Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wee to DAP: Don't try to dominate

I don't recall YB Wee Choo Keong ever using his blog to tell off any of his comrades from Pakatan Rakyat. DAP's YB Tony Pua (or is it YAB Lim Guan Eng?) must have really pissed him off this time.

I won't be reproducing Wee's press statement here. You will have to click here to read it. But I admit I'm curious as to who Wee meant by "certain personalities" on the Exco of Penang and Selangor who are "not fit for the job".


  1. Anonymous3:05 am

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  2. Anonymous3:06 am

    It is easier said than done! When you are on the other side of the table, everything looks rosy...

    I knOw some of these PR people personally... that's the reason I voted for BN (not that I am in love with BN).

    One in my area, jobless.. had been for many years, booted out from his employment for reasons known to all of us here.

    PR, how do they choose their leaders, THAT'S A BIG QUESTION MARK! Dont they bother to check first?




  4. Anonymous5:38 am

    YB Wee

    So you too must join the fray?

    It would have been much better if your thoughts were about telling all Pakatan folks to treat this as a reminder that all such matters should be discussed in private and not to give in to the media - especially mainstream media.

    See now, how the MSMs are gleefully writing about this, but very conveniently downplaying the Terengganu issue?

    All it takes is for the Pakatan folks to yield in to the request of an MSM and the next moment - that story is viewed and reviewed by the faithful editors on duty to ’spin’ the story to the disadvantage of the Pakatan.

    And some vernacular media, belonging to BN political parties are also under pressure to perform - from coaxing PR elected reps to switch sides (the Opposition leader mentioned this in Parliament, remember), to ‘editing’ factual reports to suit their political masters.

    Do look at the big picture - where the BN is scheming slowly but surely to derail Pakatn rule in the remaining states.

    Continued issuing of press statements like this will only make it easier for the MSMs to plot the downfall of the hard earned right of Pakatan to govern the remaining 4 states.

    Anyway, how come such outbursts do not surface in Kelantan and Kedah? PAS guys are more disciplined in thsi aspect - consultations being done regularly behind the scenes?

    Funny you know, as the trial dates for RPK and Opposition leader draws nearer, the rhetorics is changing. Why/

    Should you all not be regularly communicating with one another, away from the MSMs, and coming to better concensus to be announced in joint statements?

    By the way, look at this text.
    ‘I am sorry, but we cannot comment at this point of time. If we have something to say a joint statement will be released’

    Generic and can be used by all the 3 component members of PR?

    This will at least tell the MSMs that you guys in PR have the upper hand and will not bow to the evil desires of the MSMs controlled by the dalangs in the BN.

    And by the way, why take a swipe at Penang and Selangor appointments by saying that “even though we know that they are not fit for the job”?

    Are you saying about Fairus and Elizabeth?

    Opening up another can of worms?

    This bit sounds very emotional.

    Be more objective and resilient lah.
    Stick to the issue on hand.

    But more important - have more discussions in private and issue statements jointly. And make sure the members be guided by the official statements and not speak anything more to the MSMs.

    See how difficult it will be then for the MSMs to spin.

    Warm Regards

  5. nstman6:03 am

    Tony Pua is a small boy trying to flex his muscles. Grow up Tony. Be yourself. You are just a punk. Dont try to destabilise Pakatan. I will cut your balls, if you have any, if you try to act tough. Stupid.

  6. Apa yang nak dihairankan, pembangkang di asuh dan memang akan terus hidup dan relevan dengan mencari kesalahan orang lain - itu budaya mereka.

  7. I still waiting Penang DAP government to apply the "Pilihan Raya Majlis Perbandaran" into their state!

    this is their promise during last election, so izzit they already forget that?


    马来西亚人为先 上

  8. Anonymous9:00 am

    Dato'Bendahara, your piece about begging tickle my balls. Looks to me like demands rather than begging.

  9. Anonymous9:01 am

    Dato'Bendahara, your piece about begging tickle my balls. Looks to me like demands rather than begging.

  10. Anonymous9:14 am

    The PR elected reps came to office with the help of angry voters, not because of their capabilities.

    Any idiot standing on an oposition ticket during the last General Election would have won. But when faced with the responsibilities expected of them, they clearly exhibit their stupidity because they have no experience nor the 'cut' to become politicians.

    Mass popularity gained by inciting hatred is destructive, especially when disguised by the so called 'democracy' catch phrase.

    The voters forgot that their elected reps are their servants but got carried away by the science of deception.

    And the time of reckoning is just begining to show up.

    While there are some good politicians in the opposition, the majority are well below par.

    The Penang episode is just an eye wash to fool the electorate over their weaknesses. The leaders know very well how to fool the electorate because that was the platform that brought them to power.

    In a kingdom of fools, the one with a brain surgery is king. In a land of the blind, the one with glasses is king. And on one mountain, only one tiger rules.


  11. Wow.

    I have a newfound respect for Mr Wee Choo Keong.

    For any Government, BN or PR, he is a necessary character.

  12. Wee Choo Keong's is one of the few opposition politician blog that I visit, as I feel he writes common sense and you can feel the desire in his writings to serve the people. So when YB Wee say "we in the PKR do not expect to be consulted when certain personalities are put forward to be appointed to the Exco in Penang and Selangor even though we know that they are not fit for the job" I and my friends stand up and take notice. We are wondering who the personalities are, but nevertheless we could make some good guesses.

    Anyway, I really do think that the Pakatan people are making a big meal out of the story of the Penang DCM post, when we all know its only ceremonial and just a populist DAP/PKR strategy when you have DCM post for a Malay and an Indian. Just wait when all hell will break loose when Pakatan wants to name their shadow Prime Minister.

    Well bro we have to expect more of the ego skirmishes between DAP,PAS and PKR as they are not an official coalition like the BN with official leaders and whats more their Parliamentary representative is DAP 28YBs, PAS 24YBs and PKR 31YBs, so none of them can actually say that they are a more influential party over the other.

    For all we know this is just another one of the Bollywood drama scripted by Anwar to ensure that Pakatan is always in the news, come the Penanti elections Lim Guan Eng will probably make an announcement that all is well and it is good to have an argument among friends, that is democracy Pakatan style I suppose.

  13. I think one needs to understand the opposition.

    Most opposition electorate believe DSAI is a better leader for Malaysia, politically and economically. We also think more Malays and others would be helped in a more democratically electoral process. I think the reaction by PKR to ‘ask’ the deputy CM of Penang is a good policy. Unlike BN, never mind, its ok, close one eye samy. Even when DSAI gets the PM, he has to perform. If not elect BN again, what the fuck, even MIC or UMNO/MCA!! There must be some good ppl in BN?

  14. Anonymous10:46 am

    This BN labrador is pretending to be curious who YB Wee is talking about, what he really wants to say is see, PR has got big problems. So folks don't be fooled by this labrador.

    Aren't you curious about the Trengganu problem?

  15. Contest and win
    A right to hold office
    The voters decide
    So there is no reason
    To say inefficient....

    We know
    The qualification of each contestant
    We know
    Which party and what service records
    We know
    When we cast our votes

    There is no reason to say
    As long as they can work for the people
    Understand the problems, read and write
    It is ultimately the peoples' welfare
    And the country needs that matter

    Qualifications are just secondary
    It doesn't mean one can do wonders
    With qualified people running the administration
    Too many cooks spoil the soup!

    Every one of us
    Has something of value to the chain
    This is why we have so many colors
    Of people and decision making process

    So it is with partnership or coalition
    Know the working relationship
    Views and criticisms must be shared
    No party should control the medium of common needs
    Settle it within the confines of the inner circles
    Don't run each other down
    It shows sign of no leadership qualities
    Even one has string of degrees.....
    Common sense is the one we should remember

  16. PKR want the PM seat, promise DAP for more money making machine for non-bumis and promise PAS for more 'welfare' project for 'rakyat'...

    DAP help but in return, PKR must listen to all DAP want as DAP has the seniority and bigger.

    PAS help but in return, PKR turn their back to what PAS wanted. PAS mouth shut by given MB position for 2 states(now 1..).Kelantan excluded.

    PKR in trouble, all people inside promised power by higher leader. but until now no power.. no more taking over Malaysia. blame it to the economy when the first place, they can't do anything about it. Maybe if they get PM seat, Malaysia will be IMF country.

    PKR trapped few good politician in a deep ugly personal interest of its leader and being fool with all the promise and also hearsay story about the corruption in BN.

    So now kucar-kacir, if all good politican resign from party and form a new party with good reputation and good leadership track record. the other party will die altogether..

  17. Anonymous10:59 am

    rocky, let bfocus on Dr M statement on najib today in STAR. He mentions that foreign newspaper is damaging Najib image. See now everyone goes to internet to read the newspaper - i think a sabotage by Dr M on Najib so that his son can moved faster!! Stupid Dr M - he is the killer in umno


  18. Anonymous11:41 am

    The truth is PR people used to make a living by criticizing other people. They sold hopes, and ordinary people like me bought these hopes en masse. Now they are making a living through governing and are being criticized by the same people who bought those hopes. They can't handle criticisms because they have too many things to hide. And all these were just within a year in power in just 5 states. They used to go around campaigning in their Protons and second hand makes. Then, Bukit Gantang voters saw it with their own eyes when they came in Harriers, Alphards, Camrys and all sorts of SUVs. Remember, they haven't ruled at the federal level yet, and only God knows what more nonsense will come if they ever become Kerajaan Pusat. Perak people know that logging concessions are prime prizes in the state, therefore, it is worth fighting to the end for that power. Likewise in Penang, with mega projects such as the monorail in the pipeline. The MPPP too has rich coffers. Therefore, the DCM post is NOT a ceremonial post. It comes with power.

    I am not in politics, just an ordinary citizen trying very hard to make a living. But even ordinary citizen like me can understand why all these nonsense are taking place. DAP/PKR/PAS have changed. The power that they got after the 12th GE changes them. Only To Guru Nik Aziz has not changed...may God bless him and his family. No matter what bullshit they want us to believe, naaah, won't buy it at all.

    Struggle Ling

  19. Anonymous12:12 pm

    huhu.. we dont even know how they decide and how they choose their leader... please lah.. masuk akal la sikit.. PKR supporters please listen carefully this is just temporary guys.. please come back..

  20. former DAP supporter12:59 pm


    Tony Pua is another "KJ" but he is in DAP.

    Make millions by selling a not profitable/loss making IT company of Spore "mesdaq" company to some suckers and now brand himself as "former CEO".

    Talking without intention to do. For eg, during the campaign ceremah, he was using the "local council election" to cheat the Rakyat to vote for DAP. Now after being voted in, he tell us that sorry local council election cannot be implemented in view of legal issue!!!

    Knn, if cannot be done legally, why cheat us!!! Tony Pua owes the rakyat on this cheating.

    Tony also promise all the voters who donated money during the ceramah, that he will accounts for us every single sen collected!! After one year, he is silence on the funds collected, rumored to be in hundreds of thousands RM!!!

    This is true DAP. I respect Wee Choo Keong to blast DAP!!!

  21. pakatan is breaking up...yeah in your dreams.MSM will not report anything if they talk about Miss Mongolia or ARB.Wonders if BN excos are any better.

    Penanti is waiting new developments.
    All elected reps. please don't die or resign just to bring progress to your area.Or else we will pray that you either resign or worst die.

    Wonders whom our ex-Lord President was referring to.Words is like a knive. It works both ways.

  22. pakatan is breaking up...yeah in your dreams.MSM will not report anything if they talk about Miss Mongolia or ARB.Wonders if BN excos are any better.

    Penanti is waiting new developments.
    All elected reps. please don't die or resign just to bring progress to your area.Or else we will pray that you either resign or worst die.

    Wonders whom our ex-Lord President was referring to.Words is like a knive. It works both ways.

  23. Anonymous1:47 pm



  24. donosepataharam2:11 pm

    Dear Special Bru

    I dont mind really who becomes our next PM. But I dont want my children to have a compulsive sodomiser or some sexually permissive woman as their leaders. Najib may have a lot of baggage but for all you know all or most of them are empty. And its also pertinent that he must be his own man rather than be Dr M's lapdog. The old man's otak's still boleh pakai tapi he's not going to last forever. Maaf cakap but sooner or later he's going to kick the bucket.

  25. Wee is small fry....after DAP for dumping him out on election. He resigned and form his party.
    Why are we so concern about small fut?
    Lets talk big Mahathir's recent advises to Najib.

  26. To Malay Male,

    Don't be a naive ass. Wee Choo Keong does not acquire 'hero' status just cuz he responds with small-balled bravado to the comments made by Tony Pua. Besides we readers know your position and interests all too well. If anybody lashes out DAP, even if it is a fellow opposition member, and for whatever miniscule reason, this Malay Ass of a Male claps like a macaque on crystal meth.

  27. Anonymous3:21 pm

    See these are just the beginning of the end for PR. They can't be critised, impatient, rude (see what they say bout each other and to others too!), most (all) are incompetent (dulu kritik orang bolehlah, sekarang buat kerja tak bagus mana pun) kutuk orang pandaiiii sangat, baru setahun ada kuasa sikit dah kacau bilau. C'mon Malaysians THINK!!!! You want to gamble our future with these bunch of morons?? They are worst than the the goverment they criticise!

    Cakap orang dia yang LEBIH!!
    Boleh Blahla!!!
    Struggle Lim, i'm with you man.


  28. Anonymous3:24 pm

    can we really give pakatan the power to rule this lovely country of ours. they cannot even put their own house in order, can we expect them to run this country without messing it up like their own parties?

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar

  29. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Dato' Bendahara is talking horseshit. The Emperor having to beg for what he wants ? Nah, Mamakthir never begs or pleads. He demands. As for his seniority as a statesman, he should understand that his time is over, it's time to shut the fuck up, and let others get on with their lives.

    Like I said in previous posts, Allah keeps Mamakthir alive for this long for one simple reason - the Almighty wants Mamakthir to see for himself the mess he has created in Bolehland.

    Long Live the Emperor !


  30. "But more important - have more discussions in private and issue statements jointly." - coming from PR leaders and supporters.

    These are the same people who preaches transpanrency, accountability, bla bla bla.


  31. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Okay, keep on slamming Pakatan lah! we are allowed to slam them, and very welcomed to slam them, we join tv3 sama-sama kutuk pakatan rakyat, we love umno, we love melayu, we love power, we love money, we hate those fella who trying to stop us from getting rich! rising poverty? not our problem lah! we make our taukeh taukeh with datuk rich can already.
    interacial unity is rubbish, we enjoy ourselves ok? shhhh...

    i wont support pakatan rakyat from now on, because
    Gua mau jadi kaya
    GMJK (i will just ignore rpk blog, n pakatan, will just read utusan, watch rtm/tv3 news, enough to survive with wealth!waakaakaka)

  32. DAP and PKR still need to work on their relationship, that much I would agree.

    I have a suggestion, those of you that think this political spat is too much to handle, why not help to turn DAP, PKR & PAS into the same format as BN then? Maybe let PKR stand infront and others just kao tou (bend over).

    Since Wee thinks that LGE (CM!) should take no part in discussion on Fairus (DCM!) resignation, then i hope Wee should also seriously consider agreeing that a CM can do anything he see fits, even without discussing it with his DCM. Maybe the next DCM can just stand in and be a plant and do nothing & given nothing to do. if that is the case, PKR then should not question the CM cos the CM can choose & do what he bloody likes with or without his DCM. After all, the CM does not know how long the new DCM is going to resign or called to resign by PKR without him knowing until it is too late.

    Wee can say what he wants, it is his mouth anyway. But this does not mean what Wee said is correct. It is his opinion and in this case I do not agree with his opinion.

    Ahmad Said also made his statement, alot dont agree also, but the sad thing is those inside BN are the ones with the least voice. Why? Cos cannot upset u know who ma. Is this what you would call err...stable??

    And why is the title on this piece 'Wee to DAP: Don't try to dominate'? Are you sure Wee intended to say that? You are a journalist, rite? did not ask Wee is that what he is trying to say? that DAP is trying to dominate over PKR? why not ask properly and quote him on that if he is indeed thinking so? i'm sure you would not put words in your Master's (The M) mouth.

  33. Anonymous4:24 pm




  34. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Bloder Locky,

    What happened to Simedarby watch blogs? Sudah menopause ma. Pls investigate.

    Sharifah Bee
    Balik Pulau

  35. "Struggling Ling" writer must be Ling Liong Sik relative...struggling to make ends meet with no bribing opportunities under PR.
    If not...such a selfish bloke....thinking of himself and not the country and the people.
    He thinks most of us supporting change of government are for our personal benefits to get rich?
    hi...check out why struggling nowadays...and stop blaming oppositions.
    He sure love PAS to stay old fashion...not moving forward.

  36. Anonymous7:46 pm

    OK, Lim has clarified further as per Bernama's report below.

    But then, is there a team of bloggers and MSMs going to try the new angle that "Anwar made a mistake and had no choice but to eat humble pie by apologising to a
    Chinese, which actually mortgages the maruah of the Malays" ?

    If yes, lets see the plot thicken.
    After all some bankrupt fellow swill continue to look at such follow ups, as their prime objective is to continue discrediting PAKATAN.


    Guan Eng: Anwar has apologised, matter settled

    GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said on Wednesday that Pakatan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had apologised for failing to keep Lim informed about the resignation of Former Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin as Penanti assemblyman.

    “I do not want this matter to drag on,” he told reporters Wednesday, adding that heconsidered the matter settled.

    Lim, who is also DAP secretary general, had expressed his disappointment Monday that Anwar had not told him about Mohammad Fairus’ resignaton.

    Mohammad Fairus who quit at DCM1 effective April 8, later resigned as Penanti assemblyman on April 16.

  37. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Pleased Considerate ????????????

    Tsunami Victim's 26 Dec 2004

  38. Every court has its jester!

  39. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Ok, see what the EC is trying to do now.

    Read the following two articles to know more.

    The evil forces are still hopeful that they can get Fairus to say more detrimental things (which actually can be the misconstrued news that the media loves to do.

    (Even Dr M said something to the effect on a related Penanti matter)

    Remember, the PM cast the first die by saying that the by-election is not a good idea and that Bn may not contest?

    All he needed was to say this famous quote and the campaign masters and schemers have started to work towards meeting the objective.

    Try harder you evil forces.
    GOD is watching the drama.

    EC meets on 22 April on Penanti vacancy

    PUTRAJAYA, 17 April 2009: The Election Commission (EC) will meet on 22 April to determine the vacancy of the Penanti state assembly seat and the need for a by-election.

    EC Chairperson Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, when contacted today, said the commission would announce on 24 April the status of the state assembly seat and the date for the by-election if a vacancy occurred.

    He said the Penang Election Director had received a notice of the vacancy for the seat from the Penang state assembly speaker today and the notice had been faxed to the EC Headquarters this morning.

    The incumbent state assemblyperson, Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, who was also the former Penang Deputy Chief Minister I, had announced his resignation as the Penanti assemblyperson yesterday.

    Mohammad Fairus, 32, said the decision was made to enable him to concentrate fully on his post-graduate study besides clearing his name following the various allegations against him. He is currently under investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) for alleged malpractices involving a quarry, and resigned as the Penang Deputy Chief Minister I and chairperson of the State Committee on Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, Information and Community Relations effective 8 April.

    Abdul Aziz said the original notice of vacancy and the resignation letter as Penanti state assemblyperson would be brought to the EC Headquarters, here on 20 April.

    He said the EC needed time to study in detail the vacancy and all aspects on the by-election before making an announcement.

    He said the meeting on 22 April would also look into ways of avoiding too many party supporters acting as canvassers on polling day.

    "The last by-elections had shown that too many canvassers had posed problems such as harassing the voters and causing traffic congestion at the polling centres," he said. — Bernama

    EC: Status of Penanti seat on 27 April

    PUTRAJAYA, 22 April 2009: Election Commission (EC) chairperson Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof will announce the status of the Penanti state seat on 27 April.

    Public relations officer Sabri Said said Abdul Aziz would make the announcement at a media conference at EC headquarters here on 27 April at 10am.

    "The media conference has been switched from Friday to Monday. EC which met today discussed the status of the Penanti state seat in Penang," he said in a statement here today.

    Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, 33, of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) resigned as Penanti state assemblyman on 16 April.

    Fairus who was investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had also resigned as Penang Deputy Chief Minister I. — Bernama

  40. Of course this will happen,but more importantly we look at how Anwar handled the matter, he apologized to Lim showing mutual respect and humility.Malaysia need a leader who is humble and is not egoistic thinking he knows everything.I think this saga has shown the leadership of Anwar,he is a capable guy,unlike UMNO goons who are egoistic,when people don't vote for them they get angry at people saying they don't appreciate BN, just in America,is time to change.WE NEED CHANGE,NO MORE SAME OLD,SAME OLD,CHANGE!!!

  41. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Struggle Ling,

    I concur with your feelings. Except 1point! Tok Nik... pun dah mula hilang serban dia, hati dia sudah mula bergelora, pandai simpan didada saja.. HE TOO CHANGED!!

    Itu LKS and family, by the way, from which Province were their clans originally from?

    Mengada ngada tak tentu arah, I sure would like to make a background check on this.


  42. Anonymous9:19 pm

    PR get your act together. If you do not you will have many Peraks on your hands. No one group can rule this country. The only way the opposition can rule this country is by a coalition government. Understand this quickly and move forward. Otherwise you will be crushed in the next General Elections Ramalx

  43. Story of Tony Pua9:38 pm

    Look at a comment here:-


    Allow me give some fact on Tony Pua who state in his blog:-

    “…Before joining politics full-time in January 2007, I was the CEO and founder of a Malaysian IT company, publicly listed in Singapore. I divested all my shares in the company to be able to serve the community and take part in socio-political affairs of Malaysia…..”

    You want to know how he make his money? You can actually get this public announcement on the website of Singapore Stock Exchange ( , but I will summarise the gist of it , to let people know this Tony is nothing more than and young ciku who brag his success.

    In fact Chew Mei Fun can use this info to whack Tony Pua during the last election, but knowing the “intelligence” of MCA, all no fact, only talk loud!

    As per anouncement made on 8 Jan 2007 on the Singapore Stock Exchange:

    “….Tony Pua sold 29,649,940 shares (17.9495%) in Cyber Village Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange for S$0.07 per share on 8 January 2007…”

    Mean Tony Pua receive S$2,075,495 [29,649,940 X S$0.07 per share ] which is equivalent to RM4.9 million. No wonder he said he is a millionaire mah !!!!

    Now let’s look at the financial health of that Cyber Village Holdings Ltd which he was the CEO when he sold the company.

    Turnover (’000)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2005 S$2,643
    Y/E 31 Dec 2006 S$5,614

    Loss Before Tax (’000)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2005 (S$2,187)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2006 (S$747)

    Accumulated Losses
    As at 31 Dec 2005 (S$6,446)
    As at 31 Dec 2006 (S$6,750)

    PATHETIC RESULTS!!!! and Tony claim like he is a wonder CEO from Silicon Valley!!! Rakyat please open you eye, big big I mean!!!

    Ok , Rakyat be the judge whether how good is this Tony Pua:))))

    Yes, CEO name is big, BUT please judge for yourself. Do you know any tom, dick and harry can also call himself as CEO, but please look into the proper context when people market themselve as CEO. I am also a CEO !!! (CEO of my house lah:))

    With the above kind of “track record”, Tony tought he can bluff himself trying to do big things like buying ovel PLUS highway and mange it!!!!! Puke!!!!! Small company also cannot manage, want to manage PLUS? You think you are as experiene say Chua Tee Yong, who is a full fledge CFO of a big GLC!!

    Tony, a mere paper qualification from Oxford will not carry you far without the adequate experience. Experience is what you are lacking.

    Please don’t be another KJ !!

    Many people out there eat more salt than you eat rice, so don’t act like a spoilt child, arrogant anc act like wizard!!! You are not. So listen to us rakyat, please be humble!!! You make many promises during your ceramahs in PJ, but so far empty promise and talk!!!

  44. Anonymous10:44 pm

    What is Wee's wailing compared to the following story in the blog 'Malaysian Story'?


    UMNO Scumbags In Penang

    We have a bunch of shamed and mortified Umno leaders in Penang who are lazier than donkeys but power craze like monkeys.

    They have ganged up and issued a threat to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to appoint the state new Umno chairman of their choose or risked being boycotted if Najib selects a candidate of his choice.

    They had held unofficial meetings to pick their own candidate for the post. I was informed that they want Bukit Mertajam Umno division chief Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir who is also the Aseania Group chairman.

    We know whom Musa is aligned to. Non other than our failed and disgraced ex-Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who carried the image of ulamak but a scoundrel in reality.

    I will elaborate to you later why I called him a scoundrel.

    Musa has most Umno division chairmen in Penang to support him. Among the culprits who came up with the idea to issue the threat and boycott are Permatang Pauh Umno head Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid, Azhar Ibrahim (Opposition leader who is also Penang Umno secretary), Shahbudin Yahaya (Tasek Gelugor chief), Omar Fuadzar (Bukit Gelugor and Musa”s cousin), Datuk Rahim Saibo (Bayan Lepas), Datuk Nordin Kassim (Batu Kawan) and Datuk Ahmad Ibni Hajar (Tanjung).

    These Umno blokes did not even lift their fingers to do anything after Penang was seized by Pakatan-Rakyat in the last general election.

    In fact, none of them, except Seberang Jaya and Sungai Bakap state assemblymen, had done anything until today to plot or draw up strategies to re-coup Penang from PR.

    They are acting as warlords in their own divisions. They even pressured Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop to appoint them as committee members in the state MTEN and for that, they now received RM500,000 annual grant each from the PM’s Department to organise their own programmes.

    While Najib is making relentless efforts to WALK his TALK, this bunch of Umno scumbags are merely talking on how to plot strategy to enrich themselves and cling on to power as long as they live.

    They deserve nothing but a boot out from Najib. Najib has to be tough and firm with these scumbags. He has to discipline them or the people will discipline him.

  45. Zaid said:

    To Malay Male,

    Don't be a naive ass. Wee Choo Keong does not acquire 'hero' status just cuz he responds with small-balled bravado to the comments made by Tony Pua. Besides we readers know your position and interests all too well. If anybody lashes out DAP, even if it is a fellow opposition member, and for whatever miniscule reason, this Malay Ass of a Male claps like a macaque on crystal meth.


    To Zaid.


    What is my position? On top? Doggy? Karpal layar?

    Get thee behind me, Satan!

    My interests are very simple.

    I do not agree with saying anyone is always RIGHT, and others are always WRONG.

    'Always' is a Bon Jovi song, and should stay that way.

    Just because PR is BN's direct competitots (yes, competiTOTs, not competiTORs. Not yet, but hopefully they will be), does not make them everything BN is not.

    Just because they are 'incorruptible pillars of morality' - and I say that with a generous dose of sarcasm - who have picnics under trees, sleep with their glasses on and never had any quarry query and never buttfucked anyone in the ass, we should just give them a bye from close scrutiny?

    No way, man!

    People like Wee Choo Keong have done actions (notice my safe choice of words here, boy?) that transcend party lines.

    And I may be speaking for myself and a very small number of people, but we are sick of party lines.

    If good governance is an agenda for anyone, we need more actions like this by politicians who are not cowed to say what they think or what needs to be said.

    Sure, Wee Choo Keong's statement is a small statement, a short message. It's no fire and brimstone, no death knell for PR.

    However, we must nurture the good habit of being forthright and honourable in our dealings. Even if a quadrillion would shout that we are dishonourable people.

    Mr Wee's statement shows signs that he and probably others in PR are not averse to saying, "Semuanya Okay."

    If PR people are smart, they would laud this practice and convince the people - the real PEOPLE - that they will fight with anyone, even those from the same party, if they believe something is not right.

    I, myself, may have no dignity, for I loathe the concept of 'maruah' as it has been twisted like a whore-contortionist on speed (that's ampethamines, foo!).

    But I do understand honour.

    And for that honour, I would sing like a gibbon, prance like a babboon, dance like a bonobo, act like a chimpanzee, walk like a gorilla, twirl like a marmoset and yes, even clap very much like a macaque.


  46. Anonymous1:05 am

    Dah resign, jangan nak bina jambatan lagi; Dah terbukti rasuah, jangan melantik mereka lagi; Dah ada perlembagaan, undilah tidak percaya; Dah 50 tahun, masih lagi nak cakap pasal kaum sendiri... Menyampah betul melihat ahli politik yang hanya gilakan kuasa. Malaysia tidak akan ke mana sekiranya parti berasaskan kaum tertentu masih wujud. Bangunlah rakyat Malaysia!!

  47. Anonymous1:09 am

    Kerajaan BN di PERAK memang membolos!! 16 buah Kereta baru camry dilelong???

    Kalau bukan membolos? apa lagi? Pasal itu kereta dibeli oleh kerajaan PR?

    Itu DUIT RAKYAT!! ok???

  48. Anonymous1:30 am

    dear rocky,

    pls read zul4kulim.blogspot
    about a missing child.
    Please, God, not again.

  49. Chow Kit Cowboy1:41 am

    On the other hand, what has YB Wee Choo Keong achieved or done over the past year that makes him one of the "qualified" ones?

    The crime rate in his vicinity is soaring that even students have been robbed and slashed and are living in fear?

    What do you propose to do YB Wee?

  50. the Art of Spinning9:04 am


    Look at this spinning and all sundries also broadcast same way

    Tun M did not single out Nazri and Johari Baharum, in fact Tun M earlier said he wouldn't tell who are the Ministers of unsavoury character. But the spin is, during the press conference, one reporter planted this in "..the names of Nazri and Johari Baharum been brought up..."

    Look at the video here. Seeing is believing!!!!

    Then Tun M commented on these 2 ministers. See, the spin!!!! They plant in the issue and when Tun M respond, they (the journalist) write differently!!!!

    Is this how journalist works:)))))

    Eg see how Malaysian Insider sell this news!!!

    Dr M says Nazri and Johari are among those Najib should not have appointed

    By Lee Wei Lian
    PUTRAJAYA, April 22 – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed today singled out Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz as one of the ministers he thinks should not have been appointed into Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s Cabinet.

    He also named Datuk Johari Baharum as someone he thought should not have been made a deputy minister.

    Dr Mahathir's remarks today came after he expressed disappointment last week that Najib had appointed "unsavoury characters" into his Cabinet.

    "It is quite obvious that he (Najib) does not depend upon me, for example, he appointed ministers, deputy ministers who I think don't deserve to be ministers, who are involved in corruption," he told reporters today.

    When asked by the press who these ministers were, he replied: "I won't tell you."

    However, when pressed further, he added: "Nazri was nasty to me, so of course I don't like him. And Johari Baharum, has this accusation against him for accepting RM5 million to release people. Of course he was cleared but some people still feel he should not be made deputy minister."

    Datuk Seri Mohamad Nazri Aziz is Minister in the Prime Minister's department for law and parliament and Johari Baharum is deputy agriculture and agro based Industries minister.

    In 2007, Johari had come under a cloud of allegations for allegedly accepting

  51. Anonymous9:48 am

    Meanwhile, see how the MSMs are reporting about the Penanti matter today.

    MACC finds insufficient evidence to prosecute ex-DCM

    KUALA LUMPUR: Former Penang Deputy Chief Minister (DCM 1) Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has been cleared of graft by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

    It is learnt the commission found insufficient evidence to prosecute him for alleged involvement in illegal quarry dealings in Penang.

    Sources said the person who allegedly paid money to Fairus denied paying the former deputy CM any money as gratification or for favours in return.

    They said the person concerned was also cleared of any wrongdoing.

    The commission probe was in response to allegations by national PKR Youth executive council member Amizudin Ahmat at a Seberang Prai Municipal (MPSP) council meeting.

    Fairus. who resigned from all posts on April 8, was alleged to have been working hand-in-glove with several quarry operators.

    Meanwhile, when contacted, Fairus said he received a call from a senior commission investigative officer yesterday afternoon to tell him he was cleared of the charges.

    Fairus, who was in Kuala Lumpur, said the good news coincided with the birth of his sixth child here hours earlier.

    ‘‘It is a good omen. I may mount a campaign to clear my name.

    “However, I have some personal issues to settle first,’’ Fairus said.

    In George Town, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng declined to comment on the situation when approached by journalists after the late session of the state assembly.

    “I don’t know anything. It’s the first time I’ve heard about this,” Lim said.

    However, PKR state executive councillor Abdul Malik Abul Kassim said word of Fairus being cleared had spread via SMS.


    ACC denies Fairus' claim
    By : Adie Suri Zulkefli

    BUTTERWORTH: Former Penang deputy chief minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin broke his silence yesterday, claiming the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had cleared him of corruption.

    But the MACC, when contacted, said otherwise.

    The 34-year-old Parti Keadilan Rakyat politician told the New Straits Times that he was contacted by a Penang MACC official about 2pm yesterday informing him that he had been cleared and that the commission would not proceed with action against him.

    "Alhamdullilah, I am clear- ed of all the allegations and defamation hurled at me."

    MACC chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan, however, contradicted Fairus' claim.

    Hamdan said the probe had not been completed and Fairus had yet to be cleared of the graft allegations.

    Fairus fell out of favour of the PKR leadership following claims about poor performance in the state government and in his former Penanti constituency.

    In February, PKR national executive committee member Amizuddin Ahmat claimed that two senior party leaders in the state were working with quarry operators to cover up illegal activities.

    Fairus' name was linked to the allegations.

    A month later, Fairus tendered his resignation as DCM I and state executive councillor.

    Earlier this month, the PKR announced that Fairus had resigned as assemblyman.

    The MACC picked up Fairus in Johor Baru on March 26 for questioning over the alleged graft. He was later released.

    Yesterday, Fairus, said that he would leave his future in the hands of the PKR leadership.

    "The interests of the party are above all others, including my position in the party and the state government."

    What are the MSMs up to?
    Confuse the Pakatan folks?

    It means that the Immigration embargo on Fairus to leave the country is still on?


  52. Errata: "Not averse to saying 'Semuanya TAK Okay.'"

  53. Anonymous2:08 pm

    So one who made 5 million then join politic is not better than one who join politic then made 5 million ?

  54. Eloquently put, Mr. Amir Hafizi.

    Nice one.

  55. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Every body should know who is Wee Choo Keong. He was formerly of DAP and tried to be smart and started this KOKS-kick out Kit Siang. It was he who was kicked out in the end. Together with Fung Ket Wing, former DAP MP for Sandakan, they started MDP. Is the party still exist? If not for DAP, nobody knows who is Wee Choo Keong or Fung Ket Wing. Why did he abandon his MDP to stand for PKR. He will lose his deposit if he stands on MDP. Now in PKR, his head grows big and will soon start another KICKOUT...

    Orang Sabah