Saturday, January 31, 2009

Out of the blue, a potshot from Anwar

Update 2 Mahathir/Malaysia used Heritage Foundation, not Jewish lobby, BigDog says [here]

Update 6.30pm (with thanks to bro Azhar and Ayor Lemuju)

1. Mahathir blasts Israeli Terror
2. Mahathir calls for rebuilding of financial system

Original Post

We are all in awe of Erdogan. Last night, we talked about how the Turkish PM walked out of a Davos panel forum after slamming Shimon Peres, who was seated beside him. It was just awesome. Watch the video and read the story here.

Anwar Ibrahim, however, takes a step further and attempts an Erdogan on his ex-boss, Dr Mahathir, here.

[For Bangsa Malaysia who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia, the former Umno deputy president salutes Erdogan for slugging it out di tengah gelanggang or in the middle of the ring and derides our own leaders who do it from the comfort of their own home ground. He takes a swipe at Dr M for "paying millions to a Jewish lobbyist for a chance to kneel in front of George Bush".]
(Rocky's note: Actually, Anwar said "there's even a leader who'd pay millions ...", which I take to be in apparent reference to Dr M).

Dr M has just returned from a conference in Riyadh. But as WSJ reported, the few time zones away from Davos (but closer to the real gelanggang, which is Gaza, actually) did not stop Dr M from "delivering a sermon from afar". A source from Riyadh told me the leading English daily there did an interview with Dr M where he blasted Israeli terror. I'm trying to get a copy of that newspaper.

We can expect some zingers from the elder statesman in response to his former blue-eyes' potshot.


  1. Wonder if he spoke in Arabic in Riyadh!! Or maybe Malay?

    Well, I suppose its quite o.k. for Mahathir to criticise and take pot shots, but others can't?

  2. What the fuck is Anwar talking about?

    During the Ijok by election I heard he said himself how he is so close with Woltfowitz, Washington etc.

    Who can ever forget Anwar’s close association with James Rueben - Clinton's Press Secretary that really pissed Tun M.

    I do not know about Tun M kneeling infront of Bush; but everyone know that to get your message across to US administration you need the help of lobbyist.

    It was this same Saint Anwar that took Woltfowitz ‘bang-girl’ into his whatever foundation.

    That’s for me is clearly being ‘used and sodomized’

  3. Anonymous2:06 pm

    kurang ajar...
    without dr m, anwar is nothing...

  4. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Aiya! what's the big deal?

    Pot calling the kettle black.

    Rocky, you take potshots everyday, sometimes multiple shots per day with your blog posts.

    At least Anwar does it once in a BLUE moon.


  5. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Anwar should also focus on Dr.M's call to boycott US products, while the Good Dr. himself still uses many American products himself... either unwarily or consciously...

    Such as this:

  6. Anonymous3:10 pm

    The link is here:

  7. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Mahathir dia tak pandai main dengan Yahudi. Dia kenalah bayar banyak duit.

    He does not know to play the back door. With the Jews you have to know to play the back door.

    That is why Anwar does not have to pay like Mahathir to have many powerful Jewish and Zionists friends around the world.

    Sure he has to praise Erdogan. He ran away to Turkish Embassy to the delight of the world.

    Backdoor Takeover Expert.

  8. My foot!! Please speak for yourself and not "We." Not all of us are in awe of Erdogan's petulant, childish conduct. Mind you I do have more respect for Erdogan than Peres or the Israelis.

    Walking out is not the sign of a mature politician, least of all one who wants to be recognised on the world stage. The kind of rhetoric Erdogan indulged in - any high-school debator could match that.

    He did not answer Pere's question of what he would do if Turkey was subjected to rocket attacks. I'm no Israeli supporter either, but creating more tension between Israel and Turkey is not going to help in solving the Middle East problem.

    It is only the desperate who will stand in awe of those who need to show much more savvy political acumen!!

  9. Anonymous3:39 pm

    My question for Nahathir is simple - if he really feel so strongly in his heart, mind and words on George Soros on the currency speculation during the Asian financial crisis, whtas the point of having to get and meet him face-to-face and shook hands with him a few years back? Does he still stand with his Jew's remarks? Lash out at them here, there and everywhere and yet belittle himself to be associated with their company in fine weather?

  10. And yes, what do you have to say about Dr.M sanctioning misusing $1.2 million of hard earned taxpayers' money to pay JEWISH Lobbyist Abrahamoff to arrange a photoshoot with (according to Dr.M) the Great Satan George Bush, whom Dr.M says should stand trial for genocide and war crimes?

    Dr.M also first denied his Administration had anything to do with it!!

    And Dr.M is your hero? What does that say about you?

  11. Salam Rock,

    ["He takes a swipe at Dr M for "paying millions to a Jewish lobbyist for a chance to kneel in front of George Bush".]

    1. Jadi kesimpulanya, Siapa yang pro-Yahudi Mahathir atau Anwar?

    2. Mukhriz anak Dr. Belit tak layak jadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.

    3. Bloggers yang pro-Mahathir dan pro-Mukhriz adalah SONGSANG.

  12. Anonymous3:57 pm

    DSAI sememangnya seorang yang bijak. Bijak dalam putar belit. Seorang hipokrit. Amerika yang merupakan sekutu kuat Israel adalah rakan baik DSAI. Rakan-rakan baiknya dari Amerika berketurunan Yahudi. Bila ada masalah, Amerikalah tempat pertama beliau mengadu. Tak heranlah bila Tun Mahathir menghentam Amerika DSAI yang paling kuat sekali mempertahankan negara itu.


  13. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Siakap senohong
    gelama ikan duri
    cakap bohong
    lama-lama jadi Perdana Menteri

  14. Anonymous4:41 pm

    anwar, anwar, anwar...


  15. Anonymous4:54 pm

    As we all know, neither Tun nor goverment paid the lobbyist for the meeting with Bush, there was somebody paid for its.

    The best is, later after the meeting with Bush, one of the US senator speeched in the House of Senate that the first and only third world country where the leader met the president have not asking any US goverment assistance or help instead of conveying the Malaysian views on the world current affairs.

    There is no other leader in the world has been very daring by saying "The Jews Rules the World by proxy". Even many Arab country leaders had just been quite when Tun got remarks for anti semitism and blamed from Western.

    I challenge Anwar to openly say or give a very bad remark towards Jews on Gaza issues. So far I had never heard any bad remarks from Anwar anything to do with Jews on Gaza.

    Anwar, I wish everyday to God that you will not be the next PM of Malaysia.

    If PR or once Anwar to become the PM, I believe Israel would have their embassy open in KL.

    Dear Rocky, I'm praised with the book written by the US Jewish scholar i.e. "Jewish Wisdom for Business Success" which can be found at MPH. The book contains knowledge of moral dan spiritual behaviour learned from Torah as its claims. I suggest you get ones.

    Anti Political Jewish

  16. What do you expect a desparadoes like Anwar , those day he tried very much to emulate and worship Tun M until he fell from horse riding i mean the real animal...

  17. Anonymous4:58 pm

    fuck man - look who's talking ! Look at all his former international 'associate' ! his american masters --and he has the gall to pass that reark ! He must be in dire need of an a***. !

  18. Rocky,

    Confirmed you are working for Tun, no more doubts. So Kak Aina also lah, sure.

  19. Dear Rocky,

    May THIS and THIS help...


  20. Anonymous5:40 pm


    I for one did not notice the alleged *potshot*/*swipe* against any particular figure.

    there are many leaders (muslim and non-muslims leaders) around the world whom have paid Jewish lobbyists to meet people in the White House as well.

    the past has passed; so be it ...


  21. Tun M after quitting UMNO still pursuing his fight against western tyranny and spoke up about malaysia and Asian values.
    Anwar, on the other hand after he was released from prison, shaked the malaysian harmony and stood up for western tyranny and got a sodomy charges. Go figure!
    since Turkey is also America best friend as equally as Israel (NATO Hq is in turkey) is like seeing two best friends arguing over a small fish. And that makes anwar proud. Wow.the level of thinking from anwar the best thinker in ASIA.. NOT!!

  22. Anonymous5:54 pm

    tak payah percaya lah cakap orang yahudi melayu nie rocky. anwar = yahudi.

  23. Anonymous6:04 pm

    What a prick this Anwar. Does Tun Dr M accept money from the US? I know Anwar's Foundation for the Future does. Straight form the National Endowment for Democracy. Why don't Anwar just shut up, since the NGO that he chairs is on US gov. payroll.

    And for those who don't know, Mahathir himself has been to the Davos Economic Forum, and has criticized America on numerous issues.
    And I know Anwar won't dare to do that.


  24. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Guess Anwar's pretty ignorant. Mahathir has talked about America on Davos.


  25. Anonymous6:26 pm

    So? What about the money Foundation for the Future received from the US State Department? Anwar's NGO gets money from the US, how about that? What a hypocrite this Anwar is.


  26. Here goes Rocky again with the reeking stench of rubbish he calls journalism.

    A truly turned UMNO man till the day he ends up in prison with the rest of the UMNO Gestapos.

    Seig Hiel

  27. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Anwar exposes his true self: A racist. Heseems to portray working with anyone with Jewish blood to be evil. Mahathir might have paid a Jew, but has he worked with a Zionist?

    Has Jack Abramoff been involved in the killings of Iraqis? Wolfowitz was central to the US invasion of Iraq. Was Abramoff involved?

    Has Jack Abramoff been involved in the killings of Palestinians? Wolfowitz is a staunch neo-con supporter of Zionism.

    Then why is it wrong to work with Abramoff? Is Anwar saying that just because a person is a Jew, he is evil?

    Anwar is none but racist.


  28. Anonymous6:42 pm

    aiya Rocky the Mahathirite:

    Any potshot at your old master is a good potshot if it is accurate and correct. What is wrong with the fact that Mamakthir paid over a million US dollars just to have a photo-op with Bush ?

    The old man is obviously having amnesia with his own potshots, but you should be careful not to be dragged down with him, even though he was the one who gave you your break at NST.


  29. Oh dear, Old Fart. You've never been to any of these conferences?

    At international forums like the one in Riyadh and Davos, and in all UN conferences and UN-sponsored forums, you may speak in English or French or Arabic .. you get interpreted immediately. You see those head phones they use? Those aren't Walkman mate. You tune in to the interpreter of the language you understand.

    And you suppose right. It IS OK for Mahathir to criticize and take pot shots, just as it's ok for Anwar to do so.

  30. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Interesting remark from DSAI about TDM "menyalak" from Riyadh about Gaza & the Palestinians' plight. Well, I thought he is so close/ngam with all the Neo-Cons in Bush's inner cicle, he should be in a better position to make them "listen" - no need to "menyalak", maybe just a "soft whisper" will do? Just whisper, for. e.g., "member, jangan lah pukul Hamas sampai mati!?" Did he do that? No? I wonder why not?... who's the hypocrite now?

  31. Anonymous6:59 pm

    apa lah anwar mengarut nie.. bukan ke dia ni kawan baik yahudi? foundation for the future bukan dapat dana dari orang yahudi ke? jangan lupa anwar merupakan salah seorang yang mengaku islam telah sign agreement utk haramkan hamas di palestin.. dia nak divert pun tengok tengok laa.. bak kata nyonya mansor laa.. "pergi meliwat di sana buat apa kau menangis di sini!"

  32. Anonymous7:13 pm

    What? You mean there are Bangsa Malaysia that do not understand Bahasa Malaysia?? What's up with that?

  33. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Rocky, you must have completely overhauled your old machine...old love for Mamak has rekindled. Politicians take pot shots at each other, so what is the big deal.
    Mamak is not that innocent, matter of fact, he is the biggest culprit in this game...not only throwing pot shots, but with additional wild shots! (not sexually though)

  34. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Azhar Abdullah,

    Tks for yr articles.

    Whatever TDM is, I for one salute him for the way he is. Look, at his age, not many men can remember their children's names bah!!

    Malaysia is a small country, but he made the world know that even small people have a voice, should be given a chance to be heard... bukan sekadar menghele sengeh anggok jadi kaki ampu ajer, sogok duit gigi terus terkancing!!

    Cuba la Anwar, KitSiang, Karpal, TokNik ikut jejak dia ni sikit. Nih duk Asyek pelekeh orang lain berbuih ayak liouk, sekadar maintain apa yang ada, any Leman Bedah pun leh buat cam tu...


  35. Dear Rocky,
    Your forum and this posting specifically and the deep divide amongst the commentators here portrays the fragility of Malaysian Unity when it comes to confronting International Zionism agenda?
    Focus my friend. There are enemies within and without bent on sowing further division amongst us all so as to create smokescreens and deflect our attention from the real issues.
    Let's not forget our common denominator here. We are all against all the injustices and the murder of innocents in Gaza or anywhere elsewhere.
    All are losers when compared to the weapons peddlers, the merchant of death who are lobbying for more events they call wars so that they can keep their sales and sustain their businesses.

  36. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Last time,
    Anwar belasah Mahathir.
    Belakang dia hantar surat memuji dan meminta belas ehsan Mahathir

    Anwar again belasah mahathir.
    Belakang...we'll have to wait for his future ex PA to reveal a letter sent to Mahathir, memuji dan meminta belas ehsan

    conclusion to be made:
    mmg dia suka main belakang

    - kelmarin -

  37. So Rocky finally I believe that you have become one of the running dogs, or if dogs is offensive to you then one of the running kittens (dont know which one is more insulting)of the BN.

    Congratulation on your new found resource. Remember the ultimate resource is Allah and you will answer to him, nobody can help you there

    mmmmmmm...what some people will do...............

  38. Uh Oh.... They gonna call you Mahathir Fanboy now.

    But it's way better than being an Anwar Fanboy right?

    Mengaku Dulang paku serpih, Mengata orang dia yang lebih...

  39. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Hahahaha ... Too many joke here ...

    The battle for all losers !!!

    Who will win ? ... Altlantuya's killer

    The Spirit of Malaysia

  40. Without taking pop shots ..Rocky will not be happy.
    So many are saying...he is pro M...but from the horse mouth..he told me...he loves Anwar.
    I treat his messages... are written too high class and quality...for students and ordinary clerks to understand and appreciate.
    I just hope I am not wrong...for if he is pro M...then he also can be the highest paymaster.
    Cannot be...Rocky have class and dignity....cannot be bought.
    I have a strange feeling...he will join a political party to stand for 13th election.
    The only problem is...he is afraid of loosing.
    He yearns to be a winner....all the way.

  41. anwar

    we know who you really work for

    stop pretending to be someone else

    geotgetown uni where you once teach is the NO 1 scouting ground for CIA agents

  42. Anonymous8:15 pm

    So what?


  43. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Rocky's Bru

    Bro -leave the fart alone---not only is he old, but also wet. Must have leaked the stomach content through the a### and mouth.

  44. Anonymous9:07 pm

    it seems people cannot discern between being a Jew and being a Zionist ... duh ...

    being a Jew does not necessarily means he/she lives in Israel because you can be in UK/Europe and stil be a Jewish-descent...


  45. Anonymous9:18 pm

    MYBlog, I think Rocky is doing a fair reporting. Most bloggers tell one-side stories and imaginary facts. Especially the anti-establishment bloggers who are always finding faults.

  46. Anonymous9:36 pm

    sudah lah anwar!

    anwar sendiri pun jarang (maybe sekali dua je) pergi dunia Arab, ada hati nak tunjuk hero kat sini..!


    jangan percaya anwar ni.. kaki kelentong!

    Raja ibrahim

  47. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Go Anwar it's time for you to subtlely give that old mamak kutty a potshot. That old man is a pain in the neck. So tired of him manipulating us all the time sheesh...go away!

  48. Anonymous9:57 pm

    "For Bangsa Malaysia who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia"

    is that a low blow or an uppercut?

  49. Anonymous9:58 pm

    selalu nah menumpang glamour

    tabik konon

  50. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Jaganlah kamu org umno pandai fitnah org lain sajalah, jangan lupa bahawa Dr Mahathir adalah saorang hipokrit yang paling dahsyat di zaman ini..
    Memang melayu umno mudah lupa

  51. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Sapa yg tak suka posting kat sini, jgn lah mai sini. Aku nak baca.
    Ini bukan rangakaiaan tv, yg tu depa letak yg tu lah hang harus tengok. Ni internet lah, hang klik lah mana yg hang suka, tak payah klik rockybru.

    If Rocky chooses to support Ku Klux Klan pun aku tak kisah. Sebab aku Intelligent Reader.
    Think about it: if you don't like it, why waste time on it.
    Aku Pembaca

  52. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Errmm... sorry for this silly question. But is this Rocky the PKR's Rocky that stood in the March GE in Rembau against Khairy?

    I've read quite a few of his posts but he doesn't seem like a PKR people. And was this the fellow who hosted the PKR's conference last year?

    Man, i am confuse....sorry :(

    - Confused -

  53. TDM's fanboy is much better than DSAI's gay boy...

  54. Anonymous10:39 pm

    George Bush dignity finally worth a pair of shoes,probably a polo brand,need no lobby by Malaysia to make a date with him right Bro?

  55. Anonymous11:31 pm

    so finally it is true

    rocky = mahathir

    same kroni!!!!

    defend each other!!!!

    zam , anti mahathir

  56. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Aku dah baca apa yg anuar kata kat blog dia, cuma komen aku Mahatir bayar nak melutut kat presiden US, tapi US bayar anuar supaya Malaysia melutut kat US, so sapa yg jahanam lagi haprak??? - rejang

  57. Anonymous12:01 am

    let's have some potshots (or should them be kettleshots) from Tun M at Mugabe eh?


  58. Anonymous12:15 am

    Anti Political Jewish,

    i'm with you!

  59. Anonymous12:20 am


    Interesting article from this blog

    -Americans and Palestinians should copy Malaysia'

  60. Anonymous12:43 am

    Blog anuar tak da isi..
    ayat sastera bunga2 takda isi..
    kerjanya tak lebih dari kutuk orang..bodoh

    Anuar tak mampu hasilkan tulisan intelek & beliau tak ikhlas.

    Tengok bolehkah Anuar ada IQ nak berdepan dgn Yahudi mcm Mahathir..

    Penarik Beca, Nik aziz, Hadi semua hampeh. Lim kit siang/karpal lagi buat kacau aje..

    bila dah pencen politik bolehkah mereka sumbang idea membina selain dari kutuk orang?

  61. Anonymous1:16 am

    the whole debate

  62. Anonymous4:32 am

    Erdogan ni suka acting la... kalau really fed up dengan Zionists/Israel, putuskan saja hubungan diplomatik Turki dengan Israel - Turkey still has diplomatic ties with the Zionist state. At least Venezuela & Bolivia yang BUKAN negara Islam pun tendang keluar duta Yahudi & tutup kedutaan Yahudi as a protest for the Gaza atrocities, apa Turki yang majority penduduk Islam buat? Storming out of Davos! Halamak punya acting! Turkey has the 3rd largest army in Europe dan kalau dia really nak tolong Islam/Gazan memang boleh... gertak saja Israel, tapi tak buat... so kena "act" lah... nak "please" orang Islam kat Turkey!? Negara Islam penuh dengan pemimpin hipokrit!

  63. Anonymous8:26 am

    So he is taking potshots ,so what, what is the big deal?

    Dr.M take potshot all the time.

    I think Rocky, you are becoming one-sided.

    Nevertheless, both Dr.M and Erdogan stand on Gaza should be praised.

    Both had done very well to speak out on the cruelty of the zionis regime.

  64. Anonymous9:48 am

    Anonymous 11:31,

    Yep, it's true.

    Rocky --> NAMAMU (Najib/Mahathir/Muhkriz) faction supporter in disguise.

    Took you so long to find out meh?

  65. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Semua orang diperbodohkan mereka nih.

    Elaun bulanan dan claim MP berjalan juga, nak boikot Parliamen ke, nak berarak syok kat jalanan ke, mereka masih berCamry sana sini! Minyak, maintainance pun on the house. Semua claim.

    Sekadar bawa balik GOLF course, tu pun depa saja yang mampu ketok bola... Sementara itu melalak sana sini tunjuk tocang!

    Anak bini cucu cicit beli kereta guna nama mereka pun, takyah bayak impot duti... sana sini BMW, waduh gitu murah sekali harga depa!

    Sandiwara sana sini, duit kebas perhabis kat elaun saja, apa mereka peduli, recession tak masuk projek pun, kerah kita semua BAYAK cukai pintu, cukai pendapatan cepat2. Kalo tidak SITA rumah!!

    PKR is playing for time. BN is playing all the time. IT IS US YANG PATAH TULANG KENA CARI MAKAN!!

    Kan ker bodoh? BUANG MASA AJER layan kartun2 nih!


  66. Hail, hail, hail! Erdogan!
    Anwar is just a lot of spittle.
    That's all he is.

  67. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Ya Allah Tuhanku,

    Jauh kan lah kami dari golongan zionist, neo con dan juga golongan kaum homo nabi luth ini.....

    jauhkan lah kami dari golongan yang tidak mengenang budi yang dengan segala kenikmatan yang telah engkau beri selama ini.

    kami mohon belas ehsan dari Mu.

  68. Anonymous8:55 pm

    "For Bangsa Malaysia who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia..."

    adus... sinisnya.


  69. Seems that Anwar just riding other people achievements and potray it as his job.

    Maybe after this he will claim that PM Taib walked away from Davos because of his advise.

  70. Anonymous12:19 am


    if the answer is "no", you believe or not?

    sure don't believe. right?

    so, why ask if you want to listen to the barisan bangsat bloggers.

  71. Rocky,
    Can you explain the caption that reads as [For Bangsa Malaysia who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia....

  72. Anonymous8:45 am




  73. Anonymous1:59 pm

    cheap shot by mr. anwar.

  74. Anonymous2:03 pm

    "For Bangsa Malaysia who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia..."

    Hmm.. the words do speaks for its own.. yet somebody still fail to understand...
    Why need Rocky to explain the obvious straight forward message (in English?)? Otak pandai sangat pun masih tak faham kah pejuang2 Bangsa Malaysia ni?

    :D Sekali sekala kena bantai juga sibodoh yang buat2 bodoh tetapi keliru merasakan dirinya pandai..anda faham bahasa kebangsaan Malaysia?

    Just another everyday classic example of typical thick-faced moron so called "Bangsa Malaysia" getting the hot sensation to be rub with chili in the arse..they do indulged it more than having it consumed orally..

    Bravo Rock..for me Anwar is just an example of frustrated MCKK pondan..Deep vengence to be "ass-played" by a brainiac tyrant mamak from KSAH..haha..

    You can ask Mat Cendana how many ex-Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid (KSAH) did picture the landscape of our Malaysia politics & economics for the past decades.

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  75. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Sour grape!


  76. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Salam, all these are political dramas. Muka2 politician ni masok tv, name naik, mereka perasan habis. Kita ni rakyat jelata, tak habisss mengeloh, mereka pula tak habisss menyengeh macam siput babi muka masok media..

  77. Anonymous11:00 pm

    I think Anwar is really a sissy goat.

    What to 'tabik' a man (Erdogan) who took billions of US dollar from the great satan (the US)in concession for allowing Turkey's airports to be used by the US during 1991 American assault on Iraq?

    Turkey is an American lap dog. I know Anwar is too.

  78. So who are UMNO lapdogs?

  79. /// He pointed out that the doctrine of his governance is, which is the slogan in Malaysia, is “prosper thy neighbor”. ///

    Haha, Mahathir said that. This guy is the greatest hypocrite and yet he can utter that with a straight face. He has been doing his darnest to "kill" Singapore, to choke off Singapore, and to frustrate Singapore. Likewise, he has problems with Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei - heck, all of Malaysia's neighbours. The unilateral redrawing of the Malaysian map some time back raised the heckles of all of Malaysia's neighbours.

    Prosper thy neighbour my foot. Bugger off.