Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Malaysian Politicians ...

Can you please get down to work? A dude named Zubedy bought a full-page ad in The Star today to deliver a message to our politicians. He speaks for most of us, I believe.

Read his message at Knights Templar h e r e. The picture is Templar's.


  1. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Seronoklah jadi cool dude macam Anas.

    Gua pun nak jadi cool dude lah.

    Bukannya susah sangat -- beli full-page ad dalam Star, lecture mangkuk-mangkuk ayun dalam PR ngan BN cukup-cukup.

    Macam jadi bloggers jugak lah kot.

    Lepas tu sure famous punya.


  2. Anonymous5:44 pm

    a 'dude" named Zubedy? hahaha LOL...he is so well known lah...


  3. But this is what politicians are supposed to do - spoil everything for everyone.

  4. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Making a public plea for our politicians to get down to work? I thought that's what they have been doing all these years. Malaysian style. Like they say, when you are in Rome, do what the Romans do. Well, at least in Malaysia you now know how and what the Malaysian politicians do when they work. They are all working when they are not actually working at all. Hope I got my grammar correct. Syabas.

  5. Anonymous7:49 pm

    hi rocky, i think you know the guy. dia involve in training organization and relation very close to ...... he heh he hidup zubedy, kaya le hang tahun depan


  6. Anonymous8:47 pm




    Tak sangka yer semua nak jadi HERO time-time Pemilihan Umno[CELAKA] ni..

    HAHAHAHAHAHA.. get a lifeeee.. CELAKA!

    Kalau parti lain buat selain dari UMNO[CELAKA] salah sbb serang MANUSIA di parlimen..

    Kalau UMNO[CELAKA] buat serang manusia di parlimen tak pa.. sbb dowang sumer ni mewakili UMNO[CELAKA]..



  7. Anonymous10:09 pm


    islam itu benar? tapi perangai hang tak tunjuk pon perangai islam..alisetan (celaka)..tengok cermin la dulu kalau nak panggil orang melayu lain celaka alisetan (celaka yang makpak hang kueng ajaq)

  8. Anonymous10:34 pm

    amboi alisetan..hang KURANG AJAQ nooo.. panggil sesama islam celaka..kalau singh tarak kondek tu aku tak heran dah dengan perangai BANGSAT tu...


    apa-apa pon jangan CAPOi sangat mamat oiii..takat dalam internet saja..luaq tak tau lagi..

    sulaiman b. hamid
    gelugor, pulau pinang

  9. Zubedy is not just another dude. He is an established trainer and a well respected one.

  10. Anonymous11:57 pm

    i am sure u wld want the politicians to stop fighting, i am sure.

    stability = to lull the rakyat into a false sense of peace and stablity, so that the corrupt bn fellas (your boss amongst them i am sure) can plunder the national coffers in peace....

    1st : cripple pakatan rakyat e.g. eli, 3fkers in perak, gerak, khalid case etc...

    2nd : pay writers like u-know-who to 'plead' for 'stability'...(so that them bn bugg--s can continue plundering the country (pr threw a spanner in the works for them bn bug--rs, didnt they?)

    3rd : use the remaining ignorant folks (who know not better), throw a few crumbs to them and the remain their blind supporters.

    ** note: most, if not all, cities (with more educated people) are in pr's hands. the bn bugg--rs claim to seats r those in the illerate or ignorant bros&sis's constituencies...

    ** thank god for other bloggers who continue the sruggle to end all the misery...(you were once with them).

    ** i can almost swear on my life that you have 'something' going on with your new masters. ask your conscience.

    ** really really ask yourself, whom among the current so-called leaders in the bn lineup inspires you...? for me, NONE.


  11. Anonymous8:20 am

    Huh? Who cares?

    It's "I Want To Be Prime Minister"
    that is more important than anything else.


  12. Kenapa kita sering sinikal jika ada seseorang yang 'ambil tahu'/perihatin mengenai sesuatu. Sekurang-kurangnya Zubedy mengambil inisiatif untuk menyatakan hasrat nalurinya wpun berbayar. Kepada anda yang suka berpandangan serong/buruk sangka terhadap apa yg org lain lakukan, berfikiranlah secara positif & BERBAIK SANGKA. Kita mampu lakukan.

  13. Anonymous11:09 am


    I think we, the ordinary RAKYAT should organize a RAKYAT tour specially for all these politicians. Menteris, MPs, Senators, Aduns termasuk yang ex ex juga....


    I month Homestay or anak angkat programme for them perhaps?

    Baru benar benar celek mata mereka sikit, that we RAKYAT are actually suffering and they are still squirming amongst themselves?

    P.S: Car maintainance mereka pun dah boleh beri makanan kepada beribu orang miskin, tiap bulan!!


  14. Anonymous1:39 pm


    Lu rasa Anwar Berahi nak ke baca message ni ? Not in his agenda list.

    Muah ha ha

  15. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Oh Zubedy, yes..hate has consumed the politicians' heart and also the hearts of the people, judging from the comments written here. Most people can no longer judge between right and wrong, good or bad. Anger and discontent feeds a poor mind. Kalau hati sudah sakit, otak letak dekat lutut.
    Macam alisetan.

  16. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Anas Zubedy ni memang dah terkenallah bro .. u shud attend his talk. Ajak PR dan BN sekali.

    Abg Hantaman

  17. Anonymous4:10 pm

    TO Ali Setan based on your comment, you are the CELAKA yang sebenarnya, sama ngan MAK BAPAK kau! Celaka Bodoh!

    Dan jangan kaitkan tag "Islam Itu Benar" dengan tulisan kau! CELAKA!

    Ali Celaka

  18. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Baguslah dia passionate macam ni. Tapi sayangnya dia ingat dunia ni bergerak macam cerita fairy tale. YOu have a different government at both the federal dan state levels. You might think that if it were you as politicians you will do what anas thinks everyone would do. But then; it will never happen cause they are so different in idealogies, policies, approach and evrything. Besides without stable politics there will be no progress in economy. The reason we prosper previously was because we chose a tried and tested government with workable system i.e BN. So last election we chose a different one at different level. Apa lagi kita nak komplen? kita yang buat dan pilih benda ni. telan sajalah sampai next election atau mungkin selama2nya sebab dah ada trend ke arah itu; so bising apa kan? Ini bukan filem Tamil dimana semua akan baik. Ini real life. Its not the movies...grown up.

    Penanak Nasik

  19. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Frankly speaking I really feel sick and tired to see the endless political bull fight in our country. Instead of putting into actions (walk the talk) to save our beloved country from falling further into the economic turmoil, politicians are still throwing stones at one another. Headlines in our local newspapers are mainly reports on political issues and crimes. Its almost like reading the same stories but played by different actors, written in different versions and described in different phrases. One of these days, we will end up like ‘the boy who cries wolf’ when everybody body stops believing even though it is real.

    Being a retiree (not pensioner) I should be relaxing, enjoying reading books but I just cant because I just cant afford it. Prices of essential commodities i.e. FOOD STUFF keep on rising which leaves me no other option but to continue working part time here and there to supplement our daily expenses. I wonder how our future generations will cope with their daily life. I always keep telling our children that for now, both me and my wife can take care of ourselves but I am not sure how about them and their children. I am not seeking sympathy…I am just thinking about our future generations and our beloved country. Just like the Chinese having ‘ Chin Ming’ which is a special day to pray for their ancestors, we Malays (muslim) also need our future generations to pray for us, same as what we are doing now to our fore fathers. If our generations are in shambles, how are they going to have a peace of mind to pray for us ???

    HRH the sultan of Selangor is absolutely right by saying that unity is vital for survival especially among Malays. I just dread that the differences which is rife and obvious among Malays will deteriorate to the extent that we will end up like the American Civil War. The advice from HRH is indeed timely. While we as the subjects of this nation should heed his advice, it is also appropriate that all HRHs not just Selangor but also the rest of the states will take care of all the subjects, Malays in particular. If we are not careful and continue to split arising from personal and political beliefs, it makes easier for our enemies to “colonize” us again. We Malays may end up as second class citizens (heaven forbids) in our own country and there will be no turning back. The fact remains that by majority, the Malays still respect and are loyal to the royalties. From my observation over the years, I have yet to hear a Malay calling a member of the royal family by name especially in public no matter how close they are to each other. The Malay rooted culture to respect still exists especially the language that we use. The only shortcoming is that ordinary Malays will not seek audience (mengadap) to ask for favors and concessions.

    The scuffle at Parliament House is nothing less but shame, worse still when parliament was in session. I wonder whether YB stands for Yang Berhormat, Yang Berkhidmat or Yang Bergaduh. Please YBs, the people elected you to lead our country to reach greater heights. Our country does not need wrestlers and boxers coming from our elected representatives. There are numerous problems still remain unsolved and please don’t make matters worse by having physical fights and creating unnecessary tensions.We must lead by examples.

    (Worried Malaysian)

  20. No matter what we say or do, the politicians, MP's and the rest in the government are more interested in the power struggle. They just don't care what is happening to our country's economy.