Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weeping for Gaza

poster above taken from WHY? here, pic right here, and pic below here.

Today is the 10th of Muharram, the day of Asyura.
A day also to weep for the children of Gaza, as Israeli forces hit a UN shelter and killed 40 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

p.s. To keep us updated, I have changed the Google Newsreel (just before my blogroll) to issues related to Gaza and Israel's atrocities.


  1. Assalamualaikum bro,

    Happy Assyura...

    Really sad the bastard pig Jew Zionist had bombed and killed thousand of Palestine Civillian especially the children. I cannot afford to cry and see the unfortunate childrens as Im thinking if it happen to my children too.

    From this day, I declare all Jewish Blood is halal to be vanished. They are piggy shits and super hypocrite. The muslim and the christian have showed the unity of how the super hatred the jews except the SOB american of Pig Satan Shitt Bush...aka Anjing Kurap and Jewish Crony. I also declare that Hitler is right in doing the jewish cleansing in europe. F**k You the Jew@Pig Shit...

  2. Anonymous5:36 pm

    the photos you did not see

  3. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Please boikot yahudi produk....

  4. The Israel-America strategy is to WIPE OFF Palestine from the globe.

    I find out, that several online 'world map' has totally remove Palestine name and replace it with Israel??

    Even "CIA World Fact book" (updated on Dec 2008) didn’t include any info on Palestine.

    See for yourself:


  5. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Dear Rocky.

    I received a lot of SMS regarding GAZA,asking us to recite prayer for the victims,(The children,the women and the old man)

    Look at the face of the three children in the picture in your blog.The are smiling.their face look peaceful and clean.Actually the are sayyid and their place is in Jannah.

    I fully support the Isreal action against Hamas.I hope the Isreal soldier kill all the Hamas leader.They have no brain.Their brain in their ass hole.They are the main cause for the suffering of Palestine people in GAZA.

    My prayer for the Isreal soldier.Kill all the Hamas leaders then we can live in peace.

    For all my friend dont support Hamas.They are worst enemy of Islam,they are Shiah,they kill the muslims sunni everyday in Bangdad,Basrah and Kirkut.

  6. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Thank you, Bro,for highlighting this issue and that map that clearly shows that modern Israel was never in existence pre-1948. It is sad and tragic that those innocent children are being massacred while the Ifrit of Change,Obama, maintains a distant, elegant yet deafening silence, (his moment of schaudenfraude, i guess) letting the bastard Texan butcher cleave the life out of them Palestinians.

    He speaks with a forked tongue just like his fakatan admirers down here who by the way have raised nary a whisper about the mindless bloodletting in that strip in their blogs. Sure hope their bloodspattered conscience will haunt them till kingdom come.Hei, PAS!! what about your Muslim brotherhood and other shit talk. While a Muslim ghetto burns, you solicit the help of anti Muslim forces to succour your mad craze for power.Remember, munafik turbans will meet their Waterloo one day!!!

    Back to Obama, what a hypocrite, he claims that he is beholden to the "one president principle".The shit keeps waffling about the economy and condemned Mumbai but strangely is silent bout this one. His true colours and anti-moslem streak is showing at last. i pray to Allah that Israel, the US of A and their evil backers both here and elsewhere will be humiliated economically and militarily real soon. And on Asyura, I pray that Allah will grant jannah to the brave Jihadis of Gaza and the innocent lives wiped out in this mayhem.

    and may Allah SWT bless you too, brother on this day.

    P.s : was delighted abt the IJN outcome but am keeping my fingers crossed as Sleepwalker is an addict of flip-flops. No wonder, one BR blogger moron wants him to stay on and he (blogger moron) wears his patriotism on his sleeve!

    Warrior 231

  7. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Yang kita dok nak bincang soal Palestine,,,apa hal,,!!!

    PBB,,OIC,,and the whole world ta'kisah pon,,,!!!!

    Dah 60 years, Isreal occupied the Territory,,,thousands dead,,,Leaders of the World Changed,,SAMA Juga cerita,,even our PM dah jadi Chairman of the OIC,,takada benda pon berlaku,,!!

    Why don't we concentrate on the Malaysian Economy,,Kasi STABLE LAH SIKIT,,Baru bole buat $$$$,,,hidup senang,,,NO PRESSURE,,,

    Lepas tu mintak our RAKYAT jadi UN SECRETARY GENERAL,,,baru BOLE VETO the whole WORLD,,,,BLAST THE WHOLE PALESTINE or lenyapkan ISREAL from the WORLD MAP,,,!!???



  8. Good evening rocky's bru.

    It is really sad to see how cruel a human being can behave to another human being. It is really a senseless regardless of the reasons for such attacks. It is always the innocent citizens and the children paying with their lives for certain leaders' atrocities.

    I hope this will not trigger off more killings on either side of the divide. Let there be peace and harmony amongst us human race.

  9. Anonymous7:56 pm

    The irony is, you can do that very same "map" of a shrinking Palestine for America and Australia. Just replace the Native Americans and Aborigines with the white settlers.

    And yet no one is really complaining.


  10. Well I have to stop buying coca cola, McDonalds fast food, starbucks coffee; products from nestle, Loreal, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Marks& Spencer and those persimmons from Israel.

  11. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Rocky, AP had this to say today:

    "......In the single deadliest strike of the current Gaza offensive, at least 39 Palestinians were killed and 55 wounded Tuesday when Israeli mortar shells hit near a U.N. school where hundreds of civilians had sought refuge from the fighting. Israel said Hamas militants had fired mortar shells from outside the school, drawing return fire.

    Palestinian residents speaking on condition of anonymity because of fear of retribution said that several militants ran toward the crowd, trying to use it as cover, when the first Israeli mortar shell missed them.

    Israel said Hamas militants were among the casualties, but many of the dead appeared to be civilians, including boys and teenagers. .....

    Gaza militants used to wear black or khaki uniforms, but since the start of the Israeli offensive have been operating in civilian clothing, blending into crowds.


    The Malay Mail today has a similar story saying 2 Hamas were killed, even giving their names!! And the crowd knew who the other Hamas fighters who ran away were.

    If this is true, then Hamas is doing a great disservice to the very people who elected them in in the first place.

    Oh when can we find peace?

  12. Anonymous8:49 pm

    I heard in BBC today someone saying Hamas was given the oppotunity to turn Gaza into another Singapore but it choose to distroy Isreal. Now I can understand why Isreal have to fight to win, not to lost. I believe God is a Jew.

  13. AA!
    All make such noise about GAZA.
    Yet, tucked away is an item about SRI Lanka!
    Can we Airlift supplies?
    Can we move a UN Motion?
    Are we insensitive to the sufferings/genocide/mayhem, just nearby?!!!

  14. Dear Rocky,

    The peace and serenity of the faces.......How can anyone to this. Heart wrenching. They are in a beautiful place now....Amin

  15. Anonymous10:31 pm

    i posted something about balfour declaration which led to the establishment of a jewish settlement in palestine.

    pls hi-lite it as it helps to make us understand the whole situation.


  16. Anonymous10:35 pm

    mat bodo

    u heartless money seeking economic pig!

  17. This is the dilemma the world face when there exist only 1 superpower in this world. It becomes a superbully. No more check and balance. The flaws of democracy is evident when even a zionist minority can hijack this democratic goverment for their zionist agenda. How many percent are the jews in this word compared with the muslims? Regardless of this minute percentage, to criticize zionist and israel is synonymous with being anti semite. Their media propaganda made sure of that. They exploit the european guilt from the Holocaust to start a new holocaust and land grabbing without question.If we cant even verbally citicize do you think we can use military might? Do we even have military might with obsolete weapons and only brave souls?How do you defend an invasion at night when they have state of the art military hardware with night vision godgles and you dont? Youre just sitting ducks, a turkey shoot as the americans would term it. Today is not the age where David can defeat Goliath with a stone from a slingshot. Air superiority and military might rule the day.

    By now we all should already know that no american president CAN be president without showing undying support for the zionists.Thid is not the world of the just but the world of the strong. Hasnt history taught us this?

    What are the billions of muslim doing the last 60 years in the face of of zionist aggression? God has granted immense wealth to the muslims in oil revenues but how much is that is invested in science, technology or to make weapons for our defense? . Dok harap US ngan kuncu2 supply . La ni tengok apa dah jadi. They can just do what they want to us while we can do nothing but look and sympathize and get our rights trampled on. We can no longer afford to have the "tak apa " attitude when dealing with any issue. Its not okay.

    I dont see the jews or zionists bickering. Infact there is no death penalty for jews in Israel because they value one of their own.Tengok lah muslims, tak setuju sikit bertekak, memekak, membunuh, mengebom etc. when will we unite? Pur aside differences for the sake of our civilisation? Dok bergaduh pasai duit, kontrak, hudud segala macam. Zionists are getting stronger by the day. Muslims are being murdered all around the world. When will be open our eyes? Are we waiting to suffer the same fate as the native americans?A totally defeated peoples with no language, religion, land or even full blooded indian left? Whatever happened to the golden age of Islam when we were at the forefront of sciences, philosophy, medicine etc and no power could defeat us?The Zionist agenda is the collective interest of ALL the jewish minds, might, influence and resources. Kalau kita united and use the same strategi, tak kiralah arab ke,persian ke,melayu ke, moderate ke, sunni ke ,shia ke, whatever, Bolahkah kita dikuasai? I say we put aside our petty deifferences and start building toward a unified invicible civilization. I'm sure God will understand that our survival takes precedence over our annihilation.

  18. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Palestinians have suffered enough. People of all races and faiths have rallied behind them, but one thing cant escape anyone - some piece of political theatre and empty rhetoric by Umno politicians to gain mileage at the expense of long-suffering Palestinians in the KT by-election. To make it worse, Dr Mahathir has called for a boycott of US goods. This is another empty show of bravado and one-upmanship this country cannot afford during these trying times. I dont know what Dr M meant when he mentioned boycott. Is he asking us to boycott every American good? That means computers (a virtual American monopoly), Kentecuky fried chicken and Mcdonald. This is yet another silly season. Mamaks are also getting into the act by boycotting Cococola. Hey Mamaks, why dont you call for a boycott of EPL matches since Britain is a staunch ally of Israel. Pse think before making silly statements. How would the Mamaks feel if people boycott their joints? In the end, we will end up as losers, and eating humble pie. In the meantime, my heart bleeds for Palestine. I will be fasting for a few days in a show of solidarity. Cheers from Tanjong Rambutan Pub.

  19. Anonymous11:46 pm

    As I wrote the last time, DECIMATE ISREAL AND PALESTINE WITH NUKES. I couldn't stress how impartial this move will be. It'll solve all of the world's problems too.

  20. Anonymous12:00 am

    Palestine versus Israel is like Premiership giants manchester United facing a non-league side like Bath. Strictly no-contest. Not only do the over-matched Palestinians have to face the mighty Israeli war machine armed to the teeth by the Americans alone, they also have to battle the American and world Press. Not an easy task, considering the American press, the heavy artillery of world journalism, have been relentless in portraying Hamas as the villains. The lies propapated and perpetuated by the various tv networks have added credence to this myth. We can only watch helplessly and in turgid silence as the Palestinians slowly descend into the abyss and ultimately, extinction. This is the final solution to the Palestinian problem, ironically rodolent of the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews in World War 11. Rocky has so far done a fantastic job to highlight the Palestinian plight with views from various experts to enlighten non-Muslims. In the meantime my heart bleeds as the Palestinians are slaughtered in cold blood. I can only seek solace with my trusty beers at Tanjong Rambutan Pub. Cheers.

  21. Anonymous12:30 am

    nstman said...

    "Palestinians have suffered enough. People of all races and faiths have rallied behind them, but one thing cant escape anyone - some piece of political theatre and empty rhetoric by Umno politicians to gain mileage at the expense of long-suffering Palestinians in the KT by-election."

    I agree with you on this.

    “To make it worse, Dr Mahathir has called for a boycott of US goods. This is another empty show of bravado and one-upmanship this country cannot afford during these trying times. I dont know what Dr M meant when he mentioned boycott. Is he asking us to boycott every American good? That means computers (a virtual American monopoly), Kentecuky fried chicken and Mcdonald. This is yet another silly season. Mamaks are also getting into the act by boycotting Cococola.”

    Dr M and the Mamaks are obviously wiser than you. We all know that it is impossible to boycott ALL american goods but there are certainly some rubbish american stuff that we can do without such as Coca-cola and the american fast food outlets. I would be happy to see these companies go out of business in Malaysia. Don’t worry about this causing unemployment – rezeki di tangan Tuhan and things will get better when we rid ourselves of corrupt elements from the system. If you are a muslim you will understand what I’m talking about. If you are not a muslim then I am wasting my time with you and I couldn’t care less about your opinion based on superficial grounds.

    “Hey Mamaks, why dont you call for a boycott of EPL matches since Britain is a staunch ally of Israel. Pse think before making silly statements.”

    Now you’re talking stupid. Let’s be practical. How would you boycott the EPL – by not going to the stadium? Go ahead and stay away from the matches then. Please think before making dumb extrapolations. Again the Mamaks have shown they are wiser than you.

    “How would the Mamaks feel if people boycott their joints? In the end, we will end up as losers, and eating humble pie. In the meantime, my heart bleeds for Palestine. I will be fasting for a few days in a show of solidarity. Cheers from Tanjong Rambutan Pub.”

    If you spend your time at the pub it’s no wonder you talk rubbish. Why would we want to boycott mamak joints? Maybe you would because you seem to prefer booze at the pub to teh tarik anyway.

    The boycott of american goods -- starting with those we can immediately do without -- will be good for the country in the long run. If you can't lead, then follow, otherwise get out of the way. Your fasting, if you're telling the truth, will count for nothing. How pathetic that you can't even stomach the boycott.

    I'm going to give more business to the mamak joints.


  22. MERCY Malaysia appeals to the public to donate to the PALESTINE RELIEF FUND

    MERCY Malaysia has initiated an emergency response assessment team on the 30th December 2008 to Egypt in response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, which has killed more than 300 people and wounded more than 1,500 people.

    The team, aimed at conducting a rapid assessment of the humanitarian needs, will be led by MERCY Malaysia President Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood and EXCO Member Norazam Ab Samah.

    We appeal to concerned Malaysians to send in cash donations.

    MERCY Malaysia's basis of assistance to the beneficiaries relies on the support and generosity of individuals such as you to contribute to the PALESTINE RELIEF FUND.

    It will support our efforts to procure emergency surgical kits, additional medicine and hospital equipment which will be channeled to the affected communities in Gaza.


    Cheque payable to MERCY MALAYSIA
    CIMB Account No : 1424-000-6561053

    For more information please contact 03-2273 3999 or email us at

  23. Salam to all,

    I may not know everything, but am trying my best to get a hold on the truth about this issue. But I just have to let this out as this building frustration just has to end.

    Please I urge everyone to have their facts checked before harrasing anyone. i.e To Yasser Arafet post, i am deeply disturbed.
    I pledge u to get your definition of justice check. Don't let yourself me blinded by media manipulation.

    One person might not be able to change the world, but if all of us try hard to dig out the truth of the situation, something might change.

    Knowledge is light from god
    ..and lights(hopes and dreams) are for all.

    No more ignorance, please.

  24. Anonymous2:20 am

    A female suicide bomber blew herself up yesterday(5th Jan 2008) among a crowd of pilgrims worshipping at a revered Shia shrine in northern Baghdad, killing at least 38 people and wounding about 72, the Iraqi army and police said. The attack came as the Shia muslims were preparing to Mark Ashura on the 7th Jan.
    It is ok for a Muslim to kill another muslim, that too in a Shrine!.. that is acceptable in your jaded view.. but you cry and weep for Palestininas.. Shame on you!
    Sarah Verghis

  25. Anonymous8:18 am

    Anon 5:36pm...

    the photos in the link you gave is PR. Humans would have reacted that way indeed towards children. but it does not negate the fact that Israeli bombs blasted the lives and limbs of Palestinian children. For every one they shake hand and hand chocolates to, probably 5 or 6 are killed or maimed. Israel goes on massacring civilians on the excuse that suspected Hamas guerillas are said to hide behind women and children. Meaning to say that its all right to slaughter 99 women, children and old people just because the 100th guy is a suspected Hamas fighter?? Shaking hands or kissing the children or not Israel is still responsible for massacring children!

    );-( Samurai

  26. Anonymous8:23 am

    We Melayu should stop talking about Jews Zionist. The whole population of Jews in this world is only around 13 million, in short we have more Melayu than Jews. So were do we Melayu stand? We should stop complaining and start taking a mirror and reflect on ourselves. We must start teaching our children mathematics and science, we must start contributing to this world just like the Jews.

  27. Anonymous8:57 am

    Comment to Yasser Arafet.

    People like you (I believe you are an Arab) is the root cause muslim in Arab lands cannot be united. Your brain is also in your deep ass hole.

    Mulut pak arab yang auta mengalahkan mulut unta yang lebar tu...

  28. Anonymous9:06 am

    Hi Rocky

    Here are two items worth reading
    and checking out:
    (for their articles on Israel/Palestine and on global warming)

    Phua Kai Lit

  29. The clouds of fire
    It never seems to go away
    I hear the sound
    The jets flying around

    The clouds of fire
    Thundering in my ears
    The specks of bombs
    Falling on the ground

    The cries of the innocents
    The retaliations engagements
    I know it is hard to see
    About the losses of human lives

    What is wrong?
    The aggressions of our beings
    The cave men mentality
    Fighting, fighting and fighting
    When will it end my friend?

  30. Anonymous10:30 am

    Sarah Verghis,

    Let me reproduce what you stupidly said:

    "It is ok for a Muslim to kill another muslim, that too in a Shrine!.. that is acceptable in your jaded view.. but you cry and weep for Palestininas.. Shame on you!"

    Your line of thought and power of deduction is bewildering. If your brother raped you, would you like us to conclude that incest is acceptable in your family?

    You're quite the idiot aren't you.


  31. Anonymous10:32 am

    Heartless, cruel robbers, these zionists!

  32. Anonymous10:50 am

    Assalamualaikum and greetings to you Rocky and the whole world,

    I am not a Zionist agent, crony or supporter nor am I an anti-Semite.

    I am an optimist and pacifist who is all for the criminalization of war, warmongering and all weapons (inclusive of all weapons of mass destruction).

    My heart goes out to the poor innocent victims of senseless killings anywhere in the world. Tun Dr . Mahathir and Dato' Ruhanie Ahmad would seem to be right in their interpretations as such events as being red flag operations.

    The actions of Israel are blatantly extreme and sheer violence which have resulted in near genocide. It seems that the Foreign Minister of Israel, Tzipi Livni, did not even take necessary precautionary steps for dialogues.

    The UN, OIC and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and all the world leaders still have the indispensible authority to ensure the proper and justified defence of of poor innocent souls .

    hakimi bin Abdul jabar
    Batu pahat

  33. What for weep?
    It's a never ending tragic war.
    UMNO and PAS...champions of Muslims in the nothing..seeing their brothers being slaughtered in Palestine.
    Send la...10000 only UMNO and PAS ever faithful members for JIHAD...with Mahathir..Dollah ...Najib...Hadi generals....go in the name of Allah.
    Why give US1 million donation? Always same talk talk and donate....never defend..their brothers....against the aggressors...USA and Israel.
    And when one brave freedom fighter acted...they call him a terrorist...carrying USA balls.!
    Flood victims..poorest of the it to rich take care.
    In Malaysia.....bragging...they are the best Muslims in the world.

  34. Anonymous11:16 am

    I have already boycotted McDonalds. Their double everything is a bloody rip off, not to mention their burger taste worse than crap.

  35. Anonymous11:50 am

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this. But we Malaysians will always be generous to donate this and that. sometimes I wonder if this donation would actually get to the victims or lost in transition.
    I think it's better for us to pool our resources and pressure OIC and the Arab countries to take the lead in fighting Israel and tell it's biggest ally, USA, to stop supporting Israel and war with Palestine before the Muslim world rise to fight.
    All this boycotting shit, ah please lah. Would Malaysia cease its trade with US,UK to show its stand? No, doubt it.
    If Dr M really wants to boycott US/Israel products then he should go tell his friends who brought foreign products like McD's, Starbucks to close shops once the contract is over.
    I donate 'al-fatihah' to all victims, muslims or non-muslims... we are all God's servants.

  36. Anonymous12:04 pm

    sarah verghis,

    you have un unbelievably blinkered and narrow view of things.

    how judgmental you are! did rocky say or indicate anywhere here that he believes it is okay for Muslims to kill another (Muslim).

    The Shiite-Sunni enmity goes beyond your own comprehension as it does even Muslims.

    There are extremists among Muslims as there are among any followers of other faiths.

    Can you comprehend suicide-bombing? terrorism? No....That's ok because neither can many of us.

    We weep for the Palestinians because their suffering did not begin yesterday or last week.

    These are a persecuted people.

    Some of us here who believe that we have been sidelined go to the streets to protest our rights.
    We demand for our rights for this and that.
    And we believe we are suffering because our rights have been denied.
    We, of this peaceful country. We who enjoy basic amenities.

    Can you understand why the people of Palestine -- whose children have known nothing but persecution and oppression -- have become what they are?
    Their sons willingly become suicide bombers because that it their only weapon of mass destruction.

    If the tables were turned and the Palestinians were the terrorists and killing Jews in the Gaza, I can tell you -- I'd condemn the Palestinians.

    How I wept when I read stories of the holocaust...

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. They are freedom fighters!

  37. Israel is an evil state and the US Govt. is the second state of Israel.

    Therefore the blindness and deafness of the US to the incomprehensible atrocities pepertrated by Israel upon the Palestinians.

  38. McD should be boycotted not just for supporting zionism but for endangering our lives with unhealthy food and for practicing rip off. The big mac is getting smaller and the difference between a regular and large fries isnt the quantity of fries but merely the container. $9-$10 a meal makan nasi campur lagi bagus

  39. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Hello Rocky

    One of many photo links that may have come your way. As share below, this is an act of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

    "If the photo slideshow is too much for you to see, I offer my apology for sending you this link. This is my way of be in solidarity of the Palestinian people."

  40. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Magdalena: You wrote, Sorry to have to tell you this, but Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. They are freedom fighters!
    Wow.. the last time I heard, the so called Hamas "freedom fighters" killed 90 Palestinians in the beginning of 2007( mostly Fatah), another 50 in May 2007,116 in june 2007..In oct they killed a 13 year old boy.In nov the same year Hamas fighters opened fire to a rally organized by fatah in memory of Mr. Arafat killing 6 and injuring many.
    And are we still talking about "freedom fighters"?
    So Muslim Hamas can kill Muslim Fatah..
    They are still called freedom fighters!
    one then has to wonder whose freedon are they really fighting for when they can kill their own kind nary a second thought!

    How convenient to hide behind justification that there are extremists within the religion..

    However it is justified only if a Muslim kills another Muslim( wow blame it on the extremist).. but if a Jew/Christian/Hindu kills a muslim... all hell break lose!
    Shame on you!

    Sarah Verghis

  41. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Rocky, are you censoring my blog comments?

    I spoke about how we should not be partial just to the suffering of one group of people, that all oppressed people should receive attention, and that Malaysians, including you, Rocky, trumpet out loud when oppressed Palestinians are killed but totally overlook things when oppressed Africans are viciously killed on a regular basis and on a Holocaust-scale.

    What's with this incredible support for the life of a Muslim relative to low or nil support for the life of a non-Muslim?

    Certainly, the attacks and oppression over the Palestinians must be condemned and action must be taken vigorously. Promote it in your blogs. But why is the majority of Malaysians exceedingly quiet about massacres involving hundreds of thousands of Africans?

    Fikir fikirkanlah...

  42. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Sarah Verghis
    Got to hand it u for your profound observations and skilled dissection of the whole mayhem using the keen perspectives afforded by your puny, spittle-laced and shit swamped intellect.

    Here are some gems for you to wallow upon, imbibe and later ejaculate as nuggets of shit...oops wisdom for the eternal gartification of your perverted soul and those of your fellow scum being, the low-lives you most certainly are:

    1.Unionists (read:protestant) killing Republicans(read: catholic) on a race to pile the highest copse of disembowelled corpses on the streets of Belfast is an accepted teaching in the Church of Christ.

    2. The virtues of Taoism were best exemplified when a phalanx of tanks rolled over sleeping demonstartors on a cold chilly night in Tian An Men way back in 1988.

    3. Theravada Buddhism had its moment of Nirvana when the Burmese generals ordered the mass scale slaughter of their fellow Buddhists in a misguided attempt to "(s)moksha" them into 8th heaven.

    4.The laws of Karma,Samsara, Dharma, Brahma and all the other "Mas" were blasted skyhigh when Mr rajiv gandhi, was blown to smithereens in the little hamlet of Sriperumbudur in 1991, as he was about to be garlanded as a sadhu by female Hindu Bhaktan.

    5. Granth Guru Sahib and his Sikh followers were spiritually enraptured when Sant Bhindranwale launched his cleansing of fellow turbans in the Akali Dal and other parts of Punjab before "bonfiring" a "namaste'tating" Indira Ghandhi in 1984 for her previous pilgrimage to the Golden temple.

    U want more to wallow in, Sarah.Maybe not for the time being but if you can gather your courage to troll these parts again, i will be right here waiting for you ala Richard Marx..... now scarm outta here and dildo yourself to 9th heaven.....will ya!!

    Warrior 231

  43. Anonymous3:26 pm

    sorry, bro: a correction

    5. Granth Guru Sahib and his Sikh followers were spiritually enraptured when Sant Bhindranwale launched his cleansing of fellow turbans in the Akali Dal and other parts of Punjab. His ardent devotees later "bonfired" a "namaste'tating" Indira Ghandhi in 1984 for her previous pilgrimage to the Golden temple.

    Warrior 231

  44. Israel is an evil state and the US Govt. is the second state of Israel.

    Therefore the blindness and deafness of the US to the incomprehensible atrocities pepertrated by Israel upon the Palestinians.

  45. Anonymous4:09 pm

    sarah verghis,

    oh, how pathetic you are.

    what's your point?

    that muslims justify the killing of other muslims i.e. -- sunni- shiite.

    no killing can be justified, you moron.

    yes. we blame the extremists.

    and yes Hamas are freedom fighters, you moron.

  46. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Check out the following websites:

    Islam Review (

    Islam Watch

    Also, the Fox News Channel recently carried a very interesting interview with the son of a top Hamas leader. This guy apparently was jailed by the Israelis for participating in the intifada, migrated to the US after being released and is now settled in California.

  47. Anonymous5:15 pm

    (fury9) : in the very 1st place why...why ...WHY did you stir the
    hornet nest ah !?

  48. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Sarah Vergis..

    Why sound like an un-orgasm housewife, my dear..?

    Why potray only Muslims kill Muslims kill Muslims till kingdom come alone?

    What about Christian killing Christian in Ireland (Catholic vs Protestant..just like Shiah vs Sunni..). What about discrimination in Hindu caste systems in India?

    Anyway, the Israel Jews army are not killing just the Muslims there..but the Christian Palestenian too..Yes I agree that the Hamas are one radical bastards group. Both Fatah & Hamas are ass-holes bastards who cannot make peace for the sake of their people & nation struggle..and yet their fucking dispute taxing the Palastenian lives..

    And yes now the Hamas is the only frontline the Palastenian have against the Israel army, what other choices do they have? Are u or any bastards here going to defend them?

    Only good at preaching what is so-called virtue goods yet practicing none..? Fuck u all of the same mentality..if u people got nothing better to say just shut the fuck up, will ya..?

    Sarah, you still fail to see that on the ground Palastine is a humanitarian issues..unless u using your ass hole to view that in parallel to your eyes that only focus on characters like Hamas, Fatah, Israel & USA..

    Sarah, shame on you bitch, whatever religion your are...if u are a virgin & never experience orgasm..please let me fuck you..
    (p/s: I hope u r pretty :D )

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  49. SALAM BRO.

  50. Anonymous9:42 pm

    "For all my friend dont support Hamas.They are worst enemy of Islam,they are Shiah,they kill the muslims sunni everyday in Bangdad,Basrah and Kirkut."

    Ni..gila apa ni? Nak kata bodoh..saya rasa bukan bodoh tapi bahalol nak mampus!!!
    Dungu pengetahuan...buta akal...Mabuk agaknya....

  51. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Jonathan, your foul mouth speaks volumes about you. You are a lowly, uncivilized creature, worse than the Jew you despise.

    Why isn't it easy for you to speak with care, compassion and deep understanding of the tragedy.

    Hamas and Israel so deserve each other.

    Peace be upon all.


  52. Anonymous10:32 pm

    bro, the only way to stop the war - at least for now, until a more permanent solution for peace can be agreed to by both parties - is for the leaders of the arab/muslim world to congregate in gaza or the west bank. don't do it anywhere else - do it in palestine now. ada berani kah?
    - the HITMAN -

  53. Anonymous11:24 pm

    to sll the anons who are trying to bastardize an argument because they have nothing sensible to say... too bad..
    sexual overtones doesn't constitute as an argument.. it sounds more like a frustrated person's rant.
    The fact is still the same... Most of you who are agitated with Israel are only doing so because you feel sorry for the Palestinians who are Muslims.. But you feel nothing for non muslims who die or suffer in any oppression, you also feel nothing for those Muslims who kill each other..
    Now if you have a solid point to argue..go ahead.. but if you are acting like a sore loser, I am sorry.. you ain't getting my sympathy!
    Sarah Verghis

  54. Anonymous12:32 am

    Dear Rocky;

    The Jews were God's chosen people; they were blessed with many prophets and they were the only race that had enjoyed manna (special food) from heaven;

    In spite of this special preference from God; throughout history, the Jews were the most persecuted race.The Egyptians during Moses time chased them out of Egypt; the Romans destroyed their temple and the Spanish during the Inquisition chased them (and Muslims too) out of Spain, During the first Crusade, thousands of Jews (and also Muslims) were slaughtered by the Crusaders.The Jews were also barred from entering England and most of Europe for almost eight centuries..In 1945, Hitler killed more than 6 Millions Jews.

    Once I asked my former Jewish housemate, Where did the Jews go when they were persecuted in England and most of Europe during the middle Ages??.

    He did not able to answer. When I told him that Jews went to Spain,Palestine, Turkey,Iraq and North Africa because these countries were Muslim countries. He reluctantly accepted that the Muslims (in those days) were more tolerant than the Christians towards the Jews. In fact, Jews managed to recover back their lost Jewish culture when the Muslims ruled Spain.

    As our dear TDM told us that the Jews ruled the world by proxy,and they have survived pogroms after pogroms by thinking. See, Muslims should make a serious reflections. I have to agree with this old man; that rockets and suicide bombers were making the Muslims weaker and the Palestinians are losing more territory.

    Please take note that Sadat gained back Peninsular Sinai by signing a peace agreement with Menachem Begin. I am sure if Sadat were behaving like other Arab leaders in those days; most of Egypt lands will be under Israel now.!

  55. Anonymous2:05 am

    "WaoAAbudoo Allaha wala tushrikoo bihi shayan wabialwalidayni ihsanan wabithee alqurba waalyatama waalmasakeeni waaljari thee alqurba waaljari aljunubi waalssahibi bialjanbi waibni alssabeeli wama malakat aymanukum inna Allaha la yuhibbu man kana mukhtalan fakhooran" Quran Chapter 4 V: 36)
    here is the translation
    AND WORSHIP God [alone], and do not ascribe divinity, in any way, to aught beside Him. [46] And do good unto your parents, and near of kin, and unto orphans, and the needy, and the neighbour from among your own people, and the neighbour who is a stranger, [47] and the friend by your side, and the wayfarer, and those whom you rightfully possess. [48] Verily, God does not love any of those who, full of self-conceit, act in a boastful manner;

    If you have ever read your holy book.. then you wouldn't even attempt to talk to another person using foul language..
    Shame on you who pretend to be true worshippers!
    The next time you feel tempted to swear, remember
    Wama arsalnaka illa rahmatan lilAAalameena

    Which translated means We have sent you out of mercy from us towards the whole world. 21: 107

    Sarah Verghis

  56. here we go... the chosen people nazi philosophy again. God sent the prophets to all humans not just the jews.We consider the prophets sent by God as prophets,not as being arab or jews. And the Jews were not chased out of egypt. Moses asked the pharoah to release them from slavery. They should ask themselves why God has punished them thhroughout the centuries? for being sinful? For rejecting Gods other prophets like Isa and Muhammad?

    It is true that a solution to the problem isnt a military one but military might is needed to defend other lands from their langrabbing bullyish behaviour. If the european powers and UN had not existed, do you think the zionists wouldnt have created a new empire in the middle east? I think the EU should send a defense force to Palaestine because the Europeans throught history have persecuted the jews which resulted in zionism beng born and supported.

    The Zionists current advantage is just military strength. Once that is gone or equalize, What then? What is the recipe for lasting peace and not just keeping your opponoents down by firepower. As you have mentioned jews were more welcomed in muslims land and we accept them as people of the book. Name me one istance in Islamic history which muslims have systematically targeted the jews as a race to be wiped out like the Nazis. I dont think ahmanejad meant exterminating the jews when he said wiping ISrael off the Map, but rather the zionist state of mind and philosopy. You can defeat Nazi but not exterminate germans altogether.The two are not the same.if anybodys at fault for the tension it is the zionists and their racist jewish state policies that has created the friction between jews and muslims, christians, western and islamic societies, not to mention the rise in antisemitism.

  57. Anonymous11:14 am

    sarah verghis,

    no, sarah -- if that is truly your name..

    no one needs your sympathy because you are a bigot, a moron and stupid. ok so you are a stupid bigoted moron. Or a stupid moronic bigot. both seem to describe you perfectly.

    can you understand that the palestinian struggle is not a religious struggle. it is a struggle to regain their land. it is a struggle to regain the right to exist as a people in their homeland.
    there are palestinian christians as well but not many. they too are suffering. the missiles do not make a distinction between a palestinian muslim or christian.

    When we call for Palestine to be freed -- it is not a religious call.

    no one is protected in the Gaza. Not a christian and not a Muslim.

    this is not a about one party sending rockets to another party, for no reason at all.

    the oppression of their lifetime is reason for them to fight Israel.

    Israel's persecution of the Palestinans is unending.

    the "war" is unequal. Israel is a mighty power with the US backing it all the way.

    Palestine? well. I don't know whether it is better if the Arab nations back Palestine militarily.
    Good, because it means palestinians can match Israel militarily. But bad, because the entire middle-east will be war-ravaged.

    For the past 60 years, the palestinians have had bits of their land, their territory taken away by Israel. they are left with practically nothing, cramped in whatever that's left for them in the Gaza.

    When they strike Israel from Gaza...they strike military posts because Israelis live far far away in nice fertile areas, in areas once belonging to the palestinians.

    When Israel send missiles raining down in the Gaza, they kill Palestinians.... have an unbelievably blinkered view of the issue. rather, you have no understanding of the Palestinian struggle.

    worse, on this lack of understanding, you make your accusations.

    you are so so ignorant.

    that's ok... it takes all sorts to make this world.

  58. Anonymous1:46 pm


    Maybe u should consider my offer, girl, why so tense?... :D

    let us dissociate ourself from this never ending chaos, debating, criticizing, condemning & have a nice lustful moment together.. what say u?

    Anyway, neither your words nor mine brings any significants changes to this problem ..

    So what's the point & intention?
    R u trying to redefined the location of G-spot, huh? naive & pathetic..

    Btw.. where is our so called great Miss Kok cavalry to the rescue for the Palastenian Christian?
    A very merry Xmas Palastenian, eh? The Israel is probably a nice neighbour for them..?

    Ok, i get it..just let all the Muslims do all the dirty job as usual, eh?

    -anti hindraf & ultra-chingkies-

  59. Anon said

    "Please take note that Sadat gained back Peninsular Sinai by signing a peace agreement with Menachem Begin. I am sure if Sadat were behaving like other Arab leaders in those days; most of Egypt lands will be under Israel now.!

    12:32 AM"

    We take note that Sadat is super idiot same to the latest Eqypt/arab leader too. Scared of Illegal Immigrant jew...

    Having war for 6 fucking days suddenly wanna peace. The bullshit war in the world history. Most of the arabs during that time were almost capture and crush the Illegal state evil of Israel, but suddenly become a mice with the hidden reason. This arab leaders they are too scared with Islamic movement rather than the jewshits.

  60. Anonymous4:19 pm

    warrior 231 & anti hindraf whatever are waxing eloquent over issues they know nothing about.

    u wanna tell the msian govt to go send the msian army to the gaza frontline to confront the israeli army? please do it and let's see how the msian govt (yup, the same jokers who are issuing condemnations of israel) react.

    talk is bloody cheap. push comes to shove and u are asked to put msian soldiers on the frontline....go do it.

    ask yourself how the palestinians got themselves royally screwed by their arab brethren from 1948 onwards? why egypt and turkey signed peace deals with israel? why saudi arabia buys arms exclusively from the us? why the us sixth fleet has it's main port of call in bahrain? how many arab frontline armies have intervened in the israeli-palestine conflicts? why is a non-arab state like iran interfering in palestinian affairs by providing arms and money (but not the iranian army or the republican guard)?

    what israel has done to the palestinians is no worse than what the arabs have done to the palestinians.

    simply put - the arabs are cowards. al jazeera and al arabiya notwithstanding. and arab rent-a-crowd demos that are like so yesterday.

    israel and the palestinians will have to learn to co-exist. like the catholics and protestants in northern ireland. like muslims and hindus in india. like muslims and christians in bosnia and croatia.

  61. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Magdalena, Anti-hindraf, u 2 are tangling with another Quran Spouting, Bible toting Christian wench.....

    They just love it...spout the Holy Quran as if they are believers and mock the Muslims with the verses they spout. Typical, Christian strategy of "guiltyfying us Moslems" so we will shut our traps to their pillage and plunder of Allah's earth and the murder of innocents who happen to intone the Kalimah. These scum are a dime a dozen.. they spout and yet as they mouth off like a loose cannon, their perfidious hearts harden like granite to the Truth staring at their motherfucked faces.

    U know, i am pretty cheesed off by this crowd. Islam itu baik dan benar..their typical dirge so i shoot back "kalau baik dan benar kenapa tak peluk Islam" and they scram ashenfaced into their shitholes to wriggle like arse worms in their contumacy. Thus, they clothe themselves unknowingly in layers and layers of darkness till the quilt of sin and hypocrisy shields them from the Sunlight of Reality and the Moonbeam of Redemption.Skulking in the bosom of darkness, they spend their day and nights scrounging for verses to fire like some missile at us enlightened and wise-to-their-ways moslems.

    These are Ben Gurion, Golda Meir's, Menachem Begin's et al Fifth Column Brigade, they are scattered across the globe to raise the "war whoop" once that bastard son of America decides to masturbate his angst on some poor, hapless and unarmed moslem folks.They will continue spouting, mind you, till the cows saunter home and until you submit to their eternal wish that the pariah Jewish be accorded recognition and the Jews be acknowledged as God's chosen race.In the while they will fake their concern in public while in private snigger and cheer their motherfucking "heroes" as they silently mouth a christian prayer that the blood lusty Jews will wipe them Moslems from the face of earth.

    I know these types ..u can smell their intent from a distance.. so no point in engaging them, Magda, anti hindraf, et al.Its best to let these insincere and hypocritical, mentally warped and mindsick bastards to spout and mock until lo behold one fine day they wake up to the feel of a hard barrel stuffed into their mouths and realise too late that its not some familiar, grizzled cock demanding a blow job but the end of a Luger about to blowup their mashed potato brains into smithereens and send their souls for a date with Lucifer in the depths of his lair in the Fire.

    P.s: Anti_hindraf & Ultra Chingkies, You sure have a wicked sense of humour, Way to go Man. Anyway, no point wasting your sperm on this hussy, she is most probably some accidentfaced, worn out and dried out lump of a grandma!!.
    Take care, bro!

    Warrior 231

  62. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Let us start from the beginning..
    The issue that my passport is not valid to visit Israel is nothing to do with Palestinians being Muslim and it was a way to show solidarity with them by refusing dilpomatic relations with Israel..And we certainly aren't practicing antisemitism!
    Am I right?
    Because going by your logic, if it isn't anything to do with religion and antisemitism, then we shouldn't be allowed to visit China( heard of Tibet???)
    We shouldn't have ever been allowed to visit Indonesia prior to 2002.( Tmor Leste)
    We shouldn't be allowed to visit India ( Kashmir)
    So again, we don't really practice what we preach, do we?
    So who exactly is bigoted here?

    "One of you sees a speck of dirt in his brother's eye, and forgets the large spot of it in his own eye.""Saheeh al-Jaami (Albani)8013

    Sarah Verghis

  63. Anonymous5:49 pm

    (fury9) : phew...phew...PHEW !!
    over here = gaza !! the lucky & rip are those oredi dead ! SIGH !!

  64. Anonymous11:41 pm

    To anti hindraf & ultra-chingkies

    Quran 47: 15
    Mathalu aljannati allatee wuAAida almuttaqoona feeha anharun min ma-in ghayri asinin waanharun min labanin lam yataghayyar taAAmuhu waanharun min khamrin laththatin lilshsharibeena waanharun min AAasalin musaffan walahum feeha min kulli alththamarati wamaghfiratun min rabbihim kaman huwa khalidun fee alnnari wasuqoo maan hameeman faqattaAAa amAAaahum

    The Key word here is the promise to the righteous!

    Quran 47:16
    Waminhum man yastamiAAu ilayka hatta itha kharajoo min AAindika qaloo lillatheena ootoo alAAilma matha qala anifan ola-ika allatheena tabaAAa Allahu AAala quloobihim waittabaAAoo ahwaahum

    And the Key word here is
    "Those are they whose hearts Allah hath sealed, and they follow their own lusts".

    There is no point getting upset with the fact that some of us have read your holy book, learned it and understand it!

    Sarah Verghis

  65. Anonymous12:39 am

    Hamas deliberately and maliciously endanger the lives of Palestinians by firing missiles in schools, hospitals and farms. They know that putting the lives of children in the firing line when Israel retaliates will only make the world condemn Israel as killers of children. Its perfect PR exercise! Hamas does not give a damn about the lives of their own supporters. They rather send them to the slaughter! They are expandable!

  66. Anonymous4:46 am

    Jeepers, the Quran spouting bible-toting hag has metamorphosised into some Latter Day Saint who can reel off them verses at her whim and fancy which will put NA and his fellow turbaned lollipops in Canland to shame.

    I told you, magda and anti-hindraf, this thing was long coming:

    ".........nights scrounging for verses to fire like some missile at us enlightened and wise-to-their-ways moslems."

    i swear i saw it from yonder the fortifications of Cochin in Kerala, like an armada of man-of war heading this way, cannons ablaze. Probably,the wench had a vision of yusof ali, while she was busy fingering her rosary beads in some god forsaken pew and yusof's whispers might have seized her arrack fugued (u know from that bread and wine they munch and sip) brain causing her to spout them verses like some loose cannon albeit clockwork, u got to hand it to her for her chutzpah

    Anti-hindraf & ultra chingkies

    Betcha you gonna enjoy them sessions for after all that 69 exchanges, missionary preaching and doggy yelps, you get a "free dakwah" session to boot. You are damn lucky, man, not many people get a chance to hop onto Dreamland with a verse spouting self-righteous "nun". U sure gonna get a joyride to high heaven...enjoy it, will ya!!

    Hams and Eggs 2010

    why dont you eggroll your asinine observations and shove them up your arse.

    The answer to your simpleton Qs is just this: cos them Arabs are led by eunuch Osamas..not the real deal!Besides..Turkey signed a deal with Israel..mmmmmmmm??. Iran dont have to waste their republican guard or army on that Jewish scum. Their brethren, Hezbollah, are more than a fistful..Strange..u didnt mention that.

    To cut through your ham, them whites and the bastard son are only good at bombing unarmed women and little children for when push came to shove in the Bekaa 2 years back, my Hezbollah mate tells me, they (the israelis) were running like squealing pigs.

    Their days are numbered for they and their scum father will be poached eggs by 2010 post the financial blitzkrieg and them hurricanes and earthquakes

    Warrior 231

  67. Anonymous8:24 am

    ( fury9) : warior 123, tq ! can u pls WRITE s-l-o-w-l-y ah, aku cannot catch up lah !!
    slowly pls, ok ...tq !!

  68. Anonymous10:07 am

    You know what. This is really ridiculous.
    Why is everyone harassing each other?? We should focus on the issue here which is the war on Gaza. Get your facts checked and find a solution.
    By this, I dont mean forgetting or ignoring other issues that has been goin on in the world. But try to focus on what can be done first.

    If you are confused with the situation, there is nothing wrong with asking. But if you couldnt agree with the truth, dont act all defensive and start harassing people. Just search for the answers yourself, or ask someone else who knows better. If you have suggestions, give them. But do respect people. If you feel that you are just so much better than everyone else, please bear in mind that God has bestow to you better understanding, so you should help others to understand the situation more and not try to label them off as anything undergraded.

    I know that most of you are all grown-ups, i am just merely a student. But do we really need to curse? Wouldn't it be better if all of us use the 'emotion' and pray to God and strengthen our faith.

    behind the numbers are human beings


  69. hi rb
    UN(successful) resolutions are all papertigers.Much as we want all to live in peace and seek justice, let our protest be against all war and violence... is it fair to distinguish dead civilians from gaza or israel? They have been killed. the arab states do alot to top the suppression of the palestinians, alas some are just protecting their big fat wealth... they have the means to use it as they did in the 1970s... and pehlease let's not be hypocrites on this boycott thing? boy it's a load of rubbish as far as I am concerned. see 'Un(succesful) resolutions to stop fighting...

  70. Anonymous5:01 pm

    warrior 231

    strange - i don't recall malaysian muslims marching in the streets to protest against:

    - the bali bombings (killing white aussies in the name of islam is ok?)

    - 9/11 (ditto for white, black and asian americans?)

    - the killings in darfur (christians targetted by islamic militias)

    - the terrorist attacks in mumbai (foreigners and jews shot in cold blood)

    - the taliban atrocities in afghanistan (killing women and girls, the latter because they went to school)

    seems to me that the practice of double standards is the norm among the rent-a-crowds that demonstrate in malaysia and indonesia at the drop of a hat (and no, sir, you don't need to get a police permit to yell your heads off in front of the us embassy or when you sack an american fast food outlet).

    hezbollah in lebanon is keeping it's head down and it's tail between it's legs. because they want to be part of the lebanese political establishment and do not want to jeopardise their chances by attracting the wrath of israel (which is why they swiftly denied responsibility for the latest salvo of rockets from lebanon). go read the papers instead of spouting off your ill-informed views.

    the arabs led by eunuch osamas? u mean the same osamas that the malaysian govt is trying to cosy up to in the hopes of attracting their funds into malaysia and furthering it's islamic banking hub ambitions? who are these "osamas"? the monarchs of jordan, saudi arabia and the gcc states?

    even the president of iran (and the assorted mullahs who run things there behind the scenes) are careful not to confront israel directly, relying instead on proxies (hezbollah, hamas and islamic jihad) to fight and die for them. bloody cowards!

  71. when both sides have the same firepower and a fair fight ensues, we'll talk about who the coward is. When one side has night vision goggles and body heat sensor attacking at night while the others side use crude weapons and not allowed the same weapons and advantage. It's called a masscre or bully tactic.

    911, Bali bombing, mumbai etc was not authorized by any muslim governing body or countries or backed by any superpower. Nor did any countries used their taxpayer monies to fund these terrorists. The same cant be said about Israel the coward who not only get the weapons from the strongest country in the world but always fight a fight with weaker enemies knowing they would win. On top of that they also get the blessings, support & protection powerful western countries to pursue their global dominance agenda.For all the evils of communism and USSR, the world truly need another superpower with opposing views to help restore balance to the current bullying by the judeo christian powers.

    The actions of some rogue terrorist groups cannot be compared with a state terror unleashed by these Israelis.

    A fair fight is when ISrael fights Russia, or German (their original oppressors) or the UK. Not when a tank runover a guy throwin stones. When Iran has 400 nukes,second strike capability, the backing of a superpower, equal military technoligy in terms of weapons and state of the art war planes.Then we can truly see who is the coward. A true coward is someone who is afraid to fight a fair fight and always hiding behind military superiority and US veto of UN resolutions.

  72. Anonymous10:50 am

    Warrior 231,

    Bro, that "nun" sure need lots of load in her mouth & long nite clitoris stimulation to cum out with all that..

    No point engaging retaliation with "missiles" taken from some centuries lagged Hebrew-Latin translated holy books by the Romans..
    hmmm..totally waste of time thinking about it..

    I'll take your advice.. spare my sperm & let the others gang bang loads of cums in that hag mouth until kingdom come..hahaha..

    Btw, i'm not the one here trying to potray myself being "holier than thou" like these bunch of assholes whom everytime get themselves lost in the forest looking for a tree.

    Cheers bro..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  73. Anonymous5:12 am

    anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

    "The grapes are indeed sour" Said the Fox in the Aesop's fable!
    Just in case you haven't read it, here is the link

    Sarah Verghis

  74. Anonymous7:44 am

    My name is Mikhayla, first of all.

    Might I point out when you zoom into your ridiculous photo, that those todlers are SMILING.

    Also, imagine if someone was sending rockets in your country, killing civillians on a montlhy to weekly basis? I know my country would be pretty ticked off. So instead of expressing your ridiculous hatred for jews, why don't you just be quiet? Not ALL jews taken part in this war and either way, they still killed innocence on both sides. With Gaza and their rocket launching, would severely mess others up and killed people, you said the jews killed only forty people, I'm sure Gaza killed more.

    So why don't you grow up and stop crying around that the fact that they died, because I'm sure if they were good people, they're in heaven, and if you're an atheist, then that would explain your childish hatred.