Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hornbill Cup: Najib 5 Anwar 0

Sarawak Update has been on my radar for a while now. The people behind it wants to emulate Malaysiakini and get a news portal going for Sarawak. Before Batang Ai, they weren't really partisan. After the by-election, however, they've made their stand quite clear, I see.

In their latest posting here, Sarawak Update chided Anwar ofor having only two Dayak ministers on his Shadow Cabinet after all the talk about Dayaks being marginalised under the BN rule.

There are 5 Dayak in Najib Razak's new Cabinet.

Read more here.


  1. Anonymous2:22 pm

    anwar dont know a thing abt governing.. knows how to talk only.. talk cock.. he says one thing but do the opposite..

    anwar cant even manage the economy much less Malaysia. He said dayak is marginalised but e himself dont even care abt dayaks. he did not even put dayaks in his shadow cabinet. please put more jakuns, bajaus, ibans in your cabinet please since u say no one will be marginalised by ur leadership

    anwar temberang

  2. Anonymous3:02 pm

    So what?

    "so what"

  3. What is the Najib 5: Anwar 0 then? Sarawakian so stupid that they cannot count?

  4. Mazlan4:23 pm

    If one uses the brain - we can see the reason. Currently BN has an overwhelming majority in Sarawak whilst Pakatan has a very small presence there. Therefore PR has a very small pool of 'Dayaks' who are parliamentarians to pick for their shadow committees.

    So before making these 5-0 comparisons its always good to engage a bit of the brain.

  5. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Hey Rocky u must have flunked math. Shouldn't it be 5-2. But that's what you call spin huh. I call it - Lying piece of shit!

  6. Rocky Pru4:47 pm

    why dayak so popular in Najib cabinet? what about other? Bidayuh, Iban, Melanau and other ethnic?

    Why just compare with Dayak?

    5 Dayak in cabinet for me is too much. If he give each of the ethnic, one representative then that should be fair enough.

  7. What's the point for having many minster for one race when those ministers can't perform or fight his own race in the cabinet?

    Naive and Shallow!

  8. delCapoe®4:56 pm

    Bro Rocky, if Anwar were to fulfill his "promises" to the different communities, his cabinet would have 457 members!

    C'mon people; why take this trickster seriously?


  9. Anonymous4:58 pm

    It's not easy to please everyone.

    One day it might even be necessary to include 'others' into the cabinet.


  10. Shadow Almari5:09 pm


    Blogger tu tersilap kot. Nuat cerita pasai rombakan dalam PKR,bukan shadow cabinet.

    Baik hang check, betui ka tak betui.

  11. retard5:18 pm

    emulate malaysiakini?

    come on. can you imagine articles like http://sarawakupdate.com.my/blog/news/babi-babi-b-a-b-i/ showing up in malaysiakini?

    i was hoping and expecting a whole lot more. it can't be the editor's fault for letting this one pass?


  12. Anonymous5:50 pm

    So what is the big Message, Rocky for your stature to write some rubbish to put one down. We all know what is your agenda.


  13. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Having more Dayak ministers doesn't mean more attention to dayaks. Its about malaysian for malaysia. A chinese minister can always fight for dayak's rights, why not? So do indians for ibans or malays for chinese. We are Malaysians! Najib can have Dayaks for that matter so what?

  14. As far as I'm cincerned they are only 1 by-elcetion in Sarawak so it is 1-0 in favour of Najib as states with cabinet representation doesn't mean the state is immune to the opposition taking over the state. It is ultimatele the rakyat that wiil choose, not the number of cabinet representation a state has.

  15. Why 5-0, when it should be 5-2?

    The proper basis for comparison would be 46 years (1963-2009) of Govt of MALAYSIA vs 1 year in Opposition.

    On that score, the score would be? Well, I think Anwar is way, way ahead and the game is not quite over yet, is it?

  16. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Nah... Anwar who?

  17. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Anwar who?

  18. Bro, If Najib is ditching bumi centric policy in favor of one Malaysia, the rest should also ditch their race centric view whether its BN or PR. If one Malaysia means only bumi need to sacrifice not fair mah.

  19. Anonymous9:03 pm

    02 PM

    PutraMerang said...
    What is the Najib 5: Anwar 0 then? Sarawakian so stupid that they cannot count?

    4:12 PM

    With this kind of remarks toward East Malaysian , and you expect my wife's people to follow in herds.

    Oh of course , becuase they are 'stupid,cant count,naive,gullible,katak etc as mentioned again and again by their 'supreme mind' as yourself so they must follow u , right ...


  20. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Whether 5 or 50 Dayaks in the government, that's not the issue. Why have many Sarawakians in government but still the rob the people and natives of their rights and wealth? Don't try to fool Sarawakians!

  21. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Anwar is too moron to get the support from the Sarawakian. Sarawakian maybe hate The Old Dying Taib Mahmud, but they wont let the freaking gila kuasa Semenanjung Malay analgoer guy to get the power in Sarawak. Gila.

    Malay Sarawakian in NYC

  22. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Bang Rocky,

    Camna hang kira nih? According to your posting should be 5-2 kan?
    Huhu...maybe you wrote this posting too fast kot...
    Anyway...so what is the issue here? Dayak 5? Yg lelain berapa pulak? Cerita kena habis nih... barula org tak cakap u spinnin nanti...
    just a thought

    rakyat biasa

  23. Anonymous9:42 pm

    PKR - Parti Kencing Rakyat,
    orang semenanjung lu boleh tipu, tidak sekali orang di Sarawak!!!!!

    - anyq kadang

  24. Rocky Bru. This post confirms you as being Umno dog, if not pig.

  25. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Bumiputeras' dominated states be it under UMNO, BN Bumi components or PAS e.g Kedah, Kelantan, Johor, Negeri 9 , Sarawak & Sabah do not have much racial issues that can be manipulated by this YB BABI like chingkies & hidulens infested states like Selangor, Penang & Perak..bumiputeras are peace loving citizens unlike those greedy pendatang that can never get enough of whatever they want..just like pigs..

    So..judge for yourselves who are the real fucking troublemakers & the root source of all the national problems.. definitely the BABI to be blamed..babi always caused trouble..be it:

    - YB BABI
    - babi the filthy animal itself
    - chingkies babi
    - pencacai babi (melayu pariah)
    - kandang babi
    - and now SELSEMA BABI..already
    declared Phase 4 global
    pandemic alert by WHO!

    p/s: maybe God is giving us a sign..get rid of all the babis..for health & peace..for goodsake! Zero BABI..

    :D muhahaha..
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  26. Anonymous10:52 pm

    bro rocky posting shiat again. 5-0, hahahaha. anwar may not be an angel but we have yet to forget najisman scorpene and altantuya. until this shitman starts to explain those 2 affairs, we shldnt even gv a hoot to what he does for the country. Just remember, MONEY cant wash away ur past sins.

    hey, my friend is a mixed. when can we have a cabinet minister from the same rojak? And MAMAK doesnt count.

  27. Berjuta Rakyat Thailand Tengok Anwar Ibrahim Diurut 'Live' Dalam TV ...baca di http://www.malaysia-instinct.com/ (pilih bahagian bahasa malaysia)

  28. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Jika ikut logik itu, ada kah Petaling street kena taruh satu YB Cina? Jln TAR taruh satu YB Melayu dan Jln TS taruh satu YB India?

    Kita semua orang Malaysia.. apa pasal mau jadi racist macam ni?

    Kepentingan orang Malaysia, sama-sama kita jaga.

  29. Anonymous11:04 pm

    In BN UMNO champion the Melayu, MCA champion the Cina and MIC champion the Keklen but in PR it is colour blind, Cina can fight for the Melayu until go to jail like LGE so Dayaks need not worry.

  30. Anonymous11:07 pm

    ayooo ... everyday Anwar. Sooner or later he is going to die too. Many people act like he is going to live forever

    Umat Muhammad

  31. Anonymous11:20 pm

    5-2 poodah bro..you look so funny bila nak tegakkan benang basah..bcoz its so obvious..when you terpaksa buat cerita macam ni..nampak sangat its not up to your standard..i dont mind if you wanna polish najib's "apple" but in the process dont let yourself down. nampak sangat lah bro you ni... fefaham je lah

    rocky bru fan

  32. Anonymous11:43 pm


    I thought you know what a Pakatan Rakyat shadow cabinet means, but basing on what you have been instigating, it is obvious you know 'nuts'.

    The announcement by PKR is about their revised set up - for that party only.

    If it was indeed the Pakatan Rakyat shadow cabinet that was announced - it would have names of reps from the DAP and PAS as well.

    How come you do not know how to differentiate first, and yet you want to volunteer to moderate this perceived issue?

    Get your facts right.

    And dont put in scorelines like that.

    It reflects poorly on your own mathematics strength.

    If only you had compared UMNO's party set up with PKR's set up announced, then that would have been fair.

    And you would have to admit then that the UMNO setup does not have even one Dayak, whereas the PKR announcement does indicate Dayak presence.

    Are you sure you are being accurate and objective, or you are trying to get used to the 'batu-api' behaviour that you have been madated by the new guys in power?

    Buck up please.


  33. Anonymous1:12 am

    Dei Mazlan Pundek

    Apparently your brain resides in your arse. You are obviously a thought lobotomised zombie Phackatan scum who is only adept at coming up with condescending comments garnished by your hoitty totty me-know-everything mien.

    The fact that 2 people were appointed in the first place when there are clearly no Dayak Phackatan MP in Sarawak is evidence enough that being an MP was not the only criteria in the selection/appointment process.

    Bearing in mind that much energy has been expended by the Phakatan leaders and their scum acolytes that the Borneans had been marginalised and there is an urgent need to redress this imbalance , the appointments smack of hypocrisy and pure condescension at its best.

    It is simple to all enlightened ones that having failed to tempt the Sabahans to leap with all that promise of a 20% royalty and the Sarawakians to jump with that NCR land etc commitments, the opportunistic Phakatan leadership have resolved to keep them Borneans marginalised until the next round of horse-trading or when their services would be sorely needed.Talk about treating people like chattel!

    Enlightened ones? yeah those who have their brains and arses in the right place as nature ordained. So until, your brain migrates back to its propoer spot and start functioning normally, i suggest you stuff your reason/logic soaked comments straight up your arse and if that is too much of a strain, to shit it onto the face of some bright-eyed catatonic Phakatan moron who will have no qualms of lapping up ur shit given that "its always bad for them to engage a bit of the brain" (to rephrase you)

    Warrior 231

  34. Bro.,
    any comment on PAS election in june?

  35. Anonymous7:51 am

    Why believe Anwar? Last night Fairus made a statement in Penanti saying that he went to hell and come back. Who he should blame If not Anwar because Anwar never stand by his man. Fairus was publicly humiliated by Penang government - look at the way they Repossed his official car. Anwar is just a plain Bastard who will manipulate anything to his advantages. To the Chinese this is the gentle reminder - what is the price we all paid when we believed The Bastard who said "we are a family" but he really played our backside. The Bastard will never change. Don't let PKR win again in Penanti and show the Bastard that we don't like all this internal politics.

    Benjamin Tan

  36. Anonymous8:29 am

    Saya tertarik dengan komen Kalam Jauhari yang risau akan polisi liberalisasi Najib terhadap masa depan Melayu yang umum ketahui diambang kehancuran ataupun sudah dikhianati bangsa sendiri sejak merdeka lagi.
    Umno tahu dibelakang kebanyakan pemimpin mereka adalah bangsa asing yang kaya raya yang hidup mereka ini bertuhankan wang dan tipu daya.
    Hanya mereka yang peka akan keadaan hidup melarat bangsa Melayu dan sensitif akan pegangan agama mereka sahaja memperjuangkan persoalan agama, bangsa dan negara.
    Umno tidak perlu kepada pemimpin yang perjuangkan slogan kehidupan sedangkan telah terbukti cara pentadbiran demikian ditolak bangsa Melayu dan ahli Umno sendiri.
    Adakah Najib Razak akan bermuka-muka dengan polisi liberalisasi dia sehingga kaum Melayu terus ditipu dan himpit oleh bangsa sendiri.
    Tanda-tanda itu sudah ada... Tepuk Kepala Dah Tahu!

    Hidup Melayu

  37. It takes morons not to appreciate Anwar's complaints and got Najib move his arse and find ways to please the Dayaks.
    Dayaks better get more educated and smarter to learn who is greater..Najib or Anwar..as PM for the future.

  38. Lim Kit Siang loves Malaysians so much...daily highlighting the short comings of Malaysia to open eyes of UMNO for better management...to benefit the people.
    He can keep quiet and scores more points..but he loves Malaysian more than his own party.

  39. Anonymous9:44 am

    Look! the dayaks has only themselves to blame.Only a Shadow cabinet and they scream their hearts out.They dont see a bigger picture ahead.


  40. Anonymous10:31 am

    My vote for opposition is not becoz of Anwar..but becoz purely of NAJIB. Becoz of UMNO..

    To me UMNO & BN yak a lot ..shd read the interview with the foreign media. U can plan this..plan that, implement this that..but never how.

    BTW why compare a rulling party Najib with lots of machinery force against puny size & resources short Anwar?


  41. Anonymous10:38 am

    my, my... resorting to nit picking now, are we?
    why can't you just pick a side and be honest already?
    just fire away and don't bother with your game of fly fishing.
    write something real, man...

  42. Anonymous11:06 am

    Your blog topics: race race race and race again.

    - RC

  43. Anonymous11:07 am


    This is typical of the mindset of the dark side of the force. Uneven playing field, biased referees and linesmen. Even then, you still can't keep proper score.

    Is it the dark side which says that 5:2 is the same score as 5:0 ?


  44. (1) Umno's version of fair weath distribution:
    RM10 billion contract for one Umno company. RM10 billion contract for MCA company. RM10 billion contract for MIC company.

    (2) Umno's version of justice:
    Appoint judges who are Malay, Chinese and Indian.

    (3) Umno's version of "assisting" Dayaks:
    Appoint a Dayak as minister.

    - So Rocky, we have a fair judiciary lah because we have Tun Ahmad Fairuz (Malay), Lingam (Indian) and so on...?

  45. Umno media people are just social garbage who write good English. Otak memang 3rd rate...

    Negara lain melantik minister untuk melakukan tugas kepada rakyat, tetapi Umno lantik minister untuk "fight" kepada ethnik masing2. Indeks kebencian aku kepada Umno bertambah 50% hari ini, selepas masuk blog Rocky. Semalam indeks kebencian kepada Umno turun 20% selepas membaca blod Syed Akbar.

  46. Anwar who?

    Anwar whom u beat to a pulp in prison 10 years ago. We didn't forget that.

  47. Umno nowadays is so proud of Dayaks. Everyday their professors and "experts" from Sintok heap praises on Dayak voters for being "mature", "clever" and so on.

  48. Rocky,

    U dah sesak. Kesian betul!


  49. Salam Rocky,

    1. Sorry to go off topic but did you read The Star report about Fairuz?

    2. He was quoted as saying he will be on leave for 18 months to do his doctorate.

    3. Honestly, what kind of a PhD programme is for 18 months???

    4. In UK system, even if you already have a Master degree, you still need to complete a minimum of 3 years. In US system sometimes it can take longer than that...i.e. 5-6 years!

    5. Clearly this Fairuz is lying for someone.

    6. What kind of promises did Anwar gave him? How can he believes Anwar? Did he not see how Anwar has been lying to the people about 9-16 and others?

    7. Now we all know that the people that reported him to MACC were PKR people themselves.

    8. RAKYAT sees and understand what is going on.

    9. PR always accused BN as being insensitive to the people's votes (i.e. Perak issue) but they themselves play with the people votes as if it does not matter at all!


  50. Anonymous2:10 pm

    5-0? Who cares. When will BN ever willing to get rid of illegal immigrants, improve public transport, introduce clean taxis, get rid of mat rempit and all type of gangsters, fix potholes, get DBKL to clear all rubbish that create flood, tangkap illegal vcd sellers. 5 zero kaa, 5-2 kaaa, dayak kaa, bidayuh kaa, hokkien kaa, doesn't matter. Buat kerja dulu laaa... gaji still jalan...speeches still on papers...faces still on tv...tetapi!...tetapi hasil kerja belum padan dengan gaji dan status as MPs and Ministers. Susahnya dia orang nie nak buat kerja ye...ish ish ish...penat dah rakyat complain..kalau bini pun boleh ku cerai, gomen baru pun aku boleh try.

    Mangkok von Hayon

  51. Never Anwar, Never KJ2:20 pm

    Najib has delivered 5 Sarawak Ministers. Anwar has yet to deliver.

    Anwar offer only a shadow government. It means he doesn't have a government.

    He has yet to deliver ANY. It is an emphatic ZERO for Anwar.

    Anwar's promises are as good as zero. He is a compulsive liar.

    He kept Malaysians at stand still with endless wayang. Where is his September 16 Government?

    Please ask Anwar to proclaim if he is a member of PKR!!!!!!!

    Anwar must never be PM. Kj must never rise in politics.

  52. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Bro semua nampak marah. Cuba bro tukar Anwar 5 Najib 0 bukan apa pun nak sedapkan hati kaum yang mengaku tak suka perkauman. Anwar semua ok tapi bila Najib sebaliknya. Itu jer bro.

  53. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Jala katak sudah!
    Londeh seluaq sudah!
    Teloq boys susah!
    Kandang Babi sudah!
    999 tanah sudah!
    Anak Luar Nikah sudah!
    Free Sex Kangkang sudah!
    Lari sembunyi sudah!
    Tergolek kat jalan sudah!
    Bawah pokok sudah!
    999 PNB saham sudah!

    Sekarang Shadow pulak?

    Hoi, yang JANJI kenapa belum sudah.


  54. Anonymous5:57 pm

    good that anwar has a show cabinet now. so people, you know who to approach if you have problem. see if these 'minister' can help you solve problem or merely point the all problems caused by the gov.

    hello anwar, umno today is the same umno that you lead last time laa. how fak is umno, u as fak as them too.


  55. Anonymous8:43 pm


    hei warrior231 awak ni hanya pandai cakap besa la.

    baru msn dgn rakan2 dr kl. kata engko tak dtg ke klcc jumaat petang lalu. habis smua org lepak kat gloria jean, nak lihat samada engko berani tunjok muka berdepan dgn cabaran ganu lucerne.

    tapi engko ni yg lagak mcm pahlawan tak tonjol diri pun. memanglah kau ni takda telor. boleh ancam hina maki hamun guna kiboard, tapi bila masa benar2 datang bukti, kecut teloq dn hilang entah mana.

  56. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Time you shut down your blog, Rocky. It has become nothing but a piece fo shit. Thanks for all the entertainment his far.

    You have competely lost it.

    Bye Bye and God Bless you.

    Rocky's Poo

  57. Anonymous10:24 pm

    pegi la baca sarawakupdate tu dulu. Maki2 orang tak tau ujung pangkal apehal? Rocky amek je tajuk dia; 'Najib 5 - Anwar 0, who is discriminating Dayak?'

    ..menuduh tanpa usul periksa, maki2, mensensasikan isu. Sounds familiar lah


  58. porah. we know you and aina have met zahid hamidi. damn, you are sellout!
    got paid from crooks.

  59. Anonymous12:34 am

    Oh dear! Poor old Warrior 231 has obviously not taken his meds today.
    Off on a rant again and making as much sense as an irate Babboon.
    With friends like this UMNO does not need enemies.
    Anyhow as ever he did not address the point in that BN has had a long term presence in Sarawak whilts PKR has not. I am actually surprised they even managed to get 2.
    As others have pointed out the score then should be 5-2.
    Let's not forget PKR had only 1 MP after the 2004 election and now have 31. Not a bad conversion rate in 4 years.
    And never assume that because I readily criticise BN I am somehow a rabid supporter of PKR.
    Anyhow Warrior 231 is so brave only to use a nickname whilst many bloggers that he critiques have more guts to use their real names.
    I will send him some bananas as they are probably his staple diet.
    I just need to know which zoo he is in.


  60. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Anjing bolih masuk klcc meh? Tukar venue la.


  61. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Anon 8.43pm

    World Health Organization advised him not to go as those present were potential SWINE FLU carriers!

    Very contagious. Airborne.


  62. Anonymous5:58 pm

    1.Dei Anon aka a.nuwas

    Bila masa aku janji nak turun sana bangsat! Kau jange nak memandai, buat penglipur lara dahlah hidup lara sebatang kara. Cabaran gila meme Ganu Lucerne seantero Malaya tahu. Tapi aku dah jawab...tak payah bazir duit aku layan org ganu gilo kerana cabaran aku lebih dulu ke PAS, hampa tak sahut kecut perut, teloq lucut. Ganu sekadar tunjuk hebat konon Hang Jebat yang ketagih sebat dari sirambut lebat...kahkahkahkah

    Bangsat, a.nuwas @ anus was....hang pi jilat jubuh mak hang dulu pas tu jilat pungguk al juburi dan hisap batang Cina palat hahaha. Kemudian, balik ngaji bahasa melayu dulu dan baca blog ini dimana aku dah jawab Ganu Lucerne yang cabut lari entah kemana macam pondan tengok lipas jamban..ok..hope you had a nice day wasting ur life at Gloria waiting for some boria.

    2.Anon aka Mazlan pundek

    dari mazlan yang gah meletak nama, umum seantero Malaya yang dia ngundi Pakatan kepada Mazlan anon, tiada nama,tiada bangsa, tiada agama, tiada kuda, hidup duda mati papa penuh nestapa....

    Bila dicabar...sikit2 melenting macam budak kecik perangai jijik perut buncit kote pancit...

    Hei bastard try to answer this like a MAN for once not like the trannie you are:

    "The fact that 2 people were appointed in the first place when there are clearly NO Dayak Phackatan MP in Sarawak is evidence enough that being an MP was not the only criteria in the selection/appointment process."

    operative word : NO(caps on for your benefit)

    Yang you bawa cerita ke 31 blah3 siapa tanya, siapa suruh wahai buruh, barua tak da maruah? You don't understand English or you got no brains?

    Don't sound condescending, Fakatan scum for the imputation from my fellow Sarawakian's blog is clear as daylight:

    "There were five Dayak in Najib cabinet, yet Pakatan Rakyat said the Dayak were marginalised.Suara Keadilan print version recently published shadow cabinet, and there was not a single Dayak named.
    Today, he announce new PKR team, and there was only two Dayaks."

    Now you tell me who is trying to do the cocktwist. Only a flaccid. dead one is amenable to that type of pubic gymnastics or crotch calisthenics...so you definitely qualify.Learn how to address the issue especially since you requested everyone to use a bit of reason while spewing this garbage like some Potemkin intellectual wallah:

    "Therefore PR has a very SMALL pool of 'Dayaks' who are PARLIAMENTARIANS to pick for their shadow committees."
    (operative words : capitalised for your benefit.)

    Last, I checked there were NONE, ZILCH, NADA, PUJIAM, NOLL, CERO..
    (http://thestar.com.my/election/maps/) save for a DAP Chingkie who must be a closet Dayak with his loin cloth hooked up somewhere to dry in the longhouse, and his blowpipe hidden safely in his cupboard...LOL.

    Learn how to lie more smartly, Mazlan, for the stock trade of you Phackatan scum is crying out for quality liars seeing that all their current fib artists are currently spinning falsehoods that are so easily being unzipped by us enlightened ones that even the best you scum dish out can leave Miss Puffery cringe in horror and all ablush in mortal shame.

    You got cheesed off by me berating you so much so that you had gone bananas..right, loco, gila, dayus, paithiam,wahnsinnig, يصيبه خبل‏ ,気が狂った, 미친 etc. Take those bananas they are hurling through those cell bars and peel them off, remove your trousers, soaked as usual in shit and urine, and shove them bananas up your arse....one at a time for the babboon next door is waiting to arsefuck you and them bananas will come in handy as "shock absorbers".....ah never mind pea brained arsedigged, cocksucking, pa buggering piece of shit...What a waste of cock and cunt time.

    Warrior 231

  63. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Hoi mawas..sudahlah ko.. melayu pariah poyo pencacai babi.. dah lama kena jangkit virus SELSEMA BABI korang ni semua..kritikal nampaknya..

    buat gedebe dengan bangsa sendiri je korang berani hah..? itu aje nak berlagak? pigi mampos lah pariah..bodoh tahap babi!

    mau tidaknya..depan cina babi & hindulen lembu terus melutut telanjang hisap batang & biar kena main jubur secara sex bebas...tu lah..bergelumang lg dgn babi..dah tau haram nak main jugak..jenis sampah bangsa tak bermaruah.. itulah korang..pergi cermin diri sendiri lah paria!


    bro 231..mari kita hapuskan pencacai babi pembawa penyakit ni dari menular & merosakkan bangsa melayu & negara ini...

    p/s: before the WHO phase 4 alert on the SWINE FLU pandemic...the sign of outbreak already occured since YB BABI appeared in states like Penang, Selangor & Perak that were highly infested by babis since merdeka..these babi are highly contagious..! The Brits were the one that spreaded them here all over the nation & that YB BABI is their activation agent..

    Just see..even the baruas from ganu already got infected the moment he came here..see how serious was this epidemic... they've tried to spread the virus to Borneo but failed miserably...bumiputera there are quite immune.. hahahaha...


    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  64. Anonymous7:53 pm

    do u know any movement in the glc top heads?


  65. Jenggg X38:00 pm


    hei warrior231 awak ni hanya pandai cakap besa la.

    baru msn dgn rakan2 dr kl. kata engko tak dtg ke klcc jumaat petang lalu. habis smua org lepak kat gloria jean, nak lihat samada engko berani tunjok muka berdepan dgn cabaran ganu lucerne.

    tapi engko ni yg lagak mcm pahlawan tak tonjol diri pun. memanglah kau ni takda telor. boleh ancam hina maki hamun guna kiboard, tapi bila masa benar2 datang bukti, kecut teloq dn hilang entah mana.


    ka kah kah kah...

    *TIUUU* rebah satu lagi gerombolan kena tibai... maruah sudah lanyak... ka kah kah...

    ka kah kah... ni bisalah... gerombolan suka cakap gagah... suka war-war ISA. ISA itu hak Melayu. Konon. Ka kah kah...

    ka kah kah... Bila mintak debat... cabut lari. ka kah kah...

    Bila jemput bermuka... pegi cuti. ka kah kah...

    oii... ni pasti juga orang Pewaris. Bila nak datang debat? ka kah kah...

  66. Mazlan11:53 pm

    Congrats to Warrior 231,
    You are a one man warrior in driving more people to join Pakatan.
    Well done in insulting Dayaks and their loin clothes.
    I am not sure who you have not insulted? You must be running out of people to insult. It must be a sad lonely world you inhabit.
    In your world only good Muslims vote BN? As a Muslim we do not differentiate people by race, only by religion. And even then as a Muslim we do not insult the faith of others.
    Anyhow better not go off track - otherwise I may set you off your meds again.
    You are correct - rather than a small pool of Dayak Parliamentarians they (PR)actually have none. Thus to refer back to my point - the comparison between PR and BN Dayak representation is rather false.
    It would be useful to have a complete comparison of what the racial composition is across the board - and you may find PR scores pretty well.

    Anyhow - you sound disturbed and seem to have some sort of latent homosexuality issue - as you seem obsessed with arses and being buggered by bananas. I am sure Freud could write a book on you.
    Keep it up - I enjoy reading your missives as they do make me laugh.

  67. Anonymous2:07 am

    Good one Bro Anti-whatever..apa yang bro royak pasai spesis melayu pariah ini 100% betoi..i setuju

    tapi apa yang buat aku kelakar mengenai budak2 hingusan macam spesis anus mawas ini ialah aku dah jawab ganu lucerne dua minggu sudah masa dia cabar itu..dia cabut lari lepas kena tibai> yang mawas dok sibuk digloria tunggu boria dengan geng paria, tu masalah dialah kena kelentong oleh Ganu natang hahaha

    Jenggg X 3 aka tukartiub

    Keling mabuk todi yng merapu macam babi kena sula.Muka barua hidup x de arah, nasib dah kena pangkah sudah mati langkah hanyut dengan kahkah. Ini dia melayu pariah numero uno jilat jubo' hisap butoh fikiran kuno masa depe punoh.Jenis ini yang dok menjerit macam hantu rempit hidup sempit otak sakit last2 mati tiarap atas jalan dilenyek lori.

    Sia-sia ajelah pancutan air mani dan ova mak/bapak dia orang.

    Warrior 231

  68. Jenggg X311:25 am

    warrior bersabda:

    ""Bila dicabar...sikit2 melenting macam budak kecik perangai jijik perut buncit kote pancit...""


    ""You got cheesed off by me berating you so much so that you had gone bananas..right, loco, gila, dayus, paithiam,wahnsinnig, يصيبه خبل‏ ,気が狂った, 미친 etc. Take those bananas they are hurling through those cell bars and peel them off, remove your trousers, soaked as usual in shit and urine, and shove them bananas up your arse....""


    ka kah kah... tengok mungkee ni. ka ka kah kah...

    wooit... tuduh orang melenting... 'mudian terus lompat-lompat macam munkee kena belacan...

    ka kah kah... kibod pun habis tumbuk dgn kata kesat... ka kah kah kah...

    oii... ku ini bukan Tukartiub aka Bro 'Isham sebenar. Aku hanya rakan dia... pinjam stail dia skejap. Interest free... ka kah kah...

    Mazlan, steady beb. Mudah sangat kita berdepan ngan gerombolan ni... ka kah kah...

  69. Anonymous1:49 am

    Dei Mazlan Pundek

    I have no respect for dissimulating trannies like you. You are apparently caught in a sexual warp and in keeping with that Freudian self-confusion, it is not surprising that you keep changing the goalposts of your argument just to keep that damn wet thread straight. Let me recap:

    Post No 1

    A clarion call to all commentators including Mr Blogmaster to engage reason when analysing the issue:

    "If one uses the brain - we can see the reason. Currently BN has an overwhelming majority in Sarawak whilst Pakatan has a very small presence there. Therefore PR has a very small pool of 'Dayaks' who are parliamentarians to pick for their shadow committees.So before making these 5-0 comparisons its always good to engage a bit of the brain.

    Starts with brain ends with brain. You are not fooling anyone there except your fawning, thought zombified, imbecile, intellect paralysed Phackatan fan base of which messrs.JengggX3 is enjoying priveleged status.

    Post No.2.

    Mr Intellectual know-it –all now sings a different tune:

    "Anyhow as ever he did not address the point in that BN has had a long term presence in Sarawak whilst PKR has not. I am actually surprised they even managed to get 2.As others have pointed out the score then should be 5-2.Let's not forget PKR had only 1 MP after the 2004 election and now have 31. Not a bad conversion rate in 4 years."

    He adroitly sidesteps my point that

    "The fact that 2 people were appointed in the first place when there are clearly no Dayak Phackatan MP in Sarawak is evidence enough that being an MP was NOT the only criteria in the selection/appointment process.
    (caps on for your benefit)

    Instead of contesting my implied assertion that PKR's inclusion of the 2 Dayak reps were just hogwash and eye candy for they could have appointed more if they wanted to (as being a MP was not a criteria), he bifurcates the issue by throwing in the standard rotten Phackatan red herrings in a desperate bid to make Miss Truth blush and vamoose into thin air. And to get the Phackatan crowd on their feet, he deploys the typical tools used by Phakatan spinmeisters and fib artists the nation over, the classic ad hominem assault to bludgeon the character of the opposing commenter into a pulp and to lynch his credibility before the very eyes of all Phakatan idolaters.

    "Oh! our "heroes" have risen like the men of Sparta to slay the devil" they bay for blood in the Colisuem of Fools as the spectacle of a pack of mentally retarded hyenas tearing at an unarmed man unfolds before them...
    That's all they are capable of ,I guess. the intellectually cuckolded victims of systematic brainwashing..but I digress here...

    So what are those tools of trade deployed against me in a now increasingly consistent and boring pattern:

    a. coprolalia
    b. racist, fascist
    c. tourette's syndrome
    d. monkey, babboon
    e. homosexual ( a new one) etc.etc.

    Shoot the messenger if you cannot counter-argue with facts and reason. Flay him into submission for exposing your imbecility to public odium for that will drive him into exile, shred his reputation to pieces, silence his troubling revelations of us and consign him into the void of oblivion.

    No way, Trannie Mazlan, I am not in the slightest bit perturbed or fazed by these childish antics for I can understand why some people act that way..poor sods who don’t have a life. Born losers who have to lick arses to make some hay in this way for the rest of their days. And I am prepared for that as this response to a similar scum like you, Mazlan, will attest:

    "If a belligerent and passionate defense of Malay rights and dignity in face of an unwarranted onslaught is deemed “racist and fascist” then so be it, I am proud to clothe my honour in those sobriquets even if I appear repugnant to the consecrated infallibles."

    and this:

    "Beatified and sanctified by mutual praise and adulation, this congregation of the righteous then self arrogates itself to a position of supremacy and starts pouring scorn and excreting expletives from presumably enlightened intellects onto a hapless and “guiltified” majority who are suddenly cast as villains in the tableaux of life. Some of us respond by sacrificing honour and dignity on the altar of apologias while others refuse to disrobe our honour by responding with equal vehemence. If the road to martyrdom is paved with the barbs of scorn, the thorns of opprobrium, the spikelet of hate and the prickle of scorn, verily will I stride forth bearing the pennants of pride, dignity and honour of my religion and race so the good that may spring forth in the future is not swallowed by the cowardice of the present"........

    Post No.3

    A reluctant admission shrouded by the smoke from more brimstone and fire:

    "You are a one man warrior in driving more people to join Pakatan.
    Well done in insulting Dayaks and their loin clothes.
    I am not sure who you have not insulted? You must be running out of people to insult. It must be a sad lonely world you inhabit. In your world only good Muslims vote BN? As a Muslim we do not differentiate people by race, only by religion. And even then as a Muslim we do not insult the faith of others. Anyhow better not go off track - otherwise I may set you off your meds again. You are correct - rather than a small pool of Dayak Parliamentarians they (PR)actually have none. Thus to refer back to my point - the comparison between PR and BN Dayak representation is rather false. It would be useful to have a complete comparison of what the racial composition is across the board - and you may find PR scores pretty well."

    Watch how the scum peddles his skills. First, make hay off chaff by scrounging on things like ‘loin cloth” etc (look! who is stirring shit!). Then a personal frontal strike to further ridicule his nemesis as if I live my life a lonely, sad and broken street vagabond...you make me and my mates laugh, Mazlan for you are so pathetic. Come join the hobo crowd for some Beggar’s Chicken under some rail-line in Rawang…..

    Next, ascend the pulpit and begin casting stones against sins, invisible transgressions, unspeakable evil. So now I am cast as the Muslim anti-Christ, a incorrigible heretic, a lunatic Lucifer, the Dajjal who is out to spawn chaos, out to bring forth the rivers of blood, out to cleave open the pits of hell and to raise the demons from the depths…..

    Oh how thou have fallen, Warrior
    Thou are naught the awaited Saviour
    For thy deeds are the seeds of evil
    Thy words the whisper of the devil
    drinketh thou the chalice of prejudice
    feasted thou the meat of jaundice
    verily thou are unforgiven
    for thy acts are works of scission
    (continue on that Mazlan and string me up sky-high in the marketplace for everyone to ooo and aaah )

    Only good Muslims vote BN! Isn’t that the mouldy line used against PAS before. Oh! I forgot, right now they are angels in the eyes of gays, etc etc. You know the blue-eyed boys of the liberal, liberated nouveau bourgeoisie intelectuel. I figure the turbaned lollipops (Nicky Lee Aziz) must be laughing in their Jacuzzis surrounded by Paris Hilton lookalikes and that big champagne on ice. What a turn around of fortune…..

    But, honestly Mazlan, the camisole of your lie is truly eye-popping. You see , I never said that, here, there, anywhere, everywhere, wherever. But then you are Fakatan scum and putting words in the mouths of innocents is second nature to your ilk. You just proved it, Trannie. But you must salve that Warholian itch in your arsehole, mustn’t you? So bring on the sermon about the duties of a good Muslim…… I expected that, the moment Islam sailed into view.

    And then, voila, SHE emerges from under the bedcovers. You see, Mazlan, you cannot keep Miss Truth away from her eternal lover, Mr Reality for long, try as you might. With TRUTH staring stark naked in your face, what can a sexually warped trannie do..but twist and wriggle.. so the qualifiers gambol into view:

    Thus to refer back to my point - the comparison between PR and BN Dayak representation is rather false. It would be useful to have a complete comparison of what the racial composition is across the board - and you may find PR scores pretty well."

    A face saving gambit in your conceited opinion but a mediocre, pathetic and grovelling attempt at an exit in my humble view. You see, how you are ever gonna square-peg a round hole like this:

    "The fact that 2 people were appointed in the first place when there are clearly no Dayak Phackatan MP in Sarawak is evidence enough that being an MP was NOT the only criteria in the selection/appointment process."

    is beyond me!

    For you info, brain dead wanker, they CAN if they are sincere but they wont for obvious reasons..(go figure).

    Then after your pitiful attempt at crafting an exit strategy, you revert to the time tested strategy of playing to the gallery with your sordid homosexual insinuations:

    “Anyhow - you sound disturbed and seem to have some sort of latent homosexuality issue - as you seem obsessed with arses and being buggered by bananas. I am sure Freud could write a book on you”.

    Stupid fella, what a cheapskate you are? Your panties just got stripped off with that move to reveal nothing but the shrivelled cock of the trannie, you are. You see, you added the last bit (trundling out poor dead Freud for good measure) to cover–up your lame defense, hoping that the adulation of your fan-base will save the day and will affirm that you had indeed delivered the coup de’grace and right on cue Jengg X3 jumps onstage like some demented fool released from purgatory.

    The buffoon/jester trying his very best to save his master’s arse with his wisecracks and constipated crow cawing. Nothing original from that dickhead for he doesn’t have anything up there in the first place, a pathetic drug-addled whinging ex-rempit who by his own admission is a ciplak fan himself:

    "Aku hanya rakan dia... pinjam stail dia skejap. Interest free... ka kah kah..."

    Never mind, Mazlan , cuddle up to him in line as you two do the 69 somewhere in the Mine…LOL (invitation for consoling already etched in cybersphere) :

    “ Mazlan, steady beb…………………….. (yeah beb….hold stedy beb lest you get chomped off,beb, stop wriggling beb, you smell beb..…hahahahaha)


    1.Before you send a cannonball berating me as a pot calling the kettle back vermin (regarding those ad-hominems), let me tell you something, without affecting your holier than thou mien, yes! I do engage in that here BUT I garnish my repartees with facts, as this and all my other posts show.

    2.Just curious, since PR avers to be non-racial why is this slip hanging below the hemline:

    “……………………….. the racial composition is across the board”

    Warrior 231

  70. Anonymous11:09 am

    Warrior 231

    With you its like shooting fish in a barrel.
    Just a small comment would have sufficed but you just had to go on and on and on.....
    Anyhow I was wondering what your new insult was - and it was trannies!

    Anyhow I listen to your points in between the vile and I accept some of them.
    My only other comment is that you have so much to write why don't you start your own blog?
    You obviously have the time....

    Best of luck in the world of peace and joy...


  71. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Dei Mazlan Pundek

    Yeah, I agree that only a small comment would suffice. But here, it was incumbent that you be stripped naked and spanked in public for your comdescending attitude. Plus, let this be a case study of how Fakatan scum here and everywhere else in cybersphere behave,as if they are always right and above challenge and critique. Hence the need for the extensive recap to hang you with your own garbage.

    To hell with you, scum, i dont need any conciliatory entreaties of peace and joy from scum who only a day or two earlier had labeled me "an irate babboon ; as being "on meds" ; a closet arsewhore; a racist - epithets I am now inured to but is revealing of your perfidious nature. And worst of all, deploying all that in a desperate bid to wriggle out of deep shit when cornered and exposed by strangling TRUTH.

    That's pretty reminiscient of a Wakil-blogger, I sparred with, you know the "Swamiji of the Ayah Pin cult" who helms a rundown whorehouse of a parliamentary chamber. Last, I heard he is now infatuated with the Ahmadiyites.....LOL.

    And then, there is that minor wakil wallah, the increasingly discredited human rights scum who is reveling in his cheap skate award, a retired blogger....ah the list goes on and on.

    Warrior 231

  72. Anonymous2:59 pm


    ini warrior ada laman web sendiri. berapa orang dah bongkar di blog ini, dan berapa blog/forum lain


    bisa dia cuba sangkal, tape gaya tulis sama aje. bace 1 2 posting dah bosanlah... panjang lebar lintang pukang tapi point tak ada.


  73. Anonymous6:02 pm


    kamu balaci ke barua?Pondan ke bohsia? u dok jaja cerita basi yang dah lama dijawab, siapa suruh? Bangsat macam awak lagi baik diam dari buat bising nampak sangat samseng tanpa otak dahlah kepala botak..hahahahahahahahahahah..LOL

    P.s : tak alam lagi akan timbul cerita saya anak syamil-revert

    Warrior 231

  74. Shariff10:50 pm

    Wow.. Warrior 231 really seems in a pissed off mood with everyone.
    His life must really suck?
    Never know anyone with such a whole dictionary of vile words.
    Its like several paragraphs of swear words with his point in between.
    I'm actually lost about what this thread was about now.

  75. Anonymous12:01 am

    Warrior 231,

    Gang ni semua dah gian BAK KUT TEH!

    Don't worry, itu daging semua Halal, Nga sembelih dengan restu Lebai Nikky!


    Pai Pai


  76. Anonymous11:46 am

    Mazlan n gang,

    I have these question for you. Do you know them SO well?

    Do you know what they speak while SMILING at you, and behind your backs?

    Go and learn MORE, their languages (all dialects), their origins, their ways of life.. live amongst them, from sunrise to next sunrise, then you will know!

    Ini saja nasihat yang dapat saya kongsi bersama disini.

    Pai Pai


  77. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Good one regarding the Bah kut teh, but that would be DANGEROUS now. The swine must now be quavering in their hoofs...hahahahahahahaha LOL.

    Chingkie cocksuckers and arsewhores like Nikky Lee, Ngee Char, Shariff, Maj Lang et al., time to run for your lives!!

    Witness the power of Allah SWT, 2 days after the world tried to mask the origins of this new pestilence, this surfaces:


    For pressure from the hog industry and swine lovers the world over to rename swine flu, surf:




    For lots more funny, entertaining stuff about Chingkiedom's favourite mascot in the Yahoo news portal: type in "rename swine flu" and start sailing.....LOL

    "Ay, a plague on't, my conscience fools my wit - Ben Jonson"

    "From winter, plague and pestilence, good lord, deliver us!
    -Thomas Nashe"

    Didnt we (Anti-whatever, Sepet, Merramas, me, et.al.,) say we have a plague in our midst? Cock a hoop over being vindicated...no..just humbled and awed by Allah's wrath...

    May Allah SWT protect us, Muslims from this contagion.


    Warrior 231

  78. Anonymous2:19 pm

    I dont care who is in power but i seriously think sarawak should have some healthy opposition parties runnin around at least to make the people there less boring.
    to wake themselves up to the fun of politicking.

    Big John

  79. Mazlan4:17 pm

    Wira/Warrior or are they the same?

    Who is them? Are we talking about every person that is of a different skin tone from us? Do we suggest that when white supremacists look down on us brown skin types that they are right in their own way?
    When some Arabs look at us as lessor Muslims that they are also correct?

    As for Syamil - I see why he is pissed: no one apart from me has been to his blog and no one has given any comments?
    No wonder he is using Rocky's Bru as his own space to vent.

  80. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Dei Mazlan Pundek

    You still dont get it do you, SOB. You want to open another line of attack seeing that your first assault was beaten back and you ended up naked with a bloodied nose and a broken ego.

    Hei, bastard and to all the other bastards out there, dont drag Syamil into this, he has not posted or commented here at all. I was given his ID to put up something in relation to an episode back in January regarding someone else who happened to be our common nemesis. And I affirm I made a mistake of commenting here when I had his ID on whilst i was multitasking (putting up a post there at HIS request) you can see for yourself if you care to dare but then you are cockless trannies!

    Now,dont try to associate me with Wira who is a MAN in his own right not like you worthless, cockless, brainless, moneyless son of a whore.

    If the Chingkie and Hindulen had shown us Malays the respect we deserve, this would not have started, from Namewee to Malaysia Today to Jed Yoong to People's parliament et.al., we, Melayu had ENUFF..

    Get it ciplak melayu bastard or are u a chingkie in disguise like Ngee Char and nikki Lee aziz. The Chingkie/hindulen started the game and aggravated it with their condescending comments, know-it all mien, insults against race, religion,sultans etc and we are supposed to keep quiet cos we are Muslims, turn the other cheek cos we are sopan santun budi bahasa malays while they gambol, sashay and fart in our faces with impunity.

    You have no maruah,you barua of a pariah. You chingkie/hindulen cumguzzling and chingkie/hindulen arselicking sessions plus you being arsedigged by them has finally thrown your wanked up brain off kilter and unhinged your pride and honour completely. If your ma and pa are around, they would regret the cock and cunt time they wasted all those moons ago.Now get lost and dont engage me unless you desire more and for added measure we never brought the issues of whites and arabs in here..get it...its the hindulen and chingkie, you stupid

    Brothers Wira, Anti-whatever, sepet, Sifu et.al about time to clean up this mess, mazlan included.

    Takbir! Allahuakhbar!!

    Warrior 231

  81. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Bro. this the excerpt of the story supposed to be linked earlier at 1.05pm.Its filed now under 'Health' in the Yahoo news portal

    By CHARMAINE NORONHA, Associated Press Writer Charmaine Noronha, Associated Press Writer – Sun May 3, 1:53 am ET
    OTTAWA – Pigs on a Canadian farm have been infected with the new swine flu virus — apparently by a farm worker back from Mexico — and are under quarantine, officials said Saturday. It is the first known case of pigs having the virus.

    read further at: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090503/ap_on_re_ca/cn_canada_swine_flu

    Warrior 231

  82. Merramass9:44 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  83. Tongking9:52 pm

    "anon-e-moose" is a barua alright...hey you, anonismouse, none of your business lah ...can shut up or not?

    leave warrior 231 alone ...

    warrior, I am 100% for you ..good work, man!

  84. Anonymous1:25 am


    Wei semok ni puk yau chiang?
    Relax and enjoy.. in Malaysia.


    Pai Pai


  85. Anonymous9:30 am

    Oh well. Consider me chastised by Warrior.
    I am sure my life will feel so much less fulfilled now.
    But seriously I'm not sure how your vitriol fits in with Najib's 1Malaysia. Why don't you send your joyous thoughts to his blog?
    You seem so full of hate about everything you must live in a very closed off world.

  86. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Dei Anon 9.30am

    Keep your cunt closed and your arse open in your open world. I know who you are. Dont bother to cover-up for the misdeeds of your race, Miss wannabe journalist. It is a sheer waste of time to chase after a horse that bolted the barn, a cat that scrammed outta a bag, a genie that escaped the bottle,.........LOL.

    Learn to live with the trashtalk just as you people were so adept at spewing it....you have met your match.

    sekarang baru terasa, masa buat tak de apa2...berani buat berani tanggunglah...oh I forgot, you and your ilk dont understand what berani is!! let alone maruah......kencing merata sembunyi kote is more like it, arsedigged, mouthfucked, cunt slammed whore!

    warrior 231

  87. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Anon 9.30am

    Another thing, i never ever said that i support 1Malaysia as you state. My postings have been consistently for what I would define as 1Pribumi stance where (Malay Culture, institutions, religion etc will be preeminent as agreed upon by our forefathers), inscribed in our Constitution through the relevant provisions and accepted as the cornerstone of our polity via the Social Contract. In fact my 1Pribumi concept is underpinned by historical and socio-economic realities that have shaped the nature of Malaysia eons ago.

    Contrary to what you assume, I am not a blind lackey but would only extend my support where the relevant policies do not contradict or infringe upon the principles I have laid down in the preceding paragraph.

    Warrior 231

  88. Mazlan11:57 pm

    Hmmmm... Did I say you support Najib's 1Malaysia?
    Maybe you assumed I was implying that?
    I was not - just wanted to know your feelings on the subject. Quite obviously I can see your views are quite singularly yours and not that of the 'new UMNO'.
    Now that you have made that clear - have you stated your objections on Najib's blog with the same worthy vitriol that you bravely spit here?

    Oh well - my apologies to Rocky for winding up Warrior231 and unleashing his f and arse f'ing bombs here.
    I actually am amazed by how much vitriol he can unleash.
    I await the next bombardment with bated breath....

  89. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Mazlan Pundek

    Stupid SOB....
    Mafucking, pa buggering + buggered scum.........nuff said.... (hic...)

    Warrior 231

  90. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Now that you have made that clear - have you stated your objections on Najib's blog with the same worthy vitriol that you bravely spit here?

    I have no need to go elsewhere to expound my views. It is patently obvious that my views are total discordance with those postulated by Datuk Najib. With due respect, he is evidently besotted with the notion that a rainbow coalition is possible provided that sufficient concessions are dangled before the Non-Malay polity, the Indira Gandhi case is one such instance, the proposed review of the ISA being another and the creeping roll-back of certain NEP policies yet another. Good luck to him, as I feel the historical evidence will show that such concessions are usually misconstrued as symptoms of weakness which are susceptible to be further exploited by the relevant parties in order to wring a fresh set of concessions in a never-ending spiral of demand and concession.

    My 1Pribumi agenda is premised on historical facts and socio-economic data as well as contemporary political permutations. In fact, current electoral outcomes reveal with increasing clarity that the Malay polity are maneuvering back to the Barisan fold. I aver that NOW is the time for a fresh reiteration of the Social Contract and provisions enshrined within the 1957 Constitution. For that to materialise, the interests of the Malay and other Pribumi should be coalesced into a solid coalition of mutual interests based on which a conceptual framework could be drafted which would encompass the following features (note: the following are just broad policy sketches):

    1. Islam be the unquestioned fulcrum of the local polity. No attempt should ever be made to question its ascendancy and the Non-Muslim be subject to the laws of Shariah where there is a conflict like that currently embroiling Indira Gandhi. Under this umbrella, adherents of other faiths be free to practice their faith but restrictions be placed on public displays of piety such street processions etc. In other words, prayers and rituals be confined within temple precincts and communal parameters
    * regarding the Pribumi of Christian faith who form a substantial number in Sabah and Sarawak, special privileges and status can be accorded within a loose autonomous framework subject to provisions of the 20-point agreement of 1963 and the Federal Constitution

    Language and Culture
    a. The Malay/indigenous culture be the cultural paradigm of the nation

    b. The Malay/other native languages be the official language(s) of the land with English the language of Commerce, Science and Technology. Tamil and Mandarin be confined to community use only and no teaching of these languages be permitted in government institutions whatsoever nor should their use in the private sector be tolerated.

    1. A sharing formulae of 60 (PB)/30 (NM)/10(Foreign)based current demographic permutations. The situation be reviewed on a triennial basis during which the formulae be adjusted to prevailing local demographics.

    2. The eradication of poverty be made independent of economic restructuring. Here a needs based approach should be paramount. Should be noted that even this is susceptible to quibbling as more Pribumis are bound to benefit based on their sheer numbers. (Ragahyah, 2008)

    3. Massive infrastructural investments in Pribumi dominant areas of the East Coast and Sabah and Sarawak to uplift them so as to be on par with the facilities enjoyed by the predominantly Chinese and Indian settled West Coast*. Such investments should involve road, rail links as well as air and sea linkages.

    4. A comprehensive review of economic holdlngs not merely based on equity but other aspects as well. For instance, property ownership where a valuation of Chines/indian holdings at current market value will reveal their real share of the economic pie. The same principle be applied to Pribumi equity stakes etc. This is just a small portion of what is out there...ownership of capital, assets like factories, retail/wholesale outfits, SMEs etc should be documented in a comprehensive database that will updated annually to reflect contemporary changes and prevailing economic standing of the respective communities.

    5.A tax, (based on the Tobbin model) be imposed on the profits of Chinese and Indian enterprises to recoup the repatriation of income to the respective motherlands since 1840 when the first massive influx of immigrant labour engulfed our Tanah Melayu's shores. Alternatively, the imposition of strict quota rule as per the NEP policy or a lum sum estimation of the amount to be repaid within a period of 30 years.

    A levy be imposed on certain forms capital flowing abroad for investment, remittance and similar purposes ( the levy should encompass the new migrant labour (read Indon, Bangla et al.,) + the old labour/now capitalist class (read chinese/indian).

    Such proposals as envisaged above should be offered to the Non-Malay/Muslim polity on a take it or leave it basis. To put it simply, if the Chinese and Indian polity deign to reject 1pribumi concept outright, then they should be prepared to shoulder the consequences of their intransigence. If the current nascent shift in Malay/Muslim electoral inclinations are an indicator, I envision the total annihilation of the NonMalay polity in the next elections, a debacle that will render any subsequent acquiescence to the 1Pribumi concept a case of “too little too late”. If such a scenario unfolds than the forced embrace of 1Pribumi would be much easier.

    A comprehensive delineation of the 1Pribumi concept will be outlined in a cyber tract tentatively entitled :THE NEW MALAY/MUSLIM DILEMMA; CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS. Which I am in the midst of elucidating, albeit slowly.

    *Digression: A commenter once disingenuously remarked that the Brits built up the West Coast to derive the economic benefits. I disagree for demographic distribution based on population maps will show conclusively that the British-Chinese comprador class deliberately developed areas with high concentrations of Chinese/Indian population to the extent of neglecting the Malay hinterland which were purposely left out off the loop as a form of disenfranchising native participation in the mainstream economy. Economic disemboweling of course correlates significantly with indigenous political dependence and subservience to Brit interests.

    In fact, Joel Kahn (Other Malays: Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in the Modern Malay World by Joel S. Kahn , University Hawaii Pr School of Social, ISBN 0824831071 (0-8248-3107-1) in his book noted that, there was a large urban Malay populace in colonial times and the narrative that Malays were sequestered in kampongs is not totally correct. Why didn’t the Brits engage this Malay urban polity in the mid-level enterprise in urban areas is a puzzle worth contemplating. Why promote Chinese domination of retailing and the "middle-man" trade. Why did the Brits deliberately neglect the rice industry to the detriment of the Malay peasant is another issue worthy of consideration and why no committed effort to raise Malay socio-economic well-being despite the numerous Malay insurrections is confounding to say the least in fact, there is sufficient historical evidence that the Brits deliberately stoked such discontent to be used as a pretext for expanding territorial hegemony and perpetuating administrativecontrol over the local polity. ( the cases of Tok Janggut and Rahman Limbong are 2 cases that spring to mind) .

    The list goes on, i cant write down every form of economic and political injury inflicted on the Pribumi which demands redress as my extensive travels, social work etc in the hinterland have given an insight into the sufferings of my fellow pribumis. Plus detailed analysis of economic data from 1800s until 1957 will reveal the massive depredation and repatriation of Malaysia's wealth by the relevant racial communities. Add to this demographic realities, immigration stats, census reports which will show comprehensively that the Chinese and Indians were the OLD immigrants who have been supplanted in recent times by the NEW migrants from Indonesia, Bangladesh etc. As such, they (C/I) have no right to demand anything as they are PENDATANGS.

    My political, economic and social paradigms are totally at variance with yours, Mazlan. In fact, my take of Non-Muslims from the Islamic perspective is totally out of sync with yours too. We subscribe to constructs that are in total divergence and our respective weltanschungs will never congeal as they are too incompatible. As such, it is best we agree to disagree and leave the kind blogmaster in peace.

    Warrior 231

  91. Mazlan9:18 am

    See Warrior 231 - when you leave out the f-bombs and the arse buggering and all the other vitriol - I am actually a lot clearer on where you stand.
    It is similar in some ways to the Indonesian model. Although I am not sure whether you would subscribe to the Indonesian assimilation model for all races.
    I see there are some (and I mean very few) areas of your thoughts I may actually subscribe to. I for one have always believed in a one national school policy - I always thought Vernacular (or Mother Tongue) schools were an impediment to national growth.
    The issue was that we needed to improve our national schools and our teachers.

    I see where you are going with the rest and I wonder how you could ever implement many of those especially with such a diverse population that we have with so many competing political realities. One of those realities is that many UMNO warlords and politicians are actually in the economic bed with many of those very people you describe as 'Chingkies' and would actually be hit in the pocket by your economic formula.
    Also to put in place your PriBumi policy would require an overwhelming vote in Parliament to achieve it. With the current delineation of Parliament I don't see how that is ever achievable as you would actually need to get some support from the Chinese, Indians and those from Sabah and Sarawak. Maybe I am wrong but the math is almost impossible to overcome?

  92. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Mr Mazlan
    My final post on this as i do not want to take for granted the blogmaster's hospitality.

    For starters. I did mention the 1Pribumi policy should involve the coalescing of Pribumi interest (read Sabah and Sarawak natives included). I do understand the obstacles to be surmounted in terms of policy and thats why I suggested some leeway on certain aspects such as religion, for example.

    Secondly, if you re-read the comment, I have made it patently clear that the Chinese and indian polity are to acquisciece to the terms of the 1Pribumi paradigm or face the consequences of being "disenfranchised" minorities. My contention is that if the Pribumis unite under the 1Pribumi umbrella, the non-pribumis (C&I) will have to play ball or else see their interests eroded.

    My proposing the economic formulae is fundamentally premised on the reality that the pribumi population is expanding while the nons are shrinking and thus to prevent distortions in inter-ethnic income gaps, we need a bigger share of the pie commensurate with our numbers so that the butter can be more evely spread.The notion that income gaps are narrowing and indicative of successful restructuring should be tempered by the facts that underneath income figures other determinants are at play. For instance, land and property holdings + values..lets say a Chinese on Penang and me in Kuala selangor are earning RM1000.00 but he sits on land bequethed to him worth a potential RM500000 (conservative estimate)while i have a same sized plot worth RM 50,000.00, are we on par in terms of wealth and potential realisation of our future worth? (even if his income is half mine, his net worth is almost 10X mine....) Surely not, for income figures can give a false pix....that is just a snapshot of the gaps between the races...

    Secondly, intra-ethnic wise, the poor and disadvantaged amongst pribumis must be provided their rightful share for to do otherwise would mean perpetuating intra-ethnic inequalities that will further exacerbate the contemporary angst felt by a significant portion of the Pribumi polity. The data does not lie; Gini -intra ethnic is increasing, urban-rural inequalities are increasing as do are rural only and urban only inequalities amongst the Pribumi. I am a subscriber to a humane version of economics not crass capitalism but i am also fundamentally aware that even the Quran says that there will be inequality for it is a sunnah (not to be confused with the prophet's sunnah, the hikmah of zakat is inextricably linked with this and so does the concept of dosa/pahala, tho i will not sermon you as i dont wear my religion on my sleeve unlike so many wanked up "preacher" out there)hence i am not a harebrained idealist. With institutions like the "Tobin tax model" i proposed earlier, our zakat system, our ASB programs, AIM, etc, we can ameliorate the effects on the poor Pribumi. Believe me poverty is not a pleasant experience, i have witnessed its pains at close quarters and seeing is believing and that is why i proposed a needs-based approach to poverty so that the non-pribumi poor's sufferings are also alleviated.

    My approach regarding equity holdings etc for bumis is that equity be held in trust by vehicles like PNB and the poor "redeem" their portion via bank loans and when the principal amount is settled accrue the benefits of the said equity as they deem fit.

    Implemnetation of 1Pribumi: that is the rub but given unity of purpose, the Pribumis of west and east malaysia can easily capture 2/3 of the parliament as the elctoral boundary delineation is in our favour. Given that scenario, I cant see the impossibilty of my personal vision (and i stress personal for I am not interested to propogate it over the husting, not my glass of scotch..and if someone taps into, i will raise my glass, if otherwise, fine for i dont give a damn...for life is a vodka.... alluring, hard, burning but heady all the same)

    You mentioned the F and A-bombs, well let me be clear, i am a man of many switches and you threw the obscenity laden one on when you came in mouthing "about me being on meds" , practically jawboning the same garbage a bright eyed girl spewed over here...

    Basically, i am even-keeled fellow who lives life on my own bohemian terms but the constant jibes against my race, religion etc cheesed me off and i decided to respond in kind and if anyone offended are to label me racist, fascist, thats fine by me for i believe that a melayu with maruah will stand and fight for his race and religion not run , play possum or cover themselves in the cloak of aplogias to please their enemies..

    My visceral hatred is primarily directed at the rich,middle-class urbane chinese/Indian crowd (whether from an English or vernacular educational background). They are nothing more than poseurs intent on imposing their norms and values on the majority and showing off their intellect.Anyone who doesnt subscribe to their world view is scum, a paid whore writing for a price,an UMNOite in disguise, a cyber-trooper (Rocky has borne the brunt of this, bet he is having the last laugh). I have no truck for this folk as they are the ones who spew obscenities and inanities at us, especially at the Malay/Muslim. Allied to that, is their delusional perception that they are supremely intelligent beings who know evertything there is to know. Their patronising mien deserves utmost contempt and their reluctance to acknowledge a Malay for his achievement derived from his own blood, sweat and tears is indicative of how "lowly" they perceive us Malays.These are the scum who populate the PKR and DAP ranks whilst their low-key liberal Malay counterparts have infiltarted the Turban coterie.

    Since, you affected the same mien, i directed my fusillade at you and since you seem to have seen "light", i will keep my hands off the launch button for the moment in deference to adab but you can try me for the kicks : ). The other bunch of hypocrites are those turban lollies who mouth plautitudes but who are not averse to supporting or deriving supportfrom the above shit for purely selfish reasons. Of course, one cannot exonerate the Chingkie wannabe malays, who think the epitome of cool is to sacrifice their maruah to be a barua.PR is replete with this crowd from patronising wakils to hpocritical lebais who think the height of equality, freedom and justice lie in skewing the Malay polity over the grill of public contempt.

    No sir, you can do that to other pushovers, window poppies, wall-flowers etc but not a combustible menacing thug like me...my army days taught me to handle the aggro and my policy is simple: keep off me and I will keep off you..but if you drae make sure that you dont miss for that will my day...

    Warrior 231

  93. Anonymous5:08 pm

    dey mazlan kalathai pundek..

    ..what kind of maths u talking shit about? mind to shows us here how u work that arithmethics?
    indonesia? yes and thailand too..they had proved to the world that their approach had succeed gracefully in forming the bangsa indonesia & bangsa thai..even the malay there become muslim thais..do you have any other proven theories better than that other than your cock talking, hah smartass?

    still with your never ending umno-no-um-umno-no-um mumbling like a menopause bitch whore, eh..?
    yet at the end you're still lost..going nowhere..what real stand do a lalang like you have? tell me? missing the forest for the tree...

    maybe this will make you understand the whole things clearly..a picture speaks a thousand words and easy to be digest by a lowlife retard brains like u melayu pariah scums
    let me make it simple for u..

    have this :


    p/s: rocky bro..just came back from my labour days off vacation..ahh..great to know some lowlife swines here in your blog really miss me alot, calling my name, craving like a cheap sissy prostitute for their filty assholes to be shoved with my megalith tombstone! Just see how the swine flu alert had gone from bad to worse i.e phase 4 to 6 now! fucking pigs..lets the excitement of pigs hunting season begin....

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  94. Mazlan6:05 pm

    Just to add - Warrior 231 - without the vitriol I am actually now going to read up on some of the historical points you have made in your calmer reply (the one without the pundek, ma and pa buggering etc etc..)

    It was actually interesting and worth researching more on - even though I disagree with your solutions.

  95. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Warrior 231

    If UMNO and Mahathir can’t achieve what you preach in the past 50 years, what make you think UMNO could do it now? When the non-Malay is 40% of the population, the Malay see this ratio as a threat but when the non-Malay reduce to 30%, the so-called threat is gone and without the common enemy, the dominant race will tend to split and will split further if the non-Malay reduce further. This is basic human trait regardless of race and religion and you can’t do much about it.

    Mazlan said yours is an Indonesia model but I think it is much closer to LKY model right? I think I am not wrong to say you love LKY a lots if put aside the race factor. The vernacular system is almost a gone case and the revived is not the effort of DJZ but your beloved UMNO leaders. Your logic on the Korea and Taiwan political approach in the middle of twentieth century doesn’t make sense to me as both are now more open even if compare with some of the Western country. Like I say, your dreamland is Singapore but you would not admit it.

    Two-party system is our future, LKY, UMNO and your Pribumi concept is out dated.

    Think again.


  96. Anonymous7:20 pm


    Mazlan, you said,

    "I for one have always believed in a one national school policy - I always thought Vernacular (or Mother Tongue) schools were an impediment to national growth."

    What a coincidence, Mazlan.

    For you and other like minded Malaysians, we, in deminegara.blogspot.com (of the blog, Demi Negara) are finalising our memo presentation with regards to our project to ask the Government to abolish vernacular schools. We need a lot of support and we are going to start an online petition soon on this matter. Please, do visit us and show your support.

    Especially for you too, WARRIOR 231, we are keen to have your presence in DN ...the owner, Mr. KijangMas does not mind your presence either. He is more than happy to have you with us....your input is very much welcomed.