Monday, January 26, 2009

Yoga ban for Muslims in Indonesia

The Ulema Council of Indonesia has issued an edict to say that yoga that contains Hindu rituals like chanting is haram. Read the AP story:
[Bernama has the story too, h e r e, but the news agency seems to think that the edict on smoking should take precedence as a news item]

Indonesian Muslims banned from practicing yoga

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Muslims in Indonesia are now banned from practicing yoga that contains Hindu rituals like chanting, but will continue to be allowed to perform it for purely health reasons, the chairman of the country's top Islamic body said Monday.

Cleric Ma'ruf Amin said the Ulema Council issued the non-binding ruling following weekend talks attended by hundreds of theological experts in Padang Panjang, a village in West Sumatra province. Although the ruling is not legally binding, most devout Muslims are likely to adhere to it — as they consider it sinful to ignore a fatwa.

The Ulema Council decided on the ban, which follows a similar edict in neighboring Malaysia, over concerns that the faith of Muslim yoga practitioners would be weakened if they take part in Hindu rituals like chanting mantras, Amin said.

"Those who perform yoga purely for health reasons or sport will not be affected," Amin said. "We only prohibit activities that can corrupt Islamic values."

Indonesia is a secular nation of 235 million people, 90 percent of whom are Muslim. Most practice a moderate form of the faith, but a vocal extremist fringe has gained strength in recent years.

Last November, when Malaysia's Fatwa Council issued exactly the same fatwa on yoga, some quarters (here for example) expressed their displeasure. A lot of Malaysian Muslims were unhappy, too.

Now that the Ulema Council has spoken, does it make our Fatwa Council's edict on yoga more acceptable?

p.s. We now have another contentious issue related to Islam and Malaysia, and that is in regards to Using the word "Allah". I'm told the Indonesians are watching with great interest ...


  1. MUI also come up with a fatwa on smoking


  2. Truth about religions

  3. Anonymous1:02 am

    OFF TOPIC Bru! I’d like to highlight 7 comments found in your postings about main stream media especially NSTP (NST/BH) in recent weeks following the KT loss and the defection of an Umno state assemblyman to the opposition.

    Since a commenter (no 5) also mentioned your name. Perhaps, you may want to give your take on the points raised.

    1) Buang semua editor di NST dan Berita Harian. Merekalah punca Umno kalah (di KT).

    Tak bertanggungjawab langsung. NST dan Berita Harianlah yang sebarkan propaganda pembangkang yang wan farid sombong.

    2) Kalau buang semua editor di berita harian dan New Straits Times, siapa nak kerja beb.
    Buang yang atas sudahlah. Buanglah Hishammudin Aun, Manja Ismail, Mafar Ali, Mustapha Omar dan Azizi Osman.
    Di New Straits Times, antara yang kena buang ialah Syed Nazri, Kamarul Idres, Lee A Chai, Lionel Mores dan Chandra.
    Buang dia orang ni, selesai masalah.

    3) Bru, Malaysians will be sympathetic with those affected by retrenchments but not to those getting the sack in the NSTP group.

    Why? Malaysia has a very weak Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi who doesn't know what the hell is happening to the country and the world.

    Dollah Badawi will be making history being given the title "THE WORST PM IN THE HISTORY OF MALAYSIA"

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    Their biggest contribution to UMNO is the two-thirds lost by BN/UMNO is the March 2008 general election, Permatang Pauh by-election and their 2009 new year gift to Umno - Kuala Terengganu by-election.

    Najib should not waste time! Give the motherfcukers in NSTP the unceremonious kick in the ass for their job well done to UMNO.


    5) Apo ko bondo eh ekau ni, macam2 namo yang den dongar...namo ekau Rocky, Mat Talib, Johan Jaapar, Kadir Jasin, Asraf Abdullah, Zainul Ripin, Kamarul Idreh la. Yang mano satu ni orghang Khairy ekau kato ni.

    Kamarul Idreh semuo di NSTP tahu dio anjing Kali, Zainul lak penasihat dan kawan baik Mat Rasid yang kerjo dgn Khairy. Yang lain tu orghang kampong den dah tahu!

    Kalau ganti group editor, maknonyo eh Syed Nazri kono campak mano pulak. Baguh la tu, Syed Nazri ni hampeh kato orghang NSTP.

    Untung la penyokong Khairy dapek jadi grup editor NST. Tambah kuat la menantu Dollah Hadari ado orghang dio di NSTP bilo Najib naik. Hidup Khairy!

    Sebelum den lupo, Cino Hindu rayo sakan la sobab Khairy loyalist jadi grup editor. Nampaknyo eh ado orghang kono koncing la nanti.

    6) Cakap pasal denggi dan cikukunyah, bunyi macam dengki dan kena kunyah pun ada jugak!

    Tak lama lagi ada org kat NSTP menggelupoh la sbb nak kena tendang. Keputusan dah dibuat utk buang yang berpenyakit supaya NSTP tak kena penyakit kenakunyah dek pembangkang pada PRU 13 nanti.

    NST dan BH skrg sibuk tukar rekabentuk kunon nak sejukkan hati Najib.
    Woi baruah2 Kali! Tukar macamana pun, BN/Umno dah kena kunyah la kalah 2/3 majoriti PRU, kalah Permatang Pauh dan K Tganu.

    Yang nak kena ubah (bukan) isi dan rekabentuk suratkhabar tapi yang kaki mabuk, kaki betina, kaki jilat dan musuh dalam selimut Najib dan Umno yang bersepah dalam NSTP tu.

    7) Kami terpanggil untuk memperkatakan sesuatu mengenai peranan masa depan media arus perdana dibawah BN khasnya Umno lebih2 lagi setelah Umno/BN kalah di KT dan ADUN Bota Perak keluar Umno.

    Umno kini dalam kekalutan yang agak serius lebih2 lagi kemelut politik wang yang amat meruncing dalam menghadapi pemilihan parti Mac ini.

    Namun hala tuju masa depan Umno dengan kekuatan teraju media massa yang BERPENGALAMAN dan BERANI adalah amat diperlukan bagi menghadapi cabaran PRU ke-13 dan seterusnya memastikan Umno/BN relevan kepada rakyat.

    Sebenarnya media arus perdana dibawah Pak Lah telah DIROGOL dan DILACURKAN sebegitu teruk sehingga tidak lagi mendapat keyakinan rakyat terutamanya ahli Umno sendiri adalah sesuatu yang amat dahsyat dan tidak dapat dimaafkan.

    Kepimpinan dan ahli Umno sedia maklum akan individu2 yang dimaksudkan yang telah menyebabkan keadaan yang amat memalukan ini.

    Kepimpinan media arus perdana khasnya milik Umno/BN tidak memerlukan individu yang kononnya hebat dan berwibawa (dan yang) tidak langsung memperdulikan perjuangan Umno dan orang Melayu.
    Umno perlu kepada pejuang yang mengutamakan kepentingan rakyat, negara dan ahli bagi menjamin masa depan parti yang saksama dan diterima majoriti.

    Umno tidak perlu kepada golongan ARISTOKRAT, OPPORTUNIS dan EGOISTIK bagi menjamin masa depan parti dan media massa yang mendokongnya.

    Umno sebagai peneraju BN perlu kepada pejuang parti dan kerajaan yang berpengalaman, peka dan sensitif kepada hasrat dan hak rakyat khasnya Umno dan orang Melayu.

    Belajarlah dari pengalaman KT!


  4. They key word is Chanting.....physical part is ok..

  5. From what is reported in your blog, it appears that yoga is NOT banned if performed for health purposes.

    Perhaps the headline should then be "Yoga Okay For Health Of Muslims" instead of "Yoga Ban for Muslims"

    Puts a different slant on it but it is the facts as reported.

    Why not headline the positive spin ?

  6. Anonymous9:00 am

    What will Zorro, the closet racist say in his blog?

    Will he put the Indon Ulama Coouncil into his occupied to the brim gas chamber?

    A Malaysian misfit is a misfit, irrespective of age.

  7. Anonymous10:16 am

    It does not make the edict of our Malaysian fatwa council more acceptable.

    All this shows that we should be alarmed... there is a regional trend of increased sensitivity and mild radicalism in religion.

    The moderates and even the sufis of old and new would be disappointed of this escalation in our region. Even Iranians are perplexed by how Malaysians are far more radical then most of them.

  8. Anonymous10:25 am

    Well, as long as the fatwa is advisory in nature, it should generally be acceptable. The problem starts when it becomes a chargeable offence and the authorities start venturing into public and private areas to look out for such "offences".

    The problem is compounded when only the chantng part of the practice is banned. The only "safe" way is to do it in silence, lest the "Oos","Ahs" and other breathing sounds could be miscontrued as chanting.

    Further, if you do joga in a mixed group where some can chant, you could be mistaken for chanting even if you just open your mouth for breathing. Also, hearing others chant could affect your faith; so no joga in mixed group should be allowed. You either do it alone or in Muslim only groups and preferably in silence.

    Maybe, swimming could be a better exercise option, but then again, one can be too exposed and others over-exposed....oh dear.

    As for the "Allah" issue, I have no comments...for now.

    Be Happy.

  9. Anonymous10:59 am

    Rocky, correct me if I am wrong but the Malaysian fatwa banning yoga was due to its "hindu roots" ( However the one issued by Indoensia banned those that had hindu rituals and chanting. There is a big difference here between either. "Those who perform yoga purely for health reasons or sport will not be affected,"said Amin the cleric Ma'ruf Amin. Ours was a TOTAL ban!


    I believe after the furore of the ban here, Pak Lah then made a statement

  10. Anonymous12:14 pm

    True believers will not easily change their mindset. They will continue to practice what they believe. All these rubbish of doing Yoga and the usage of the word Allah are just petty bullshit!
    It is not my intention to insult a religion rather, to see small minded administrators not to pursue something that creates uncalled anxiety and will not enrich one's life.

  11. Non-Muslim protests over banning of yoga for Muslims are like beer companies protesting over the haramness of beer for Muslims.

  12. Anonymous12:51 pm


    Heard Malay Mail is closing shop soon. Is that true?

  13. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Hansack, it should be the other way around. Hindu Sangam should ban muslims from practicing yoga as they are inviting mockery over Hindu rooted exercise form. Dont you think Hindu sangam should do that...(of course they have no power to do that but it would be really nice)

  14. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I suppose its like saying:

    "Read the Koran, but don't follow it, cos it might "erode" your humanity and intelligence"

    Incredibly the Indonesia fatwa proves my point!

  15. Malaysian Muslim Council does all these fatwa's for pure political reasons as well as a show of power to the non-muslims. What was a non-issue now becomes an issue.

    Similarly, if the Indonesians are watching what happens over the use of Allah in Malaysia, and if they were to act on it, then it would be one more case of the tail wagging the dog.

    Funny, how in what was a non-issue the Indonesians are allowing themselves to be led by Malaysia. Yet over matters of Halal Certification they would not accept the certification of our Halal Development Corporation.

  16. This is all plain silly!

    There are Malay Muslims who have been operating Yoga centres in M'sia for may, many years. What are they supposed to do? Close shop and go back to the Koran for guidance where its precepts may be stood on its head by the Fatwa Council? Which to-date has not Fatwa'd commission or acceptance of corrupt acts or the ISA?

    I would ask these Fatwa Councils to provide proof that Yoga has in some way resulted in Muslim's losing their faith in Islam. How many Muslims have been known to convert to Hinduism by practising Yoga in the last 20 years? I would wager, not even 1!!

    Some argue that this is a matter only for Muslims and so others should butt out. But in these dictatorial fiats, I see the coming of more onerous Fatwas that wil pit Muslim against non-Muslim and a further polarisation of the people in a country.

    It would be wise for us to remember that this is how Nazi Germany made its horrific gains - by pitting citizens against citizens!!

  17. Anonymous5:36 pm

    I said it before and will say it again.

    Ban yoga for all I care but not Kamasutra. I still have a long way to go and need a qualified partner to show the way.


  18. Anonymous5:57 pm

    And I thought only Muslims in Malaysia were weak minded and easily swayed. Guess I was wrong...

  19. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Remove the spiritual element and u might as well call it aerobics.
    If there are people who feel that their faith is strong enough to withstand the spirituality of Yoga, THEN DON'T DO IT.
    I am Hindu and i see no reason to whitewash or sanitise my heritage for people who have no confidence in their own faith or beliefs.
    Leave Yoga alone.
    Try something less threatening - like POLE DANCING!

  20. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Why only focus on yoga? More importantly, I agree on banning smoking for everyone, not just children and pregnant women.

  21. I'm curious, for which of its Godhead does the Herald intends to substitute the name Allah for. Is it to be Allah the Papa, Allah the Son or Allah the Ghost Holy? An idea, could it be Mary the mother of Allah?
    Would appreciate if someone could enlighten.

  22. I'm curious, for which of its Godhead
    does the Herald intends to substitute the name Allah for. Is it to be Allah the Papa, Allah the Son or Allah the Ghost Holy? An idea, could it be Mary the mother of Allah?
    Would appreciate if someone could enlighten.

  23. Nuances has a point there, I have to admit.

    So who shall be called Allah? Is it Jesus? Or is it Jesus's father? I'm sure it would not be the Holy Ghost...will Mary be called Allah too?

    It does confuses people come to think of it. The politics in Malaysia is already confusing me, enough with the confusions.

  24. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Aduhai Rocky,
    My dad died at 89yrs. Anak 16, isteri 4..Fit as a fiddle to his last breadth.

    Prayers.. tak tinggal. Dinners only a glass of milk and 2pieces bread, only if we have visitors etc, then he will take others.

    Gardening, after solat Subuh until sun rises, would potter around his garden, our family ate fresh veges from his hobby.

    No need for him to YOGA here and there... BUANG DUIT AJER...


  25. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Non-Muslim protests over banning of yoga for Muslims are like beer companies protesting over the haramness of beer for Muslims. Hansac quoted.

    I agree with you Hansac. Why non moslem protesting over moslem's ruling is something really disturbing or rather mind boggling. Have the moslems in Malaysia ever bother whether they create their own God, or whether their God created them.

    The fatwa in Malaysia and Indonesia is the same, if all of you read without having too many preconceived ideas about the religion. If someone wants to do yoga, they can, provided they do not systematically follow the chanting and the positions; like performing our prayer. And to the hindus who made comments here, reading this, pls do not make fun of other religion and make yourself sound more like ignorants trying to sound clever by passing silly comments.

    And for the moslems who run yoga business, if you want to continue with your activities, just go ahead. I am not saying it it right, but if the ulama already told you their fatwa and you dont want to listen, the rest is up to you. People who wonder why the ulama do not come up with fatwa on bohsia and briberies are showing the stupidity of themselves (kejahilan); what is obvious is not given fatwa, what is grey, is given fatwa. So, go read your books before making stupid comments about your own religion just to make peace with the others.
    Our religion is not imposing anything on the non moslems so I dont see why they should feel so upset.

    Thank you.


  26. Anonymous9:43 pm

    yoga has existed much before islam came into existence. Then surely Prophet Mohammed knew about it. He chose neither to recommend nor to ban it. I wonder if any muslim scholar is competent to give any other interpretation on the issue ignored by Prophet Mohammed. Also is it not a mild form of what Taliban is doing in Swat Valley.

  27. Anonymous10:24 pm


    the problem with the ban is that it is saying that because of the hindu elements; muslims will be corrupted and become and convert to a Hindu ...

    my question to you is; on a broader perspective; non-muslims include buddhists/christians/etc ...

    so by similar analogy; all buddhists/christians will be corrupted and become a Hindu


  28. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Rocky! Rocky! Our supreme leader Najib Razak is in trouble! What shall we do Rocky?? We must find a way to spin to make him seem like he is a strong leader again!

    Look what even UMNO veterans are saying:

    Nasarudin’s defection is seen by many as a blow to Najib just weeks before he assumes the party presidency as it reflects a lack of faith in his leadership.

    “It’s a blow to Najib as some don’t think he can handle the party well. Nobody will attribute this to Pak Lah as he is already on the way out,” a Umno veteran said.

    Rocky. We must continue to find a ways to deflect Dato Nasa's defection onto poor Pak Lah, so our supreme commander Najib will not be seen as weak!

  29. Anonymous11:08 pm

    To anon@9.42pm

    Try substituting "Heineken" with "beer companies" and you may understand your own ignorance!


  30. Aku Sokong Najib!

    Don't worry mate, I'll call for a meeting with JJ, Mukhriz, nuraina and a guy named Khairuddin. We'll meet at LaBod again! And what do you know!? The meeting will be attended by Haris Ibrahim's informant.
    Hehe! I'm joking! I'm joking!

    But you think veteran tu siapa? Pak Lah ke?

  31. this time around better bring a camera and a tape recorder.....

    mmm maybe they're canggih "BUG" inside the TEAPOT with CCTV cam footage..

  32. Anonymous12:35 am

    Islam is all about controlling their fellow Muslims. Instilling fear and punishment as well. Its a cultish religion. Its also fear that Muslims will leave the religion.

  33. Anonymous1:07 am

    Nope, Malay Mail is not closing shop. In fact, it's doing better than before!

    Just pick it up and read the difference.

    - 'MM'er

  34. Anonymous1:48 am

    ahhhh... yawn...

    boring la!

    next article, please

  35. Anonymous6:18 am

    anon @6:54

    "I am Hindu and i see no reason to whitewash or sanitise my heritage for people who have no confidence in their own faith or beliefs.
    Leave Yoga alone."


    It's because we Muslims have faith in our religion that we want to leave Yoga alone. Go stand on your head if you want to. We'd rather not, thank you.


  36. Anonymous7:13 am

    I am looking forward to the authority banning Muslims from using Internet and taking airplane.
    Then I will truly respect them.

    Don't you think a true Muslim should only travel by Donkeys and Carmel? Please remember to cover your womens from head to toes too.

  37. Anonymous9:39 am

    between islam and non-muslim opinion, there is no compromise, islam should be upheld. if the non muslim want to be friend, we welcome with open hand, but if what the islam requires us to do that will somehow hurt the non-muslim, the non-muslim are free to go, to not becoming friend anymore or being an enemy. you either love us or hate us, but we can not make everybody happy, because if we start doing that, its the start of our own death.

  38. Anonymous10:42 am

    Rocky Bro,

    These people still missing the forest for a tree as usual...
    "your tree is mine too, eh...? yo ho ho! "

    and yet i'm waiting for response to my post here..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  39. Wow - Malaysia leading the way.

    Why don't we ban banking as well? Afterall, usury/interest is haram. Call it by whatever name, interest is still interest even if you disguise it as equity, profit sharing, return on capital, etc. Banks are in the business of earning interest. Period. You think God will be fooled by humans when they call interest by any other name?

  40. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Hello All,

    There are other types of exercise should you guys still want to believe yoga good for health.

    There are other people who live healthier even without yoga.


    Dont just argue by givving example that are redundant such as good for health.

    FITNESS FIRST, JOGGING, FUTSALL, GOLF are exercises that can make one healthy. It doesnt mean that without Yoga, we are unhealthy..


  41. Anonymous2:23 pm

    rocky..out of topic, but should kem.luar bandar gave the 'peruntukan' to ketua bahagian and not the Adun?..and in this case BN adun only?
    'Ahmad Fakeh berkata, beliau kecewa kerana kerajaan pusat lambat memberi peruntukan kewangan walaupun wang sudah ada.

    Sebaliknya, kata beliau, peringkat persekutuan begitu cepat meluluskan bantuan kepada ketua Umno bahagian.

    Sebagai contoh, katanya, Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah mudah memberikan bantuan kepada ketua bahagian walaupun mereka bukan wakil rakyat.'

    just curious..

  42. I grew up in Sabah for a long 15 years.

    I went to a missionary school throughout my schooling days in Sabah; SRK & SMK St John’s in Tuaran, Sabah.

    So going and playing, even watching, prayers sessions in the church on Sundays is nothing new to me.

    In fact, during my time, we were allocated a single uniform time to learn religion in school; all the Christians will go the church next to our school, while we the Muslims shall gather in one big classroom at the same time.

    Needless to say, being a naughty boy, I prefer to go to the church as it was more fun (with all the singing and nice food) and with more friends (actually it was the Kadazan girls).

    Thus I am really perplexed with all this fuss about Christians wanting to use the word ‘Allah’ as a reference to God.

    Making it worst, it was claimed that the Sabahan and Sarawakian are the root of the issue!

    Because not once did I hear them referring God as Allah. It was always Lord Jesus, Tuhan Jesus, God Almighty, Lord etc.

    The closest that I can rationalize these claims are when we talk to each other; they always refer Tuhan Allah as Muslim’s God (‘Tuhan Ala’ is more appropriate due to their slang like some of our Chinese friends) and Tuhan Jesus as Christian’s God.

    And it is also weird to claim that some Christians are more familiar and felt closer to God if they were to use the word Allah. This cannot be true as throughout any sermon or singing, not once will you hear the word Allah uttered.

    Actually this particular claim is a real insult to all our Christians friends.

    Lets us see the bigger picture. Stop this nonsense.

    Lets not cloud our mind and our relationship on unnecessary tension and that can turn into needless religious provocation.

  43. The same goes to the fatwa issue, its pretty straigt forward and simple


    It gets 'complicated' when spin doctors making 'knowledged' statement like the Fatwa Council actually wanted to flex its muscles etc.

    They make this baseless and imaginary claims, then along the way believe it to be true.

    Remember, its this simple;


  44. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Just because the Indonesians came out with a fatwa does not mean they are right.

    I am worried. Will there be a fatwa someday against Muslims sitting in an airplane? Because when seen from above or below, an airplane looks like a cross (you know the long wooden cross that is carried by strong healthy Popes on Easter).

    Will there also be fatwas against using the lettter 't' (lower case). It looks like a cross too.

    Maybe simpang-empat junctions may be outlawed or fatwaed against too. They are definitely crosses. Muslims may get 'tersesat' and masuk kristian if they linger too long at the simpang-empat.

    But I have a suggestion. For airplanes maybe we can come out with an Islamic plane, with delta wings like the Concorde. That was an Islamic plane. No more cross shapes.

    And we can make all simpang empat X shaped. This means no more 90 degree road junctions. The roads junctions will be sloped at a sharp angle.

    Another way is avoid junctions completely. Build flyovers at every simpang-empat. But make sure the flyovers fly over each other at a sharp angle, not 90 degrees.

    As for the letter 't', lets fatwa against using lower case 't' for Muslims. Good Muslims must only use upper case T.

    Just thinking.

    p.s. Do you know if a Muslim male even happens to touch his penis with his hands, then his air sembahyang (or ablution) is broken. Isnt this ignoring the fact that the penis is always attached to the male's body? It is always touching the skin and body ma. So many rules.

  45. rocky and SatD,

    well, haris' informer is either an idiot, blind or simply a LIAR.

    rocky, if there was a woman at that alleged meeting -- if there was such a "meeting", it must've been tea that you were having -- it was not me. well, i know i was not there and you know i was not there.

    so haris' informer must have mistaken me for someone else or whatever. if indeed there was a woman at that alleged meeting.

    so, i said it once and i'll say it again -- Haris published a LIE and his informer is a LIAR.

    i'm surprised Haris insists that I was there at the alleged meeting.

    I was NOT there. what more can i say?

    i'm surprised he did not ask me to confirm whether it was really me at that "meeting".

    since when has having tea at La Bodega been a cause for anyone to be suspicious?

    we've been having tea with all sorts of characters at Austin Chase, La Bodega, Coffee Bean...since God-knows-when.

    but that tea or "meeting" you and mukhriz, JJ and Khairudin (haha, this one funny) allegedly had, I was NOT there.

    It's a LIE!

    and wasn't mukhriz out of town on that day?

    P:S: I'd sure like to know who haris' informer was! because I think he should have a really good look at me.

  46. Anonymous5:10 pm

    aiya.whoever said yoga is totally banned in Malaysia?.Malaysian still can enjoy the benefit of Yoga exercise but ONLY the physical part.Indonesia did the same move as us.full stop.

  47. Fatwa yg dikeluarkan adalah untuk menjaga AKIDAH umat islam. Kepada non-muslim, saudara tiada apa-apa isu mengenainya. KEpada umat islam yang 'menyanggahnya' lebih molek jika saudara mendapatkan/berbahas dengan ahlinya (MFK) bebanding menyuarakannya disini.

  48. Islamic countries using Islam religion to win votes is very common.
    All we need is look at those countries citizens...are they getting better and more progressive.
    There was a live debate last week at Doha...on TV..for or against Islamic politics. Against won...citing double meanings...twisting...hypocritical..exactly like UMNO.
    Middle East Muslims are also sick on religion politics.

  49. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    There are more serious things happening in this country such as police brutality on A.Kugan but u r still talking about yoga n muslim. STUPID!


  50. Anonymous11:30 pm

    The Indon ulama also give a fatwa on smoking. Apparently the Indon don't like it and insist it's their right to continue smoking. So the conclusion is you can follow the fatwa selectively.

    2nd class citizen

  51. The ban is not really about Yoga.
    It is mainly about those who practice that....are freeing their minds are away from any religion.
    They start believing...they are their own masters of their minds and bodies.
    It happened in USA for past 20 odd years. So may millions gave up Christianity. Churches became empty...bought by Buddhist..took down the cross..replace it with swastika...the symbol of Buddhism.... yet US government did not ban it at all.
    Instead..they do practice true democracy and apply...freeing lost souls....with... who are the best.... mind doctors.
    Malaysia UMNO tried to do same thing..afraid Muslims are getting clearer and stronger in their minds.
    Knowing cannot fool the much more educated Malaysians than Indonesians..backed off.
    I do not think Indonesian government...majority will support the for freedom of religion..Indonesia is much more sincere and liberal than Malaysia.

  52. One important point to note here: the fatwa made by MUI is advisory, and therefore a Muslim may (or may not) follow the ruling, without any legal implication.

    If the Malaysian fatwa had been gazetted by the various states and territories, there would have been REAL legal implications.

    It is in the legal implications that make the two situations different - the Indonesian one is truly advisory in nature, but not so the Malaysian one.

    Which raises another question: in Malaysia, why is the religious establishment allowed to create legislature when nobody voted them into office?

  53. Anonymous9:08 am

    p.s. Do you know if a Muslim male even happens to touch his penis with his hands, then his air sembahyang (or ablution) is broken. Isnt this ignoring the fact that the penis is always attached to the male's body? It is always touching the skin and body ma. So many rules.
    - Anon 4:23 PM

    Penis is not a part involved in Muslim praying exercise, but the hands do.. unless you are thinking of some kind of praying ritual similar to fellatio.. you probably the kind of person that eat food without properly washing the hand after going to the toilet for the potty, eh? Typical of you..

    Better brush up your puny little things in that ass-box before addressing that worthless thought, not display something insulting other normal homosapiens intelligence..

    p/s: Pig is an animal created by God for a purpose similar to biological garbage truck..wonder why some people find it so irresistable to consume..even the braniac Jews abide the Torah rule(God's words) not to consume swine flesh..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  54. Anonymous9:31 am

    To Saudara Fazid,

    The fatwa is intended to provide guidance to Muslims on conduct where unnecessary confusions can arise. It need not imply iron-fistedness or oppression or anything of that sort.

  55. Yoga Is Exercise
    The decision of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to place a fatwa banning certain Hindu aspects of yoga, such as chanting mantras, follows a
    similar edict last year in Malaysia. It has drawn fire from the largest Muslim organisation, the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), which argues that in Indonesia yoga is a pastime only and should not be confused with worship. India's best-known Islamic seminary, the Darul Uloom Deoband, has taken a reasoned stance on the issue. Whilst chants such as Om may have a religious connotation, they are not necessary to the practice of yoga, their experts say.

    Yoga-loving Indonesian Muslims must now seek compromises that allow them to reconcile the ruling with their daily asanas. If the devout individual fears any dilution of faith by chanting mantras, he is free to stay silent or hum. One compromise is the replacement of Om with Allah or similar phrase invoking the Muslim God. This is practised at Patanjali Yogapeeth, Swami Ramdev's ashram in Haridwar. Yet even this is unnecessary, according to the Deobandis; yoga taken for exercise has nothing to do with religion.

    In the West, yoga has swiftly grown in popularity and can be performed in church halls hired out to exercise groups. Chanting is performed as an aid to correct breathing and to focus the mind. Yoga is considered particularly good for correcting poor posture and increasing flexibility, relaxing the mind and sculpting longer, leaner muscles. The American Yoga Association teaches that yoga does not derive from Hinduism, pointing to the 5,000-year-old Indus Valley seals depicting yoga-like positions. An estimated 15 million Americans practise this non-religious form of yoga.

  56. Anonymous11:16 am

    To "just thinking"
    What are you mumbling about...I can not understand yr point la...or is there any point at all in first place. Grow up la.

  57. I think the Indonesian Ulema Council did a better job in publicizing the edict than our Majlis Fatwa did.

    The Ulema council was more specific: "...banned from practicing yoga that contains Hindu rituals like chanting, but will continue to be allowed to perform it for purely health reasons... the Ulema Council issued the non-binding ruling..."

    The Malaysian Majlis Fatwa just placed a ban without giving any due consideration.

  58. Anonymous2:26 pm

    aku pelik dgn kamu ni rocky kerana membiarkan komen2 ug menghina islam disiarkan diblog kamu ni. ingat, kamu juga sama2 bertanggungjawab atas apa yg ditulis diblog ini.

    ada hadnya utk menugutarakan pendapat bro.

    -buzz lightmoon-

  59. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Malaysia's Fatwa Coucil is RIGHT!


  60. Buddhism was destroyed 800 years ago in Asia..due to being so powerful and mismanaged while plenty of monks took advantage of it's popularity...fooled ladies..for sex..even kept some as lovers...grew nothing...but keep sucking the blood of devotees ...asking for donations.
    Any religion that is successful do reap in alot of donations...becoming as powerful as any government of that country.
    Islam is the greatest religion....right now..protecting the weak and helpless humans and minds.
    But the weak minds are getting educated..and can think for themselves.....yet some Islamic country like Malaysia still apply so call God's laws with no progressive thoughts.. to keep controlling minds which is the most successful method.
    That was how Christianity came into Asia...but that religion is very smart to change and adapt..thus faithful followers are still there.
    Yoga is more than 5000 years old...never been said...bad for humans...except by Malaysian and Indonesian.. religious munafiks.....deep inside..afraid to loose followers base on freeing the minds to think for themselves.
    Yoga free the mind and spirit fly and search for truths...without depending on anyone.
    Such greatness...such powerful good medicine to the mind and body...yet banned by some?

  61. Anonymous12:37 am


    …yet some Islamic country like Malaysia still apply so call God's laws with no progressive thoughts.. to keep controlling minds which is the most successful method… Kamu ni orang Islam?


    No, you are wrong!! accommodations and changes ARE MADE with times so long as it is for the good…..

    Rocky, for the benefit of those who have no idea (as I), please check the clauses on WASIAT WAJIBAH.

    My children, recently were shocked to receive such huge inheritance from their grandparents. You see, under Faraid, when a son dies before the father, the
    grandchildren will not be included beneficiary.

    However, they invoked a new clause to protect these orphans, also be given the opportunity to receive their late father’s FARAID percentage of the inheritance.


  62. Bravo Rocky!!
    Stop being a noble gentleman.
    That's that way man to do it......expose and if he apologises...OK..but if he does big deal.
    Never too old to learn...who are your real friends.

  63. Anonymous12:53 pm

    actually those fatwa, especially the one on yoga only show that those ulama have no faith in their own religion. LOL. nuff said! nuff nang!

  64. Does one needs to be a Muslim to talk religious matters.. ..including Islam?
    To Anon..I tell him...I am more a Muslim that most...who claim to be muslims.
    Anon 12.37 am.....What do you know about Islam...tell me.

  65. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Malaysia Hindu Council(MHC),
    Can you strictly tell all Malaysians that YOGA belongs to Hinduism and as such NON_HINDU are prohibited to practise YOGA.Maybe Buddhist should come up with the same statement.I don't give a damn whether they should do yoga or should not.It is good if they just leave yoga alone.You people should tell them not to do Yoga as it is solely belongs to us.Get it....


  66. Anonymous12:21 am

    Yes,MHC should be the one who suppose to ban Yoga for others.MHC should protect Yoga just like how they protect the word "Allah".I just wonder how they miss it out.Maybe because the amount of freedom given in Hinduism itself.


  67. No no no..good things must be shared..and yoga is good.
    Chinese kept so much secrets..what happen?
    Through Bruce Lee...he contributed to show China's greatest with his life.
    Malaysians...putting aside religions...can judge for themselves.
    It's the power of strengthening the mind and body....that makes certain quarters afraid of their followers...practicing it.
    These are the hypocrites of the so call...religious teacher.
    Hinduism and Buddhists have combined together have two third of world population..for past 5000 years.
    World is so small.
    Who can bluff who and control what religions??
    Don't be idiots to live 100 years behind time.