Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sime Darby gives up on IJN

6/1 Sime Darby pulls out, announces it will not pursue plan to acquire stake in National Heart Institute (IJN)/STAR
Thank you, IJN doctors and consultants
Thank you, bloggers
Thank you, Dr M
Thank you, YB Wee Choo Keong, YB Dr Khir Toyo and other politicians who spoke and wrote against the IJN takeover bid
Thank you, Rocky Bru's readers
Thank you to everybody who sat and spat on Sime Darby for trying to take away IJN from the Rakyat.

Sime's Zubir still thinks he was right, though, and is talking about how the takeover would have been a "winning proposition" for all, including you and I. Read Malaysiakini's article here.

A doctor's advice - For the Health of All ... Watch the New Media


  1. Anonymous7:13 pm


    sick and tired

  2. Dear Rocky

    ...and THANKS to you too

    Great job!

  3. Anonymous7:26 pm


    After KT by-election, BN win or loose... it will be bye bye IJN.

    And by hook but more likely by crook... it will be IJSD.


  4. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Dont be too sure.

    I dont believe those penyamuns withdraw just like that.

    I am happy if people like Zubir, dollah and Musa HItam got the bloody nose for testing the water.

    Now, we better chase them out for the Labu Airport. This is another scandalous deal by the very same people. While we are busy chasing them for the IJN, they got the airport out Of nowhere!

    Musa Hitam shows his true color, again and again.
    We should call him MUSANG BERBULU HITAM instead.

  5. Anonymous8:02 pm



  6. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Thanks bro Rocky for the good job. Do we really need the second LCCT?

  7. I am sorry for being less than convinced that they are pulling out for good and not just to give KT a chance. Is there no way we can pay for a legal team to block this move for good?

  8. Bro Rocky

    Good job. All the categories of people mentioned deserve a pat on the back. But we must remain vigilant.

  9. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Thanks Rocky!


  11. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Kudos to you Bro Bru for kicking up the dust which loan courage to those uproars.

    It is about time that those greedy, unscrupulous and well connected denizens like
    Ahmad Zubir Murshid be removed from positions which enable them to plunder at will.

    One sometimes wonder why Tun Musa Hitam gave his unqualified endorsement to this blatant attempt at robbing the rakyat. This blunder on the part of Musa will make him lose credibility in the the eyes of the discerning public. Certainly in my book this single debacle destoyed all my respect for him.


  12. Ye! Good start to the new year. Thanks Rocky.

  13. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Screw you Zubir, you and your kind should go to hell and please take Najib with you too.

  14. LCCT Labu now this is a bailout for AA ? did AA ever pay MAB? ask Tony..

  15. Anonymous9:30 pm

    something is wrong there...probably ACA can start do some probing?

  16. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Dear Readers,

    Something is wrong at the 1st place. Probably ACA can do some probing there?

    Heart to Heart

  17. I still have my doubts.

    Please come and read my IJN Probe 3 to know what transpired in yesterday's IJN-EPU Meeting.

    Abdullah Badawi's hand is very clear. Do not discount some other corporate raiders to surface later. Pantai perhaps?

    I want to hear Abdullah explicitly say no with no other reservation and considerations.

    To Zubir,

    When Mr Sime, Mr Darby, Mr Harrison, Mr Crossfield, Mr Austral and Mr Guthrie build their companies, it took that decades and even 100 year to make it grow to what it was.

    What the orang putih did in more than 100 years will take Abdullah and Musa Hitam 5 years to destroy!!!!

    Sime Darby always fail in any corporate takeover. The company has grown complacent, bureaucratic, and blue blood. It has lost its resilient as an enterprise.

    It shouldn't merge with Guthrie and Golden Hope in the first place. Such company with heavy politicking has no ability to integrate.

    Go back to basic and rebuild the company from within and stop doing quick buck con artistes to do quick magic profit.

    Face up to the lower commidity prices to solve the problem and not try and hide by developing other businesses which later develop into another problem!

  18. Anonymous9:53 pm

    alhamdulillah rocky and gang!!!!

    way to go!!!!


  19. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Heart warming news but what if a new proposal crops up to include some sweet candies with it?


  20. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Flip Flop Minister again stumble.

    Flip Flop Minister must go, better before March.

    Vote Pas at the KT by-election, since BN's Wan Farid is Flip Flop Minister's proxy (as confirmed by Tun M yesterday)


    DR M says that Wan Farid is a bad choice for KT
    By Lee Wei Lian
    PUTRAJAYA, Jan 5 – Dr. Mahathir may have jeopardised Barisan Nasional's (BN) chances in the crucial Kuala Terengganu by-election when he said that the ruling coalition's candidate, Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, is a bad choice and merely a proxy.

    “The choice of the candidate is really very bad because people see him as a proxy to be used if Najib becomes prime minister,” the former prime minister said.

    This condemnation of the BN candidate is seen as another swipe at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    “The candidate was the prime minister's choice because he was working with the prime minister,” he added.

    Wan Ahmad, the former deputy home minister and member of the senate, who resigned both posts last Friday, will contest against Wakaf Mempelam state assemblyman Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut of PAS.

    Even without Dr Mahathir's remarks, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was expected to use his close links with Abdullah to attack him in the campaign.

    This latest bombshell by Dr Mahathir could lead to a repeat of the March 8 general elections where his attacks on the government and calls for a stronger opposition were credited with helping the opposition to their biggest electoral gains ever.

    Dr Mahathir's attacks were widely perceived to be personal in nature, and a calculated strategy to force his successor from power.

    The prime minister became a focus of Dr Mahathir's attacks when he was blamed for the reversal of several of Dr Mahathir's pet projects including the crooked bridge to Singapore and the decision by Proton to offload Italian motorcycle maker MV Agusta for one euro.

    Dr Mahathir, who is Proton's advisor, had supported Proton's purchase of MV Agusta and was bitterly opposed to its sale.

    In the Permatang Pauh by-election last August, Dr Mahathir had predicted that the BN candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah would lose but with a reduced margin.

  21. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Pak Lah & Tok Jib yet to make any comments on this.

    So, I wouldn't be too happy until then.

    I also think your congratulatory messages to everyone is a bit too premature.

    At least of all the people you should know better.

    I hope you are not losing it..I mean ur journo instinct.

    It is still far from over!!!


  22. Dear Rock

    I think new Labu LCCT should be removed to REMBAU and KJ will be appointed chairman.

  23. Anonymous11:18 pm

    But we must still watch....

    I Joe Public

  24. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Lega. Tapi aku tetap hairan bagaimana Musa Hitam boleh jadi begini hari ini ...

    si kacak

  25. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Well done, bru.
    The rakyat has won the battle again but we have yet to win the war.

    Next battle : Luncai dan labunya !!

  26. now i know why IJN is important to the people..thanks rockybru and sitaklukjagat.blogspot.com for the info.

  27. now i know why IJN is important to the people..thanks rockybru and sitaklukjagat.blogspot.com for the info.

  28. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Alhamdulillah..Akhirnya penyanyak penyanyak itu sedar bahawa bukan mudah bagi mereka mencari kekayaan secara putar belit melalui kronisma mereka. Tapi banyak lagi yang dirancang..seperti Lapangan Terbang Labu. Kalau betul, mereka yang dibelakang SIME Darby ini pakar berniaga dan banyak duit , buka lah sendiri Institut Jantung Simedarby dan binalah komplek yang terbesar didalan negara dengan pakar dari dalam dan luar negera untuk bekerja. Kenakan caj yang macammana tinggi pun raayat tak marah. Ini IJN yang sudah berjaya nak diambil dengan jalan mudah. Begitu juga lapangan terbang LABU.Minta kerajaan Malaysia privatise sahaja projek tersebut dan Air Asia diberi konsesi untuk kutip tol. Kenapa nak guna peruntukan kerajaan. Semata mencari jalan mudah untuk mengaut untung.

    PAK Lah , semua tindak tanduk anda dan kuncu-kuncu anda bukan susah nak dibaca. Semuanya ada udang disebalik batu. Tunggulah masanya akan sampai anda dilaknat.


  29. Good job Bro and everybody.

    Manusia boleh merancang tetapi Tuhan yang menentukan segalanya.

  30. selepas PRK P36 nanti SDarby dia berminat balik tak ngan IJN?..

  31. Anonymous3:34 am

    Good work Rocky for your early warning system. I just read another sensible posting at Malaysia Today just now that the Sime Darby-Air Asia Labu airport is actually another SIL & Co broad daylight scam to hijack EPF money. That's why the Imam Hadhari gave the go-ahead today ... Wali Kota

  32. Anonymous6:00 am

    I have many names to call the people in Sime Darby and they aint very pretty.

    How could they thnk that anyone could be convinced by such a proposal?

    And pray tell -- how come parti keadilan rakyat, DAP and PAS and bloggers the likes of so-called self-proclaimed defenders of the rakyat like Haris Ibrahim and Zorro were silent during this hoo-ha? How odd.

    But Rocky, bro -- THANK YOU for inspiring the rest of us to oppose the damn deal!

  33. Anonymous7:43 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Well done to all of you rakyat Malaysia yang berhati perut tidak seperti mereka yang berada dalam Sime Darby yang berhati Yahudi... semoga mereka semua diserang "heart attack".....

    Anak Felda Sg Beharang

  34. Anonymous8:42 am


    now can we campaign to stop the Labu LCCT which in my opinion a complete waste of money when seeing how under utilised KLIA is now? Why do we have to be so stupid? oh please, god bless Malaysia & Malaysian..


  35. Bro...

    As u say lately, there are a lot of midnight approvals. Now sime darby stop to take over IJN at this moment becoz we are united against them and of coz election. In the situation of we also effected with the recession, I know this Pak Lah using ppl money of EPF (PFI) and approve of building the new LCCT in Labu which is quite near with KLIA and LCCT sepang.

    Does it sound stupid proposal. Why lately Sime Darby is so active in involving the gomen project instead of their current bussiness, becoz for them plantation, hyundai and housing estate are not more profit for them.

    Bro I hope we united against this proposal. Instead of gomen build the new mega project, let the finish the double railway first.

    Just my opinion

  36. Anonymous9:04 am

    KUDOS to everyone!!


  37. bro,

    you should thank KT by-election also...

  38. Has this decision to drop takeover of IJN by Sime Darby got anything to do with KT bye elections. BN may think they have one less issue to defend. So please do not take it seriouly just yet. Good Luck to IJN.

  39. Anonymous9:31 am

    Why am I not convinced ? Can the dual track and other reactivated 'cancelled' project be the reason ?

    Can anyone recall this list of reactivated projects ?


  40. What abt Labu LCCT. Sounds like mega project of midnight regulation.

    Bro, lets we stand united and fight for this...we should be more savvy in 2009.

  41. Anonymous9:32 am


    we should do a kenduri kesyukuran with the IJN people and asked Sime Darby to foot the bills for starting the stupid idea.

  42. Anonymous9:53 am

    Ahmad Zubir... manusia hidung penyek yang rakus cam ni pun diberikan pangkat Dato'... entah berapa ramai lagi pemimpin yang berjoli-joli dan rapat dgn UMNO macam Zubir yang hidup mewah kereta besar dan berpangkat Dato' dan Tan Sri tapi adalah parasit kepada rakyat.

    Bila lagi rakyat nak bangun menentang golongan elit yg menjadi parasit kepada kekayaan negara dan rakyat?

  43. Say NO to Sime Darby.... Say yes to Quran and Hadis!!

  44. Well done to you and fellow bloggers for showing solidarity and firmness on this issue.Thank God the takeover didn't happen

    I highly respect your guys determination and effort bro.

    Are u related to Ramli Sarip???

    Keep up the good job...

    Anyway just to inform u that Sime indeed is a selfish corporation.Since it took over Ford Msia,the first order of business is to raise the spare parts price by 300%..I believe they will do the same if they take over IJN..

  45. Anonymous10:15 am

    Rocky, a joke for this takeover

    Have a good laugh!

    How much would it cost to (telephone) call Malaysia from Hell? You'd be

    Queen Elizabeth, Bill Clinton and Ahmad Badawi die and go to hell. But
    the devil has only one phone there. Queen says, I miss my England , can I
    use your phone and hear how my people are doing down there.

    She calls and talks about five minutes. Then she asks: Well devil, how
    much do I owe you for the call? The devil says: Five million pounds. She
    writes him a cheque and goes back to her chair .

    Clinton wants to make a call too. He says I wanna call the US . He talks
    about ten minutes, then asks how much do I owe you devil? The devil says
    Ten million dollars He also writes a cheque and goes back to his seat

    Badawi is jealous. He says I want to call Malaysia . He calls and
    talks for about an hour to his son-in-law who is busy trying to
    find Mr.Petronas. Then he asks the devil how much do I owe you?

    The devil replies: only one dollar. Badawi is shocked and asks
    'why so little?'.

    The devils says: if you make a call from one hell to another, IT'S LOCAL

    zamri, ppbss

  46. Anonymous10:37 am

    Was the IJN scheme a red herring to take people's eyes off the new 'terminal' plan?


  47. Anonymous10:51 am

    so far it's good news for us IJN lovers.let's just hope that Sime Darby stay 100 feet from IJN.and no dont ever Sime Darby ever think to evaluate again their decision on taking ova IJN after the by-election in KT.

  48. Bro Rocky,

    Well done bro, I am very happy....to all malaysians pls fell free to visit my blog....

    Sorry la bro saya promo my website...

    Hidup RockY and Tun Dr M

  49. Anonymous11:38 am

    huh.. betul ke SD gives up on IJN. kita lihat selepas KT election ni.

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    bercakap bohong lama-lama jadi menteri

    -buzz lightmoon-

  50. i hope that Sime Darby and also the govt stick to their words and not to change their mind after the upcoming by-election.or else the people in IJN and also the public gonna get really furious over SD and govt.

    i dont know who really kickstart the idea of selling 51% share to Sime Darby.but all i know is that once an institution becomes privatised,then things gonna changed in that institution.perhaps the fees gonna hike up and this is a burden to the less-fortunate people.

  51. Great job bro !!

    You're the man !

  52. What about Kit Siang, and many more ... hehe

    Anyway, I am cautiously happy at that announcement. It seemed timed for the KT pilihanraya and cannot dispell the might of the Sime Darby group in getting things done in secret. Better not be happy too fast.

  53. Dear Rocky Big Bro,

    Thanks to you too.

    Smile ....

  54. Anonymous12:25 pm

    thank you Tun M? I think if he's the prime minister right now he will also consider to privatise the institution.. look at what happened to TNB, Telekom etc etc.

  55. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Thanks Bro Rock ... and you should thank your ex-fellow all blogs bloggers who are now Pakatan duck suckers for not raising the issue in their blogs ...thats includes ur friend Z ...alls well that ends well !

    Cheers Bro

    ps: horo ..go suck and egg !

  56. Anonymous1:43 pm

    why. why dont let Sime takes over. They Malaysian too. Are you telling me, it ok Temasik to take over. Mentang2 le kerja dgn press Singapore. Co anak Malaysia sendiri pun tak kasi peluang.

  57. Anonymous2:10 pm


    Now I don't have heartaches.

    The govt should find other ways to cut costs and not to give in to hungry wolfy capitalists who have no heart.

    - Hati-Hati

  58. Mr.Rock ...it ended well ...thanks to a few who rattled the cage to make it not happen.

    To Anonymous 1:43 PM ...jikalau anda tak mengerti issue Hasrat Sime mengambil alih IJN ...i rasa saudara jangan lah berkomen.It has nothing to do with Singaporean/Malaysian Bla Bla Bla ...Aku tak akan panggil Hang Bangang sebab kalau aku panggil hang Bangang ...Abang Hang akan Bengang dengan aku pulak.


  59. Anonymous2:25 pm

    A leopard does not change its spots. Do not rejoice yet. The battle has been won but not the war. I bet this retreat by Sime Darby is temporary and to save face for the Govt who had supported the bid "in principle". Due to the severe public backlash the Govt had to find a back door to avoid being whacked at the KT by elections and so asked Sime Darby to take the rap and find a face saving exit.

    Sime Darby has never demonstrated its ability to grow new businesses. All it is capable of is to grab existing successful business and rape its fruits.

    When the hue and cry has died down and the byelection is over, they will find another excuse to start the takeover process again. That explains Zubir's comments.


  60. Anonymous3:49 pm


    sedara lu kat parit keroma dan parit jawa muor ucap tahniah dan kirim salam

  61. bro rocky job well done

    but lets not kid ourselves, if it was the BN of 2004, they would have pushed aside public opinion and went ahead. But with a strong opposition and one that can lead, they worry about public opinion. So keep the pressure, we nee strong and viable opposition to keep BN on their toes.

    Now, can anyone tell where in the world there is 2 airports so close to each other. Bangkok is one I cna think of but they are a fair distance and one is for domestic only. and Bangkok passenger landings are highest in SEA or in the world. Do we need KLIA East?

    Typical Msian mentality, everyone wants their own airport like everyone wanted their own exhibition centre, end up many white elephants. MAHB will suffer if KLIA east is open.AA will win thou. But Malaysia will suffer to...we are not building comparative advantage over our neighbours and the one who is running airports can't seem to get their act together. we are leading in low cost airline and can be a hub...so make it happen, not screw around with 5 terminals.

  62. Anonymous7:07 pm

    as long as the two buayas, badawi and zubir are still in place, we shouldn't be too happy as nothing is safe yet from their claws.!


  63. if Zubir thinks that it is a great business etc etc, why not invest in a heart unit instead of buying IJN?More the merrier ma since you say it is a growing health issue and 'pau chiek'(guarantee) profit bis.

    He says it is win win but not for the rakyat la.Lets not assume just cos you are CEO of Sime thus you are clever and we are stupid. Your reasons already shows you are not that clever.

  64. Anonymous9:10 am

    This is only one that we detected... what about other deals that quietly went through and we only know about it once it has bombed??

    For example, PKFZ, 1.6B eurocopter, alleged losses in forex trading by BNM, pempena, etc, etc,etc,

    This gomen really tak boleh pakai...

    - Sad

  65. Anonymous5:17 pm

    (fury9): the KT byelection has saved
    the IJN lah !!

  66. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Well, good job to you guys in the 'New Media', you certainly helped to save IJN.

    Now what about Slime Darby and Airasia's new LCCT at Labu? What about all the unanswered questions on that scam? New runway or taxi 7km from Sepang? If new runway, what about the aviation safety issues of two airports so close together?
    What about the rail link and roads? Built with taxpayers money?
    What happens to KLIA's ambitions of being a regional hub?
    What what what? You know what the questions are.

    So why the dead silence? Cos Tony Fernandes is your good CEO friend?

    Please lah Rocky, prove that you actually do care for this country, and not just your periuk nasi as many have said. Prove them wrong.