Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bukit Gantang: MB vs MB yang sah

BH 01/04: Mahkamah Tinggi menetapkan esok untuk mendengar permohonan Nizar mendapatkan perintah bahawa beliau masih Menteri Besar Perak yang sah.

"Kalau saudara Nizar yakin dia menteri besar yang sah, kenapa di borang penamaan calonnya dia sebut pekerjaannya sebagai Adun Pasir Panjang? Tolong beritahu kita semua. Kenapa tak tulis pekerjaannya Menteri Besar Perak?"
- Zambery Kadir, Menteri Besar Perak, berkata semalam di ceramah kat Bukit Gantang.

Nak kena tanya Nizar nih ...

p.s. For additional reporting, please see A Voice and Bujai's Bukit Gantang: Not an easy one


Keith said...

Because then UMNO will say he 'lied' on his papers because he isn't the rightful Menteri Besar, and dismiss him from competing on a technicality.

Thereby giving UMNO a walkover in a battle where they'll be thrashed.

Anonymous said...

Right on keith these morons will try anything and i think that moron zambry got it from another nut called parpukari's blog.


Parpu Kari said...



anak sah perak said...

Kalau buh jawatan MB, puak-puak umNO ni nanti pi pertikai ngan SPR le.... biasale, dah SPR, SPRM ngan mahkamah semua dia nak conquer.... nak buat camne....

so ambik jalan selamat supaya tak perlu dipertikaikan...

sama gak macam zambry, cuba bagi dia jadi calon kat situ, kita tgk berani atau tidak dia letak jawatan mb.... gaji mb pun dia tak bleh nak usik lagi, rumah pun tak bleh nak masuk lagi.... harap duk je kat pejabat mb....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Niar seem to be more forgetful these days and avoid the media in Bukit Gantang. Gossip is he is having an affair..or more precise a new younger girlfriend. Read more in -- Manisha BG

Anonymous said...

now that mahathir is back in umno, the more we should avoid umno. remember the judiciary thing and all the unspeakable things that had
been done in this country in the name of justice.


Stone said...

Because the matter still pending in court. What kind of argument is that... Please Zambry, do you want SPR to dismiss his paper. Are you a coward. If you dont know what to say just say something that you know....

Zambrryyy!!! Teh tarik satu..

Anonymous said...

Hehehe..Kerana dia bukan MB, dan dia sedar dia bukan MB lah dia contest di situ. Apa la bongok sangat Pengikut PR ni. Boleh pulak dia kata Nizar takut UMNO and SPR exploit that thing.

Asasnya, memang dia bukan lagi MB yang sah. Bukannya susah nak faham, tapi dah memang kaki pembelit dan kaki bagi excuse.

- Hensem Guy

Rocky's Bru said...

My dear Dicko,

I'll help you set up an anti-Bru blog if you'd like, foc. I also value your comments and I don't mind people taking a swipe or two at me. But let's not be too emotional Dicko boy, rants that are too childish will cheapen this space.

Thank you. You may resend your amended comment for publication, if you like.

syauqi_x said...

haaa...kalau zambry mempersoalkan kenapa nizar tak letak jawatan sebagai MB di kertas pencalonan, maksudnya mmg zambry dah siap sedia nak gagalkan nizar di kertas pencalonan lagi, supaya calon BN (yg smpai sekarang saya tak boleh ingat nama dia, I wonder why!) boleh menang percuma (macam mana diorang dapat perak hari tu lah, ugut2 sket, ada yang lompat, terus menyorok belakang sultan)

saya rasa nizar dan legal team nya pun bukannya bodoh sangat

satu lagi, si zambry ni dari hari tu lagi bersusah payah kata 'saya MB untuk semua', 'sayalah MB yang sah, dilantik sultan', 'saya mendapat mandat dari rakyat' dan macam2 lagi...kalau dia pun betul2 rasa dia MB yang sah, kenapa perlu mengingatkan orang ramai lagi?

maksudnya dia juga tahu yang kedudukan dia sebagai MB itu memang meragukan!

Anonymous said...

hey rocky, get ur fact first dun be sp dumb.. dun u knw if he stated his profession as MB, and the case stil in court. SPR was praying he would put MB so that thier boss umno will utilise it n ask fella umno controlled court to disqualify him. bro, u r stupid but nizar is a Ir.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering why are you directing us to Bujai and Another Brick in the wall?


magn said...

kau dah semakin jadi pelawakla rocky bru, setahun dulu punyala aku promote blog kau satu malaysia.skr terpaksa pulak aku minta maaf kat kawan kawan tu sebab depa dok belasah aku apa dah jadi dgn kau, tak tau apa aku nak jawap,

rocky kau ada jawapn ke untuk aku jawap kat kawan kawan ni

Anonymous said...

Like that also want to talk



Anonymous said...

Itu pun bro.. tak tahu hua..hua..hua dah sah kena reject borang pencalonan kalau letak sebagai MB perak...sebab SPR semuanya orang umno/BN....itupun bro tak tahu...hua..hua..hua...

roky blue..

Anonymous said...

Dia memang Menteri Besar yang sah, tapi dah kena tendang keluar oleh - simple enough Zambry? Bodoh betui, cam mana nak pilih orang ni?

Kamu pun rocky, benda macam ni pun nak pick up - lu pun tak faham ka?

anti biul

hmmmmmmmmm said...

Stupid Question !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

because ngeh and nga told him so...kesian nizar budak suruhan


Raison D'etre said...

Sad to see Zambry nit picking on things like this.

Thought he would be a much bigger man.

Tackle something bigger la..

Like leader with baggage, for example.

Sorry: ha can't do so as he's with one as well.

Oh well. The circus continues..

Anonymous said...

your commenters are turning into a rowdy and uncouth mat rempits. Do something la...

Hamid Jilbab said...

Dato Nizar tak bubuh dia menteri besar sebab kalau dia bubuh, Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya yang menjadi anjing kerja UMNO akan tolak borang penamaaan calonnya.

Senang jer nak jawab soalan ni.

Itu pun kau takleh fikir ke Rocky?

Otak dah tumpul ke sebab sokong UMNO sangat?

Rocky's Bru said...

Devils Advocate,

Voice and Bujai are traveling with me, that's why I'm linking to their blogs. Different strokes, though, try reading Bujai's take, which is just up.

Thank you.

Anak Timur Laut said...

MB vs MB yang sah?

In the last GE,PR got around 434,000 votes and BN got around 408,000 votes.

Please get me a math professor to explain to me who 'MB yang sah' is.

Anonymous said...

Zambri is so stupid..What kind of PhD has he got? If you state you are MB, there will be objections lah, stupid. Then BN can get him disqualified and get a free seat.

Actually, Rocky is a closet PR supporter, I think. he has exposed his MB Zambri's stupidity.

Thanks Bro, you have also exposed your hidden inclination!


Zelot66 said...

A clear cut stupid question by Zamri.

Parpu Kari said...






Anonymous said...

Bro. Rocky,

Its too much to downplay the intellectual capacity of average Malaysians by bringing up this issue. It is NON-ISSUE at the first place. The matter is now pending at the august house of court.I can well understand that Zamry of Perak had brought up this issue at very first place. But for the newly elected President of NPC would be a damn...damn...damn emberassing for the body itself. What a low man!

- Dicko

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My advice is .... just ignore this ruffian named Nizar jamaluddin ... komer-komer di Peghak will lose more than what to be gained ...mark my words ....

this ungrateful dick should be thrown into the disused mining pool.

Man joi

Mazlan said...

Is this a blog for debate or personal insults?
Lets not get too emotional people - stick to the facts and debate with honesty and a bit of humility.
I don't know which direction Rocky is coming from but at least he is letting us vent our points here and he is not hiding behind anonymity.
We don't want to end up like an UMNO General Assembly here where we treat everyone as the enemy.
As for why Nizar did not fill in MB as his occupation - I think Keith and everyone else hit in on the head - it was to avoid SPR having an excuse to disqualify him...
The rest let the Courts decide.

Anonymous said...

Dick Nizar as MB of Perak? I Feel like puking now ... uuuwwwwwekkkkkkkkk ...

Well, have you puked today ...?

Man joi

People said...

Si Ngook,

Dah panggil engkau ngook, engkau masih tak malu!

Engkau nak bekin malu sampai bila ni?

Apahalnya kalau Nizar tak nak bubur Jawatan MB dalam borang?
Kalau dia isi, nanti SPR UMNO akan membatalkan hak dia untuk bertanding! Nanti Regime BN boleh menang tanpa bertanding la.

Engkau jgn ingat semua orang boleh ngook macam engkau!

Berhentikanlah projek memperbodohkan rakyat!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Friends

The people who have not much good to say about themselves, only spend all their time talking ill about others.

People should choose their leaders for the good that they have done, not reject them for the bad other have accused them of, especially when they themselves lack pristine credentials.

I leave you in your wisdom to ponder and decide.

- An Impartial Observer

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is right but again why must Nijar take the risk when UMNO will creates an excuse to fault him. By the way who is Zambreee to claim himself as MB he should have stood against Nijar then both will not claim as MB in the contesting paper nomination. This is a silly issue.
The black sea will need the illegal MB there to polish his look.jajal

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it DAP that wanted their man to be MB?

If so, that means DAP, PAS, BN and PKR are all fighting for the same seat.

Perhaps there should be a creation for an Independent MB instead to stop all the fighting, and they will live happily everafter.


chong said...

it's still in the court case, who is the legitme menteri besar. understand?

Anonymous said...

Concerning politics and UMNO, Marina Mahathir has a hard-hitting column in today's Star and Star Online, which should be a must-read for all Malaysians who care about the nation.

Here's a quote from her article to give you an idea of what she is writing about:

"To say that this behaviour (vote buying/corruption) is an open secret is to deny a fact: it is not a secret at all but has become the norm. People are quite willing to sell their very souls for money, not least because there are just as many people willing to buy from them."

Go read it, and enjoy!

UMNO Jaguh Rakyat

Anonymous said...

Rumour that Pak Lah will remain as PM till 2013 or earliest next GE..I wish this could be true as PM2B is worst than Pak Lah.Rocky,you used to be champion in blogging for Fair and,do you think Pak Lah should stay on till RIGHT candidate be found?Afterall,we give Pak Lah mandate to be our PM,right?
We cant have person who is suspected as MURDERER,CORRUCPTION,LOW MORAL and LOW CASTE(cos use dirty way to snatched Perak) to be our Prime Minister,right?
Would you initiate ALL BLOGGERS to campaign for Pak Lah to stay on?

Anonymous said...

Great blog here!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Nizar : Am I still the Perak MB? Not sure ...

When we run in Elections, we tell the people why they should vote for us. Should we do the same or should we adopt a different approach in Bukit Gantang?

In Permatang Pauh, Anwar Ibrahim used the "September 16 fever" to underline the fact that voting him will mean voting an incoming Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The September 16 Government, in the end, was just another fairytale.

Anwar is still not the PM of Malaysia now and he will not be one, at least until the 13th General Election.

Now, in Perak, the election machinery of Pakatan Rakyat is using a similar tactic.

Nizar is placed as the candidate in Bukit Gantang to be a measure of the people's feelings over the February 6 Perak BN Government.

There are also calls from the Pakatan Rakyat that if Nizar wins the by-election, the Royal Household should dissolve the State Assembly.

Note that I said "Royal Household" and not "Perak BN Government" because Nizar claimed in public that he is legally still the Menteri Besar of Perak.

Given such assumptions, he can still file a dissolution request again.

But if we look chronologically and rationally, I don't know if Nizar knows what he is doing or he is just as what others claim - a puppet of DAP (mostly lawyers).

Nizar & Co :

filed lawsuit to challenge the legality of Zambry and the BN Perak Government
questioned the Constitutional decision of the Perak Sultan
refused to return the state-owned Camry as he believe he is still the rightful MB
continues to hold State Exco meeting with Pakatan leaders to prove he is still MB
Since then,

the lawsuit has been thrown up and down from High Court to Federal Court and back to High Court.
Nizar has held just a few (if not one or two) State Exco meetings as gimmick. They are not heard of now.

In Bukit Gantang,
Nizar has declared in his nomination forms that he is ADUN of Pasir Panjang, not Menteri Besar of Perak

Next article will be a Nizar story of "100 kilometres". Facts will come (in response to the anonymous comment) on why Nizar and Pakatan Rakyat should be rejected.

Posted by Wei Liang Goh at 4:18 PM

Anonymous said...

Lets the game begin.

We'll see what the people of Bukit Gantang's choice of their MP.

Will they pick anybody as long as it is not UMNO.

OR They still love UMNO by picking the local chap.

In the meantime, all of you shall continue fighting and shows your stupidity beyond helps. Budak sekolah pun tak ada buat komen macam korang ni. Buat malu yang membaca aja...

Syed Zul Tojo said...

First the executive buat barricade stopping legislative bersidang. Then the executive suruh judiciary issue unlawful verdict of persidangan legislative.

If they can blatantly cemar the separation of powers between legislative, judiciary and executive yang menjadi asas perlembagaan kita, apalah yang kita nak kisah sangat pasal komen zambry teh tarik satu

pendekar bukit said...

Benarkah Azalina dan Rais letak jawatan???Berita tergempar di

Anonymous said...

manusia sanggup di lihat sebagai bodoh kerana ghairah nak menjilat. Itu sebab kebijaksanaan seseorang itu berubah tiba tiba bila ada muslihat lain yang dicari.

Sorry la rocky ....

- ricky -

Anonymous said...

Ni mesti kecik2 dulu suka lwan cakap makbapa dia.

Bapa tegur jangan pi tengok wayang suruh pi mengaji Quran, dia lawan balik.. Undang2 tak tegah, so bapa ni siapa nak larang?

Sama juga kat opis. CEO suruh buat project assignment, dia takNak, kena tunggu arahan dari minority Shareholders dulu...

Yang hairan sangat PAS tu ada 5kerusi saja. Dia rasa luas sangat ker pengaruh dia tu? Letak dia jadi MB sebagai syarat longgar saja.


Silap nanti dia jadikan ikan pekasam, atau tempoyak, laris jual kat cangkat jering.


paloi bin mulau said...

mak oiii hujah tahap tadika pun juak2 amno ni nak kecoh hehehehe. spr tu bukan boleh harap sangat. silap2 kena tolak pencalinan kalau amno bantah nanti hehehhee

rocky dont lower your class to parpu level please ;)

donplaypuks® said...


Jangan lah macham buda2 kecil - 'I de man!' 'No, I de man!'

Betuk ke Zam Zam Water ini ada PhD? Tetapi perangai nya seperti budak sekaolah darjah 1.

Menang dulu lah, lepas ini bolih brag!

Anonymous said...

why let the court decide who should be the MB ??? Let the people decide lah!...let the perak people decide....this is a democratic country...bukan north korea...we simple as that....even in Mongolia the people there can vote....!!!

gen2 said...

Zambry nie bongok@tolol dia nie brand allagapas serbuk kari sebab tu dia hitam. Lu pikir la Zambry lu naik jadi menteri besar yang tak sah macam mana, pakai ringgit ke-syurga boleh la. Boleh blaa

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Keith too.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My advice is .... just ignore this ruffian named Nizar jamaluddin ... komer-komer di Peghak will lose more than what to be gained ...mark my words ....

this ungrateful dick should be thrown into the disused mining pool.

Man joi

1:31 PM


Hey Man Joi

You are either an UMNO cunt or dickhead whose dick should be thrown into the disused mining pool - together with the corrupt and polluted dickheads of Najis, Mamak Kutty, Muhyiddin Rasuah and Syed Hamid Botak! Nizar is the Perak People's hero!


Anonymous said...

Bila masanya si nizar jd MB...jadi MB BOneka adalah...sbb 2 dia xtulis sbb dia tahu MB sebenar masa PR berkuasa ialah sekutu dia dr DAP...sbnrnya dia nk tulis jg MB BOneka sbg pekerjaannya tp hantu DAP awal2 lagi dh bagi warning... dia takut hantu cina kot...Tikam batu

Belacak said...

Dear Bro

The shit Nizar's follower says courts, EC and MACC controlled by UMNO but do they realize that Nizar has filed his case before the judge once has been legal adviser to PAS.

Oh.. Thank God, the judge disqualified himself from the case.

numuro_uno said...


Makin najib nak take over makin blog lu jadi macam parpu basi..aduyaiii..
Gua ucap tahniah la kat lu pasai bagi silent voter ni boleh pangkah PR disebabkan soalan-soalan bangang yang lu letak dalam blog lu ni.

Gua tengok lu kat awani last 3 days tak sangka plak rambut panjang mcm lu ni pun boleh geng dengan si donald duck tu..heheh..

Apa2pun gua harap lu success dengan cerita-cerita 3rd class mentaliti ni ek bro!!!


ps.(makin tua makin menjadi-jadi)
ingat tuhan sama kalau menulis tu ekk bro, lain la donald duck..depa tu geng kartun.hehe.takan lu pun nak jadi rocky duck kot??..

Anonymous said...


wei dickhead, lu punya england kasi berus sikit, boleh ah?

Karim Pin

Anonymous said...

Siapa sokong ZAMBRY BN dia orang bijak. Siapa sokong NIZAR BONEKA dia orang bodo. Simple je jawapannya...wa ka ka


jonathan said...

Bro this view is for Bkt Gantang only,

Eventhough I dont care who won either PAS or BN, but since it is minor indication who actually accepted by ppl of Perak. Means the voters of this constitution will represent the majority of ppl in Perak before the next GE.

Anyway for what dirty tactics that BN is deploying know, I wish them to win this seat even how dirtier it takes.

The reason why is becoz the Sultan actually is not VS with Nizar/Anwar but with Nga +Ngeh of Communist DAP. This is really abt the LAND ISSUE of Freehold 999 years.

I know PR always promise abt Heaven but LAND ISSUE sentiment is the most sensitive n have to protect. Can u imagine if the wish of 999 years is granted. Then every houseowner want to have that grant too. Malaysia is a small countries with 27 million populations but in 999 years were most prob will have hundred over million population n we dont have enough land to accommodate our future generation. the current policy is to help govt for future development, n DAP is only want to play the racial issue just to get support, power n destroy our perlembagaan. Nizar gud luck n ur victory is only a support for DAP.

Therefore I wish BN to win in Bukit Gantang.

Allahu Akbar.

Anonymous said...

To first thing that this country – or any other country for that matter – should do is to ensure that justice and equality are the guiding lights of the nation’s policies. Once there is fairness, the people will be united. The rulers then will (should) devote their time to prosperity of this nation, the legislation of just and sane laws and the fostering of closer and more amicable relations amongst the diverse peoples of the country as well as with its neighbours -- thus will the world of humanity become a mirror reflecting the virtues and attributes of the Kingdom of God.

Hadi Abdullah

amoker said...

I dun get Zamry ... he gets excited over this? He should ask himself.. what would he write as his occupation if he is going to contest an election now? I bet he will also not write MB .. as it will be open for complains.

Anonymous said...

Semasa Nizar jadi MB sekejap, dia bagi ape kemajuan kat Bukit Gantang?
999 dan 1000hectar ada beri juga tak?

Dia bergelut dengan Camry, Lexus, kat anak yatim/miskin ada bagi sorang satu basikal nak buat pi sekolah tak?

Berapa ribu hectar tanah dia sediakan kat kamu untuk bangunkan sekolah Agama?

Kamu dapat tak bahagian kemewahan yang dia curah kat tempat lain?

Sekadar panggil suruh golek2 kat jalan sekat kereta.. itu dipanggil MEMPERALATKAN!! Kamu golek tepuk tanah kosong, 1000hectar GOLEK masuk poket depa.. hehehehe


Anonymous said...

Kuala Sepetang,

Did not allow BN to enter earlier? Smells fishy. I think they needed time to kemas2 bumbung rumah.. banyak tilam dan bantal hantu serta bungkusan baju tersorok kat atas.

Polis/imegration tak usah tunggu habis election.. elok masuk buat serbuan sekarang.

Mesti ramai PATI haram duk sembunyi atas atap rumah masing2..


roberto lantoi said...

hallo nizar pi repai keta buruk aku lagi bagui kate engineer

Anonymous said...


999-year leased land is something like freehold land. In fact freehold land is even better because the grant is permanent.

Where did you get the idea that 999-year leased land are given to whoever applied for it? Quote: "Can u imagine if the wish of 999 years is granted. Then every houseowner want to have that grant too. Malaysia is a small countries with 27 million populations but in 999 years were most prob will have hundred over million population n we dont have enough land to accommodate our future generation."

Do you know that the perak state government was merely granting the land to families in new villages - they were relocated there during the emergency (communist insurgency). After staying there for 50 years do you think that it is only fair for them to get the land? Mind you they might have had even more land prior to being forcefully relocated.

To the misinformed this policy of granting land applies to both malay and chinese "new villages". The MSM conveniently forgot to mention that malays were granted more land than the chinese.


Anonymous said...

Dah jangan duk merepet kat sini.

Tanah, ladang tok kamu bercambah kat India dan China...SUCH A BIG COUNTRY.

Balik saja sana, habis cerita. Duk mencelah kat sini, orang sini pun tak ingin, apa hal?

Tak suka sangat ker Negara Asal, you have the rights to claim, kan asal usul dari sana...GO BACK AND DEMAND YOUR ANCESTRIAL RIGHTS BACK THERE.. Kenapa? Takut tak dilayan? Takut kena tembak?

Dah nak sangat tinggal kat Malaysia, tolong sama2 bangunkan, ini duk asyik pelece' tak habis! Ungrateful BASTARDS!!


Anonymous said...

Haaaa.... Apa macam? Nizar MB tak sah lagi?

Korang ni sometimes kesian aku tengok... dah la buta.. pekak.. bisu... otak pun tak berapa nak jalan...

fikir lah.. buka mata.. buka telinga.. buka hati... mintak hidayah.. jgn taksub sangat buta tuli kat Umno tuuu

- Wan Nano -

non said...

for those who have no big bucks...this place is really fit as ur playing field