Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A little late

Interview with bloggers next? You've probably read Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's interview with "a bunch of editors". I read it in The Star today. I thought it was a little late for the editor to be asking the outgoing PM about his unpuctuality. Or maybe not!? Pak Lah would have to try to be punctual for at least one time as PM - for the Friday appointment at the Istana Negara.

Syed Akbar Ali wondered why bloggers were not invited to the PM's Final Interview. Read his take here on what it could have been if he had been there!


  1. Anonymous7:31 pm

    One idiot replaces another, this is the politics of Boleh-Land. It maybe late for Badawi, it is his own failure and incompetence, he relied on advice from corrupted people within UMNO. There is no cause for celebration, because a bigger idiot is coming into power. Time to move your money overseas where it is safer, don't wait for and procrastinate like Badawi or you will be a sorry soul soon, just like him. Did he actually quit willingly or was he booted out from within. Must be another Ceasar.
    Wise Owl

  2. Anonymous7:40 pm

    The Editors are not interested in pak lah anymore. They are busy doing investigative journalism on Khir Toyol's RM1 million (yes, satu juta Ringgit)trip to Disneyland - with family and friends. If they don't scoop this then people will say they are all scared of Khir

    mat taib

  3. Bru,

    If bloggers are invited too, he knows can't face Husin Lempoyang and TDM