Monday, March 09, 2009

You want to march for reforms?

Health reforms for Msians. So very often, we read and hear stories of a Malaysian begging for the financial help of his fellow Malaysians, usually through the dailies and recently via blogosphere, to undergo a life-and-death surgery or treatment. Why is that?

We spend billions to build the infrastructure and sell ourselves as a health tourism destination [and this Administration even tried to sell off our hospitals to foreigners] but we can't help our own people take care of their health? Why?

A Government that cares for the well-being of its people must look after their health.

Read Obama's healthcare lessons to the world on what the Government needs to do to set up a Malaysian Healthcare Financing Plan.

pic taken from Doctor 2008's blog


  1. Anonymous1:53 pm

    rocky, of course, we need to reform because our life has change. even for you also, no more defending Dr M, if he made a mistake - screw him. You are still BN reporter same like TV3!!


  2. Zamri,

    You are deteriorating in style and in quality. I just have to tell you as you've been a long-time commenter on my blog. Maybe you need to look after your spiritual health better, my friend.

  3. Anonymous3:04 pm

    rocky, today is maulidur rasul. take the spirit.


  4. Anonymous3:35 pm

    helo kalimullah hassan,

    apa kabar u? pak lah dah nak pencen ni. U ok ke? Tak cukup duit minta kat i ye...

  5. Anonymous3:38 pm

    The real reason why the national insurance scheme in this country has not seen the light of day the last twenty-over years is POLITICAL.

    Everytime the national elections are round the corner, this initiative is dropped like a ton of bricks. Why? Because no politician will want to insist that each citizen pay some premium towards an insurance scheme when they are already enjoying the same practically FOC, from govt hospitals.

    And so, the cycle goes on...
    What we need is political leadership and a clear vision.


  6. Anonymous4:02 pm

    NST Online » Local News

    Airline man under sex probe

    Email to friend Print article

    KUCHING: A former Air- Asia station chief is under investigation for sexual harassment. A report was lodged by a 31-year-old stewardess last month against the suspect who is in his 40s. The stewardess claimed the suspect took her to his house at Taman Woodlands and tried to remove her uniform on Jan 5. She managed to stop him by telling him that she was having her menses then. Police sources also said the suspect was sacked after the report was lodged. Kuching police chief Assistant Commissioner Wong Wai Loong said the suspect was out on police bail.

    the other end of publicity for Air Asia and Tony.


  7. Dear Rocky, lesson to be learnt on this great day.

    Do not go against the PR – that’s a big NO
    Do not tell the truth if it hurts PR – that’s a big SIN

    Whack the BN – you are my HERO
    Whack BN even if it’s a lie – you are the TRUTH

    Because we in Malaysia are currently seeing and practicing;


    For ALL the BAD THINGS ACCUSED AND HURLED AGAINST BN (mostly are true anyway), they took it like man.

    But look at OUR CHOSEN PR. They are only willing to listen to PRAISES. Try criticizing them…

    UNFORTUNATELY, this will lead to BN taking full control again; and we will miss the boat to better Malaysia.

  8. Anonymous4:18 pm


    one of the issues long to be resolved for the betterment of the people.

    the hospital concessionaires are a flop and are now nothing but a leech on society. monoploy supplies to the concessionaires are sanctioned and preferred by the all-powerful DG of Health to enrich some cronies ( and those in MOH?) and the ultimate victims are the ordinary people.

    Yes, march and march till the powers-that-be look into revamping the health industry.


  9. Anonymous4:50 pm

    hi rocky,
    i have been following yr blog from day one but this is the first time i m commenting. this time i just cant tahan anymore la. too many sick commenters who think that u had changed the colour of yr feathers. u never change la. i know you since yr days in business times. always fair and square. even to those u dont agree with. u never swing here and there even when after u was ousted from nstp. the problem is that those who started to know you after your ouster thought u are at that time had switched to their side. in all actualities, u didnt. u are always what u are. non-apologetic about where u stand. not trying to bodek you la. just stating the facts. when did you ever go licking the likes of anwar ibrahim, lim kit siang or hadi awang? anyone who disagree, please produce one posting by rocky to that effect. as for our health system, do you know rocky that a nuero sergeon at a government hospital is paid four times less than a PR prick of organisations such as Fox. thats just shows how pathetic is our attitude towards providing proper health service for the masses in this country. most of these surgeons just runs off to the private sector where they made their first million within a few years. the few idealistic ones who stays have to slog. one of them is my little brother who sometimes performed three major operations in a single night. yes, they do import surgeons from Bangladesh and india, but according to my brother, they are mostly hopeless. hopefully the next administration under najib can fix this problem.

  10. Anonymous4:51 pm

    A thing like the dengue epedemic also cannot control what more to reform-

    mana ada reform.

  11. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Government really have to seriously think about controlling their health care spending. They have been increasing their budget allocation every year to the tune of RM2 billion (Check the Ministry of Health website). This has been going on for several years. And last year alone, the budget was around 12 billion, only to be slashed by 300 million (if not mistaken).

    If we go a little bit into the details, we can see that the bulk of the budget goes into operating budget rather than development budget. What does this means? It means government require more money every year just to maintain the hospitals around the country, not to mention paying these doctors salary.

    Despite spending so much on health care, the government is only able to buy generic drugs (about 70%) for the people. The general hospitals around the country are experiencing bottleneck due to lack in modern, state-of-art medical equipments.

    In fact, several general hospital in Klang Valley are having 5 months (seriously) waiting list for their some of their departments.

    Despite all these stumbling blocks, I think the government is still trying their best to cater for the needs of the people. The government doctors are trying their best to accommodate to the needs of the patients. As far am I concerned, there's no other government (not even our neighbor Singapore) in the world that gives away so much to the people. We are just paying RM1 for medical treatment, and an MRI is free (market rate is RM1000 plus per scan per region). There's alot more of course.

    Looking at the Ministry of Health master plan, they probably realized already the need to control the spending. That's why after this, we won't see mega hospitals anymore (even if there is, it would be through PFI method). They are moving towards community hospitals and ambulatory centers (daycare). Resources are going to be shared between these hospitals.

    What they probably need to think is how to retain those experienced specialists in the public services. Probably implement a mentor-mentee scheme between senior specialists and junior specialists where the former being paid at market rate. I don't know, it could probably work.

    On the other hand, if the government continues their spending like this, it may go bankrupt.

    Even the proposed National Health Scheme need to be studied carefully. The rakyat has been so comfortable on the almost-free health care at public hospitals. They will get a shock of their life if they have to contribute to another fund on top of their tax and EPF.

    Sooner or later the rakyat may have to accept the reality of life. Government might not be able to subsidize health care anymore.

  12. Anonymous5:47 pm

    zamri.. sukahati rocky la bro...

  13. Anonymous5:50 pm

    hi rocky
    this health issues are still new to me although been living for more than 40 years,
    what aspect(s) are we looking at to reform health care? is or are there any issues to start with?


  14. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Rocky, totally agree with you that Malaysians have to start reforms on our health. Not merely on how to pay for the illnesses, but more on the consequences of our diet and lifestyles.

    Malaysians are having less physical activities and more food intake -- especially fat and sugar. Diabetes is fast ruining quality of life in towns and kampungs.

    I fully support for Health Ministry to start a serious programme to educate Malaysians to be more responsible for their health and the cost to manage their illnesses. I totally am not for continuing the current system where the taxpayers will continue to bear the burden of health costs for the masses, and everyone just continue to have the teh tariks and roti canai without a care about their health!

    If one is not responsible for his health, he cannot just expect for someone else/government to pay the price.

    Education and awareness about healthy lifestyles and healthcare costs are urgently needed.

    The Malaysian Cabinet is a good place to start!


  15. Anonymous6:23 pm

    congratulations rocky...

    i have come out with this conclusion after weeks of reading your blog..

    you have been condemning pak lah (expected) and i've seen you condeming PR. but i've not seen a line of you condemning najib.

    are you najib's boy now?


  16. Anonymous8:33 pm

    The Obama's healthcare plan cannot be applied for Malaysia.


    Different systems, demographics, economic systems, state/federal funding and governance system and above all, different standards of living.

    The prescription that Obama has given is for the USA.

    Please use that spongy thing in the skull called the brain, please, before trying to 'fotostat' Malaysian-style other people's plans directly for Malaysia. Why USA? Why no consider Canada or Australia which has similar population size, or see other European countries?

    Is Rocky trying to sell the USA's highly capitalisma-type system in Malaysia, so that UMNO and Najib kroni can cash in?

    Alamak! This is danger!

  17. In actual fact, rockybru, Malaysia cares alot for their people.

    We spend billions on healthcare and people get to see a doctor for RM1 - RM5 without insurance policies required.

    In Australia, it is a different story. People need to spend hundreds or thousands on healthcare insurances.

    Of course some would argue that overseas have better systems.

    How good can it be?

    I experienced it first hand as I had skin infections two years back.

    It took me 2 hours just to see a nurse to take down my particulars, weight, height, temperature and blood pressure.

    And then, I was told to wait another 2 hours to see a doctor!

    How ridiculous can this be? Mind you that this did not happen once but a few times on me and my friends.

    And when I registered at the registration counter of the Emergency unit, I was asked "the fees today is AUD 380.00. Do you want to see the doctor?"

    Imagine that. People are requested to rate their pain from 1-10. But I see those weak people and some with fractures still waiting there at the lounge to see the doctor.

    Perhaps they have higher preferences and get immediate painkiller shots, but the waiting time is one which we will scream at our Government in Malaysia.

    In Malaysia, we Malaysians are lucky to have such a highly subsidized medical healthcare. I see many driving imported cars also visiting the Government healthcare clinics.

    I share your views on Malaysia's current healthcare policies of promoting healthcare tourism when we cannot even take care of our people well.

    But this will spark the anger of Malaysians and the bloggers will soon attack the Health Ministry.

    Then again, I still think our Malaysian healthcare policies are very caring.

    Yet, Malaysians slam the Barisan Nasional Government day in day out for everything.

    The grass is not always greener overseas.

    Someone even wrote in to the newspaper (The Star) that if we can't find jobs in Malaysia, we should ply our trade overseas.

    Thankfully, there was someone I know who wrote in the next day to slam that idea as not everything overseas are greener pastures. He is a qualified Economist and a PhD Candidate from the Australian National University.

    True and academic accounts like these will tell the people more about our Government and the comparisons overseas.

  18. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Talking about healthcare , the movie John Q starring Denzel Washington over a fathers love cornered , not being able to rescue his son due to screwed up insurance system(HMO) in the states stillable to brought m to tears.Fair Healthcare is an aspect of our rights as citizenthat must be fight for . Watching Sicko by Micheal Moore really send shivers to my spine.
    Maybe reality documentary has come to a mature point of distributions in Malaysia

    Adam B

  19. berader,

    ppsmi ke apa apa juga persatuan lah patut look into this area lah.... nak selamat kan bahasa malaysia selamatkan melayu dulu bagilah kesedaran kat melayu yang semua nak free nak subsidi tapi gigit balik tangan yang menyuap macam anjing tu dah habis dah.

    now is the time you kiss u pay u sakit u bayar lah. berader orang putih mari sini tengok org malaysia geleng kepala cakap lu.

    semua nya murah, kalau kat luar negara tengah mampuih la kena bayar. tu pun org malaysia tak sedar lagi ka?

    susah susah....... ajak ajak lah dia org ni supaya belajar membayar apa juga yang kita perlukan dan gunakan jangan lah asyik nak dapat subsidi aja.

    salam bro

  20. A rather easy method to measure effectiveness of health care emergencies is the response rate of ambulance services. Compare this with other SEA countries or countries with similar GDP size....Should tell where we stand

  21. Anonymous11:09 pm

    rocky, see hishamuddin house!!! how can he afford to have biggest house with his kind of salary, even all minister house?

    do you dare to show all our minister house???


  22. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Pirate Of the Straits of Malakabbean said...

    "The Obama's healthcare plan cannot be applied for Malaysia."

    Hello,Pirate, you miss the point-la.
    No one's saying we got to copy Obama's health-plan.
    The message in the post by Doctor2008 is to go about implementing any health-plan by engaging the public and doing it behind open doors, not like how they are doing it here in Malaysia.


  23. Anonymous11:33 pm

    hey guys & gals;

    I think is about time to put our SOCSO money in to work. I mean each month we are contribute about 5% of our salary to SOCSO without getting a single sen of it's dividen. If we think about it we can get a better health system for ourself and family.


  24. Anonymous12:12 am

    Don't worry about health. Just pray to Allah.

    Opps I forgot, being a non-Muslim, I can no longer utter the word Allah (which in Arabic means the God).

    Therefore, I will no longer sing the official Selangor state song which reads; "Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku".

    I'll also refrain from singing the Johor state anthem which opening liner reads; "Allah peliharakan Sultan".

    And I will no longer read the news when my produces insert a liner which includes the word 'Allah'.

    Peace be upon you all my dear friends. Or I can't say that too?

  25. Anonymous12:58 am

    US needs it bad bcos it really has one of the lousiest health system in the world.Its a known fact that you "better not fall sick when in the US".

    I know of many other countries (they're not even in this so called ivy league list of countries) that have even incorporated alternative medicine into their services way back and this is covered by insurance and is available to all. If it works and is cost effective why not. Some of their hospital or health centers also provide free nutritional councilling and physical activities such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Aerobics etc.. for senior citizens or anybody who desires to participate. Yes we should have more awareness program bcos Msians will "only sedar bila da terlentang di katil hospital". Even then they will not take responsibility and will gladly attribute it to "nasib".

  26. Anonymous3:12 am

    Health are reform by Obama is going to lead to higher taxes to pay for a govt-run health care. It will lead to higher health care costs, waiting lines, rationing, lower standards of care & old folks will pay for it dearly. Rationing means that new drugs will not be available to patients suffering from breast cancer etc. In the UK, 25,000 people die unnecessary of cancer each year.

    Obama's health care reform is nothing more than Socialism and the argument only Govt does things better. It only means that the Govt wants to control more of your lives and take away your freedom of choice.

    Take a look at how the M'sian govt runs EPF and Proton. Governmental run schemes are never efficient and always bogged down by bureaucracy, fraud and corruption.

    Do you honestly think that our Govt can run anything without giving favours to its own cronies!

  27. Anonymous4:04 am

    Another thing Micheal Moore's Sicko is full of blantant lies made by this fat liberal Hollywood producer.


  28. Anonymous11:42 am

    Don't worry about health. Just pray to Allah. - Malay-sia

    Where will people like Ibnu Sina (Avicienna) a muslim who was the father of so-called modern western medical science be if he really think like this moron and the like..? (be it a muslim or a non-muslim)

    always sad to see someone retard like this polluting your blog rockybru..

    do these lowlife even know who is Allah?

    Plenty more of this lowlife creatures from where this moron came from..

    btw..who wants to make friend with these annoying & irritating bastards..? Muka tebal ..tarak malu..

    :D muhahahahaha..

    p/s: Rocky.. just like physic science of matter & anti-matter, i am just being their opposite.. i'll come to annihilate whenever their existence in your blog surfaced..

    don't hate me bro.. i just make your life easier handling with this bastards..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  29. Anonymous11:43 am

    While I am in absolute agreement with you that the Govt. has a duty to take care of its citizens' health needs, I would not recommend the US health care system to be adopted in Malaysia. One only has to watch Michael Moores's latest documentary "Sicko" to convince us to steer clear of the US system and adopt the Canadian or the French system with some modifications.

    Old Man

  30. Anonymous1:56 pm


    We developed most during Dr M's time. But it was during his reign that good healthcare moved beyond the reach of the poor. Only the rich could get excellent healthcare.

    If only Mahathir had been as passionate as building huge structures towards healthcare, the poor need not wait months for a MRI in govt hospitals. My brother had to wait for 6 months. he could have lost his life.

    Paklah's govt did not rectify this. So do we have to change teh govt to expect this?

    Mahathir, who ruled for 22 years, should shoulder 80% of the blame. He was too busy strengthening his hold on Umno.


  31. Healthnut,

    Sure, we can blame Dr M and we can blame Pak Lah. But let's move on. What do you propose the next government do to solve the problem?

    And to Ozone (who wrote: congratulations rocky...
    i have come out with this conclusion after weeks of reading your blog..
    you have been condemning pak lah (expected) and i've seen you condeming PR. but i've not seen a line of you condemning najib.
    are you najib's boy now?) -----


    You thought you discovered something new, eh? I have been criticizing Pak Lah for years lah bro, bukan weeks. And I've been critical of Najib too (see my IJN and Labu postings, for eg). And Anwar, sometimes .. I've not criticized Tok Guru but that doesn't make me Nik Aziz's boy ...

    Now, is Ozone "zero zone"? And is it referring to that zone above your ears?

  32. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Hell –o Malay-Sia
    Or may I call u dumb ass or islam phobia or Malay- hatred (yeah I know, I am racist)
    Go and read (if u can) all available writings, (oh I see your kind very good in spinning words eh!), yeap any books bearing writing abt Malaysian Constitution, then come and bash Rocky. I ll joint u.

  33. Anonymous5:41 am

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