Monday, December 22, 2008

Dong Juan

Loot Ting Yee, a Dong Jiao Zong veteran, has reportedly resigned over a sex scandal, I read at Wong Chun Wai's here.
The group recently threatened a mammoth rally if the Government pursues a plan to introduce English for Maths and Science in primary schools.


  1. Anonymous2:05 am

    Dude, hes like 100. This is the product of vernacular school. Need to say more?


  2. Ah ... padan dia mahu kekalkan sekolah cina.

    Mau simpan untuk sindiri pakai. Kalau satu aliran, semua bangsa kongsi.

  3. Anonymous6:33 am

    Good riddance.


  4. Anonymous6:46 am

    This is nothing compare to a particular MB raping an underage girl sometime back. Another MB Mohd son of Mohd running away to Thailand and have sex with the Sultan's daugther too, those are real evil who walk the corridor of power.

  5. Anonymous7:40 am

    Let Dong Jong and other Chinese school with their mathematics/science in mandarin.ONLY chinese school, Yes ONLY chinese school. Sekolah Kebangsaan and Tamil(if they want) will continue mathematics in English.We have nothing to loose.

  6. What sex scandal don't tell me like MCA ?then he will make come back for next zong election.

  7. Anonymous9:16 am

    well, he can make the come back. Let the issue die after 1 year.

    zamri, sunway semenyih

  8. a way to slow u down.
    at least till PRK P36 is over.

    give us a helping hand.

    10% votes in PRK P36 can sink the arrogant in deep @#*+.

  9. if the chinese were also allowed 4 wives, then this would not be a sex scandle...

  10. I thought these people can't do no wrong!

    The rakyat will be missing you during the Mammoth Demo.

  11. Can't wait for the rally.
    Let's see how the police will react..I hope they will go hard on these chauvinist crap

  12. Hhmmm...

    I guess he started rumblings on the ground

    and therefore, this is part of damage control

  13. with the right to be polygamous, UMNO Chief Ministers can cycle away and rape 15 yr old girls, surely we can forgive Dong Jong / MCA leaders....

    after all they are also men, only skin is yellow......

    if UMNO leaders can do wrong and get away with it, so can everyone !

  14. Anonymous11:13 am

    to malayamuda

    a wrong is a wrong no matter who is the person doing them.

    prosecution or not the rakyat knows and umno have been punished for their deeds.

    so do not try to protect this dong kee by making stupid remarks like if umno can do so can we!

    there is no report nor prosecution on this guy anyway.

    I am sure being a Chinese hero he will be well protected and the girl paid handsomely to keep quiet by the Chinese associations.

  15. Dong Juan! Hahahahahaha!

    I told you the headlines could have been funny!








  16. anon,

    chinese hero will be paid handsomely ?

    malay heroes also paid handsomely these days, and malay/ muslim fighters who stand up for their race and country will be caught under the ISA and shamed !

    what kind of malay muslim leaders are UMNO if they can do this to their Muslim brothers and sisters !!

    dont talk as if u dont know malaysian leaders are bullshitters !! abd dont talk as if u dont know that shit happens in Malaysia and even the police/ judges / politicians can be bought over !

    the ONLY option left is to march the streets and risk being shot at !!

    and dont talk like a stupid idiot like as if UMNO doesnt demonstrate....who demonstrated in Penang, Perak, Selangor, Perlis, Terengganu post March 8th ?

    Who called Sultan Trengganu " Natang " for not appointing Idris Jusoh as MB ?

    One law for UMNO and one law for others......BLOODY BULLSHITTERS !!

  17. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Kebanyakan (MAJORITY) yang tiba dengan tongkang dulu dari kaum tani, penderhaka, penjenayah, lari/kena buang Negara, penyangak wang, lari tinggal anak bini kampung halaman.. bet majority could not even speak Mandarin let alone write.

    Rombongan Puak Hang Li Po hantaran dari Istana. Hah, yang dari keturunan ini baru ler cun, mesti berbudaya tinggi, telah di beri pelajaran dari Istana mereka.

    Yang puak lain tu KARUT BELAKA!!

    Tanah Melayu ada bagi lu manyak ong, mayak selang idup, cukup makan, ader lebih wang lagi pun bole shok shok mabuk main judi, lu tatak sedar diri.

    Nanti itu Fungshui sama Ong lali, balu lu tau...


  18. Anonymous1:11 pm

    This is a classic fascist-style Umno plot to get rid of a prominent chinese educationist.

  19. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Ramuan Cina Besar mali ahh?

    Not a loot

  20. One less Dong to make chauvinistic noises. Its about time he retire at his age anyway.

  21. Anonymous5:53 pm

    At least he is ready to face his own error and take responsibility for his wrongdoing which is the product of the vernacular school!!!!!
    It is far more better better than those who create lies and shirk away all responsibilities on all errors a person has done which is a common phenomenon among our politicians.
    For these, i respected Mr. Loot for standing forward to admit his errors and taking responsibility to resign from all public posts which is illustrated a simple moral principle taught in school which is to be honest. He has shown peoples on how to be a true man. Who has not make mistakes in life??
    I despise those who relate this event to the issue of vernacular school. It only shows those who are working relentlessly to overthrow and destroy the vernacular school system by distorting the facts. It only shows how self-righteous these peoples are who fail to see the flaws and weaknesses of themselves. Do u dare to do the same thing as him if u do some mistakes? If no, then shut ur big mouth up.

    We c our Nazri who refused to apologize after misleading the parliament regarding the judges's issues. We heard Ahmad Ismail still openly flaming the racial issue after being told of by the PM. We c Khir Toyo trying to search for all sort of excuses after the landslide incident. We even heard Taijuddin who blamed oppositions for his foul words in the Parliament. What do these tell us?? That Mr. Loot is a man of principle and honesty, which fail to be illustrated in the above UMNO politicians.

    A final word for Tongkang, beware of ur word

  22. Rocky, please get the whole picture before commenting.

  23. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Ding Doooooong

  24. Anonymous8:09 pm


    ugama lu kata salah. budaya lu kata salah. apa lu mahu defend dan malah sama umno.

    masuk islam boleh kahwin empat. tak payah kena tangkap. lu tak suka umno, masuk pas pun bole. tapi pkr tak boleh, nanti itu parti taruk blakang.

    cuma lu punya punai kena kasi potong. tapi takpa. pelempuan manyak suka, ada tangga.

  25. UMNO going for sex scandles now to get their detrators down and out.........

    the way shown by the great Tun !

    cant debate for nuts, cant argue, so have to resort to hitting below the belt....this what happens when u have morons for leaders

  26. Anonymous10:19 pm

    It's not a sex scandal, it's allegations of sexual harassment. Two very different things. Jeez... Get your facts right.


  27. Anonymous10:41 pm

    To Tongkang

    What facts do you have that pointed out that the earlier immigrants consist of "...kaum tani, penderhaka, penjenayah, lari/kena buang Negara, penyangak wang, lari tinggal anak bini kampung halaman..."?

    (If the above statement by Tongkang was not banned, I don't think mine should either. If my article is banned, that only proofs that you are nothing more than a chauvinist-kinzhir)

    For your information, the "Rombongan Hang Li Poh" NEVER EXISTED! non such even was documented in any Chinese Imperial records. Certainly for sure that the Emperor at the time does not have a daughter named Hang Li Poh..Heck his surname wasn't even HANG!

    For all I know all those Hikayat Melayu etc. writers were either drunk or high while writing about those "bed time stories" or The Emperor of China just sent The Sultan of Melaka an eunoch impersonating as a princess!!!


  28. DONG JUAN the DON of vernacular school. I thought veteran hold high dignity and moral based on his position naahhh,,,, I m wrong. Dont be fool by the look. His life must be full of adventures. Hey he actually teaching maths and sains to those girls and his approach is more on practical. Come on guys, that dude should not resigned,he done nothing wrong. Its only sex right!,It common every one doing it and it should be taught in english

  29. Anonymous11:49 pm

    this dong kee half past six bastard is the final product of ziao dong empire dude.

    still those oxymoron have regard for this kind of species - my god!


  30. Rock,

    Long time no see dude. Hope all is well.

    I'd like to contribute my personal account of Mr. Loot mentioned in this blog entry.

    Frankly, I am saddened by the incident concerning Mr. Loot Ting Yee.

    Yup, Mr. Loot was my teacher. He is a warm and genuine person, unlike what was was described by some individuals that have not, and do not know him personally.

    I could recall my first day in school when Mr. Loot grabbed my school bag and volunteered to show me to my classroom. Honestly, that was a day I could never forget. I just stepped in to a totally unfamiliar environment and Mr. Loot has shown me the first drop of warmth at the place where I will be spending the next six years of my life.

    I went to his wife's funeral last year after reading it in the obituary. He was as warm as ever despite his loss. He grabbed my hand and patted my hand as if I were his own child.

    I am not here to defend what he did, or to comment on what he should have or shouldn't have done. The purpose of this entry is just to give my personal account of this person whom I highly respect.

    So, to those out there who have not even met Mr. Loot before, and yet are ever ready to jump on this highly respected man, do take my personal account into consideration. He is a nice person. I stand by my words.

    And also, what's wrong with Chinese education? I received 12 years of Chinese education and I have no issues jumping on conference calls with my US counterparts.

    so, to ya'all smart-asses out there who think Chinese educated folks can't converse in English, nice try. go do some homework and try harder next round.

    -lame basket-

  31. Hoi malaya muda ba aliff ba ya,

    Only in MCA can a person sacked by the government for moral reasons(king of porn) and yet manage to win the no2 post...
    Are Chinese people in Malaysia stupid or what.
    By the way u are the main cause for the poor showing of BN...Pathetic only 15 Parliament seats won.Itupun nasib ada Malay nak support..
    Ungrateful people...

  32. and Rock,

    MC (anon 10:19PM) is correct.
    It's an allegation of sexual harassment, not sex scandal.

    These 2 are of totally different context.

    Hope to see you make the necessary amendment.

    -lame basket-

  33. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Padan muka cina! dia ingat dia mulia sangat! Cina bodoh!

    -Cina bodoh

  34. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Hi Rock,
    Gotta give some thought to what Lame Basket says to get a proper prespective of the man's action.

    Sexual harassment is OK.
    Illegal Sex is NOT.
    Holding a respectable reputation and taking advantage of women,is OK.
    Being respectable and have illegal sex is NOT.

    Where is Sisters In Islam when you need them?
    Oh sorry, they only ridicule Islamic Institutions on women issues.

  35. Anonymous9:22 pm

    It seems that this Dong Juan has become donkey at the age of 80. In fact DJZ is full of silly donkeys.

  36. Anonymous10:33 pm

    tahukah anda berapa murid-murid melayu belajar in sek jenic cina? Lebih dari 80000 murid!! ibubapa mereka kata sekolah cina lebih pentingkan displin dan pembelajaran...terbuktilah sekolah cina bukan halangan perpaduan..saya ada kawan melayu baik yg boleh bertutur dalam mandrin...matematik beliau bagus juga...sama dgn budak cina..sekarang dia bekerja di petronas (twin tower sana)...fikiran kita mesti buka sikit..jgn sesekali kaitkan perpaduan dgn aliran sek..

  37. Anonymous11:59 pm

    He saw Dr. Chua rise again like a phoenix after a sex scandal... and decided to follow suit.


  38. Anonymous2:10 pm

    What scandal ?!

    It was an improper conduct - hug and kiss the reporter, not rape and murder etc.

    He is brave enough to admit his mistake and regretted. He know it was not right, and therefore resign from all position.


  39. Anonymous2:25 pm

    (heha) : hahaha..... sex scandals......hehehe !!
    who ELSE is not !!??
    lagi ada manyak lah belum exposed !
    hehehe...hahaha ! ( i the heha )

  40. Malaysia susah untuk mencapai Wawasan 2020 sekiranya konsep sekolah Wawasan pun ditentang hebat oleh para puak chaunivis yang bermati-matian pertahankan hak mereka.

  41. Anonymous9:42 pm

    The more i read the comments posted by the Malay posters, the more i worried.
    How come the discussion can become a mere exchanging of threats and foul words instead of ideas?
    When u r out of facts and ideas to rebuke, do u need to resort to death threats and foul words to express ur disagreements?
    Is this what u called bersopan-satun dan bersoleh? Alright, u can say that u r being provoked to justify ur action. However, it only shows how primitive u r. Like a mad dog who barks when its tail is being stepped on

    Just mere childish and naive


  42. Pardon me, Fann, but what the fuck is 'bersoleh'?

    And what is there to talk about anyway?

    The man sexually-assaulted someone. He resigned, accordingly, and the people are having a field day at the expense of Dong.

    Because Dong is exposed as being not as perfect as they claim to be.


    Boo fucking, hoo, DONG!