Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pakatan wooing Chua Soi Lek

MCA No 2 mulls sleeping with enemy. It's no secret that there's no love lost between the No 1 in MCA and the hugely popular, non-apple polisher deputy president Chua Soi Lek.

And things are about to get worse for the party. Nut Graph's exclusive reveals that the Pakatan Rakyat has approached Chua and the cold-storaged MCA man is seriously trying to resist the temptation.

So far, the Pakatan leadership hasn't issued a denial. Ong Tee Keat, facing a killer PKFZ RM8 billion scandal, is in Johor, Chua's home state, today.

The reporters should be asking him about the Nut Graph interview, which you may read here.


  1. hahaha the pornstar and the nudestar, for sure the vcd will be hit....

  2. Pengkebumian MCA2:59 pm

    hooray, the burying of MCA begins!!! Get more cangkul, cement or perhaps concrete to have a permanent burial.

  3. Khairy anak Agong3:41 pm


    You haven't updated for sometime. Lots have happened... including the liberalization of the Malaysian banks for more Singapore and Temasek participation. Bad days ahead. No comments?

    Khairy is a magician. He did a magic trick in Rembau during the March 8 General elections with one recount, 50 vote loss turned into a 5000 majority. No one said anything.. the PKR fellow was left alone to lick his wounds.

    Khairy then disappeared. Takut kena maki, sebab semua cakap dia sengaja naikkan Anwar dan dia tipu di Rembau....

    Then Khairy rose again. This time with a more sophisticated Magic Trick. The polling agents was distracted during the UMNO Youth Elections for over 2 hours. God knows what happened to the ballot boxes. NST Live Feed reported 3 recounts. Khairy menang. This time the floor bashed him, calling him a corrupt bastard. Tun M raised a lot of issues on the election proceedings and the MONEY POLITICS Khairy was found guilty of. This time it was Mukhriz Mahathir . Khairy fucked with Mahathir.

    By the way things are going, I don't think any action would be taken against Khairy. I think he is like RAJA POLITIK Malaysia. He is somehow immune to any action, and he can get away with anything, regardless if it was Badrul Hisham or Mukhriz Mahathir Just one thing lah Khairy, kalau nak jadi Perdana Menteri, mana boleh sembunyi macam ini?? Don't tell me after rigging the UMNO presidency elections in a few years, you will then hide from everyone for a few months... Siapa nak tadbir negara macam ni? Kalimullah?

  4. in my opinion, it is a good thing for BN to lose bad political characters like chua. because these people and their spectacular stories can and will be used against BN during political campaigns.

  5. Anti-penderhaka3:59 pm

    After reading Avoice take on Muhyiddin's decision on Rashid, I think KJ is like the swine flu.

    Something that everyone should avoid and take precautions against.

    Najib Tun Razak is infected with the swine flu, especially with the presence of Omar Ong in his office(Omar Ong is KJ's classmate from Oxford, and they are extremely close-KJ recommended Omar Ong to Najib's office). Najib should immunize himself from the swine flu, as I heard it can be fatal.

    Tun Mahathir has the perfect antidote for the swine flu...heheh

  6. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Wooing or to complete their SEX list?

    1. Sister Teresa Boys' eggs eater
    2. Andaratu Eli Free Sex for all
    3. DSAI same Sex partner trial
    4. Ex BkSelambau love child
    5. China doll Sex as charity
    6. PAS sex reforms
    7. next?


  7. Anonymous6:20 pm

    this man will only tarnish the image of pr, don't switch party la, stay there, they can provide security and wealth what, why susah susah join pr, bad for both sides

  8. Anonymous8:42 pm


    kenapalah ko ni bodoh sangat

    chua soi lek dah bagi hint...takkan wartawan veteran macam ko ni bongok

    cuba ko baca ni dalam nut graph

    "There are approaches made to me to jump ship. I should not deny it, because sooner or later this thing will come out in the open," he told The Nut Graph in an exclusive interview yesterday.

    maksud chua dalam "sooner or later" tu adalah...

    anwar jumpa dia di kondo yang saiful cakap berlaku cerita fitnah liwat

    so chua soi lek akan expose penipuan najib, saiful dan umno

    takkan la ko ni baghal sangat sampai tak tahu

    betul2 cocky la ko ni


    best song ever

    p/s : jangan padam komen aku ni, ....dulu masa aku tulis ko cocky ko padam jugak, harap2 kali ni ko sedar yang ko ni cocky

  9. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Dato Dr Chua, will not join PR because he is highly principle guy. Can Anwar just stand out and admit sodomy accusation? He has been Bullshitting again and again. Why? He make sure anyone involve in his case will be tarnish with their reputation.
    PR want him to join them but if YAB PM appoint him into cabinet then all in PR will condemn him. What your say? I never believe an opportunist like Anwar. Why we all easily forgave him for what he have done to the country in 97. How many Malaysian suffer when he shorten the NPL period and increase interest rate to 15 percent! How of us suffer and. Need to pay almost double the loan instalment. Everybody forget already?

    We are family said

  10. Fuuny the world we live in, President Clinton Denied having a sexual relationship with Monica, yes he copped enough through the media and stuff, yet he is still respected, dont forget, HE DENIED IT.

    Chua Soi Lek has the balls to come out and say it, he resigns as well. i lack respect for him for committing adultery, but the respect i have for him to take the rap is immeasurable.

    isn't it more important for us to find out who was behind the filming of that, but no, you want to live under an coconut shell and continue to live in a fantasy world.

    PR will be lucky to have Chua, even the the extra baggage!

  11. Anonymous12:11 am

    Ha ha ha .. ada juga orang minat chua soi lek, orang PR memang ngam dengan orang jenis macam ni, seks bebas wohhh....

    PR = party seks


  12. Disaster will befall Pakatan Rakyat if it starts collecting and accepting BN trash.

  13. Anonymous11:57 am

    I don't buy the story of PKR accepting Chua Soi Lek. Anyone can claim that he is being offered to join the others party. It's just like a male who claim that so and so beautiful girl wants him badly and it turns out to be a hoax. Its the male who is crazy of her. The same applies here, CSL can claim whatever he wants but as long as there is no word from the PKR or pakatan then he can keep on dreaming or keep on trying to fool or impress the BN with his stories. Don't you guys relies these guy is attempting to 'ugut' MCA/BN by saying not only him but his son is 'thinking' of leaving BN. Once a kite flier always a kite flier. Bye-bye CSL.

  14. Anonymous11:58 am


    Clinton did deny it INITIALLY but when Monica later came out with solid evidence, he mellowed down. Although he didn't expressly admit it, he did use words that AMOUNTED to admission. That's what earned him the respect. In that society there's no big deal if you commit adultery provided it's consensual. But if you deny it but later evidence to the contrary are produced, you are gone. To lie is much more heinous than to have consensual sex. Chua wud have had more respects for his courage and honesty had he been in the US.

    frm: padi

  15. Anonymous12:21 pm

    dear ong

    PKR is of BN's rubbish,don't you know?they are there because UMNO sacked Anwar!

    Only PAS and DAP are having the people who truly believes in what they are doing.

  16. Rocky Pru10:29 am

    Wooing or to complete their SEX list?

    1. Sister Teresa Boys' eggs eater
    2. Andaratu Eli Free Sex for all
    3. DSAI same Sex partner trial
    4. Ex BkSelambau love child
    5. China doll Sex as charity
    6. PAS sex reforms
    7. next?


    You want next one ka?
    but this one never surface. how about that?
    Datuk Noorhayati Onn? know her...idi org sudah menang la dalam Wanita Umno..
    Bulan julai ni dia ada kes nuzyuz dari bekas suami dia...bini orang (islam) kepada suami dia (islam jugak) main ngan jantan lain (islam jugak)...
    boleh ka duk atas sekali?

  17. Anonymous @ 12:21 PM,
    You are only partially correct. Only part of PKR is made up of BN trash and also not all ex-BN are trash although a substantial number are. Besides there are also those in PKR who were never in BN. Anyway I agree with you that the BN trash who were accepted into PKR are still behaving like trash and are making PKR the least reliable of the 3 PR partners and may eventually cause the downfall of PR.

  18. Anonymous1:45 pm

    These fakes - All they wanted, so they said, was to do good and help the people.

    So help the people !
    Maybe start by visiting your service centres , find time for your people. For goodness sake lend them a hand in these hard times.

    In reality they are jostling and politcking and justifying their deeds and MISDEEDS to their political underlings.

    What's there to stop you from helping the schools, the associations or the common folks even if you are not a Minister. I tell you the sweat from sincere service rendered can make an honest man out of you yet.

    Just go ask the much respected ex-minister YB Datuk Sharir Abd Samad if you must.

  19. Anonymous3:49 am

    Chua and Elizabeth could be the perfect sleeping partners for PKR.


  20. Anonymous11:55 am


    you want more?
    1. a vvvip who was caught with a prominent singer/actress at PD but saved by ever compliant religious dept

    2. a vvvip who paid the husband a handsome sum to enable him to marry the wife.

    3. a vvvip who was involved with a foreign beauty (who was later murdered mercilessly) with the help of a balachi.

    4. a former minister who used to be a top man at a mainstream n/paper co who main kayu tiga with somebody's wife while his own wife was giving birth.

    5. and the long list goes on. rocky may not publish it.

    frm: mengata dulang

  21. Anonymous2:17 pm

    after all the scandals can the man really rise up to the occasion?


  22. rocky you must be very stupid or.. plainly stupid. There is a whole lot of reason why Cabinet minister's meeting or exco's meeting cannot be leaked out - unjust enrichment of certain party preempting your announcement for a project for example. You are not using you brain la by putting up these kind of stupid topic. Really, I would hope you are stupid rather than thinking that you have cross over to the dark side. You have changed rocky. And yes, congratulation to your appointment as CEO. You thoroughly "deserve" it.

  23. Anonymous10:11 pm

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