Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog@1 goes to KT tonight

The best group editor Berita Harian never had? Jailani Harun, 48, is old-school journo who started his blog last year to share his views with the world. A foreign affairs "expert" at Berita Harian from the early 80s and then Business Times in the late 90s, Bujai has enough experience and balls to put the likes of Hishamuddin Aun and Manja Ismail in the inside pocket of his pants.
His views on Israel/US and the Middle East crisis are based on years of reporting on the region, including interviews with Saddam and Gadaffi which his editors then wouldn't publish!

He'll be the guest blogger on Blog@1 tonight on TV1, 10.30 pm. The interview will be shot on location in Kuala Terengganu where 80-odd thousand voters go to the KT by-election tomorrow.

p.s. Jailani has been in Kuala Terengganu since nomination day and is in the position to update us about the by-election tonight on the programme. Last week's Blog@1 guest was Dr Mahathir Mohamad who said in his latest posting that he would like for the Malaysian Armed Forces to attack the US and Israel ...


  1. For that matter bro, anyone is better than Hisham, Manja and Syed Faisal.

    Apa yang diorang dah achieve throughout their fat pay years in NST Group??

    Suara rasmi government?

    Whats good a suara when no one is listening?

  2. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Mahathir is really senile and rotting with such confrontation remarks. Maybe he can up the ante by asking local jihads to pursue a rampaging spree with their suicide missions. For a statesman (or was he ever one?), his mouth is getting too big for his ego. If anything, he should lead the Malaysian calvary to walk his talk. Go ahead and make my and their day.

  3. I met Jailani and Hambali in Terengganu (both of them will be on Blog@1 tonite). Interesting conversation with the guys. I am looking forward to watch the talk show :)

  4. Anonymous3:49 pm

    What a joke, Madey wants MAF to attack US and Israel!!!
    22 years as PM, yet he doesn't know our Armed Forces capabilities and credibility,. We will be annihilated and an extinction of MAF.
    Incompetent leadership, below par fighting gadget-you know la brother why!!!.
    So please la Madey '''''',,,....dh9753

  5. Anonymous5:09 pm

    guess jai must have honed his skills as a foreign affairs 'expert' while he was a MAS steward.

    yes jai is a nice bloke but that doesn't make him a great group editor candidate with berita HAIRAN (as isham rais calls the arsewipe) or any other paper. what makes him top class material is that he is your buddy.

    wake up, man. the world has cottoned on to your nefarious manipulations.

    Ino Yew

  6. Anonymous5:14 pm

    The only way to stop future genocide is to fight back our way. The cowards use drones and missiles. No suicide bombs. Use snipers and hitmans. Pay them to kill their ambassadors and their families, their company ceos and their families. They kill our children. List down the numbers they have kill and we try to reach that number. An eye to an eye. Hit them anywhere in this world, from Brazil to Mongolia.
    Distribute this comment to as many people as possible all over the world.

  7. Salam Rock,

    1. Tolong pesan kat Jailani jangan lupa bawa 'tasbih'.

    2. Ikut contoh blogger biul serabut enam jahanam tu.

    3. Kah...kah...kah

  8. That Bapak Wang Ehsan should take his stinking advice to Pak Lah and shut up now that it is officially petroleum royalty (the BN billboards in KT says so. They're missing the irony of it all!).

    They say DAP, PAS and PKR would do anything to win - they can't hold a candle to BN's lack of ethics and moral fibre. The goings on in KT is simply proving it all over again.

  9. Anonymous10:09 am

    is it tru he'll be made the numero uno at BH ?

    si kambing hitam

  10. Anonymous12:41 pm

    The anoynimous Indian with the nick of Malsia..(or maybe he is a Chinese or a Malay, I don't really care!) is really a stupid cow!


  11. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Salam Sdr Rocky, hanya kerana Bujai memiliki blog yang memperkatakan pelbagai isu semasa dalam dan luar negara tidak membawa erti dia Pengarang Kumpulan BH terbaik yang bukan milik BH!

    Ramai yang layak tapi tak diberi peluang kerana dasar berpolitik dalaman dan luaran BH serta NSTP secara amnya.

    Sdr Rocky tentu ingat bagaimana bersidang semeja dengan Zian Johari ketika pengedaran Harian Metro disifatkan sebagai satu fenomena oleh Lembaga Pengarah NSTP sendiri.

    Zian bukan saja bermula dari New Straits Times bahkan menyusuri laluan selaku seorang wartawan, ketua biro, penyunting, ketua unit, Pengarang Harian Metro. Bermakna dia jauh lebih layak daripada ramai yang lain kerana mereka tidak ada pengalaman menyunting, membuat layout, memberi tajuk atau heading, apatah lagi membuat page!

    Bagi saya Zian Johari was the best Group Editor BH never had. Dan itu adalah kerugian yang amat besar bagi BH dan negara amnya! Malangnya Dollah Kok Lanas tidak berminat dengan orang yang ada track record!

    Selagi BH dan NSTP tidak mengamalkan meritokrasi dalam pelantikannya, usah harap akhbar naungan mereka dapat berkembang.

  12. i reckon the comment at 5.14 is an incitement to violence and when the same comment appeared (oddly enough in ungrammatical malay) on my blog i made an abuse report to telekom. i am also considering whether or not to make a police report.

    You might want to make a note of the IP address, Rocky. i have it noted in full so the guy will be easy to trace.

  13. Anonymous10:26 am

    sdr rocky

    saya rasa sdr zian johari memang hebat jika dia jadi ge bh. tapi sayang org macam tu, tak rapat dan mesra dng oprg atas tak akan pergi jauh.

    sori, siapa tu jailani harun. saya dah 25 tahun bekerja dng press, never come across his name before.

  14. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Best macam mana pun, kalau dah join UMNO, automatic jadi tak best.

    - Best Man Win