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"Nyah Karpal" di Rembau

update, 1.3.2008 11.20am:

UMNO Youth Courage or Ketidaksopanan?
Lawyer-blogger Jahamy, who runs Rapera, which is the latest addition to my blogroll, thinks there is need for more sophisticated methods to score political points.
Others (pls see at the end of this posting) don't agree.

Original Posting:

Anti-Karpal in Khairy's county.

Every time I balik kampung in Lubok Cina at the Melaka-N.Sembilan border about 90-min drive at legal speed on the North-South Highway from KL, I exit at Pedas-Linggi and must pass through Khairy Jamaluddin's constituency of Rembau.

You see more lembu, kambing and other binatang ternakan than you see people along the narrow and winding Fed roads of Rembau. Yesterday, I saw more angry posters and banners than people.

Even though you don't see many of them, you can tell that of late the people in Rembau do not like Karpal Singh.

They don't like him for two reasons:

1. Because he is kurang ajar and biadap to Sultan of Perak, and
2. Because he called Pemuda Umno "celaka"

Said one Khairy Jamaluddin's supporter: "Tak guno cilako Karpal tu .. Den doa biar dio mampuih!"

How much the Nyah Karpal tactic will help the son-in-law at the elections for the Umno Youth leader later this month remains to be seen, but it's clear that Karpal has succeeded in touching the hearts and minds of the Malays in the kampung and not just at Dewan Rakyat.

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Updates on Sunday morning:
1. Umno blogger Big Dog says Umno Youth was exercising their right, and Karpal Singh is the Real Culprit!
2. Aziz Hassan, in Here's the New Malay for you, laments the rise of Karpal apologists among the liberal Malays
3. Shamsul Yunus feels that a softly worded sarcastic remark would have done the job better in Kenapa serang Karpal yang dah nak karam?



  2. Anonymous2:48 am

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Replay of 60s' UMNO politics... orang kampong tak sedar "musuh dalam selimut"... orang Rembau lagi tak sedar musuh bukan lagi dalam selimut, tapi dalam seluar!! Namanya..... k........j! Nasiblah Melayu Rombau!

  3. Anonymous4:12 am

    yepp just wait and see

  4. Anonymous5:50 am

    only dickheads like you would make what hes doing seem racist.

  5. Anonymous5:50 am

    only dickheads like you would make what hes doing seem racist

  6. takdo doh tu rocky, kery tu dh tonat sangat tak dapek nak ditolong laie..

  7. Anonymous7:26 am

    Alah, bullshit lah Rocky.

    Orang kampung ke macai Umno yg pasang banner?

    Kenapa they dont feel as passionate for the nasib rakyat yang suffering from the slowdown, for the environment, for the education and the state of the children, progress of nation etc eh?

    What is a mere stupid word like celaka anyway? Are their actions gonna benefit the Melayu and the other honest citizens?

    Their fight is all more form than substance. Lantakla Karpal nak saman Sultan pun, Tun pun anti-raja gak dulu...let due process take place la...bukan karpal nak bunuh Sultan, nak saman je! And who lucutkan immunity raja anyway? Tak ingat??

    Sayang betul...Melayu ni masih dalam kegelapan dan kemunduran buatan sendiri - MOB MENTALITY.. all worked up by a stupid word.

    Pirate Queen

  8. Anonymous7:29 am


    Mel Ayu.

  9. Kalau Karpal mampuih - Pemuda UMNO?

  10. Anonymous7:51 am

    Yes, u r right Rocky. In a way, directly or indirectly, whether he realizes it or not, I think Karpal is helping SIL for the upcoming UMNO Youth election.

    Kakifikir, Kuching

  11. sayang sekali ada orang yang menyokong ketuanan raja yang juga ketua agama Islam ini turut tidak menunaikan solat dan beberapa ibadat wajib y lain. solat dalam hati barangkali terjemahan fizikalnya ialah setia kepada raja..hurmm..

  12. Rocky,

    That's the Malays of Rembau, home of the UMNO youth leader candidate. What about other parts of the country where Malays are such as Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Kedah and Perlis? Are they as vocal?

    And if they want Karpal out of Tanah Melayu, will Karpal move to Sabah or Sarawak (since they are not part of Tanah Melayu, but still part of Malaysia) ?

  13. Pemuda Umno badly need a Rock Star like status politician an icon very much like Anwar to Pakatan that why between Karpal and Anwar ,Pakatan will choose Anwar and kick Karpal and his son Deo as well
    Khairy can offer to Pemuda Umno a persona like a Rock Star Status like politician , very good orator and charismatic , he doesnt have to be 100% popular but need a re brand away from PakLah and foxes like Kali & gang

  14. Anonymous8:32 am

    Alahai Abang Rocky ni.

    Terlalu berat sebelah kepada UMNO.

    Rocky tidak memahami bahawa persoalan Karpal Singh itu adalah wajar dan betul mengikut Perlembagaan dan undang-undang.

    Ingatlah juga bahawa Karpal Singh juga tidak pernah menghina, mengutuk atau menyebut sebarang perkataan keji kepada mana-mana Raja.

    Tetapi golongan UMNO yang memanggil Agong kita 'natang' tak juga disoal.

    Macam mana ni Rocky?

    UMNO ni guna bomoh mana ni untuk memperbodoh dan memesong pemikiran rakyat kampung kita, Rocky?

    Kasihan golongan kampung di Rembau.

    Kalau nak faham dengan siapa yang sebenarnya menderhaka Raja, tontonilah penerangan terperinci yang hebat ini di Dewan Rakyat Parlimen kita... baru kita faham dengan jelas siapa yang kurang ajar kepada Raja. Ini ucapan Parlimen tau, jangan main-main.

    Siti mintak tonton, dengar dan fahamilah ya. Kemudian, buat sahajalah keputusan sendiri.

  15. Bro,

    Secara tidak langsung perbuatan Karpal Singh turut membantu kempen menantu. Wajarkah Karpal Singh di siasat oleh Lembaga Disiplin UMNO?

  16. Anonymous8:37 am

    Karpal's gone out of line. Fine, people can criticize the pack of youths who "harassed" him. But how come no one's lamabasting him for his baseless accusation towards UMNO Youth.

    Whilst I don't condone such acts, I must admit that I would be freakin' pissed off if someone membuta tuli accuse me.

  17. Anonymous8:53 am

    Can't you see these are the job by Umno not by Malay in general.
    Karpal is a well respected politiician without fear and favor. He only call those suspects who are hidden in the Umno Youth "Celaka". He may even call the same in the DAP and PKR.
    Rocky, since you are with UMNO, please for Allah sake, help to change the mindset of Umno and pull them out of the Evil path. Umno is like giving to Drugs to Malay and get them addicted so that they can't live without UMNO.


  18. Anonymous9:00 am

    "The people don't like Karpal"???

    From the looks of the signs it's probably Khairy spending a couple of bucks to print a few signs. I don't see any evidence presented that "the people" have any involvement in this.

    Anyone can go & get some signs printed. Of course if you are UMNO then there is no need to pay the suppliers! :-)

  19. Anonymous9:02 am

    "the people don't like Karpal"??

    Where is the evidence? Any UMNO goon can go & get a few signs made up & stuck in the ground - with no permit of course.

    And if you are UMNO then no need to even pay the supplier! :-)


  20. Anonymous9:20 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Sounds like all those contesting are grasping at straws looking for anything at all to make them look like they are championing a cause! Maybe somewhere out there those who claim to be leaders of the Malays think that the only way to get the attention of their Malay constituents is when they are on the war path or something. Maybe in their reckoning the Malay psyche only requires a leader when confronted with a battle before him, otherwise the Malay does not look up to any leader. so these so called leaders have to make believe a battle or a war and that the Malays need them to lead.

    I wonder what a wannabe Malay leader would say to convince his constituents at a time of peace when there is no battle or war or perceived enemy or danger?

  22. Anonymous9:35 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Privileges in Parliament
    Both parties must respect
    In this august house
    Debate and argue
    The norm in parliamentary democracy

    Both parties have called ungentlemanly names
    Words and no respect throwing in
    What has it got to do with Harm Noh?
    They are part of the process too

    The political parties
    No matter what we want to say
    Scoring points seem the way
    Branding it we can’t ignore

    Law is law
    Nobody must be above it
    The Rajas and Sultans and the people
    Knowing it too
    We can be sued and counter sued
    In law as used on the land

    On the way you have seen
    Playing racist game isn’t the way
    Fight for Malaysia and Malaysians
    This is the brand we should say

    The recession and depression setting in
    Our political leaders arguing unnecessary
    Even the uniformed personnel taking sides
    On law it should be fair
    Yet you and I know the battlegrounds are different

    On Malaysia we live and die
    Sad to see racial dilemma divides
    The people of multi-racial country
    Trying to make a name
    Yet others want to pull it down

  24. Anonymous10:20 am

    it goes to show certain "people" will protect their ketuanan for whatever reason as long as they think they are mighty and high. they are not bothered that they will continue to eat bread and porridge for another 100 years as the country goes to the dogs. What is important is not the future of their family and country, but for some ketuanan ego.

    wake up la! KJ eating abalone everyday while u still rummaging the rubbish bins. Itukah yang kau org mahu?

  25. Anonymous10:24 am

    Ghombau bolehlah KJ tunjuk ek! Sangkut banner sana sini. Oghang Umno Ghombau bodoh! Solamo ini lotak calon tah sapo-sapo, monang! Boleh ngaku dia umno dan dia oghang ghombau, cukuplah! Maso kempen tu yo jumpa, lopeh tu hilang! KJ tu dulu, takdo sapo tau tu asal usul eh, asalkan ngaku yo oghang umno ghombau, monang! Kok lotak tunggo pulai sobagai calon umno pun gerenti monang punyo!!!

    Ni KJ dah jadi wakil parlimen Ghombau. Apo yang dio dah buek kek ghombau? Banyak dah pelabor datang molabor ke Ghombau? Banyak dah industri? Mondoghu dah budak-budak Ghombau masuk unibersiti? Molaghah sawah tobia dah diusahokan ko? Hak topi-topi jalan tu sajo nak nunjuk yo. Poi tenguk Ulu Sopoghi, Ulu Sonamo, Solamak, Bintongan, Ulu Congkau, Ulu Gadung? Yo soghah kek Felkra. Dah bori tau dah Felkra tipu orang Ghombau? Kok dio samo yo tak? Bolakang Gunung Dato tu banyak lai utan toba. Dah masuk buldoza dah?
    Utan Sopoghi tu hanco dah kan? Dongan batang-batang dughian kek dusun lamo tu disapu habih!
    Oghang Ghombau diam jo! Bia lah! Takpo lah!
    Ohgang umno Ghombau bodoh!!!

  26. Anonymous10:50 am

    Khairy succeeded in main passing belakang.
    Karpal pun rela kena pakai oleh si budak KJ tu.
    Kesian orang kampung kena wayang. Tapi orang kampung begitu la yang kasi laku filem hindustan.
    Emm... tumpang lalu, kena pegi blog lain pula nak tolong kejutkan yang masih mimpi-mimpi.

  27. Rocky, the other day a very long stretch royal limousine with a yellow flag complete with police escorts were seen trying to get into TMC supermarket but not from the main road but the small road infront of Strudel and Mahbob restaurant trying to get God knows where causing traffinc jam and panic.
    My question is if I am a non-Malay I will surely curse at the particular royalty (must be a big royalty with motorcade and all). Why cant he stay at palace during rush hour? I am a Malay and I cursed too! To think a stretch limousine going through that already congested with small vehicles?
    While we respect and loyal to them (royalty) they must learn how to respect themselves and not to abuse their protocol by barging through a small lane wkith their limousinbe at rush our, okay

  28. Friends and morons!

    Manado is THE place!!!!!

  29. Anonymous11:10 am

    stop under estimating the rural malays. They are not dick heads like you. They know what is right and what is wrong - they are not blind supporters of anyone or any party. And I won't be surprised if the banners in Rembau have been paid with the tax payers money.


  30. Anonymous11:30 am

    sorry rocky, your preferred candidate is trailing. The SIL is now in the forefront.
    Dont get too work-up like a Big Dog justifying mob behaviour due to provocation. Hey, I thought we are moving towards a developed country but tribalism still prevails, eh?

  31. Anonymous11:37 am

    satu Singh boleh kasi ini macam banyak problem, Melayu boleh jadi ini macam insecure, if we just had 10 Sikh MP/Ministers, just imagine....haha... 24/7 bolly movie

    20 UMNO Youth went to kacau the Singh? They need 20 fucking guys to just go and talk with that Singh? you guys kidding me ah? and yeah , that Singh was OKU...hahahah

    politik KJ murahan

  32. Anonymous11:42 am


  33. Memang celaka konco-konco UMNO nie.Pasal depa dah nak karam,depa mainkan politik racist untuk mendapatkan sokongan orang-orang Melayu dengan alasan yang bodoh serta berunsur perkauman.

    Hey,KJ dan celaka-celaka lain kat UMNO dan BN...Kau orang lah yang gi mampuih!!! Rakyat dah matang dan pandai lah.Bukan macam dulu,boleh ditarik hidung kehulur kehilir.

    Si Mahathir cabut gigi raja-raja masa tu nak dapat lebih kuasa untuk BN.Entah kenapa takder sorang pun celaka UMNO yang buat bising.

    Kalau Malaysia takde orang macam YB Karpal Singh,lagi binasa negara kita.Semua 'tutup' rapi.Respek raja-raja? Kalau raja-raja buat kerja tak senonoh pun kena respekke?

    Cuba tanya kat Si Nazrin tu NAZ Kuari milik saper?Saya pun nak tahu.Beli bungalow kasi kawan pompuan cina kat Bangsar tu saper?Respek...ntahlah..

  34. Anonymous11:54 am

    Itu Abang Ali(Bangali) tada salah buat,,,

    Oang kasi dia bullet,,mesti dia risau,,bengang,,Dia cakap ada betul,,,tapi Mass Media kita,,especially the PRO UMNO,,, misinterpretate,, the whole thing,,make things worst,,!!

    Nasib baik dia kata Celaka,,!!
    Olang lamai,,especialy MELAYU,, cakap SIAL PUNYA UMNO and PEMERINTAH ta'kisah pon,,

    Kita Melayu memang BODO,,,


  35. don't be hoodwink. a poster doesn't mean it is the whole kampung more so when SIL didn't win comfortably.

    Karpal may have said a lot of things but they are within the law. if not, he will be charged. but then when UMNO T'gganu calls Natang, no one makes noise. So the folks in Malaysia and the kampung are not blind nor deaf. Those days they can be manipulated based on race and religion are almost over. They know who is taking the money and playing games.

    Now Karpal said we need 20+ UMNO youth guys to turn up at parliament? can't the UMNO Youth chief, deputy chief and Youth chief candidate defend the Youth movement? why need for violence? so this is all sandiwara and shows who is above the law and use violence to get what they want. so who will send bullets? People who follow the law or those who use violence?

  36. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Was Mr Karpal Singh under out-of-control during Dr Mahathir's time?

    Shamsul Yunus' 'softly worded sarcastic remark' or the ISA will bring him under control.


  37. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Hanya orang politik UMNO yang suka memainkan isu -isu api yang akan akhirnya membakar diri-sendirinya.
    Mereka suka memperbodohkan rakyat penduduk kampung sahaja.
    Tanyalah kepada penduduk bandar Melayu atau bukan melayu , UMNO mesti dikutuki sekeras-kerasnya.
    Sepatutnya, mereka harus membantu
    orang kampung yg miskin dan kurang pembangunan atau pendidikan.
    TAPI, mereka lebih rela suka menimbulkan masalah-masalah perkauman atau memecahkan perpaduan rakyat Malaysia sahaja!!! Itulah dipanggi sikap 'Pemimpin rakyat'. Ingatlah reputasi nama Malaysia selalu dihinai oleh negara luar lain kerana Mereka!!
    Sedarlah Raykat Malaysia dan UBAHKAN!!

    Cintai Malaysia.

  38. Kesian betul orang Rembau dan orang Negeri Sembilan. Mereka lupa Raja Melayu pertama yang dihadap ke mahkamah adalah Raja mereka. Mereka tertipu dengan putar belit umno dan KJ. Siapa yang menyebabkan raja mereka tersumbat dalam mahkamah kalau bukan UMNO. Cam tu nak kata mempertahanankan ketuanan melayu. Pergilah mabuk.

  39. Anonymous1:18 pm

    This good for nothing KJ is more of a punk and a matrempit than an Oxford educated politician. He has brought shame to all the graduates from that ivy league university.

    Kj and his childish antics were the prime reasons why his FIL has lost all respect among the voters. Pak Lah for all his shorcomings is a far better person than this oxymoron who plays the racial and religious cards in his attempt to win the UMNO YOUTH presidency.

    Sad to say he might yet win when the UMNO youths act more like braindead zombies who can be easily manipulated by self-serving politicians who do not care for the rakyat or the country.

    The country and the rakyat can go to the dogs for all they care. They are only interested in power, personal glory and the prospect of unlimited wealth ripped off the rakyat.

  40. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Parpu Kari said...



  41. Well, well ,well. It seem that Khairy is very smart. So let me say a think or two. First of all, let me see whether his strategy works. Right now Mukhriz is leading so the benchmark of Khairy's strategy can be measured. If he suceeded in winning the yourth post then the racist strategy works.If not,the plan just blows up in his face.Anyway, can't wait for the UMNO general assembly to see whether they have truly change.Doubt it though.

  42. Anonymous1:58 pm

    To those who want Karpal killed and to those who support this call, let me ask you this:-

    In which section of your holy book you find killing someone is condoned? UMNO Malays who portray themselves as true Muslims have very often failed to demonstrate the real values of Islam. One thing I'm very certain for now; the present approach of UMNO youth will never help Malay and Muslims to be proud of themselves or of their actions. This hooliganism and tit for tat approach is way opposite of true religious values.

  43. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Money is the root to all evils. If you have it, especially corrupted politicians, just throw a few bucks, you get a lot of willing participants soldiering their dirty works.
    Time has changed, malays are more educated, they will not be easily fooled. Otherwise, PR will not get almost half the malay support.
    OXfart Khairy is taking full advantage of these ignorant and numskull goons...the result of UMNO GE will reflect, if UMNO has grown or still living in the binatang mentality of the past.

  44. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Eh, why you keep harping on this Karpal Singh drama ah? You member of Pemuda UMNO ah? If not, than what's the "grumbling like an old lady" attitude, Rocky!?

    Eh, if you think the majority Malays or Muslims out there feel that Pemuda UMNO is their identity, you are so so WRONG.. It is now not cool and hip to be associated with UMNO at all! Who would want to be associated with some angry barbarian who will harrass a man on wheelchair!? Urgh!

    Nobody is saying that Malays or Muslims are Celaka so, Rocky.. CHILL!! Get hip.. UMNO is so yesterday!!!

  45. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Wow! Arent u on a mission rocky to hound down KJ. Crazy shit man. you are like a blog/stalker.

  46. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Thsi is KJ's doing. Ordinary Malay folks in Remabau putting up posters is a bit far fetched. As a journalist, did you goto the ground to talK to the people and report as it is.
    KJ is dead duck if he doesn not win anything at the Youth elections. With his sleeping FIL gone, he will be buried by UMNO, not Karpal.
    Karpal called UMNO YOUTH celaka, not Melayu. Wr all know UMNO is Malay, but to be a Malay is not to be UMNO...same as MCA is Chinese, but not all Chinese is MCA. If the simple reasoning cannot masuk akal ..then the Malays in this country are in for a real hard time

  47. Anonymous5:25 pm

    what the fuck you morons whining about, you are a bunch of fucking loosers with crutches of nep mentality. wtf are you talking about the tiger of jelutong’s fault, That just goes to show how fucking gagah dan berani UMNO YOUTH ARE, 22 big strong and wealthy morons against 1 old wheel chair bound SINGH, IT TOOK 22 GUYS TO COME UP WITH THE BALLS TO CONFRONT HIM, WOW WHAT FUCKING CHAMPIONS AND GAGAH BERANI CELAKAS YOU ARE, THERE WAS A POSTING ABOVE WHICH I found amusing,
    “you saying one bengali can totally dismantle the malay social & political structure?
    pls man, stop spooking yourself…
    get a life & get a real job.”
    yes I have to agree with this, can you imagine 1 old bengali, if there were 1000 bengali, does that mean they can sapu the whole of tanah melayu, can you imagine in India the richest state is the PUNJAB(bread basket of INDIA), do you know why? they arE the most hardworking people in India, can you imagine, they don’t need govt scolarships- handouts, free contracts, free 30% of shares from companies- basically you people are blood suckers and loosers who never suceeded in anything but in deluding your selves in your greatness, let history speak for itself, you have been conquered and bitten by every fucking nation around and been jajahed by them, 300 sikhs, inclusive of pathans and sepois kicked your pahlawan arses back to the jungles when maharajalela assasinated, only 300 took on all the malays, now you delude yourselves again, what utter rubbhish, grow up and see the light or smell the coffee instead of raping yyour own children, beinghypocrate corrupt mongrels, porah pondah UMNO CELAKA, BTW UMNO DOES NOT EQUATE TO ALL MALAYS, ONLY THE LAZY BASTARDS AND LEECHES. FUCKING CLOWNS, BTW I know where you live dickward.

  48. Anonymous5:34 pm

    KJ is one of the main causes of Pak Lah's downfall, we all know that, he's doing more harm than good to his father in law, even now.
    Pak Lah is a good man anyway, or the best prime minister of 5.


  49. UMNO's youth is hiding under the pants of UMNO and if brave enough,why don't they challenge Karpal to a debate with regard to the whole controversial issue?If KJ is that influential and daring,why not provide a platform for debate between UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat once and for all rather than hiding under the umbrella of the police?

  50. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Anon. 5.25pm,
    to the same old same old bigot who deserves the same old question - Well tambi,what the hell are u still doing here?

  51. Karpal Singh style of politics does not go well with Malays especially in UMNO.

    When he said those "Pemuda UMNO celaka" in Dewan Rakyat that means he has no proofs whatsoever about his allegations, so that's why he used Dewan Rakyat to say those words because he knew police reports can't be made against him.

    That's Karpal pondan gentlemen, always using technicalities of the law to do whatever he wants.

    I only have these words for Karpal,

    "Karpal Singh Celaka!"

  52. abg rocky tgh berkempen for KJ as well? nyata sekali KJ order these posters. blah.

  53. Anonymous12:36 am

    Usahlah cuba perbodohkan org... kita semua tahu Rembau tu tempat Khairy.

    Skarang Khairy tu sibuk berlawan untuk kerusi Ketua Pemuda... kena tunjuk belang-belang jadi macam jaguh & pendekar demi agama, bangsa, negara, dan apa-apa lagi ayat yang tamat dengan huruf 'a'...

    Semua tahu poster tu dipasang oleh hulubalang Khairy UMNO dan bukannya penduduk jelata...

  54. Anonymous2:14 pm

    den pun anak negeri dan duduk kat seremban,daerah bertuah kek noghori den ni,pagi tadi den poie rembau sebab nak jumpo kawan den pasal beberapa urusan rasmi,apo rocky kobar kat blog ni den tgk botul jugak,den pun dah lamo x masuk rembau ni,maklumlah(tompek kogheh)sket..hehehe...apa pun den sempat jugak perhati berapa kain rentang,tapi pado pendapat den lah,ni bukan kojo orang kampung sobab kawan den anak jati rembau pun x tau pasal mondo tu ha,ado la pendekar-askar melayu diraja khairi yang melotak nye ha...den suko poie rembau sobab tenang jo..x do mondo ha,tapi kat dalam internet meriah juga namo tompek ni,kehkehkeh


  55. Anonymous2:19 pm

    den pun anak negeri dan duduk kat seremban,daerah bertuah kek noghori den ni,pagi tadi den poie rembau sebab nak jumpo kawan den pasal beberapa urusan rasmi,apo rocky kobar kat blog ni den tgk botul jugak,den pun dah lamo x masuk rembau ni,maklumlah(tompek kogheh)sket..hehehe...apa pun den sempat jugak perhati berapa kain rentang,tapi pado pendapat den lah,ni bukan kojo orang kampung sobab kawan den anak jati rembau pun x tau pasal mondo tu ha,ado la pendekar-askar melayu diraja khairi yang melotak nye ha...den suko poie rembau sobab tenang jo..x do mondo ha,tapi kat dalam internet meriah juga namo tompek ni,kehkehkeh


  56. Anonymous2:54 pm

    kg den ni.. kg den...

  57. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Seriously Rocky - just because UMNO Youth in Rembau put up a few posters means that the Malays of Rembau are angry with Karpal Singh?
    Is that a real measure of anger?
    Besides Karpal was making a comment about UMNO Youth. UMNO Youth no longer represents mainstream Malays nor any stream Malays as I see it.
    Most Malays and Malaysians are getting tired of the antics of UMNO Youth - as the party has failed to truly grasp new ideas or new realities to deal with issues really affecting Youth.
    As for sending a group of them to confront an Old Inidan guy in a wheelchair - really takes the heights of stupidity and thugerry to the mountain top.

    Start getting objective Rocky - as a journalist when did you ever find a poster as refelective of mainstream opinion?

  58. Anonymous11:58 pm


    Allow me to start my comments by saying that I follow closely the current political scenario in the country, which I find very interesting because it’s very much alive, although I must also say that I am apolitical and would prefer not to be associated with any politicians – whichever party they represent, whatever their stance.

    I think I can appreciate the antagonism of certain sectors of the rakyat against certain UMNO personalities who are seen as manipulative and corrupt – and hence, translated their feelings into votes that gave the Pakatan Rakyat more clout through the 12th GE. But at the same time, I feel it unfair to negate UMNO's significant role in nation building over the years.

    Theirs have been such immense contributions – since before Merdeka. And theirs have been contributions which have directly steered Malaysia to where we are today, in diverse sectors of development. Whatever our political bias, we cannot deny either that UMNO has played a vital role leading up to the harmonious co-existence of our multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-racial nation, which is the envy of many countries with similar demographic make-up, yet not as successful nor as lucky as we have been in perpetuating such racial harmony.

    Allow me too to share some thoughts on a couple of matters linked to events that currently impact on our national politics, namely the controversy involving Karpal Singh and the volatile political milieu in Perak. I must confess though that mine are comments of an observer, uninitiated in politics and unschooled in political intrigues.

    While I can understand the reason for the ruckus against Karpal Singh that took place at Parlimen, I also think that such angry reaction has defeated the purpose of wanting to give the old singh what he deserves. The singh – who is actually a political bankrupt – should not have been allowed to take centre-stage for whatever reason. Actually, in spite of his numerous legal successes in cases against the government, he is actually far from being the product of excellence in studies. His law results were dismal, I was told. So, strictly speaking, he wasn’t great from the very beginning. His one ‘great’ attribute perhaps – like that of so many lawyers – is his ability to argue well. However, time and again, it has been universally proven that people who can speak well do not necessarily have excellent grey matter, nor are excellent leaders. I would think this particular singh falls under this category of mediocre performers.

    To my mind, in spite of his seemingly people-centred demeanour, the old singh and his whole family, are arrogant, ambitious folks who would demand special treatment people with humility would never think of doing.

    Once, when the older singh was hospitalized for some ailment, he demanded that he be given VIP treatment although he was not entitled to it. Apparently uncultured behaviour among family members is not restricted to parliamentary sessions. It seems that during the hospital scene, the whole family showed disrespect to authority; they were rude to hospital staff. In the end, they got their way through the quarrelsome streak.

    We have also read about his claim that “singh is king”. I guess he so much wanted to have the taste of being a monarch, and he must have been dreaming of privileges attached to being a monarch – consistent with the behaviour shown at the hospital, when insisting that special treatment be given him.

    So, I deduce that whenever the old singh makes noise about bumiputera privileges, he is not actually championing equality for the rakyat. His stance is the manifestation of his subconscious envious trait for not being born with such native privileges. That explains the hospital scene, and the recent claim to being king. Similarly, his outburst against the decision by the Perak ruler is also another manifestation of his frustration for not being born with such privileges.

    What the old singh has done and said recently depicts him as someone who should be treated like trash. Why give him the opportunity to be glorified by giving him the ammunition to throw more trash? Instead, what should be done by all peace-loving Malaysians who treasure the racial harmony enjoyed all these decades is to give him the treatment he deserves, i.e., give him a taste of his own medicine. He is not worth the two bullets given him.

    What he deserves is to have trash thrown at him as much as possible, and as often as possible, whenever possible. Why not send him trash every day? Why not make his house a dumping ground, the way trash should be dumped? Since he is so full of sh**, why not give him the sh** he deserves. Throw it at the wall, smear his compound, fertilise his garden, glaze some sh** in the driveway.

    Send him the sh** every day, and in as many ways as peace-loving Malaysians can think of. Give him all types of sh** – cattle sh**, goat sh**, chicken sh**… Why not make the culvert around his house a dumping ground as well. Since he chooses to behave the way trash behaves, then perhaps one could also use his house as the alternative dusmping ground for one’s domestic trash. The old singh is no king because the old singh stinks as trash would.

    To all the angry UMNO Youth members, my two-sen’s worth of thought – do not waste your anger on trash and sh**. They are to be treated like what you would elements of sewage, and the old singh has proven again and again that his behaviour is no different from elements of the sewage.

    Next, the Perak scene. What I can see is that the immaturity of the Pakatan government pales against the class shown by UMNO-led BN leadership through their deft political strategy tha out-manouvred the inexperienced Pakatan. Even to the unschooled mind like mine, the Speaker has obviously been getting half-baked legal advice after advice from the amateurish DAP-led legal team in the opposition government.

    Tahap keupayaan para pemimpin dan barisan penasihat Pakatan dalam menangani kemelut di Perak ibarat langit dengan bumi jika dibandingkan dengan kematangan dan kebijaksanaan barisan kepimpinan BN yang diterajui UMNO mematahkan setiap gerak langkah barisan kepimpinan Pakatan di Perak. Memang ketara, walaupun bagi rakyat yang kurang arif tentang hal-hal perundangan, bahawa barisan penasihat Pakatan berulang kali gagal melepasi saat-saat genting – bukan kerana disekat oleh UMNO tetapi akibat daripada kedangkalan mereka mendalami undang-undang sedia ada di Negeri Perak. Dan, saya tidak menyalahkan mereka kerana tempoh pemerintahan yang agak singkat tidak memungkinkan mereka mengetahui selok-belok perundangan Negeri Perak secara terperinci dan mendalam, berbanding dengan kematangan UMNO dan BN yang telah menerajui negeri Perak untuk sekian lama.

    Silent Observer

  59. This is the kind of allowed behaviours that make people emotional and send bullets. Try getting them and you may act like Karpal.