Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bukit Gantang: An OutSyed The Box's perspective

Who will win Bukit Gantang? Analysis and pics from Syed Akbar Ali's blog here
"Which giant slays whom is more crucial to Nizar and the Pakatan than to the BN. The reason being if Nizar loses, it will signal the end of Pakatan's role in Perak. If the BN loses, they will just keep coming back."
The journo-blogger Op-Ed is sure the results of the tri-elections on April 7 will be 2-1. In whose favor? Read his analysis here.

The poster above was taken from Parpu Kari without permission.

Last but not least for now, can anybody confirm if this was the earth-shattering news that DSAI said he would reveal?

Anwar announces defection from PPP
Apr 4, 09 11:46pm

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) vice-president V Nagarajan along with 11 of the party’s divisions will be defecting to PKR, said Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.


According to Nagarajan, a total of 6,000 members from the Barisan Nasional component party will follow him to join PKR. -- from Malaysiakini





  2. Anonymous3:36 am

    IT would easily be 3-0 for BN if the Sleepwalker did not give in to pressure and put a minority Hindulen to represent the majority Malays at Bukit Selambau. The Hindulen populace are not going to vote BN in droves again simply because

    1. they perceive the Malay ground to be split and this is no better time than any other for the brain fucked minority group to dictate terms, of course with the instigation of the itchy arsed chingkies and their arse and cunt starved Malay lovvas.

    2.MIC's Samy Vellu- a has been mustang's refusal to step aside and revitalise a moribund party will cost it votes especially among the Hindulen.

    3. The Hindraf spectre looms large over the predominantly rural Hindulen community who are normally more protective of their gargoyle worshipping antics than their more "enlightened" urban brethren. The role of the local sadhus in canvassing for votes will play a large role in determining which way the Hindulen rabble will vote.

    All in all, if BN had settled for a Malay candidate, the seat would be a shoo-in for them *with solid Malay backing) but they erred in fielding an Indian and that had somehow made this an open contest and could eventually cost them the seat. Of course, the flip argument would be that this is reflective of UMNO's give and take stance but I firmly aver that in an era in which non-malay treachery, duplicty and outright rebellion has attained its zenith ( read this:, the time has come for UMNO to put its foot down and demand that all bumiputera majority areas be reserved for UMNO and its pribumi brethren only while the chingkies and hindulens scrap for the leftovers. That will be a strong signal as to who is TUAN in MALAYSia and put them Chingkies and Hindulens in their respective places!!

    Warrior 231

  3. Anonymous7:33 am


    Terkejut! Terkejut! Terkejut!

    Anwar Al-juburi PENIPU!

    -tukang perati

  4. Anak Malaysia7:50 am

    Bro....Another slanderings & lies from 916 he said the big surprise only be reveal after 7April...not the right time konon...desperado he is...PPP? Is that all...No more BN mps that going to LOMPAT ka? Saifudin Nasution...strategi taik minyak...ini bukan strategi...this is PEMBOHONG TAHAP CIPAN...

    Its time the RAKYAT at this 3 bi-elections can show some lesson to this 916 Moron...ALLAHUAKBAR!!!!

  5. Confused8:27 am

    Read that, apparently, that piece of news isnt the "big surprise" he was teasing the public with.

    And the PR faithful fall for it. Again.

    I dont' understand how they can still allow themselves to be conned by silly showman tactics and still revere DSAI.

  6. Anonymous8:31 am

    6000 PPP members from Kedah ? Typo error or belated April Fool joke ?

    I thought there were only 6000 PPP members nationwide. And all are holding posts in PPP !!!

  7. Change
    Everybody wants it
    Morning, afternoon, night
    Light and shadow shine

    To stay on course
    To live through events
    For moments come and disappear

    So change for the good
    Where life share a common gaol
    Feel the glow in the eyes
    The colorful lights
    Mesmerizing grandeur

    It shouldn't be stagnant
    It shouldn't stay in one place
    Ideas challenge new ways to look at

    The habits of negative flaws
    Count the blessing
    It is known to give a life
    Of life and its journey

  8. Tuan Rocky,

    Really waste of time and effort. Waiting and waiting, only bulls and shits (as always) came out from AI mouth.

    Probably the 2nd (or is it 113th) biggest lies from PKR after Sept 9?

  9. Anonymous10:26 am


    Look beyond the pilihanraya kecil. The new Cabinet of Najib is more important. If Najib appoints the wrong people to Cabinet, we the UMNO people are not going to vote for BN anymore in 2012.

    The following people must be dropped / not appointed from their position or from Cabinet:

    1. IGP Musa Hasan replaced.
    2. AG Ghani Patail changed.

    Dropped from Cabinet

    3. Nazri Aziz (bising)
    4. Amirsham A Aziz (who?)
    4. Mashitah Ibrahim (tak lawa dah)
    5. Johari Baharom (pengkhianat)
    6. Nor Mohd Yakcop (silly, belut)
    7 Abu Seman Yusop (who?)
    8. Mohd Zin Mohd (buaya)
    9. Noh Omar (lembap bin tembam)
    10 Muhammad Taib (fail inggeris)
    11 Shahrir Samad (resigned)
    12 Azalina Othman (masih dara)
    13 Ismail Sabri Yaakob (who)

    The following please dont kasi masuk:

    14 Khairy Jamaluddin (bertanduk)
    15 Jamaluddin Jarjis (cigar & ass)
    16 Awang Adek Hussin (awang dogoi)

    These names are no good, incompetent and others with bad track record or corrupted. We dont want these people.

  10. Anwar lied, AGAIN10:37 am


    You heard it right, yes 6000 joined PKR last night BUT, HOWEVER, NEVERTHELESS... only 300 registered to become PKR member.. I don't know what happened to another 5700 PPP members..

    maybe you can check this up.. Anwar bluff again? well it was not a surprise at all to me.. After all everybody knows PPP members voted Opposition last election, so it didn't really make any different.

    I'm sick and tired of Anwar's antics. They think kita lapar sangat nak dia jadi PM. Anwar, read my lips.. GO TO HELL!!! NOW!!

  11. It was all about Khairy's corruption and allegations against Najib or Rosmah.
    Is that the only way the opposition can win in an election?
    Yet! so many thinking people are taken by this line of campaign.
    just throw mud!
    Islam tidak membenarkan tohmahan dan mengaibkan sesama sendiri tapi PAS will never think twice to do that...remember KAFIRS in UMNO?

  12. This ppl still claim there are marginalised where in fact UMNO the MALAYS has even sacrifice majority Malay seats to them, not only Indian even the Chinese. Have you heard of any majority Indians or Chinese seats being allocated to the UMNO'S or have any majority Pas Malays seat allocated to the Non Malays (of course Pas claim they fight for all) while any DAP chinese Majority seats allocated to Malays infact how many Malays are DAP candidates. And yet this ppl still live in denials. It's true the rural Indians are backwards if indeed it true but to whose faults? UMNO the Malays?. Why blame them for your own doings. All the news that samsu can made things better for them and that what they did. Some even being paid by bottle of samsu as wages and they accepted it,believed it man. It the same with the young Malays that drugs, glues, estacy will made them go to heaven unfortunately there are still many Malays still think of those unfortunate people. The Chinese are much more better, there really take care of their unfortunate people infact especially MCA even extend it to the non Chinese but Indian, only a handfull did that and the Tamil movies say it all. Tell us how many Indians Billionaires or millioaires or professional in Malaysia?. They may have tried their best to change the Indians but what made them failed?. Dont tell me MIC does not do anything since Independent.Blame someones for your misdeed it sound good aint it.And for thoe malays who are ashamed to be called Bumiputra just like what Niz Aziz says, look on the opposite way, the non bumiputras are bumiputras while the Malays are not bumiputras and there are enjoing the bumi status privelleages. Do Nik Aziz thinks they will sacrifice their Bumiputra status?

  13. manletih11:00 am

    Hahahaha a good laugh this morning.

    Get a job guys... Don't just blamed the gov for everything.

    If you have more free times. Get a second job. Stop all these nonsense.


  14. Anonymous11:19 am

    Oh no! another prediction from the sodomist !!!
    What now ? I thought the next one would that he's going to be a Congressman in his adopted country of USA !


  15. Anonymous11:35 am

    hahahahaha. another pc of crap from rocky and his hordes of Pros come charging in with the brainless comments. I LIKE!!


  16. Anonymous11:40 am

    how do we know that you did not set up the question and gave the punch-line answer yourself as an anonymous posting? i am talking of Anon 8:31AM who does not have a pseudonym as requested by you.

    gotcha! pandai pansia si tupai etc etc :)

    -Silence is Golden-

  17. Rocky...

    i must congratulate your for the amazing feat of getting UMNO garbage to hang around your blog now.

    you must be a happy man to be surrounded by asshole admirers now.


    i hope mahathir would not mess around and kacau najib too much... let the poor guy run malaysia by himself. he has enough problems on his plate already without this dotty old man to screw things up further.

    and to all bukit gantang voters...

    fuck what BN says...just vote NIZAR!!!!

  18. Rocky,

    One major ommission on OutSyed The Box sadly makes the entire missive very vulnerable to being discredited. A lot of names mentioned there. Even the name of the opponent. But your main Raja se hari is not even mentioned at all or referenced. Just imagine going for a wedding and you go on acknowledging everyone else that is present except the raja se hari!!! Noticed that reading our sinister friend's comments!

  19. I think Ir Nizar should win at Bukit Gantang. Probably with reduce majority because the new PM 'feel good factor' will swing some votes to BN definitely.

  20. Anonymous1:42 pm


    Yeah, yeah... Make sure you bring enough toddy in your greenbottles.

    Distribute them for free, KASI semua mabuk, then surely enough


    Then all will WAIL WAIL and rejoice!!


  21. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Tun Mamak is irrelavant. He belongs to National Archive. I'm gonna put my dick to be cut into 18parts should BN could even snatch one of the 2 bukits.

    - Dicko

  22. Anonymous4:53 pm

    May be a shock for you, Bru. Majority of the Chinese Malaysians did support Mathadir when he was the PM. However, the same majority would prefer him to stay out of politics now after his announced retirement and stop meddling. Chinese takes 'wash hand in gold pan' quite literally. Besides, Perak Chinese populace does not take kindly to that Jelapang taitor. A disgrace that must be corrected with protest votes. I hope BN gets the 'kejutan' and lose for the sake of our Country Honour and Dignity. w9

  23. Anwar and Permatang Pauh5:34 pm

    Look at the reflection of our Tokok Belit by the name of Anwar Ibrahim:)

    "Let us now look at the constituency Anwar and his wife have represented for 27 years.

    "Pekan Permatang Pauh is not a remote interior area but yet it is still behind in terms of development.

    "If you take the location and everything else into consideration, I think Lubok Antu is better than Permatang Pauh," says Parti Rakyat Sarawak president Datuk Seri Dr James Masing.

    Anticipating the blame game that PKR and its allies have mastered, PRS had organised a "working visit" to Permatang Pauh for a group of longhouse chiefs, community leaders and party members from Lubok Antu.

    "I witnessed how there are still poor people living in plywood squatter houses and huts in Permatang Pauh.

    "We spoke to the people there and they are still waiting for development," a Lubok Antu district councillor, who visited Kampung Bagan Serai, Seberang Prai, said.

    The 40-year-old mother of three is now going around Batang Ai to relate the actual situation in Permatang Pauh where Anwar and his wife have served as elected representatives to the Parliament since 1982.

    "It was a real eye-opener. We have been made to believe that only the natives in Sabah and Sarawak are living in neglected longhouses without water and electricity, and that we are being discriminated against.

    "That visit showed us the actual situation in Semenanjung (West Malaysia). Not everybody there is living in air-conditioned houses with all the necessary amenities.

    "The poor in Permatang Pauh are worse than us in Batang Ai

  24. Anonymous6:27 pm

    this are just pile of shit and warrior231 don t ever condamms others.

  25. Anonymous6:34 pm

    A blog for Umno punk!

  26. Anonymous6:45 pm

    3-0, Pakatan make a clean sweep...
    - bujang tet-

  27. From your half hearted can cannot postings/mispostings of late it is "increasingly" clear that your balls have shrunk by several milimetres since one year ago, and still shrinking...

    Maybe its good for you , considering the obvious "sufferings" you have had to endure for 2 years

    You will be forgiven if you can just say it , that your self interest is paramount

  28. Anonymous10:03 pm

    The media repoted today that Israeli Foreign Minister may face corruption charges. Last month its Prime Minister was sbjected to intense interrogation. Everyday there's news about national leaders (ministers) being investigated. Now I understand why our beloved leaders warn us against the Jews, they are bad people... reports of corruption every now and then. As a malay, we must be proud as our corruption record for 22 years is less than that of Israel for 1 year. I think if Pakatan Rakyat takes over, we will become just like Israel - having corrupt ministers.

  29. BN will surely lose since these 6,000 PPP members have gone to the other side. Hold on: What's the total membership for the WHOLE WORLD? Can PPP muster even 600? Haha! Ni taktik zaman P. Ramlee lah...

  30. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Umno kata perbezaan taraf kemajuan di antara negeri kelantan dan kuala lumpur adalah bukti Umno lebih cekap dari Pas membangunkan negara. Tetapi bila aku nak pakai teori sama untuk kuala Lumpur dan Singapura bagi perbandingan antara Lee Kuan Yew dan Mahathir, mereka marah pula.

    20 tahun lepas, menteri Umno akan menyebut nama negara Thailand dan Indonesia sebagai perbandingan di dalam kempen politik mereka. Hari ini, semakin jauh ke Afrika - Sudan, Burkina Faso dan sebagainya.

  31. PAS - ramai sukarelawan. BN - ramai yang suka bila ada wang.

  32. Bro,

    Gua rasa dua batang PR tapau..aloq satu lagi 50/50..

    saja nak nyelit..hehe


  33. conpius conpius...sana kata 500 siini kata 6000 sana kata 7000 sana kata cerah sana kata cerah lagi ...tapi batang ai hujan memanjag..cerah sana sini mana yg gelap?

  34. Keep on lambasting Anwar .
    And keeps on lambasting PR.
    As this is fair deal in democracy.
    PR did a fair and balance political opposition and it is healthy for the sytem to work.
    Some say Anwar's "big shocker" is a failure. But do wait for the results this coming Tuesday.
    Hopefully PR will take home all the 3 by elections.

  35. Dear Bro Rocky,

    Could you please investigate regarding the so called 'SKANDAL BALAK' during pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat?

    Is this true?


    Imah Zuhri

  36. Anonymous8:15 am

    A 3-0 win for BN is not impossible if they can convince the voters that Anwar has been playing ' bluff ' as in a poker game.

    Anwar is trying very hard to ' sai lang ' all he has on the poker table to scare other players out.

    But surprisingly, this street side medicine peddler can still dupe people to buy unwanted medicine.

    The choice is up to the voters. Buy genuine or fake. Simple as that.


  37. Anonymous8:36 am

    Rocky please don't descent and become another Partisan blogger. U seem to be going that way already.


  38. Mustapha Ong9:45 am

    Sdra Rocky Bru,

    Today is the final day for betting on the outcome of the three by-elections in Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai.Gambling is a choice of leisure for most chinese in Malaysia and Bukit Gantang is a hot spot for last few weeks, as millions of ringgit are reported to be changing hands. The pundits pays for Nizar that will spin off the advantageous support for BN candidate Isnail in the vote counts tomorow night. I say BN will win with a simple majority.

    Looking at the current turn of events under the initial people's reaction to prime minister Najib's administration and his "one Malaysia" slogan will inpired the voters in Bukit Serambau and Batang Ai to vote for BN candidates. In addition, with the Mahathir X-Factor presence in both Bukit Gantang and Bukit Serambau, BN's victory will be further enhanced by the end of the day. Credit goes to Muyhideen and with the absence of Khairy and Rafidah during the campaign, the mood of the voters has swing to BN. I would have expected Muyhideen to be more firm with Samy Velu and sent him off from Bukit Serambau, since he is the most unpopular MIC president around today. He had lost his MP status so why is he so "sibuk" making ridiculous suggestions which nobody really cares for his views.

    Finally, Anwar's fate is sealed now that Najib is in control of UMNO and the government.How can an immoral character like Anwar is allowed to lead the opposition, when he had criticised and condemned DAP and PAS during his hay days in UMNO in the early 90s?

    Just listen to his speech to the Sabah Chinese in 1995, being repeatedly telecast to viewers these few days. Anwar is a hypocrite, immoral and unethical in his eccentric politics and certainly unfit to be the opposition leader, as expressed by DAP Chairman Karpal Singh recently.

    We should forget about Anwar as he will keep on telling lies after lies, but his dreams to be the next PM after Najib is a forgone conclusion.Silap silap Anwar will spend time in prison while Najib will rule this country for another 14 years until 2023 insya-Allah.

  39. realiti11:12 am

    " Rozana said...

    PAS - ramai sukarelawan. BN - ramai yang suka bila ada wang."

    Biasalah. Orang pemalas kerja, harap duit bini dan hanya tahu menyalak macam anjing bila lapar, memang tak perlu upah. Bagi makan dah cukup. Setakat takbirr, pasang poster, meramaikan majlis dan mintak sedekah, itu kerja yang spesis ni suka. Kalau di rumah, kena leter bini dan makbapak sebab pemalas.

    Orang dah senang, ada kerja, ada famili hidup bahagia memang sayang nak tinggalkan kerja dan rumah.


  40. Kickdefella Sokong Najib Razak!!!12:00 pm

    Kickdefella Sokong Najib Razak!!!

    Call a spade a spade!!!!

    "...Namun begitu, saya tetap memberi sokongan padu kepada kepimpinan baru negara walau tanpa dijerat gula-gula. Sebabnya jelas, sesiapa sahaja yang mempunyai latar belakang perkhidmatan sepertinya tentu sekali berpengalaman penuh dalam hal pentadbiran negara dan oleh itu, dia sebenarnya berkelayakan.

    Sesiapa yang layak tak perlu di lanyak. Siapa yang layak perlu disokong supaya beliau dapat melakukan yang terbaik tanpa berdepan dengan halangan dan rintangan melakukannya. Dan jika dia gagal, gagalnya bukan kerana tidak mendapat sokongan tetapi gagalnya adalah dari faktor lain. Jika itu berlaku, saya akan mengambil kira untuk menarik balik sokongan saya terhadapnya.

    Saya menyokong Najib kerana saya mahu melihat Malaysia berjaya didalam banyak sudut dan antara yang paling penting ialah,..."

  41. Anonymous3:43 pm


    "Tun Mamak is irrelavant. He belongs to National Archive. I'm gonna put my dick to be cut into 18parts should BN could even snatch one of the 2 bukits.

    - Dicko"

    I think he is still relevant. Pls remember to butcher your own dick after the by election. If not can always let someone do it for you.

    The by election can be like AI vs TDM again. But AI has lost his credibility many times. I hope he retires from being an ass for his own country. Releasing the ISA detainee sometimes is not the best way to win the heart of many, why? becoz some of these people are really making a big noise and hassle to the peace loving silent majority.

    Sexy 33

  42. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Pardon me for deviating from the topic of discussion, my million dollar question now is WHEN WILL THE HEAD HONCHO AT NSTP AND PERHAPS STAR BE REPLACED BY NEW GROUP OF PEOPLE? As all of us are aware they are all appointed by the old regime so wouldn't it be appropriate for them to be dismissed as soon as possible. Pronto!!

    Pak Nujum

  43. Anonymous4:56 pm

    I used to have faith in Anwar. But now we can see more and more of his lies. He wants power for himself, he's using Pas DAP and his party PKR for his ambitions. i have a strong feeling he's not gonna get to fulfill his ambitions. BN, Najib win win back the voters, as they have done time and again before the so called tsunami of march 8. Why? because this is a multiracial country and as such, all the ppl want is stability, racial harmony and non of the farce the opposition is trying to stir up everyday, which is the opposite of that.

    chu kl

  44. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Difahamkan bekas Perdana Menteri yang juga merupakan Imam Besar parti ‘ Umat Melayu No Otak’ iaitu Dr. Mahathir Mohammad akan turun untuk membantu jentera kempen Barisan Nasional di PRK Bukit Gantang.

    Cuma bila tarikh dan masanya masih belum ditetapkan lagi. Mungkin ia bergantung pada keadaan kesihatan diri Imam Besar tersebut yang kini nampaknya seperti kurang sihat dan kurang bertenaga.

    Di sini timbul sedikit persoalan bila mana ada pihak-pihak tertentu dari parti ‘Umat Melayu No Otak’ ini masih mahu mencadangkan agar Dr. Mahathir dilantik sebagai ‘Penasihat parti UMNO’.

    Persoalannya bagaimana nak jadi penasihat, kalau dirinya sendiri pun sudah tidak berapa sihat?

    Apa pun jika benarlah Dr. Mahathir akan turun berkempen di Bukit Gantang, maka kita selaku umat Melayu yang ada otak ini ingin tahu apakah isu-isu yang ingin disampaikan oleh Dr. Mahathir kepada pengundi-pengundi di Bukit Gantang.

    Kenapa saya bertanya begitu?

    Ini kerana bila Dr. Mahathir mahu berbicara atau menyentuh mengenai apa saja isu, ia sudah pasti akan memberi makna seperti berikut:

    1) Jika isu rasuah - beliaulah bapa rasuah.

    2) Jika isu politik wang - beliaulah bapa politik wang.

    3) Jika isu kedaulatan Raja-raja Melayu - beliaulah penderhaka sebenar pada Raja-raja Melayu.

    4) Jika isu perpecahan orang Melayu - beliaulah yang memecahbelahkan masyarakat Melayu sebelum ini.

    5) Jika isu kemiskinan orang Melayu - beliau adalah bapak kekayaan kroni-kroni UMNO.

    6) Jika isu bahasa Melayu - beliaulah petualang sebenar yang meminggirkan bahasa Melayu dan bahasa jawi.

    7) Jika isu keruntuhan akhlak dan moral - beliaulah yang menghanyutkan anak-anak umat Melayu dengan tumbuhnya pelbagai program-program hiburan yang melalaikan.

    8) Jika isu pengajian tinggi - beliaulah yang mengwujudkan banyaknya University dan Kolej swasta sehingga pelajar-pelajar umat Melayu tidak mampu untuk melanjutkan pelajaran di kolej dan universiti swsata kerana kosnya yang terlalu tinggi.

    9) Jika isu perpaduan ahli-ahli UMNO - beliau juga yang sentiasa mengkritik pucuk kepimpinan UMNO. Contohnya [Di sini]

    10) Jika isu kesetian pada parti UMNO - beliau sendiri telah keluar meninggalkan parti UMNO dengan cara paling kurang sopan iaitu semata-mata mahu 'menghina' Pak Lah.

    Kesimpulannya kehadiran Imam Besar ‘ Umat Melayu No Otak’ ini hanya untuk tatapan ahli-ahli UMNO di Bkt gantang sahaja.

    Manakala bagi umat Melayu yang ada otak di Bkt Gantang, mereka tidak akan merasa apa-apa kesan pun dengan kehadiran manusia yang bernama Mahathir Mohamad yang sudah tidak relevan lagi untuk arus politik di Malaysia pada hari ini.

    Malah kehadirannya nanti mungkin akan menambahkan lagi perasaan benci dan meluat di kalangan pengundi-pengundi Bkt Gantang pada Barisan Nasional.

  45. Anonymous8:06 pm

    the funny thing is the phuckatan riots still read rocky. The same nick will condemn rocky and ugut will never set their mark here. n yet they are here again and again and again. Your report must hv hit the nerves then rock. Hehe, funny riots.

    By the way, is it true Ir Nizar is actually not an IR?


  46. Anonymous10:41 pm

    I rasa sangat nak pergi dengar Tun M

  47. Anonymous11:23 pm

    sudahlah anwar. u cannot cheat the people ALL the time!


  48. bro rocky...
    i think BN is back on track or at least it seems to....hopefuly the nation is back to its glory once again....

  49. Al-sadr11:32 pm

    BN lawan Pakatan = Alien VS Predator AVP2

    "whoever wins we lose..."

    Bak kata orang "yang menang jadi arang yang kalah jadi abu"

  50. i hope someone else besides s.manikumar wins in bukit selambau..he was my schoolmate and i would personally rather not vote for him.....

  51. Anonymous1:12 am

    With the installation of Dato Seri Najib Razak as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia on 3rd April , the RAHMAN Prophecy is now fulfilled. It marks the end of the prophecy.
    Would that also signifies the end of UMNO-led BN government absolutely?
    Would Najib’s tenure as the PM comes to a premature end?
    My perception is that if Najib intends to show that the Prophecy is a myth and nothing but a myth, besides harbouring any hopes of surpassing Tun Mahathir’s 22 years reign as the PM and ensuring BN remains relevant till the end of time, then a new order has to emerged.
    The 12th GE was without doubt BN's worst performance in Malaysia's general election since independence in 1957. It was indeed a setback.
    But as the proverbial saying “Once bitten twice shy”, Najib must ensure that BN not only won, but won handsomely in the next GE.
    In history, no matter how many times the Vikings were beaten, they always came back, and in the end all their efforts paid off. Najib must take consolation in that. Like the Viking raiders, Najib must start preparation to ‘raid’ the states BN have lost in the last GE. He had no other choice but to emulate the virtues of this all-time conquering Vikings.
    And not less important his Sword of Damocles needs to be drawn always, high and firm ready to strike and pounch at the imminent and ever present peril he will be facing throughout his tenure as the chief executive of the government. In other words, he must not miss the opportunity to destroy his political foes completely, because if he one does not then he will certainly be destroyed. He has to become the VIKING of Malaysia……..TIKAM batu

  52. Rasanya Tun tidak perlu berkempen di Bukit selembau mahu pun di Bukit Gantang kerana bukan semua orang masih boleh menerima Tun yang telah kelar dari UMNO kerana permasalahan peribadi dan kemudian kembali sesuka hati menyertai UMNO. Ada ahli UMNO yang mungkin tidak beberapa setuju apabila TUn semudah itu menyertai UMNO kembali setelah melakuka banyak damage keada UMNO. Tentu ada ahli UMNO yang aka menyalahkan Tun sekiranya UMNO tewas di dua Bukit ini. Kalau menag tak apa. Takut Tun akan dipersalahkan dan kemasukan Tun dijadikan sebab mengapa BN kalah,

  53. no kunyit no parpukari9:38 am

    Gangguan Seksual terhadap Srikandi KEADILAN oleh petugas Umno, di P059 Bukit Gantang

    Tuesday, 07 April 2009 04:31

    Pada 6 April 2009, jam 4.20 petang rombongan jentera pilihanraya KEADILAN yang terdiri daripada enam orang ahli Srikandi KEADILAN telah diganggu secara seksual dan diperlakukan secara kasar oleh sekumpulan petugas pilihanraya Umno di hadapan Bilik Khidmat Masyarakat Umno Bukit Gantang.

    Salah seorang mangsa turut ditarik secara paksa ke dalam Bilik Khidmat Masyarakat Umno Bukit Gantang atas tujuan cubaan mencabul kehormatan mangsa. Walau bagaimanapun, mangsa telah berjaya diselamatkan oleh penduduk setempat. Berhubung kejadian ini, beliau yang ditemani oleh petugas pilihanraya KEADILAN dan saksi kejadian telah mengemukan dua laporan polis secara berasingan di Balai Polis Simpang, Bukit Gantang. Insiden durjana dan keji ini telah disahkan oleh Pengarah Pilihanraya Wanita KEADILAN Pusat Parlimen Bukit Gantang, Rodziah Ismail.

    Wanita KEADILAN Malaysia mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya insiden ini dan menyatakan rasa kesal terhadap tindakan media kawalan Umno-BN yang dilihat sebagai berat sebelah dan tidak beretika. Wanita KEADILAN akan menyaman mana-mana media yang menyatakan bahawa laporan polis yang dibuat adalah laporan palsu; media berkenaan perlu memperbetulkan laporannya kerana bukti kejadian dan pencabulan kehormatan mangsa adalah jelas dan lengkap.

    Insiden ini telah mengambarkan betapa sebahagian petugas pilihanraya Umno sanggup dan tidak teragak-agak melakukan perbuatan yang terkutuk dan melampaui batasan moraliti dan agama.

    Wanita KEADILAN menuntut agar pihak polis segera menyiasat dan membuat tangkapan berdasarkan kenyataan mangsa dan saksi. Kejadian durjana sedemikian tidak seharusnya berlaku dan berulang.

    Kembalikan kepada wanita Malaysia nikmat rasa selamat dan aman kepada di Malaysia.

  54. no kunyit no parpukari9:38 am

    Lima tahun dulu TDM sokong apa nama Pak Lah. Sebelum it dia sokong Musa Hitam. Selepas Musa dia ada sokong Anwar Ibrahim. Selepas Anwar dia sokong Ghafar Baba. Sekarang dia sokong Najib. Lepas ini dia akan sokong Khairy Jamaludin.

    Melayu mudah lupa.
    Mamak pun senang lupa.

  55. anak mami9:39 am

    Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

    on February 22, 2009 7:42 PM |

    1. Kita sedang melihat banyak peristiwa yang pelik berlaku di Perak yang dahulu terkenal dengan timahnya. Tetapi tidak ada yang lebih lucu daripada nasihat Perdana Menteri kepada Dato' Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, Menteri Besar Barisan Nasional supaya beliau membuat laporan polis berkenaan dengan penggantungannya oleh Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak.

    2. Jika keputusan yang dibuat oleh Speaker boleh dianggap sebagai satu jenayah, apa akan jadi jika Speaker Dewan Rakyat menggantung ahli pembangkang kerana apa-apa sebab? Dan ini kerap berlaku. Apakah ahli pembangkang akan lapor kepada polis? Jika boleh maka bolehlah kita anggap bahawa polis berkuasa keatas Speaker Dewan.

    3. Memang ada jenayah yang boleh dilakukan oleh Tuan Speaker tetapi menggantung seseorang ahli Dewan bukanlah diantara jenayah yang boleh diambil tindakan oleh Polis.

    4. Sekarang dilaporkan yang Dr Zambry akan hadir sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak. Mengikut aturan peraturan Dewan, Speaker boleh arah pegawai Dewan untuk keluarkan Yang Amat Berhormat Dr Zambry dari Dewan. Dapatkah pegawai berkenaan yang bukan terdiri daripada parti Pakatan Rakyat berbuat demikian?

    5. Dimana pula tempat duduk YAB Zambry? Apakata kalau YB Dato Seri Mohamed Nizar Jamaluddin duduk di tempat Menteri Besar? Apakah pegawai Dewan akan disuruh oleh Speaker untuk paksa Nizar kosongkan kerusinya? Apakah YAB Zambry akan berada di Dewan atau di luar Dewan setelah Speaker mengarah pegawai sekat YAB Zambry daripada berada dalam Dewan.


    TAIPING, 6 April 2009:

    Only last month did Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad say that Barisan Nasional (BN)'s takeover of Perak was unlawful. Today, however, he endorsed the BN's menteri besar and said the new government had been accepted by the people.

    The former prime minister hit the campaign trail today for the BN in Bukit Gantang, two days after he rejoined Umno. He told a crowd of at least 3,000 people that he fully supported Datuk Seri Najib Razak as the new prime minister, and Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir as Perak menteri besar.

  56. from hatyai with love9:40 am

    Sawasdee Kaa! ;)

    Ismail Sapian,


    (chan rak khun - I love you!).

    When you come back Haadyai?

    I miss you vely mach...! ;-x

  57. Hahahaha, Kickdefella is old news, so I suppose he is trying to reinvent himself with that posting. As much as I would want to subscribe to the saying of "dengar apa yang dikatakannya, bukan melihat siapa yang berkata", but coming from this tukang bikin wayang, it's really hard. That was probably him himself sending in the comment.
    Then again, for a person who have no qualms to "kencing" kawan sendiri, treating Rocky the way he did (yes we remember all the past episodes from the time he resigned himself from All-Blogs), he is just another Zorro, Haris and the likes.

  58. Anonymous8:35 pm

    anon hatyai 9.40am..

    kun cheu alai?

    kun mai me cheu..? mai mee cheu.. mai put dai tee ni..
    kun chorp abang anti dai mai? abg anti roop lor mark mark..kun pai Malaysia..pai dee jai tee ni.. pai dee song khun mee abg anti..

    iklan..saja kacau awek thai sesat ni..hehehe...

    Awat banyak sgt calon hindulens bebas yg bertanding kawasan Bkt. Selambau ni..depa ingat depa majoriti ka & selama ni yg undi depa puak depa sendiri ka..selamat hilang wang petaruhan..BN & PR pun sama2 bodoh..tak pernah nak jaga hati org majoriti..

    PAS pun bodo..kalau hangpa letak calon sendiri confirm menang bergaya..sampai bila la hangpa nak terus bersekongkol dgn geng babi, mabuk todi & al-juburi? Hiduplah dgn pendirian asal..
    Sekoq babi bawak taik jatuh terpalit kena semua jugak walaupun pakai jubah putih..jgn main babi & jubur..

    :D muhahaha...

    p/s: tak sabaq nak tau keputusan

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  59. Anonymous6:16 am

    Dear Rocky...

    Halls of Justice Painted Green
    Money Talking
    Power Wolves Beset Your Door
    Hear Them Stalking
    Soon You'll Please Their Appetite
    They Devour
    Hammer of Justice Crushes You

    The Ultimate in Vanity
    Exploiting Their Supremacy
    I Can't Believe the Things You Say
    I Can't Believe
    I Can't Believe the Price You Pay
    Nothing Can Save You

    Justice Is Lost
    Justice Is Raped
    Justice Is Gone
    Pulling Your Strings
    Justice Is Done
    Seeking No Truth
    Winning Is All
    Find it So Grim
    So True
    So Real


  60. There is an about-turn in Tun Mahathir's attitude towards UNNO.

    You know why?

    Chinese newspaper reports that his youngest son, Mukriz was offered the Minister of Youth and Sport in Datuk Seri Najib's cabinet.

    No vacancy for Khairy Jamaluddin. That is an effort to pacify Tun Mahathir. So, he switched to sing Najib's tune.

    I think this is a right decision. Though Khairy is much smarter but he is too young at 33 compared to Mukriz at 44. In one stroke, Najib brings Tun Mahathir onboard, instead of letting him snipering away from outside and also project an image of selecting only the "clean".

  61. Bukit Gantang Lost????

    I thought Bukit Gantang WON!!!

  62. Rocky,

    How come you allowed the comment by Anonymous 3.36 who signed off as Warrior 231 to stand here?

  63. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Old Fart,

    Sakit telinga? I thought your kind kulit banyak tebal.

    You Fart here and there ingat itu busuk tarak bau ker?

    Lembu kentut pun tarak busuk macam lu punya bau!!


  64. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Old Fart,

    You are really smelly ....wherever you go, you have this farty smell with you ....yuks ...!!!

    - Deodoriser

  65. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Old Fart,

    Ni sekok lagi

    Mak kau kasi "three squals" mau kasi lu jadi jantan ker? Busuk hamis bau tikus, mulut dan otak!

    … Live rat embryos from Guizhou province are nicknamed the "three squeals" because they squeal when they are picked up (1), dipped in soy sauce (2), and popped into the mouth (3).