Wednesday, March 25, 2009

English, please!

One and One and One is Three. Najib Razak is taking a huge risk backing the teaching of Maths and Science in English and not Malay. He could have opted for the populist approach but instead he's placed himself right opposite the likes of former DPM Anwar Ibrahim, Malay laureatte A. Samad Said and PAS boss Hadi Awang who are dead against the use of English for the two subjects.

I support the teaching of Maths and Science in English because it's crucial if we don't wish our kids to be laggards among the future citizens of the world. So yes, let's put an end to the ridiculous politicizing of the issue. Read Op-Ed's take here, and let's Come Together and stick out our heads for the cause, too.


  1. Who did that banner with the UMNO flag? It should be "Di Tangan" not "Ditangan" :-)

  2. I'll stick my head for this Bro. English it will be !

  3. Anonymous12:08 pm




    KS.Lai '68





  5. What ?? PPSMI to stay ?? Oh no...please God help us...

  6. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Bro, I notice also a trend that when giving speeches speakers use the phrase "dengan izin" before saying some English words. I feel may be that should be limited to parliament proceedings as it is supposed to be entirely in Malay, so when you are hard pressed to find a Malay term, you resort to an English one - hence the need to ask permission from the Speaker.

    Otherwise you will come to a ridiculous situation, like here I have to say "dengan izin" a few hundred times!

    two (dengan izin) sen

  7. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Education has been too politicised for far too long. Its about time people who understand education are put in charge of the ministry.
    And some focus on improving both teachers and curriculum.
    When you actually build and develop good sekolah kebangsaan you will actually wither so called vernacular schools.


  8. i support Najib on this...

    another thing is that next time UMNO meets can be please focus and not blame others for our failures.

    Malay leaders should spend their energy telling/asking/showing malays how to improve themselves to become stronger.

    whats the use of always pointing our failures to kaum pendatang/kafir/cina babi/india keling etc etc......

    only when we take responsibility for our failures will we become successful !

    Rocky , pls pass this info to Najis ! ;)

  9. Good development. It is time to make Malaysians especially Malays realize that mastering extra languages is a must, not a competitive edge. Malays should realize that learning English will not dilute their ' Malayness'.

    Next step: Please increase the hours for English taught in schools.

    Subsequent step: Please make it compulsory for students to take up an extra language besides BM and English.

    If we want to stay competitive with the rest of the world, we should reform our education system first.

    Mae H.

  10. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Yes, English. English ALL THE WAY from secondary to university.

    Don't start from Primary, you have to kesihan those kampung children, if Math & Science in English before they can understand English, they will be put off from learning these 2 subjects, and therefore the country will not progress.

    Have proper English lesson in primary school, not less than 5 hours per week instead of just 1 hour now.

  11. PPSMI is strictly an EDUCATION ISSUE, thus kindly stay away POLITICIANS!!!

    Do not risk our childrens' future with your shallow minded thinking!


    PS Dear Educationist, wake up and improve the implementation of PPSMI or quit!

  12. Anonymous1:38 pm

    I certainly support the teaching of Science & Mathematics in English. This is something I disagree with Anwar Ibrahim and Hadi Awang.

    Nevertheless, this issue is small potatoes compared to the robbing and disrespect by Najib of the People's Democratic Decision in Perak. Not to mention Najib's corruption in the Scorpene Submarine deals, his hand in the murder of Altantuya and his racist words of "bathing the keris in Chinese blood".

    So I continue to support Pakatan Rakyat.

  13. Anonymous1:45 pm

    English please!

    It does not make us any less Malay.

    When our fathers went to English medium school, our grandfathers did not oppose it.

    The argument that PPSMI is beneficial only to the urban folk is untrue. Our grandfathers spoke no English and yet their sons excelled in school and in their English proficiency. So how can the PPSMI detractors claim that it is only beneficial to homes with English speaking parents? Were our kampong framer and fishermen grandparents eloquent English speakers?

    It is the education instruction method that should be reviewed. Why was it successful during our fathers' era and not now? Something wrong with the instructional method, the syllabus, the teachers....?

    While we may stand tall and proud of our independence, I see no wrong in picking up a thing or two from the old syllabus. If it's good use it, if not discard it. No need to get all emotional.

    Our Malays will always remeber who they are. Even if theey speak fluent English, they will still wear kain pelikats, talk in their native Kedah, kelantan or whatever dialect they used growing up and eat belacan. It makes them no less Malay.

    Knowledge is power.

  14. But then an infamous CM who graduated with 1st class honours in History claimed in open court down under "I no spik Ingriss" and became a hero among his people.

    So, Education here cannot be divorced from Politics. Without a well defined direction by strong Politicians with foresight, we will end up with crooks, embezzlers, plunderers, fraudtsters and money launderers leading our Nation!!

  15. Anonymous2:28 pm

    i support teaching math & science in English. I even support, if we limit our kids to have the most 8 subjects in School, no more 20 As or 30s. In fact, I support we just let our kids to grow as kids, without having to go to endless tuition, extra class etc etc. I support, to make our kids happy like I was 20-30 years ago.

  16. Bro,

    I will go for this becoz as a father I want my children to have better education and smarter than me.

    Seriously bro, if malay student dont have a basic at the beginning, they will have a problem later in the university and subsequently when they go/find the job.

    Therefore, for Malay advancement. I support English for S & M. For those parents especially Hj Hadi, A. Samad Said, and Useless Pencen DBP Director, if you hate English for Knowledge go send your children in Sekolah pondok. For Hindraf let them stay in Tamil School for another 1000 yrs. For Chinese, let the Mandarin School stay for another 1000 yrs. For concern malay, this is the time to change our mindset a compete with the global.

  17. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Oh no, not this topic again!!

    Wait till you hear how some of my students pronounced these:

    12 = two tin
    13 = tree tin
    15 = pie tin
    20 = two tea
    1000 = one not not not
    thorough = zorro
    hiccough = he kau
    through = ter her raut
    though = ter her o auuut
    cough = che out
    rough = rogue
    tongue = tonggek
    island = his land
    knock = kenok
    knee = kening
    whiff = wow his
    cat = cat rumah
    hut = hoot
    temper = tempur
    throne = te her one
    leopard = lipat

    Please help these students. Some are from Tingkatan lima.


  18. YES!!

    Stop all d nonsense...these r kids folks...give them some form of stability in the policy execution..

  19. Anonymous3:35 pm

    see last article "fait accompli" on this subject matter.

  20. Hi Bro,

    The joker is only taking a 'stand' because he does not have to stand for election as the chief. He is a man with no spine.....Look at his poor cousin! Main politik tak habis-habis.

  21. Anonymous4:33 pm


    nak kan bahasa inggeris ye? haha!

    hari ni, usul tolak PPSMI oleh dua wanita UMNO diterima tanpa bahas dalam perhimpunan agong UMNO! orang UMNO sendiri menolak PPSMI!

    nak dengar suara seorang pemimpin sahajakah (si najib) atau nak dengar suara seluruh perwakilan?

    jangan jadi bodoh sombong.

    sekolah rendah memang la sains dan matematik sahaja. 2 subjek sahaja. tapi kalau masuk sekolah menengah dalam aliran sains berapa banyak subjek? pikirkanlah!

    masalahnya ramai yg taknak berfikir sebab kebanyakan yang menentang ialah bekas pelajar bukan sains!

    dan kalau masuk universiti (saya agak tuan blog ni bukan pelajar aliran sains di universiti), hampir 90% subjek yg diambil ialah sains maka 90% jugaklah ajaran cikgu ialah english dalam kelas.

    2 subjek sahajakah? boleh berfikir sikit tak?

  22. Anonymous4:43 pm

    to tell the truth i wont mind if maths is teach in malay because if we go overseas to further studies the formula of maths is still the same,but science will be a lot of burden for students who go overseas because they has to translate scientific terms in malay to english which will make them left behind,i know that because i studied biologist course in overseas and i found that the things i already learned here in malay makes me blur when learning it in english!!!

    doctor graduated from india

  23. Teaching science and maths in English can have grave effects on Malaysia. Read my latest blog entry to find out more.


  24. I think Najib is right. He is putting his neck for the future of all the children of this country. Whatever that laureatte might argue - the truth is with Najib. And whatever PAS and PKR might fight for, by politicising my children's future, you have lost one vote.

  25. Although I support the teaching of science and maths in the english langguage,the pertinent question as to how efficient can this step be of help to our students,to grasp the langguage well, remains.

    If one is talking about helping students, have a good command of the langguage,then this subject must be thaugt with greater emphasis.Teaching science and maths in english is not going to help these students the proper grammar,sentence construction and so forth.One may argue,that some thing is better than nothing.Then again whats the point in mobilizing enormous resources including time and money to achieve only that 'something'?Students will be more likely to mug a few words here and there, because they would probably be busy trying to decipher the various formulas and theories rather than paying attention to the langguage use, itself.

    All these resources could be used to improve the teaching stuff where many of these teachers are themselves have very poor command of the english langguage.Increase the teaching hours for english,organize frequent debates,writing competitions and quizes in schools,encourage them to read the english newspapapers,listen to the english news.Instil in the minds of these young pupils the importance of the langguage in their future career development esp in a globalized market.As long as such steps are not taken,we are just wasting time and money.End of the day we need pupils with a good command of the langguage,not only to speak but also to articulate their views effectively in english.

    And to those who are against teaching in english,ask yourselves,why the idea of teaching maths and science in english were even conceived in the first place?Dont you realize the growing importance of the english langguage in the world stage?Dont you realize that we have thousands of unemployed local graduates with such abysmal knowledge of the english langguage,esp the malay students?I do agree that the govt had erred by being haste in coming up with this policy, if they had consulted all stake holders before implementing this policy,we wouldnt have people protesting today.Then again we must learn from our past mistakes.You dont just quit without finding a solution for the impasse.Why would you want to deprive these kids from mastering another langguage.Isnt learning a new langguage is an asset,the only asset as part of your knowledge which would come along with you to your grave?

    I dont agree that,teaching BI would reduce the usage of BM.How can that happen,when the national langguage is BM which is also compulsory to pass in the exams?Please dont politicize this issue,we are here talking about the future of our kids.Stop playing around with their future.This kind of attitude does not augur well for a nation which is aspiring to achieve a developed nation status.Think progressively in life always,and dont take the country back.BM is there to stay as a national langguage,there is no an iota of doubt about that.

    When I first attended school,my batch was probably the first or second where the medium of instruction had changed to BM.I also spent a good part of my life overseas,that did not discourage me from using BM when I returned after my studies to Malaysia.In fact I live in a western country now,but I still keep up with BM and aslo try to improve further,by reading blogs and news in BM.Neither did I give up my mother tongue,which is Tamil.It all boils down to interest.

    So instil such interest among the rural students,train more efficient teachers who would love to teach in english and give them perks so that these teachers are willing to go the rural areas.Stop picking teachers who do not have the pupils at heart,and are there to merely earn a living.I had so many wonderful and dedicated teachers in my school those days,why arent we seeing such teachers now?These are some of the questions which need urgent addressing.Quitting is not a solution to any problem.That only reinforces one's weakness.

    I hope the chinese and the tamil langgauge proponents too will think before they oppose this policy.Look at how you all can help this policy work instead of opposing it.

  26. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Rocky, the UMNO banner on the right side of your blog is incorrect, UMNO does not stand for "bangsa", they dont represent all the Malays.


  27. Yes Bro, I, my wife and children all support the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English. Orang melayu mesti berubah dan jangan takut akan perubahan.

  28. Anonymous5:38 pm


    fuckin bored!!!!..zzzzZZ

    Tak de posting yang best ke bro??

    KJ dok leading mukhris tu bro...


  29. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    There has been too much debate on the use of English in the teachings of maths and science apparently to ensure that our future generation will not fall out in the global competition. I don't think the argument is full proof. If one were to really learn English there's actually not much to grasp from in maths and science.
    Why not make the teaching of these 2 subjects bilingually - Bahasa Melayu & English.
    I wonder whether Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam etc use English in the teachings of these 2 subjects, I doubt, yet they produce good scientists of world standard. They are well ahead of us in these fields of science and maths.
    The teachings of English must be improved to include literature, more debates and writing competition in the language to encourage interests and not to simply rely in maths and science.Let's be practical and apolitical.
    Dzulman, Shah Alam.

  30. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Yes !1 that's the way. I salute Najib for not only smart but brave.

    In this case, Hishamuddin is proven tadak teluq, hiding behind studies .......dare not make his stand....appara..!!

  31. Anonymous6:55 pm

    And one school system please. We are well on our way to total disintegration. End the ethnic schools now. Provide an option for mandarin and tamil classes in the national school for these kids. Make it a damn good school. Our kids need to grow up knowing each other or prepare yourself for further alienation.


  32. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Bro Rocky, yes you're right, we don't wish our kids to be laggards among the future citizens of the world. But what price are we willing to sacrifice to make that goal attainable at this stage?

    The PPSMI is indeed a noble intention, but poorly executed, and lest the MoE does something about the TEACHING instead of the LEARNING, we'll gain nothing but more of two sides of the extreme: students who already have a good English background who do well, and children who have no family support of English and are left even more confused and frustrated.

    One size does not fit all. Education must suit the students best, not high stewards of the corridors of power. To treat all students as the same is a fallacy which will bring nothing but harm to the nation.


  33. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Language is only a tool please do not turn it into an ideology. If one wants to improve his or her english just read a book.AIDS Man

  34. Anonymous8:17 pm

    We should propose Bahasa Malaysia to be taught in English too, it will help to increase understanding since a lot of reference books in arts are written in English.


  35. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Setuju teruskan Maths dan Science dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

    Jangan buang masa.

    Perbaiki kelemahan yang ada tapi teruskan dasar sedia ada agar Melayu akan jadi lebih tersohor.

    Dulu-dulu semua orang belajar Maths dan Science dalam bahasa Inggeris taada masalah. Kenapa sekarang tak boleh?

    Memanglah ada yang tidak berapa pandai, tapi itu biasalah. Kalau nak pandai perlu lebihkan usaha.

    Kerajaan ada banyak isu lain yang lebih penting. Misalnya ekonomi.

    Saya orang Melayu yang hendakkan mata pelajaran tersebut diajar di dalam bahasa Inggeris sebab saya nampak kebaikannya lebih jelas dimasa hadapan. Janganlah perjudikan masa depan anak anak saya.

    Terima kasih Najib kerana tegas akan isu ini.

  36. I also support you and Najib Rocky! :-)

  37. Sdr.Rocky,

    Soal PPSMI adalah soal pemahaman konsep sains dan aplikasi sains dan matematik dalam pelbagai bidang oleh anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia.

    Pemahaman konsep bukan penghafalan istilah.

    Pemahaman konsep sains dan matematik adalah sukar sekiranya medium bahasa yang digunakan adalah bukan daripada asas bahasa seharian.

    Penghafalan istilah boleh berlaku dalam pelbagai medium. Baik Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Filipina, Bahasa Latin ataupun bahasa-bahasa lain.

  38. Anonymous2:18 am

    i really what's all the fuss over
    teaching maths and science in english is all about. In European in the last two centuries, students/children not only learnt
    their own language but made it a point to learn greek and latin so that they could get to know
    the latest knowledge in the field of science, maths and philosophy because in the old days rome and greece were very superior in all fields. we complain so much when we just have to learn one extra language. it is really a shame. no wonder europe is always ahead of us in knowledge.

    Knowledge knows no boundary.

  39. Anonymous7:39 am

    An issue again? Policies should not be changed just to please certain quarters at the drop of a hat. Policies take time to mature and changing mid-way will produce mid-way results.

    Fix it. Be it in Malay or English and do not change it for the next 100 years to mature.

    But Malays are weak in Maths, as opposed to the Chinese. A simple test is to calculate the time it takes to count from 1 to 100 in both languages. It will take longer in Malay who will start with Sa-Tu, Du-wa, Ti-ga as opposed to Yat, Ee, Sam in Chinese.


  40. My Science and Biology teacher said one and one...also three.
    Later...I found it true...except it is one ON one.

  41. Anonymous8:52 am

    I don't agree with PPSMI. Admittedly I did struggled a bit when I went overseas to continue my studies but I already have the basic knowledge and understanding of the concept in Malay. I believe, had it been thought in English then, I might even not understand and lest gone to arts streams and became journalists! My kids are struggling and one already lost interest in science and maths. His future career has now been severely handicapped.
    Yes, all of you will simpy blame the parents for not 'supportive' enough to the kids by sending them to english tuition etc.

  42. Dear Rocky Bru,

    I am all for Maths and Science in English. WE can't compete with the worlds best if our students spend ages translating journal papers.

  43. Anonymous11:23 am

    I m glad dat KJ won, better than to let Khir has it. for Mahatir's wait ur turn lah.
    Mr Beh

  44. Anonymous7:56 am

    Hidup KJ! I think he's our future Mahathir in the making!And yet not.

  45. Anonymous11:43 pm

    I am a single parent with 4school going kids. I just cannot afford the time and money to send them for extra classes.

    We use the Net to get all our tutorials in most of these subjects. Lots of homeschooling free sites with powerpoint tutorials,books, exercises, workbooks, colourful illustrations, educational games to suit all ages..

    I personally teach all of them to read, from as early as 4years.. using all available online lessons. And for English grammars, Science, Maths.. all comes in English.

    From Tahun 1 to Tingkatan 5, my children are all independently doing their revisions at home.

    I do hope the Govt will stick to English for Science and Maths.

    Ibu tunggal

  46. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Tambah sikit lagi...

    As I taught them as early as 4 to read, by 5years old they could already communicate with the computer, as you also have audio/pictionaries/pronunciations online...

    Reading books, either you can download and print or have them read via powerpoint presentations on their own... Their English improved tremendously.

    My 8yr old is also, on her own learning JAPANESE via the internet, and can already understand and read simple sentences... all these lessons come in English..

    So, why should we waste so much money and time, when all can be made so available AT HOME, provided we expose them early in English...

    Ibu tunggal

  47. Anonymous2:17 pm

    olang kampong poi England balik kampong cakap English berterabor. kasi anak Malaysia belajor English marah! habih nak belajor bahasa apo lagi !!
    cilakak punya olang!

    drebar tua

  48. Merramass4:02 pm

    Yes, English please.

    No one should be afraid of the English language ....I came from a kampong, went to an English-medium school (from Primary 1) and I really did well. My parents did not speak English and still don't ..Have I changed my Malay outlook and thinking? No. I am still anak Melayu, berfikiran Melayu .....but at the same time I am able to get infos in English directly, no need to waste time to translate or looking for books that had been translated.

    Imagine if our country's representatives cannot speak and articulate in English di persada dunia.....isshhhh MALUnye kita kan?.

  49. My daughter is less than 2 years old and she can understand both English and Japanese, and later will introduce Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese.

    I can't see why we cannot take 1 step forward to integrate the BM textbooks few years back with the current English science and maths text books. Its a lot of effort, but why move backward instead of forward. We can allow students to use either English or BM to answer in the exams as long as the maths and science principles are correct.

    Some good will surely come out of the dialectics at work between both languages instead of choosing either one. We need new advancements. We need Malaysia Boleh. Not some power struggle between languages.

    When will Malaysia advance and not hold on to race and language as stumbling blocks but embrace our differences as advantages?