Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Zaid Ibrahim sacked

update 2pm, 4/12: Zaid won't join opposition now, tells press conference that he is "victim of double-standards". Click here.

Original posting
"I feel fine". It was just in March that Pak Lah appointed Zaid Ibrahim a senator so that he could assume the post of de facto Law Minister in his Cabinet. Tonight, the outgoing Prime Minister chaired an Umno supreme council meeting that decided to sack Zaid for attending the PKR's congress over the weekend.

Zaid made quite an impression in the short time that he was Minister. Possessed with a wish to restore confidence in the judiciary, he got the PM to agree to pay ex-gratia to Salleh Abas and the judges from the 1988 crisis (Pak Lah even got himself a rare standing ovation at the dinner in April) and initiated the idea of a Judicial Appointment Committee (which is being discussed and likely to be tabled at Cabinet this month and, if approved, could be Pak Lah's biggest legacy). But he stepped on many big toes along the way. In Sept, he decided to quit Pak Lah's Cabinet.

I asked Zaid a while ago, after getting The Star's sms alert on the sacking: "Shocking news. Do you feel betrayed, bro?".
Zaid told me: "No, I feel fine."

He'll be holding a press conference on Thursday at 10 am at the Tropicana Golf Club (which is not too far away from Keadilan's headquarters).


  1. Anonymous1:45 am

    Next, save Pak Lah from UMNO.

  2. Anonymous1:56 am

    Rocky Bro,
    Zaid is the MIRROR IMAGE of pak lah... flip-flopping all over the place... now it looks like he's flip-flopping onto PKR's lap... classic liberal malay... no pendirian one!

  3. Fight for your right.

  4. Anonymous2:04 am

    Resigned on ISA was just an excuse! Zaid could not deliver what he had promised except paying the RM10.5 million ex-gratia payment. I can also the same as long as it is the rakyat monies.

    You could payment of ex-gratia payment as great achievement. My foot! He is just a fraud. If he was so deadly against ISA then he should have taken it the moment when he was the de facto Law Minister but he didn't. a lot of bull shit.


  5. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution

  6. Anonymous3:46 am

    what a rotten deal! Signs of fear in the party, no doubt.


  7. Anonymous3:52 am

    Mr Zaid.
    Whatever you do, please stick to your principles and never be fooled to join Keadilan.

    God Bless.

  8. Zahid should join DAP but can lks accept him as general secretary ?

  9. Anonymous5:03 am

    Abdullah always choose the 'right' things to do at the 'right' times.

    I am surprised the kind of quality of a man Zaid is. Supposed to be a trained and experienced lawyaer. To me, he is more like a clown. He looks like a clown. A drunkard one.


  10. Anonymous5:46 am

    I wonder anybody wants to be an UMNO member now?
    UMNO MT can sack as many as they want and I don't think they care anymore.
    UMNO MT may think Zaid will cry for being sacked, ha ha ha ha ha.
    Good luck Zaid.

  11. Rocky.. banyak manusia cakap pasal ketuanan Melayu. Saya pon mahu Melayu menjadi tuan. We must be master of our own fate.. that would have more meaning. Master over corruption, against poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, low education, against rhetorical political and gossip mongering.. that should be a more meaninngful status as a Master ... a Malay Master.. masterful Malay.. whicever way we want to say it...


  13. Anonymous7:31 am

    (heha) : zaid, u have had made our blood-duit terHILANG ...
    1) rm10,500,000.00 as GIFT to the 6 SACKED judges !!
    2) rm81,000.00+ on dinner to the riches ( lawyers termasuk) instead
    the poor folks !!

    u should NOT resign but sacked(too) by the peoples !

  14. Memang patut la umno sack, tak kan nak bior je yob. Kalau masuk PKR pun buat perangai , kena sack gak.

  15. Anonymous8:07 am

    Zaid's riches came from UMNo's and he wanted to talk about morals?? He thought he was the awaited "messiah" that people been waiting for?

    Zaid ,the only good thing you can do is drinking. Please join DAP or PKR. UMNO don't need ingrates like you.

  16. Anonymous8:31 am

    "Pak Lah even got himself a rare standing ovation at the dinner in April."

    Kah kah kah kah kah!!

    Rocky. You really make me laugh.!


  17. Anonymous8:34 am

    Some of us have been asking if Malaysia is ready for an Obama. Just looking from the intellectual perspective, the answer is a resounding "NO". Smart people like Zaid Ibrahim should be at the top of the political heap here but instead we see those elected are kampung idiots and sycophants. Look at the quality of our PM and DPM. All because of money politic. in other words, buy your way to power. Don't worry, you'll definitely recoup your expenditure many folds once you are in power.


  18. Hahahahah...Good riddance....

    I want to see how the richest legal firm Zaid n Co. want to survive by not getting gomen contract.

    Anyway Zaid, I am happy that u leave UMNO coz ur mind is so liberal up to I dont know who exactly r u??

    Since that you love to talk abt Bangsa Malaysia (mandarin better than malay language)n independent of judiciry eventhough u have a bribe case few years ago...then PKR or DAP is the most suitable for you.

    Hope to see u sit next to Anwar as his legal adviser or deputy president in PKR meeting next yr.


  19. Zaid.. being betrayed by those fickle minded...unstable UMNO buggers..had about just enough of their nonsense.
    He did absolutely nothing wrong and was forging great relationship from people to UMNO.
    Any good sincere politician cannot fit into UMNO cabinet.
    Few sincere ones..behave like lambs ....ready to be slaughtered..then OK.
    Yes...Zaid..was sick to the stomach..witnessing UMNO twisting and turning..never ending dirty politics.
    He gave back one..that UMNO cannot tahan. Smart man!
    I hope he will join DAP instead of promote.. non racialist DAP party....which it is.
    UMNO..MCA....MIC...all identify themselves as Malays...Chinese and Indian parties.
    DAP is "Democratic Action Party".....but it always need a smart Mahathir to say....DAP is a racialist party.

  20. Anonymous8:58 am

    gua tabik anak kelantan ni la.....he dont mince his words...maybe he should be prime minister someday and we sit with this kelantanese warrior and eat nasi krabu and sing dikir barat for celebration.....cheers pak zaid

  21. Anonymous9:04 am

    This umnoputeras had to do something la! or else ???
    Anyway it was a mater of time but Zaid was just waiting for the right signal!Umno loves to sack honourable men with the exception of their own racists and corrupted goons.

    green hornet

  22. Anonymous9:13 am

    Case of a wolf in sheep's clothing? Or a trojan horse?

    Which everway one looks at it, it is pretty clear that PKR is involved one way or another to recruit an UMNO brain.


  23. Anonymous9:37 am

    Zaid is trully a great man, a man with dignity, principal and values. Unlike you rocky ! Don't destroy Zaid's reputation by writing about in your blog which is used by Najib and the gang to dissiminate news about the good works that they are doing or about to do .... maybe you should learn from Zaid ... then hopefully you will too will regain your dignity and honesty that you lost long time ago.


  24. No doubt Zaid is a man of integrity. This is the type of leader Pakatan Rakyat need to tab. It seems like all the happenings is going to Pakatan's favour now.

  25. We support Zaid. Yeah, he may have stepped on some toes but somepeople will not move if their toes are glued to the ground. hehe.

    LIke his principle and the way he is inclusive, not exclusive. I guess UMNO can't stomach difference of opinions. "My way or the highway".

  26. Anonymous10:19 am

    Evenly Mighty said...
    Mr Zaid.
    Whatever you do, please stick to your principles and never be fooled to join Keadilan.

    God Bless.

    Eh my friend, the please use your brains, the one malay who has priciples is zaid.

    Dare to tell the truth no matter what. you should learn from him it will be good for you.

    Your Malaysian friend

  27. Anonymous10:27 am

    Zaid who????


  28. Rocky Bro
    everyone seems to whacking Zaid.can anyone say something about the prick from pasir salak who has nothing else to say in parliament except 4 letter words.i m sure come nx election this no good scumbag will not b elected or fielded.
    secret recipe

  29. Anonymous10:33 am

    Being betrayed??? I think he's the one that betrayed UMNO. He knows the consequences of his action. He forgot where he starts, who assist him in starting his work. Ini baru dikatakan Melayu Mudah Lupa.


  30. Anonymous10:38 am

    Well he is a lawyer. Law is a lucrative business. ISA will deprive them of good potential clients.

    He misjudged the 169 excitement. His switching around is merely business oriented. So now no choice, poking his nose there to survive!!


  31. Anonymous10:44 am

    Zaid Ibrahim was Abdullah's worse mistake and Umno's worse nightmare. He was aqn Umno member from hell.

    It showed just how inapt Abdullah is. Zaid has always been an opportunist, a pseudo Malay, a pseudo liberal and above all a typical self-centered Kelantanese who is full of self-idolation.

    He made his pile riding on Umno, specifically on Daim's boy Halim Saad. Then as all self-serving Kelantanese would, he cut himself loose.

    Expensive cigars and fine wine are his staple. He once boasted to the NST under Kok Lanas, another self-serving Kelantanese and Ketuanan Melayu author, that he had the biggest and finest wine cellar in the Klang Velley.

    He shamelessly used taxpayers money and Abdullah's ineptitude to fete the bankrupt lawyers and Bar Council and to make those shameless sacked judges millionaires.

    He used our money to buy favor and to be a hero to the liberal arseholes. He made idiots of all of us and even took the savvy Rocky's Bru for a ride.

    The clueless Umno under the rudderless Abdullah made the best decision among their half-past-six decisions to remove this pretender Zaid for good. I am an Umno member. I have no pride for my own party. But his sacking gives me a temporary relief from my arse pain having hypocrite like Zaid removed from my sick, sick party.

    Neither the Malays nor Umno need a man of no scruple like him. Abdullah in his last dying breaths has done Umno a monumental favor by ridding the party of Zaid.

    But why Kapten Zahar? Because he accused Abdullah of corruption and money politics? That's sickening. Abdullah should use his power to clear his good name and not to clear a fearless member like the good Captain from Umno.

    Shamelessly MELAYU

  32. Anonymous10:45 am

    We all know who Zaid is and we also the bigger idiot who elected Zaid. But now another idiot aka monsterball tries to stir things up. What's he trying to cook up and we all know who he is.


    ps I remembered monsterball from not so long a past where he was screwed left and right in cyberspace until he managed to crawled under shieh'shadow

  33. Anonymous10:46 am

    Bro Bru,
    Aku rasa nih UMNO's clockwork to implant its mole in PKR. UMNO needed publicity stunt like this to leap frog Zaid into high council position in PKR. Kalau aku jadi PKR aku buat tak reti je dengan lawyer yang tak berapa pandai nih.

    YB Hisham Gemuk

  34. Anonymous10:47 am

    The problem with Zaid is that he can stand up without crutches. UMNOputras CAN'T. So Zaid cannot be in UMNO. Therefore have to be sacked. Rightfully Sack. Those HANDICAPs on cruthces have to be beg, borrow, steal. To coverup on their handicaps they make others call them Tuans.
    But they are a bunch of failures, after 50 years of TOTAL control they have only 19% share of the economy to show. A handful of them have pocket full of mnoey and some showing off. Those are the ones need to reassure themselves that they are tuans.
    Many do not like to be call tuans because tuan without money is useless.

  35. Integrity U said?? ZAID? Please he absolutely has no integrity at all. How could the judges received ex gratia payment since they were SACKED?? Zaid managed to coax the PM into giving out the payments. The payment was the taxpayer's money for god sake. He's a hypocrite.

    By the way, he would definitely join PKR, no doubt about it.

    Zaid's a master conspirator. Let us look at this angle instead - He cannot QUIT/RESIGN from BN and join PKR openly as it would be deemed a betrayal to UMNO. Instead he has been supporting the opposition by attending functions and even supporting some of their agenda so as to provoke UMNO intentionally.

    By doing this, he hopes to aggravate UMNO into making a decision to expel him from the party as it would not be seen as a betrayal. It would then be much lighthearted for him to jump ship to the opposition without much consequences.

    Should create a new post for Zaid - Minister Of Flipflopping!

  36. dear Bro Rocky,

    I feel puking when i read some of the comments here praising zaid, i believe they are either from Keladila or Zaid & Co, biasa la mau jaga bos maa...

    Monsterball aka AhBeng, pls stop writing la, u DAP cocksucker...

    Dont show ur tongsan colour too much la Ah Beng...

    Zaid, ur disgrace to UMNO and Malay community especially....hope u enjoy drinking la u, 'kudikarey'


  37. Anonymous11:36 am

    For all the people who pro Zaid, I wish them luck. We kelantanese welcome whoever wants to take him as their orang negeri as we have seen how he behaved when he was not nominated as calon for BN in Kota Bharu and how he lied that he was in oversea during election time whilst he was actually dined in Restaurant Four Season in Lundang. He was what we called as sabotuer. He is what he is today because of millions RM of the privatisation deals he got it from Government. Despite of he has sabotaged BN in recent election, he managed to get himself as senator/minister. Oh well, you can judge a person from their action, I really wish him goodluck in joining PKR and wish PKR goodluck too in handling this type of person. As for us from Pas, selisih malaikat 44.. Never never get near this man..


  38. Anonymous11:38 am

    elok la zaid kena pecat. gunting dalam lipatan yang menyemak dalam umno. sesuai sangat join pkr. ramai pengkhinanat bangsa kat situ.

  39. Anonymous12:19 pm

    wow, we have a lot of UMno members here! If Zaid wanted to take the easy way out, he could have just been another "YES" men and just kept his mouth shut.

    Instead,he stood up and tried to make a difference. And when it didn't work, he did the honorable thing and resigned! How many of you would have done the same thing?

    For most of you UMno dogs, that is called betraying the party, but for us, the rakyat, he is fighting for our rights, and for that I solute him.

    If he were to join Pakatan, it would be great achievement. Pakatan needs people like him (& also Arif Shah)

  40. Good riddance, what Zaid wanted to do in cabinet was simply what the people would have wanted. Who would say no to an independent judiciary? the corrupt UMNO, last I heard. In 1988, they sacked Salleh Abas because of a party feud. (The sultans and Malay rulers did not say anything - defenders of the constitution? Got meh?) Now we have an UMNO hakim as Cj. Good to know Zaid can tell the difference between party interest and national interest and do what he did. Unlike the current batch of UMNO idiots, who are mirror images of the racist mamak (and his equally racist son).

    These traitors will talk about Malay interest, pay/take bribes for positions at the UMNO AGM and pretend they are beyond reproach like Caesar's wife. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    Oh yes, I find the payment of ex-gratia acceptable as it was also Mahathir (through the government) who shamed and sacked the judges in 1988. Or otherwise, maybe we can have another tribunal to get to the truth behind the sackings. I don't think the BN government has the balls for it.

  41. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Green hornet and Salam,

    You mention that Zaid is honourable man,man with dignity and principal value.Uwek..Did you forget that this same man are being caught by Bedollah for money politics(corrupt)and strip off UMNO membership lomg time ago?

    Old saying said,Don't trust a lawyer because they have twist and split tongue.That's why they can be a lawyer.When they want to enrich their business, they go into politics same like some opposition leaders siKapal Loyar.

    Loyar Burok.

  42. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Green hornet and Salam,

    You mention that Zaid is honourable man,man with dignity and principal value.Uwek..Did you forget that this same man are being caught by Bedollah for money politics(corrupt)and strip off UMNO membership lomg time ago?

    Old saying said,Don't trust a lawyer because they have twist and split tongue.That's why they can be a lawyer.When they want to enrich their business, they go into politics same like some opposition leaders siKapal Loyar.

    Loyar Burok.

  43. Anonymous1:17 pm


    owning the biggest law firm in Malaysia, off course he will fine. Being appointed as a minister is just a bonus even tough he's in Australia during the GE 08.

    It's the rakyat actually don't fel fine.

    PS I'm not bothered at all with Zaid. Easier to say this and that if you're as rich as him.

  44. Anonymous1:17 pm


    owning the biggest law firm in Malaysia, off course he will fine. Being appointed as a minister is just a bonus even tough he's in Australia during the GE 08.

    It's the rakyat actually don't feel fine.

    PS I'm not bothered at all with Zaid. Easier to say this and that if you're as rich as him.

  45. He got the sack
    He knew it would happen
    Rubbing his cold hands
    He doesn’t have to run

    He got the sack
    He stood on his ideals
    Laws must be equal
    Unjustified detention shouldn’t be allowed

    He got the sack
    He knew he stepped on many toes
    He knew he ruffled many feathers
    The party couldn’t tolerate it any more

    He got the sack
    The last straw attending opposition camps
    Congress and victory dinner
    As an individual he could go
    So what is democracy?

    He got the sack
    He knew it all along
    He got the post of law minister
    He gave it up
    He didn’t like what he sees
    Too many hidden holes
    No transparency no accountability

    He got the sack
    Now he is a free agent
    No affiliation to any political party
    A person of his talent and skills
    He mustn’t waste it in the wilderness

    Zaid Ibrahim dares to be different
    Speaking his mind step on toes
    Now he got the sack
    He is better he doesn’t be in UMNO

  46. Well..this is been expected.In fact it is long over due!!

    He has managed to dented UMNO prides when Pak Lah show him the way or rather allowed that moment of times with power of 'ministerial magic'..!!! And he did waste no time utilizing it..!!

    Pak Lah wanna to rides on that moved that Zaid have had created and hope it will have a good impact on him...but yet it back fire and burned him pretty well..!!

    Anyway, damaged had already been done and I guess Zaid are smiling with pride too while on the way out....'cos he's been sacked and knows pretty well that it is... coming sooner or later. And would rather opts for sack...'cos that too will look good upon his political career in the eye's of some or his "fans club"..!!

    It is seem now that Pak Lah don't give a damn what ever little prides left of salvage. That is, if there were any..!!

    Can't wait to see what ever blunder's of Pak Lah and UMNO's that they wanna to create...!!

  47. Lim Kit Siang should take Zaid as DAP's Sec Gen and shed the DAP Chinese image

  48. He thought Pak Lah was serious when he talked about reforms.That was why he joined Pak Lah's Cabinet.When he found out that Pak Lah was next to powerless to carry out his "reforms",he wisely left the Cabinet and later resigned his Senatorship.
    What he failed to do was to leave UMNO.That he is sacked from UMNO came as no surprise at all as his beliefs and integrity is incompatible with that of his former colleagues in UMNO.

  49. Anonymous2:53 pm

    I think it is about time to sack THE non-PriMe person (who chosen Zaid to be in the cabinet) too.

    Nani Cheras

  50. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Haha, someone said zaid can stand up without crutches. Newsflash, ask zaid about his rm1.2 billion kontrak baja dengan government? Thats where he makes his money from.

    The thing is there are people who has benefited from various projects and once they are rich, suddenly they think other people should not get them too. Greedy? You bet they are.

    Dude, the law firm tu decoy je.


  51. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Ambik ubat. Tu yang dia nak sangat sebenarnya kot. Tu merepek2 sampai sudah tu. Masuk je lah pakatan tu, pakatan dia terima semua sampah dan bahan buangan dari BN ni. Macam tunku kata, kalau dulu dia sangat lah hampeh masa dalam BN, bila dia keluar BN dan masuk pakatan mesti secara ajaibnya dia adalah orang yang suci murni. Orang pakatan je suci kot, agak2 siapa yang penuh noda tu, masuk je pakatan mesti jadi suci. Kan?kan?

  52. Anonymous3:43 pm

    In the last US Presidential Election, Senator Joe Lieberman, a Democrat, not only attended the Republican Party convention, he also gave a speech endorsing John McCain. Later, Senator Lieberman went on to actively campaign for the Republican party candidate and along the way made some very scathing remarks against Barack Obama and his own party.

    After the election, what happened to him? Was he sacked from the Democratic party? Not only he was not sacked, he even got to keep his chairman position of a senate committee.

    That's what I call political maturity. Yes, American democracy is not perfect, but can anyone honestly say that Malaysia's is better?

  53. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Wine +Dine + Beer + Race Horces = Zaid Bin Ibrahim

    Exxx ZICO

  54. Anonymous4:18 pm


    To Anonymous (Shamelessly Malay) you described Zaid well to a T. I think you know him personally.
    I too knew him when he was a law student in ITM.
    Bantam cock strutting his arse full of shit.
    Face like a baffoon.
    Monsterball and the rest of the drunkard lawyer's admirer, you guys aint seen nothing yet.
    Zaid is Obama? Puleeze. He cant even qualify as my gardener

  55. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Dear Dhahran Sea
    There is no classic liberal malay as you said no pendirian one. It is because of people like Zaid that more Malaysians not just the classic liberal Malays are making their views known to the people and leaders. its is people like Zaid that you are able to comment on this blog. if under maathir, you will not be able to do so. grow up Dhahran sea.

  56. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Zaid is an idiot. Dont let his move fool you cause he is a person without mercy or forgiveness.
    He has made a lot of people suffer before by his decisions and what is happening is "poetic justice".

    He has only one thing in his mind, himself. It is amazing how many, fall for slimeballs like him just because he makes a statement or too that they like without weighing matters wholistically.

    To his drinking buddies, both muslims and non-muslims, he does not have any right to speak about Islam.......

    slimeball seeker

  57. Anonymous4:49 pm

    takpalah, duk luar UMNO pun tetap kaya jugak...

    Duit dh byk, apa kisah bkn ahli UMNO pun...


  58. Anonymous5:54 pm


    Zaid's supporters may look at his sacking as the liberation of a principled hero.

    And Zaid too is playing the victim, maybe hoping for political martyrdom and later on rising as the proverbial phoenix to provide Parti Keadilan Rakyat some blaze of glory.

    However, before the supporters and Zaid get carried away, a few facts need to be scrutinised before some form of opinion should be shaped.

    Firstly, political practices based on the Westminster model would show that participating in anything organised by an opposing party (unless with the permission of the party's ruling body) is against party policies.

    Hence, Zaid's presence at PKR's annual assembly is definitely against party rules and as such, he was inviting disciplinary action.

    Umno did the right thing to sack him. The DAP would have done the same if Lim Kit Siang had attended an MCA aseembly without prior consent of the party's Central Working Committee.

    Surely, if Zaid, who styled himself as somewhat an intelligent person, would know that he would breach party discipline by attending PKR's assembly.

    Secondly, if he was principled, he would have resigned or at least applied to the Umno Supreme Council to attend the PKR do. If the Umno Supreme Council turned down his request and Zaid feels strongly about attending the do, then he should resign.

    Obviously he did neither. It then means that he did not understand the principles of the Westminster model of political system and if he did, he must have believed that he was not bound by such principles.

    The next thing to do is to trace back the controversies shrouding his disaffection with Umno and Barisan Nasional.

    He resigned as the defacto Law Miniter when the Government invoked the Internal Security Act (ISA) on several individuals.

    Zaid came out smelling like a rose, leaving his colleagues and supporters in Umno (which would have included the clueless Pak Lah and Zaid's successor, the dumb but well-dressed Nazri Aziz)smelling like they had been swimming in a garbage truck.

    Pak Lah would have been with the worst stench, having appointed Zaid, who held no party post nor was he an elected representative, to the coveted Ministerial post.

    But for Zaid to actually drop such a stinker on Pak Lah was indeed unbecoming for someone portraying himself as a man of principles.

    Then, there was the matter of intiating and later paying the ex-gratia to Tun Saleh Abbas and the other judges who were sacked in 1988.

    In this episode, Zaid’s efforts smacked of political opportunism and hypocrisy.

    If anyone cared to do some research in the libraries of what transpired during that period, many would discover that Zaid had used the Muslim Lawyers Association platform to support the tribunal which was set up to hear Saleh Abbas’ case.

    Take an Utusan Malaysia news piece on 21 June 1988 in which Zaid was reported as criticising the Bar Council for opposing the appointments of Tun Hamid Omar and four other judges to the tribunal.

    In the report Zaid, in his capacity as the Muslim Lawyers’ Association (MLA) president had supported the tribunal and its membership and said that he “placed full faith in the ability and credibility of the tribunal members to dispense their duties and responsibilities with just and fairness.”

    To one’s mind, if Zaid had then placed such implicit faith and trust in the tribunal, he would then had accepted the tribunal’s decision in good faith too.

    That being the case, how can Zaid today come out and pushed for the ex-gratia payments for Saleh and the other judges when he had placed his faith in the tribunal which conducted the hearing over Saleh’s misconduct.

    There was no report quoting Zaid nor the MLA disputing the findings and recommendation of the tribunal nor the subsequent sacking of Saleh and the other five judges.

    As it stood, throughout the entire episode, from the setting up of the tribunal to the sacking of the judges, Zaid did not dispute any part of it, if anything, he was party to it and had given his best shot to legitimise the whole episode.

    Then, it can be concluded that to Zaid, the judges and Saleh were rightfully sacked. If Zaid suddenly finds that their sackings were unlawful, then he should initiate a process to reverse the decision of the tribunal.

    But first, he must admit that he had been part of the whole exercise and he had used the MLA to legitimise the tribunal and by that, agreed to its findings and recommendations – which were that Saleh and the five judges had committed judicial misconduct and must be sacked.

    Finally, to crown Zaid’s hypocrisy is his stand on the New Economic Policy (NEP) when almost every single step of his professional career was nurtured through the NEP system.

    A product of the Mara Institute of Technology (ITM – today its UiTM) Zaid’s firm received numerous conveyancing jobs from the Government through its Government-linked companies.

    His position as the MLA president had given him a big edge over other Bumiputra law firms to secure these jobs.

    Even the expansion of his firms abroad was with Government assistance in which substantial funds were channeled to encourage him being a Bumiputra, to explore beyond the nation’s shores.

    Indeed, Zaid had become very successful and presides over the biggest law firm in the country and had been the pride of many a Malay.

    However, to deny that it was not the NEP and Bumiputra special privileges which had contributed, if not ensured, his success, is a blatant lie and sheer hypocrisy.

    Some may argue that what Zaid said about the NEP was merely that it had become irrelevant. That may very well be true. But coming from him, the very symbol of NEP’s achievement, that is a bit too rich.

    But then again, hypocrites especially the political kind can always be recycled, especially in Malaysia. PKR seems to be an expert on this.

    He Who Will Never Share A Drink With Zaid, Ever.

  59. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Zaid dengar ceritanya bukan gay

    - Laskar Cinta

  60. Salam perjuangan,


    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP

  61. Anonymous7:08 pm

    look at it this way...Zaid could have resigned from the party instead of waiting to be sacked. It looks like his strategy not to resign but to let the party kick him out. So he attended the PKR congress to trigger the sacking. Smart guy. I believe there's a good reason to work things out this way.


  62. Anonymous7:20 pm

    zaid can go whereever he wanted. this guy who benefitted from NEP, now talking crap.

    so, if PKR wants him, go ahead, I bet he will backstab PKR once he realised PKR cant bring him anything good and profitable (for himself of course).

    at the meantime, i hope govt will stop giving project to his firm.


  63. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Zaid Ibrahim is a nice guy. his sacking from UMNO is definitely a lost to UMNO. Hope it would be the opposition gained.

    Zaid Ibrahim is a self made man. He is not like some who depend on the government for help all their life.

    Keng Tiong Hai,
    Shah Alam

  64. Anonymous7:41 pm

    What has happened is exactly the opposite of what would have taken place in the West. In Britain and the US, politicians have been known to be observers at the conferences of their rival parties. If anything, they would have been regarded with suspicion by the rival parties, but would never have been sacked by their own parties. Again, a case of Malaysia tak boleh?


  65. Anonymous9:20 pm

    wow that is what i call iron-curtain party. Cannot even talk to opposition. But when anwar release from jail, why on one sack KJ!!!!

    zamri ex-umno

  66. Anonymous9:21 pm

    hear that in next minster re-shuffle, reezal marican will be appointed as deputy minister. Good for pak lah but bad for umno. His first wife is future head of puteri umno!!!

    zamrii, ppbss

  67. Anonymous11:31 pm

    He was a nobody before being appointed a Minister and he was also a nobody after quitting his position. Good riddance.


  68. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Zaid the Clown. He's clowning his way joining the BIG CIRCUS (PKR) becoming a dog in Malaysian Politics.

    Just like his big brader, who cakap serupa tong sampah...soon will be a non-issue.

    Sit Zahid! Sit! Woof! Woof! Good dog....

    -Mask Rider-

  69. Anonymous7:28 am

    Zaid - kalu jumpa ulak dan jumpa zaid pukul zaid dulu, baru betul.
    inilah cth terbaik melayu liberal, tak sedak diri, konon nak jadi jaguh judiciary. zaid dpt banyak business kalu bukan atas tiket melayu dia tu, taklah dpt sebanyak tu. Berlagak mcm zaid terlalu handal. Cuba tengok melayu yang berpendapatan 1500 kebawah(majority), perjuangkan yang ni. Ini lagi penting dr perjuangkan ISA. Masa jadi menteri tak nak remove ISA pasal ape. lepas Teresa Kok kena baru sebok2. Ade ape-ape dgn TK ke ?. Akhir nya Dato Zaid muhasabah diri " kalu betul-betul pejuang Islam dan Melayu " jangan ade agenda disebaliknya


  70. Anonymous7:29 am

    Zaid - kalu jumpa ulak dan jumpa zaid pukul zaid dulu, baru betul.
    inilah cth terbaik melayu liberal, tak sedak diri, konon nak jadi jaguh judiciary. zaid dpt banyak business kalu bukan atas tiket melayu dia tu, taklah dpt sebanyak tu. Berlagak mcm zaid terlalu handal. Cuba tengok melayu yang berpendapatan 1500 kebawah(majority), perjuangkan yang ni. Ini lagi penting dr perjuangkan ISA. Masa jadi menteri tak nak remove ISA pasal ape. lepas Teresa Kok kena baru sebok2. Ade ape-ape dgn TK ke ?. Akhir nya Dato Zaid muhasabah diri " kalu betul-betul pejuang Islam dan Melayu " jangan ade agenda disebaliknya


  71. Anonymous7:56 am

    This Zaid has PM materials to be the best leader Malaysian ever seen, in UMNO everyone is afraid of him because if he get in the way UMNO culture of money politics will fail, UMNO contractors will lost out to open bidding system.

    If he succeed as PM than the Melayu boys and girls will have a hard time, they would have to study harder. They will be forced to master English, Science and Maths. The Education minister would have to improve the education system through better teachers, religioius studies would take a back sit. The objective of Zaid is to enable all Melayu boys and girls to be as good or even better than the Cina boys and girls in studies, though it is a lot of hard work but it is not something that is not possible.

    If the Zaid legacy is allowed to run for two generation that would have excellent result for Melayu, the young Melayu will catch up with Cina. You will see a lot of Melayu owning business without government help. Melayu will prefer private companies than government jobs. Government jobs will be left for the Indaian and the Dayaks and Kandazans. If you go to countries that are successful like Kiasuland the police are mostly Melayu, you walk into a government department all you see are Indians and Melayu faces, very few Cina.

    If Zaid succeed it will be the worst to come for the Mahathir and Razak's househole.

  72. Anonymous10:04 am

    No, Zaid was not sacked for involvement in 'money politics' which earned him a suspension and disqualification to contest in Kelantan? because perhaps to UMNOputras 'money politics' is nothing wrong or sinful in UMNO to warrant sacking as it is probably an acceptable trait or is it prerequisite of UMNOputras.
    Neither was he sacked for his opposition against the ISA and a whole lot of defects these UMNOputras now try to pile on him. Zaid was sacked perhaps for instituting 'radical change' to UMNOputras that promised change after March 8 in which its promises to reform is not even 'still born' but a 'deadend'.
    See 'Zaid gets Axed'

  73. Anonymous11:07 am

    Shamelessly MELAYU says, among others:
    "Then as all self-serving Kelantanese would, ..."

    "...a typical self-centered Kelantanese who is full of self-idolation."

    As a courtesy, I'd say in return... go fellate yourself, you stateless Melayu!

    If you ever come near the border of Kelantan, I'll neuter you boy.


  74. We will never know whether he is an opportunist or genuine but his actions seems to be one who is genuine. He could have stayed and lapped up all the pomp and pagentary that goes with being a Minister but he decided othewise by resigning on a matter of principals. What ever said and done he has done right and Histroy will judge him fairly in the background of the draconian law ISA.

  75. What shocking news???
    It was clear all along that Zaid was asking for it.
    He had been taunting UMNO for this sacking.
    And sure he feels fine... Shamelessly Melayu (10.44 am ) said it.Maybe Aziz Hassan (Mana mana blog) can give more insight on this.
    Even the professional accountants were made to work under Zaid & Co for the due dilligence of all the deals of Halim Saad's stable of companies.Thats where the millions came from that made Zaid & Co the richest legal firm.
    Another impending 'shocking news'..Zaid will join PKR.
    Then we will have all the 4 most virtuest son's of Ibrahims in the same party.Anwar, Khalid, Harris and now Zaid.
    All the best to PKR and PR supporters.You deserve them.

  76. what you trying to say rock ? you like him or not ?

  77. Those from ITM in the 70's must know Zaid very well. He was elected to the student council fashionably only to resign a few month later.I wonder if his ideas then accepted by the majority of students.Most will remember him as a youth with shoulder length hair, john lennon's eye wear, blue jean and T-shirt..

  78. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Rocky, I heard that Datuk Zaid is starting a foundation called MyFuture. I would like to get involved. How do I contact the foundation? I can't find any info about it. Can you please advise. Thanks, Jimi

  79. Anonymous1:57 pm

    the anti-zaid canines are running free here. wow! reminds me of the song "Who let the dogs out?"


  80. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Elok Zaid masuk PKR.
    PKR untuk orang yg kecewa.

    Orang yg join PKR, samada tak dapat position dalam UMNO, tak dapat projek dalam UMNO, dengki dengan UMNO @ kena buang dari UMNO.

    Parti Kecewa Raya.

    yg benar

  81. Anonymous4:16 pm

    I read your comment…..”He may also have been a beneficiary of the same leadership's double-standards. At least, that's what man of his ex cabinet colleagues felt”….

    Over ten years ago I went full swing into the shares of a company.

    The charisma of one Majority Shldr and the main driver of this company, excited me, things were going his way.

    Then, Phew!! I sure was lucky to get out in time. The rosy shares steadily began to tumble, to as low as RM0.105! It never recovered.

    Something VERY similar happened in 1999.


  82. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Zaid is the ultimate Malay ingrate. He is the scum of scum and I am not in the least surprised by his asinine antics.He was one of the five bin ibrahims, i hinted at in another comment, who are out to destroy all that the Malay community has rightfully earned thus far. A chingkie lovva par excellence and a liberal through and through, he is the malay version of the House Nigger who is not averse to lick back his own spittle with aplomb in order to protect his self interests.

    Weaned on the milk of government largesse, this scum has no qualms of biting back the hands that fed, clothed, educated and made him what he is today. An equivocator of the first order, this social garbage has no moral compunction in denying his role in the Saleh Abbas affair back in 1988. This gutter rubbish then has the gall of questioning Salleh's so-called"mistreatment" when in the first place, he was all agog over lynching the said ex-chief judge and his coterie of fellow judges. Having made use of the Muslim Lawyer's Association (MLA) to promote himself, this self styled defender of civil rights then waded into the public fray purpotedly to stop the Hudud Enactments in Trengganu post-1999. Now zaid, i got this question for you, munafik:

    How are you going to square your support for PKR and their allies knowing that your erstwhile nemesis, PAS, is hovering in the opposition shadows?Or has the fellow hypocrite who helms the PAS Dewan Ulama and who is pulling the strings for now in that Islam-neutered party, forgiven you for your transgressions against the Syariah?

    For once act like a MAN lah and answer this challenge, not prattle like some namby pamby wimp who can only holler holier than thou platitudes and behave apologetically to the kaffirs!!!!

    His entry to politics was not well received in KB and his hoity-toity ways did not endear him to the electorate who had to suffer his arrogance for 4 years. In the while he dabbled in corruption, got stripped of his party rights and his right to stand for reelection and was jettisoned into the wilderness before the nincoompoop rescued him with that appointment to the cabinet via the Senate. Zaid was largely instrumental in squandering govt money to fete and recompense Salleh while at the same time tarring Tun publicly for his purported injustice.

    Knowing that the cat would soon be out of the bag, this carpetbagger scum then resigned in a fit over Kok's ISA arrest.Strutting the public stage like a vain peacock, this vermin then had the gall and temerity to attend opposition functions where he was regaled as a man of principle. My foot!

    Drunk on his own elixir of grandeur, the idiot then rails against the ISA when he had, over a decade, kept silent about the law.But the shadows of the past, catch up fast as the expose of the source of his wealth condemned him to ridicule and the odious ogre then slithered into a shit hole to bide his time. Angling for the sack that will transform him into the wronged martyr, the bastard then audaciously parks his fat arse on a ringside seat to savour the moral and political debauchery unfolding on that Shah Alam stage- an open invitation for the inevitable!!

    And so it comes to pass that Mr Soporific finally finds the gumption to ditch the slimeball but not before he had done untold damage to Malay-Islam cause. Just for this, Mr Sleepwalker should pack his bags for he had displayed an utter lack of prudent judgement, but then again does the petrified zombie have any code of honour seeing that he had committed one faux pas to many? One wonders...

    As for zaid, the comments of Shamelessly MELAYU, aptly sums up the person you had been, you are and you will always be.. just that when you are cavorting and wenching with your fellow brothers in your lair, dont forget that as a 'petualang and pengkhianat bangsa dan agama', you have much to answer for here and in the hereafter......

    Warrior 231

  83. Anonymous5:50 pm


    Kalo dia ITM in the '70s, tak kan dia tak kenang makan kat dining hall burger, goreng hitam sampai keras ranggup, ikan kembung (dog's food)almost every meals? Balon semua licin?

    Berjalan tanah merah berdebu dari terrace house ke dining hall nak dapat makan, tu pun kena beratur panjang!!

    Tak lalu makan, terpaksa maggie mee mamak celah pokok getah.

    Amboi, library Law section begitu sejuk dan lengkap, sekali sekala teringat ler sikit kemewahan dan kemudahan yang disediakan olih orang lain masa susah dahulu.


  84. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Zaid,@#$%^&*, bcos of u, our blood money is being wasted :-
    1) rm 10,500,000.00 as gift to the 6 SACKED judges;
    2) rm81,000.00, within few hours, to the grand makan for the vips, termasuk lawyers & u !!
    =malam ini aku belum makan lagi !
    @#$%^&*&^%$#@ !!
    =pulangkan wang darah kami !!

  85. Zaid patut join DAP.... lepas tu boleh yamseng sama-sama.... sejenis kan..kan...kan

  86. Anonymous1:10 am

    Datuk Zaid, You may have been fired but you earned all the respect from all Malaysians except the umnoputras. You are willing to sacrifice your position and wealth because of principles.

    Just ask your former umno colleagues if they are willing to give up their position for a good cause. NO WAY, IF THEY CAN, THEY WILL STICK ON UNTIL 100 YEARS OLD.
    Johnny Chiam

  87. Anonymous6:06 pm

    (HEHA) : Zaid O Zaid, pls atone 4 the needy ones, ok !?

  88. Anonymous6:08 pm

    zaid, any new kuda !?

  89. President Clinton looks up from his desk in the Oval Office to see one of his aides nervously approaching him.

    "What is it?" sighs the president.

    "It’s this abortion bill. What do you want to do about it?" the aide asks.

    "Go ahead and pay it," says the president.

  90. Wine +Dine + Beer + Race Horses = Zaid Bin Ibrahim

    The better version would be :

    Wine + Dine + Beer + Race Horses + Patrick Badawi + Abdullah Badawi = UMNO

    Yep, that figures. Now you see why the well-connected Malays think Zaid is a traitor? His ideas will casue them to be unable to feed at the public trough.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the Malays with no UMNO connections would probably not give a Flying F*ck to UMNO and the upcoming AGM.

    Kata nak tolong melayu berpendapatan bawah RM1500 sebulan? Kalau duit dari 50,000 keping AP Rafidah (Ketua Wanita UMNO, bukan DAP, PKR atau PAS) pun dah boleh bagi berapa ramai keluarga Melayu susah kat Mesia nih? Mana ada buat, konsep tembolok jer derang pakai.

    Takyah sebut la puak Cina ke India ke Serani ke, benda ni puak UMNO jugak punya kerja. Kalau tak dah lama isu Zakaria Deros puak UMNO sendiri tangani.

    Dah nak buat camna? Perasuah-perasuah bersatu; kena bekerjasama jaga Rukun Tunggal Islam Hadhari. (Jangan Miss Syoruu is the only Rukun in Islam mazhab Hadhari ni)

    Duit zakat and baitul mal pun tak selamat beb. Selangor kalau dah kutip RM200 million a year masa Khir Toyo in zakat mana boleh ada orang susah dah? Last sekali orang Melayu susah berlambak kat Selangor, pembesar UMNO yang susah ada?

    Rata-rata Melayu dok tang tu jugak, beras banyak dah habis. Ni macam bayar harga Mercedes C200 dapat Proton Perdana la (100k).

    Tak salah kalau kata Melayu ni makin parah bawah UMNO. Dah la makin terhimpit, kesusahan ni la pulak jadi tunggangan UMNO nak terus berkuasa dan menjaga Rukun Tunggal Islam Hadhari (Jangan Miss Syoruu!).

    Kalau Zaid boleh bawak orang Melayu keluar dari kepompong pemikiran ni, tak bermaksud dia mengkhianati orang melayu, dia hanya membelakangkan budaya UMNO yang sedia ada. Kalau benda ni dihidangkan kepada orang Melayu, confirm UMNO menghitung hari.... polis, kehakiman dan SPR pun takleh buat apa dah....

  91. Anonymous10:38 pm

    ( furi9) : any new horses !?

  92. Anonymous7:14 pm

    (fury9) : johnny mr. , zaid has WASTED our blood-money,
    rm10,500,000.00 + rm81,000.00 =
    RM10,581,000.00 !! tau ke !?
    aku tak makan lagi !!

  93. Alhamdulillah..we'll be having a "doa selamat" in due time here in Kota Bharu..for the sacking of Zaid Ibrahim from UMNO. UMNO.. a very wise decision to get rid of "musang berbulu ayam.."

  94. Anonymous9:17 pm

    First I must salute you for paying the 10.5 million to 5 judges sacked in 1988. They deserved it. After all you did not get any commission from it. Unlike our RM625.00 petrol subsidy. Now some of your former colleagues are said to be not endorsing the new anti- corruption bill...put forward by your former boss.

    The former President of Taiwan Chen Shui Bien has been in Jail since 6 Nov 08. He barely just left office in May.

    Chen and his wife had not only deposited huge funds in the names of their son and daughter-in-law, but also in the overseas bank accounts of relatives and friends.

    He was seen in handcuff when appearing in court...u see what a disgrace for a president from 2000-2008..

  95. Anonymous1:43 pm

    kembalikan duit-duit DARAH kami !!
    ( ceraka)

  96. Anonymous1:43 pm

    (fury9) : zAID, where & when is your ATONEMENT for wasting our blood- blood- BLOOD money !?
    1) rm10,500,000.00 to 6 ( enam=SIX)
    SACKED judges !!
    2) rm81,000.00 to the makan besar 4 the vvips, termasuk YOU & other law-lawyers !!
    3) now, aku belum MAKAN lah = NO duit what !! ...@#$%^&*&^%$ you !!