Friday, January 02, 2009

Resolution #1

Saving IJN: Who misled the MoF? I have a list of resolutions for 2009 but the most urgent one is to help save the National Heart Institute from the slimy foxes.
We know some people at Sime Darby and MoF (did someone say Ethos?) haven't given up. And despite the IJN doctors' petition against the proposed takeover, the Cabinet has been willing only to defer the decision. I hope the Minister of Finance Najib Razak will shoot down the proposal (and the consultants responsible for the idea) after the Kuala Terengganu by-election on Jan 17. It's the ony way.

The Rakyat will appreciate it.

Newsmakers of the Year. And talk about the Rakyat, kudos to Malaysiakini on an excellent choice of their Newsmakers of the Year 2008: the People. Read here if you are not (yet) a subscriber to Mkini.
The write-up is a tad partisan but it's amusing to see that others have spiced it up even further, as in here.

Thanks Prem and Stevens for the special mention of BLOGS, and for singling out Dr Mahathir the blogger. Many of us forget that we enjoy this new media freedom today because of the promise given by the Mahathir Administration that the internet would not be censored. At one time in 2007, every sopo blogger that was critical of Pak Lah was leveraging on Dr Mahathir in one way or another, including RPK and Jeff Ooi. I should revisit this interesting period of our blog evolution soon.

Back to IJN, hop over to Sime Darby Watch to examine the issues, eg Who misled the MoF?, here.
The IJN takeover has brought fame to TWO big corporate figures. See TURKEYs of 2008.

p.s. Remember the IJN doctors who signed the petition against Sime Darby's takeover bid? If we are looking for heroes for 08, you don't have to look further than them. And thank you Belacak for the Newsmaker of the Year award (click h e r e) but I wasn't the one who broke the story on IJN. The award should go to SDW.


  1. Anonymous2:30 pm

    i hope the govt just scrapped the idea of selling 51% of IJN share to Sime Darby right after the by-election in KT.IJN still can withstand to where they are now.there's no need for any private organisation to run IJN.and yeah the govt should make this as the first resolution of 2009.

  2. How dare you labeled Sime people as slimy foxes???

    They are led by a World Class Democrat's in Tun Musa Hitam!!

    Musa Hitam can do no wrong. He is pure in his heart. He has only Agama, Bangsa and Negara in his mind.

    Not once has he misused his power throughout his dignified career.


    A CASE OF Always claiming to be cleaner than clean

  4. Anonymous3:05 pm

    I heard from inside info (could be a rumour), both parties i.e. MoF & Sime Darby has signed the privatization agreement.

    So how could they then decide otherwise?

    It could be that the KT by-election is standing in their way.

    Electors in KT and Malaysians' citizens must demand that BN/Government to clearly state in this election campaign whether to privatize IJN or not?

    Else IJN could still be officially privatized by BN/Government after KT By-election on the pretext that the signed agreement is binding and nothing BN/Government could do about it!

    Concerned citizens should never underestimate the existence of greeds that motivate this move in the first place.

  5. Anonymous3:11 pm


    I supported and continue to support your stance against any proposed takeover of IJN by Sime Darby and I thought you did an excellent job blogging about it and raising awareness of the issue.

    However, if you're going to take "spin-meisters" to task, then abiding by that "no-spin" ehtos yourself would be good mate. You made two (2) references in this posting stating that IJN consultants signed a petition "against the takeover" - which, with due disrespect, is inaccurate.

    The consultants simply stated their continued commitment to serve IJN as it it is presently constituted and; that any proposed takeover was not as a consequence or directly linked to any increase in wages which they were purportedly demanding. They went on to opine that it was not for them, in their collective capacity as consultants, to decide on matters of privatisation, etc.

    Although, I would concede that it is quite easy to infer or arrive at the conclusion that said petition was put out to demonstrate the consultants' "anti-takeover" stance/world-view.

    However, if you're going to point out the spin-wizadry of others, as you have many a time on this blog, I would suggest sticking to the facts yourself. And the fact is that no way in the signed petition do the good doctors and surgeons of IJN state that they are against any takeover bid - only that their purported demands for wage increases was not the reason/basis for any such takeover proposal.


    Dean Nair

  6. Salam bro Rocky,

    I hope u dont mind me posting my reply to SDW's story on the same matter but more specifically on the doctors.

    "Gomen cerita pasal doctor2 nak gaji lebih sebagai alasan nak bagi pd SD tak masuk akal langung.

    Tak kan la Gomen tak tau berapa banyak duit yg doctor2 pakar di IJN tu dapat samapi ada yg boleh pakai kereta yg besar2. Sehingga jadi satu isu dengan doctor2 gomen hospital yg lain.

    Utk pengetahuan ramai, ada srg doctor pakai dapat gaji lebih dr RM100,000 sebulan. Ini termasuk la perks2, insentif, bonus, etc etc.

    Head2 nya pulak (ada la kurang dari 5 org)dapat purata imbuhan kurang lebih RM70,000 sebulan.

    Doctor2 pakar yang lagi 20 orang lebih ni dapat purata sebulan kurang lebih RM50,000.

    Dengan ini macam punya gaji + nikmat dua dunia pun dapat (public perks & private payscale), naik plane business class, conference merata bole pergi, training kat Mayo pun bole tak hairan lah kalu doctor2 yg berhenti nak cari duit lebih, kurang dari 10 sejak 16 tahun ni.

    Ini tak termasuk pahala akhirat yg dah terkumpul sejak jadi doctor.

    Akan tetapi, money without power tak guna jugak buat sebilangan doctor2 di IJN tu. Dr2 ni pun manusia gak. Maka bermulala planning sekerat dua doctor2 yg ada cita-cita tinggi ni utk kemut IJN ni utk para-para doctor sahaja.

    Jadi, walaupun kerajaan dah kata "deferred" (tak tau la apa maksud sebenarnya), usaha-usaha utk menrealisasikan impian bekas TPM & sokong oleh anak menantu masih tengah berjalan lagi ni DI DALAM IJN.

    Ini mmg boleh confirm la Din. Minit yg di postkan earlier then remove "as part of goodwill" tu mmg betul isi kandungan nya DAN didalangi oleh doktor2 sekerat dua ni untuk memburuk2 kan keadaan kununnya all in not well in IJN.

    Akan tetapi, bila BoD mtg on Xmas eve lain pulak bunyi statement dari PAC. I guess by now hang dah bule agak dr2 yg bersekongkol dgn SD ni.

    Jadi Musang tu silap la kalu dia cakap yg dr2 tu nak gaji lebih. Kaya raya dah suma tu better than some of their peers kat private practice. Dia orang ni secara professional mmg bagus, cerdik & yg bangga nya Anak Malaysia semua tu.

    Blog hang ni mmg fofular di IJN. Tapi tak lah sampai di blok kan access nya. Tak betui tu.

    Isu doctor2 ni public kena tau. Soal gaji ni last dalam list of their needs. It's the POWER to control yg dia orang nak. Jadi bila dah ada orang luar yg sanggup jadi lembu, melompat la puak2 ni. Apatah lagi ada yg dijanjikan jawatan2 penting dalam dalam hieraki IJN"

    Tok Mudim Dr Zhivago

  7. Anonymous4:44 pm

    DAMANSARA you a so right..!!

  8. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Bro Rocky.. I wonder where ALL MALAYSIAN SCIENTIST GONE????

    Please read this
    Australian scientists make breakthrough against dengue fever virus

    MELBOURNE, Fri.:

    Australian researchers have made a breakthrough that could curb the spread of the mosquito-borne dengue fever virus.

    Scientists from the University of Queensland said they had proven that they could limit the lifespan of the Aedes aegypti, which spreads the disease.

    In a paper published in the prestigious international journal, Science, the researchers said they could halve the insects’ lifespan by infecting them with a bacterium that is harmless to humans and other animals.

    The breakthrough could dramatically curtail the insects’ potential to spread the disease because only older mosquitoes can transmit it to humans, Brisbane’s Courier Mail newspaper reported.

    PhD student Conor McMeniman, who carried out the research, used super-fine needles to manually inject 10,000 mosquito embryos with the bacterium, then encouraged the surviving mosquitoes to feed on his own blood.

    “We ended up having to inject thousands of embryos to achieve success, but it was well and truly worth it in the end,” he was quoted as saying.

    Professor Scott O’Neill, head of the university’s School of Biological Sciences, said researchers would now conduct field experiments in northern Queensland.

    “If that proves successful, we hope to deploy this new dengue control measure in other parts of Australia, as well as Thailand and Vietnam,” Professor O’Neill said.

    There is no vaccine or cure for dengue fever. It harms up to 100 million people and kills more than 20,000 every year.

  9. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Why dont we privatize all the HOSPITAL and give it to SIME..will they accept it??

    no why? because TARAK UNTUNG punya!!

    Those BOZOS ...

  10. Anonymous5:13 pm

    U deserve an award too for being the most conscientious and unbiased blogger in local bloggerdom. A real inspiration for current and would be bloggers like me ( if i can find the time and the skills to blog as effectively as you). Kudos bru and keep up the good work.


    Slimy foxes should be shot and stripped of their pelts, given their unsavoury past as politicians and public servants are nothing to brag about. Ask Dr Rais Saniman and Lorraine Esme Osman of BMF fame, they would know a thing or two about the dying art of elegant silences, chic lies and stylish deceptions. The questions raised by SDW are very relevant. It would be interesting to smoke out the trojans within the ramparts as an external enemy would not have attempted to breach the fortifications so brazenly without someone within not being in cahoots with it.

    The fact that this infernal affair was exposed in the nick of time is a supreme testimony of the SILhoutte's socalled masterful planning skills for only a shadow of an idiot would be capable of almost pulling off and then botching a stunt like this. Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, an ancient art perfected behind closed doors in the wonderland of Dreamland. I shudder to think what will happen to country when such scums are touted in doggerels as the saviours of the nation.Someone talked the other day of the guy having the oratorical skills, knowledge and elan to propel the young lions into the stratosphere, my spontaneous retort was that empty vessels make the most elegant noises and wreak the most irreversible damage not to mention turn roaring lions into mewing pussies.Ask Sukarno, Gamel Nasser, Hitler and their ilk and they will resignedly admit that all show and braggadacio, are the recipes for big cockups. i never ever trusted lectern heroes for when push came to shove, they will invariably show up to be paper lanterns, lighting the way down the garden path......

    "Sopos" leveraging on Tun Dr M. Thats nothing to be surprised about for the man was the silent and effacing kingmaker through his commitment to a free and uncensored net of many a scum braggart like RPK et al who then paid the ultimate compliment by spitting on Tun's reputation.It speaks volumes of RPK's bastard pedigree, the wasted sperm of a dissolute raja.Tun was not in the least affected, RPK and just desserts for you that he could garner in 9 months what you took years to eke out.

    Premesh Chandran, Steven "son of a Gan", being a tad bit partisan. You are being charitable there Rocky, for these purveyors of elegant garbage disguised as news are the main culprits for much of the putrid effluence that swamp the gutter and drains of cyberdom. If you are looking for the Pravda mouthpiece for Fakatan, look no further than this cyberrag (MT does not even qualify to be called a cyberrag,more a toilet rag)where elfin, goblins, gremlins and trolls stoke the fires of enmity and spew their presumptous and condescending venom at the majority race and Islam in pieces barely disguised as intellectual offal that reeks of prejudice coated as it is by the sauce of Chingkie chauvinism. They have had already two comeuppances already courtesy of the DPM and the Penang Hindu Endowment Board and i remember how jimadie shah wrote a piece on the Teresa cockup, that implicitly vindicated KT but that peice ws sequestered into their(MK's)archives to minimise its impact on "Santa" Teresa's "beatification".here is a proposal for 2009, Steven, Premesh why not launch a Fuck Anwar Campaign for a change, i dare you if you got the balls that is.It may be your road to salvation!!

    Finally, Zorro eagerly prancing about to be stripped naked seeing that he has already been unmasked as a dissoulute charlatan.Sad to hear that this scum was once a schoolteacher who probably wanked up many an innocent mind and probably spent his teaching hours masturbating his asinine thoughts into the brains of his ardent devotees.No wonder you have an army of admirers paying paeans to the scum and as he wallows in that filthy praise, it would be good if he could cast back the net of his slimy thoughts into the distant sea of the past and trawl the calm waters to discover how many lives he had wreaked as a school master.Heard that he is off with his arsehole sidekicks, Haris, the wakil wallah, RPK, the bastard scum to stir up shit in kT. My prayers are that the good people of KT will hound these scounddrels outta town all the way up to Besut into the waiting arms of Ayaapan (ayah pin)in which they can wank the nights away with old hags and while the days away drinking putrid skyjuice from teapots while sitting under giant umbrellas as they contemplate the boatwreck of a life wasted sowing discord and enmity in this blessed land. A fitting asylum for blinkered Anwaristas who are unrepentantly stubborn and dogged in their perfidious ways. Mother Fuckers all of them...

    Warrior 231

  11. Wow, it make sense.

    Sime Darby wants to improve quality for healthcare.

    Taking over the public hospitals is the right move.

    Sime Darby, it is not about profits is all about rakyat right...THEN TAKE OVER THE PUBLIC HOSPITALS!


  12. Malaysia still need a strong personality in the mould of Tun Mahathir and LKY to run the country.

  13. Dear Rocky & SDW

    Belacak congratulate you both. On top of it both of u have did an excellent job blogging about it and raising awareness of the issue.

    God bless you, InsyaAllah.

  14. 1. Bro Rocky, in regards to IJN proposed privatisation which were deferred and not cancelled, if UMNO/BN wants to lose the next general election very badly then this a sure fire way to lose it. They have been warned.

    2. Warrior 231, you are wicked, really wicked dude, great posting bro. Would be interested to know your take on the Herald stubborn determination to use the word ALLAH in their Bahasa Melayu section next time.

    Thank You.

  15. Anonymous2:05 am



  16. You gave credit to Dr. M for not censoring the internet.

    I thought he had to promise it to get the big guns from the Silicon Valley on the MSC bandwagon, a scheme that MGG Pillai later termed a glorified real estate scheme.

    If he really wanted to promote freedom of speech and ideas befitting a democracy, then he would have repealed the PPPA and the whole slew of other Acts used to stifle dissent and cover up wrong doings during his time. And we would not see our MSM being the lapdogs that they are now.

    So no, I think you got it wrong there. It was comical to see him bitching about lack of press coverage when he accorded the same treatment to those not in his favour during his time in power.

    And then turning to the internet that he so maligned to spread his venom when he found himself ignored in the very MSM monster he created.

    What goes round comes around I guess.

  17. Anonymous9:50 am

    Dr Mahathir administration didn't censored the information highway is simply because it can't. There are roughly around
    2 billion users getting online worldwide every day and Dr Mahathir is only just one user. So how?

  18. Tun Mahathir is our very own Malaysian hero. Indeed, we are where we are because of him!

  19. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Pasal Dr. Mahathir, rencana blog yang berikut ni adalah bacaan wajib:

    Harap Rocky serta para pembaca sekalian dapat lebih memahami Dr. Mahathir dan institusi UMNO yang dibina oleh beliau.

  20. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Saudara, saya harap saudara boleh bantu menyelamatkan Institut Jantung Negara dengan memaparkan "save the IJN" logo di blogsite saudara. Logo itu boleh didapati di blogsite saya:

    Terima kasih.


  21. TQ for the 'link' bro. Happy New Year & Selamat Berjuang Untuk Selamatkan IJN dan 'Labu' daripada di-tebuk tupai2 HITAM!

  22. Let's Save IJN! And if I might add -- this is a great business proposal, if you're not involving a hospital such as IJN.

    Have you no heart, Slime Darby?

  23. Anonymous7:38 am

    Thanks for showing photo of SD CEO Ahmad Zubir ... so ini rupa orang gilakan duit ... yang kononnya nak menolong bangsa ... nanti jumpa kat KL boleh aku baling kasut ...

  24. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Former CEO Zubir Hj Murshid

    please check out on his cars

    KW 989 Beemer 5 series
    KBK 989 Beemer 7 series
    BHK 989 some Korean made vehicle

    989 mate...989

  25. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Ahmad Zubir... manusia hidung penyek yang rakus cam ni pun diberikan pangkat Dato'... entah berapa ramai lagi pemimpin yang berjoli-joli dan rapat dgn UMNO macam Zubir yang hidup mewah kereta besar dan berpangkat Dato' dan Tan Sri tapi adalah parasit kepada rakyat.

    Bila lagi rakyat nak bangun menentang golongan elit yg menjadi parasit kepada kekayaan negara dan rakyat?