Thursday, January 29, 2009

Haris Ibrahim's Lie

Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri

Bercakap bohong lama-lama mencuri

- a Malay proverb that says a liar usually goes on to commit more heinous crimes

In a posting last week, Haris Ibrahim told his blog readers a lie about me.

Yes, a LIE.

The lawyer had told his readers that:

"Yesterday, at about 3 pm, a meeting to manage perception took place at the La Bodega in Bangsar.

"Present at the meeting were Mukhriz, JJ, a person by the name of Khairuddin, Rocky and Nuraina.

"Agenda: pin the loss of KT on Pak Lah. Deflect any dirt arising from the KT loss away from Najib. Got to make sure Pak Lah goes in March. Kill any idea that he or anyone might have to keep Pak Lah on as PM."

Read the full posting here.

I called Haris Ibrahim on Wednesday morning (Jan 21), the day after his posting, to tell him of one big problem with his posting:


I told him that, yes, I was at La Bodega at Bangsar Shopping Complex on Monday (Jan 19). Anyone who's been there would know that La Bodega is one big, open place. You go there to be seen and to watch people.

Yes I was with JJ but there was no Nuraina, no Mukhriz, and no Khairuddin.

I told him I was working on an article on the contest for the Umno vice-president post and the former Minister is one of the contenders. (For readers' info, I have a column with a Singapore newspaper and contributes regularly to a local magazine).

Journalists and Crooks. As one of my counsels in the on-going NSTP & 4 Others vs Ahirudin Attan court case, Haris Ibrahim should have known how a journalist operates. Obviously, he did not. So I explained to him the nature of my job as a journalist. Journalists meet people, I told the lawyer. I've been a journalist for nearly 25 years now and I have met a lot of people. I have sat down with businessmen and trade unionists, communists and Islamists, celebrities and dignitaries, world leaders and taxi drivers. For a good scoop, you might have even see me with crooks.

I have been seen with Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Karpal Singh, Ling Liong Sik, Musa Hitam, Syed Hamid Albar. I reminded Haris Ibrahim that he himself had seen me with Lim Guan Eng, Wee Choo Keong, Zaid Ibrahim, and Dr Mahathir Mohamad, among others.

I can't possibly be spin-doctoring for all of them, could I?

Haris Ibrahim said he saw my point and would publish a clarification. I left it at that.

But by the end Wednesday and then by the end of the next day, the promised clarification did not come.

Haris' Informant. During our second phone conversation on Friday (Jan 23), Haris Ibrahim spoke of his predicament: he had gone back to his informant and told his informant that the meeting, according to me, never took place. But his informant told Haris Ibrahim:

"Brother, I would stake my life on it. The meeting took place."

When he finally posted his idea of a clarification entitled "The Right of Reply" (Jan 25) Haris Ibrahim wrote of an informant "whose integrity and credibility I have come to greatly respect". And in his response to one of his commenters, Haris Ibrahim wrote: "I stand by my informant".

I had expected more of Haris Ibrahim. Really, I had.

I had expected him to do a bit of homework at least. I expected him to grill or cross-examine his witness (or informant). Does his informant know how Mukhriz and Nuraina look like? Could that be Mokhzani dropping by to say hi?

Surely Haris Ibrahim would also want to know who this Khairuddin is. His informant must know. Or did someone confuse Ahirudin with Khairuddin? Is it possible that Haris Ibrahim's informant had gottten the story from another informant?

And this "Agenda" that was spelt out in such great detail. Did your informant have a copy of the minutes, Haris? Or hearsay again? If there are no minutes (and there aren't) then whose words were those that spelt out the so-called "Agenda"?

Were the words your informant's or his informant's, or did you make up all of it, Mr Haris?

Haris Ibrahim did not do his homework. He did not bother to put the truth of the information told to him. He swallowed every word. He spoke of the integrity and credibility of his informant.

Sure, try telling that to a judge!

The meeting could not have taken place. If Haris Ibrahim had done his homework, he would find out that the "meeting" could not have taken place. One of the individuals said to be at the meeting was not even in Kuala Lumpur but a good 7 hours away from the venue of the "meeting".

I can prove this.

For now, however, I think it is fair to say that the onus is on Haris Ibrahim to prove that the meeting did indeed take place (other than saying that the informant would stake his life on it!). And that he did not post a lie about me.


  1. Anonymous6:49 am

    Aikkk !!! Gaduh ke?

  2. Haris Ibrahim terkencing dalam seluar !

  3. Bro,

    just fire him ...he got his owned agenda...

  4. well. i know i was not there. i have 5 independent witnesses to prove it :-).
    i've said it before, i'll say it again. it's a lie. i was not there at whatever that was to have taken place.
    i would have gladly be there, though dah lama tak ketemu dengan JJ. mesti banyak cerita Umno.

    you're right. Haris could've asked me just to be sure.

    anyway...does anyone want me to make a statutory declaration?

  5. Dear Rocky,
    Pls do not take it too seriously. as both u and Haris are amongst the top in the blogging world. And with ur client-lawyer association with Haris, I believe that the miscommunication and misunderstanding can be resolved amicably.

    Just a suggestion, y not both u and Haris meet up with the informant and get the issue straightened out. After all, to be human is to err...we are all not perfect and all knowing.

    Clarification and rectraction of statement as well as apologies are normally reserved for MSM, isn't it?

    Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

  6. welcome to the real world bro. The problem now is that, who would the readers trust after reading both sides of the stories. Those who are loyal to you would say differently from those who loyal to haris.
    I am not loyal to you at all but i don't like haris.
    but then i believe your story. why? so far what you've been putting in your blog are not lies (although some are not true either.. he he).
    Let face it bro, you don't have the quality to be a conspirator (no pun intended)... a rock star.. that i believe.

  7. Anonymous7:34 am


    I would bet my last ringgit that you are telling the truth. No meeting had taken place with the agenda and personalities at the place and time mention. Haris is the man in the net. Now we know.

  8. Anonymous7:44 am

    go rocky go! bring down this half cooked so called journo-lawyer to the ground!a lawyer will always be lawyer.there is no right or wrong in his dictionary. i think he live by the phrase 'innocent until proven guilty'. if you have all the necessary evidence, proof or etc. just sue his ass off!

  9. Go for it. Go for the jugular. Don't let such crooks get away with it, be they paupers or kings or lawyers !!

  10. Anonymous7:55 am


    Just like you, a journo, a lawyer also have a responsible to prove that a fact is correct and not by hearsay.

    Just like you, a journo, a lawyer also will meet anybody in getting his job right.

    But unfortunately, this time Harris seems like having a personal agenda against you and just waiting for the right info to pin you down - maybe just because you have your own opinion in writing in YOUR blog. And I've read you apologizing for some mistake / info written.

    But Harris this time your informer have screwed you for his own personal agenda.

    That's a big difference between a FAIR journo and a RELIABLE lawyer.

    Terlajak perahu boleh reverse,
    Terlajak blogging malu sendiri.

    Bro, maybe KJ and his people was so desparate to win the UMNO's Ketua Pemuda post, and yet Harris failed to read this people are using him against you.

    PS . Lucky you, JJ didn't fixed the meeting at KL Hilton.

  11. Anonymous8:03 am


    It's normal for a responsible jorno to apologize for a mistake made in the next day newspaper.

    And It's normal for an experienced lawyer to keep quite when he loose his case but yet charge his client.

    Jangan ambil kisah sangat pasal loyer buruk ni semua. Depa ni cari makan macam tu.

  12. Well it is typical of people with perceived higher moral ground to go around and discredit or run down others. BN leaders are make to seem bad and all dirt thrown their way sticks.

  13. Anonymous8:11 am

    Pretty strange bed fellows. Counsel vs Client.

    Perhaps meetings should be re-defined. Official meeting, unofficial meeting,casual meeting,semi-casual meeting,meeting of minds,meeting friends,etc.

    But why are you being tailed by your counsel? Busy bodies should sit with old wives and get a kick with those tales.

    It's still a wonder how your court case will turn out to be.


  14. Anonymous8:12 am

    You wrote a lot of things about people and events as an MSM journalist. You write the same heap as a blogger. Did you ever have to prove anything? Nay, you quoted sources, often not identified, Did you do any checking up? Nay, good ole sources.

    Did anyone call you a liar?

    BTW, Haris is not a journalist. He is merely a blogger citing a source. He merely published what his source said and stated his personal opinion about his source.
    Is that lying?


  15. Anonymous8:27 am

    dear pal who has served msm and non-msm butt aweways a newshound at heART - yes, online and print journalism don'tdiffer much. Their inhabitants are stillnormal people, quite mortal. They come with the GOoD, de Bad, and de Ugly. I prefer Clint Eastwood and Gary Cooper who stake their lives at a High Noon shootout, not merely trading words, words and more word without checking, double checking and REFLECTION. Checking and rechecking is the easy part -- reflection is darnst hardest part of 'em all, ask de Bard.:) -- Desi,knotttierDANusualatCNY due to toomushPuerhdearingdo PS: Solly I ramble/rambo on sometimes like an Ignoramus, jest ognore YL,K! Or bye me tehtari':)

    to awe Bloggers,of whatever hue&cry:(

  16. Anonymous8:35 am

    Informant Harris Penyokong Ayah Pin dan Qadiani adalah jin dari teko ajaib hadiah dari Ayah Pin sendiri.

    Tak akan dia nak percaya apa kamu cakap.

    Kalau jin tu perintah Harris jadi seorang Mak Nyah, esok hari dia pakai skirt dan lipstick ke mahkamah.

  17. Bruder,

    I see a rocky relationship between you and your lawyer. If you cannot trust your lawyer anymore, the appropriate steps for you to take is to part way.

  18. Anonymous8:43 am

    The problem is don't associate with UMNO because you will get dirty very quickly. The contracts that UMNO can ditch out is getting less and less in quantity and quality so now everyone who still depends on them will have to play wayang, cat fight and apple polish. Unlike the Maharthir time where you ask for one contract but he gives you two instead, one in your name and one proxy for his sons.

  19. Anonymous8:44 am

    Salam Bro Rocky...Let it go man...
    A storm in a teacup which may turn the cup upside down ?

    Have a teh tarek with bro Harris and settle things. This should not in be in public domain. There are bigger things to focus upon bro.

    Bro Harris is seen as very much pro Pakatan. It is his right. Yourself bro has presently taken neutral ground with current inclination shown as pro UMNO (Najib) and BN. .
    It is your right too to choose sides.

    This is well reflected in the respective writings.

    UMNO of yester years and today are two different creatures. Leadership elections manouevered (since Tun M almost lost to Ku Li) have caused death to democracy in UMNO.Quo vadis UMNO ? Yet to be seen.

    If you bro wish to continue supporting present day UMNO, it is your prerogative. Just as bro Harris has his.

    We followers of both your blogs form our own independent opinions after reading whatever is written.

    It really pains me to see this issue being played up.Put the ego aside and let`s see both of you just make up bro in the interest of the rakyat?

    Bolih bro plz ?



    29 Jan 2009

  20. Anonymous8:51 am

    pecah kaca pecah gelas, lepas baca harap balas... Haris is lying a human right? ha ha ha

  21. Anonymous8:51 am

    must be erm...fatigue....
    i think haris just admitted that he has no proof of the meeting....
    these days with technology, can't they even muster a blur, handphone photo?
    "whose integrity and credibility I have come to greatly respect".
    erm, more than yours? why is he representing you?
    weirdos everywhere..

  22. Looks like a case for the CCTV.

  23. Anonymous9:01 am

    Question for Pak Rocky: will you still be retaining Haris as one of your lawyers?

    Question: is this a clumsy attempt to compromise your integrity and objectiveness?

  24. Anonymous9:02 am

    what really do you expect from a lawyer? cakap putar belit, not making sense, exaggerating, making things up and thinking he's the world.

    upon reading his blog, i realised that this lawyer doesn't know how to speak 'sopan' and he's the kind of person who talks all the way, giving no chance to other people, forcing people to subscribe to his ideologies.

    so i've stopped reading, and the world is a better place.

    ~anon 11.55

  25. Anonymous9:07 am

    Typical of lawyers. More typical for self righteous, ill educated, claimed human rights lawyers, obnoxious and philanderer like Harris.

    Deminegara rightly described him ... Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

  26. Anonymous9:10 am

    When bloggers are up against each is so damn damn ugly and really made me pissed off!!! It shows that bolggers are no better and could be worse than politicians out there.

    - Dicko

  27. Anonymous9:13 am

    Bro, this Haris Ibrahim lost his objectivity since a while ago.

    Pesan-pesan lah pada dia ingat tuhan, jangan tinggal sembahyang dan apa yang kita buat mestilah untuk mendapat keredhaan tuhan.
    Elakkan dari bertindak hasil dari perasaan yang membuak-buak.

    Sabar bro!


  28. The truth.
    I was there at la bodega having coffee with a friend just at the next table. I saw JJ, he had a cup of coffee and a bottle of sparklng water and a cigar, than few minutes later, you arrived. Few people came to say hello including Mokhzani who joined you guys for about five minutes than he moved to the next table with a Mat salleh. A lady came and joined at the table for a few minutes discussing something and im sure it was not noraini because she sure look more like an Indian lady. I dont remember seeing Mukhriz there. It was a lie if Haris Ibrahim said that.

  29. Anonymous9:25 am

    My sources told me, and I can rely on his integrity that Haris Ibrahim is shagging a wife of a Kem Bina Semangat owner. The camp is somewhere in Kuantan.
    My sourcess also told me the wife of the owner of the camp, who is now invalid after a brain operation, has been feeding Haris Ibrahim with "information" on the goings on with the camp and trying to discredit the government.
    Haris is also advising this wife to "take" away the operation of the camp from the invalid husband.
    So the government must look into this!

    Alien Observer!

  30. Anonymous9:25 am

    Well done Rocky!

    Expose all these desperate people...

    ------------------- SM Rizal

  31. Anonymous9:33 am

    tell me something about lawyers which I dunno... funny how the words lie and lawyers have a close relationship.

  32. Rocky and Haris, stop it right here. Both of you are credible bloggers, so blog your brains about something else. Leave this issue as it is.

    I have an impending feeling that this is going to get outta hand. And I'm pretty sure that such a trivial thing wouldn't push Rocky to go to court on this one.

    So live and let live. Both your credibility is not at stake... yet.

  33. Anonymous9:42 am

    why bother if you are innocent? Or you are hiding something...

  34. Admit a lie
    Say sorry and do a write
    It doesn’t take much foresight
    When events proved otherwise

    I used to tell my staff
    Tell the truth don’t lie
    You dig more holes to cover a lie
    Then the light will never shine

    When it is wrong
    Be a gentleman say sorry
    Indirect information
    It always has its pitfalls
    No matter how much it is sworn on it

    A journalist always goes both sides
    A scoop of news is all about
    Then by perception others think
    Life has many pitfalls
    In the journey of views and perceptions
    There is a yes; there is a no
    And hitting walls isn’t solving anything

    See even in court of law
    Judges too can be wrong
    On evidence produced subsequently deduced
    It is life; I learned it the hard way

  35. Ahh yes....
    You know I won't be surprised if Haris comes up with a "STATUTORY DECLARATION" and it turns out that informant of his in which he greatly respected is the cleaner at la bodega who just so happen to be a makcik who likes to gossip with Haris's cousin's neighbour's aunty.

    The way things go these days if it's in a STATUTORY DECLARATION and comes from an INFORMANT then it must be true.

    Even if that informant of yours is you imagination. I mean I highly respect my Imagination as well. Never once have it let me down.

  36. Anonymous9:52 am

    Rocky, are you willing to swear on the Quran? Seems like your blog and Nuraina's blog are working hand in hand, the timing of issues covered is too similar to be just coincidence?

    Anyways, if Haris is lying why don't you sue him for slander?

  37. Anonymous10:10 am

    rocky, as usual all the bad thing shows in your blog especially on pak lah and his relatives!!! How about Dr M dictatorship?


  38. Anonymous10:22 am


    Haris Ibrahim is a good example of a person without integrity walking on earth. He got a sock to listen to hearsay and publish it without responsibility and guilty feeling whatsoever. Nah u go, mud splashed on your own face!!

    This has jeopardised his own career. I wouldnt want this person to represent any of my case.

    TQ Haris Ibrahim for showing us the true u

  39. Anonymous10:31 am

    aiseh rocky, he did not lie. he told the public what he believed to be true.

    you are telling us to believe you.

    same lah...

    since your defection to the dark side, you are seing enemies every where meh?

  40. Anonymous10:38 am

    the articles u r writiing in ur blog favouring one side stories...concludes every thing my dear rocky.

  41. Anonymous10:46 am

    If another journalist has a column with a Singapore paper, you and Nuraina will call him/her a Singapore agent.

  42. Anonymous10:54 am


    Harris is an instant politician. Just like maggie mee.

    Only about 6 months ago he talked about finishing off Anwar Ibrahim for good, to me. Then one month letter, from what he wrote in his blog, he fell head over heel in love with Anwar Ibrahim!

    You won't know what his flavour of the moment after this.

    Obviously you should not take a person like this too seriously lah Rocky.

    Ali Imran

  43. Anonymous10:58 am

    Bro, it is tough for us readers to determine who is right, and who is wrong. We can only speculate.

    You have alot of support in your blog. And your readers regard you highly for their own reasons.

    Similarly, Haris has got his own group of people inclined towards him. Im one of them. My reasoning is that Haris has always been very consistent with his struggle and course, and we respect that.

    I have nothing personal against you, but you have to admit that your writings took a sudden turn at the point when Najib was making his way into the premiership. That raised many eyebrows. Not just mine.

    You often say that you remain neutral and do not take sides, but why is it that you pick on PR more often now, all of a sudden?

    Sorry, but the inconsistency has created waves of doubts.

    Im with Haris on this.

  44. Haris has clearly stated that he relied on a safe informant.

    Anyway, waht's the real issue? BN is in a state of denial over the loss at KT after throwing hundreds of millions of $ contracts at the voters.

    And no amount of denial will erase the fact that the MSM and Dr.M immediately went overboard in a planned, concerted effort to pin the on AAB (who was and is now irrelevant) for the loss when clearly it was Najib's strategy and leadership that failed miserably.

    Haris's tete a tete with you is a storm in a tea cup; BN's loss at KT is a harbinger of worse things to come for Najib and BN!!

  45. Anonymous11:02 am


    Kalau informantnya berbohong, bolehkan diconcludekan yang informant salah seorang blogger terbesar di Malaysia juga berbohong.

    Siapa nama? Anon Informant. Siapa nama? Anon. Siapa Nama? Anon bin Nimos...

  46. Anonymous11:06 am

    Harris and the other blogger, zorro have gone wild after the 8 Mac election. They are completely different animal from their original cause of blogging for transparency, responsibility, accountability, the theme for the Pakatan.

    Many, including yours truly, supported these bloggers during the Mac election campaign to oppose the Badawi, SIL and 4th Floor administration.

    But fast forward after 8 March 08, they have turn wild and showing true colors of power crazy. They become arrogant, any post of comment that is seem to question and critisize Anwar Ibrahim is seen as no no and deleted. Worst they deem those constructive comment against Anwar as from UMNO cybertrooper!!!

    They become arrogant lot. Their ultimate aim is to ensure Anwar Ibrahim as PM, NOTHING else!!!!!

    Worst they have been infected with cult syndrome. Do you notice they often based use "I have been reliably informed" as their bullet in blogging. The "I have been reliably informed" has been coined by their master spinner RPK whose credibility now is down the drain, in my opinion.

    These bloggers have only one aim now. To run down Najib. Strange isn't it. Are there not for Rakyat to oppose all the blunders and problems created by Abdullah Badawi?

    So it point and confirm that they are only a power crazy group, working for their "I got the numbers" leader, Anwar Ibrahim

    You see, in Harris Ibrahim, there is one post before the KT election on his No confidence in Najib.

    And few days ago, he run a spin for the poll to indirectly supporting Abdullah to remain in power!!! So, you see the true color of these fella?

    In from of public, Harris potray himself as a saint, championing all the good causes, BUT if you deal with him in person, he is a different animal altogether. So isnt this kind of character of Anwar Ibrahim familar, different tone for different crowd.

    For eg, in their post, he urged the police to question any ridiculous instruction from the top. But when we as Rakyat question these bloggers on issue relating to Anwar, they delete your comment and SHUT you up.

    What kind of integrity they have? They live to lie, lie lie lie.

    Bro, what come around, goes around, but the truth sense prevail.

    We Rakyat is interested in issues for Rakyat and NOT to assist Anwar Ibrahim as PM

    Their silence on following recent issues which are of Rakyat concern and also these bloggers original cause is defining!!!!! Why Why Why

    -Kulim wonder MP outrage at Bar Council forum
    -Scandalous ex-gratia payment to the LP and judges
    -Appointment of Loh Siew Moi as PKNS GM
    -The piratisation of IJN by Sime Darby
    -Labu airport project

    Former Pakatan die-hard supporter. Now Anti-Pakatan, and confirmed voting AGAINST Pakatan Rakyat next election!!!!

  47. Exactly my point about these people such as Raja Petra etc

    They wrote without thinking. When they think, they’ll come out with stories from Planet Dreamland.

    The problem is that is the truth to them.

  48. Anonymous11:21 am

    Again, this shows the problem with using Blogs as a medium for accurate medium for news reporting. It is too easy to report inaccurately. So people simply call this telling a lie.

    blogs must be held accountable for inaccurate reporting. looking at the trend now, blogs have become no better (just more powerful) than MSM.

    at the end of the day, the world is just filled with selfish interests.

  49. Anonymous11:27 am

    Whoa, must b very interesting. Can't wait the reply. Cool.

  50. Harris Ibrahim, I am very sure you regard yourself as a person with some dignified values.

    But clearly, Rocky and Nuraina are calling you a liar, OR at least being a facilitator to a BLATANT LIE

    Let just cut bullshit and act like a man.

    Just call your ‘credible informant’ and have a face-to-face meeting with Rocky, Mukhriz, Nuraina, JJ and Khairuddin.

    Let the truth prevail.

    I am sure you do not want to be seen as Garbage Parliament.

  51. Anonymous11:36 am

    at the end of the day YOU ALL are liars because you all have your own agenda which is not to inform the truth but distort the truth for your own benefit - to be popular and have the government and the powers to be kow-tow before you .. i think bloggers nowadays are no longer sincere or have the people at heart - but out with their own agenda even trying to dismiss one against the other .. shame .. !!

  52. Anonymous11:38 am

    Dear Bru,

    This is one of your more hilarious posting, probably comparable only to that on Brendan the plagiarist.

    In many ways than not, there are similarities between Haris and Brendan - caught with their pants down but refusing to admit.

    While Brendan chose to sue you (ironically Haris is one of your counsel) Haris adopted the seemingly heroic stance of standing by his informant while refusing to admit that he had erred.

    To my mind, both Brendan and Haris are jokers - the former taking up a position he is too small to assume hence ending up being a plagiarist, the latter assuming a high moral ground when he is a liar and a hypocrite hence the posting filled with lies, innuendos and half-truths (another speciality of Brendan and the NST cabal who sued you - talk about ironies).

    To me the issue is actually quite straight forward which Haris, if he has a bit of grey matter, would be able to untangle himself without you having to put up this posting.

    If you have already told him that the purported meeting did not take place and the individuals mentioned were not all there, then Haris has to admit that there was a flaw in his posting.

    Even if he still wants to insist that the meeting did take place and the agenda was outlined, he had to first make a clarification that the names he had mentioned to be present were not all there.

    Having made the clarification, he can then attempt his bravado that despite the mistake in the "line-up" he still stands by his informant on the issue of what transpired and that the "agenda" was indeed outlined.

    But obviously Haris is quite a sneaky character because he realises that by admitting to the mistakes he made in the "line-up" his whole posting and representation will crumble.

    To avoid suffering the embarassment of being caught lying, Haris opted for the time-tested approach of going on the offensive, shouting a lot of fluffy bravado (terms like standing by my informant is an example), refuses to apologise and admit his mistake, and finally, challenging you or those opposing him. He may even opt to challenge those who dispute his posting to sue.

    Such approach is prevalent among those who writes half-truths or do spins and in the case of Haris, one who represented mediocrity either as a lawyer or a citizen journalist.

    By adopting the offensive approach, Haris will be a victim in the eyes of his unwitting followers and he would be able to avoid having to explain about the lies he had posted.

    As time progresses, Haris can be expected to adopt a more offensive stance, rooted by his not-so-intelligent cheer leaders and by then, he would be a hero in a heroic struggle.

    The whole issue would by then be warped and the bone of contention will not be a point of discussion anymore.

    To my mind, all that needs to be discussed and the focus must remain on this premise - were there mistakes in Haris' posting?

    Rocky had pointed them out and he had informed Haris but Haris refused to admit there were mistakes and decided to play the hero.

    With that, the mistakes have now become lies.

    And liars like Haris walk, or rather strut around as if they are guardians of the nation's morality.

    What a bunch of self-righteous jokers. Then again, they are good for some laugh during this drab period of economic uncertainties.

    He Who Knew Haris Is Pathetic.

  53. Anonymous11:40 am

    Dear Bru,

    This is one of your more hilarious posting, probably comparable only to that on Brendan the plagiarist.

    In many ways than not, there are similarities between Haris and Brendan - caught with their pants down but refusing to admit.

    While Brendan chose to sue you (ironically Haris is one of your counsel) Haris adopted the seemingly heroic stance of standing by his informant while refusing to admit that he had erred.

    To my mind, both Brendan and Haris are jokers - the former taking up a position he is too small to assume hence ending up being a plagiarist, the latter assuming a high moral ground when he is a liar and a hypocrite hence the posting filled with lies, innuendos and half-truths (another speciality of Brendan and the NST cabal who sued you - talk about ironies).

    To me the issue is actually quite straight forward which Haris, if he has a bit of grey matter, would be able to untangle himself without you having to put up this posting.

    If you have already told him that the purported meeting did not take place and the individuals mentioned were not all there, then Haris has to admit that there was a flaw in his posting.

    Even if he still wants to insist that the meeting did take place and the agenda was outlined, he had to first make a clarification that the names he had mentioned to be present were not all there.

    Having made the clarification, he can then attempt his bravado that despite the mistake in the "line-up" he still stands by his informant on the issue of what transpired and that the "agenda" was indeed outlined.

    But obviously Haris is quite a sneaky character because he realises that by admitting to the mistakes he made in the "line-up" his whole posting and representation will crumble.

    To avoid suffering the embarassment of being caught lying, Haris opted for the time-tested approach of going on the offensive, shouting a lot of fluffy bravado (terms like standing by my informant is an example), refuses to apologise and admit his mistake, and finally, challenging you or those opposing him. He may even opt to challenge those who dispute his posting to sue.

    Such approach is prevalent among those who writes half-truths or do spins and in the case of Haris, one who represented mediocrity either as a lawyer or a citizen journalist.

    By adopting the offensive approach, Haris will be a victim in the eyes of his unwitting followers and he would be able to avoid having to explain about the lies he had posted.

    As time progresses, Haris can be expected to adopt a more offensive stance, rooted by his not-so-intelligent cheer leaders and by then, he would be a hero in a heroic struggle.

    The whole issue would by then be warped and the bone of contention will not be a point of discussion anymore.

    To my mind, all that needs to be discussed and the focus must remain on this premise - were there mistakes in Haris' posting?

    Rocky had pointed them out and he had informed Haris but Haris refused to admit there were mistakes and decided to play the hero.

    With that, the mistakes have now become lies.

    And liars like Haris walk, or rather strut around as if they are guardians of the nation's morality.

    What a bunch of self-righteous jokers. Then again, they are good for some laugh during this drab period of economic uncertainties.

    He Who Knew Haris Is Pathetic.

  54. Anonymous11:48 am

    Roc, in life if a story is doubtful, there will always be two sides to the story. Washing dirty linen is not the way to go and supporters of both parties will form a bias opinion. Is'nt it better for two matured journalists to thrash it out privately in your sitting room?
    Making both your blogs as court rooms will solve nothing.

  55. Anonymous11:50 am

    Dear Bro Rocky, be patient... it's clearly that he intentionally has his own agenda. Stand! Berani kerana benar.

  56. Anonymous11:55 am


    What is this? Blogger vs Blogger? Come on la Bro, I don't think it's appropriate to resolve this matter publicly. Sit down, talk it out, resolve it privately.

  57. Anonymous11:56 am

    For Harris, it is a case of:

    Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    Bercakap bohong lama2 kongkek org punya bini

  58. Anonymous11:57 am

    I read his posting. My conclusion ? What load of fucking hog-wash. Wishful thinking. Another story teller to the like of RPK. Lot of 'what ifs...' Just opinions and imagination --not a fucking drop of factual posting ! THIS IS A 'GRIM' FAIRY TALE indeed!!!!
    Thats all it is. Just flush it down the loo bro -- thats where it belonged !


  59. Anonymous12:03 pm


    since Haris stood by the words of his informants, he would have to swallow it as well if it is untrue.

    it's time both of you have a deep heart-to-heart talk on this minus the information/3rd party


  60. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Apa la lu nak heran dengan loyer,
    kereja depa memang cakap bohong, kalau tak macam mana nak menang kes.

    Lagi besor bohongnya, lagi besor le yurannya.

    Depa ni memang dah biasa cakap bohong sebab nak menang kes,
    nak mintak maap memang le tak boleh, apalagi kat public.

    Nanti Hakim tarik balik keputusan, susah pulak nak cari makan.

    Harris marah kat lu pasal lu golongan anti Dollah pro Madey, sedangkan dia golongan anti Dolah pro Anwar. Lepas tu blog dia pulak tak dapat hit banyak macam lu. memang le dia dengki.

    Biasa le tipikal Melayu perangai macam tu, nak kena ikut ideologi dia aja, orang lain kalau tak sebulu dengan dia memang tunggu time nak cantas.

    Pantun 4 kerat gua pada Haris

    siakap buaya gelama ikan senohong,
    nak jadi loyer kena pandai bohong.

  61. Bro Roki,

    H.I. = lousy lawyer + stupid blogger.

    Bro plz hired a better lawyer for your case.

  62. Anonymous12:17 pm


    herein lies the problem with a free and uncensored press and blogosphere.

    Haris should privately tell you the identity of his informer. After all, if he's willing to stake his life, he should be willing to stake his reputation too.


  63. Anonymous12:39 pm

    aiyah, why don't everyone do a najib...

    just swear on a holy book?

    got problem ke?

  64. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Bro, regardless of whether Haris is lying or not, it's clear that you and Nuraina are working together on a joint agenda. Whose agenda is this? What's the purpose of this agenda?

    Nuraina used to blog very infrequently. But suddenly this year, she started blogging every single day and the issues that she covers in her blog synchronize very well with your blog postings. Nuraini's blog postings never used to be controversial or antagonising, but now her blog postings are just like yours! Like to cucuk sensitive issues! How come? Very suspicious.

    On the day when 99% of blogs mentioned something about Kugan's funeral, your blog and Nuraina's blog are covering yoga ban in Indonesia?? Who can blame people for believing Haris?

    If you and Nuraina are working together, at least don't be so obvious.

  65. What is so strange about all this, day in an day out the MSM is telling untruth just as lying is their professional duty. So the bloggers got carried away and Haris must have thought all you guys have an agenda, so soon bloggers will find that they too will lie to make sure their hidden agenda is fulfilled.

  66. Bro,

    First you sack Haris as your Counsel as he does not trust what you say, then you sue him for lying and damaging your reputation.

  67. Uncle Rocky,

    This little bit of news doesn't please me one bit. Although I've never gotten on with Uncle Haris, I still consider him a friend no less.

    Dare I say, he's stepped onto the wrong path.

    Do not get me wrong, I'll always be loyal to you. But think of the other possibilities. Maybe his informant was one that he's been ablo to trust for many years. Maybe, as you said, he got the names mixed up. You can't pin this straight on Haris. You have to take a look at all the angles first.

    Regardless, Uncle Haris will not remain in my good books.

    With the power you hold in the blogosphere, you must remember that attacks like this come often. Sometimes it's personal, sometimes it isn't (I'll leave it to you to define the differences). But the important thing is to prevail. Don't take it too deep. And look at all the possibilities before planning a counter-attack.

    May God be with you. Always.

  68. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Aku lebih percaya Rocky

  69. Anonymous1:23 pm

    I think that Rocky and Haris are actually working together to bring down umno. Rocky is undercover deep inside umno so that he can get important info from umno politicians and pass it on to Haris, who then passes it on to pakatan. That’s why pakatan have managed to stay one step ahead of umno at the recent by-elections. Haris’ informant is Rocky! Rocky and Haris have to pretend like they are fighting to throw off umno’s suspicions.

  70. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Incase u all miss it, rocky did called harris in person for clarification. And Haris the Hero have replied thru his posting while mentioning Rocky has called him denying everything but he will still stand with his earlier posting.
    Guess Rocky has to set thing straight rite now.
    Best og luck to you Haris the Hero

    - kelmarin -

  71. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Last Tuesday night, I appeared on Bernama TV to talk about blogs and bloggers.

    One of the things I said repeatedly in response to the compere and the callers is the difference between bloggers who are journalists and those who are not.

    This is the dilemma. A lot of people tend to lump all bloggers together.

    It is in the blogs that the right of reply is most widely practised. So it would be a big problem if some bloggers, especially those who understand the law, refuse to allow you the right of reply.

    This, if I'm not mistaken, is one of the complaints that we have against the NSTP groups sometime ago when they refused to publish a letter from Tun Dr Mahathir/Sufi Yusof clarifying an erronous report in the NST.

    Bloggers cannot accuse others of being biased and unfair if they themselves do not practise the right of reply and publish reports based on hearsay.

    Thank you.

  72. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Harris gives Bloggers the BAD name. This kind of blogger will do anything to achieve his/her agenda.

  73. The storm in the teapot is about the begin......

    The one with the best data/arguments of referential integrity will win...

    Malicious plotters and instigators beware....

    Haris will try to "Pin" another sinister slander on you again....

    But i guess he is still s"Pin"ning inside the teapot from this counterpost to his original s"Pin"

    better go make my cup of tea to enjoy the sweetness of this post..

    Haris whereever you are bole pinjam teapot kejap tak?

    Will return it back to skykingdom express delivery counter when i'm done....

  74. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Biasa la Rocky..dah memang dasar LAWYER menipu dan memutar belit kan dah jadi DARAH DAGING mereka..

  75. Anonymous1:57 pm

    haris tu tengok muka dia pun aku dah manyampah.....mungkin baru balik dari BAR (council) mabuk dgn ular sawa.

    Haris's credibility (if any) has gone to the pig.

  76. Anonymous2:07 pm

    I dont care if you support UMNO or PKR but if it is a LIE it si a LIE.. Once you lie then you are a LIAR..

    Sebenarnya HAris Ibrahim ni malu pasal memang dia salah tetapi MALU pasal lepas ni kredibiliti dia memang akan hancur...

    Kalau aku letak dalam blog kau yg anak perempuan HARIS IBRAHIM dah tak dara dan kena f*ck dgn MAt Salleh di Hotel Istana dan maklumat ini aku dapat daripada informant yg dipercayai kredibiliti nya.. korang percaya ke? BODOH punya lawyer..

    Sekarang yang paling banyak buat duit adalah lawyer..menang ke kalah ke dia tetap buat duit.. so sebenarnya LAWYER IS A REAL SCAMBAG!!

  77. rocky - you are calling your lawyer a liar? What if he wins the case that he's helping you with? That you win through lies and deception?

    Sounds like six of one, and half a dozen of the other...

  78. Although Rocky was the best boss I ever had at Malay Mail , I am with Haris on this one. Why do I forsake Rocky? I will tell you.

    oh you really want to know?
    well skeedaddle on to my blog

  79. Anonymous2:21 pm all betul betul lost your marbles.

    1) What is the lie Haris told? That his informant said bla, bla, bla... ?

    2) How can Rocky possibly prove that Haris' informant did NOT say bla, bla, bla..?

    3) How can Nuraina prove that Haris lied about what the informant said, if she does not know who the informant is?

    4) Anyway, however many independent sources you can get, the other party can also get, if not more. Is this gonna be a "I know more people than you" kiddy game? Anyway what the heck is 'independent' witness if they are your personal friends and acquaintances?

    Chill out, Rocky and Nuraina!
    If you want to be taken seriously, slap him with a libel suit. Take Haris to court to prove he LIED about what his informant said!!

    Now, that'll make people really sit up and take you seriously. It'll be a real laugh! and we sure need some comic relief!

    -stupid antics-

  80. Anonymous2:41 pm

    I can think of few people that I know personally who have given and sacrificed so much for the cause of civil liberties as Haris Ibrahim. He has done so with humility and has been largely responsible for the collective awakening amongst the rakyat. Even if he has been misinformed and even if he was wrong to stand by his informer - does it really warrant the venomous and vile comments against the man that I see here. Really Rocky if you feel so aggrieved-go ahead and sue him why dont you? By the way could you clarify if you are a fee paying client of Haris or is he doing the case pro-bono for you as he does for so many others?


    David Mathews

  81. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Hrmmm..interesting. Sorang lawyer rely on informant, sorang journalist deny but admit meeting with JJ. Who to believe..the journalist or the lawyer?? Dua-dua tak boleh percaya lah!!

    In the first place Rocky, i dont give a fuck who you meet up with and what the agenda was. As far as i know you are also good in your spinning...

    I also dont give a fuck what Haris has to say on this cos its a non issue so dont worry too much on your reputation..If you do care then there's always the choice of suing him for defamation. Then you'll know how its like to be the other shoe.

  82. Anonymous3:08 pm

    What makes you any different? As an MSM product you are also a disgrace to the profession for not speaking out the truth at the govt all this while.

    And yes, quoting sources for stories? Anybody can do that so why take it out on HI. Lu pikir lah sendiri!

  83. This time Haris was caught with his pants down alright.
    But do his supporters care?
    Look at his master? The other son of Ibrahim.
    Money politics...cronysm(during his UMNO days)...Written judgement(on sodomy charge acquittal)... Sept sodomy charge?
    You can produce all kinds of evidence but the supporters will still believe what they want to believe..what their masters make them believe.
    That is what they are really good at..they are masters of perception.

    And Rocker 8.35 AM..
    Dulu ada orang penah cakap Haris ni sesat aku marah cakap kat orang tu tak baik tuduh2.
    Tapi hari ini kita sendiri boleh tengok dalam 'people's parliment'..
    Mana pulak Pak Sheikh..Tuan Guru2 ni..tolong la nasihat kan sikit si Haris ni..
    hehehe ..jangan mareh...

  84. Anonymous3:14 pm

    even if there is a meeting...what's the problem with talking about what they want?

    as if rocky could shake malaysia...rocky is no pm

    so talking about bn,umno keji?

    if u are not there...refrain from quoting

  85. Compulsive liars are everywhere nowadays bro.

    They learn it from the grandmaster himself.

    Fitnah dunia.. do i need to say more?

  86. Anonymous3:29 pm

    I believe you, rocky! Not because you are my friend. I know you as a man of integrity.

  87. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Haris, Anwar and Zaid....STINKS!


  88. Anonymous3:45 pm

    screw all of you la!!

    You adopt a 'holier-than-thou' attitude as if you've never lied, misreported, misrepresented or spun stories..

    While Haris may be wrong, Rocky, you are no saint either!

  89. Anonymous3:47 pm

    I think everyone is missing the point. Whether or not the said meeting took place is between Rocky and Haris' testimonies. Without proof readers won't know. But the more important point that Haris is making which is extremely plausible given Rocky's new loyalties is that the meeting with JJ and Mukriz to pin the KT defeat on Pak Lah COULD have taken place since these are Rocky's new bedfellows.

    Everyone knows that the new leadership alliance in UMNO which Rocky serves is Najib (hence JJ) with Mahathir hovering above (hence the simpleton son, Mukriz)

  90. Anonymous3:53 pm

    yo bru

    write about kugan and the home minister and pewaris leh

    couldn't wait to read your take

    why the resounding silence?


  91. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Whilst I am not in any way defending Haris Ibrahim's posting and assertion about you Rocky, I would like to ask you to remember what you said about Zorro being on Anwar's payroll in an interview you gave to The Star.

    Where was your proof then? Or even now for that matter...??

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks at the windows.

    Dean Nair

  92. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Graduates from NST/Gomen are all the same.. Do not trust them cos they have been brainwashed as Amno goons from day 1.

    Try giving me one name who are not slanted?

    Dolah kok lanas? Ron? Pak Samad? Kadir? Go fly kite!

    -melayu mudah lupa

  93. Anonymous4:10 pm


    I have been following your blog from the early days. I also know of a time when Haris and you were good buddies with a common agenda for change.

    Over time however, it became apparent that you were leaning in favour of certain individuals in the BN/UMNO administration. You then picked and chose (rather intelligently) issues that you would comment upon. They were largely intended to prop up certain people and to run others down. You overlooked many an important issue, as long as it would jeopardise the interest of your "master/s". I also noted your deafening silence on the Kugan issue. Was the death of a Malaysian in police custody not big enough news for you to comment on?

    Haris on the other hand has been consistent with what he stands for. Very often he has apologised for mistakes made. He even explained in detail why he now supports Anwar, when in the beginning he was doubtful of the man. Even then, he does not blindly support any individual, and Anwar certainly know this.

    You on the other hand have been inconsistent. Your position has shifted since the succession plan was in UMNO was accelerated. You now avoid certain issues and play up certain issues.

    In short, you lack the credibility that Haris Ibrahim has. That being said, I will continue to read your blog, because through your postings I can get a feel of what is coming (if Najib should take over).


  94. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    So what? Who is Haris Ibrahim?

  95. Statutory Declaration... Sure win!

  96. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Did you or did you not say this:-

    Bernard Khoo (blog name Zorro Unmasked), Harris and Raja Petra Kamarud­din (Malaysia Today) were all either “inspired or sponsored by Anwar”, said Rocky

    And if you did, do you have proof?

    If you did not, that means The Star is lying?

  97. Anonymous4:41 pm

    He's a Lawyer... No ? Why are you suprised that he Lied ? The whole Pakatan Bloggers are against you Rock ... Life goes on ...

  98. Anonymous4:59 pm

    I'd like to respect both Rocky and Haris for the work they had done in their blogs. I'd like to continue respecting both in as much as I could. Some reconcilatory approach may be the best option in these circumstances. The damage has not gone yet to the extent that it is irreparable. The rakyat must be the ultimate winners against a tyrant Government.

  99. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Lawyers... they are after all, profesional liars.


  100. Dear bro rocky,

    It has turn out that we readers have to take side on this one battle of goliath between the 2 of you.

    As both of you developed strong characters in dealing with this matter, my only hope that whatever transpire will end up in good hope no matter which side (pro BN ka, Pro PR ka) you decided to venture in.

    There is always an amicable solution for this issue and i hope you guys can take it up in gentleman manners.



  101. Anonymous5:33 pm

    hey, let rocky defend himself la. why some people are angry when what rocky trying to do is defending himself?why?because he support najib?so if someone support umno and and najib automatically he is not qualified to defend himself? democratic la you people!

    another thing, this is rocky's blog, let him choose what he wishes to write. zorro, rpk, harris ibrahim choosed their topic as well.i dont see people goes to haris blog and kutuk him. or did they?something for you to think about!

    -go rocky go!-

  102. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Anonymous 4.05 pm :-melayu mudah lupe..

    Mulut jangan celupah!!
    Arwah Pak Samad never graduated from NST, he started the institution.
    If not for Pak Samad , NST will not be the nationalised MSM that we see today.
    ...melayu marah...

  103. time will tell whether you're an Umno stooge or not. You can fool the people once but not twice. Those clear-minded bloggers could feel how you worship Najib as your hero. Look back at some of your previous postings after 308.
    I am with Haris on this.

    If i were you, i would stay away from Umno. Just my RM0.02

  104. Anonymous5:54 pm


    Kali and Brendan laughing at you.
    Padan muka.

  105. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Dear Harris,

    Come on, you have a personal case to settle. Do it right away. Shame on you if you try to run away from it.


  106. Anonymous6:23 pm


    Recently one Datuk Nasiruddin of UMNO jumped the rails to switch over to Pakatan. Did you see the look on Anwar Ibrahim's face, sitting beside Nasiruddin during the Press Conference? Anwar looked like the walking dead.

    On Feb 5th or 6th, Anwar Ibrahim's 2nd sodomy trial will begin. This time there are no mattresses, no black eyes, no bad wolf IGP and the PM still-in-power is so loved by Haji Hadi and others.

    What will Anwar's 2nd sodomy trial bring? Will it embarass Anwar Ibrahim right down to his shorts?

    Why did Anwar Ibrahim run away to the Turkish Ambassador's house when he first heard that the Bukhari boy had lodged a police report that Anwar had sodomised him?

    Is that the reaction of a brave 'pemimpin rakyat' who is innocent? Some people say that Anwar ran away to the Turkish Ambassador's house because he wanted to have a last taste of 'Turkish Delight'.

    Bro, the Bukhari guy had to go to some trouble to lodge the Police report about being sodomised. Having heard the nature of his problem and the names he threw around, no doctor wanted to handle his case. Yet despite all that the boy persisted.

    And he has even taken an oath on the Quran inside a mosque.

    Anwar on the other hand has refused to take an oath on the Quran TWO times. In the first round, Anwar got a fatwa faxed to him from Yusof Qardawi that he need not swear on the Quran that he did not sodomise or have sex with anyone other than his wife.

    Now he has refused to swear on the Quran again.

    But what did the Pakatan people do? They started disputing the method in which the oath was taken. They said the Imam was forced to administer the oath. The Imam (obviously a PAS supporter) also made a timely appearance at Permatang Pauh and said he had been forced to adminsiter the oath. The brave Imam became the hero and the object of veneration.

    But did anyone say that the young boy was wrong when he took an oath on the Quran in the mosque?

    Assuming there was no imam and there was only a concrete pillar in the mosque and the Bukhari boy stood facing the concrete pillar, put his hand on the Quran (or lifted the Quran over his head) and said the same things he said to the PAS Imam, does that make his swearing any less true?

    In short bro, this Bukhari boy seems to be quite certain of what he is saying.

    I am saying this in relation to the tiff between you and Haris today.

    Its all about certainty isnt it?

    If the Bukhari boy is lying, he will fade away. No one will remember him after a few months.

    If the Bukhari boy is indeed telling the truth, it will be the sinking of the Titanic again wouldn't it?

    Not only will the Captain go down with the ship, but a whole load of other people will suffer much embarrasment.

    In conclusion bro, the Police beter handle the Kugan investigation carefully.

    If they mess up the Kugan case too, then the Titanic will resurface again. Its all about credibility.

    Hugo the Philo

  107. Anonymous6:24 pm


    Don't be suprised if Harris comes out with a Statutory Declaration which begins with " I have been reliably informed that......... ' to hantam you back!

    Pakatan are the master in Statutory Declaration, led by their chief RPK.

  108. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Whatever the issue is, it does not warrant the vile and baseless comments on Haris as an individual here.

    He has been consistent and has gone to great lengths in defending civil liberty and taking issues up and make no mistakes those are issues that most would remain silent even when they are confronted by their conscience that injustice is being done.

    Just as the sky kingdom case, the principle and the freedom of the people was what he stood up for borne out of his conviction, just as how he is defending the principle and the issue in your case Rocky, which I believe is being done pro bono. I believe that even if it is not you, be it another Tom, Dick, or Harry, he would have still stood up for the cause.

    Well, you accuse him here as a liar, but at the same time you also haven't stated based on which proof did you disclose to The Star that Zorro and Haris are "either inspired or sponsored by Anwar"?


  109. Anonymous6:47 pm


    You said ,

    "....Bernard Khoo (blog name Zorro Unmasked), Harris and Raja Petra Kamarud­din (Malaysia Today) were all either “inspired or sponsored by Anwar”, said Rocky

    And if you did, do you have proof?......."

    Any blog reader will have no doubt that Zorro, Harris and RPK are all inspired by Anwar Ibrahim. Proof? Simple, just take a look at the posting by these 3 flers, any sane human can easily tell you, there are Anwar inspired? You mean, you don't get it when you read their posting?

    Don't be blind supporter and hallucinate, open your eyes wide open.

  110. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Why bother such a detail response if its just a lie about another UMNO coffee shop talk.Why panic on a lie mate.

  111. Anonymous7:00 pm


    Kau tuduh orang lain membohong. Tapi kau pulak bagaimana?

    Di akhbar Star kau cakap:

    Bernard Khoo (blog name Zorro Unmasked), Harris and Raja Petra Kamarud­din (Malaysia Today) were all either "inspired or sponsored by Anwar", said Rocky

    Betul atau tidak?

    Kalau betul, aku ada soalan cepu emas untuk kau: Mana bukti kau?

    Kalau tak betul tu, adakah akhbar Star tu menipu?

    Aku cabar kau jawab ni.

    Jangan kau hipokrit pulak Rock.

  112. Anonymous7:30 pm


    You know the saying - What goes around, comes around.

    Your articles have been so skewed towards anything that is anti-PR, anti-Badawi for a very long time now.

    Funny also you hardly state your stance on ISA, police brutality, rampant corruption in UMNO, murder of Althantuya, what happened to the RM5Bil given to ValueCap, and what happened to the other RM7Bil in the 1st stimulus pack, and so many many other shady deals struck by the UMNO goons.

    When PR takes over, you can join your pay masters in prison and perform sodomy on them. I know you enjoy that very much.

    Seig Hiel

  113. Anonymous7:32 pm


    I spoke too soon. In the Bukhari boy's swearing on the Quran case, they used the diversion tactic. To belittle the seriousness of the whole matter, they diverted attention to the PAS Imam who administered the oath, instead of scrutinising what the oath was all about.

    Here they are talking about what The Star wrote about you. Again the Modus Operandi is to divert attention away from the case - were you with JJ, Mukhriz, Nuraina, Kamaruddin etc to plot something at La Bodega?

    Nuraina has already said that she was not present. Someone else said they saw Mokhzani stopping by for a minute at La Bodega, but Mokzani is not an issue at all.

    Can someone ask Mukhriz if he was or was not at La Bodega? An sms to and from Mukhriz would settle it.

    But another spark has suggested something else - just look at the CCTV at La Bodega at BSC. That should put everything to rest.

    But how do we do that?

    Hugo the Philo

  114. Anonymous7:34 pm

    ehh "inspired or sponsored by Anwar"??
    cant u arghh..its stupid to explain this..

    Rocky ,I am with u..Biasa laa.. if U r against them..ur an asshole.. but if u come out with an article kissing PR's ass..u r the peoples champion..

    1 thing for sure is after the GE, everyone is going crazy bout going to court. btw..mykmu just got tagged for 40million..haha

    "your blog and Nuraina's blog are working hand in hand" hahaha wtf??enuff said...


  115. Anonymous7:42 pm

    I've met this type of lawyer. He's now the founder of a motorcycle forum in Malaysia. As usual, this type of lawyer likes to spin facts for glamour and never admit the lies that he made. Welcome to the real world, Rocky. Once they got famous, they become proud for the lies they've made.

    Napelah hangpa ni suka kencing merata2 ni Haris? Kot2, informant ni x wujud. Hangpa ni suka main2 buat assumptions ni eh >:( ?

  116. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Harris' defence, "Immediately after that, I made a phone call to another person, and then tried to call Rocky but could not get through, and so I left Rocky a voicemail asking him to call me back.

    Courtesy of the telcos, Rocky never got the voicemail."

    A lame attempt!

  117. Anonymous8:06 pm

    what's the problem if rocky is umno supporter?

    me? i love anwar ibrahim handsome smile...(repent bang repent)

    and for god sake all you DAP maggots, this chinese new year, please dont `tolong orang tipu orang' t.o.n.t.o will you.

  118. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Take a leaf bru rocky and Brother Harris Bin Ibrahim, the scorpions knew about your fight, as well as Gaza-Palestine, and God-knows how many more silly bickering.... Chill-out, we all live under the same sun, sing along or listen it on youtube, and both of you will feel better

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    Do you ever ask yourself
    Is there a Heaven in the sky
    Why can't we get it right

    'Cause we all live under the same Sun
    We all walk under the same Moon
    Then why, why can't we live as one

    I saw the evening
    Fading shadows one by one
    We watch the lamb, lay down to the sacrifice
    I saw the children
    The children of the Sun
    How they wept, how they bled, how they died
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    Do you ever ask yourself
    Is there a Heaven in the sky
    Why can't we stop the fight

    'Cause we all live under the same Sun
    We all walk under the same Moon
    Then why, why can't we live as one

    Sometimes I think I'm going mad
    We're losing all we had and no one seems to care
    But in my heart it doesn't change
    We've got to rearrange and bring our world some love

    And does it really matter
    If there's a Heaven up above
    We sure could use some love

    'Cause we all live under the same sky
    We all look up at the same stars
    Then why, why can't we live as one

    'Cause we all live under the same Sun
    We all walk under the same Moon
    We all live under the same sky
    We all look up at the same stars
    Then why, tell me why can't we live as one

  119. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Why r u being so defensive?

    - udig? -

  120. Anonymous8:28 pm

    I fail to see why this issue has to be politicised.

    Whether Rocky wants to be on any side of the fence is his fundamental right. Let him decide which party he wants to support.

    Nobody tells RPK or Zorro which side to support. They claim they are Barisan Rakyat, whatever that means.

    The anti-ruling group is simply creating a ruse, to build up more support bases and has only been raising counter productive issues. None of their issues are praise worthy of what the Government has done from fighting the communist to giving them education leading them to muster enough skill to bite the hand that feeds.

    I vote for the better party and can swing anywhere I wish.

    But at this stage, I am getting rather bored with the same storylines being overplayed by the Pakatan Barisan Rakyat people.

    It's nothing but criticism, running down people, gossips but never about how to uplift the country.

    What has become of the manifesto pledged with great enthusiasm during the elections? Down the drain I guess. Their new manifesto is to run down Proton, so that they could drive their dream cars.

    When they first attended Parliament, they rode bicycles. Then drove their old jalopies. Now, in gleaming new cars???

    It appears similar to the rags to riches story.

    All the power in their head is making them complacent and they are forgetting their roots.

    Eventually, they will become arrogant and behave even worse than the UMNO taikors. Just you wait and see.

    So, let Rocky take what ever sides he wishes, let RPK and Zorrow take what ever side they wish.

    The final analysis will be back to the wisdom of the voters.


  121. Anonymous8:30 pm

    haris pencen la cepat cikit. you tak kenal ke rocky?
    he ain't heavy!


  122. WOW!! This is the Rocky I like.
    This is the Rocky I always know..he is.
    Now he speaks up...I hope Harris Ibrahim is man enough to apologize.
    His so well educated..a lawyer.
    Come on Harris...say sorry and shake hands...and check out...who fed you with lies.

  123. The AGENDA is actually PR's AGENDA to keep Abdullah Badawi as Prime Minister for a longer period of time ... long enough to enable Anwar Abraham to 'hijack the Government'.
    The great movers of this cheap AGENDA are people like Harris and Zorro.
    They're now willing to sell their soul and the trust placed by their readers JUST to ensure that Badawi has lonfger time to KILL BN and UMNO.
    Certain motivations behind this AGENDA are pure-racists in nature and Harris knows this well.
    So, the AGENDA is not about anybody wanting to pin or push Badawi but more of a well-crafted AGENDA of PR to keep the useless PM in his seat.
    p/s for as long as Badawi remains as PM, the chances of Anwar Abraham hijacking the government is getting brighter by the day.

  124. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Enlightening indeed! I responded a couple of times to Haris' blog, and I found that he is a BIG HEADED EGO MANIAC that couldn't care less about other people's views. I have stopped visiting his blog from then on. And now this! It really indicates his LOYAR BUROK character & questionable integrity... sure, he too has his own agenda... to grow his ego at the expense of everything else, including the truths!

  125. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Good stuff Rocky. Its time someone exposed the liar and spin doctor that Haris has become.

    If you say a good word for the BN you are on their payroll. If Haris goes all out for pakatan he is a hero! What crap.

    Haris and his spin doctoring 'gang' have been spinning tales for too long, totally Inspired by their mentor RPK. According to their fans they are beyond reproach. They are so honest and brave that no one can touch them.

    You cannot even suspect them of lying and let alone spinning tales. Woe be upon you if you do that. You will be attacked and demonised and will not know what hit you.

    If this is what Pakatan stands for I don't need them.

    And Haris is a clever lawyer when it suits him and a totally ignorant one on other occasions.

    'I have been reliably informed' is the new catch phrase. With this they can say anything they want and they are telling the truth. Everyone else is a liar in their view.

  126. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Someone saw you with some people and you yourself don't know about it? I asked Big Dog's opinion. He said that guy could be your twin - Ramli Sarip.

  127. Anonymous9:34 pm

    I'm referring to this:-

  128. Anonymous9:43 pm

    hipokrit antarabangsa,

    wei bahlol, cuba ko baca balik statement tu dan faham betul2. dia kata "EITHER inspired or sponsored by Anwar".

    antara ko lansung tak faham atau betul2 bengap.

  129. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Aiya, amenda nie.
    Spy Vs Spy ka.

    Reads like a bad spoof movie, starring prominent ex-nst journos.

    People are losing livelihoods & lives, and they're busy talking about, err, what exactly are they on about.

    Tahniah for upholding, err, whatever.


  130. Anonymous10:04 pm


    This Harris fella views you very highly, I may say. He believes you can single handedly (through your blogs)convince the whole of Malaysia, instead of Najid, the lame duck Abdullah Ahmad Be'duck'-wee is fully to blame of KT by-election disaster.

    So, dont be upset, bro. Its a recognition, the way I see it.

  131. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Can't you see it,
    You said:-

    Any blog reader will have no doubt that Zorro, Harris and RPK are all inspired by Anwar Ibrahim. Proof? Simple, just take a look at the posting by these 3 flers, any sane human can easily tell you, there are Anwar inspired? You mean, you don't get it when you read their posting?

    Don't be blind supporter and hallucinate, open your eyes wide open.

    The problem is not the "inspired" part. You can even be inspired by Hitler, Saddam, Dr. M or even Syed Hamid Albar. You can be inspired by anyone and that is perfectly fine. Though Hitler was a very evil man, but by the grace of God, every human being have some good values.

    But if Rocky says they were "sponsored", then he should have evidence to proof so. Otherwise, why insist others must proof their words but he himself need not?

    And don't speak for every blogger. If you think every sane blogger can see that Haris, Zorro and RPK is inspired by Anwar, then I can also say every sane blogger can see that Rocky and Nuraina is "conspiring", that would make sense too.

    Of course, I do not think every sane blogger can see that Rocky and Nuraina is "conspiring". I'm not omniscience like the Almighty.

    Those who live in a glass house is wise not to throw rocks, right.

  132. Anonymous10:11 pm

    That fella is just a NGO with a lot of hot air. Whatever he had heard from his so-called informer was just hearsay at best.

    you can't blame him because he may be a mercenary working to keep the Sleepy Head in power so that the country will go to the dog.

    Rocky, just ignore that bloody NGO who thinks too highly of himself but full of hot air!

    Hot air NGO.

  133. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Nuraina: No need to swear any S/D on such matter. Don't waste your precious time with such NGO, who is still waste in the ears. He has his own agenda that's why he is talking about about people.

    Now he is confirmed a NGO. so leave him alone and he will screw himself.

    ah Kow

  134. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    Bercakap bohong lama-lama jadi menteri

  135. This is probably the first time that I have seen Rocky write a post to defend himself against accusations. All this while I have seen various things hurled against him but he had remained silent. At the most, he might write a sentence or two. But that's just about it.

    And the fact that he had allowed some of them to be published HERE - a blog where he has total control - goes to show a lot of things. If the comments here are venomous and malicious enough, you can imagine what they are elsewhere.

    Do people like "Freedom of Speech" proponents like Haris Ibrahim allow similar criticisms against them at their blogs?

    Oh, maybe they'd let in one or two occasionally just for show - of their `openness'. But they aren't anywhere near Rocky's Bru when it comes to openness and fair play...

    People are beginning to see these bloggers for what they really are: HYPOCRITES... with big mouths. And now, LIARS too! Since Haris like to talk a lot about religion and Islam, maybe he should see what it has to say about "fitnah". Or maybe Barisan Rakyat bloggers are "maksum"...

    To Ahirudin and Nuraina: This isn't my final word on this matter either here or elsewhere. To quote that lovable cyborg: "I'll be back".

  136. Anonymous10:24 pm


    He is just full of himself and yet he can't differentiate between the wood and the tree.

    He should know that what he had heard from his informer was just hearsay.

    I would like to ask: Assuming for a moment that there was such a meeting. How could his informer knew the content of the conversation about Rocky, JJ and others.

    I just cannot believe that a lawyer could just jump into conclusion and post such matter in his blog. What a pariah lawyer? That's why he had to hide himself in Bentong.

  137. Anonymous10:26 pm


    Haris itu open and honest (terbuka dan jujur). He is upfront (terus terang) dengan issues yang dia perjuangkan, dan dia jelas memperjuangkan injustices of the ordinary rakyat (ketidakadilan kepada rakyat biasa dan mana-mana golongan biasa yang tertindas).

    Ini dia tanda integrity Haris. Cukup jelas. Position dia mengenai isu-isu memang clear dan jelas dari tulisan blognya. Ini tidak boleh dinafikan.

    But you Rocky, many readers sudah notice that your official position is very unclear or tertutup (macam rahsia), tapi kita nampak camana awak cuba nak protect atau support gerombolan tertentu UMNO, which is the Najib-Mahathir-Mukhriz faction (we can label this the NAMAMU faction).

    And yet you pretend to be "neutral", and your slant (tumpuan awak) towards certain topics yang pro-UMNO is sooo clearly in favour of the NAMAMU faction.

    Maybe you think readers don't notice. But we all really do, Rocky.

    You can choose whichever side you want, betul, but the point is this --> don't be dishonest (tak jujur).

    Kalau you terbuka-buka menyatakan your position, then readers boleh judge you dengan tepat dan boleh tau maca mana nak baca blog kau. Kalau kau tak terbuka dengan position kau, itu seolah-olah nak 'spin' atau menghelah para pembaca.

    Haris Ibrahim bukan begitu. Kita tau dia tu jelas menyokong hal kebajikan rakyat biasa. Ini jelas dari kerjanya di blogsphere dan di dunia sebenar. Memang terkenal dengan makcik makcik kampung pun.

    Kalau Pakatan Rakyat benar-benar berusaha untuk membawa kebajikan kepada rakyat, maka Haris akan memastikan mereka benar-benar menunaikan janji mereka. Dia bukan berkomplot dengan diorang secara sorok-sorok ke apa. Dia memang dari dulu menghentam Pakatan Rakyat kalau mereka lari daripada janji amanah kepada rakyat.

    Awak pulak Rocky... macam Darth Vader dalam siri Star Wars... sorok sorok dari belakang membuat sesuatu, berkomplot dgn gerombolan UMNO.

    Itu yang paling menyedihkan para pembaca, termasuk saya yang dulu menghormati awak.

    Harap you faham.

    Yang benar,


  138. @Hipokrit Antarabangsa
    Hallo Mat, Tak payah Ahirudin jawap lah - padan aku kat kampung ni aje. By the way, ni ke "soalan cepu mas" engko?! Lekeh nyaaaaa!!

    Bukan aku nak hina, tapi aku nak kata jugak: Mu kena ngaji oghe puteh sikit lagi - ambik kelas malam ka... Atau kat sekolah orang dewasa. Sebab basic English pun mu tokleh pahae! Acu tengok sekali lagi ayat yang mu sendiri quote. Kat sini, Ngok:

    were all either "inspired or sponsored by Anwar", said Rocky

    So where's the problem here? If they weren't sponsored, they were inspired. Bukti?? I believe you haven't been reading their posts! If you had read them, it's obvious that at the very least, they were inspired by Anwar.

    Or do people like those mentioned in The Star want to claim that they are "independent minded"?... that "they are 100% neutral, without prejudice for or against anybody"?

    By the way, nampak BODOH betul engko cabar Rocky - sedangkan engko punya point ni kelas LEMAH TENAGA BATIN, takder power! Sorry ye. Tapi kalau kail panjang sejengkal, jangan di duga Sungai Kelantan.

  139. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Haris Ibrahim jadi macam tu sebab dia selalu pergi kuil Hindu....

  140. apa dah jadi ni? siapa cakap betul sapa yang tipu..

  141. Anonymous12:06 am


    Sorry, ever since you changed your leanings, I do not find you credible anymore and read your postings with a pinch of salt and some suspicion on your true intention. At least for Haris, I know he is who he is-you accept him for what he stands for.

    Melbourne reader

  142. Anonymous12:17 am

    Harris may be a nice guy in the past, but not now.

    He started to lie now

    Once he tasted blood from lying, it looks like no turning back.

    Look at the arrogance of Anwar now, his bodyguards etc.

    Power corrupts. Imagine if they control the country!

    Sad case isn't it!

  143. Anonymous12:25 am

    Siti Zasreena Sulaiman Daud, you are one confused person. So what if Rocky supports Najib-Mukhriz-Mahatir? Salah ke? Isn't this a democratic country?
    Si Harris dah menipu pun kau nak defend dia lagi. Lagi you boleh claim "Haris itu open and honest (terbuka dan jujur)". Hello? Bodoh ke you ni?
    I supported Pakatan masa last PRU. Tapi tengok gelagat si Harris, si RPK, Anwar and the silence of PR on the katak UMNO in Perak, i rasa menyesal pulak.

  144. Anonymous12:40 am

    Dear Rocky, Harris Ibrahim is a bona fide ,son of the gun lying lawyer or better known as a LIAR.

    Honest Laywer.

  145. Anonymous12:55 am

    The ball now at Harris' court .

    Does he has the courage to do the noble act?

    Or continue the wrong by using some snake legalistic methods to get out the situation? Or run to Turkey Embassy for security reason macam his boss Angwar?

    Tough call I guess.

  146. Anonymous1:02 am

    Haris is right about part of managing perceptions, even though he may have screwed up on the information about the meeting and participants . Quite obvious from reading your blogs.

  147. Anonymous1:07 am

    To Siti Zasreena Sulaiman Daud,

    If you can consider Haris itu open and honest (terbuka dan jujur), then George Bush can be Tok Guru to you and gajah pun boleh terbang:)

    Old man saying: Never judge a book by its cover.

  148. Anonymous1:10 am

    To all those Haris supporters who wrote to defend their idol, please do not confuse the issues.

    When Rocky was reported by The Star that 'Haris was inspired or sponsored by Anwar' that is a different issue. Haris never came out with anything to refute. So why are you people raising it now?

    In the issue at hand where Haris lied, Rocky says he was not there at the so called meeting- yet Haris stands by his informant?? His informants have been wrong before- his Littlebird.

    What is wrong with you people? Having despised Anwar ( allegedly) Haris suddenly loves the man because of his crappy anak speech?

    And does not any blogger pick and choose what to write? Why must Rocky pick the same issues like Haris?

    Be objective. Haris blatantly supports Pakatan and practically never raises issues that are negative against Pakatan. Yes, he will throw a token issue here and there but it amounts to nothing but eye wash. Is that not selective? IS Haris on Pakatan payroll and answer's to his master Anwar?

    Do not simply attack Rocky and accuse him of being biased. Haris is blatantly biased and that is Ok? His attacks on Najib really makes me wonder what he is up to. Accusing and alleging murder and what not but have no proof of anything. Not one piece of evidence. I am told by lawyers that hearsay means nothing in court.

    Conjuncture and accusations do not translate into evidence. Further,
    fitnah is a mean thing to do.

    Be objective and respect freedom of speech. Act responsibly when blogging. If we cannot do that, may God have mercy on us.


  149. It's so surprising Rocky. When you quoted RPK, Harris and Zorro are sponsored by Anwar, do you realize it's also tantamount to accusation and hearsay. Plus I consider that as an insult you inflicted upon them.
    So now when Harris has something to say against you, you feel offended. Don't you think you are after all no different from MSM which is suing you.

    Honestly I feel you have become Najib propagandist after seeing your continuous condemnation of Pak Lah though his factors are minimum at KT and even the latest switch camp by Botak assemblyman. In Harris case, I share the view of Nanda.

  150. Anonymous2:08 am

    bro rocky,

    i bet my last ringgit on you.


  151. Anonymous3:40 am


    I can't stand that, who is so full of himself. He is just an NGO trying to play politics so we all can see how he has made a fool of himself.

    He is one of them who is playing the Sleepy Head's agenda so that the Sleepy Head can stay on as PM to fu..up this country.

    These NGOs must be exterminated from the surface of the earth so they are no good to civil society.

    These NGOs are playing along with with Pakatan Rakyat to keep the Sleepy Head there so that BN will be screwed big time and PR will be in power with Anwar Ibrahim as PM.

    Expose this bloody NGO. He is just a dreamer, who love himself more than Malaysia.

    If anyone who love Malaysia, he or she must be against the Sleepy Head to stay on as PM for even one minute let alone for a few more month. God forbids!

    If we love Malaysia lets get rid of the Sleepy, SIL, Son, Tony Fernadez, Kalimulah and NGOs.

    Sleepy Head & NGO

  152. Anonymous3:46 am


    I am so sorry to say that he is not a friend. So please do not waste your time to talk. He has no standard to be your lawyer anymore because he can stoop so low to believe his informer and screw his friend as well as his client.

    As the saying goes "THERE MUST HONOUR EVEN AMONGST THIEVES." So please fuc. him off because he is no friend to anyone. I for one will never want him to be my friend because I do not know when he will F... me.

    This guy has no honour so why waste time with him.

    Rocky, please blog something more fruitful then this bloody NGO, who is still wet int he ears.

    Bloody NGO

  153. Anonymous4:00 am

    After reading so many comments, most have missed the crucial point. It is not so much as whether Rocky has met up with so and so at which location and at what time.

    The important point is whether there is the "agenda" of pinning the loss of KT on Pak Lah, etc, etc and whether Rocky and the Lady have anything to do with the plan, either through meetings, phone calls, emails, etc.

    We cannot answer that. Only the two could answer that with certainty. Why not let us leave things at that and move on.

    I believe one day the truth will be reveiled.


  154. Anonymous4:51 am

    Nothing a couple of beers at the Wharf or the Press Club can't solve.

    Its ridiculous for friends, and blogging peers, to get into this mess over something as trivial as political differences.

    At the end of the day, both Rocky and Haris have a common goal: a better Malaysia. You both may have different ways of arriving there, but for fucks sake, can you both embrace what you have in common?

  155. Anonymous5:27 am

    Maybe,..just maybe..Haris's informer was one of the people in the 'meeting'?

  156. Rocky Bru has said that... Haris Ibrahim is a liar!?
    How dare Rocky!...

    Haris is a lawyer!
    And a Barisan Rakyat blogger!
    He's also a liberal Muslim... See how many non-Muslims PRAISE HIM; which means he is right!

    Haris is a Malaysian Malaysia etc etc!!

    NO NO NO!! It can't be! It's a lie! Not true!! Haris my hero is just a CHEAP and COWARDLY LIAR?! How dare you, Rocky --- exposing my Barisan Rakyat hero like that!!

  157. Anonymous5:49 am

    The proxy war between Anwar and Najib has begun. The outcome will be decided by the people but one thing;s for sure - it will be a full-blooded battle with no holds barred, no punches pulled, and no taking of prisoners. The gloves are off, so let's enjoy the fun.

  158. Anonymous6:02 am

    This is the best laugh I've had this week!!
    If you masuk Raja Lawak, I think you can make it to the Finals, for sure!

    By the way, I see a few of his apologists trying to twist and turn like snakes.... Trying to change the focus and deflect from the issue here. Why bring up things that don't address the issue.

    What's the issue? Haris `Tekoh' Ibrahim LIED... and is trying to squirm his way out. His fawning supporters are getting desperate and very uncomfortable; trying their best to rescue him.

    So when are you going to be a man and admit that you're wrong, Haris?? Or are you too busy "weeping with the sky" at Kugan's funeral?

    BTW, tak nak buat TAHLIL untuk dia ke, Haris?? Kalau tanya Brader Pin, dia mesti kata "Bagus!"... sebab Kugan tu kan "makhluk Tuhan"jugak kan, kan.. Kan, Haris?

    @Portal OrangKAYA & Sponsor of Teapot Milk

  159. tuan-tuan dan puan-puan ini cuma gimik iklan untuk La Bodega @ Bangsar!

    to see real fight don't forget KL Muay Thai international challenge. Stadium Badminton Cheras 7&8 Feb 2009 8.30 mlm.

    ok back to the La Bodega commercial!

  160. Anonymous7:48 am

    Nuraina Samad said:

    "does anyone want me to make a statutory declaration?

    How brave of you! esp when in Malaysia, SD is worth a handful of cacing. Thanks to Bala (re Altantuya) or whatever his name is, SD is just a great malaysian joke for those who crave attention and desperate for credibility. Can always be amended 180 degrees next day.

    That small boy who claim Anwar sodomised him is a bit more creative. He swore on the Quran. Ah, but then...... we all know what how that played out...

    Please don't make a mockery of the law. Be mindful that unholy intentions sworn on the Quran is a sin.

    No need to prove innocence if no lie was told, ler.

    comment by **dun protest too much**

  161. Anonymous7:59 am

    Oi hello Rock man, if you have any round thingies, oops I mean principles, then why is Harris still your Counsel now that you say he is a liar.

    When are you going to post in your blog :-

    1. that you have "fired' him; and
    2. that you are proceeding with legal means to seek remedies.

    Oh yeah with regards to (2) above I forgot that you dont believe that media - I take it that includes blogosphere media should be sued - remember your teresa post ???

    "Observer of Spat Between Abang-Adik"

  162. Anonymous8:03 am


    Never like this HARIS 'perasan bagus + poyo' and never WILL...

    ps: made some comment in his blog, but as I was not praising him like his groupies, im not suprised the comment was not much for freedom of speech...

    Enuff said....

  163. Who the heck would do 'spin-doctoring' in a public place? One would do it very secretly and if it's an important enough skulduggery, would be conducted out of the country ...


    Politics do get in the way of friendship eh?

    Won't we all share a jug together at the NPC?

  164. Anonymous9:15 am

    This Harris guy is a disgrace, seriously.

    I laugh when I look at the Agenda of the "meeting at Bodega" that Harris cooked up. Come on, why stoop till so low like that.

    It sounds familar if you can remember when RPK cooked up this classic story when Anwar was in jail.

    Remember we were led to believe by RPK that Anwar was injected with HIV virus? LOL!!!!!!!!! (Blardy hell, why did I believe this story last time:) to a point I hate Mahathir to the sky then)

    Look at how Harris & his sidekick, zorro attack Najib. Harris would always use "innocence until proven otherwise in court" to support any Rakyat including thieves.

    But when you look at his and zorro posts whacking Najib, the phrase "innocent until proven otherwise in court" seems made invincible:)

    My advice to these 3 stooges, next time when you blog to whack Najib, do it intelligently lah, pakai otak sikit. You keep telling us in the Mac 2008 ceramah campaign, that we Rakyat are not stupid anymore and we Rakyat are intelligent. So when you post something stupid, we Rakyat can also see how stupid you are. Get the drift!

    If RPK, Harris and zorro not under sponsored by Anwar directly or indirectly, financial or other means of interest, these 3 flers should come out to denied it vehemently. But the question is, do they dare to deny it conscientiously. I bet my 2 cents.

  165. Anonymous9:35 am

    Siti Zasreena Sulaiman Daud,
    yerp..Haris Ibrahim pejuang hebat. cukup maksum,hensem dan gagah perkasa. Ala2 Capt gaban yg berjuang untuk semua umat manusia.
    Oleh itu marilah kita bersama2 menjadi kuda tunggangannya untuk melawan kuasa jahat.

    gadjah mada jangan tipu lebih2. Gajah mana bleh terbang. Gajah bleh hidup dalam air ajer..


  166. Harris said Rocky and Nuriana were among those present at the meeting. Harris accused two people here.

    First witness (Rocky) says "No" there's no such meeting. Okay don't take his words for it.

    Have we considered the testimony of the second witness who said: "I was not there at whatever that was to have taken place"? She also said, "I have 5 independent witnesses to prove it".

    Ini macam punya kes, budak kecik pun boleh paham siapa yang temberang. Ini ada pesanan untuk Harris Ibrahim:

    "O you who believe, when a wicked person brings you any news, you shall investigate, lest you hurt others through ignorance, then regret what you have done". (Quran 49:6)

    May be Harris has abandoned his faith in the Quran.

    Mohd Isa Bin Musa

  167. Anonymous9:53 am

    Bro Rocky,

    You'll Never Walk Alone.....and we'll walk out as a champion.

    Haris is just another pawn on the chess board. Just like Kali, Brendan, Alex, Jose and many others.

    Just stick to yourself.

  168. Anonymous9:57 am

    The burden is on Encik Haris B Mohd Ibrahim being the party who substantially asserts the affirmative of the issue, i.e that En. Ahiruddin Atan was in attendance of the meeting. It is not upon the party who denies it, i.e En. Ahiruddin Atan; for a negative is usually incapable of proof.

  169. Anonymous10:02 am

    Kepada mereka-mereka yang tak faham:

    Rocky gunakan perkataan "sponsored" by Anwar Ibrahim pasal dia nak mencelar dan mewarnakan persepsi rakyat kononnya Haris dibayar oleh Anwar.

    Itu sebab Rocky tulis "inspired or sponsored"... kira ni 'spin' yang cukup hebat ni... dia gunakan perkataan "or/atau" untuk mewarnakan pemikiran orang secara terselindung. Kalau dia benar-benar ikhlas, cakap lah "inspired" saja. Kita boleh di "inspired" oleh siapa siapa, tak salah. Tapi bab "sponsor" tu, dia kononnya buat cam diorang dibayar oleh Anwar Ibrahim konon.

    Inilah cara dan teknik 'spin' yang digunakan oleh Rocky.

    Harap semua pembaca yang sokong atau yang tidak sokong Rocky faham agar tak mudah terikut-ikut dengan cakap-cakap Rocky. Fikir dulu sebelum terima tulisan blog Rocky.

  170. Anonymous10:16 am

    Wak Segen,
    Quote" You can produce all kinds of evidence but the supporters will still believe what they want to believe..what their masters make them believe.
    That is what they are really good at..they are masters of perception".Unquote.

    Similarly this can be applied to Mahathir's or Najib's or Badawi's supporters, no?

    Anyhow, if you Rocky feel so strongly of this, why don't you just sue Haris?


  171. Anonymous10:33 am

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    bercakap bohong lama-lama jadi menteri.

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    bercakap bohong lama-lama jadi khairy.

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    bercakap bohong lama-lama jadi lawyer.

  172. Anonymous11:13 am

    Dear Bru,
    I do not give a hoot if you lie, Haris lies or even RPK lies becos you are not the policy maker nor you are holding any power (i.e no power to abuse)

    But if the national and corporate leader lies, now we have problems becos they have the power to screw up the Rakyat lives.

    People, we must get our orientations and priorities right !!!

  173. reading your blog no different than reading utusan....better rename your site.. ...and better for u to combine with no double posting.....i leaving this site...

  174. Anonymous11:25 am

    IMHO, this is a very disconcerting. When a Lawyer refused to owned up to a conjecture, then I think he should be "ex-comunicate" so as to protect future clients against "negligence".

    The lawyer have ample opportunity - Rocky is a "friend and a client", Nuraina is also perhaps a "friend" - to corroborate statements, yet evidently not. Blinkered self-righteousness is not the exclusive domain of the Talibans, Turbaned helmets mullahs; a lawyer with a pen to grind is also as lethal.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  175. Anonymous11:37 am

    Hi Rocky,

    I'm not sure how much your soul is worth and when you decided to join the darkside but rest assured you are definitely on the wrong side of history.

    Between HI and you, I would trust HI anytime.


  176. AA!
    BSC/Le'Bodega is a huge open area & if there was anything "sinister" , then one should meet away from the Public Eye{logically speaking}
    In any event so what if you had met these people?
    So what if the agenda was what it is purported to be?
    Frankly we the members of the public & cyberspace residents/readers etc are somewhat more sophisticated than you "famous"bloggers make us out to be {Haris Ibrahim/RPK/Pasquale etc}
    Most of us know "crap" when we see it.
    Most of us recognise "bullshit/codswallop" when we see it.
    Most of us know "slants" when we see it.
    But that is blogging - expression not necessarily 100%truth, as such 100% truths do not exist except in our relationship with our Divine/Maker.
    Blogging is personal expressions of events / matters.
    Lies are another matter so to Untruths.
    And what is further very saddening is when bloggers & commentators resort to crude & very uncultured language, leaving a very bad taste in our mouths!
    So,my friend! Point made ! Let it rest!And you have other issues to attend to!
    {PS: If I had been at LB that day I would have very very very definetly stopped to say hello & would have made you buy me a coffee or me buy u & that would have put me on the "List"!!!}

  177. Haris Ibrahim ni adik kepada Zaid Ibrahim ke? Kahkahkahkah

  178. Rocky,

    We do not have a window to look into your conscience!

    Only Haris and You know best!

    Given the imbroglio it is best you take the first step to discharge him as your lawyer.


  179. Anonymous12:38 pm

    A lot of fella here suggesting Rocky to sue Harris..what's up doc?

    For what? to be another Miss Talk Kok? even her blog now already fade out of that 'erecting power'..

    Since when its a priority for people to start puting their life line at the mercy of the court battle of the fork tongue lawyers (yet at the expense from the blockhead moron own pocket?) or resort in to a SD like the case of those recent whatever political ass-games?

    Lawyers is a profession scavenging on laws..As long there are laws..there will always be lawyers.. talk cock is always their middle name & they are good at keeping in on track protected with available laws & acts provision.. but it happens sometimes some moron do end up derailing himself.

    The funiest part is that some stupid assholes among them that think they are so sky high smart try to topple that very LAWS & CONSTITUTION by shooting notorious letter to Queen E & the rest of the world.. so typical of them.. provoking for some external intervention most probably the USA & UK hoping that they will be elevated to the top of food chain once Malaysia turned into another state of anarchy like Iraq of Afghanistan..

    Hey lawyers..if that is the case, you people will be the first one to be rammed by my car or a 20-tyres truck (if I owned one)without any mercy for being the most worthless type of people in an anarchy society.

    NPD? Good...Precise description for Haris & his kind.. semua satu kandang.

    p/s: from my observation so far, Rocky Bru is more neutral of having the mix of YES & NO arguements to his posting compared to that ALL YES Haris, RPK & the kind (yet their ass-holes lickers feeled so pissed off with Mahathir & Najib folowers..haha! Tengok2 cermin sama lah..)

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-
    (.. and delusional forked-tongue civil lawyers too..)

  180. Anonymous12:39 pm

    siti zasreeena,

    haris tu open and honest?

    are you kidding? he pretends to be a muslim but er....

    honest? about what?

    he kutuk pak lah and BN govt which serves his cause and agenda, (hurray for everyone BN lost so much), and then now supports pak lah becos, again, it suits his agenda.

    honest ke tu?

    and so much for his "consistency", konon.

    honest in his attack against rocky.

    it's like this-lah. if he wants to say rocky is pro-najib or pro-mahathir...that's okay. that's his right to an opinion. everybody has a right to an opinion.

    but, he alleged that there was a meeting with a specific agenda in which rocky and XXXX attended.

    now that is an accusation to which rocky denied.

    rocky said that haris and so on were either inspired or sponsored by anwar. that is rocky's view. not baseless because haris admittedly blogged for pakatan.

    rocky never said haris and XXX held meetings with anwar at xxxx and xxxx....
    that would have been an accusation.

    apa macam?

  181. Anonymous1:17 pm

    its not about gaduh. its about telling the truth BODOH

  182. Anonymous1:30 pm

    @Anon at 1:10 am and others
    You are right, let’s be objective. I am definitely a Haris supporter, though I wholeheartedly agree with you on a number of point, like Haris should prove his allegation among others and hearsay does not qualify as evidence.
    However, I cannot let a few inaccuracies be left unchecked.
    - “Haris […] practically never raises issues that are negative against Pakatan” is inaccurate.
    In, Haris requests katak YB present themselves again to their voters when they jump from one coalition to an other. If this is pro Anwar, I guess we are talking about a different person.
    - In (31 Dec so way before KT and the alleged meeting happened or not), Haris chastises both the PR Selangor government (in the person Selangor Islamic Affairs, Malay Customs, Infrastructure and Basic Amenities Committee chairperson Dr Hasan Ali) and the BN Terengganu government for persecuting non-mainstream cults.
    These two are no eyewash, as we are talking about principles here (commitment to voters and freedom of religion).

    As to your alleged “Haris on Pakatan payroll and answers to his master Anwar”, Haris never deviated from his STATED stand for the Barisan Rakyat which he helped started ( The only parties that signed the People’s Front Declaration happen to be from Pakatan Rakyat. Ask BN members why they did not sign it (it only talks about the constitution, free and fair elections, no repressive laws, etc. nothing revolutionary or seditious). My bet is, if BN members signed the Declaration, Haris would support them too. Yes Haris is blatantly biased to Barisan Rakayt and it is OK, because he does displays it clearly!

    Please all of us get our facts straight before we shoot, the situation is already confused enough as it is. We commenters too have to “act responsibly”. As a human being, Haris is not any more perfect than you and I, but please criticise him fairly. Your points will even be more efficient then.

  183. Anonymous1:45 pm

    eh maseh belum ada comment re kugan/syed hamid/pewaris?

    could be busy salam dengan wong chun wai?


  184. Anonymous1:48 pm


    Perlawanan akan bermula antara dua 'team' hebat dari UMNO! Jom gaduh!

    Di sebelah kiri adalah...

    Team NAMAMU, yang terdiri daripada Isteri Datin Rosmah (NAjib), Tun 'Apanama' (MAhathir), dan MuKeris (MUkhriz). Ini golongan pemerintah style kuku besi yang banyak kroni yang dah banyak sedut harta negara dan rakyat.

    Team ini disokong oleh blogger-bloggers tertentu, dan kita tahu siapa. Team ni ada pelatih dan orang promosi yang kuat, iaitu Rocky yang memang jaguh boxing dalam dunia blog. Penaung lain termasuk Tun Daim dan lain-lain kapitalis ganas.

    Di sebelah kanan adalah...

    Team BADALI, yang terdiri daripada Pak Lah (BAdawi) dan Tengku Razaleigh (KuLI). Ini golongan yang nak kononnya reform negara, tapi takde keberanian atau daya upaya untuk berbuat begitu kerana diorang pun ada kepentingan diri dan juga ada kroni masing-masing/orang penting-penting yang ingin menggantikan kroni-kroni Team NAMAMU.

    Team ini pelatih dan orang promosinya adalah... alahai, sudah tiada lagi, sebab semua dah kecut dan dah lari join Team NAMAMU. Ada yang sudah jatuh di pinggiran, misalnya Kalimullah.

    Siapa para penonton perlawanan hebat ini? Team PAKEDAP (PAS, Keadilan dan DAP), yang menjadi wakil kepada rakyat biasa yang sudah celik, dah bijak pandai, yang dah meluat dengan korupsi mendalam dan ketidakseimbangan dalam pembangunan negara angkara Barisan Nasional dan UMNO.

    Siapa dia referee dalam arena perlawanan ini? Sudah semestinya RAKYAT! Ya, rakyat yang harus menentukan siapa menang kalah dalam pertempuran kuasa antara dua Team yang rakus dari UMNO ini. Ataupun adakah rakyat lebih rela dua-dua team NAMAMU dan BADALI disingkirkan kerana foul-play terhadap rakyat?

    Mampukah rakyat bersuara?

    Mampukah rakyat mengkritik kedua-dua team ini?

    Mampukah rakyat bersatu tidak kira bangsa dan mengambil kembali hak mereka dan mengembalikan maruah tanahair kita?

    Mari kita tunggu dan lihat...



  185. I belief you Rocky. Apalah ada orang nak bohong-bohong ni.

  186. Anonymous2:56 pm

    rocky is lying... i can tell

    - bomoh

  187. Anonymous2:59 pm

    dari awal lagi rockybru sudah cenderung untuk menaikkan semula doktrin mahathirisme. No wonder la..

  188. Anonymous3:01 pm

    bottom line is… Haris didn’t lie.

    It’s a case of whom he should believe - rocky or the informant?

    why the personal attack & defensiveness??

    let facts be facts...

    bugger battles are out there...

  189. Anonymous3:01 pm


  190. Anonymous3:05 pm

    he sounded like me.... looks like me... but he is not me.. correct correct correct

  191. Anonymous3:14 pm

    this just in, i got exclusive info on Haris' mysterious informant, according to my own informer who just got out of jail "he is a phantom, an apparition, second cousin to Harvey the rabbit."

  192. Anonymous3:45 pm

    dear all of you who come in with the ugly heart and ugly comment hope all of you children do not grow up just like you all.yk

  193. Dear Rocky,
    There are many lies around us nowadays and it is up to us to reasonably act against it. There are also some people whom you should not waste your time on them too.
    Be merry coz you rock the world! Cheers!

  194. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Kepada Siti Zasreena Sulaiman Daud

    macam ustazah aje

    sayang sekali hujjah tak boleh pakai

  195. Anonymous4:31 pm

    now that haris ate humble pie and begged to move on, lets write and read about whether kugan was a hero, syed hamid is competent and pewaris are an NGO


  196. Anonymous4:51 pm

    rock, hang nak jumpa siapa ke that's entirely your right bro. hang pro umno ke pro bn pro opposition ke, that's your right too man.

    i don't see why are other people making such a big fuss.
    as a journalist and blogger u have remained fair in your writings. some things u write about and some things u don't although others may criticise u for not picking up on a story. that's life lah bro, u cannot please everyone.

    we live in a world whether we like it or not influences us to take sides and make certain decisions. it's just human nature man.

    to me, so what if najib's guys need a little helping hand to deflect negative stories. does he deserve these negative and sometimes defamatory/inflamatory stories in the first place? that just goes to show that surely there is another party out there busy churning out juicy stories for those with vested interest somewhere.

    don't worry lah's a free world man. at the end of the day we cannot be championing everyone's causes. write what u choose to write, at your own time, at your own discretion, your own views, etc. after all, u are a free man and isn't this what a blog is supposed to represent.

    you have my support

  197. Anonymous5:20 pm

    You put up this posting in 2007 ... Bring down Mukhriz!. It's an open secret in ANSARA and UMNO circle that those in cohort with KJ are JJ's associates.

    Thus Harris's alleged meeting is lol. He looks a political novice here. Should have stick to Shamsul Yunos's most admirable occupation of Harris's as a Human Right Lawyer.

    Or is it Human Wrong Lawyer now? :)