Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello, 09!

Happy New Year,
bros and sisters.

To peace and happiness in 2009.

update, near midnight: Jeff Ooi's countdown to the New Year in Three, Down and Out? is too close to pass.

Don't drink and drive ....


  1. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Peace & prosperity goes hand in hand . So over to you prosperity .....'09

  2. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Peace and happiness? I thought these 2 words are getting elusive in our Malaysian everyday's lives lately. At least we can try. New Year 2009 greetings to Rocky and all your readers.

  3. Hei Rocky!
    I say fu%k the human kind, the despicable destroyer of planet earth, they cheat, they fornicate, they kill, commit all of the unthinkable sexual acts among themselves, they pollute the water, they kill each other on the road, they tell convincing lies, they do bad things inflict injury causing death in the name of religion, so mon frere Fuc# the New Year it will still be the same old same old, the Jews will kill the Palestinians, the Chinese will pretend to like the Malays, the Malays will do the same, the Indians think they are the majority and they hate the others just the same.
    In spite of all that I shall wish all the best for all of you Morons for the sake of the best for all of us, yes us Morons!

  4. Happy New Year to all Malaysian.

  5. Anonymous6:55 pm

    go go go

    u r grea!

    may u be stronger in the new year!

    May the ruler take the rakyat to his heart!

    May palestine be peace!


  7. Happy new year 2009 and peace to the world . I wish we have less public holiday next year...let start productive again...

  8. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Fuck the New Year. Go to hell. I wish an UNHAPPY NEW YEAR to all and sundry. Ye hypocrites. You pollute the environment, you rape this beautiful planet of ours, you kill your brudders and sisters in the name of god, you bastards, scoundrels, you motherfucking earthlings. Go to hell. May god curse all of you. Those who agree with me can contact me at Tanjong Rambutan Pub. My phone no is 584. By the way, if you want to get rich, put all your money on 584 in the magnum draw. Cheers.

  9. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Wish you a happy New year and all the best of 2009...

    (Anon From Kedah)

  10. My dear Attan...I wish you and your family...good health...lots of happiness and may 2009 bring you wealth and so deserve.

  11. selamat tahun baru saya ucapkan kepada brader rocky dan kesemua pembaca rocky's bru!

  12. Anonymous9:28 pm

    The hair gets thinner, the mind gets worked up, the cash disappears fast, the doctors await your arrival, the departure hall gets closer and the grave is one year nearer.

    So, cheers, be merry, have that drink on me, I buy, you pay.

    One year just blew away, I found the sad and bad parts but I guess I threw the best parts away.

    See you next year, and that's a long time!


  13. Sdr Rocky,

    Anda telah saya pilih sebagai pemenang NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR 2008, didalam blog saya, but unfotunately for the 3rd place, sorry!

    Anyway, Wish u a happy new year!.

    Salam hormat.

  14. Happy New Year Bro Rocky

  15. Happy new year to you & the family too, bro Rocky ;-)

  16. To Pasquale & nstman,
    What's the problem of both you guys, angry young man? For both of you fook here fook there won't make the world a better place, your tongues are more polluted than the enviroment. Save all your fook fook here go do something good to the enviroment. At this festive time of the year, other shall deserve happy & joy with or without you pessimistic "fookers".

  17. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Selamat Tahun Baru and request the use of your blog to expose an all too familiar charlatan.Thanking you in advance.

    These 3 exchanges epitomise the sort of mindset Pakatan minions labour under. I deliberately ventured into the PP and affected a mock-Dickensian style to see how this guy will react. And react, he did by deleting the last two comments, (4) and (5),i sent him. looks when the going gets hot, the reptiles scurry for cover, ha!ha!ha! The context for me putting up these exchanges here is to alert my fellow Malaysians not to fall for wankers like these and their shenanigans like the proposed MANSUH given the fact they do not have the interests of their fellow Malaysians at heart, only their own vested interests and that of their narrow chauvinist agenda as another excerpt from the screen shot blog will attest. Suffice to say, the fiasco now unraveling in selangor is the net result of putting one's trust in these misguided and morally desultory individuals.

    My affected mien in the whole discourse was to lampoon this guy and mock at his affectatious postings. Rest assured, that was the "warrior" in disguise, a demenaour i assumed to blend into a hoity toity crowd helmed by a dissimulating and namby pamby scum (who a has fixation against a certain revert).

    Whatever the brickbats, you receive Bru, I salute you sincerely for keeping to the tenets of free speech come what may. you are indeed the epitome of unbiased blogging. Happy gregorian New year brother and May you continue to set the benchmarks in bloggerdom.
    Enjoy the read if you have the time, my fellow brethren and here's hoping that we stand united agaisnt scum like RPK, Haris, Zorro in 2009 as they struggle to tear our social fabric asunder with their "cheap' stunts.

    1. Warrior 231 Says:
    December 29, 2008 at 2:24 pm
    Stop itlah Harris for enough is enough. You have lost the elections nd since you talk about upholding the constitution, you have to respect the decision of the rakyat. The ISA was part of that election package the BN proferred and though reality hurts and frustrates, you have to swallow the “bitter pill” that it is here to saty for the likes of you.

    Why not channel your energies elsewhere, like against the bloody israelis who seem to have run riot. No joint communique from Pakatan about the carnage. Mmm…seems that they condone the violent pogrom against the Muslims. But then again you people must be closet ……….. (fill in the dots) and while at it desist towing along little girls and boys for your vigils, mini-demos, maxi-demos whatever unless you people are ………. (fill in the dots again)

    Salam Muharram. (Here’s guessing, you will not dare to put this up as usual)

    Warrior 231

    Warrior 231,

    Haris: Even if you are right ( and I am not conceding this ) that the majority had voted in favour of retaining the ISA at the last GE, the candlelight vigils, the impending MANSUH rally and all other efforts to communicate our concerns about the abuse of this law is a legitimate exercise of democratic rights.

    2.Warrior 231 Says:
    December 30, 2008 at 10:12 am
    You may not concur with my assertion but the crux of the matter is that the ISA is provided for by Article 149 of the Malaysian Constitution. As long as that Article is not repealed, to call for the abrogation of the ISA would be tantamount to repudiating one of the cornerstones of the Constitution that you people continously pledge to uphold. But then again, i note the inherent contradictions in your stand for wasnt it not too long ago that the Pakatan (the hidden hand behind Bersih,Candlelight Fests and Mansuh etc.) was talking about wresting power after fomenting crossovers (a constitutionally odious machination, wont you agree). But then, i am not in your league to split semantics with, you being a champion lawyer and me, an unemployed farmer (the victim of the economic slowdown).

    This brings me to my second observation: how come thrusts for power are most persistent during economic turmoil, the last one being exactly 10 years or so ago.In relation to such insurrections, wouldnt it be better if you people, for the sake of the downtrodden like me and other underpriveleged souls, desist from further exacerbating the situation with your demonstrations and other forms of street “dancing” that will leave remaining investors (foreign and local) gnawing their fingernails and render them nervous wrecks.I besseech your esteemed self to consider and contemplate the suffering that would ensue and in your benevolence, call off those planned street “dances”. But then again my humble plea and supplications may just be mossie drones for rich and connected lawyers and sundry middle/upper class snobs who are the brains behind such shenanigans blessed as they are with obscene wealth and inordinate amount of free time to trifle with. A thousand apologies if i had been presumtous.

    I humbly submit that the democracy is an inherently self-aborting system. Majority voice is its crux and to remove it would render the system a stillborn or deformed gargoyle. The only compromise would be a PR (proportional representation) system but even that is subject to problems and at times can render a nation ungovernable. The Italian connection would be food for thought.

    I sincerely hope these humble observations will be spared censorship. Thank you.

    Warrior 231

    Haris : Warrior 231,

    Respectfully, the entirety of your first paragraph calls to mind the adage that a little knowledge may prove to be a dangerous thing.

    The contents of the second paragraph suggest that you are anything but underprivileged and more likely to be a member of the class of middle class snobs that you spoke of.

    You wouldn’t by any chance be Revert, would you? Just had to ask.

    3.Warrior 231 Says:
    December 30, 2008 at 3:54 pm
    Apologies for pressing the despatch key rather peremptorily the last time around. The full version of my humble and unsolicited repartee for you kind perusal.

    I did not expect that fulmination from the likes of you, a highly regarded legal eagle. As i humbly submitted in my comment, i am in no way in your league as i do not have the wherewithal nor the trove of knowledge to contest your informed and wise arguments. Hence, i am behoved to beseech the magniminity (ah!!! did i spell thar right)of your good self to clear the fog that i am now enshrouded in. For isn’t Article 149, the womb which gestated the ISA for that is what my fugued mind and my wretched eyeballs conjectured when i chanced upon the said article in that legal tome : The Malaysian Constitution authored by his eminence Allahyarham Tun Suffian. In light of your reply, i had to (and my apologies for that) to do a quickscan of Wiki and came across this:

    “The power of preventive detention was however not relinquished and in fact became an embedded feature of Malaysian law. In 1960 itself, the government passed the Internal Security Act under Article 149 of the Malaysian Constitution. It permitted the detention, at the discretion of the Home Minister, without charge or trial of any person in respect of whom the Home Minister was satisfied that such detention was necessary to prevent him or her from acting in any manner prejudicial to national security or to the maintenance of essential services or to the economic life in Malaysia. The ISA is one of the most controversial Acts enacted under Article 149 of the Malaysian Constitution.”

    and pray, my good lawyer how far is that different from what i wrote.

    Haris 9interjecting)You said in your earlier comment :

    You may not concur with my assertion but the crux of the matter is that the ISA is provided for by Article 149 of the Malaysian Constitution. As long as that Article is not repealed, to call for the abrogation of the ISA would be tantamount to repudiating one of the cornerstones of the Constitution that you people continously pledge to uphold.

    My explanatory response as to why I had cautioned that this view served to remind of that adage that you appear to have take objection :

    Your error, sir, in my humble estimation, was in suggesting that the repeal of a mere Act of Parliament might have the catastrophic effect of neutering the very constitutional provision that might have legitimised the enactment of such an Act in the face place.

    As to the contention that the validity of the ISA might be founded on Article 149, it may have escaped your attention, your having already very candidly admitted that you do not have the ‘wherewithal nor the trove of knowledge….’, that the very constitutionality of the ISA, measured against the constitutional provision that you now speak of so fondly, was challenged in the recent RPK habeas corpus. That the arguments taken in support of this contention did not find favour with the learned judge will not operate as a bar to the point being re-visited before another coram on another date will not be lost on those with the requisite wherewithal and trove of knowledge.

    Damn, I would have sworn you were Revert.

    Warrior (till the end): In fact, i was compelled to insert the above extract to vindicate, nay, clear my good name from your scurrilious rant that has besmirched my good character and reputation and that has brought me into public odium.(rest assured, i will not pursue this slur into the hallways of justice, as i am not endowed with the pecuniary means to embark on any such pursuit notwithstanding the fact that i am probably entitled to register any such claim against you subject to the sagacious advise of a pro-bono lawyer)

    I also had the good fortune of having an historical tract at hand while checking on the above tract and it explicitly elucidated much of the above with the additional caveat that the ISA was in fact the successor to the Emergency Ordinance (1948).

    Hence, i was totally flummoxed by your response and your imputation that i am from the petty bourgeoise (middle class snob) when in reality, my goodself, is a mere peasant in Mao nomenclature or a proletariat in Lenin’s weltanschung. An unemployed one at that, having lost my farming vocation due to the infernal economic climes, and am now surviving off the benevolent largesse of my son who himself is a factory proletarian (a machinist by vocation) struggling to make ends meet. It was his situation that moved me to supplicate your goodself from channeling your immense wealth and oodles of leisure to organise street insurrections for i fear such actions may scare away the remnants of the foreign capitalist class who are already fidgeting nervily on tenterhooks in view of the uncertain political climes enveloping this blessed land, fearful as they are of the dwindling returns that are flowing into their coffersfrom their gross exploitation of us proles.

    My dear sir, i beseech you to exert your influence and use your vaunted oratorical skills to call for the abandonment of the Mansuh undertaking for to proceed would ‘mansuh’ us the underprivilieged and the downtrodden, living as we are under the yoke of poverty and the constant visitations of misfortune. Pray sir, i hope you will benevolently consider this request which is the very echo of the unvoiced pain of my fellow kindred souls. May the milk of kindness pour forth from your gentle heart to save us from the vagaries of poverty and the viccsitudes of unemployment. Bless you, Godspeed.

    Me a Revert, no honourable sir, i am, and always been a Muslim and Malay from birth, Alhamdullillah. i sincerely and unquestioningly accept your apologies perchance if you had mistakenly confuted me for some other perfidious character for never have i been an extrovert, introvert, revert or a pervert who diverts his fellow man down the garden path to ….

    I sincerely hope this laboured discourse, i penned in the fading light flooding the bowels of my family’s hovel will see the light of day in the corridors and aisles of your august parlimentary chambers. Forgive me for my poor language and Dickensian style.

    Thank you

    Warrior 231

    2 comments that were barred from publication in the said blog.

    Article number: 149
    (1) If an act of parliament recites that action has been taken or threatened by any substantial body of persons, whether inside or outside the Federation –

    (a) to cause, or to cause a substantial number of citizens to fear, organised violence against persons or property; or
    (b) to excite disaffection against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or any Government in the Federation; or
    (c) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or other classes of the population likely to cause violence; or
    (d) to procure the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of anything by law established; or
    (e) which is prejudicial to the maintenance or the functioning of any supply or service to the public or any class of the public in the Federation or any part thereof; or
    (f) which is prejudicial to public order in, or the security of, the Federation or any part thereof,

    any provision of that law designed to stop or prevent that action is valid notwithstanding that it is inconsistent with any of the provisions of Article 5, 9, 10 or 13, or would apart from this Article be outside the legislative power of Parliament; and Article 79 shall not apply to a Bill for such an Act or any amendment to such a Bill.

    (2) A law containing such a recital as is mentioned in Clause (1) shall, if not sooner repealed, cease to have effect if resolutions are passed by both Houses of Parliament annulling such law, but without prejudice to anything previously done by virtue thereof or to the power of Parliament to make a new law under this Article.

    While I may concede that I made a fatal error in transcribing my puny thoughts in the manner they were rendered, I fail to see how you can state that the ISA is unconstitutional observing that article 149 does expressly allow for the breach of provisions as contained in Articles 5,9, 10 and 13.The fatal error in my humble opinion lies precisely in the failure of anti-ISA proponents to campaign, agitate, demand, insist or in any such similar manner feasible, for the repeal of Article 149 given the fact that it is the mother ship from which the pirate vessels (like the ISA), that usurp our rights, emanate. There can be two reasons for this flaw:

    1.By repealing the ISA, antinational elements can easily foment an insurrection in the ensuing legal vacuum and subsequently utilize the provisions of Article 149 to suppress, eradicate, annihilate, and obliterate dissent to their despotic rule. In plain speak, the Act of Parliament can be jettisoned but the womb that allows for the gestation of such Acts be preserved to serve the dictatorial and despotic intentions of the usurpers which can be effected through ISAs version 2, mark 3, chapter 4 ad infinitum.

    2. Anti-ISA proponents are surreptiously aware that any constitutional manouvre to repeal or amend article 149 would require a 2/3 majority vote which given the constant bickering and squabbling among the respective component parties would forever remain a fata morgana.

    The anti-ISA proponents are merely playing a sleight of hand tactic. They are organizing protest marches and holding candle vigils in the full knowledge that any repeal of the ISA would merely be an eyewash, a potential cover for their real intention of seizing power ala Thailand through an organized and well funded insurrection. They know in their hearts that Article 149 is the real usurper of our rights as free men of this blessed nation, yet they (the anti-ISA proponents) are not in the least concerned about amending or repealing this canker in the nation’s soul. All they want is power and to reuse Article 149 to introduce their own piece of draconian legislation that may even outISA the ISA itself!!. All the signs of such a dastardly manouvre are apparent, the constant raising of sensitive issues, the increasingly tiresome allusion to frogging, the well organized and funded vigils, marches, cyclothons and the like*.

    Beneath these shenanigans, the underprivileged and the disenfranchised prole and peasant polity have to bear the repercussions of such endless machinations, leashed as we are to spiraling food and medical bills, a sagging economy, rising unemployment, fleeing capital, a devalued currency and diminishing FOREX reserves. Indeed, we, the salt of Earth, are the proverbial emaciated mousedeer in that Malay proverb : Gajah sama gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati ditengah2, pawns of evil men and women who have not only sucked the labour out of our malnourished bodies but are now bent on sucking the life out of our forsaken souls.

    Have a heart, please Mr Haris, for you, sir, are eminently placed to stop our imminent extinction by alerting your colleagues and other partisans of their errant ways. I implore you, sir, as a man of honour, to provide us some respite and succour from the unfolding storm. I beseech your goodself to exhort your leaders and cohorts to repent for Allah is ever Merciful and forgiving. I beg you not to forsake us, the dust of the earth, in your unquenchable thirst for power and glory. May Allah shower felicity upon the hearts of men not to MANSUH us and our progeny in the sands of time.

    2 other observations, dear sir, if I may solicit your attention:

    1.I note that in your response that you allude to a certain “Revert” with virulence and outright hatred/fear??. (You even cussed him) I do not know any such perfidious soul who bears that strange sobriquet nor deign to find the cause of rancour between the 2 of you. You seem to harbour a certain venomous disquiet against that errr….. vermin (given the intensity of your barely concealed annoyance, I guess the use of this noun would be certainly welcomed by you sir). Pray, can I assist you, sir, to assuage that fury/fear? bubbling beneath your suave exterior in an way. Would you mind if I propose to obtain you the services of a hitman from amongst my clansman, friends or henchman to obliterate that (I presume) odious scum/scounderel or am i am being presumptous in divining your intentions for him/her?

    2. No sir, I do not view the constitution as the compass of my existence. On the contrary, my only guide is the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s authentic Sunnah. But enmeshed as we (my brethren and I) are to the vicissitudes of a mortal and earthly existence and being powerless to impose Allah’s laws, we are compelled to monitor whether men, who hold secular artifacts as the source of moral and practical guides, truly adhere to the laws and regulations contained therein. I sincerely hope that this is not in any way whatsoever whether implicitly or explicitly to be construed to imply that I am a Jihadi. Bless you sir for your kindness and understanding

    Thank you

    Warrior 231

    • A harbinger of this was implied in a previous post where the repeal of the ISA was demanded but its use against Islamist extremists be maintained or something to that effect….

    comment 5; (also deleted)
    Lest I be misunderstood, I need to clarify why Art.149 is the pernicious canker in the constitutional body. By its very construction, Article 149 clearly strips of us citizens what enlightened souls like you define as human rights and the basis of civil society;
    1.the right to personal liberty (art.5)
    2.the right to freedom of movement (art 9)
    3.the right to freedom of association, expression, assembly (art 10)
    4.the right to property (art 13)

    Its very construction, confers Art. 149 with unbridled powers to neuter(to borrow your usage)a citizen of some of the salient fundamental rights that are vital subsets of the whole of that part of the Malaysian constitution termed Fundamental Liberties (see:

    so even if you manage, in your earnest and sincere endeavours, to abolish, repeal, jettison, obliterate, erase, eviscerate, rid off or in any similar manner an Act of Parliament called the ISA from the statute books, the "womb" that gave rise to that perfidious piece of legislation remains embedded in the "soul" of secular Malaysia: The Constitution of Malaysia.

    I hope this humble submission of a downtrodden and disenfranchised prole will receive your esteemed attention and your informed and professional comments. For the law is never an ass but a donkey when it is interpreted by professional exponents called lawyers who are gifted with that qualities called "prescience" "divining",
    "interpretation" which alas are denied to ordinary mortals like me (due to their lack of education, their poverty and their cantankerous mien) and who have to bear the barbs of triumphal and mockery in our earnest and sincere quest to grasp and make sense of the donkey in our midst without making an ass of ourselves. At least a perception of the dear donkey's tail and hind quarters would suffice my sir. Bless you, Haris, for your kindness and empathy.

    Warrior 231

  18. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Rocky, "Happy New Year!" from down under. May you have a very good and fruitful year.

  19. Anonymous1:43 am

    Thank you Bro for accomodating my request. Kudos to you. Here is the excerpt, i was talking about vis-a-vis Jeff Ooi's Screenshots:

    "I wonder you all noticed how many RM5000- tables were empty! people just walked off! We were also disappointed that Pg PKR leaders were not invited to speak to represent the Malays and the Indians? Why not the 2 CMs? Why have someone from KL or Ipoh in Penang? Do remember there are also the other races in this Victory have you forgotten about them? ..........sigh............"

    Fakatan is truly Malaysiana, right?
    by the way Pasquale and NSTman, take it easylah braders cos life is like that. No point cussing everyone left, right and center just because a few scums mangle our lives. Reserve the "fucks for people like the israelis, them chauvinist chingkie and indian pigs and them dastardly malay lovva boys and gals as wellas their perfidious leaders..types who deserve the fuck and even the motherfucker moniker.

    by the way everyone, parodying RPK, y dont we launch a FAC blitz for 2009. FAC = Free Anwar Campaign courtesy RPK ; FAC = Fuck Anwar Campaign courtesy of Warrior 231 and co. Ha!ha!Ha!ha!Ha!ha!ha!ha!.......LOL

    Warrior 231

  20. rocky.. selamat tahun baru... rupa engko ni macam Ramli Sarip la...

  21. Selamat Tahun Baru Rocky Bru's readers!

  22. Anonymous5:17 am

    A bleak year awaits us. We are one step away from Amaggaedon. Our hills are running red from the blood of the victims of avarice. Greed, lust and political expediency are dominating our political landscape. People are not only fornicating all over, but they are raping and sodomising the pristine hills and rivers as well. On the foreign front, Jews are butchering Palestnians, making CNN, Aljazeera and BBC richer by boosting their ratings. Television audiences have their days and nights full, watching live coverage of the thrilla in West Bank. This is a world gone mad. We are teetering on the edge. These are the last days. Only psychos and mad people are celebrating the New Year. AN UNHAPPY AND SHIT NEW YEAR TO ROCKY READERS! NOT EVEN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB WILL WASH AWAY YOUR SINS.

  23. Bro,

    Selamat Tahun Baru 2009.

  24. Happy New Year Rocky!! :)

  25. Happy New Year 2u2 brother

  26. Anonymous8:36 am

    What,,,so happy about!!!??,,,,pocket kosong,,Sial Pemimpin,,yang merana rakyat,,Apa Bodowi and Najis buat to revive the economy,,Lagi PARAH ada,,BASTARD,,,!!

    Nothing bole buat duit d Malaysia,,,Baik jadi macam Palestine,,,berperang lagi elok,,,semua mati,,,!!!


  27. Salam Rocky,

    All the best for 2009.

  28. ENTERING YEAR 2009

    In the year Two Zero Zero Nine
    May everything in your life be fine
    Free from all unnecessary man-made fines
    As we seek peace for this world of yours & mine

    "Wishing All Bloggers & Blog Visitors
    A Happy & Blessed New 2009 Year!"

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 010109
    Thur. 1st Jan. 2009

  29. i farted right on the dot when the clock hit 12. hope it wont be a stinking year ahead.

    * bro, what's with the handphone la dei? macam iklan urut je.

  30. Pasquale is back in fucking mood and calling others morons.
    Blog owner put out huge handsome photo of make sure all know who Rockybru is. in tanjong he cannot stand 2009..real he said.
    Finally...I feel so at home........hahahahahahaha

  31. Salam Rock. Happy New Year to you Rock.

    1. To Anon Warior 231,

    2. Aku rasa Warrior 231 ni..Penuntut Cemerlang Hospital Tg Rambutan tahun 2008.

    3. You punya comment panjangnya 110inchi. Kalau tak percaya ambil pembaris cuba ukur.

    Any way Happy New Year to you.

  32. Anonymous12:37 pm

    happy new year rocky...u rawks man...hehehe

  33. Anonymous12:46 pm

    blessed new year to you and your family.

  34. Selamat Tahun Baru :-)

    (( Renungkan )) Ke Mana Kita Mahu Pergi?
    Forum Generasi Muda
    Pakatan Antara Parti Lawan Tidak Kekal

  35. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Happy New Year. I wish this new year all Malaysians would prove they are worthy of this country, special rights or no special rights i.e, spend less time talking about race and spend more time contributing to this beautiful country of ours by working harder to improve the economy, the country's image
    and the most important of all,
    getting to understand each other more. There is no point having such a beautiful country while we spend all the time bickering over nothing but racial issues. What a waste it would be.


  36. Anonymous2:43 pm

    I'm sure a big majority of Malaysians are expecting 2009 to be a 'Happy Year' since Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is EXPECTED to pack-up and go where he should have gone months earlier (some kampung house in Sungai Buloh or so as publicized by the 'Msian Underwear' newsportal ... oops was it Msian Insider.)
    2009 is also expected to be a better year for Malaysians in general because Badawi's lackeys would be buried alive if they still try to stick around.
    The chief lackey, turncoat, sucker, LIAR and Idiot in the person of Kmullah HAS NOT LEFT YET!
    THE LIAR remains as a Director on NSTP's Board n just resigned as Deputy Chairman.


  37. Gambar kat tepi tu macam nak jual ubat kuat je?


  38. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Is the water tariff for resident in Selangor, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur going to go up in 2009? Datuk Shaziman said it would go up by 30% if the Selangor government do not handle over the it's water asset to PAAB.
    Hope the federal governmnet and the state government could work together for the interest of the rakyat.

    Keng Tiong Hai
    Shah Alam

  39. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Wishing you a happy and good 2009.

  40. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Every good wish for 2009 bro to you and loved ones.

    And it all started with one that slithers out of Jln Riong bringing along all things bad on its belly!

  41. Anonymous3:32 am

    OK, for those who feel financially depressed come this 2009!! Change your ways, be smart yet humble.

    Malaysia is a land of opportunity, and only FOOLS cannot make money.

    Take a trip down a Char Koay Tiow Night Market stall and observe how he can make between RM600 - RM700 per night, NET!!

    Just count the number of eggs pack, each comes with 30eggs. You will notice by closing time, at least 20empty packs thrown/hidden under his counter. 20x30xRM3 = RM1800 @ 40% profit is RM720.00!!!

    LOTS OF SWEAT BUT NO TEARS, cost of stall is only RM3.00 per night.

    EASY MONEY EH!! Now go and watch the sweet corn seller... calculate...


    Kalau mahu, apa saja boleh, MALAYSIA Boleh!!


  42. Anonymous3:55 am

    2008 = AAB = boiling kettle
    2009 = Najis = burning fire
    From the boiling kettle to the burning fire, wishing all Malaysians the very best in 2009 cos you needed it the most.

  43. Anonymous9:52 am


    Hishamuddin Aun sedang bermimpi. Mimpinya dia akan dapat RM2 juta kalau kena tendang keluar dari NST.

    Rupa-rupanya ada pakatan jahat (PJ) dalam NST pimpinan Kali. Pastikan kontrak Hishamudin disambung dan bila rejim baru masuk, kenalah bayar Hishamuddin RM2 juta kalau nak buang dia.

    Nasihat pada rejim baru, jangan buang Hishamudin. Banyak tempat kosong yang boleh dia isi. Dia boleh jaga bahagian security, perpustakaan, atau jadi penngarah online berita harian.

    Dia masih berguna buat berita harian.

  44. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Dear SUKJ

    Had a good laugh over your comment! Unlike some stuff, length is not important, only the substance. Mayhaps Warrior 231 used to go by the moniker "OtakUdang" in another blog?

    Have a safe 2009 one and all!