Thursday, February 05, 2009

Defiance in Perak

update, 6 Feb/2 am: In defence of the Sultan of Perak.
Defiant Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin said last night he would fight till the last drop of his blood.

Who is the enemy, Nizar? Our Sultan?

I've written in my original article below about "Derhaka". With the defiance shown by Nizar, more Netizens have come out to caution the MB.

By far, the harshest critics are:
1) Pasquale, who writes here that Nizar has committed treason;
2) Aziz Hassan
, who thinks Nizar's defiance is going to end in Emergency Rule; and
3) Jebat Must Die, who reminds Netizens of what Anwar had been saying about turncoats and defections recently in Anwar's playacting is encyclopedic! (Part 4) here.

Original article:

PM Abdullah tells Pakatan to accept that Perak has fallen, just as BN had to accept the results of the general election last March/STAR

NST 05/02: Pakatan Rakyat to ignore Perak Sultan's request for MB and exco to resign, seeking second audience

NST 05/02: Police and FRU take over control of state secretariat building in Ipoh, exco members told to vacate their offices

Derhaka? I don't know. I am relying on info from friends and journalists on the ground. And there is an SMS "news alerts" war going on between the Star and the NST, Berita Harian and Harian Metro. I've compiled some of the "sms news alerts" that I have been receiving since before noon. Click here to read.

Bujai, in his sembah takzim, pleads with the Sultan to allow for fresh polls. We may disagree with him, but the way he does it is right and beradab, and that's still important. I would like to request for commenters to observe their adab when addressing the Sultan. Take the cue from Bujai, here.

I notice that some people profess Daulat Tuanku only when they want something out of the Sultan for themselves or for their agenda. That's low.


  1. Anonymous6:27 pm


    I still belive that the best solution to this impasse is to hold a snap election for the state. If Najib still have the moral value, he should ask that the assembly be dissolve and allow the rakyat to decide.

  2. Anonymous6:29 pm

    You know - when the Sultan is against you & tell you to pack up - the game's over.

    PKR unfortunately & sad - but your reign (which was quite good - a breath of fresh air) is over.

    Sorry the cards were stacked from the very beginning and your destiny is sealed.

    Let's hope for divine intervention.


  3. Anonymous6:47 pm

    As usual, Pak Lah missed the point.

    General election and this is not the same, if PR lose the re-election and do what they are doing now, ALL rakyat including those who voted them should condemm them.

    In this case, its clearly a pre-planned coup. I say NO to this, just as I said NO to Sept 16.


  4. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Stay calm.

    Don't attend the rally I would say. PKR is defying the Sultan decision.

    When emotion is high, intelligence at its lowest.

  5. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Sia-sia cabar keputusan SPR - Karpal

    KUALA LUMPUR 3 Feb. - Adalah sia-sia untuk mencabar keputusan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) yang mengekalkan Jamaluddin Mohd. Radzi dan Mohd. Osman Jailu, masing-masing sebagai wakil rakyat Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) kawasan Behrang dan Changkat Jering di mahkamah, kata Pengerusi DAP, Karpal Singh.

    Karpal Singh, yang juga seorang peguam kanan berkata, ia "akan hanya membazirkan usaha dan masa" untuk mencabar keputusan SPR itu yang diumumkan hari ini, kerana ia terikat dengan keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan pada 1982 dalam kes serupa.

    Pada 1982, Mahkamah Persekutuan dalam kes membabitkan Presiden Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sarawak (SUPP), Datuk Ong Kee Hui lawan anggota parti ketika itu, Sinyium anak Mutit, memutuskan tindakan menyerahkan surat peletakan jawatan tanpa tarikh kepada speaker adalah bercanggah dengan kepentingan awam dan dengan itu adalah tidak sah.

    "Dalam kes ini, saya pasti SPR telah dinasihatkan oleh pejabat Peguam Negara dan agensi berkaitan yang lain. Ini merupakan keputusan yang jelas di pihak SPR yang terikat dengan keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan," katanya kepada Bernama ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.


  6. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Drama King aka King of Frogs thought he can out-class, out-flank and out-maneuver anyone.

    The Drama King makes mistake because he is over-confidence - after Pmtg Pauh & KT big wins.

    Similarly, after the 308 tsunami, the Drama King, feeling on top of the world, makes a major fleeting pleasureable blunder.

  7. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Rocky, when Umno bashed the royalty in 1992, I was on the royalty's side.

    Now, all my respect to the wise-looking but unwise sultan has shattered. We can now become a republic, if kings are like this.

    Faithful Perakian.

  8. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Dear all,
    How you interpret this???

    Artikel XVl (6) Undang-undang Perlembagaan Negeri Perak menyatakan bahawa "If the Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council". Ini bermakna sokongan Menteri Besar itu perlu diputuskan oleh Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri.

    The Watcher

  9. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Dear Rocky..

    How about these as fillers for all..

    30 Jan - excerpt from

    Pakatan Rakyat terus menggasak!
    Alhamdulillah, kejutan 8 Mac 2008, Pilihan Raya Parlimen Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu, kebangkitan Dayak Sarawak (termasuk penyertaan YB Gabriel Adit) dan kini dengan keberanian YB Dato’ Nasaruddin bersama Keadilan tambah meyakinkan kita bahawa perubahan pasti berlaku, inshaallah.

    30 Nov 08 -

    “Malah kita bersedia mengembalikan kekebalan Raja-raja berteraskan semangat Raja Berperlembagaan. Inilah erti sebenar harapan baru yang kita bawa.”

    Mengulas isu itu, dengan merujuk pindaan perlembagaan pada 1983 dan 1993, Anwar berkata:

    “Apa yang dilakukan dulu (oleh bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) adalah satu keterlanjuran.

    “Yang dihebahkan (kepada umum), kuasa raja dikembalikan kepada kuasa rakyat. Yang (sebenarnya) berlaku, kuasa Raja pulang kepada perdana menteri. Maka kita harus betulkan.”

    Mantan timbalan perdana menteri itu berkata, pakar undang-undang PKR akan meneliti bagaimana isu kekebalan Raja-raja boleh diketengahkan supaya tidak berlaku ketegangan antara istana dan eksekutif.


    KEMAMAN, 2 Nov - Presiden PAS, Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang mengesahkan, sudah ada pemimpin Umno yang menyertai Pakatan Rakyat. "Kita sedang tunggu perubahan ahli-ahli parlimen Umno dan Barisan Nasional yang lain, tidak mustahil ia (perubahan kerajaan peringkat pusat) akan berlaku,

    "walaupun sukar, tidak mustahil ia berlaku dengan perpecahan yang berlaku kepada Umno sekarang,"

    To quote a famous line from a reality-tv show; Survivor:Perak.

    'Nizar...The tribe has spoken. You have been voted out".

    and 'Anwar ... don't send boys to do a man's job."

    Anwar 0 - Najib 1

  10. Anonymous7:14 pm


    You say be nice when addressing the Sultan. I agree bro.

    But after saying this

    i) "The Sultan of Perak is against Nizar Jamaludin's request to dissolve the State Assembly. He instead told Nizar to quit" Bujai says

    ii) "Malaysian politics is at its dirtiest"

    Doesnt that implicate the Sultan too? Is this being polite. Here is more:

    iii) "This is very, very dirty and filthy! By common sense and logic, a legitimate government must be decided based on mandate given by the people, through elections"

    and this

    iv) This is not a gentleman's move.

    and this

    v) The Sultan of Perak should allow fresh State Assembly election.

    and this

    vi) GO BACK TO THE POLL AGAIN, you fools! Leave it to the rakyat to decide again.

    Baginda Sultan cuma melaksanakan tugas Baginda. Tidak perlu kita menggunakan bahasa kasar bila 'memutarkan' kisah Sultan. Baginda Sultan adalah bekas Lord President. It is not that Sultan Azlan does not know what he is doing.

    Where was Bujai when Nasiruddin lompat from UMNO to Keadilan?

    And here is something else bro: Nasirudddin has gone back to UMNO and BN. The other three HAVE not. They have become Independents. They are NOT BN politicians. This is NOT a jumping situation.

    Is Ibrahim Ali, Bapak Kepada Semua Katak, really part of Pakatan? Or is he an Independent? Remember the vote in Parliament where Ibrahim Ali voted with BN?

    Lompat means when they resign fromA and join up B. When Nasiruddin lompat from UMNO to Keeadilan, that was a lompat. Bujai kata apa? Bisu ke?

    Now he has gone back to UMNO, meaning his lompat has been cancelled. Bujai marah pula. Hmm..

  11. Anonymous7:17 pm

    The people of Perak will vote the BN government out on the first oppotunity, the power is with the people.

  12. HRH should have called for fresh elections given the quality of the frogs is very suspect.

    Equally it reflects poorly on UMNO & BN that they have embraced these 4 rogues with indecent haste despite Dr.M's ominous warning that it will back-fire on UMNO and BN in the long-term. Najib does not seem to understand this fine point of winning the battle and losing the war!!

    Having said that, it would be better for Pakatan to bow out gracefully and not embarrass HRH. There's no percentage in it!Especially since the BN cannot last long with such thin, low quality representation and should the 2 Aduns be convicted, there will be more by-elections.

    One can foresee that Najib will be spending his Premiership fighting all these battles and fail at leading the country to new heights.

  13. Anonymous7:19 pm


    Teman nak nasihat sikit pada kome... kalau kome nak terus jadi menteri besor, kome bawak jer Adun2 PAS masuk BN. Teman gerenti Datuk Najib akan setuju kome terus duduk kat kerusi MB. Kome orang terpelajar, memang layak jadi MB. Itu sebabnya Sultan berkenan dengan kome tempoh hari. Cuma kome ni dijadikan patung wayang kulit oleh DAP laknat dan PKR yang putar belit tu. Dengor ler nasihat teman. Jangan ler kome derhaka kepada Tuanku. Kome nak tunduk pada Lim Kit Siang dan Anwar atau tunduk kepada Tuanku?


  14. Anonymous7:21 pm

    You said : "I notice that some people profess Daulat Tuanku only when they want something out of the Sultan for themselves or for their agenda. That's low"

    This includes those people who took to wearing yellow T shirts with the words "Daulat Tuanku" on them.

    Berdaulatlah now! Apa pasal tak mahu Daulatkan Tuanku? Sultan sudah bertitah. Bila tak suka titah Baginda, nak derhaka pula.

    Pelik bin Ganjil, it looks like its now back to UMNO and BN to Daulatkan Tuanku.

    You are right bro. They are low. Really low down low.

    Bro, where is Queen Elizabeth hanging out these days? You think Waythamoorthy will have her hand phone number?

  15. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Don't blame the referee if you lose a game of your invention.

    And taking it to the streets again?

    What next? Whack the ruler as what the mob did at Indonesia?

    When BN lost at KT, they took it like a gentleman. But when PR loses, they want to burn the house they live in.

    And call that democracy?

    In my defination, democracy means :


    It's that easy.


  16. In all of this, PAS is a model of dignity and consistency. They are good muslims.


  17. Saudara Rocky,

    Saya mempunyai pandangan yang serupa di:

    Adakah mereka mengharapkan Sultan membuat u-turn? PR dan kepimpinannya di peringkat negeri dan pusat jelas telah menderhaka kepada Sultan.

    Mereka bongkak dan menganggap mereka betul dan Sultan hanya betul apabila membuat keputusan yang sealiran dengan hasrat dan ideologi mereka.

  18. Anonymous7:45 pm


    you said if Najib got moral value..he would allow the rakyat to decide....He mana ada moral value,brader? That's why he use this method...he know if there's by elec. he would surely terbenam.
    Only God can save us all...for even the royalty sides BN.

  19. Anonymous7:45 pm

    There is a difference between BN accepting the election results and Pakatan accepting the defection results. The former is decided by the rakyat, the latter is due to 3 individuals.

    While disagree with Anwar's "frog" strategy, most will agree that BN is stooping so low to accept tainted politicians. It may cause more harm than good in the long run. Not many will believe that no money is involved.

    The worst part is Perakians like me do not have a say in this whole issue. Many must be feeling disappointed by politicians whether Pakatan or BN who care more about themselves than the people they are supposed to represent.

  20. Anonymous7:49 pm

    The Sultan of Trengganu appoints the MB that he wants and the Raja of Perlis appoints the MB that he prefers.The BN abide by HRH's wishes.So why should the Sultan of Perak be given any less respect.

    Anwar,kamu yang memulakan strategy lompat melompat ini.So jangan lah nak cari sebab nak berdemonstrasi dijalanan pula.Dari umur 18 tahun sampai dah 60 tahun,pun masih nak berdemonstrasi lagi?Grow up man and find a new strategy

  21. Anonymous7:49 pm

    I SEE DEAD FROGS -the sixth sense m night shyamalan

    ten sen norgay

  22. Anonymous8:07 pm


    Awat lak tetiba semua orang dok tanya pasai 'Moral Value'..time Anwar canang-canang orang BN 'hijrah' ke PKR..takdak lak soklan moral-moral ni. Sekor-sekor dok busy ngan 'photo-op', pose senyum panjang lebar ngalah kena loteri berjuta-juta..Bila dah terantuk .. tetiba lak sekor-sekor ada moral compass, ada integriti .. Korang semua hipokrit la!

  23. Anonymous8:24 pm


    This "Sultan" Nizar really kurang ajar

    NOw see the true color of this Anwar cult!

    When decision is against them, they ask 100,000 people to rally, and this is against the Sultan decision mind you!

    Hello, Mr "I have the numbers", you think we Rakyat are stupid are?

  24. Anonymous8:24 pm

    i really wonder why the Sultan did not dissolve the assembly. of the three who crossed over, two are facing charges, and another seems lost like a frog on city road. The new Government will
    survive on such a tenuous grounds, it is better to go back to the people for a new SOLID AND CLEAR mandate.

    ghost of onn jaafar.

  25. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Convene the State Legislative Assembly and allow its members to vote on a motion of no confidence. That is the only way the State government can be remopved without creating new problems.Ramlax





  27. Anonymous8:41 pm

    I just want to say 'Padan muka kau PAS' dulu BN offer tubuh kerajaan campuran tak nak. Lani amik ubat.
    Nak sangat enikah dgn DAP, neferi melayu tapi exco penuh dgn cina.
    Kalau BN naik walaupun 27Umno 1 MCA, mesti BN main fair game.....
    Apa apa pun ..Padan muka PR

  28. Anonymous8:46 pm

    I'm no fan of this frog jumping exercise and especially the two PKR politicians who switched camps. I think they're opportunists who think they'll have better 'rezeki' with BN. Obviously looking after No 1; and who cares about the bloody constituents or the spirit of representaive democracy.

    But IIRC last year, the Sultan asked Nizar to prove he had the support of the majority of the Perak DUN. Nizar did that by bringing 31 signatures.

    Now that things have changed, let's have a roll call to see if more than 28 members of the DUN will say 'Aye' to Nizar. This is called 'vote of confidence.'

    If Nizar has less than 31, he and his exco should do the honourable thing and
    resign. This is called parliamentary democracy. All very civilised.

    No need for rallies and more meaningless rhetoric and hot air from a gecko who started this political circus in the first place.



  30. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Rocky, (an extract fr Makaysiakini)

    A prominent lawyer and former United Nations special rapporteur said it would be extremely difficult for either of the two sides to rule effectively in Perak.

    From an outsider point of view, it is apparent the uncertainties in Perak is not just going to vanish in the thin air. Neither party have a strong mandate from the people to rule. So is'nt it be just plain common sense to go back to the electorates for a new mandate?
    Has UMNO-BN achieved a glorious victory or a hallow one...more like the latter.
    UMNO should on its own call for a fresh election, if they feel so confident, the people are behind them, it is reason enough to face the voters. The winner takes all. No guts, no glory.
    HRH should never have to be put in such a difficult is simply unfair to him.

  31. Anonymous8:55 pm

    I would say PR got out-maneuvered. I don't think Sultan can do much otherwise. Although it would seem proper to call fresh election of the state but I would think the wise Sultan would want BN to save the money and pour into the state to develop them rather than throwing it on election.

    PR should analyze where they go wrong, vet their candidates and SOPs to strengthen for next election. No point staking it out against the Sultan.

    Maybe Nijar would have stepped on Sultan's toes before on the Religious Officer issue but I guess this is normal human politics. Sultan is human also and too bad, he is THE BOSS of Perak!

  32. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Dear Rock,

    For those stooopid Perakians who say that Do-Not-Have-A-Say in the change of Government due to these three dudes defection, please ask yourselves, Who-Elected-These-Three-Stooges-In-The-First-Place.


  33. Anonymous9:00 pm

    They profess Daulat Tuanku only when they want something out of the Sultan for rakyat. That's high!

    I think someone has totally lost over here. I would like to dedicate a song for him, Hot N Cold from Katty Perry.

  34. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Refused to resign cause sayang kepada Camry-Camry kut!!!!

  35. Anonymous9:02 pm

    It is so bloody sick to see how hypocrite these pakatan cult supporters are.

    Today they are condemning the frogs. But they are the one who is encouraging frogging. When some adun jumped to pakatan, they hailed him as hero. No issue on "hak rakyat". But when their aduns defected to BN, they scream and call for road protest to return the "hak rakyat".

    Please! enough of insulting the intelligent of the people. You think the people a so stupid that you can fool them with your cheapskate hypocrisy. Please man! You should feel ashamed of your own doing.

  36. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Kesian penyokong2 PKR,

    Bila Anwar Al Jubori bercerita ttg ahli parlimen BN lompat parti, mereka bersorak2. Tapi bila kenyataan yang sebaliknya berlaku mereka maki2 pulak BN.

    Sore losers. Maybe sore idiots as well.

  37. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    In the middle of this turmoil when I need to look up to a politician that I can salute and respect only one face stands out that of Tok Guru. He gives a sense of security amidst all this chaos.Syukur there are still credible leaders. Amin.


  38. Justice should be served cold hahahahaahahahaha
    It is soo sooo sooo sweet
    What comes around goes around nananananaaanaa
    Do you see it coming brader anwar bin ibrahim

  39. Anonymous9:16 pm

    When anwar claimed that 30 BN rep going to defect and they could form the govt on sept 16, did anwar ever mention going for snap election? Clearly what he wanted was to get pak lah and the cabinet to resign! But why now he took a different stand? The BN govt also run the risk of not having the parliament dissolved as it is the prerogative of the Agong as he does not need to act on advice. Aduiii anwar..anwar Ape2 je la..

  40. Raja Petra’s Website is promoting the Rally against the Sultan’s Decision tonight

    One of the articles in that website even proclaimed Nizar as a MODERN JEBAT

    For me both Anwar and RPK are MENTALLY SICK people

    They have been going hand-in-hand for many years spreading lies under the pretext of JUST DEMOCRACY

    Today, for me, is the pinnacle of their MISLEADING PROPAGANDA

    Their REAL AGENDA is for Anwar to rule this country; BY HOOK OR BY CROOK

    SADLY there are many SMART AND BRAINY PEOPLE easily felt to their obvious trap

    They became the best platform for both Anwar and RPK to voice their agenda via ‘the End Justify the Means’ MODUS OPERANDI

    At the end, these BRAINY & SMART people become the real DISSERVICE to the very democracy they long for

    In the meantime, BN continues to RULE comfortably knowing their opposition has LOST THE PLOT completely


  41. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Kalau PR nak tahu sentimen anak Perak, cuba satu resign dan tanding ... mesti kalah punya.

    Tahu tak negeri negeri beraja tak pernah ditakluki..Raja berkuasa mutlak.

    Tak belajar sejarah ke ...

    BAHLOL !!

  42. Anonymous9:25 pm


    Brand new Toyota Camry for sale. 16 units. Exec car. Selling cheap. Royal layoff. Low mileage. CAll Nizar, Ngeh or Nga.

  43. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Rocky banyak Ular wo sekarang !

  44. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Rocky banyak Ular wo sekarang !

    snake killer

  45. First indian MB in perak :)

  46. All the problem started when Nga and Ngeh becoming chauvinist chinese and manipulated the MB Nizar like a moron. the chinese and the non malay living in harmony for all these year until Nga and Ngeh came in the picture . Tuanku made a right decision in accordance with Perak constitution for the sake of Perak . Nizar want to behave like a British resident/advisor , mind you Nizar we already independent/merdeka . we also heard you have not pay your study loans from MARA yet.

  47. Rule Of Law

    Rather than your readers try to score political points on either side of the political fence, it is worth reading what Tengku Razaleigh's take on this issue is

  48. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Anwar encourages others to defect and when Nasiruddin swithced side last few days, BN do make some sound but they acceptted the reality at the of the day. Au contaraire to PR government, The moment three of them decided to become independent (They didn't join BN)and support BN, PR government refused to accept the result. They should be gentlemen and at least do a post mortem on why that happen.
    As matter wheter PR or BN are better, I think it's like choosing two evil - the lesser evil will prevail.


  49. Yeah right.. the master -- ancient evil -- telling all the devils it is okay to harm to others but not when the victims are us..

    What goes around comes around brader anwar

    Happy dreaming and dream on forever happily ever after


  50. Hi Rocky
    You are pathetic! Just because you want to ampu Najib and support Dr M, you allow the BN to topple a legit Govt through a coup.

    There is no doubt the Sultan has been "swayed" by deceit to the extend he forgot what he wrote and "believed" BN has the majority.

    Wait until PRU 13 and even you, Rocky, will have to run for cover and cannot pretend to be holier-than-thou.

  51. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Tuanku knows that election is a waste of money because the result will not change very much with what it is now. Elections will only create tensions among the rakyat because of irresponsible politicians campaigning on racial issues.

    Pakatan Rakyat please don't think that you can gain more seats than what you had today. Maybe you'll even get less becoz the Malays who have voted for you in the last election have realised their mistake. They have not gained anything since then while the Chinese, less than a year already get freehold urban land worth millions. That is the mistake made by the MB. He is being used by the DAP.

    Let the transfer of power be smooth. If next time you can get the BN Assemblymen to jump to PR, you can be the government again. Fair and square.

    Don't laa demonstrate. Bikin susah semua orang aje. Cukup cukup lah Anwar. Dunia ini cuma pinjaman, Akhirat juga tempat kita akan kekal.

  52. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Hidup lah Republik Malaysia! Son of Perak

  53. It's unfortunate. I think the sultan's decision does not reflect his wisdom.
    All he needed to do is to ask Nizar to prove the legality of the resignation letters in the court of law within a specific time spelled out by him or to prove his majority in the state assembly.
    Similarly he could have asked BN to move a motion of no-confidence in the MB. This way he could have been more impartial.
    Most importantly as the Law Prof Shad Saleem puts it, " If sultan allows new government under BN, it implies that the sultan encourages defectors to cross or hop parties for personal and political gain which set as precedence in the long run that would bring more bad to Malaysia.

  54. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Anonymous on February 5, 2009

    There must be a good reason for the Sultan well learned in law and also once holding the highest office in Supreme Court took a lowly decision in support of the most corrupted Politician call Nargis, Peem in awaiting. No offence intended to the Sultan who was highly regarded until just now only, it is either he has been threatened with some secret files on him held by Nargis, or like all the other froggies that had been lured by huge sums of money offered by the most greedy of Corrupters called Nargis who used the nation’s coffers as his own kitty bank. Knowing very well that Nargis would not last the next GE, this is the best opportunity to make some good cash funds for keeps as the next Government under PKR will be clean and righteous for the God, King, People and Country.

    Not realizing that Corruptions breed even more Corruptions and this is the vicious circle and the people of Perak are ones who would suffer in the long run and they will not forget what a Sultan they have had. If Narjis and UMNO is in Power it is most likely that the nation’s coffers would be decimated and there will be nothing left for our Children’s Children, therefore make sure the UMNO along with all their goons are thrown out the next election.

    God bless you the people of Malaysia

  55. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Dear all,
    Menurut Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri Perak, terdapat tiga cara untuk menukar menukar kerajaan. Pertama, melalui pembubaran Dun. Menteri Besar Perak menasihati Paduka Seri Sultan Perak supaya membubarkan Dun bagi membolehkan pilihan raya peringkat negeri diadakan dan memberi mandat rakyat memilih kerajaan yang baru.

    Kedua Menteri Besar Perak dan semua Exco meletakan jawatan dan menyerahkan jawatan kepada parti yang mendapat kerusi majoriti memerintah Perak.

    Ketiga melalui usul undi tidak percaya di Dewan Undangan Negeri. Sekirnya pilihan pertama dan kedua tidak berlaku, rakyat kena menunggu sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri dipanggil bagi membolehkan Usul Undi tidak percaya dibentangkan.

    Justeru, selagi Sidang Dun belum bersidang dan Usul Undi Tidak Percaya dibentangkan dan mendapat undi majoriti, selagi itulah Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat kekal memerintah

    We vote Option 3! Let BN wait a little before handover to them!

    Perak Power!

  56. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Sultan yang adil kami sanjung, sultan yang zalim kami sanggah

  57. Rocky, the truth is Perak malays are annoyed with the current MB Nizar from PAS (Parti Auota Semalaysia) plus DAP (Dunia Ana Punya) and PKR (Parti Kelentong Rakyat) for 999 years issues. Even though they are also annoyed with BN (Berok Negara for most of their known stupidity action that nearly burried them alive) but it better for BN to rule rather than PR (Pakatan Riak or Pakatan Rapuh). Bro Anwar Ibrahim shame on you! You started spitting to the sky and see what happen now hi hi.

  58. Pak Shiek Anwar insaf lah. Dunia kata HI HI 5 5 2 5 kubur kata come come its time.!

  59. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Faithful Perakian,

    As a Perakian and voted for PAS in PRU12 I say this all because of Ngeh and Nga and not forgeting Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

    I think about time PAS to ditch Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim as their Ketua Umum.

    Faithful Perakian Too

  60. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Why are you all so emotional. You are all being hoodwinked and sodomiased at the same time by both BN and PR.

    Nizar clearly has lost his skull cap. Ngeh and Nga have shown their true colour. They have acccomplised what they aspired.. to be chauffer driven in a camry..

    BN have got back Perak. They dont care what the public say or even how they will fare in next GE. It is way outside any politicians timeframe, anyway. BN knows very well that people like you only dare to write in blogs, email surat layang or talk at coffee shops. Are you willing to risk all by taking to the street, just like our cousins in Bangkok? Not a chance. You are all too comfortable with your hondas and toyotas and probably your favourite GRO at karaokes.

    A few weeks from now, all will be normal again. BN will happily rule, PR will continue to bark and you all will still be writing in blogs as "anonymous".

    I have seen it all.. the same all over again.

    "Used to live in Perak"

  61. This should be in Hallmark channel!

  62. Anonymous11:06 pm

    interesting times we're living now. does this mean that should the new perak bn govt experiences similar jump by its assemblyman in the future, the Sultan will ask Zambry (assuming his gonna be the new MB) to quit? I think the Sultan made a blunder, the rakyat should have been the ones deciding who should be their representatives. I agree with Nizar on this one.


    Kepala hotak kau if you equate this as being derhaka to agama, bangsa. You are a stupid Malay idiot who can't just learn to tolerate differences. Is there a law that says a Sultan is always right? Try less to be a UMNO dickhead and perhaps you can understand what democracy is all about?

    OrgMelakaTakde Sultan

  63. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Dear Rocky...

    King of all frogs...Anwar....Now when your frog jump..... U in hsot seat....Just last 10 days anwar said....more and more BN adun will jumsps to PR....So my dear Anwar...that time you didn't talk about moral or fresh election...

    Your Drama King..

    Anwars pls don't destroy Malaysia.


  64. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Pak Lah's advice on the turn of events is misconstrued. The Pakatan Government in Perak never fall. It was hijacked. And the rakyat knows who's the men and women behind this devious plot.

  65. Anonymous11:21 pm

    It's time Malaysia get rid of all the royal leeches and become a republic.


  66. Anonymous11:24 pm

    amidst the din, there exists a stateman with sane voice. go read razaleigh's latest.

    bangsa malaysia

  67. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Nearly two weeks ago, the broad smile of Anwar Ibrahim showed how happy he was sitting beside his old campus mate, Nasarudin Hashim. He showed the world that it is not impossible to entice a wakil rakyat from BN to change sides. What a coup! The crossover drama queen was so happy, he was confident of luring more people from the other side.

    Extract from JMD here:

  68. Rocky,

    My opinion: Nizar should step down as requested by Sultan Azlan Shah. In fact, why did he announced to dissolve DUN before getting the "perkenan" of Sultan? That was a very bad mistake. And now acting against "titah baginda"? that does not make sense.

    On the other hand, najib only took several days to make Pakatan DUN really jump into BN ehh.. Unlike Anwar who only talked about getting BN to jump but at the end, he is the one who's jumping mad now. Just great!

  69. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Faithful Perakian :If you dont like the Sultan, dont claim you are Perakian. Go out of the state.You dont belong here.

  70. Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi aka Small Talk had also written a proper appeal to the Sultan Ampun Tuanku Beribu-ribu Ampun.

    But just read some of the `appeals' at the Sultan's website. The link was included in Haris Ibrahim's post, calling on the people to write in. Suddenly the Perak Sultan is "a villain"...

  71. Anonymous11:36 pm


    its not defiance. its constitutional rights and rule of law. please, be fair.

    bangsa malaysia

  72. Anonymous11:36 pm

    what is going on Rocky? the supposedly knowledgeable Law person stoop as low as the corruptors. Pray GOD that no curse of Tsunami to the people of Pangkor and rising water or Perak River drowning the homes along the Kuala Kangsar. Perak is as good as Berak; dont you think so?

  73. Rocky how about simple statistics from the last GE that a snap election is warranted?

    On 8 March 2008, during the 12th General Elections, 871,736 Perakians went to the polls together with fellow citizens across Malaysia to choose a representative to represent them in both parliament and the state assembly.

    5,644 Perakians chose not to vote and did not return the ballot after registering at the polling stations.

    20,421 votes were rejected as spoilt (whether intentionally or unintentionally we will never know).

    1,635 chose to cast their votes for independent candidates.

    Now come the important part. Of these 871,736 Perakians who went to the polls;

    400,682 voted for a BN candidate
    443,354 voted for a PR candidate!

    If you put it in percentage terms, 51% of those who went to the polls voted for PAKATAN RAKYAT whilst only 46% voted for BN.

    Coup D'etat.

  74. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Anon 908: Tok Guru also believed in Anwar 916 plan and he strongly support it. So does Husam. Melayu mudah lupa.

  75. Anonymous11:53 pm

    i feel for you, my dear sir. it seems now that if your comments are slightly towards BN, you are evil reincarnate, ada RM5 juta in pocket.If your comments are more inclined towards PR, then you are 'berjiwa rakyat', the poster boy for PRU13. =).
    you cant win can you?
    anyways, thank you for giving all of us an outlet to channel all of our views. it seems that most malaysians are overnight political analyst.
    keep up the good work sir. i think this is long overdue.



  76. My respect for the Sultan drop s a bit.Such a learned man...but I'm curious to know why he is not practising what he had written in a book.He must have his reason.The stature of MB Nizar, on the other hand, has increased for defying him and explaining to him that he has exceeded his power.What he wants is due process which he is entitled.Such bravery and audacity, but legally he is right!

  77. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Dear all,
    How you interpret this???

    Artikel XVl (6) Undang-undang Perlembagaan Negeri Perak menyatakan bahawa "If the Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council". Ini bermakna sokongan Menteri Besar itu perlu diputuskan oleh Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri.

    The Watcher

    .....aku yang sekolah jawi ni pun tahu yang bola ditangan menteri besar untuk letak jawatan bila sultan tak berkenan dengan syor mb untuk bubarkan adun. Yang menteri besar cadangkan pada sultan untuk bubar adun buat apa?......pasal tak ada sokongan adun la.....awat la hang bangang sangat. Lain kali ikut aku sekolah jawi.

    hang tuah moden

  78. Anonymous12:02 am

    My Tuanku doing this for the sake of the rakyat of state has been stagnant wthout development since we stopped mining..... still cant get his drift?

  79. Anonymous12:06 am

    The demise of democracy in this country.People's power my foot.MB baru muka macam mamak....suka makan mee rebus dan roti canai kot.
    My condolence to Perakians.....


  80. Anonymous12:09 am


    i'm afraid that you're begining to sound like another BN or more specifically Mahathir's mouthpiece on the blogs.


  81. Anonymous12:13 am

    Asyik duk hentam Amerika tapi tengoklah mereka sibuk nak pulihkan ekonomi suntik USD 900B.Sini pula asyik suntik duit beli orang.Tak hormat rakyat langsung.Tunggulah kamu semua,rakyat akan ajar kamu semua betui-betui masa pilihanraya.Lain kali jangan cakap pasal Amerika,memang tak layak langsung cakap pasal orang Amerika.

    Orang Kampung Marah

  82. Anonymous12:28 am

    Nazri is sad to resign is not because of the lost of the camry or the status or the house or the power.

    He is sad because he feels the pain of the people of Perak. He is a khalifah of the people of perak.The initial task of all opposittion state is to clean up the mess left by the BN government. What was he doing to 11 months? you ask making sure the state is not in debt and making sure the books are in order. The first 3 months after the general election the BN govt. was still signing the checks for the state , I guess Nazri was to polite he should just get rid of the Bn robbers.
    The camry is cost saving in the long run rather then spending hundred thousands yearly unpredictable perdanas.we shall see if the bn govt of perak will use the perdanas again? Federal Bn Govt policy is to use on proton or perodua or now (since najib have share) naza (even though they are foriegn cars).
    This is only dugaan from allah to rid of the duri dalam daging.Insyallah after this it will be a cleaner Pakatan Rakyat.

  83. Anonymous12:28 am

    Kalau saya jadi DYMM Sultan Perak, saya haramkan Anwar jejak Perak seumur hidup. Anwar telah porak porandakan negeri Perak.

  84. dear PR

    take it like a man. don't have one rule for you and one tule for others! as an atas pagar person i find the PR action in Perak disgusting. the economy is in the toilet now and you want ANOTHER poll? dont you know how much money that would cost!


  85. Anonymous12:34 am

    Nasib baik YB Zulkifli Noordin kat Kaherah, kalau tidak dia pun kena kerah tenaga untuk beratur depan rumah Menteri Besar besok.

    Saya nak lompat parti, jadi tak perlu beratur esok. Lagi pun ramalan kaji cuaca kata petang esok hujan lebat dijangka turun. Saya tak boleh kena hujan nanti demam.

    Sebenarnya pada saya, tak perlulah nak berkumpul. Lainlah kalau nak tolong angkat barang MB keluar rumah. Kita akui sajalah memang PKR banyak buat silap. Kita dah kalah. Terima sajalah.

    Oh ya, saya dulu penyokong kuat si Anwar tu, tapi ashik kena tipu saja, baik jadi penyokong UMNO. Sekurang2nya berprinsip dan bertujuan. Orang UMNO yang rasuah tu, kita tendang saja.

  86. Anonymous12:41 am

    Anwar played his fucking game of hop, step and jump (or triple jump) and Barisan bastards took the game to him. Anwar, you screwed it up, you stupid idiot. Just a few days ago you were on cloud nine after your so-called friend Nazaruddin (Bota) hopped into your bed. Now Naza has decided to hop back into Najib;s bed. You got buggered man, you got cheated, and you got screwed. No thanks to you, we lost Perak.

  87. Anonymous1:04 am

    Nanti akan diadakan perjumpaan 100,000 membantah lompat parti, cuba tengok siapakah orang yang akan pergi nanti. Mesti muka-muka Melayu. Tetapi, DAP memegang kerusi majoriti di sana. Benar, DAP menang kerana undi orang Melayu, soalnya, kenapa bila memerintah, membelakangkan Melayu? Ini yang orang Perak tak puas hati ni.


  88. Anonymous1:13 am

    In the straits times today;

    "As the leader of the house, I am vested with the power to ask the sultan for his consent to dissolve the state assembly. It's up to the sultan now...." - Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

    .....since the MB asked and the sultan refuses, it is not up to the sultan anymore. It's up to the MB to tender his resignation.

    Read: "If the Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council".

    ..."he shall tender"...makes it mandatory.

    The ex-MB action now confirms general observation that "men act according to what benefits them". Including pious men?

  89. Anonymous1:27 am

    The biggest loser is DAP. PKR with the smallest number of seats fucked everything up (no thanks to Anwar).
    Anyone for 2nd-hand Camrys?


  90. Anonymous1:39 am

    PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin's refusal to step down as Mentri Besar (MB) as instructed by the Sultan is legitimate as Article 16 of the Perak Constitution states that the MB has to tender his resignation if he no longer commands the support of the majority of members of the state legislative assembly, Constitutional law expert, Prof Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi said.

    Asked if this meant that he was still legally the MB until the state legislative assembly convened, he said: "Personally I think the assembly should meet and then pass a vote of no confidence against him."

    The MB also has a right to challenge the Sultan's orders for him to step down, he added.
    "Right now there is a grey area as there is no vote of no confidence against the MB," Shad said.

    The assembly has up to 60 days to be convened from the last meeting and the MB can wait to do so, he said.

    "When the assembly convenes, and a vote of no confidence is passed, then at least the lack of confidence in the MB can be proved," he said.

    Describing the current takeover of the state by Barisan Nasional (BN) as a backroom manoeuvre he said: "It is not tasteful."

    "Things should be done in accordance with the law, democracy and the constitution," he added.
    "Of course some people may argue and say that you can declare this loss of confidence towards the MB from outside the state assembly."

    "So would you consider it valid if you make the declaration say from your yard, the supermarket or the park?" he asked.

    Asked about the manner in which the take over was being carried out with the police and Federal Reserve Units (FRU) being called in to get the present executive councilors and their officers to vacate the state secretariat building, Shad described it as "sad and ugly".

    "This is something that the law does not cover, the law does not cover everything," he said.

    "This is an extraordinary situation," said Shad, stressing that he was in no way taking sides but commenting from a purely legal and personal point of view.

  91. My 2 cents

    Think BN might reconsider?
    I'm just a a little idealist that's all.

  92. Is ‘democracy’ technically dead when there’s no longer any meaningful rule of the people by the people directly themselves?

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

  93. Anonymous2:26 am

    share a true story:

    A is married to B. Due to job requirement, they have to stay in 2different states. A is very humble & very good. Known as a people person. However maybe A felt lonely, A started an affair with C, without B's knowledge. Things going on and on. They've met once, and they planned to meet again tomorrow. Suddenly today, God took A's live, he died suddenly.

    A very true story indeed. All the things were made known after A's death.

    drpd cerita ni, saya nampak Allah sangat sayangkan A, tak mahu A terus bergelumang dengan dosa. Saya nampak hikmah cerita ni macam Nizar, maybe he is a nice guy but Allah loves him much and doesn't want him to "menyimpang jauh dari landasan perjuangan beliau". wallahualam. Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui. Amin.

  94. Anonymous3:20 am

    Its a pity when the interest of the rakyat in the 21st century Malaysia still rests in the hands of the "genetically elected sultans"! When will we Malaysians be brave enough to break away from this centuries old outdated shackel?

  95. Poor old Nizar. If he just resign, he would be labeled as coward who never fight back to defend the mandates from the perakians when BN snatched the power illegally and the constitution were not being adhered to.
    Now he is defending… he is labeled as a defiant / derhaka / someone who commit treason. Everybody wants his blood.

    Rocky you can write really well… so well that now there are more ppl who are angry of Nizar because he doesn’t step down on request of Sultan.
    Also, suddenly there are so many ppl who would go out in support of sultan and ignore what’s in the constitution.
    Nizar will be remembered as someone who dares to stand up for the right reason. And all perakian will remember that. Governing perak for BN would be like a force marriage in future. Good luck BN.

  96. Anonymous4:59 am

    I've got a baaaaad feeling about this, Bru.

    Whacking political peers is one thing. Bordering on Lèse Majesté is a different ballgame.

    PR does not have my support on this.

    - The (original) Watcher

  97. Anonymous6:11 am

    Serve you all right, Anwar and PR.

    Wah, so angry, mahu berdemo, but who started first? Najib is not passive rupanya. He knocked you flat, KO.

    I bet ya, if BN MPs were to lompat to PR, you guys will say 'Hallelujah!". It is democracy.

    Sudah lah! Penipu!!! Padan muka korang.

  98. Anonymous6:29 am

    pasquale & jebat must what?

    these two jokers would also would like to bugger anwar if given the chance...

    go read what the sultan said in " misdeeds will spell downfall for monarchy"

  99. Anonymous6:40 am

    This shameful episode shows Malaysian politicians, except the simple and pious man running Kelantan, have no class.

    Don't Perakians remember anything?

    Last year the Sultan was doubtful that this so-called PR coalition could work. So he asked for proof.

    In forming the government, it all boils down to support for the *man*, not the party. Nizar's party only has six members in the DUN. Notwithstanding that, he still became the MB.

    Then, the man, Nizar, from a party with the least number of seats, managed to show that he had the support.

    Presently, his ability to get that support is questionable.

    What is the Sultan to do?. He has to find another man who has the support of the members of the DUN to form a government. It looks like the man likely to have that support is from the BN.

    In the DUN, it's not BN vs PR. It is BN vs DAP, PKR and PAS.

    It was the same in Perlis. The Ruler asked Shahidan to show he had the support to lead the government. Shahidan couldn't, so the Raja chose another man (from the same party).



  100. Anonymous7:46 am

    "Who is the enemy, Nizar? Our Sultan?"

    It is still the same group of turncoats who will encourage more turncoats until one day, they can sell the state, country and the King. Making us into another Palestinian plight. But on the other hand, I am sure their new master has read the final chapter on Sun Tze Book. In short, its (not gammo-mistakes since they are in fact frogs) fate is quite similar to Judas and his bag of silver.


  101. Anonymous7:52 am

    Biasala puak ni....bila Sultan buat keputusan 'IN THEIR FAVOUR' puji melangit....bila Sultan buat keputusan 'OUT OF THEIR FAVOUR' meroyan tak tentu pasal la

    sekarang bukak la mata rakyat Mesia yg tertipu wei (termasuk aku pasal aku pun terUNDI PR dulu)...dengan kurang ajaq nya, dgn gila kuasanya....dan tgk attitude pun dah tau kalau Anwar berkuasa (nau'zubillah) mau hapus RAJA RAJA MELAYU ni...

    kalau tgk perkembangan pun aku rasa Sultan pun nampak Nizar ni tak mampu nak tegas pada CINA GILA KUASA IAITU NGEH/NGA...dan kalau perati Raja Nazrin pun dah banyak tegur conduct si NIzar 1/4 cina ni termasuk isu tanah tu

    nizar dah dpt pembalasan pasal berlaku zalim (tak meletakkan hak pada tempatnya)..isu tanah etc etc..tapi dia takkan terlepas kat akhirat jugak..dia zalim pada rakyat..satu inci tanah pun akan dikira esok

    BN pulak jgn ingat kemenangan ini rakyat suka is the time to ambil hati rakyat perak...kerja utk rakyat..yg nama busuk tu tebang terus...baiki persepsi rakyat...kalau korang tak clean up ur act...jawabnya bye bye la PRU 13

    ps: Aku harap yg derhaka ni tolong la ingat prinsip rukunnegara ye..'KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA DAN NEGARA'

  102. The Law must take it 's course just like in Kelantan nasir time ,declare the emergency in Perak deal with the defiance BUT then again PakLah is Lembik .

  103. Anonymous8:23 am

    No insult to Perak Sultan but he acted beyond his power to order for incumbent MB to resign. This case should be brought to Special Court to determine the legitimacy.

    - Dicko

  104. Anonymous8:24 am

    Raja Adil Raja Disembah
    Raja Zalim Raja Disanggah!!!

    - Hang Jebat

  105. Anonymous8:38 am

    Looking at the other side of the picture is this

    - Najib and co are busy with the plans to takeover perak and other opposition states..

    - Rumor (as they say) has it that a certain amount of money was paid for the ruckus to all altogether take place..

    - My take is simple. Where is Najib's mentality and intellect? So are the rest of his gang? Are they using their brains to think or something else?

    - Why bothered about takeovers when Msia economy is in the doldrums.. Does Najib really think he can weather thru the recession when it hits rock bottom?

    - People in this case say, the word suffer or die is beyond comprehension.

    - So what if Najib is successful in taking back all the 5 states. Hell, I can even give you Singapore for free.. At this moment he is just digging his grave deeper.. If he didnt know this yet, then let me say it out now..

    - Come next GE with his despicable actions, voters are going to vote BN out for good.

    - In the next 4 years or so as PM (as he hopes to be), if he doesnt bring back the glory or even help mitigate the pain that the Rakyat is in, rest assured Najib is history.

    - Frankly speaking, rather than spending billions (I heard 2 Billions in fact again as they say) I rather spend my time reading up worthy articles of how to save this country from devastation..

    Najib and Co, your time is ticking just in case you guys didnt know..

  106. Anonymous8:39 am

    i can see the reason why sultan don't want to hold the snap assembly, the reason being is that it would cost mounting hundred millions of taxpayers money.. now the rakyat had choose their adun and they have to pay for it - their action of lompat katak..

    plus this is azlan shah.. the most savvy and intelligent sultan among the sultans... not a mere inheritance of the throne.. but the most quality of all..

    i support azlan shah!

  107. Anonymous8:41 am

    Damn you..Rocky..pls la.If you talk about derhaka to Sultan,then UMNO Trengganu exMB,Idri Jusoh should be hang first before comment on Nizar.
    To me,UMNO leaders are the one DERHAKA to Perak rakyat,rakyat are the KING.So,are you said that UMNO is doing the right thing to use $$$$$ to buy power by side stepped people wishes????

  108. We have becoming a real partisan soceity now. That is not a good sign for the nation.

    UMNO in all fairness should go for Snap Election to seek mandate from the people. If the four guys/girl can jump ship there is nothing stopping them from jumping again.

    Another problem is that there are no non malay aduns in the new state government. If they appoint non Adun, these appointees have no real power/credibilty.

    Winner takes all mentality in our political system will not bring us anywhere. UMNO may win the battle but is losing the war.

    But to me the alternative is not good either. PAKATAN so far has not proof they are the viable heir.

  109. Anonymous9:09 am

    Let's look at these 2 significant events to show how low the integrity of these "Sultan" Nizar and his Pakatan crooks.

    And his current derhaka is purely a wayang to save his embarrasment that he loose the majority control.

    2 Events:-

    On Tuesday, Feb 3, "Sultan" Nizar says,

    "......The Perak state government will not call for a state election... " and ".....Pakatan Rakyat government was “very stable” at the moment...."

    On Thursday, Feb 5, "Sultan" Nizar says:-

    "....I will leave it to him to decide whether to allow the dissolution.”.....


    "Sultan" Nizar has declared that he will not call for election because the govt is stable, presumbly he has the majority. If he (and Anwar) really sincere for the Rakyat, to champion for "Makhamah Rakyat", he should have call for disolution while he still maintain majority.

    Why cry for dissolution ONLY upon you lose the majority?

    Where is your principle?

    2. "Sultan" Nizar terang terang (or just want to show how hero is he), say he leave the decision to Sultan Perak on dissolution. Now that the Sultan Perak made a decision,, which is not in your favour, you Derhaka!!!

    What is this? No shame?

    Just sick and regret voting for Pakatan in the last election, "F**K Off you Pakatan Idiots

    Link here:

    Tuesday February 3, 2009
    Perak will not call for state polls despite uproar

    IPOH: The Perak state government will not call for a state election given the political developments of the past week but is prepared for any by-election.

    Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said the Pakatan Rakyat government was “very stable” at the moment.

    “Despite what has been happening the past week, we are very stable.

    “There is no likelihood of the state legislative assembly being dissolved.

    In fact, we are getting sympathy and support from the people over what is happening.

    Thursday February 5, 2009
    Nizar leaves fate of govt in Sultan’s hands

    IPOH: Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin failed yesterday to get the royal consent to dissolve the state assembly and call for fresh elections.

    After a one-hour-and-40-minute meeting with Sultan Azlan Shah in Istana Kinta, a serious-faced Nizar emerged at 5.35pm and told reporters waiting outside the palace gates: “I have sought an audience with the Sultan and requested for the dissolution of the state assembly. I will leave it to him to decide whether to allow the dissolution.”

  110. Anonymous9:15 am

    Nizar, Nizar...

    Sia-sia sahaja kau korbankan darah kau untuk memperjuangkan agenda Cina DAP. Itu bukan Jihad namanya... kau bukan akan mati Syahid dengan cara begitu. Itu bunuh diri namanya.


  111. Anonymous9:35 am

    So, ada ke 100,000 people at the rally at MB's residence?


  112. Anonymous9:39 am

    deleted this blog address from my favourite.

    how can you stand by to ignore the right of all perakian and deemed is as fit to accept those frogs from BN?

    If NS falls to PR, I will condemn PR like mad. No to frogs, and no to "not ask people for their choice" in the constitution.

    Get lost, you are just writing to kill off all of our next generation mindset. You are just as guilty as the 4 frogs.

  113. Anonymous9:41 am

    like this u call derhaka?

    not too long ago, badawi & najib's goons calling the king 'natang...

    and with much arrogance!

  114. Anonymous9:50 am

    Aiyah, simple la!

    If BN can?

    PR should also la!

  115. Anonymous10:00 am

    apa la diaorang ni. just the day before that they leave it to the sultan to make the decision. now that the sultan has made the decision, they didn't agree. what a joke.


  116. Anonymous10:01 am

    Sultan Azlan Shah always had my respect for his knowledge, wisdom and integrity amongst other stellar qualities. I had hoped that he will rule in favour of fresh state polls so that the rakyat's true wishes are known and respected.

    He ruled however that BN's 28 + 3 "friendly independants" indicated that MB Nizar had lost the confidence of the majority of the Dewan Undangan Negeri.

    I am personally dismayed that the undated resignation letters, the lawsuit filed to have the courts decide on the status of the "independants" and the declaration by the DUN Speaker that the two ex-PKR held seats were vacant were all insufficient for the Sultan to decided otherwise. I wonder if he wasmis-informed about somepertinent facts.

    Be that as it may, I concur with the "sembah takzim" approach. The Sultan must be accorded the respect which is his due. Kami kena beradab dan bersopan.

    Even when some resort to uncouth, dirty or unscrupulous tactics, we should be true to ourselves and our heritage.

    In that vein, whilst there are some who use "all is fair in love and war" to justify all manner of underhanded moves, that is all rubbish. That all is fair excuse is untenable - what if your daughter's suitor won her heart and your approval for their marriage with his claims of being a high-flying executive with a string of degrees and a heart of gold, only to be found to be a twice-divorced wife-beating thief with a long police record? That "all is fair" excuse is more an indictment against the user's lack of moral fibre and character.

    In that vein also, Anwar and Pakatan's welcoming of Nasarudin meant that they had no moral high ground to protest against his subsequent hopping back to UMNO, and the "friendly" support for BN from the 3 ex-Pakatan ADUNs. How to complain about UMNO, Najib or BN? He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

    Far better that party-hopping be banned. Remove instead the 5 year ban on those who resign elected seats, and have fresh by-elections to see who the rakyat want as their representatives.

    And I still hope that the court will rule that the 2 ex-PKR ADUNs and possibly Hee's seats are vacant, necessitating by-elections which will afford the rakyat of Perak the chance to decalre if they want BN or Pakatan to rule their state.

  117. Anonymous10:16 am

    You guys are losing the plot man when it comes to commenting..

    Just because Nizar is standing up to fight til his last drop of blood that is called treason and stupid and wat not. And some even say he is pro DAP or whatever not..

    You are definitely missing the forest..

    If someone barged into your house and claimed that it was his and evicted you out thru illegal means, perhaps you should just shut your mouth and do nuts and let it all be over with.. Is that what you guys are trying to say?

    So right now it is wrong to defend one's backyard.. Haha.. And I thot some guy once told me that Malays will never back down when their rights are being challenged.. Come on la.. You guys are hypocrites yourself from the way you guys comment.

    And I bet there are many umno cyber troopers around. Ex Pakatan (commenter) could be one of them.. Just because Pakatan collapsed he thinks Pakatan is not that a viable choice and he regrets his actions in voting Pakatan.. Stop moaning and just go to hell la.. If you think BN is so good then vote BN la and dont complain when BN oppresses the shit out of you..

    Let me say this. For those who are not staying in the PR led states, shut your mouth. Go there and stay for at least 3 months and you will know how much it has improved or changed...

    If you guys think BN had done a great job (note the word great) then by all means go vote BN in the next GE...

  118. Anonymous10:26 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Ada cerita yang saya nak sampaikan kepada saudara:

    Semalam semasa saya bersama-sama dengan keluarga saya seramai 5 orang menonton Berita di TV3 untuk mengetahui keadaaan politik di negari kelahiran isteri saya yang tercinta.

    Sedang kami mengikuti dengan penuh khusyuk tiba-tiba, anak lelaki saya yang berumur 14 tahun,bertanya kepada saya kenapa mereka derhaka kepada Sultan.Kami berdua suami isteri terpinga-pinga kerana tidak sangka anak saya yang tidak tahu berpolitik akan keluar perkataan DERHAKA dari mulutnya itu.(Semasa Nizar,Anwar dan Hadi Awang membuat statement depan press)

    Terkejut sekali lagi apabila isteri saya anak jati PERAK mengeluarkan ayat-ayat ini kepada anak saya.Apa yang berlaku di PERAK hari ini, sudah ada tanda orang Melayu sudak tidak hormat kepada Raja kita sebagai Ketua dan merangkap Ketua Ugama di negari ini.Tuanku adalah bekas Ketua Hakim Negara dan orang yang mempunyai pendidikan yang tinggi dan tahu apa yang perlu di lakukan. Rasa hormat terhadap Raja sudah nampak menuju kepada kebiadapan dan mereka-mereka ini sudah lupa dengan RUKUNEGARA.Kalau mama jadi Sultan, mama pastikan halau mereka dari PERAK dan tidak benarkan mereka jejak kaki ke bumi PERAK.Jangan sampai kerana nak mengejar kuasa dan kepentingan politik masing-masing, sanggup mengeluarkan ayat-ayat yang boleh mengguriskan hati Sultan dan cuba menidakkan keputusan yang Sultan buat.Inilah pemimpin yang merbahaya sekali.

    Selepas anak saya tidur saya bertanya kepada isteri saya yang langsung tidak minat politik selama ini kenapa dia keluar ayat-ayat itu.Kami tidak tinggal di PERAK kerana menetap di luar mencari rezeki.Kata isteri saya, dia yang selalu menghubungi kawan-kawan dia samada yang bekerja dengan kerajaan mahupun swasta.Katanya macam-macam yang berlaku semasa pemerintahan yang baru ini selepas PRU12.Macam-macam insiden yang berlaku tetapi saya tidak ingin menghuraikan disini kerana tak mahu menjadikan isu ini sebagai isu perkauman.Mereka kepejabat kerajaan semakin kurang ajar dan kadangkala cuba membangkitan isu-isu dan kata-kata yang kalau hilang sabar akan menjadi ribut.Banyak lagi yang isteri saya katakan sampai dia kata orang melayu di PERAK akan berada dalam situasi yang tidak baik.Saya terkejut dengan kata-kata beliau.Seperkara lagi isteri saya berkata,apa MB Nizar boleh buat kalau nama saja MB tetapi dicucuk hidung oleh orang2 tertentu.Meraka ada muslihat utk menghancurkan orang Melayu.Demdam mereka masih ada lagi bang......Lagi terkejut saya mendengarnya.

    Kenapa saya nak cerita disini, saya yakin Tuanku membuat keputusan yang bijak untuk rakyat PERAK.Demi kesejahteraan rakyat sebelum menjadi isu yang tidak menguntungkan sesiapa. Saya yakin Tuanku tentu dapat maklumat-maklumat yang tepat dan mengetahui keadaan negeri PERAK.

    Akhir kata saya berharap Dato Seri Nizar undurlah demi kesejahteraan rakyat PERAK.Keadaan masih lagi tidak stabil kerana malam tadi kawan saya di PERAK, beritahu keadaan di kediaman MB begitu tegang dan penuh emosi,ucapan yang cuba membakar semangat pengikut-pengikut mereka dan yang peliknya lebih kepada Dato Seri Najib.Tak guna orang Melayu berpecah kerana yang untung orang lain.


    Anak Malaysia

  119. Anonymous10:34 am

    It's hard to argue with the government. Remember, they run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, so they must know a thing or two about satisfying women.

  120. Anonymous10:43 am

    Kata pendokong reformis totok: hold a new election. Stupid! Dengan situasi ekonomi negara yang sedang tenat, mau lagi bazir duit?

    Move on la please. Ikut apa kata Sultan.

    Bila Anwar yang nak beli MP untuk merampas kerajaan sah BN pada 16 September, semua orang sokong. Termasuk Lim Guang Eng, Karpal Singh dan Nik Aziz.

    What happens in Perak is exactly the same. But sadly it is not Sept 16, but Feb 5. :)

  121. Anonymous10:45 am

    Rukun Iman
    (1) Beriman kepada ALLAH SWT
    (2) Beriman kepada Malaikat-malaikat
    (3) Beriman kepada Kitab-kitab
    (4) Beriman kepada Rasul-rasul
    (5) Beriman kepada Hari Kiamat
    (6) Beriman kepada Qada dan Qadar


  122. Bro,

    Nasib baiklah Sultan/ Raja2 Melayu ni termasuklah Brunei, dan orang Melayu ni beragama Islam. So tahap kesabaran dan toleransi ni sgt la berpada-pada.

    Kalaulah kat Thai (sebab PR kan suka amik contoh negara jiran), yang mana majoriti agama Buddha, klu kutuk atau derhaka pada Raja dah lama dah mampus...

    Kepada org melayu yg sembahyg hajat semlm, kampung korang hampir tergadai psl Cina DAP yang memerintah korang bukannya Nizar (He is only puppet slave). Semua hak melayu / bumis DAP nak hancurkan.

    Fikirla betul2. Klu kerajaan perak ni tak anti-melayu aku tak rasa BN nak sangat buat cara camni.

  123. Anonymous10:54 am

    ceko ceko ahh...
    ceko ceko ihhh...
    eko eko ahh...
    eko eko ihhh...

    haaa haaa haaa....
    hiii hiii hiii...
    hilang gigi tinggal camryy...

    p/s: Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas p ramlee..

  124. Anonymous11:06 am


    Baca, jangan tak baca:

    "His Highness may have acted erroneously in directing the resignation of the Mentri Besar."

    (Paduka Seri Sultan kemungkinan telah mengambil tindakan yang salah dengan meminta Menteri Besar letak jawatan).

    Baca, jangan tak baca, kat sini ------> rencana panasssss

  125. Anonymous11:07 am

    ur post on God loves Nizar, i have the same opinion too.
    he is straying abit, and God is saving him from falling deeper.
    i wonder how many others feel the same.
    you should drop by the mosques in perak these days. the mood is very sombre.
    i still cant understand why those who has been taking care of the mosques all these while are being made to suffer when he was in power.
    i am ambivalent about the whole situation. one hand, i did vote for change, on the other, change went overboard.
    for what its worth, the sultan did the right thing for his subjects. its not popular, but it was necessary.
    i am grateful to still have a sultan who has foresight beyond all those who is not even from Perak and yet, are suddenly experts in Law and Politics.


  126. Anonymous11:10 am

    It is a glorious day. The sultan has sacked the Malay menteri besar of Perak, a member of Parti Islam... and installed enchick KADEER. I saw his picture in Berita Harian. He looks like an Indian snake.

    Shahriman Johary

  127. Anonymous11:17 am

    Salinan surat MB Nizar ke Sultan.


    Baca di sini.

    Jangan jatuh ke dalam propaganda putar belit Barisan Nasional.

  128. Anonymous11:26 am

    I am just disappointed. Disappointed with Najib, with the turncoats, with Rocky for not even trying to imply there is a wrongdoing, with the Sultan, with PKR for getting unprincipled persons as a candidate.
    Simply put there is no fear of God, there no conscience and for that, I am sad since there is no more a value, a final anchoring point, that we can use as a boundary between right and wrong.
    There is no need to take an oath of office, since it is worthless in both this world and next.

    For me, if there is a lesson to be learnt, firstly, the King is also human with need and emotions. It is totally unreal to expect him to be above anything since, as a human, there will be failings. Related to that, DAP need to be able in the future to show some respect to that institution. The songkok saga, rubbed me the wrong way too.
    Second lesson, like father like son. I don't think Tun Razak would be turning in his grave. He would probably do the same. Remember 13th May. I worry for Malaysia.

  129. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Saudara Shahriman Johary,

    ""and installed enchick KADEER. I saw his picture in Berita Harian. He looks like an Indian snake.""

    I'm also a Malay, but why don't you take your racist comment and stick it up your a*se.


  130. 'Perderhakaan' cannot be tolerated
    Nizar ,anwar and their Pakatan group worse than British Resident/advisor pre merdeka time
    The Fed must act to uphold 'Kedaulatan Raja raja' as enshirined in the constitution
    They must be charged under TREASON ACT..

  131. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Bodos Nizar nak saman Tuanku. Tak akan menang. Tak dapat saman pun.

    Ingat tak ada sapa belanggar dgn Sultan akan menang. Tak ada!

    Pasal ini, kerjayanya berakhir sekelip mata.

    PAS akan rugi dan hilang parti alternatif Melayu.

    Bodoh kau Nizar!

    Terikut sgt cakap Anwar Belakangbrahi, Kepala puSingh, dan Lim Kit Sial.

    Melayu bertambah renggang dan PKR dan DAP yang untung.

    Bodoh yang tersangat bodoh!

  132. Anonymous2:56 am


    what do you expect from pasquale?
    relying from his one-sided views?
    common on, rocky you are better than this.

  133. Anonymous4:27 pm

    PR should listen to "titah" sultan. Losing Perak does'nt means PR lose at all cost.

    If PR listen to "titah" sultan, PR will gain more support from rakyat because rakyat always support their Sultan and truth.