Friday, February 27, 2009

Fox bosses quit

Brenden Pereira has offered to resign from Fox Communications after the public relations firm, envied for the number of lucrative government contracts that have gone its way in such a short time, lost its jewel in the crown Sime Darby.

Shaik Akmal Halayuddin, one of the founders of Fox, has also offered to quit.

Brenden made news after this blogger and Jeff Ooi (now MP for Jelutong) alleged him for plagiarism. He is a close friend of Kalimullah Hassan and politician Khairy Jamaluddin. Brenden quit the NSTP soon after the plagiarism scandal to join Wong Sulong, the former Star editor-in-chief, to form Fox.

Fox was said to be the brainchild of Kali and old pal MoF II, Nor Mohd Yaakob. Its major accounts included Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's various economic corridors.

Over dinner with bloggers two nights ago, Tun Musa Hitam, the Sime Darby chairman, blamed "poor PR" strategy for it losing IJN and Labu. Read Nuraina's Moving on with .. better PR and A. Kadir Jasin's Sime Promises Better PR.


  1. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Don't be taken in by SD being nice to you guys.

    SD tried to take what is the public's and make it their's!

    And the people who entertained you were the ones that said yes to those moves.

    Ask them to create real value not take what others have created if they are really capable experienced managers!


  2. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Dear Rocky. So what? These pirates will pillage and plunder with another ship.

  3. If they are honest and straightforward at heart, there would not be any need for PR Agencies. The Rakyat are not fools!

    So, Musa Hitam and SD CEO should not blame PR for their crooked attempt to take over IJN and lumber the Rakyat with an unwanted and totally wasteful Labu LCCT.

    They should both resign as post merger, SD shares prices have fallen by more than 50%. Jerry Yang, FOUNDER MEMBER of Yahoo was given the boot by his Shareholders for just that - failing to accept Microsft's buyout offer and then seeing the shares plunge to record lows.

    Why are our GLC Chairmen and CEO's at SD, Tenaga, TMI/TM protected and mollycoddled after poor performances/huge losses? Why do we not follow international best practices?

  4. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Quit ?? He ought to be SACKED and prosecuted !!!
    This is the problem with our BALLESS leadership.
    Despite of the various scam, they always manage to escape... no wonder Malaysian criminals never learn !!!

    BARUA !!

  5. Anonymous12:12 am

    Is it not just all about cold hard cash? When the grass is worn out and trodden, the pasture is always greener the other side of the fence.

  6. Anonymous2:05 am

    I see your "reliable sources" are not reliable after all...u got the names wrong la.

  7. Anonymous2:26 am

    Heard this akmal fellow is a proxy for minister finance 2 TSri Nor. Both mamak gang. Apparently he is only the runner protecting the shares only but surely had a durian runtuh himself! where is MACC? No more sweeping under the carpet please...

    Thieves must be prosecuted!

    Judge Man

  8. Brendan could retire happily ever after in Singapore after this. So goodbye and good riddance.

  9. Fox was sacked by SD but people like Brendan and Kali can call it a day with a smile that's still wide enough I'd say. They now have more than enough time to go enjoy the fat consultancy payments they've extracted from SD over the past few years - a disservice towards shareholders done by the SD top leadership.

    Apa susah kan... bukan duit bapak-bapak dia.

    BTW should there be openings with Fox-like companies to engage in whatever, someone please send the application form to me ya... The remunerations are sure to beat `honest writing' type of work.

  10. Anonymous4:46 am

    Mediocre making the grades through connections and being myrmidon.
    Negara ku Alahai pemimpin ku......
    Tak lupa juga hiduplah perompak negara ku. Despicable.......

  11. Anonymous8:05 am

    "..Heard Brenden Pereira's Fox Media made RM30 million profit just from Sime Darby in 2008. That's a lot of money to be made by a single PR company...."

    "...All in all Fox raked in RM110 million from the launching of all the economic corridors, including the Northern Corridor Economic Region of which Sime Darby is master planner...."

  12. Salivating with satisfaction, Bru?

    Well, you should and you deserve too as well.

    Those buggers had it coming.

    Spin masters, so they thought because they could twist and turn anything and everything. But in this they got stung well.

    What is worrying is what kind of people we have at the helm of Sime Darby. Shouldn't they have known how people will react when you ambush them with these kinds of decisions? And what about the quality of he cabinet decision which initially gave its approval and then turned turtle when they saw from Tun Mahathir down to all and sundry there was only anger and annoyance at these cheap attempts at proceeding with unsupportable projects?

    Maybe Brendan should learn a lesson here. You just can't go out of the newsroom thinking that you now are the master of public relations. It is so obvious he and those at Fox are just not in touch with the pulse of the nation.

  13. Anonymous10:29 am

    It is not poor PR la Musang pembelot bangsa that cause you to lose the deals.

    The deal stinks to high heaven. Get that to your stubborn and conniving head!

    Badly planned, and poor research.

    For a fuckcking big company like SDarby said to be world beaters, develop your own business!

    Lazy mutherfuckers!

  14. Anonymous10:35 am

    Bro, What can you expect from CROOKS and TRAITORS who don't give a damn about the country and rakyat.
    Tun Musa says he's going on 75 but most of the people know he's lifestyle! Retire gracefully la Tun!
    Zubir should digest what Kimanis MP Datuk Anifah Aman said in Parliament and leave.
    Brenden Pariah who! Oh yes I remember him! The Red Dot operative recruited by spymaster Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan to destroy Umno and BN. Congrats Singapore!
    Nor Mohd Yackop, the Finance Minister II and he's also a Tan Sri! Aiyoo, you guys tell us la more about him. Dia ka itu Ezam ada cakap sama Badawi dulu...


  15. Anonymous10:55 am


    You certainly are envious of your former NSTP colleagues who have progressed to big time careers and businesses while you sulk in your pathetic blog.

    You have made many posts that incriminate those ex-colleagues of yours as if they've done so much wrong. They have worked harder and smarter than most of us to earn the achievements accrued to them. You can even take a swipe at the AirAsia boss who worked so hard while you sit in your comfy editorial desk.

    It takes a different level of thinking to be the ones unsettling the dust, forging ahead and paving the way. It takes an unreasonable person and one with an unusual dissatisfaction with the status quo to create progress and development.

    When history is made, it takes people with your level of thinking to sit on your ass, reading about long after the fact and then decide to blog about.


    Siti Carol.

  16. Anonymous11:21 am

    I have a suggestion. Why don't we do a chart to showcase who are the people rise and fall alongside Badawi administration.

    What say you ?

  17. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    Appreciate your consent to post my comment here. My friendly reminder to SDWatch on Creative Accounting got deleted....

    Din Samdol,
    Is this what you called a "creative accounting"? Just show our stupidity on the matter. I bet that you can't even distinguish between accounting records and financial statements.


  18. Gorbashov is remember as the leader of USSR who introduced perestoroika and finally destroyed USSR as a balance Superpower to USA
    PakLah will remember as a PM who damage the political stability of Malaysia in every aspect and turn Malaysia to political uncertainty

  19. Anonymous3:09 pm

    They've made their phucking millions already. Nmae and dignity ?
    They dun give a phuck coz they've got none !!


  20. Anonymous3:23 pm

    first it barks...then it gets thrown a bone and now it wags its tail...what is it?

  21. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Where got good PR or bad PR; only good management and bad management. Best PR is P.Ramlee.

    - Firm Believer

  22. Anonymous5:41 pm

    fox retire another fox take over...

    same old story!

  23. Anonymous6:01 pm

    what skill this Musa Hitam has other than talking cock? what are his accomplishment?

  24. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Aku dah meluat la dengan permainan politik BN (Berak Negara) ni.

    Rocky nak pukul orang Badawi bagi pihak Najib. Badawi duduk tak balas pukulan Najib.

    Boring, boring.

  25. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Alah ... dulu Sime Bank 'rugi' ... CEO kena hadap kemahkamah ... walhal kesemua BOD patut dipecat kerana mereka bersetuju dgn 'investment/loans' yg berjuta ringgit!!!

    Setahun sebelum tu ... SD kata dgn Sime Bank (dulu UMBC Bank), SD dapat untung 1B - first time.

    Bila rugi ... cari scapegoat ... kini tak perlu cari scapegoat lagi ... pecat je KAPALA SD ... yg dah jelas bukan 'MELAYU SEJATI' lagi

    Nani Cheras

  26. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Now you are at SD ,

    Can you dig more info on SYABAS ? Details of whats really going on in SPAN/WAMCO , current state goverment stand on the take over , Rozali's irresponsible method of awarding tenders back to his cronies like Damini , Jalur Cahaya and few more . His method of delaying payments in order to reverse take over that vendor. Even UMNO guys hate him for not sincerely helping Malay genuine contractors.He just using his position as Chairman of Persatuan Bumiputra Selangor to buy up performing bumi company that is build on hard toiled sweats.
    Even Khir Toyo got burned by him thru media over environment issues , knowing how much advert money Rozali pumped in Media Prima.

    Please , let the federal take the water utility of Selangor.I dont even trust Khalid too.Ex PNB , lost bid of control in Gurthie , what make you think corporate people able to change.

    Please I am not am idiot.

    Enough of political write up man.Many jokers doing it anyway.Dig more issues related to inefficiency of goverments related companies.

    Thank You


  27. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Hey Brenden,

    Come back to the NST and see if I don't break your nose with a claw hammer.

    Do you know that you could never run a show without messing things up?

  28. we all know PR has nothing to do with SD screw ups.

    Transparency ke ke ke, Musa needs a refresher on it or maybe the entire board should resign.

    PR outfits are to be blamed for SD lack of good governance.... Well,the first best PR they could engage in, is publish an apology for trying to privatise IJN and thinking that Malaysians are fools.

  29. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Rocky what are you trying to say? MOF11 Nor Mohamed Yaakob is pal to all of pak lah's pals including Kali, he will be crazy not to be "pal" of Kali, a confidante of our great PM, eh!

  30. Anonymous11:59 pm

    it is better for his to set-up his own website!!! namely anti rocky-bru!!!


  31. Anonymous10:46 am

    Up yours, Brenden said...
    Hey Brenden,

    Come back to the NST and see if I don't break your nose with a claw hammer.

    Do you know that you could never run a show without messing things up?

    9:33 PM

    Don't hide behind nicknames laa bro. You chicken or what? You want to say stuffs like that, tell me your real name laa. I'll whip your arse real good.

  32. Anonymous1:38 am

    Dear Rocky,

    No wonder it was a fiasco. SD and its PR firm must have thought that it was already a done deal. That's what one gets when one hires boys to do men's job. But no worry. Brendan and his masters can slither on to other govt. projects and spin more dough.

    Jin Toh Chang

  33. Anonymous7:56 am

    I dont consider FOX a PR consultancy firm at all, just a bunch of ex media folks brought in by Hisham Hamdan, Sime Darby (SD-nowadays affectionately referred to as Slime Babi) Grp Head Strategy to do his bidding. CONsultancy more appropriate! Ask them to show what they did for 250K a month. In house department could have done it for nothing.

    Since Hisham reports to President/CEO and President/CEO to the board, these people (especially Tun, the Board Chairman) should be held accountable for the fiasco that is SD nowadays.

    It appears that SD's strategic decisions (merger,IJN, Labu, Bakun..etc) are meant to enrich/benefit a few and not the majority, i.e. the stakeholders/shareholders, i.e the RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA.

    Wonder what this is, if not the blatant abuse of power and high level corruption by the people that have been entrusted to look after us, the RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA.

    When these people pass on, I will visit their graves everyday. Offer prayers, unlikely. Piss on the graves, guaranteed!

    Pemburu Musang

  34. Anonymous3:06 pm

    PR tak PR…

    Sustainable Development yang dicanangkan oleh Sime sejak kebelakangan ini.
    Mana buktinya? Share price merudum, projek terbengkalai/kerugian.

    Yang pasti, kontrak dengan FOX sustaining the lifestyle of the Elite, Rich and Infamous. Dah terbongkar. Tapi, now sweep under carpet. FOX laugh to the bank.

    Untuk rakyat jelata? Ambik duit depa secara haram ni sekilip mata saja.

    Tipu kiri, tipu kanan. Konon untuk kesejahteraan rakyat tanam kelapa sawit, tanam padi, tanam jagung, tanam pokok…

    Ha diaa! Tanam pokok kat tapak semaian Tg Malim tu sapa punya? Tolong check sikit. Berjuta-juta jugak kena bayar.

    Siapa pulak kaya nanti – saudara Musa(ng) Hitam ke, Kem Bodowi ke, kuncu Zubir More shit ke?
    Janji 5 juta pohon dari species terancam pupus…(5 juta X RM30 sepohon = RM150 juta). Betul betul mengancam tu

    Kalau betul buat, good PR…kalau tak, Musang mana yang baru kot akan diberi kontrak PR tolong tutup lubang yang ini pulak. Duit keluar lagi!

    Ha jawab. Jawab.

    Senyum Kerieen

  35. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Most of our writers have given adverse comments on our GLCs especially SD,TM,TNB and MAB (MAAH)etc. My deduction - something must be really wrong otherwise people will not give such adverse comments.I stand corrected.

    Perhaps the choice of people was the root cause such as putting the wrong people at the right place or vice versa. What it means is that once a person is being appointed (high level for example the Chairman, CEO, GM or SM) it is difficult to reverse the decision because reversal leads to embarassment especially to the appointer. Typical of our local culture, it is difficult to say NO or to apologise. In one way or another,somehow "may be" these appointees are quite well protected for reasons best known to the appointer and appointees.

    I wonder whether planters still remember Dennis Pinder, the powerful man in SD those days..
    the man who acquired Seafield...he landed in Changi Prison...for breaking the rules.

    We have been advocating corperate governance and transparency but the level of achievement remains to be seen. Success is a continuous journey and it has no boundary.

    There is a famous saying,the higher you go,the greater you will fall.YOU CAN DELEGATE AUTHORITY BUT YOU CANNOT DELEGATE RESPONSIBILITY.


  36. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Fox bosses are a bunch of ball-carriers when they were working in their respective media. For example Wong Sulong is known as a PR guy in the Star and he likes people to also angkat him.

    Wong is so unpopular in the Star that when he left and joined Fox, many reporters did not want to cover his PR events.
    So companies that paid Fox big bucks are actually wasting their shareholders' money for Wong himself is a liability to his company.

  37. Anonymous3:05 am

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