Friday, December 19, 2008

Cabinet shelves IJN bid

Christmas gift for Malaysians and heroic doctors. The Cabinet, chaired by Pak Lah, has decided to put off a decision on Slime Darby's bid to take over the cash-rish National Institute Heart (IJN). Najib is expected to announce this at a press conference at 4.30 pm.
The good news came about the same time doctors at IJN signed a petition to softly oppose Sime's takeover bid. All 35 medical consultants signed the petition. They, in my mind, deserve our highest regards.

19th December 2008

Statement from IJN medical consultants

We read with concern the perceived perception that the medical staff of IJN are demanding higher pay and will leave IJN if these demands are not met.

We feel it is important that these negative perceptions are correctly put into context.

The institution was set up in 1992 as a corporate body directly under the purview of Ministry of Finance. Its board of Directors include representatives from Ministry of Health and MOF to ensure its direction and objectives of providing good quality and affordable medical care to Malaysians from all walks of life are adhered to.

In that respect, IJN has done and continue to do well, both in maintaining its moral as well as financial obligations. The institution has been self-sustaining since its inception (and has been able to pay year end bonuses annually without fail). For 2007 and up to end Nov 2008, we have accumulated 285,764 number of outpatients, performed 15,084 cardiac catheterization interventions including angiograms and angioplasties, 6,094 heart and lung surgeries, 7 mechanical hearts and heart and lung transplants surgeries.

As true with any organization of our size, there will be people leaving the organization at various times in order to pursue different career paths. Over the last 7 years of operation, out of a total of 35 consultants, only 7 have left IJN to work either in local or overseas private centres. Therefore, our consultants' annual attrition rate is only 3%, and we have responded consistently over time to promote our home grown talents to fill up the voids accordingly. Currently, 75% of IJN consultants have been in their posts for more than 10 years.

All of us are salaried based on a different payscale than that of the MOH though not at par with the private centres. Periodic review of salary scale is usually undertaken, subject to approval from Ministry of Finance.

As proven from our consultants' attrition rate and longevity in serving this institution, it is logical to surmise that on the whole we are happy with the current scheme and proving it by remaining with IJN. Many of us have served more than 10 years, excluding time spent within the MOH Hospitals prior to setting up of IJN.

Being responsible employees of IJN, we are not in the position to dictate the outcome of the privatization proposal from Sime Darby to the stakeholders of IJN. However, the perception that the privatization proposal is in response to demands for higher remunerations by its medical staff is misconceived and must be corrected accordingly to safeguard and preserve the trust placed upon us by our patients.



  1. Anonymous4:34 pm

    hahahahahahaha... another pair of shoe is thrown right at Zubir's Sime Darby face. My guess in size 10.

    - Dicko

  2. Bro,

    Be wary of "shelved/defered decisions".

    Remember the University Malaya land acquisition?

    In the end, the transaction still went through.

    Zubir says Sime wants to expand its medical business. So go build another Cardio and leave IJN alone. Building a second IJN would fit the "social responsibility" spin crap perfectly.

    AHs looking at something else, methinks. Probably the cash, or the land, or both.

    AHs. The whole lot.

  3. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Dear MOF,

    I forbid my income tax money to subsidise the IJN bill.

    Cikgu Osman
    Guru Besar VK7

  4. Alhamdullillah, at least we now know that the Government listens to reasonable but vehement objections from the Public on this issue which shows that the rakyat of all races can actually be united in a common cause for the better good of this nation.

  5. Glory! Glory! Glory! to us MALAYSIAN..

    Go to hell to those people who want to destroy the MOST IMPORTANT LEGACY left by Tun Mahathir.. Many people dont like him but i bet many people will defend his LEGACY on IJN..

    Glory! Glory!

  6. "at various times in order to pursue different career paths. Over the last 7 years of operation, out of a total of 35 consultants, only 7 have left IJN to work either in local or overseas private centres. "

    I guesss that 70% of the docs left are chinese. Because they are normally look for more $$$$$.

  7. Anonymous5:02 pm

    I'm glad. I hope IJN remains as it is. Please don't let anybody takes it over.

    -Wak Senget-

  8. Anonymous5:05 pm

    congratulations contryman,

    Another flip-flops from pak lah successor at last. I guess he had just found the REAL man the PM is looking for to take his ;-)

  9. Anonymous5:06 pm

    what a relief!!!

    now who the heck said the the IJN's staffs and doctors demanded higher remunerations?much respect for all the people who work day and night to make sure things at IJN run smoothly.they have my highest salute.

    ganbatte to all the doctors and staffs!

  10. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Good news,no need for me to look for a lawyer and save me all the trouble.Thanks to Rocky and Azzuddin of Sime Darby Watch for alerting us.Keep up the good work and MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  11. Anonymous5:19 pm


    Chedet says,
    "If it is going to give the same service to civil servants and pensioners the Government will have to pay out the same amount of money after privatisation. How does the Government gain? Besides if the poor are going to be charged the same low fees and charges how does Sime Darby make money? Or will the Government continue to subsidise an ever growing bill for treatment of the poor? If so why is there a need to privatise? How does Sime Darby, a business entity make money when 80 per cent of the patients are poor?

    Make sense to me!

  12. Anonymous5:26 pm

    tq u..bro rocky & ijn doctor moga anda semua di murah rezeki dan mendapat rahmat oleh allah...amin..

    my mother,father and step grandfather..all assist by IJN

  13. Anonymous5:40 pm


    And I second Raison D'etre.

    Yeah be wary of shelved/deferred decisions.

    And to the doctors of IJN, thank you.
    When my dad was treated at IJN, we have nothing but praise for the staff. There are very gifted doctors there and all are dedicated.
    With this statement, the doctors truly show they have a heart.

    And yes, they deserve top bracket pay. So why can't govt pay them?
    Duit berbilion written off as bad investments, so it's peanuts to pay the good doctors at IJN more.
    Grateful Msian

  14. May God bless the employees of IJN, the whole lot of them.

  15. Anonymous5:53 pm

    This IJN take-over issue will be approved once BN win (?) the by-election. Also Anak Malaysia.

  16. You know, I often wonder why some not-so-clever proposals are made only to be rejected..

    Bully for the Cabinet. But. really....why propose such a thing when there's a good chance of it being shot down. Good business sense? Not when it is IJN. Don't they even consider the moral element?

    Good thing that it had not been submitted on the quiet, approved...everything signed...only to be discovered later that it should not have been approved.

  17. I hope its a straight cancellation and not deferment

    now we should push for better pay for the consultants

    pay them minister's salaries and allowances, with the paid holiday

    If we put it to a vote who deserves better pay, the 35 IJN consultants or 33 ministers... I am pretty sure the doctors will win

  18. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Tangguh ajer dulu beb...tengok la lepas PRK Terengganu ni dia akan luluskan.

    Biasa la taktik lama. Tangguh untuk menang undi. Minyak dulu pun macam dulu juga harga dia naik selepas PRU.

    Siapa la yg nak makan lebih ni. Tamak betul la. Dah kaya tu dah la. Jangan la duit rakyat marhaen nak disebat lagi.


  19. SIME DARBY the most untrusted company that has betrayed its own workers more than any other.

    And in today's Star they werr promising all kinds of things to poor folks who had so far had it good from IJN.

    And you want to trust Sime Darby at its words?

    Well, ask all its rubber tappers from the time Sime Darby started.

    Yes, all of them built their lives and families around the world that Sime Darby promised them they will have for generations to come. Sime Darby provided them homes to bring up families in. Sime Darby provided them Tamil Schools. Sime Darby provided them temples and toddy shops.

    But the moment Sime Darby converted from rubber to palm oil, the first to be displaced were these people. Same happened when rubber estates were lost to development and golf courses.

    Sime Darby, you poor sod, you lied to these people. And you want us to trust you with IJN???

    Well, whatever the reason, this temporary repreive is welcome. Surely the KT by-election does not need another issue going against UMNO.

  20. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Congratulations to the doctors for making their stand known. Obviously, someone thought of hitting a get-rick-quick scheme through the sale of IJN. This is another victory for the rakyat.


  21. Anonymous6:31 pm

    A temporary truce?

    In any case, here's a temporary word of thanks.


  22. A big SYABAS to our dedicated doctors at IJN. You all are true patriots and we salute you ! This time Pak lah listen to whose advice (to privatise IJN) ? Not son in law again!! I call upon all the people of Malaysia to pray to the Almighty to forbade such sinister intentions to rob the poor of the sacred facility !!!!

  23. Anonymous6:40 pm

    For all the gallant and honourable doctors and supporting staffs of IJN - please remember your Hippocrates Oath at all times. The sick patients are not relying on our Government to save their lives. It's you, the doctors and staffs, they rely on. Keep up your good work. Save lives before anything else. That means politics must always take a back seat in your profession.

  24. Hey Rocky

    Was the spelling of "Slime Darby" done consciously?


  25. I sigh with great relief ! Please see my blog "" and my posting this morning, Friday 19th. Dec.

  26. Anonymous7:19 pm

    The key players aim is to kill BN at the coming KT by-election with this deal.

    3 months is really a long time.

    PR crossing fingers, hands and legs to see BN lose in KT and will blame it on Najib.

  27. Najib the Rakyat watching you..

  28. Anonymous7:44 pm

    "....12. The Barisan Nasional Government is not too popular today. Why do something that may give the opposition another issue to belabour the Government....."

    That explain why the key players want to do this deal:) and that explain why almost all pro-PR bloggers' silence

  29. Anonymous7:51 pm

    "Shelves"? That's just putting it on hold and lying low until nobody's looking. Then its some backroom deal with contracts signed, money passed, and Slime Babi still gets its hands on the hospital.

    "Cancelled" is the proper solution.

  30. Anonymous7:58 pm


    My mother had kidney failure and was in and out of the hospital for 5years. Over these years, she developed a close bond with one Dr Tan, and, knowing that she was going to die once the machine is being stopped, he came by to bid her a LOVING FAREWELL, just like a son to a mother.

    I guess doctors FEEL the needs of their patients better.

    Please SIME or whoever, there are other means to make bigger money.. Human life is irreplaceable!!!


  31. Saja nak buat rakyat marah!Cuba kalau rakyat diam habisle dikebasnya.ini lah golongan orang yg tamak;seperti anjing dengan bayang bayangnya!Tapi saya percaya mereka akan mencuba lagi dan selepas ini kite jangan terkejut bahawa mereka ini akan mencari segala kesilapan dan kepincangan terhadap IJN dan pihak IJN harus dan mesti berwaspada terhadap golongan ini.

  32. Anonymous8:30 pm

    I am happy that the cabinet decided against the proposal to privatise IJN.
    Why take only the good thing? why don't privatise inefficient company/corporate body? Well, in Malaysia , we privatise thing that are already a success.

    Keng Tiong Hai
    Kota kemuning

  33. Anonymous8:32 pm


    hats off to professional coNsultants at IJN. You are passionate in your work and you care about the IJN brand you have helped built with unquestionable dedication.

    yes we must be vigilant. after all there's a by-election soon...

  34. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Well done, docs. I salute your bravery. This is waht we call People Power (Makkal Sakthi). Thank God a by-election is coming. Looks like we must always have an election or a by-election to check stupid decision by the government.

    To consider the suggestion was in the first place a very misdirected (euphamism foe stupid lah!) decision.

    It could have been easy money for Sime as government-sponsored patients are guaranteed while other private hospitals are competing for patients. I am also told by some docs that certain ops cost mush more in IJN compared to UMMC but they don't care as it's govt money which goes back to the govt.

    Can someone tell me if Daim is linked to Sime? Is it his way of being on Najib's side by bringing in Shahrukh Khan who happens to be a favourite of Najib's family? Please enlighten - I could be wrong here.

    Salman Khan

  35. And the flip-flopping continues till Mar'09 or perhaps beyond. Gasp!

    It's heartwarming (pun intended) to see the IJN specialists making a firm stand on the matter which reflect their professionalism and dedication to the Hippocratic Oath.

    As compared to the oath takers in parliament.

  36. The cheap treatment no more
    When corporations want a share
    Profits motive not social responsibility
    It isn’t in its vocabulary

    No matter what the companies say
    The charter write up doesn’t mean a thing
    It is human motive to enrich in whatever means possible
    In a business there is no such thing as charity

    The cheap treatment no more
    Unless it is inked in contracts
    By the corporate entity to satisfy its promises
    Otherwise it is just talking to satisfy
    The political mileage to bewitch the minds

    How many times the public takes the hikes?
    Contracts under OSA everything to ride
    The cheap treatment before the corporate entity takes it
    Let it rolling for awhile

    Then the changes will kick in
    Giving excuses as the public will know in time
    It is business; it isn’t charity
    It is time the people change the system
    It is no use listening to all that craps

    The cheap treatment will be history
    By then don’t cry with protests
    You voted for the present dilemma
    So learn the lesson well

  37. Anonymous9:39 pm

    nasib baik tak jadi. i was in a swanky dentist centre in jalan ipoh recently. they charge me RM80 to just to tell me what i already know about my teeth and what to do. I was so pissed of, that i give the dentist a dressing down (that's another story).

    what i am trying to tell is, if we privatise IJN, we will have corporate who will try to make money out of anything.


  38. My worries go beyond the IJN take over saga.

    My main concern is Najib!

    Is this his preliminary introduction to his management style?

    On the same note; Is the Barisan Government that stupid?

    Don’t they learn anything from the obvious warning by the Rakyat?

    Or are they of the same wavelength that thought the Tsunami was due Anwar’s and Gangs magic?

  39. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Dendam Musa Hitam, Rakusan KJ Merobek Jantung Sang Miskin Sementara Pak Lah Rela Senyum Kambing...

    Siasatan lanjut tentang isu penswastaan IJN mendedahkan 2 persona yang memacu cadangan tersebut:

    Cadangan pengambil-alihan IJN khabarnya diketengahkan ke pengurusan Sime Darby oleh Pengerusinya sendiri, Tun Musa Hitam. Tun Musa mungkin tak sabar untuk terus melanjutkan dendamnya terhadap Tun Dr M dengan memunahkan suatu lagi sumbangan pemimpin yang diderhakainya dahulu. Lihat sahaja bagaimana Tun Musa sedia menyokong usaha Pak Lah membatalkan Jambatan Bengkok dahulu dan menangkis teguran Tun.

    Dikhabarkan Tun Musa bergerak atas cadangan Khairy, yang walaupun kini sibuk mengejar undi jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO dan baru dapat anak baru, terlihat berbincang ligat dengan pihak pengurusan IJN. Hanya satu perkara sahaja yang mungkin menarik perhatian KJ dari pengejaran kuasa dan keluarga, DUIT! Kemungkinan besar usaha pembelian IJN akan meraih komisyen lumayan kepada bank teman-teman KJ, seperti BII dahulu...
    Ini menimbulkan beberapa lagi persoalan:

    Tun Musa Hitam dan KJ ni tak terfikir ka yang IJN dan khidmat kesihatannya kepada pegawai kerajaan serta orang-orang miskin sepatutnya dianggap terlalu murni untuk dicemar dendam atau dihakis kerakusan mereka! Pemimpin apa berfikiran dan bermoral rendah macam ni?

    Kalau Sime Darby, malah Pengerusinya sendiri yang mencadangkan ide pincang ini, kenapakah pihak media pada awalnya menuding jari ke arah Kementerian Kewangan. Nak humban lumpur atas nama baik Datuk Seri Najib sama ka depa ni?

    Adakah Datuk Shahrizat Jalil sebagai bekas menteri yang memantau kebajikan dan, lebih penting lagi dari segi percaturan politik Melayu, calon Ketua Wanita UMNO serta isteri Pengerusi IJN akan bertindak dibalik tabir untuk membatalkan cadangan ini? Atau adakah kemungkinan isu ini akan dibiar digunakan oleh Tan Sri Rafidah untuk menyerang Datuk Shahrizat?

    Diharapkan Datuk Seri Najib dapat menutup sebaik-baiknya isu ini supaya tidak diperkatakan lagi yang kerajaan BN sudah hilang arah dan terus mengaibkan rakyat walaupun di ambang peralihan kuasa...

  40. Anonymous10:34 pm

    "Slime Darby" ? I'm sure that was no typo. Touche Rocky!

    Kamal Tan

  41. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Hey I like the word play "Slime" for "Sime" in "...decided to put off a decision on Slime Darby's bid..."

    Whether it was tongue in cheek or accidental, I think it described Sime perfectly in this context. They were quite slimy to try to make a grab for a successful cash rich institution.


  42. Anonymous11:09 pm

    yaaaa..that my goverment..anything goes 1st to citizen//,,,..nice shoot...we vote you you give all tip top service yeahh....we want more extra low down fuel price then we got to pay more more more tax...nice game..that my goverment..:)

  43. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Tahniah kpd semua nye terutama profesional consultant kat IJN. All of you have hearts not like the people at Sime Darby ( bunyi macam bi..juga). Well done all Malaysians and thanks to everybody. By the way DS Najib you are wrongly advice (may be) by your 4th floor boys.Be Careful we are watching you...

    Salam Anak Felda Sg Behrang

  44. Yes, highest regards to the 35 doctors.

  45. In the meantime can we string up from the nearest tree the criminals from SD who wanted to perpetrate this ghastly deed upon innocent Malaysians. Shoeing their ugly thick faces will enable them to try their brilliant corporate moves again another day since shame is quiet alien to them.

    Tokoh korporates, my foot. Bringing no value-addedness to anything. Just plain crooks masquerading in their fancy suits and luxuriating in their ill-deserved perks.

    My deepest gratitude and respect to the petitioners at IJN. It is quiet heroes like these that make me believe there may be some hope yet for this beautiful land.

  46. well done docs. clever move on your part not to be made a scapegoat. someone said shoe thrown....agree, it is at the govt and one that the govt deserves.BN Prihatin rakyat my foot!

  47. Anonymous1:46 am

    100 deaths out of 45000 dengue cases this year. here, the stupid MCA-led Health Ministry is more interested in privatisation. come on, MCA have you not scrwewd the rakyat enough? How much more money is enough for corrupts?

  48. Anonymous8:28 am

    Let it be known dear damansara and akramsyah, that mamak nor yakcop was behind the idea. This mr x forex and mof2 proposed the slimy takeover nine months ago and being the sleepyhead that he is, pak lah agreed to it. Najib being najib was caught in the middle as he would not want to be seen as going against the pm. Maybe rockybru can investigate other dubious dealings at the mof under paklah. Najib is now having to assume the burden. Many more issues will crop up partly by design so that najib will look bad.

  49. you give this govt a 2/3 majority and the will not hear any of the pleas from the keep this in mind next election. we need them to work for us which they tend to forget.

    and why does the cabinet approve and then puts it on hold. Did they not think this thru? They don't care at all. Just shows their decision making is not in the interest of the people and nothing is sacred for them.

  50. Anonymous10:04 am

    This will just be another fuckup by the BN/UMNO Government, they did it to MAS,and other Public money funded companies and then hand it over to private hands. The shit government has no concern for the public, surely someone is profiting from this deal if it goes through.
    Bloody Corrupt Government

  51. KJ marah dengan saya kerana bertanya kenapa KJ menyibuk di IJN. Dia jawab di bawah ni:

    The most recent of these insinuations was about my visit to the National Heart Institute (IJN). For the record, I was there to meet the Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Dato' Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. I was instructed by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) President, KDYMM Sultan Ahmad Shah, to brief Dato' Sri Ismail about the state of national football, and the role that the government can play in improving standards of the game, beginning at grassroots level. It so happened that Dato' Sri Ismail had admitted himself into IJN for a check-up yet kept our appointment which resulted in me being spotted there. I also happened to visit Dato' Sri Ismail at the same time the Health Minister, YB Dato' Liow Tiong Lai, was making a working visit to IJN and the latter came up to visit Dato' Sri Ismail as a courtesy to a fellow Cabinet colleague.

    But to respond specifically to the insinuation posted in the blog that has long had a personal axe to grind against me, I was not subsequently at the Health Minister's press conference since I was there to call on Dato' Sri Ismail. I left IJN after my meeting.

    Dia juga persoal saya, berikut:

    The blog also asks why Dato' Seri Shahrizat Jalil's husband was present for the Health Minister's press conference. I don't want to speak on his behalf but my guess is that Dato' Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail (Dato' Seri Shahrizat's husband) was present because he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of IJN. A simple search on IJN's website would confirm his position.

    Hai ... KJ tak baca apa saya tulis ni. Atau Kj tak baca?

    Khairy's presence in IJN today adds to the curiosity. If he was there to visit Ismail Sabri, why was he seen in serious conversation with IJN Chairman Dato Dr Mohammed Salleh Ismail, aka Salleh Budu, husband of Dato Shahrizat Jalil, and one Dr Mohd Ezani Md Taib, a Cardiothorasic Consultant Surgeon and Clinical Director of Heart and Lung Transplant, during the press conference given by the Minister of Health there today?

    Dia kata saya dendam. Hehehe ... saya TAK DENDAM, SAYA TENTANG. Saya tentang KJ kerana dia penipu, perompak dan perosak bangsa.

    KJ membawa perpecahan dan kehancuran kepada UMNO sekarang. Dia bertanggungjawab membawa budaya angkuh dalam Pemuda UMNO. Dia akan jadi penyebab UMNO akan tewas.

    KJ tipu pemegang saham Avenue Asset dengan merger exercise. Baca blog saya. Penuh dengan isu teknikal, dan cerita depan dan belakang tabir.

    Konon kata KJ ...

    As a public figure, I always understand that such speculative reporting is unavoidable, but the nature and scale of the accusations thrown at me suggest that certain individuals have a personal vendetta against me, and no amount of explanation on my part can halt this absurdity. I am neither expecting sympathy nor suggesting that I am flawless, only exposing the hypocrisy of these individuals who, in attempting to destroy my integrity shred every inch of what's left of theirs.

    Menjawab ini hanya sebahagian dari usaha rebranding KJ. Dia pernah kata beri masa dia akan jawab. Mana jawapan?

    Jawapan yang kamu jaja di blog pro-Kj itu hanya nafi. Hanya sesuai untuk jawapan politik akarumbi. Mereka pun tidak faham pasal kes itu.

    Jawab juga pasal apa kamu berjumpa Mike Thomson British MI6?

    Ada lagi macam-macam isu. Kalau dilonggok, pening Rashid nak rebranding kamu.

  52. Anonymous11:19 am

    Hello Jonathan,

    The seven docs who left include three Chinese, three Malays, One Indian....they didnt resign.....they were sidelined and told to leave because of 1. Skin colour 2. not given promotion because they refused to be part of the overcharging, unnecessary procedure/sugery scam at IJN.


  53. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Hats off to the brave and sincere doctors with big hearts. money is not everything to them.

    May God be with you all always and keep the rent-seekers and parasites away.

    Your noble stands will always be with the hearts of the rakyat especially the not-haves like me.


  54. Anonymous1:19 pm

    raison d'etre

    i am with you. Zubir, go build your own hospital and develop it into world standards like IJN. Stop being a bloody handicap, for once. afterall, the Sime Group has been spoon-fed for so long.
    To the doctors of IJN, I salute you all for your professionalism dedication. God bless you all always.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  55. Slime Darby been busy lately, folks.

    They have a PFI JV wth Air Asia to build another LCCT in Sepang costing RM1.70 billion which has been approved by the government.

    More here -

    I sincerely hope that all these logistic infrastructure projects are given due diligence with proper planning just as much as there should be proper coordination between the respective ATCs when planes are flying to/from THREE airports.

  56. well done rocky n all the other bloggers 4 highlighting this blatant daylight robbery.SHOE THROWN.HA HA HA.wished it was the real shoe rite in the face.s 4 SJ N BUDU favourite brew bacardi coke.

  57. Anonymous2:28 pm


    Kudos to you for highlightingand drawing attention to this very serious issue and bring relentless with applying the pressure on those who would rather pull the wool over the rakyat's eyes. Good, good stuff mate - unbiased and principled and more than reminded of early days when I had first started reading your blog.

    Good of the consultants to set the record straight in terms of their perceived grouses with remuneration and the overall attrition rate. From personal experience, IJN is a top, extremely well-run medical institution. When my sister was admitted there in 2003 with a lung condition, the staff were very friendly and professional - kept on their toes by very demanding consultants who ran a tight ship and gave me the sense that they had a real desire to separate themselves from MoH run hospitals.

    I read on A Voice's blog via the link supplied on your initial posting of one Mr. Ezani Mohd. Taib. Why he was seen chatting with Ijat's husband and KJ is anyone's guess but I would like to record here what a charismatic, confident and technically masterful surgeon he is. He treated my sister with the utmost dignity, spending time during his visits to check on her to also banter with her and make her laugh. We took comfort and were put at ease by his complete confidence and his personable manner.

    The nurses and support staff were very affraid of him in that he demanded the highest level of care for patients under his care and suffered fools lightly. My sister became very close to a lot of the staff nurses, the dietician and the physiotherapist at the IJN - they were all friendly but never lackadaisical. Unfortunately, we know more than most due to my sister's continued ill health, that it is often times so very different in government hospitals - whilst I will not tar every one in with the same brush, it wasn't always that kind of service at the University Hospital, PJ.

    Once again, kudos to you mate - job well done Rocky.


    Deanaharan Nair

  58. Anonymous2:32 pm

    God bless IJN DOCTORS. Pls keep up
    the good work, my husband is a regular there.
    God bless our beloved country.

  59. Anonymous3:08 pm

    I still cant believe, the people simply "wait and see" in this IJN's issue. If not of this blog, Rocky, I dont see any big "physical" or "moral" resentments/queries about this SLime Darby's thinggy. As in case of Yoga, we have ngos came up to resent and question the fatwa or whoever had incepted it! As of IJN's thing, it seems, the issue is not properly "address by the public and the ngos". Viva and gracias to the IJN's staff and medical officers as well as to you Rocky. Keep it up! Your blog is my source of news now! As for the rest, just tell me...WHY?

  60. I have no malice against Dr Ezani. he is indeed an excellent man. I mention purely for description.

  61. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Insider 11.19am,

    1)The seven who resigned can't be sidelined because they are consultants.There is no more post higher after that of a consultancy,therefore,the issue of sidelining does not arise at all.How can you sideline a person who is already at the top?

    2)The issue of race you raised is done with malicious intent as the latest consultancy promotion exercise in IJN involved 2 Malays,one Chinese and 2 Indians.

    3)The charges in IJN are determined and collected by the government,therefore,the issue of overcharging does not arise at all.We are all given fixed salaries.

    4)There is no scam performed in clinical practice.We have our monthly internal audit to present our morbidity/mortality cases to our colleagues for an open forum critiques sessions,and we are all answerable to them.In cases where the treatment is unclear,we have our weekly combined meeting where the issue is presented to more than a hundred attendees from all the subspecialty for their input before a decision is made.
    Besides,we can't be striving for world standard accreditation if we are scam-riddled.

    You need to check your sources again

  62. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Below is a letter I sent to a MSM daily but it was not published:

    The Government should not sell IJN to Sime Darby or to any profit driven entity.

    In the first place it is not morally right that an institution that was set up with tax payer's money and after it becomes a success through much blood and sweat, it is privatised to a profit driven entity - even if it is a GLC. It will be difficult to convince the public that Sime Darby is buying IJN for social responsibility reasons. It is obvious to the public that IJN is a good acquisition because it is now established and successful and could be a money spinner. If Sime Darby is so convinced that this type of health care can be lucrative, it should start its own heart centre. After all, it has the resources and the expertise to embark on such a venture since it has its own health care division and owns the former Subang Jaya Medical Center.

    IJN was set up for the people to get good heart care services, which can be very expensive. Sime Darby has given assurance that the interest of the poor, middle class and civil servants will be protected. But this is very subjective. How do we define "poor" and "middle class" and who is the authority to determine this? Even for national economic planning purposes, we are perpetually arguing about the poverty level, let alone some specific numbers for deciding who gets to receive a benefit that could mean life and death to the patient. A life saving healthcare for a deserving patient whose taxes had contributed to the setting up of IJN could be fatally denied just because of some flawed methodolgy in determining whether he or she is "poor" or "middle class".

    Examples of contentious privatisation are the power supply contracts of the IPP and the highway tolls, which continue to be a burden to the people today and which the Government cannot seem to extricate itself. Privatising IJN could end up in the same situation. While the former hurts only your pockets and you have a choice, failed privatisation of IJN gives you no choice and could end up in needless deaths.

    The Government has declared that privatisation would benefit IJN. For reasons of transparency, the Government should state clearly what are those specific benefits IJN would receive from privatisation. More importantly, what specific benefits would the general public receive from this proposed privatisation exercise.

    For those who still harbours any delusions that privatising health care is a successful move, I suggest they view Michael Moore's latest revealing movie, "SICKO", about the fiasco of the US health care system.

    Potential IJN Patient

  63. Anonymous4:00 pm

    For those who are rejoicing that the Govt. has deferred the decision, do not celebrate yet because the operative word is "deferred" . Note, it is not "cancelled". Deferred means they will revisit this after the KT by election because they do not want the Opposition to take advantage of this scam and make the Govt look bad for selling the rakyat's life away for someone's private gain.


  64. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Thank God!!

    Everybody knows that any private company goes into any business venture for the sole reason to make money, not do charity. This does not jive with Sime Darby's statement that it will maintain the social responsibility IJN had towards the poor once it takes over. Tak masuk akal la. This is like a wolf saying the chicken will be safe under his care.

  65. Anonymous4:49 pm


    What I understand is the government has deferred the decision and will conduct an in-depth study on the deal.

    Which means the gang (whoever behind the deal) will come out with a "well-thought" proposal to con the people to the deal.

    Do you all notice Najib is so into it ? He agreed in principle.

    Prime Minister in waiting? WTF

    Concerned Citizen

  66. Those who going to vote in KT by-election, please VOTE for PAKATAN RAKYAT,

    If BN win, they become arrogant again and the privatisation of IJN will go through.. ITS TYPICAL BN goverment


    PLEASE VOTE PR for THe sake of IJN

  67. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Again we have to rely Dr Mahathir to clarify the imagination and inspiration that went into this apparent anomaly in the government's privitisation scheme - while Najib yoyos with Badawi!


  68. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Perhaps there is an LCC involvment here too?

    Its like this - a previous case:

    a. The LCC wants rights for Singapore-KL vv

    b. The government continues to deliberate but no decision

    c. A community airline starts flying from Subang

    d. The LCC asks to fly from Subang as well.

    e. The government refuses

    f. Few days later, the government says the LCC will be given consideration to fly between Singapore - K.L.

    See how the LCC gets its wish for a) above?

    Now fast forward to the new airport in Negeri Sembilan.

    a. The LCC wants an airport of its own

    b. Government says it will be at KLIA

    c. Temporary LCC terminal is completed but the LCC drags on with settlement of dues to the airport authority

    d. Then we throw in a decoy - Sime Dary wants to take over IJN.

    e. The drama starts with views opposing this takeover.

    f. Very timely - government says the deal is put on hold.

    g. Just before you thought, everything is under control, you get to hear the news that the new LCC airport is approved. Its partners - Sime Darby, the LCC etc.

    h. So, did anyone lose anything in the IJN issue?

    i. I don't think so. In fact, the main objective must have been announcing the approval of the new airport and the rest of the earlier drama on IJN was just to tai-chi a bit with taxpayers.

    As though there will not be any tax payers money/government funding for the LCC airport?

    Who pays for the immigration, customs, police, bomba and all regulatory/enfocement personnel who will finally work in this airport? The LCC or Sime Darby?

    The real (and usual) back door winner is the LCC.

    Keep in up Terror Fernandez.


  69. Anonymous7:36 pm


    Hai, sakit demam pun ada selit politic juga ker eh?

    Silap nanti IJN terpaksa buat new wing, to combat the NIPAH VIRUS, not to cure humans, first class especially reserved for PIGS!!! hehehe

    Leave politics aside can you?


  70. Anonymous7:55 pm

    A Voice,

    Thanks for clearing up your reference to Mr. Ezani ("Mr. E" as I recall him being referred to by the nurses then)as being purely for descriptive purposes only.

    Good to hear someone else share my opinion about someone who, with his skills and intelligence, could long have left government service if all he wanted to do was to line his own pockets. This country needs more Mr. E's - intelligent, skilled, passionate and more than all of that, compasionate individuals who understand what it means to serve the people.

    I will always recall a story that my mother recounted to me when she was staying with my brother who was 5 years old at the time at the KLGH. My brother had a hole in his heart and this was long before IJN had even been dreamt up and in the days when such a problem required invasive, open heart surgery to correct. None other than Tan Sri Yahaya Awang was my brother's consultant surgeon. When someone had asked him during one of his ward rounds how is it that someone of his ilk and capabilities was still in government service, his short and curt reply was: "If I leave the government service, it is the poor people who will suffer."

    Good people are hard to come by and when something good is working well, we should do everything in our power to oppose those who would rather subvert it for their own personal gains.

    I am no fan of Dr. Mahathir's, having lived the majority of my life under policies which limited my opportunities back home in Malaysia because I am a member of the minority but; I give him full credit for conceiving IJN in the first instance, realising its construction and resourcing it sufficiently. I commend Dr. M for that vision and at least in my humble opinion, IJN towers over his other baby, the twin towers.

    Deanaharan Nair

  71. Anonymous12:54 am

    There were so many comments posted before me who have very clearly and correctly pointed out that the decision was deferred, shelved, KIV, etc. which is totally very different from CANCELLED ... Wali Kota

  72. Anonymous8:10 am

    (heha) ; ", dun...jangan....dun ... let's do it after the by-election ...ok !?"

  73. Thank you Observer (7.27pm) with the LCC story.

    I too thought that the IJN takeover bid was just 'white noise' to mask the real deal going down.

    The BN cabinet prompt decision to defer/postpone/whatever came rather quickly to pacify the masses, and it blended in nicely for the KT by-election.

    Sleek moves by some smooth operators though I doubt they've factored in the IJN consultants' petition which has provided tons of goodwill premium against a future bid.

  74. Anonymous5:36 pm

    If it goes through that will be the end of the BN government.

    Dorothy Hodgkins

  75. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Don't celebrate yet. It's only a postponement of the Govt decision on SD's bid. Thanks to the impending KT By-election. I wonder why SD is very brave in submitting the proposal. I'm sure there must be a strong backing from a powerful man. Remember the present SD was formerly known as Synergy Drive? Who's the man behind Synergy Drive whose company pocketed a big sum of money as commission for coming out with that "brilliant" idea of merging the 3 plantation companies?

    from: demerger