Tuesday, March 31, 2009

National Press Club, 2009-2011

Press Club for greater freedom. The National Press Club last night elected me as its President for the next two years. I won unopposed. The new deputy president is Joe Fernando of The Star, vice president Muharyani Othman from the national news agency, Bernama, and secretary Jugjet Singh of the New Straits Times.

Mokhtar Hussein of Bernama is now Adviser to the Club, one of the oldest journalists' bodies in the country.

In my brief address at the end of the proceedings, I told members that I plan to make press freedom one of NPC's priorities for the new term.

I was president of the club for two terms (2003-2007) and stepped down after the NSTP lawsuit against Jeff Ooi and I, mainly to help realize the setting of the National Alliance of Bloggers to protect bloggers and promote blogging. All-Blogs was born at the National Press Club's clubhouse, the same venue for last night's election, and still exists as an interim body.


Anonymous said...

pandai kau... tahniah! aku tanya bila kau nak jamming dengan ramli sarip?

peminat rocky

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Bro Rocky,

I am going to beleive in what you have done and NOT in what you have said.

Y.B Hisham Gemuk

Dua Gelas said...

Congratulations, Brader Rocky.

Surely you are the most suitable candidate for the role/position.

Forget the suit. It is history already.

Now we should look forward.

No time to look back/"gostan".

Nothing else. We have our roles to accomplish.

What about you, Brader?

Anonymous said...

Walk the talk, Bro. If you want to make press freedom the priority, you can start by telling najib to lift ban on harakah and suara keadilan. Otherwise you will be just like him - all talk no action


teohjitkhiam said...

Congratulations, bro. Dang, am I glad I supported you. Uhm, ade habuan ke? Bagi I jadik editor gambor kat Utusan camne, ok?

Hidup ROCKY! Hidup ROCKY! Hidup ROCKY!

Just yankin' ya chain, bro. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Congrats bro! This election is testimony to your ability & contribution. You deserve better things bro

Your Die Hard Fan

TrueMalaysian said...

Hi Rocky,

Congratulations. Goodie bag No 1. Many more to come?? Anyway have a good life but not at the expense of press freedom please.

Anonymous said...

Ya... more time for you to hang around at the press club. Stop talking if you can't do it and just continue spinning, hopefully Najib will see you.
Or else What NPC?!!! finish rice orang Melayu cakap mengabiskan beras je.

Rocky's Bru said...

Bro TJK,

It's no habuan, no elaun thing bro (no goodie bag, eiher, True Malaysian). sorry tjk, can't get you that job in utusan but you may take great pics for the club!

Ramli Sarip at the Press Club is definitely on my agenda!

Anonymous said...

Bukit selambau 15 calon
Bukit gantang 3 calon
batang ai 2 calon

1532, courtesy of those candidates...hari ni ada magnum special draw...mana tau politicians ada kasi ong...

From: Chiefsittingbull

usabukata said...

tuan rocky,

tolong jelaskan maksud

1. press freedom
2. greater press freedom

kalau boleh tolong juga jelaskan adakah dengan 'press freedom' atau 'greater press freedom' bermaksud tiada had dan batasan?

siapakan dikategorikan sebagai 'press'. boleh ke blogger dikategorikan sebagai 'press'?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bro,

Keep up the good work


Zhang said...


wandererAUS said...

Rocky, I may not be in the same wavelength in what you write these days but, I do recognize your believe in freedom of expression.
Congrats for staying pure to freedom of speech.
I cannot say the same for MSM, hopefully, you are able to put some truth in what they feed to the public...no more spinning for their political masters.
Otherwise, your words are not worth 2ct.

Sinatra_Z said...

eh kalau ada ramli sarip and the press club inform us ah, I want to buy tickets

Anonymous said...

Habislah, engkau jadi presiden Pressclub. This is for your undivided support to BN. Anyway Taniah.

Truly Malaysian

lupo said...

congrats bro, though you don't know me...usually those who insist that other people to stop spinning are likely to indulge in doing the same things if it suit their purpose or if they know how to..you're ok bro..

Anonymous said...

Taniah, Bru

Anonymous said...

Press Club for greater freedom?

Can mainstream media take sides blatantly like in UK or India, unlike in Malaysia where such thing is taboo still as the owners are all BN 'affiliated'?

You can press for such development like in UK and India?

If you can succeed, the public will remember you as Bapa Media Bebas or something like that.


Parpu Kari said...



Anonymous said...


congrats on your win and also kak yani. i have my full confidence in the both of you. take care bro

- laksa sarawak-

Anonymous said...

congratulations bro.


Anonymous said...

Mr president what is your take on the no mentioning of altantuya's name in by election,after all your for freedom aren't you.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Bro.

Pls fight for freedom of speech , be it against BN or PR.

Hashella Alias said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations all round Rocky. I wish your former principal could see you now.
When I was at S'pore U in the 6os I remembered a certain Professor of Political Science courting the 'friendship' of a former student who, after the 13 May incident was holding quite a crucial position in the Govt., and this was from the Prof who prior to this would not even give this student the time of day!
So watch out for the friendly ones; you will be better off with the devil you know.
But you're well versed with the game - good luck in your endeavour.

Two Pisang's Nemesis

Anonymous said...

Our dear old friend,
Congratulations, you'll continue to do a great job.
all the best,

mut said...


Everyone else is from pro-BN media? (except you, of course!) Whatever the club is promoting, it is going about it in strange ways.

Just wondering bro, is the irony lost on you?

Anyway I hope to see a fair and balanced media coverage of the three by-elections. That would be a first!

Just don't hold your breath. the people in the Press Club sure aren't!

Anonymous said...

F & F Congratulations bro Rocky

I read some of of your older post about the merger - June 12, 2008. You mentioned thanking skilgannon. That particular blogger is it by any chance he is using olek skilgannon's (the danmed)name? That is the sword of night & day - yes?

How to get in touch with him? I just want to ask - if he read the book - where is Olek Skilgannon come from? We in the group think he might be Russian. I cannot ask the writer - he is no longer with us.

Thanks bro if you publish this (who know - skilgannon might answer)

Christina Mercedes Santiago

Anonymous said...

Not so much press freedom if there is no balanced reportage. The 'Amwar vs Sultan' heading post was definitely a classic case in mind. What say u, President? Ready to carry the mettle in a fair balanced manner befitting of your position?

Anonymous said...


Congrats. To think that in 2009 we are still harping for freedoms. Others are flying to the stars in commercial rocket flights while we are still learning how to tie our shoe laces.

Bro, the National Alliance of Bloggers should be documented. I think you are the person to do it too.

Yes it was born at the National Press Club, a few months before the March 08, 08 General Elections in that upstairs meeting room at the NPC.

I recall other than you some of the others present there that nite were Kuda Kepang, Raja Petra Kamarudin and wife Marina, Big Dog, Voice, Kickdefella, Shar101. I have forgotten the others.

At that time the Alliance of Bloggers agreed on one thing in common : to work together to bring about politial change for the betterment of the country.

Although not everyone actually said it in so many words, we were all agreed that the present regime was not the best for the country.

At that time, we used to keep looking over our shoulder to see if anyone was "watching" us. In fact we are still doing it today.

I recall that at that meeting, Big Dog commented 'Who chose this venue to have a meeting like this? He said it because right next door to the NPC is a Police Station and Bukit Aman is just down the road too.

Well first of all, about six months later, on 08 03 08 our country's political landscape changed, maybe forever.

Then another 13 months later, the political leadership is also changing (well I hope that the captain of the Titanic does leave on 2nd April)

I believe it was the first time that a national alliance of Bloggers of all political inclinations, got together to effect some change in the country. I hope that one day, the country will come to realise this and appreciate what has been achieved by the Bloggers.

Bro, altho some of the folks present that nite have gone off in different political directions, I believe our getting together for a good cause was not in vain.

At the end of it all, we were all just people - trying to ensure a better country for ourselves and our children. Altho ill equipped and grossly outnumbered we had the public opinion with us.

In a democracy public opinion is the most powerful force. We were merely the tools, the media which helped sway that public opinion.

Many many cheers to you bro. Thru it all, all of us have come to meet some great people and get to know some great friends. You are in the front row.

Syed Akbar Ali

Anonymous said...

See I knew you were onto a good thing early this year as your tune changed.

Today the PressKlub - tomorrow...??
tak payah cakap leh.

live the good life.

jocki pendek

amoker said...

Congratulations Rocky.

Keep up the good work.
I only see more crackdown.

Pasquale said...

Rocky boleh ka hire pelayan dari negeri China yang banyak dalam negeri ini untuk menceriakan press club yang selalu malap?!

Anonymous said...

You blogger. Bukan dalam media pun. So this is a new definition for press? hmmm... sukati lah


zelot66 said...


Congrats. I agree with Adam & anon2:22.

Anonymous said...

I suppose if Khairy can win the Umno Youth chief post, there is no reason why you, Rocky cannot win PressClub presidency unopposed. Sigh!

-silence is golden -

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on becoming President of the National Stenographers* Club.

Well done!

*a person employed chiefly to take and transcribe dictation

megat said...

Congrats Bro Rocky.

Anonymous said...

Press freedom means neutrality, I still believe that Rocky is neutral, congratulations and good luck!


Anonymous said...

the respectable journalist in this country is one who is unbiased and makes it a point to stand up for a justful cause whether he has to speak up against a bumi or non bumi. we need more jouranlists with balls. do you have them?

Ghost of Onn Jaafar

Bank Rakyat said...

Saudara, saya memang nak bertanya bagaimana saudara boleh dilantik sebagai president , sedangkan saudara adalah seorang blogger.. apabila saya berada di sana, suasana begitu riuh rendah sekali , macam macam orang bising, macam pasar la bro... saya melihat ramai yang bukan ahli press club disana, orang lelong rumah pun ada, orang yang buat kerja ah long pun ada, macam in bro... mungkin anda patut kerja keras untuk menyingkirkan ahli ahli yang bukan professinal, memalukan la bro ... buat la apa yang patut.

FedUp said...

stop acting la, you know that the law suite is going to be dropped once Najis becomes PM.

umar_skyscooter said...

Assalamualaikum dan salam ziarah,ape khabar?sye hrp sihat ok,erm kalau ade mase,silalah jenguk blog saya ini yer(http://blufairyklasick.blogspot.com)ok,wasslm

Mazlan said...

Dear Rocky,

I know its too much to probably ask - but its about time the mainstream press became more objective with some real insightful analysis.
What is really lacking are good journalists and editors who don't just parrot what their political masters say.
One of the thing I always enjoyed when studying in the UK was the quality of their newpsapers like the Guardian and the Times. These papers really had great journalists who covered stories in their entirity and gave readers an objective analysis of political and non-political news.
Even now if I see the International Herald Tribune somewhere I will pick it up and read it as there are great writers and journalists in there with real insightful commentary.

Our papers are woeful - and that is why everyone who can - goes online.
Just look at the lack of coverage of the Select Committee in Selangor on the Balkis issue. If you read the evidence provided online - it is quite clear that this was corruption of the highest where the wives of Assemblymen were using Balkis to take free holidays and shopping trips.
In any other country the Newspapers would take this story apart and search the paper trail.
Here not one editor seems to dare take it up.

Its time Newspapers actually woke up and did what they were designed for.

donplaypuks® said...

So, does that mean you will raise your voice against the Police banning PKR from using the words Altantuya, HRH re Perak Constitution debacle and Pakatan and against the Ec for making arbitary fiats?

Let's see you walk the talk Rocky.

Many years ago there was a similar 'National Press Club' in Russia and we know what they stood for - 'SuPRESS' the People! We trust your idea of a NPC will be of the libertarian mould.

eddy said...

Congrats Bro, you are the man for the job.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations!!! May I ask, do you think the police has a right to impose conditions on words to be use or not use? Don't you think their job is to impose only conditions in regards to security?
Don't you think, since you said you are for freedom of expression and speech, is'nt it true if politicians from both sides were to hurl accusations that ar e baseless, then the injured party has a right to file for libel and defamation? Ceramahs has no parlimentary immunity is it not?
Question to you, what is your take on the police ban on certain words? Do they have the rights? Maybe, the next election, words or name like "rocky's bru" is banned ?

Anonymous said...


Still, need to have proper guidelines dan batasan, THESE FREEDOM of everything thingy.

How confident are we that all Journalists are NOT CROOKED? Mat Salleh, kalau nak pancing buat cerita, kasi belanja makan LOBSTER, pun boleh masuk poket!!


Khalidsworld said...


Anonymous said...

Patrick teoh's blog 'Niamah!!!"(29 March) is offering a dinner package for the best caption based on a pic...PT thought its fun but actually MY is whispering to PL to chuck PT into ISA but lucky for PT as PL is asleep(according to PT), at the same time NR is telling MY that PT should be hanged instead...so just to remind PT that he might not ride his luck again after PL steps down...Tikam batu

Republican Reds said...

Congratulation Bro Rocky,I feel a little bit sad knowing now you have to shoulder a heavy burden in making free press a reality in Malaysia.I hope to see one day that in an election,TV3 and other media would interview and ask fair questions to all the candidates irrespective of political affliation so that the voters can make an inform decision to vote for the candidate that is the best for them.Make my vision a reality Bro,you are in a position to do so.Remember never abuse your power,use it for the betterment of Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Tahniah kpd anda.

Freedom jgn sekadar selara sendiri sja tau.

EGuan Ban macam2 in the name of Freedom of Speech... bila kena hal CELAKA, dah baru tokwan dia duk nasihat suruh tarik balik..


Laser Blade said...

Congratulations Rocky!

Anonymous said...

Freedom is a big word, and often used in the wrong context.

A safe assumption is to use common sense.

Try using freedom of speech with a view to eradicate gangsterism at a forum of gangland leaders. Speak your mind about sending them to jail and throwing the keys away if they steal again.

Think they will clap and say 'yes sir'??

The morale is simple. For as long as there are two sides of a coin, there will be disagreements.

Malaysians are not ready to face and handle total press freedom just yet. In short, do whatever you please, but do not offend others. It is the safest way to survive.


Mustapha Ong said...

Sdra Rocky Bru,

Congratulations on your recent NPC election as the new President, 2009-2011. I believe you will have a long wish list to revamp NPC in your effort to enhance the prestige of Malaysia's media affinity in the name of journalism.

I was actively involved in the various Press Clubs while serving the government on overseas assignment, the last being in Washington DC. However, upon my return to Malaysia at the end of 1998, I did not have the opportunity to join NPC despite being invited by the then president, who happened to be one of my close media associates.

It is hope that you will be able to revamp NPC into a more friendly media entity in order to attract more senior journalists, especially credible editors and journalists from all media houses as well as the diplomatic community based in Kuala Lumpur.

You should also look into the various NPC committees and promote more healthy family oriented programs within the media community in Malaysia, so as to enhance wider networking in the name of journalism.

Last but not least, I suggest that NPC should come out with a new and creative logo with emphasis on unity among the affinity of our media players with the community at large as well as to promote NPC in the ASEAN region.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Congrats again. By the way you need to change your profile la from adviser to President of NPC. All the best.

Ahmad A Talib said...


Lu memang hebat! Gua caya lu! along with your new lineup, i believe u can do many things. Way to go bro! Your first assignment is to stage a forum on Press Freedom: traditional media vs new media. How's that bro?

pahit manis

Anonymous said...

Freedom of expression is good in general, but, freedom with too much freedom is not good. If freedom of expression results in some spectrum of the society being offended, then, it deafeats its purpose. Come on people, be rational, some self censorship should be exercised, don't be too emotional when you write ......remember every action has a reaction .....

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them ......a desire, a dream, a vision".
- Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay