Monday, April 27, 2009

New FT Minister gets open letter from irked blogger

Close our roads, close our periuk-nasi. Like most bloggers, OutSyed The Box has a day job. He is a Jalan Masjid India trader.

And like the other traders there, he's had enough with the authorities closing roads in KL on a good day for business for no good bloody reason.

I hope Federal Territory Minister Raja Nong Chik reads blogs as Syed has made some reasonable requests and some good suggestions in his letter, here.

p.s. Just the other day the PM told the FT Minister to look at the traffic problems in KL. So, finally, we'll get to see how the government spends the RM4 billion it saved after increasing petrol prices as ordered by the previous Administration, eh? Incidentally, just two months ago, his predecessor spoke of a RM1 billion budget to end traffic woes in 10 hotspots in KL ...

Do you have any complaint or suggestion for the new FT Minister?


  1. Hi rocky,

    My suggestion to ease the traffic is to promote cycling. Yes, have cyclist friendlier roads, and more will cycle instead of driving to town.

    Start by having cycling lanes (this can be the existing bus lanes).

    Personally, I cycle to KL city center if I am going solo. Much easier on the mental torture of jams.


  2. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Come on, this is an international race. You can expect they have it at other place. They must have it at the CITY CENTRE with all the KL landmarks. SUnday is the best day because it affect the motorist least. Don't be so selfish la.

  3. I agree that these City Roads should not be closed for these sporting events and there are many alternative routes that will not inconvenience the businesses.

    Those usually affected are the Masjid India and Jln TAR area as well as the roads near the Royal Selangor Club.

    City Hall has juridiction over any Ministry (such as Tourism) in KL and all should submit their proposals for City Hall's approval well in advance so th eroutes acn be planned without incoveniencing the public an businesses.

    It's all a question of caring and advanced planning and not pasing t he buck!

  4. Minggu lepas, saya telah berjumpa dengan beberapa rakan bloggers saya. Kami telah menbincangkan pelbagai isu dari politik hingga la ke dunia kewartawanan.

    Dalam pelbagai isu yang diperbincangkan malam itu, saya tertarik dengan satu isu yang amat hebat! Saya telah diberitahu oleh rakan blogger saya (yang dah kira macam otai la dalam dunia blog ini) bahawa kebanyakan wartawan suratkhabar Cina tidak tahu berbahasa Malaysia rupanya!

    Tidak kira dari mana-mana suratkhabar cina la, mereka kebanyakannya tidak reti berbahsa malaysia, saya pun amat terkejut sekali la dengan berita itu, kerana pada hemat saya sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia dan sebagai seorang wartawan mereka seharusnya tahu berbahasa Malaysia!

    Menurut sahabat blogger saya ini juga, selalunya selesai sahaja temuramah maka akan berkumpullah kesemua wartawan itu tadi dan mereka akan bertanyakan sesama sendiri tentang apa yang telah mereka dengar dan faham, kebiasaannya akan ada seorang yang dikira boleh faham sikit-sikit bahasa kebangsaan kita itu dan mereka kemudiannya akan menyalin lah kesemua temuramah tadi!

    Biasanya proses sebegini akan mengambil masa dua hingga tiga jam selalunya, saya hampir pengsan bila saya dengar kisah ini, saya sangkakan selama ini semua rakyat Malaysia boleh berbahasa Malaysia! Bukankah itu bahasa rasmi negara kita?

    Adalah amat menyedihkan apabila saya dapat tahu masih terdapat orang Malaysia tidak tahu berbahasa Malaysia, bagaimana kita hendak menjadi satu Malaysia sekiranya kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia tak tahu nak berkomunikasi dalam bahasa kebangsaan kita?

    Jadi tidak hairanlah, tidak berapa lama dahulu wartawan dari suratkhabar Cina ini telah salah tulis mengenai penjelasan YAB TPM kita? Ada logiknya bila TPM kita telah mengatakan bahawa kesemua wartawan tersebut harus belajar Bahsa Malaysia!

    Memalukan betul bila perkara ini terjadi, kenapa sebagai rakyat Malaysia, tidak kira dari keturunan apa sahaja, kita tidak tahu berbahasa kebangsaan kita? Bukankah bahsa jiwa bangsa? macamana nak jadi bangsa Malaysia kalau nak berbahasa Malaysia pun tak tahu?

    Saya memang amat bersetuju sekali dengan pandangan Dato Mukhriz bahawa untuk menyatu-padukan Malaysia kita perlukan satu sekolah! Tidak ada lagi sekolah cina atau tamil lagi! Hanya satu sekolah yang akan menjadi wadah pertemuan semua bangsa dan ianya akan melahirkan "ONE MALAYSIA"

    Kita kena mulakan dari sekarang! Kalau nak bersatu maka hapuskanlah perkauman, langkah pertama untuk menghapuskan perkauman adalah dengan menghapuskan sekolah 'vernacular'


  5. hi rocky,
    i don't know if AKLEH is within the FT Minister jurisdiction but I suppose your blog has big enough clout to bring this matter to the attention of the powers that be.

    allowing motorbikes on AKLEH is an accident waiting to happen.
    it was fine when they were allowed based on humanitarian grounds during the fuel hike.
    but petrol price has since been lowered zillion months ago and yet there is still no firm decision.
    last i read in the Malay Mail was that the Govt is still 'mulling' as to whether to continue allowing motorbikes on AKLEH.
    well, methinks, someone is scared shitless to make decisions.
    please for once be proactive and not reactive.

    long suffering toll-paying AKLEH regular user.

  6. Anonymous10:16 pm

    hmmm... I hv been staying in KL for many years and many more to come suprisingly the local council had 4 star grading... just wondering how does the 4 star award be given to DBKL as you may aware the road condition especially in KLCC area... wow like others saying world class amenities but upkeeping like sh.. ;) wonder how we tax payer can bear all these and at the end of the day they still being awarded 4-star...


  8. Anonymous5:05 am

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  9. bekas pelumba basikal8:02 am


    jadikan KL bandar berbasikal letrik je. kurang jam dan pollution.

    basikal letrik ni beli kat Cina baru RM 400 satu.

    kalau nak kayuh basikal tengah panas berpeluh ketiak.
    yang ini tak payah kayuh pun, janji sampai.

  10. MRT and LRT is the answer....
    we have very bad transportation planning , main road choke by secondary road ...

  11. Anonymous8:41 am

    What the FT Minister know about hardship ? He probably never even been to see the place during non event closure days.
    As a side issue Rocky...why do you post the Daulat Tuanku sign, even Royals has to earn the peoples respect, just because they are born into Royal families does not make them respectful. Many of them do not deserve any respect at all.
    Poor Citizen

  12. Anonymous8:59 am

    Hi Rocky just want ot highlight what CUEPACs say in NEWSPAPER regarding SARAVANAN abaut MENKANTOIKAN 2 org Doktor..

    Saya teramat setuju terhadap tindakan SARAVANAN itu kerana perbuatan tersebut dilakukan di WAD KECEMASAN..diulangi di WAD KECEMASAN...

    It is a good think that SARAVANAN yg MENGKANTOIKAN mereka kalau kita orang biasa adakah PENGARAH HOSPITAL akan layan???

    KEpada CUEPECS kalau nak mempertahankan ahli pun berpada-pada..memang ada saluran betul tetapi selalunya TAK AMBIL TINDAKAN..

  13. Anonymous9:46 am

    rocky, i think lembah pantai gain a lot of benefits, 2 minister!!! my god! but raja never train as administrator, hope he never treat this post as a business style like khir toyol


  14. city busters10:05 am

    Some suggestions for DBKL to minimise traffic jam:
    1)Stop repair,re-tar and digging the city roads during peak hours.Do it after midnite or public holidays.
    2)Stop all heavy vehicles-exceed 10 wheels trucks,trailers etc from plying city roads.Use small lorries as feeder to transport materials.
    3)Set up rapid response teams to tackle potholes,flash flood,stalled vehicles etc.
    4)prohibit contractors close the roads for their own convenience to work.

  15. Anonymous10:11 am

    Anyway the guy who must be laughing the most must be the dato bandar as he can goreng all this guys as they know next to nuts about running a city council.


  16. Good of you to give a shoutout to this issue. Those traders suffers a lot because of DBKL's incompetence - banjir and now this.

    At least banjir is an Act of God, this one? ish,ish,ish. Apa ni DBKL?

    But still like I point out in Syed's blog, cannot blame Dato' Raja lah. He's not even two weeks in the job. Everyday also isu lift lah, isu PPR lah, isu penjaja, isu licensing, isu transport lah. Now this issue. Have to give priority lah, and to me priority shd be orang miskin, shd be isu PPR, isu housing, isu penjaja.

    Memang dia bos besar, but Mayor and his officers shd answer this particular issue. Why the hell do we have Mayor if everything want Minister to defend? And what the hell has the previous FT Ministers been doing? So many pending issues!

  17. Anonymous11:37 am

    After all the failures,

    do you think we still believe ?

  18. Anonymous11:51 am

    My suggestions to ease traffic in KL,

    1- Increase and improve public transport during peak hours

    2- Improve pedestrians facilities and bus stations (Bus Stand Klang MUST be improved IMMEDIATELY )

    3- Take stern action to those using BUS lanes

    4- Traffic police ONLY monitor when faulty traffic lights happened, and NOT stopping vehicles when GREEN light is ON. Many congestions at traffic light happened due to traffic police. By right they should ensure that the vehicles do not stop on YELLOW lanes rather then try to be a hero by ignoring the traffic lights itself. The DBKL engineers are intelligent enough designing the interval already !!!!

    5- Extend LRT and commuters coaches during peak hours as well as make the interval time shorter.

    6- Fine heavily on TAXIS which stop anywhere causing mass traffic jams.

    7- Upgrading roads or works construction must be done at night ONLY.

    8- Increase the area where personal vehicles and bikes are prohibited to enter.

    9- Give monthly discount for those who purchase monthly public transport tickets and T&G

    10- Prohibit heavy vehicles(case, crane etc) to enter city during peak hours

  19. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Great ! at least issues related to our daily life.

    I do agree with one commentor regarding public transport e.g. LRT. Many places are connected yet,it would be great after DSN touring of foot around KL seriously look into this on going misery of us.I love to take LRT or monorel on weekend but the 'sardine can' senario is killing me for a father that willing to forgo driving for a greener transportaion.It is not friendly for parents that push stroller too. Escalator up but long stairs going down.Walking around town is a killer too with less shades.One thing I never understood is why we plant palm trees along walking pavement.Those trees are ray reflector that add up glares . There is so many species of our tropical plants that produces big leaves making it good tree shades.Maintenance for cleaning is also easier when sweeping the dried leaves.


  20. I have stop complaining years ago.
    They never act on your complaints..unless near election days.
    Potholes in the streets not attended fast...until there is an accident.
    On such subjects..Patrick Teoh's .."Niamah" blog have been highlighting all sorts of problems for years.
    He has complimented the Immigration Dept only.

  21. Anonymous1:05 pm

    I say bukan lah susah sangat. Apasal u orang tak faham. Ini bukan isu yg nak ditangankan. Tak payah.

    Jgn tutup jalan. Itu saja. Betul kata kawe tadi, jgn halang atau tutup jalan waktu rush hour sebab nak tar jalan lah, siram pokok lah dan entah apa lagi.

    Jgn tutup jalan di Pusat Bandaraya sebab nak kayuh basikal ke, nak buat teh tarik ke, nak kutip derma ke, nak derma darah ke, nak derma dara ke atau apa pun.

    Pendek kata : jgn tutup jln

  22. Anonymous1:08 pm

    beladifakker.. now only i know why KL was so bloody jam on that day..all major roads more syiok weekend that day.. it took me almost 2.5 hrs to reach the bloody BB coming from masjid negara after turn here turn there to avoid the mess..all relieved road bottlenecked..

    all just becoz somebody want to organize KAYUH BASIKAL much this really contributed to malaysian revenue for that day other than the losses suffered by traders & fuel running for the idling engines?

    p/s: this bloody Najib also one F fella..instead of closing the MEDC meant for helping the bumiputeras, he should had just remove this FT Minister from cabinet portfolio.. Overlapping function with the we need a mayor for if we have a minister sitting in the office.

    D: no muhahaha this time..

    fucker! ..|.,

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  23. Anonymous1:38 pm


    1. Tukar bangunan DBKL. Relocate all staffs to puduraya.

    2. Tukar top brass DBKL, termasuk pengurus2 cawangan.

    3. Tukar pegawai2 penguatkuasa DBKL.

    4. Tukar DBKL punya luxury SUV Nissan X-Trail. Senang2 guna duit taxpayers beli kereta mahal2. Dia orang ni layak naik kereta lembu je. Sorry, i mean naik lembu je. Ingat duit nenek dia orang bagi ke? Apa jadi dengan kereta ni lepas 5 tahun? Ada tender ka?

    5. Replace them with brainy,smart,intelligent...and THIN skin people who will not makan rasuah, and who will work hard for the people.

    6. Otherwise, shut down DBKL. Set up Dewan Undangan Negeri KL. Let KL people vote in own govt. We don't need the appointed DBKL govt, they cant even collect rubbish properly. Kutip sampah pun tak layak, ada hasrat nak tadbir 2 juta warga KL. Jaga kandang kuda layak laaaa.

    Harap2 Raja Nong Cik ni jenis yang tau malu, kulit nipis, jaga maruah diri, jaga nama baik kaum dia, jadi harap2 dia buat kerja betul2 untuk orang KL.

    Harap2 dia tak jadi macam politicians lain yang muka tebal, dari keturunan anjing barua yang kuat rasuah, yang tak tau malu, yang lebih hina dari babi tonyok.

    Mangkok von Hayon

  24. This is not a big issue.

    Road bike racing held in most cities in europe regularly, and most notable is Paris's Tour de France.

    Its a tourist event and if well managed and planned, could benefit the traders too with the extra crowd.

    What is needed id proper planning and ample publicity, as though its Merdeka Day or New Year celebrations.

    Do we have to cancel new year celeb just because it causes big jams?

    How about night road bike racing? Singapore did on the F1.

    Just because it is badly managed event, it does not mean we have to ban it!

  25. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim was once involved in trying to reduce traffic jams around KL. He messed it up too, by creating bus lanes that did not work.

    Time to have a think tank once and for all and one of the policies should include changing the working hours. How about starting work at 5 am? That will significantly change peak hours by a mile!


  26. Rocky Pru4:27 pm

    ya lor..
    why choose KL for kayuh basikal?
    putrajaya better la..
    more nice road, wider somemore. pemandangan pun cantik. weekend tadak org kerja. kedai pun tak banyak sana..
    why still choosing KL?

    for those who say Syed is selfish, please la bro..
    this is not the case.
    the case is we want win-win situation.

    definitely, kayuh basikal in KL is not win-win la..

  27. Rocky

    I agree with Anon 7.53pm, all over the world events are held and they do cause jams and inconvenient businesses.

    Whether it's strikes, civil society marches, demos, marathons, walks etc etc etc:)

    I guess, the general public should be informed via radio, TV stations and print media to avoid these road during such events, it doesnt make a difference if it is a week day or weekend. The Electronic and Print media should play a much more active role.... it should be done weeks prior to the event.

  28. Anonymous7:26 pm


    Did you know what was wrong with the previous FT minister until he was replaced? I thought he was doing alright. This Nong fella came out of the blues man.


  29. Anonymous12:09 am


    PR pulak suka organise demo or rally tengah tengah bandaraya ! Camna tak jam kat KL !

  30. Anonymous12:39 am

    i suggest that ex-police like me who still have personal gun license been given power to conduct search and arrest illegal workers,illegal stalls,speeding etc

    baldy lim,ex-billionaire bodyguard

  31. Kilometers of roads in PutarJaya doing nothing productive on a Sunday.

  32. Anonymous1:21 am

    hhahhaha baldy lim,look like u looking to bully people,patients at tanjung rambutan also not simply let you bully them like that...i think if they allow u to do that like rahim noor beating anwar i suggest you taste your own medicine,dont think people will scare of ex-police,bodyguard like you bloody fool beating up people with eyes blindfolded,in dark rooom..,keep retiringlah and keep your brains in your head not on your dickhead ,if not after u end up six-feet under resting...hahaha

    human rights supporter

  33. Come on...Selangor and FT are managed by PR...decided by People's Power.
    But Najib ignored that.
    If UMNO is really sincere....should work with PR for the good of the people.
    Why complicate things and let people suffer?

  34. Anonymous10:00 am

    KLite the answer is simple quoata sudah cukup.


  35. Anonymous7:34 pm

    any idea what happened to Simedarby watch?

  36. Mustapha Ong4:12 pm

    Hi Rocky Bru,

    I have the privilege of having worked and lived in 8 cities around the globe for my 28 years of foreign service since 1971 till 1998.No city is perfect, if the local authority is given absolute autonomy over the management of the city, as the appointment of City Mayor has always been a sticky issue by way of systematic governance.

    Kuala Lumpur is not spared of criticisms by the city dwellers, and also those who had to get into the city centre for all kinds of business. The DBKL had been beseiged by thousands of problems every year but yet they could not even resolve a portion of the public complaints, including coruptions, abuse of power, inefficient public services and poor delivery systems.

    Now that the prime minister had entrusted a new and untested politician to be the FT Minister, we shall wait and see whether major changes and improvements will be made to the city. I believe the new FT Minister specially selected by PM Najib, will be on his toes from day one. We should give the minister 120 days to walk the talk before we criticise and underestimate his ability as the FT boss.

    There are so many issues being forwarded to DBKL, including from concerned politicians and ordinary citizens who had been affected by the poor management of the city goons in DBKL.

    I take this opportunity to highlight again the need "to construct a motor cycle lane along jalan Kuching from the Jalan Duta roundabout to at least the multiple junction near Bank Negara." There had been so many accidents caused by the rude motor cyclists along this stretch of road at peak hours, yet DBKL had turned their deaf ears to our proposal to remedy the situation, even when the former mayors were told about the helpless problem faced by commuters.

    Another traffic nightmare was for bus commuters to cross over from Jalan Duta (near government offices complex) to the bus terminal at peak hours, whereby one has to proceed to the Duta roundabout before getting to the bus terminal. Likewise, commuters from the bus terminal has to drive all the way down to Jalan Kuching at Jalan Parliment, Bangsa or Damansara flyover, before we can return to areas near the Federal Territory Mosque.

    Wasting time and inconvenience, as DBKL could easily propose that there should be a short cut link from the traffic light junction (under the flyover down from the Federal Mosque) to the existing road proceeding to the bus terminal. DBKL is cash rich and they should provide a better road system to the public instead of starring at the problems day in day out.

    I believe there so many issues that we can raise with FT Ministry and City Hall, but will they look seriously for logical solutions to our problems, or just empty promises with "biasalah and tidak apa attitude". I believe that KL City should not have a Mayor, which had failed to resolve the city's problems and issues, after having gone through the last few Mayors. I therefore urge the PM and FT Minister to scrap the post of Mayor and replace with "Secretary-General II" for Kuala Lumpur and be responsible to the FT Minister. Less egoism and reduce red tapes and protocol, may provide better public services and delivery system to the people of KL and those who need to go into the city centre. I believe Putrajaya dan Labuan could stand on its own with systematic delegation of power to the senior officers concerned.