Sunday, November 09, 2008

Zaid Ibrahim calls for Press conference tomorrow

Ex-de facto Law Minister speaks out. Zaid Ibrahim will hold a press conference tomorrow to defend the decision to pay the RM10.5 million ex-gratia to judges sacked during the 1988 judicial crisis.
The ex-gratia payment, believed to be Zaid's idea, was announced by PM Abdullah Badawi during a dinner hosted by the Bar Council attended by some of the judges, including former Lord President Salleh Abas, on April 17. Zaid was the de facto Law Minister at the time.
Even some of those who supported the payout to the judges have criticised Zaid and the Government for the quantum, especially for keeping it a secret from taxpayers. The most loaded words have come from Dr Mahathir, who wrote h e r e:
"I wonder whether the amount of ex-gratia is based on how much the ex-de facto Minister of Justice considers would please the Bar Council."
At the rate things are going, I won't be surprised if Salleh will call for a Press conference to defend his good name.


  1. Excellent la.

    What's next? Police reports and lawsuits against TDM?

  2. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Mahathir stinks. A Spade is no more or less a Spade however you look at it. He said it was the Agong who decides the Tribunal be convened at that time. The goal posts were changed. Conveniently. Does the rakyat criticise the Royalty for that decision? We all know that takes a different perspective completely. Cunning and scheming. Even George Soros had to take his rap. A Jew for that matter. Everyone knows Mahathir had an open disdain for lawyers. If only Zaid Ibrahim had been a dental surgeon instead.

  3. Anonymous7:18 pm

    hello bro,

    ni durian runtuh!

    there's no need to do any explanations as far as the recipients are concern. unless someone can tell us those recipients - so called sacked or reinstated or prematurely retired judges - demanded for such sums of money.

    if anyone is to be held accountable - it is the gamen of malaysia.

    the cabinet must not resign.


  4. Anonymous9:15 pm

    I'm not going to pay my income tax arrears until and unless this RM10.5 is returned back to the Government or donated to anak-anak yatim

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  5. malsia1206 7:15 PM

    you stink even more for having done nothing for malaysia unlike Tun Dr M

    why can't jew george soros take his rap - was he GOD?

    we have a CLEAR disdain for you - spouting CRAP - obviously no intellectual value


  6. Anonymous10:16 pm

    omong, I have to give you the benefit of the doubt. You must be from the Malaysian Taliban contingent?

  7. rocky, just a small advice for you from a humble man who knows nothing.
    'Think before you act and support with your heart not your feelings'

    You made many wrong jugdment dude..!

    As for Zaid ..he jus a crap and for Tun Salleh and the gang for principle sake if you are not guilty then you should not have accepted compensation, you guys should have fought to get aquicted. Your action for accepting the compensation offered by Zaid is like robbing the people money and principle means nothing to you. As for TDM he did the right thing, set up a tribunal to trial you guys. At the end history will judge your actions

  8. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Omong, before I forget, Mahathiir used to have his barking lawyer to express all the fiery views in his defence. Since when he got this new spoodle to reinforce his team?

  9. MM has gone senile. He is the root cause of all the problems M'sians facing now. He is a dying dog, a dog which barking just to show that it is still alive.

  10. Anonymous11:44 pm


    You stinks as well. And comparable to the spade that you are looking at.

    - Spider

  11. Anonymous12:30 am

    no need for further press conference to explain something that has already being explained in the name of transpancy.

    the first step to keep the paid out amount to the the judges from being known to taxpayers itself was already a very stupid decision.

    why the blame should be on TDM? it's not him who decided the paid-out amount nor the sacking of the judges. it was the collective decision of the tribunal.

    lets call black is black. don't obamised (half black-half white) the issue!

    i for one, never knew TDM had disdain with lawyers. so malsia 1206 does not represent "everyone" in this case.

    one thing i know about lawyers, it's not CHEAP talking to them, it's more EXPENSIVE if you have to talk to retired or sacked lawyers it seems. lol.

    -lawyers makan keliling

  12. Anonymous2:04 am

    for such a small amount everyone is making so much noise... Teresa's heart must be about to burst now, dreaming of getting her RM130m or is it RM160m?


  13. Anonymous6:51 am

    (heha) : WOW !! our hard-earned sweat-bloody duit from taxes (90%
    from my race) just saja 'fling-flung' antara 6 olang ...SIGH..!!

  14. Anonymous8:33 am

    Aisey, what so big deal about a house in Australia. Many Malaysians have house in Australia; Malays Chinese, Indians, Ibans and many more. Me too have a house in Melbourne. Just come and visit me at Browns Road, Clayton if you want to go jalan-jalan here in Melbourne (if you don't have enough money to stay in hotel la).

    Ajim Melbourne

  15. Bro Rocky. That so-called retired pensioner just won't admit his mistake (or should I say hubris?) cost the country millions in compensation. And let's not talk about the way he treated taxpayers' and EPF contrbutors' money as his own, eh? I was hoping that when 916 came, he would voluntarily deport himself to Zimbabwe. Sigh.

  16. Anonymous8:48 am

    I wonder who is Zaid fooling? People like Abdullah, Malsia & yatim? Zaid can fool these dumboes but not many like them.

    Lawyers are lawyers. They got to earn their living. But, a judge for God's sake???? Taking compensation of RM5 mill and sleep well at night (Not anymore after Nazri's spill)?? Tun SA should have known what the money is for, coming from Zaid at the time. TSA shouldnt be playing a fool here.

  17. Anonymous9:07 am

    Way to go Zaid.

    And also announce another compensation plan for RPK.


  18. Expect some fireworks if press conference is on. This will end up pitting Zaid against the government now.

    TDM posting on this issue has been consistent all along and makes a lots of sense, so Zaid and the government will end up the losers with their flip-flop.

    While we can bitch about the cost and luxury, being a human being with needs, it’s all right to own and invest in properties elsewhere, like everyone else.

    They work for a reason, not just to die for the party or like that. There’s an end to all Perjuangan.

    As long as they declare their assets and have their source of income/funds explained, It should be acceptable.

    Anyone can speculate, so go on specualting.

  19. Anonymous10:41 am

    Bro Bru,

    Nih mesti Concerto Conductor suruh dia buat Press statement. Alahai budak Zaid the Peasant nih tak habis-habis jadi budak suruhan. Dia nih sejak dari student Law kat ITM nih, asyik kena suruh je, especially tolong collect Roti dari Dining Hall, bawa turun untuk kita orang breakfast kat Seksyen 2.

    Abu Hassan

  20. Oh, great. Now it's the Bar Council's fault that the government sees it fit to compensate them for Mahathir's shenanigans. He shouldn't have brought the judiciary into UMNO's political mess in 1988.

    Just like he brought the police, the judiciary and the AG's office into his fight with Anwar in 1998.

    He can fool some people lah, but it is already out in the open. His legacy will be an emasculated judiciary, a compromised police force, a lame duck ACA, a succession of white elephants, failed piratisation policies and a corrupt civil service. This was almost unheard of before his time as PM.

    It doesn't matter who takes over as PM. But what is important is this way of running the government must stop.

  21. Anonymous1:12 pm

    tribunal found judges guilty of wrongdoings... they say 'govt interference!'. anwar freed on two-to-one decision... they say 'mahkamah adil!'. munawar's plea rejected by court... they say 'pemerintah zalim!'. court ordered rpk to be released from isa detention... they say 'landmark decision!'. we should ask ourselves, who are these flip-flop people?

  22. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Petikan kata Zaid,

    ``Peguam terbaik di negara ini menerima pendapatan tahunan kira-kira RM2 juta setahun, kenapa kita tidak boleh memberi RM5 juta kepada bekas Ketua Hakim Negara,’’ katanya. - Utusan

    Tak kisah kalau you nak hadiah RM1b, tapi, guna duit you sendiri, mungkin baru sedar kut. Don't use duit Negara.

    Takkan Zaid tak sedar, mak yu dulu nak beli kasut sekolah kat you pun bersusah payah nak cari duit? Kenang2 juga orang macam kami ni.

    RM10m tu banyak ooooiiii. Sebagai tanda ikhlas, bagi buah tangan buah durian, durian, papaya, nenas, cempedak, langsat, labu, kelapa, pun dah memadai sebagai tanda keikhlasan. Orang tua kita dulu, sekadar beras satu segantang, gula satu pot, garam sekampit pun dah cukup happy, duit tidak menjadi pengukur keikhlasan!!

    banyak ooooiiii.

    Taxpayer kurang berada

  23. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Dima...I answer you..these are people like mut.


  24. Anonymous6:14 pm

    (heha) : Zaid in masalah !?

  25. Anonymous7:16 pm

    The ultimate hypocrites of the country: aab, sil&co., zaid ibrahim & saleh abas!! Semoga these people menerima malu sebelum menyembah bumi!!

  26. Anonymous10:06 pm

    pontianak, the malay blood sucker flew from tree to tree crying.... pulangkan, pulangkan, kau tak layak terima habuan banyak tu! itu hak aku!

    keh keh keh!

    TDM said they were sacked.. so how can the gomen gv them. they already got their pencen ma?

  27. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Zaid Ibrahim,

    Ingatlah anda dulu berjaya dan kaya-raya disebabkan oleh Umno di bawah pemerintahan Tun M.

    Kemiskinan semasa kecil dahulu menyebabkan anda mempunyai pemikiran yang lebih liberal?

    Anda berjuang untuk membenteras kemiskinan atau untuk mengipas pak Lah yang sentiasa tidur tu ke?

    Terimakasih Zaid atas apa yang telah anda lakukan.

  28. Anonymous7:13 am

    (heha) :
    GO! tell it on the mountains,
    to everyone & everywhere,
    GO, tell it on the mounains,
    let the people GO / free !!

  29. Anonymous1:15 pm

    (heha) : ...@#$%^&*...
    zaid, why did u keep the amount a SECRET !? your grand-fathers' money ah !! @#$%^&* !
    our hard-earned bloody money & 90%
    of it came from the babicins lah !! @#$%^&* you !!

  30. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Its fascinating reading the comments of these people who cared so much about the money spent by the govt to compensate for the mistake.

    WHY BLAME ZAID? Blame it on Mahathir! He was the one who sacked these righteous judges. That is the main cause of the compensation! The fact that Mahathir is barking like a mad dog is because he knows in his senile brain that this compensation have made him 'lose face' and that govt is admitting wrongdoing on his part.

    Also, I fail to see why people make such a ruckus over these monies. My word for them is, if you really are that pissed over these monies, please go vend your anger at Mahathir pls. Obviously he used much more of you-stupid-taxpayers money than mentioned in this small incident. Or are you just another UMNO dog trying to discredit any opposing forces?