Saturday, December 27, 2008

A conned crony

Here's an incredible story of an Umno crony in Bandar Razak who was given a contract during the March general election for 500,000 t-shirts, 500,000 stickers, 200,000 vests, 120,000 towels, 300,000 pens, 380,000 caps, and nearly a million other souvenir items but till today has not paid a single sen for them!

So the crony lost a lot of money and had to lay off workers.

Last week, someone from the Umno Terengganu Umno State Liaison committee paid a visit to our suffering crony with an order for
45,000 T-shirts, 5,000 caps, 2,000 umbrellas, 10,000 pens, 2,000 vests, 3,000 bath towels and other items meant for the Kuala Terengganu by-election (nomination day Jan 7, polling Jan 17).

Our poor crony whines
h e r e that he has received not a single sen in deposit for the orders! He told blogger Bujai that the party he loves is killing him.

I say the crony is killing himself!


  1. Anonymous3:35 pm

    (heha) : NO NO NO to bn on the 17th
    & without our 11.6% support =
    victory goes to PAS = it's ok with we babicinas !!

  2. Anonymous3:44 pm

    emm... padan muka dia lah jawapnya.. apa pulak cita dia time pilihan raya ke-11 ?? masyuk kot...

  3. The Poor Crony not smart in business
    don't they teach you to get deposit for PO and banking instrument name LC ? go back to school and do not blame others.

  4. hahahaha!! serves him right

  5. Salam Bro. Sad story, but cannot call the poor guy a "crony UMNO" though, a more suitable word would be "baruah UMNO" lah.

    Crony makes money out of thin air like getting a wahyu project and then selling it for a huge profit to a Chinaman or Malayman Towkay.

    Anyway, saudara Bujai should tell the poor lad to force the horrible guy who ordered the election merchandise to pay on demand thru a lawyer, best be Karpal Singh who would be most effective in the job. This will make sure that the horrible guy would scramble to pay, otherwise he would be in trouble with the UMNO big guns kerana memalukan parti UMNO.

  6. Anonymous5:14 pm

    We must realise that it is in UMNO's interests to keep the Malays indebted to the party. The party gives contracts to Malay entrepreneurs. This way the party gets the votes (from the Malays). or those Malays who are NOT contractors, they get free T shirts. They also get cash handouts - subsidy fertiliser, subsidy motors, cash subsidies etc. All they have to do is vote for UMNO.

    Then when the money supply becomes kering (like now, will become worse in 2009-2010) then UMNO cannot give out money anymore.

    Then these Malay entrepreneurs will start writing in the Blogs "UMNO conned me" etc etc.

    I support the BN philosophy but I really think that this present batch of BN and UMNO leaders will destroy our country. We need to replace them quickly. So in Kuala terengganu I hope the Pakatan fellows win. I dont support them, but the more UMNO loses, the faster the party will do a housecleaning.

    We cannot kick out UMNO or BN. But we must change the leadership of UMNO and BN. This batch of leaders must be shown the door. Lets save the party.

    On January 17, tell people to vote for Pakatan.

  7. That's why NEVER, EVER, do any work without a deposit.

  8. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Hahahaha.. padan muka kau labuuuuu....

    Itulah kau kawan dgn geng penipu.. kau pon satu..siapa suruh tak ambik deposit.. last-last kau pon kena tipu... hahahhaaha..siapa yang malu... mereka dan party mereka yang malu hahahahhaa

  9. Speaks volumes of the character and the true nature of UMNO.

    But cronys never learn..and so I have no sympathy for this guy.

    I have my sympathies though for the guys owed millions from the 2004 election. Remember that one?

  10. Anonymous12:53 pm

    (fury9) : between ' deep seas &
    devils', preference is 'dry lands'
    lah = REJECT 'corruptions & islamic rule' !!

  11. Anonymous3:50 pm

    I don't think he's a crony in the usual sense. You know if you really is a Umno crony, you'll be paid with a 200% mark up in profit. I think he's been had by a Umno crony. He should go after the guy who ordered the goods. Or, just to get some sweet revenge, he could tell the guy he'll accept his order but does nothing. The lesson here is this, "Don't trust Umno".


  12. Anonymous6:17 pm

    that is why, we must be very careful dealing with political parties. I truly pity you.

    zamri, sunway semenyih

  13. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Common bro, surely you can do a bit more by finding out what really happen instead of buying into this idea of a "conned crony". At least you should ascertain why this crony "appeared" to be making "foolish" mistake. Maybe this is an "investment" to him, NO ?

    All this talk of money politics and/or UMNO "war chest" .. blah blah blah, corruption money etc., is probably well exaggerated. Maybe the UMNO dudes really got no money lah .. or their sponsors "cakap tak serupa bikin", pledge money but many do not deliver .. or the agent/middleman rip them off.

    Please lah Rocky, you sure can do better than posting this kind of sad story, sadly, minus the substance of the issue.



    You post a "foolish" story see what you get? Foolish stupid comments, right? sigh.

  14. Anonymous7:40 pm

    That day I was stop by two cadet army (from the air force division). These "young guns" asked me to tell the time from my watch and asked me to borrow them a lighter so that they could light up their cigrattes. I asked those chaps why don't they wear a watch and carry their own lighter. They told me that they are on six month training as an airmen and for the duration of time they are not allowed to wear any watches and smoking are prohibited , and thus lighter is not allowed.After six month they can carry those items again.

    I asked them why? They say their captain wants to instill discipline among them.

    So is umno going to instill discipline to it's member just like the way that our army does?

    Yes BN should pay for the good's they order for the elections , but the question is who's going to? You see, BN is not a singular political party . It's a coalition among major political party (i.e UMNO , MIC , MCA , Gerakan , PBS and etc) . UMNO thinks MCA should pays for those goods because they lost a lot of seat during the last GE . MCA thinks UMNO is the largest party in the coalition and the riches with the total of USD 6 billion asset and therefore should fork out the bills while MIC thinks MCA and UMNO should pay because they lost a lot of seat to pakatan because of them.

    So what do you think ? Are they not gentlement?

  15. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Aiya, with all you cronies getting contracts from UMNO and making tons of money why not just consider those as contributions to show your loyalty. Hoping of course to get bigger contracts in the near future. Lets face it you are definitely not business savvy but are waiting for handouts. Remember you have Malay rights..meaning you can demand from the Chinese and Indians..but not from Malays if you know what I mean.....Anyway I think you don't because you don't learnt from mistakes and doing business is unmalay.
    Another Crony Victim.

  16. Anonymous11:58 pm

    waktu pru12, kami penyokong pas kena sumbang duit untuk beli bendera sebab bendera tak cukup. rasa bangsa dapat sumbang kat parti.

  17. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Harian Zulfadzli, once a big printing company, also bankrupt because of this lah. BN don't pay for the posters and other campaign materials they orders. millions of ringgit the value, cashflow lari, last2 tutup kedai.

  18. Anonymous10:54 am

    UMNO atau kroni-kroni jahat dalam UMNO tak patut buat macam ni.dah order banyak-banyak tapi satu sen pun tak bayar.tak boleh lah macam ni.macam mana nak dapat keyakinan rakyat kalau hutang dengan orang tak berbayar?!

  19. in the pursuit of getting rid UMNO from money politics,they should also initiate a mission to pay all the debts that they owe to anyone.please be pity to those that had helped UMNO all along the way.

  20. Well u cant accept the order with mouth. Ask for PO first then ask for 50% deposit and submit the d.o. with signature.

    If you got all the proof than u can bring to the court for payment.

  21. What do you expect from Pak Lah gomen..always flip flop sampai kroni sendiri pun kene tipu...

    Pak Lah n KJ your time is up.

  22. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Pemimpin2 yang macam ni yang kita tak nak. Terlampau rakus kepada kempen sampai tanggungjawab yang perlu diselesaikan, diabaikan.

  23. UMNO name can't be used for ordering anythings. Nama UMNO tak laku.

  24. Anonymous6:47 am

    I have this to say, to you Rocky. Of late, your web is beggining to be uninteresting, there is not much of updates in you web ( used to be my favourite ) on the on going political developments going on in the country. If, I am not wrong, your style has changed since you started to appear in RTM, probably Sabery fellow has given you 'something'. Just guessing. Rocky 2.