Friday, November 07, 2008

"Don't let my hubby rot inside Kamunting"

Triumph against ISA: One out, 65 still inside. The Court, ordering for RPK's immediate release, has described his the Malaysia Today editor's detention "illegal".
What, does that mean the detention of others still languishing inside Kamunting on the orders of the Home Minister "legal"?

When I heard of the news of RPK's release from Elviza, who was at the Shah Alam court this morning, I wondered about the families of the other detainees. Nuraina Samad, who late Bapak was detained for 5 years throughout Hussein Onn's premiership, called me. Excited. This isn't the first time she's wished that the people of three decades ago had the power they do now to go against the ISA dread.

I got in touch with with Laila, whose beloved husband Mat Sah Mohd Satray s one of the longest-serving Kamunting detainees. I told her about the good news.

"Alhamdulillah", she said. But, at the same time, she's sad. "I Sedih. Nothing much I can do except to compose myself and be steadfast in the struggle.

"Will I be alone?"

Laila's wish:
"I wish there'll be vigils, the MPs will walk their talk, the momentum to abolish ISA will be maintained or raised higher than now. One released but 65 still inside. Plse dont let my hubby rot inside ..."

Excerpts from Malaysiakini::-

Court orders Raja Petra's release
Hafiz Yatim | Nov 7, 08 9:46am

The Shah Alam High Court this morning ruled that the detention of well-known blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin under the ISA was illegal and ordered his immediate release.


Judge Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad said that Raja Petra's detention was unconstitutional.

He said that the Home Minister had not followed the proper procedure under Section 8 of the ISA to issue the detention order against Raja Petra.

The judge also ordered that Raja Petra, editor of the popular 'Malaysia Today' website, be produced in court by 4pm today after which he should be immediately released.


  1. BSA Tahir detention by Pak Lah was illegal and he deserve to sue Abdullah, Kamaluddin and Shah Hakam!

  2. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Now it's turn to tighten the corkscrew on Najib, Nazri and Botak Menteri to compensate RPK a miserable sum of RM5.0 million for the injustice perpetrated. After all, the compensation would come from the rakyat's tax money. Or from the EPF. This Government has nothing to lose.

  3. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Really need to find out from RPK whether the food has improved since Teresa Kok left

  4. Say NO to ISA!
    Say NO to Detention without Trial!
    Say NO Guantanamo Bay!
    Say NO to Kamunting Detention Centre (Kem Tahanan Perlindungan Kamunting)!

    If Islam has got the solution for everything, then deal in the Islamic way with RPK too....or maybe UMNO/BN has not find the solution in the Quran yet!

  5. From Wikipedia:

    Kamunting Detention Center (KEMTA)

    Location: Kamunting,Perak Malaysia
    Coordinates: 4°54′33″N 100°44′13″E / 4.90917, 100.73694

    Security class: Maximum Security

    Managed by: Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (Ministry of Home Affairs)

    Director: Syed Hamid Albar

    Kamunting Detention Centre (Malay: Kem Tahanan Perlindungan Kamunting) is a prison camp located in Kamunting, near the town of Taiping, Perak, in Malaysia. The prison is used by the government to detain and interrogate persons arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA). The detention is also known as Malaysia's Supermax prison or Maximum security prison. It is alleged that this is the site where the Malaysian authorities would hold up political prisoners, usually from the opposition, and conduct torture against detainees.[1] Among notable events which prompted widespread use of the ISA were Operation Lalang in 1987 and the years during the Reformasi movement, beginning 1999. The centre has also been used to detain other groups of people declared by the government to be a threat to national security such as terrorists and cults. Some notable groups detained in Kamunting includes the Al-Arqam cult and the Al-Ma'unah terrorist group.

    Notable Ex-Detainees:

    Anwar Ibrahim - Former Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister.

    Lim Kit Siang - Opposition Leader

    Jeffrey Kitingan - Sabah politician

    Karpal Singh - Opposition Leader

    Recent Detainees:

    In December 2007, one of the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) member and leader, M. Manoharan, was arrested under the ISA and detained in Kamunting. As of February 2008, he has yet been released despite being successfully elected as a state assemblyman for Selangor in the 2008 general election.

    Latest edition to the Kamunting Detention Center is Raja Petra Kamaruddin who is the editor of Malaysia Today, a website critical of the Malaysian government. He is being held after the Home Minister signed detention papers to hold him for insulting Islam. No details of the nature of this insult have been given and the ISA arrest means that there is no need for any legal case to be made against him. His detention started on Monday 22nd of September 2008.

  6. Oh...all the rabid MT fans will forget about the likes of Mat Sah. For sure now that their demi-god is out.

    He is after all a "MUSLIM Terrorist". Not in the same league as "saviour" of Malaysia, RPK.

    Most didn't even know or cared that he and the others existed because of he is already tarred and feathered by the bogus "war on terror" ie Islam.

    I feel for Laila. I hope she doesn't give up.

    Manusia ni memang zalim dan mudah lupa, Laila. But Allah has not forgotten him.

    Sakinah prays for Mat Sah and the others every day....

    I think the likes of RPK are more dangerous to national security. His destructive words very open and clear for the world to see, while Mat Sah and the others were imprisoned for something that has not been proven, or as mere scapegoats.

    Why don't you ask Tun, what exactly was it the US warned Malaysia for the previous administration to act so unjustly against its own citizens?

    What was the threat? Is the threat still real? It wasn't real in the first place, but some innocents had to be slaughtered for the "bigger good", right?

    People just take the Bali bombings and 9/11 at face value. Because the the news and "facts" and "evidence" comes out of the mouths of THE GREAT WHITE must be true.


    Have these people like koolgeek who are so sure about the "terrorists" ever read or investigated the other side of the story? Of how evidence suppressed or declared secret reveals that the bombings in Bali and elsewhere are part of a bigger false flag operation?

    So gullible. White men spout the gospel truth for these poor sods.

  7. I don't get it,
    if the Home Minister's order of ISA is illegal then when it is legal to use the ISA?

  8. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Sudahlah, dont pretend pretend lah you!

    The Pretender

  9. Anonymous12:48 pm


    next RPK will sue gomen. There goes the rakyat mllion ringgit. dollah's style ma...

    I better change my job to be either judge, lawyer or politician. can became instant millionaire.

  10. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Will RPK now sue the Home Minister?

    - bystander

  11. Anonymous12:52 pm


    Dollah's indirect tactic to make sure Najib take good care of KJ and Nori.

    KJ have all the file and he can always pass all the info to RPK bit by bit. If RPK is inside, what can he do to counter Najib

    RPK is just a pawn actually

  12. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Yes Mannix,

    If Dollah have decided to stay on, I'm sure RPK will stay inside as long as Dollah in power.

    Dollah just to make sure KJ became Ketua Pemuda UMNO meh.

    Dollah and KJ's style of politicking - easy to read.

  13. Anonymous1:03 pm

    should have just let him rot for a few more years.stupid system!

  14. Anonymous1:04 pm

    good opportunity for me to advertise my ubat kuat in Malaysia Today.

    Sure the hits will be very high.

    Shall wait when RPK start hitting at Mukhriz, Muhyiddin and Najib - that's the deal between him, Anwar and Dollah/ KJ

  15. Anonymous1:11 pm


    yes, there will be vigils. for the first time, i am bringing my family (including my 2 young kids) to the vigil this sunday in PJ. No, your husband is not forgotten.

    A Malaysian

  16. Anonymous1:13 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Don't be too sure with these idiots. Tomorrow they will sign another detention order - after getting an Indian lawyers to check it! I hope not.

    But hey,Hidup RPK!

    (Lat, Parit Raja)

  18. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Watch the fun as pak lah reign might not be finished nor the SIL,hidden hands are at work here.
    Hidden agenda

  19. Kita berharap ISA diteruskan untuk mencapai objektifnya dan dalam masa yang sama, melalui undang2 digunakan untuk kebebasan melalui tahanan yang tidak sah.

  20. It is extremely great that Raja Petra Kamaruddin is now a free man.

    Now he has no excuse but to tell the whole truth in court regarding all his allegations and statutory declaration on the Mongolian murder.

    Massive rumors started with his stories; he must make good of all his allegations.

    I am sure he is an honest man as he always claimed to be; and not a Pariah like what Najib said.

    He has a duty to stop Najib from becoming a Prime Minister, if indeed his wife and him are involved.

    Or, are we going to witness another grand ‘it did not say that’, ‘no I’m not telling’ wayang in court.

  21. Anonymous3:20 pm

    I say yess to ISA!

  22. O, what fools these mortals be.

  23. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Salam kepada Laila

    Maaf kalau saya cakap yang nyata.

    RPK telah bebas.Syukurlah!

    Penyokong2 anti ISA akan terus memberi tekanan untuk kerajaan melepaskan tahanan Hindraf.

    Selepas itu mereka akan menghilangkan diri.Candle light virgil akan berhenti.

    Sungguh sedih dan memilukan,tapi suami Puan jauh lebih lama ditahan.Tak ada pun lawyer2 yang hebat tampil untuk membela beliau.

    Dimana Malik Imtiaz dan rakan2?

  24. Anonymous4:40 pm

    no matter what people say,i think ISA is still relevant in this country.we dont want another race riot here,do we?so ISA is essential to act on something before anything severe happen.

    now,it's known that the latest RPK arrest was illegal and he had to be released.also the court allows RPK to become witness and testify in the court.this shows that the govt under Pak Lah aint arresting people of the sake of having fun.investigation really was implemented.

  25. This is get better ---

    Anwar's trial don't need to go to high court !

  26. Anonymous5:00 pm

    How about jailing the judge? Then io years later apologise and pay him an undisclosed compensation?


  27. Aha, so RPK is back and will soon be back with his loads of spin.

    I hope he will explain why sept 16 failed as he did mentioned when detained that only Anwar can release him when the latter becomes PM on 16th Sept.

    I am sure that he may have even more stories to tell having more reliable sources from Kamunting.

    God save Malaysia

  28. hi,

    I agree with ISA.

    If you are a person who love peace, harmony, then you don't mind about ISA. But people who like to have illegal demonstration, chaos, a slanderer etc they hate ISA. So, ISA is good for the government to maintain harmony.
    Even you at home have your own rules to make sure your kids in harmony. Same goes to ISA.

  29. I feel for the other detainee. nobody should be forbidden from seeking a recourse in law.

    am happy for RPK. The brave judge deserves our praise.

  30. Anonymous7:23 pm

    (heha) : 'silterra Co,' = 'SIL-terror Co.' losing billions of our tax money !!

  31. Anonymous7:23 pm

    42,049.. RPK now should think, refelect ON these numbers when writing next..

    How popular is he compared to MAWI? hehe.. I would rather turn on the radio to listen to his voice than spend my time reading the nonsense this RPK spins.

    MAWI's voice compared to PRamlee is nowhere near, yet, what the hell, he entertains us..

    Read RPK articles, is not healthy to ones health, Highblood Pressure pills are expensive, mind you!!

    I kept checking on his figures, look at the names of those who threw their support behind him.. Mostly his wive's friends and clans I suppose?

    Be gracious RPK, accept the majority voice. Is that not DEMOCRACY?

  32. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Nak muntah aku baca komen-komen orang yang menentang penggunaan ISA tapi senyap menikus bila Mat Sah ditahan atas akta yang sama. Hipokrit sangat kan?

    Mana dia candle light vigil untuk Mat Sah?

    For them ISA is okay for Mat Sah but not okay for the likes of RPK. Boleh blah lah korang gi mampus lar.

  33. Anonymous1:14 am

    As I have expected, the UMNO political scene is getting very very brutal. It is none of my business. UMNO can go to hell. Last week Abdul Razak Baginda was acquitted. Today is Raja Petra Kamaruddin's freedom day. You are checkmate Najib ... Wali Kota

  34. The Malaysian Government is not as evil as the human rights regime portray. DSAI and RPK have been most evil in their propaganda focusing against Najib such that these two suckers have been misusing the rule of law re freedom depending on one’s perpective. The Mongolian case has successfully completed and Najib has a clear line to be No.1 with near unanimous nominations from UMNO delegates. RPK and DSAI can’t do much except to bark like little dogs with no teeth. Hopefully RPK and DSAI (via his case remaining in the lower court) will have learnt their lessons or else. Who says the ISA is obsolete is kidding themselves; the Malaysian people just want peace, security and prosperity and those who are up to no good in jeopardizing national security will have to get what they deserve. .

  35. Sinatra_Z,

    The ISA is still a legal Act and the Home Minister would be exercising his responsibilities legally under the Act if he follows the provisions without veering of.

    Ie. He has to remember the preamble about terrorism, raising of arms to the harm of people and property.

    Then he would be within the Law as it is.

    But The Act just has to go as the laws finetuned.

    Legally speaking, if the Home Minister does make his decision within the Act's ambit, detention without trial can be prolonged as per its provisions.

  36. Anonymous2:35 pm

    I am very happy that Raja Petra Kamaruddin is free from ISA.

    The judge made a good decision and it should that judicial independent is alive in Malaysia.

  37. Anonymous3:14 pm

    don be despair (now dat the son of bugis warrior is out).

    we only need a hundred of such warriors,
    n u will be free too.

  38. DAP and Pakatan only interested to get the political mileage not justice have u heard them to talk about ISA 65? ( remaining 65)

  39. Anonymous4:07 pm

    walla, itu kaliangmullah, kamaluandin sama khairy mau masuk jugak dalam i s a. kaliangmullah mau ingat jugak dia spy sama brendan pariah, chandra 'master conspirator' segar, lionel 'spore spy' morais, kamlul deris mau kasi jatuh ini kjaan. Butut ka tarak lama ini suma olang masuk dalam jugak.


  40. Anonymous4:23 pm

    i dont like 65... what about 69?

    anyway, its good that RPK is out. its a good lesson to us BUT the ISA needs to be ammended into a more friendlier act.

    i remember posting my support for RPK arrest. he's a man with guts but i do hope that after setting the precedent, nobody else will go to kamunting.

  41. Anonymous4:54 pm

    eh, skitnya komen on this posting!

    knapa ni?


  42. But if one feels that the ISA itself is an unjust law, and his detention illegal, how would RPK's release be considered 'justice having won'?
    The likelihood of sending him back is high...why? would the chosen one 'najib' sleep in peace with tis supposedly 'pest' out loose with the possibility of wreaking havoc to his March 09 ascension to the 'throne.
    And so will RPK relish his freedom long enough as the 'sore losers' are already sharpening their 'keris' ... i mean the proverbial 'sword' to send him back to Kamunting Guantanamo. see 'Raja Petra's release; Justice won?

  43. Salam bro,

    OOT: If you're free on Nov 29, do join a meet with some bloggers at The Curve, Damansara, lunchtime onwards. Details at my blog.

    ps. Everyone is welcome. This is not a forum nor a political meet. This, is just a social meet by bloggers and likes to get together. Its a Dutch treat, by the way.

  44. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Too bad a mad man is on the loose again. with his delusional rabid ideas infecting the populace..

    Please treat him at a Mental facility.

  45. Anonymous10:18 pm

    No need to pretend lah Rocky. Once a pengkhianat always a pengkhianat. You dont deserve to talk about RPK....Go carry the Mamak balls


  46. Anonymous11:46 pm

    kalau tak nak di kenakan ISA jgn buat nakal, momok sana momok sini, anjur tu anjur ni....hidup nih kalau tahu sempadan kan senang. apa pun mahkamah ALLAH pasti terserlah .....dont worry.

  47. Anonymous12:05 am

    Sdr Bru,

    I do not have any feeling of sympathy towards RPK, I equate him with Salman Rushdie for defaming Islam in one of his writing. Salaman Rushdie wrote "The Satanic Verses ", it caused alot of anguished among the muslim, at one time. If PAS high ranking members sympathised with him for his ISA ordeal, I liken them to sympathise the devil. I pity YB Husam, YB Salahudin, YAB Nik Aziz....

    YB Hisham Gemuk


  48. "ISA" at Jusco One Utama.
    If you don't believe please read my blog.

  49. Anonymous11:04 am

  50. Anonymous11:25 am

    Nice reading your comments in TheStar today, Rocky..

    Rocky you need to rap up not only politicians but some irresponsible bloggers who spread lies and cause such a commotion. Set an example for responsible blogging.

  51. Anonymous12:31 pm

    nobody interfered to have him released-that's what rpk claimed. what if the court rules his detention was lawful? the response is obvious i.e. someone has interfered to have him detained. haha whatever that suits these people is fair and justice. similarly in anwar's trial where the certificate signed by ag was questioned. yeah the judge made the right decision but assuming the ruling was against him then the judge was not fair or "unseen hands" had directed the judge to decide that. i just fail to understand why can't these jokers read the authorities cited in the arguments and the law. sigh...que sera sera :-D sickening and nauseting

  52. Anonymous8:57 am

    It's funny how pomp and splendour is used to celebrate the release of RPK.

    No one ever questioned whose Rolls Royce taxied him home and where they got the money to buy it. But if some one else does it, wham all hell will break lose.

    Nonetheless, it is quite surprising for RPK to openly support KJ in his statement in the newspapers.

    Wonder what the critics have to say about this.


  53. Anonymous3:01 am

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