Monday, February 16, 2009

Tok Guru on Karpal

"An Old Man". I hope the Bernama reporter who interviewed Nik Aziz, the PAS spiritual leader, has a tape recorder (or whatever it is they used these days for recording) just in case someone wans proof that the Tok Guru did indeed say what he purportedly said when asked about Karpal Singh's behavior towards Sultan Perak.

Because for the Tok Guru to say Karpal Singh is "an old man" whom "many among the young in the DAP are no longer taking seriously" is, quite simply, damaging.

Read the full story here.

Rally for Sultan. By the way, look who's hitting the streets these days. Khir Toyo, fresh from a rally in Penang to protest Karpal Singh's behavior towards Sultan Perak, led another one in Shah Alam yesterday in support of Sultan Selangor.

More pictures here at Jinggo, pictures and story by Husin Lempoyang.

Read also Aziz Hassan's Karpal's Delay Making It Worse

Shamsul Yunus posted Nik Aziz's statement earlier here but is skeptical. "...Opposition leaders are all the same, they shoot off their mouth without thinking about the consequences but yet they want us to put them in charge of the country... If they want to move forward they will have to get rid of Karpal, Kit Siang, Hadi and Anwar Ibrahim."


  1. ToK Guru ni tak tua ke? My repect to him as an old man however not much wiser when comes to politics.

    he should remain diam diam jangan la nampak sangat macam nak sokong anwar ....

    yang pasal KT ni kerja bodoh. macam takde pemuda lain nak cari undi pun jangan sampai macam tu. apa apa biarlah tentukan benggali tu ada kat umah dulu. benggali pegi KL jerit buat apa.


  2. tape recorder?

    ahaha.. that reporter is asking about karpal or u?

    keep us up to date bro.. nice work


  3. Anonymous1:28 am

    bos, saya selalu mengikuti blog ini dan setia menunggu setiap entry yang baru masuk.

    Saya adalah bekas wartawan jenayah, kalau sudi silalah lawat blog saya atau linkkan ke

    Salam Perjuangan!

  4. KT bodoh, BN bodoh dah tu blah la, apahal sibok sama itu bodoh-bodoh, bodoh.

    Muak le komen yang lu sorang tak bodoh.

  5. Anonymous2:06 am

    Betul ke DNL? Karpal ada di KL waktu tu?
    adoii malunyer.
    KT ni memang patut duk diam sudah. Selangor perlu mencari ketua perhubungan yang baru.

  6. Anonymous3:31 am


    We do understand that you're quite angry when people talk nonsense about Sultan Perak. We do angry too but not the way you are. You're really full in anger but you're biased.

    When same things happen to Sultan Terengganu and Raja Perlis. What have you done? Did you use your blog to melenting like this???

    UMNO will use any wrong doing by Opposition as important issue and make it looks bigger. You're now like lalang ditiup angin...

    Your blog really famous and you knew it. You should use it to explain to the people the situation. Make it clear from every angle. RPK can do it, why cant you?

  7. MORE demonstrations?

    God, this is becoming a national pastime.

  8. Anonymous7:39 am

    When Mahathir speaks, they say he is senile. They even said that when he was 60, 70 and 80 years of age.

    So now it is Lim Kit Siang, Anwar, Karpal and Tok Guru facing senility.

    These guys may be old, but they refuse to grow up.

    Back to recent happenings, sore losers simply cannot accept reality. So, their strategy is to cause maximum damage by using the science of deceit.

    And lawyers are having a field day, except the PKR advocates. They are doing it for free, so it seems, because they live on fresh air and sunshine.

    And we are supposed to believe that.


  9. Anonymous8:07 am

    Nik Aziz refrained from making comments on the royalty.......
    On the other side of the political fence, we have an Indo migrant dentist, found it fit to bring his samseng street culture to Malaysia...never failing to twist and lie on Karpal's intention.
    Perhaps, he should be reminded if his memory is failing, should any anyone be tested for the charge for treason, Mahathir name must hit the top of the list. Was it not UMNO who clipped the wings of the flying sultans. So Toyol, what is your motive?
    What about Trengannu, UMNO rowdies carrying banners written on them "BINATANG SULTAN" Is this very acceptable?
    Perhaps, the Indo migrant should familiarize with out Federal Constitution. In a constitutional monarchy, the constitution is the supreme foundation on which the monarchy is based. Not the other way round. Hence the monarchy is also bound by rules and regulations, which is the constitution.
    So 'Royal Samseng' Toyol don't try to be a hero among the ignorants fools.

  10. Jika Anwar dan DAP serta Nik Aziz mengambil mudah akan orang tua itu - sebenarnya mereka menyimpan satu bom jangka yang tidak tahu bila akan meletup lagi.

    UMNO hanya sedang bersedia mengeksploitasi jika ia meletup.

    Apakah Karpal Singh pula boleh dituduh dibeli oleh Najib dan UMNO dikatakan sengaja melaga lagakan sesama mereka - inilah masalah Pakatan yang sering lupa mencerminkan diri sendiri.

  11. Imagine...a qualified dentist...from UMNO..taking to the streets a gangster.
    He should be the first to know...Sultans can be sued.
    Is he protecting Malaysians?
    No no no...he is protecting his own self...yelling and swearing at Karpal Singh.
    After that...pray to Allah......ask for forgiveness..hahahahahaha
    He knows.....when UMNO loses next election....he will be first to go to jail.
    So he will play with fire..create tensions...provoke...insult.
    That's how great UMNO hypocrites are....always fighting for themselves...never for Malaysians.
    So many well learned people....all spoke against the Sultan so call wise decision.
    Let the people judge.

  12. Anonymous9:12 am

    Khir Toyo is a joker. And this whole rally is a jokers' show.

  13. Anonymous9:53 am

    Biarkanlah mereka berlakun, pandai pula bila kena kat orang. Takkan lupa begitu saja UMNO derhaka kepada Sultan dan raja-raja Melayu. Rakyat tidak lupa, masih segar dalam ingatan, banyak bahan tersimpan kat arkib negara, sejak azali Umno-lah yang biadap menderhakai Sultan dan Raja-raja Melayu. Waktu ini pun, kepada merekalah yang harus di tuduh menderhaka, kerana membabitkan Sultan dan Institusi Raja dengan politik kotor mereka. Oh ya, Toyo kan kahabarnya sudah diangkut.


  14. Memorandum kepada DYMM SUltan Selangor ada tersedia di blog saya.

    Sedia maklum.

    Terima kasih.


  16. Anonymous11:02 am

    Dear Rocky,

    UMNO leadership is currently trying to divert rakyat attention to cover their weaknesses such as playing the racial sentiments, involving royal into politic etc.

    But they must remember rakyat memory is not short as they thought and people nowadays are smarter and can see things in big pictures.

    UMNO leaders must learn thru history and painful lesson a lot otherwise UMNO will bungkus slowly if they are still using all these outdated tactics.

    People are more concerned about CORRUPTION more than anything else today.

    If UMNO is truthfully sincere, they should rebuild UMNO sincerely to ensure it is cleaner and projecting the image of the Guardian for Malaysia instead of concentrating on thing like stupid Perak fiasco created by them.

    My advise to them, please tackle the root cause of the problem if you want to solve the problem permanently instead of sweeping it under the carpet which will resurface sooner or later.

    Otherwise, rakyat will teach them how to be a good leader.......

  17. Anonymous11:44 am

    hehehee kesian sungguh aku tengok n.ajis neh...segala yang keluar dari mulut dia majoritinya najis belaka....full of shit

    apalah 'fatwa' yang dia nak keluarkan ekoran gambar bogel elizabeth wong tu.hehehe jangan terkejut kalo dia berkata PR buat takpo,BN buat masuk nerako"

    say NO to YB Fuckatan Riot


  18. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Agree Karpal, Kit Siang, Hadi, Anwar should be retired on the grounds of failing to exercise good political judgement, which is perhaps the most important criteria of a politician.

    What else does this capacity for judgement involve and how many of our leaders, including those in the BN, pass this test?

    The current crop show a distinct inability to know what the real issues are which at the moment is the economy and loss of jobs and instead allow themselves to be overcome by issues of personal greed and power.

    The capacity for judgement comes with:-
    -knowledge of the economy, power and technology including their dynamics,
    -a lack of personal ambition that allows other people below or around you to grow to their potential and even beyond yourself.

    Nik Aziz passes a number of the above but Karpal not any.

    Yes, it's possible for demogogues like Karpal to come to power if they continue to make noise but then isn't that an inverse function of the official BN leadership's ability to counter the demogoguery?

    In their silence and failure to cut out Karpal's and Anwar's demogoguery with what everybody knows to be true, they have failed to exercise good political judgement, and should be added to the list to be retired!

    Dr Mahathir by the above criteria was a leader of great political judgement, courage, humility, knowledge, and sought to develop everyone to their full potential, inluding allowing Mr Karpal Singh to excel in masturbation!


  19. Anonymous12:11 pm

    dulu hj hadi kata karpal - ubat luput tarikh, pastu hj hadi tergolek. gedebe tok guru nih heheh (mentang2 ler dia nak step down soon to pave way for husam as mb)

  20. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Read this interesting :-
    Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin dan Pakatan Rakyat bukan tergila-gilakan jawatan MB yang dianggap sudah disamun secara penuh taktikal itu, tetapi mereka hanya mahu menuntut keadilan. Itu saja. Maka, penyeselaian secara berhemah dengan berpandukan kepada perlembagaan, kitab tatacara sesebuah negara hendaklah digunakan pakai.

    Namun sejarah tidak dapat ditutupi. Cebisan sejarah lama juga boleh dijadikan panduan dan relevan kerana ia telah berlaku di Perak.. Pada 1974, Menteri Besar Perak ketika itu, Tan Sri Mohamad Ghazali Jawi iaitu bapa Mohd Tajol Rosli telah menderhaka pada Sultan Idris Shah yang tidak berkenan dengan perlantikan Ghazali Jawi untuk menjadi MB buat kali kedua.

    Ghazali enggan melepaskan jawatan berkenaan dan kedegilan Ghazali itu menimbulkan kemurkaan Sultan Idris Shah. Tiada apa dapat dilakukan .

    Pemuda Umno ketika itu memberi pandangan; “Sultan Perak mempunyai hak melantik dan berkenan seseorang memegang jawatan Menteri Besar, tetapi setelah dilantik dan diperkenankan, Sultan tidak ada hak mengikut Perlembagaan Negeri untuk memecat atau memerintahkan supaya meletakkan jawatan. Hak untuk memecat atau memerintahkan seseorang berhenti dari Menteri Besar, iala Presiden UMNO.”
    Gara-gara keengganan Ghazali (foto) itu menyebabkan Sultan Idris murka dan bernazar tidak akan mencukur janggut dan jambannya selagi Ghazali tidak berhenti menjadi MB. Untuk beberapa ketika Sultan Idrsis tampil di khalayak dengan keadaan berjangut dan berjamban sebagai menzahirkan kemurkaan baginda sehinggalah Ghazali Jawi berundur menjadi Menteri Besar.

    Ghazali meletakan jawatan menjadi MB Perak hanya setelah dinasihati oleh Presiden Umno ketika itu (Tun) Hussein Onn pada 1977.

    1) Dalam isu pindaan Perlembagaan 1983, pemimpin Umno yang diketuai oleh Dr. Mahathir telah melakukan beberapa tindakan di luar peruntukan Perlembagaan, sekaligus membelakangi raja-raja. Antaranya, BN telah secara rahsia membawa pindaan itu ke kabinet dan kemudiannya ke Parlimen, tanpa terlebih dahulu mendapatkan perkenan Majlis Raja-Raja.

    Sedangkan menurut Perkara 38 (4) Perlembagaan Persekutuan: "Tiada apa-apa undang-undang yang menyentuh secara langsung keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan atau kebesaran Raja-Raja boleh diluluskan dengan tiada persetujuan Majlis Raja-Raja."

    Pindaan Perlembagaan itu telah dibawa ke Dewan Rakyat dan Dewan Negara, kemudian diluluskan pada Ogos 1983. Di antara pindaan dibuat ialah berkaitan Fasal 66 (5). Peruntukan asal berbunyi, "Rang Undang-undang akan dikuatkuasakan apabila Yang di-Pertuan Agong menandatanganinya."

    Peruntukan tersebut dipinda kepada, "Rang Undang-undang akan dikuatkuasakan sebagai Undang-undang apabila ditandatangani oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Jika di atas apa-apa sebab Rang Undang-undang itu tidak ditandatangani di dalam tempoh 15 hari selepas Rang Undang-undang itu disembahkan kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Baginda dianggap telah menandatangani Rang Undang-undang tersebut dan Rang Undang-undang itu berkuatkuasa sebagai Undang-undang."

    Turut dipinda ialah peruntukan pada Fasal 150 (1), di mana kalau Perdana Menteri mendapati darurat patut diisytiharkan di mana-mana juga dalam negara ini, maka Perdana Menteri boleh menasihatkan Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan Yang di-Pertuan Agong mesti menerima nasihat tersebut.

    Kedua-dua pindaan itu jelas menghakis kuasa Yang di-Pertuan Agong, sekaligus menjadikan PM orang yang paling berkuasa. Cerita mengenai pindaan itu kekal rahsia sehinggalah bekas Setiausaha Agung Umno, Dato' Senu Abdul Rahman memecahkannya di satu sidang akhbar pada 5 Oktober 1983. Ia kemudiannya merebak menjadi krisis Perlembagaan apabila raja-raja Melayu membantah pindaan itu dan tidak bersedia menandatanganinya. Pindaan itu akhirnya dipinda semula.

    2) Pada 1993, Umno sekali lagi mengusik institusi Raja-raja Melayu apabila mencadangkan pindaan Fasal 38 (4) Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menyentuh soal kekebalan atau imuniti raja-raja. Benar, di dalam Islam pun tidak ada pihak yang sepatutnya dianggap kebal di sisi undang-undang. Bagaimana pun, dalam usaha mencapai hasrat pindaan itu, Umno telah melakukan kesilapan lagi ia bertindak terlalu biadab dalam menelanjangi dan mengaibkan Raja-raja Melayu. Media massa milik kerajaan dimanipulasi secukupnya bagi meruntuhkan wibawa raja-raja Melayu secara terbuka dan meluas. Cerita memburuk-burukkan peribadi raja diulangsiar dan dibesar-besarkan. Rakyat diapi-apikan sentimen dan emosi bencikan raja dengan pembongkaran kehidupan istana yang mewah dan membazir.

    Beberapa menteri kabinet mendedahkan tentang pemilikan harta oleh raja-raja. Antaranya membabitkan pemberian konsesi balak ribuan hektar kepada raja tertentu. Didedahkan juga bahawa tiap-tiap sultan telah ditawarkan 100,000 unit saham Telekom dan berbagai lagi. Filem-filem Melayu lama yang mengisahkan tentang kezaliman dan kebodohan raja-raja Melayu diulang tayang di kaca tv.

    3) Tidak cukup dengan itu, ada pemimpin Umno yang terlalu dirasuk perasaan bencikan raja sampaikan tergamak mengadakan majlis pertabalan "Sultan Baru" di negerinya. Kejadian itu berlaku di Kelantan, apabila Datuk Seri Annuar Musa "menabalkan" Tengku Ibrahim Petra sebagai "Sultan Kelantan".

    Ketiga-tiga episod yang melibatkan penghinaan terhadap martabat raja-raja Melayu itu dicetus dan dimainkan para pemimpin Umno. Dalam ketiga-tiga episod itu, pihak pembangkang memainkan peranan sangat bermakna dalam mempertahankan kemuliaan institusi raja. Rakyat negara ini tidak akan lupa dengan episod-episod itu. Kini, Umno cuba tampil ke tengah masyarakat sebagai pihak yang kononnya menjaga kedaulatan dan kemuliaan raja-raja. Di masa sama pembangkang pula dituduh sebagai pihak yang cuba mencemar institusi raja.

    Para pemimpin Umno jangan ingat imej dan reputasi buruknya terhadap raja-raja Melayu dapat dibaiki semudah itu. Dia perlu ingat, bukan semua Melayu yang mudah lupa!- Raja Laut

  21. Anonymous12:13 pm

    On Nik Aziz; he speaks for himself?

    Ok KT : Alahai.... Bawak bertenanglah Toyol... Orang UMNO, mau juga rakyat Malaysia yg lain dah tak larat melihat kaum seumpama KT nih bersendiwara, macam budak2. Baik KT, Anwar dan lain-lain.

  22. Nampaknya isu inisemua akan tenggelam dengan Gambar bogel YB elizabeth wong

  23. Anonymous12:30 pm

    3rd coming by-election for Kawasan Bukit Lanchan?

    Pls do Chua Soi Lek, our hero?:)))

  24. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Statements by Tok Guru are as always cames from his heart and NEVER damaging as you said, UNLESS there's someone or some people playing GASING by cry out loud that his statement is "damaging"..

    Fikir-fikirkan lah..

    aku tak tahu kenapa aku dah mula percaya informer Haris Ibrahim..

  25. Anonymous1:26 pm

    SA. Vigneswaran, Chairman
    Malaysian Indian Youth Development Foundation (MIYDF)

    Pakatan Rakyat’s Constitutional Suit
    - A Facade? -

    Pakatan Rakyat’s fiasco of going to court is a political façade and not to seek legal redress.

    In all disputes, the deeming inference is the first person to go to court has the benefit of the public perceiving him to be righteous and the party sued is the wrongdoer.

    The true meaning behind the suit is to portray to the people that Pakatan has a good case and the Sultan has acted unlawfully. The lawsuit will keep the dissent burning and the subsisting strong emotions will help Pakatan gain public sympathy especially at a time when there are two by- elections approaching.

    When the majority moves from one political party to another, the credible response for any leader of the adversely affected party is to take responsibility.

    Menteri Besars and ADUNs hold public office pursuant to a fiduciary duty owed to the people. That duty must be discharged with a very high standard of care.

    Unfortunately, instead of understanding and analysing the problems and offering solutions, the outgoing Menteri Besar and his Pakatan Rakyat contributed to the snowballing of a negative, unhealthy and misinformed debate among the rakyat.

    The diversity of opinion on the blogs are tilted towards blaming the monarch without substance and facts.

    Have the dissenting Rakyat forgotten that in Kedah, Perlis, Penang, Selangor and Terengganu, the rulers and the Penang governor had exercised their rights under the constitution to appoint the menteris besar and chief minister on their own judgment without being dictated by the ruling government.

    When the Sultan of Perlis stood firm to express the rakyat’s dissatisfaction by choosing Mat Isa Sabu as the MB despite the Prime Minister’s public support for the incumbent Shahidan Kassim, the PM or the ruling government did not commence a legal suit against the MB or the Sultan.

    Similarly in Terengganu, the new MB Ahmad Said was fully endorsed by the ruler against the recommendation of the PM who was again supporting the incumbent Idris Jusoh.

    The decisions of the respective rulers of state indicate our monarch have placed themselves above, partisan politics. They have redefined their roles as that of helping to uphold justice, maintain peace and resolve conflicts between contending parties, in much the same way as judges serve society.

    In the Perak crisis, the Sultan, who is no stranger to interpretation and rule of law, acted in accordance with the State constitution.

    Article 16 (2)(a) states, “His Highness shall first appoint as Menteri besar to preside over the Executive Council a member of the Legislative assembly who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the assembly,”.

    Article 16(4) states, “In appointing a Menteri Besar, His Highness may, in his discretion, dispense with any provisions in the Constitution of the State restricting his choice of a Menteri Besar, if in his opinion it is necessary to do so in order to comply with the provisions of this article.”

    Article 16(6) states, “If the Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Legislative assembly, then, unless at his request His Highness dissolves the Legislative assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council (emphasis added).

    The dissenting voice of the Rakyat is accusing the Sultan, the former Lord President and an eminent judge, as having erred in Law. Based on the relevant articles of the constitution as above, where did the Sultan err in law?

    It was the MB who after realizing he lost the confidence of the majority of the members of the Legislative assembly due to the cross overs, approached the Sultan to act pursuant to Article 16(6). At this material point, the Sultan had to make a decision i.e whether to dissolve or not to dissolve the State Assembly.

    The first limb in Article 16(6) “unless at his request His Highness dissolves the Legislative assembly” where the word “unless’ gives the Ruler absolute discretion to decide whether to or not to dissolve the Legislative Assembly.

    The Sultan after listening to both parties and the four representatives who pledged support to BN decided not to dissolve the assembly.

    The second limb in Article 16(6) “he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council” makes it mandatory for the Executive Council headed by the MB to resign irrespective of the decision on the dissolution.

    Upon deciding not to dissolve, the Sultan had to decide on the new Executive Council pursuant to Article 16(2)(a) which expressly states the Sultan chooses MB who in His Highness judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the assembly. That is exactly what the Sultan of Perak did.

    Why didn’t Nizar resign graciously rather than creating a crisis and now further seeking judicial review on the decision of the Sultan.

    We must be careful to distinguish between fact, law and fiction, and between what is authentic and façade. Nizar’s refusal to accept the sultan’s decision and pakatan’s play up of the situation ignite passions, fuel debates and stir hatred among the people towards the monarch, a reality that Pakatan Rakyat grooved.

    It is natural for defections to brew crisis. But it is unethical for the unhappy group to create myths or narrow interpretations of fact and experience to capitalize on the crisis especially in trying to conceal embarrassment over deceit by their very own party representatives.

    Representing realities or 'imaginings' of injustice by Pakatan Rakyat are mere lubricants to increase the unnecessary friction and conflict in our multi racial society.

  26. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Bro kalau lu ingat

    20 tahun yg lalu Tun Salleh Abbas di pecat, ketika itu Azlan jadi Agung dan menandatangani surat pemecatan beliau. Dan pada 2008 kerajaan malaysia mengatakan pemecatan tersebut tidak sah dan tun salleh di bayar pampasan. Sekarang nie Nizar pulak, Nizar pun kena tunggu 20 tahun lagi.


  27. Bro,

    Sekrg cerita NUDE photo bro...

  28. Gen2

    jangan lah nak buruk buruk kan Sultan Perak pulak

    masa saleh abas kena pecat bukan sultan johor ke agong?

    kalau sultan azlan takkan dia tak leh jumpa member lama nak explain pasal bising renovation tu...

    tak caya check lah dengan Rockybru, dia kan biographer saleh abas

  29. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Anwar, Karpal Singh, Hadi Awang & now Nik Aziz..the Fuckatan Riot Suicide Bombers..
    They will annihilate each other in Fuckatan Riot even before BN/UMNO can have a piece to blow them up with C4...what a total waste..

    ..the only problem with these 'suicide bombers' are that they exploded the bomb in their own house instead of going to the opposite..

    KToyo can u handle C4?
    Don't tell me C4 for UMNO is just for "cu#t,clit*@is, c!b@i, c!p@p"...don't try to be hero lah pendatang Indon..baru satu generasi dah jadi MB, patut Mahathir suka..leave that Bai alone milking his own cock..dia pun nak test yg lower parts tu still functioning or not.. upper parts especially his big mouth everybody knows working well..

    Stupid.. Really fun to watch this wayang...quality humors flourishing in Malaysia after almost 1 year since GE12..folks, sit back and enjoy the Fuckatan Riot & Barisan Neraka drama..let see who win and who will remain..ash to ash..dust to dust..

    Muhahahahahaha.. :D

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-


  31. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Thanks Shamsul Yunos, gua salah tengok sejarah.

  32. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Dei Anwar,

    Jangan main main, nanti kena main. muah hah hah hah.

    Dei Nik Ajis,

    Apasal awak punya orang PAS ISLAM mau "dewakan" itu ANwar orang PKR yang songsang.

    Apa dalam PAS tak ada pemimpin yang power ka.

    muah hah hah hah

  33. Anonymous5:03 pm


    Nik Aziz, Karpal, Lim Kit Sang, Anwar berahi, Hj Hadi semua dah tua

    That's why PR jadi kelam kabut sebab semua yang diatas dah tua, dah tak cukup masa untuk jadi PM dan mulai berebut pengaruh dan kuasa

  34. Get Karpal and Deo to join BN
    they do not have any chance within DAP
    Kit Siang and son is there , why don't they say nepotism
    Tunku Aziz only a peripheral in DAP..

  35. Anonymous10:37 pm


    read Razaleigh's latest. Who did the most damage to the Monarchy?
    he has the answer.
    You think Toyol is doing for the King? No, he is baying for UMNO chief post. Tomorrow, if UMNO wants to go against the King, he will be the first in line again.
    UMNO's morality, thats it. Oh, more like hypocrisy. Dont forget what happen in Terengganu in 2008. What say you Rocky about Terengganu?


  36. Anonymous2:15 pm

    lawa lah gimau tu, macam karpal muda2 dulu dan bila dah tua tembak je!


  37. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Still weighing balls and testing erection hardness to date this Karpal Singh fella..?

    When do this Karpal going to file the legal suits against the Sultan of Perak?

    Got substance or not? Or just some senile old man septic odour big mouth syndrom not yet finish doing his homework ...waa, this guy think he got enough substance already to talk assuming the AG going to endorsed in setting up a Special Tribunal Court to charge the Sultan in favour of him? Yet this is just a case of boundry line interpretation of Constitution..Yet so ambitious this Bai..go on..push your luck..

    Walk the talk la if u got those said legal substance..don't say u still want to study law, need to do more homework..cocka doodle daa..this is a Constitutional matter vs the Ruler laa.. not some law experiment..

    Constitutional Monarchy System of Malaysia enshrined in Perlembagaan..

    Not something to preceed with some big mouth in advance and in most arrogant associated manner showing no respect to the throne bearer..

    Majority people are eager to see the end result..why take so long this wayang? Wrap it up.

    Maybe he think the Sultan can at any time also summon all those ADUN including the frogs for a special assembly to legitimate their pack with BN..sign some memorandum or treaty whatever black & white..then the Sultan sealed his prerogative power of his appointment of MB from UMNO as per Undang2 Tubuh Negeri Perak since UMNO command a simple majority of Perak DUN seats..

    Huh..that is the case? can this backfire? If yes the impact will be very2 bad?

    Karpal is a senior lawyer who know laws well enough & which legal loop hole to manipulate with..lucky, never ever he question Zambri as the choosen candidate by the Sultan..

    ..disputing just the status of the frogs who make BN have the majority & the Sultan action to appoint a MB from BN based on that still uncertain condition..yes, he got his own legal interpretation on that..

    Unlike our donkey Nizar who act like some kiddo with potty manner problem going rampaged against the Sultan with army of berserk mujahids lebai doing some road stunt demo.. he should prepare to be in deep shit soon..

    then Nizar will see his apek & macha cheerleeders slowly distance themselves from him... let him die standing as usual..Melayu balaci ..why so quite on this PAS? Desperado..lapar kuasa juga mcm jin kebulur?

    Anyway, Karpal's big mouth & intention already done much damaged to DAP that can never be un-wind & un-done..confirming that DAP is a no-no party for majority Malays to U-turn..GE13 ahead..

    Goodluck..come on Karpal..hit the button ..make it fast..somebody sure gonna cum..we already see Eli Wong coming..

    muhahahaha... :D

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  38. Anonymous3:40 am

    I was born in 1940!! Wonder when they landed here?

    Love to know his history from the year 1528?