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It ain't over ...

Updated 2pm, 23/2/08
It Is Over, says Najib.
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Original posting:
Labu again? While many of us who campaigned against the Labu LCCT thought it's all over, Apanama remains the cynical one. Read his latest posting h e r e and you might just wonder who really has the last say with regards to Labu.

p.s. I heard Tony Fernandes had an audience recently with the statesman Dr M, a big opponent of the Labu project, but it could have been on anything. Like thanking the former PM for giving him the big break ...


  1. That's right Rocky! While you and that SD Watch guy were trying to put a spin on it, all the time, the Govt had actually issued approval in black & white to SD & AA and that has not been withdrawn.

    So, this talk about taking SD and AA to task with the KLSE for false announcement was plain bullshit!!

    Anyway, despite Najib's NST front page declaration that the LCCT 2 project was off, there appears to be other forces at work at the EPU to waste the Govt's and country's resources.

    Remember what Ani Arope said about Mahathir & the EPU guys putting pressure on him to approve IPP's at very onerous terms to TNB?

    Well, it appears that Mafia which also sold the country to the IPP & Highway Toll Concessionaires, is very much still alive and kicking.

    Where is the 'cow and car' MACC when youy need them? No doubt utilising all their spare workforce to investigate with lightning speed abuse of power by the Perak Speaker!!

  2. Anonymous8:55 pm

    OTK also joining with Tony?

    "...Recently, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said a final decision has not been made on whether to proceed with or scrap the proposal to build the LCCT in Labu..."

    Is OTK really 'collaborating' with Tony? or conincidengtal:)

    Rumor is Tony is one of the personalities behind this Masterskill.

    ".....Later in Kuala Lumpur, Ong said the MCA would collaborate with Masterskill College of Nursing & Health to promote health science courses at grassroots level to all races in order to meet the demand for qualified professionals in that sector....."

  3. Anonymous9:56 pm

    HOW CAN!

    Najib said he dont agree. OTK said no decision. But EPU said approved in principle.

    What kind of govt is this?

    What string is Toby Labu pulling?

    Is he like the mafia IPP pulling gun in meeting with EPU?

  4. Anonymous9:57 pm


    shameful on you to condemn bloggers who are fighting against labu and ijn and those taxpayers' money projects!

    you are typical phakatan moron!!

  5. WTF. I thought the shelved it for good.

  6. Anonymous10:28 pm


    are you a typical BN moron?

    by all means go fight, if you think labu is wrong. I think its a waste of resources too.

    but dontplaypuks has a very valid point. cows and cars, MACC better spend time on this labu issue, aint it anuka?


  7. Oh hell, not again! I though the LCCT’s fate was effectively sealed when DS Najib voiced out his disagreement on the project; BUT NOOO, it has to go on.

    UMNO folks apparently protested against the superfluous project, and the Pakatan Rakyat folks were practically screaming like a broad on PMS against it. This would put the LCCT Labu in the same position as the Tel Aviv regime, where Malaysia as a nation gave it the “two thumbs down” sign.

    It appears the unanimous voice of the people is no match against the robustness of rouge capitalism in motion.

    Comrade Dr Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara once spoke of capitalism’s vicious cycle where “the rich would use his money to gain power, and those in power would abuse it to gain wealth”, or something like that, and I don’t mean to sound like a Marxist but I do find this scenario quite commonplace in our country nowadays. NO! I AM NOT A COMMUNIST mind you!

    It also appears that Monsieur Tony has got one final trick up his sleeve, and when you have the Director General of EPU speaking in your favor; it’s a BLOODY GOOD TRICK I reckon.

    Hey Tony my man, you got some sort of ILMU KEBAL or what? Care to share it with lowlifes like us?

    Anyway, this is a good head start to BUNGKUS UMNO/BN government I tell you. You see my friend, when a government sends a message that it doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the people think, I don’t think that such a government would last as long as the Energizer’s bunny.

    But hey, what do I know?

  8. Anonymous11:44 pm

    how to improve the chances of bn in the next pru?

    just listen to the people not just some people

  9. Anuka

    It's you who are the moron.

    If you've read my blog properly and followed my previous comments to Rocky on this partivular issue, I am 100% AGAINST the Labu LCCT as it will be a total wastage of scarce economic resources and duplication of infra facilities.

    But it would appear that there are others within the UMNO/BN Govt like Ong Tee Kiat and MOF/EPU guys who are working against public interest and keen on bankrupting the country. They will probably try to get a directly-negotiated non-tendered out contract which will then be buried under the OSA.

    That is why I am asking why the MACC is concentrating on smaller kuching kurau issues.

  10. Heard Sime Darby boys wanna take KLJPA next to KLGCC for some expensive real estate and transfer KLJPA to Labu..

  11. Anonymous1:26 am

    Agree with Donplaypuks.

    MACC should look at Tony Labu.

    On Khaled's Cows and Cars and Abuse of Power by Perak Speaker we should just "Close One Eye".
    After all these are only Fuckatan Riot's issues.
    It's only BN issues that MACC should go after.

  12. berader,

    betul ke this is the last favour for those two blokes up there the FIL and the SIL before they kick their bucket? some kind of compromise in'it




  14. Anonymous3:34 am

    sultan perak murtad?

  15. Anonymous6:18 am

    Dear Rocky.

    LCCT in Labu.It over.belief me.Tony use this as bargaining power to get better deal with Airport Authority.They gotwhat they ask for.How tony going to build the airport on their own.Whre the money going to come.They cant even raise $400m to buy back their own shares.?

  16. Anonymous8:26 am

    Rocky, I find the issue abt the Labu LCCT a very interesting topic to follow, but I'm disturbed by the inaccurate report by Sime Darby Watch (SDW) that Sime Darby did not receive any approval from the authorities when it made an announcement to Bursa Malaysia on the matter.

    It's very clear from the statement by the EPU director-general that Sime Darby (and Air Asia) did receive an approval- in- principle from the government to undertake the project before anncouncing it to Bursa Malaysia.

    When SDW reported otherwise, it's a clear "lie" by SDW to smear the good name of Sime Darby for whatever reasons. I'm not a supporter of Sime Darby but a stockmarket player who relies on accurate information before making my investment decision.

    As an experienced journalist-cum-blogger, you should know that accurate facts (including from those blogs that you quote/carry) are the essentials of a good reporting. In fact, it's a cardinal sin in journalism if you publish facts that are wrong and malicious. And you know the consequences if the aggrieved party decides to sue.

    As I said earlier, I find this issue very interesting as it has repercussions to not only ordinary Malaysians but also the investing public like me. I hope you will be discerning enough in future to include any postings from SDW as I have found many inaccurate facts in the blog before. Thank you.

  17. Anonymous8:58 am

    Rocky, spot-on! and thank you.

    I am against LABU-LCCT, i am against PR.. I am with BN/UMNO!



  18. Anonymous9:21 am


    Off course it ain't over. Look here, it even has Phakatan Riot spinning for Tony Fernandes.

    This, another young Oxford, but from Phakatan Riot now singing the sweet tune:)

    The worst part this Tony Pua balls licking line in the above spin:-

    "Unlike many of our country's pseudo-pretend-entrepreneurs who rely on government concession and oblique guarantees to become multi-millionaires, Tony made it big with no government guaranteed passenger traffic, protected air routes, monopoly license or government underwritten loans."

    Ooi, YB, they dont pay MAHB, right thing to do? If they don't pay, why collect airport tax from us? He cannabalise the planes in the east malaysia route and hand back the planes as scrap iron to MAS, boleh? Ini punya kuality DAP econimic advisor? hahahahaha

    Maybe give benefit of doubts of this young ciku YB, who can easily believe anything because infetion of the prevalent Anwar cult syndrome among the Phakatan Riot.

    Guess the Phakatan Riot team has tasted blood and start to sing the cronism tune:)) wakakakakakaka:)

    DAP got integrity, my foot!!!!

  19. Anonymous9:27 am


    Dah lama ko tak tulis pasal NSTP. jadi aku tulis sikit. Ko publish, OK.

    Hikayatnya mengenai seorang ketua editor yang kini dye rambut bagi hitam supaya orang tak kata dia dah tua dan tak mampu uruskan NSTP lagi. Supaya dia nampak muda.

    Baru ini dia interbiu Rosmah Mansor dengan harapan dapat disambung kontrak bila Najib naik nanti. Oleh itu keluarlah cerita Rosmah, sampai kan cerita tepi kain pun ditulis. Macam mana Rosmah nak bungkus barang dan sayonara.

    Tak cukup lobi dengan Rosmah. Dia lobi JJ kerana ada orang kata JJ tengah tentukan untuk Najib siapa naik dan siapa turun, Menteri mana naik, menteri mana turun. 2 mukasurat JJ dapat dalam NST dan Berita Harian.

    Sekarang dia kutuk Kalimullah, kutuk Brendan Preira. Dia gunakan nama pariah bila cakap pasal Kali dan Brendan.

    Cukup enjoy kat news desk BH hari ini tengok perangai dia ni.

    Lagipun padan muka Kali dan Brendan. Dunia berputar, bro. Hari ini hari kau, esok hari aku.
    Begitulah ceritanya, Rocky.

    Kat Tingkat 4 BB, syok tengok orang dye rambut ini. Dia nampak muda betul.

    Sekian wasalam.


    p/s: sebelum terlupa. nama dia Hishamuddin Aun

  20. u guys before talking....consider this first...Airasia now running more and more flights and i think shld be more than Mas in honestly...can they operate from LCCT ? for such heavy vol ? Do not punish a company just because of politics! We should support AA, if not for AA...Mas will never reduce their prices...

  21. Anonymous11:00 am

    There you are folks .. Many people have correctly predicted in their earlier comments in a few other blogs elsewhere on this Labu Labi LCCT that it's not over until it's over. Dia orang ni semua bertuhankan duit. Money is their god ... Wali Kota

  22. What ever it is, it really shows to the world that to do business and make money, in BolehLand, it is the 'know-who' and not the 'know-how'

  23. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Our country is in a doldrum. World economy is in a shamble and the Govt has been saying we're OK yet factories are retrenching workers.
    The LCCT Sepang was specially built for AirAsia which has been a good paymaster to MAHB. Now AirAsia in cohort with SD want another airport not far away from Sepang.Pak Lah's Govt continues to flip flop. Experts say the proposed airport is technically dangerous in view of its proximity to KLIA. From the latest statement by EPU the project may take off after all irrespective of objections.
    I'm a retiree of 72 yrs old and wish to see my children and grandchildren able to enjoy the good life that I used to go through. If this is how our Govt is administering the state than I'm positive that come 2013 there shall be a political evolution.
    Bloggers must get together to expose to the Govt that what they have been doing are all detrimental to the future of the nation. May be Pak Lah including NTR already have their hiding places overseas so they can vamoosh. I strongly urge a persistent pressure is applied on the Govt to stop the Labu project.
    From Dzulman.

  24. Anonymous12:50 pm


    The following fascinating article by Tunku Abdul Aziz may interest you and other readers:

  25. Anonymous2:26 pm


    I don't get it.

    When Palestinians get attacked, we Malaysians bising banyak.

    But when such devastating atrocity occurs elsewhere, as in Sri Lanka now (see this news, bro), we Malaysians macam tak kisah jer.

    Are we just focused on only the suffering of fellow Muslims more than non-Muslims?

    Kenapa jadik begini bro, ek?

  26. Anonymous2:28 pm

    We can't even trust our own Governemnt so how are we to survive to even 2020?

  27. Anonymous3:06 pm

    If MACC want to be fair, investigate tony labu.

  28. Anonymous3:18 pm

    I'm fast getting fed-up with all this drama. I think Labu WILL happen - they must be thinking of what excuse they can cook up to justify it. Congrats to Tony for duping Malaysians again!

    I read about the IPP brandishing a gun during negotiations with TNB officers in NST yesterday. What is Malaysia coming to ?!! What happened - we need answers !

    So it has now come to this... a cowboy nation where law abiding citizens will suffer in the hands of corrupt politicians and crooked businessmen !!

  29. Anonymous4:51 pm

    No way that TDM is going to agree to another LCCT at Labu. KLIA is his pride and joy.

    The the joker in the pack is Malaysia Airports. Remember their brash promise to benchmark KLIA against the best airports in the world? Still waiting to see the results of those benchmark studies.

  30. Anonymous5:16 pm


    Bagus punyak berita...

    Rocky... apasal kau tak pasang link kat blog kau gi blog Tukar Tiub? Blog Tukar Tiub blog paling gempak tahun 2008/2009, bro

    Pasang lah link kat Tukar Tiub, senang kiter mo lompat gi saner dari blog ko bro....

  31. Anonymous5:35 pm

    I'm confident DSNTR will walk his talk. Those guys will slip into oblivion and finally dissapear into the horizon.

  32. Funny, but it looks like MCA and a certain Sil is supporting the Labu LCCT project in opposition to DPM Najib!!

    Wtf is going on Rocky? Najib not in control?





  34. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Dear Bru,


    In my opinion, the 2 major reasons that could have caused these wasteful flip flopping could be
    A. The incompetence of the Cabinet Executives and the Legislators
    B. The ignorance of the majority

    On hindsight, this unnecessary pandemonium could have been avoided by having “An Ombudsman Office” that transcends constitutional, judicial, political and socio-economic boundaries.


    The modern use of the term began in Sweden, with the Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsman instituted in 1809, to safeguard the rights of citizens by establishing a supervisory agency independent of the executive branch.
    A prototype of ombudsmen may have flourished in China during the Qin Dynasty (221 BC), and in Korea during the Joseon Dynasty The Romans may have also grappled with the problem
    However, it was the example of the second Muslim Caliph, Umar (634-644) and the concept of Qadi al-Qadat (developed in Islamic law), which influenced the Swedish King, Charles XII. In 1713, fresh from self-exile in Turkey, Charles XII created the Office of Supreme Ombudsman, which soon became the Chancellor of Justice.[1] A parallel institution, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, was later established by the Riksdag, and it was this that the Scandinavian countries subsequently molded into its contemporary form.

    In general, "ombudsman" refers to a state official appointed to provide a check on government activity in the interests of the citizen, and to oversee the investigation of complaints of improper government activity against the citizen
    The major advantage of an ombudsman is that he or she examines complaints from outside the offending state institution, thus avoiding the conflicts of interest inherent in self-policing.

    OMBUDSMAN FOR NATIONAL UNITY REFORMS by Dr Colin Abraham circa June 2008

    1.Although there has yet to be any scientific analysis, this call for reforms has taken centre-stage, so that Malaysians from all walks of life now want to see reforms transcending constitutional, judicial, political and socio-economic institutions initiated and implemented as a matter of utmost urgency.
    2.The failure to address such reforms and overcome the consequent arising social problems may well have been one of the reasons for what has been termed the “tsunami” election results.
    3.It is to be expected that reforms in any modern multicultural democratic society would traditionally be opposed by the ruling class, the political elite, and the bureaucracy. The simple reason for this is that by definition, reforms challenge the status quo that invariably protects the interests of these groups, as a class, consolidating ethnic and racial identities in furtherance of this objective.
    4.Indeed, even in the normal course of the decision-making process in the civil service the Prime Minister himself has drawn attention to the power wielded by the “Little Napoleons” who apparently make unilateral decisions off their own bat without consultation.
    5.Indeed, with the current uncertain political situation we have today, it is absolutely imperative that we need to take the entire question of reforms outside the existing government avenues to move ahead.
    6.Therefore it is my fervent hope that this Forum will strongly endorse the appeal to the Yang-Di-Pertuan Agong to appoint an Ombudsman to take full responsibility to undertake the entire reform program. In this task the latter will of course need to be advised by a consortium of NGO’s (excluding political parties) and look to the options available for implementation.

    Can we start working on this institution ?

  35. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Air asia doing a good thing when they introduce low cost fee. Now everyone can fly cheap.

    However doing a good thing and then mix a bad thing (wasting money to build a unsafe airport)will not produce a good result afterall.

    Wonders why this Air asia get all the special treatment compared to Berjaya Air etc...

    Maybe later Air Asia motto need to be changed to "Now everyone can Die Flying"...

  36. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Who is "derhaka" here? Sulaiman Mahbob? Ong Tee Keat? Tony Fernandes?

    22 Februari, 2009 20:45 PM

    Kerajaan Tetap Tolak LCCT Baru Di Labu, Kata Najib

    Oleh D. Arul Rajoo

    PHUKET, 22 Feb (Bernama) -- Kerajaan tetap dengan keputusannya untuk menolak cadangan AirAsia Bhd dan Sime Darby untuk membina sebuah lapangan terbang tambang murah (LCCT) berharga RM1.6 bilion di Labu, kata Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Beliau berkata, projek di Labu tersebut tidak dapat diteruskan cadangan asalnya kerana Sime Darby tidak akan menampung kos pembinaan infrastruktur yang dianggarkan kira-kira RM800 juta.

  37. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Tony Pua supported Air Asia and Labu LCCT. Of course, he is the crony of Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang. Both the father and son never spoke against Air Asia publicly. In fact, Lim Guan Eng was known to have invited Tony to set up LCCT in Penang.

    The father and son in the DAP are just Tony's lap dogs! So is Tony Pua.


  38. Anonymous6:25 am

    donplaypuks 658pm...

    Not whether najib is control or not..wait till the money is under the table AND the lobbyists come out of the woodwork.

    This is how things work in Bolehland. Soon you will see blogs supporting Labu.

    Everything has a price......then it will be a diffferent tune.

  39. Anonymous8:03 am

    have u guys read d star tis morning?who's making d decision anyway?another matter,many internet users are pissing mad at a monopoly,they even sent letters 2 many prominent figures,doubt it will fly though.can u help?

  40. Anonymous10:06 am

    Sharifah Intan said:

    I don't get it.

    When Palestinians get attacked, we Malaysians bising banyak.

    But when such devastating atrocity occurs elsewhere, as in Sri Lanka now (see this news, bro), we Malaysians macam tak kisah jer.

    Are we just focused on only the suffering of fellow Muslims more than non-Muslims?

    Kenapa jadik begini bro, ek?
    2:26 PM

    Pls throw that question to Hindraf for answer..

    My dear, u miss the bus.. i don't mind giving u a lift.. :)
    Labu to Sri Lanka? jauh tu..tengok balik lah komen2 pasal isu Palastine sebelum ni..topik dah basi da..

    p/s: beratus juta Hindu kat India malah Ketua Menteri Tamil Nadhu pun tak bising..dahsyat pula bila ada muslim di Malaysia yg terlalu 'concern' mengalahkan Hindu..Malaysia ni majoriti Hindu ke? what's up doc?

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  41. Anonymous10:21 am

    Key question #2:
    Funny, why the very low life retards from Fuckatan Riots who yelled "Ketuanan Rakyat" still support Labu LCCT & Pak Lah as PM ?

    ..for whatever reasons their shit brain can think of on how to twist facts..the case obviously not favouring the rakyat at all..

    Mahathir should have proposed KLIA in Labu in the 1st place..not Sepang..a win-win situation..less infrastructure cost..Labu ground is not swampy as Sepang...can even intergrate with existing KTM need to built new railway line..
    what to do, that's the only way to boost property value skyrocket (for some people gain) at a 'jin bertendang' place..

    political power can do miracle..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  42. Anonymous10:21 am


    It's ain't over till Dollah and KJ is over.

  43. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Najib just said, Labu LCCT is over.

    SO why is EPU and Tony Fernandez still pushing this thing. Would they try something to stop Najib from taking over as PM?

  44. Anonymous1:34 pm

    You want to know why Minister Ong Tee keat is backing Labu all the way? Check out one of its directors, Mr. Fam Lee Ee.. who was he when Datuk Ong was the MCA youth chief.

  45. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Looks like you missed out on the job of Najib Chief SpinMeister..
    Johan Jaafar got lucky.

    So what are u going to do now.


  46. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I refer to a comment by Stockmarket Player who accused me of lying on the LCCT Labu issue. This is what I wrote on January 23, 2009:

    Did Sime Darby Berhad lie to Bursa Malaysia and its shareholders when it announced to the stock exchange on January 5, 2009 that it had obtained approval from the Government of Malaysia to proceed with the LCCT project in Labu, Negeri Sembilan?

    Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak told reporters in Kuala Lumpur today that a decision on the proposed new LCCT has not been made.

    As far as I know, there is only one Government in Malaysia and Dato' Sri Najib is in it. So exactly which Government gave Sime Darby the approval? Singapore?

    If this is a lie, the Government must order the entire Sime Darby Board of Directors to resign with immediate effect. I can't imagine a GLC blatantly lying to Bursa Malaysia, thousands of its shareholders and the people of Malaysia. Bursa Malaysia must also come down hard on Sime Darby.

    Note: How could I have lied when it was the Deputy Prime Minister who said the project had not been approved.

    Anyway, approved in principle does not mean it has been approved. You can't go shouting to the Bursa Malaysia each time you get an "approval in principle". You need full approval for that.


    Din, SDW.

  47. Mahathir have no more power or great influences over public opinions.
    He may say something that Malaysians like to hear.....but his mission is revenge and to protect his family wealth...till the day he dies.
    He has selfish ulterior be the greatest dirty politician in Malaysia.
    Listen to will have to be his crony.....when he was PM.
    He is the worst example to young Malaysians..wanting to learn right attitudes....morals and ethics.

  48. Anonymous8:41 pm

    All this write-up about LCCT reminds me of a British comedy,Mind Your Language,when Mr Brown said.'When you are in,you are not really in,you are out.When you are out,you are not really out, you are in.'

    Now I think most of us are confused
    especially so when leaders make conflicting statements on this ambitious project,code-name
    'KLIA@EAST.' Probably this is confuse people and when there is confusion...we continue to argue...not realising that while we argue, the project has already started...maybe it already has.

    Our former PM has built KLIA. Rightly or wrongly KLIA is there.
    Some may dislike him,some do still like him. But just because he is no longer in control,we don't have to discard our KLIA or totally ignore him. As the English phrase,'Don't cut your nose to spite your face.' Some of his statements do have substance.Its up to us to analyse it wisely and intelligently.

    "Politicians will think how to win the next election. Statemen will think of future generations." It is very true indeed.

    (For the Future)