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Happy New Year from the boss of "a Malaysian company"

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I'm doing a separate posting on Tony Fernandes because:

1) he's responding to my article dated 25/12/08, Air Asia pulls out of F1?
2) he's got a lovely message for my readers and for Malaysians: Be Brave (and don't hide behind Anonymous)

Tony and I go back a long way. You may not guess it reading some of my earlier postings on the Air Asia and its boss on this blog, but when Air Asia was new the Malay Mail, which I was editing, took a rather special interest in it. Air Asia was the underdog. It was so small that at one time I was asking some of my contacts, among the corporate bigwigs if they would be interested in a stake in Air Asia.
One tycoon - a Malay in the shipping industry - was cautiously interested but they never got to meet, as far as I know.
It never crossed my mind to use my position in the newspaper to get some shares in Air Asia (or any other companies, for that matter). I suppose that's what happens when you have journalists instead of businessmen as newspaper editors! Ehem.

I would like to echo Tony's message - Be Brave Malaysians. Let's change the nation for the better in 2009.

If you haven't read it, here's Tony's response to my posting:-
Hi, All readers of Rocky's Bru especially the anonymous ones. Yes, we are considering pulling out of F1. In three years we have built a brand that is bigger than most brands in Asia (please refer to Top Brands). So we are looking at pulling out. We have achieved what we want.

It's a shame that the majority of you would like us to fail despite us carrying 60 million people who never flew before and us giving employment to 6,000 people.

It is tiring trying to defend ourselves, we have done so much for the country and only recently after 7 years are we beginning to finally get a level playing field .
If we were so strong, why did it take us 7 years to get KL Singapore, why have I still not got Penang-Singapore and other routes?

On MAB, we have made it very clear that we are being overcharged. We have compromised on prior charges re budget terminal but we will be going into dispute on after the budget terminal . How on earth can anyone say we should be charged the same as the main terminal where the facilities are much better? We owe MAB nothing, they owe us.

On local sports, we have sponsored table tennis, football and individual athletes. But if we are to build a global brand we have to be on global properties.

As for (commenter) ex banker we have never asked for a merger with MAS and we have never got a handout or any bailouts. Please let the readers know what handouts we have received. If we were not good at what we did how have we defeated Tiger, Jetstar etc? How have we gone from 2 planes to 75, and carry 20 million guests? And as for going out of business, your note contradicts yourself. Why would I be buying back the company if it's going bust? Come on, ex banker, if we are going bust why buy the company back?

As for unions, no one in Air Asia has ever come to me to start a union because there is no need. We are one family. Our staff turnover is very low . If we were bad at looking after our staff there would be a union and staff would be leaving. We cant stop the formation of a union. Please read the law.

I am not hiding and am willing to answer any questions. Negativity will be the end of Malaysia. I have said it in my blog and I say it again. We all have to change, we have to work together, change what is wrong and make Malaysia a better place. When you see a company that has obviously made Malaysia a better place and some of the comments I read it saddens me. I have a wonderful 6000 staff strength who have done Malaysia proud and we have struggled all the way.

Nothing has come easy for us.
Just ask the owner of this blog Rocky who knows me very very well. I am not hiding behind anonymous I am answering myself and am happy to meet anyone .

I have a blog, everyone contacts me on email , mobile and when I am working around the office. I am even on Facebook. I do hundreds of speeches to school kids ad universities to try and motivate them.
We have developed boys who carried bags into pilots. And we have built a Malaysian company. Not a Malay, Chinese or Indian company. A Malaysian company that has been successful because of the fact we are Malaysian.

So to another anonymous, I am Malaysian not an Indian fella. I was born here, have a Malaysian passport and a Blue IC. And I'm proud to be Malaysian.
I don't imagine I will change any of you but Malaysia needs change and running down a company that has done so much for Malaysia is odd. Isn't Malaysia better for having Airasia? If you really want to know me come and see me and I will answer all your questions.

Rocky, as mentioned to you, I'm free anytime to do an interview and your readers can pose all the questions. But be brave Malaysians and don't hide under anonymous .

Thank you for reading. Wishing all of you a Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year.

The Malaysian Tony from Air Asia


  1. Well, my dear Tony welcome to Malaysia!

  2. What a great speech from a Malaysian to anonymous.
    From one...who employs 6000 down to humble.!!
    The part I like he said he is a Malaysian.

  3. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Dear Tony

    defacto there are many whiners and useless critics on the net.

    However the good news is that is is critics that make the best come out of us. For example this wonderful reply of yours is a result of all those whiners. They in their own way help keep us on our toes.

    You have done a wonderful job and do not need any certificate from anybody.

    Best wishes.


  4. Anonymous7:47 pm

    He he.

    We will stop using anonymous if our businessmen stop using cronyism, nepotism and money to bribe our politicians for projects and make their business work. So Tony, get that right and we will stop using anonymous. Till then, you have to bear with it.

  5. Anonymous7:56 pm


    You have always been inspirational. It's amazing. We need people like you to lead us through 2009.

    Wishing you and Air Asia all the very best.

    Happy New Year !!!!

  6. Anonymous7:57 pm

    M hav to agree, no matter how busy, Tony will still reply to one sms and answer phone call to his hp, thus making life very easy to reporters... U must remember, he is a CEO of a super big company and m calling on behalf of a mosquito size publication... Like what m always told friends, when u r big its not Lion or Elephant or Tiger that will bring u down.... Only a Mosquito bite packed with Malaria, Dengue etc... and they r usually slow but painful and sometime fatal.


    Hakim Bujang

  7. Anonymous8:12 pm

    still remember when they met tun mahathir with proposal to bring new airline company to operates.but instead tun said why new one?take air asia.but when they ask about the bad debt,liability to bear,tun said forget all that,just take and operates.conclusion:they got that air asia BUTA and FREE.

  8. Anonymous8:14 pm

    tony he know nothing except beer,guitar & drum,but he step on very strong platform.

  9. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Good job Tony!


  10. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Tony, I'm glad you are proud of being a Malaysian and doing business the way Malaysians should. Unfortunately, our Government does not seem to hold the same view. They look on us as Malays, bumiputeras or otherwise despite their semantics. Even the PM had said openly the NEP is over. Would we have any reason to believe him? No.No.No. If Air Asia promotes 'now everyone can fly', I wish our Government would say 'everyone is equal to the task'. Unfortunately, some tasks are so much made easier for a select group of Malaysians than others. This is our 'Malaysia Boleh'. For this reason, you would continue to get brickbats from from critics no matter how hard you try. It makes no difference whether these critics are identified or annonymous. Because they are all simply not accustomed to a level-playing field after 50 years of Merdeka.
    May Air Asia fly to greater heights in 2009.

  11. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Dear Datuk Seri,

    You speak so much about being Malaysian and being brave but being a Malaysian citizen, will
    you comment on your links with Khairy Jamaludin and other political powers?. I have read so much about it but until today, I dont see you denying this.

    I dont normally believe everything I read here in the blog but there has been numerous accusations towards you on this issue and I have not seen any denial so far.

    However I stand corrected if I have been mislead or misread and
    I apologise ahead if I have hurt you with this question.



  12. Who does not want to fly cheap and good..but I have stopped flying by Air Asia...for reasons..I have stated at the FI racing post.
    I have faithfully travel 3 times a year by Air Asia from KLCC...for duty free shopping.
    I buy great cigars and liquor from KLCC..and save so much.
    At Air terminal..I get no cigars varieties and was shocked...prices even dearer that I buy from shopping complex...duty paid!
    Then the famous delay or cancelled flight....COMING BACK!!
    To me...that's bullshitting fliers...not once..few timers..always flight cancel....and make your return flight home..delayed more than 6 hours!.no drinks...treat you like shit!!
    I repeat...I am a full fare flier...and the old dirty planes do scare me sometimes.
    I am talking about International flights..not local.
    I pay almost double to MAS and others...feeling safe and food is great.

  13. Anonymous9:30 pm

    these writers lack a sense of have loads of it
    so jealous la..your rewards are plenty,theirs are nothing.
    go tony.


  14. Dear Dato' Tony,

    Saw you talked twice. The latest at the Global Brand Forum. I am always inspired by your ability to achieve the inpossible. Dare to dream! Hope you may one fine day accept an invitation from me to speak and inspire my students.

  15. Anonymous9:45 pm

    He is okay. Not bad. Brave. But I once approach him to discuss and talk and see how he can assist Le Tour de Langkawi. No response after that. I called the special assistant a few times and thats it. No response. Hope to catch up with you sometime Tony. There is a lot I want to discuss with you.


  16. Never expected , but Tony did reply personally . Now this is personal touch that most companies CEO fails big time.
    Tony, i like to point out that your AirAsia's counter ticketing staff ( KL sentral )needs a refreshment course on courtesy. They never smile , never greeted customers , it is only after my loud burst at their rudeness , one of your staff said Thank you.
    Are they overworked or their trainer skipped the courtesy lesson?
    I do have a main question, why did you participate shahrizat campaign.( pantai / bangsar).during the election.

  17. Kudos to Bro Rocky and Tony,you both are the true MALAYSIAN.. And for you Tony again thank you for the privalage you give to us ordinary family that now we all can fly anywhere we want..

    And for those who envy Airasia please take note because of AirAisa now millions MALAYSIAN can FLY!!!

  18. Anonymous10:31 pm

    If only Malaysia had more people like Tony Fernandez, the country would have been a happier place. Tony deserves respect, and I hope Malaysians stop running him down just because the guy dared to dream, and hope. Good luck, Tony.

  19. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Well Tony,it is just possible that those anonymous-es are insiders who know how you operate .... maybe you operate similar to Bernard Madoff!!

    Kalau kata sangat banyak, then you will ask your kaki to do a witch-hunt!! And innocent people kena!

    And Rocky, if you are really balanced, since you have posted Tony's reply on your blog, you should do like-wise for "anonymous ex-banker's" response to Tony.

    Anonymous Sudah Bosan

  20. Anonymous10:37 pm

    I totally agreed with TONY that when making comment,be brave and transparent by not hiding under anonymous.Like me,when I made a comment,it will be under my name and I blog under know that Air Asia is in financial difficulties but to be fair it is because of Air Asia that MAS became successful.A lot of people asked me who is the real owner of Air Asia? Full credit to Tony,directors,management and staff for making AIR AISA so successful but the real owner of AA is ANANDA KRISNAN and DR M.

  21. Anonymous10:42 pm

    i be flying to melbourne next mar with Air Asia X. Booked and paid. But recently I heard that the seatings are uncomfortable. Oouch, its a 8 hour flight.But I will give AAX the benefit of a doubt until I experience it myself. Anyway, melbourne trip would be out of my budget if not for AAX. Thats a mighty plus, aint it (MAS ticket was more than double the price for similar flight!)

    One last comment. Booking engine needs enhancement. Tried so many times to book certain aisle seat but dont know why our request was denied.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  22. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Dear tony,

    I have two comments about your airline.

    1) Your new planes cleanliness is not up to mark. It is ok to see wear and tear. But you soon notice all dirt and dust at the hinges, entrance. edge of the walls. Esp. your 1st batch of the planes. Your cleaners are lack of details. Use a auto detailer and you will see the diff.
    2) As soon as the Jualan on the air is over. Your stewardness like to chit chat, jokes and laugh very loudly at the back or food preparation areas. Trust me, it is like pasar malan. This gives Airasia a"cheap" image. the noise, very irritating indeed.

    bonus comment.

    3) Your share is under performing..can do something?


    Freq Asia flyer.

  23. Dear Tony,

    A tiny grain can create mountains, a pearl from a hunble grain of sand. A multi carat-diamond from a piece of coal, so why not a small airline company into a large air fleet corporation? This shows that you need not be a govt. crony to be able to make millions in Malaysia. And to the people who deride you, is it not the green-eyed monster?
    I am not an avid supporter of low-cost travel but I admire you bulldog tenacity. Keep our flag waving!!

  24. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Tony, firstly you must be congratulated for establishing Airasia in Malaysia. Ignore these nutty heads for their uncalled comments and accusations...typical Bolehland mentality. A prophet is not recognized in his own country.
    If UMNO linked companies, were to screw up, even heavily aided, there will be dead silence. It is their God given right to fail....

  25. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Just do what you do best with sincerity and ignore those monkeys and morons who only know how to criticise. Anyway, I have booked a FEW trips to Macau, Siem Reap etc in Feb 2009 alone courtesy of Airasia low fares and I will continue to support Airasia as long as they have the average malaysians at heart and not just think of making money with all kinds of gimmicks and hidden agenda as practised by almost all corporate guys in this country!


  26. To many of us you and AirAsia are fine examples of towering Malaysians.
    You are indeed a role model and benchmark of what excellence should be.You and your team of Malaysians toiled and sweated to build AirAsia from humble beginnings to a giant amongst giants.I fail to see why some cant appreciate what your team have achieved.You make us proud to be Malaysian.
    You dare to dream and you followed your heart.None can deny your contribution to flag and country.To me you are a true patriot.
    Keep it up Tony. You are Malay,Chinese,Indian,Kadazan Iban,Bidayu,Punjabi dll all rolled in one- a thoroughbred Malaysian.
    Continue to inspire us.Soar higher my friend.Keep doing us proud.
    Regards bro.

  27. Tony, you may call yourself a Malaysian, proud to be Malaysian and work hard for the betterment of the country. I salute on this and you have no doubt earned my respect.

    However Tony, there is still this Malaysian mentality, once you are high up there, Some Malaysian will play the race card and shoot you down. Barriers will be set up to slow you down. You have run too fast, flew too high and these people will try to break your legs and wing to slow you down so that you won't make them look bad.

    I hope you keep on flying Tony, you have proven yourself, no need to defend your decision, just go ahead, fly higher. Godspeed.

  28. I must say that I like this guy...

    He's so humble and ordinary for a CEO who employs 6000 workers..

    Yes,we can't stop people for complaining about the service,delays and etc but I believe that they are doing their best.Afterall we are talking about low budget airlines...

    Well done Mr Tony and keep up the good work

  29. As usual, Malaysians (read that as Y O U who've read this and probably commented on this), like to talk only i.e. comments & million more of comments but at the end do or contribute nothing to make Malaysia a better place. Biasa la kan? Cakap semua pandai la - buat benda, jangan harap la. Betul kan?

    I think many of you have missed the important points raised by Tony Fernandes on the need to be brave & courageous and work together in making the nation we all call Malaysia a better place. Rocky pointed out again on this. Of course, there are some of you who picked up this point but as usual the whining continues like a mule.

    So, I hope people will just whine less and DO more. Perhaps a good example here is to learn Tony’s way of doing things. How he has achieved what he had so far. I know many will disagree with this but as usual your negative thinking is doing its work now rather than looking “What can I learn from this?”

    Put away all your petty curious questions and take the positive parts which shall benefit yourself/people the most. If you want to pick up all the small small items and turn them into biggie issues, then you’re nothing different from the poor politicians who sits in the Parliament!

    JFK once said “ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country”. It starts with Y O U. Of course, we may not achieve what we want now but at least the fight for it and the journey still continues. That is the true measure of a Man. But if we stop here and whine as everyone else, then whatever dream we have for Malaysia shall die as soon as you give up.

    So, let’s act now. Let’s do something beneficial for everybody! Pick your forte that you love to do and harness on this strength for a better Malaysia! That’s how and what you should be doing… not whining!

    If the negativity of your mind still exists, then rest assured, Malaysia will be doomed because of people like Y O U, not the politician, not the PM, not whoever you want to blame… and forget about being a developed nation etc. because your mind is simply not developed yet. Period. If this is the case, please go ‘berhijrah’, be it literally, mentally, spiritually or whatever so that Malaysia will be better without the “OLD” you (subject you dah berhijrah la).

    Happy Maal Hijrah & Happy New Year…

  30. Anonymous12:51 am

    Well said Tony!

  31. Anonymous12:54 am

    and it is like the govt giving u PROTON so that now EVERYONE can DRIVE.

    Ah groo

    Hire me la Tony....i m jobless but i m good at arguing

  32. Anonymous12:57 am

    Folks, lets put things in perspective, all this criticizing, are they fact based or are they based on famous Malaysian rumours? (the rumours where someone knows somebody who told him a story - almost every Malaysian knows somebody that is connected!). Why do we continue to criticize Malaysians who are making a difference. Do you see this happening in Singapore (I've spend a fair bit of time flying, I've never once heard a Singaporean throwing eggs when it comes to SQ), Thailand, Japan or anywhere else?

    Tony and his team built Air Asia from a virtually unknown entity to a world renown brand. The accolades that Air Asia has received is just mind boggling and it comes via sheer hard work, positive attitude, never know when to give up and the believe that the business model will work. How many Malaysian brands are truly a global brand? Singapore has Singapore Airlines, Flexitronic, OSIM, Tiger Balm, Tiger Beer, etc. Malaysia apart from Petronas does not have any other global brands. Air Asia, a Malaysian company that has coined a wonderful success story that many have been encouraged and admire. Why dont we Malaysians accept this as a feather in our cap instead of throwing all kind of wild accusations. What is the point and agenda behind all of this negativity? To quote Brendan Francis Behan "Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it's done, they've seen it done every day, but they're unable to do it themselves."

    Tony, you have done a marvelous job building the Air Asia brand, the company and the spirit of the employees. Your openness in dealing with people and being accessible to the man of the street is something I wish many CEO's would emulate, especially our GLC CEO's who never fail to amuse me with their "brilliant" statements. Keep up the good job, keep the Malaysian flag flying high and don't let these few Brandan Behan's version of critics derail you from all the good things that you have done and that you will continue to do...

  33. Dear Tony,

    A sincere thank you from a Malaysian.

    Stay focus bro :-)


  34. Anonymous3:47 am


    Good grandmother speech from a "malaysian" that barely can speak Bahasa malaysia.....get real Tony

    Best Wishes,
    Anti Corruption.

  35. WandererAUS

    Tony's brilliant and all, but how the hell do you think he was able to rise so quick with AirAsia? It was attributed to his strong links with the PM, his Son-in-Law and that holy ghost from NST.

    So, yeah he may not be UMNO sponsored but he got the leg up from the bloke upstairs.

    You can pat him on the back for having achieved much and still remain humble but he didn't do it all without any help from some influential people.

    No offence Tony. You're the Man alright, but some twirps go overbaord in praising you by whacking a third party unnecessarily.

  36. Anonymous4:52 am

    I;ve benefited from the rise of your company for many occasions.

    Keep up the spirit.

    Msia should have more home grown companies.

    To be saddened by critics without solid evidence is a waste of time and a drain of emotions.

  37. Anonymous8:13 am

    What Malaysian need right now is a war, a racial riot or a catastrophic disaster so that they can re-look them self and how stupid they are.

    Or just ignore them, you'll damn if you do, you'll damn if you don't.


  38. Anonymous8:26 am

    Well done Tony,

    Me... A Malaysian


  39. Anonymous8:34 am


    Pak Lah will leave the stage soon. This is a challenge to you. Be a true Malaysian by being a true businessman.

    When Pak Lah became the PM, you bought KJ, Kalimullah and the entire Pak Lah's office including some Cabinet Ministers.

    Can you stop doing that when Najib becomes PM. Some businessmen are already running to Rosmah for cover.

    Can you do that.

  40. Tony claimed he never receive any help and asst from government good on you Tony that why we saw you campaigning the last GE for Shahrizat .
    For every success story there were always a story like PakMan Telo and Bernard Madoff . Madoff started with only us$ 5000 investment and a decade later he lost us$ 50 billion .
    Tony you claimed you are truly Malaysian success story but we never heard of you giving speech or interview in Malaysian language and not to mention coming to do your charity work and CSR at remote places like Bario or some very kampung places. we the Rakyat that giving you the stability and condusive environment to run your AA.

  41. Tony,

    Sorry to tell you this. But in Malaysia you are still Indian! The only time you feel Malaysian, are Malaysian and other Malaysians treat you as a fellow Malaysian is when you are abroad. And I know this for a fact!

  42. Dear Tony,

    I have flown via AA many times LBU-LCCT. What I can never get used to is the stampede, when paseengers (the kiasu ones) would rush in to the plane to scramble for the seats (ugly malaysians at work).

    What so difficult in working out a proper seat assignment numbering system? You don't need a computer for that. Just your counter people with a pen and paper.

    Wahed 0128663985.

  43. Anonymous11:04 am

    Your are a towering malaysian, tony...

    the star

  44. oh well those Tiger, Jetstar etc etc doesnt cannibalise things you see, hence they doesnt have what so call "huge and tremendoues saving".That bloody enormous pal, otrs carrier must be fill wth envies but then what to do? only a place who's got pee'M Lah will do but pee'M Lee will not tolerate.
    The policy also streamline toward the young boy, everything made easy.yeah not as easy as abc but surelly a lot easier than what it suppssed to be.

  45. Anonymous11:27 am

    Tony Francis..allow me to quote Tony Fernandez;

    "As for unions, no one in Air Asia has ever come to me to start a union because there is no need. We are one family. Our staff turnover is very low . If we were bad at looking after our staff there would be a union and staff would be leaving. We cant stop the formation of a union. Please read the law."

  46. Anonymous11:34 am

    like a friend would say "A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING" instead of trying to defend himself with a response to anons"
    blogs are like people; and there is nothing as unreliable as people, no matter how you look at it!

  47. Hei Mo! Of course this is an advertisement!

  48. Tony,

    Not all if us want you or Air Asia to fail. I for one love you guys although I do have couple of unhappy incidents. i love to tell people Air Asia is a Malaysian company.

    yes some would like to see it from a racial point but they are envious and they think they ahve right tothe slice of the pie cos of what or who they are. Their entitlement mentality. some of us look at you and say wow..hard work, creativity, can do and out of the box thinking....lets do that and we shall succeed. so do what you do best Air Asia. Be competitive and people like me will keep flying with you.

    BTW i'll write to you on your blog on Air Asia X since I can't find the CEO email for Air Asia X. I've been overcharged and short changed by them and I guess you feel the same as we as you are being over charged.

    On Labu, the down side is the distance and that will come into play for many as cost to go there goes up. Look at it seriously but this game will pan out cos MAHB should be smart enough to see they will loose lots of RMs if you move out.

  49. Dear Tony,

    we malaysians learned what is branding from you.we also learn how to do business and make profit from you.You made us proud , the majority of people in malaysia respect you for what you have done to the nation - you made the impossible possible ; you made us think out of box ; your opponent shivered. I feel sorry for some fellow malaysians not believing in your hard work and success. I agree with you boss people must CHANGE . The 50 year old government must change people's mind set. Fortunately people like you are their unpaid workforce behind it. so you deserve datoship though you are not shah rukh khan..
    happy new year to Bru and Tony

  50. Anonymous12:23 pm

    "I suppose that's what happens when you have journalists instead of businessmen as newspaper editors! Ehem."



  51. Anonymous12:27 pm


    You call yourself Malaysian???...least we forget what you did to East Malaysian when you screwed up with FAX airline?..How much did the Sabahan and Sarawakian suffer just because you wanted to get a license for Air Asia X??..How come Air Asia X and FAX has the same flight number??

    You call yourself Malaysian? hahahaha to you, Tony!


  52. Bro Tony, you and your Air Asia family have done a marvellous job for Malaysia and Malaysians. My family had a marvellous holiday in Bali a couple of months back courtesy of Air Asia.

    Do not be put down by all the sneaky and caustic comments in the net, one thing you would already know is that some Malaysians are always looking at the down side of anything Malaysian, these people will never stop complaining and whining on anything Malaysian until the day they die. Best to leave them be.

    My family and I am looking forward to travel to the UK when we save enough money for a holiday and it will be with your airline, a Malaysian Airline.

    So, put your chin up bro Tony, don't worry, be happy, the majority of Malaysians supports you, hey, even "bro monsterball" likes you. I think everything will be alright at the end.

  53. Anonymous12:50 pm

    (heha): selamat datang ke-
    '' =
    sweet/sour/bitter memories dengan
    Hm2, guru2, murid2 & kawan2 !!

  54. Anonymous12:52 pm


    Be a better Malaysian, by considering the following:

    a. No need to say "Red Card for MAS" in your English language speeches at public forums. (You started it at a public forum and now others are also using it.)

    b. No need to say in English "AirAsia retaliated by selling roti jala on board" at same forums as a response when your special air travel facilities are withdrawn and communicated to you in private.

    (Lucky that you do not speak in Bahasa Malaysia, although you call yourself a MALAYSIAN. Otherwise the average Malay speaking Malaysian may wonder why you as a CEO have such tendancies!)

    c. No need to engage relatives of politicians during weekends, who in turn engage civil servants, on how domestic air route rationalizations should be. The historic operations of the East Malaysian rural air services by FAX should be a timely reminder forever.

    d. No need to institutionalise 'cannibalizing' approaches to create havoc on well maintained turbo-prop aircraft and deprive air connectivity for the poor souls (mainly Christians too) in the remote areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

    e. Be a better paymaster to all customers. No need to purposely accumulate all monies due and then be a hero by asking for a discount on the total amount due - in order to pay up.

    f. Dont ever whine and whine for Subang to be yours, especially the contract to develop Skypark, after it has been given to another company.

    g. Dont come up with ads to imply that fireflies do not last long and can be downed with insect repellants. Just advertise your own product. No need to slight other airlines that are also Malaysian - like you.

    h. No harm that your company also wants to be 5 star. Earn it the right way. Let others give the title. No need to self-declare when nothing of that sort has been bestowed upon your company by the award giving organisation. Even if others do such things, who do you have to follow?

    i. Attend to your dissatisfied passengers' grouses faster before they blog about it everywhere. Or else you may also get a 'five star' for leading the pack in terms of the most 'unfriendly and zero customer-focused' company.
    Try and refer to:

    i) Rocky's posting under title " WHOSE FAULT, FLIGHT DELAY?" posted by Rocky's Bru at 19:56 on 24-Aug-2006.

    ii) A passenger's experience at!3BB1F1F75C8A79EB!1105.entry

    iii) Another passenger's views at

    (If you want to be better - just look into these, instead of saying that others are equally lousy or worse. Just focus on your product and improve it. Let customers say that yours is better than others)

    j. Last but not least - dont think that EVERYONE has short memories about what you do and what you say about others at public forums and at your so called press engagements at hotels and even at the building that houses on of your residence in Brickfields.

    You should by now know that handphones can be switched on for other to hear you the moment you start speaking bad about other MALAYSIAN companies at such events.

    The cyberworld also has a novel way of retaining most of what you do and say. Some actually research on you in the internet and know you better - for your inconsistency and aptitude to take snide shots at other Malaysian companies in the same industry.

    You will not face problems with people, if only you know how to refrain from doing things that irks others (read again a-h above).

    For you - working together means giving you loads of support free or at huge discounts, even if it means the other MALAYSIAN company or individual must go bankrupt or register losses, dealing with your companies.

    If this is how you care for Malaysians - you are not a good role model to follow.

    Repent now and have new resolutions to be actually fair and level headed Malaysian.

    You will be better treated if you also treat others well.

    Even if others do not treat you well, despite you treating them well, you can still walk with your head high - that you are a better role model than others and that their behaviour has not distracted you from your 'noble' way of doing things and treating people fairly.


  55. Anonymous1:08 pm

    If you think my earlier posting made references to 'antique' blogs about AA service, try looking into this one as well.

    Its just less than two months old - but sums up well the feelings of yet another frustrated customer.

    Ignore the 4-letter 'global' word (which is a classic expression when people get very frustrated after their expectations are not matched by actions of service providers)

    Did you answer this customer?


  56. Rocky!,
    I was recently in Phnom Penh and the flight was all right, except for the one hour delay in Cambodia but I was not complaining this time.
    But it must be said that AirAsia has allowed me to go to places like Balikpapan, Ujung Pandang, Padang, Siem Reap, Pekan Baru.
    Thank you Air Asia for I would not have been able to do it with MAS! Tony people are just jealous of your success, so keep it up!

  57. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Wow. It's quite surreal to see an actual well known tycoon such as Tony responding online. His reponse was very sincere in my opinion. Well written.

  58. Alright Rocky. Trust that you will not get any extra special treatment should you board AirAsia next time. (right...)


    How about the massive discount Tony used to get when he flies business with MAS? What the *uck was that if not a handout?

    How about the time when Tony screwed up Sarawak/Sabah air service after he barked like a mad dog asking to be given the routes?

    I do not forget.

  59. Anonymous3:35 pm

    2 points:

    1. I wonder those who criticized ever took a business course? Don't they know that business and politic are connected. Even selling char koey teow needs good politic with the local council. What more if to run an airline business that involves a magnitude of political matters.

    2. I read something very contradictory. If the NEP and the government is so much racial, how come this bloody racist government is helping an Indian like Tony in his business?

    Isn't it funny, when you are successful by the help of government, you are accused of practicing cronyism. But when you failed because you are not getting the support of the government, you accused the government of being bias.

    To Tony, do what you do best and ignore all these junkies comment.

    Keep up the good work.

  60. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Da Real Deal;

    Perhaps, you could name me your third party achievements without politically linked. I give praise when it is merited. Try, not being a brown skin, build something of noticeable important to the nation...
    You must be a creep and a lapdog of UMNO, simply jealous of Tony's success. It is immaterial, how he got there, as long as he did it legally and above board.

  61. Anonymous5:06 pm

    I am glad you respond to anonymous. here is a tip for you. Go down to KL sentral air asia and ask for ticket. Chances are you are not entertained. When i was asking Jogjakarta the indian fella said jakarta. When i said hold no, jogjakarta, he suddenly picks up his handphone and start talking and he looked like he got so much to do except serve the customer.
    If that guy represent Air Asia like your vibrant and wonderful speech, here is what i am gonna say

  62. Anonymous5:34 pm

    I'm honestly dismayed at the narrow view and condescending attitude portrayed by some bloggers. In trying to justify presupposed contentions, your blogging views gave credence to one's narrowed and probably unfounded facts. You have interpreted recent grapevine stories, recent events, rumours, etc to suit your conspiracy prone wild speculations and discarded any form of facts to the contrary. More importantly in my opine, you have ignored the call for a new mentality and attitude that is required for us to embrace the ever changing world. Or are we comfortable to be rooted in our old ways of thinking when the world around us is changing dynamically?

    Acknowledging, the internet has provided a new platform for one to voice their views, but some has sadly discovered this new found avenue as a way of posting garbage as a full time job! Criticism is find as long as one is cognizant to the fact that finding the right balance between standing for your basic principles and diplomatic compromise is important.

    Lambasting one's hard work and not respecting the bravery of facing unknown risk just proves we as a nation, Malaysians, are just not ready to embrace our very own entrepreneurs and support them for their ideas and success. The pride of saying a particular global brand is born in Malaysia by a Malaysian entrepreneur seems a distant dream... Instead we have proven, after 51 years of independence, we are still very much at an embryonic stage of unity and mind you, depends who you speak to, it’s at a fragile crossroads.

    Tony in my view, no matter what success you have brought and you will continue to bring, there will always be the few sour grapes out there who will try to find a chink in your glorious armour. Most Malaysians are behind your ideas and you. You have created a fairytale story with the global success and recognition of Air Asia. You have held the Malaysian flag high, you have given hope to Malaysians to believe in their dreams and believe in the unbelievable.... but of course, there's always a percentage who are always hard to please, it doesn't matter what the issues are...

    Tony, you are truly the pride of Malaysia in terms of building a global brand, a success budget airline and giving us the confidence to believe that when you put your mind to an idea, coupled with sheer hard work, success can’t be far away...

    To quote George Bernard Shaw "You see things; and you say Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say Why not?." That separates you, your success, your humility and your call for us to move up the value chain (via a new mentality & attitude) from these arm chair critics who are saddled with the victim mentality!

    Kudos matey, keep up the glorious work and continue to make us proud!

  63. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Hmmmm....not everyone enjoys the 'Everyone can Fly' slogan.

    This was posted in Malaysiakini by a passenger of the airline that has built itself as a reputable brand globally.

    Spoiled trip to Bali by AirAsia
    Bhavani Krishna Iyer | Dec 26, 08 10:38am
    My recent trip by AirAsia to Bali was a frustrating experience for several reasons. My family and I arrived at the LCCT two hours before flight time as per requirement. The terminal was crowded with holiday-makers and it was also uncomfortably hot and stuffy.

    MCPXThe toilets at the terminal had heaps of used toilet papers on the floor. I thought AirAsia had started its austerity drive on toilet maintenance and air-conditioning.

    We got ourselves checked in easily and we were in the departure hall by 2.15pm for a flight scheduled to take off at 3.05pm. Then the waiting game began. There were no announcements and at 3.15pm we walked to the counter to enquire about our flight which was supposed to have taken off ten minutes before. The ground staff said there was a delay as they were waiting for the flight to come in.

    The first announcement comes at 3.30pm saying the flight had been delayed and the new expected departure was 4.15pm. One announcement finally came through the faulty microphone. We strain our ears to catch the message and there we go again with more delays with the latest take-off pushed to 4.40pm.

    Finally at 4.45pm we were herded into the flight and we heaved a ho-ho thinking we were on our way to asunny Bali holiday not knowing there was more waiting. Half-hour inside the plane we asked why we hadn’t the flight taken off and a stewardess sheepishly tells us, ‘Don’t worry mem, you will be entitled to your voucher for the delay’.

    I was fuming because my time lost in waiting and the inconvenience of sitting in with all our clothes soaking from the rain while getting into the plane are worth much more than the stupid voucher. Besides, she didn’t answer my question. The captain comes on air minutes later and says the flight had been delayed by ten minutes and this statement is repeated three times until the flight finally takes off at 6.15pm.

    AirAsia is indifferent towards its passengers. The basic business ethics of flight operations is in keeping to departure and arrival times, is where AirAsia fails miserably. This low-cost carrier has become synonymous with delays and it does not see it important to keep people informed when there are delays.

    Any delay beyond 30 minutes is intolerable and this is the first thing AirAsia needs to fix before expanding further.

    I had wanted to try the new KL- Tiruchi route by AirAsia but after this experience which was not the first but the worst, I have decided that there are better options these days where I will be treated with some respect and importance, I am sure.

    And we are yet to hear from AirAsia on the promised voucher for the delay.


  64. Tony is a product of NEP and he is Malaysian. GET REAL ppl.

    The comment made on Air Asia plane in term of cleaness are true. I flown from LCCT to Labuan 2 months ago and guess what. A couple of 'FLIES' also fly with air asia and they dont need a ticket!. They wondered freely in the cabin from one end to another. FOr the 'pasar malam' scenario yes, after serving the cabin staff will chit chat and laught like no one business. That AIr Asia. Keep it up Tony you did a good jod and alway remember to thanks NEP and the goverment.Do made a suprise visit to your plane once in a while to catch a 'fly'.
    As for the UNION no one approach or no one 'dare'to approach? Guess they are better paid and taken care of from other airlines.
    Keep it up Tony.

  65. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Since you are so famous ...what's with the cap that you all wear in every function ....
    Just wondering if you are able to go this far without the 'assistance' from you Rembau pal ...
    And please stop going head on with MAS as you are just another airline ..and please stop talking about a level playing field shit that you always talking about ....MAS is our national airline're not ...


  66. Dear Tony

    First and foremost... stop reading more comments as you very well know what will be said... some will congratulate your success and others will definately criticize it.. you can't please everyone... do more charity talks especially for local uni kids... they need as much motivation as they can get...and yes, do talk less on MAS.. though your comments may be funny, sometimes it may backfire and people may think that you are a sore loser...which I am sure you are not..

  67. heres the irony of it all. Tony Fernandez is all for being open, unafraid to speak ones mind, and calls himself not indian, but a Malaysian. Yet, he endorses political parties whose very foundation is based on the opposite of these virtues;Component parties sectioned by race, and the massive usage of sedition acts and the ISA to quieten thoughts thought Aloud.

    Someone refer this guy to Marquez, PLEASE.

  68. Anonymous1:33 am

    Dear Rocky and Datuk Tony,

    If I have money like Tony, I will be bravier than Tony like telling Paklah stop awarding government contracts to Scomi and investigate Khairy's involvement in ECM LIbra scandal just to name a few.

    I am however proud of Tony and Air Asia. Keep up the good work.

    Rosli Dhoby

  69. Anonymous1:54 am

    AirAsia in Sarawak is led by a rude brickfields-stray who goes around molesting girls and Tony has recently promoted him. good work Mr.T


  70. Anonymous2:41 am

    another malaysian

    spot on.....


    Since when u become Belia 4B?

  71. Anonymous3:06 am

    Tony didn't get help. My foot. Ask him how much FAKS, a subsidiary of Airasia and he was one of the common directors, received subsidies from Bodohwi government the moment he snatch Rural Air Services from MAS? About RM60 million immediate subsidy was given to FAKS, mind you! 8 months later FAKS returned the Rural Air Services back to MAS with 6 unairworthy planes and one canabalised for spare parts.

    FAKS did not refund the subsidy of RM60 million to the Government and the government didn't demand for it either. A very good Bodohwi government.

    If the Government didn't help Airasia, it could not last a month let alone so many years without paying all the Airport Tax that it has collected from its inception until 2008, totaling more than RM100 million. Tony, you were collecting Airport Taxes from members of the public on behalf of MAB and you have no business to owe any of it. If you dispute the charges you take it separately with MAB, you have no right to withhold payment of Airport Taxes.

    I wonder why MAB didn't stop all all facilities to Airasia including landing right. MAB did stop all facilities to an airline owned by Terrenganu (at that time under PAS)and that airline went burst! Why was MAB so scare of Airasia? Why did MAB allow Airasia to owe RM100 million and at the same time MAB dared not take any action? No help from Bodohwi government - makes my toes laugh.

    Tony can say what he likes, we, Malaysians including RockyBru must stop BAILOUTS of private companies, including Airasia, of course.

    Tony should give us an undertaking that Airasia will not accept any form of bailout from the government. Until I get that undertaking from Tony, the JOKER, I rest my case and I will fight bailing out Airasia, which is related to Bodohwi's cronies.

  72. Anonymous6:38 am

    Hello Tony
    My right to an anon is exactly that, a right and privelege that i will exercise just as you may exercise your right and privelege to do a PR on this blog. I will not fulminate like a mad man but will rather cut the chase and get to the point. I need answers, Tony not a PR massage cos when it comes to reality, truth hurts more than all the paeans and accolades one receives. For the latter is ephemereal, a feel good fillip that salves the ego and strokes one's pride momentarily. Truth? an inconvenient ass that grates our conscience but a reminder of our human frailities. Enuff of street philosophy, Warrior!

    Here are the queries, Tony:

    1.only recently after 7 years are we beginning to finally get a level playing field..

    warrior: mmm, air asia grew by leaps and bounds over the previous 4-5 years? Purely coincident with the ascension of someone we all know or what ?...........i aint saying anything...

    Two: any comments on this : especially on cancelled flights.

    Three: any comments on the following 2 articles sourced from Ganesh Sahathevan.

    Article 1
    AirAsia's RM 24.483 million LOSS for the June Quarter 2008.
    It has been widely reported that AirAsia achieved an after tax profit of RM 9.4 million in the quarter ended 30 June 2008 (See for example

    This figure does not however include losses suffered by AirAsia's associated companies in Thailand and Indonesia. Once these losses,(which are disclosed in AirAsia's recent announcement to the Bursamalaysia as "unrecognised losses") are taken into account ,Loss before tax to rises from RM 46.901 million to RM 80.80100, and Loss after tax from a PROFIT of RM 9.417 million to a loss RM 24.483 million.

    In the quater ended 30 June 2008, the two associates, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia suffered losses of RM 21.7 and Rm 12.2 million respectively.

    Losses for the period to date, which coincides with the end of AirAsia's financial year, were RM 63.5 and RM 87.4 million respectively. Consequently profit before tax for the 2008 financial year should be a lower RM 23 million , rather than the reported RM 173.805 million
    AirAsia's interest in both entities is approximately 49%.

    The higher after tax figure, which is due to the addition of a deferred tax item, is due to a previous interpretation of accounting standards that only the SC and Bursamalaysia might accept. I have commented on these previously at

    AirAsia attempts to explain the exclusion of the losses incurred by its associates from its consolidated accounts in the following manner.

    At Note 18 in the announcement to the BursaMalaysia:

    18. Jointly Controlled Entity and Associate Company
    FRS 128 states that interest in an associate is defined as “the carrying amount of the investment in the associate under the equity method together with any long-term interests that, in substance, form part of the investor’s net investment in the associate”. On this basis, the share of losses of the investment in associate was equity accounted for by the Group and limited to the Group’s investment in the ordinary share capital of the associate.

    In other words, AirAsia has decided that it will not account in its Profit and Loss the losses of its associates.It justifies this by an interpretation of FRS 128 that beggars belief in its assertion that accounting for interests in associates can be limited to the investment in the associates share capital.

    The genesis of this disingenuous interpretation of FRS 128 appears to be this statement of earnings for the quarter ended 30 June 2007:

    FRS 128 states that interest in an associate is defined as “the carrying amount of the investment in the associate under the equity method together with any longterm
    interests that, in substance, form part of the investor’s net investment in the
    associate”. In the previous quarters, the Group had equity accounted for additional share of losses in the associated company in Indonesia amounting to RM31.3 million. This change in accounting policy has been applied retrospectively with restatement
    made to the comparatives.

    As readers will note, the interpretation used to justify the accounting treatment appears to be shifting.It should also be noted that this "change in accounting policy" has passed without comment, even from the BursaMalaysia, and the SC.

    The above adds to the confusion caused by AirAsia's explanation that earnings for the quarter fell primarily due to a translation loss of RM 77 million.

    The matter of the translation loss of RM 77 million is explained in the notes headed Finance (Cost)/Income:
    Net Finance Cost
    Quarter ended 30/06/08: (130,773,000)
    Quarter ended 30/06/07 :(19,903,000)

    Increase significantly attributable to:

    Foreign exchange loss on FINANCE INCOME: RM 76,885,000

    A translation loss or gain would normally be incurred on the holding of an asset or liability denominated in a foreign currency. Therefore it is difficult to understand what this translation loss on finance income might be.

    (For a primer on Translation Loss/Gain see

    Article 2

    Tuesday, December 02, 2008
    Is AirAsia in breach of any of its loan covenants?
    AirAsia's financial results for the quarter ended 30 September 2008 included disclosure that net cash flow from operating activities was -RM 202,198,000.

    According to Tony Fernandes AirAsia has been cashflow positive from the day he took control.

    AirAsia reported a loss after tax of RM466 million, but this did not include, as it should have, losses from its associates that ought to have been equity accounted. For the quarter ended 30 September 2008, AirAsia's share of losses from its 2 associates, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia totalled RM 165.3 million.
    Therefore AirAsia's pre-tax loss should have read RM 669.62800 million NOT RM 504.328 million.

    The deferred tax asset has grown from RM 479.705 million to RM 627.971 million. This item has been booked as a current asset. Only in some fantasy can this item be regarded as an asset that can be liquidated quickly to meet current debt and obligations. It is worth noting that this item comprises 9.06% of current assets.
    If that "asset" , realisable only if the Company makes future profits, and even then only available as a deduction against tax expense, is excluded from Current Assets, AirAsia's would be in a negative current asset position, suffering a deficit of RM 272,835,000.

    If not for borrowings of RM 2,682,141,000, AirAsia would have shown a fall, and possibly , a deficit in its cash position.

    Given all of the above, and in particular the deficit in operating cash flow, it is hard to see that AirAsia's bankers would not be concerned. Indeed it is hard to see that they would have advanced AirAsia any money without covenants requiring that its operations be cash flow positive.

    posted by ganesh sahathevan @ 7:32

    Thanks Tony for being Malaysian enough to share with us the secrets of your success (hard work and positivity are the vibes i get). As someone esteemed once put it: if you are a non_malay success story, you are malaysian : if you are a Malay success story, you are a Neppian.

    No wonder monsterball is so fawning!!!

    Warrior 231

  73. Anonymous10:28 am

    azalina was one of those bought by u

  74. Dear Tony,

    Losers can never win. The same anon [or same species] also wrote negatively on other Malaysian projects such as PROTON, Perodua, Petronas, etc. They will continue to hide behind their anon identity. They do so because they don't have balls.

    Just continue to build Air Asia to be the finest in its class.

    By the way, congratulation on the improvement in flight schedule. Most of my flights with Air Asia for the past 3 months has been on time.

  75. Anonymous12:30 pm


    Well said. You have done a great job. Wishing you all the best successes. Keep Air Asia above the radar but keep your head way below it. And keep our flag flying high. Congrats again. Syed Akbar Ali.

  76. Anonymous12:35 pm

    No doubt you have created a market/opportunity for people who cannot fly in the past. but you must not also deny because you are well connected that make things easy for you. Is Airasia still enjoying free landings for all your aircrafts? An airbus could easily cost RM500-700 per landing and more at night.

  77. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Let us hope that all the "frank" talk by Mr T is real and not illusory. Should it be all hot air, the public will soon know, what with the recession getting worse.

    Tony claims that he has carried record millions of passengers and has given them the opportunity to fly. His terminal is jam choked with would-be passengers frequently. This is true but such crowds don't mean anything. But your bottom line numbers do.

    So how has your recent mother-of-all losses affected the company? Is it a killer? Can you shed more light on the losses? Was it due to "speculation"? This loss, and other accounting treatment used might hide a hidden, growing cancer waiting to turn nasty.

    Maybe you should tell all when Rocky interviews you and the both of you will tell it like it is.

    Can you especially reveal your CASH FLOWS, that you have the necessary cash to keep on operating and that you are indeed a going-concern? Why are banks avoiding you by not giving you new credit lines?

    Many in the public have expressed a lot of concern about the viability of your company as reflected in your stock price performance. Don't blame the global economic situation. The pathetic performance is company specific.

    You have taken in a lot of public money through advanced promotions and future sales. Well, we all hope our monies are protected and you will be able to fly us when the time comes.

    And stop talking about your "business model". Is this phrase a convenient, general, all-purpose excuse when things go awry and you really don't have any answers?

    Just what is your "business model"? Care to elaborate?

    We know you have a lot of planes and more to come, you want to use these to the maximum, you want to carry a lot of people, you want to have as many routes as possible, etc etc.

    Ambitious, but let us not forget about good maintenance, flight safety, capable, healthy and not overworked pilots and staff who offer good service OK?

    Already there are many strains as reflected in the many adverse comments about delays, filth, lack of announcements and helpful staff etc etc when compared to other airlines.

    So Mr T, reassure us (again) that all is indeed well and that your company is foundationally strong.

    And for all the complaints and adverse comments, just what are you really doing about it? Or will you say it is part of the "business model" for your budget airline?

    Let us not talk about "branding" as brands are intangible assets which can become of little value overnight (Remember Sanlu, China's milk scandal, Lehmann Brothers and Madoff?). The value of the brand is its sustainability and viability through thick and thin and which can provide continuous positive perception and confidence. And the general public can very quickly change their minds and cause an overnight downfall.

    Good luck to you.

  78. Well said Tony...

  79. WandererAUS,

    You said "It is immaterial, how he got there, as long as he did it legally and above board."

    Thank you, you just legitimised the underhanded but legal and above board dealings of the other UMNO cronies.

    You just proved what a bloody hypocrite you are.

    In Malaysia, NOBODY makes it without being a little crooked, regardless of their skin colour or the smell of their Body Odour. They know it, you just need to learn to live with it. You're just sore because you're not exactly straight yourself yet you're too dumb to make it work here.

  80. Anonymous2:13 pm

    According to Tony Fernandes:

    We owe MAB nothing, they owe us.

    The question then is whether the above debt of RM 110 million is reflected in AirAsia's balance sheet as a liability, if at all.

    For the answer (and more questionss for Tony Fernandes), visit:

  81. Anonymous3:38 pm

    "Patriotism is the last refuge of Scounderels"

    To the Brave of the Braves, Zainal A Kassim and sewaktu dengannya, the anon status is a right and a privilege, we dont have to "bogel' ourselves for the public to ogle at and for the purpose of cheap publicity. a few posts back, Bru explained why he understood certain people need to remain anon ( a post about Big Dog.. if i am not mistaken), so there is nothing "pariah" at being an anon..

    I challenge any of you and your ilk to answer whether by raising some troubling questions amidst all the plaudits and paeans here, are we doing a disservice or are you 'grated' by the fact that we have not joined the "lovefest"?

    Not all of us wrote about Proton, Perodua et al. as those are government run initiatives, the brainchild of Tun Dr M which came up trumps in most instances (Not all, mind you)and which were planned and executed professionally.

    This one is CLAIMED to be a private individual initiative, the baby of a man who dared to dream big.I stress CLAIMED cos there are other vested parties involved as has been speculated umpteen times in blogosphere and elsewhere. We are entitled to ask questions cos the man himself flaunts his success very publicly and it is no secret that much of the ground infra for his venture was put up by the government using our dough. Besides, ex-banker's points echoes Joe Studwell's (2008)observations in the "Chinese Godfathers" in which he notes that so-called self made Chinese tycoons have a penchant of buying back their public-listed companies to make a double windfall in the process. A case of alchemising real wealth from paper, i guess. Sure hope that Tony is not cut from the same cloth.

    Another thing to note, is that sober business people know for a fact that debt-leveraged expansion has its limits, the classic example in the public sphere is the US of A. What is the asset: liability ratio in AA? How much of that debt is denominated in US dollars? when do they fall due? are there contigencies in place, should the lenders decide to pull the plug in these infernal climes? How much of it is drawn up in Islamic Sukuk and other similar financial instruments and what will be the repurcussions for the banks be if the venture crashlands and burns? Kuwait Financial House (if I am not mistaken) is reported to have declined lending to AA and so have some local banks.. Why? Why must we build a new LCCT in the boondocks of Nilai when the logical thing to do would be to synergise with KLIA in terms of logistics etc in efforts to make it a regional hub, that would be very "MALAYSIAN' wouldnt it?. Is it really a PFI.. why must Sime Darby be interested in a venture beyond its core biz, shades of DRB-Hicom, dont you think? Are we not building an airport for white elephants to roam and wank in? AA plans to go on an expansion binge, on what rationale, since even when McD is considering tamping down and how on earth will the hobo on the street hop on a plane for a joyride when he aint got money for a tuna sandwich? the logic that when times get hard, execs and the like will travel cheap is a myth given that those execs will be jobless anyway.(star in a survey reported that close to 20% will harakiri their leisure travel and that syas a lot) There are a lot of other Qs to raise but i have already raised a few in my last post.

    We are not losers, Mr Zainal, but are just not SUCKERS like you and your ilk who are game for a joy ride because you have your feel good blinkers on. For when the reckoning dawns, we, the taxpayers sure dont wanna clean up somebody's poo with our hard earned cash remitted faithfully into the IRD coffers that will be eventually sluiced to bail out failed cronies in the name of national interest (a fait accompli that seems to be looming over AA with SIA flexing its financial might and expressing its love interest, recently... hope this is not true for tony's sake) And they get to keep their private wealth on top of it!! merely because they parlayed their pie-in-a-sky venture with such elan, chutzpah and frizzante that whatever liabilities are already leashed tightly to the company's sobriquet NOT the individual's name..

    As for minority shareholders of AA, i wish them the best for when the wolves bay for blood, the rights of the village chicken is the first that get slaughtered. Ever heard the term "unsecured creditors". You might call it risk-taking but i still aver that the Board is duty bound to keep them shareholders informed whether any cash blackhole has opened beneath them Financial floorboards...

    Warrior 231

  82. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Come Tony

    When you need help from godfather, you call yourself Malaysian.

    When you are up there you call yourself something else.

    Same like Kalimullah. When he was nobody, he went around like he is a Malay.

    When he got what he wanted and rich by robbing and duping the people, he declared he is an Indian but a Muslim.

    Don't you remember, Kali? You said that in front of your own staff at NSTP?

  83. So refreshing to hear a Malaysian talking.

  84. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Rocky and Tony

    How come you both fell into this trap, where a number of 'anons' are now stating a lot of things - which need answers?

    Some contributors are encouraging you to ignore the 'anons', as though these 'anons' are not talking facts?

    It can't be that all these 'anons' are wrong/inaccurate?

    Its perhaps better to look at the posers and the facts - and answer them if you have indepth informtion and expertise to prove that the 'anons' are wrong.

    By the way, do you remember an article in The Star on Friday 5 Jan 2007 - under heading "AirAsia X London flights from RM9.99". Try looking at the news online at

    And also your final announcement on 25 November 2008 that the starting fare willl be RM499 one way, before taxes and other charges?

    Was the 5 Jan 2007 info the work of 'anons'? If yes - try to take the paper to court and get them to reveal the ones who gave the 'wrong' info and spoilt your company's reputation.

    Perhaps its wiser to stop claiming that you have been working very hard and very honestly. Just address all these types of inconsistencies which we are experiencing.

    Once you clean up these things, let us acknowledge you as a fair Malaysian who cares for all citizens of this country and means what he says.


  85. I think Tony you should just ignore all those dumb comments regarding AirAsia.. In the real economic situation with supply and demand,those who demand will get the supply.. and AirAsia can expand to the level where they now because of the demand,i demand a low fare and because i know AirAsia is a BUDGET Airline i dont expect much as what important to me is to go from one place to another place,and because of this now i can go for holiday to all over Malaysia,ASEAN,Australia and now to LONDON!!

    And i also agree the without AirAsia concept the FireFly will not exist!!!

    I dont care if you have connection with PakLAh or Tun Mahathir or Khairy J or whoever at HIGH Level,what i concern is by using AirAsia I CAN FLY!!

    Nak harap MAS sampai kesudah aku tak akan kenal Thailand,Indonesia, Vietnam,India,Australi dan Macau kerana tiket mahal..

    Yes we do sometimes expect a good services but to me for short distance less than 3 hours i can bear the any little grumble and excuse.. hey even MAS,SIA,EMIRATES,Thai Airline delayed!!

    So does who think AirAsia benefit some group of people PLEASE DONT FLY with AIRASIA...PLEASE CHOOSE MAS or SIA or any other AIRLINE that give you the things you want.

    Im not trying to BODEK Tony Fernandez per se as i do experiance some flight delays and some not so friendly staff.. but not because of AirAsia i bet those Sabahan and Sarawakian wont be able to come and see their fellow citizens in Penisular..and many MALAYSIAN just watching those beautiful places in TV!!

    To be MALAYSIAN is to act like MALAYSIAN. Im a MUSLIM and a hardcore MALAY but still i treat my fellow CHINESE,INDIAN and OTHER RACES as they are because MALAYSIA is what it is..A HARDCORE MULTIRACES COUNTRY..

    SO TONY AND ROCKY as long as you provide services to all Malaysian and give benefit to me and my family..YOU BOTH WILL HAVE MY FAMILY SUPPORT..

    And to those who MEREPEK pasal kroni ke pasal connection ke pasal Tun Mahathir bagi ke pasal AirAsia sapa punya sebenarnya ke,DO I CARE?DO MY FAMILY CARE?

    ""HELL NO!!!""

  86. Anonymous7:01 pm

    1.Its hard to proof that you are an Indian (Fernandez is more Hispanic/Latino to me):The only reason you proudly claim you are Malaysian (in your i.c kaum: lain-lain)

    2.You owe us an explaination on Labu-Sime Darby-KJ relations


  87. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Dear Tony,

    Surprisingly there are still new frontiers to be discovered in this millenium. You are one of those mignificent 21st century men who dare to thread the unknown, viz operating low cost airliner in this part of the world. A classic case to be encasted into a history book that is worthy to be read by future generation. You are my her o.
    P.S With due respect to the blinds, pardon me to equate Malaysian Airport Berhad (MAB) as the Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB).

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  88. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Ketam dan sewaktu dengannya,

    You exemplify the kiasu Malaysian mentality that plagues our society today.No one is questioning your hard core Malaysian credentials. On the contrary, you are welcome to revel in it but not at the expense of other more needy Malaysians. We had the IJN fiasco recently which got mothballed after a lot of hue and cry were raised everywhere.

    We just do not want another crony to be bailed out with our hard earned money in these trying times when the poor cannot put bread on the table, when pensioners cant foot the prescription bills (what with the latest directive on drug packaging by the MoH), when kids cant get a decent shot at life just cos mum and dad are retrenched or have the sword of dimissal hanging in abeyance above their heads.Someone (Doc Suresh) wrote here about how we, anons/whiners should shut our traps and do something for the less unfortunante. He forgets that there are many of us doing precisely that with our tithes contribution and other financial assitance to the poor, only that we dont want to brag about it nor preach from the cyber lectern to the adoring rabble about the virtues of charity. If you are ikhlas, you do things quietly and without fanfare, it comes from within not shoved down our throats...get it!!

    We cant even seem to rein in spiralling prices of goods and skyrocketing cost of services yet we pander to the dreams of one man who may yet pied piper us all the way into a financial blackhole. We had enough of bailing out MAS courtesy of the shenanigans of Tajuddin and later Munir, we are just damn fedup of being suckered into another bailout of monumental proportions all because we failed to heed the red lights blinking everywhere, something the American regulators are just learning much to their chagrin. You can keep flying to the battambangs, siem reaps, Jogjas, macaus for all i care but remember to Ujung Pandang to what lies ahead for this entity.

    Your supply and demand argument will soon turn into a myth as wages are crimped everywhere and unemployment inexorably rises and deflation sets in....I sure hopw you will be able to keep flying with AA, when the new tagline will be "Now everyone can indeed fly to Financial Hell". Good luck and dont be the first one to raise the cudgels when them bailouts start...your ilk are famed for those "high-flying" stunts...

    Warrior 231

  89. Anonymous11:25 pm

    My final post on this issue.

    Excerpted from Screenshots:
    The up-and-down of No-Frills Flying:

    If you remember, media reports dated February 2007 stated that the Ministry of Finance, for which the Prime Minister is the Minister, has already issued a letter to the the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board (MASB) to allow AirAsia to use the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).

    Such a move, said media reports, would help boost AirAsia's profits as it would not have to include tax charges in its books, whereas under the MASB, AirAsia is required to include taxes in its accounting. This is despite the fact that it is exempted from paying them for the next 15 years following an allowance from the Government.

    ok. lets just assume, jeff has got an axe to grind (remember this is just a postulation, why was creative accounting introduced into the scheme of things??

    what then would you make of this Citigroup forecast:

    fast forward to circa December 2008. Question did AA share price attain RM1.66 high as CG predicted? Read this from HSBC:

    Monday December 1, 01:02 AM
    BRIEF-HSBC cuts Air Asia target price to RM 0.60

    Nov 30 (Reuters) - Air Asia :

    * HSBC (LSE: HSBA.L - news) cuts air Asia target price to rm 0.60 from rm 0.90
    Management said at the briefing it will recover the cost of unwinding its fuel derivatives in 2-3 months via a simple derivative structure pending on oil prices falling further. Management would not provide more details on this plan nor elaborate on its previous announcement regarding potential privatisation at MYR1.30-1.35 per share.

    * We maintain our long-held view that Air Asia create rather than eliminate risk via its derivatives positions, especially where they are off balance sheet and poorly disclosed.

    * Cutting earnings forecast: Stripping out forex and derivative losses, 3Q08 recurring pretax losses of MYR77m exceeded our forecasts by MYR67m mainly due to higher operating costs. We increase our FY08-10 operating costs assumptions and adjust FY08 earnings for 3Q08 forex and derivative losses and lower tax credit.

    * Maintain UW with lower TP: We continue to value the company using asset replacement value, add non-aircraft assets less liabilities and obtain a revised target price of MYR0.60 based on our revised earnings. Risks include Air Asia providing limited disclosure about its derivative positions, making it difficult to assess its gains or losses.

    and finally this = .85sen at last trade accessible here:

    Plus what is AA going to do with the LCCT near KLIA now that it plans to move to Labu. another case of govt money going down the drain at someone's behest?

    Warrior 231

  90. Anonymous12:53 am

    Hi Tony,
    Few years back.,when Airasia is somewhere 3 years old..i took the opportunities to travel within.. domestic and international..using your carrier ,before we have no alternate carrier.,and only fly by MAS.And until today i,m still travel 2 or 3 times a year..(international) only using carrier which affordable to me.

    Some of my colligue regularly complaint subject to the delay,prices etc when fly with Airasia..and some of them are professional..

    I disagreed with their opinion..and smile through out..coz i did not hold any shares..haha..but i try to be what u said..backing up your carrier ,positively , airasia try to educate Malaysian to plan their vacation..and so on..

    Finally, looking to Airasia achievement today,,i can smile and proud through out ..i,m backing such a great carrier..and colligue and i still fly AirAsia...maybe they already forgot their says..

    Congratulation Datuk...

  91. Anonymous8:30 am

    tony is only doing what any opportunistic Malaysian would do. Make hay while the sun shines. He was buddy with Mahathir and his cronies when the deal was offered to him. Now he is buddy with Khairy, Lim Kian Onn, and Rocky's buddy Kalimullah which allows him to "negotiate" with MAB, Ministry of Transport and others from a position of strength.

    He would be foolish not to do it. Budget air travel is a cut-throat business, with low margins, and you need all the support you can get to be one step ahead of the competition.

    Don't blame Tony, blame the system. The system is never fair nor transparent.


  92. Anonymous8:58 am

    Being a critic is easy. Just shoot.

    But critics rarely ever get to do anything apart from trying to cause disruption.

    Many Malaysians fall in this category. You cannot please everyone.

    When someone succeeds, the ramblings begin. Whe that successful someone falls, the critic will question why and suggest a million reasons for the failure.

    As the facts speak for themselves, I think Tony should not have even bothered to entertain these good for nothing critters. They are just a bunch of rebels without a cause.

    Go ahead and persue the right thing and don't bother wasting too much time with empty vessels.


  93. Anonymous9:07 am

    The negativity & ignorance spewed by those who are envious of TF's personal success, is typical of Malaysians programmed to see everything through a racial lens.
    Perhaps as part of AA's CSR program, more should be done to truly educate Malaysians on the bare facts surrounding the origin of AA, the secret to its branding success and its many operational challenges. Maybe then, more Malaysians may start feeling good about themselves... and start emulating the entrepreneurial success of TF rather than waiting for government handouts.

    Samrajphong Vijjeveda

  94. Anonymous9:55 am

    Despite asking that you dont whine about Subang, these fellows are at it again:

    And they use NST today (30 Dec 2008) to showcase the whining.

    If the following is not whining, what else is it?

    "Allowing Firefly, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, to operate out of Subang is against the aim to make KL International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang a regional aviation hub, says an AirAsia Bhd (5099) official.

    "There is a big confusion about this hub matter. Firstly, why is Firefly operating from Subang if everything is supposed to be at KLIA? That in effect has 'broken' the aim to make KLIA a regional aviation hub," he told reporters at a briefing last week.

    That means these guys are still sleeping...or pretending to sleep.

    How come you guys do not touch Berjaya Air that has all the while been operating there?

    And how come you guys can go back to another terminal in Kota Kinabalu when you should be also operating out of the newly renovated Terminal there?

    The answer for Subang has been said many times - and if it has not sunk into the sleeping numbskulls, here it is again:

    Subang is only for turbo-prop operations. This was a government directive - the same government that allowed AirAsia to fly to Singapore, brought about domestic air route rationalization, and also allowed AirAsia to fly to other international destinations.

    The government directive was issued when all jet operations for passenger air travel in Subang was aksed to move to KLIA. That covered MAS and AirAsia as well.

    Tell us if Firefly is operating jet aircraft out of Subang?

    The various Ministers of Transport had clarified the status of Subang many times - but AirAsia folks still have plugs in their ears and a 'mess' in their grey matter.

    Otherwise they wont be harping on the Subang issue from all different angles.

    Some time back, they wanted the contract to develop Subang Skypark, when they knew another party already had the contract and work was going on.

    Anyway, FAX also had a chance to use the Fokkers and Twin Otters out of this airport (Subang) but they could not even do a good job in East Malaysia. History has recorded this saga very well - which the numbskulls will continue to ignore and deny.

    And this is coming from a truly Malaysian personality's company.

    What a role model!

    What an example of Malaysia Boleh!

    What a fantastic brand personality!

    We need more of these behaviour to showcase our country globally.


  95. To Uncle Tony,

    I salute

    U r the top business icon in this country.

  96. Well Tony, sometimes ppl complaint abt the services but overall Im happy with air asia as long as I can travel at the cheap price...I dont expect and even think of having a first class accomodation. If some rich ppl dont want a delay or first class service there are a lot of flights to choose..

    Im proud with the motto 'Everyone can fly'...yes...yes..yes..Air Asia dont need F1 for adv as all ppl around the world the can see AA logo in EPL referee shirt.

    Thank you for cheap fare.

  97. Anonymous2:14 pm

    You have done a great job, Tony Fernandez. Keep it up . We . the small people are the beneficiaries of your legacy. This time , the end justifies the means. And Rocky Bru has done a great service in posting your speech in his popular blog.

  98. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Tony, you talk about nobody having approached you about starting an union. Have you actually gone down the line lately and seen how much of workload your staffs have to encounter? From the RAMP guys, ENGINEERING rite till the ground staff? The number of staffs you had in these deparments when you had 20 planes till now having 37 based in KUL have never increased. Have you realised the amount of workload these people have to go through? Do you know what are the consequences if any of your staff start to raise their voice and complain? I doubt you do. You just think of cutting corners, having the least number of people to do things, pay them the least you can and expect them to do everything in 25 minutes? Come on, almost 15 of your engineers have resigned, and there will be many more doing so in the near future once their contract ends. There haven't been any new addition in engineers in your department over the past year (except for one or two). You have resorted to doing in house training where you expedite training just to produce instant engineers to cover up for the loss. You can't expect to pay them peanuts and do the shitload of work currently in the company. I might not work for your company, but i know whats going on inside. You can run and talk about your dreams and aspiration and stuff like that, but when have you ever thought about looking after your staff? Your much promised bonus have also been postponed to a later date which you either can't confirm. So you think your staffs are all happy? They've got no choice but to shut up and shit out every muscle in their body.

  99. Anonymous5:47 pm

    To Tony/Rocky/Others,

    Don't worry about anonymous. He/She is not Malaysian neither the resident of the World. An Alien, I think so...

    To the order for us to compete in the most challenging Market, Dare To Change please...and also to the rest of other races in Malaysia.

    Stop segmentation, prepare yourself and your products to be accepted by all races in the World.

    To Tony, after building brand in Malaysia and the World, after Air Asia have made Malaysian proud, I wish you can make the World proud to fly with Air Asia. 1 day please build our own Aircraft!!!

    Salam & Best Wishes.


  100. Anonymous5:52 pm

    To Tony/Rocky/Others,

    Don't worry about anonymous. He/She is not Malaysian neither the resident of the World. An Alien, I think so...

    To the order for us to compete in the most challenging Market, Dare To Change please...and also to the rest of other races in Malaysia.

    Stop segmentation, prepare yourself and your products to be accepted by all races in the World.

    To Tony, after building brand in Malaysia and the World, after Air Asia have made Malaysian proud, I wish you can make the World proud to fly with Air Asia. 1 day please build our own Aircraft!!!

    Salam & Best Wishes.


  101. Anonymous7:41 am

    dear rocky
    i admire this tony guy.
    and i didnt know he plays cricket and air asia has a team.
    i hope he can use his influence to promote the game to school all over the country and let cricket take over football as the no 1 game in the country.
    howzat! mr tony.

    an ardent cricket fan and admirer of tony.

  102. AA doesnt need to answer to anyone~ period. They have a great product, understanding what the people needs and it wins over the people hands down.

    The plus point is being a torn on MAS. To us, it simply says 'No!' to Inefficiency and Greed. This is the nearest thing we get to see in a 'Free Market' as none of our heavily protected semi-Gov companies will be able to compete globally.

  103. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Dear Tony,

    I am writing this comment as a concerned individual related to Tune Hotel and Air Asia. The purpose of this communication is to highlight to shareholders and senior management of both companies of certain unethical and corrupt practices being undertaken within Tune Hotel, specifically with the awarding of the construction of the LCCT Tune Hotel to Mudajaya Corp Bhd to the tune of RM22,250,000-00.

    This project was awarded to Mudajaya based on a NEGOTIATIED basis and did not go through the tender process. Our investigation revealed that this negotiation was initiated and lobbied by Tune Hotel's Project Director, Sharon Ruba whom coincidently was a former Project Manager for Mudajaya.

    Investigations also revealed that Mudajaya totally sub-contracted the project to a company named Nadi Tegas Enterprise. This shows that the profit from this project is HUGE if they are able to do this. On what basis was the tender process not being followed? Why does Tune Hotel not practice a more transparent approach to the project awarding process in order to safeguard its shareholders' and investors' interest?

    Why only the Tune Hotel project at LCCT was not tendered whereas the flagship hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and subsequently the 2 other properties in Kota Kinabalu and Penang were tendered?

    Conventional wisdom would have told us that when we create more competition the cost of construction will definitely fall thus saving the company a lot of money. This savings can be channeled to other projects or even retained as profits to shareholders and investors.

    I urge you to look into this matter seriously lest the problem becomes a bigger one as Tune Hotel is embarking on many hotels still in the planning stages. We would not want the ACA to look into this matter and causing much embarrassment to everyone and jeopardize our employee's rice bowl when investors stop investing in Tune Hotel. Let's not make Tune Hotel a playground for the corrupt.

    Tony, if you can recall, I wrote you an email citing the above but did not receive a reply at all from you. I also tried to comment on your blog, but my comments were obviously blocked.

    You have done so much for Malaysia by bringing us into the world map with Air Asia. Are you going to let the actions of an individual like Sharon Ruba ruin the good name of Tune Hotel and subsequently Air Asia?

    Thank you.

    The Lord Justice

  104. Anonymous8:04 am

    you done a good job and proven success that everyone can fly....please stick to what you know best and dont worry about us being anonymous.....if so set a good example who is behind AA actually....anonymous??????????????????

  105. Anonymous12:06 pm

    You forgot to write AirAsia's contribution to other fellow underprivileged Malaysians suffering from heart patients.

    The proposal "Donate Your Loose Change" campaign with IJN Foundation was immediately got your "approval" after I smsed and emailed you.

    (Tony immediately instructed one of the executives to study the proposal with the word "Make It Happen")

    Proud to add here ..., with the contribution (AirAsia's cabin crew carry the "tabung" and approach the passengers) have help saved 10 heart patients, and also helped IJN Foundation sponsored 55 others.

    This is, to me, another AirAsia's achievement...

    Thank you, Tony.
    IJN Foundation

  106. Anonymous10:23 am

    Hey Bangsa Malaysia,

    My flight on AirasiaX from Melbourne to KL on 2nd January was delayed for 9 hours. The seats are really uncomfortable, they're designed for midgets. Wait till a stupid mat salleh sits beside you. I'll never ride Airassia again for long distance travel...

    Another Bangsa Malaysia

  107. Anonymous11:31 am

    He's an indian with a white ass. exploits his staff like his colonial masters. i guess he learnt well from them the day he left malaysia for the west.
    Union??? wat union?? many tried but failed(was brought up by the ramp boys who carries ur bags all the way to the parliment but now its all silent)
    sign up to be part of the 6000 workforce he speaks and 'treats' so highly about and u will be signing ur life to the red devil.
    he speaks like the colonial masters... wat malaysian huh? which part is he malaysian but his passport n ic.(which is the only thing he can say or have) cos he's got nothing else malaysian but being indian.
    he travels in a tube in london and sips english tea
    we travel in crap busses in kl trying to take a bite out of d goreng pisang.
    dont u guys seee thru him??? how fake and unnatural the way he speaks. how overly optimistic. he speaks like a god coming to save ur sorry asses. y were the english dutch and portugese here for???? they were here to save ur barbaric soulss. and our indian friend is here to liberate u, to give u wings so that u can fly. just like em colonial powers they don care bout ur welfare.. to em you are still low lifes still barbaric, all they want is to exploit you.
    pack you up into old planes and 'new' cheap planes.
    at this moment he's gonna say he's the angel who worked so hard getting you new comfortable planes. but what u never knew were the quality of those new planes being the lowest spec for such a tidious operation. so wake up ppl. he is NOT LIKE US. he just wanna own us all. he doenst care if u crash n die. ur just another number another liability which the insurance will pay off.

  108. Anonymous11:35 am

    i guess u guys never noticed. but all passenger complaints on airasia rarely appears on out mainstream newspaper. i wonder y