Thursday, January 01, 2009

24-in-a-room sex bust

update, Friday, 2+pm: 2/1 Police transfer case against 26 caught in KL sex party raid to Narcotics Dept for further action, will not pursue sex charges/STAR

original post:
09 started with a (gang) bang for some, or so says The Star in its sms alert:
1/1 Police arrested a female newscaster, an actress, and 24 others who took part in a sex party at a hotel room in KL.
But was it really a SEX party? The female newscaster, according to sources, is one Ms FR of Astro Awani. I was told it was an actor (not actress) of Gerak Khas, a popular crime series produced by Skop Productions, a Yusof Haslam concern, was also among the two dozens.

I don't usually like such stories but the similarity with how last year - 2008- started for Malaysia [First Scandal for 08], when politician Chua Soi Lek admitted that he was the man in a sex video. Dr Chua, as we know it, made a spectacular comeback to MCA!

p.s. I hope the papers find out if it's really a sex party. A lot of people I know pooled funds and book into hotel rooms or suites to usher the New Year. Usually, the rooms offer excellent view of the KL skyline and the fireworks.


Anonymous said...


new year, same story la this celebraties.

To me, pray for the best, prepare for the worst.

Selamat Maal Hijrah dan happy New Year

Anonymous said...

its a sex party rocky. confirm that, and wanna know who are they.

Anonymous said...

kee kee
the Gerak Khas cast really has some special moves eh!
kee kee

Anonymous said...

Did you book a room as well bro ?

lanaibeach said...

I doubt it was a sex party
Too many people in a room
In this age of technology
Video will crop up somewhere

The year end bash
Some rent hotel suites and apartments
To usher the end of a year
Gathering friends and acquaintances
Just party and make noises

I had seen those parties
Booked in apartments
The people wanted to have fun times
Jamming it out for the night

Maybe they made too much noise
Releasing pent up emotion
Let the flow into it
Thinking they pay so what was wrong?

Know your neighbors
Respect others right to quiet solitude
Sometimes people don’t care
They think of themselves

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Yeah right, tell it to Jais that they were in the room to watch the fireworks and ushering the new year.


Anonymous said...

yahoo,,,!! Malaysia Bole,,!!!!History was created tepat 12.01am,,???

Anyway nak salahkan siapa,,,Tak kan Bangsa Melayu nak ketinggalan,,!!???

Apa dah jadi with all the Islam Hadari yg di gembar gembur oleh Pemerintah,,!!???

Sambutan Maal Hijrah,,aurat semua kena tutup,,,sambutan New Year,,wow,,,BOGEL,,!!


ChengHo said...

i don't think sex party....the Star just wanna sell paper..

Anonymous said...

This the ugly cultural baggage of many of the moral police. Those guests were unfairly targetted. This is unfair.

What about if the room was without bed? With 24 of them,it's going to be poco-poco/ronggeng bust then.

Anonymous said...

so be it, if they want a sex party !. As long as they don't do it in public, why should anyone care ?.
Sex is good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rockstar...depa book hotel to drink zam2 water, and read quran to usher in New Year. Of course it was a drugged fuckfest! Not nice of you to reveal the lady though....bad habit tuh!

You sure you weren't born yesterday ah? Oh...Happy Bday! Belated. And Awal Muharram.

Anon born yesterday

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Even it is a real gang bang party i dont cares. Even if some ministers are involved in it.Hope they had a good time and practices safe sex.And is there really a law in this country that Gang bang is illegal?

Religious authorities are willing to turn a blind eye when so many Malay youth were seen drunk or high on something during Christmas celebration along the Bukit Bintang streets. Which is more damaging ?

Tun Adam Malik said...

My God! I thot the police has already blocked this thing from actually taking place? Anyways, what a way to usher the new year.

Dr Sid, tell us who they are!

Awan Lahon said...

that why we call Malaysia Boleh!..awani?gerak khas?..better call it amani gerakan khas..hahah

rocky said...

there is no law against a sex party,correct? well Jais is a different matter but if you have many people in one room, how to prove sex party.Now drugs involved etc, that is against the law. But guess the news paper needs headline grabbing news. same way how they went out of their way to report about the sex party in JB, which is really a scam for money.

Anonymous said...

rocky, happy new year

well if it involve yusof haslam, consider the case gone, cause he is damn close to PDRM. Still waiting for his problematic son's case!!!

zamri, sunway

Idham Idris said...

on The Star online, it is mentioned some were intoxicated, drugs were in the scene like ketamine, syabu and cocaine and a few were caught on the bed ...

Anonymous said...

woohoo. this is something not so new with a "celebraty" twist innit.

Mudskipper said...


U look macho in that pose...

Pa'chik said...

it was 26-in-a-room rock

Anonymous said...

pls grow up....Malaysians..

Anonymous said...

Sex party or an orgy of party goers? What's really wrong with that? It is between consenting parties and in the comfort of their privacy. But if they indeed disturbed their neighbours by the blaring noise, then their neighbours may have the right to complain.

Luckily Hudud laws are not in place, or else the busy bodies from the law enforcement will be having a field day snooping around.

This is where the Police get bad publicity once again. Instead of studying how to curb real crimes such as rape, snatch thefts, Mat Rempit problems, break/enter/steal issues, they excel in :

A) Silly speed traps
B) Snooping
C) Khalwat Watch

So, it comes as no surprise if more of such raids and intrusion of privacy becomes their hallmark.


Anonymous said...


new year ini takde ke rasa untuk tingkatkan ibadat solat, puasa etc...saya doakan agar allah buka pintu hati sdra untuk tingkatkan ibadat, insyallah.

Anonymous said...

According to the ancient and draconian Hudud law from the dinosaur ages, rape or adultry must be witnessed by 4 people, correct?

In this case, there were more than 4 people in the apartment. Not sure if any blind people were there to witness the show, though.

But what if all the people there said ' I did not see anything '. Will that be okay?

It puzzles me.


Anonymous said...


of course it was a sex party

dont you ever heard of the 'swingers' or changing partners

they took turn for the room

sex is only about 15 to 30 minutes

i read it before about the MO

anything is possible now

you said 24 are too crowded

think AGAIN

Anonymous said...

Harap pehak2 yang berkuasa dapat membuat siasatan dan memberi penjelasan secara profesional supaya pembenci2 Islam/ Melayu ini tidak ada modal untuk hentam.


amoker said...

More like a drug and alcohol party for the rich that got busted.

Why am i not invited? haha

Anonymous said...

Bro , Kamu ini macam tau aja tentang seks party, the way you are writing as though you been invited or maybe you were there as well .. it is not nice to reveal ppl's identity untill they are given a chance to defend .... May you too booked a room ... after all you to have your fav drink and of course your partner in crime also has her fav drink .. whats the issue ... why dont you attack some other issues..Man ....

Anonymous said...

i want join iwant join...woohooo!!

Anonymous said...

parti DADAH n ARAK. elemen yang digabungkan menghasilkan TONIK SERAKAH MUJARAB berlaku ZINA aka SEKS.

media saja buat2 cerita (senario biasa)atau mungkin polis salah cekup?? kenapa polis x hormat hak asasi mereka?? berseronok bukan buat jenayah...

atau kita semua seronok membuta tuli membela kesalahan tanpa melihat natijah perlakuan yg memusnahkan kehidupan anak2 masakini..

bila DAJJAL yang menguasai!

monsterball said...

Five is an illegal gathering..according to law...yet more than 5 gatherings in coffee shops...sitting and chatting arrests.
How idiotic can ..our government double standards interpretations can be.
Using that..they stopped so many ..small groups of peaceful great Malaysians ...burning candles ...saying a prayer silently for one of their arrested..under ISA.
Acting under a double headed snake..Commander -in -Chief..Dollah..what do you expect.
Those idiots cannot differentiate between acting and real show as some trainers are religious fanatics..from the kampongs..promoted to city life police officers.....all things are weird and wrong to them...when infact...they ..themselves..are weird and idiotic.

Anonymous said...

".. a few were caught on bed.."

bradder, they conveniently left out the fact that all those on the bed were FULLY clothed. And they were not couples. They were 4-5 people SITTING on the bed playing cards. Newspapers potray and sensasionalise news to sell more papers.

void corp 78 said...

sex n gambang party...whoa malaysia become more advance country...

Bro ur latest pic macam gambar adv tukung urut traditional kat harian metro la..

Anonymous said...

Hippie catch phrase " Make love, Not war"

Unlike some tyrant in this world these folks are merely out to have some fun. Why not?


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's not a sex party. But I wonder what's drugs and condom doing in the room. Someone who thinks this is not a sex party can talk to my foot.

Of course it's difficult to prove sex party. Drugs possession also difficult to prove except for consumption of drugs.

themafia said...

yea... maybe its not a real sex party... i have a same doubt ... ,they rent a hotel suites to usher the end of the year and have some fun... not really a sex party...

Anonymous said...

"What a wonderful world!"
Don't worry be happy....

Raison D'etre said...

Whatever la Bro.

Not something to be condoned anyway.

Way to go for the country, though. Try googling and you'll see that Malaysia made the right "noise" to get all the free-sex-starved-gang to Zoom (pun intended) here for next New Year's fest.


Just thank the lord we didn't have a Bangkok-nightclub incident.

Anonymous said...

It is not a sex party. It was an intoxicated party... Only few people knows the truth about this party. Newspaper is trying to make a big huha so that they could sell their newspaper.

Anonymous said...

it might be sex party and maybe not.but when males and females are together in one room and drug and alcohol are also involved then that could lead to one hell of a sex party.liquor is the mother of all evil.

on the other hand,why does always the cast from "gerak khas" got to get themself in controversy?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news breaking news. Kuala Lumpur is Asia's NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!! Some much going down and so multiracial. Yeah!!!!!

Actually i doubt it was a sex party. Drinking and smoking joint.. MAYBE... but sex party? I doubt it. So people, give them a chance to redeem themselves first. They are still innocent until proven guilty.

Anonymous said...

manusia akhir zaman....
yang jahat mudah dicari
yang alim dihapusi
yang menghibur melampau disanjungi
yang amal makruf nahi mungkar dizalimi

ALLAH akan menurunkan azabnya bila samapai ketikanya (which was happened now!!)

Ya ALLAH..aku takut siksa api nerakaMU... ampunka aku ya ALLAH..

kembalikan ISLAM dan kuatkan ISLAM ya ALLAH...

aku rindu ISLAM yang subur....


monsterball said...

Malay Mail said it all!'It's a real sex party....all 23 of them.
WOW modern youngsters do have Western ideas brought back to Malaysia.
We old that in bushes and in car..just kissing and raba raba.
More than that...father or brothers of that girl will come...hentam action man......get married or else...balls cut off.But I have two balls. It's is a god gifted...monsterball.....hahahahahhaha

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Malaysian are so obsessed with it simply because it is taboo.

Anonymous said...

Is it a crime to have a sex party in Malaysia? In private? Consenting adults?

I woz there

Anonymous said...


The 4 people you're referring should be beriman/faithful.


Anonymous said...

So it's ok now for malaysian youth to use drugs? Way to go Malaysia! Sick people with sick logic living in a sick country.

Anonymous said...

The coppers found half-naked couples on a bed and called it a sex party. So, we can even have a party by the beach n be accused of having an orgy just by being in our swimwear, which could by all means be considered half-nakedness. Looks like those kids just grouped in that room to get high on drugs, booze and music.

Anonymous said...

Salam, tak usah lah ikut cara haram ni. Nanti bila dah banyak sangat tukar partner, kena penyakit, nak salahkan siapa pulak. Consenting adults ke, consenting sex ke, kalau buat benda yang haram, benda yang tak baik akan belaku kemudian hari. Sekarang seronok lah, belom kena penyakit lagi, dah kena, melalak2 pula, finger pointing. Issshh, malu lah, dah lah masok maal hijrah, cuba buka buku baru dengan kerja amali yang mendatangkan faedah dan pahala. Masok newspaper malu, tapi bila kerja2 yang menjelekkan tak malu lak. Malu pada yang Maha Berkuasa, semua DIA nampak. Emak bapak tak nampak tapi DIA nampak. Bila balek rumah ke, balek kampong ke, cuba renong dulu muka ibu, kemudian renong pula muka bapa. Macammana perasaan?

Unknown said...

Polis, Jabatan Agama and other enforcement agencies buat kerja tu nak tunjuk dia orang buat kerja. benda ni buka berlaku masa tahun baru jer. Even as we conveniently leave our comment in this blog, sex, drugs and liquor parties occured everywhere in Malaysia. Come to JB to have a look. When public want some action taken, the authorities say "tak cukup man power". Hahahaha. what a joke. If you do it systematically, you don't have to get many people I wrong bru?

monsterball said...

Get high with booze with used condoms found on the floor?

Anonymous said...


the so-called "ancient and draconian hudud laws" require the 4 witnesses to be of good character and faith, and have actually witnessed the illicit act happening, not merely saw a glimpse of it. Draconian u say? These requirements have NEVER been fulfilled by anyone, EVER. During the Prophet's time, punishments were meted out when the wrongdoers came forward and confessed their sins. They accepted the punishment bcoz they couldn't live with themselves eventhough nobody knew abt it. Tough as the hudud laws may be, the burden of proof attached to it is even tougher.
Draconian, my dear, are the people who have misinterpreted, misused and abused the hudud laws all these while.


Lisa Lee said...

Ummm, it's a concern if people booking hotel rooms can get raided - like that, there's no privacy. Though the issue of drugs and the number of people could have resulted in alot of noise... and hence complaints to police?

I just wonder what is true? Blurrr...

Anonymous said...

why are we talking about sex here when we cannot even take good care of our own solat? lets not go into details and start posting virtues of about islam when we should see our own blunders in life we have made.

pinpointing at other peoples mistakes would not take us far at all.

so, why make fucking comments here?

we cannot even be united, we dont take care of muslim converts, we couldnt give no hoots to the daif and fakir miskin fellas out there and we are here pinpointing to 26 persons who have allegedly engaged themselves in the sex romp aka 2009 party?

this is totally utmost shame!

Anonymous said...

well, whatever this party was, Malaysians tend to forget that what all of us do behind closed doors is our own damned business. I think on the issue of drugs, these 26 people were indeed idiots to think that they would have gotten away with it because sorry to say, our Malaysians cant keep their mouth shut and the monkeys WHO WERE NOT INVITED for this party probably tipped the cops off.

As for finding condoms on these people, i ask you...which bloody party is there on this planet where at least NOT EVEN ONE GUY has a condom on him , "just in case" ???

So yeah, its alright for us to talk about having morals and what not but the truth of the matter is it could happen to ANY of us , this poor lot ushered in the new year just like the rest of us and got caught and were hung out to dry and humiliated by the newspapers for being involved in a "sex party". Again, Malaysia has excelled in being the "first". First country in the world to have sex parties whereby the participants are fully clothed.

Jesus, our rakyat are suffering and trying to work two or more jobs to survive, the economies worldwide are crashing and people are unemployed, kids are starving and all the police and media are concerned about are "sex parties" that dont exist (although personally i am quite sure that some buggers managed to pull off ACTUAL sex parties on new years and werent even caught ..hahahhaaha)

have a great new year Malaysians, and may we survive 2009 with our savings intact and hopefully we might have some time to throw in some sex too!

Cheers ~!

Anonymous said...

yet another sex in the city ..

Anonymous said...

Monsterball.. Unused condoms found. Read properly lah...


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...Malaysia Boleh!!!

Farrahrizan memang bolehhh!!!


monsterball said...

hi Anon..where there are condoms...used or unused..the intentions are
Maybe used...pull out..flushed through evidence?
Or maybe user..pocket it..too shy...not much zoom power juices.......hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

if its againts the law, againsts the religion, againsts malaysian culture, than obviously its wrong.

u drunk? u overdosed? bad? yes !

angeldream said...


police has confirmed its not a sex party. just called them just now.

the City narcotics officer said one of the press started to call it as a sex party without no reason .

p/s: still wondering, what were those condoms used for =/ tiup belon sambut new year ?


monsterball said...

Police are unreliable.
They always can be bought and love such situations to make big bucks.
Just watch them catch illegal gambling dens ..small bookies..for ages...catch...yet same den and bookies..operated on and on.
The on going was RM20,000 ..15 years throw case out.
What is the market price now...anyone know?
But poor DVD pirate tape sellers..hurting no one....making sure poor also enjoy movies/songs.. .like the rich...buying originals.
Original can actually cut off look-a-like...if they sell their products at reasonable prices. No..they go for big profits..cutting off ..90%..poor people to enjoy.
Strange it may seem....copies.. do help the original song..or movie earn more.
The collection is RM200 per pay...raids will go on and on.
Sex movie escape...sure after hell..get caught...and out he goes....with RM20,000 bribes..depending on the quantity court cases. RM500 per producer may rest for awhile.
Then come another group demanding same amount.
Then the head of Dept..comes...same bring his wife to pick some movies...all FOC.

monsterball said...

And now the DVD look-a-like grouped together...hire few to be at the road out for police raids.
They are all with talkie talkies...sound off stalls..5 minutes...all close shops..wait till raid party stops for business.
This business...only Malaysian Chinese can do....because long hours...hard work...and thousands of Muslims are employed by them....showing no race discriminations...even by so call crooks in the streets.
Actually all Malaysian Chinese is interested to employ hard working and honest workers...not like govt.Depts.
That is part of the reasons..why so many Muslims begin to open their eyes and see...who is the people...stopping Malaysians to be united.
It's UMNO and PAS...always.
And Mahathir is the worst of all.

Anonymous said...

To the two commentators and clarification related to Hudud Law :

Hudud and other laws were a necessity in the olden days when things were lawless. Religion was a form of government in those days. While many basic tenets of life in those days may be applicable in this era, many others are outdated.

For instance, why does one go through abulation before prayers? Yes, to cleanse one's self before facing the almighty. But in those days, there were no taps or PUAS to supply water, so sand could also be used as a cleanser.

And why was it forbidden to eat pork? Simply because the meat turned bad without refrigeration facilities and it caused untold sickness if consumed.

We should look at relevence, not blind faith.

I know this issue will turn emotional if I continue, so I will leave it as that; just my comment.


Anonymous said...

There is always a double standard when incriminating individuals with "celebrity" status in Malaysia, even more so if they are malay. So it will be difficult to find them wrong with so many "strings" available to pull.

BUT DRUG ABUSE IS DRUG ABUSE! So what if the parties involved are a tv presenter and Gerak Khas actor! Drug use cannot be condone, whether they are malay, chinese or indian.... period! Why conceal identity?

I say, paste their names and pictures on the front page to teach a lesson.

ipv6 said...

It seem to me that the one who get busted themself..or those who happen to enjoy that kind of fiesta (wif drugs n women in place)came ere to defend never cease to amuse me on the level of arguments to justify their activities...some even compare the haft naked wth wearing the swimsuit on the beaces. surely this dazed lacking intelligence folks doesnt even understand what is the basic term of haft naked.Period.

Anonymous said...

(fury9): i waited more than an hour to renew my roadtax at ipoh gdn post office ( very crowded) & saw a worker
masuk office exactly at 2pm ( after lunch) & she took more than 7 minutes to open another counter & she was supposed to start work at 2 SHARP ...sigh !!

Anonymous said...

(fury9) : private party also cannot ah !? ....ok, jom, go rempitting
...zoom...zoom...ZOOM...." bang " !!

Anonymous said...

I am very annoyed with you; it’s about time you minded your own business.
thanks a lot