it as a political tool.
    In my humble opinion, this is a very short-sighted solution to the educational woes of our country. Much research, studies and surveys MUST be done before one should even come up with such an idea. This is no laughing matter, and I am taking this very seriously. Our country, its background and its culture is unique, so why should we compare ourselves to other countries? Instead of petitioning for a change, why don't we ask ourselves, what went wrong to the current educational system? What made our proud country loses its competitiveness in a global scale over the years? Does a 1Sekolah concept automatically means a better Malaysia? You tell me.

    Before you judge, I am a Malay currently studying overseas who has seen the ugly side of our education form the outside. These are just my personal views.


  12. nimalan2:38 am

    Dear Mr. Rocky,

    I am fully in support of one school for all and have signed the petition.

    However, I have SERIOUS problems with the more specific aims and hope that you can bring it up with the organisers. Firstly, why is it that we must abolish vernacular schools only and not other schools like MARA etc. which are as predominantly Malay as vernacular schools are predominantly non-Malay. Both have to go to achieve the aim.

    Secondly, the Chinese and Tamil language and culture have to be preserved in this one school system, and questions are to be raised how this is to be done. PErsonally, I will abolish Moral studies and Islam studies from the main stream curriculum and replace them with the language classes for ALL. Sure, students may take the earlier mentioned classes as outside options similar to POL, but to have them in the main stream, dividing students by race, runs contrary to what you seem to envision.

    The letter to the DPM also seems to be VERY anti-non-Malays, and seems more concerned with actually protecting the Malay power instead of wanting what is best for all. I urge you to tell the petitioners to reconsider this, because by sending a letter like this will garner more opposition than support, even from those who genuinely support the main goal. There are severe racial undertones from the letter in my eyes. For example, I see no reason why they must state that they want the Malay culture preserved instead of the Malaysian culture.

    I hope to hear your feedback on this. Thank you

  13. Anonymous2:53 am


    saya sokong gerakan ini yang sepatutnya mula dari dulu lagi. Yang paling penting dalam sistem pendidikan kita sekarang yang perlu digerakan segera ialah SEKOLAH SATU BAHASA.barulah bole united bro

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  14. Anonymous2:55 am


    I had followed your blog for some time now. Never bothered to leave a comment...after a quick look at the petition you gave me a very good reason to do so and stop visiting this site, period. This post basically signals that you are nothing more but just another Malay Supremacy nuthead. Remember all those journalism crap that you moan about all the time? You should be ashamed of yourself.


  15. Anonymous3:10 am

    In theory it sounds good. But can we look into the details.
    - Medium of instruction is English!In Singapore there are second language/mother tougue that is thought to all students. Also any religion of the choice by the student. If this is as done in Singapore I am all for it!Other points that need to be implemented would be:
    - We do not want little mullah's trying to make all students follow set rules based on their own religion and culture of choice.
    - Scholarships and others should be based on merits.Students get financial aid etc based on need not race.
    - All students go through same system to go to the uni. No STPM and Matriculation system. Just adapt one for all.
    - No racist teachers. Racists slurs should takken seriouly and charges spelled out clearly.
    - Teachers get promotions based on merits and not based on race.
    - No/ abolish MSM etc exclusively meant for certain race.

    If all these are met I am sure all malaysians would go for it except those who would loose out.Now lets examine who will lose out if one system is implemented the way Singapore has done.You think who will NOT support it!

    Rocky please grow up. Put terms and clearly and ensure it is implemented. Don't treat non Malays like some idiots or pendatangs for the rest of our life. All of us pay taxes and we are all humans. Treat us like humans before putting forward ideas. Convice us that we all all treated equal in the eyes of law as Malaysians first!


  16. I'm a product of the Sekolah Kebangsaan and I would love to see this 1 Sekolah Untuk Semua Concept come true. However,I hope you do realise that our present Sekolah Kebangsaan system needs plenty of fine-tunings and revamps. Otherwise, it the 1 Sekolah Untuk Semua concept will only be another dream. I will elaborate later on. Need to catch up on sleep!

    Btw, Syed Akbar Ali posted an enviable 360 degrees view on this issue some time back when Mukhriz brought it up. Do check it out guys.

  17. Anonymous4:43 am

    Thanks to the NEP which was started in 1970 when corporate ownership by ethnic Malays was only 2 percent.

    It now stands at around 19 percent. The Bumis (corporate and individuals) today are going into many business sectors never once thought possible.

    And thanks too to the new technologies made available to us!

    The 37-year-old New Economic Policy gives a host of privileges in motivation, training, jobs, education and business opportunities/exposures to the Bumiputras and

    INSYAALLAH, hopefully will double or triple this percentage within the next 30years.

    Efforts should be made to further enhance these privileges, for the sake of our future generation. NO COMPROMISES.

    Kita membuka cadangan MEMPELAWA mereka supaya tampil bersama membina Masyarakat dan Rakyat yang mudah berkomunikasi dan berinteraksi antara satu sama lain!

    Anggaplah ini sebagai satu pengorbanan dan satu penghormatan dari kaum Bumiputra.

    However if the Non Bumis are trying hard to isolate themselves, so let them be. Don’t blame us in future…

    Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua!


  18. Anonymous5:21 am

    I am for a one-school system but looking at the present system it wont work. The present national schools have been turned into a madrassah of sorts by over-zealous little napoleons. Non-Malays generally do not feel welcome. They feel as if as they are unwanted in a different envoronment. The school system during the sixties was different. It was a world apart from the present system. It will only work if there is a sea change. Is the Barisan prepared to go for it? So please Rocky, cast away your emotions and face raality.

  19. Anonymous5:54 am

    Rocky, Thanks for giving us a great idea. Singapore education had serve them well and now they are the wealthiest country in Asia, Malaysia is still a poor country.

    Yes yes, lets abolish Malay, Tamil & Chinese schools and set up English school like singapore to move the population forward.

    Singapore has an objective of giving the best education to their kids and they choose the language that is most used internationally and most dynamic.

    The most important & widely used language is English and Mandarine being the most increasingly important would be the choice for a country who want to move ahead.

    Drop those language that is 3rd world, they can only serve us in our market or Kopi talk. This would do Malaysia good and I too support 1 School for all.

    Don't forget our most educated Malay got his education from Singapore international school and follow by Oxford, now he is the head of UMNO youth. We want every Malay and every citizen to be as educated as our UMNO youth head, at least they are given the oppotunity. Our education Minister had a great education in his early days too, he was educationed in England. It will be disaster if we design something totally different and push it down the throad of all Malaysian. Malaysian should be given the best education so that they can emulate the success of our eduction minister and our UMNO youth leader.


  20. we need LKY to impose the rule in Malaysia...

  21. Ismail Ahmad6:59 am

    I am fully supportive of the initiative. It is a step in the right direction.

  22. Anonymous8:02 am


    Saya sokong perkara ini 100%.

    Sekarang ini bukannya zaman pengasingan tetapi kesatuan untuk hidup dan berinteraksi di bawah satu negara.

    Kita mulakan dengan sekolah dahulu.

    Perkara ini perlu dilaksanakan dengan kadar segera sebelum terlambat.

  23. tok guru from pahang8:46 am

    Being a Malay I have to bring this up, this are all attempt for the elit Malays to monopolize English to themselve and family. Look at who are the most educated Malays? KJ, Tun M, Najib & cousin, including Rocky etc etc they all speak perfect English and another thing is they never will admit that English has helped them.

    This elit hypocrite will educate their children in best English school, send them to oversea universities but they will hope that others will not be able to do the same.

    So here you go, they want everyone else to stuck in the shit hole which they say is good for the Malays.

  24. Anonymous8:56 am

    current situation today, the chinese keep chinese school, indian keep tamil school, the malay keep the sekolah agama, mara school and hold majority in SPB. looking at the current situation, it is rather hard to achieve 1 school for all.

    however, i agree that we should pursue this idea. all national school should be integrated into one, with all school have their session in the morning. In the afternoon, the chinese go for chinese school, the indian go for tamil school, and the malay go for kelas agama. gov to convert all sekolah berasrama penuh (agama) to sekolah berasrama penuh (sains) and the student population to reflect the malaysian population.

    there will be many private schools coming out to cater for the demand of parent who refuse to send their children to national school, be it chinese school, tamil school or sekolah agama. this should be allowed but to keep it minimum. the same as mara school, which should be treated as private school and the number should also kept to minimum.

    it is still a long way, but we should have the vision and start somewhere.


  25. Anonymous8:58 am

    the CHINESE will not agree....because
    their race is already doing good and why must their join the malay and indian or let the indian and malay join them???

    hopeless says

  26. Rocky,

    As usual, its the same race that is bending down backwards and the same race that has all sorts of excuses in refusing to assimilate.

    So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    Same shit, different day.

    Well, let them stay in their SRJKs and end up being anti-social outcasts at the office pantry when they go to the real working world....

    Its not our loss and I just love it when they always end up playing with their handphone when they can't hold a decent conversation in bi-lingual company gatherings...

    Pasar Road Old Boy.

  27. Sokong whole heartedly!

    But the question that begs asking is, is it the rejection of everything that is done in Bahasa Malaysia that has propelled the increased demand for vernacular schools? Or is it the rejection of the educational pedagogy that our children experience in the National Schools? What about the syllabi? Do you accept that history is like 60% Islamic in its influence and character and the rest Malaysian as defined by UMNO?

    What about the early introduction to racist and religious polarisaton that is introduced through the reckless behaviour of teachers and the Uztazs? I recall, MM saying she had to rescue her child from such an environment for the very same reasons. But she had a choice..not many of us do.

    1 Sekolah Untuk Semua is all nice and wonderful. But it carries with it the same dangers that the present National Schools present to our children. What I would suggest is greater independence of schools where communities take charge of their own schools and communities determine the kind of pedagogy that shall prevail in those schools. Also let communities accept or reject the kind of syllabi that is thrust upon them by the politically motivated Ministry of Education. Then we talk.

    I would like to see the vernacular schools abolished. The excuses given for their presence and need is rather pathetic. But when I see parents from English speaking homes where Tamil or Chinese is not even spoken choosing to send their kids to these vernacular schools, it is not because they want their kids to learn "mother tongue". It is basically a rejection of the National Schools for everything that they have turned out to be. 1 Sekolah Untuk Semua is all nice and wonderful. But if it is only going to mean the perpetuation of the National Schools as we see them now, you can very well bet it will be rejected. What I'd say, is, let the National Schools compete with the vernacular schools. Compete by doing it better. Compete with offering something that is better. Compete with something that the people will want. Trying to force it upon the people will only be rejected yet once again.

    I admire and appreciate this move. But let us first look at what has gone wrong. Then let us do it on a fair play basis. I know it can be done. For that to happen there has to be greater autonomy in school administration. Will the UMNO led government be prepared for this? I doubt it.

  28. justmy2SEN9:27 am

    SATU SEKOLAH UTK SEMUA!!!put ur words into action

    Tidak ada mana mana negara di dunia yg terlalu bagi muka kepada kaum pendatang seperti Malaysia yg ada Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan, berita pun dalam bahasa ibunda, ada cuti utk perayaan etc etc...Malaysia je yg terlalu baik hati...kat England yg konon champion hak asasi manusia pun imigran indian pun takde sekolah tamil...

    Macam mana rakyat Malaysia nak bersatu kalau sedari kecil mereka cuma bercampur dgn 'their own kind'...bagaimana mereka boleh panggil diri sebagai anak Malaysia sedangkan nak bertutur satu ayat dalam bahasa Malaysia dgn betul pun tak boleh...mcm mana nak buang sifat prejudis antara kaum bila ada kaum yg besar kepala nak impose minority culture kepada majority?..

    Buktikan keikhlasan anda utk menjadikan Malaysia negara yg betul betul harmoni dan berbilang kaum dan bukan sekadar 'superficially multiracial'

    Bahasa Malaysia mesti jadi bahasa perantara..Matapelajaran Sejarah mesti diperkemaskan dan diberi perhatian so semua kaum tahu asas pembentukan negara berdasarkan tolak ansur kaum pribumi...dan sy sokong bahasa optional Mandarin dan Tamil so semua kaum Melayu pun dpt belajar extra languages

  29. Anonymous9:28 am

    Dear Rock,

    May our Supremo has the heart of Stalin OR LKY OR Mao Zedong OR Kamal Artatuk. Do it! Sir...

    Prof Awe Kecik

  30. Anonymous9:28 am

    Sdr Rocky,
    Setelah sekian lama mengikuti dan membaca blog saudara dan inilah kali pertama saya meninggalkan komen.
    Saya sebagai seorang RAKYAT MALAYSIA amat amat menyokong "1MALAYSIA" dan juga amat menyokong "1 SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA".
    Bagi mencapai dan merealisasikan hasrat PM, bagi saya memang perlu kita adakan "1 Sekolah Untuk Semua".
    Saya terpanggil untuk membuat komen ini apabila terdengar berita di TV3 malam tadi yang mana Menteri Pengangkutan telah melancarkan KURSUS & UJIAN PSV/GDL dalam Bahasa Inggeris dengan ALASAN ramai pemandu teksi berBANGSA CINA TIDAK TAHU/FASIH BERBAHASA MALAYSIA. Selain itu para pemimpin diperingkat kerajaan juga WAJIB mengetahui Bahasa Malaysia dengan baik.
    Bagi saya keadaan atau senario seperti ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku, kerana anda sebagai RAKYAT MALAYSIA WAJIB mengetahui Bahasa Kebangsaan Negara Malaysia Tercinta.
    Saya di sini bukan seorang yang racist, tetapi lebih cintakan tanah air dan negara saya.
    Dimanakah letaknya Identiti MAlaysia jika bukan pada BAHASA dan BANGSANYA. Jika kita lihat sejak akhir-akhir ini ramai dikalangan kaum Cina dan India tidak tahu berbahasa Malaysia. Kenapa? dan Mengapa? Jawapannya kita perlu berbalik kepada sistem pendidikan negara kita. Jika kita semua tidak mahu suatu hari nanti Bahasa malaysia dilupakan dan dipinggirkan di negaranya sendiri maka, ubahlah.. MAJUNYA SESEBUAH NEGARA ITU KERANA BAHASANYA.
    Danny ~Pencinta Bahasa

  31. teo siew chin9:32 am

    I think a critical word is left out of the promo - should it not be one EXCELLENT school for all?

    And to master language(s) is the only way to go. Otherwise how to enjoy the flowery comments of the likes of Warrior 231 or Anti-watever, the 2 pees in a pod.

  32. Umar Rentaka9:34 am

    Dear Bru,
    I'll agree to your proposal only and only if you agree to drop the Ketuanan Melayu. You cannot have a slogan of Satu Sekolah, Satu bangsa and what nots yet claim only one race owns Malaysia.

    get real Bru!!

  33. Rocky, judging by the comments that I have read here and elsewhere, I think masih ramai bukan Melayu yang masih dalam denial about this campaign. Of course Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua means JUST THAT.. no vernacular schools, but I would believe Mandarin and Tamil would be electives while BM and English would be among the core subjects. Susah sangat ke nak paham atau simply not patriotic enough to sokong such move towards total integration? if the latter is true, sahlah "cakap tak serupa bikin" re Bangsa Malaysia.

  34. anti-rpk9:42 am

    Dear racist animals,

    it says a lot when about your sense of nationalism when you rejected this 1Sekolah concept.

    Our children has suffered so much because they don't mix with other races, therefore ending up being ignorant people like you.

    The most important pillar in a country is the education system. In order to move forward and become a developed country we need a very strong and fair education system. An education system for all Malaysian.

    Once they learn to mix with other races, then only they will know how to appreciate each other cultures. Who says anything about destroying other races languages because im sure they'll still have other language classes at the same time, but that is by choice.

    This will be one step closer to a better malaysia because it will reduce the number of social problems in our society i.e mat rempits and etc.

    and perhaps, the govt should consider more options for those students who don't do well in their exams so they can do something good with their talent. For instance, introduction to music school, arts and drama colleges and etc. or sports school.

    By then, I'm sure only there will be a need for our disfunctional sports ministry. =p students needs more options.

  35. Anonymous9:51 am

    Before we talk of the 1 sekolah untuk semua, we need to figure out is this an objective or is this a task. If this is a task - then it would mean we have to change all chinese and tamil schools (SRJKC and SRJKT) into SK (sekolah kebangsaan).

    The problem with this is SK is not held in high esteem among the chinese. The chinese parents think it is of a lower standard to the SRJKC. In many respect they are not too far from the truth.

    If this is an objective -- then we need to make the SK better and perceived as better than the SRJKC.

    Then the chinese parents would be sending their children to SK. Then the objective is met.

    Even then, se still cannot change SRKJC into SKs. The MCA would not allow that.

    That would not be a big issue. The chinese parents would gladly ignore the SRJKC if they know the SK are better for their children's education. This was what heppened when the SKs were usaing English as the medium of instruction.

    The big issue is when is the SK going to be better than the SRJKC schools. Do we know how?

    Economist Kampong

  36. Anonymous10:03 am

    Belum apa apa lagi dah mintak MARA and SBP di "abolish"... what a mentality. Mara and SBP has nothing to do with "1 sekolah". Everybody knows the this but some will always find away to make sure they twisted the fact, make malay feel bad, and maximise their gain.. and malay, as usual, will follow meekly. Sigh..

  37. Anonymous10:06 am

    Sdr Rocky,
    Since independance, attempts at the assimilation and integration of the different races to form a "Malayan Society" often collude.

    Each race form its own Great Wall to preserve their own identity, culture (and religion). It,s human nature or "fitrah", that "charity begins at home"- meaning taking care of your own kin,relative next, creed, and so forth.

    Hatred, prejudice and mistrust form
    the core negative values in every human being. The first one can easily be dismissed, cos either you hate them or love them.

    Its the prejudice and mistrust that always form the stumbling block at any attempt to integrate a society that have different values.

    The first question everyone would ask about this Satu Sekolah Satu Bahasa is..what will be the Bahasa?

    Yes, Singapore has successfully implement this system, but tell me really, if the population of the Malays in Singapore is 40%, just as much as the percentage of non Malays(Bumis) of Malaysia, would Singapore be as what she is now?

    The small Chinese population in Thailand has totally immersed in the Thai culture because of their common Bhuddist religion.

    I am a Malay and I have lived under one roof with a Chinese family since birth.

    I am all for Satu Bangsa satu Bahasa but I still feel that it is still an early day.

    SB Jamaran

  38. Anonymous10:34 am

    Sdr Rocky

    Syabas,an excellent campaign!

    I know you may not be popular for this but like you I do believe that one school will solve our unity problem.

    If the Malays really wants unity,they should stop the sekolah Agama and if the Chinese and Indians wants unity they must close down their Chinese and Indian Schools.

    Here's a suggestion.In the mornings they all go to ONE SCHOOL.But in the afternoons they shall continue with their Mandarin,Tamil and Islamic classes in the same location.A whole day affair.

    It is being done at the Private Intergrated Islamic Schools and their success rate are very good.They excel in the SPM and O'levels plus the Islamic studies.

    Tak percaya,go and visit the Sekolah islam Adni di Taman Sri Ukay.

    The same can be done for Mandarin and Tamils studies.

    Otherwise,UNITY talks are for politics only can can never be achieved.

  39. Anonymous10:56 am




    AND THE PM POST ? HOW MUCH ? 1B? 2 ? OR 5B ?


  40. Anonymous11:02 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Thanks for highlighting the petition, but I am not sure I can agree with the petition content.

    I bet if international schools in Msia charge a low fee, all parents would enroll their kids in these places.


    Firstly, we know these places are run by teachers of all races and their only interest is meritocracy.

    Secondly, it is a neutral learning ground untainted by racial and religious intonation.

    The problem in SK schools is, there's just too much racial and religious hooplas implemented by little Napoleons and headmasters. Just as Malays fear to enroll their kids in SJK bcoz they think non-halal food may be served in the canteens, non-Malays fear their kids will be indoctrinated by Malay culture.

    It's easy for Malays to say "all Msians must support and go to 1Msia schools" bcoz they know Malay culture will be dominant in the schools. The anti-non-Malay petition letter and signatories are proof.

    But don't get me wrong. I do believe if implemented without racial and religious intonation, the 1Sekolah concept is the best way to groom kids. Forget NS. A few months of get-together won't do much.

    If one analyze the annual exam results, SJK students usually out-do SK students by a huge margin. This has to do with how the schools are run. Now, if SK schools can buck up and be on par with SJK or better, without doubt non-Malays will send their kids to SK schools. Racial argument is one thing but who wants their kids to fall behind? Every parents want the best for their kids.

    My job involves rural areas. I can also see Malays point of view. There are poor Malay parents who cannot afford tuitions, kelas mengaji, fardu ain and kifayah. Hence, when SK provides these classes, the government is actually lessening their financial burden. Countryside Malays see religious studies, ilmu dunia dan akhirat, as priority. A school is only wholesome if it provides such classes. Generally, I'd rather see kids going to formal religious classes than going to pondoks run by rogue ustazs.

    The non-Malays pulak see culture and religion as a personal thing and rather not mix it into formal education. Education is purely for career making.

    My solution is: Run all schools like international schools, without race bias, but continue to give extra religious classes in the afternoons.

    And someone please find out why SK schools are falling behind? The answers could be pivotal.

    Ikan kekek

  41. Anonymous11:03 am

    If we can remove all religious leanings/aspects in all national schools withour rligious classes and daily doas, like back in the 60s or early 70s (before DSAI became the education minister) its worth taking a second look.

    - Malaysian

  42. Bring up the standards of the national school to a much higher lever and all parents will be fighting among themselves to enrol their children into the national school.

    If the quality and the standard of the national school is low, the teachers are unmotivated, too religiously inclined, ini tak boleh, itu tak boleh, then tak payah lah.

    If the national school cannot be competitive, then no need to insist others to lower their standard. This is not the 'instant mee solution'. You want unity, screw the political party based on race. If the adults themselves cannot unite, you think the childrens will go against the adult?

    Different shit, same smell.

  43. Reader11:20 am

    A worthwhile campaign and a worthwhile goal. Provided it is impleented fairly and properly. The Singapore model is eminently suitable to our situation here in Malaysia. If we want to be a modern first world, the goal posts is already there in Singapore. the "kampungs" must come up to the 21st cenury, not the 21st century receding to a "kampung" level. Change we must.

    Ahiruddin, if you all do succeed in this campaign, do follow up to ensure fairness in implementation. (Mr Muhyiddin, please ake note)

    Ensure, without fail, politics is TAKEN OUT out of our education system. No ifs, no buts. let the professional educationists do their job.

  44. Anonymous11:24 am


    This is going to further aplit the country and decimate it. It is going against the constitutional guarantee of freedom of mother tongue education enshrined in it.

    You have just violated the Sedition Act.

    I agree for a 1 Malaysia in all spjeres of life, not only one that suits one ethnic group. However, I as a non-malay would agree to it IF:

    1. All scholarships are strictly based on meritocracy i.e. the top scoerers will be given them. If 900 out of a thousand scholarships go to non-Malays, it must be accepted.
    And abolish the matriculation schools which has 99% bumis. And open ITM to all on merits.

    2. All promotions in civil service, universities, armed forces, etc be made striuctly on merits, NOT race. Now, don't come around telling me it already is because YOU should know it is not.

    3. STOP giving discounts to bumis buying houses. Give to only poor Malaysians

    4. And remove the special privileges clause in the constitution.

    5. Allow non-Malays to be MBs and PMs.

    Over to you, Rocky.


  45. Personally, I think Najib should keep all the quotas. To cut across the existing racial divide, "open tenders for all" would have made more sense. It would probably save the government lost of money in these trying times. Generally, even Rukunegara has been compromised (what is lef tnow is to blame someone else). Remember the words we spoke in unison with our right hands held up every time the assembly was called? Ah, they are just memories now.

    Why don't they let the systems exist as they are? It's not as if the world is collapsing in on our school system. Our students do just fine; every year we see good results and Malaysian students gaining places in world renowned institutions - some even opt to stay close to home despite getting good results. (This is the part where placement, scholarships etc. come into play - and the difference in treatment is there for all to see). Some are even achieving these results in world acclaimed exams such as ACCA, ICSA, and CIMA. So I say let it be.

    1Sekolah Untuk Semua sounds like another UMNO project to me. Fact is, starting with the schools is getting it the other way around. Their system of using teachers and the PSD is already ingrained within. I don't see this as a way forward for Malaysia, just a way forward for UMNO. They have already sold out the Sekolah Agama Rakyat just to spite PAS. Why should vernacular schools follow suit?

    Maybe they should start with the political parties instead. If this "vision" is coming from the top echelon of BN leaders and agreed upon by them, then abolish the race-based parties and form 1Party to see their sincerity to this "noble" end. Others will be quick follow. But, nah....

    UMNO dominated schools have not been a catalyst for excellence and unity as now, why penalise other education streams for not subscribing to this mediocrity? In fact, results wise, have they not shown any marked superiority to vernacular schools at all. So to me, this looks like another UMNO move to bring the whole system under their control, god forbid.

  46. Anonymous11:38 am

    Salam.. nak minta pendapat tuan tenteng keratan akhbar dibawah,adakah TH dah tersasar daripada landasan nya kerana mengejar keuntungan??

    Desak TH turunkan tambang haji
    KUALA LUMPUR 17 Mei – Tabung Haji (TH) digesa menimbangkan semula keputusan menaikkan kadar tambang 11 peratus untuk musim haji tahun ini.

    Kebanyakan pihak termasuk orang ramai menyifatkan kenaikan itu agak membebankan dalam suasana ekonomi yang tidak menentu ketika ini.

    Timbalan Yang Dipertua Persatuan Ulama Malaysia, Datuk Md. Saleh Md. Ahmad berkata, berikutan suasana ekonomi sekarang agak membebankan rakyat, TH perlu mempertimbangkan kenaikan tersebut.

    ‘‘Kenaikan ini agak membebankan bagi mereka yang berpendapatan rendah, sekarang ini semua kos telah meningkat,’’ katanya ketika dihubungi di sini.

    TH dalam kenyataannya kelmarin mengumumkan, kadar bayaran tambang tahun ini akan dinaikkan sebanyak 11 peratus berikutan peningkatan kos yang tidak dapat dielakkan.

    Ini bermakna bakal jemaah akan dikenakan bayaran sebanyak RM9,980 seorang berbanding RM8,973 ketika ini.

    Sementara itu, Setiausaha Agung Persatuan Pengguna (FOMCA), Muhammad Sha’ani Abdullah berkata, kenaikan perlu berpatutan sekiranya ia tidak dapat dielakkan.

    ‘‘TH perlu menimbang semula kadar ini dan kalau boleh beri subsidi kepada mereka yang berpendapatan rendah,’’ katanya.

    Sementara itu, tinjauan Utusan Malaysia di sekitar Lembah Klang mendapati kenaikan itu mendapat reaksi negatif daripada orang ramai.

    Seorang pembantu tadbir Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), Norani Salleh, 52, menyifatkan kenaikan tersebut terlalu tinggi.

    ‘‘Sepatutnya jika jika tidak boleh dielakkan, naikkan sedikit demi sedikit,’’ katanya.

    Seorang kakitangan awam, Mek Rogayah Hamzah, 53, juga tidak bersetuju bayaran tambang itu dinaikkan berikutan kegawatan ekonomi sekarang.

    ‘‘Tabung Haji sepatutnya memahami kesusahan rakyat yang terpaksa menanggung beban kos sara hidup yang semakin tinggi,’’ katanya.

    Pemilik kedai pakaian, Kamal Bahari Abd. Rashid, 41, pula berkata, kadar tambang tersebut tidak sepatutnya dinaikkan berikutan keadaan ekonomi yang masih tidak stabil.

    ‘‘Perkhidmatan menunaikan haji sepatutnya tidak dijadikan sebagai perniagaan. TH sepatutnya membantu mereka yang ingin menunaikan haji,’’ katanya.

    Pemilik sebuah restoran, Zarina Abdul Hamid, 37, juga berpendapat, kadar baru itu tidak munasabah.

  47. Anonymous11:40 am


  48. Dear Rocky,

    You don't have to kill the SJKs. All you have to do is make the SK's better than the SJKs. The parents WILL send their kids to the better school, language or no language.

    It's simple. Can the government run the SKs better? If they can, parents will automatically send them there anyway (win!). If they can't, what makes you think they can accomplish a MUCH HARDER task (ie. convince the Chinese and Indians to abolish SJKs)?

    Unfortunately, it looks to me that the writer's of this petition have it backwards. They think that the Chinese send their kids to SJKs because we want to preserve our "culture". This is bollocks. A bazillion Malaysian Chinese emigrate to Australia, NZ, US, UK every year, without giving a thought to whether these countries have a SJK (they don't!). The reason why Malaysian Chinese fight for the SJK is because of the perception that the SJK provides a higher quality of education vs. the SK. Change this perception, and everyone will enroll their kids at the SKs. No coercion, petitions, long impassioned blogs necessary; just lots of work and well executed policies.

    Ministry of Education, the ball is in your court.

  49. Anonymous12:06 pm


    It is all about the quality of education !! Look at our present school systems and policies,nothing to be proud of !!

    you can have all the slogan school like "wawasan school' and now "1 sekolah untuk semua", all these are bullshit !!

    It must be another project of dumbo Muhkriz Mahathir.... true or not, Rocky ??

  50. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Yes I agree with the satu .. satu .. satu .. satu ...

    WHAT ABOUT SATU HAK ?? EQUEALITY IN EVERYTHING .. Can we have that in Malaysia ??

    Why does we still have Bumi and Non-Bumi , why are we still having the 5% off for buying property ...?

    So where is the SATU ?

    A minority Malaysian, with just the rights to VOTE but without the rights to appoint our PM

  51. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Typical of the spin-master Rocky.
    1 sekolah, but never define what that should be. Should be in English ? Should it be in Malay like what the Emperor Mamakthir said when he was PM ?

    You can talk all you like of 1sekolah, but until we have 1Mind, then all these talk is empty and waste of bandwidth.


  52. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Retrain the malay teachers first so they stop insulting the pendatang before 1school rubbish.
    It`s just like how the useless Proton was promoted.


  53. nstman12:38 pm

    Just go to any national school, and you will be convinced nothing has changed. the poor standards, little napoleons imposing their will and of course, teachers comprised mainly of one race. Can we blame non-Malays for their supposedly one-dimensional view of these schools?

  54. Let a hundred flowers bloom. The thinking behind the Razak Education Report was that the medium of instruction maybe different. What is important is the content of the curriculum.
    Since then the government had gone on to change the curriculum and caused all the nons moving out! All this revolves around religion. The religious teachers as a whole are extremist lot. Once they got the upper hand, the schools have all become over religious.
    It is clear that if schools focus and concentrate on education, like they do in the Jenis Kebangsaan schools more and more children regardless of race or religious background will come in. Now schools start with Islamic prayers, lessons start with Islamic prayers, examination start with Prayers, food must be halal but only Islamic halal, dress must be Islamic guided. The talk always is - oh this is Malay dont like you can leave! Will the Malays send their children to a place that is all Hinduism, Christianity etc? Since Spore is mentioned, take a look. Are they "Confucianising" the schools? If you look at the demands of the Muslim students' demands for Islamic facilities in the will say ..wah this minority group is too much..separate prayer area, special places to wash, special place to worship, special kitchen....
    The majority Malays here are already saying that nons are demanding "too much"..we are giving them a lot of face.....I suggest all Malays put your hands on your heart, open your eyes...
    Truly, honestly you guys signing the petition dont want to be Malaysians first..but you want Malays first!
    One school is good. But Science Schools for Malays must be maintained. One school is good, but MARA colleges must be maintained. One school is good, but all must be like Islamic schools and Islamic values. Islamic food etc etc...One school but rich Malay kids get scholarship. Poor non-Malay kids are "rich" so not eligible so scholarship. Book loan 100% for all Malay kids - all the guys coming in chaffeur-driven mercedes also get..whah nons...father earn above RM2000 cannot can convert me but I cant tell you about my religion. Children are learning about injustice, they understand discrimination..when they complained of marginalization..the Minister threatened them for talking nonsense. They have no voice.....

    What is the purpose of 1 school?
    Let a hundred flowers bloom. Just make sure we teach universal values, equality for all mankind, love and respect for differences, work hard to create wealth, no corruption....

  55. Anonymous12:56 pm

    CHEERs 11.24am, you made lots of demands. But would you too demand the chinese:

    1. stop discriminating against non-chinese when employing, and provide equal promotion opportunity promotion for all.

    2. stop using chinese/dialects in their business organizations so that others can fit in.

    3. stop the practice of 2 tier pricing; i.e. standard price for all, discounted price for "kaki-lang" chinese. This happens at car workshop to contruction materials to wholesale of vegetables to distribution of...everything. You think we don't know aa?

    4. stop the practice of "buying products and services from another chinese only". The chinese only eat a malay restaurant or shop at malay grocery or buy car from indian salesman when he has no choice. This one also you think we don't know aa?

    5. All chinese businesses should open doors to others to do business with them, not just doing business another chinese.

    6. All members of chinese chambers of commerce, business associations and guilds should be transparent in their employment and business to business practices; to ensure equal opportunity for all Malaysians.

    Difficut isn't it? Admit it laa friend, the great wall has been in place since yap ah loy's days, nothing is going to change. You wanna take, you must also give.....

    Can See Clearly

  56. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Fair is fair. No more racial base political parties. No more Ketuanan Melayu and no special previlages. That is the way for 1 Malaysia.1 school.


  57. Anonymous1:11 pm

    This letter should be sent to ong tee keat, uthayakunar, lim kit siang, dong jiao zong and nik aziz as well.

    These were the people pushing for bangsa malaysia concept too.

    Let's see what are their opinion. And if they are against it (to unify our kids), what are their alternative instead.

    If not, they are just bunch of hypocrites!

    Even all the dissenters here have no solution. Talk cock only.

    Shagster 89

  58. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Geez, I always thot ppl who had fought for bangsa malaysia would have supported this effort.
    But no theystill won't! I think those sick racists just wanna spread hatred.
    What is so wrong with having 1 education system?

    Pink panther wuz ere.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. tebing tinggi1:28 pm

    very very good, infect it should be implemented since we get independent it could lessen the etenic problem that we had.

  61. Hopeless Anon says:

    the CHINESE will not agree....because
    their race is already doing good and why must their join the malay and indian or let the indian and malay join them???

    hopeless says

    8:58 AM

    Dear Hopeless and others who fear that only one race is interested in one school, may I suggest you read:

    Michelle Yoon I am a MalaysianThank you.

  62. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Agree, all school such as SJK,SJKC,SJKT should be intergrated and teaching should be conducted in morning session.

    Agree, B.Melayu should be a mandatory language and same goes to teaching the maths and science in English.

    Agree, In the afternoon session Agama Islam, Chinese and Tamil language should be made as an option.

    Agree, there should be no restriction if private initiative wish to set up an Islamic, Chinese and tamil school in the afternoon session.

    Agree , open up MARA and Uitm with a ratio of 70:30

    But to the Chinese and Indian commuity we the bumiputra only wish is;
    Can you be truly honest with yourself in our society?

    Can you stop, avoid or at least minimise your racist, cheating, bribing and other criminal activity?

    We know lah you people don’t have the halal haram thing or religious OSA (official secret act).

    Not fair lah when a bumi doing an honest business while you discriminate, then you cheat, cheat and cheat the bumiputra to the core.

    How to compete like this mahhhhh.....

  63. Anonymous2:12 pm

    1malaysia = 1 school system.


    I support.

    KW Chen
    Product of national school '91.
    Victoria institution.

  64. magelan2:20 pm

    I tak sokong sebab saya nak hantar anak saya sekolah cina dimana guru2 disana lebih bermutu...dan dapat menguasai bahasa mandarin.

  65. Satu dah lah...2:22 pm

    I don't see any problem with having one school. Please don't make it an issue with what medium to use etc. This is Malaysia of course we will be using Bahasa Malaysia (constitution people), the rest will be electives. '1 Sekolah' is working fine elsewhere and other languages are electives. So what is the issue actually?
    And for those Parents whom thinks this is a 'religious fight/issue', please... you know better, we have a lot of Madrasah as alternatives to these schools.
    For MRSMs and other SBPs, no it was not conveniently left out. These are not schools to be exact, these are 'institutions' where entrants are 'chosen ones'. Please everybody understands the difficulty and the effort needed to enter these institutions and the different upbringing in these schools... and.. they do take in Chinese, Indian, and .. conveniently left out 'Others'. So... WHAT IS THE ISSUE HERE?

  66. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Dear Can See Clearly 12:56 PM,

    I spoke only about the government expenditure which is all taxpayers' money including mine. According to Mahathir, 80% of the taxes are from non-Malays. I can demand what I think is my right from the government under the circumstances.

    But what I eat and where I eat with my own money is my basic choice and mu business.

    Where I buy my goods from is my choice, i go to where there is efficient delivery and cost efficiient whether it's owned by malays, indian or chinese.

    When a private enterprise is mine and run with my hard-earned money or my father's money, I have every right and the absolute say on who I want to employ as my manager, driver or cleaner. Because that is my money.

    But the government operates my money, remember that.

    Think more deeply lah....Not just scratch the surface.


  67. Saudara Rocky,

    Saya menyokong kempen ini. Tak perlu ada banyak aliran. Satu aliran sahaja sudah cukup untuk rakyat Malaysia yang hanya berjumlah 27 juta.

    Bagi menjawab pertanyaan umar (1:08 AM), bahasa pengantar mestilah Bahasa Kebangsaan, manakala bahasa lain bolehlah dijadikan sebagai matapelajaran elektif untuk semua sebagai pilihan.

    Untuk pengetahuan dan peringatan kepada semua, Bahasa Kebangsaan sebagaimana yang termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Negara ialah Bahasa Melayu.

  68. Anonymous2:27 pm

    One school system should be adopted but the chinese language and tamil language must also be taught in these schools.

    I would also like to see, semi-private schools. I'm sure for those who can afford wont mind paying for quality.


  69. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Its NOT about the TYPE of school that are a concern for most parents. Its the QUALITY and STANDARD of education that is the major concern. The QUALITY and STANDARD is most SRK n SMK are so low that parents look for better quality n standard. The venacular schools offer better quality and standard. Thus its natural that parents are attracted to it. Thus, I would think its better to have a campaign to improve the Quality n Standard of SRK n SMKs. With this, you will automatically achive the 1School objective. Else, it will never happen. The authorities should stop confusing our patriotism and love for our country with elements of improvements that we seek for our children.
    Habib RAK

  70. teo siew chin2:33 pm

    I am of the opinion that vernacular schools flourish BECAUSE parents lost faith in the quality of the mainstream schools.

    It's about QUALITY - first ensure this exists in mainstream education then parents will flock back and the vernacular schools will die a natural death, no?

    Excuse me but have not the current mainstream schools been "1 Sekolah Untuk Semua" all this while? So why is it failing to attract ALL children?

  71. Anonymous2:40 pm

    1SCHOOL CONCEPT is an UMNO project planted by PR into UMNO


    What better way for BN to lose all (from the 10% remaining)the Chinese and Indian votes!

  72. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Some stupid people here just never get it. The wise man once said opportunity is to be created and not be given. So for those who think the world owes them all the priviledges and special rights, I hope you can teach your children that the world will not give them the opportunity on a plate and they have to learn to have the expedience to create the opportunities. If you don't then I really pity your children. God helps this country to be able to perpetually giving out opportunities in a sliver plate to them in the future. I for one will make sure my children learn to survive in the real world and not the ketuanan world. When the taxes dwindles in the future, what's the point of priviledge? Who support this priviledge? Thin air? As for the schooling system, I've sent two of my children to SK from primary to secondary and guest what.. they complained that the quality and standard were hopeless and most of the teachers were lazy and not motivated while the teaching were incompetent to say the least. So I have to send my another child to vernicular just to have a change. And talk about unity, my child that went to the vernicular school for his primary but continue at SK for his secondary, set up a lion dance club with a few malay and indian classmates, eventhough the teachers were against the idea at first. So who is not bringing unity to the young minds? If we adult stop being prejudice about everything and bring the young minds together, they still can be together. The unfortunate thing is acoording to my son, the atmosphere in SK are just too racist because of the school administrator. Instead of trying to put in effort to integrate the students of various background, it is the same divide and rule policies like those BTN programme of the racist. UMNO

  73. Anonymous2:58 pm

    dear all.
    saya sokong sistem satu sekolah ni, tapi for sure ada drawbacks. firstly, there surely will be a demand from chinese chauvinist to abolish MARA too. if this is happening, what Malays can do? can Malays accept this?

    secondly, there also will be a demand to abolish NEP on total.

    I think the best is to stick to the current system, but do improve on our SK.

    eventually, when they realised that the products of SK much more better than SJK, SJK will dissapear itself.

    yg benar

  74. Rcoky

    I agree with you the schools system (and teachers) up to 1975 was much better and to abolishing the vernacular schools provided:-

    1. Teaching of any religion is EXCLUDED from Govt and Govt assisted/aided schools. Why should taxpayers foot the bill? If you want religion then let the private sector set up its own schools.

    2. Pupils' Own Language and Culture classes are made mandatory. At least 2 lessons per week must be included provided we have a minimum of 5 students ( I think Australia practices this minimum system).

    3. All subjects can be in Bahasa Malaysia provided English and English Literature are taught from Std 1 as a subject from foundation level with grammar, sentence construction, essay writing etc.

    As for Science & Maths, unless we have the relevant terms and reference books, we should change to English at secondary level.

    We can argue the finer points later, but let's find a school system that brings the races together from Standard 1 and not at Uni when the damage has already been done and cannot be rectified easily if at all!

  75. Anonymous3:08 pm

    nak tambah sikit dari tadi..

    Actually if chinese and indians insist on having their SJK, malay will benefit more.

    to pass the interview on JPA scholarship needs the candidate to speak proper Bahasa. Surely they cannot. SO, who gain more now and then?? kitala.. ha ha ha..

    lantak mereka la.

    yg benar

  76. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera Saudara Ahirudin Attan dan sekalian warga,

    Saya terpanggil sekali lagi untuk memberi sepatah dua kata berbentuk positif dalam blog Ahirudin Attan di sini. Setelah kali terakhir saya memasuki dan melayari laman internet dengan hanya bertujuan menulis komen dalam blog Dato' A. Kadir Jasin, sekali lagi saya memasuki dan melayari laman internet dengan satu-satunya tujuan untuk menulis komentar dalam blog ini sahaja.

    Saya sokong konsep wawasan 2020!

    I may be (everytime I use the term 'may', it means that I don't know) a confused person due to all the contents on various websites and blogs. I am a pro-peace, non-violence optimist and pro-unity.

    I also support freedom of speech and all other rights as espoused in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and various other conventions.

    I support the concept of sustanainable development of the ummah's and nation's existence. To me the whole Islam Hadhari concept is confusing. Why doesn't the Malaysian government just concentrate on the konsep kemajuan hadharah ummah and its penekanan?

    I am for the social contract enshrined in Malaysian Constitution.

    To all and sundry, if I may have said or written displeasing things, kindly forgive me.

    Tulus ikhlas,
    Hakimi bin Abdul Jabar
    Batu Pahat, Malaysia

  77. Anonymous3:31 pm

    I would like to add a bit more.

    I don't think nons are rejecting SK schools because of Bahasa Malaysia issue. Urbanite non-Malay would gladly go to any schools if kids can do well in exams.

    But non-Malays in the countryside, that's another story. Many are smallholders and they still use Chinese to converse and transact invoices, delivery orders and other business documents. It's understandable they have sentiments for the language. Cari makan mah.

    Hey, how many of them get work orders from the government anyway?

    As Darwinism in play, an Indian lorry driver will surely want to learn to speak Malay if he deals with mostly Malay. Chinese living in Kuantan or Kuala Terengganu speak superb Malay, because customers are mostly Malays. It's logic. Without doubt, if government gives more jobs and contracts to nons, there will be droves of nons pushing their kids to Malay medium schools.

    It's also not true that nons will only buy from nons. Who wants to argue with money if a Malay can get the job done at cheaper rate. Everyone buys roti canai from mamak eateries bcoz they are the best and cheapest. Period. The Chinese will never survive a day in the roti canai business.

    Like wise, race based companies. Businesses are born with only one purpose: To make profit with the best resources. They will hire anyone Indian, Malay, Chinese, etc as long as they got what it takes. If a Malay staff can speak Chinese, he is worth a lot more than a Chinese who speaks Chinese. So, puh-leeasse, let's not argue that the Malays only hire Malays and Chinese only hire Chinese. In KL, there are Malay companies hiring Chinese sales staffs just to break into Chinese market. No hard feelings. It's all business sense.

    My guess is in future people who keep to their mother tongue solely with suffer most in career or business advancement.

    All Malaysians must go to ONE school and master Bahasa Malaysia (SK schools must buck up). For the far sighted, also master English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish ... etc.

    - Ikan kekek

  78. One school to rule them all.

    One school to find them.

    One school to bring them all

    And in the darkness, bind them.

  79. In my opinion, start with what we can. Primary level, secondary level. Then integrate everything else, INCLUDING tertiary education.

    AND the recruitment of educators.

    One system for all should be the ultimate goal.

    That's my vote.

  80. To bro rock,

    I think other races dont have to bother chinese. Let them do whatever they want. As i said, they are always feel superior and whatever sharing concept is utter rubbish only if it can produce MONEY. That is their mentality of what they learnt since Azali. For Malay or Bumi let we start with Indian first becoz majority of them are more loyal. It will take another World War to create Bangsa Malaysia as long as this country still in the map. I wish.

  81. Anonymous4:36 pm

    I went against the tide and sent my son to a national "kebangsaaan" primary school. My wife & I have always taught my son to look beyond skin colour. At the end of the 6 years in such a school, my son asked me this question, "Why am I constantly denied opportunities in school because I am not of a certain skin colour?"

    So, which type of schools are producing racists?

    Sending my son to a kebangsaan school remains one of my bigger regrets in life...

    Skeptical Malaysian

  82. Anonymous4:41 pm

    aiseh.. whats 1School got to do with NEP?
    like a malay proverb " Nak seribu daya, X mahu seribu Dalih"..

    Politician laa..Nep laa..
    look.. Fuck them.... we r the one that should make the changes..Make them follow us..not the other way around.

    let the elites send their kids anywhere.. u can also,if u can afford it..If u cant make this happen, stop talking bout bangsa malaysia or what ever unity concept u are promoting..

    belom aper2 dah nak kill the idea. what a loser..


  83. Anonymous4:54 pm


    while we are at it, why don't we ask for names to be 'malayized' as well?

    In for a penny in for a pound....


  84. Anonymous5:00 pm

    I visit your column daily and after reading "1 Sekolah Untuk Semua", I finally found out that you and I used to be classmates. I was in Pr. 1B (1968) Jubilee Primary School. Our class teacher was Mrs Tay. Principal - Mrs Z Ratnam, right? Remember Mr Wee? - yang rambut dia style duri landak tu? He used to drive a blue Ford Capri to school. That was a flashy car in those days. Remember Mrs Oh yang sangat garang tu? Hairstyle dia ala sarang tebuan.
    Wow...those were the days.
    Tried as I might, but I couldn't recall you in that class. How long were you in Jubilee?
    I did my entire primary education there and later at Anderson.
    Anyway, nice to know about this. Wish you well. Any idea on how to contact anyone else from (1B) Jubilee?
    Salam and cheers

    Rafida J Rahman

  85. Anonymous5:00 pm

    At last, your true color surfaced. You are nothing BUT a damn Malay racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What's a hypocrite!!!!

  86. nimalan5:05 pm

    I think Mr.Rocky sir, all races are interested in 1 School. But only a quarter of a race will be interested in the school you are proposing

  87. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Cadangan anda berbaur politik. Cadangan kamu macam telur separuh masak.

    Adakah kamu berkata bahawa kalau kita ada 1sekolah maka masalah perpaduan akan selesai? sekolah vernakular mungkin 1 daripada banyak punca-punca lain. antaranya:

    1) Sekolah vernakular DAN sekolah agama
    2) Asrama penuh lepasan darjah 6
    3) asrama penuh lepasan PMR
    4) Matrikulasi dan STPM
    5) University untuk 1 bangsa.

    Kalau kamu lihat, sekolah vernakular hanya 1 daripada 5 masalah besar. Itupun boleh di bahas kerana semua kaum boleh pergi ke sekolah cina atau tamil.

    Itupun lepas darjah 6 dah masuk balik sekolah kebangsaan di tingkatan 1, dah boleh pupuk perpaduan kembali.

    Lain kali kalau nak buat cadangan, baik buat secara menyeluruh. alang-alang seluk pekasam...


  88. Anonymous5:12 pm

    I will support this wholeheartedly if it was part of a comprehensive attempt to remove race from the malaysian scene.

    This will mean no identification by race by officialdom starting with the birth certificate.


  89. Anonymous5:18 pm

    I and other non-malays will jump on this bandwagon if.
    1 All asrama penuh schools are opened up to us.
    2 Mara colleges opened up for us
    3 UiTM opened up for us
    4 Malay College Kuala kangsar opened up for us.
    Have a nice day.


  90. skilgannon10665:20 pm

    Pak Rocky

    Intentionally, or unintentionally, you forgot to mention 1 crucial point - that Singapore is a secular republic and that the Singapore government is resolutely secular. Which means that no religion gets to call the shots in Singapore.

    That is one of the foundations of Singapore's education system.

    Which is why both madrasahs and Christian mission schools continue to flourish in Singapore.

    The other point that you omitted is that Singapore made a conscious decision to retain and build on the education system bequeathed to it by the British colonial administration. Including a decision (which has paid off handsomely) to retain English as the medium of instruction from pre-school to tertiary levels.

    Ersatz nationalism had no place in Lee Kuan Yew's thinking. The man is a supreme pragmatist, if nothing else.

    You also forgot to mention that teachers and school principals in Singapore are well-paid and well-trained and that they are supported by the most modern of infrastructure in their schools. And that maintaining or exceeding academic standards is a matter of pride for these teachers and principals - witness Singapore students' stellar performances in the GCE 'O' and 'A' level and the International Baccalaureate exams!

    I would hazard a guess that the top Malaysian schools that have been chosen to "twin" with the top Singapore schools would have felt distinctly disadvantaged when visiting their Singapore counterparts!

  91. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Try read this. rocky's 1School may have a different agenda than meets the eye.

    1 Sekolah Untuk Semua: Another Racial Bigot

  92. aku pulak...suka satu sekolah untuk semua kalau...semua bangsa belajar semua bahasa...tapi agama berdasarkan agama mereka masing2..supaya tidak terjadi salah faham antara agama lepas ni baik melayu india cina tahu berbahsa mandarin , tamil dan tahu tulis jawi...

  93. Anonymous5:29 pm

    what is the point of having an integrated school if everything else remains the same? you have 90% seats at the higher level of the school admin going to Malay teachers from the headmaster down to normal teachers, you will have all heavy responsibilities of teachers all given to non-Bumi teachers, you will award 98% of the awards to Bumi teachers and leave 2% to non-Bumi teachers, so on and so forth. you can't expect a 1Sekolah to integrate the whole country when all the other racist policies are still there, which includes Ketuanan Melayu, NEP, non-Islam-Islam division, non-Bumi-Bumi division, non-Malay-Malay division. all these policies will still destroy anything that the school aims to achieve. From simple things like loans to scholarships to appointment of students and teachers to leadership roles. It will still be the same, mark my words. Nothing will change unless the top changes.

    Finally, most important thing is education quality. we choose a school which provides the best education quality. simple as that. it is not because of race or religion. the same reason we go for the best universities in the world. simple concept for you to understand.

  94. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Damn stupid initiative.

    In the first place who says different schools are the cause of national disunity? My foot.

    Guys first look at the politicians. They are the cause of disunity with all kinds of racists remarks just to stay in power.

    Dont think we are fools using this as an excuse.

  95. Anonymous5:48 pm

    "I think a critical word is left out of the promo - should it not be one EXCELLENT school for all?"

    "the CHINESE will not agree....because
    their race is already doing good and why must their join the malay and indian or let the indian and malay join them???"

    "If you wrap garbage in a nice present wrapper, its still garbage. It still smells like garbage, and you'll find garbage below the nice facade..."

    "If the national school cannot be competitive, then no need to insist others to lower their standard."

    "You don't have to kill the SJKs. All you have to do is make the SK's better than the SJKs. The parents WILL send their kids to the better school, language or no language."

    Hey..just look at a few comments coming out from the so called malaysian chingkies...
    These lowlife just love to generalize things..

    ALL chingkie SRJK are so damn good..ALL SK are bloody no good...ALL Malay thing are no good...
    Hahaha... how arrogant & self idolized inside their own cocun..have they ever look at themselves in the mirror... so let me generalize a few things also about the chingkie SRJK product too..

    ALL SRJK CHINGKIE PRODUCT:- cannot pronouce the letter 'R' properly (how to go GLOBAL? perasan! haha..) , have poor hygiene practice (just like savages), rude & selfish when it come for free things (inherited from their upbringing?), no good table manner (they are what they eat - pigs! yup..right.)

    how do you chingkie rate the like of your kind like that monsterball? skillmoron? sure proud eh..what a testimonial..asyik kena belasah memanjang dgn kitaorg..hahaha..

    cermin diri sikit lah sebelum sedap kutuk orang... nampak gaya yang produk SRJK di sini terserlah hasil kebodohan tahap maksimum berbanding yg produk SK..ingat result atas kertas saja je nak tunjuk kualiti korang..? pigshits!hahahaha..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  96. Rocky,

    You must analyse issues by looking at the root cause not merely on the surface.Do you and those bloggers sincerely think that,if you guys get rid of these vernacular schools then things will become rosy?I for one certainly support the 1school system,but as long as the national schools are not revamped its a lost cause.

    We are talking about a good education for our young ones,so please dont politicize this very important issue,which strikes at the core of a civil society.

    Let me ask you,say you guys are successful in getting rid of the vernacular schools,then what?Will the national malay schools will stop its creeping islamization?Will the national schools will see a balanced racial make up of teachers and staff as was the case in the 50s,60s and early 70s?Will the schools have more intelligent teachers and are passionate,like those teachers I had in my school those days?

    There are thousands of stateless poor indian students who have been turned away by malay national schools,a life line was given to these kids by tamil schools,so are the govt of the day willing to absorb these kids into national schools?How will they,when the education director had even instructed some tamil schools not to accept such kids.Why deprive these poor kids of a basic education for no fault of theirs?The answer is simple,the govt is not interested in solving these kids' problems,because they are indians.Imagine what would happen to these poor kids,if there are no more tamil schools?Does Singapore does this sort of things?

    Singapore gives utmost importance in learning and critical thinking,can we say the same of our malay national schools?Does Singapore brings in religious elements in to their national schools?Do they have food code in their schools?Do they have half cooked teachers of a particular ethnic group,just to make up their numbers?Just go and take a look at the std of some of our national malay school teachers,I am not talking about their abysmal english langguage knowledge,but also in other subjects.Please do you research before speaking up.

    I have come across many indian,chinese and even malay students who had studied in vernacular schools,and I never saw they are any less Malaysian.They are all as much Malaysian as others who went to national schools.

    With the removal of vernacular schools,will govt sponsored racist institutions like Biro-tatanegara,which brainwashes students and civil servants be removed as well?Will a certain higher learning institute which caters only to a certain ethnic group(a world first),open itself to students of other ethnicity as well?Will a non-malay student with excellent academic result be selected for PSD scholarship?The list can go on.

    If you want vernacular schools abolished,then make the national schools attractive to the non-malays.Revamp our school history books,teach tamil and chinese during school hours with a greater emphasis,get rid of religious,political and racial elements from national schools.Hire teachers of all ethnicity and only the best brains.
    In this way the vernacular schools will die a natural death.

    Most importantly have a unified examination as a pre-university examination,abolish the matriculation system,its a very very unfair system.

    So look at the larger picture,the above mentioned facts are the bigger culprits in causing division in our society,a big part of the blame should go to the UMNO led govt.The vernacular school may be only playing a very small part in this so called societal division.

  97. Anonymous6:11 pm

    I just come to wonder..macam mana pula satu sekolah for ALL Malaysians boleh jadi "racist" pulak ye?

    Bahagian mana yang racist? Bangsa Malaysia?

    Kurang faham dengan akal yang apa buat pun tak boleh...nak satukan rakyat Malaysia pun tak nak?

    Kalau ada yang mengatakan SK lebih mundur daripada SJK, kongsilah bagaimana nak majukan satu sekolah untuk Malaysia. Takkan nak simpan sendiri. Nak orang lain kongsi, tapi diri sendiri punya simpan sendiri tak nak kongsi dengan orang lain.

    Satu sekolah boleh JIKA rakyat Malaysia bersatu untuk mewujudkannya, baik dari segi cadangan mahupun usahasama.

    Sekolah bukan gelanggang sepak terajang politik. Jangan politikkan pendidikan anak bangsa Malaysia kita.

    ~ OnDaStreet

  98. Anonymous said...

    I and other non-malays will jump on this bandwagon if.
    1 All asrama penuh schools are opened up to us.
    2 Mara colleges opened up for us
    3 UiTM opened up for us
    4 Malay College Kuala kangsar opened up for us.
    Have a nice day.



    Hahaha. You sure about that? Numbers 1 and 4?


    I was there for five years, man. NOT MCKK, of course.

    Ummm nevermind. careful what you ask for.

    And watch your ass.

  99. Anonymous6:34 pm



  100. stupid does6:41 pm

    So after reading most comment the deal is summaries as below:-

    To get 1 sekolah -
    The Non must drop everything & join in,
    The Non must read islam & Malay only
    The Non quota will not be question.
    The Non cannot eat babi& can not bring own food,
    Special session of tuition where the non cannot join in where the coming exam question & answer is given.
    Everyday the non have to listen how the non should appreciate what they have and to not to question if they can not go U becos they r non,
    The non can not join the elite at Mara or star
    All non are rich so no sub.

    This is the deal please sign up here. stupid

  101. Anonymous7:11 pm

    To non Muslims including Anon 11:03.

    1. Agama lessons syllabus in schools is in actual fact, BASIC MORAL STUDIES; Adab-adab menjaga kebersihan diri, fizikal dan mental, kesopanan dan keharmonian hidup bermasyarakatan and motivation on the importance of education and the like.


  102. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Saya rasa mungkin kita masih lagi menganggap Bahasa Melaysia adalah bahasa untuk orang Melayu ...

    Why don't we treat Bahasa Malaysia as Our Language? The languange is ours, Rakyat Malaysia!

  103. Anonymous7:27 pm

    1 sekolah untuk semua.Apalah Rocky duk mimpikah????Anak-anak saya belajar sekolah kebangsaaan di Kulim bukan sekolah cina atau Tamil tapi sdr Rocky tahu tak apa yang berlaku kat sekolah kebangsaan itu????Cthnya murid tahun satu ada lima kelas.Kelas pertama terdiri dari murid semua bangsa.Kelas kedua terdiri dari murid melayu sahaja.Kelas ketiga terdiri murid semua bangsa.Kelas keempat murid melayu sahaja.Kelas kelima murid semua bangsa.Ini macam punya kes macammana ibubapa bukan melayu nak percaya sistem 1 sekolah.Hantar e-mail pi putrajaya tanya sistem apa dia orang pakai kat sekolah kebangsaan.Orang putrajaya cakap itu tertakluk kepada budibicara gurubesar sekolah.Apa punya 1 sekolah korang kempen ini?Sakit hati aku tengok anak aku darjah 1 duk dalam kelas 3tapi peperiksaan bulan lalu dapat 5A dan dapat tempat pertama untuk story telling.Itulah orang cakap "racism" bermula dari sekolah kebangsaan tak mahu percaya.

  104. last dollar7:44 pm

    I am not too sure if Rocky is married with children or not.

    Believe me if Rocky is schooling his children in Malaysia National School I can bet my last dollar that his children cannot out peform Rocky in their whole life. I believe his children will not be able to use English like what Rocky can and also will not be able to climb the cooperate ladder as successful as Rocky.

    Reasons? Rocky got his education from a system that LKY build up with the goal of achieving world standard where as Rocky's childrens are stucked in a Malaysia education system that build by jealous Ketuanan Melayu who does not have a direction.

    Rocky, If I were you I will send the children and school them in Singapore or at least send them oversea to OZ, NZ, UK or US.

  105. Rev. Sparke Hutchings7:49 pm

    If you want to know the end result of 1 Sekolah Untuk Semua than you just have to compare the two schools.

    Malaysia: Penang Free School
    Singapore: Raffles Institution

  106. Anonymous7:50 pm

    anak saya sekolah di ulu ketibas,pelagus,kapit mau ka anak orng kaya(baca orang politik) hantar anak mereka kesana???
    - bujang tet-

  107. Pure Malaysian7:51 pm

    While I agree with one school system, it has to be a fair system where all Malaysians are treated equal and reflect the diversity of the population.

    Disappointingly, Ketuanan Melayu is the biggest stumbling block for this plan. Just look at how non-Malay or non-Islam activities and culture are suppressed in local universities and sekolah kebangsaan and you'll understand.

    If we can't do it at the political level, how can we do it in the education system? Leaders need to lead the way.

  108. nstman8:07 pm

    Rocky, I am for the one school system if core conditions are met. First, admission to universities must be based on merit. Secondly, put a stop to the distinction between bumis and non-bumis. In otehr words, all people are equal. Open Mara colleges to every race. So Rocky, dont be naive. You are a smart guy, if you choose to be stupid, then I cant help you. Got it?

  109. Anonymous said...

    Try read this. rocky's 1School may have a different agenda than meets the eye.


    The Transformers!

    More than meets the eye!

    Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of...the Decepticons!

  110. Will this type of national school exclude the other languages of Malaysia from being taught? If so, then I don't quite agree with it. A national school system must allow the languages of Malaysia to be taught. A Malaysian Chinese child must be compulsorily taught Mandarin and an Indian child must be taught Tamil. The mother-tongue must be taught. A Malay child must choose either as a compulsory language. The school hours must be extended to accommodate this, which may not be so much of a problem if the current Chinese and Tamil schools are integrated into a new system.

  111. Dr. BHbmd9:03 pm

    For crying out loud Rocky, how could you expect others to support the cause (i support it tho) when there's still institutionalized racism and discrimination ala NEP in the constitution?

    Korang ni.. look before you leap ..

    .. and i've always wanted to say this and get this off my chest: we Singaporean minorities DO NOT.. i repeat DO NOT like to be compared with the Malaysian Malays. Paham tak?

  112. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Quality education is the key.Put quality into teachers,way of teaching,teaching environment, introduce new and more effective teaching methods to teach. This will bring much change to the system


  113. dua sen10:11 pm

    Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua will only work if you take away religion and have more balanced racial mixed of teachers!

  114. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Why UMNO big shots send their children to International school or study overseas?
    Rocky, please don't talk cock.

    I spend my own money for the education of my kids not expecting any scholarship from the UMNO Govt and thus I have the right to choose any type of education deem suitable for my kids, please SHUT UP!


  115. Anonymous10:45 pm

    salam Bro!
    i'm with u. at least down here i see Sekolah Agama.....i know a bit in tauhid, tausauuf, ibadat and of course AlQuran in Madrasah AlSaediah AlIslamiah, West Coast Rd., Singapore?
    NOW! what happen there! i just can't imagine when it happen here!


  116. Anonymous10:47 pm

    'Tak mungkin apa yang berlaku di Singapura akan terjadi di Tanah Air ini'
    TAK MUNGKIN? lihat sajalah keliling! iklan iklan 'along' dimana mana!
    dan kita kata,


  117. Fairplay11:07 pm

    Parents want the best for their children, the best schools. I am in Singapore and you can see the competition.
    Schools do not teach racism, it's certain people inside the school that teaches that. Given a choice, I am sure parents wants the children to be conversant in the National Language and mix well with others. Look at the Singapore's system of encouraging the best in teaching or developing students. There is so much grading on excellency, on their teachers and contents. There are so many awards available that even I am confuse ! My child happen to be in the best secondary school with Chinese emphasis, and there is no teaching on racism etc, only good chinese culture of humility, respect, honor etc. I think the rest of the all the schools also taught these values. If someone taught something different, I am sure they will be called up by the Ministry of Education. So don't blame the vernacular schools.
    In Singapore, the top schools are fully government schools, with much competiton from a few aided schools. It's how the schools are run, not the language that make them excel and people going after them !

  118. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Rockey's Bro

    I do not want to be harsh. But my stupid sense say it as jangan buang masa.

    The Pejuang Bahasa Melayu wants Malay as a medium.
    Pejuang Cina wants chinese/mandarin
    Pejuang Hindu want its to be Tamil
    Pejuang Pas wants it to be Arab
    Orang politik...lain pula.

    See what has been the public and politicians response to the teaching of Maths and Science. They even took their gila mind to the street.

    While the rest...that have money ...would send their children overseas for studies. Or grab the scholarships whether they are eligible or not.

    Hanya satu cara yang boleh kerajaan laksanakan.Adakan undang-undang yang ketat mengenai perlaksanaannya dan semua pihak perlu mematuhinya.

    Saya tidak nampak masa depan Malaysia yang cerah dan aman.

    And I do not know what Mr Rockey could do.


  119. Anonymous11:47 pm

    laksanakan saja undang-undang satu sekolah satu bangsa ini..
    org2 yng cakap banyak akan diam..
    kita mahu bersatu, tetapi kita nampak golongan tidak 'racist' dengan jelasnya tidak mahu bersatupadu..
    kerajaan kena berani.. perkara yang baik akan mendapat sokongan yang padu dan dirahmati..
    jangan takut kerajaan, ramai rakyat yang akan menyokong one malaysia...

    - parti jahat, kato eh -

  120. the reason11:48 pm

    I believe that SJK is a bed for extremists to flourish further in the country. It is for politcal reasons that SJK schools are still around. Get rid of these vernacular schools and there goes the race based political parties ....I'm thinking of MCA, DAP, MIC etc .....all schools should be "neutral"...Schools should not be politicised either ...

  121. Betul ke tak Rocky? I myself am a byproduct of national schools and let me tell you, there is an even greater chance of being racialist in national schools than vernacular schools.

    Every time got fight between Chinese/Indian with Malay, the Malay students will shout balik Cina, balik India (gee I wonder where they learned that from?)

    Then there is the favoritism shown by some Malay teachers to their own race which makes us want to puke. They will lecture us on our place bla bla bla.

    But of course the majority of Malay teachers are okay, in fact most of my favorite teachers were Malays. Even as a product of national school, I will still defend vernacular schools.

    I still think the best is to leave the system as it is today first and make Bahasa Melayu a mandatory language in all schools but with emphasis on mother tongue in vernacular schools. In national schools, English should be made a second medium.

    Combining the schools into 1Sekolah is not going to work until racialist politics is rid of first. Otherwise, can you guarantee with your life that racialists will not take control of these 1Sekolah as the many instances of Keling calling attest to?

    But I do agree that Dong Jiao Zhong can be a bit dumb and hard headed sometimes, especially regarding the English language issue. So how do you propose we create a 1Sekolah when there are too many fundamental contradictions in Malaysian society that is yet to be solved? And the first way to solve it is to do away with race based parties.

    Is UMNO willing to lead the way or is it Ahmad Ismail's way that is coming?

  122. While I suppport 1 official school system, I will not support DemiNegara's platform for it.

    His version of unity is where every non-Malay is converted into a 2nd-class Melayu Celup.

    Read my treatise here.

    I have quoted Kijangmas verbatim to demonstrate what kind of person he is and why I will not support his platform, even though I agree with the 1 school for all concept.

    By the way, don't talk cock la Rocky.

    Let's not conveniently forget that the most militantly pro-Chinese-education organisation is the MCA-sponsored Dong Jiao Zong.

    If KijangMas is so damn serious about national unity, he should first take UMNO to task as the dominant party of BN for allolwing race-based parties to exist for so long, forcing the rakyat to vote along racial lines.

    It's time for all these so-called "satu bangsa" proponents to put up or shut up - lead by example la.

    Let's put out a clarion call for all race-based parties to be dissolved instead.

    Our children are not to be blamed for racial thinking because it is the political system perpetuated at all levels of society by the BN.

  123. Anonymous1:08 am

    Said: "My child happen to be in the best secondary school with Chinese emphasis, and there is no teaching on racism etc, only good chinese culture of humility, respect,honor etc. .......If someone taught something different, I am sure they will be called up by the Ministry of Education. So don't blame the vernacular schools".
    So I guess these are just *Chinese* kinda schools huh,not any old vernacular schools down there, where they teach something different from good old *Chinese* humility,honor..bla-bla-bla. Slip of the tongue revealing the kind of thinking or plain old too much samsu mah?


  124. This is from Malaysiakini.

    Perhaps this UM lecturer will give an insight the BTN blighted mindset that permeates the mindset of the academic staff at our local U (not all mind you, but those who do not share the same aspirations would probably do time in cold storage). I bet the mindset of many staff of SRKs and SMKs, especially in positions of power would not be much different.

    So much for that new slogan. This one followed the previous in Malaysia Boleh record time.

    Now does anyone wonder why UMNO initiatives like this for 1-whatever is held in suspicion if not outright contempt?

    ******from Msiakini

    Umno supporters sabotaging 1Malaysia and Najib
    Stephen Doss | May 18, 09 4:40pm
    I was at the Konvensyen Belia 2009 in Malacca recently and had to agonisingly sit through and listen to speaker after speaker doing a big disservice to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    The convention was to discuss ‘1Malaysia' which is the latest slogan to hit Malaysians but participants left with a bad taste in the mouth.

    There was this one particular paper presenter who is a lecturer from University Malaya (God help UM) who simplified ‘1Malaysia' for everyone.

    He said ‘1Malaysia' is not about equality, its not a Malaysian Malaysia. It's about justice (lol).

    By way of providing an example, he says if the recent Amanah Saham Wawasan share issue was distributed equally, ie, nine billion shares for each community, it would mean the Malays by virtue of their large number would each only get to buy RM600, 000 (forgetting that there is cap on purchases available anyway)

    Next, the Chinese, because they have a smaller number, would walk away with 1.2 million shares each and the Indians would benefit the most because as the smallest community they would get 2.4 million shares each.

    Wow! (The simplistic argument here is that it is the fault of the Chinese and Indians for not procreating to have larger numbers of their kind)

    And this, therefore, is why the shares cannot be distributed equally; this is why justice demands that the Malays must get 16 billion shares, the Chinese five billion shares and the Indians two billion shares.

    I can safely say that this is why UM will never get into the list of top universities in the world. It can't with lecturers with such simplistic minds.

    He failed to point out that practically:

    1. Not everyone can afford to buy the shares.

    2. As with all such schemes, the ones with the most money from each community will benefit - not necessarily the whole community.

    And third, if we are really sincere about ‘1Malaysia' we have to stop thinking along damn racial mindsets. ***

  125. Anonymous8:30 am

    The most educated Melayu send their children to International schools and Chinese schools, beside they also send them overseas.

    Unless these Melayu racist want the whole country to become Zimbabwe, before they open their mouth they should show everyone they are able to run schools. If you compare the nationals schools with that of our neighbours, shame all over lah!

  126. Anonymous8:58 am

    Satria Asia 8.48
    ...A Malaysian Chinese child must be compulsorily taught Mandarin and an Indian child must be taught Tamil. The mother-tongue must be taught...

    Ooops, which mother tongue are you referring to? OMG.. do you know how many that needs to be taught?

    Even within the Chinese communities themselves, their forefathers who landed here were mainly peasants, each speaking in their own mother tongues?

    The Malaysian Punjabis, is their mother tongue also Tamil? What about those originally from Sri Lanka?

    Bajaus, Kadazans, Muruts, Dusun, Orang Sungai, Dayaks, Melanaus, Ibans, Jakuns, Sakai... to name a few..

    Go get some advice from alarcarte 10:38 PM.


  127. tak perlu menipu jika nak berbohong , cuma tak payah cakap 100% jee...

    kalau nakkan hanya wujud 1 sistem sekolah saja , senang jee.. perkuatkan SK , habis cerita..
    Ibubapa nii senang saja , mana sek yg bagus , mereka akan hantar anak-anak kesana. Kalau taraf SK masih lagi dok tang tuu jee , tok sah dok merapu dan mengamuk orang tak nak kat SK .

    kalau hangpa semua nak tau , sblm SK menukar medium pelajaran ke BM , Sek Cina hampir nak bankrap pasai ibubapa cina yg berpandangan kedepan semua hantar anak anak ke SK (english ) . Yg dok belajar kat sek cina , anak anak petani , anak-anak buruh kasar .. yg lepasan sek cina masa tuu cuma layak kerja kerani kat syarikat cina jaa...
    tapi , awat laa ni lain jadinya ?? pasai sek cina dak transform , bertukar cara mendidik , cara pengurusan.. Tapi , kat SK , masih dok tahun 70 an lagi. camtu nak ibubapa hantar anak ke SK ?? fikirlah, ini bukan soal perkauman , ini soal taraf pendidikan yg bakal diberi pada anak anak..

    lagi satu , kalaulah fatwa mufti perak orang islam jangan kasihi orang bukan islam , sapa lagi nak hantar anak anak ke SK ?

  128. Anonymous11:12 am

    Dear Stupid Mut,

    The Very fact that the government is giving at all to you freaks is good enough! This Is Malay land not China landlah bodoh. We Malays dont expect this kind of good treatment if we were to stay in your motherland China anyway. Just look at you here. "Dah bagi betis nak peha" (if you dont understand, "the more we give the more you want"). Shut Up and be thankful for what you have! Even Australia dont want your kind there, cause you come and consume everything, never thankful! Don't even bring the Indians into this we have no beef with them. Stupid MUT!!!

  129. Anonymous11:32 am

    One school for all is also a racist initiative? I wonder how.

    If we shoot down an idea for integration because we thought the idea will only benefit one race which is not ours, that would make us a ____________?

    a. nationalist
    b. idealist
    c. racist
    d. none of the above


  130. Anonymous11:51 am

    1 University boleh?

    Sudahlah Airuddin. Balik Indo.

  131. Anonymous12:04 pm


    this thing won't work la..i mean the idea is damn cool but deminegara's way is too harsh and unfair la..

    just take a look at some of the comments here. one 'fairplay' from singapore is sharing his/her experience from a successful national schools system..and then we have a 'mocha' who responded with insults and racial slander..well, i hope this 'mocha' fella is not a product of SRKs coz he might have demonstrated the best reason why some parents(malays included) don't send their kids to SRKs.

    put it this way, although deminegara claims 1 sekolah is non-partisan and he is not a racist but his version of 1 sekolah is just plain unfair. i mean if even a malay person like some here can point out its flaw how do u expect a chinese/indian to accept it?what worries me is this fact doesn't seem to bother him or his supporters.


  132. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Sdr Rocky Bru,

    This is the first time I'm leaving a comment in your blog because I find many comments here reflect a lack of understanding of the issues at stake and I'd like to help provide a better understanding of the issues involved.

    What is at stake is the future of our country, of our children, grandchildren and generations after them. We must have lasting peace and harmony in order to progress. We must avoid another May 13, 1969. We must reduce to the minimum the feelings of suspicion, intolerance and lack of respect for one another that appear to have increased in recent times. We cannot just wish them away or keep shouting slogans like unity in diversity; that slogan is a misnomer, a contradiction in terms. When we are diverse, going our separate ways, we simply cannot unite. We therefore must try to create a spirit of togetherness, of friendship, of common identity beginning from the young, at their formative age. We can create that spirit in schools. In view of that, the proposal for the birth of a united, strong and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia was made. That proposal incorporates an in-depth, independent study/ review of the current education system and the establishment of Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua.

    The intent of the proposal is very clear: the creation of a united Bangsa Malaysia. Perhaps what may not be readily clear is the rationale or reasoning used in the proposal. To understand the reasoning, it is necessary to know (a) the history of our country from its very beginning (b) the circumstances leading to the writing of the Constitution and (c) the pertinent Articles of the Constitution.

    1-2 readers mention cultural superiority and the like. There is no such thing intended or propagated in this proposal. Demi Negara talks about giving respect to the ways of those people who have been recognised as ruling this country, then called Tanah Melayu, since even before the Sri Vijaya Kingdom in the 7th Century, all the way thru the Malacca Sultanate and Empire, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British incursions and colonisation.

    Some dislike the special position of the Malays, resent being called immigrants and may suspect that this proposal might lead to an eclipse of their identity. But the facts of history must be accepted: the non-Malays immigrated and some 1.5 million were stateless in this country before Independence. The Malay and non-Malay leaders agreed that the non-Malays be given citizenship and, in consideration of that, the Malays (being economically and educationally very backward at that time) be given a "special position" to help them progress. These were written into the Constitution after we got independence from the British. Therefore, the Malay special position and citizenship rights should not be raised or linked to this proposal and should not deter Malaysians from signing the petition. The proposal is, after all, for the creation of one Bangsa Malaysia and, when a truly united, strong and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia has existed, there would no longer be any reference to "kaum pendatang", no longer any need to identify Malaysians by their ethnic origin, our NRIC and all other documents should bear "race" as "Bangsa Malaysia".

    The question of Bahasa Melayu as the medium of instruction for Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua should not be disputed if we accept that it is stipulated in the Constitution as the language of the country. Nobody says that mothertongue cannot be used, but, pursuant to a Clause in the Constitution, it should not be for or in connection with official purposes, including as medium of instruction for schools, as schools are deemed as an official business in any country in the world.

    1-2 mention other Articles of the Constitution, for example, on freedom to study mothertongue. Nobody is proposing that it be stopped. Only that it should not be in the context of official business, not in normal school hours. Whether it can be done as elective subjects or not depends on the review of the education system that is being proposed.

    The key factor for nation building and progress is that national interest must overide all other interests. That national interest is clearly the creation of a united, strong and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia.


  133. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Formula -
    SRJKC = MCA,
    SRJKT = MIC,
    SK = UMNO,
    Agama = Pas
    Mara = ??? ( Non Relevance according to some blogger)

    so we abolish MCA & MIC and all join UMNO, problem solved , no more racist, all unity -is that what you are trying to say..
    hmm sound simple but something is not right

    can UMNO be fair to all?
    if not MCA & MIC will be Suckers.
    If yes UMNO will member lose out some post, can the UMNO member allow that.

    now see how this is a lose-lose situation.

  134. skilgannon10663:14 pm

    As usual, anti whatever is long on emotion and verbosity and short on facts.

    State the facts, lah. Just the facts - like, for example, exam pass rates, top scores and admissions to worldclass universities (like those in the THES top 20, not UM or USM or UTM or UKM) - for Malaysian students as compared with, say, Singapore students.

  135. skilgannon10664:05 pm

    Here is something that will allow anti whatever and his ilk to exercise their intellects.

    I refer to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2007 results (http://nces.ed/gov/timss/table07_1.asp).

    The results for Grade four maths showed the top five countries/economies as Hong Kong, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Japan and Kazakhstan. Malaysia did not participate in this category.

    The results for Grade eight maths (in which Malaysia participated) showed the top 5 as Chinese Taipei, S Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Malaysia's score was 474 (cf Singapore's score of 593).

    For Grade four science (where Malaysia did not participate), the top 5 were Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia.

    For Grade eight science, the top 5 were Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Japan, S Korea and England. Malaysia's score was 471 (cf Singapore's score of 567).

    See a trend here?

    Some more facts from the TIMSS 2007 report: only 3 per cent of eighth-grade students in Malaysia reached the TIMSS advanced international benchmark in science (cf Singapore's 36 per cent). And only 2 per cent of eighth-grade students in Malaysia reached the TIMSS advanced international benchmark in maths (cf Singapore's 40 per cent).

    Another trend?

    Any smart alecks out there want to comment on the above?

  136. ***Dear Stupid Mut,

    The Very fact that the government is giving at all to you freaks is good enough! This Is Malay land not China landlah bodoh. We Malays dont expect this kind of good treatment if we were to stay in your motherland China anyway. Just look at you here. "Dah bagi betis nak peha" (if you dont understand, "the more we give the more you want"). Shut Up and be thankful for what you have! Even Australia dont want your kind there, cause you come and consume everything, never thankful! Don't even bring the Indians into this we have no beef with them. Stupid MUT!!!***

    Orang kata lebih baik diam dari menzahirkan kebodohan diri sendiri. Dah terang lagi bersuluh ini mainan politik UMNO.

    You must be an BTN brainwashed UMNO supporter. Maybe an SRK or SMK teacher (with apologies to true educationsists)? Too unintelligent to be U lecturer - god forbid. You did not even respond to any of the points put forward in the post. But you lasted one whole paragraph. You think readers here are impressed with what you wrote (which actually amounts to zero contribution to the issue?)

    Fact is this is a Malaysian education problems with an UMNO political solution to profit them. I say they won't address the problem if they can't even figure out what went wrong.

    This blame game being played by UMNO through the Education ministry is just a another milestone in the descent of our education system into the abyss.

  137. ***One school for all is also a racist initiative? I wonder how.

    If we shoot down an idea for integration because we thought the idea will only benefit one race which is not ours, that would make us a ____________?

    a. nationalist
    b. idealist
    c. racist
    d. none of the above


    An objective question? Sounds like a trick question or a skewed questionnaire. I prefer:

    e. someone suspicious of the "rat fixing the pumpkin"

    (translated from the Malay proverb "tikus membaiki labu". This means making an existing problem even worse).

    MY opening statement would be to the above question would probably be:

    ""Wah 1Party for all is also a racist initiative? I wonder how."

    We can keep on wondering lah. What would rejection of the above make someone? I guess you can answer any which way; it is subjective.

    There will be no shortage of rats cooking up hare-brained ideas in office. The procession just keeps on going. Meanwhile, mind your heads, the slogans keep on coming!

  138. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Woi Peace fella,
    Please go read your comrade fairplay again la and this time not as a chinaman ya. He sends his kid to this *Chinese emphasis* school whatever that may be where they teach good old * Chinese values*(ah but of course! Malay or Indian values must be from another planet). All is honky dory as long as its of this race or the Sing govt will take care of it what. Malays down there cant even open their mouth la, so how lor? So who's the racist now? I wont even have to guess which school product you are now do I.


  139. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Peace fella,
    What bothers us is you guys never want to integrate no matter how. I suggest moving over to good old SINGAPURA - in case you dont know that is its real and only name, what the hell is fucking *Singapore* by the way?


  140. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Ako pon ponat,napa la duk sebok sangat dgn nasib org dipulao tu. Nok kato dorang sronok-suko pasal pulo sodara2 ako sano dok sato2 gi migrate ka NZ,OZ,UAE? Org sborang selat barat sano da ambik alih tompat, kot pasal tu tkdo raso kasihsyang dgn kito lagi. Org mudonya pulo da kona basoh-otak, mungkinpon tktao sejarah sendiri,jadi pandang kito ni hina-rendah. Omptih kato *self-hate*,panjang cerito ni. Ako sayang sedaro2 ako sano,tkpa la kito doakan smoga mereka sentiasa bahagia dan berjaya slalu tu jer. Amin.


  141. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Anonymous 2:44 and 5:29 pm,

    I assume you are one and the same person.

    You began by accusing people stupid. I wouldn't do that because I believe in mutual respect, national unity and all.

    Youu talked about "priviledges and special rights .. perpetually giving out opportunities in a sliver plate .." Obviously you resent the NEP. But pls remember that the NEP was promulgated under the Clause regarding the "special position" of the Malays that was written in the Constitution of the country. That "special position" was agreed to at Merdeka time by the non-Malay leaders as the consideration i.e in exchange for citizenship for the non-Malays, who were stateless at that time, that was agreed to by the Malay leaders. So, if you resent the NEP, the Malays would resent your citizenship. This would create ill feelings and is not good for national unity and the creation of a united Bangsa Malaysia which we must have for peace and harmony for our children and future generations.

    You said you "sent two of my children to SK from primary to secondary .. and they complained that the quality and standard were hopeless and most of the teachers were lazy and not motivated while the teaching were incompetent to say the least." Were these the words of your children? Could they, or even you, make value judgement on their teachers? Nevertheless, this is one aspect that could be included in the study/ review proposed by the Demi Negara people to be submitted to the Minister of Education. As you are complaining about this, you should be supporting their effort.

    You aslo said ".. according to my son, the atmosphere in SK are just too racist because of the school administrator.. it is the same divide and rule policies like those BTN programme of the racist UMNO". Again, this is a judgment on a subjective matter by a boy that you are relying on in accusing the school administrator etc of being racist. I'm reminded of the school children in Communist China denouncing their teachers, even parents, during the so-called Cultural Revolution not too long ago. However, I'm willing to concede that the SKs may be wanting. But again this will be covered by the study/ review of the existing education system that is being proposed.

    You also said ".. you have 90% seats at the higher level of the school admin going to Malay teachers from the headmaster down to normal teachers, you will have all heavy responsibilities of teachers all given to non-Bumi teachers, you will award 98% of the awards to Bumi teachers and leave 2% to non-Bumi teachers, so on and so forth." These are a lot of damning figures you mentioned. Unfortunately, you have not stated the source, the authority or authenticity of those claims. As they are not substantiated, not even the name of the school mentioned, they would appear as wild accusations. Do get the accurate breakdown figures, the name of the school, the teachers concerned, the administrator etc, and write to the Education Dept or Ministry. You can't say "nothing will move", because you haven't tried, have you?

    Then you said ".. the other racist policies are still there, which includes .. NEP". As stated earlier, the NEP was agreed to in exchange for your citizenship right. Tun Tan Siew Sin had said in 1969 that the Malays were "generous enough" in agreeing to non-Malay citizenship during Merdeka and relaxing citizenship rules after Merdeka. With all these, are you not being racist yourself when you call NEP a racist policy and begrudge us for having the special position and the NEP your forefathers have agreed to?

    Let's be reasonable lah. Let's give and take a little. Don't link the Demi Negara proposal to NEP and so on. Let's encourage our children with positive attitudes and not negative views about teachers and school administrators. Let's foster a spirit of mutual respect, respect for elders and seniors and build a united, strong and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia.

  142. Anonymous8:48 pm


    Don't just talk...ACT INSTEAD OF SAYING...It shud be implemented long time ago.

    Tis is a good starting point for national unity.One school for all.

    And for non-bumi, IF you want equal rights then you cannot have a different school system.!!!


  143. Who is this Demi Negara anyway? I have gone to his blog and find his writings to be tedious, malicious and rude. Same for his racist commentators who only know how to insult and name call whenever anyone has a different opinion. It's all one shiok sendiri grouping. If Demi Negara is serious in his ideas than let him come out and identify himself instead of hiding his identity. Will give more credence to the whole thing.

    And yes, he does selective posting of comments - anything that is logical and moderate, which he cannot insult he does not include. I tested this a few times.

  144. So forget it lah.

    If clearly they don't want it - then let them stay in their SRJKs.

    We are happy to retain the NEP, SBPs, MARAs etc as all of us have vested interests.

    We have to learn to be selfish like them in this game.

  145. Nusantara12:08 pm

    It is interesting to read this piece, but I can't help but wonder, if our PM's Satu Malaysia campaign will come a premature death, with this latest twist of Satu Bangsa, Satu Sekolah.

    Saya kira diri saya sendiri sebagai penyokong Kerajaan dan saya adalah dari aliran sekolah cina sampai ke tahap tingkatan 6.

    Tidak ada masalah bagi saya untuk menerima konsep 'satu sekolah untuk semua' yang dihebohkan disini, tetapi bagaimanakah kita rakyat Malaysia boleh memastikan anak-anak kita, setelah menerima pendidikan sekolah rendah mereka dibawah 'Satu Sekolah' ini akan mempunyai peluang melanjutkan pelajaran mereka di tahap yang lebih tinggi, peluang yang sama rata dengan rakan-rakan melayu mereka? adakah ini bermaksud, pada hari muka, borang-borang persekolahan & kerajaan yang akan mereka isi, tidak akan mempunyai soalan lazim, umpamanya keturunan & bangsa ataupun kaum? sebab mereka ini kan hasil dari sistem 'Satu Sekolah', tidak kira mereka ini melayu, cina ataupun india. dan pada masa depan yang tidak begitu jauh, anak-anak kita ini hanya tahu mengelar diri mereka Bangsa Malaysia, dan tiada lagi mengutamakan latar belakang melayu, cina dan india meraka.
    adakah semua ini boleh dicapai, rakan sekalian?

    Kalaulah apa yang disebutkan saya diatas memang boleh dicapai, saya tidak nampak apa masalahnya dengan konsep '1 Sekolah' ini.

    Satu Malaysia, Satu Sekolah, Satu Bangsa, Satu Hak

  146. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Jika orang cina tak setuju satu sekolah, kenapa mereka bising dengan kuota orang melayu pula? Kita sepatutnya bertanya balik pada mereka siapa yang bagi kerakyatan kepada mereka.

  147. Anonymous10:53 pm

    For those who strongly oppose the SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA, I would like to suggest that;

    "you boldly engrave “TAMAU” on your tombstone when you die, OK"

    The reason being, 30years from now, we do not WANT OUR CHILDREN TO BE UNNECESSARILY BURDENED HAVING TO LISTEN TO ALL SORTS OF GROUSES coming from your kids, who by then will also be in their 40's - 50's.

    Gone are those ROSY GOLDEN business MONOPOLY CHEATING CORRUPTED years! Thanks to the available new technologies, BUMI consumers are now very wary and conscious with their purchases.

    I won’t elaborate further. Just think!


  148. Anonymous12:33 am

    Wau,testing,testing- 1Sekolah, 1 school. Aissay, we can gauge the keenness of these apeks so far. Memang da tau pon jadi knapa la tipu diri sendiri lagi ye. Harap jelas kpd Mlaiu2 yg masih kehilangan pendirian,yg terikut-ikut sangat nak tunjuk lebeh *baik* dari bangsa sendiri.Lain dari yg lain.Jgn harap la.Ko piqir bangsa ni pikir dua kali bila nak buat kat kita ka? Dorang punya success meter is only money and how to make lots of it pas tu kalo tak dapat- lompat jembatan, tingkap, telan obat. Ada apek kat sini sebuk dgn trends in science and maths konon. Tolong gi jengok sikit kat WHO. Negeri2 tersebut is also on top of world suicide rates.. gi m**pus la.

  149. Anonymous4:36 am


    You dah mula merapu bawah kain Negara orang.. Haiyah Apek..

    Learn to appreciate la sikit, orang Malaysia ni takle sebodoh macam sangkaan kamu.

    Banyak you tak tau berlaku, lu ingat semua mau kasi lu tau ker? Bodoh bodoh orang Malaysia sikit sikit ada juga kemajuan.

    Ini Universiti lu kira mayak korok tapi ata baca ini?

    Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) menemui kaedah yang pertama di dunia bagi mengesan sel kanser peringkat awal menggunakan pengimejan nuklear...


    Selama ini you sendiri apa sudah discover for the benefit of the world?


  150. A few of us have started a group at Facebook: SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA

    Personally, as one of the group's Admin, I have seen a lot of abusive remarks and accusations made against this campaign.

    Some people would love to see this as "a racist campaign by Malays against non-Malays". It isn't.

    At the same time, all of us also need to listen to the grievances that others have. And there might be better ideas of how to go about things.

    As such, we have created a specific post there for you folks to mention what your reservations are. I had written this Welcome note below. Thank you for the space given in this blog.

    WELCOME: Let's make this "Untuk Semua" (Monday 18 May 2009)

    Dear Members,
    Thank you for your interest in this campaign. The fact that you had clicked on the "Join" button shows that, at the very least, the concept is one that you can accept. And you don't mind being connected to this.

    Remember that there are many who didn't click on "Join". There are different reasons and they include:

    #They don't have any opinion on this. and don't want to learn about the issues, the objectives, the problems, the alternatives and whatever else. That means they have given others the mandate to do what we think is best. They shouldn't complain about anything later on.

    #They think this is a "Malay ultra, racist group"... That this is "directed and controlled by Umno"... "are against Chinese, Indians and non-Malays" etc. This is one of the group's duties - We must explain, in a clear and civil manner, what this group is really campaigning for. And to do this effectively, we must learn in more detail about the Who, Why, What, Where and How of the matter

    This is a campaign with a noble aim - to eventually create a REAL Bangsa Malaysia. The current system definitely won't ever lead to this - in fact, it's one of the main reasons for the current polarisation.

    This campaign is where we REALLY take on the bull by the horns. Expect to meet strong opposition. Listen to what those who oppose plan to do in dealing with the racial problems. Is their plan better? No? Then dig in and keep up with the effort - it's going to be a long and rough haul ahead. But the goals to this are worthy, and we choose to be with the worthy.

  151. Anonymous10:02 am

    Just invite Jackie Chan to give an enlightening talk here in Malaysia.

  152. Anonymous11:54 am

    Fuck Off stupid Mut!

  153. Anonymous11:58 am

    This Demi Negara blog use quota system to make decision on publish of comment. So I paste my comment here la.

    I think it would be great if Kijang Mas could read not only English and Indonesia national language but also the common language of PRC and India, the all four most common use language in the world. If this is the case then there will be no need to get Alan help to do translation of those blog written in the common language of PRC for Kijang Mas as reference. Take the SRJK boy as example, even without the Chinese translation, most of us can still read and understand the petition.

    From a political point of view, both BN and PR need this piece of petition, as they equally want more weapons to carry on their battle to pull in more audience and supporter. I would say the petition suits this purpose well.

    From a unity and education point of view, I think the satu sekolah is not a bad concept, but the implementation must come from a new government where justice, trust and accountability is the basis of administration and implementation, which the present government lack of.


  154. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Anonymous Hahahaha

    This Petition is for the benefit of RAKYAT MALAYSIA, why the hell do we need to have it written in languages used in PRC and India?

    Why? You plan to illegally sneak in your nieces/nephews/cousins/made in PRC and India illegitimate children from those countries to study here for free ka?

    Think Malaysia man, if you are a REAL MALAYSIAN CITIZEN..


  155. Anonymous12:42 am

    Ha ha ha, itu happy tanjung mari ah. Mesti lupa makan ubat ni. Suffering from delayed onset x generation-immigrant shit-everywhere-I-go syndrome. Great grdpa left his homeland long long time ago but his grandchildren still missing it! Curable ka? Maybe you ought to try this better treatment called kasi tendang naik tongkang pigi. Hehehe.


  156. Anonymous8:37 am

    Anonymous WIRA,

    Did I says the petition need to have it written in languages used in PRC and India? Lu ada understanding problem ka?

    I don’t do anything illegal and of course illegitimate children from PRC and India not entitle to foc. Only certain quota of illegitimate children entitles this foc in Malaysia. Aiya, ini common sense kat Malaysia pun tak tahu?

    You sure you are REAL MALAYSIAN CITIZEN?


  157. Anonymous9:51 am

    New Job has upside pay for politicking for them???


  158. Anonymous10:40 am

    I was from the national type school system and I received a good education there. But this was more than 20 years ago. I agree that it is good to have a 1-school system; but the standards must be upgraded to what they were previously. However, I don't like the way the petition is written where it tries to put the full blame on vernacular schools for the racial segregation. This has come about because of the way normal Malaysians are being always segregated by race by the government machinery itself. I also don't like the way the idea is being forced through on those who have a dissenting view. It is pointless insulting people. What is important is to sell the idea such that it becomes something everyone aspires to.

    I agree that as Malaysian citizens we should have a strong command of the national language (BM) so that this is a common link and bond; but I also believe that it is important to have an equally good command of English for international and global communication. I am in business and we use English everyday of our lives. Unless the Government is going to change this too, after awhile we do lose some of our fluency in BM - I am a case in point, but that does not make me less Malaysian or patriotic.

    Ordinary Guy

  159. San Peng12:29 pm

    SSUS doesn’t mean the abolishment of any or other languages. Other languages shall flourish like any languages of the world.

    SSUS also does not mean one race is out to subjugate the others. A provocateur with malice, selfish vested interest and hidden vicious agenda will claim and argue otherwise.

    It is a call to the present Malaysians generation to make added sacrifice for all future generations and the beloved country.

    It is a restatement of commitment hopefully to be taken up by the authorities, to the struggle for the development and betterment of our spiritual and physical being of Malaysians and Malaysia of the future.

    It is therefore the struggle of all Malaysians irrespective of their colour, origin, creed or breed.

  160. Anonymous3:44 pm

    So far the petition already scored 1090..good progress for just a week..

    yo skillmoron..

    this is a malaysia education problem..and as a malaysian we are obliged to correct what was wrong in the past as the result of over tolerance by our forfathers..we're talking early education reformation here, stupid.. Yes,moron,the 1sekolah is on how to restore the correct basic fundamental to mould a nation .. do u understand the whole issues moron.. ?

    why you pendatang always need to tied your arguments extracted from other country as if u belong to one..don't you people have anything originally yours here, hah? ohh..lupa mereka ni keturunan pendatang..mana ada identiti khusus lg..masih tercari-cari..
    hey skilly..have a mirror..just look at yourself in the mirror and just ruminate your own quality of argument here in this blog..btw, in what category do you belong to reflect those figure, hah? what makes that your worth?

    kesian u piggy, still with crisis of identity add worst was the nightmare being verbal gang-sodomized by the brotherhood of the malay cyber warriors here..haha..

    get your identity problem corrected first otherwise don't get emotional if someone ask u to fuck off from this country..pergilah ke S'pore, UK, US, AUS, NZ atau mana2 bodoh.. (itupun bukan FREE, hahaha), ok moron pig..? err.. again i mean pendatang...keturunan pendatang memang tiada masalah jadi pendatang di negara lain pun..hahaha..kesian.. tiada maruah, tiada identiti, hanya pendatang babi bodoh menyemak negara orang.. lu olang memang pandai maths..tetapi serupa robot & kalkulator saja..apa nak bangga sangat dgn itu, makan , berak & kencing pun masih tak reti mcm puak gasar tak bertamadun zaman batu....hey, that's a real life facts here..hahaha..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  161. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Salam bro, wow, Jubilee Primary School..! Dejavu...Attend the school there..'73-'75...Panggung wayang "Open Air"...Alamak, kandang babi sebelah menyebelah sekolah daa...!
    1976, bapak bawa semua balik malaysia, tukar citizenship...since my eldest brother tak boleh pursue to national Uni kat singapore, alasan, mak bapak orang malaysia...though he's the Best Student during his time...meritocracy my ass..!! My elders went to SM Yusof Ishak...kitorang tinggal kat west coast road, pasir panjang.!

    Yes, our ruling goverment and whatever platform you maybe that claiming and hoping for the future of this nation...must seriously support "SSUS"..Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua..! is high time for Malaysian to be intergrated and assimilated.

    Ex-BBian, PJ

  162. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Soli Mocacat, talak nampak lu punya comment, lewat reply.

    Sikalang mana ada naik tongkang, suma terbang dengan itu kapal terbang. Yang naik tongkang tu kawan u toyo, kalu u mahu visit sama dia, ticket bolih dapat kat melaka. Wish u Hapi hapi sail all the way.


  163. Tak perlu ar nak hapuskan SJK2 tu. Kita cuma tambah jer mata pelajaran bahasa asing (mandarin & tamil takpun spanish) sbg pilihan korikulum kat sekolah kebangsaan tu. sure semua ibubapa anta anak2 ke sekolah kebangsaan.

  164. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Satu sekolah untuk semua memang bagus. Tapi dibelakang nanti macam-macam tuntutan dari puak cina tamak ni sehingga menyesakkan kepala orang melayu dan bumiputera.

    Untuk melaksanakan satu sekolah untuk semua bagi saya sudah terlambat. Perumpamaan seperti anggota tubuh badan kita yang sudah diresapi virus canser yang sukar untuk disembuhkan.

    Cara terbaik adalah lakukannya cara paksaan. Mana-mana kumpulan yang tidak setuju mereka ada pilihan untuk migrate ke negara lain. Negara terbaik adalah cina dan india ke uk tempat mak bapak dia dulu bawak diorang ke sini. Di sana dia tau lah langgit tinggi dan rendah, di sana memang tak ada sekolah-sekolah rasict ni.

    The best way, lancarkan kempen untuk hantar mereka balik ke negara asal. Ini cara terbaik.

  165. Merramass10:09 pm

    No skill anon1066,

    Are u really a Malaysian? I can see that you're really intoxicated with Singapore. Why can't you just leave, for heaven's sake!! Stop complaining and stop making a fool of yourself. Your grey matter needs a check up like I told you before ...I can bet ya that it is full of swine parasites .....

  166. Merramass10:20 pm

    No skill anon1066,

    Are u really a Malaysian? I can see that you're really intoxicated with Singapore. Why can't you just leave, for heaven's sake!! Stop complaining and stop making a fool of yourself. Your grey matter needs a check up like I told you before ...I can bet ya that it is full of swine parasites .....

    Here, we are discussing about the SUSS, One School For Malaysians, for the good of ALL Malaysians. Don't you have any interesting and worthwhile inputs instead of spewing your hatred of anything Malay/Islam or Malaysian ......I'm sick of your empty rhetorics!!!!

  167. Anonymous2:44 pm

    If the brainless moron education minister accept this suggestion, then one for sure BN will be finished right away, then we will love to see that. go ahead, create whatever shit you like to make people hate BN, and after next GE everybody may blame you for that, and one for sure it will be reconstruct under PR new education minister, and you may doing a stupid thing preparing a free space for PR to take over, think about that.
    - Ton TO Lou

  168. Batu Gaint11:06 am

    How to be 1sekolah when a head master keep on telling the SJK kids especially the muslim malay kids to avoid taking food from non malay. These are repeated again and again every morning during the gathering and after doa. Come on, be realistic, it will never happened. Too many racist teaching being implement in the SJK. Not ready yet mate!!! ps. Want to know which school? just go to kelana jaya.

  169. Anonymous10:47 am

    Bold move. This is a move proposed by progressive elements within the ommunity - Malay, Chinese,and Indian - for a long time now, but suppressed by idiots within the MCA and MIC, who have been concerned more about their personal future than the nation's.

    This brings out the inconsistencies within the BN which have not been properly addressed by the current administration.

    The government of the day has to be clear about what constitutes a wise policy for the BN and the nation, and must be firm about the tradeoffs, which should include dropping the likes of Wee, Samyvelu and Kavyeas.

    Why should a govt minister oppose the 1Sekolah if it is in line with 1 Malaysia? Why should Samyvelu chide the govt for siding with the Sri Lankan govt against terrorist organisations? What role do parties have in the BN which don't practice democracy?

    BN's policies don't seem to be any more coherent than the pakatan whose sole logic is the person of Anwar being in power.

    The 1Sekolah brings out clealry the falsity of the the Opposition's Malaysian Malaysia and MCA's and MIC's national type schools policy and should be pushed to it's logical conclusion, with a clearer and firmer BN emerging.


  170. Anonymous2:19 am

    There are few issues in Malaysia cannot be debated for changes like the status of islam, sultan, mother language which were agreed by our ancestors before independence.

    If you can come out 1Sekolah now, tomorrow u will come out 1Potong campaign.

    Stop this nonsense, this is beyond the freedom of speech.

  171. Anonymous2:26 am

    1Sekolah or whatever does not help unity in Bolehland when bumis study at matriculation while non-bumis study STPM.

    As long as this country is having racial discrimination policy in place, 1Malaysia or 1Sekolah is just a political gimmick from a new leader.


  172. Anonymous10:49 am,

    how does it feel when people from the other side start bugging in your status-quo private space? Just like physic subject we learned in school.. "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.." How's that for a thought?

    Are you mean to tell that freedom of speech only applied one way? Do you mean to deny the freedom of speech for the organizer of this petition?

    A journey of 1000 miles begin with a first step.. now you talking universities level.. by right we should go further down to pre-school level.. why you people always have these type of selective thinking?

    The key words is RESPECT.. you respect ours, we will respect yours..

    but you people had failed to do your part, so do not expect us to honour ours also..fine deal! the once managed-to-be-closed hell door now already set open by some of self-hidden-agendas people from your side..You people may have to live to regret this..not all things can be unwind or rewind.. do not just blame others as a result of your own action. Go and have a mirror..

    p/s: that's why my nickname is anti.. i'm the result of you people..matter & anti-matter..that's how nature preserved its equilibrium.. we're meant to annihilate each others.. r u in for this game now?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  173. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Anti itu ini,

    You even talk physic in your comment, this is why i said you have a fantastic SECOND class brain. Only human can do this. DOG can't.


  174. Victor Lee Simatupang1:36 pm

    Just ask yourself, what Mahathir proud of--graduate from Universiti Malaysa Singapore--note is English Stream education and in Singapore not UM buruk now!

    Khairil--your wirawan, pemuda king, what he proud of OXFORD University, London, Britain

    Other ministers, even No.1, also proud of overseas university graduate......

    Royal, proud of British graduate, Perak one, all the same.

    Look at listed companies' directors, Government-linked companies, corporate figures...all proud of overseas graduate title.

    Even now those calling for one school system bastards also proud of overseas tertiary titles and living happily, fondly in United Stated and now teaching us how to manage this country.

    it is the mindset to educate, to have critical thinking more important than what language--even China youths nowadays speak more English than their mother tongue, why, they encourage their people to be more lihai(pandai) in 2 --3 languanges.

    Sri lanka is the country that implementing satu bahasa and satu bangsa---30 years internal wars to destroy this once has been most beautiful country. it's the mindset of idiot that think about "satu suara" will help the nation. You also want bini empat, want you only want one suara, one language that even can be used in Asean, even In Indonesia, Bahasa malaysia tak bisa difahami. tiada orang tahu apa you bilang.

    Go ahead for this idiot mindset, it is fact, Indonesia even don;t understand Bahasa malaysia--It's totally hard, different for them to understand. That's why they called us--malaysia is Malingsia
    --hanya pandai berdusta utk bangsa sendiri, menggelap mata rakyat sendiri.

    May be u all should go to googles to find "malingsia" then u know, how bad image is malingsia in the eyes of the world!


    Victor Lee
    (Tamatan Pengajian Melayu Foon Yew Johor Bahru)

    They all proud triP(Pengampu dan yusb

  175. Victor Lee Simatupang3:03 pm

    Thursday, May 28, 2009
    Sri Lanka Menjadi Sri Neraka-Satu Penginsafan Total

    Puisi: Sri Lanka Menjadi Sri Neraka
    (Penderitaan 30 Tahun Kerana Ketuanan Satu Bangsa, Keagungan Satu Bahasa & Kemuliaan Satu Agama)

    Oleh: Victor Lee

    30 tahun yang lalu
    Sri Lanka bukan nama asalnya
    Yang terkenal adalah Ceylon
    Teh Ceylon paling mashyur
    Bapa saya paling suka meminumnya
    Bersama Najib, Sasasey, Ah Sigh, Pairin & Johnny

    Ceylon negara yang paling maju & progresif
    Di Selatan Asia, malah di benua Asia
    Orang British memupuk pegawai administratif
    Untuk dihantar ke negara penjajahannya

    Pendidikannya paling baik & umum
    Mutu pelajaran dan budaya yang tinggi
    Perkembangan ekonomi yang pesat
    Rakyat hidup damai, harmoni & gembira

    Tahun 70’an junjungan pribumiisme
    Junjungan “Satu Bangsa” Singhalese
    Tunjangan “Satu Bahasa”Singhalese
    Pengagungan “Satu Agama” Buddha
    (amat sama dgn polisi Indonesia & Malingsia)

    Membawa sengsara, medatangkan derita, menambah kepahitan
    Orang Tamil dipencil dan diabaikan
    Dihina kerana bukan berbahasa rasmi
    Dipandang rendah kerana bukan pribumi
    Dieksploit kerana beragama lain

    Perang saudara tercetus
    Perlawanan yang tak henti-henti
    Tiada ampun, tiada maaf
    Kerana ketuanan satu bangsa
    Kerana keagungan satu bahasa
    Kerana kejunjungan satu agama

    Teh Ceylon sudah dilupakan dunia
    Bapa beta dan kawannya sukar nak beli
    Teh yang paling baik dan terenak
    Pelancong sudah lenyap sama sekali
    Keindahan suasana Ceylon sudah menjadi sejarah
    Yang dipapar hanyalah perang yang sengit
    Pembunuhan satu per satu……
    membawa kebencian yang tak putus-putus
    Merekakan balas dendam yang tak ada penghabisan

    Kerana ketuanan satu bangsa
    Disebabkan keagungan satu bahasa
    Lantaran kemuliaan satu agama
    Menggadaikan ribuan jiwa
    Membinasakan harapan kanak-kanak
    Menghancur-luluhkan masa depan dan hari esok
    Semua insan di Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka menjadi Sri Neraka
    Kerana kejijikan minda pemimpin
    Ditolok tambah keegoan intelek
    Berpandangan dan berfikiran cetek
    Berlagak dan bertopeng
    Di belakang layar perak “untuk nusa & bangsa”

    Kejijikan ketuanan, keagungan, kemuliaan
    Satu Bangsa, Satu Bahasa, Satu agama
    Membawa 30 tahun penderitaan
    Kesengsaraan di bumi yang terindah
    Tanah Ceylon yang maha harmoni, maha bahagia
    Menjelma ke medan peperangan
    pembunuhan berlarutan yang tak bermakna
    menjelmakan nusa tercinta ke nusa neraka

    Segala-gala kerana polisi jijik
    Ketamakan pemimpin untuk populariti
    Kekejian intelek & pejuang bahasa
    Yang ego, berotak udang
    Keaguhan pengembang agama fanatik
    Yang terkobar-kobar

    30 tahun tersia-sia
    Kerana pemikiran sempit
    Kerana masih berminda kolonisme
    Berminda imperialisme
    Seperti zaman penjajahan Jepun
    Memaksa tahanan Malaya membaca
    Dan menulis bahasa Jepun
    Seperti zaman kolonial British
    Mengagung-agungkan bahasa Inggeris
    Yang menjadi eka dan satu-satunya

    Dunia sudah menjadi kampung global
    Pengetahuan bertaburan, berada di mana-mana
    Berpandai-pandai menguasai lebih bahasa
    Lebih menguntung dan menyenang pergaulan
    Disanjung sepelusuk dunia
    Ditabik global
    Diberi penghormatan, kemuliaan
    Dikurniakan pengiktiranan dan penganugerahan internasional

    Jangan ulangi lagi penderitaan
    Sri Lanka menjelma Sri Neraka
    Cintai nusa dengan hati naluri
    Bukan permainan satu dan eka
    Jangan jadikan nusa menjadi
    Malingsia dan malingsial

    (penulis adalah tamatan Jabatan Pengajian Melayu Foon Yew, Johor Bahru; Kini dikenali sebagai JPM, Kolej selatan Johor)

  176. Anonymous10:24 pm

    We are comfortable with the SK, and for whatever weaknesses, will definitely be working harder to push to improve it to higher levels. For better facilities, trained qualified teachers, introduction of new methods and technologies etc etc.

    We have nothing to loose..

    The 1Sekolah initiative is to let all Malaysian children also enjoy these benefits, it is a blessing that we are inviting with open arms and open hearts.


    OK, once again may I remind you to make sure you engrave this TAMAU on your tombstone, because the next 20years, we don't want our kids to be burdened having to listen to your CRIES of discrimination or what not.



  177. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Victor Lee Simatupang,

    Why on Sri Lanka? Have one puisi made about places closer to your hearts..The struggles of the PEASANTS in Mainland China, the Dalits in India, their life struggles, then and now?

    I am sure you will get good and detailed version as most of your decendants were once mainly from these groups of immigrants, before sailing off for greener pastures..

    Why waste your time on Sri Lanka?


  178. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Victor Lee Simatupang,

    Yes, and when I lend in my support to the 1Sekolah call, I read articles related to education;

    Your name "LEE", I am sure your ancestors were never near Sri Lanka, so why do you need to "JAGA TEPI KAIN ORANG" unnecessarily?


  179. Anonymous1:03 am

    Simatupang -
    I give you a 5.0 for your hate-puisi ah. Never mind let you pass wan ok. But sure this is Bahasa ka? Aiya, no wonder la even Msian's can't understand. Ah yes,and a 10 for letting us all know what is the syllabus for the SRJK(C)schools in Johor Bahru is like:))1Sekolah here we come!!

    Brother, you're missing itu point la.Awak ni di mana? Where do you think you are? We're talking about unifying Malaysia ,with the NATIONAL LANGUAGE, Bahasa, as the medium and you're talking about what... Indon, China, Sri Lanka. Lagi, lagi? ..aiya how can you forget itu Singapura ma. Eh, so what, why can't people be proud of their tertiary education ah? You got a law/sanction against this ka? Jeles ah.

    See, this is what happens when you dont read betul2 ah or I think you didn't even bother to read at all. Who said anything about stopping you from speaking and practicing your languages/cultures/religion? It is even mentioned that English is important. Talk about *mindset*, I can speak, write and read in 5 languages -now can you change yours or not?

    If I were you I wouldn't be losing sleep about what the Indonesians may be thinking because I promise you we don't. As much as you'ld love to see us at each other's throat it won't happen. It only help demonstrate to all here just how much of a Malaysian you really are.

    Hahahaha - siapa itu Ktoyo ma? Saya tatak kenal. Wah lu manyak tau, ini suda makan sorang2 ah? No worries, fly or sail you will get there lor. So long...


  180. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Victor Lee Simatupang,

    Jelas sangat awak ni betul benci Melayu. Racist! So what's the big deal about the Indonesians not understanding us if the Chinese in wonderful Msia can't/won't even speak it themselves ah??? How to understand you guys with your pidgin Malay? So jangan susah hati about the Indonesians, focus on learning and speaking the Bahasa yourselves first dong. The concept is very easy my man. See,you guys can't even understand each other's dialects in China and need Mandarin as a unifying medium right? In Malaysia, I'm afraid Victor, you MUST speak Bahasa Melayu,no three ways about it. You can chong-cheng chong cheng at home between yourselves la.

    Jangan susah2 hati, we are not bothered about what they call or don't call us. If you are soooo.. troubled by it,problem solved - just migrate over ma! In exchange for one of the few thousands Indon who would do anything to come over. Would love to see you speak it as fluent as your comrades there because if you don't you know what happens ah. Or are you suggesting we emulate them,you cheeky son-of-a-gun. Yeah la Victor, I really do admire them too.They certainly know how to solve a problem.

    Btw, have you done anything to help the Sri Lankans yet? No? Puisi benci ko ni tak laku d sana la.Jgan main2 dgn dorang tu, teruk padahnya. Tu la tak tau cakap BM mintak tolong orang Indon tulis jadi macam ni.


  181. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Victor Lee Simatupang,

    Maybe you should enroll and volunteer to serve in the Dalit Freedom Network for a start? (;

    Hopefully this will enlighten and help bring you back “down to earth” and learn the true meaning of KESYUKURAN DALAM HIDUP.

    In the meanwhile, ask your Indonesian friend to take you for a tour back to his hometown so you can see with your own eyes the true happenings there too?

    And don’t forget to ask your grandpa to take you “balik kampong” down memory lane (from which province)and see the goings on in the daily lives of your uncles/aunties/cousin (surely many still living there, right?) from where your parents originally came from.



  182. Anonymous2:06 am

    Kempen hantar balik ke negara asal nenek moyang if you don't want to follow Malaysian rules! If you're dont have the guts to be a real Malaysian, then dont be one! HANTAR BALIK TANPA PAKSAAN. I.e. SILA MIGRATE!!!!

  183. Anonymous2:23 am

    Watched a documentary. About this one country. A citizen killed an immigrant CHILD. Just because she was an immigrant. The leader of the country were being asked by the journalist "Is there any good that comes out of the child death". The leader said. "YES!". Shockingly yeah. The journalist asked, how so?


    Harsh right? Thank god, the Malays are not like that back then.

    But his statement is true. Just look at the problems that we have now. Arguing over which language should be used as the medium of instruction. The Bumis hate to remind the non Bumis that they are the owner of this land, but sadly they have to.

  184. Anonymous5:52 pm

    dear all.
    i mean all, those who dah posted their comments and all those who will post and read this in the future. So long as the sun and moon existed( I wonder where I heard that annoying phrase)
    these arguing must stop. seriously.
    What? are you all kids?
    Everyone, not matter what race, please try to realise the truth,
    and admit your own weakness.
    Yes, this land is the Malay's.
    But now that the Malays have accepted the Non Malay, can the Malay tolerate them? And the non Malays, can you guys be grateful?
    i mean, we all are from the same forefather...
    Just that our culture, belief have differed, our skin color are different. so?
    I understand the protecting attitude of the Malays, yes, who doesn't protect their own land, ain't that right? It is the Malays right. So the non Malays have to respect it. Same for the Malays, you have given some special status to the non Malays, so expect to respect the status. and vice versa, and so on.
    Just please don't argue and cause other problems to arise. Please discuss and honor one another.
    Just because the other side is acting like a bastard, doesn't mean that you have too? isn't it?
    Please bare in mind that anything that you argue and dispute will one Day be settled, fairly, in the Afterlife. God is the most Greater Judge.
    -Servant of God

  185. Anonymous1:40 am

    Cikgu Melayu di SJK(C) bersuara....
    Kalau anda ingin tahu betapa pentingnya wujud sekolah satu aliran (1 M'sia)di negara kita, put your leg in my shoes! Saya guru KPLI yang dipostingkan di SJKC merasakan seolah-olah diri saya tidak berada di Malaysia setiap hari apabila berada di sekolah. Begitu juga nasib kawan-kawan yang ditempatkan di SJK(T).Anda boleh faham kan?Apa taknya perhimpunan, pengumuman penting, meeting, majlis2 rasmi semuanya dalam bahasa Cina. Kami hanya diberitahu perkara yang dirasakan perlu shj.

    Betapa sukarnya untuk mengajar apabila murid-murid Cina kebanyakkannya tidak boleh bercakap dan tak faham bahasa Melayu. Boleh anda bayangkan kami guru BM terpaksa menjadi teacher! Mereka hanya tahu bercakap bahasa Cina dan sesetengahnya fluent dalam bhs. Inggeris shj.Tercapaikah matlamat kerajaan kita untuk mewujudkan semangat perpaduan kalau bertutur dalam bhs Melayu pun tak dapat? Saya bukan ingin menghapuskan bahasa ibunda mereka seperti Cina atau Tamil kerana saya tahu pentingnya bahasa ibunda ini.

    Kalau murid Melayu boleh belajar di SK sebelah pagi dan petangnya ke sek. agama untuk belajar jawi dan fardu ain, mengapa sjk ini perlu wujud?? CADANGAN SAYA....

    Murid-murid mesti diwajibkan bersekolah 1 aliran seperti SK sebelah pagi dan petang mereka akan ke sek. khas untuk mempelajari bahasa ibunda mereka samada bhs. Cina atau India. Anak-anak Melayu yang berminat pun boleh mengikuti kelas ini tanpa mengabaikan sekolah kebangsaan.Jadi takkan jadi masalah bagi mengekalkan kesusasteraan TiongHua seperti yang dibangkitkan oleh BaganSPU.

    Ingatlah kita adalah rakyat Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia dan perpaduan mesti dimulakan dari peringkat sekolah lagi kerana anak-anak ini masih boleh dibentuk jiwanya sebagai ANAK MALAYSIA!Ibarat kata pepatah 'kalau melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya'.
    Inilah pandangan saya...

  186. Rocky Blue11:14 pm


    kah kah kah..

    nk tipu pun pandai2 la...

    kah kah kah...

    dan2 1malayia mari suma nk disatukan..

    tau tak napa menteri2 umno dulu2 biarkan skolah2 ni beraliran??

    sbb tk nk bagi anak melayu bersaing..

    anak melayu kalau duk dalam kelas mesti hujung2 je nombo.. ehehehe...

    tu la di biarkan skoilah cina skolah tamil..

    kalau skolah melayu aka sekolah kebangsaan ni ada..

    baru la dominan atau nampak sikit melayu mana pandai..

    kah kah kah..

    sekolah satu aliran ni cuma omong kosong je...bagi mereka2 yg dok jilat abe najib punya 1malaysia..

    tengok je la uitm..

    tujuannya untuk apa??

    nak tempatkan anak2 melayu..sbb anak2 melayu tk leh bersaing sangat..

    kah kah kah...

    adoi...konon anak melayu susah la dapat anugerah dekan..

    kah kah kah...

    sekali skolah satu aliran..nk kena belajar tamil ngn bahasa cina..

    apa mana dia ketuanan Melayu???

    kah kah kah..

    sampai perang dunia ke tiga la melayu malaysia kena panggil babiputera...

    yng kesian tu melayu2 yg tekena tempias..

    kalau nk cakap si GOMO tu yg babiputera..aku tak tau la kan.. kah kah kah

  187. Nice blog, you have my support!