Saturday, January 10, 2009

3-minute guide on Gaza

For an easy-to-understand guide to the Gaza issue, please hop over to this blog. To non-Malays/Muslims who have problems with Muslim sources and names, don't despair: the quick guide is courtesy of the New York Times.

Apocryphalist, thanks for the link h e r e that compares what the missiles of Israel and the rockets of Hamas did ...

Hamas' rocket that dropped on Israel

Israel's missiles in Gaza

[WARNING: You will find the pictures at the link very distressing].


  1. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Sememangnya yang mati itu adalah Penganas,,,!!????

    Apa dunia bole buat,,,!!! Setakat kutuk aja,,!!! Sudah berzaman perkara ini berlalu,,,!!!!

    BAYANGKAN,,,,,Bumi Palestine lenyap dari PETA DUNIA,,,Apa Kita BOLEH buat,,,!!!!!

    GOD must be Jews,,!!!!


  2. Yes brader..

    Go ahead with the exposure of this bloody zionist regime.

    The problem with the press be it in Malaysia or in this world is to 'copy' exactly what is being reported by the zionist press and its agencies.

    The israeli vampires and american draculas are hungry of GAZAN blood, and the 1.5 million GAZANs will never die anywhere else other than their homeland!

  3. Anonymous8:40 pm

    For those who are not quite convinced by RASHID KHALIDI's writing, why not read from Robert Fisk's, a British journalist who has been covering on the Middle East for several decades now:


  4. Anonymous10:03 pm

    If this is true you should post this as a story

    bro: check out a story ...The Star axed 54 employees on Dec 31, 2008. Some of them started on Day 1 when The Star started. It is the work of the new lady boss Datin Linda Ngiam who is the single largest shareholder in the company. She says the axing is rake in more profits for the company. Off course that would mean more dividends for Linda, the largest single shareholder. UNFAIR/anonymous

  5. "The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) will escalate the operation in the Gaza Strip," the leaflets said in Arabic. "The IDF is not working against the people of Gaza but against Hamas and the terrorists only. Stay safe by following our orders."

    The leaflets urged Gaza residents not to help Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, and to stay away from its members.

    Source: Associated Press

    NOW...this is the ultimate goal of the Zionist, to overthrow a popularly elected government before 'bastard' bush leave office!

  6. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Well, the lesson to learn here is:

    If u dont have the advance technology, please stay quiet and mend ur own biz. Stop trying to conquer others.

    I dont pity Hamas for that.

    I just salute Israeli for their intelligence and advancement in PROTECTING themselves.


  7. Salam Rock,

    1. Takbir..

    2. Bulan ini pencen dan gaji awal...15hb.

    3. Satu niat - Satu tujuan - Satu pengorbanan.

  8. Anonymous11:59 pm


    "If u dont have the advance technology, please stay quiet and mend ur own biz. Stop trying to conquer others.

    I dont pity Hamas for that.

    I just salute Israeli for their intelligence and advancement in PROTECTING themselves."

    Aha, Surprise for this "intelligent" argument brought forward by you. I have to agree with Chavez on this, the IDF are cowards for bombing woman and children. These beasts are not soldiers but cowards.

  9. To Kamput,
    The lesson for you to learn is :

    If you you haven't got anything between your ears, shut your gob and mind (not mend) your own business(use the right words, not twitters).

    I pity you for your audacious ignorance, a hallmark of cretins anonymous.

    I salute your kind ( are you the 2-legged or 4-legged species, with or without tail?) for exposing your incredible stupidity in such complete splendour !!!

  10. Anonymous2:06 am

    To KamPut

    Inilah yang dikatakan "Kebodohan Yang Terserlah." Go do some reading la KamPut on the issue, it doesn't do to remain an ignoramus (I am being too kind in calling you STUPID, I know.


  11. Anonymous2:45 am

    Just because Hamas' rockets are smaller doesn't make it right for them to have shelled southern Israel for the past few years. And just because southern Israel is being shelled doesn't make it right for Israel to launch a massive attack on Gaza that is killing so many people.

  12. Anonymous3:15 am

    The hamas fools are so stupid for provoking that insane zionist killer machine. Due to hamas stupidity, thousands of innocent palestinians civilians and children suffered and died horrendously and definitely hamas and zionists did not suffered. A sad world with all these fools and killers.

  13. Anonymous4:07 am

    "3-minute guide on Gaza", Rocky? Can we really understand everything in 3 minutes even if the guide comes from The New York Times? Is the NYT infallible and should be taken as gospel or holy book truth? A quick glance show the guide was written by a gentleman with an Arab sounding name so some readers may even venture to ask whether the guide is an unbiased, authoritative one.

    Now that I got your attention, may I give you my 10 minutes comments ya? Don't get angry or jump over the moon, its just my 10 sens as I got no date to-nite.

    Who are the Gazans? Why, they are the people of Gaza and yes, some came in 1948 running away from the advancing Jewish army.

    Why were they running away to Gaza? Its because there was a war on between the Jews and the Arabs and the Arabs lost and Israel was formed.

    You see, the Jews and the Arabs have been living peacefully in Palestine for thousands of years even during the 700 years of the Ottoman Empire (1299-1923). Both have some rights to the land so they had to partition Palestine in 1947 between the Jews and the Arabs but the Arabs wanted to drive away all the Jews, old and new.

    If the partition plan was accepted then, the Palestinians would have had their own country there and then in 1948. But they decided to fight and lost everything and had to flee.

    So Israel expanded their borders by 26% and they were recognised internationally so it has become a bit hard to change things now as much water (and blood) has flowed.

    And we must also not forget that other Arabs stole a big chunk (21%) of Palestinian lands. Yes!!! Who, you ask.

    Well you see in all the fighting in 1947-8, Jordon took control of the West Bank (21%) and actually ANNEXED it in 1950. Then a Palestinian killed the Jordanian King, Abdallah I, in 1951. Then Jordan lost the West Bank to Israel in the 1967 war. In 1988, Jordan finally renounced all claims to the West Bank.

    Don't forget too the Palestinians caused alot of problems in Jordan and Jordan finally kicked them all out and they fled everywhere to Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, Libya, all over the Middle East.

    So you see, Israel alone is not responsible for the plight of the Palestinians.

    Yes, Israel exercised authority over Gaza as they were responsible for the people's welfare there. Hey, life there for everyone was not rosy but it was fairly good. But it was difficult and they decided to leave in 2005.

    Then Hamas, an internationally labelled terrorist group, won the elections there and they made life difficult for the Israelis with their daily rocket attacks. This led to the blockade to prevent arms from reaching Hamas. With tension and conflicts there, life became more difficult due to the poor security situation.

    With the June 2008 ceasefire brokered by Egypt, Hamas' rockets fired into Israel fell from 100 over per day to less than 20 in subsequent months. These violations of course led to Israeli retaliation with air strikes.

    War crimes charges should be made against all those who kill innocent civilians. Among the 800 people killed to date, about 75% (600) are Hamas fighters. This is not disputed even by Hamas, so it is really Hamas vs Israeli army.

    What about the 200 civilians killed? If their deaths were caused by Hamas fighters who used them as human shields as many claimed, then those people must be brought to justice. And charge Israel too if they kill innocent people.

    How to end the conflict? Talking and negotiations are good but everyone must turn up at the talking table. It is very tough for Egypt to arrange everything and at the last hour, somebody pulls out as happened.

    The Palestinians is seen as a "defeated people" by an Israeli Chief of Staff but I am sure this is not his government's official position. This fellow only talk big as all cocky soldiers do. General Maximus said the same thing of the Germanic Goths but he had to fight hard before he was victorious. That was a long time ago.

    The Palestinians too have some rights on their side and right-minded international leaders will definitely ensure they get a fair deal in any talks and settlement.

    If everyone comes to the table, talks can commence and peace achieved sooner.

    So let us all be more level headed and if we all pray together, I am sure peace will come soon. Fighting will only prolong the agony and sufferings.

    My 10 sens. You don't have to agree with me.

  14. Anonymous8:06 am

    Hamas rocket Israel tiap tiap hari, tapi tak ada orang kutuk.

    Apabila Israel sudah tak boleh tahan dan lawan balik, seluruh dunia kutuk? Apa ni? Adakah kita terlalu pilih bulu?

    Tak kira siapa salah siapa betul, yang lepas biarlah jadi yang lepas. Kasilah satu peluang kepada keamanan.

    Kalau bagi kamu satu peta dunia, kamu boleh tunjukkan dimana terletaknya Isreal-Palestin? Kalau tempak itu kat mana pun tak tau, baik jangan sibuk. Issue kat KT lagi teruk.

  15. Anonymous9:07 am

    Three things i would like to add to this for a broader perspective:

    1. Hamas' charter (and true intentions) reads: Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.

    2. When Israel fires its missiles, it targets military facilities. When Hamas shoots its rockets, its target is ordinary Israeli citizens.

    3. "The notion of "proportional" response lacks both merit and logical support for several reasons. In war, there are winners and losers, and the only palatable means of victory come from a disproportionate use of force. Victors are inherently more skilled in combat, tactics, and in the effective deployment of (generally superior) technology." (source:

    In 1967, Israel won a disproportionate war against the combined armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. The U.S. and U.K did not participate in this war.

  16. Anonymous11:16 am

    anonymous 11.59

    fuck you ! Go and read somemore la. Its stupid bastards like you that make the world a terrible place.

    By the way, Bush's reign will bw over soon. So are you getting your arse ready to be screwed by the new president ! Or are you deepthroating the president now !


  17. Anonymous11:17 am

    anonymous 11.59

    hey mister, go play with yourself.


  18. Anonymous12:57 pm

    A'kum para sahabat sekalian. Saya ingin kongsi bersama pesanan yang diterima mengenai keadaan meruncing di Gaza bagi renungan dan tindakan kita bersama, InsyaAllah.

    Pesanan I: Pemimpin Hizbollah Lubnan Sayid Hassan Nasrallah minta umat Muslim seluruh dunia untuk membaca Quran dan berdoa - Surah Al Fath ayat 26-27, Surah Yunus ayat 85,86 dan 88 setiap malam dalam solat dan doa kita mohon kehancuran dan bala Yahudi Israel dan sekutu mereka.

    Pesanan 2: Memboikot semua barang keluaran Yahudi Israel dan sekutu mereka. Kod barangan Israel (Bar Code) tiga digit pertama yang bermula dengan 729 adalah dari negara Yahudi itu.

    Diharapkan saudara sekalian sebarkan maklumat ini bagi membantu penduduk Palestin yang sedang dikepong dan disembelih oleh Yahudi rejim Zionis Israel.

    Semoga usaha kita diberkati Ilahi sebagai jihad keatas penganiayaan dan pengkhianatan terhadap umat Islam Palestin dan Muslim seluruh dunia.


  19. >>In 1967, Israel won a disproportionate war against the combined armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. The U.S. and U.K did not participate in this war.<<

    That is not true.

    The Americans were so hell bent on supplying Israelis their weapons, many airplanes were pulled form front line service is the US aremd forces and shipped to the Israelis. Event he munitions were pulled from US bases and shipped to the Middle East, as military orders would have taken months to fulfill.

    I have seen some photos of aircraft on which we could still make out the USAF insignia under the hastily painted IDFAF paint jobs.

    So not only are they supplying them, they even gave them their own front line weapons to use.

    The so-called Merkava Israeli tanks still use American engines and British guns.

    I think a little perspective would be in order here.

  20. I'm sure the US had supplied weapons & intelligence that allowed the preemptive strike by the israelis possible in '67. Besides, being in european first word for centuries gave these zionist advantage in military planning over the 3rd world arabs at the time. In addition, when you control the air, you already win the war. Speaking of proportionality, who are the cowards that always have to have the same military advantage over others for reasons to opress, steal,subdue and annihilate? Why cant they have a fair fight? Stop the weapons,military intelligence and money support from US and EU. Allow Iran or other countries to have the same military strenght & firepower, nukes, advance warplanes and what not. Then only can we see a fair fight. And because Israel is the combined forces of all the jews, The opponent should also be the combined forces of all muslims (Turkish, Pakis,Indons,Chechens, Egyptians, Syrians, Indians, Saudis,Morroccans,Somalis,Al Qaeda, MILF, Hamas Fatah, etc etc etc etc) with the same Might. Not only just might, these people must also be equally trained to operate these war machines. Let the big brothers US, UK,Russia, etc etc stay outside the ring and let the match begins. You thinnk the chosen people have balls to have this fair fight?

  21. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Hi Tamerlane;

    The chosen people are smart people. They control the world by proxy. Others people fight and die for them.

    The French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution,Communism, World War 1, World War 2,War on Iraq, Palestine Intifada, Globalisation, 1998 Currency Crisis, Sub Prime crisis, Madoff Ponzi scheme and many more. Google on these and you will find a similar pattern. They are either inspired/planned or funded by them

    Visit for more (not my blog)

  22. The ISraelis were helped on many occasions to create the so called new world order envisioned by the zionist illuminati elites.Study the history of the masons and you will see the 2 triangular architect instruments forming and overlapping triangles star of David. One of their goals is also rebuilding solomons temple (Jerusalems Dome of the rock).

    If anybody has the US dollar just look at the unfinished pyramid symbol and the all seeing eye.What does this symbol Mean? Mason illuminati symbol added by Roosevelt? As soon as The zionists grabbed palestinian lands in '48 truman ( a mason) wasted no time by quickly recognizing the state, on top of supplying them weapons.

    In addition, above the eagle there is a star of David.

    This desire to control the world and subjugate humankind has been set in motion since the founding of america and these elites have penetrated the goverments of the most powerful nations to pursue their agenda. Their goals lies beyond religious and moral issues but purely the pursuit of absolute power within their circle.The illuminati is in control of the global power structure : the economy,banking, hollywood,media,literature,UN, military, acedemics,sciences,arts, and other industries that people use globally. So how can we boycott their products? Is the world screwed or is it screwed?

    Am i paranoid? Or dont Bush and Kerry both presidential candidates for the last 2004 election belong to secret society of Yale's Skull & Bones?

    The prophecy is correct, the Dajjal is coming, damien thorn is born. 666, the six pointed star

  23. The one eyed illuminati or one eyed Dajjal. Mahathir was right after all. They do get others to fight and die for them. As confirmed by CNN today, they tried to cucuk the US into attacking Iran and let thousands of innocent americans die for their quest of world power. So it transcends religion and this muslim christian jew this is another diversion for them to sieze power and let us slaughter ourselves.. Since they control; the media and written history, does that mean they manipulated the ancient books like the Bible too? Portraying themselves the chosen people? Chosen by themselves to assume power that is.

  24. Anonymous9:38 am

    Mut and Tamerlane, i can't stop you if you wish to be ignorant.

    Yes, the U.S. and Britain did provide non-combat support. A U.S. battle ship was repositioned closer to Israel to provide support if needed. And because of this, you can include the Soviet Union into the list of armies supporting the Arabs as well.

    Embarrassingly, the Arabs pulled the same allegations as you. And the Israelis showed a tape that recorded a conversation of Nasser plotting to accuse U.S. and Britain.

    King Hussein, who was on the other end of that conversation, later fully denied any allegations that the U.S. and Britain had supported Israel. Nasser, with his tail between his legs, admitted to the plot.

    Tamerlane, is it a sin to be smart?

  25. Anonymous9:40 am

    oh... U.S. and France actually imposed an arms embargo on Israel during this time. By contrast, the Soviets were placing its military supplies into every Arab hand.

    Still.... they lost. tsk tsk

  26. I'm not surprised hussein said what he said. His hashemite kingdom is forever dependent on the favor of the superpowers at the time brits or yankees.

    It is not a sin to be smart. Strength and intelligence should be used to help humankind not annihilate it.

  27. Actually the Israelis only target the Hamas which started it all. Hamas should be wiped out, Border crossings opened on both ends and give peace has a chance.

    Childrens and Women killed? It is regretted but Hams have been hiding in civilian buildings, mosque,homes, schools.Hamas are really cowards.

    If they fought in open air, whole of hams will be wiped off in minutes. hamas have to hide in schools and housing areas but alas bombs have no eyes.