Saturday, March 21, 2009

What killed Natasha Richards?

Natasha, 45, appeared alright after a skiing accident. The next day she was dead [reaction to Natasha's death, here]. Our blogging Doctor 2008 says the actress would still be alive today if she had gone with the ambulance that came for her after her skiing accident.

Get Dr Ridzuan Bakar's tips here on what you must do the next time someone suffers a head injury.

pic of Natasha and hubby Liam Nielsen, who starred in Taken, one of my all-time favorite kick-ass movies.


  1. Ski accident la.
    Quit common for one feeling OK....getting the head knocked off..then suddenly big headache..went into coma...and died.
    It's her time to go...she had to go.
    I do feel very sorry for her....but no one can fight destiny....except few crooks in UMNO ....making Malaysia .....a paradise for Lucifer's followers.

  2. 1 in a million probability. You don't have to think too much about doing something about it.

  3. Anonymous4:39 am

    Its not about fighting destiny la dungu, people are simply calling the attention to take any head injury seriously and go see a doc immediately. Ah.. for paranoids and people who see monsters and Lucifers in every nook and cranny in this 'Paradise',go straight to Hospital Bahagia.


  4. She refused the ambulance as well and said she felt ok. It was only later when she had a headache that the trouble started. Twas her time to go.

    I loved her very much from Parent Trap. And Taken is definitely one of Neeson's good movies, though it's nothing compared to Batman Begins or Schindler's List.

  5. Anonymous9:54 am

    What a tragedy!

    And we still have bad people like UMNO still alive!

  6. Live and die
    Sickness and hell
    It is the living
    It is the way to go

    Destiny writes
    The day a child is born
    It is the way life
    Tweaking it to test
    The effectiveness of planned programmes

    Some get it good
    Some blended it perfectly
    Others suffer in agony pain
    Others cry in loneliness

    We can't choose
    We can only take precautions
    When the time arrives
    God calling angels wake
    We can't checkmate
    We have to sacrifice

    Live and die
    The renewal in after life
    Believe it
    Our time here is already fixed

  7. Anonymous10:33 am

    This sort of mysterious death you have to get clues from expert killers...perhaps, Mongolian C4 can help!

  8. Anonymous10:47 am

    I thought this is a sopo blog?

    Art Critic

  9. Anonymous11:13 am

    please get her name right! its richardson... not richards!

    natasha fan

  10. Anonymous11:30 am

    she probably suffered from chronic stroke. be careful next time you if you bumped your head against something hard. it is so deadly that if by any chance you survive, you could turn into vegetable.

  11. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Natasha Richardson - NOT Richards.

  12. Siapa tu apa nama Richards?


  13. Yes, head injuries - especially epidural hematoma - are no laughing matter.

    The symptoms are actually easy to detect, however lack of knowledge would usually drive the victims to simply ignore them.

    Severe headache, dizziness, nausea. The victims would become drowsy, fall into sleep, and then into coma. Death would usually ensue.

    So remember people, whenever you or your loved ones are involved in any accident that involves head injury, the it's off to the nearest emergency room. Remember to inform the physician in charge the nature of the injury, time the accident took place, and the symptoms developed, and please be precise when giving out information.

    Head injuries are considered priority cases in ERs, so the victim would be given immediate treatment.

    And please wear crash helmets whenever you're riding bikes or engage in tough physical activities, and do monitor your children when they're playing superman or wonderpets.

  14. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Get this straight, Rocky. Malaysians DO NOT care how Natasha died. What we want to know is WHO ordered the murder of Altantunya Shariibu. If you guys think it is those two UTK members who killed her on for no apparent motive, then I am happy to say that I am the love child of Tun Abdul Razak. Guess who is my mother?

  15. Anonymous3:10 pm

    saya baru pas tgok citer taken. dah 3 times sudah

    ternyata, ianya diantara filem yg terbaik i ve even seen.

    'good luck'

  16. Anonymous9:13 pm

    I am astonished she was allowed to ski without the helmet! Coupled with the fact she was a beginner - the helmet should have been a must! She should have been medically attended to even if it was perfunctorily and despite her refusal of same. It was a tragedy that could have been avoided.

    Head injuries are dicey and everyone must take heed.

  17. Anonymous9:59 am

    Natasha Richardson was killed by “Obamacare” Canada. After she complained of severe head pain an hour after her skiing accident, she was taken to a local Canadian hospital, but the hospital was not equipped and staffed to deal with severe head/brain trauma. The nearest hospital that could deal with severe head/brain trauma was TWO HOURS AWAY BY GROUND TRANSPORT. And if anyone suffering from a epidural hematoma is going to live, they need to be operated on by a neurosurgeon within two hours at the latest!
    “Obamacare” Canada DOES NOT have LifeFlight helicopter and/or fixed-wing air ambulances! They “cost too much”.
    So, Natasha Richardson died because “Obamacare” Canada doesn’t allow helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft medical transportation. If they had helicopter or airplane medevac, she may well have lived.
    Something to think about, people. (Oh, if you wonder why I say this, I got this from a local physician whom I trust implicitly.)
    Oh, yes—”Obamacare” won’t be imposed on him, Michelle, their kids, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn or their kids, and the other Privileged Characters or their families—they’ll get the best, the rest of us will get the worst. All may be equal in Obamaland, but THEY will be more equal than the rest of us!