Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doing the Scuffle at Malaysian Parliament

UMNO vs DAP. Democracy has arrived in Malaysia!
p.s. No, nobody died. I hope the fighting scenes in "Singh is King!" are better than this.

Btw, Mukhriz Mahathir, a candidate for the Umno Youth chief post, has a message for Karpal Singh: Jangan takbur dan besar kepala ... Read here.

Pics courtesy of Knights Templar.


  1. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Taiwan and Japan, you are not both alone. Malaysia is joining the fray in our own Parliament. It's a sign of democracy showing her best at work. It's a sign of the 'developed' status. Singapore must now feel like an idiot for not having this behavioural science with their Parliamentarians. Only the intelligent lawmakers do it. Sorry for the tiny red dot on the global map.

  2. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Only to a invalid sheesh have a little shame.

  3. Actually, Singh is lion.


  4. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Mukhriz too should hear this, "Jangan takbur dan besar kepala" Si Botak jangan ingat dia hebat, buat provokasi, we know you have lot of stolen money to run away if this nation in turmoil. Tapi saya tak bolih pergi kemana so I will trace you hingga ke lubang cacing, mind you Botak!!!!
    Pak Lah, wake up, this is the tipping point.

  5. Anonymous7:10 pm


    I don't want to insult your intelligence but the term ''Singh is King'' has nothing to do with the Bollywood movie to begin with.

    The term, Singh, means Lion in Sanskrit. Lions are the ''Kings of the Jungle'', so to speak, and hence the term Singh is King. The term has been used continuously past few centuries, not to signify the greatness of one race to another, but to signify equality.

    In Northern India in the 17th century, everyone was segregated based on race and religion. The situation was so horrible that, people use to kill because of religion, and one is harassed and oppressed because of his/her bloodline. There was 2 main religions - Hinduism and Islam.

    The last living Sikh prophet then formally initiated the ''Khalsa Panth'', where everyone is seen as equals, everyone bows to no one but the immortal, etc. The Guru then gave each disciple who accepts this way of life the name Singh, and Kaur for the women. Singh means lion and Kaur means princess.

    The name Singhs was used by the Rajputs Kings at that time to establish their superiority against the others. With the initiation of the Khalsa Panth, every man will have the name ''Singh'', which signifies independence of life and equality.

    When Karpal says '' Singh is King'', he was referring to the concept of equality in the Sikh religion, and hence everyone is equal within the law. He was saying he will bow to no King, and he doesn't accept the Sultan as his King. The concept of ''Raja'' is against the Sikh religion, and it is one of the biggest proponent of democracy.

    That Bollywood movie was crap, and it is a continuation of the half century propaganda by the Indian government to ridicule and oppress minorities. Every minority in India is portrayed unfairly in Bollywood movies, and it was worse for the Sikhs given the the Indian Government wanted turn the population against them, to crush their pursuit for an independent state.

    As for the name, it was used to sell more tickets in the overseas markets (a huge number of Hindi film audience in UK/US/Can are Sikhs)

    The journalists who equated Karpal's outburst to the Bolly film are complete ignorant retards.(Kali?, KJ is a journo as well right?)

    To all the Malays out there, tepuk dada tanya selera. You want to go after Karpal? Gajah dalam rumah tak nampak? It pengkianat paling besar, agen Singapura might probably win the KP post next month, and the Chinese down South will laugh on your faces. They will scrape the last grain of rice from your empty ricebowl.

    At least Karpal is proud of who he is, your pemimpin ''paling berani'' and ''setiakawan'' is a Mamak who tried to hide his mother's photos from the public domain sometime ago. Ini panggil pemimpin?

    Lets not talk about your ''peliwat antarabangsa'', CNN/IMF approved.

  6. Today's event reinforce my view that we have incompetent, narrow-minded, and not very smart leaders leading our country today - and not forgetting that they act like hooligans.

  7. Anonymous7:19 pm

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  8. Anonymous7:47 pm

    hi rocky,

    toll naik lagi. memang kena pilihan kerajaan lain. duit toll ini mesti ada yang pi pada parti atau individu bekas pemerintah !!!!

    zamri, benci naik toll and semua toll

  9. Dear Tuan,

    Filem "Singh Is King" best. Macam filem XXX dan James Bond. Sebab tengok filem nilah Karpal naik syeih dan rasa boleh berlari dan melompat. Kah! Kah! Kah!

  10. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Please la Mr Mukhriz, he has all the right to 'besar kepala' with the kind of politic you are playing now... UMNO will going down faster than u imagine... btw i thought u are difference from that SIL...

  11. Anonymous8:26 pm

    These are the scenes rodolent of Nazi Germany in the thirties when Hitler Youth thugs got their way with the connivance of the powers=that-be. Umno Youth are thugs. Any peace-loving Malaysian will condemn thuggery espoused by Nazi Umno Youths. Rocky, I hope you will support me.
    From NSTman

  12. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Rocky, apasal Karpal Singh ada imuniti ka? Suka-suka cakap mulut x ada insurance. Org lain cakap sikit kena sumbat jel, apasal dia cakap banyak tak masuk ISA. Bukan dia memecah belahkan dan menyebabkan rakyat resah gelisah?
    These jokers kat parliament mcm budak2 sekolah. No wonder budak2 sekolah skrg mcm samseng. Yg tua kencing berdiri yg kecik kencing berlari. Ptui

  13. Anonymous9:15 pm


  14. kalau setakat tulis buat media statement saje tak kemana beb. kurang ajar balasnya kurang ajar juga le. mana dia pemuda umno yang semasa di pwtc bercakap, menjerit dan menyokong macam hero, tapi bila kena sergah dengan sicacat pun hanya setakat balas dengan menulis saje. tu lah sebabnay orang fedup dengan umno... tak ade telor

  15. Anonymous9:26 pm

    just isa all those BASTARDS acting like paki terrorists for storming the parliament house.

  16. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Oh God! Pemuda Umno has proven Karpal right! They are c***ka.

  17. Anonymous9:31 pm


  18. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Whatever Karpal Singh said, does it make it right for UMNO bully to manhandle and assault him and his supporters ?

    Now, why does the police always remind us not to take the law into our own hands, but are doing nothing in this instance ?

  19. Anonymous9:49 pm

    stupid umno youth... can lodge 1 miilion police reports also useless!

    he is allowed to say anything he like in parliament cos he got immunity!

    many umno mp has been doing it for the last 50 years... so what is the problem here.

  20. Anonymous10:02 pm

    UMNO Youth elections is round the corner...first khairy wants to score Mukhriz...and if the Toyo guy is seen not doing anything...Toyo might just kick Karpal to show KJ and Mukriz he got more balls...

    And Najib and Dollah is deathly quiet on the violence committed.

    I think if the UMNO Youth guys will face off one to one with Karpal..none will turn up. UMNO Youth behave like a pack they are fierce..alone, they have no balls

  21. Anonymous10:04 pm

    All these bunch of Umno Youth are the IDIOTS of Malaysia!
    They are just above the law. They think they can do whatever they like because they are an UMNO members and the Police will never take action against them!

    For those who still support BN blindly, is this what you want?

  22. Kepada
    Hikayat Mamak Bendahara &
    Cucu Tok Selampit &
    abdul halim

    Jangan sesekali menghina orang cacat!
    Nanti Tuhan maha kuasa akan bagi kamu orang rasa macam mana rasany cacat!

    Kalau tak percaya, teruskanlah menghina orang cacat, nanti kamu orang tahu la rasanya!

  23. Anonymous10:22 pm

    These two singhs think they are still in the tongkang floating somewhere in the Bay of Bengal. Behavior wise, they are more apt to be member of tongkang rather then the MP.

  24. Anonymous10:23 pm

    kici-kici lembu jaga
    sudah tua mau jadi raja
    suka cakap orang cilaka
    disokong pula oleh barua-barua

    ... lagu tema singh is the king

  25. Anonymous10:31 pm

    So the UMNO kampong dogs have finally found false courage to mob the Lion King, shielded by the so called security personnel.
    What a show of rowdyism at its best and a despicable act to the nation.
    Grow up man, UMNO young studs, we live in a civilized country or are we?

  26. Anonymous10:34 pm

    I am totally disgusted and lost of words to describe the unruly behavior of these UMNO samsengs. Is Malaysia becoming another Zambawe?
    Opposition MBs were mobbed in front of security personnel and they did nothing! What sort of PDRM do we have.
    This is a very serious precedence and does not augur well for the future of Malaysia.


  27. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Karpal Singh should at least have the courtesy to stand up whenever he make any provacative statements.

  28. Anonymous10:56 pm

    rocky, you have proved to be a bloody biased bastard! Again you have shown that you are a Mukhriz official ball licker! You are purposely putting the blame on the opposition when its clear that those hooligans from UMNO youth are the ones to be blamed.

    Nothing can justify what they have done.

    If that's the case, then I suggest that all the people that you have betrayed should look you up and kick you in the nuts.

  29. Anonymous10:57 pm

    I love to hear that toll rate for certain places will be increased.

    UMNO/Barisan is a great party.

    I hope they win the election and rule our country forever.

    And destroy the country.



  30. Anonymous10:59 pm

    "jangan main-main sama saya"

    wow, when you talk the malays, be careful with your words!

    don't provoke!. why this stupid singh is provoking the malays is beyond my comprehension.

    omg, is karpal getting senile? what is he trying to prove?

    if he is in singapore, he would have been bankrupted by the Lees.

  31. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Is this part of a Bollywood scene " Singh is King " ?...If not, i hope to see warrants of arrest for the 22 troublemaker...for inciting a riot, making seditious remarks, illegal gathering and assault on an MP.

  32. Anonymous11:08 pm


  33. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Relax lah. Ibrahim Ali kena blocked by a group of disabled people orang Pakatan tak bising pun.

    It is unbecoming to insult a person on a wheelchair at the same time it is also unbecoming to use the disabled for political gain.

    While Umno Youth have picked up the mob trait from somewhere or perhaps out of frustration, at least they did not crash someones open house to start a ruckus.

    Whatever it is, dumb move by Umno Youth. They've just made the Mat Rempit stereotype of them into a reality.

  34. Karpal have more ball than Pemuda Umno , Pemuda Umno is lembik like their leader Hisham who refused to debate with KP PAS
    Interesting to observe how they want to manage Karpal and his son Deo
    We are lucky the UltraMalay no longer around and been neutalized by brother Anwar..

  35. Anonymous11:12 pm

    apasal ada melayu yang setuju dengan ini Singh?. Heran la..moden konon..ini sebenarnya melayu haprak..

    To Mr.X..apa gua peduli makna King dalam bahasa singh lu.Lu faham lu punya hal la..tak ada hal gua mahu faham lu punya bahasa..Lain kali guna la bahasa malaysia..kata mangaku rakyat malaysia..

  36. Anonymous11:13 pm

    kici-kici lembu jaga
    sudah tua mau jadi raja
    suka cakap orang cilaka
    disokong pula oleh barua-barua

    ... lagu tema singh is the king

    I sokong...

    Go Pemuda UMNO... kih kih kih...

  37. Anonymous11:18 pm

    This is SHAMEFUL!! This is DISGUSTING!! A group of so called educated and supposely civilised men harassing an old man on wheelchair!?

    For whatever reason, it is WRONG for anyone to gang up and harass or muscle anyone. Such actions are called gangsterism/barbaric. We most definitely should not tolerate such actions especially when it comes from a politcal party!

    Siapa makan cili dia yang merasa pedasnya applies!! If UMNO Youth didnt do anything wrong, why the big outburst?! Childish? Come on la!! These are grown men with most probably very large testicles!!

  38. This is not only a physical attack on an old physically-challenged MP, it is also an attack on one of the organ of Government, our Parliament. Surely, a MP has immunity for whatever that he says in the chamber, and if he said something wrong it is for the House to take the appropriate action. It is not for some thugs to ask for a retraction outside the house(literally) for they have no business in it.

    In England late last year, there was a furore when the police searched a MP's office without warrant(albeit with the consent of the Commons officer). In the emergency debate in the Commons which ensued, MPs from both sides of the House expressed the need to protect the sanctity of Parliament as the police's action was clearly an attempt to prevent a MP from carrying out his job.

    In my opinion, what happened here is an utterly blatant attack on our Parliament. I would say that this is even more serious than what happened in England, as bodily force was used here illegally. When bodily force was used on a handicapped MP, not only it is wrong morally, but also criminally. It is most unacceptable that it be allowed to happen at the very place where laws were made.

    What we need to do now is to have an emergency debate in the Dewan on the issue of security in the vicinity of the House of Parliament. This concerns MPs from both sides of the House, not only the Opposition or the Government. A nonpartisan approach should be taken for the benefits of ALL MPs.

    But alas,this is the Dewan Rakyat Malaysia.

  39. Anonymous11:22 pm

    karpal has done a great deal as a lawyer in shaping the laws in malaysia. but somehow, some idiots do not appreciate it.

    secondly, why must the word OKU come out accompanied with derogatory remarks?

    whoever says that, he or she doesnt fear god or Allah for that matter. I am somehow shocked to hear that insults towards karpal whom is an OKU is uncalled for. I call you rocky to make a stop to these posts.

    Rocky, sorry to say this. you allowed your frequent posters posting insults insulting karpal as an OKU is totally wrong.

    I am not taking sides here. I think you should think hard as a journo since you know that you can walk and karpal can't. too bad that you are amongst his stature.

    why dont you just do something else instead allowing yourself getting punished by god in time to come.


  40. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Fight man...fight please.

    Why UMNO Youths are so stupid ? Tak da otak ke ?

  41. Anonymous11:32 pm

    kapal is sinking

    shelf life over - expired

  42. haha talking about UMNO youth being above the law...goodness since the last election PR for the simplest reason as constipation they blame BN n take to the streets...throwing stones..screwing ppl up...n you guys talkin about BN going above the law..damn said..PR enjoyin their semi god status..

  43. Anonymous11:51 pm


    looks like karpal is in a big trouble...

  44. Anonymous11:59 pm

    to people,

    itu facts lah brader, singh is king duduk atas wheel chair ok and dia OKU ok!!!!


  45. Anonymous12:15 am

    Rempit-rempit Pemuda yang serbu Parlimen tadi 'ni balaci Khir Toyol atau Kera JamaLOOTING?

  46. Anonymous12:16 am

    and they said Hindraf was rude at the Raya open house...

    30 umno thugs surround a guy on a wheel chair? sheesh...

  47. Anonymous12:35 am

    Karpal knew, if he utter those words in Parliment, at most he will get is suspension. but he always can get away with half hearted tarik balik.

    he becomes like that because he knows very well where to take advantage. or play the shy kitty kitten.

    i tell u what. he will play kitten when he's outside parliment. ducking behind his wheelchair and hoping the one pushing him to die for him. i am in no moment is insulting OKU people, but this is Karpal we are talking about. i am saying he know when to go full steam.

    imagine this kind of people to rule malaysia. sorry if i sound drifted away from the topic. but see these things in a wider perspective.

    remember that Special Previledge Rights for Malay is not defined in great details. imagine if he got the power to do changes or play with the rules.

    please, dun ever..and ever..let this man got the power he is craving for.

  48. Anonymous12:39 am

    UMNO youth = Mat Rempit...

    UMNO = Bandits

    No brain, only brawn

    Kill them all..

  49. Anonymous12:47 am

    What do u mean "no, nobody died"?

    You want somebody to die? You instigating the weak minds??

  50. Anonymous12:54 am

    Anonymous Mr. X said...
    When Karpal says '' Singh is King'', he was referring to the concept of equality in the Sikh religion, and hence everyone is equal within the law. He was saying he will bow to no King, and he doesn't accept the Sultan as his King. The concept of ''Raja'' is against the Sikh religion, and it is one of the biggest proponent of democracy.

    Bullllll shit. Karpal is a Sikh??? Hmmmm A sikh with no turban is a shit coming out from BABI asshole. He is a pariah who make money from the same people who elected him whom he then called celaka.

    This haram jadah you bastard called lion is way out of line. Dah cacat pun tak sedar diri lagi. What? OKU must be respected u say? This OKU named Karpal deserved more than shout and cursed.


  51. Anonymous12:57 am

    Karpal sudah lebih dengan orang melayu.. Dia yang mesti di ajar bukan melayu yg kita mesti ajar.

    kenapa melayu nak hentam melayu pulak. Kalau kita rasa cara kita nak lawan si Celaka Singh ini betul, tunjukkan lah kalau ada telor.. setakat tengok dan komen tak kemana kita?

    ini "Singh is Celaka"


  52. pemuda amno is a joke. want to fight with an oku? 20+ vs 1?

    is this the real pemuda amno? what a shame!

  53. Anonymous1:13 am

    sakai......... tak tahu apa law.

  54. By the way, the one who had that scene with gorbind singh deo was Megat Moardin, Ketua Pemuda Gombak, son of Pengasa Silat Lincah Tuan haji Omardin.

    He would totally whoop Gorbind's arse. And I meant it as a joke.

    Ahh you Karpal calls Pemuda Celaka and insults the Sultan and what you expect Pemuda Umno to do? Just kiss and send him flowers?

    Are you guys retarded?

    What are we supposed to just sit and clap and say heeeey encik karpal you betullah, Singh is King kan siapa laa raja-raja melayu.

    Oh come on,
    You really think that he decided to quote a movie when debating about his move against the Sultan of Perak coincidentally, or the fact that he decided to have a deep philosophical debate about lions and sultans.

    His name is Karpal Singh,
    When he say Singh is King means that he don't think he is doing anything wrong in his actiong against the sultans. He is saying that Kings are just meaningless title and that in the end even he can be a king thus quoting Singh Is King.

    If you idiot's think Pemuda is just going to sit by and let this disrespectful foul mouthed 60's politician simply go by and insult people and the Sultan you have got a whole thing coming up.

    Singh is king,
    Karpal Singh is insulting,
    Let's teach him something....

    Kurang Ajar...

  55. Malice, Malice, Malice.

    Karpal The Lion knew very well the likely reaction of UMNO youth in making such statements.

    Do not get all worked up with this Lion, with all the statements he has been making, its either he's loosing the plot or just has a lot of issues. U got to pity him, even the party of which he is the president won't lend him an ear. That must hurt...

    Kepada rakyat-rakyat sekalian...

    Its time we the Rakyat, not Pakatan Rakyat, not Barisan Rakyat. We, the REAL Rakyat, among whom had voted or punished BN or voted Pakatan Rakyat is sick and tired of all these political shenanigans. Enough is enough.

    And please be very objective in supporting your respective political beliefs. Just looking at the comments here alone (I mean c'mon guys!?! what's with the name calling? are you a bunch of 10 year olds? Does your mummy know about you making these sort of comments?)

    This trend of fanaticism or 'ketaksuban' towards politics is indeed worrying. Populist politics, if allowed to thrive, would spell doom as it is we the entire rakyat who is going to end up being Celaka. So, let's confine popularity votes strictly to Akademi Fantasia.

    What our country needs is a true leader in ALL of its essence, having only popularity and appeal simply isn't enough.




  57. Anonymous4:54 am

    Such ruckus over such a trivial stuff.

    It is a proven fact that aggressive people has smaller brains..and no doubt about the UMNO Youths here..

  58. Hek Eleh.

    If Karpal said something offensive, it's because of his religious beliefs?

    If other people, it's because they are celaka?

    Morality my ass lah.

  59. Anonymous6:07 am

    kici-kici makan belacan
    Pi sekolah jadi rempit
    suka hina orang lain
    Tak sedar otak sendiri cacat


  60. Anonymous6:16 am

    Dalam Parlimen, MP BN cakap macam samseng boleh tapi pembangkang cakap sikit kena hentam.Samseng rempit pula tunjuk taring.Kerja PDRM jaga rakyat atau jaga samseng.Pasai apa tak tangkap itu samseng semua sumbat kat Kamunting.


  61. Anonymous7:38 am

    Fakta disini..

    1)Orang yang ada ilmu silat tak pandai lawan bercakap so dia pukul orang cacat. Hebat betul...

    2) Orang tak cacat boleh kutuk orang tak cacat, tapi orang tak cacat tak boleh kutuk orang cacat..

    3) Senang betul samseng samseng nak masuk parlimen pukul orang... Pak guard pergi mana? tutup mata atau tidur?

  62. Anonymous7:46 am

    Si Kapal Api ni masuk politik hanya untuk dapat publisiti.

    Itu cara dia dan anak beranak masuk politik untuk cari makan supaya syarikat guamannya akan terus berdaya saing.Politik bagi Kepal Sing dan anak beranak adalah side income saja.Dia punya tujuan utama adalh untuk cari makan.

    Itu sebab mulut dia macam ular Bangsart.

  63. Anonymous7:46 am

    Hoi Pemuda Umno!

    Apalah kamu semua ni nak keroyok Kapal Sink ha. Kat parlimen pulak tu?

    Kan dia ni orang OKU? Dan orang kuat parti anak beranak dari Pakatan anak beranak. Kesian dia kena makan painkiller sebab menderita sakit setiap hari.

    Itu sebab Kapal Sink ni kurang ajar! Mulut celupar! Suka menaikkan kemarahan orang melayu. Meroyan sana sini. Buat macam-macam tuduhan tanpa bukti.

    Hoi Pemuda Umno! Kamu takda telor ke? Kamu tak faham ke?

    Kan Kapal Sink kata "Jangan main-main sama saya."

    Lain kali kalau jumpa dia tunjal aja kepala Sink murtad tu. Dan bagi la satu penampar ajaib kamu tu kat bapak segala celaka ni.

    ..Tukang Perati

  64. Anonymous7:48 am

    Anonymous said...
    All these bunch of Umno Youth are the IDIOTS of Malaysia!
    They are just above the law. They think they can do whatever they like because they are an UMNO members and the Police will never take action against them!

    For those who still support BN blindly, is this what you want?

    10:04 PM

    How about PKR thugs destroying public properties (people's money) since 1998? As the malay saying goes: One can't see the Elephant in front of oneself, but can see a tiny germ across the sea.

  65. Anonymous8:18 am

    Lat yb beriya2 nampaknya dlm gambar tu, member tu, abg dia Lat Shariman, PA Dato Najib bakal TPM, sure dapat projek besar lepas ni. Buat animation tak berapa sangat bro.

  66. Anonymous8:27 am

    Yes, this is democracy as preached by the PR experts.

    UMNO is catching up fast in the race for democracy.

    Keep up the 'fighting spirit', dear members of parliament, that's exactly what the people voted you for.

    At last, Malaysia is nearly at par with other democratic countries like Taiwan, Pakistan and India.


    A Good Man Does Nothing.

  67. Anonymous8:36 am

    Ini lah bukti nyata Pemuda UMNO ni jenis sakai. Tak faham makna Parlimen dan adab bila di Parlimen.

    Kalau nak berdebat, debat lah dalam Parlimen. Karpal cakap tu dalam sidang Parlimen.

    Kalau nak bergaduh dgn Karpal di luar, di PWTC ke, lantak pi la. Bukan nya semasa Karpal sebagai seorang ahli Parlimen hendak memasuki sesi dewan rakyat. Parlimen ada undang-undang dia sendiri.

    Bangang betul lah pemuda UMNO tu, terutamanya ketua-ketua mereka yg sama-sama di situ. Bahkan yg datang meleraikan tu bukannya wakil-wakil rakyat dan menteri dai UMNO tetapi dari MCA!

    Sah lah orang-orang UMNO ni tak ada akal! Nak gaduh dalam sidang dewan rakyat tak dapat sebab rakyat tak undi diorang, kesudahannya gaduhlah di tangga Parlimen.


  68. 30 physically normal and mentally handicapped pondans needed to "rough up " one mentally normaly but physically handicapped jantan on a wheel chair who is paralysed from neck down !!!

  69. Anonymous9:10 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Karpal "Singh Is King" truly deserves to be warned, reprimanded, suspended or whatever action deems necessary BUT he does not deserve this type of treatment.

    And UMNO Youth deserves to feel and be angry BUT NOT resorting to this type of behaviour normally associated with barbarians.

    UMNO Youth need not stoop so low to an insensitive person such as Karpal.

    The problem with Umno is that its leadership seems to condone these types of barbaric actions, or it seem as such. Well, not reprimanding the wrong doers or advising them against doing it is condonation,isn't it Pak Lah, Najib, Hisham?

    Not only UMNO but the security personnel and cops seem to condone the attack as well. Well, not doing anything to prevent is akin to condonation, isn't it?


    The incident greatly saddened many concerned Malaysians.

  70. Anonymous9:15 am

    UMNO youth has no balls.
    assult and kacau a man on wheelchair?
    give me a break.
    find somebody your own size.
    Bukan jantan la.

  71. Anonymous9:25 am

    Macam mana Karpal nak jadi hero Bollywood "Singh is King" kalau dah tersasul lepas dapat dua peluru.

    Kalau ikutkan gosip yang kedengaran, masa dia cakap celaka dalam Dewan Parlimen tu dia sebenornya merujuk kepada pistol air dia yang lama tak bekerja ..

    Kalau ada pistol air blank dengan dua peluru hidup, koma pun tension juga.

  72. Anonymous9:35 am

    Towards the state of anarchy..
    Paradigm shift in Malaysian Parliment...
    Bravo Malaysia..Malaysia Boleh!

    Without laws in order..lawyers are just a splash of diarhoea solids & substances..

    Then only they will ruminate the old Malay proverb :

    "kerana mulut badan binasa"

    Mind your words cripple real riot situation, you'll be far left behind by your so-called political friends who'll be busy running for their own life..Remember that singh! Remember!

    Mind your brain & manner too celakians..apa punya jenis mengaku Melayu asli (geng mamak pun ada?) ttp tiada tatasusila mencerminkan mcm Melayu..

    Aku lainlah..memang melayu celup..racist maximus..racialogist..

    :D Muhahahahha..

    p/s: ada yg nk hentam aku kutuk singh OKU tu ke? bicara islam? aku hanya cakap yg pedih & benar, tak hipokrit mcm korang yg konon2 baik ttp hati mcm taik, serupa org politaik..pooddah!

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  73. Anonymous9:35 am

    i want to whack each of them at the back of their head. see me at parliament entrance on the next session.

    to all these arselickers, tak payah la poyo sangat...kitorang ni dh menyampah dah tengok. and i'm fed-up with all these circus.

    when the parliament was dissolved, everything is ok kan despite not having all those shitty PM & Ministers & MPs. World is a better place without these craps named 'politicians'.

    ~anon 11.55

  74. Anonymous9:47 am

    This how it all began in Zimbabwe ten years ago. The inconsistant application of the law emboldened the ruling class and finally when they knew that they were going to lose the elections the put their hands in the pockets of the Elections Commission. Ramlax

  75. Anonymous9:56 am

    Tak payah cakap banyak la Mukhriz, Karpal as an elected MP ada hak untuk bercakap dalam Parlimen. Kau juga ada hak untuk balas dalam Parlimen! Sibuk buat statement nak cari glamer.. Pergi jaga Geng2 Pemuda kau tu YANG TIADA HAK untuk buat kacau dalam Parlimen!

    To rocky, you are getting biased day-by-day. Your blog is no longer posessing the 'kick' that it used to have! Semuanya cerita pasal ketuanan Mahathir dan Mukhriz..

  76. Anonymous10:00 am

    Orang cacat nak tunjuk habat!!!Hoi Barua Karpal SIngh..U ingat melayu diam selama ini takut dgn u ke////Bagus lu sudah bagi kesedaran pada semua pemuda melayu supaya bersatu...PAKLAH belah cepat!!kami tau apa yg nak buat...Imej tok guru dan nak tunjuk baik tak berguna kalau nak jadi PEMIMPIN MELAYU,Banyak kerosakan yg PAKLAH buat merosakan bangsa melayu.......KARPAL SINGH kici kici lembu jaga,bila besar bank jaga,masuk politik kerosi roda, nak jadi KING balik INDIA..Besar KEPALA TUNGGU Masa!!!!!!

  77. Anonymous10:08 am

    Budak budak nakal UMNO ni buat malu melayu lah.

  78. Anonymous10:11 am


    You were aware and in this country when a little girl was stopped by the efficient authorities at the time she tried to go to Parliament and hand over a harmless bunch of flowers to the PM at the Parliament?

    That girl's approach in a non-violent way was matched by equally 'non-violent' decision by the authorities who acted so fast and efficiently?

    And she is also a Malaysian citizen, you know?

    One would have expected the same efficient respnse from the authorities when this gang of UMNO Youth folks tried to enter the Legistlative premises with their agenda.

    But - what happended?

    How come these fellows have more rights than that small girl?

    I suppose it does not bother 'righteous' bloggers like you - after all that girl is from a community that is slowly being reduced in numbers through conversions (the converts take up a new ethnic identity), being gunned down in the name of law enforcement, dying whilst in custody of law enforcers, non-timely attention when seeking medical treatment, denied proper representation at all levels of nation building, being the least considered when it comes to employment, not being given justifiable compensation and continuity programmes when displaced from squatter areas and plantations...(the list goes on you know - if your eyes are open and senses are functioning logically)

    In all your previous blogs until recently, your thoughts expressed had so much 'natural justice' flavour and you made reference to many parallels in penning your thoughts through this blog.

    I suppose all good things must come to an end when it comes to 'self-interest'?

    What self-interest are you after now?

    The number of folks who seem to take swipes at you nowadays is on the increse


    Because you have steered away from the original neutral path you adhered?

    No time to introspect, but need to hurry and position yourself prominently when the power base changes by end of next month?

    So what if Karpal said such things in the august dewan?

    He was already dealt with by the lawmakers and the speaker had dealt with him as appropriate.

    Yet, the fellows who created the ruckus seem to disregard the 'reprimand' by the lawmakers and the Speaker. These mean nothing to this gang?

    I get the feeling that this type of 'co-operation' between such gang and the civil servants responsible for the security and safety at the Perak legistlative assembly premises will be evident when the assembly sitting convenes.

    And there will be no respect for law and order. The ones responsible for security and safety will conveniently say that they were outnumbered?

    And the other law enforcement team will arrive much later only after enough damage has been done and will detain law makers who are not aligned to the 'team' that the gang supports?

    Fantasy thoughts?

    It can happen you know?
    Or you dont want to know?


  79. Anonymous10:22 am


    Whatever karpal says or had said, the Umno Youth action has just nailed the coffin on Umno. It is the end of Barisan Nasional.

    May Barisan and Umno rest in peace.

    We may not have a great opposiiton at the moment, but they will eventually have calibre leaders to bring the country back in the right direction.

    Mahathir failed to create good second echelon leaders for fear of him losing his position. That was his biggest mistake.

    Let us all vote Barisan out and teach the goons a lesson.


  80. Think Thailand! Unfortunately Malaysians have no real conviction… Blogging is just one form of protest. Think Gandhi!time to act guys...

  81. Sorry Rocky, ni out of point here but gotta give my view on this toll hike.

    Betui-betui anti climax, kita tengah nak turunkan harga Menteri JKR ni bagi naik harga pulak - semua sebab ada dalam agreement konsesi - awat bodoh sangat buat agreement macam tu.
    Sapa dok in control ni - gomen atau businessman. Kalau businessman yang control tak betui la. Rakyat pilih gomen suruh jaga kita, bukan jaga depa.

    Lagi pun PLUS pada tahun 2006: Revenue RM2.1 billion, Untung RM1.1 billion, 2007 Revenue RM2.3 billion Untung RM1.3 billion = nearly 100% bro. So ada patut ka mau charge mahal-mahal. Takpayah compare negara lain. Kita Malaysia Boleh, set style sendiri dan kasi yang lain ikut pulak.

    Gomen, jangan laa sentiasa condone overcharging ni, tambah-tambah peniaga Melayu, e.g. Utusan RM1.50 Bahasa lain RM1.20, Rumah-rumah PKNS sentiasa lebeh mahal dari developer lain, tempah baju melayu - phew, mahalnya.

    So harap gomen timbang rasa, bagi priority pada rakyat jelata.

    P/s: Nanti nak komen pasal khidmat KTM kommuter yang haprak.

  82. This is organized thuggery....arrogant, shameless, babaric.The samsengs ought to be arrested on the spot.The security is apparently baised and useless!Come on UMNO leaders, do your part and apprehend your peoples.Kudos Tiong for ,at least, doing your duty.Why so quite Pak Lah.No advice to lodge a police report?

  83. Anonymous10:34 am

    all these problems would end when
    BN is no more in power, mark me.

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar

  84. You are one more uncouth better than the UMNO samsengs.

    Why dont you just stop blogging instead of this third rate fourth class bull that you write.

    You are just like the UMNO goons, dispicable

  85. Anonymous10:37 am

    Like father Like Son. all the dirty and despicable tactics they are capable of using in power grab.

    Malu Saya

  86. Anonymous10:41 am


    since Malaysia today revoked my rights to comment on their site (this is from a site that championing freedom of speech and expression) I’ve no other choice but to find alternative media to express my opinion.

    "bertemu buku dengan ruas" that is what happening in parliament. one couldnt escape from the repercussion of one irresponsible act as it will hound you forever.

    MPs been hiding behind the immunity as an MP to make an irresponsible statement in parliament.

    If there is evidence that the UMNO pemuda is responsible for sending the bullet, the reciver would’ve called for a Press Conference to reveal it just like the Video tape fiasco not to long ago.

    The people especially the PR supporters has been fooled by the so called roar in parliament but the actual fact it is nothing more than a fairy tale or a figment of one imagination.

    To me any MP on which ever side they may be, who made a baseless and unsupported statement in parliament and hiding behind the immunity is a coward and just looking for a cheap publicity and suprisingly there a lot of people with cheap mentality would subscribe to it.

  87. Anonymous10:41 am

    And to imagine they went through all THESE, because THEY wanted so much to protect the interest of the RAKYAT??

    Sanggup diISAkan,
    Sanggup diTELANJANGKAN for the world to see,
    Sanggup dihina dengan LIWAT, BOGEL dan sebagainya
    Sanggup meghedah hujan waktu kempen, habis kempen berpaling tadah?

    Phewwwwww, betapa specialnya RAKYAT diNegara ini! Semua orang berebut nak jaga KITA!! hehawhehaw keh keh keh

    Aku anak beranak, beras kat rumah pun tak cukup!! Anak tak sekolah pasai tak mampu nak bayak duit bus!!!

    Pooodah... Get real bruder... WE ARE NO FOOLS...


  88. Anonymous10:43 am

    People said -
    Jangan sesekali menghina orang cacat!
    Nanti Tuhan maha kuasa akan bagi kamu orang rasa macam mana rasany cacat!

    Kalau tak percaya, teruskanlah menghina orang cacat, nanti kamu orang tahu la rasanya! -

    Ooo...patut la orang cacat boleh menghina orang lain. Nanti Tuhan maha kuasa akan bagi orang cacat rasa macam mana rasanya jadi tidak cacat.

    Kalau tak percaya, orang cacat teruskanlah menghina orang lain, nanti kamu orang tahula rasanya!

  89. karpal kalau berani bangun la dari wheelchair tu semalam...berdiri la sendiri kalau nak tunjuk hebat.buat apa mintak tolong polis?

    nak berak pon kena harap bantuan orang.nak cakap besar konon.dah lupa ke mulut kau senget kena penampar kiyai arshad dulu?

  90. Anonymous11:07 am

    What the f*** is wrong with Malaysian politics? Why do the politicians have to behave like a bunch of monkeys in a cage?

    No matter how much they learn, how smart they are...end of the day when it comes to politics...they can't sit and discuss like civilized ppl.

    All they know is how to threaten, hit and bully people from speaking the truth...

  91. Anonymous11:20 am

    umno youth doesn't have any credible leader to lead them . that's why they behave like thugs. they don't ever dare to debate about ppsmi. shame on you umno youth.


  92. Anonymous11:40 am

    i still remember a leader from a neighbouring country said to his colleague (middle east friend): 'you have managed to tame the lions of the desert, please teach us to tame the tiger of the forest'. the interpretation is yours! thank you.

  93. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Hopeless! Umno only good at distorting the facts and mislead the Malay to against non-Malay for personal interest of power and money!


  94. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Anonymous Says:

    The Era of Anarchy has just begun in the coming Premiership of Nargis, the most corrupted of all corrupters, all Malaysians beware that they, Nargis & UMNO, will spent Government Money to buy Chaos in order to impose Dictatorial Government without election or after they have lost the Election in GE 13, we have all learnt from Perak Government’s takeover by deceit and by force of using the Police Force which could be bought and the Assemblymen who were bought either with money or in kind like no case in court for their corruptions’ cases pending trials if they defect from Pakatan and of course the sole DAP betrayer could be bought with a great sum of money as Nargis knew and as well as the betrayer that she could never be elected ever again in Jelapang and of course the pension sum must be huge including allowance for her permanent retirement for making a betrayal to Pakatan for short term benefiting of Nargis?

    There must be a good reason for the Sultan well learned in law and also once holding the highest office in Supreme Court took a lowly decision in support of the most corrupted Politician call Nargis, Peem in awaiting. No offence intended to the Sultan who was highly regarded until just now only, it is either he has been threatened with some secret files on him held by Nargis, or like all the other froggies that had been lured by huge sums of money offered by the most greedy of Corrupters called Nargis who used the nation’s coffers as his own kitty bank. Knowing very well that Nargis would not last the next GE, this is the best opportunity to make some good cash funds for keeps as the next Government under PKR will be clean and righteous for the God, King, People and Country.

    Not realizing that Corruptions breed even more Corruptions and this is the vicious circle and the people of Perak are ones who would suffer in the long run and they will not forget what a Sultan they have had. If Narjis and UMNO is in Power it is most likely that the nation’s coffers would be decimated and there will be nothing left for our Children’s Children, therefore make sure the UMNO along with all their goons are thrown out the next election.

    God bless you the people of Malaysia

  95. Anonymous12:44 pm

    I think the Umno Youth guys are living in a different century. Or they wish they are living in a different century where every Malays in Tanah Melayu looked upon them as saviours.
    I would like to let them know that even I, as a Malay,now, look upon UMNO leaders as a bunch of thieves ( especially those who harrassed Karpal yesterday). I don't even feel or think I owe them anything. If indeed I owed UMNO something, it has been fully paid.

    My conscience is clear that I don't owe anything that I possess now to the likes of Hishamuddin,Khairy, Khir, Mat Taib, Rustam or anybody with double ee in their names.

    If at all, i owe someone from UMNO i would probably say Tunku,Onn,Dr Ismail& Mahathir. I skipped Razak and Hussein because they brought forth Najib and Hisham.

  96. Anonymous12:45 pm

    3 to 4yrs is not to late. Why dont we all start a Fresh new PARTY...

    Puak lama nih dah sudah LEBIH LEMAK.

    Naik bosan dengan kerenah semua...


  97. Anonymous1:15 pm

    rocky and fellow netizens, read a letter to editor in the NST today probably written by someone related to a former cabinet minister.

    PERAK CRISIS:Too much politicking is weighing us down

    By : ABDUL RAZAK ABU SAMAH, Bohor, Pahang

    HOW well are we coping with the problems confronting us?

    In Perak, the sultan had acted to form a new government. Some maintained that he should have dissolved the state assembly and called for elections. The court has been asked to resolve the issue.

    But did the action taken by the sultan involve his personal matter or was it a state matter? The ruler acted under the state Constitution so it would be a state matter. Would Karpal Singh be correct in saying that he held the sultan personally responsible for the Perak debacle? If not, then would an apology to the sultan not be appropriate and forthcoming?

    There has been a misconstruction on the development of our law on the immunity of the rulers, in failing to distinguish between a personal and official act of the rulers, but which, nevertheless, has caused the public to perceive it as a discourteous and dishonourable act against the sultan.

    However, one cannot help feeling that the cause is rooted in the decision taken by the court itself that crossovers are legitimate. But why must that be the case given that Article 10 does not expressly say so?
    It is open to the court, therefore, to determine whether a crossover is a matter of high principle which should be allowed, or one which merely seeks to create mischief which should be disallowed.

    It strikes me as rather strange why the parties have not considered putting aside their political differences and forming a coalition government. Too much politicking at the expense of the deteriorating economy will help no one.

    We need to bear in mind that even if elections are held now, the racial balance in Perak is such that any government installed will have a very slim majority and face the risk of again being toppled.

    On the other hand, it is difficult to see how Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim can initiate the reconciliation process, having legitimised the idea of crossovers in the first place. He has put us in an unenviable situation, so it is up to him to unravel it.

    We can't afford to split hairs to say that some crossovers are legitimate and some are not, if the end result is to destabilise the government in power.

    An equally important matter that has aroused public attention is the manner in which the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is functioning of late.

    As a body which, when the occasion arises, seeks to question the integrity of anyone regardless of their status or station in life, it must be seen to act fairly and justly in its responsibilities. Otherwise its impartiality will be questioned and will hamper its efforts to get the public to cooperate. This will defeat the purpose for which the MACC is set up.

    The manner in which the body has acted lately raises the question whether it knows how to function.

    The MACC's work is strictly to adduce evidence to present its case to the court. It may be done on its own or through the attorney-general. The court will then determine whether the evidence adducted is sufficient to establish a case. The MACC is not obliged to disclose to the public how the evidence is adduced and what the nature of the evidence is.

    But, nevertheless, if MACC officials speak on it, then they must show that they are acting impartially in their investigations. If they do not proceed against another individual they must also explain why. Otherwise they cannot blame the public for accusing them of having double standards.

    "mitch al-bomb" s/o brendan

  98. Anonymous1:32 pm


    It's Tiger Jit Singh vs The KJ's boys. Did KJ and his boys did a PC before the incident.

    BTW Karpal Singh, kalau betul betul berani berdiri lah, jangan duduk saja.

    Muah ha ha

  99. Anonymous1:37 pm


    Do not fall into these politician traps.

    They have their own agenda and the interest of the rakyat comes later.

    Next election, better to vote independent candidates who can really work for us.

  100. Anonymous1:43 pm

    high time UMNO must show who's the are doing the right thing UMNO youth..confront that singh bastard..continue to harass him and make hell of life..then he'll know what cilakak is all about


  101. Anonymous1:59 pm


    I noticed that you refrained (deliberate or otherwise) from condemning the UMNO youth goons/thugs for their rather idiotic act. In fact, the events seem to suggest that the authorities had played a role in allowing these monkeys into the parliament compound. Security was appalling to say the least.

    Your posting and the link to Mukhriz'z statements however appears to justify the actions of the goons. I suppose that is the spin you put into it uh! What has become of you? I can understand that you have chosen support a certain group, but surely you can still see the woods from the trees.


  102. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Keep cool ler semua,

    Puak depa tu, memang merata dunia depa berlabuh, cuba nasib sana sini, parasites. Buat semua bagi susah, bila dalam sikit kesusahan ajer, macam kerabat mereka terdahulu, cepat lari sembunyi keNegara Asal Usul mereka.

    Bila buat Jenayah, kena buru polis, lari balik sembunyi Negara tokMoyang, well blended kata orang macam Lawyer perempuan dulu dan wanted anugerek gangster.

    Bela bini anak luar nikah, bila takut kena pukul dengan jenis sendiri kat sini, cabut blend semula kat tempat asal usul tok moyang.

    Bila gambar kangkang terdedah, cabut beristirehat, blend kat tempat asal. Entah2 duk telanjang bogel ambil angin kat pantai di sana.

    Si Bala dan keluarga pun, cabut sembunyi, blend balik kat tempat keturunan asal mereka kut.

    Relax ler... depa ni tak ader arah tujuan hala nak ber akar...


  103. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Hallo all DUMB politicians in PR and BN,

    Go and get yourself a job to feed your family, I mean A REAL JOB.

  104. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Well, at least the Pemuda were nicely dressed. Suits and ties as compared to the usual scenes we normaly see with Pakatan rioters..selipar buruk and tshirt selekeh.
    Unfortunately perangai semua sama. Sigh.

    Takkan Pemuda gertak sikit aje nak seumpamakan dengan Nazis? Yang Pakatan merusuh, ludah kat polis, baling batu kat Raja tu apa? Civilised behaviour? Double standards tu bro. If you want to talk about thugs, Pakatan la champion. We shouldn't condone thuggery or violence from ANYONE.

    "There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people."
    Muhammad Ali

  105. Come the next GE, I will still vote for BN. Sure, they show they are Hooligans, but what about PR ppl the last few years? Oredi forgot demo in KL for Anwar? the Memali and Friday prayers in two mosques by PAS? the demo against Sultan and throwing rocks against passing cars? All due to instigations by PR controlled media...and keep repeating BN control media to be blamed. At the end, all are the same, but BN has proven themselves. BN has more capable ppl along with the corrupt. PRs has less corrupt ppl, but also less capable ppl, showing they are human too...And not so transparent. Ask anyone in Penang..Anybody know what PR Gov are doing? Sooo quiet....unlike pre GE speeches and claim. Good at critisizing others, but not ownself. Still, my respect for Karpal is increasing for his strong stand on is belief. Other Politicians, BN and PR alike, change positions depending on the tide...

  106. Anonymous2:27 pm

    You have seen many times on our TV screens foreign MPs doing the same thing in their parliaments. Now the world also knows that we have useless leaders. The UMNO youth candidates are actually trying to get some stupid monkey milage for the coming UMNO election. Orang macan ni ke nak jadi bakal pemimpin rakyat. Kata berpelajaran tinggi, tapi tak ada otak langsong ... Wali Kota

  107. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Democracy fading...
    Dictatorism emerging!!!

  108. Anonymous2:45 pm

    singh = lion?

    lion live in the savana..not equitorial rain forest..

    so, deport him to Afrika..let him roam wild and free there...

    Oh, i forgot, he cannot survive there.. don't get me wrong silly, not becoz he is a OKU..

    it is becoz there is no LAW in the savana...he is a to survive there?

    like lawyer said..the singh is just legally a 'lion'..king of the animal kingdom..

    he legally think he is a 'king', look like a 'king', talk like a 'king', but he is no 'king'..

    He is no different like that animal in the zoo..very entertaining to watch but, not to the celakians..

    itu singa bising aje lebih pasal suma susu & lembu sudah abis...

    :D muhahahahahha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  109. Anonymous3:10 pm

    To Anonymous 6.21 pm,

    This was nothing like Taiwan... dont be fool.. the gangsters from cawangan UMNO zoo negara bukan MP... they are bunch of desperate politicians trying to gather some cheap publicity before next month UMNO election la...

    Kalau penyokong PR yang buat hal, sudah lama masuk lokap punya.. tapi bila BN buat, polis pon tutup mata... clear case ini macam pon boleh tutup mata.. so SEDARLAH WAHAI RAKYAT YG MASIH BUTA....

  110. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Those Singhs are braver than all Pemuda UMNO put together. Much braver than even Rocky Bru. I believe that they would be rather fight and die in the battle than some people.
    Well, some of you can call him Celaka Singh. If they do, they will do it the Singapore's style. More precisely, LKY's style.Yes, That Khir Toyol is lucky that he's in Malaysia. Tang Liang Hong was not that lucky. Kenna the Mareeva Injunction (Freezing of all assets). Moved swift into kenna suing till bankrupt. Khir Toyol should be getting this taste legal impunity.
    In any case, the writing's in the wall. And if such event does not convince ignorant people including malays the seriousness of the situation. Let me put it bluntly these people are beyond hope.
    By the way, it's against Islam. So does meeting UK QC is derhaka.
    What say you, Rocky Bru? Stop talking bullshit about protecting the Sultan.


  111. Anonymous3:35 pm

    SHAH ALAM, Feb 27 (Bernama) -- DAP chairman Karpal Singh has hurt the Malays feeling by uttering the word "celaka" (damn) in reference to Umno Youth during his debate speech in parliament, said Umno Youth executive committee member Datuk Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

    "If we were to curse Karpal by saying 'celaka Singh', it would surely anger the Singh community as it had hurt the Malays as Umno Youth is representing the Malays," he said after joining Umno candidates in introducing themselves to Selangor Umno Youth delegates here last night.

    During the debate on Wednesday, Karpal had uttered the word 'celaka' against Umno Youth and also pointed the finger at the wing for the "bullets and threatening letter" he had received in Penang.

    Reezal Merican said Karpal should not hide behind the law and the parliamentary immunity to accuse and denigrate Umno Youth.

    Former Selangor menteri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said Umno Youth was disappointed with Karpal's outlandish remarks and as a veteran politician he should show good examples to the younger generation.

    "Ironically off late Karpal has been showing bad examples which could inflame anger of the people," he said.

    -- BERNAMA

    Who the hell is this mamak Reezal Merican who says he's representing me??? I didn't elect him to speak on my behalf! Blinking twit!

    All I have to say to Karpal Singh is "if you have the kahunas (as well as the evidence) to prove that UMNO youth is behind all this, then produce it! If not then STFU! (Google it if you don't know).

    STFU also applies to all politicians on both sides. Stop your yakking and get down to actually doing work for the Rakyat. Never forget who elected you there in the first place!

  112. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Dei! Pundek Singh! Singh is PUndek not Sngh is King! Barua celaka punya Singh! Calling people Celaka is alright because he's form PR, but if BN calls somebody Celaka wah! punya bising! Dei Bloody Hypocrite jilat da Karpal's Celaka Bontotla! This is the new politics of the PR even a stupid idiot like Karpal is considered a hero. Fuck Off!!!

    Singh Karpal HIS ASS!

  113. Anonymous4:20 pm

    I wonder how many there are SINGH in MALAYsia??

    I think kalau semua MELAYU ketuk kepala Karpal dia dah tak payah beli Turban lagi dah pasal kepala dia dah bengkak dah boleh jadi TURBAN..

    Aku selalu tertanya Apakah perasaan seorang PEGUAM jikalau dia tahu org yg dibela itu memang bersalah tetapi dia tetap membela juga sampai mahkamah tak dapat buktikan dia bersalah kerana perkara teknikal?? Apakah mulia tugas PEGUAM itu?? Bagi pandangan aku PEGUAM itu adalah ORANG YG PALING CELAKA di BUMI ini..
    Kenapa DAP terutamanya KArpal menentang UNDANG_UNDANG SYARIAH kerana dia tak boleh cari makan!!

    Sama la PEGUAM yg mewakili ANWAR

  114. politician throw the ball, we kicking each other legs.. cool huh?

  115. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Khairy was in his room one day. His dad called him. His dad told him he must be someone big and help all the rempits. He must employ them so that they don't need to loiter around without any jobs.

    Khairy said ok.

    2 days after that, his mom called him to talk. She told him that he needs to help the Mamaks/Indians because times are tough, and most of them are extremely poor. His mom cried. She said Samy Vellu is no good.

    Khairy said ok. He will kick Samy out.

    So, Khairy took out a paper, and he wrote down both of the wishes of his parents.

    For the rempits, it is easy, he can start any business and employ them.

    For the Indians, oh thats a tough one. Samy is too strong, he will need a revolution to kick him out. Samy is cemented on the MIC president post.

    So he thought hard, no way he can work his way up the MIC. And even if he did, he can't employ any rempits, it won't look nice to his fellow brothers in MIC. It would seem like he is more towards his Malay side, than a red-blooded crooked Tamil businessman.

    So he he did a bit more research,and he figured out the best way to get Samy is by joining UMNO. That way, he can employ so many rempits, and no one will say anything.

    Then he got started lah, with some help from his cousins. The rest is all history.

    Here's a photo from the good times

  116. To 'Mr X', you said "When Karpal says '' Singh is King'', he was referring to the concept of equality in the Sikh religion.."

    while I have profound respect for Guru Nanak and Sikhism, I don't think Karpal was referring to 'equality' in this sense.

    Karpal I believe, was just shooting off his big mouth like Dirty Harry, and I honestly don't know who's got the bigger gun, him or officer Harry Callahan.

    If you want to talk BIG like that, like threatening a Sultan with civil suits and hurling baseless accusation at Pemuda UMNO, then it is my opinion that you'll need A BLOODY BIG GUN indeed -
    metaphorically speaking.

    No! You'll need a 155mm HOWITZER cannon - metaphorically speaking of course.

    Personally, I think that the people who sent Karpal live bullets are playing with fire. We surely do not need these kinds of violent and 'mafioso' politics in this country - despite the fact that our Parliament is slowly on its way to becoming a WWF stage.

    However, politicians like Karpal too must learn to be more responsible when issuing comments. For example, as a lawyer Karpal should be familiar with the term 'burden of proof', therefore his allegation that Pemuda UMNO sent him those bullets is totally uncalled for.

    Unless of course, those bullet are conveniently stamped with the caption "HAK MILIK PEMUDA UMNO" or "WITH LOVE, UMNO YOUTH"; you know, like the composite C-4 that was allegedly used to kill Altantuya.

  117. The parliament's security officers can't help because the incident is under the jurisdiction of Police's Crime Prevention Unit or Gansters Busters Dept as the people involved and initiated are all Samsengs !

  118. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Sad. We are still heavily on politics instead of economy. I'm not on anyone side in this case but Karpal says "pemuda UMNO celaka". Twisted by someone in UMNO that its means "melayu celaka". I don't buy it and advised all other malays not too.

    Focused on issue - "celaka" word by Karpal to pemuda UMNO not to malay as general. I am a malay, not UMNO, not opposition. To be fair, I don't take it as a racist remark by Karpal. Now Rezal Mareecan says a real racist remark to Karpal.

    Twisted and keep twisting..
    I don't like that at all. If this is how so called "leader" to bring Malaysia success? Good luck to all of us. A lot of work to do instead of calling names in the worst manner ever.. racist!

  119. UMNO Youth causing scuffle at Parliament or anywhere else is absolutely permissible. Anyone objecting to it, you may take a hike. Thank you.

  120. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Congratulations Mr Karpal you are a GREAT MAN. To the PEMUDI UMNO lu orang buat malu jaa. Dengan orang tua (OKU) pun lu orang nak belasah. Kalau anak dia Gobind tu nak pertahankan pun logik juga sebab kau orang nak belasah bapa dia.

    Ingat beb hari ni lu orang pukul dia, lepas ni bapak lu orang pulak kena belasah.

    Hukum dunia.

  121. Anonymous7:32 pm

    "Whatever Karpal Singh said, does it make it right for UMNO bully to manhandle and assault him and his supporters ?

    Now, why does the police always remind us not to take the law into our own hands, but are doing nothing in this instance ?

    9:38 PM

    How come Karpal say such a rude word? This UMNO people also very stupid, look like they are losing control throughout. Kalau tok det tgh berkuasa, karpal mcm tikus hilang muncung. Ini la susahnya kasi open sangat, kita punya negara masih third world, abusing the freedom of speech by saying rude words like this is very disturbing.

  122. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Singh is King is as racist as the keris scandal by hishamuddin ok.
    if he doesn't wanna bow to the sultan in malaysia, he should go back to negara india or wherever he belongs.
    Karpal needs to put chuck into ISA lah!

  123. i was bored the other day, right, and decided to go through the phone directory and actually found someone by the name of Wong King Lion. i mean, that was so cool no other names can get any cooler than Mr Wong's.

  124. Now we wait what pro-Mukhriz and pro-Khir Umno youth will do as a lead up to the elections for the coveted title of Umno Youth President. KJ has made his move ...

  125. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Sorry ya abang Rocky sayang... tadi link dia salah... ni dia beritanya sekali lagi:


    Karpal Singh telah memberi pita rakaman Ketua Hakim yang mengaku rasuah kepada Agong!!

    Lihat di sini.


    Speaker Perak V. Sivakumar telah meminta agar sidang tergempar Dewan Undangan Perak diadakan pada hari Selasa untuk mengundi usul percaya/tidak percaya kepada Dato' Seri Nizar dan usul memansuhkan Dewan!

    Lihat di sini.

  126. Anonymous9:36 pm

    It is not the same as Taiwan and Japan. It the law makers fight between themselves, it is OK.

    This is UMNO thugs intimidating a lawmaker. This is a crime.

    Now, Hissmudin speaks with fork tongue. He was not responsible for the action but support it.This mean he support criminals.

  127. Saya kata Datuk Hishamuddin adalah paling bacul dalam abad ini. Tak ada maruah dan kulup. Dia hanya beranai menghunus keris pada angin dan kata-kata, tapi kosong. Macam tin kosong. Bacul!

    Itu karpal singh. Macam mana di Perak?

    Saya melihat DY Sultan Perak sangat-sangat berkecuali sebab yang gadoh politik adalah rakyat baginda.

    Sebab itu DY Sultan tidak sampai hati nak gantong india seorang ini yang jadi speaker supaya nyah dari negeri Perak. Sebaliknya speaker boleh buat suka hati macam itu.

    kalau ada dua tiga macam speaker perak ni, hancor negara. Silap-silap macam Tamil Elam di Cylon.

    Tapi pemuda UMNO ke mana? Bacul!

  128. Anonymous11:31 pm


    Next GE, I will neither vote for BN nor PR coz they are all the **** same.
    Anti BN/Anti PR

  129. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Anti-Hindraf and Ultra Chingkies

    You are greatlah man terutama 9.35am. Gua anggap you komentar terbaik dan gua suka baca u punya komen.

    Gua sudah malas nak komen sebab banyak kerja tapi gua punya kerja siap-siap untuk ............ Bila semua siap, gua dan kawan gua akan mula bagi bersih......itu jam syiok oh. kerusi roda pun kena lanyak.....gua dan kawan gua sudah pakat hati satu jiwa untuk .......Tunggggggu saja!!!gua pelawa u sama.

    for d time eing..u are the man!! gua sokong you 100% sebab gua dan kawan tak da hipokrit. till then, take care bro ultra.


  130. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Really deeply disappointed with some of the comments posted, some obviously by UMNO advocates

    Name calling, death threats, intimidation, call for withdrawing citizenship, violence.........
    endless verbal and physical violence against those who hold different opinion from us
    After years of education, are we still resolved to such methods to rebuke those we dont agree with? If we are, what are the differences with the beruk on the trees?

    Have Karpal Singh committed any crime? He did not denounce the monarchy. He was just utilizing his right bestowed by the constitution in bringing the Perak political crisis to the court. He just cited the violation of constitution by the Sultan. He did this according the laws!!!!!


  131. Anonymous1:31 am

    Judging from the comments left by those pro-UMNO or BN people here, these people really knows no etiquette or manners. What with the harsh words they used? Its either our education system here fails or that they do indeed have a small brain and an equally smaller heart..

  132. Anonymous5:20 am

    It is the Umno that most people against not the Malay. Umno is corrupted,evil,arrogant,stupid, narrow-minded,racist,uncilvalized....
    playing dirty tactic in misleading Malay to against Non-Malay for the personal interest of power and money at the expense of Rakyat.
    Umno is using the name of Sultan,Islam and Malay to cover the evil practices.

  133. Anonymous6:23 am

    Kepada pembaca yang bernama Burungjantan - 10:33 p/m -:

    Awas dengan kata-kata awak.

    Jangan samakan orang India dengan Tamil Elam/Tamil Tiger.

    Orang India bukan Tamil Elam dan sebaliknya, orang Tamil Elam bukan orang India. Mereka puak yang menetap di Sri Lanka.

    Sama seperti Melayu di Thailand dan persengketaan mereka di situ tiada kaitan dengan Melayu di Malaysia yang hidup aman-damai dan tidak ada sebarang sangkut-paut dengan Melayu di Thailand atau Melayu di Afrika Selatan.

    Tuduhan anda tidak berasas dan tiada kaitan langsung. Jangan sengaja mahu melagakan kaum-kaum di Malaysia ini. Kalau kamu itu penyokong UMNO, sokonglah UMNO. Itu hak anda. Tapi jangan pula main api perkauman di antara warganegara-warganegara Malaysia yang berbeza kaum. Ini tidak baik atau wajar.

    Tindakan Speaker Perak V. Sivakumar adalah wajar. Beliau dan Nizar harus dipuji untuk keberanian mereka mempertahankan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Perak yang masih sah mengikut Perlembagaan dan memperjuangkan hak rakyat marhaen biasa, bukan memperjuangkan golongan berkuasa dan berpangkat. Harus kamu bangga kerana mereka bukan mencari pangkat atau wang tapi mahu berkhidmat untuk rakyat, walaupun diugut dan cuba dirasuah. Kalau nak kutuk tu, kutuklah tiga orang Pakatan Rakyat yang membelot itu. Mereka tiada prinsip langsung dan tidak menghargai rakyat.

    **Jadi janganlah tuduh sebarangan orang India di Malaysia. Kita ni rakyat Malaysia dan kesetiaan dan titik peluh keringat kita ialah untuk Malaysia dan kebaikan seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang disayangi. Sejarah dan sumbangan setiap kaum di Malaysia jangan dilupa**.

    Terima kasih.

  134. Anonymous7:16 am

    Memang dari dulu...kini dan selamanya Pemuda UMNO celaka.

    Kat Terengganu Pemuda UMNO juga yg derhaka kat Sultan.

    Kalau bab pukul perempuan, orang kurang upaya, budak kecik sapa lagi kalau bukan Pemuda UMNO.

    Apa kata Pemuda UMNO angkut semua ahli dia buat terjunan sekali lagi kat Antartik dan jangan balik balik dah.

    Menyemak Malaysia aje. Boleh blah la Pemuda UMNO konon.


  135. "Really deeply disappointed with some of the comments posted, some obviously by UMNO advocates

    Name calling, death threats, intimidation, call for withdrawing citizenship, violence.........
    endless verbal and physical violence against those who hold different opinion from us
    After years of education, are we still resolved to such methods to rebuke those we dont agree with? If we are, what are the differences with the beruk on the trees?

    Eh? Didn't you see the stupid ass comments by PR motherfuckers as well?

    Not saying UMNO and BN are saints, but I just want to point out that PR's fanatical supporters are equally or at times MORE fucked up than the rest.

    I agree with your message, but just couldn't stand the PR-less bullshit.

  136. Anonymous9:29 am

    Dear Rocky.

    My foot if Singh is King. If I were UMNO youths fella at the parliement that day I would have thrown my Nike golf shoe at the Singh is F***king.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  137. Anonymous9:38 am


    After watching, The boy in striped pyjamas, Reader, Miracle at St. Anna, Valkyrie my son came out with this strange statement,and suddenly became interested to read more on HITLER.

    “ With what is taking place in Malaysia today, we should now ponder as to why Hitler and the Nazis HATED the JEWS so much. I guess they must have caused too many problems to the “ORANG TEMPATAN”. He may be evil in his ways but I guess some people deserved to be treated such!”

    In his opinion, Hitler must have done a great service to Germany of TODAY, by ridding the country of TORNS running around polluting the nation.

    ……Phew, what a thought creeping into my 21yr old son.


  138. kerana mulut badan binasa
    Kerana badan bina nerhaka

    I don’t mind the protest by UMNO youth but the manner; Karpal probably insulted the UMNO party system; but this is politics. Have you not said insensitive things?

  139. Anonymous10:22 am

    this chao will terlungkup kan Malaysia we have all built.

    someone is probably counting the days to take over the country without much problem. Look at us, helpless rakyat, stupid politicians..korang semua perut sudah buncit, kenyang burrpp burrpp...cmon..wake up la.. of course you guys will fly out the moment someone serang the country. Wat happens then? we will all become pariah in our own country, kerpal or hisamuddin or whoever..that time u see la...who the real traitor...mcm ni ka handle government? mamat UMNO yg scuffle depan parliamanet tu bekas budak rempit ke masa muda dulu..
    karpal sorang pun korang tak leh handle..

    with all these developments, aku risau kita jadi gaza saja..takda sapa mau tolong..dari dalam saja kita boleh kene serang sgn mat indon, nepal etc..depa ada berapa ramai? dari luar? takyah serang pun tak mengapa, we are in the midst of self-destruction.

    election time korang tunggu la.. no one is going to vote. BN ke BA ka sama XXXXXXX.....

  140. Anonymous4:58 pm

    This blog is moderated, but the kind of vulgar languages, dirty words, curses and swearings that was let through for all to read shows that Rocky Bru's approval of it. If not, we wouldn't be reading it.

    Some how, whatever the political inclinations of the individual, by using those kind of media to transmit your emotions only goes to show how shallow and lack of wisdom one can be.

    If you are still calling yourself a good muslim, cultured malay, may be it is about time you seek forgiveness from your parents, because I am quite sure they did not teach you this way.

  141. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Ha, ha, Khalifah silat Malaysia nak pukul OKU. Sedarlah En Megat, bapak awakpun orang cacat.

  142. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Karpal itu celaka, dan pasti akan celaka.. Mengalih perhatian di Parlimen terhadap krisis Aly yang memberi celaka kepada Anwar dan Pakatan Rakyat. Semua mereka celaka dan akan celaka..


  143. Democracy has arrived?.....No!No!No! The SARKAS is back (remember P.Ramlee?)

  144. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Karpal ni bukan nya bodoh! Aku setuju dengan agenda daily. Dia umpan PPUMNO dan beb-beb bahalol ni pergi makan umpan dia. Apa lah bangang sangat? Aku rasa-rasa la, peluru tu pun dia hantar kat diri dia atau dia upah orang, pas tu kata PPUMNO yang hantar. Jangan layan bai murtad ni dan anak-beranak dia yang murtad tu. Buat busuk nama aje!

  145. Anonymous8:42 pm

    So, who wants to summon Karpal on the grounds of sedition, lese-majeste, treason etc?

    Come on, people - if you are that confident about constitutional law, why not put it to the test? Go take out a private suit against Karpal. Maybe Umno Youth, with the funds that they have, can initiate the process.

    I am sure that the Malaysian courts will be willing to rule on this issue.

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. so much hypocrites in here!

    mr x..ask mr karpal to stay in bengal where he can apply the 'singh'..

    so many people here blaming UMNO about the rowdiness or hooliganism or threats by several youths on karpal at parliament.

    i dont see these people blaming pas or pakatan rakyat when some malays throwing stones at cars and lying on the road blocking traffic at kuala kangsar during the perak incident.

    it is the same with lim guan eng the penang cm. he blamed the people who tried to stop karpal from entering parliament, but he never open his mouth to people who tried to stop the raja muda perak from going to the istana.

    it is a clear case of selective criticism by these people here, whose real motive is to gain political mileage.

    btw, as mps elected by the rakyat, all mps particularly the singh should mind their words. they should upheld discipline and decorum.

    harsh words are not the way to put your point across. just remember, maybe there is immunity for mps in parliament, but outside parliament for some immunity has no meaning to them...

  148. Anonymous5:45 am

    Typical 'pembangkang', BIASED thinking.

    PEMUDA UMNO was merely asking for an explanation about the word CELAKA. This is uncivilized and should be called dogs.

    While calling people 'Celaka' in the sacred parliament house is OK, not even mentioned here.

    Come one DAP, PAS and PKR. Please be fair on your comments and that umno-is-behind-all-this thinking.


  149. Anonymous12:20 pm

    i am happy to see UMNO making so many mistakes and having so many wrong doings!

    Go for It! Keep it up!


  150. Rocky bro,
    your blog are still being stank up by cybertroopers. No more substance in comments.

  151. Anonymous11:44 pm

    That' how the true incident looks like
    a group of gangsters bullying a wheelchair bound old man
    despicable, detestable


  152. Anonymous2:58 am

    I SUPPORT KARPAL! read these closely...

    i) celaka umno youth (the party). NOT the race (bangsa). just that political party. karpal has many many malay friends in pkr, pas, legal and social networks.

    ii) celaka igp (musa hasan, that person); not the whole police force.

    iii) celaka ag (gani patail, that person); not the whole ag's chambers.

    iv) celaka ALL BN top brass.


    p/s: rocky...please lah...what's with you lately? come clean with us lah. at least have the guts to declare " i am now pro-government ". that way, i respect you more... now...all these wayang kulit postings...

  153. Anonymous10:34 am

    a singh without the turban should bertaubat....

  154. Anonymous10:44 am

    Ha Ha Ha all the comments here are all Hypocritical. All actually the same, this one tuduh this one not civilised suka maki orang, that one pun tuduh the same thing. In the end dua dua Bodoh. Ha ha ha (repeat).


  155. Anonymous4:00 am

    what if malays cakap...
    CINA BANGSAT pendatang ...

    for sure cina ll be angry..
    asking for apologize and bla..bla
    tak kira la dalam parlimen ke ape..
    mesti cina bising macam orang kalah judi.

    so bila diberi kebebasan bersuara
    pandai2 la guna.

    cakap psal isu OKU..
    Kalau OKU boleh la maki siapa- siapa
    kalau betul UMNO ni thug ke apa
    baik UMNO datang terus potong kepala Karpal ni.
    tapi disebabkan UMNO ni bukan la macam bangsa yang tak tahu thankful
    walau di cerca kami bersabar betolak ansur..

    siap cakap baik lagi suruh tarik balik apa yg karpal cakap.. adakah UMNO datang-datang terus sepak terajang karpal tolak dari kerusi roda..UMNO ni beradab lagi.. jaga nama pemimpin melayu .

    tak payah la nk kecoh psal OKU ke CACAT...mulut klau tak tau bercakap
    ini lah jadinya..

    Blaja law tapi perangai macam orang pasar.