Tuesday, April 07, 2009

D-Day in Bukit Gantang


It's 2-1, Bukit Gantang Lost! by Syed Akbar Ali; Bukit Gantang: Immediate Thought by A Voice

Not recommended reading: Bukit Gampang! by Bujai

10.36 pm: Pakatan 2 BN 1. Muhyiddin has just congratulated Nizar Jamaluddin, who won the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat with a 2,789-majority. "We have a good candidate (Ismail Saffian) but it wasn't enough," he told a press conference at the media centre in Kamunting here.

Meanwhile, according to Malaysiakini, Nizar will request for the dissolution of the Perak Assembly to enable fresh elections in the state. He said his victory in Bukit Gantang sends a very strong message to the federal government that Malaysians want real democracy.

A quick analysis:
90-10 per cent. Early details from the official results at Gantang show that the swing of the Chinese voters towards BN did not happen as I had anticipated. In fact, the Chinese voters of Bukit Gantang had turned their backs on the Barisan Nasional. Only 10 per cent of the Chinese voters gave their votes to the BN candidate. The remaining 90 per cent voted for Nizar/Pakatan.

In a phone interview with KiniTV at about 9pm, I said that BN components Malaysian Chinese Association and Gerakan would need to do a lot of soul searching. If Bukit Gantang is any indication, the Chinese have all but rejected them!

The same set of stats shows that the Malay voters who polled for BN had actually increased.

Follow the three by-elections LIVE via NST here. You can leave comments there too!

You'll be getting conflicting reports about who's leading and who's trailing. Counting started at 530pm for Bukit Gantang and I've already got two reports based on exit poll. The first said BN will lose by 1,500 votes at least and the second said Pakatan will lose by 2000. Deja vu.

We're on our way to Bukit Gantang from Ipoh.

BH 07/04:Dua lelaki ditahan polis di Kampung Bukit Lembu, Gurun, Kedah, pada 9.40 pagi tadi kerana menahan bas dinaiki 35 penyokong BN.

Opponents or Enemies? The voters in Bukit Gantang - and Bukit Selembau and Batang Ai - will decide who they want as the reps by day's end. Whoever wins, I hope we'll put an end to dirty poster wars such as the above which we saw in Gantang. Sure, we need to win but, if I may quote the new PM at the MPI awards last night, "opponents need not be enemies".

We need to deal with by-elections and elections in a more matured, friendly manner.

We should be able to sit down with our opponents.

Pics, courtesy of OTB:
Top: Syed Akbar Ali, YB Ronnie Liu, Salahuddin, Bujai and Rocky's Bru in Syuen Hotel, Ipoh
Bottom: With YB JJ in Asam Pedas, Taiping


  1. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Bro. Rocky,

    Nice phote sitting next to JJ. Tell him try not to "raba-raba" any Taiping girls today.

    - Dicko

  2. Cermin Berkecai3:33 pm

    Rocky ---> "Sure, WE need to win but, if I may quote the new PM..."

    Confirm!! Rocky ni orang Barisan Nasional/UMNO --- dari mulut dia sendiri dia dah cakap 'we need to win'... we tu siapa kalau bukan UMNO/BN...

    Rocky, dari hari ni habislah kau, hanya penyokong BN jer yg akan lawat blog kau, iaitu hanya 50% dari penduduk Malaysia jer yg akan melawat blog kau... kah kah kah!

  3. saya rasa , BN akan kalah di Bukit Gantang dan bukit selembau 0keputusan 2-1 jika ini belaku salahkan kempimpinan bau yg terlalu menangungkan Tun

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  6. I think this is a big mistake done by Najib by opening ways for Tun to rulled his new post as Malaysian PM. the limlight was stolen by Tun and Najib should urgently find his own identiy. We all love UMNO.Let muhyiddin do it , not Najib

  7. Anonymous4:28 pm

    "Hari ini Dalam Sejarah" poster memang kelakar... hahahaha

  8. Dato' Bendahara5:51 pm


    if you read Tun's latest blog post, he said that ''Walaupun Abdullah tidak lagi memimpin UMNO, jika ternampak kuasanya keatas UMNO masih ada, saya akan anggap syarat saya tidak dipenuhi.

    Najib is only standing on one leg, and if he breaks that leg by appointing KJ(mamak) into the cabinet, it means the end of Najib's administration, as Tun Mahathir is gonna fuck Najib over. hahahahah.....

  9. Malaysiaku Tercinta6:42 pm

    Cermin Berkecai, just don't forget to include yourself among the 50% that keep coming back here, even if you got to do it with another nicks!
    You guys are really adorable actually, even after swearing that the last time here would be your last, yet going by the IPs, the truth is your types make the bulks of the majority here that keep coming back. At any given time, I would say in the range of 80%.
    So cheers, just make sure you are creative enough with the other nicks ok?

  10. Anak Malaysia6:43 pm

    cermin berkecai....salahkah menyokong BN? Lu cakap pasal demokrasi...tapi bila tak menyebelahi lu, bukan main lagi ko hentam orang...weiii lu punya otak serupa yahudi zionist...mau menang selalu....poraaah...ko tak masuk blog ni pun rocky tetap steady...dan make sure ari ni ari terakhir ko kat sini ok...jgn termakan sumpah nanti....

  11. wandererAUS6:50 pm

    Who is now the PM of Malaysia?...the old fart or the young stud. What a pathetic situation, Ketuanan UMNO melayu scraping the bottom of the barrel to have the services of this
    worn out 'old engine' to be a senior adviser...no wonder the country fail to advance.

  12. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Something to share..there's new edition to the bloggers' world. Pls check this out, drhamidothman@blogspot.com

    Superb forties

  13. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Bro Rocky;
    BN leadrers should by now know where they stand.
    If the tide is against them DS Najib must be very busy tonight readjusting and amending his list of Cabinet members to ensure that the rakyat's aspiration is fullfilled otherwise soyanara 2013!
    E.g. Nazri as foriegn minister? Somebody must be joking really.
    Dzulman of Shah Alam.

  14. Mari kita lihat sapa yang kenaaaa!!!


  15. Anonymous8:08 pm

    clearly you're another BN machai. sad.. very sad...

    -buzz lightmoon-

  16. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Batang Ai would have gone to PR too if Tun went on a campaign there.

  17. Dato' Bendahara8:46 pm

    PR is likely to win in both Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang. The acts of calling Tun M is to just find a scapegoat if BN loses. Najib is not free from the clutches of Khairy(mamak), and he will have a tough time running UMNO..

    It is still the same people running Putrajaya, and the 4th floor is still very much in business. The so-called ''power-transition'' was just a drama and only the face of the Prime Minister has changed, nothing else.

    I expect lots of funny things and disquiet within UMNO in the next few years, and it is impossible for UMNO to ever recover unless Najib takes the unprecedented step of kicking KJ out, throwing Anwar in prison, and makes it clear to everyone else he means business.

    Tomorrow Cabinet line-up is vital to see where UMNO will be, and how fast it will disappear.

    my last words: The 4th floor is still in business and Singapore still has a strong influence on what happens in Putrajaya.

  18. Anonymous9:10 pm

    congrats to Pakatan !! Big Win for Datuk Nizar !!! 2 Bukit for us and one Batang for u..nah!

  19. my trust on u dah hilang la bro...i tot u tak berat sebelah...tapi u dah berubah...

    (i'm thinking to take out your blog from my widget...)

  20. Anonymous9:20 pm


    Only three words could well summarised the whole things today;

    - Dicko

  21. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Umno was practising double standards as there were many cases of Chinese tycoons being given huge plots of land without any protest from the party.

    "The gave one mountain (Genting Highlands) to Lim Goh Tong, one hill (Bukit Tinggi) to Vincent Tan and one island (Pangkor Laut) to YTL (Francis Yeoh). Is there a single Umno leader who protested?" he said.

    "Look at his record. Which land has he stolen? Which property has he taken? Which logging (contract) did he take? How can you say he is a betrayer?

    "What about that former menteri besar from Umno? He took RM1.3 million of state funds to fund himself, and his wife and family, to a trip to Disneyland!" he exclaimed.

  22. Anti- Phakatan Rioters9:47 pm

    After all the hoo hah, Phakatan Rioters only manage to increase the majority of 1,223 votes !!!!!!

    Remember this is a by-election, I expect it more pro-anti-establishment.

    To me it's a failure to Nizar and Anwar, Kit Siang, Ngeh and Nga !!!!

    RPK and the troop of Anwar sponsored and inspired bloggers expecting majority of at least 5,000 to 6,000 in view of the Perak crisis.

    Conclusion, Rakyat now can see thru the Phakatan Rioters lies!!!

  23. bro..
    Sejak lu sokong BN majoriti lagi besaq untuk PR..alhamdullillah..aminn.

    Habaq kat adik hang parpu tak yah la buat blog, lagi orang benci dekat UMNO tengok blog pecacai camtu..penipu besaqqqq!!!!


  24. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Dato' Bendahara said
    "Najib is only standing on one leg, and if he breaks that leg by appointing KJ(mamak) into the cabinet, it means the end of Najib's administration, as Tun Mahathir is gonna fuck Najib over. hahahahah....."

    That umbilical cord of 20 plus years is still very much attached.

    The PM must decide, the interests of Malaysians is paramount, or self interest of an individual? Once being dictated, will forever be dictated. Public confidence would erode.

    KJ taking this lying down?

  25. Anonymous10:01 pm

    We don't read NST anymore - stopped a long time ago Rocky. Anyway the Rakyat has spoken


  26. Anonymous10:02 pm



  27. Anonymous10:09 pm

    rocky, umno must shown their sincerity. if ali finds guilty, sack him from CM post, if KJ guilty, sack him. for non party matter, if money matter, prison. different with umno, Why? so umno is control by corruption people, lead to corruption leader.


  28. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Just not so long ago Dr M told the whole world how corrupt Um..no was - now ask people to vote for it - can anyone believe him anymore?

    mat taib

  29. Anonymous10:18 pm

    One of UMNO's stupidity..Mufti Perak marah DAP baca ayat Quran. Kenapa tak marah HSBC jual islamic banking products untuk meraih keuntungan atau Mc Donald jual burger dengan menampal sijil halal Jakim juga untuk meraih keuntungan. Stupid!

  30. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Rocky...u r with a Molester? There goes your standard

  31. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Quoted "I think this is a big mistake done by Najib by opening ways for Tun to rulled his new post as Malaysian PM. the limlight was stolen by Tun and Najib should urgently find his own identiy. We all love UMNO.Let muhyiddin do it , not Najib" Walk The talk

    Hallo... Tun is not a liability in these two bukits. Samy vellu and KJ are. Moreover, that incumbent from BN Ismail Saffian is a nobody as compared to the puppet. He has a lot of sympathy vote. The indians in Selembu is very angry with Samy Vellu so it is represented with a vote to the opposition.

    Anyway no need to worry, BN is still the majority in Perak. PAS ada berapa kerusi? PKR ada berapa? Think in minuscule you will see lesser of the bigger issue.

    To the political parties yg dah menang or kalah, lets wait for the next election PRU13.

    Lets become a civilised nation, work for a better economy and life of all rakyat.

    Sexy 33

  32. Anonymous10:43 pm

    To whoever posted this quote "Who is now the PM of Malaysia?...the old fart or the young stud. What a pathetic situation, Ketuanan UMNO melayu scraping the bottom of the barrel to have the services of this
    worn out 'old engine' to be a senior adviser...no wonder the country fail to advance."

    Typical of malay..never appreciate an older or senior experienced person. Look at Singapore. They know how to appreciate LKY and at least respect an lederly statesman.. kau org tau menyalak kat blog orang aje.. hampeh.

    Muak bin Bosan

  33. Rocky Berak10:44 pm

    kah kah kah...

    Najib Kalah, yey yey, Najib Mongolia Kalah!

  34. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Aku rase, pilihanraya Bukit Gantang dan Selambau ini tidak boleh digunakan untuk menilai prestasi Najib Tun Razak atau Tun Dr. Mahathir sebab Najib hanya masuk pejabat beberapa hari.

    Kredibiliti Najib telah dimusnahkan secara beransur2 sejak permulaan Zaman Abdullah&Khairy, dan kredibiliti UMNO juga telah hampir hancur di bawah Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Nak pulihkan UMNO akan mengambil masa yang lama, bukan 2-3 hari.

    Yang paling penting sekarang ialah usaha orang UMNO sendiri untuk membersihkan parti dan BN secara keseluruhannya. Jika parti UMNO bersih, pemimpin2 yang setia dan patriotik menerajui UMNO, orang Bukan Melayu dan Islam secara sendirinya akan menyokong and mengundi Barisan Nasional semula.

    Detik ini hanya permulaan perjuangan membersihkan and membina semula UMNO, hasilnya kita akan lihat pada PU13. Biar kekalahan macam ini dijadikan pedoman bagi masa hadapan.

    Esok ialah hari yang cukup penting, kita akan lihat sejauh mana Najib boleh membersihkan UMNO dengan pemilihan Kabinetnya. Seluruh rakyat Malaysia dan dunia sedang melihat apa UMNO sedang buat.

  35. Anonymous10:51 pm

    hmm.. this election also rigged. Look at how accurate RPK's prediction was.

    To say he's real good in probability and math is bullshit. The damn Singaporeans is still messing around.

  36. Jambu Merah10:56 pm


    Aku nak cakap satu jer kat kau:



    Hidup Rakyat!
    Hancur mereka yang zalim!

  37. mummak10:58 pm

    I feel so sorry for Syed. He was cock sure that Nizar would lose. He must have read the ground support wrong. tsk tsk. I guess having the old man mahathir campaigning was a bad idea after all.

    Almost 20k people in Bkt gantang derhaka. What is umno gonna say now..arrest all of them?

  38. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Rocky...you are worse than a prostitute. At least the intentions of prostitutes is known but you...why so desperate, VSS money running out ah? Now President of NPC some more. NPC is now nothing more than an alcoholics den...thanks to you and your goons. Insaflah saudara.

    King Kong

  39. Anita, Wira Rakyat Malaysia11:00 pm


    Sudahlah nak menipu Melayu, kononnya undi Melayu dah naik untuk UMNO.

    Mana sumbernya?

    Mana buktinya?


    Mana link website dia?

    Jangan nak tipu Melayu lagi lah Rocky

    Sudahlah tu... nak cover malu pulak...

    Hero kau Mahathir turun padang pun UMNO hancur jugak...

    kah, kah, kah...

    Secret weapon konon kata Muhyiddin...

    kah, kah, kah...

  40. Anonymous11:02 pm

    I lived near both of these places once.. memang such a dead area, younger generations had no choice but to migrate to other towns to look for employment.

    Loosing it is not a big huha.. Nizar can eat all the fresh fishes from cinamen boats and ikan pekasam from his Malay voters!


  41. Apa macam Anwar?11:05 pm

    Let recap Anwar's mission.

    Where can Anwar now find the 31 MPs for the froggy crossover whereby most these 31 MPs are supposed to be from East Malaysia with the following recent development:-

    1) Anwar and Phakatan Rioters's sampan capsized in Sungai Rejang on 7 April 2009.

    2) Sabah "earth shattering" (phrase borrowed from Anwar) gain in UMNO supremme council representation in the recent UMNO assembly.

  42. Rocky, don’t spin. Don’t blame the Chinese.

    In Malay dominated areas Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu, where Chinese has no or little roles, PAS and PKR won!

  43. Penyokong Setia Najib Razak11:20 pm

    Bro Rocky!

    Apa dah jadik ni, bro?

    Hero kita Najib Razak dah pancit!

    Saya berharap sangat bila Dato Najib jadi Perdana Menteri hari Jumaat lepas, seluruh rakyat Malaysia bersemangat untuk mengundi balik untuk UMNO macam tahun 2004, bila rakyat Malaysia bersemangat mengundi untuk UMNO bila Abdullah Badawi jadi PM.

    Rasanya rakyat tak bersemangatlah nak sokong UMNO walaupun Najib jadi PM.

    Camana ni bro?

    Nak buat camana ni bro nak selamatkan imej Najib yang kita sayangi?

    Saya tergamam tak tau nak cakap apa bro ni, kawan-kawan saya dari Pakatan Rakyat tersenyum, tapi saya takleh buat apa-apa bro. Rasa malu jugak bro.

    Tun Mahathir berpeluh berkempen dari Bukit Gantang sampai ke Bukit Selambau pun takde gunannya, bro.

    Dengar ura-ura rakyat dah meluat dengan Mahathir bro. Yang datang berduyun-duyun nak tengok Mahathir sebab nak tengok tengkorak usang yang masih hidup bro. Ni bukan saya cakap bro, ni pakcik tua kat Bukit Selambau yang cakap tadi bro.

    Sedih lah bro.

    UMNO dah tergugat teruk, apa strategi kita seterusnya bro?

    Tolong nasihatkan kami, macai-macai biasa yang tetap sokong UMNO...

    Yang benar,

    Demi UMNO,

    Penyokong Najib dari Desa.

  44. rocky,

    bukan mca gerakan yg patut muhasabah tapi amno itu sendiri. saya tak paham kenapa org amno mcm rocky ni masih cuba mempersalahkan pihak lain?

    cuba saudara fikir sendiri adakah masyarakat cina mengundi beend selama lebih 50 tahun atas faktor mca gerakan semata2?

    kalau cuba pandang jauh kedalam sebenarnya atas sbb amno itu sendiri. mayarakat cina melihat amno itu parti melayu yg sederhana. calon amno sendiri mendapat undi org cina atas faktor sederhana yg dipaparkan oleh media amno.

    tetapi media internet berjaya membuka mata masyarakat cina utk melihat wajah sebenar amno. jadi tak payah saudara rocky cuba menyalahkan mca gerakan bila org cina tidak lagi memangkah amno.

    selepas pru12 mahathir mengatakan pembangkang cuma mendapat undi protes kerana paklah. tapi hari ini tanpa paklah majoriti pas dan pkr bertambah. kenapa?

    mahathir cuma mampu menambah 500 undi amno berbanding mac 2008. mungkin mahathir perasan populariti chedet.cc boleh memukau pengundi bulit gantang dan bukit selambau.

    nampaknya analisis mahathir tentang prestasi beend dan amno dalam pru12 adalah tanda protes kepada paklah hanya rasukan kebencian peribadi beliau semata2.

  45. How la Rocky?

    Kalau Anwar vs Sultan, mcm ni Anwar menang ke?

    And the people of Bkt Gantang who supported the "traitor" Nizar: Do we consider them traitors as well? -- especially the Chinese who, despite the go-go girls, still voted Partai Islam? Will people now start to say stuff like pihak bukan melayu memang tak faham apa artinya kesetiaan kpd Raja2 Melayu etc. ?

    Will we say l'etat, c'est moi?

    And some people went around crowing about the "rock star" thing. Now they have to fight a fire they lit themselves.

    How la?

  46. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Its quite difficult to swing the chinese when the MB granted them 999 year lease! MCA, Gerakan, DAP are the same for layman chinese, what will benefit them, they will pick, and in this case DAP is riding on Nizar.

    Increase of Malay vote for BN also make sense on the same issue.


  47. Bangkai Yang Wangi11:27 pm


    21,000 rakyat Perak di Bukit Gantang derhaka pada Sultan Perak!

    Nak buat camana ni?

    Nak masuk dalam ISA, tak cukup ruang penjara kat Kamunting!

    Pening, pening....

    Apa cadangan Rocky?

    Dulu Rocky cakap apa, Anwar lawan Sultan?

    Sekarang siapa menang, siapa kalah, Rocky?

    Cuba sebut skit, nak dengar.

  48. Paloi,
    Tun Dr Mahathir increased Malay votes for BN by 500 with only ONE campaign on the last day of campaigning. Imagine how it'd be if this great statesman had been campaigning for BN from the start!

    Anyway, Mahathir did not go to Selambau and Gantang just for the by-elections. I know him enough to say that Gantang and Selembau were just the beginning of a lengthy campaign by the Old Man to help strengthen the position of Najib Razak as Prime Minister of this country.

    And I think DSAI, Kit Siang and Hadi know this too.

  49. bro,

    dah kalah tu mengaku ja laa..ubah perangai lama, manusia kena berubah kearah kebaikan, ni hang ni aku tengok pi berubah dari blog neutral pi jadi blog pecacai umno plak dah.
    Tapi takpa rakyat la ni dah cerdik belambak lagi info leh dapat selain dari blog lu ni.

    Harap rambut ja panjang,akai pendek.(maaf cakap la no) geram bukan apa..hikkk


  50. Anonymous11:45 pm


    Don't blame MCA or Gerakan.
    I voted for Nizar is because of UMNO. If BN has a non-UMNO candidate, I might have voted BN.

    For me, it's better to have a PAS/PKR/DAP candidate then a corrupted UMNO.

    Hammer UMNO

  51. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Apa-apalah lu orang. Rocky dudok dengan JJ korang marah. Yang dia dudok dengan si Ronnie Liu tu korang tak capak apa?

    Kalau dia berat sebelah, kau ingat dia boleh dudok dengan Ronnie DAP tu ke? Bangang betol lah.

  52. Anonymous11:54 pm

    kesian bro rocky.. ada yg tak paham english rupanya... keh keh keh...

  53. Rocky, sorry you guys lost this round.

    You should have a word with that "tauke Cina" friend of yours who claimed the Chinese will support BN. But whatever you do, please don't try and pit the Malays, Chinese & Indians against each other. BN tried that and failed.

    But look on the bright side. You might get your job in the NSTP.

  54. Anonymous12:17 am

    Assalamualaikum warah matullahi wabarakatuh. I am a Malay Muslim and I want to tell u something - that the ASSahibussamahah Mufti Perak is a dumbass!

  55. Anonymous12:21 am

    KJ is smiling at the Bukit Gantang and Selembau results.

  56. blog reader12:25 am

    How can UMNO able to have smooth reform actions under Najib with the constant harping by this KJ's inspired onliner, MalaysiaInsider.

    It has the same tone as Anwar's inspired Malaysiakini.

    Surely this need to be corrected.

    Looks the recent one here:-

    New PM fails to staunch opposition rise

    Polls loss puts pressure on Perak government and Najib

    A good result for Malaysia — The Malaysian Insider

  57. Anonymous12:30 am

    ini macam ke Bn kempen di bkt gantang?letak gambar ahli dap pakai seragam bintang tiga komunis???memang bodohlah mentaliti bn perak macam sudah kemaruk,dap diam aje biar nizar mb pas yg lawan bn pasal tentera dan polis terdiri lebih dari 90 peratus melayu,kalau dap yg tunjuk muka mesti cina kena padah macam may 13 69 dulu, bn memang bodohlah kalau kempen lagi macam ni.

    uajib melayu glokal


    In life we win some we lose some
    What matters most is the final sum
    Don't just look at the figure if it's handsome
    Ensure that the final results are not troublesome

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070409
    Tue. 7th Apr. 2009.

  59. rocky,

    mungkin benar jika mahathir datang 10 hari lebih awal undi amno akan meningkat lebih kurang 5000.

    tapi persoalan yg tak terjawab adalah mengapa undi protes pada mac 2008 tidak kembali pada amno? bahkan undi pas bertambah.

    jika protes mac 2008 hanya semata2 atas batang tubuh paklah rasanya prk ini undi protes tersebut mampu kembali pada amno sekurang2nya dalam 1000-2000 undi.

  60. you said " ..a lengthy campaign by the Old Man ". Please, don't make more nemesis, nanti lagi banyak hisab di akhirat kelak.

  61. Anonymous12:39 am

    The real reason BN lost the votes in the 2 bukits is because Najib let Tun went to campaign there.Don't Najib get it? Tun is surat khabar lama! People dont read surat kahbar now. They read blogs, bloke! Lagipun orang dah menyampah kat dia, so it makes the voter's choice easier. Reformasi means out with the old guards. That includes Tun who is better off jadi pensioner and jaga cucu. Rajin-rajinlah pergi surau and bertaubat before he sees the end of his twilight years.

  62. Anonymous12:43 am

    enough la...xyah nak cakap byk...

    " Tun Dr Mahathir increased Malay votes for BN by 500 with only ONE campaign on the last day of campaigning..."

    500 votes banyak ke..? selepas 20++ years jadi PM, banyak ni je die dapat raih..??

    compare to Anwar, 5 negeri Pakatan sapu lepas die datang campaign...

    juz admit it, Anwar jauh lebih bagus dan dikagumi di seluruh dunia...

  63. Anonymous12:43 am

    People, Pls don't blame Najib for the two Bukit losses.

    It was indeed an eye opener for him to lose the two seats in Perak and Kedah very early in his premiership albeit winning another seat in Sarawak.

    This will only strengthen his resolve to steer BN to future greatness in helping the rakyat regardless of their race.

    Having the right people to work with him for the betterment of the nation, Najib will deliver the promise to serve the rakyat.

    He know very well arrogant, lazy and corrupt wakil rakyats will be a burden to his administration.

    Najib can do it and will certainly do it to prove his critics and detractors wrong.


  64. to Anti- Phakatan Rioters,

    money, media, mee segera, propaganda....yet, Pakatan boleh menang bergaya...

    c'mon, open ur eyes...by-election la usually BN xde problem...but now 4-0 da kat Semenanjung...

    secret weapon pun hancurrr...500 je..mmg dasar paper lama btul...

    apa namaaa...???!!!

  65. Anonymous12:57 am

    The victories say a lot. BN basically is finished. the way they grab power will backfire in future elections. selambau and gantang are just the beginning of the end which is very real. malaysians are basically faded up with a political party which is unethical and would use whatever means to achieve power.


  66. My take:
    No one party won these by-elections. Its status-quo. All BN, PAS and PKR only managed to defend their seats. No change. New six-day old PM Najib Razak leadership is yet to be truly tested.

    BN won Batang Ai - long house voters for long only know the BN symbols on ballot papers. They were unfamiliar with PKR symbol. They are well taken care of by the politics of development of BN government under CM Taib Mahmud and are well in comfort zone.

    PKR won Bukit Selambau - with the help of Malay voters who did not want Kedah government under the humble and soft spoken PAS MB Azizan's rule dented by losing the state seat. The Indian voters are still the same,not happy with the MIC under 'whole life' President Samy Vellu for not taking care of their welfare and rights.

    PAS won Bukit Gantang - as the Malay voters still sympathised with technically ousted Perak MB Nizar Jamalluddin. The Chinese voters are still not happy with MCA Chinese leaders for not doing much to help their folks. The Indian voters not favouring PPP or MIC for the same reasons.

    The latest development in UMNO politics, the new PM's 'wow factors' of ISA detainees release, 'peoples first, performance now' slogan, one Malaysia policy, clean leadership and with integrity, etc., doesn't help much as it still have yet to sink into the hearts and minds of the people. Thus, these by election results are not really a referendum on Najib, or Pakatan Rakyat gaining strength, but just to maintain the status-quo as the fever of the 12the General election has not yet dissipated.

  67. Anonymous1:20 am

    As a gift to Batang Ai, Najib, as a new PM, should be there personally to meet the voters!

    I sure would love to visit this place one day..


  68. petestop1:26 am

    Firstly, congrats to PR and especially PAS for proving that indeed PAS Can be for All.

    As for Rocky here trying to put the blame on Chinese for rejecting MCA and Gerakan.

    Point #1, Gerakan is not a Chinese party, in fact it is a multi-racial one and its ideology is socialist democratism, very much the same as DAP's. Their original ideology calls for a Malaysian Malaysia, not much unlike DAP's.

    If we follow the same logic that BN propaganda is putting out, BN should be calling Gerakan Communist as well.

    Point #2, Chinese did not reject MCA, I, as a Chinese Perakians, can sincerely and honestly say that we rejected UMNO and its racist propaganda and agenda.

    In fact after 308, UMNO has taken a turn to the worst of the UMNO Ultras.

    Was driving through the Bkt Gantang constituent (although not voting) last weekend. All I can see from BN are racist messages.

    And these racist messages are further cheer on and propagated by Pro-BN bloggers.

    Well, after so many by-elections, if it still does not get through that thick head of theirs and their supporters....

    .... then you can only deserve a bigger earth-shattering tsunami comes GE-13.

    PAS having been demonised and set up as bogeyman by BN all these five decades, have turned the tide.

    As we non-Malays can see through UMNO lies, and all their lackeys, MCA, MIC, Gerakan who speak what their political master tells them to.

    PAS is indeed for All !!
    Hidup PAS !!
    Hidup Rakyat !!

  69. Anonymous1:30 am

    Losing by-elections is good for Muhiydin. Don't believe? See how far Najib goes with all the by-election losses under his watch.

  70. Anonymous1:44 am

    Wah mereka memang ketagih reformasi hidup! Complete overhaul!

    Sekarang can declare FREE SEX Zone.
    Boleh bikin anak sama siapa saja.

    Boleh bikin uh ah dengan suami siapa saja..

    SYABAS PAS.. Semuanya halal..


  71. Anonymous1:56 am

    i nearly fell off my chair when
    Muhyiddin said the party would do a post mortem of why they lost.
    do they really need to do so despite the huge machinery they employed with the hope to win including TV1's biased news all the while. the reasons are in these chants you heard all over the campaign grounds --- rasuah, rasuah bapa rasuah and altantuya altantuya, altantuya. you heard them all over and over.

    Nearly fell off chair

  72. Rocky , mana u dapat figure Tun increase 500 vote. huh ...... entah entah BN patut menang , Tun datang BN kalah. http://www.walkdtalk09.blogspot.com

  73. Anonymous3:06 am

    This blog is paid a huge sum of moolah annually to spin the tales of Umno and BN. And the spinmeister is quite happy and willing to take on the job. That's why this blogger, as we all have noticed, has changed his dance and song to please his political master. It sounds like money politics. No???

    The Whisperer

  74. Anonymous3:14 am

    Yeah, i c some 14 new comments added to the 57 i saw last.Paloi, the protest vote did return but not enough..read on as to why?

    You said it Rocky, one hour campaign stop = 500 votes compared to 100+ campaign sortees= extra 1000+ votes. The moment someone said " this is part of Chinese culture" (surely a comment to rile up the Chingkie, a commnet by the way is pervesely ironic...Q is why state the obvious when a campaign is on unless you have a hidden motive)that was the moment the BN commited hara kiri. Add to that someone else's sudden and grand appearance during the nomination and another massacring his own troops with his constant jibes about boxes and sundry arsetalk and you have the vermins within the ramparts crawling all over the debris of defeat.

    The voters have spoken loud and clear. Instead of a dimunition of Malay/Muslim support, the Malay vote bank have remained solidly with UMNO and by my reckoning 65% of Malays in BG voted UMNO on a malay voter turnout of 75%. Almost the same permutations as GE 2008 which effectively rubbishes the premise that the rural Malay vote in West Malaysia had swung to PR in that referendum.

    My rough analysis of BN's haul(I factored out the 700+ spoilt and Independent (633 + 62) votes for ease of calculation)

    M=26424 x 0.65 = 17175
    (turnout = 75% of 35232)

    C= 11190 x 0.10 = 1119(turnout :75% of 14920))

    I= 3787 x 0.20 = 757 (turnout: 70% of 5410)

    total votes cast : 41401 (actual= 41626)

    With 90% chingkie votes and another solid 80% of the Hindulen vote, PAS romped home under the slogan " Membangun Islam dengan Sokongan Kafir".. what a touching gift for turbaned brolly, nik Aziz. It is crystal clear now that the Chingkies and Hindulens have abandoned the Barisan for they see the way to power and eventual subjugation of the Malay/Muslim polity via the rag-tag army of Chingkie lovvas, Chingkie and Hindulen extremists + Muslim munafiquns. It is as good as tearing up the Social Contract and thumbing their cocks at the Provisions of the Constitution that guaranteed Malay privileges. It is the ultimate comeuppance for the BN and in a way they deserve it for focusing too much on the perceived kingmakers when their own kind languished unnoticed in the background.

    A case of "kera di hutan disusukan....." and now that the pig-tailed macaque (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Pig-tailed_Macaque) has roundly bared its fangs and chattered his rejection to all and sundry after enjoying a session of wide-eyed ogling, helping himself to the trays of pork and yam seing himself drunk with all that free grog, who is going to pick up the tab?. UMNO can either face the obvious head-on or like the proverbial ostrich hide their heads in the sand and get their exposed arses spanked to a pulp.

    There is a way forward though, rebrand the party as a Malay/Muslim entity dedicated to preserving bumiputera hegemony in the Peninsula and engineer pacts with like minded pribumi parties in Sabah and Sarawak whilst in the process devolving to them some form of autonomy based on the 20 point agreement. Leave the shit stirring Chingkie and Hindulen pendatangs out of the equation and if ever they come begging again, engage them on UMNO’s own terms and cease extending them the lollipops of friendship.

    In that new equation of pribumi parties , I see a parliamentary seat count of about 140 comfortable enough for governance. The question is whether Najib or any one else for that matter has the stomach to effect the internal purging of the scum within UMNo’s ramparts and initiate a One Pribumi Malaysia concept that will guarantee the continued hegemony of the Malay?muslim polity for future generations.

    Or do we, malay/muslims (both Umnoites and neutrals like me), need a new Mahathir to seize the cudgels, rally the faithful and realise that idea?….time will tell……….

    P/S : the tale of the tape in Bukit Selambau played out according to the script I envisaged two days ago….disenchanted and disillusioned Malays throwing in their lot with the PR rabble..yet to do an analysis though…. Sweet deceit is calling………

    Warrior 231

  75. TOLDUSO3:33 am

    Hehehe NOW, will stupid UMNO leaders realized this is what you get if u help the pendatang?

    Hehehe Orang tua-tua cakap taknak dengar. Bagai melepaskan anjing tersepit.

    Hihihi padan muka hangpa. Kojol UMNO!


  76. Anonymous3:48 am


    Your Emperor Mamakthir and your Darth Najis Vader have lost. There is still a chance for you to return to the force. Forsake the dark side, Rocky. It ain't worth it.


  77. Anonymous4:34 am

    Bukit Selambau

    Racial Profile:

    M= 17,698
    I= 10,071
    Total= 35,140

    Voter Turnout: 70.25% or 24687

    Breakdown of Turnout and Votes for BN

    Malay = 17698 x 0.65 = 11503 x 0.55 = 6326

    Chinese = 7371 x 0.65 = 4791 x 0.30 = 1437

    Indian = 10071 x 0.83 = 8358 x 0.20 = 2507

    Total BN vote = 10270

    The total number who turned out to cast their ballots diminished by : 1,111 votes. Both BN and Pakatan lost roughly 600 votes each which adds up to 1200 votes. 1826 votes were shared amongst the 15 independents and maybe some were spoilt votes.

    Two things emerge:

    1. If many of the absentees had turned up, the probability of an increment in the BN haul would have been better (I suspect 80% who didn’t turn up were Malay BNites)

    2. PR lost the Malay vote but romped home by riding on Chingkie and Hindulen support. Any surprises there? If only BN had put a Malay candidate there, I see them picking up 70% of the Malay votes + 800 of the absentee ballots which would translate into a winning margin of 200 votes provided Chingkie and Hindulen support remained at 20%.

    The analysis just reinforces my thesis that Malaysia is split down a racial/religious fault-line engineered by PR instigations and some faux pas committed by the previous BN admin. Add to this, the Chingkie and Hindulen perception that now is the time for an electoral insurrection and eventual “coup d’etat” under the cover of a selfish PR/PAS leadership dedicated to turning Malay/Muslim Malaysia into a liberal, secular republic under the economic dominance of Chingkie compradors with the Malays just ngeeing and ngaing to everything planned and decided by you know who + answerable to Tongsan and Uncle Sam…. A sample of the menu was already made available during the brief ascendancy of chingkie canto-pop in the Silver realm………….need I say more?

    P.s : some minor corrections to my earlier comment.

    My rough analysis ( I factored out the 700+ spoilt and Independent (633 + 62) votes for ease of calculation)

    M=26424 x 0.65 = 17175
    ( turnout = 75% of 35232)

    C= 11190 x 0.10 = 1119
    ( turnout : 75% of 14920))

    I= 3787 x 0.20 = 757 (turnout : 70% of 5410)

    The total BN vote haul should read : 19051 NOT 41,041 as stated (all estimations based on a preliminary voter turnout of 73.3% and not the final percentage)

    Warrior 231

  78. Anonymous5:51 am

    Scrutinise the ketua2 cawangan and bahagian, ketua wanita and pemuda kat ground level MULAI DARI HARI INI!!

    You come up with policies etc etc and left these people to do the implementation..

    Seikhlasnya, bukan nak tunjuk bongkak atau sombong, but please make them sit for some kind of qualifying test to ensure they are capable to LEAD.

    And these people acts merely like postmen saja..


  79. Morning, AA!
    Its Wednesday 08/04 @ 6.00am.
    No matter how you say it { polemics really} there are three fundamentals that the Elected Persons/Parties must realize:
    1] The Rakyaat Votes - The Power of The Vote.
    2] The Rakyaat is sick of the Shennigans of Elected persons.
    3] The Cleansing of Our Bumi is well underway.
    So, AA as someone whose "say" is important especially as the MSM is heavily slanted/tainted,
    pls be more perceptive, when you write & comment.
    There are no enemies nor opponents in the Journey of Life;
    Just fellow travellers!
    C u soon!

  80. Anonymous6:33 am

    Nice spin. Now it's them (the non-Bumis) vs the Bumis (meaning Malays). The Malays have now consolidated under the inspirational leadership of your paymaster, Najib.

    Did the final tally include the busloads of tourists visiting in the middle of the night?

    - Groo

  81. What now?
    The hundreds of brand new bicycles that Umno Wanita and Puteri gave to Malay voters in these areas..

    Now they didnot vote for Ummo, will they ask to be returned?

    This must be the single worst investment with zero return...

  82. Anonymous6:58 am

    Hi Rocky,

    I think the results are as expected. Yes, we have a new PM and the rakyat would like to see a change with the appointment of the PM. The change has yet to come as he just became a PM and in some ways I am glad the results came this way and not a win for BN. Look at what happened to Pak Lah after the landslide victory he got in 2004.

    The victory went to his head and the rakyat suffer. So now the rakyat are smarter. Too early to vote for BN. It does not mean a further rejection of BN but status quo and BN must make the change to gain the rakyat support.

    We should all be objective and understand that today's change of leaders does not guarantee change for the better. Time will prove it and that would be Najib's duty. He has the next few years to work that out.

    Again, the rakyat have spoken and although I am a die hard fan of Mahathir, I am glad the rakyat chose to vote this way.

  83. OTK and Dr Chua ,MCA , Gerakan ,PPP and especially MIC need to be reformed..
    Malaysia still on racial line ,malay with Umno/BN and non malay with Dap/Pakatan..

  84. zelot667:15 am

    Thanks to rakyat in Bukit Selambau & Bukit Gantang. UMNO BN is nothing but a junk rubbish.

    Thanks to all my Chinese friends in Bkt Gantang. You walk your talk guys! Do it again in the next GE.

  85. Faridddddddd7:39 am


    Mana buktinya Mahathir berjaya 'menambahkan 500 lagi undi'? Siapa kira? Dalam kertas undi tu ada ke pengundi tulis 'ini undi sebab Mahathir'?

    Janganlah nak menipu Melayu demi nak pertahankan "great statesman" kau tu...

    Secret weapons konon.

    Saudara-saudara berbangsa Cina yang saya temui kat Bkt. Gantang semua cakap mereka TOLAK UMNO. Bukan mereka tak suka MCA, mereka suka MCA, tapi UMNO yang dah gila kuasa dan racist yang mereka tolak.

    Jangan menipu Melayu, Rocky.

  86. Fariddddddddd7:41 am

    Yang kau bergambar dengan Ronnie Liu dari DAP tu kitorang tak heran lah.

    Lim Guan Eng dari DAP pun boleh duduk berbincang dengan Pak Lah, tak menjadi hal.

    Anwar Ibrahim pun duk makan sama-sama dengan Pak Lah kelmarin.

    Tak menjadi hal.

  87. Anonymous7:45 am

    Dear Rocky

    If your stats are correct, 90% of Chinese voters in Bukit Gantang voted for Nizar i.e. voted for PAS!

    This is wonderful,in my opinion.
    More and more of us are saying no to Ruling Regime attempts to divide Malaysians along racial and religious lines.

    Phua Kai Lit

  88. Apa rahsia kemenangan Pakatan?7:47 am

    Nak tahu rahsia kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat?

    Ini dia (saya memetik kata-kata salah seorang pemerhati pilihanraya di Bkt. Gantang):

    Walking back with Rodi from the
    counting centre a group of flag waving Malay PAS supporters, slowed down, wound down and told Gus, "Cina sudah jadi saudara kita."

    Ini dia rahsia kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat.

    Semangat ini tidak ada di dalam Barisan Nasional, lebih-lebih lagi dalam UMNO. Dalam UMNO, Cina dan kaum-kaum lain dilihat sebagai musuh. Macam Mahathir cakap, kaum-kaum lain kononnya melampau dan nak pijak kepala Melayu.

    Hah, inilah sebabnya UMNO akan kalah, dan terus kalah.

    Kita di Pakatan Rakyat dah bersatu beb, tak kira kaum dah. Insyallah, semangat persaudaraan ini semakin erat dan kukuh di kalangan kami, Aminnn....

  89. Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Yang Sebenar7:53 am

    Kepada Anti-Phakatan Rioters:

    Kau cakap majoriti kemenangan Pakatan kecik??

    Nah, baca ni, baru kau paham erti kemenangan Pakatan:

    Raja Petra:

    No, I am NOT going to write a new article today. I am just going to rehash what I wrote in this same column on 6 April 2009. That article was called: Another day to go and Najib is going to eat humble pie. And this is going to be my shortest article ever.

    And this was what I wrote yesterday:

    Batang Ai has 8,000 registered voters, about 95% Ibans. The two contenders are five-term Lubok Antu MP Jawah Gerang and newcomer Malcom Mussem Lamoh from Barisan Nasional. The feedback I get is that there is heavy internal sabotage, which may thwart the opposition’s chances of winning this seat.

    In 2004, Bukit Gantang, which has about 55,000 voters, was won by Barisan Nasional with a majority of 8,888 votes and, in 2008, Pakatan Rakyat, with a majority of 1,566 votes. That is a swing of about 10,000 votes. Pakatan Rakyat must win it this time with a majority of 2,500 to 3,000 votes to really make Najib eat humble pie.

    Bukit Selambau has about 35,000 voters. In 2004, Barisan Nasional won this seat with a majority of 7,695 votes and, in 2008, Pakatan Rakyat, with a majority of 2,362 votes. That is a swing of about 10,000 votes just like in Bukit Gantang. Again, to make Najib eat humble pie, Pakatan Rakyat must win this seat with a majority of 2,500 to 3,000 votes.

    Keputusan pilihanraya kecil semalam:

    Bukit Gantang: majoriti 2,789 (Pakatan)
    Bukit Selambau: majoriti 2,403 (Pakatan).

    Paham tak sekarang kenapa kemenangan Pakatan semalam tu satu letupan parah bagi UMNO?


  90. Anonymous7:56 am

    What's the fuss..It could have been a different scenario if Nizar is still the CM for Perak. Biasalah tu.. Aku dulu undi Azmin Ali sebab aku tahu Bro Anuar Bin Ibrahim (BAI) will never rule the country..

  91. Anonymous7:57 am

    UMNO silap sebab pilih Ismail. Dia sebenarnya nak bertanding kerusi parliment untuk Bukit Danok, tapi UMNO Supreme Council tak kasi. Kah..Kah..Kah... Padan muka engkau Rocky!

  92. Hi Bro Rocky,

    You said this is a test between Anwar and the Sultan ..

    So what's your say now after the election?

    I am all ears.

    You know I really respect you maaa ..

  93. 'PAS is indeed for All !!
    Hidup PAS !!
    Hidup Rakyat !!'

    It time for you all to go for 'potong' you know what I mean. Talk like you are all good in Quran and agreed Malaysia is Islamic country, aint that what Pas is aiming for! but infact your heart is full of 'shit'. If you know what is quran is all about and all those surah quoted by the Nga aint you all are admiting the truth about Islam?. Why not the Nga just quote what Buddha quote or bible quote , if he a christian. to the malays. It all politics. Thia all propraganda and most dump malays will feel very prod whan a non muslim start recite surah from the Quran especially the PAS that piss us. Just get a non muslim to call for Azan you see what I mean on the dump malays. Pandai nya dia baca surah ! By teh way Rocky, we aready told you once KJ and Ezam are in the election campaign it dooms day for BN.

  94. /// Anonymous said...
    i nearly fell off my chair when
    Muhyiddin said the party would do a post mortem of why they lost. ///

    Ha, ha, good one. And then they will do a second post mortem, and a third....

  95. The chinese votes to PAS is no other than the 999 years land title. It gula gula that BN did not promise. And those dump malays still wanted to drop the DEB and bumiputra status just like what Nikky Aziz said!

  96. Jeffrey Tan Kim Huat8:42 am

    Rocky cakap ---- ""I said that BN components Malaysian Chinese Association and Gerakan would need to do a lot of soul searching. If Bukit Gantang is any indication, the Chinese have all but rejected them!""

    Sorry Rocky. I am Chinese. I reject Barisan Nasional because of UMNO. Not MCA. Not Gerakan.

    Read my lips: I reject UMNO and I reject UMNO for their ultra mono-racial ways.

    The same goes for all my friends.

    We traditionally voted for MCA.

    Then we saw how UMNO was dominating Barisan Nasional like crazy and imposing its racist policy everywhere. Poor MCA and Gerakan, cannot do anything cuz if they voice out, they don't get minister positions.

    So Rocky please remember this, always: We Chinese don't want UMNO.


  97. Anonymous8:47 am

    CONGRATULATION to PR for resounding victoty in 2 Bukits.This is a strong testimony that UMNO(BN) high handed in taken over Perak gov is rejected outright by Perakians and all Malaysians.UMNO is too arogant,big head and power crazy cos the defeat.Najib and MM doesnt meant anything to voters...Look at Zahid and MY face,do they look sincere???
    We doubt so...

  98. Rimau Rimba8:57 am

    Lagi banyak Mahathir mengutuk pakatan rakyat, menghina, mencaci cerca dan perli, lagi cepatlah Umno-bn akan berkubur.

    Sedarlah, Kapal Umno yang dah bocor itu tak mampu lagi nak ditampal, hatta oleh Mahathir sekalipun, lagi bocor ada la.

    Mahathir kena sedar sekarang bukan lagi masa untuk beliau kembali aktif dalam umno, tapi lebih baik beliau banyak ingatkan Allah, berada di masjid, banyakkan berzikir bukannya mencampakkan dirinya dalam kebinasaan umno yang dah nazak itu.

  99. Anonymous9:10 am


    Don't blame MCA or Gerakan because BN lost the 2 Bukits, the root cause is UMNO.

    ez24get wrote:
    UMNO, a sinking ship!

    With a brand new UMNO President and a new Prime Minister, BN still lost. With a brand new slogan 1Malaysia, people first and performance now, BN still lost. With the combined might of two of its strongest men of UMNO in Mahathir and Najib, and combined heavyweights of Muhyiddin, Khairy, etc, BN still lost in Peninsula Malaysia! Not marginally but with increased majority in the 2 peninsula Malaysian states!

    UMNO has reached its strongest and highest point in strength and yet it still lost. You cannot beat the trend where the time has come. Mahathir is irrelevant now. UMNO is already history. People from all walks of lives have reject UMNO and BN. Pakatan is not perfect and yet it will always triumph over a corrupt, racist and arrogant organization such as UMNO! It has already been proven 4 times in a row! What more proof does UMNO want?

    UMNO has made the biggest irreversible blunder to play up a racist game to divide the peace loving Malaysians. It thought by pandering to the Malays by attacking the non-malays would bring them more malay votes. But they are deadly wrong all they could do is to maintain or increase malay votes marginally but the king-makers which is the non-malays whom UMNO thought were irrelevant and unimportant deserted them in doves and causing BN to lose in every by-elections!

    People are very fed up of people of the likes of Khir Toyo who is the personification of UMNO who are corrupt to the core but still remain arrogant when people question them of their ill-gotten gains! These people thinks that the rakyat owe them a favour! There are many, many Khir Toyos in UMNO! And therefore many, many people hates UMNO!

    The election results in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang clearly show a small increase in the level of Malay support for BN but will be more than overwhelmed by a larger drop in its level of non-Malay support. The non-malays have cut their umbilical cords with BN. Whatever loss caused by UMNO stupidity will be to Pakatan’s gain! Pakatan can thank the racist people in UMNO like Mahathir, Ahmad Ismail, Kerishamuddin, Khir Toyo, Syed Albar and all the fellow racist gang for doing them a big favour!

    UMNO is now a sinking ship! No matter how many captains or pilots you change, a sinking ship will be a sinking ship! The other non-UMNO component parties in BN had better bail out before the sinking ship bring all of you down to the watery graves! What do you expect from a Prime Minister who is sworn in on Ching Ming

  100. Anonymous9:17 am

    Bru, Bro whatever,

    By insinuating Anwar Vs Sultan..
    You OWE Tuanku one BIG APOLOGY!

    Ada berani or ada spin??

    Daulat Tuanku!

  101. Tahniah Nizar dan orang-orang melayu yang mengundi Pakatan. Selamat menjadi unta tunggangan DAP. Orang melayu digunakan untuk kepentingan DAP di negeri Perak. Nizar tahu, Nik Aziz pun tahu hakikat itu.

  102. Anonymous9:44 am

    Do you see the irony here?

    1) if BN won, they would say Malay votes + chinese/indian votes has returned


    2) if they lost, they would still say malay votes has remained or returned, but then it was the chinese/indian votes that moved and made them lost.

    Lol. Memang selamat jadi pengundi Melayu, noone blames for whatever happens. untung x 2.


  103. Dari Kuda Ranggi:

    Seperti yang dijangkakan, Barisan Nasional (BN) yang menurunkan hampir keseluruhan jentera pilihan rayanya termasuk mantan PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad gagal mempengaruhi rakyat. BN tumbang dengan lebih parah. Begitu juga di Bukit Selambau, Kedah.

    kah kah kah kah...

    Tu pun lepas pilihanraya UMNO dengan Perdana Menteri baru...

    Kecundang teruk juga UMNO ni... takde harapan

    Najib dengan Satu Malaysianya...
    Satu Malaysia gelak kat Najib

    kah kah kah

  104. Anonymous9:50 am

    Rocky says-" I know him enough to say that Gantang and Selembau were just the beginning of a lengthy campaign by the Old Man to help strengthen the position of Najib Razak as Prime Minister of this country."

    Strenghten the position of Najib,with conditions attached? By demanding KJ not be appointed a minster? Or that Najib just become a proxy PM?

    My dear rocky, please don't insult the intelligence of your readers by blaming the Chinese,Indians, or even the Malays.

    PKR and PAS are Malay based party or is led by Malays. Your intelligence would have woken you from your dreams, when you read in your blog, Chinese and Indians, by and large, knowing full well Pas's agenda of forming an Islamic State, yet gave their full support.
    Ask yourself why ? Its the trust and confidence factor. Umno and Barisan has lost both.
    Please as written by some, don't jadi batu api by blaming the nons. You are more intelligent than that, or you just want to be another of BN's lackey.


  105. rocky,

    saya mahu cakap pasal undi protes pada mac 2008 lagi hee hee hee. mahathir juga turun berkempen di bukit selambau. nampaknya mahathir buat kesilapan di kedah walaupun di bukit gantang beliau berjaya manarik 500 undi tambahan untuk amno.

    tapi kes di kedah agak menarik kerana undi protes kepada mahathir meningkat. mahathir berjaya mengurangkan undi mic beend hampir kepada 1000. nasib mahathir tak datang awal 10 hari hee hee hee

  106. One of UMNO's stupidity..Mufti Perak marah DAP baca ayat Quran. Kenapa tak marah HSBC jual islamic banking products untuk meraih keuntungan atau Mc Donald jual burger dengan menampal sijil halal Jakim juga untuk meraih keuntungan. Stupid!

    10:18 PM

    Dear Anon 10:18

    HSBC & McD have Shariah Advisory Council to monitor their compliant to Shariah Ruling. These Shariah Council need to present their annual report.

    Did Nga have his own Shariah Advisory Council?

    He made a mistake in quoting the right verse, Surah Al-A'raf vs Al-Aurah. What about his interpretation of the surah?

    If the non-Muslim can interpret the surah as he likes, why should the Muslim need to adhere to the approved interpretation as per ijma' of Ulema?

    If no one stop Nga, then it will set a precedent, of which anyone can interpret Quran as they like, either he's a believer of Quran or not.


  107. Anonymous10:27 am

    of coz la the chinese community would vote for nizar..because nizar is the lifeless puppet of DAP..the recent PKR's government was potrayed as a DAP controlled government with a puppet show in front to fool those ignorance malays and indians.

    in Perak, Nizar is just another mask for the DAP because the DAP is actually a chinese oriented racist party which intends to give priority towards the well being of the chinese over other races..it is so obvious..but the damn perakian malays are so obsessed and 'taksub' with politik that they tends to put their pollitic beliefs as priority, without knowing that behind their back other races ara just smiling and supporting their self destruction action..

    ~chinky chan

  108. TrueMalaysian10:31 am

    Hi Rocky,

    ANWAR v SULTAN ??? Siapa Menang. The results are not out yet??? Waiting for the result and your brilliant analysis.

  109. AminGL10:34 am

    You had dubbed Bukit Gantang as Sultan vs Anwar, so are 21860 thousand people of bukit gantang can be termed as derhaka?

  110. Anonymous10:35 am

    People who vote for a party they know is very corrupt is committing a grevious sin because in Islam you have to stamp out sinful practices so that they dont spread. a vote for BN is therefore
    an approval of a sinful practice and is a vote against the principles of Islam.

    Vote That Tells

  111. We shall be able to sit down with our opponents...after the 13th GE...when the war ends.
    Yes...it is war..when Malaysians are fighting on the streets and get arrested for no reasons...to free fellow Malaysians.
    It is ...For or Against change in government...and you do not sit with your enemies..i a war....like UMNO doing now..with Mahathir.
    They can do that..play double games....not Malaysians.
    Biggest problems..many love to show they are such nice cultured gentlemen....to be neutral.
    Politics in Malaysia have reached the lowest level..where there is no dignity nor principles in life ever expected from UMNO or BN politicians.
    All are racialists....and if Rocky wants to be friendly with the devils....he must have a very strong mind.
    However...educating Malaysians to sit with enemies still ruling us..is simply bullshitt stuffs....from Rocky.
    It is his job to report from all sides....so OK...but do not show that is the right way for People's Power to behave and act.
    I suspect sometimes the show off side of Rocky takes over his humble and logical side.
    That's what makes a person to fail...out of his own selfish reasons.

  112. TrueMalaysian10:38 am

    Hi Rocky,

    Your take on Tun doesn't masuk akal. I think you should ask Tun to take retired life more seriously and let him enjoy his retirement. Dont drag him into the dirty life of politics. Let him be a real statesman. He should be above politics. His intelligence and sharp mind can be used irrespective of political affiliation. Dont drag him into politics and let what happen to Bush in Iraq happens to him in Malaysia. Let Tun be a respectable Gentleman he is. He can guide and provide advice to many young professionals and aspiring politicians. PLEASEEEEEE LEAVE HIM ALONE.

  113. Hj. Kamaruddin Taib10:39 am

    Jelas sekali blogger ini (Ahirudin Attan) menipu rakyat Malaysia.

    Pemecahan undi mengikut kaum belum lagi diketahui, kerana Borang 14 dari Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya yang menganalisa pecahan ini belum dikeluarkan lagi.

    Tambahan pula Datuk Nizar boleh memenangi lebih daripada majoriti yang didapati beliau kalau bukan kerana beberapa 'halangan misteri' yang timbul di sekitar Bukit Gantang.

    Para pembaca sekalian janganlah mudah terpengaruh dan menerima kata-kata atau 'analisa' bloggers yang cakap tanpa memberi bukti.

    Amat memalukan Ahiruddin 'Rocky' Attan ni kononnya seorang pelapor media dan editor tapi pandai pula nak menipu.

    Hati hatilah arakian semua jika satu hari nanti Rocky ini menjadi editor utama akhbar News Straits Times atau sebagainya.

    Masa kan blog sendiri pun dia tergamak nak membuat kenyataan sebelum ada lagi bukti, apa pula nanti kalau dia jadi editor akhbar media perdana?

    Fikir fikirkanlah...

  114. Kassim Tak Selamat10:43 am

    GOLLLLLL!!!!!.... 4 - 1


    gol...gol..gol... dan gol lagi.

    Gol pertama dijaringkan oleh DS Anwar Ibrahim, diikuti Abdul Wahid Endut, DS Ir Nizar dan seterusnya oleh Manikumar. Gol pihak lawan dijaringkan oleh Malcolm Lamoh di masa kecederaan. Keputusan muktamad 4 - 1

    p/s Jangan lupa panggil kami lagi kalau ada perlawanan lagi ya!

  115. Anonymous10:47 am

    sapa yang gadai siapa sebenarnya....51 tahun umno memerintah banyak sungguh tanah rakyat tergadai...isu tanah kerpan , isu perobohan rumah orang melayu kat johor dan banyak lagilah yang nak dikata....pikiaq la sendiri

    kampong aku kat Padang Rengas dah lama tergadai kat YTL dek kerakusan Tajol Rosli, orang UMNO haprak ni.

    Nasib baik PAS/PKR menang, tak tergadai negara tersayang kat UMENO




  117. Anonymous10:47 am

    Despite your alliance to BN, I still enjoy your blog but nowadays I read it with a pinch of salt.

    My grandparents hailed from Kuala Sepetang and I still hv a lot of relatives and friends living there. I spent my childhood playing with Malay children in the fishing village. Left alone, the place depicts Malaysian countryside's social fabric at its best. So, I know a thing or two on how locals think. I still go there on monthly basis so that my children can play with my Malay friends' kids.

    Generally, all Chinese will tell you that they no love for political party which stemmed on religious platform aka PAS. To the Chinese, when they don't vote for Gerakan or MCA, they don't see themselves as traitors to their own race. It's just plain gesture of making choices. For the time being, since Gerakan/MCA is on UMNO's side (which irks them), the fence sitters are throwing support for PAS. But make no mistakes, Gerakan/MCA still have large followings in Bukit Gantang. Otherwise, UMNO would have lost more than 2,789 votes, considering 41,626 have voted.

    The total number of registered voters is 55,462, of which 63.5% are Malays, 27.1% Chinese, and 9.1% Indians.

    With 41,626 voters, and at 27.1%, the Chinese accounts for 11,239 voters. So, it is NOT reasonable to summarize that the 2,789 votes are wholly attributed to Chinese support for PAS. These are fence sitters' vote, a mishmash of Malay/Chinese/Indian voters.

    I couldn't believe the trafic jam when I visited the hamlet. The revered Mee Udang Banjir eatery which normally see 3-4 tables of customers was overwhelmed by hundreds over the 4-5th April weekend. BTW, I saw you and a few bloggers at Restoran Tepi Sungai too. The place has fantastic view I am sure you'd agree.

    Anyway, I think there is still hope and the crucial person the Chinese will be watching is Muhyiddin Yassin, not Najib. In the eyes of fence sitters (people like me), Najib is old regime and Muhyiddin is new which everyone hope he can bring the much needed reformation to BN.

    Coupled with flawless track record and the impeccable statemanship, Muhyiddin could be the person Malaysia really need.

    - Ikan kekek

  118. Anonymous10:49 am

    Where is all the Anti Ini Itu, SeFart and Wowo? Now you know where you could redeem your pride, only at the LONG HOUSE.

    Malaysians don’t buy your racist remark, and the Malay knows they could only claim back their pride through a clean and new government. The senile old man is gone, along with racist like you. PR will continue to claim pride for all Malaysian. We will sapu all eventually.

    But you wouldn’t feel lonely, your Chinkie crony will not cease to supply you the bom bom girls FOC for your pleasure and that is what your pride worth.

    Talk pride? Hahahahaha.

  119. Anonymous10:53 am

    UMNO has been using the government machinery at full force in their campaign, I hope our "efficient" MACC will investigate this

  120. Anonymous11:20 am

    rocky, it's now clear to me from 3-4 previous posts that you are no longer impartial. please explain yourself.
    - on the fence

  121. Bunnies11:30 am

    Strike 4!!

    Najib should be shitting enough bricks to build himself a beautiful bungalow now. Ok la, Bkt Gantang maybe already a lost cause for Najib but Bkt Selambau also hangus?! Some more dont start to shit bricks and panic, is waiting for what? To lose the whole nation that start?

    The Sultan of Perak..tsk!tsk!tsk! See what happens when you do stupid things and lose the respect of your people? Your people are telling you that you cockup big time. Yes, Nizar winning is not just a slap across Najib's face but also the Sultan. Ouch!

    Hmm.. lastly, I wonder where are those staunch supporters of these sultans and sultanas.. Hmm.. those who "fried" me in another posting. Say la.

    Happy Easter to all!

  122. Anonymous11:38 am

    If Pak Lah was still PM, it would have been a hattrick for Phakatan Rakyat.

    We should see Batang Ai's defeat as a warning. Let's not underestimate Najibul Razak. In less than a week as PM, he has stopped us from taking a clean sweep!

  123. Anonymous11:44 am

    so pakatan.. this time spr adil laa.. tarak tipu punya spr. kalu kalah je laa spr tipu .. cittt..

  124. Wiranata Gagah Perkasa12:12 pm

    Keputusan Bukit Gantang ini mengesahkan bahawa YB Nizar Jamaluddin adalah pemimpin mutlak yang sah kepada negeri berdaulat Perak Darul Ridzuan.

    Bukit Gantang bukan kawasan beliau. Beliau tidak pun berdaftar untuk mengundi di Bukit Gantang. Lawan beliau, Ismail Saffian, adalah anak jati kelahiran Bukit Gantang dan beliau mengundi di Bukit Gantang.

    Secara logiknya, sepatutnya YB Nizar ditolak oleh pengundi Bukit Gantang kerana beliau bukan orang asal Bukit Gantang. Tetapi, oleh kerana YB Nizar adalah pemimpin tulin Perak, dan Perak itu termasuklah juga Bukit Gantang, maka YB Nizar telah mendapat kepercayaan tulin dari rakyat Bukit Gantang berbanding anak jati Bukit Gantang, Ismail Saffian.

    Faktor anak jati ini juga yang telah menyebabkan undi Melayu kepada BN naik sedikit berbanding 2008. Kaum keluarga, jiran tetangga, kenalan, sahabat taulan Ismail Saffian yang duduk di Bukit Gantang tentulah akan mengundi beliau.

    Untuk baca selanjutnya, sila pegi sini

  125. Anonymous12:14 pm

    "BN components Malaysian Chinese Association and Gerakan would need to do a lot of soul searching. If Bukit Gantang is any indication, the Chinese have all but rejected them"

    I respectfully disagree with your opinion. I support both of them but I do not support UMNO, since UMNO hasn't changed much anyway, in my opinion, it still the same,except with different faces.Just like the presidential election in the US, where Mr Obama may seemed different but it is all the same when you observe in the long run. And I know many who share the same sentiment. So, it would be unfair to ask them to do soul searching only.

    Lucky Strike

  126. petestop12:37 pm


    Is it not plain enough to see from all the comments, especially from the pro-UMNO guys. Calling fellow Malaysian as "Chingkies" and "Hindulen" pendatangs ??

    You can practically visualise them frothing in the mouth spewing racist and anti-non-Malays words.

    It is easy for us to decide, PAS who champion Islam, represent to us the people who truly practises Islam and demonstrated that they can be fair to all races and religion. We non-Malays, truly would like to believe the universal benelovent of true Islam as practised by PAS, especially Tok Guru Nik Aziz.

    On the other hand, you have these increasingly Ultra Racist UMNO, who but demonstrated their out of modal rants by increasingly harping on race and religion and treating the non-Malays as enemies. Dividing Malaysian into Malays, non-Malays, despite 50 years of Merdeka.

    Conveniently hiding behind the royalty's "skirt" whenever it suits your political agenda, despite the fact that Dr M is the one who derhaka the royalty long time ago.

    Fortunately, with help of Internet, Melayu Tak Mudah Lupa, dan saudara-saudara Cina dan India, bangsa Malaysia Tak Mudah Lupa juga.

    Therefore, Najib's "One Malaysia.." is but bullshit to us, as it only means One UMNO's Malaysia, to hell even with the rest of the BeEnd component parties, much less the rest of the general population.

  127. Anonymous12:52 pm

    anon 10:49, why? soul searching for me? tell something shit about the malay lah, then only i come, you moron..i'm not interested so much in political channel to champion racism..the NGOs bodies work more efficient & we achieved realtime results better than these political maggots :)

    U think i'm an UMNO cybertrooper kah? blindly support BN? (waa..am i that good as a cybertrooper? OK let me claim from the paymaster 1st..if i got huge bucks, i don't mind throw some for a dog food or babi golek for you to celebrate..hahaha..)

    What do u expect me to say actually? Say congratulation to all lah be it PAS, PKR or BN to the winners for maintaining the "status quo" seats..neither anyone loose any seats nor gain anything extra.. just wait for the detail statistical analysist first lah before simply jumping wild to self conclusion..

    My advice..do not get so excited & get carried away too much, if u still want it, just carry on..after all racism is party blind & will always be relevant as it is the reflection of whatever running provocative issues people stir the shit out...i always hate any ultra chingkies & ultra hindulens be it in PR or BN.. apa you ingat saya suka hindu pariah MIC nama sami velu tu ka? bodoh..I don't mind whoever control the states & fed as along as it is the Malay..Kedah & Kelantan was never my issue..

    From what I see, the real gainer in PR is actually PAS..PAS can always make way in DAP & PKR controlled states (Perak, Selangor & Penang) but vise versa not in PAS controlled states like Kedah & Kelantan.. :) keep up the good job.

    Yes, redeem whatever pride for BN in the long house..(Anon.. lu geng fanatik PR sudah mula mau kutuk org rumah panjang ka bila PR kalah? apa ni? u ingat mereka bodoh ka?)

    Tell u what, that is something what Lord Babi of yours can wanked his cock forever in his dream with his hallucinating 916 & big surprises rethoric bullshit in the quest to wrest control of Malaysia..mark my words until GE13..sad..BABI can't even get his running cock erected at the Batang..

    Lord BABI fetish dream was always the back door (i.e jubur) towards Sabah & Sarawak..never from the front, isn't that right?

    dream on lah.

    :D muhahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-
    (- 反超印度 & 超中国猪 - )

  128. professional malay12:57 pm

    Dear UMNO,

    My advice is just do not be "tin kosong". All of you knew exactly what is wrong with you and the amont of shit you have internally. But do not just because of your internal blackmailing, greed and lust, you are telling RAKYAT you have reformed and in fact sweeping under the carpet...

    RAKYAT just want SINCERERITY just what Pakatan Rakyat is offering now. UMNO DULU LAIN....UMNO SEKARANG LAIN......
    Hidup KJ.....hehehe

  129. Anonymous1:11 pm

    When is Dr. Zambry going to make a technical studies to disneyland? Saja tanyaaaa....

    Blackwood Hills

  130. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Pakatan Rovers 4-1 Barisan Athletics

    Goal (Pakatan):
    Anvar Ibrahimovic - (Aug, 08)
    Emmanuel Endut - (Feb, 09)
    Manikumar - (April, 09)
    Nizar Jamaluddin - (April, 09)

    Goal (Barisan)
    Jawah (own goal) - (April, 09)

  131. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Ok Ok Ok its enough about politics.The 3 by-elections are over,people have voted,so next step is for the elected reps to start working for the people and country.Stop analysing who voted for who because it wont change anything.On the contrary voters may get irritated.

    Expectations are high and how DSN and TSMY deliver will be crucial for BN and in particular UMNO. The choice of cabinet ministers will be the first acid test, and to many, winners at UMNO GA is not the criteria for a cabinet post. It will be another disaster if losers are given any ministerial posts.

    Cabinet ministers (as I see it)should represent the peoples of Malaysia, not by the number of votes given by delegates at the assembly though by tradition it is so. Then comes MCA which demands a DPM from MCA while the country is fighting for economic survival. Rightly or wrongly,people will perceive that its more about scrambling for power than anything else.

    This certainly is a tough decision for DSN & TSMY.To DSN & TSMY,do what you have to do.It is impossible to please everybody.

  132. I think as veteran journalist, you have failed to understand the real factors behind the loss of BN. The Chinese community refused to support BN because:-

    1) MCA and Gerakan’s continuous support of UMNO which in the eyes of general Malaysians a corrupted party.
    2) A strong perception of non-Malays that MCA, MIC and Gerakan are political servants rather than partners in BN coalition
    3) The refusal of BN to sincerely acknowledge of their flaws in government
    4) The election of extremists like Tajuddin, Bung Mukhtar, Zarkasi and Aziz as UMNO supreme council members that reflects UMNO is not serious about racial tolerance in Malaysia.
    5) In Bukit Selambau opposition’s strength increased significantly except the votes were divided by independents, what otherwise could have been another 600 votes margin.
    So these are the contributing factors. If at all the Chinese parties need to do soul searching as you have suggested, it has be for quitting BN or going offensive of UMNO. Can they do that?

  133. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Hi Mr Rocky,

    Remember the heading fo your post "The Sultan vs Anwar?"

    Well, that's how you termed the Bukit Gantang.

    So what's your decision after the people's verdict?

    Please remember what you write remains forever, even long after you are gone. So be judicious.

    Old man

  134. brader rocky..

    have you and/or Muhyiddin said any darndest things lately?

  135. Anonymous2:28 pm

    The rakyat have spoken... until when the govt want to stay in the state of denial????????http://nmjnh.wordpress.com/2009/04/08/suara-rakyat-di2-bukit-bukti-bn-tidak-relevan-malaysiakini/

  136. professional malay2:35 pm

    It is so amazing to know the fact that during these elections voted by RAKYAT, the results were more a less predictable but not the case with UMNO internal election.......it is so unpreditable!!!!!You cannot blame RAKYAT for this confusion....

  137. Anon
    I used to have breakfast meetings in the Parliament with JJ, he is ok...he may have learnt his lesson.
    UMNO will comeback like a wounded tiger. There will be a brand new UMNO in the next 3 years. Give Najib your undivided support.

    Read my blog http://masmanja.blogspot.com/

  138. CommonerNinetyNine2:56 pm

    The political mindsets of the current generation of voters, especially the younger voters, are very different from those generation of pre-2004 era.

    Voters in the past tend to weight more on the performance of BN. So when there were unsatisfactory policies or personalities, changes or adjustments to the cause of the problems would normally retain the support of the voters.

    The current generation of voters are different, when they say they want change, they are not talking about changes or adjustments to unsatisfactory policies or personalities, they are talking about changing the ruling of BN. They do not care how much changes or adjustments are being done, or planned to be done, they just want a change of the ruling political parties. They are banking on the idea of the opposition parties have never been given chances to rule before, how can we judge them! And they think 50+ years for BN is too enough, and they say BN has failed them, it is time to change! So what I personally see is that they want change, for the sake of change!

    After having opportunities to mix with people of this current generation of voters, I personally think that talking about political policies to this kind of mindsets does not help at all because they are mostly having the perception of BN is absolutely wrong and PR is absolutely right. Even a slight mentioning of certain BN policies are good will straight away turn eyes and will get labelled traitor, and a slight doubting of certain PR policies will get labelled political spy!

    Is there any other possible strategies in dealing with this kind of voters? There will be another 6 millions new voters in the coming GE and I personally believe most of them are of this kind. Should we surrendar? Or till the last ‘blood’!

  139. Ingin saya kongsi skit pendapat dari sebuah blog yang sangat menarik:

    Ketika warga Bukit Gantang dan warga Bukit Selambau dan seluruh warga Malaysia bergembira menyambut kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat marilah kita bertafakur sajenak untuk mengingati mendiang Altantuya Shaaribu.

    Mendiang Altantuya Shaaribu memainkan peranan yang amat penting untuk mendorong kemenangan ini.

    Altantuya Shaaribu kini adalah sebahagian dari lanskap politik Malaysia.

    Altantuya Shaaribu juga akan terus menjadi salah satu faktor penentu arah dan garis politik Malaysia.

    Pengorbaan gadis Mongolia ini wajib diingati kerana membuka arus keterbukaan politik Malaysia.

    Blog TT

  140. We Love Rocky Bru3:06 pm

    My dear Bro Rocky

    I just read this awesome blog article that may be the answer to how we can change UMNO for the better.

    It tells what is the core problem that is plaguing us here at UMNO, and what exactly we need to do to fix it.

    Insyallah by following this guidance, we can get UMNO to be strong again.

    I suggest you put up this blog article in your 'update' to this blog post.

    I hope all of us who love UMNO can learn from it and help it to compete again in the name of the rakyat.

    This is the article, go here to read ---> Reform, or face extinction.

  141. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Bukit Selambau - Total Reformasi on PKR/PAS fights for FREEDOM of SEX,

    Bukit Gantang - To help preserve British influence,

    - Cina towkey jual ikan laut
    - Melayu kampung jual ikan pekasam tepi jalan
    - Indians become Taiping zookeepers to feed the fishes to the animals.

    This place reminds me of Soylent Green, a place for those waiting to die..


  142. Anonymous3:20 pm


    I am glad that this morning I woke up to see my dick is all intact as I was putting my "budak botak" as a bet should BN ever could grab any of these two bukits.

    - Dicko

  143. Anonymous3:28 pm

    “Thank God for Mahathir,” DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said as he celebrated the huge wins in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau last night.

    His four words captured everything that was wrong with Umno and Barisan Nasional’s strategy to recapture the two hills lost in Election 2008. They spoke about race not respect, development not democracy, faith not friendship and treason not trust.

    No on said it better than Umno's latest prize, Member 0000001 Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who rejoined the party he founded and endorsed Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak as a better prime minister than Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who was his hand-picked successor.

    But maybe the people have changed and want something better than just race, development, faith or treason.

    Maybe they just want respect, democracy and friendship and trust.

    The people have changed. Once during Election 2008. Four times since then with bigger wins to the opposition.

    Can Umno now change to win them back?


  144. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Hj. Kamaruddin Taib is the new face of Malay politics. The face that chops off the hands that raised it to self-sufficiency. The face that tramples on its race and religion with glee and invite traveling minstrels and other desultory characters to join in the fun. The face that lights up the visage of Nikki Lee Aziz and Harry Paddy Hadi as they yam seng and feast on pork chops in Ah Ngee's neighbourhood eatery. This is the face of the bangsat melayu who has allowed the vestments that clothe the "aurat" of his religion to be yanked asunder in the pulpit of political expediency, the self same face that will passionately intone the takbir as an ageing whore affirms her sexuality in public, the same visage who will spit on his Sultan and lay his body on the streets of malaya to defend a secular religion called democracy but puff away his cigarrette coke in hand while slouched on his sofa as Baitul Maqdis, Al-aqsa et al., are ransacked by them Jews.

    This is the face that will complain about the spike in the price of basic neccesities orchestrated by his corner shop owner cum smuggler,Ah Meng but who will Yam seng the same Ah Meng once he raises the red lantern to the moon.

    Hj Kamaruddin Taib - the lebai who must have the "haji" appended to his name to affirm his spirituality when no hadith or surah ever avers that to be so.The fakir who will shimmy up a coconut frond on a moonless night to tie a giant moon but who will blanch at the idea of putting up buntings for his son's PTA gathering. This is the muttaqin who will sit drenched in a sodden field of muck and puddles while Nikki Lee Aziz intones in his rich baritone the virtues of being a drone. The self same mukminin who will wheel Ah Fat's senile grandma to the polling centre on polling day but who would balk with a thousand excuses if you broach him about the virtues of being a jihadi.

    Yeah, this is the new worldly-wise Malay, spiffy mannerisms, spiffier mobile set and even spiffier dressing et al.,.The child of reformasi navigating the waters of globalisation.The nouveau intellectuel wedded to oh those so sexy french mot of egalitaire, liberte and justice without understanding their underlying meaning.The dilettante immersed in spreading the "mot" that Chingkiedom is Malaydom's saviour. The enfant terrible dedicated to crush any opposition to Ngeengaism. Hj Kammarudin Taib- truly a towering Malay, the epitome of glocal, the connoisseur of truth, the poster dreamboy of every Nicky and Paddy.....

    (dang there goes the phone again.....5th time i am interrupted, answering the phone) What....Nicky Lee Aziz is going to duet with Siti nurhaliza to raise funds for that dog pound in compound..somewhere in Gopeng.:http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/4/8/nation/3641568&sec=nation

    (still on the phone)sure....come again.....nicky is also going to clean dog poo in that yard as a show of Moslem humanism..ok, i will get Kamar down there for you..pronto!

    Warrior 231


    By-election loss for Malaysian PM



    Polls blow for new Malaysian PM


  147. bro,

    dengaq kata cik najib kita tangguh plak nak umum barisan kabinet baru..ermmm..najib peninnggg ooooO..heheh

  148. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Anonymous 10:49 AM said...

    …Where is all the Anti Ini Itu, SeFart and Wowo? Now you know where you could redeem your pride, only at the LONG HOUSE. …… Talk pride? Hahahahah…

    LAUGHED ANON 10:49.

    They MAY live in long houses, that is their ADAT dan BUDAYA and they ARE and with pride and dignity the true sons of the soil.

    They need not have to fly,r sail, sneak, cheat or BEG to be where they are now.





  149. zelot665:39 pm

    I agree with Hj Kamaruddin Taib.

    Avoid yourself from being a scumbag writer. A man should walk with his two balls....intact.

  150. Do UMNO really need to be reformed?. Is that what Majority of Malaysian especially malays wants?. Reform has begin since PRU 13 disaster where infact UMNO won most of their seats and the rest is history and yet they still loose the by elections except Anwar still can wrestle back his batang. Najib has replace Badawi and still loose the election. Do UMNO really badly needed to reform to the opposition tunes of 'reformist' or UMNO need to strengthen ties, be more Islamic (Chinese and Indians are not affraid since they kamcing with PAS right and PaS is more Islamic then UMNO), be more vocal in national and international issues, get rid of passengers in UMNO ships and etc etc but nopt reform to the tune of opposition. I suggest UMNO should be more Islamic than PAS and bring in Islamic values escpecially to combat grafts. Make a rulling, all UMNO big shot get rid of your mercedes, eat and drink at teh tarik stall, no castle stay in rumah atap, be poorer than the poor and UMNO and BN will rise to the top again.Now it proven thagt Non uslim are not afraid of extreme Islam like PAS, there are only afraid of the keris flaw!. So Umno dont wait much longer , be more Islamic than Pas!

  151. Warrior 231,

    You sounds more like a racist warrior. All your writings thirst for race power, race condemnation and race suppression.

  152. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Untuk mengembalikan undi orang-orang Cina, Umno mestilah berani untuk menyerahkan lebih banyak pulau dan bukit kepada taukey-taukey Cina.

    Kita bertuah kerana ahli-ahli Umno menyokong penuh pemberian hak milik tanah di Pangkor Laut, Genting Highland, Bukit Tinggi dan banyak lagi kepada taukey Cina.

    Apa yang penting, sebagai Umno, kita tidak akan memberi tanah kepada orang miskin (samada Cina atau Melayu). UIni pantang dicabar, anak melayu akan bangkit menentang mana-mana petualang yang sanggup memberi wang zakat kepada fakir Cina atau geran tanah kepada peneroka miskin Cina.

    Untuk menunjukkan fair wealth distribution, saya mencadangkan Tun dan Najib sendiri membahagikan kontrak kerajaan(tanta tende) secara adil di antara Syed Mukhtar, Vincent Tan dan Ananda Krishnan. Semua pengundi Melayu, Cina dan India akan menyokong BN jika masing-masing (Syed Mukhtar, Vincent Tan dan Ananda Krishnan) mendapat RM10 billion nilaian kontrak kerajaan. Ini jelas menampakkan keadilan kita kepada kaum-kaum di negara ini.

    Kepada orang-orang India yang mengamuk marahkan kami Umno di atas kematian Kugan, izinkan saya mengingatkan kamu semua bahawa Umno tidak memilih kasih dan bertindak sama rata. Anwar Ibrahim adalah melayu dan beliau sendiri dibelasah hinggan pengsan dengan tangan digari dan muka ditutup. Jika Umno itu parti perkauman, sudah tentu hanya kematian Kugan sahaja mencurigakan dan Anwar pula akan dilayan dengan baik. Ini buktinya kami bukan parti racist.

  153. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Now that the Bukit Gantang election is over, it is timely for us to reflect on your recent posting which suggest that “a vote for PKR’s Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin was tantamount to a vote against the Sultan of Perak”. Your proposition then was at best, mischievous…at worst, a very dishonest attempt to “reposition the issues in Perak away from what the core issue was” ie. the illegal overthrow of a legally constituted government.

    Many of your readers strongly disagreed with your proposition then and felt disillusioned by your lack of ethics and the depth that your gutter journalism had sunk to. Your postings increasingly took a slant towards cultural chauvinism and soon chauvinistic/racist UMNO supporters began to embraced you….as one of their own.. as they join in the tirade against those who spoke out against against abhorrent government policies and practices.

    At all times, the decision to field Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin as the candidate for Bukit Gantang was never about the Sultan of Perak. It was all about the appalling state of affairs in Perak and how it was necessary for the rakyat to have the opportunity to express their views on the issues confronting the state.

    Nizar and others were also quite proper to suggest that the Sultan of Perak had erred in his judgement as we all do from time to time. Bukit Gantang was always gonna be a good litmus test about how the Rakyat feels about all the going-ons in Perak. The Sultan of Perak is well advised… upon reflection and in all humility, to review his earlier decision, called in Zambry and Nizar…and express his wish that he, too like the Rakyat, wants fresh elections called

  154. Anonymous8:12 pm

    warrior 231, you are a waste of a brain. i wonder what gravely sins we have done to deserve you.


  155. Anonymous8:40 pm

    "Buat baik berpada pada,buat jahat jangan sekali." Inilah kata kata hikmat nenek moyang kita yang patut dijadikan panduan. Akan tetapi disebabkan tamak haluba dan gilakan kuasa,inilah akibatnya dan seterusnya bangsa kita sendiri meminggirkan kita.Bila orang sudah hilang kepercayaan terhadap kita, apa saja yang kita lakukan,walau pun terbukti untuk kebaikan, orang masih rasa curiga.

    I did not attend any ceramah but I watch TV3 and read the papers. Telling and showing the defects or faults of the opposition and some individuals from the opposition must have irritated the voters, more so during this period of time.
    One must admit that everybody makes mistakes. I would rather have TV3 showing our 50 years of development and progress which I feel is a better strategy. Highlighting faults and the negative aspect of opponents does not augur well these days.I stand corrected.

    (old UMNO member)

  156. LOL at Syamil/Revert/Plastic Pendekar/warrior231 analysis.

    Hey, you lost man. With a bigger margin to boot.

    Any voter... Malay, Chinese, or Indian who reads/hears the putrid rotten fruit of your Tourettes-afflicted kind, will be so sickened to the point they'll vote anyone but BN.

    Can't deal with big minds like Hj. Kamaruddin Taib? Go sulk in Bagai Serai and eat your humble pie. Freshly baked with ingredients from Bukit Gantang & Selambau.

  157. Anonymous9:20 pm

    How now Rocky? Your spinning has put you in a spin...or did you outspin yourself? Anwar vs Sultan indeed. You can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. This message is for you and Mahathir. You still think you will get something at NSTP after this debacle?

    Kali the Mullah

  158. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Hoi Bright eyes,

    Tatak lasa nak balik kampung menjengok atok lu? Lu Atok sudah mayak tua dikampung!

    Tanah dan sawah berbukit2, kandang babi merata tempat, Lim punya kampung pun kebun teh berbukit2... balik ler cucu oooi, atok sudah tua mau bikin kerja disana.

    Dalam rumah atok pun, ada reban special, atok bela tikus! Lu balik, atok kasi masak sup itu tikus.. mayak sedap.

    Sini negeli, semuak mata sama, bau sama, tanah luas, mati nanti pun masih boleh kasi belalak lagi kasi wang olang naggis lu mati, apasal tatak hapi sama itu negala Malaysia cucu mau sana lagi tinggal?.

    Lai lai lai lor.. sawah padi, kandang babi, reban tikus mayak dikampung atuk, lai lai..balik kampung sendili lor..


  159. Anonymous11:05 pm

    apasal bodoh sangat cermin berkecai: "we need to win" is an expression. bukan "we" itu "rocky dan BN"... "we" itu satu expression, bodoh!

    sudah-lah. Orang Cina undi Nizar bukan pasal dia PAS. pasal dia DAP. Orang Cina sangat berasa encouraged sebab ramai dah dapat 999-tahun-lease tanah, bukan?

    Nizar adalah pakaian DAP. Itu saja.

    siapa yang racist ni?

    cuba kalau Nizar terus terang mengenai objektif PAS!

    Memang betul....yang sokong DAP semua tak sokong Sultan!

    Apa nak marah sangat padaRocky....baca balik ucapan Nizar....berapa banyak kali dia sebut pasal Sultan...

  160. Rocky,

    Mahahtir tak mampu membawa pengundi baru kepada BN/Umno,apa yg mampu di tariknya hanyalah pengundi BN/Umno yg tidak mengundi BN kerana tidak suka kepada Pak Lah dlm p.raya lalu.Mereka-mereka tu ialah org yg serumpun dgn sdr,yg taksub pada Mahahtir.Itu saja.

    Kalau BN/Umno masih bergantung harap pada Mahahtir utk memenangkan mereka,teruslah bermimpi di siang hari,kerana pengundi muda ada yg sudah tak kenal siapa Mahahtir ni,yg mereka tahu ialah hasil tangan Mahathir membebankan hidup mereka kini,iaitu PENSWASTAAN TOL,AIR, API dll.

  161. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Tahniah Nizar, dengan ini bolehlah kita buat rumusan siapa yang nak menang pilihanraya hendaklah dia terus menjadi macai DAP.

    Dengan ini banyaklah cina-cina yang terus beri sokongan pada mana-mana Melayu yang sanggup terus jadi macai.

  162. Anonymous11:39 pm

    yawn..yawn... :O

    Everybody talking about glorifying their so-called winning when actually neither anybody lost anything nor anybody get any extra seats...

    Just the bloody status quo...who cares, as long as the right candidate of Malay rule this land with dignity & pride (not as a puppet) be it PAS or UMNO..i'll spare my arssenal vocabulary..

    However, one thing for sure, Lord BABI didn't managed to get his running cock erected at Batang Ai.. still very2 far away from his fetish dream of 916 rethoric & big surprise bullshits...

    After all Lord BABI is well known for his back door fetish when it come to Sabah & Sarawak in his quest to be the next PM of Malaysia...yet when it come to front play, Al-Juburi clan really sucks big time there..dream on.. hahaha...

    This thread is not much interest to me..i had probed but cannot sense much ultra chingkies or hindulens insulting my race yet..
    Yet some bloody anon soul searching me for what..?
    what happens in Bkt Gantang was just a stupid division of Malay political majority power by some self-interested Malay leaders fanned by some hidden agendas people behind the scene..

    Bloody idiot that anon, what with the intended insult towards the bumiputera living in rumah panjang ? for what..? r u saying they were stupid for voting BN and yet everything from Semenanjung is so good & global advance? How well do you know these people?

    Some examples here like that paloi (mean 'bodoh' in loghat Melayu Sarawak- the person suits his nickname, a gay vieled with girl picture?) also insulting half the Malay population in Bkt Gantang for voting UMNO? What kind of thiking is that..You PR want everybody to support you, but instead of trying to win the heart of the opposite, u go on insulting them...r u PR people thinking that Lord BABI was sent by God as the choosen one who lead a God's party..?

    Wow, nice defination of democracy & freedom u PR got there..no choices at all..you people are the only best..not much different from BN rethorics..
    Keep up with the attitude! Good resume for your next GE13 job..make average people life more difficult.. sucks!

    My advice to the moonlanders... do not get so much carried away with that one eye dajjal..he might send u moonlanders a surprise - a nuclear warhead rocket for a blowjob..haha.. Najib, better clean your office 1st & don't ever appoint that monkey as a minister.
    Make use of that 8-decade old man as an economic advisor..not as your press secretary..if u want to shine, do not live under a shadow..

    :D muhahaha....

    p/s: racism is party blind...always relevant in Malaysia..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  163. Anonymous12:07 am


    Do You See What I See?
    Truth Is an Offense
    You Silence for Your Confidence
    Do You Hear What I Hear?
    Doors Are Slamming Shut
    Limit Your Imagination, Keep You Where They must
    Do You Feel What I Feel?
    Bittering Distress
    Who Decides What You Express
    Do You Take What I Take?
    Endurance Is the Word
    Moving Back Instead of Forward Seems to Me Absurd

    Doesn't Matter What You See
    Or into it What You Read
    You Can Do it Your Own Way
    If It's Done Just How I Say

    Independence Limited
    Freedom of Choice
    Choice Is Made for You My Friend
    Freedom of Speech
    Speech Is Words That They Will Bend
    Freedom with Their Exception

    Do You Fear What I Fear?
    Living Properly
    Truths to You Are Lies to Me
    Do You Choose What I Choose?
    More Alternatives
    Energy Derives from Both the plus and Negative
    Do You Need What I Need?
    Boundaries Overthrown
    Look Inside to Each His Own
    Do You Trust What I Trust?
    Me, Myself and I
    Penetrate the Smoke Screen I See Through the Selfish Lie


  164. Anonymous1:34 am

    (Overheard Ah Fatt mumbling this somewhere in the streets of Kuala Sepetang, in the gathering dusk to Kamaruddin):Lu taukah...chimalam, kita cina unthi itu Ngee Char, kenapa?

    Kamaruddin: Lu manyak suka itu PAS sama Islam sama itu Nik Aziz..betoi tak, Ah Fatt

    Ah fatt : Tiu niamah chibai gua cuka itu PAS...gua takta undi itu PAS..gua unthi Ngee Char saja...chibab dia Cina mah...dia ichlam gua tak peethuli,,gua unthi dia chibab dia china, mah....olang lain bagi tanah 99 tahun...dia bagi 1000 tahun mah..mana ada ini macham...dia bagut..itu otak China, manyak baguih...

    (For a moment, i noticed Kamaruddin standing like an erect statue, jaw drooped, dumbfounded, a trickle of saliva coursing down his wrinkled chin like a tiny rivulet....gathering his scattered wits..he responded slowly as if unsure that the words skipping across his spotted tongue into the empty evening void were really his or the infernal whisper of his devil-hijacked soul....) : tak apalah apek..u bagi undi dia, macam undi PAS jugak. kita sama2 sedara...

    Ah Fat:Oklah...oklah.... nanti kita cakap lagi likat itu Karaoke..u pigi chimbayang..eh jaga..itu taik babi nanti tatak boleh..............

    Kamarrudin (wiping off some gooey stuff smeared on his slippers with his open palm as the muezzin's call echoes faintly in the distance) : aiyah ...chikit aje mah..tdak apa.Saya pigi sembahyang dulu nanti kita cakap lagi .........(voice trailing off, the saronged skull capped man clambered onto his bicycle and cycled away into the gathering gloom)

    there..bright eyes, chingkies and chingkie lovva trolls...the reason why almost 90% of them Chingkie voted Ngee Char of chamchar fame!!

    I could see that in their eyes in some photos uploaded over this blog:http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/a-simple-man-who-won-the-hearts-of-the-common-people/
    (dont ya think the knowing smiles on those whores lined up behind the candidate, the teeming boisterous crowd gathered like filthy houseflies over loads of pig offal, the blood curdling yell of the chingkie old lout in pic 3, the "what have i got myself into" look of incrdeulity (Hj Kamarrudin??) in pic 4 + the lusty yodel of yet another washedup whore in the background of the same pix and the mien of the "Lord of the Flies" as he surveys his pig infested realm in the final pix are all worthy front cover shots in the "Life" (and) "Time"s of local chingkiedom. Nay warrior, those are timeless classics that will span many lifetimes to come!! to be bequethed as a family heirloom from generation to generation..)

    Guess those pork trotters, char seu barbecued pork, braised pork chops (http://chinesefood.about.com/od/pork/Pork_Recipes.htm) washed down with bootlegged samsu or cheap beer might have worked wonders the other day..far more than even the invited VIP, Ngee Char or even Nikki Lee Aziz could have ever imagined!!.

    The inadvertently eavesdropped upon conversation sums it all up..

    Wait! what i was doing in KS just about 6 hours or so ago...oh just looking for them village ingredients to bake me some pie..u know give the stuff some palatable rusticity..mmm seeetap mah.

    Sad to say them pies will never offer respite from pain and further brain cell degeneration for some neurosyphilis infested Chingkie kaninama chibai Bright Eyed whore whose life and times were literally spent arselicking, cock sucking, arsefucking, being buttfucked and mouthrammed all in one go in twosome, threesome, foursome orgies. A lifetime slowly fading off them memory reels as neurosyphilis burrows deeper into the heart of darkness of the self same whore and the poor sod desperately scrambles to unscramble them tangled, short-circuited neural networks all mashed up in the neanderthal faggot's cranial cavity....SOB u deserve your fate....

    Warrior 231

  165. Anonymous2:52 am

    if there is anyone who stilll thinks BN will get back what they have lost among the rakyat - their trust and confidence especially at the unethical wrest of power in Perak - they must be out of their mind.


  166. Anonymous9:13 am

    I see all Malaysian including the one from the long house as brother, I work with them and I know how West Malaysian look down on East Malaysian. Your master has been neglecting them for the past 50 years but now rely on them to survive the last breath, what a sad and ironic situation. Am I wrong to say your pride is now depending on the long house?

    Don’t ever try to pull me into your racism mindset. Ask yourself why they still stay in the long house after 50 years. Is it not the result of collaboration between your master and the one who supply you the bom bom girls?

    Your nick 反超印度 & 超中国猪 already indicate your character and I am sorry I don’t have anything bad to say about Malay, I would only write shit on racist, your master and the one who continue furnish you the bom bom girl. You and me are different lah.

    Btw, did you enjoy the FOC bom bom girl? FOC but talk Pride? Hahahahahah

  167. Anonymous10:10 am


    You are right, this is what pride is all about.

    And the best part is the pride East Malaysian never makes use of race and religion to garner support. Unlike the you know who.

  168. Anonymous10:26 am

    Hj Kamaruddin: wow.. a self proclaimed title..Woi haji..kalo dato, tan sri, tun etc. tu boleh lah confirm title sbb sultan yg bagi..Ini title 'haji' confirmation hanya Allah shj yg tahu..dah confirm 'mabrur' or 'marlboro'?
    typical of u pak lebai lolipop..letak ketayap putih dah perasan rasa bagus dan lebih islam dari org lain.. Melayu yg banyak merempat & memcacai dlm ekonomi pun spisis korang jugak lah..Islam konon..Rukun yg 5 pun majoriti pak lebai tak complete ..konon utk yg mampu saja..korang lepak surau cerita haprak politik & negara islam saja tetapi masih harap rezeki turun dari langit...boleh cerita kah dah sedia utk meritokrasi puak korang ni?

    Persaudaraan dgn puak kafir dan memusuhi saudara seIslam kerana berbeza pendapat? Wow! Fatwa sapa nih..? Nikky Aziz...? dulu kata boleh mencarut dgn alasan Allah s.w.t mencarut dlm Al-Quran..dlm Al-Quran tu siapa yg berbicara dgn siapa? kalau boleh manusia mencarut sama mcm tu maka sama lah status manusia dgn Tuhan wahai tok serban hoi..
    Walhal Rasulullah terang2 contoh terbaik utk umat manusia ikut seperti disebut dlm Al-Quran (al-Ahzab, 33:21), yg terang & nyata korang tak nak ikut pulak.. Rasullullah s.a.w ada mencarutkah bila berbicara dlm hadis2 sahih? Skrg ni ada fatwa baru pula kah puak penyembah berhala atau wang pun boleh bersaudara & tafsir sendiri ayat2 Al-Quran? Surah Aurat..mana tu? hahaha..
    Dulu puak korang sanjung mufti Perak tu ttp tgk skrg maki hamun bagai nak rak...tgk ler website2 puak2 lebai lolipop ni.....Syabas..syabas...menyedihkan!

    Apa nak heran.. its just the typical grey matter deficiency mind of self-proclaimed hajis, tok gurus and ustaz kampung people the like ..taksub-wal-ujub (and al-jub too) dgn dunia sendiri..

    Hahah..u people are pathetic stupid chingkie lovva.. baik korang pergi tarbiah NagaNgehNga masuk Islam dan jgn mkn babi lagi & berkhatan..boleh? Apa contoh terbaik umat Islam yg korang tu semua ada nak tarik dia masuk Islam? Ekonomi pun merempat jd bangsat saja harap DEB...Selama ni pun sapu subsidi , bantuan & keistimewaan dari dasar DEB jugak utk hidup..datang dari langit ke semua? Cermin lah diri sendiri sikit..puak sedara se-jubur se-babi korang ni hanya mahu sapu ekonomi & kuasa politik saja..Dapat naik kaldai lebai dia tutuh saja asal boleh..bukan ikhlas nak bersaudara dgn org bodoh mcm korang pun bodoh. Bila nak sedar?
    (- the above is dedicated to the similar lost soul of melayus..cakap melayu lah pasal korang bodoh sgt nak faham mesej dlm english bombastic warrior 231.)

    Vegabond: WTF la you vegabond... copy & paste lyrics from Metallica.. try to cultivate some grey matter in that cranium cavity lah..

    Brighteyes: Just a leftover sliteyes pig scurring to scanvage whatever shit substances in Rocky's blogsphere..a lowlife sus-barbatus of sundae family trying hard to make an appearance with verbal shits here as a routine.. just a pathetic chingkie lost soul..

    Sorryboy: That back door game thingy is localized to Perak State only..that was a biggest mistake done by BN.. too much influenced by that lowlife ass-fetish Lord BABI Al-Juburi perhaps..they should have used the front door & distinguish themsleves from these lowlifes..instead they became one.
    Also sorryboy, take a mirror and reflect your own words.. what would happens if your Lord BABI succeed to wrest the Fed Govt in the same method..? This is some more nationwide , the impact would surely proportionate the scale.. Can PR have the rakyat trust & confidence after that, especially from the East Malaysia people??

    p/s: There is always two side face of a coin.. just like matter & anti-matter..

    :D muhahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  169. cik anon,

    you should bring hetfield here to sing that song for our rockybrew ;)

    ...and justice for all

  170. Anonymous10:52 am

    "We non-Malays, truly would like to believe the universal benelovent of true Islam as practised by PAS, especially Tok Guru Nik Aziz."
    Petestop from the Pits

    Hear!hear, the Jabatan Agamas will be overflowing with cock-chopped, skullcapped, jubah-clad, jilbabed verse spouting male, female, trannie Chingkies seeking salvation..

    Dei poorah shit Pete, dont give me that condescending shit of a spiel, Mr pendatang chingkie/hindulen...If you really care about Islam..you wont insult it and politics aint the mosque that will lead you to its intrinsic truth...get it! Take the rest of your contalk back to the cornfield where you came from......

    2.Warrior 231,

    You sounds more like a racist warrior. All your writings thirst for race power, race condemnation and race suppression.
    6:51 PM

    You wanna join the fun, Myke. Put on those leotards and that dang underwear and spell your name right..for starters..you moron!

    3.warrior 231, you are a waste of a brain. i wonder what gravely sins we have done to deserve you.

    Gravely sins?mmmm..yep...extorting money from our sultans in the form of ufti (bunga emas),coming over to tanah Melayu in tongkangs,bringing over your whoring, opium smoking, triad culture. letting loose a reign of terror to corner them tin mines, repatriating Tanah Melayu's wealth by the junkloads back to the motherland (for supporting Sun"ny" YatSen to Mao Tse tung + chiang Kai Shek and of couse for personal enrichment- still at it via HK, Shanghai, Spore et al.,,); driving the indigenes with the Brits help into the interior in order to seize their land for rubber planting, gambier etc, ; sprouting up them gambling, opium dens and whorehouses to reap lucrative returns ( in fact, historical records show that the revenue of certain straits settlements were mostly derived from gambling, opium and whoring taxes)..for bringing in that infernal animal for mass chingkie consumption....oh the list goes on and on....malas nak tulih semua... and after all that, once being given citizenship,start insulting the indigenes' race, religion, culture, language....blah, blah, blah

    You see, jab, u deserve a million more of me!! don't forget to come back for more right crosses and left hooks ya...

    4, Bright Eyes
    to put you out of your neurosyphilitic misery..why not try this (http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Seppuku)....u can choose the male version or the female version : http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Femme-47-ronin-seppuku-p1000701.jpg (if you are a trannie or hermaphrodite.
    Info from Penang tells me that you are suffering big time now...enjoy it, you whore!

    Warrior 231

  171. Anonymous2:25 pm

    anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    1. Tabik. U are da man.lets sock it to them bastard chingkies, hindulens and chingkie lovvas like Kamaruddin bin Taib aka Marlboro.

    2. sepet: depa takut balik sana kerana kalau mapui kena campak dalam laut,jadi makanan ikan, ketam (hei kalau hidu bau babi, mesti ikan pun cabut punya, ha!ha!ha! LOL):


    b. artikel nombor dua: http://www.theage.com.au/world/cost-of-dying-beyond-the-pocket-of-many-chinese-20090405-9t8x.html ada juga dalam print version star 5/4/09 mukasurat W41.

    3. I love it when the facts vindicate our stance and Skilly pondan (remeber the data from WEF), Bright "syphilis" Eyes and their ilk have to slurp swill and wolf down their own shit.

    Yet another example:
    "LOL at Syamil/Revert/Plastic Pendekar/warrior231 analysis" courtesy of the bright eyed whore.

    Hei whore ..read this from the Star..how far is my analysis different from the one emanating from Phakatan Riot's BS by-election director saiful Izham Ramli and the MCA man in here:

    Youths, Chinese favour Pakatan (page N6 of print version, northern edition) wherein:

    Kedah MCA organising secretary Chow Kok Liong said that "more than 60% of Chingkies turned up to vote..preliminary survey suggests that more than 70% of the Chinese votes went to PKR"

    Now, look at my analysis of BS with bright eyed wonder, syphilitic whore and tell me the difference. I paste it again here for your benefit, arsewhore:

    M= 17,698
    I= 10,071
    Total= 35,140

    Voter Turnout: 70.25% or 24687

    Breakdown of Turnout and Votes for BN

    Malay = 17698 x 0.65 = 11503 x 0.55 = 6326

    Chinese = 7371 x 0.65 = 4791 x 0.30 = 1437

    Indian = 10071 x 0.83 = 8358 x 0.20 = 2507

    Total BN vote = 10270 (actual polled 10250+).

    Note, the above report also states that rural Malays voted in numbers for BN despite their misgivings for the candidate. Hindulen vote; habuk pun tak da!!

    4. I also stand by my figures for BG based on Rocky's comments and other anecdotal evidence that 90% of Chingkies masturbated Ngee Char's cock and sucked on his cum that day. Even if.. these figures are skewed and later readjusted, final analysis will still show convincingly that at least 60% of Malays voted for BN while at least 80% of Chingkies cast their votes for the half-Chingkie blooded malay poseur.

    What both results indicate is that the Chingkie and the Hindulen voters have effectively torn to shreds the Social Contract and reneged on their ancestors' agreemnent regarding provisions in the Constitution that protect Malay rights in return for citizenship.No surprises there, for these two ethnics are nothing more than scum when it comes to honouring their word.

    5.You olang ingat kita melayu/muslim bolo kah? Pukimak, lanchiau lulah! you olang boleh tipu itu lebai macam Kamarruddin dengan pakai itu Nikki Lee Aziz, Ngee Char dan Harry Paddy Hadi, dengan kita lainlah wahai apek,amoy, macha, tanggachi.....kita lagi tau u punya belit.... kaninama chou chibai, wah chuni...pundek kalathais

    P/S ; more facts on chinese atrocities and hindulen treachery pre-independence will be revealed in due course.

    Warrior 231

  172. Anonymous2:51 pm

    To that bloody anon 9.13am whatever time..listen here u lowlife asshole..

    1st- Get your identity firm & clear first. Stop being a typical sissy pondan chingkie oinking like pig with that irritating sound hoping that i overlook & miss my gun shot.

    2nd - Do not pretend to be something else or divert the story tune contrary to your initial statements, like typical chingkie pig do when they are caught in deep shit..Now called brother? Now you're telling me story about East Malaysian looking down on West Malaysian? So which part of Malaysia were u from? Do you mean to tell me that they have the gut to throw that shit straight to your fucking looser chingkie face, hah moron? hahahaha....Master & pride? Yes, the Bumiputera be it in UMNO or from East Malaysia BN components still hold the majority numbers in Parliment.. what pride dependent are u talking about..? its your brethren in MCA, MIC & Gerakan that are the real fucking loosers here loosing their ass pride..

    3rd - Get the term right.. its 'pom-pom girl' NOT 'bom-bom girl' or else i blow up your asshole wide to galactic blackhole size with C4..

    Now scram the hell out from here back to your filthy kandang babi..u pathetic lowlife creature..

    :D muhahahaha

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  173. warior 321,
    Are you out of words to start with by throwing insults.? Or just can't explain why you are tilted to being a racist.?

    Gentlemen don't get personal or hurl insults when it scomes to explaining themselves. Unless otherwise.

    Generally it's waste of time to talk to people who can't look at things positively and explain themselves.

    Think it over who's the moron.

  174. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Lai lai lor BrightEyes, lai lai balik kampung atuk.

    Lu peligi negala olang, apahal cakap2 pasai racist, atok punya kampung semua olang Cina juga, tapi apasal lu tak mau mali balik hidup sama kita olang yang sama?.

    Mau bela babi, mayak tempat, mau sembahyang tokong, mayak geleja, Apasal tatak mau balik?

    Lai lai lor cucu lan alak melantu, cini bole man soi man soi man man soi sama kita kita, lai lai lor Belight eyes..


  175. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Pada tahun 1993, Umno mencadangkan supaya kita tidak perlu menggunakan "patik" dan "tuanku" semasa berbicara dengan Sultan. Tajuk akhbar utusan - 'Ismail patut turun takhta" (merujuk kepada desakan dalam Umno supaya 'sultan' baru Tengku ibrahim yang pro-Umno ditabalkan). Kalau tak percaya, tanya ibrahim ali, annuar musa dan rahimtamby chik.

  176. Anonymous6:14 pm

    I don’t have the habit to use different identity to write the same thing over and over again. It’s boring.

    Of course the most productive will hold the majority, simple mathematics pun tak tahu, no wonder you all need to learn it through your old master language.

    Your pride worth bom bom girl only lah.

    Pom Pom one not FOC.

    Pride? Hahahaha

  177. petestop7:12 pm

    Rocky bro,

    Just read this "Warrior 231" or is it "Warrior 123" (da man can't even count), spewing racist hatre.

    You can even imagine something out of the Exorcist and would have expected this Racist Warrior head to spin around and around spewing his putrid racist messages.

    Thanks BeEnd for nurturing and cultivating such savages.

    Because these savages really helps to strengthen the unity of Pakatan Rakyat.

    Hidup Rakyat! Hidup PR!

  178. Anonymous10:46 pm


    Apasal, awak rasa PEDAS termakan cili burung ker?


  179. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Anon pride bombom whatever..u sound so fucking boring lah to entertain...if u sound more like that skillgannon pig..life would be much more merrier for me..

    Oklah lost soul of sus-barbatus migration creature, whatever..

    Why u chingkie people always talk pride about your people & concern so much about your motherland when u called yourselves a Malaysian.. The truth was that u people were just the decendant of runaway loosers & traitors from the place u live in deep shit,following your old master as accomplice to torn apart our motherland for fortune.

    Why not go back and let your commy republic govt throw some homecoming party for you people ..

    Know your worth lah here..have courtesy, learn the history & think why we have deep vengance towards your ultra kind..

    If we also want to talk pride about our own people & motherland, so what? this is our place..if u want to fit in, be part of the majority ...look like one and breath like one..

    otherwise go back to your kandang babi & wait to be slaughter there..

    petestop: Because these savages really helps to strengthen the unity of Pakatan Rakyat.

    Strength? Really..? I can only see some of your prominent leaders already suffer acute erectile dysfunctional syndrom..very difficult to perform threesome ritual anymore nowdays, hah? Less of cocky talky from your leaders compared to the last 8 months ..hahaha..

    Mark my words.
    Eat your own shits serve in silver platter..only idiots will be the leftover with you as long we keep on doing our job..see u again in GE13..

    We are just the result of you own savages - the hidden agenda racist pigs going big-headed with cock flashing attitude..go get a mirror now..

    :D muhahahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  180. Syamil aka Whore-ior231,

    If you ACTUALLY took the time to read that Page 6 Star article you so gleefully quoted, you'd find the urban/suburban Malays also voted Pakatan.

    So you see, its now just the rural old folk you can fool with your Belita Hairan, Utusan, ArrTeeEm, etc. But with increasing Internet access in the kampongs, they too will wake up from your bull n lies.

    Another slice of humble pie...?

    And 'anti-hindraf n chinkies'... keep up with that "job" & clueless attitude of yours. Because this helped drive more voters (Malay, O.Asli, Indian, Chinese) to Pakatan in the two Bukits, to win with bigger majorities. And yes, see you in PR13.

  181. Anonymous2:10 am

    Hoi Brighteyes,

    You jangan duk merapu hal PR13. Lu tadak pun orang sini tak Miss you. Lu pi balik jaga lu punya Atok, sudah mayak tua di Kampung.

    Kesian, lu semua sini 50tahun makan KFC hari2, lu atok 50tahun masih makan TIKUS di sana.


  182. Anonymous3:56 am

    Bright Syphilitic Eyes

    "Note, the above report also states that RURAL Malays voted in numbers for BN despite their misgivings for the candidate. Hindulen vote; habuk pun tak da!!
    (I have capitalised "rural" for your brain's convenience)

    Your reaction about them urban malays (which as everyone knows, are slightly inclined to be Chingkie lovvas anyway, though in not all cases as BG and KT show)reveals the obvious.Plus your pathetic pun on my nom de'guerre is very indicative of the state of your mental health.

    You see your neural networks are already swamped and overwhelmed by them toxins generated by the syphilis germs lodged in your wankedup brain. The end result is progressive and total loss of brain functions including those pertaining to cognition:

    "Symptoms of most dementias are similar. Generally, dementia causes the following:

    Memory loss
    Problems using language"


    But your condition is reversible provided it is not at a very advanced stage.

    "Conditions that cause reversible dementia include the following:

    Normal-pressure hydrocephalus
    Subdural hematoma
    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection
    Deficiency of thiamin, niacin, or vitamin B12
    An underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)
    Brain tumors that can be removed
    Prolonged and excessive use of drugs or alcohol
    Toxins (such as lead, mercury, or other heavy metals)
    Syphilis that affects the brain
    Other infections (such as Lyme disease, viral encephalitis, and the fungal infection cryptococcosis)" source:http://www.merck.com/mmhe/sec06/ch083/ch083c.html

    Bright Syphilitic Eyes,

    I emphatise with your plight and will henceforth try to make provisions for you in keeping with my humane nature.Now I understand why you still cannot fathom who am I exactly despite my explanations. Maybe, this will be of some assistance: http://syamil-revert.blogspot.com/2009/04/back-from-short-break-from-far-flung.html.

    Read the post slowly and if possible get someone to explain it slowly to you considering your wretched state. I also suggest you take plenty of rest and stay away from blogs to preserve the last vestiges of your sanity...
    (sigh) sad..very sad

    P/S Rocky,
    Please put up my comments directed to Pitstop, Myke and Anon 6.14pm. The last one was in support of Brader anti-whatever... Thank you, bru

    Warrior 231

  183. Anonymous8:21 am

    We were assigned a responsibility here to feed “some” parasite like your master. I think the creator have something in mind when he grant us this duty. Please seek further clarification when you meet him.

    You know what is FOC huh? Even the 30% they want to pay it through the future dividend. Now you know why you worth only a bom bom girl?

    Don’t feel shame to continue talking pride? I do. Hahahaha

  184. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Anonymous 8:21 AM said...

    …We were assigned a responsibility here to feed “some” parasite like your master…

    Siapa assign you mali sini? Siapa? Apasal mali sini? Olang putih?..

    Dia semua sudah pandai balik sendiri punya kampong dan negeli, apahal lu sini lagi tunggu? Tarak sendiri punya kampong lor?

    Hoi, lu balik and show some responsibility to your atok kat kampong.

    Sampai bila dia kena makan daging tikus?


  185. Anonymous5:36 pm

    UMNO should just retain all portfolios and give some to the other party components that did well in the GE. UMNO should not give anything to the parties that did not do well and worse to someone who called the Malays "pendatangs" in their own land. I was surprised to see that fler's name in the list. And why so many Chinks and Thambys? Why not put more Malays/Orang Aslis or the Pribumis of Sabah and Sarawak?

    UMNO is too kind. Next time, UMNO should field ONLY Malay candidates to places where the Malays form the majority. No give and take anymore UMNO. This is MALAYsia.

    Why give something to people who do not appreciate what had been given to them all these years?

    Just look at the bielections. The Chinks went to that "ceramah" organised by BN (the picture in your blog lah Rocky), taking free food and drinks etc, even if they were given 1 million ringgit, they would take ....and yet when it was time to vote ...who did they vote for? The other side ....DAP (I say DAP 'cos DAP is the boss, Nizar is just a puppet)...See, how racist they are....They know they'll get more and more 999 land because it is DAP mah....And you think DAP cares for the Malays and other pribumis? My foot, that will be the day...

    So, UMNO, why do you care anymore for these "pendatangs"? They don't give a heck about anything BN anymore. What they will do is, they will ask for more and more and more. They are a lost case....so why bother. Nevertheless, UMNO should concentrate more on the well being of the Malays and other Bumiputera/Pribumis. Don't forget that WE are the TUANS here..

    - Unique Entity

  186. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Aiyo kalu u talak tahu baca bahasa lu punya old master diam diam lah. Master lu sama tu olang putih, suka ambil harta dan tanah foc. Saya satu kampong dengan olang tua toyol, lu mana mali?


  187. Laser Blade5:53 pm

    Anon 8.21 am said,

    "We were assigned a responsibility here to feed “some” parasite like your master. I think the creator have something in mind when he grant us this duty. Please seek further clarification when you meet him."

    - If you think that you had already done what you were asked to do, then jolly well pack your bags lah.....We don't want you anymore....And no need to ask the creator, because he already told us that YOU are all scumbags that should be returned back to where YOU all came from !! Understand that Chinkie/Thambycoolie !!

  188. Laser Blade8:35 pm

    Petestop, this is for you,

    "You can even imagine something out of the Exorcist and would have expected this Racist Pete head to spin around and around spewing his putrid racist messages.

    Thanks Pakatan Riot for nurturing and cultivating such savages."

    - it really describes your goodself, ain't it?


  189. Laser Blade8:56 pm

    Hey you not Bright Eyes,

    What's wrong with your grey matter, dude? In my humble opinion, it is full of craggly, piggly worms and it breeds that psychotic neurodevelopmental problems....it is serious dude! You need a neurologist to check your brain.....PRONTO!

  190. Anonymous11:50 pm

    To Warrior 321, Anti-hindraf/ultra chingkies, Sepet dan yg sewaktu dengannya...

    Keep it up guys. You are converting fence-sitters by the droves into leaving UMNO/BN. If PR wins GE13 then they should thank you guys lah...

    Set2 gu mung nih branni dok depang komputer jah. Ghamma bleh. Depang orang ghamma brepok nusut. You guys are showing real lack of self esteem. You can only gain satisfaction by putting people down, sian weh lok lok...

    Dakpe ah...kutuk lagi, maki lagi. Make a fine example of UMNO goons that people so loathe about...

    Ganu Lucerne

  191. Anonymous1:51 am

    Anonymous Ganu Lucerne,

    Kenapa rasa tak selesa kerana kena batang hidung?

    Jiran aku sendiri terkejut, bila balik menziarah kampung halaman for the first time, Tok dia bela dan makan daging tikus,this is 2009!

    Telah membawa begitu banyak kesedaran atas dirinya, betapa berTUAH dia diMalaysia ini.

    Selagi tidak ada kesedaran diri, selagi itu tidak pandai menilai apa sebenarnya erti KESYUKURAN..


  192. Ganu Lucerne,

    Biarkan orang BeeEnd ni dengan labu busuk mereka. Biar orang ramai melihat betapa terdesak fikiran mereka selepas tewas 4-1 dalam PRK. PRU13 nanti, Pakatan sapu semua... dan org BN ni akan terkejut macam rusa dalam lampu kereta. Inilah akibat sindrom 'denial'.

    Syamil aka w231, still trying to pretend you're two different people, eh? Well, lets take a time machine back to that careless comment left on Rocky's entry "81MPs and 5673 Malaysians... etc" at 3:36PM. Thanks to another commentator who outed you...

    Revert said...

    Let;s see

    population :27,730,000


    maybe then, that will nudge the last digit(7) to flip..ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! LOL .

    Warrior 231

    So in your frenzy to spew garbage all over the comments section, you forgot your identity was set & signed-in to 'Google' instead of 'Anon'. Hence, blowing your own little cover. A shot in your own foot by your gun.

    Of course, continue to deny the obvious, just like the mainstream media. BN & its supporters after all, are filled with Denial.

    Have a very nice weekend. Finished that humble pie yet? Its a very big portion, you know... :)

  193. Anonymous6:37 pm

    huh..rocky didn't publish my most strongest knockoff dose for these oinking pigs..ok i understand.. too provocative & may result in chaos...well bro..you're the host..u earn my respect.

    nevermind..let me refined the words with more manner..

    - To become a citizen of a country e.g USA, Australia, UK, even Singapore or Malaysia..the condition is either u have USD/GBP/SGD 200,000 cash to be invest in Govt Bond or you can offer special expertise or talent to that country (mainly as professional)..

    - but look at what we got from the loopsided agreement with British for independent.. a bunch of tin miners & rubber tappers for FREE!

    - each of these chingkies & hindulens decendant or the British owed the bumiputeras a bloody huge sum of money..let us fix an accumulative interest of 30% on it for the period of 51yrs..Wow figure! the Queen E jaw will drop down to the floor & hindraf claim would be just traces of shits under our shoes...we should correct the mistakes of our forefathers..

    - so to that moron anon talking pride..its payback time u parasites...we want our rent pay.. u ungrateful bastards owe us too much..

    - don't think becoz u owned 70% stake in the stock markets u wanna be cocky like this country are yours..Just very typical of u bastards who think they are so smaart trying to redefine the economy with their asshole pig brain..are you trying to tell that u people succeed just on your own meaning that seller do not need buyer, employer do not need employee, sub-comtractor don't need main contractor et. el.?

    - learn from what has happened to your proud & high pride brethren in indonesia for enlightment of your cock-webbed dumpster pig brain..

    Got it pig brain? Hah, now you know who will have the last laugh talking about pride, get it clear embedded in your cranium cavity, u moron ..your ass will be bombom to blackhole..

    Remember.. if u can bring something in, u can also throw it out .. So, do not test to the limit if u know what i mean..try to play it nicely while u can ok..oink..oink..ok scumbag rat-pig hybrid? ahh..u miss tongkangland already?

    p/s: our long time hunted pig that skillganon probably at the moment enjoying his rat soup feast back in his tongkangland..

    keep up the good work my brethren..bro 231, sepet, unique et. el.. this is our real crusade..we have to do it for the other still sleeping idiots ..

    hoi sliteyes..haven't u finished your rat soup, u pig brain? oink..squeek..

    :D muhahahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  194. Anonymous9:31 pm

    hoi fucking anti melayus oink..oink...et.al. here.

    your forefathers & your ex-master owed us the below sum since 1957..

    1,000,000 x 200,000 x (1 + 30/100)^51

    = 129.5 trillion!

    u can pay it in either USD or GBP...otherwise get lost to USA , UK, Australia or Singapore if u can afford it..China..of course..my pleasure..all is needed for feeding there is just rats .hahaha....u should be very proud of that!

    Pay us back now on behalf of your ex-master!

    My brethren..how long we should be too generous to this ungrateful bastards..? they are the real parasites implanted by their ex-master..

    :D muhahahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  195. Anonymous3:36 pm

    My Malay brethren, in a previous post, I have shown how a nation's identity is erased bt subjugating migrants (remember Taiwan. Here, i give you something closer to home as noted ny an Indian scholar:

    "Anton Patel, who identifies himself as an Indian Singaporean, questions Singapore Airlines’ promotion of a Chinese girl wearing Nyonya costume as representative of all Singaporeans on the Dear Singaporean Website (2000). He explains that the selective representation of the Singaporean Girl as Chinese projects the image that Singapore is a nation whose population is composed of a monolithic Chinese ethnic group. He contrasts the image projected by Singaporean Airlines with the Malaysian tourist slogan and notes that the latter promotes a more inclusive “Asian” identity rather than a specific racialized Chinese identity" You can read the truth here:

    Patel, Anton. 2000. Letter to SFD September 28, 2000 Singapore Girl?

    Main Course

    anti hindraf & ultra chingkies:
    great posts man, especially the last two. I was away on urgent biz the last two days and when i happened to trawl here..what do i see, the syphilis infested Bright Eyes in its last throes of death which i will not engage anymore and i suggest the rest of us leave this sick pig alone unless it is absolutely neccessary cos BE is nothing more a hallucination of its wanked up brain.

    This lying pig is now reduced to digging up dirt where it can find them in its own muck and is impervious to all types of logical reasoning. It got disrobed big-time over the rural/urban thingy and cannot accept that its essential chingkie self got trumped. Hei, BE, you can comment for all you want and show yourself the inverterate liar that you are for we are giving you enough rope to hang yourself.Pray that at least ten people turn up for your waske outside your illegal porn cinema at Weld Quay, Penang, I doubt they will do so given your syphilis. The same applies to that lying pondan Skillgannon 1066.

    Let us brothers, devote our energies to exposing these pigs for the time being as dua babi ini pendusta tegar (sepertimana jenis bangsa(t) babi)and no amount of rational reasoning sprinkled with the relevant facts aint gonna have any effect on these pig's hide.

    Instead, let's deal with our new Chingkie lovva boy here. Either a true blue Ganu Chingkie masqurading as a Malay or a real malay trannie who licks their shit splattered arses and suck on their cumsoaked cocks while them Chingkies bleat inane drivel from their dung infested brains into Ganu's ears...his moment of masturbatory epiphany. Now Ganu ,,here is my advise if you are a Malay/Muslim provided u still have at least a portion of your brain functioning...

    1. Get these snippets into ur arsefucked brain:

    a.The Manchu loss of prestige contributed to the outbreak of the 1850-1862 Taiping Rebellion. This civil war was in the south, and an estimated two million people died. Anyone who could flee the violence did so. Many came to the US to work on the transcontinental railroad. Many others were recruited to work in the tin mines of the Malayan kingships of Perak, Ipoh and Selangor. Tin mine recruiters worked closely with traditional Chinese secret societies.

    b.Britain had no immigration policy other than to import as many Chinese as possible with no regard for politicalramifications. Thus, by 1930 over one million Chinese workers had been imported since the 1860s.

    to enable propagation of this scum:

    "Before 1900 twice as many males as females immigrated. From 1901 to 1910 the number of female immigrants was almost half the total. The trend continued in the 1911-1920 period, and women were more than half the immigrants in the 1921-1930 period. Women were about 70 percent of Chinese immigrants in the 1931-1935 era and almost 80 percent ofimmigrants in 1936-1940."

    c."The significance of this was that the Chinese envisioned settling in Malaya and Borneo and forming the communities of a Second Homeland" AND "The British fostered communalism and facilitated the growth of Chinese schools. Communities developed around such schools and practiced rituals and ceremonies that emphasized their Chineseness."

    d.Malays were 48.8 percent of the population in 1921 and Chinese 35.2 percent. By 1931, Malays were 44.4 percent of the population and Chinese were 39.2. By 1947, Malays were 43.5 percent of the population and Chinese were 44.7. These figures include the heavily Chinese colony of Singapore.

    e.By 1948 the British backed down both on the Chinese citizenship issue and weakening the positions of the sultans. A Federation of Malaya was formed.The Chinese reacted and launched a terrorist campaign led by the Communist-dominated Malayan Races Liberation Army against the British and the Malays.

    f."the writing and promulgation of the 1957 Malayan Constitution where a "bargain" was fashioned in which Malayan-born Chinese were guaranteed citizenship in exchange for agreeing to special rights and privileges for Malays."

    so Ganu Lucerne... get a grip of the roots of this nation before spouting your shit here. Most malays are awakening as evident by KT, BG and BS..thanks to the efforts of dedicated warriors like myself, anti-Hindraf and Ultra Chingkies,Sepet and a whole host of others. We will not flinch from our mission despite shitty jibes from the likes of Chingkie lovvas like you or from the bastard Chingkies themselves. More historical revelations are in the pipeline. I am in the midst of also estimating the amount of wealth repatriated by these bastard leeches back to tongsan or elsewhere.For the time being, I will leave the Chingkies and their lovva boys with more snippets from history which will show these bastards were never welcome in these parts:

    1. " Southern Chinese merchants had actively engaged in trade in Southeast Asia since this early period, yet the first permanent settlements in cities on the isle of Java and on the Malay Peninsula were not established until the thirteenth century.The China-Nanyang trade was cyclical, leaving southern China on the winds of the northeast monsoons and returning with the winds of the southwest monsoon. A round trip could take over nine months from beginning to end, requiring a stop of six months in Southeast Asia. Thus, early Chinese settlements were often established in key port cities to support the ongoing trade. Although trade was an important factor in Chinese migration, its lucrative business was not the only reason for the early migration from southern China to Southeast Asia. Famines, floods, droughts, overpopulation, and political unrest also encouraged a large number of male migrants from the provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, and Guangxi to leave China permanently and seek their fortunes in Southeast Asia (Purcell 1948).

    While there had been a long history of Chinese contact with and immigration to the Malay Peninsula, Chinese migration to Southeast Asia was increasingly discouraged by the Chinese government and the ruling powers of Southeast Asia in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The emperors of the late Ming dynasty (1368-1644) chose to follow an isolationist policy, which closed China’s borders to foreign trade. The overthrow of the Ming dynasty in 1644 initially increased the flow of Ming loyalists out of the country, yet the Ming loyalists’ animosity toward the Manchu government caused the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) to look at the Chinese population of Southeast Asia as a potential political threat (Chin 1991:17). The Qian Long Emperor finally banned emigration of Chinese citizens in the eighteenth century, and during the late Ming and early Qing dynasties the Chinese government neglected to provide military protection to Chinese settlers living in Southeast Asia (Chin: 1991). There was considerable animosity felt toward the Chinese in Southeast Asia by local ruling powers, and tens of thousands of Chinese immigrants to Southeast Asia were killed in multiple massacres. Nine massacres of Chinese settlers, including those of 1603 and 1639, have been recorded in the Philippines. A particularly brutal massacre took place in Batavia in 1740 and was largely the work of Dutch colonists (Chin 1991; Purcell 1948). Dutch colonial officials generally discouraged Chinese settlement, as they desired to control the trade between Southeast Asia and China.

    2. The rates of conversion from Chinese traditional religious practice to Islam increased substantially after the Batavian massacre of 1740 as Chinese and Chinese-Malay settlers sought to shelter themselves from further persecution by assimilating culturally and religiously into the local population (Rafferty 1984). However, with the changing political situation in Southeast Asia in the nineteenth-century, the local born Chinese population’s interest in assimilation declined (Rafferty 1984:254).


    1.Lee Kam Hing and Heng Pek Koon. 2000. “The Chinese in the Malaysian Political System.” In The Chinese in Malaysia. Lee Kam Hing and Tan Chee-Beng eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    2.Purcell, Victor. 1948. The Chinese in Malaya. London: Oxford University Press.

    3. Rafferty, Ellen. 1984 “Languages of the Chinese of Java - An Historical Review.” Journal of Asian Studies 43 (2): 247-272.

    4.Chew Sock Foon. 1987. “Ethnicity and Nationality in Singapore.” Monographs in International Studies Southeast Asia Series Number 78 Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Center for International Studies Center for Southeast Asian Studies.


    Observe most of these stuff is taken from chingkie and Hindulen bastards and Gwaliohs lest i be accused of of being racially biased!! LOL

    Warrior 231

  196. Anonymous8:40 am

    Of course a useless rusty blade don’t need us here, but how could your master let us go if they want everything foc? You see, they can’t rely on useless and rusty brain like yours to carry on their luxurious life style.

    Did the creator talk to you? Good but mean while, I have no interest to talk or meet him yet. Please let him know I will be back to Ipoh after my duty here is complete. So when are you going back to Yunnan?

    Btw, did the creator told you foc is a shame.


  197. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Warrior 231,

    Please come up with a book (or mini series) on these topics as educational materials for our younger generation.

    Ramai dari kalangan anak muda sekarang tidak tahu menahu ASAL USUL mereka sebenarnya dan disebabkan ini, tidak ujud dalam kamus mereka apa itu erti "KESYUKURAN".

    My grandpa left me an album with fantastic photos from the early 1900s (1902), pictures of them when they first arrived under their British LORDS MASTERS; very informative (SAD, very sad and unbelievable) ORIGINAL photos;

    The everyday life lead by their LORD MASTERS walking around with their canes;
    the Aneys clad in their cawats while at work and their cowshed dwellings;
    Apeks walking about in their long pigtails!.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words.

    Will gladly send copies to you should you need some for the books!


  198. Anonymous5:38 pm


    I am mulling that idea,brother. What i have in mind is a portal in which all these authentic information would be uploaded and be made accessible to our Malay brethren. That way, they will not only know about "ASAL USUL mereka sebenarnya" + erti "KESYUKURAN" tetapi juga BAHAYA BANGSA(T) KUNING.

    For this noble project to work, we need to pool the resources of our fellow malay brethren for the Chingkie is most fearful of a united frontal malay assault armed with authentic facts. Such a move will also help to open the eyes of our Malay brethren to chingkie evil and vaccinate them against future chingkie infiltration attempts to spread their vile diseases like tapeworms, round worms etc that sus barbatus are famed for. In that scheme of things, your photos would be priceless documentary evidence. Will get in touch, bro when things are ready....

    thanks for the offer, brother.Better to keep the originals and for you to upload the scanned copies, dont you think so?

    Warrior 231