Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A little early

Ooops! Bernama issued this story to the papers a while ago. The papers, in turn, very efficiently sent out SMS alerts to their subscribers:
1/4 Agong has consented to swearing-in ceremony of Najib as Prime Minister at 10am Friday at Istana Negara: Chief Secretary to Govt Mohd Sidek/STAR [received 18:47]

NST 01/04: King has given consent to swear in Najib as new Prime Minister on Friday 10am, at Istana Negara, says Chief Secretary to Government [18:42]

BH 01/04:Yang di-Pertuan Agong berkenan istiadat angkat sumpah jawatan Najib sebagai PM pada Jumaat ini, jam 10 pagi di Istana Negara: KSN [18:28]

Then, a few minutes ago, the national news agency sent this bulletin to all its subscribers:

Please ignore item slugged "Agong-Najib" as the office of the Chief Secretary of the Government has said that it had issued the statement prematurely.-- BERNAMA

Oh, dear.


  1. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Was it someone's idea of an April Fool's joke? It isn't funny at all, if it is.

    --- Upset coz champagne bottle popped already!

  2. Anonymous7:42 pm



  3. Anon 7.40 Pm. Mana bolih 'Champugnee?' Haram!! Grape Juice bolih!!

  4. Anonymous8:12 pm

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    will the agencies involved including bernama lose their licences or at least suspended for false news?

  5. man brandi8:56 pm

    ..and we got drunk all night long..

  6. Anonymous8:59 pm

    What else did you expect the papers to do? The statement came from Bernama...

  7. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Siaran berita luar negeri pun dah keluarkan berita tentang event yang akan berlangsung jumaat ni.Buat malu orang malaysia aje kalau sebenarnya berita yang asalnya dari bernama ni tak benar.Masih main tarik tali yea...
    Miftahul Jannah

  8. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Something interesting brewing?

    Actually, is this sms thing keeping up with times? Latest communication trend, even for swearing in of a PM?

    Why is it that the very institutions of this country that make us feel proud and bonds us all as Malaysians are now being manipulated, short circuited and bulldozed like as though we citizens are all idiots?

    Will not the buggers know that wrong precedences are not going to enrich us and our future generations spiritually and mentally? Will we not be further scorned by the international community?

    What about tourists from across the seas? What kind of impressions will they have on knowing that invitations for a PM swearing ceremony was through sms?

    What will they take back home? Views on Malaysia's tourist attractions or news on how comical we are with such kind of behaviour?

    And to think that the DPM in waiting has said that all Malaysians will be treated equally.

    Strange, very strange. Only now such utterances - when curcial elections are around the corner.

    After that?

    Another round of rhetorics and the poor ones from all ethnic groups will have to struggle again while the corrupted ones will continue their plunder of Malaysia's wealth.


  9. Uhm, is it a swearing-in or a coronation of our own modern Sultan Mahmud Shah advised by the Jawi Pekan a.k.a. Tun Mutahir, hmm?

  10. Sounds like another secretary is under the instruction of someone else. Very similar to the perak secretary

  11. Anonymous9:36 pm

    rocky, wow there still a change for you to be the executive chairman of BERNAMA, or NSTP or ...
    he he he


  12. Anonymous9:49 pm



  13. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Alamak... ini macam punya blunder pun ada ka? Esok lusa hangpa silap release torpedo plak. Siapa la nak kata Oppss... isk isk isk...

  14. Anonymous10:11 pm

    If it is not an April Fool joke, then it sure sounds omninously similar to the obscene haste the BN grab power in Perak.

    Is this all an attempt to put pressure on HRH? Is Najib and company worried about another Trengganu replay? I wonder.

    April Fool

  15. And there we though premature only refers to ejaculation.

    Remember the Sunday Star front page Bro: in bold "2nd April."

    The clarification was buried underneath a picture featuring Taib Mahmud and in Page 8 (if I am not mistaken)!

    To quote Patrick (Niamah) Teoh: Blardy Hell!!

    Its all one blunder after another.

    Change? What change..


  16. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Well does it tell a lot about the present Government? Oh dear talking about letting them run this country.

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar

  17. bendahara11:11 pm

    I love the suspense and how some people are trying to make conspiracy theorist cook hogwash.

  18. I remember the time when rocky condemned the MB Selangor for the car & cow issue.

    But until today, he has yet to talk about khir toyo's millions holiday expenses to Disneyland, Dubai and others..

    Told you guys rocky is no longer the fair journalist we know...

    but you know what rocky... i visit your blog more nowadays to read 'fair journalism' articles.


  19. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Great april fools joke! hahaha...u really got me hahaha...

    sotong kering

  20. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Ada bantahan dari Anwar kut.. Thee who do not consent please say or forever keep thy mouth shut!..

    Last minute bawa 33katak!


  21. Shariff11:23 pm

    Its like choosing between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. We are having a ditherer sleepy PM (with an egomaniac crooked son-in law) being replaced by a man who has more skeletons in his closet than Don Corleone. Everytime Najib goes on about corruption and OneMalaysia I feel like vomiting.

    So really who cares when this 'transition' will happen? Do you think anything will change for the better?
    Its the same bunch of idiots with different hair cuts.

  22. and the tv pre emptively start showing pak lah as another negarawan.

    wonder jeanne would deserve her tunship if her contributions does count


  23. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    Time for you to return to NST. Did you read today's NST.

    While the country were excited about the change of guard, NST was excited about of all things - FOOD.

    Just take a look at today's front page.

    No wonder the paper is going to the dogs.

    Congratulations to those running the paper. You did great.

    And you know Rocky what I heard. The editors are getting lucrative bonuses.

    Congrat again. I guess that's why they have a superb story today on front page and it's about FOOD.

    While a paper like the Star was writing about Pak Lah's last few days.

    Jesus save NST and their editors.

  24. yb4all11:51 pm

    Rocky, It's interesting to note. Reminds me of September 11 and World Trade Center.

    There was this live tv coverage which reported that the building had collapsed. But, in the background and to the full view of the audience, the building was still intact. Embarassing? No?

    OK, go watch the Truth behind September 11.

  25. People really hope there is a April Fool's joke. Some even pray this month don't have 2nd and 3rd day.

  26. Brader Rocky,

    I think for us it is a matter of PROTOCOL onlylah.

    But for KSN (Chief Sec), Bernama etc, it is a serious blunder (or breach)!

    Despite Bernama's "ignore" notice, our Minister in JPM DS Mohd Nazri told Utusan Malaysia that the ceremony is confirmed:
    Najib sah angkat sumpah Perdana Menteri Jumaat ini

    KUALA LUMPUR 31 Mac – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak akan mengangkat sumpah sebagai Perdana Menteri yang keenam di hadapan Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Jumaat ini.

    Semua anggota Jemaah Kabinet telah menerima surat jemputan menghadiri istiadat pengurniaan suratcara pelantikan dan istiadat mengangkat sumpah serta menyimpan rahsia Najib yang akan berlangsung di Istana Negara.

    Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz yang mengesahkan perkara itu memberitahu bahawa beliau telah menerima surat berkenaan pagi ini.

    “Saya telah menerima surat jemputan menghadiri Majlis berkenaan daripada urus setia Jemaah Menteri pagi ini.

    “Ia akan berlangsung pada pukul 9 pagi Jumaat ini bertempat di Balai Rong Seri Istana Negara,” katanya sewaktu dihubungi Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

    I uploaded the story in full lest Utusan may send us another similar "ignore" notice because of "premature announcement"!


  27. Anonymous12:52 am

    It is suggested by Hamdan Ibrahim that the Perak Malays feel they're being marginalised because the PR government allows the chinese to BUY the lands which they (the chinese) have been residing for decades to remove their misery from facing such cruel uncertainty. If such disgrunted malays are god loving and strong believers of Islam, they should admire the compassion of the PR government in resolving the long suffering of their fellow malaysians at the hand of unfair treatment by the previous government. Those chinese are not taking the lands away from anybody. They have been staying there for decades and now they have to take out their hard earned money to buy the lands, not given free for heaven sake. I'm a Perakian and if there are fellow malay Perakians claiming that they are being marginalised just because their long suffering chinese neighbours are given a fair treatment by the PR government, I have no hope about this bunch of sickening malay neighbours.


  28. Anonymous1:04 am

    Again new bishop is trying to checkmate Agung.

    ..real hard-up for power.


  29. Who is having second thoughts?

    Pak Lah?

    His Majesty?

    Najib must be by itching now!

  30. Anonymous1:25 am

    This kind of nonsense must stop when Najib takes over..typical of the lack of courtesy on the part of the news managers, and not necessarily from the media side!

    ali bkt jalil

  31. NajibRazak Watch2:00 am

    Oh dear? Oh shit!!
    Anyway, normal services resumed. The chief sec statement did come out again to confirm the friday swearing in. Flip flop to the last...

  32. Anonymous3:38 am


    Pokoknya dia menyebut perkataan INSAF. Well, hope he really meant it.

    The 3coming elections are a blessing in disguise. Setidaknya, sebelum mengangkat sumpah sebagai PM, dia dapat lihat sendiri betapa miskin kehidupan yang sedang dilalui Rakyat, Utara, Tengah dan nun di Sarawak.

    It is a shame to claim oneself to be PM of Malaysia, if one cannot even give the barest of the basic living standards to the RAKYAT..

    The thing he should do is to TURUN PADANG sendiri dan LIHAT..


  33. wow.. really? I think there must be something going on... I am thinking the King is upset with all the presumption that Tuanku is going to appoint Najib... hmmmm...

    I am happy to see an upset ;)


  34. Anonymous7:32 am

    PETALING JAYA: Seputeh MP Teresa Kok says she is not getting married, clarifying a posting she put on Facebook that got the media buzzing.

    She described it as an April Fool’s joke that had to be revealed earlier than she expected.

    At around 9.40am Wednesday morning, Kok’s Facebook status read that “her marriage plans had as many combinations as a McDonald’s menu.”


  35. Anonymous7:42 am

    Isn't this derhaka on the part of UMNO no matter which way you look at it, or is some spin doctor - Rocky and fellow bloggers going to make up an excuse!!!

    I like to read their excuses !!!

    "Double Standard"

  36. zelot667:46 am

    Almost instantly it reminds me of Haji Bakhil talking to James Labu, "itu bukan kuat namanya..., itu GELOJOH!"

    A bunch of jokers.

  37. ...dah sabaq benar Najib nak jadi PM

  38. Nzain8:52 am

    Yes, I heard it on the 7am news on TV3 this morning.

  39. Anonymous9:15 am

    Ok,now its almost certain that Malaysia will get a new PM and a new DPM on Friday 3rd April 2009 and obviously there will be a re-shuffle of the cabinet.Like it or not,Malaysians will be watching like a hawk as to who will head the various portfolios.The choice of ministers is critical and I am sure DSN and TSMY have already identified the candidates.Selection
    and performance will definitely have an impact at the next GE.

    The motto,"UNTUK BANGSA,UGAMA DAN NEGARA" should be put into action and that everybody should uphold our priceless constitution.

    Our ministers should always get cabinet approval before making any statement which can upset the public.Our country is not in the state of emergency when quick decisions have to be made.

    To quote a few examples:-
    1.Grade A civil servants such as teachers etc can join politics.In my opinion,this is NOT right because being human,there will be conflict of interest;it leads to among other things favouritism, victimisation and cronyism.Civil servants are supposed to serve the entire public regardless of which party rules.In the teaching profession,students will learn wrong thing from the beginning.
    2.Vehicles which are >15 years are encouraged to be disposed.If this suggestion is put into action, people who are affected most are those in the lower income group.
    There are many old cars on the road which are more roadworthy than new cars.
    3.The punishment for smokers seem to be more severe than those convicted for snatch theft,house breaking,burgalary and possibly robbery.At a glance,smokers look like criminals.I fully support the anti smoking campaign for health reasons but if we are really serious about it,then we should ban tobacco cultivation and gradually close down tobacco related factories.

    (orang lama)

  40. Alamak...Ini ker PM kita...tak harap betul aku.

  41. Anonymous9:17 am

    What if our Agong does not give consent to swear in Najib as new Prime Minister, another flip-flop again?

    In the circumstances, isn’t it presumptuous as well as contempt for the royal prerogative of the Yang di Pertuan Agong to appoint the Prime Minister as provided by the Constitution to schedule the swearing-in ceremony for Najib to become the new Prime Minister at Istana Negara on Friday when the Yang di Pertuan Agong has not met Abdullah and given his consent for Abdullah’s resignation?

  42. Anonymous9:42 am

    definitely it's an april fool's joke !

  43. Anonymous10:01 am

    oh my! can ha like that? aiyoo!

  44. Anonymous10:03 am

    Bro. Rocky,

    Dont worry. Tomorrow your beloved Najib sure be at Istana Negara to proclaim PM title. Tomorrow nite dunt forget to invite me for the celebration party. Forget not to bring my all time favourite wiz 20 year-old Chivas...

    - Dicko

  45. The spin to apply pressure or compromise the Agong maybe? Just tell him the invitations been sent, the calf's been slaughtered, the champagne bottle's been popped. So the party has to go on!!!!

  46. Anonymous10:33 am


    So who is going to be in Najib's new Cabinet? I truly hope the corrupt ones are left out. Takkanlah Azalina yang dah makan duit berbillion-billion nak jadi Menteri lagi. She should not only be dropped as Minister but should be charged in court and if found guilty, spend her remaining years behind bars.

    I heard a strong rumour that YOUR FRIEND Jamaluddin Jarjis is seeking a come back. If indeed Najib takes him in, that will be his first mistake as Prime Minister. Everybody knows that JJ is extremely corrupt. On top of that he goes around groping women. Takkan orang macam ni nak masuk balik ke Cabinet.
    Najib spoke about transparency, getting close to rakyat and so on. If he gets these goons into the Cabinet, he will fail.

    Penghuni flat PPRT

  47. Bro,

    Dont be so panic, Pak Lah will eventually go from his post. Anyway I would like to apologise to Pak Lah for constant disagree and criticize most of the Pak Lah decision during his tenure as PM.

    Personally, I know Pak Lah is a very nice guy but the prob is not him but his 4th floor. So to Najib make sure u find a right 4th floor n dont even include Razak baginda.

    Anyway Pak Lah 'wish u all the best and happy retirement'.

    Jasamu tetap dikenang dan Moga Allah mencucuri Rahmat kepada Pak Lah sekeluarga.

  48. Anonymous11:09 am

    Something fishy here. So I wonder how can this top people playing around about Agong and swear-in things? Agong has an exclusive right to appoint the PM. So let we wait and see. The result might be something out of our expectation.

    - Mohd.

  49. Anonymous11:14 am

    This is call pre-emptive action. Make sure the resignation takes place. No last minute maneuver.

    This has been a deliberate mistake.

  50. Anonymous11:42 am

    This is not the first time slip up like this happened as if there's something wrong.
    Let's relax and see a nice caricature of three DAP leaders at - NASIRA MYZURA.

  51. Anonymous11:50 am

    Another flip flop ...? Pleeeeezzzzz la......we've had enough of it and .... HIM.

    man joi

  52. Anonymous11:58 am

    as usual the servant of the
    govertment is at fault


  53. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Some people at the Federal Administrative Capital just bungled on April 1, 2009. It was hard to fathom. And it wasn't Bernama's doing. This is to put the record straight, brother.

    Tweety Bird

  54. /// Oh, dear.///

    Rocky, your last two words sounded like premature ejaculation.


  55. Maju kena .. Mundur Kena .. Hehehehe

    Malaysia Boleh

  56. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya..

  57. Anonymous5:41 pm


    We'll wait for tomorrow whether there will be the swearing in at Istana Negara.

    Mat Suspen

  58. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Nah, It's Anwar's last bid to influence the King to change his mind.

    It is pretty clear that in this bid, Anwar warns that he will take the street brawlers to town, should the King appoint Najib.

    Suspense, drama and surprises as in the making of a Tamil movie.

    Sit back and enjoy the show.


  59. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Hey Anonymous 9:49 PM,

    Takder kerja ke? Petition lagi?

    Habis, nak angkat Anwar? RPK, kARPAL? tOKnIK? eLIwONG? kIT sIANG? oBAMA?

    Cakap! nak angkat siapa??? Nizar?

    Luuu gila ker


  60. Rocky this is my warning to you do not try toplease everyone and your posting on the subject is with malice it was a stupid mistake you made out as though it was true. Remember you are a powerful blogger and I will block any offer given to you if you do not rectify this particular posting, yes I am threatening you enough of this mister nice guy.

    For the last time Najib Tun Razak will be sworn in on Friday 3rd at 10am at Istana Negara, you could have said this moron!

    Remember I know where you live!!

  61. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Looks more like somebody can't wait for the premiership, tomorrow could be an interesting day, we all hope it will be..



  62. oh Noooo...this is april fooolll

  63. Unwholesome thought12:43 am

    To Sasau 8:39 PM

    That Harris Bodega Liar petition has been there for months. Look at the number of people actually signed the petition, only 5,000 plus, what a Pathetic effort.

    Considering this Harris liar's petition has been broadcast thru his sidekicks and masters' blog such as RPK, zorro, anilnetto etc. That pathetic 5,000 plus out of 27 million population response is the actual reflection people trust in this Phakatan Rioters.

    To these people who instil hatred, I really sympathise you, because you all will have to face the consequence one day, one way or another - this is karma. You reap what you sow.

    What comes around goes around! Truth prevails