Monday, December 22, 2008

More posts on Chin Peng

Did you know that ...
1. The first sec-gen of Communist Party of Malaya was a Vietnamese, an ex-French agent British spy who could not utter a word of Malay and absconded in 1947 with a million dollars of CPM's money?

2. Chin Peng was a member of Mao's Anti-Enemy Backing-Up Society (Aebus) and wanted to go to Beijing to help China in the war against the Japs?

3. Ho Chin Minh or Nguyen Ai Quoc was present during the first CPM's meeting in Kuala Pilah in 1930?

Jebat Must Die opened a Pandora's Box with his rebuke of Chin Peng's worshippers. Over the weekend, after his positng here, the following blogs have taken up the subject and expanded the argument as to why Chin Peng was no freedom fighter:
1. Chin Peng - A Wasted Life by OutSyed the Box

2. Bintang Tiga dan Chin Peng bukan Pejuang Pembebasan - Pesanan-Pesanan

3. Nyawa dan Darah Melayu membuktikan Chin Peng bukan Pejuang Kemerdekaan by Ron

4. CPM stands for Chinese Party of Malaya and they failed to form a Chinese entity in Malaya ... cept for Penang! by Barking Magpie


  1. I wished the bastard chin peng will never return to Malaysia forever. I know the DAP is fight for his return. Unless if Pakatan Rakyat (soon become the government) able to bring back the bastard, make sure that his return is like Pol Pot in cambodia.

  2. Anonymous12:47 pm

    no.Chin Peng is no "independant hero".he and the rest of the PKM killed and tortured so many people in defense of communism.

    my heart is burning with anger when some goblok wanna lift him up as a hero.they refused to go for the fact that Chin Peng is a fascist and a come that sorta man can be accepted as hero?. communnist party he's perceived as hero.but to the rest of the family that had their share on being victims of the ruthless communists view him as a monster.

  3. Anonymous12:49 pm

    and during that time, there are also hundred of malays in the cpm who are pissed off with those malay traitors working with the japs...

    ###hang jebat / han jee fatt?

  4. Tell part truth and one may get away from the real truth.
    What have we not seen or heard.
    Best is wait till 13th election...and see all these smart pro UMNO and pro Mahathir go back to kampong life..or migrate to Australia...Canada..where their lords have so much properties.....bought with stolen money...stolen from them too..yet do not know.
    Chin Peng is a Freedom Fighter for Malaysia!!
    But then....when have we ever seen...UMNO praised or hero worship other races....except Malays.
    Just look at he long list of UMNO so call....historical facts.
    Why no more Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat???

  5. hairan bagaimana ada pula sesetengah orang yang menganggap Chin Peng sebagai "pejuang kemerdekaan".ya memang mereka pernah melawan British dan Jepun.tapi itu untuk menyenangkan mereka memperluaskan empayar komunisme.tidak lebih daripada itu.

    saya marah dengan Chin Peng dan komunis tapi tidak pernah saya salahkan orang Cina.bukan semua orang Cina menyokong komunisme.

    sangat-sangat tidak bersetuju Chin Peng dianggap sebagai "pejuang kemerdekaan".pejuang kemerdekaan untuk negara komunis itu adalah.

  6. Anonymous1:09 pm

    The arguments that some Chinese bring in that they fought for independence make me really wanna puke!

    These guys will do nothing but chase money. When British was planning to give independence to Malaya, they didn't care shit - they actually prefer British to stay, because of the economic stability that the Brits can bring in.

    Today, they want equal rights. They bring up one sided arguments that the Chinese were the pioneer for Malaya's independence.

    Cina Bukit.

  7. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Chin Peng is an icon of Malaya's struggle against lies, stupidity, idiocy, bigotry and corruption. He has risked his life for a nation he loves. he has fought against insinuations, lies, falsehood spread by Umno with quiet dignity. Chin Peng deserves the support of ALL Malaysians. Dont fall for the insidious campaign of demonisation being carried out by Umno and its sycophants. These were the tactics used by Nazis, Fascists, Stalinists to rewrite history. TRUTH WILL OUT.

  8. Anonymous1:42 pm

    read those links, just like rpk - all spinning grandmother tales.

    who care bout cp & cpm, they are history...

    but what we want to know - what the fuck,najis & badawi are going to do to boost the flagging economy, that if these two fuckers know anything bout economics.


  9. Anonymous2:28 pm

    To all my mates that were killed during the insurgency period against the communist party of Malaya, I still pray for your families' future on your behalf.
    I myself flew many thousands of flying hours into the jungle where by we fought against the enemy together. Even now, I still dream of the many frightening experiences and suffering faced by our soldiers and policemen. Those that suffered from ambushes, bobby traps and jungle sickness are still fresh in my mind as if it just happened yesterday. The injured and dying onboard my helicopter will always be remembered by me and my crew. The aircrew that were shot down or those that crashed into the jungle are heroes that many nowadays don't know or not aware of. These are the heros of the country.
    Not Chin Peng, the man responsible to their death and miseries to their families.
    Its a War crime that he is answerable to. I would like to see justice to all my mates that served for King and Country with their life.

  10. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Dear Uncle Rocky,

    RPK is a making a fool of himself.

    His credibility as a writer has gone with wind, has gone down the drain, has turned into crap.

    The dumb fool thinks he is a revolutionaire.. but he is like Louis XVI himself. Ignorant, ugly, pompous and full of himself.

    I always get screwed and shoved off by my Bapak when I asked about those bloody times. It must have been hell, considering bapak would always light a cigarette and sits by himself afterhe hears or reads about it..

    Even the chinese know "what" chin peng was.. an evil war lord who craved for power and blood.. may his soul rot in hell.

    Sick and tired (SD blocked facebook)

  11. RPK lied and brags the threats he received while in Sungai Buloh.

    RPK lied and brags about May 13.

    RPK lied and brags about Rosmah being at the murder scene.

    Now, RPK lied and brags about Chin Peng.

    RPK is a good medicine for Sore Losers.

  12. We may have different opinions on various issues, but please do not mislead anybody with blatant lies.

    At the end of the day, we are all Malaysian citizen.

    To say Chin Peng and the Communist are Freedom Fighthers is not only Clear Cut Lying, it questions your loyalty to Malaysia, your country.

  13. You cannot rewrite history.

    Before Chin Peng, it was Tan Melaka (and wasn't he another of those from Rumpun Melayu). And what about Rashid Mydin, Abdullah CD, Shamsiah Fakeh and ten thousands more Malays who stood side by side with Chin Peng. And that Vietnamese, no one has to deny anything for communism is so simple - anyone can be a leader regardless of race - and think of Stalin who wasn't even a Russian in the first place.

    To demonise Chin Peng because of his race is a cheap shot at history. If we were to demonise Chin Peng then we should adore thousands of Brits, Fijians, Aussies, South Africans, New Zealanders who wasted their lives fighting Chin Peng.

    Chin Peng is not my hero. My heroes were the quiet people in Special Branch who actually dismantled PKM piece by piece. But the articles you referred to are nothing but a cheap shot at history - and worse, it tried to portray history along racial lines. It is just like debating about the non-existing Social Contract and Ketuanan Melayu.

  14. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Ho Chin Minh or Nguyen Ai Quoc was present during the first CPM's meeting in Kuala Pilah in 1930?


    So they already organised themselves in 1930. Who were they planning to fight against, to kick out? The colonials of course.

    So are they not freedom fighters even if they are of a different shade?

  15. hanya orang gila mengaku chin peng pejuang kemerdekaan .. period.

  16. Bro,

    Who exactly is Chin Peng to deserve this much of attention?

    There are more pressing issues than him and his bygone past.

  17. "Anonymous said...

    Chin Peng is an icon of Malaya's struggle against lies, stupidity, idiocy, bigotry and corruption. "

    hahahaha ...

    yang betulnya adalah Chin Peng is an icon of Malaya's lies, stupidity, idiocy, bigotry and corruption

  18. Anonymous5:22 pm

    There's a hidden agenda in bringing up a topic that has gone beyond its sell-by date. Let me ask: What's the point in all this Chin Peng stuff? Unless it going to lead up to something that has been worked out in the minds of bigots. It doesn't smell right that this blog is pushing this "agenda".


  19. hey monster ball,

    Do you think that I am UMNO ball are wrong man...because of UMNO you pendatang n communist gen simply got an IC. Without UMNO your IC still red. So you should be grateful with UMNO stupidity during softie tunku.

  20. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Yes, I agree 100 million per cent Chin Peng is an icon of Malaya's struggle for liberation. Just like Che Guevera, he fought and risked his life to enable the people to be set free of the bondage of feudalism, lies, cronyism. Umno has mounted a nationwide campaign to smear his image. Umno will fail, because truth will out. The lessons of history will not be determined by Umno and its band of liars. Stalin once tried to rewrite history by deleting his bitter rival Leon Trotsky from history. He failed. History will be the proper judge of Chin Peng's heroic role in the struggle for independence. History will not be rewritten by interlopers and miscreants and political chicanery. History must not, will not be rewritten by Umno. The people are the judge, and in the end, truth will set us free.

    From NSTman

  21. RPK ... its easy for him to be on Chin Peng's side many of his Blue Blood Hybrid Brothers ...Fathers...Uncles...has he lost to the CPM ? Zilch ! Talk to someone who has served and lost a friend to the commies ...see what they have to say ...Freedom Fighters ? So Was Pol pOT ! nak kata apa lagi ..Kawan RPK kan banyak underground Cha Ya Nun Alif !
    And Rock ...Pemain Takraw has a point ...which i agree to !

  22. The PIG has spoken again.. My father was an ARMY 11 RAMD. He told me about the brutality of the Chin Peng regime.

    FUCK you PKM and any retard asshole who uphold this fucking enemy as a freedom fighter.

  23. Need to add somemore,

    After KETUANAN MELAYU issue, here it comes again the KETUANAN CHIN PENG. So I believe this retard RPK has been used as a bait from a "Liberal Party of KETUANAN CINA RAYA" to demonise KETUANAN MELAYU again by portraying Chin Peng (Fuck on him) as a HERO.

  24. Anonymous6:58 pm

    The fact that there is a regiment of Malay CPM members speaks volumes.

    Please check your facts before again falling to the racist policy of divide-n-rule of current Barua Negara government.

  25. I read the book, my side of History on which we finally know what happened to Lai Tek who is the first Sec. General of the Malayan Communist Party before Chin Peng. Ironically Chin Peng (Ong Boon Hua) rose to the hnumber one job because Lai Tek purged the rest of the senior leaders of PKM during the Japanese and British rule.

    Conspicuously if you notice, the book detailed long description of how he started to join and became the Sec General in PKM and the pursue of peace under Dr Mahathir leadership. A chunk of story went missing on his long hiatus in China during the Cultural Revolution during the times of Tun Razak and Hussein Onn.

    One could say that Chin Peng fought for independence but I dare say he was going through the wrong path. And I am eternally grateful that he failed to achieve his goals.

    If one were to say that he is one of the freedom fighter of Malaya then try telling that to those who died fighting the communists, or my dad who was particularly not pleased when I brought that book home being a former Ranger himself.

    something to ponder however indeed he fought against the British colonials back then but he also waged war upon the Malaysian government for over 32 years.

  26. Anonymous7:00 pm


    The true story of the nationalists fighting for Malaya: The people in the kampungs, the people in the town areas, PKM, 10th Regiment (headed by Abdullah Sidek) is here:

    The story of merdeka is a kaleidoscope, any which way it turn, there's some truth/logic/nationalistic spirit/story behind it. Unfortunately there's no total demarcation of the absolute black or the absolute white.

    On the installments, they are coming in very slowly as the writer has to speak to many nationalists.


  27. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Sorry, its Abdullah C.D.

  28. Anonymous7:05 pm

    I agree with Permain Takraw that suddenly they are so shameless to take cheap shots with their own concocted revelation of a past that is out of sync with the present time. Or is it...a veiled propaganda to stir up some shit?


  29. Anonymous7:06 pm

    communist = suppressed
    chin peng = communist
    chin peng = suppressed

    Still like chin peng?

    Even the chinese in China are fighting against communism and the WHOLE world is against the idea. But nooooooooooooooooooooooo, some stupid bafoon in Malaysia who speaks about love, freedom, anti-suppression, equality is loving chin peng like a god!

    Go ask makcik-makcik, tuk nenek, aso, aya kat kampung-kampung what they say about chin peng la sebelum panggil dia hero. You weren't there so you have no F##king rights to say he is a hero! Boloh punya olang!


  30. Anonymous7:27 pm

    fuck chin peng and his ideology.

    you think that insipid is a freedom fighter? wait and see who were the real freedom fighters.

    as far as i know, chin peng played every single party members and that includes my late granduncle.

    i dont give a shit who is going to come against me with statements otherwise because i was literally told by my own flesh and blood how unruly he could be in the woods and how coward he could be when he faces his own image that he once bore.

    given the grim and gruesome past that malayans at that material time were suffering, chin peng didnt fight for the country. he was never a freedom fighter. he fought for his own fame and glory and i feel that he tricked those following his blinking regime. thats my reiteration.

    let me remind those who claims that chin peng was a freedom fighter and hero.


  31. Anonymous7:30 pm

    dhomirhahs said...

    hanya orang gila mengaku chin peng pejuang kemerdekaan .. period.

    4:41 PM


    true malaysian

  32. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Looks like Vietnam is on the way to higher growth and greater economy success than our poor Malaysia. I guess you can't say communist is wrong especially if you are in Bolehland.

  33. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Wonder what RPK is trying to achieve this time around. To create chaos for his self esteem, perhaps.

    Respect must be accorded to him for his tenacity in trying to convince the country that he could sell unwanted merchandise.

    He should do well selling left handed umbrellas, right handed tumblers, ambidextrous beer cans and ice cubes to Eskimos. Even better, black bulbs for a bright future.

    Wasting time about senseless history is a good past time and will make one lose more hair than necessary.

    We should not bother about yesterday as it is dead and gone.

    Let's put our brains together and think of the future.

    Yes, let's create the history of the future. Because it is possible to shape the future, not the past.


  34. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Castro is a hero - as he rules.
    But not Chin Peng - as he failed to rule.

    Wrong to compare Castro and Chin Peng?


    Was Dr M very clear at that time on the status of Chin Peng when the peace accord was firmed up?

    Dr M has this unique way of keeping silent over issues of this nature whilst trying to get 'hero' status for pulling off this type of feats.

    Chin Peng had to trust such folks in his twilight years. Padan muka.

    Lesson to learn - you can sign peace accords, but you will never be forgiven and can never start a fresh life like Hun Sen in Cambodia - even though you do not want to rule or be in power.

    But if you are a half-Malaysian (just by birth and not even citizenship), selling your body and become a 'media celebrity', its OK.

    There are lots of citizens in this country, who will not lift a finger for the locals who are forced into prostitution, not coming up with proper programmes to bring them back to lead normal lives - but are willing to take a flight to Britain and 'counsel' that one single person.

    In the process, get cheap publicity in the Malaysian media on what they 'intend' to do for that person in UK.

    With such kind of mindset amongst us, Chin Peng should not even dream of being granted permission to return to his birthplace - as he does not have that piece of document (certificate to prove that he was born in Malaysia).

    Our National Registration Department should follow all available processes to say that his record is not available - instead of assisting those who ask help to get a copy of such record.

    Final word - Hun Sen was also a freedom fighter? But how come the monarchy there allowed him to return to normalcy and he still rules?

    I suppose that happens in other different cultures which knows that 'forgive and forget' means really that.

    Not here - in Malaysia Truly Asia.
    Hidup Malaysia.


  35. Bro Rocky,

    The Japanese occupation saw many Malaysians raped, brutally murdered and tortured. But Japan is now one the 2nd largest trading partners of Malaysia and PSD sent Malaysians to Japanese Univeersities and Malaysian Govt allowed Japanese businessmen to take up quite many mega projects and Mahathir had the Look East Policy. Proton is Japanese.

    Why didn't we talk about the hate and pain caused by the Japanese? Is it because Malaysia and Malays now admire the Japanese and had forgotten that many Malaysians - Malays, Chinese and Indians - were raped by the Japanese soldiers?

    I wonder whether you would also post about this?

    We are not moving forward; we are still debating on a subject that has no relevance to our present and future except to classify someone as hero or rebel. The politicians and Ministers are looting the govt coffers and we are side-tracking the people to look at the past to determine the wrongs from an acute angle of a single race while there were many innocents who were killed and classified by the soldiers as communist and the victims and their families suffered in silence while legally and politically they are classifed as enemies which in truth they were just rubber tappers. None of the commenters here were from these families and know nothing of the situation in the 50s & 60s.

  36. Anonymous8:23 pm

    i already fed up with malaysia truly double standard, those malay communist can comeback and die in malaysia.why chin peng can't? why blame all on chin peng? is he the easy target to pinpoint?he wasnt the only communist and there are other seperatist factions in the jungle who wasnt under his command.TAR could have recognise communist party way back during baling talks and no more fighting then but chin peng is a chinese ,so no can do. my advice to those ex-soldier and police,blame it on your UMNO double standard policy asking you all to fight communism, Thailand no need to fight communism and their communist party is a legal one until today.thai also have a king and thai communist respect glocal question to those veterans and their children,grandchildren who likes to blame and bully chin peng easily putting all their misfortune on him,why let your own malay communist came back and die here while chin peng that chinese cannot? with these umno double standard policy dont be shocked if in future there will be new freedom fighters asking for and freedom from umno's malaysia like sabah few years back!

    cina tak boleh

  37. Chin Peng is persona non grata why bother to discuss.. don't waste your energy we have more pressing problem economic ..economic...let him migrate to Nepal.

  38. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Seperti monsterball berhujah dgn benang basah tanpa fakta dan tanpa analisa. Hujah dia half truth. Mana half yg lain?

    Ohhh ... Dia dah lupa fakta. Nyanyuk.

    Dia hanya mampu beri kesimpulan dari prejudis. Hanya upaya mengungkit perkara2 yang tidak ada kena mengena.

    Fakta tak ada pun.

    Monsterball monsterball ... berani macam seolah-olah telor dia besar menakutkan. dia lupa punai sudah 30 tahun tak tak naik. pakai forklift pun tak boleh naikkan 5 darjah.

    cara berhujah monsterball ini adalah kebiasaan cina2 yg dah kalah dan termalu. ego. cara defensive adalah menuduh orang rasis!!!

    bunyi betul macam anjing liar yg dah kena corner dan tunggu ditembak. bunyinya bukan "kong! kong! kong!" tapi "rasis! rasis! rasis!"

  39. hahahahaha......Just read those few pro UMNO melayu belittling RPK. people to walk at BERSEH...many many thousands responded.
    Wife asking RM1 per py basil..within few hours..RM17 thousand collected!!
    RPK...asked Malaysians to donate RM100 thousand to save a sick person...within few hours...RM75 thousand collected and he asked doners to that's enough.
    He was driven away by the most expensive car in the world...a RR limo..a free man.
    Thousands took to the streets ..had candle lights virgils....praying for him....almost night.
    First blogger to be detained under ISA. Not important? Why jail him....under ISA?
    If that is not a Malaysia hero...those idiots condemning RPK..need to have their brains examined.
    If that is an UMNO man...he must be Hang Jebat reincarnated!!
    But then Hang Jebat is not a Malay.......hahahahahahahaha
    So which PRESENT hero..does UMNO want to compare with RPK??

  40. Anonymous9:03 pm

    'Until lions start writing down their own stories, the hunters will always be the heroes'
    - African Proverb.

    Sorry boss,
    From my esp, RPK is provoking to attain attention.
    I rest my case.

    What's his motif?

    As for Chin Peng?
    Possibility to open the case at ICJ for genocide?
    Is it to late?

  41. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Blogger monsterball said...

    Tell part truth and one may get away from the real truth.
    What have we not seen or heard.
    Best is wait till 13th election...and see all these smart pro UMNO and pro Mahathir go back to kampong life..or migrate to Australia...Canada..where their lords have so much properties.....bought with stolen money...stolen from them too..yet do not know.
    Chin Peng is a Freedom Fighter for Malaysia!!
    But then....when have we ever seen...UMNO praised or hero worship other races....except Malays.
    Just look at he long list of UMNO so call....historical facts.
    Why no more Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat???

    12:56 PM






    -Tukang Perati

  42. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Chin Peng lives forever in the hearts of every Malaysian. He is a hero. He ranks with Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak and Tun Ismail as an icon of this great country. He is the Che Gueverra of Malaysia. He sacrificed himself so that Malayans can live in harmony. Chin Peng deserves a place in our hearts. Chin Peng's life-long struggle against idiocy, lies, stupidity ranks him as one of the great Malaysians.

  43. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Saudara Rocky;

    Bapak saudara saya Pak Long Udin hanyalah seorang pencari petai di sekitar Kampung Beting Kuala Pilah. Sewaktu dihutan,beliau sentiasa terserempak dengan gerombolan kominis disekitar Kuala Pilah. Kesilapan beliau,beliau menceritakan kepada orang lain dan lambat laun cerita beliau ni sampai pada agen kominis.

    Pada satu hari sekitar tahun 1950an beliau telah pergi kehutan mencari petai dan sampai hari ini beliau tak kembali, tak tahulah samada beliau masih hidup ataupun telah mati.

  44. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Chin Peng is no freedom fighter. He is a terrorist!! He terrorises the country even after it has gained independence. What kind of freedom fighter is that? He wanted Malaya to be an extension of China.

    Bringing him back and granting him citizenship will betray and belittle the loyal chinese who had to earn their citizenship (yes, the sijil kerakyatan thingy). These people had to earn their certs by doing good deeds in support of the society.

    Chin Peng don't deserve to be amongst us. He killed Malaysians... That's M-a-l-a-y-s-i-a-n-s!!!

    Let him remain a stateless person till he die and then God will find a fitting place for him to spend his entire eternity.

    Someone mentioned Pol Pot? Yeah, Chin Peng is in the same league with that murderous monster alright.

  45. Chin Peng is no hero neihter am a freedom fighter. A freedom fighter will not have to killed innocents, ransacks villages for foods, kidnaped women for their pleaseure ect. Freedom fighter will always be in the heart of the people. They will be loved and will be suported. The kampung people will voluntarity supply and protect freedom fighter but not in the case of Chin Peng and his CPM. Bintang Tiga was the most hatred people in that era.

  46. Anonymous12:15 am

    what do You say Rocky? We want your opinion not just a history lesson!

    Mat salleh

  47. chin fuckin whott??what hero?you mean it was heroic killing the helpless rural's people, ransack their house and toke all the beras and ubi kayu?

  48. freedom fighter my crippled ass.

    Chin Peng's a TERRORIST and a cunt.

  49. yea sure, he brutally killed thousands of innocent lives and now he is deemed as hero.


  50. Anonymous2:25 am


    Siapa agaknya yang pertama kena dengan Akta Perhubungan Kaum yang akan di bentangkan Jan ini ya??

    Apa agaknya penaltynya ya?

  51. Anonymous3:27 am

    nstman said...

    Chin Peng lives forever in the hearts of every Malaysian. He is a hero. He ranks with Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak and Tun Ismail as an icon of this great country. He is the Che Gueverra of Malaysia. He sacrificed himself so that Malayans can live in harmony. Chin Peng deserves a place in our hearts. Chin Peng's life-long struggle against idiocy, lies, stupidity ranks him as one of the great Malaysians.

    Woi NSTman!

    kamu ni bekas wartawan NST ke? Kalau bekas wartawan, ini ke yang kamu belajar dari NST dulu?

    kamu pandai kelentong, pandai tipu fakta, pandai pusing cerita macam barua DAP ke?

    Patut la kamu kena tendang dari NST! Kalau aku lah dah kena tendang dari NST, aku rasa malu nak pakai nama NSTman!

    kamu kan sekarang dah jadi barua DAP. Pakailah nama baru DAPman!

    NSTman penipu! Kaki putar macam keling. Talk bullshit! Crap!!

    - tukang perati

  52. Anonymous3:49 am

    monsterball said...

    hahahahaha......Just read those few pro UMNO melayu belittling RPK. people to walk at BERSEH...many many thousands responded.
    Wife asking RM1 per py basil..within few hours..RM17 thousand collected!!
    RPK...asked Malaysians to donate RM100 thousand to save a sick person...within few hours...RM75 thousand collected and he asked doners to that's enough.
    He was driven away by the most expensive car in the world...a RR limo..a free man.
    Thousands took to the streets ..had candle lights virgils....praying for him....almost night.
    First blogger to be detained under ISA. Not important? Why jail him....under ISA?
    If that is not a Malaysia hero...those idiots condemning RPK..need to have their brains examined.
    If that is an UMNO man...he must be Hang Jebat reincarnated!!
    But then Hang Jebat is not a Malay.......hahahahahahahaha
    So which PRESENT hero..does UMNO want to compare with RPK??

    8:32 PM


    Lu barua DAP mau halau melayu ka? Apa mau tunggu election 13th? sekarang pun boleh try mah......

    wa tunggu lu ma.........

    -tukang perati

  53. Cuba lah DAP atau mana-mana kaum Pendatang Cina yang menyokong KOMUNIS. Lihat kebangkitan Orang Melayu jika Hal ini berlaku. Chin Peng BABI tu Pendatang!!!

  54. Anonymous6:14 am

    We love you Chin Peng. You will always be a hero to all Malaysians.

  55. Anonymous8:29 am

    communism = socialist
    - free education
    - free heathcare

  56. Anonymous8:29 am

    chink peng a freedom fighter? is there no other jokes?

    RPK is a very clever joker. He brings out one issue and the anti-UMNO supporters of his jump for joy.

    What if the next day RPK said Tun Mahathir is the best PM Malaysia ever had? will his(RPK)cock-suckers agree? I'm sure they have to agree cos' whatever RPK say is nothing but the truth. Isn't it? or his cock-suckers only want to hear what they want to hear?


  57. Anonymous8:35 am

    A true Malaysian will say that Chin Peng or whatever his name, was just another asshole. Anybody who says he is a hero should pack their bag and join that idiot ChinPet....

  58. Anonymous8:42 am

    nstman, Chin Peng isn't a Malaysian. Don't ever paint him as one.

  59. Anonymous9:18 am

    I am no supporter of Chin Peng but the same things can be said of the Japanese who killed and tortured countless during the war. So how many of you are driving cars, watching TV, sleeping and working in air-con rooms, talking on your mobile phones, all made by Japanese. At least, Chin Pend fought for this country independence, against the Japanese I might add.


  60. Anonymous9:27 am

    Consider this scenario. If Chin Peng has won, would we be now under an Umno-led government who screwed us left, right and center and stealing our hard-earned money so they they can buy up market houses and large chunks of land overseas? How about the many innocent Malaysians killed and incarcerated by the BN in the last 50 years? In any war, it's either you kill or be killed, right or wrong.

  61. Anonymous9:29 am

    dear uncle monster ball,

    The country is experiencing political turmoil and cyberspace is the alternative channel for information. It all started way back in 1998.

    The bloom of RPK's website lalalala.

    But people can be blind. Rich people, educated people, doctors, professionals and the list goes on.

    Inside the people's hearts, they have fear. And comes Super RPK with all these alternate information (some are actually true - I STRESS on the SOME!!).. People start to believe and see him as their savior (well not like Jesus but.. well you know what I mean.. people want the truth.. so badly.. that sometimes the truth is in front of them, yet they cannot see it)

    Then, he comes up with crap.
    Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

    But, people being humans, they still believe him. If he says that in fact, the Tunku Abdul Rahman is a chinese man, I think people would still believe him.

    I am not surprised with the RM 17 thousand within hours. He has friends... rich enough friends and to some of them, 17K is like a chilli stuck between your teeth.

    He's dramatic. He knows his demographic well. He knows how to use his wife. He knows who to call.

    I used to go to his websites. But when things get out of hand and are out of logic.. I stopped to think.

    What are others saying?

    Readers are getting smarter.
    The equilibrium will always be there.. Smart writers and smart readers. Smart ass writers and smart ass readers.

    Sick and Tired.

  62. Anonymous9:32 am


    Rocky Blog more transparent compared to RPK.. We can see Rocky approved comments from two sided.. thats we call democracy..
    but RPK?? 100% approval for comments that support his article only.. got no ball huh RPK? democrazy...

  63. Anonymous9:43 am

    dhomirhahs said...

    "Anonymous said...

    Chin Peng is an icon of Malaya's struggle against lies, stupidity, idiocy, bigotry and corruption. "

    hahahaha ...

    " yang betulnya adalah Chin Peng is an icon of Malaya's lies, stupidity, idiocy, bigotry and corruption "



  64. Anonymous10:13 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I modified this quotation from 18th. December the Economist's article on Madoff, the Mother of All Grand Scheme.

    "Like mold, the RPK antics thrived in the dark."

    Thank you for shining the light of the RPK's heart of darkness to us in this blog.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  65. Anonymous10:19 am

    haha... Rocky made fun of your self la... u do not even published my comment which is only a word from an ordinary people.... I dun even see this comment wil be published too... i not a supporter of any party or any person but i will support an great idea or agenda by anyone as long as it benefit the people... but i feel sorry that u didnt event dare to published by simple comment even i touch a bit about pewaris and double standard... is somethg fishy here??

  66. nstman, you are delusional if you think that Chin Peng ranks the same as Tunku, Tun Razak or Tun Ismail. DO NOT dishonor the illustrious memories of these great Malaysian Leaders.

    Chin Peng presided over the murder and maiming of thousands of Malaysian civillians, Soldiers and Policemen of ALL races and wreak havoc and brought untold misery to the families of the murdered and the crippled. Chin Peng is no freedom fighter and certainly not a hero, he is nothing more than a mass MURDERER and rightly should be hanged for his crimes.

  67. Dear Monsterball,

    Haha, ure so narrow minded looking at only one perspective. U idolize RPK so much that it distorts your logical thinking?

    Yea, RPK called for RM1 collection, bersih rally and so forth. Wow but SAD to say the they only represent the minority aww!

    If Tun Mahathir ask for a RM1 collection or call for a rally, what do you think will be the outcome? The outcome will be staggering. Maybe the rally convened could even be in the Malaysia Book of Records! Hahaha!

    I love to see u making these pitfalls bro. So easy to it more often, k?
    I love to see how emotions shrouds a man's logical thinking!

    So the morale of the story is, which person can definitely compete with RPK? Of course Mahathir la bro!

    It's like a mice (RPK) competing with a goliath (Mahathir)!

  68. Anonymous10:36 am

    Salam DAN Selamat Pagi Cikgu,

    hmmmm...Bloggers,Pleased make Malaysia a respectable nation to all if not the best in the world.

    I rest my case.

  69. Anonymous10:44 am

    Satu-satunya kumpulan pengganas yg pernah wujud di negara ini majoritinya BUKAN ISLAM. Patutlah diorang power sangat cerita pasal "keganasan global" sekarang ni. Ada pengalaman rupanya.

    -Laskar Cinta

  70. Monsterball

    I really do not care if RPK is GOD to you.

    But for him to mislead and misuse his fame to claim Chin Peng as Freedom Fighter is just not acceptable; unless your patriotism still lies with the People’s Republic of China.

    The same can also be said about some of our fellow citizen. In their SUDDEN effort to prove that their race also sacrificed for the country, they crossed the line and start to make misleading claims such as this.

    The funny thing is, they started all this racial tension, but yet when people retaliate they suddenly went GELABAH.

    This issue of Chin Peng has nothing to do about UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, DAP or whatever your political inclination is. This is our country.

    BUT if any of you still feels Chin Peng is your freedom fighter, you are definitely a citizen of a wrong country.

    Just pack your bag and go to any Communist Country of your choice.

  71. Anonymous10:54 am

    Chin Peng had to do a job and why the hype and anger!There were malay commies but were giving star treatment by the government in the name of rehabitalation and craps.
    Let him be as he an old man.What can he do ? Start comunnism again in this country?
    Let live and let live.Most of those haters are getting worked up over something they never all wars people die and as a commie he had to lead by example thats all.?
    Do those idiots who are whining get the drift?
    Remember one Mat chap who killed a British Resident while bathing in the Perak river .He hid for years and was declared a hero but to the eyes of the british he was a plain old muderer and a coward.So you can compare Chin Peng with him. BOTH in the same boat.

    Green Pepper

    Green Pepper

  72. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Them Commies killed some civilians and you brand them as terrorists.

    What about the British Scots Guards soldiers who massacred the many Chinese villagers in Batang Kali in cold blood? (See the news on Sunday) Are they terrorists too? The sole living survivor (suffering from cancer) has been looking for justice for those killed for 60 years.

    So all you "goodies", do something for these innocent victims. Otherwise, shut up.

  73. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Chin Peng dan PKM = pengganas

    Takde maknanya korang cuba nak bela dia. "Islamic terrorism" tak ada lagi kat Malaysia. PKM terrorism terpahat dalam sejarah. Lepas ni jangan mengada-ngada nak tunjuk pandai berbahas pasal keganasan global tau.

    (Pesanan khusus untuk keturunan pengganas)

    - Laskar Cinta

  74. monsterball said.

    those idiots condemning RPK..need to have their brains examined.

    haha .. i think that you are the one that need to have your brain examined

  75. whoah ...

    the line of justification found here is quite troubling

  76. History can never be twisted. Both sides or argument are correct. It is only looking at different perspective.
    Chin Peng together with comrades ( chinese, malay etc ) indeed fought the war with British & Japanese. But when the war is over with them, they are denied of their political rights to form a their party . It was the known as the PERJANJIAN Baling. As Tunku & Chin Peng could not achieve consensus. They were forced back into the jungle and that's how the war have started against the new Alliance government.
    We should be matured enough to understand WAR for WAR makes an evil out of a man..regardless of which sides you are in.
    RPK didn't rewrite history. What RPK trying to prove is just what i have written above. Everyone chips in regardless of race & religion to the success we achieved today. Today is about the war against mother of all corruptions that is plaging BN government ( UMNO/MCA?MIC etc ). Can't you guys see it ?.

  77. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Chow Kit Cowboy said...

    Them Commies killed some civilians and you brand them as terrorists.

    What about the British Scots Guards soldiers who massacred the many Chinese villagers in Batang Kali in cold blood? (See the news on Sunday) Are they terrorists too? The sole living survivor (suffering from cancer) has been looking for justice for those killed for 60 years.

    So all you "goodies", do something for these innocent victims. Otherwise, shut up.

    12:20 PM


    Itu cina sini mari British juga bawak. Itu cina mati kena tembak darah sejuk, British jugak kasi tembak.

    Apa pasal sini bising? pigilah tuntut gantirugi sama itu British! Bodoh punya olang. Lu sudah kena tipu sama British ka? Padan muka lu lah. Lu memang tongong! Takda baca betul-betul itu cerita.

    -tukang perati

  78. Anonymous2:10 pm



  79. so whott happen to the famous anONymous clause??
    Perhap Roky fella got so excited and forgot ab his rule..chuckle

  80. there aint no ten of thou malay ya moron...only hundreds of misleadiing malays, yet after they learned ab the true color of CPM, the fighting die wth within, what left is just the like of maidin and few otrs.
    Perhap chin pen promise him a post of minister of sewage. MInister of sewage!! whoaa man, sound gud is it?...until you translated into malay: menteri taik

  81. Anonymous said..
    ###hang jebat / han jee fatt?
    ok fine..go on...

    why just stop at tht huh??

    So wth the same analogy
    what bout hang kasturi?
    han cas tu ree ?
    This is what annoy the most,you quote some finding, only toke what you like most, ignored the otrs yet put a blime eyes to a glaring dispute about the research itself.

    What a truly:
    Tong san pah & Teik khoo chen!!

  82. Anonymous4:44 pm


    You olang never learn from history. SEMBAH OLANG KULIT PUTIH, and here in MALAYA, they called you people coooooolieeeeesss, same same in the US the blacks were called SLAVES. Sebenarnya coolie dan slaves itu lebih kurang sama ajer.

    Just that they make you all work like hell for them, sumbat KASI OPIUM, kasi denggung, PUJI PUJI LAJIN, so your balls got kembang, you all worked for them like they were your GODS.

    They make FOOLS out of you people, AND now their halfbloods pun masih berjaya continue fooling you...

    heheheh Olang putih dulu simpan lu punya bini sama anak pompuan jadi dia punya mainan pun, lu masih worship them? Lu Atok dulu dia suruh keleja angkat TONG tahi tiap pagi (jamban bucket), pun lu keleja macam itu untouchables punya tugas!

    Hah... sudah dilatih turun kemurun dari Moyang, Atok, Bapa awak, tengok olang putih, SEMBAH sampai ke anak cucu lu...

    Silap silap dia suluh lu jilat tahi pun lu jilat.

    Ini masalah keturunan tiada BERAKAR.. The WEST call all of you PARASITES, go check their writings...

    Monsterball, sedar diri mu sebelum terlambat, kesian lu punya anak cucu...


  83. What if Chin Peng won the war,

    The song from GNR latest album..

    Chinese Democracy, Lyrics by Axl Rose

    It don't really matter
    Gonna find out for yourself
    No it don't really matter
    Gonna leave this thing to
    Somebody else

    If they were missionaries
    Real time visionaries
    Sittin' in a chinese stew
    To view my dis-infatuation

    I know that I'm a classic case
    Watch my dis-enchanted face
    Blame it on the Falun Gong
    They've seen the end and you can't hold on now

    'Cause it would take a lot more hate than you
    To end the fascination
    Even with an iron fist
    More than you got to rule the nation
    When all I've got is precious time

    It don't really matter
    Guess I'll keep it to myself
    Said it don't really matter
    It's time I look around for
    Somebody else

    'Cause it would take a lot more time than you
    Have got for masturbation
    Even with your iron fist
    More than you got to rule the nation
    But all we got is precious time
    More than you got to fool the nation
    But all I got is precious time

    It don't really matter
    I guess you'll find out for yourself
    No it don't really matter
    So you can hear it now from
    Somebody else

    You think you got it all locked up inside
    And if you beat 'em enough they'll die
    It's like a walk in the park from the cell
    Now you're keeping your own kind in hell
    When your great wall rocks, blame yourself
    When their arms reach out for your help
    And you're out of time

  84. Anonymous5:28 pm

    hoi tukang perati,
    kau ingat kau pandai sangat ke bengap?komunis melayu boleh balik sini kena minta izin british ke sohai?kalau tak bagi chin peng balik terus terang sajalah cakap tak suka cina biar satu dunia dengar ,biar kuasa besar China dengar Malaysai memang buli cina sini,cakap biar pakai otak sikit dunia ini bukan kau yg punya,sekali jadi macam perang macam bosnia,melayu macam kau mampus dulu,kau boleh lawan orang cina lagi boleh lawan,fucker!

    cina tak kenal mati

  85. IPV6 wrote:
    so whott happen to the famous anONymous clause??
    Perhap Roky fella got so excited and forgot ab his rule..chuckle


    Dear IPV6,
    Now and then, some comments by Anon got published. Then one fine day the NSTP's lawyers wrote to my lawyers complaining about some Anon comments that were unkind to their clients. They referred to my "Anon clause" and accused me of publishing those anonymous comments deliberately and with malice.
    So I decided to take down the Anon Clause on my blog. I will reword the anon clause in the comment box soon.
    Thank u.

  86. tak mo komen lah. mau baca buku sejarah dulu. pasal mpaja dan pkm dan mereka2 yang di lable sebagai 'berhaluan kiri'.
    itu pun kalo ada buku-buku mengenai hal2 sejarah sebelum merdeka berkenaan mereka.

  87. Anonymous5:57 pm

    anti-illuminati 2:00PM said...

    ... Today is about the war against mother of all corruptions that is plaging BN government ( UMNO/MCA?MIC etc ). Can't you guys see it ?..

    Duit kasi minum teh? - Asal usul datangnya peribahasa ini...

    Besides British and Japanese, here in MALAYSIA which race enjoy expensive exotic TEA? One packet can cost over RM8.00. Wash down your food with TEA?

    Even you visit them in their offices, out comes the cutie TEA POT SET served steaming hot.

    Hey you there... suruh orang see, when it is your CULTURE lor...


  88. Anonymous6:02 pm

    All I care is that this farthole chin peng is a commie and a good commie is a dead commie.

    Those who live by the sword should die by the sword.

    If I have the opportunity I for one would not hesitate to KILL him if he enters Malaysia again.

    If selempang merah couldn't get him first then it's me.

    You can make a police report for my statement I'd just made for all I care.

    I am a Malaysian citizen who has seen my country bleeds due to this bastard commie.

    I am Khaidir

  89. Anonymous6:48 pm

    To the RPK bastard

    Have you ever felt the sharp edge of a steel knife slicing out your innards as you lay gasping for breath in goddamn rainsoaked trench?

    Have you ever felt the searing pain of shrapnel cutting through your flesh as some god forsaken mortar lands amidst your comrades?

    have you ever seen the muscular limbs of a healthy man reduced to a mangled heap of protruding veins,sheared of muscles caked in blood- the gory aftermath of stepping on a booby trap!!

    Have you ever heard the moans of unarmed dying men mowed down in cold blood by bastard vermins you call heroes?

    Have you ever spent a second marooned in a foxhole filled with water up to your waist on a raindrenched night with lightning zigzagging your existence away?

    have you ever felt the cold steel of the kukri slicing away your flesh as you wrestle a chingky bastard scum for a chokehold onto life knowing full well that with your ammo out, you have to resort to no holds barred hand to hand combat to get a glimpse of the your little ones and their sorrowful mum?

    Nah- you surely didnt go thru all that.BUT I DID AND SO DID MY COMRADES AT THE PERBATASAN DURING THE TAIL END OF THE CONFLICT IN THE EARLY 80S!!! Motherfucker, what you wrote will not go unforgotten at least by ME!!!You not only elevated that bastard chingkie to demigod status but also sacrileged the memory of my comrades who died fighting to preserve the integrity of this nation for scum like you to rape and plunder.

    Let me crawl into your head and blow your mind to smithereens, u goddamn motherfucking scum. U are damned motherfucking wrong if U think that we the survivors will forget your asinine deed. Dont think your blue blood will shield you from what is to come..., you whoreson of a welsh tart. Fuck your motherlah aresehole (since your dad is a dead pecker anyway).She will give you more RPKs to continue your shit legacy, pariah cuni!!

    You never ever had to go through all that you bastard motherfucker, that's why you have the temerity to idolise scum like the chingkie pig, you wrote about. Truth is you motherfucker RPK, you are just a coward who adorns the green beret pose for your masturbatory kicks and nothing else. You are the pits and people like you are just the types who congregate around has been wankers like Anwar and stir shit to bring this country and its people that evr closer to shipwreck. Cowardly offsprings of motherfucked whores who have the audacity to embrace dirt like them. For you see, that bastard son of a bitch, Chin Peng was nothing more than a lackey of Mao and the screwedup "child' of the chastened Pimp, the Brit. What freedom was he fighting for when he was no more than a pipsqueak who attracted nary a mention in the annals of the MPAJA?And boy, did the Brits screw him back in a classic double cross fashion that would have made them Americans mighty proud!

    Look at his repartee to Yoji Akashi on page 80... and for his forging a united MPAJa, look at the drivel he spouts regarding the "unheard' off KMM (pages 68-69 right till the end of dialogues session II). The whole sordid tale of the bastard reeks of classic chingkie opprtunism, deception and treachery. i wouldnt be surprised that CP was in cahoots with Lai Teck to pull off a master ripoff. His retreat and subsequent domicile in China between 1961 and 1989 that coincided with Mao's Great Leap forward and the Cultural revolution speaks volumes of this dicredited "freedom fighter.and fighting for Malaya? Shit RPK, read his own admission pages 60 od session II and you will find how this chinese waffles his way through a swamp of lies. I can go on and on ...about this bastard chin Peng Chibai pundek scum but it will be a pure waste of time trying to educate cunthole scounderels like RPK the pundek kalathai Goebbels of the PKR..... i can throw at him tomes to read and understand the real chain of events but then this fucked up kuthian has got nothing between his ears except garbage which he is now spouting with increasing angst. An onset of senile dementia in the making... i guess..burrow into marina's cunt for some respite, man.. you deserve that!!

    To my fallen comrades, al-fatihah and a promise to avenge this!

    PS: as the book notes, the extent of MPAJA success against the Japs has been largely exageratted esp regarding the casualty count and interestingly the heroes never confronted the Japs in actual combat, restricting themselves to the cowardly and largely bandit style engagements...cuniyandi heroes..i guess!!

    Warrior 231

  90. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Main Reference:
    1. Dialogues with Chin Peng: New Light on the Malayan Communist Party
    By C. C. Chin, Karl Hack
    NUS Press, 2004
    ISBN 9971692872, 9789971692872

    Other Sources:

    Short, Anthony : In Pursuit of Mountain Rats : The Communist Insurrection in Malaya ; Singapore: Cultured Lotus: 2000

    2.Harper, Tim : The End of Empire and the Making of Malaya (Cambridge University Press; 1999)

    3. Andrew, Herbert: Who Won the Malayan Emergency?(Singapore: Graham Brash; 1995)

    Warrior 231

  91. Anonymous7:25 pm

    monsterball is an example of majority chinese attitude in Malaysia, they hate everything that is Malay, what ever it is, even Malay folk heros, history, etc, as long as it is Malay, they bash it out! at the same time, demand respect from Malays, ... you suck!


  92. Anonymous7:40 pm

    to those who ask what if chin peng won the war, the answer is simple, they will be no religion, we only have one party... communist party, the Chinese are not allowed to seek wealth for them self as it is contradicting to communist ideology and Chin Peng will be your most authocratic leader! Dr. M style will be very pale in comparison, case in point, look at Myanmar!

    -Stupid Chin Peng.

  93. Anonymous8:46 pm

    RPK initially was on FREE ANWAR'S CAMPAIGN platform. now he stands on his own. he has his own personal agenda.

    a lollipop in between his mouth, there he moves his fingers fast.

    it is very unfortunate to have someone like him who infuses perversion to history and current affairs. its only a set of different form of ideas where journos would write in each and every individual press in malaysia.

    i do not find him interesting at all, and i would say such writings are rather amusing. nevertheless, if someone like him is on the roll, i would simply take it as though he is out for the bite! perhaps, an idiot of nature.

    coming back to RPK, i find only idiots would comment on his blog most of the time. and whoever thinks that RPK is the right source, by all means, go ahead and believe it because they are to lose and not us!

    so be it! RPK is not a scammer. he is just purely an entertainer. period

  94. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Tulisan berikut di Utusan Malaysia Sept 18hb, 2005 yang juga ada versi Inggeris di The Sun pada lebih kurang tarikh sama baik dilihat kembali.


    Polemik ideologi selepas runtuhnya fahaman komunis


    PADA bulan Jun 1998 BBC London menyiarkan sebuah program berjudul ``Malaya: The Undeclared War'' dan antara para tamunya ialah Chin Peng, ketua Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM). Kunjungannya ke England dikatakan kali pertama dan BBC telah menemuinya sebelum itu di Thailand, sedang menulis memoirnya.

    Lalu seorang penulis British, Neal Ascherson, yang dulu berkhidmat sebagai askar dalam masa darurat, mengambil kesempatan untuk menginterviu Chin Peng bagi akhbar Observer.

    Laporannya diberi tajuk: ``Akhirnya saya berjumpa dengan orang yang saya diperintah membunuhnya 40 tahun lalu dan dia tersenyum.''

    Interviu itu berlaku semasa krisis ekonomi yang melanda beberapa buah negara Asia, termasuk Thailand, Malaysia dan Indonesia. Lantas dicatatkan reaksi Chin Peng mengenainya: ``Ekonomi mereka bukanlah begitu hebat sangat beliau mencebis, kesemuanya ekonomi yang mudah lingkup.''

    Beberapa hal yang disebut mengenai darurat 12 tahun itu (1948-1960) menarik perhatian kini dalam konteks tesis setiausaha internasional DAP, Ronnie Liu baru-baru ini bahawa Tunku Abdul Rahman dan orang-orangnya dalam UMNO ``bukan pejuang kemerdekaan yang sebenarnya.''

    Mengenai jumlah korban dalam masa darurat itu, Ascherson menulis: ``Laskar Chin Peng membunuh 1,865 orang anggota pasukan keselamatan, tetapi 6,700 laskarnya sendiri maut. Kira-kira 2,000 orang awam mati dibunuh - tentunya bilangan yang tidak tepat sama sekali.''

    Beliau menyifatkan Chin Peng sebagai ``orang lama daripada kerancakan gerakan komunis pada masa lampau'' dan ``seorang wakil khas terhormat dalam pelbagai sidang Parti Komunis Rusia dalam masa tahun lima puluhan.''

    Ascherson mengulas mengenai keputusan Chin Peng melancarkan pemberontakan bersenjata pada tahun 1948 dan dengan itu bertanggungjawab bagi apa yang berlaku selanjutnya.

    Beliau menulis: ``Sesetengah pihak berpendapat bahawa beliau sama sekali tidak ada harapan mencapai kemenangan. Namun, itu tidak meningkatkan ataupun mengurangkan tanggungjawabnya. Saya sendiri berasa bahawa beliau dulu ada harapan mencapai kejayaan, tetapi segala-galanya menjadi sesia kerana beberapa kekhilafan.

    ``Masalahnya ialah kaum proletariat orang Cina belaka manakala para tani pula orang Melayu dan beragama Islam dan pihak komunis yang hampir kesemuanya warga Cina, seperti Chin Peng sendiri - tidak menyedari faktor-faktor semangat kebangsaan dan agama. Beliau (Chin Peng) kini sedar betapa ideologi Marx-Lenin tidak pernah mengambil kira kekuatan semangat kebangsaan atau agama.

    ``Chin Peng mengundurkan markas tenteranya ke selatan Thailand pada tahun 1953 dan perjuangan bersenjata tamat pada tahun 1960. Beliau berhijrah ke negeri China melalui Vietnam dan bermastautin selama 25 tahun di Beijing. Ia kembali ke Thailand pada tahun 1989 untuk menandatangani perjanjian gencatan senjata, lalu menetap di sana.

    ``Chin Peng masih berjiwa Marxist dan yakin dunia akan menjadi sosialis akhirnya nanti. Tetapi keruntuhan fahaman komunis di peringkat antarabangsa menjadikan ia berasa resah dan ia mengidami sesuatu yang digemarinya semasa di hutan dahulu, iaitu polemik ideologi.''

    Tamat interviu.

    Lain-lain hal yang dibangkitkan oleh Ronnie Liu telah pun dijawab oleh pelbagai pihak, termasuk beberapa nama yang disebut olehnya - Ibrahim Yaakob dan Dr. Burhanudin Al-Helmi, ketua-ketua perjuangan sayap kiri Melayu semasa dahulu.

    Namun, dalam ingatan pelbagai pihak ialah rayuan kedua kepada Sukarno yang singgah di Taiping pada bulan Ogos 1945, supaya nama Malaya disebut dalam Deklarasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia, berikutan tewasnya Jepun kepada pihak Sekutu.

    Dalam keadaan di waktu itu ia tentunya ditentang oleh orang-orang Cina di Malaya dan Singapura, sebagaimana juga orang Melayu menentang Semenanjung Tanah Melayu menjadi sebahagian dari negeri China melalui pemberontakan Parti Komunis Malaya.

    Menjadi pengajaran ialah nasib malang orang Islam di USSR (Union of Socialist Republics) dalam masa pemerintahan komunis dahulu selama lebih 70 tahun.

    Nasib mereka telah diceritakan, antara lain oleh Profesor Pengajian Islam Universiti Berne, Richard Schultze dalam bukunya History of the Islamic World (terbitan I.B. Tauris Publishers, London).

    Tindakan-tindakan diambil untuk memesongkan orang Islam dan mengubah hukum-hukum Islam. Sekolah-sekolah agama dan mahkamah-mahkamah syariah ditutup. Hanya tinggal sejumlah kecil daripada 25,000 masjid dan madrasah di sebuah republik pemerintahan komunis. Di samping itu ``nasionalis Islam yang komunis'' berusaha mencantumkan ajaran-ajaran komunis dengan ajaran Islam.

    Sebuah cerita oleh Allahyarham Boestamam menjelaskan betapa nasionalis yang komunis memainkan peranan. Terlibat dalam kisah itu ialah Dr. Burhanudin dan Mokhtaruddin Lasso, seorang komunis Melayu. Peristiwa berlaku dalam masa rehat kongres Parti Kebangsaan Melayu di Ipoh pada tahun 1945.

    Mokhtaruddin tiba-tiba bertanya: ``Apakah benar Tuhan itu ada, tuan doktor? Benarkah Dia berkuasa?''

    ``Sudah tentu saja Tuhan ada,'' Dr. Burhanudin menjawab dengan ringkas.

    Mokhtaruddin membalas: ``Kalau benar Dia berkuasa suruhlah Dia membuat sepasang terompah kayu sekarang ini dan kalau Dia boleh membuatnya saya akan percaya Tuhan itu ada dan Dia berkuasa, tetapi tidak sebaliknya.''

    Roda sejarah terus berputar. Ideologi komunis yang lahir di Rusia sudah tiada lagi dan kesemua pemerintahan komunis di Eropah Timur telah runtuh.

    Maka tiada lagi debat atau polemik mengenai ``dialectical materialism.''


    Artikel ini berserta tulisan Syed Akbar menunjukkan Chin Peng bukan benar2 seorang komunis. Dia seorang yang sayangkan bangsanya dan ingin kembali mempertahankan negaranya. Tetapi dipinta bertahan di Malaya.

    Chin Peng mahu menyelamatkan kaumnya dari kekejaman Jepun. Dia hanya memeluk komunisma kemudian. Komunisma hanya topeng ideologi untuk justifikasi nasionalisma (cauvanisma) cina (sebagaimana topeng Malaysian Malaysia yang diguna DAP untuk sebagai justifikasi Cauvanisma Cina).

    MCAJA mungkin didokong PKM dibelakang tetapi modus operandinya bukan komunisma. Mao Tse Tong mengambil hati rakyat marhaen untuk menarik rakyat kepada revolusinya. Komunis semasa itu tidak melakukan kekejaman lagi.

    MCAJA begitu zalim sekali. Adakah dia zalim kerana yang akan jadi mangsa itu Melayu? Mungkin ini menjawab kenapa Chin Peng tidak mahu ambil peduli untuk benar2 menarik Melayu dan Muslim.

    Seorang freedom fighter adalah seorang yang mencintai negara dan rakyat sekali. Kenapa Chin Peng mengganas? Kenapa Chin Peng perlu berdendam dgn semu aorang melayu?

    Jika dibaca memoir Rashid Maidin, dia sendiri tidak memperakui CHin Peng sebagai freedom fighter?

    Hairannya kenapa kaum CIna mahukan pengharagaan dari seorang yang rakan juangnya sendiri tidak memperakuinya.

    Saya rasa apa yang diperkatakan Pasquale bahawa CPM adalah Chinese Party of Malaya mungkin ada kebenaran.

  95. Anonymous10:29 pm



  96. Anonymous10:49 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  97. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Chin Peng is no hero. He decided to raise his gun against Japanese in World War 2 because he want to get even with the Japs for what they did in China Mainland. I don't think he has slightest intention at that paticular time of fighting the Japs to liberate this country. For those Commies sympathizer, please show me a proof of a writing or doctrine written by the Commies back then about liberating Malaya from Colonial Power, than I will believe you.

    Analogy I can make here is that, let say if I live in that particular era of world war 2. One day I am pissed off with the Japs for killing my relative back in Indonesia, as aresult, I decided to go into the jungle and fight the Japs. So does it means I am a liberation fighter or just someone who just want to get even with the Japs? If the Commies really fought for our independence, when the Japs surrender, they would have continue fighting the Brits immediately and not let the Brits landed on our shore at all after that. Just like how the Indonesian fought the Dutch. Get it Chinkies?

    Whatever it is, I think it is not a bad idea at all to allow Chin Peng to be back into this country and die over here. We can than build a public toilet on top of his grave and for every cents collected, we can than donate the money to every victims of his atrocities


  98. Anonymous12:16 am

    Siapakah yang mengatakan Chin Peng itu pengganas. Sudah pasti propaganda UMNO yang tak sudah-sudah hingga hari ini terus menipu orang Melayu. Sedarlah UMNO bapak kepada segala penipuan adalah pengganas nombor satu negara ini.

    Ini bukan sekadar cerita samada seorang itu setia pada Mao atau tidak. Masa Chin Peng berjuang Malaysia tidak pun wujud lagi. Perjuangannya tidak bukan untuk menentang penjajah.

    Apa kisah Ho Chi Min ada di Jelabu atau tidak. Bukankah dia berjaya membangkitkan semangat orang Vietnam menentang Perancis dan Amerika. Bukan macam UMNO yang mudah menyembah kepada Inggeris dan terus menerus menipu orang Melayu.

    Melayu perlu bangkit daripada penjajahan minda oleh UMNO! Seperti Ho Chi Min dan Chin Peng, RPK mercu kebangkitan kesedaran bangsa Melayu.

    Tidak, kita Melayu tidak komunis bila mengatakan Chin Peng juga pejuang kemerdekaan atau juga mengiktiraf Ho Chi Min sebagai pejuang bangsa Vietnam. Kita melayu juga perlu dan akan bangkit menentang penjajah. Penjajah Melayu itu adalah UMNO penipu besar dan lantas pengganas nombor satu.

    PRÙ12 menampakkan kebangkitan Melayu hasil perjuangan Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Nik Aziz dan Hadi.RPK mungkin bercakap mengenai Chin Peng, tapi intipati sebenar ialah Melayu kini sudah sedar dan bangkit menentang UMNO PENGGANAS NOMBOR SATU.

    PRÚ 13 tamat riwayat UMNO!

    Melayu Nan Bebas

  99. Anonymous12:25 am

    Had the Commies won, we'd be like Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam today. Or worse... North Korea.

    Communism in SE Asia today is a dying ideology. The Malaysian commies are all either dead or spending their final years in a Thai border village.

    That being said, the Reds & Chin Peng with their MPAJA did fight against Japanese colonialism in Malaya, although their goal was to make Malaya not just an independent state... but also a satellite state to the Soviets or China.

    The non communist left did also play an important part in the late 40s in the struggle against British imperialism. Read about the 'Hartal'.

  100. Anonymous12:28 am


    are you a freedom fighter? if not, how do you comprehend him? gosh, you are just pro-establishment and sounding racist. else, you would have given alternative opinions about him and not just slants aginst him, no?

    Bangsa Malaysisa.

  101. Anonymous4:14 am

    I view this as a case of "Branding".

    The powers then needs a fall-guy for diverting the attention from their failure to defend this colony and abandoning it to the Japs.

    After the war, the nationalist continue with the branding for their own agenda.

    Afterall, the Japs also did a number on the people in Malaya too, but the issue was and is not so intensively pursued nor highlited.

    From FLY

  102. please do not forget that Malaya had gained independence since 1957. Malaya is recognised by UN,as a legitimate country.

    anyone that fight for this independence, we will call them as a freedom fighter

    but anyone that fighting the Malaya government after 1957 is TRAITOR, what more if it's arm struggle

    Amin & Al- Maunah, the Malay had waged a war against the Agong for 10 days, he's being captured, tried and sentenced to death

    Chin Peng had waged a war against the Agong since 31st August 1957 up to 1989. How many time the magnitude of Al-Maunah that he and the gang had committed. More than 1000 times, thus he should be sentenced to death 1000 times

    The facts the he launched an armed struggle against the legitimate government and the Agong should not be forgiven

    How many Malay,Iban, Kadazan, Chinese and Indian army + police had died and injured in the fight to uphold the sovereignty of Malaya and Malaysia

    I urged RPK and the believer of Chin Peng to conduct and interview with Kanang anak Langkau, a PGB & SP recipient.

    I would like RPK to interview my ex-instructor as well, PW1 Ielias, another PGB recipient, who had killed 8 communist in a single battle. He and his platoon had been ambushed by the communist, but managed to overcome them

    I urge RPK to interview the many army and police who had stepped on booby trap, and still without a limb until today.

    The life of counter insurgency is not sweet. To always vigilance against the sniper, the commies who will crept into your perimeter and cut the throat of a soldier. You cannot have any light at night, otherwise risking your life to be shoot at.

    To setup an ambush is a painstaking exercise. I had never fight any commies, just being trained to defend my country as my predecessor had did before.


  103. Anonymous11:10 am

    Folks who troll this site have not apparently caught on with the subtle signals that RPK is transmitting via his vile piece. It is all part of a giant jigsaw being crafted by the Fakatan scums (more on this further down)to effect a power grab via the street, an art perfected in the highways and byways and airports of Bamgkok....

    The deification of Chin Peng as a hero is the prelude to something more sinister. If one looks back at the country's history, one will observe that the Chingkie had tried to effect a power grab on three occasions.First, when the Japs fled and a power vacuum arose for a brief period of time, the chingkies tried to sneak in through the window of opputunity through their Bintang Tiga orgy of massacres, torching of villages and rape and plunder.It should be noted most of the victims were Malays who approximately 10years later who would, in calmer and more halycon weather, magnimaniously grant citizenship rights to their former butchers.(seen or heard of that anywhere else... I wish we had been more like the Hutus/Tutsis whichever)

    Confronted by the returning Brits(who, by the way, had by now doublecrossed their coolies), the petrified Chingkies had no recourse but to go through the first phase of the Emergency 1948-1955. 1955 was the watershed for the CPM, having failed to gain legitimacy as a political entity through the Baling talks, they resumed their insurgency with renewed vigour, hence, the first war (officially 1957-60) against a duly elected Malayan government.

    Defeated but unbowed, the racist chingkie (for communism was nothing more than a facade, an opera mask to hide the real face of local chingkiedom) changed strategy as a military confrontation without logistical support and armaments could never ever win the day. So they melted into the general populace and infiltrated civilian organisations like the trade unions, NGOs etc. and political entities like the Labour Party, all the while harbouring the germ of Chingkie racial superiority within their diseased hearts.The prelude to the next 'war' was the secession of Singapore and a spiking up of the racial rhetoric which culminated in the Insurrection of May 1969. Yes... that was the second war declared by local chingkiedom against the malaysian government. Note :1965 to 1969 witnessed a ramping up of both Chinese chauvinist rhetorics and equally inflammatory Malay responses(the stoking up of passions for the real deal)

    But the trigger for May 13 was pulled by chingkie fingers with their infamous victory parades and sundry provocative shenanigans that eventually goaded the Malays into saying "enuff is enuff". (of course, Kua Kia Siong will definitely beg to differ).The rest was history disrobing herself in the rear view mirror of a sectarian wreck!!

    Inflicted a resounding rout, the humiliated local Chingkiedom hunkered down to dissect the reasons for their failure. The outcome of the post-mortem : the inability to garner Malay support, a failing that also scuppered their first attempt in the 1945-1960 period. Chastened, the Chingkie vowed to get it right the third time.The plan conceived on the entrails of 1969, and gestated and incubated over a long period of time was finally hatched post 1998. In between, the Chingkie tested the waters in 1987(the chingkie school issue) and in 1998 (Kg Rawa, Penang via his hindulen underlings). On each occasion, he found malay resolve to be an immovable obstacle, a case of the waters being too hot for his liking.

    And the details of the Plan? Aligning themselves with pliant chingkie lovvas who could be easily zombified and manipulated to assist in the ultimate chingkie aim of subjugation and domination (enter Anwar, RPk, Farish, Zaid,Merican, azly, harris To court this ragtag bunch of Malay bastards (some of questionable malay lineage), the chingkie resorted to tamping down his rhetorics on chingkie issues while at the same time adroitly couching his demands within a universal construct; that paradigm of equality, justice, meritocracy, pluralism, a new paradigm that gelled nicely with the weltanschung of the culturally and religiously disembowelled malay liberal aka chingkie lovva. So there you have it, with everything falling precisely ala clockwork orange into place post march 2008(note; how the post election demographics uncannily mimick those of 1969). The chingkie, having regained his old frizzante and using his fellow malay zombies as his front ramps up the rhetoric again Hence, you have a slew of issues: ketuanan melayu, the social contract, the role of Islam, the position of the Syariah within the judicial system,the conversion imbroglios, the NEP, the questions about MARA, UITM etc, the role of Malay as the national language, the questioning of govt policies in education (the maths/scinece issue for instance) and other provocations designed to test the effiminate-led ruling govt's mettle and to "guiltify" the Malay mass. To obfuscate these issues, red herrings like transperancy, good governance, corruption etc are flung from the chingkie trawler to a flock of gullible gulls. Beyond this mundane universe of every morning a new kepala pening, the chingkie with the astute assistance of the zombie crowd has also infiltrated the cyberworld. Note how vile comments, vulgar epithets and other forms of gutter language are fired as missiles at malay institutions (eerily echoing the events/incidents that littered the streets of KL pre May 13, 1969). Simply put, the visceral hatred the chingkie feels for the Malay race, has been cunningly sluiced into the internet where chingkie bigots are having a field day, venting their angst in vile language to the effervescent delight of local chingkiedom and the applause of their chingkie lovvas.Oh what chutzpah does the slimy pig have!!

    Now, the stage is set for a further heightening of tensions, a raising of the ante ala raising the red lantern. RPK, in writing that garbage, is actually sending out a coded signal. By elevating CP to the pantheon of Chinese bearded deities, RPK is also signalling to the anti malay crowd that the time for insurrection is well nigh for what better way to convey the message than by highlighting the socalled "heroic" exploits of dying pig.

    You have been forewarned, my Malay brethren, the local Chingkie-Malaya war part 3 is about to unfold but this time with a difference, it will involve a battle to the bitter end in which we Malays may be required to slay our own kind to ensure the very survival of our race and religion. This is the final throw of the chingkie dice. For eviscerated as he is of his wealth and influence (thru the economic tsunami), he needs to grab hold of the levers of power (via his footman Malay)in order to plunder the land to refill his fast dwindling coffers and in this scheme of things he has the muted but solid support of his brethren on the other side of the Tebrau as well as Chingkie lovvas planted within the ramparts. The former tottering on the rim of a financial abyss while the latter harbours insane hopes of tasting the elixir of power.The time has come for the Malay race, sans the chingkie lovvas and other sundry traitors, to unite and drive this pox into the swills of history and bring the curtain down forever more on Malaysia's tragic trilogy.

    Warrior 231

  104. I think there are a few Chin Peng worshippers, perhaps more sympathizers who are trying to understand history. No one advocates we idolize him. The revisionist idea of our history needs more debate, rather more informed articles.

    One man’s terrorist is another man freedom fighter.

    The following text is from RPK..from a book >>>I was forced to stand up another time to respond to his words. I forgot how to remain calm and collected. I had forgotten about compromise and co-operation. Luckily, I remembered Sutan Jenain’s words, “Be hot in the heart, but not in the head.” With whatever was left of my composure, I said, “Look at the appearance of PUTERA members, the Malays, at this conference. Their hair uncombed, clothes unkempt and not ironed. Some did not have a chance to wash as they slept in bus stations and train stations in order to attend this conference. Some did not even have breakfast. They drank coffee out of a pail. But you, sir (looking at John Eber), even though you were given a comfortable rattan chair, you still need a folded towel to serve as a cushion. Who among us truly needs Independence, you or us?” John Eber got up to pull the folded towel off his chair. His face was red with anger. He was enraged, but I could not care less. An insult for an insult!

    Negeri Sembilan History Association treasurer, Mohd Misan Mastor, said Raja Petra Kamarudin is ignorant of history for saying that Chin Peng was a freedom fighter and has challenged Raja Petra to provide proof. The proof that Misan seeks is in chapter 34, PUTERA-AMCJA Conference (1947), in the book, MALAY NATIONALISM BEFORE UMNO: THE MEMOIRS OF MUSTAPHA HUSSAIN.

  105. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Dear all,

    1 think none of u never meet CP personally,

    Those who support CP as here are mostly DAP peoeple.


    Don't support DAP nxt election.


  106. Anonymous12:18 pm

    dear rock,

    what nxt rocky - pls bring in issue abt " FREE HOLD LAND IN PERAK GIVEN TO............."
    See how some people react .


    Kitab :

    Disampaikan oleh :
    Di :

    Pada :
    DARIPADA 13/12 HINGGA 27/12/2008

    Muslimin dan muslimat dijemput hadir.
    Marilah kita merebut peluang mendalami ilmu agama melalui kitab ini .

  108. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Chinese commies fight for Communist State in Malay States!Do you see something missing here?

    Why white master given a piece of land to surrender commies?

    Orginal Penang!

  109. Anonymous2:17 pm

    (heha): u wan keTUANan =
    u the MASTERS & us (non-bs) the
    hambas !!??

  110. Anonymous5:32 pm

    The only thing I can about the dialogue generated in this blog lately is how it has heightened the fears and anxiety of Malay Malaysians. are a much better individual than your detractors rightly or wrongly paint you to be. It is quite proper for you to provide a different perpective on things, your motives notwithstanding. However, to selectively hone on issues that appeal to Malay chauvinism does nothing to advance the debate one bit and unify us all Malaysians for the challenges ahead

  111. Anonymous6:04 pm

    chin peng, peng-peng or chin-chin, all long time story. Forget about them and march on.

    destroy UMN0!


    Wishing you and your families a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

    I am looking forward to a challenging but exciting 2009, when I will be encouraging us all to do whatever we can to support each other, in all that we do across the World. In this regard, I would welcome your individual thoughts early in the New Year, on how we can best support each other moving forward and what changes you would like to see, in order to facilitate that improvement.

    Warmest regards and a big thank you to everyone for your efforts in 2008.

  112. Anonymous10:25 pm

    I am impressed with the comment written by warrior 231. I must admit that he has a fairly good command of English but the logic behind his reasoning is beyond imaginary childish.
    For those who believe his version of story, he sure have successfully incited hated and segregation between races. He has successfully created an imaginative enemy for his people in an attempt of using his peoples against his enemy. It is a usual method used by desperate peoples as last ditch of effort before his final downfall. However, peoples suffer under the delusion of being threatened by an imaginative enemy before realizing the truth behind of all the lies.
    Let us examine the facts that he proposed.
    The May 13 incident? that Chinese was behind planning for the racial riot? Pls provide evidence for ur claim. All races suffered during that incident. In the other hand, other sources mentioned that the incident was a plan of UMNO for its internal power struggle???

    That Malay fate is threatened by other races?
    Have u not seen that corruption permeates every facets of our country during the 50 years rule of BN. Even after almost 50 years of NEP, are u saying Malay is still the weaker race? Japan took 50 years to rise from a war torn country to a world reckoned economic power. China rose from a agricultural country to the current largest economic body in 30 years. Singapore who parted with us at 1969 started at the same pace with us but managed to become a prosperous country. Then what has happened to the Malay who has been assisted by NEP all along in the past 50 years? Is Malay genetically weaker than others?
    I don't think so. It is because of the corruption that renders us to stall and fall behind other countries.
    The threat to the sultan institution and Malay language? Dont't forget who has formed a special court for our Sultan? Do u still remember who has openly declined the MP chosen by the Sultan? Who has sidelined Bahasa Malaysia in favor of English as the teaching medium in school? Who has successfully created the delusion of malay superiority which means nothing in the face of globalization?
    It seems the worst enemy of ur race is the UMNO u most loved. The party who claimed to b ur protector dooms ur race to oblivion


  113. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Anonymous said...

    hoi tukang perati,
    kau ingat kau pandai sangat ke bengap?komunis melayu boleh balik sini kena minta izin british ke sohai?kalau tak bagi chin peng balik terus terang sajalah cakap tak suka cina biar satu dunia dengar ,biar kuasa besar China dengar Malaysai memang buli cina sini,cakap biar pakai otak sikit dunia ini bukan kau yg punya,sekali jadi macam perang macam bosnia,melayu macam kau mampus dulu,kau boleh lawan orang cina lagi boleh lawan,fucker!

    cina tak kenal mati

    5:28 PM

    Dear Cina mati,

    Apa kamu melalut cerita bukan-bukan. Apa ni cerita Bosnia? kuasa besar China?.........
    Jangan jadi tongong! Bosnia dgn sini sama ke? Bangang la lu, nanti siapa yang kena?

    Lu mau mengadu China besar ke? He He itu China besar nanti tunjal kepala lu. Bodoh punya olang! mau jadi Bosnia ka?

    Lu sama itu bodek besar barua DAP mau halau Melayu dari Tanah Melayu? Bila?
    Fuck you!
    Cakap melalut. Pakai otak kepala lutut!

    -tukang perati

  114. Anonymous12:17 am

    Edi神 said...

    chin peng, peng-peng or chin-chin, all long time story. Forget about them and march on.

    destroy UMN0!

    Aduhai Edi chen chen pong, where are you marching to?

    You people dont march lor, you all only cabut lari sana sini. Moa's army pun, your kind join in their march, you cabut lari merata dunia.

    Like Chin Peng, ran for his life, cabut ke Thailand, China... dah tua kerepot pun still not given automatic citizenships by his host countries?

    PLKN for just few months also, make noise, find excuses to lari.

    Our Navy, Army, Airforce, Bomba, Police bla bla, marching all the time, but you people? Nak join these forces pun cabut lari, tak mau...

    Sure place you like to MARCH - In demonstrations, or, when you send your loved ones to the grave...

    Same goes for you, anon cina tak kenal mati10:49 PM. Anything happen, you will be the first to CABUT and crawl inside lubang cacing.

    My neighbour 10pm ago, was confronted with 3knives Anu gang, stood frozen, while they emptied his pocket relieved him of his xpensive watch and drove off with his car...

    Asked him why he did not JERIT, at least alert all us for help, Aiyaaa, he confessed to me, gua mayak TAKUT takut suala semua ilang!!!

    Aiyah... lu mayak auta lor...


  115. Anonymous2:31 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  116. Anonymous2:52 am

    Slaughter DAP,

    The motherfu**er racist party

    'melayu berani mati'

  117. Anonymous9:15 am

    hello monster ball.....dont carry that mother fcuker chin pengs balls we suffered you dont know.....if chin peng set foot on malaysian soil he better sleep with his eyes open....cos there are still lots of old people who had suffered and are willing to give him back a taste of his own medicine during his reign of terror....hailing him a arse....rpk who are u exactly???

  118. You idiots do not know.....whenever Chin Peng wants to come back an visit his relatives...all arranged...for DECADES!!
    Chin Peng can walk in walk out of problem...under the protection of the government!!
    Go and check it dumbells.
    By the way...Chin Peng was decorated by Britain...for defending Malaya against the Japs.

  119. Anonymous12:28 pm

    keturunan pengganas Chin Peng mula menunjukkan siapa diri mereka. Konon2 prihatin tentang keganasan global, diri tu sendiri keturunan pengganas.

    -Laskar Cinta

  120. Ah, pukimaklah!

    Lagi banyak kita bagi perhatian kepada pelacur-pelacur perhatian ni, lagilah banyak dia melacurkan diri.

    Aritu aku cakap dengan sorang ni, dia buat kenyataan: "Oh, the PKM is described as demons because history is written by the victors."

    "Okay," aku cakap. "Kalau camtu, Rape of Nanking, Holocaust, 9/11 tak pernah jadi. Pasal yalah, orang yang menang tulis sejarah kan?"

    "Eh, Rape of Nanking happened lah!"

    "No. The victors wrote it as such. In fact, the real truth is that when the Japanese invaded Nanking, all the girls went out to buy Hello Kitty and Tamagotchi and dated men driving Honda City. Lepas tu, kaler rambut macam J-Pop band."

    Senang camni je. Kalau ada komunis kat Malaysia, kita bunuh je.

    Kalau ada yang nak agung-agungkan komunis, bunuh jugak. Pergi mampus.

    Senang cerita.

  121. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Aiyaaa Monster Chin Ball,

    Lu lia punya spouse kor, legister kawin dalam utan atas pokok lor? Itu pasai dia ata mali cali sama lu celalu. Itu pasai tu mayak tau bila lia mali cini.

    Lu lia punya anak utan dia ke? Pompuan mala lia kasi sondol kasi lu keluak?

    Olang Putih kasi lecolate lia dengan kerim ke? bikin Kelismas pudding atau bikin lia star, kasi lecolate itu Kelismas tree lia olang?

    Tapi lia olang tatak kasi lia citizenship? kasi lia melilau cana cini cari lobang jelat mau kambus bila lia mati nanti? Mayak hantu dalam jelat tunggu lia mau kasi gantung lia sama lantai besi lor.

    Apahal ini Monster Chin ball cakap dia WILA? WILA solok solok macuk kiluak Malaysia? takut Olang lampak muka itu WILA? Ini WILA cacing!!

    Lain kali lia mai lu kasi tau semua olang Malaysia, kita tengok apa semua olang bikin sama lia...


  122. Anonymous3:54 pm


    luckily la that chin peng didn't won and gain independence for us, if not we'll be in communist ideology and cannot be rich maa...cannot make money...only the top comrades can make money...definitely we'll go around in bicycle...
    PS: maybe our football team can be better than comrade vietnam

  123. Anonymous5:57 pm


    Chin Peng was a PENYANGAK, a murderer with thousands had died...

    So, In other words:
    Anwar Ibrahim=YB BABI


  124. The pattern to accuse others before being shown by Mahathir seems to have so many UMNO ikan bilis..MINAFIKS learning the art...and throw them to me.
    They are the real racialists..supported by MCA and MIC racialists..balls carriers to UMNO.
    I walk the talks for your children you bloody fools!!
    Be grateful la.
    I feel ten feet a much as some UMNO ikan bilis want to bring me down to their level...begging UMNO for favours..never work...get fat salaries.
    Friday...wear like getting married...not to work...but prepared to ask Allah for forgiveness....and start all over again... next week.
    Yes..they must die and support UMNO without UMNO....most will be retrenched...or transfered to small places...that slow work..still ok la.
    TRUTHS hurts....don't bunch of munafiks!!
    Your days are numbered....if you do not treat me as equal to Malaysian.
    But who cares...I own properties..and is self made Bumiputra. Eat your hearts out..go and curse me more..who cares.. Want a cigar? I smoke at least 10 per day...for 30 years....hahahahahahaha
    Me immigrant?

  125. Anonymous9:38 pm

    I do hope that the moderator for Rocky Bru's blog should be aware of the rising tension in the discussion
    I hope that comments with death threats should be removed
    Or else, i think ur blog has lost its purpose in promoting discussion among peoples


  126. Anonymous11:50 pm


    you hit the spot. more than meets the eyes. Dissect and Be very very careful.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  127. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Blogger monsterball said...

    You idiots do not know.....whenever Chin Peng wants to come back an visit his relatives...all arranged...for DECADES!!
    Chin Peng can walk in walk out of problem ...under the protection of the government!!
    Go and check it dumbells.
    By the way...Chin Peng was decorated by Britain...for defending Malaya against the Japs.

    10:37 AM


    "...all arranged...for DECADES!!"
    Fuck you! What crap are u talking!

    "...under the protection of the government!!"
    Fuck you! What bullshit are u talking!

    "Go and check it dumbells."
    Fuck you! You moron go and check your bullshit!

    "....Chin Peng was decorated by Britain..."
    Fuck you! Britain was tricked by this bastard!
    Woi moron, u read history????

    You want to chase the malays out of this Tanah Melayu? Election 13th?

    Fuck you! Barua DAP!

    -tukang perati

  128. Anonymous12:58 am

    This is china land.. this peninsula is chinese archipelago.. they live here more than 1000 years ago..

    "But chinese is described as demons because history is written by the victors aka UMNO which totally are malays who only came to tanah melayu century ago ."

    This land is belong to chinese..

    Don't try to challenge chinese privillages..

    Melayu Berani Mati

  129. Anonymous1:33 am

    Looks like the Chinese are hard up for a hero. But choose lah someone else other than Chin Peng the Terrorist. How about Laksamana Cheng Ho? That is a fine example of a Chinese, I dare say. He's muslim too. That augurs well with the Malays. Then no one would be at each others throats.

    What I'm trying to say here is that the issue of vindicating Chin Peng has much deeper connotations. Someone is stoking the fire of racial hatred on purpose by championing Chin Peng's cause.
    For every action, there is a reaction. That person knows it very well. And we are all playing into his hands. Can't you all see it?

    We are more divided now than ever. How to be above racial politics? I don't think we will ever be ready.

  130. Anonymous10:31 am


    Kalau Chin Peng tu betul betul pejuang Kemerdekaan, kenapa dia tidak pernah keluar ke Khalayak awam untuk menyatakan ideologi nya.

    Seperti yang di buat oleh semua pejuang Malaya baik dari haluan kiri dan kanan - yang di penjara dan ti dak di penjara oleh British.

    Chin Peng setakat bersembunyi di dalam hutan dan di Beijing tidak layak di label sebagai rakyat Malaysia apalagi pejuang.

    Bodoh ke atau dah gila si RPK

  131. Anonymous11:40 am

    warrior 231 instantly reminds me of someone that i know. that latter was a great judge. shame and sad to say, he shot himself in the temporal on 11 january 1996. he passed away instantly then. remember who that man is?

    he is fondly known as tan sri dr eusoffe abdoolcader.

    his writings are astounding, so much so that the culminating effects and sending shock waves even to me a as a reader and contributor to rocky's page. hence, i would say a writer of the past legacy is alive again.

    chin peng could make application to return to malaysia till the cows come home and the honest truth is no one welcomes him back.

    why on earth does he want to come back in the first place? when there was a cessation of firearms, there are a few questions that intrigues all readers in here: -

    1. were there prior arrangements between bintang tiga and the government?

    2. and if they were allowed to be return to malaysia, what are the laws that stipulates them to follow?

    3. are these people free from any form of persecution and are they 'literally' free if they are allowed back home?

    4. knowing the damning perforating act these people have committed, were these poor victims compensated by the government? if they were, name us the list.

    5. how much of assurance are given to the citizens of malaysia that communism would not resurface again?

    6. would malaysia be a safer place if these people were to come back?

    7. how sure are we that chin peng and his henchmen are no longer into communism and that he will no longer ferret communism once again?

    8. why is the reason for his return? the peace accordance agreement says so? the declaration of human rights says so?

    9. why are these people not on trial? why was pol pot on trial? why are they scot free till today? murder under the indian and malaysian penal code is set out under section 302. i dont think section 304 which is culpable homicide not amounting to murder applies.

    10. would you strongly think that since the communist government of china is one of the greatest superpowers in present times, would you think its right for them to come back since they might be agents for china and hence, our freedom is taken away?

    my 2 cents worth.

    you guys start thinking hard.

    warrior231, write more and condemn more.

  132. Fann writes: I do hope that the moderator for Rocky Bru's blog should be aware of the rising tension in the discussion
    I hope that comments with death threats should be removed
    Or else, i think ur blog has lost its purpose in promoting discussion among peoples


    Thank you Fann. A comment by "Cina Berani Mati" and response to the comment by "Melayu Berani Mati" have been taken out for containing death threats against each other.

  133. Anonymous12:28 pm

  134. Anonymous3:46 pm

    "History" must be made a compulsary subject in all schools so that future generations will know about our beloved country. There is so much talk about our so called hero Chin Peng who directly or indirectly played a major role in fighting for independence.This reminds me of America (Father of Democracy)which has destroyed Iraq and left thousands dead and thousands injured especially children and women.Shall we regard US the great hero of the world?
    The fight for independence started long before Chin Peng.Who can still remember Dato Maharaja Lela,Mat Kilau or Mat Salleh?These are the super heroes who fought against the colonial masters.
    During the CPM (PKM) era,our villages were burnt down,our soldiers and police personnel were killed to defend our country.Sadly most if not all of our fallen heroes have been forgotten.There are still some who survived in the jungle warfare but are begging for assistance.
    I still remember a few years ago when rewards were offered to those communist terrorists (bandits)who wished to surrender. But have we offered rewards who have died for the country? Whether those killed were actually fighting for the British is beside the point.The point is they died to defend their country.

    "Berjuang Untuk Negara"

  135. Anonymous5:32 pm

    To those Chin Peng ass licker...

    Tell you what..if say that Chin Peng guy was really a true Malaysian hero..will he get the warm welcome home gesture from the said MAJORITY MALAYSIAN?? Have u bastards already made any online poll or open survey whatsoever for feedback to see how many people really think chin peng is a hero before concluding that..?

    Please answer that..

    If you have a doubt about that, it just proved that u Chin Peng idolized worshippers are nothing more than just a bunch of hallucinating ass-hole racial confused motherfuckers who deserve to be shot and thrown into septic tank..
    a place deemed properly deserved for traitors..

    Before pressing your luck for the GE13, try to do a ground survey will u motherfuckers..please..

    U bet it is easy to just chase away the majority people into the jungle, eh? Idiot.

    p/s: Btw where's the mammoth rally? .. oh, i forgot u chingkies are ball-less pussy when it come to something like that..the Bersih rally speaks the reality..Chingkies are truly sissy-pussy.. only know to talk cock & brag with big balls in cyberspace where they feel safe..
    In reality the never walk the talk and have no balls at all..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  136. Always Chin Peng.
    What about Rashid..Chin Peng right hand racialists?
    This shows...what kind of mentalities those UMNO ikan bilis munafiks have.
    OK....shoot.....I am ready for your pain..hahahahahahaha

  137. Hi smart ass...Do you know Sem Gupta...left hand man of Chin Peng?
    Known as "Lion of Malaya"..go find out how many families he saved in Negri Sembilan.
    Rashid..right hand man...Sem Gupta ..left hand.
    No read ah?

  138. Anonymous11:52 am

    MONSTER - 6.43 & 8.48

    Rashid -- he's settled happily in Southern Thailand --- AND he's not any plan to 'return' to Malaysia like his former 'boss'. At least he knows when he's beaten and where he's not wanted !

    Sam Gupta --you mean save families from his hounds ? What about the other families that he and his hounds murdered ??

    Read and THINK lah ! Any fool (like you) can read . Its the Man that thinks and ponders what he reads.

    another monster hater.

  139. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Fellow Malaysians,please please do not forget that even after achieveing our independence on
    31st August 1957,there were still plenty of "BLACK" areas in our country.Our army and police were still fighting the communist terrorists in the thick jungles apart from leaflets being thrown from aircrafts advising the terrorists to surrender.Was it successful???The answer is NO. On the contrary,the battle got more intensified with many of our men got killed or seriously injured.To those Chin Peng sympathisers,have you ever dropped tears for our fallen heroes???????? Be frank about this because to me,this is important if we want to be called true Malaysians.
    If Chin Peng (CP) really hates the colonial British,then the first thing CP should have done was to get himself and his men to surrender to our Tengku Abdul Rahman Putra or the government of Malaya unconditionally and immediately after independence.Instead more and more lives were lost !!!
    Fellow Malaysians,please wake up.There are more critical issues that need to be addressed.If we are true Malaysians,let us speak with one language which is Bahasa Kebangsaan.If the Chinese fight for more Chinese schools and Indians fight for more Tamil schools,the expectation of reaching the Malaysian Malaysia concept has a long way to go.

  140. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Permission Bro.


    .....han....ds up

    ....p.....ants down.

    Ada kok kah!!!

    Sergent Major.

  141. Anonymous7:05 pm

    My reply to Mr Fann - Part 1

    “The enemy is more than just brawns, he is brains as well. To beat him, one must be equipped with both, brawn and brains".
    Gen (RTD)Tan Sri Zain Hashim

    Fact 1: Given the fact that a large number of Indians residing in Malaysia and Indian POWs were conscripted into the Indian National liberation Army formed under the aegis of the Japanese to fight British colonial rule in India, why didn’t the “Bintang Tiga” launch an ethnic cleansing putsch against these “traitors” (Prominent Indians include James Puthicheary, (brother of Dominic and Mavis and later a prominent corporate lawyer) one of the head honchos of the Left Wing in Singapore in the 1950s who happens to be related to Ashraf Abdullah of Jejak Pujangga fame). Fact is the Brits on their return used Indian soldiers to confront their double crossed Chingkie scum, previously their erstwhile comrades, an irony given the fact that Indians had served the Japs!!

    Some snippets: 1)This second INA fought along with the Imperial Japanese Army against the British and commonwealth forces in the campaigns in Burma, Imphal and Kohima and later, against the successful Burma Campaign of the allies.
    2) The Second INA, commanded by Subhash Chandra Bose, started with 12,000 troops. Further recruitment of ex-Indian army personnel added about 8,000-10,000. About 18,000 Indian civilians enlisted during this time. In 1945, at the end of the INA, it consisted of about 40,000 soldiers.
    3) Outside India, the Malaysian Indian Congress was founded in 1946 by, amongst others, notable members of the INA and of which John Thivy was the founding president. Janaky Athi Nahappan, Second in Command of the Rani of Jhansi Regiment was also a founding member of the MIC, and later was to become a noted welfare activist and a distinguished senator in the Dewan Negara of the Malaysian Parliament. Rasammah Bhupalan, also of the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, later became a noted welfare-activist and a widely respected champion for Women's Rights in Malaysia.
    Source (also extensively quoted in Wiki):
    • Fay, Peter W. (1993), The Forgotten Army: India's Armed Struggle for Independence, 1942-1945., Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press., ISBN 0472083422.
    • Moreman, T.R. (2005), The Jungle, the Japanese and the British Commonwealth Armies at War 1941–1945: Fighting Methods, Doctrine and Training for Jungle Warfare., London and New York: Frank Cass., ISBN 0714649708.

    Fact 2: Given the numerous eyewitness, local military and police accounts regarding the events preceding the 13th of May 1969, isn’t it weird that Kua Kia Soong should conveniently gloss over this in his book “May 13 (in fact, he only devotes only one page to the days and incidents preceding the event : check for yourself : (page 42-43: May 13) and this after devoting two whole chapters explicating upon the Alliance’s imagined “racial formulae” and the elections and its outcomes (chapter 1 and 2). *
    Why not read for starters read this succinct account from the ex-general:

    Fact 3 : Geoff Wade, in an extensive paper, on the Left in Singapore and LKY’s role in effectively obliterating this scourge has this to say in his conclusions: Read Conclusion NUMBER 5(Page 32; 2007)
    Source :

    Now why the CONSTITUTIONAL need to assure the ‘domination of the Malay people……………..” Fann, other than to reiterate the prevailing suspicion of the Brits that the chingkies were indeed Mao’s fifth column!!

    Read this together with the following statement paraphrased from Virginia Matheson Hooker (2003), in which she asserted that objections to the Reid’s Commission’s proposal that the special priveleges of the Malays be limited to 15 years,led to the ABANDONMENT of that proposal and Malay dominance and status were assured for perpetuity via the insertion of article 153, done by non other than the Constitution Working Committee something the Chinese acceded to and later chose to conveniently obfuscate by insisting that no such Social Contract/Covenant ever existed.

    Fact 4 : The Labour Party of Malaysia, boycotted the polls of 1969 but threw its support behind the DAP and the Chingkie dominated Gerakan. Strange isn’t it that they did not care to extend this privilege to the Malay dominated PRM. (Dato G Selvaraja above). Interestingly, this came about after intel reports indicated that the party was infiltrated and infested with commie vermins. (read Selvarajah’s comments on the LP and make your own conclusions)

    Fact 5: One of the early stalwarts of the DAP was a guy by the name of CV Devan Nair. The name rings a bell that echoes all the way up the marbled hallways of the Istana in Singapore. As the leader of the DAP, Nair was instrumental in recruiting and shaping the careers of many people including LKS. Whether Nair infused communist ideology into the DAP is moot, but what was evidently clear was that the early days of the DAP was firmly grounded in Chinese chauvinism and a close affinity with the left of the political spectrum a throwback to Nair’s early and close flirtations with commie ideology, courtesy of a certain Sharma. Nair of course parlayed his early communistic leanings for the comforts of power in the process obliterating his friends in the left as he forged a NTUC founded on close cooperation with the Spore government and providing much needed succour for their policies. In fact, Nair was to extol the virtues of State planning ( a modified version of state interventionism in the economy) in his "Socialism that Works" (1976), a symbolic manifestation of that old adage “old communists do die hard”

    Fact 6 : Affirmative action did not commence with the NEP, it commenced with the First Malaysian Plan, a plan crafted by a Malaysian Chinese: Tan Siew Sin. The Chinese were party to this plan as evidenced by the widespread support accorded to the Alliance in 1964. What turned them in the space of 5 years were the exit of Singapore and the rise of Chinese bigotry fuelled by the advent of the DAP and to a lesser extent, Gerakan and the PPP.

    What does all the above amount to? While I would concede the evidence cited is somewhat circumstantial, operating as I am within the perimeters of this comment section, it is evident that the Chingkie was feeling “threatened and marginalised” especially post-1965 and this fear was conveniently exploited by the extremists within the community to mount an insurrection, the first stage was via the ballot box with the next stage being the streets, a plan that was not lost upon to the Malays who naturally responded to the provocation in order to preserve the status quo.

    Now Fann, I was not fantasising the obvious and neither was your disparaging comment, that I was exploiting latent Malay fears through my nefarious chicanery, warranted. Be that as it may, I stand by the “fairytale” I wrote earlier. I am not seeking vindication nor am I deigning to stir shit, I am just asserting the obvious. The Chingkie failed in 2 previous insurrections to wrest control. Now, he is assiduously working towards his third attempt. But this time, he has lassoed the support of the gullible gulls amongst the Malay polity. The imminent signs are already there, the filth emanating from his mouth is now channelled “creatively and cunningly” via the internet (for instance, Namewee was not an exercise in creativity, it was a planned provocation, a direct attack on Islam and the Malays). Over the past few years, the chingkie has rankled the majority by his questioning of Malay rights, the social contract, the position of Islam hitherto provisions he had agreed upon plus had the temerity to question the implementation of several policies especially those that pertain to language, the NEP and culture.

    And with his ascension to power since circa March 2008, the chingkie has put his plan into fast mode. Signs of which are his planting his vile tentacles deeper into Malaysian soil through exproporiation of land rights. Hence the ceding of freehold titles to Chingkies in an increasingly Chingkiefied Penang and in Perak.

    So don’t give me your shit that I know naught of what the Chingkie is scheming in his perverted mind and am just indulging in fairy tales. I skulk around a lot,Fann and that suits my bohemian lifestyle fine and it also gives me the opportunity of eaves dropping on plans, exchanging opinions with the unwary and the unguarded and mixing with the oppo crowd. The intel i have picked up is priceless and from piers, cafes, quays, wharfs, bars, karaokes, offices, rallies etc, i have learnt a lot and sized up the main players pretty well and what they are up to with them being lulled into complacency.(for instance : 6 months before March 2008, the Chinks in Penang were crowing that they had got all the infra and investment they wanted and were prepared to ditch the Barisan) Something is afoot amongst the oppo and chingkie crowd and i am no UMNO member as you imagined, that is the service that your feverish imagination doles you if you pay yourself into believing that every critic emerges from a closet brimming with UMNO skeletal phantoms. You are dead wrong there. The only pol who warrants my respect is TUN M and that is a FACT and he has left the party for where is the pride of being led by a "transvestite" and his SILhoutte nad that is saying something...right?

    The parable for the chingkie is that like an unwanted pooch being shoved through the gates of the Malay Muslim idyll. Confronted with an unpalatable conundrum, the Malay in his magnanimity accedes to provide a sanctum for the dog which only 15 years or so earlier had ripped the hearts out of many a hapless Malay. With its baleful mien and suppliant mannerisms, the Chingkie dog manages to soften the hardened Malay heart. And so the dog took its place, leashed outside the verandah, seething within itself for its perceived humiliation. The first master fed the dog well and allowed it to be loosely leashed. Seizing its opportunity, the mongrel gnashed its teeth and chomped his arse. The subsequent 3 masters tightened the leash and kept the snarling cretin at arms bay. Reined to its fate, it curled up to sleep. Wolfing down the meats of prosperity and drinking from the trough of affluence, the once scrawny dog fattened and filled its girth, occasionally straining at its leash but at each attempt, earning itself a shoe smack across its bum. Whining its pitiful existance of being suborned by a stern master, the ungrateful scum chained as it was to the karma of life, vowed revenge as it sniffed the air for the scent of tumult.But alas, the poor dog's is left to do nothing but scour his mangy coat for the ticks of frustration as he whiled 35 years away chasing his tail in circles

    Then a new master, a senile, soporific charlatan chanced upon the scene. In the name of freedom, he commanded that the leash be loosened. Slowly but stealthily, the mutt began wriggling out of his once tight collar as Mr Soporific snored the days and night away, his foreign made Dreamland mattress being the repository of his dreamy thoughts. Untethered from his doleful existence, the cur bounded about in gay abandon.

    Once poor tenants came out of their little hovels and fed him liberal doses of meat, bones and offal. In turn, the tyke burst into the owner’s house, petrifying the unwary denizens who ran helter-skelter in total disarray. The dog strutted about with imperious impunity. Sensing his moment, he gnashed his teeth and sank his teeth into the ham of disunity and gallivanted away totally free on a spree.Pissing on the prayer mat, he howled in delight as Mr Soporific awakened by the bedlam commanded him to desist. His tongue lolling out, he licked his master senseless and as his flabbergasted master wiped the messy goo from his trim moustache, the whelp bounded up the sofa, tore asunder the social fabric that protected the house from the elements. Called to heel, the mangy scounderel peed on his master. Raising his heckles, he growled menancingly as if to say "you mean we have a master-dog relationship. that was never part of the deal, it never existed in the first place. Who are you to selfstyle yourself my master. poor master stared dumbfounded, blimey, a talking mutt........" (to be continued)

    Ps: Fann, I will rebut your myths about china, japan and Spore. Bear with me as I am on an enforced break.

    Warrior 231

  142. Anonymous9:49 pm

    to warrior 231,
    " the chingkie dog managed to soften the malay heart....blah balh balh...." hisap lanciau akulah ,kau melayu ke keturunan mamak?which one? this example is more likely on mamak and malay relationship.(mamak consider malay by british)i know that whether that chinese is a communist or anti-communist or muslim chinese,malays like you still hate chinese deep inside your hati busuk because you are jealous ,envy of chinese.China and Vietnam abandon comunist ideology after achieving their goals(no communist ever tend to be communist forever if you know what communism policy is all about)Chinaman of the 21st century is the chinaman which is respected and fear by USA and Britain who once ask the malays and the rest of the world to fight them by telling them lies about communist policy.British colonisation thought people like you about what?about chinese going to conquer malay?it is like ex-malacca sultanate(johor empire) asking dutch help to fight portuguese ending dutch taken johor empire and the whole region.admit it malays like TAR likes to jolly and listen to british than becoming muslims.If i were to form a new guerilla army base on malaysian malaysia ideology (equal to all races)am i a freedom fighter or not?definitely not by malays because i am a chinese a penumpang in this country!)i can also argue that tanah melayu is not here,it is in seberang sana(Sumatera).So whats the point of this mamak kutty UMNO government signing peace with communist in 1989?Chin Peng still cant come back but others malay communist can? many communist died in the hands of malay soldiers and special branch officers but did communist ever complained?what war did both sides never suffered any casualties?hating chin peng for old folks ex-army police and their familes is useless,it just shows they like to hate chinese not because of communist ideology(UMNO can buy MIG fighters jet from communist country!hahaah malay fools) and the peace accord sholug go down into the river like the taik babi!waht a double standard malay government,malays wont be respect by others in this world!


  143. Anonymous10:07 pm

    amir hafizi,
    awak ni darai dalam baju superman nak bunuh komunis? tengok style rambut awak pun mau ketawa macam mabuk todi, awak ni keturunan keling kan? tak payahlah nak marah pukimak carutcarut,journalist konon, lulusan mana buat malu mak kau je! blogger rocky ni apasal tak padam tulisan amir hafizi ni?samasama darai ke? double standard betul, tulisan malayu brani mati dan cina tak kenal mati dipadamkan,buat pe padam ,biar semua baca lepas 24hrs nak padam padamlah,kalau dua ni nak lawan cincang,pergilah cincang ti mun,ingat senang ke nak bunuh?jgn double standard,betul tak pembaca semua?

    Mohd hassan

  144. Anonymous7:50 am

    Warrior 231
    7:05 PM

    Thanks for the read . Amusing AND satisfying. By chance do you have your blog ? --would love to read more and 'pick ur brain'.


  145. Anonymous5:19 pm

    My Reply to Fann (part II)

    …….muttered the flummoxed master under his breath as he adjusted his Australian wool cardigan. He sprayed on some Gucci and bawled at his security chief “Now leash that dog in that Infernally Secure Abode,”. As the security chief advanced with a loop to snare the growling cur, master slipping off his flip-flops and donning his Versace pyjamas again, shrieked “ Never mind, let it go…make sure you serve it some offal and let it bound about till it tires” But sir, the household…..they need to pray and dogs are ………… “Shut up and do as I ordered, fool”, hollered the Master at the bald-headed “jester”. Come on in dearie, my cherie amour, his Dreamland crooned from within. “On the pronto, my cherie! Oh my mattress is a Wonderland!” he droned like John Mayer… Quickly, he slammed the door shut to his bedroom door while the bewildered denizens rushed into the kitchen and boarded up the entrance with the kitchen cabinet.

    The cur, fresh from his offal treat and now very much emboldened, promptly defecated on the Constitutional Chair*
    As the pong of its poo wafted through the air, it gazed out of the window and espied the silvery moon in full glow, fluffy white clouds gambolling across her shy serene face. Aw! Aw! Aw! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh!!, the dog let out a sorrowful yet mirthful howl as the cool breeze fluttered the torn curtain and a lone cockerel crowed its angst away. The dog and hen duet, backed by the now freezing wind, howled and crowed as the Ides of March pranced over the wooden verandah as the ol Grandfather clock chased Father Time beyond the Other Side of Midnight.

    On cue they rushed out, black mangy mongrels, scruffy- coated pekingnese, scrawny dachshunds, tall thin Great Danes, fat pug-nosed bulldogs and mastiffs, well-groomed Alsatians and elegant, dainty Dalmatians. The air reverberated with the woofs and yelps of he-dogs and she-bitches as they fucked/wanked the night away in their Indian summer of heat on the corridors and hallways under the gaze of Old Chingkie Ace, for that was his name…

    In the kitchen, the petrified human crowd armed themselves with knives, cleavers, pitchforks and skewers and held their bated breath as the kitchen cabinet strained to hold back the door from the growling tide of dog waves….

    In the bedroom, the master flipped on the Arsethrow/Arsethru radio channel and “Who let the dogs IN? flitted through the airwaves,. Damn! he cursed and ‘flopped” the channel to Lite & Easy .He snuggled up close on his Dreamland and in the twilight of sleep and awake, he caught the ethereal sight of the SILhoutte and his frump doing the foxtrot. Blimey! He wiped off the fog of sleep and looked again. “Yeah its real.. Cor blimey…what a loving couple!!” he mused. Clasped in an ephemeral embrace, they moved wraithlike beneath the mantelpiece from where the visage of his late forgotten wife gazed down from her framed cage as the rich baritone of BJ Thomas mellifluously intoned:

    It's lonely out tonight
    And the feelin' just got right for a brand new love song
    Somebody done somebody wrong song

    Hey, wontcha play another somebody done somebody wrong song
    And make me feel at home while I miss my baby, while I miss my baby

    So please play for me a sad melody
    So sad that it makes everybody cry-y-y-y……………………….
    ("Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" by BJ Thomas available at

    Master pulled the bedcovers close and snuggled into his Dreamland’s warm waiting hearth. Her soft, bony springs massaging and teasing his every sinew….the arousals of past rendezvous sashaying thru his thoughts…..Outside, storm clouds were gathering!!!(the End)

    You can also infer it as this:
    *It is now part of Britain's constitutional furniture, from

    Now for my rebuttals Fann, Remember the stuff cited are just 101s


    Rebuttal 1: China grew into an economic super monster in 30 years. Correct! correct! correct! but it was aided by a massively devalued currency that made its exports cheap and imports expensive thus yielding that chingkie manipulative state a surplus which it used to bankroll Mr Johnson’s penchant for partying in style even at the expense of running up debts. (for starters read this stuff below before I direct you to more pithy IMF
    Prognostications about the Chinese economy). Note “ Mr Johnson is averse to call his pet pekingnese a currency manipulator. Compare that with the brickbats that Tun Dr M had to endure. Here is the addy :

    Note: How the Chingkie ripped off his fellow countryman to pay for the good life of the Whites. Now they are both enmeshed in a Catch 22 situation. Fine..ol mess…

    Moral of the story : If someone by the moniker of Dr M does it, he is a mendacious recalcitrant, a menace to his people but if some chingkie wanker by the name of zhou jemin does it, he is a wise sage.

    Rebuttal 2: Yes, Japan rose like a phoenix from the devastation of 1945 to be an economic powerhouse within 50+ years. But don’t forget the role of the SCAP plus the Marshall Plan style aid package and economic support package infused into the comatose Japanese patient by his American doctors. Add to that, the preferential trade status assigned to the Japs as they went about their rebuilding and by 1980 Japan was the second biggest economy in the world. Then, they invented the trick that the Chinese inveterate copycats later imitated and got whammied by the Plaza Accords in 1985 (again mentioned in the reckoning article above). By 1990, the sun had set on the Japanese economy and the nation went into a vegetative state which Koizumi momentarily resuscitated, only to relapse into that state again in late 2007. (Google for SCAP and the new Constitution + read this for starters:

    Aside: a brilliant chap by the name of Tun Dr Mahathir, pegged the currency against the dollar in 1998 and the economy rebounded while social instability and labor strife that were to bedevil the Thais, Indons and Koreans was averted. The peg remained until 2005 by which time Malaysia had quadrupled her forex reserves to more than US $100 billion..Of course, a sleepwalking moron and his cohorts, under the pressure of Mr Johnson and the eminent advise of charlatan oppo economists un-pegged the clothesline and the rest is an economic wreckage about to unfold. What, I gather is that the gov and MOF are probably going to go on a spending binge with that FOREX which will bring it down to about 40B, the preferred target of Bank Negara. This idea is already being floated in the local press. Analyse, Zeti’s thoughts in the Star, a month ago and a recent MIER report on the viability of maintaining high FOREX, also in the Star.(note: Last year, b4 the fuel subsidies were removed, CIMB ran a special in the Star on the deleterious effects of subsidies.2 weeks later, pump prices got pumped with steroids and ran the 100s faster than Ben Johnson in 2.70 secs)

    Rebuttal 3 : Yeah…Singapore emerged by LKY’s alchemy, arising out of the Jurong and Sembawang swamps like a resurrected Atlantis with a thriving port, rail and land communication systems, HSBC, OCBC, Ban Hin Lee, Stancharts and trading houses like Hutchinson Whampoa, Jardine’s etc appearing like phantasms out of the waterline as poor ol Malaysia reverberated under the strain of a mighty earthquake and the strains of Auld Lang Syne. A case of one moment nowhere and in the blink of an eye, everywhere is a new there in the thoroughfare where lions dare.

    Comeonlah Fann, you know as I do that Spore built on the successes bequeathed to it by the retreating Brits concerned as they were of maintaining a political and economic “Israel” in these parts. Read Wade again for a perspective on how they laboured for that… (there other tomes too but this is for starters). Finally, no Fann, no chingkie was ever so smart to turn that red dot into what it is today, I dare you to google this name : Albert Winsemius and have some fun (
    . Sorry about exploding those myths about Harry and son , the two Gohs, Rajaratnam, the tonys et al. Oh I forget. Spore’s chingkies were adept at this (at least I am giving some credit, where it is due..right?):

    Note: The third and final part of this trilogy will come in soon, Fann. Sleep tight on that Dreamland, will ya!

    Singaporean : good to see you have a lanciau, for during my time in the army, I always met with Chinamans without lanciaus. You must be the mighty proud of it. The rest of your rant….guess that must be what the schools there produce (sigh). Totally incomprehensible garbage.. why not you shove it ur arse and constipate upon it till kingdom come.

    My 2 Cents
    Blimey, that late gentleman and esteemed jurist is from another planet altogether, His judgements were if I may say “ poetic justice”, I mean how they were penned, that is. The language, eloquence etc was sublime. Sad, he went the way he went…Thanks for the comparison, but I don’t deserve it at all neither am I fit to lace his late eminence’s shoe laces!!

    No I don’t write to condemn,. I write to expose the lies, explode the myths, slay the untruths and shatter the illusions. If people don’t like it too bad… I am not into spinmeistering, that is the province of goddesses mounted on scrawny lions with a legion of foot “yamans’ in tow……Have a good day

    I may be blogging under a different nom de guerre or not blogging at all. That will be the eternal mystery for you to unravel. Glad to know that you found my “jottings” amusing and satisfying. Have a good day, man.

    anti hindraf & ultra chingkies : Happy New Year. You said it well, man!

    Warrior 231

  146. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Sore losers?

    Taking all the credits for the winning is not so bad but to condemn at the same breath others who have helped is really a low low blow that can only come from someone that does not understand the facts of life.

    It's a war, everyone gets killed in a war. I have an uncle who was killed in 5/69, have an infant brother who died in a hospital 50 years ago, so hate everyone for it? Life has to go on and we should instead be asking what the present leadership is doing in this difficult times.

    Ya, you wanna talk about CP then also talk about 5/69, the
    forex losses, perwaja steel,
    corruption, marginalisation of the other bumiputras, Salleh Abas and his sidelined judges and to me probably why the govt did not allow me, a non bumi to further my studies in my own country, in my own country.

  147. Anonymous12:32 pm

    OK. Ini semua hasil dari Malaysia yang terkejut beruk dengan tamparan paska-moden (yang dah basi dan tak siapa pun hairan di Barat), manusia yang rendah diri tapi mau jadi tinggi. petik sana sini, siapa? Nietzche? Che? Satre? Kala ini sudah menjadi fesyen dan sangat bergaya untuk berhujah tentang soal equality dan liberty dikalangan puak pseudo-libertarian kelas menengah yang suka wanking depan PC sampai pagi. colek sana, colek sini, campur2 = ahhh.. sudah pandai semua, now i'm a freedom fighter but afterall, these fukks bukan apa pun, just bunch of clueless punya idiots a.k.a. political correct punya lembu yang teruja dan terpesona dengan ideologi kelas 3 pemabuk dan penyedih mat salleh zaman pra/post-perang yang tak ada kerja lain melainkan kelentong orang a.k.a jadi philosopher... kaitkan alam dan manusia, sistem,, etc untuk kemanusiaan tapi sebenarnya subjek utama adalah diri mereka sendiri hahahaha. yeah really, DIRI MEREKA SENDIRI. pooorah dengan society, etc, NO WAY, kadang2 sebab hidup tak ada girlfriend pun boleh create ism-schism maaaaa.. manusia maa.. kadang2 inferiority complex gak, karl marx tak beza pun dengan mat rempit kat youtube tu... mungkin jambang dia lebih nampak class sikit dari rambut berekor mat rempit.. saya pernah tanya pada ex-anarchist, socialist di eropah sana, paling ulung adalah complete anarchy, tapi lepas tu jadi la anarcho-syndicalist, feminist, etc, beragam2, rambu-ramba dan even anarcho-fascism/capitalism pun ada! ironi!! anarcho-_______ (isi tempat kosong dengan perisa anda) ikut anutan masing2 dan akhirnya, jadi la macam ANIMAL FARM karya george orwell ha ha ha, comrade!!

    RPK, anak kau pun curik motor, sudah laaa... don't speak of anti-fascism la.. you dont know shit pun.. macam biawak hahaha.. lu baca freud, apa itu superego OK!! CUNT!

    day-dreamer and hipsters of the world, UNITE! (diorang macam budak2 mallrats kat bukit bintang kot.. need some cheap attention, cuma lebih tua dan nampak intelek ha ha ha)

    good day ahead, stay hip, stay shocked, stay overtly political as hell hahahaha

    p/s: malas cerita pasal chin peng, dia tak menarik langsung untuk diketahui, chairman mao tak suka sama dia maaa.. sebab dia jual jambu, tak mau share buah jambu dengan comrade dia... mao marah suruh dia study apa itu "communue" yang tidak dialih bahasa.. i believe there's no such REAL COMMUnist movement here, terlalu berkecamuk perjuangannya, che guevara pasti menangis mengenang chin peng di utopia sana..

    bye bye,

  148. Anonymous12:34 pm

    nama sebenar bagi seluruh penderitaan di atas dunia ini ialah apabila ada orang rasa tahi dia lebih wangi dari yang lain.
    - dominik putumayam

  149. Anonymous1:45 pm

    saya terusik dengan komen yang dititahkan oleh maharaja haile selassie itu. chin peng tidak menarik untuk di-romantis-kan, tidak seperti abraham lincoln atau hamid gurkha yang jauh lebih honest dan berkarisma.

    chin peng adalah seorang totalitarian sebenarnya, tak ada beza dengan ceausescu atau marcos atau idi amin, lebih tepat lagi adalah fascist yang berselindung disebalik tirai bintang 3 (macam jenama turpentine murah lah!), musang berbulu KOMUNISME. para pe-romantis (pseudo)communist harus sedar siapa musang itu. dia menyuruh kulinya membunuh, by all means necessary la kot, atau desperate gitu2. saya sebagai pendokong manusiawi pastinya tidak setuju dengan apa jenis pun pembunuhan, sama ada maut di kerusi elektrik, hukum tembak/ gantung, apa lagi membunuh orang selepas mencurik ubi kayu busuk di dapur!! sangat keji.

    rasa prejudis antara kaum hari ini sebenarnya lahir dari sikap holier-than-thou yang melampau sesama kita. demi menegakkan benang basah, kita sanggup memetik siapa saja tokoh dan ideologi asalkan kita rasa seronok dapat menyakitkan hati orang lain, kita mau counter apa saja. "in the spirit of resistance" kata orang jawa atau "resist to exist" kata orang pulau carey. counter-culture, revolt, resist, educate, propagate, bla bla. kita tidak mahu dilempang di kepala, tapi kita suka lempang orang lepas tu lari jauh-jauh dalam semak. kita suka bunuh orang, tapi kita tak mau kena bunuh. kiranya darwin masih hidup, pasti dia akan menjadikan manusia di malaysia sebagai sebahagian kajian falsafahnya, kerana lebih kompleks dan kusut. hasilnya darwin pasti jumpa kesimpulan bahawa manusia tidak berasal dari beruk, tapi sebenarnya dari biawak komodo, atau ikan pirahna ha ha ha.

    OK, tanah air ini satu saja milik kita semua. mana kau nak lari lagi? quebec? perth? itu pun kalau kau tidak beranak pinak di sini, boleh jadi jack kerouac di melbourne atau bali. tapi kita harus ingat, kita suka keji malaysia, hentam malaysia, tapi bila mat salleh tanya " eeeeeee.. sedapnya makanan ni, orang malaysia buat ye?" kau pun jawap "yeah ma'am, it's malaysian!" dengan penuh kembang hidung. kau tak tahu malu.. kau bercakap soal justice dan equality, soal tanah air, tapi kau suka jadi orang yang tidak pernah bersalah. kau hanya mahu kebaikan dan kebenaran sahaja tapi hidup ini perlukan kejahatan sebagai imbangannya! dari situ kau belajar jadi manusia, wahai orang malaysia yang sombong, riak dan tidak berapa pandai..

    ingatlah, pemimpin boleh ditukar, yang perlu cuma undi, tapi bagaimana dengan sikap keji manusia di malaysia?

    ok! "kebenaran akan datang", ya, nanti kau tahu APA ITU kebenaran di depan muka. cheers!

  150. Anonymous2:01 pm

    saya rasa RPK harus membuat revival membentuk semula PKM dan ambil rekrut dari para mat disko jalan telawi dan mat rempit pantai dalam kerana mereka lebih berfikiran terbuka, daring dan radikal dari kami semua di kampung dan desa, malah kami sangatlah daif keadaanya, sudahlah miskin, kurang ilmu pula. tapi kami tidak lah terlalu bodoh seperti yang disangka. kami tidak ada masalah menerima dia datang ke Malaysia, cuma kami risau dia pula yang ditimpa masalah kelak. harap RPK cepatlah register PKM dan set up 6785,000 blog baru untuk propaganda pihak chin peng, kerana ya, kami orang kampung, kami tak baca buku sejarah, surat khabar jawi pun dah tak ada, kami tak tahu biografi dan perjuangan chin peng, apa lagi apa itu marxism, communism, dan lain-lain... tapi sebahagian kami pernah di samun, dibakar rumah, di tembak oleh komunis celaka, apa kami orang kampung ini tidak suka wujudnya Malaya merdeka? apa kami ini bukan penduduk malaya yang kononnya diperjuangkan chin peng? asso, apek, makcik, pakcik, achi dan aya mana yang tak terlondeh kain di"sakat" komunis di ladang getah? mungkin RPK ingat kami sedang kenyang, terkangkang urut perut dengar piring hitam Nona Asiah atau Jasni di masa tu.. periuk pun tak berasap bang oi!! menyorok dalam kubu!

    -lebai ketayap

    - petikan rakaman interview oleh din semambu

  151. Anonymous2:02 pm

    "Raja Petra harus bertaubat!!!!"
    Karpal Singh

  152. Anonymous1:25 pm

    love is love, war is war...dont take too hard, afterall this old man never used C4 to blow up innocent people...


  153. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Chinese, you may stay in Malaysia for the profit and wealth, don't bother much bout the politics and never redeem the lands that's not yours.
    Allowed to migrate here to boost our economy (that's all) and now you're planning to take our land piece by piece??. Singapore is history my fellow chinese businessmen. That's Malaya's biggest mistake in the past. Now you got another island = Penang legally with the help of PKR during the election which unfortunately caused by the stupidity of our UMNO/BN leaders (Thanks PKR for nothing).
    Now you're assembling a powerful Chinese born assasins (ChinPeng in exact) to fight against our nation's army whom you know u can't defeat since they're 99% Malays. Isn't it too obvious?? You guys are asking for blood bath...*idiots* go and join BinLaden if u wanna play wif weapons or you may play Counter strike to satisfy ur need for blood. LoLs