Sunday, April 05, 2009

Storm-y Sunday at Sepang

updates: It was the most STORM-y of F-1s. Race was stopped because of heavy rain. My gratitude to Celcom for making it possible for my bro Kerp and the other nine bloggers, including three teenage bloggers, to enjoy the experience.

Original posting:

Kerp & I, and several other bloggers, will be heading for the F-1 later today. We have been invited by Celcom, the Malaysian mobile phone company, to witness the fastest (and noisiest, I heard) race event on Earth.

All those years as editor of Business Times and then the Malay Mail, I turned down every invite to the Formula One that they had sent to me. This time I'm even taking time off from the Bukit Gantang by-election to see for myself what the fuss has been all about.

It may interest Blackberry lovers that they are also launching the Storm at the F-1!

More about the race and the Storm later. Go read what our blogger on wheels gotta say here ...


  1. Wah, kau dan Kerp Celcom invite ye? Apasal aku tadke terima invitation... walhal aku pun `bloggers' jugak - siap ada dua blog lagi. Handset pun pakai Celcom 019; campur dengan dia punya Celcom Broadband Internet. Ini aku kira "diskiriminasi ke atas bloggers kampung".

    Eh, kau dan Kerp tolong complain kat Celcom, ye - kasi tahu yang dalam 8 bulan akau pakai connection dia, sekali pun belum dapat 384Kbps yang aku bayar! Paling-paling tinggi 128Kbps aje - itu pun beberapa hari aje. Mostly aku dapat dalam 60Kbps... Yes, selama lapan bulan camni. Walhal aku ni bukanlah ulu sangat - dalam 4-5 batu ajer dari bandar.

    Celcom - bila korang nak rasa MALU dok KENCING orang kampung? Kalau tak dapat sediakan 3G pun, EDGE yang consistent pada 236Kbps pun dah tak apa. Kalaulah Celcom ni ada rasa malu, sebaik-baiknya kena bagi rebate kat aku.

  2. Mat Cendana, I'll leave that to our Iron Man!

  3. wow..beruntung benar,harap2 tak reribut kuat la nyer.kang kena air kang rosak habis bbry & etc.

  4. Anonymous5:23 am

    baru nak pi F1? Hang ni ketinggalan sikit la Rocky.


  5. Anonymous8:09 am

    Hang Pi tengok,,,kira berapa ramai Malaysian yang pergi menonton,,,itu pon hampir everybody dapat ticket free macam kamu,,!!

    At the end of the day,,,can you propose to Che Det to close the venue,,,bukan mendatangkan hasil,,,!!! Hang tanya Celcom,,,they force the company to buy the ticket,,!!!???


  6. The blackberry storm has no WIFI capabilities. Which is RIDICULOUS!

  7. Fu#k you all who claim to be my friend!
    I was promised a ride to the airport, KLIA that is, and guess what, this so called friend abandon me for a stupid Storm Blackberry promised by Celcom.
    How can a price of friendship is a cheap as a stupid Blackberry.
    And Rocky you knew this idiot is going to send me to the airport and yet you "ordered" him to go attend this stupid Celcom function!!! When I come back I have to review a lot of things, including who will be my friend!!
    I hope you guys will go deaf at Sepang!! Have a nice days see you guys soon!

  8. Anonymous8:53 am

    wah suddenly all the goodies are coming along.


    jocki pendek

  9. Anonymous9:53 am

    How does a blogger receive free F1 ticket & a swanky new device like a Blackberry Storm from a GLC like Celcom?

    You should start using your real name again - Ahirudin Attan, not Rocky. Rocky as a nickname you would like to associate with, I would assume came from Rocky Balboa. You do not deserve to use his name at all. The character Rocky Balboa is a honest underdog who fought with heart and determination. You have none of those traits.

    So please drop your nickname and call yourself Ahirudin Attan.

    Sieg Hiel

  10. yea man, Grid Girls here we come!

  11. Wooaa banyak nye sour grapes... typical lah.
    Enjoy the show Rock. Food is great at the VIP area.

  12. Sieg Hiel, sorry you didn't get an invite. Next time I hope you get one. But I'm sure you need to shed the anonymity firsty. They can't invite "Sieg Hiel", could they? As for my nick, it's got nothing to do with Rocky Balboa. Hehe. Not sure if you've watched some Hindi movies in the 70s, there was an actor who played Rocky the Villain. Check the digital archives. Now, eat your heart out, baby.



  13. Wozniak Wuz Here1:21 pm

    Storm Blackberry was invented simply to suck iPhone exhaust fume. hehehe

    And Celcom is proud to lock Storm to its network after being beaten by Maxis to rights to sell iPhone?

    Leave it to Steve Jobs to make trendy cell phones haha

  14. Anonymous7:58 pm

    I do not know why we are spending so much government funds to back this F1. This F1 can only survive if it is backed by soverign funding. Like the Olympics banks will hard pressed to give them a loan for such a risy and expensive venture. May be the politicians like the thrust of F1. You cahnge the rules and walla you have a new winner. Ramalx

  15. i've got like a million and one things to say but i'll make it short for now- I owe you one, and i doubt i can ever thank you enough!

  16. Anonymous12:17 am

    how much is the storm?

  17. Anonymous12:24 am

    Glad you got to go, bertuah hang. Kat luar ni orang semua menanya knapa la lambat sangat nak start race sampai pukul 5 ptg. kalau dah peminat d mana2,pukul 2 pagi pun bangun juga. Lagi pun ada replay nanti. Memang da tau biasa ujan masa tu dan kereta2 F1 tu mana ada headlights. whats wrong with the usual 2 pm start?

    Harap dapat sampaikan kat organizing committee bila ada kesempatan.

  18. bro,

    Celcom broadband sucks!!!..

    tukar la ke maxis broadband even kat kpg pun leh dapat hspda.Nak harap celcom..citssss..

  19. Anonymous11:05 am

    Rocky see you still don't get it because you went the race got stopped ha ha ha.

    Race watcher

  20. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I bukak skyschedule... di atas sekali tulis... BBC1 Malaysia Grandprix... wah , my kids kata ma maa... that's Malaysia, we want to turn it on.

    Feel so proud lah....

    siapa kata membazir tu... guna otak lutut


  21. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Sorry twas' washed out man. Hope you guys had fun anyway though.

    So, who were the other lucky bloggers besides Kerp-meister and yourself? And especially the three lucky teen bloggers? Any of the bloggers posted reviews of the event yet then?

    And most importantly, how were the grid girls Kerp? ;)

    Jarred Maxwell

  22. hi Jarred,

    for the first time on F1 weekend, i couldnt give a hoot about the result. for a Tifosi, i'd be lying to say i wasnt disappointed. but the experience of being there next to the track surmounted all the sorrow.

    and forget about the Grid girls, Promo Girls were even better!


  23. geronimo6:09 pm

    Bro, if i may comment on SIEG HIEL's remark.

    Sieg Hiel or whatever your shname is.

    You must be so illiterate that you have to ask this question: "How does a blogger receive free F1 ticket & a swanky new device like a Blackberry Storm from a GLC like Celcom?"

    I gather from your comment that you have already decided you do not like Rocky. I think you know Rocky and don't like his guts. Don't blame you. You must be short and ugly and have a stupid sounding name.

    Do your homework first. Find out how Ahirudin Attan was called Rocky. Yep...that Hindi actor of the 80s....

    Actually Rocky, as those who know him well, fights "with heart and determination".

    and bugger, he has all those traits. you, i guarantee will pee in your pants if you dare say all those things you said here, to his face.

    So, brother Rocky, go on with your nickname.

    Don't let a fucking coward like this commenter Sieg Hiel bother you. And we know you're not bothered. Hahhaaa. your heart out, Sieg Hiel. PENGECUT!