Monday, December 01, 2008

Resign, Karpal tells Bar Council leaders

Karpal Singh has got enough of the Bar Council and is calling on its committee members to resign for keeping quiet over his running battle with the Chief of Justice and for allowing the Government to foot the bill for a dinner the Bar hosted in April.

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  1. Si pekak memberitahu si bisu bagaimana untuk 'berintak betul'.

  2. Anonymous8:47 pm

    dua2 si KEPALA JUBURNTAIK !!!

    TUN M

  3. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Well, well, well. Look who's talking now.

    It's long overdue, YB Karpal. And what are your views about restoring immunity for the Royal Gangsters?

    A Good Man Does Nothing.

  4. The Bar Council in cahoot with Zaid Ibrahim has persuaded the present Government to give the sacked Lord President Tun Salleh a payment of RM5 million recently, purportedly, because the previous government had wrongfully dismissed the old judge.

    Sorrylah Mr Karpal I do not think the Bar Council would push their luck to support you in this matter and go against the Bar Council friendly Government of Abdullah Badawi.

  5. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Karpal Singh?? OR Kapal Sinking?

    Hai kubur/kayu api dah mengamit gamit. Dah boleh tempah kayu jati, oak, redwood?

    Perangai kat Parlimen dah mula kebudakan/back to childhood, getting so obvious, saya nak keluar, tak nak keluar, saya nak botol susu lembu baru keluar...

    Heh, si tua ni...tak habis.


  6. Sungguh memalukan kerana Bar Council yang "banyak cakap" seolah-olah Kerajaan semuanya tak betul.., tetapi melutut makan free dengan Kerajaan juga.

  7. Anonymous12:56 am

    Kepala Pusing! Why suddenly you began to direct your anger to Bar Council. Your boss, Lim Kit Siang, Datin Wan Azizah, PKR President, YB Sivarasa, Vice President of PKR and Subang MP and mamny others in the Pakatan Rakyat also attended that sepcial Dinner (in April at J W Mariott Hotel) held under the name of Bar Council and cost of dinner RM81,000 quietly paid by the Government.

    Why are your boss, Lim Kit Siang, didn't make noise about the dinner and the ex-gratia payment to the 6 ex-judges?

    Mr Karpal, you knew very well that the RM81,000 dinner was held by the Pak Lah's Government to whack Tun Mahathir, whihc I think your boss, Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim fully agreed.

    Karpal should ask: Was the dinner part of the conspiracy between Bar Council, DAP and PKR to help Pak Lah or the 4th floor's agenda to attack Tun Mahathir?


  8. 'MCA slams Mukhriz's suggestion to abolish vernacular schools '

    Just a note on the above excertps from Malaysia Today.

    Mukhriz baru menjentik lalang maka lihatlah reaksi orang cina. Nyatalah semangat dan idaman satu bangsa yang mereka perjuangkan sebenarnya lebih menjurus kepada kepentingan kaum Cina itu sendiri tanpa sedikit pun mangambil kira Kaum MAJORITY Melayu. Mereka ini patut sedar bahawa Melayu bangsa Majority dan bukan nya Minoritu dan Islam agama Majority dan bukan nya minority. Mereka patunya bersyukor kerana bangsa Majority ini cuma mau hak mereka dihormati dan di iktiraf. Mr Ong, what is is so hard to have subject being teach in Bahasa KEBANGSAAN i/o chinese?. By now you people who call yourself Malaysian, you dont know how to speak BAHASA KEBANGSAAN ka after 50 years MERDEKA.IF YOU WANT TO BE BANGSA MALAYSIA TO BE A REALITY THE FIRST THING YOU GOT TO DO IS TO ABOLISHED SEKOLAH CINA AND TAMIL then we can worked it out for one BANGSA MALAYSIA. WILL U SACRIFICE THAT? WILL you MR ONG?

  9. Anonymous2:13 am

    Anonymous said...

    Karpal Singh?? OR Kapal Sinking?

    9:46 PM

    That sinking kapal as you put it, has more brains than the towering inflated type narcissists like you - ask your former mamak kutty leader.


  10. Anonymous9:16 am

    The Bar/tender Council has ran out of ammo and they are now seen as jokers in suits. Their biggest mistake was to implicate Tun Mahathir...they failed to realise that Mahathir is smarter than all of them put together.

    Stripped naked...Salleh Abbas,Zaid Ibrahim,Ian Chin,
    Ambiga,Pak Lah...hehe hehe hehe....jokers and assholes!

    For those losers...FYI Mahathir will come back and fix up the loose ends. Don't fuck around with politics only winners matters. Losers scratch balls/vagina.


  11. Not sure why is Karpal barking now, not previously, perhaps due to the impending Bar AGM or perhaps he wants to put his men there instead.

    DAP thinks Bar Council must act as an opposition party at all times.

    Why don't he raise various issues concerning the fraternity such as conduct of the fellow lawyers, who defend the governement, those who overcharge (esp MISC items), those who are always not prepared, those who fail to appear in court,those who seek defferment of cases unnecessarily.

    Lawyers are also not allowed to reduce charges, in a move to avoid competition. Why can't they do so. People are prepared to pay more for the best. They should propose reforms to the way they do business.

    These issues, that impacts upon the rakyat directly are never raised. All they focus on and blame are the judiciary and the government.

  12. Karpal Singh can sometimes be too emotional and dramatic....but he is one hell of a brave street fighter.. for Malaysians.
    Right or wrong..he spoke with love for a democratic and corrupt free country.
    To my mind..I agree with Karpal...that the Bar Council accepting a sponsored dinner by not right.
    Can you imagine 800 lawyers did a protest walk against the government and all accept a lunch date with the government?
    There are other ways to be friendly to government by Bar Council.
    Accepting a RM81,000 dinner and bill PAID BY PUBLIC FUNDS...not from UMNO fund...should open the eyes of Bar Council lavish UMNO can be ..with public funds ...while hundreds of the poorest of the poor are suffering and flood victims... on going...suffering..never a permanent solution.
    They pray 5 times a day...for 50 years. You mean Allah never put thoughts in their to really help.. all Muslims?
    Must they be spoon fed and be useless? Is this what Allah teaches UMNO politicians to treat their own kind?
    No need to steal and cheat like Mahathir.
    Just say...he needed RM1 billion to stop all the floods in Kelantan...who is going to object?
    Malays think Mahathir helped them so much.
    That's downright full of shit logic.
    M helped himself and gave some away..with massive corrupted in day out..under his 22 years.
    Was that what Allah....spoke to to help his people?
    So you see...the Bar Council have enough knowledge that UMNO cannot be close as friends.
    Talk seriously with a friendly smile...OK....but keep them far far away.
    That's why Karpal is hoping mad.
    hhhhhmmmmm...So many wanted to cross over....brought over by UMNO.
    I reserve my suspicions.

  13. Anonymous11:58 am

    monsterball sayang,

    nk tulis pendapat tu tak apa,tapi jangan mainkan isu agama islam di sini... itu saja aku minta...

  14. Jaga singh 'mabuk' marah kat kelab Hindraf 'mabuk'. Biar dua2 hangus...

  15. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Oi kapal sinking, semua orang you mau kasi berhenti,habis you sendiri tak mau berhenti ke?
    pergi parlimen shout,scold and get kick out of dewan.apa yang you achieve?
    sekarang you punya anak pun sudah jadi sama serupa you lah

  16. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Kapal Singking.

    Doesn't worth a value to me. If he dies tomorrow, nothing will happened to Malaysia. If he lives tomorrow, its still be the same.

    So what is Kapal Singking... sink to hell after cremation.

  17. Anonymous1:57 pm


    apakata kalau dua dua balik mumbai

  18. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Samy Vellu I think gila kuasa n gila pangkat ,,,, belah la lu...
    dah nak mampus pun tak sedar lagi ...

    Wah kah kah

  19. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Hai jog 2:13 AM,

    You may claim whoever may have more brains. But what is most important is how well one uses his brain? It is the positive contributions that count.

    …“Down the road from her house, 74-year-old Pak Uda Mohd and his monkeys make a living plucking coconuts. Through signs and a special language only understood by master and his primate, the monkeys can pluck some 100 coconuts a day – which earns Pak Uda about RM20.

    "Tourists are absolutely fascinated by what the tame monkeys can do and sometimes, these animals are in a mood to show off. Many visitors spend whole afternoons following me around to watch the monkeys up to their tricks. ”… Rustic side of Terengganu by Shanti Gunaratnam

    See, even without brains, monkeys too help contribute to this country.. . coconut sugars, santan for curry, rendang, masak lemak, sweets, coconut oils, cendol, bubur and bring in tourists!!…


  20. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Monsterball, enough of your shit man ...hahaha


  21. Anonymous5:07 pm

    (heha) : WHAT ! damn..damn..DAMN !!
    apart from the rm10,500,000.00 to the 6 SACKED judges ( mamak's fault
    somemore) now rm81,000.00 of our bloody duit for their FREE makan !?
    nazri, were u there too !?
    lawyers o lawyers ( 800) ,it's the poor peoples' duit lah, @#$%^&* !!

  22. Anonymous5:12 pm


    A quick scan through these comments leaves me in no doubt that your audience is no longer pooled from the centre - they resemble Big Dog's commenters and fan base now.

    Nobody is actually commenting about the substance of the issue but instead choose to individuals, Karpal in particular, personally.

    Does it not worry you that instead of your commenters choose to belittle Karpal instead of talking about why the Bar Council 'got in bed' with the government re the ex-gratia payments, allowed the governement to foot the bill for the dinner and has remain silent on the alleged lies on the part of the CJ?

    Lost in all this 'sound and fury' of ignorance is the fact that the former UMNO lawyer who was parachuted into the job as CJ may have actually admitting to bribery and may thus, not be fit for the highest judicial office in the land - to say nothing of being booted out of the profession altogether.

    Dean Nair

  23. Monsterball

    How in hell does a statement by a Singh to a council led by an Indian at the end become a Muslim bashing arena?

  24. Anonymous10:27 am

    Dean Nair on ….Nobody is actually commenting about the substance of the issue but.. Lost in all this 'sound and fury' of ignorance….

    What substance? What issue? What ignorance? And you think all of us have no brains too? You think we are not watching?

    I remember during one Parliament session, his chiding Ibrahim Ali, something to this effect… “duduk katak, diam, katak”. Straight to the point, Very STRONG and Impressive stand on party hoppers. But why just stop there? Go all out and make noise and get your point through. But no?

    Mouth ZIPPED? Why, only use your nose to let some sound out? Foresee potential personal gains by just keeping silent on this issue? Maybe yes, maybe no… still… this element of doubt lingers…

    So if you apply 2sets of rules, your credibility is lost, high time to learn to just SHUT UP.


  25. HAI BRO,




  26. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Tongkang of 10:27 AM,

    Your post merely serves to illustrate the point I was making in my previous post.

    "What issue?"

    These: Karpal demanding that the leadership of the Bar Council resigns en bloc for being complicit with the governemnt re the ex-gratia payments to ex judges, allowing the government to foot the bill for a dinner that the Bar Council organised and most importantly, its silence on the bribery allegations against the Chief Justice.

    Your question, "[w]hat substance?", is far more apt and appropriate because there has been very little substance demonstrated by commenters on this post - your ramblings about what Karpal said in Parliament being a good case in point; especially since it has nothing to do with the "substance" (yes, that word again) of Karpal's claims.

    "What ignorance?"

    Look no further than this, your last para:

    "So if you apply 2sets of rules, your credibility is lost, high time to learn to just SHUT UP." [Nb: This probably also qualifies as "sound and fury"]

    Shutting up is not the answer. Issues have been raised and need to be debated and addressed. That is what "intelligent" human beings do and if they do it well, they stick to the facts and the issues and leave the personalities out of it.

    Did you even bother to make one point in your post related to the "substance" of the "issues" Karpal raised and which Rocky's posting is on?

    Just as people have strong, negative views on and about Dr. Mahathir, it would be folly for intelligent people to dismiss everything he says merely because it springs forth from his mouth. Separating the personality from the issue is key to intelligent discourse and debate.

    Intelligent people are able to disagree without being disagreeable.

    I challenge you to demonstrate to me anywhere in your posting where you have said anything about the substance of the issue in question, nevermind doing so intelligently.

    Dean Nair

  27. Dean Nair

    Why worry for the non comment?

    Zaid Ibrahim, Ambiga, Bar Council and Pak Lah were clowning around! The same goes with the Lawyer’s Walk to Palace of Justice, the under duress Justice Chin and the likes.

    To top it all, they had to have the dinner and ex-gratia payment to Salleh Abbas and the gang; primly ended with the CJ’s appointment.

    I remember there were thunderous claps for them previously; for being brave, liberal and just, if I’m not mistaken? Mahathir bashing was the order of the day!

    They were favorite heroes then!!

    So why need to comment now?

    It has been said all along… there were no attacked on judiciary in 1988; it was self inflicted.

    This is the ‘PREMIEST OPERA SHOW’ on earth! Enjoy it

  28. Damansara..I am not bashing Muslims..but the UMNO muslims leaders.
    The UMNO ministers are the worst Muslims...showing so clear bad examples....real hypocrites!!
    Someone asked me to take an Air Asia and chapot for good.
    If I chapot...I go in style...first class best Quantas....S'pore Airline....or even MAS..but never..Air Asia.
    However Malaysia is my country...over my dead body....can anyone shoo me away.

  29. Anonymous3:26 am

    Dean Nair,

    “…Shutting up is not the answer. Issues have been raised and need to be debated and addressed. That is what "intelligent" human beings do and if they do it well, they stick to the facts and the issues and leave the personalities out of it.

    Did you even bother to make one point in your post related to the "substance" of the "issues" Karpal raised and which Rocky's posting is on?...”

    No offense, may I suggest you pose this question to Uncle Karpal. Let us see how he will heed your advice during the next Parliamentary session.

    I would rather spend my time watching the monkeys pick coconuts, at least I get to drink the fresh coconut water…


  30. According to RPK...the Prophet said.."Kill the hypocrites....before you kill the enemies"

  31. Anonymous1:20 pm


    These MatSalleh or "half bloods" will come up with anything to suit them.

    Check what they say about "if you are confronted by a snake and a k****g, kill ?????? instantly!

    You people are still stuck and all blurry eyed with anything that comes out from their mouth. That's how they once had SLAVES all over the world. Feeding all kinds of ROTTEN comments.

    Monsterball, U have so much interest in Islam, go to the right places to get the right information OK..