Sunday, November 23, 2008

What is Hindu Sangam saying?

Many Hindus hurt by Yoga fatwa? I've been watching and reading the "yoga haram" issue with some degree of amusement, until I read The Star online's article Hindu Sangam urges Fatwa Council to "be more sensitive".

After reading it twice, I decided that we need to draw the line somewhere. It was quite ok to read of Sisters in Islam or a yoga instructor debating the decision by the Fatwa Council here, BUT when another religious body like the Hindu Sangam decides to openly question the wisdom of the Fatwa Council for what it has or hasn't done ("... it was regrettable that the Council had not consulted with the Malaysia Hindu Sangam first... "), I fear we may be treading on dangerous ground.

In my opinion, the Hindu Sangam is the one that should be more sensitive here.

As a Muslim, I have no problem with an edict or fatwa, as it is basically a guide. In the case of the yoga, the Fatwa Council says it would be haram if a Muslim performs the religions elements and the chants. The exercise alone is not haram. Some Muslims who are into yoga may decide to leave yoga totally following the edict while some others may decide to just do the exercise. As always, there would be others who will pooh-pooh the edict and still do the yoga -- all three elements of it.

But these are for the Muslims to decide. The edict applies to Muslims only and whether or not many Hindus or Christians or atheists have been disturbed by the edict should not arise. I don't see why they should be disturbed.

The Hindu Sangam should be concerned by how many Muslims would be disturbed by its statement, which can be seen as an attempt to interfere with the affairs of another religion.

Read the Hindu Sangam story again? Click here.
And if you are leaving a comment, be more sensitive than you've ever been, please.


  1. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Umat Islam dan Melayu adalah ditahap yang paling hina didalam sejarah.hindu mempersoalkan hak orang islam,kepala babi digantung dirumah orang islam di melaka,kemana kah arah kita nak tuju?
    Semuanya kerana melayu umno yang tamak dan rasuah.kerana anwar nak jadi PM dan kerana Pas nak perintah negri dipantai barat.
    Sedarlah wahai umno,mengucaplah anwar dan bangunlah pas dari mimpi ngeri ini.

  2. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Yoga haram so what is next to be haram? Fatwa Council should also consider to list Airoplane as haram. Why? Read on....

    Airoplane in the first place was invented by Christian and build by Christian. Look at the design of airoplane which is a cross.

    Imagine Muslim sitting inside an airoplane is actually sitting inside a cross which us guided in the principle of Christianity.

    So please rule that airoplane is haram and rule that muslim cannot take airoplan. Muslim should only use sampan to go Mecca.

  3. Anonymous10:15 pm

    apa kena mengena fatwa tentang yoga dgn hindu sangam? apa perlunya majlis fatwa nak consult hindu sangam apabila mengeluarkan fatwa tentang yoga?takkan nak mengeluarkan fatwa sbg panduan utk umat islam nak kena consult penganut hindu pula?

  4. Anonymous10:20 pm

    u r scum rocky..when did u become a govt lackey? tak malu ke?


  5. Anonymous10:24 pm

    As always , mengada-ngada tak tentu hala Hindu-hindu ni ...

    wah kah kah

  6. Agreed Bro, the FATWA on the practise of Yoga OR ANY OTHER FATWA is for Muslims in Malaysia ONLY. So others, please just leave us be, to decide whether or not to adhere to the Fatwa.

  7. bro rocky,

    thank you for highlighting the needs to draw the line of multi-religion we have in this country we loved.

    the recent demonstration by non-muslim group over 'pengkid' issue was one the disturbing scenario we're starting to see in our countries..

    And now yoga..

    On NST sunday times today - most of the news on this yoga issue are covered from non-muslim organization or other religious body pont of view - slamming the 'fatwa'..

    who are 'they' trying to judge what is good or bad for muslim? and what are they thinking?

    current govt. need to issue a very strong warning against other non-muslim ngo or other religious representative to make statement condemning or questioning the fatwa.

  8. hhhhhmmmm...."Be more sensitive please" said Attan.
    Well...booze and gambling are banned for Muslims.
    The Arabs drink like a fish and gamble openly in Hilton Cairo.
    And it is said that...there are special rooms in Genting for such multi millionaires...including some from Malaysia...all mostly Muslims.
    In Malaysia.....UMNO fellas do so privately at home.
    TAR enjoyed poker and horse racing...openly.
    This ban....just going to make more Muslims become those who believe yoga is good for their health and soul....will not allow UMNO to dictate stupid terms.
    But being the government...they will have one more thing to hide and do.....until a change of government becomes reality.

  9. Islam never interferes other religion.

    In the Quran,surah 109 :verse 6 stated that "Untuk mu lah agama mu ,dan untuk ku lah agama ku "
    meaning ( you and your religion , and me with mine ).

  10. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Pada pendapat saya olih kerana terbukaan dan sikap murah hati kerajaan semanjak 2004 telah di tafsirkan sebagai "lesen " dan musim terbuka " untuk masuk campur Hal ehwal orang Islam dan cara hidup orang Islam.
    olih kerana tiada sesiapa dari pihak kerajaan yang menasihati rakyat untuk lebih sensitive maka menular lah bidasan dan cemuhan.
    Malang nya sesudah DYMM Raja Raja Melayu dan DYMM Sultan Perak dan DYAM Raza Nazrin memberi amanat dan nasihat masih lagi terdengar suara suara saperti ini menyoal tugas majlis fatwa.
    Kalau ini bukan hasutan perkauman apa kah akan kita istilah kan nya ?
    Bilakah ini semua kan berhenti ?
    arjuna waspada.

  11. Anonymous10:38 pm

    in my earlier posting, i gave arguments on why yoga can be accepted as a health practice. it received many comments, 80 per cent of were against any move to 'haramise' it.

    unfortunately, the majlis fatwa came with a BANG yesterday. as muslims, we should abide by the ruling but still, many will question it.

    i have seen many muslims taking up yoga but NONE of them have ever said that they were taught of its mantra.

    i did argue about some silat teachings that contain lots of mantra and against the content of al-Quran. nasrul-haq was banned about 15 years ago but some are still at large, even to the knowledge of the majlis fatwa.

    can we say more?

    the hindus, yes... the hindus will be saddened with the council for attributing yoga to their religion. they shouldnt have single out 'hindu' in the first place.

    dont you think many more findings will lead to more haram fatwas?

    i am not against the ruling but over this years, i never came across a muslim left his or her religion just because of yoga. have you?

    anyway, i respect the decision...

  12. Anonymous10:39 pm

    first its about pengkid\lesbianism\tomboyish issue .. then this yoga thingy.. if non muslim starts to question every bit of muslim issues in malaysia...i can sure bet this Raya Qurban we will have bigger issue when somebody's god will be slaughtered. no pun intended.


  13. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Once in a way, you get it right.

    I have no problem with this fatwa either. I think it has been made clear that the fatwa applies to Muslims and Muslims only. In no way should it cause grief to others of other beliefs.

    I would be more concerned about the "safety" aspects. I have two friends who are physiotherapists who said they are seeing more yoga-related injuries. They got injured by not doing yoga properly or were not taught properly.
    Now that is an area of concern.

    Yoga is the in thing, so everyone's coming on board. So many centres mushrooming. But are they all qualified?

    Note to rocky on your england: It's "treading" not "threading" on dangerous ground.

    Couch Potato

  14. Anonymous10:44 pm

    I reply in my blog, 2 minutes after i read this news.

  15. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Rocky, this is not for Muslims to decide. This is for the general populace to decide. I hope the people, whether Muslim, christians, will decide what is best for them.

  16. Anonymous10:51 pm

    I wonder whether there is a Fatwa against the Kamasutra. But who cares? We sometimes do much more than that don't we?

    Will Karate, Tai Chi or Football be next? There are many obsessed football fans betting a dollar or two and that is bad for the Muslims.

    Okay, Tomboys are out, Yoga is out, going to the pub is out, talking to a girl in private is out, but raping is okay because one needs 4 witnesses.

    Hey what is this country coming to?


  17. I totally agree with you.
    In fact if we go through many of the blogs, we find that many non-Muslim bodies are very free with their comments with Islamic-rulings or rulings of Islamic-bodies even when those do not affect non-Muslims in any way. It is nothing more than interference on their part with Islam and Muslims and they should be advised to desist. They should appreciate that generally Muslim-groups do not comment upon the teachings and rulings of non-Muslims in the manner it affects the non_Muslims. Would they welcome it if we did so?

  18. Quite a large number of muslims do Yoga exercises together with non-muslims for health reasons.It is one of a steadily diminishing number of activities where malays and non-malays enjoy together.This Fatwa against Yoga can ,therefore, be seen as another blow to the integration of Malaysian society!It is further dividing Malaysians.Would there be fatwas against Qi Gong and Tai Chi too as they too have religious origin?
    Many martial arts, including Kung-fu (e.g Shao Lim )also have religious origins.Where can the line be drawn?

  19. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Are you misleading us?
    Here's what the Fatwa Council says:
    Its chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said yoga had been practised by the Hindu community for thousands of years and incorporated physical movements, religious elements together with chants and worshipping, with the aim of “being one with God”.

    “Because of this, we believe that it is inappropriate for Muslims to do yoga. The council is declaring that practising yoga, when it comes together with the three elements, is haram,” he told a press conference here yesterday.

    Note: when it comes together with the three elements, is haram. What were the 3 elements he mentioned?
    1. physical movements
    2. religious elements together with chants
    3. worshipping.

    You said the exercise alone is not haram. Well, only if your ideas of exercise does not require movement.

    So Rocky, can you propose a way to do yoga that is NOT HARAM?

  20. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Okay Bro. Finally I have to agree with ur take here.

    - Dicko

  21. Hai Rocky,
    Could not agree with you more on the Hindu Sangam concerned. They should mind their own business and be more sensitive to the Muslims. The Fatwa is for Muslims and their faith.... after all these years they never learned about us.

  22. Rocky , you seem to forget that by isuing such a fatwa , the normally docile Muslims will be cautioned to leave yoga in whatever forms , leading to disastrous consequences for those depending on yoga for a living as for yoga schools , trainers etc.

    So why shouldn't non Muslims be concerned ? That is a totally iresponsible myopic view

  23. Anonymous11:16 pm

    True, I was scratching my head after reading the Hindu Sangam article in the digital Star.

    What was the problem with the Fatwa?. It was meant for Muslims. Only.

    The Fatwa did not touch on Hinduism or even Yoga itself. It just said that Muslims should not practice a form of Yoga that has elements of Hinduism in it.

    And although Yoga has Hindu origins, why the need for consultation with the Sangam?. What if there was consultation and the Sangam say that it's halal but the Fatwa Council goes ahead and says its haram anyway? Would the Sangam feel less aggrieved?

    Are they saying that Muslims now cannot govern their own religious matters?. Or that Muslims should be subservient to others?. Is that it?

    The Hindu Sangam should watch its step and not pick a fight when there is no need for one (I'm saying this figuratively - in case anyone gets unnecessarily excited). Please mind your own business Hindu Sangam.

    BTW another monoeisthic religion has also expressed reservations about the spiritual aspects of Yoga practiced by its adherents.


  24. Salam Rocky Bro,

    I'm totally agree with your opinion and so does, all Muslim..I guess !!!

    Let us Muslim dealt with matter's concerning our holy faith..!! We does NOT need ANY interferences from any...'kafir' soul's..period.

  25. Anonymous11:21 pm

    I can't see why the Hindu Sangam has any business questioning the fatwa. I am neither Hindu nor Muslim and I feel it is the business of the Muslims themselves to accept or deny the fatwa, not anyone else.

    I practise yoga and I think it is very beneficial to one's health. It has helped me regain much of the flexibility that I had lost with the advancing years. I do not participate in any of the chants as i do not understand or use them anyway and my yoga is only for the exercise.

    So, if the Fatwa Council were to advise Muslims not to practise yoga, that is their choice and their loss as far as I am concern.

    Yoga Man

  26. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Rocky, in the first place the fatwa are for Muslims. Therefore, the Hindus and non Muslims should not be worried or feel slighted whatsoever. As Muslims, we wish to remind all non Muslims not to challenge or test the patience of Muslims. PERIOD!


  27. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Rocky, why are you trying to stoke religious tension with this blog posting? You are becoming just like Mahathir, non-stop trying to create racial and religious tensions amongst Malaysians. Stop it, it's evil.

  28. Anonymous11:31 pm

    These kafirs and mushriks are crossing the line. I as a Muslim am EXTREMELY offended by these mushriks. Do they want us to compromise on our religion just so that they feel better? May God protect us Muslims, may God keep Islam supreme in this country, may God give us victory over these polytheists.

    "Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Lord of All Worlds."
    Al An'aam 6:162

  29. I'm quite dumbfounded (offended even) to read that Hindu Sangam seems to be offended by the whole yoga fatwa thingy.

    I mean the National Fatwa Council addressed the fatwa to the muslims in Malaysia, not all Malaysian.

    He talks about the fatwa being a sort of wedge between religions in this country. But does he not realize that his statement alone can cause considerable harm to their society? Meddling in other religions affair is such an unwise thing to do. Even more so in a multi-religion country.

    I guess this'll be in the headlines throughout next week then. (is he actually aiming for this? :P)

  30. Anonymous11:39 pm

    May be this H.Sangam has accidentally taken an overdose of jaddam (ubat pahit pembersih darah). Hence may be it causes the slip of the tungue.

    May be also this jaddam causes a sence inside-out or upside-down. Its normal when one is affected thus to inversely sense what is his to be someone else's and vice versa.

    So may be its not healthy to habitually slip up.

  31. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Eh Bro..two wanita Melayu nak bunuh diri kat Kuala Terengganu. Tu lah, kalau diaorang buat Yoga, mesti tak buat benda bodoh macam tu kan?

    Tu lah kita orang Melayu, rogol anak ker, rogol kambing ker, nak bunuh diri ker, nak kahwin lari ker semua takpe. Tapi untuk buat Yoga atau pompuan pakai macam laki, kata Haram pulak. isk isk isk.

  32. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Patutkah aku mengambil (memilih) pelindung yang lain dari Allah yang menciptakan langit dan bumi, dan Ia pula yang memberi makan dan bukan Ia yang diberi makan?" Katakanlah: "Sesungguhnya aku diperintahkan supaya menjadi orang yang pertama sekali menyerah diri kepada Allah (Islam), dan (aku diperintahkan dengan firmanNya): `Jangan sekali-kali engkau menjadi dari golongan orang-orang musyrik itu. ' " (6:14)


  33. Anonymous11:50 pm

    I don't understand this. It has nothing to do with Hindu. This guideline and fatwa is for Muslim...what the heck are they talking about. The council has studied this and has gone through the exercise based on the Quran and Hadith of the best to their knowledge. For those Muslim who are feel offended by the fatwa, I think you should analyze yourself. Muslims have been very defensive so far ... need to show some aggression.


  34. Anonymous12:21 am


    Please try to see who is behind this!!!

    Don't this look like another sandiwara by Kali & CO. to putarbelit every incident and raise the racial tension.... while KJ can nicely pay off delegates and win the UMNO Youth Position...

    People have not talked about KJ or UMNO recently, many are just focused on trivial issues like race.

    Come on, don't take Kali and the 4th floor bait. Hindu Sangam Malaysia can be bought for a few cent... and even if they did make that statement, who picked it up, and why that much attention?...

    Rocky, ur a journalist, you should know..... If a few drunked Hindraf boys want to make noise, those who listen are the idiots.

  35. you're dead right on this one rocky! the edict is for the muslims only. the muslims can take up yoga, tai chi, or other form of body exercise as long as they do not go against the islamic teachings and beliefs. i believe the edict was passed after much deliberations among the muftis who know what they are doing. the hindus should not be worried because the edict does not stop them and others from practising yoga. the edict is only for the muslims. so dont get annoyed unnecessarily.

  36. Anonymous12:30 am

    I am a practicing hindu who is a pious Malaysian. They should have stayed out. It is not in their interest to have anything to do with the Fatwa. I feel that maybe the way the Fatwa Council communicated the edict could have been better (to make those understand the reasons - to stay away from the religious bits - before getting emotional) - but the Sanggam should have kept quiet.

  37. Anonymous12:31 am

    lazy to comment.... monkey talk to monkey, elephant to elephant, ant to ant

    Wonder what Malaysia will become in the next 10 years. Vision 2020 is totally out of the question with everyone being so sensitive whether it is language, skin colour, religion, etc.

    I just don't get it... We all stay in the same country, breathing in the same air, drinking the same teh tarik. Have a thought. I just hope race tolerance stops deteriorating.

  38. Anonymous12:33 am

    I have to agree with you.

    I am disturbed that the Hindu Sangam did not bother to consult the Fatwa Council before issuing a statement that it was disturbed by both the council's failure to consult Hindu Sangam, and the fatwa itself.

    Hindu Sangam also needs to understand that the practice of yoga -- true yoga with all its Hindu elements -- could and would indeed corrupt the Islamic faith of Muslims.

    Hindu Sangam would have been able to understand how this is so if it had consulted the Fatwa Council.

    When the Fatwa Council declares yoga haram, it is forbidding yoga for Muslims; it is not, intentionally or otherwise, insulting Hindus or Hinduism.

    Should the Fatwa Council refrain from declaring something haram simply because it might upset non-Muslims who find nothing wrong with it?

    That would be a gross infringement of the right of Muslims to practice their religion.

  39. Anonymous12:37 am


    i was waiting anxiously for the ban statements because if the fatwa council did not put its words correctly, it may cause an uproar among the Hindus, not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. i read through the reports in the media and it looks ok. in fact, i think the fatwa council's statements actually praise yoga as one of the paths to attain "godhood". There is a mention of "the aim of “being one with God"" which is one of the 8 limbs of yoga.

    thus, i find MHS's statement as a bit irrelevant. it is the right of fatwa council to make their own research. if they feel that MHS is not in a position to be able to explain about yoga to the council members, so be it.

    as long as the fatwa does not insult/belittle other religions, then we should not be worried. let the muslims manage their own religion.

    what MHS could have said is "mhs was not involved in any stage of the decision-making by fatwa council. MHS was not referred to by the council. MHS recognises the right of each religion's authorities to manage its members. MHS welcomes any inquiries from members of the public regarding yoga practice" or something similar. what the fatwa council said in terms of "haram" and "corrupts" is for their own religion.

    personally, i think regardless of what the new age health gurus and business entrepreneurs say, yoga has and will always be part of Hinduism.

    you know what, i think this whole thing started due to yoga programmes being introduced in many company's getaways and seminars. if i'm not mistaken companies like TM have been conducting yoga events by consultants. this "infiltration" is a cause for concern. just my opinion.

    btw, i heard that yoga is not banned in singapore. no list of fatwas in MUIS website, so can't verify.

  40. Hi Bro Rocky,
    If Majlis Fatwa come out with an edict, it is totally restricted to the muslims. I could not understand what is the problem with the edict that other religion should be worry of. After all, the fatwa didn't mention any bad comments regarding yoga for non muslims but only to muslims as its spiritual element will erode one muslims faith in one or another way.
    I believe this statement comes with a sentiment of over reacting and I am on back agreeing to the edict. After all, dzikir and solah is not enough for exercise and spiritual building isn't it?

  41. Anonymous1:14 am


    not for muslims to decide, you say?

    first, you all say malays are not the "tuans" of this land.

    now you say the muslims can't decide on islamic matters.

    you people have gone way too far.

  42. Anonymous1:24 am

    We Hindus were here first lah so show some respect ok..Parameswara itu siapa?? Rocky you singing different tune now.. your rambut panjang macam setan pun haram...pakai black berry pun haram tau... can lead to unhealthy interaction with women and result in 5th wife...over the limit..taking bribes and lying to fill their pocket itu tak haram...dihalalkan...

  43. Anonymous1:31 am

    perlu difahami betul-betul issue di sini. Yoga yg disertakan dgn "chant" yg bertentangan dgn Islam adalah haram bagi Orang Islam. tetapi kalau setakat physical exercise tak pe.

    dan juga kaum lain tidak terlibat langsung dgn fatwa ini.

    Di dalam Islam antara punca tergelincirnya akidah seseorang Islam itu adalah kerena perbuatan, niat atau sebutan.

    Anak Malaysia

  44. Hello everyone;

    Read this with much careful...
    In the case of the yoga, the Fatwa Council says it would be haram if a Muslim performs the religions elements and the chants. The exercise alone is not haram.

    To simplify, its similar if;
    Looking or staring at a pig is not haram but if you consume or stroke them is haram...

    Whats wrong with the fatwa then? Whats so sensitive about the guideline?

  45. Anonymous1:56 am

    haiyah...take pilates la. no chanting whatsoever. you still stretch urself like yoga. need yoga to calm urself? try pray 5 times a day and be closer to Allah. that's much better. there are so many other alternatives. apa heran sangat yoga ni? and that hindu sangam.... the edict has nothing to do with you. please shut up.


  46. Anonymous1:57 am

    LOL what in the world that non muslim been blabbering about.

    Why do you care so much if muslim won't follow your teachings/activity?

  47. Anonymous2:24 am

    That fatwa is strictly for Muslims and Muslims only. Right on. So be it.

    Let there be no more yoga schools. Instead switch to pilate and carry on as normal.

    miguel lopez

  48. no more freedom in malaysia ..ini tak boleh itu tak boleh...duduk rumah bikin anak saja.

  49. Anonymous2:50 am

    Mereka rupanya begitu tidak sabar ‘tolerant’ terhadap kita dan agama kita. Hendak mengamalkan agama kita pun mesti rujuk ‘consult’ mereka. Bagaimana hendak menyampaikan nasihat kita kepada saudara seagama kita pun mesti berunding dahulu dengan mereka.

    Ini hal aku dan rumah aku. Ini hal aku dan keluarga aku. Ini hal aku dan peraturan agama ku. Ini hal aku dan tuhan aku. Dan perlakuanku ini adalah di dalam batas-batas lingkup ruang agamaku. Dan aku tidak menyeberang kedalam batas sempadan lingkup ruang agamamu.

    A) Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.
    1) Hai orang-orang kafir.
    2) Aku tidak menyembah apa yang kamu sembah.
    3) Dan kamu tidak menyembah Apa Yang aku sembah.
    4) Dan aku tidak beribadat cara kamu beribadat.
    5) Dan kamu tidak beribadat cara aku beribadat.
    6) Bagi kamu ugamamu, dan bagiku ugamaku.
    Sungguh benar Allah al ‘Azeem.

    Wahai kamu kamu yang terlajak.
    Wahai kamu Hindu Sangam.
    Satu daripada 6666 bab hidup mati kami diBatasi oleh tuhan kami Allah swt melalui perintahNya yang terkandung dalam A1 hingga A6 di atas.

    Mengenai fatwa yoga.
    Cukup kamu sampai di situ.
    Dan cukup kami sampai di sini.

    Ataukah kamu penyambung perjuangan Hindraf?

  50. Rocky,

    This is exactly what I said in my article that Syed Hamid should take stern ation against those who dangerously play along religious and racial lines before it takes a life of its own in the blogosphere. Naturally, there will be strong words thrown against the Hindus and naturally an even stronger retaliation by the Muslims.

  51. There's something more to this - A LOT MORE.

    See how so many of the dirty CRETINS jumped up and down like MONKEYS when they saw this fatwa... And this is a blog that is moderated; so you can imagine what the comments are like in other non-Muslim blogs.

    Yes, to these dirty cretins, it's "Hurray, this is ANOTHER chance for us to mock, belittle and abuse Islam and Muslims... And MALAYS too...all while seemingly `concerned'".

    Look at some of the blogs. And people who left their comments. See who the DIRTY SCUMS are... Can you all see their real motives? And many of them claim to be proponents of ... BANGSA MALAYSIA.

    Can you trust what's inside their stinking hearts then?

  52. Anonymous4:43 am

    Rocky, you are beginning to sound like an ultra Umno rightist. I thought you have always been a cosmopolitan guy who accepts views from every quarter.

  53. Anonymous4:59 am

    Rocky said "an attempt to interfere with the affairs of another religion" - I think its only reasonable to say so.

    What if the Sangam issued a fatwa/ruling that Hindus who convert to other religions would be considered involved in Haram behavior; as other religions are wrong.
    So this would only apply to Hindus; but does it not sound in-sensitive.

  54. Anonymous5:18 am

    National fatwa said bumiputra has been practised by the Hindus for thousand of years, because of this, we believe that it is inappropriate for Muslims to practice and the council has declared that practising bumiputra is haram. If this thing come out, Malaysia really boleh!
    For those Muslim egoists, seperti kacang lupa kulit & berhati perut, you are in self denial about your past religion. Go tell your national fatwa to be more sensitive, just say yoga is not compatible with Islam. Be more sensitive to your fellow human beings, dont kafir here & there, it will be a more happy & peaceful world! Children of God.

  55. Anonymous5:25 am

    Hindu Sangam, what?

    Just ignore the ignorants. Slap on their face and then they will get sober again.

  56. Smoking's dangerous to our health, despite surgeon's warning we still carry on.

    Im sure the Ummah came out with Fatwa against corruption, money-politics, injustice and etc but does any of the current regime abide?

    Actually Hindu Sangam can 'haram' certain practises which it considers as unhinduistic, but again would it do any good? So what if we have Muslims leaving yoga and finding alternative exercises because of the edict? Yoga will always be around after centuries and with millions of practioners worldwide.

    After all, we all have choices, wether it's made with logic or by a council, you still have the final say.

    I see this as trivial, we have been living with 'halal' and 'non-halal' for years, why make this another issue?

  57. Anonymous5:41 am

    I urge Hindu Sangam to be more sensitive. HS should consult me before giving out that statement.

  58. Anonymous5:45 am

  59. Anonymous6:14 am

    dear Rocky man,

    do you not think that the Majlis Fatwa should now HARAM all the modern dances, especially, those mixing the males and females who are not mahram.

    why, you may ask?

    as these modern dances, aerobic classes have an underlying philosophical cultures, and scientific beliefs that support their continued existences.

    these philosophical and scientific beliefs are anathema to the very foundation of Islam, especially, the Shafii School.

    they are the very epitome of Secularism and the inner beliefs of the practicers are shirkers to the core of Islam.

    the exhibitions in public, mass media put to same the very practice of Islam; they are destroying Islam.

    the modern practices are not sanctioned by aby Quranic Verses and Sunnah-Hadith.

    Haram them haram them ...

  60. Anonymous6:31 am

    Al Yoga,

    Anda kata:

    ** Tu lah kita orang Melayu, rogol anak ker, rogol kambing ker, nak bunuh diri ker, nak kahwin lari ker semua takpe. Tapi untuk buat Yoga atau pompuan pakai macam laki, kata Haram pulak. isk isk isk. **

    Maaf, tapi apa yang anda kata tidak masuk akal. Itu semua sudah diisytihar sebagai haram. Nak komen pasal ugama pikir-pikir dulu, nanti orang kata anda bodoh. anda tak perlu setuju dengan posting ini tapi berilah komen yang bermakna. hari ini dah siapkan kerja sekolah?

    Anon @ 1:24, ditto


  61. Anonymous6:36 am

    Yes the Hindu Sangam has no right to 'interfere'. And what I think the Hindu Sangam is expressing is, 'hurt feelings' more than anything.

    Hindu Sangam :
    “To call this ancient practice ‘haram’ and saying that it can ‘corrupt’ a person is very hurtful and demeaning,” said Vaithilingam.

    It is not so much the ban, but the ostracizing of another religion, that has hurt the feelings. I mean nobody likes to get their religion insulted right? whether directly or indirectly.

    If Silat were to be banned because it would cause someone to deviate into another religion, now that would not be a very nice thing to say would it?

    Why are these Hindu Sangam people being so sensitive and easily hurt anyway? Why would anyone.


  62. Anonymous6:50 am

    Tidak siapa nak hina atu persoalkan agama Umat Islam, kenapa pulak Majlis Fatwa nak cerita lebar ttg elemen Hindu dalam Yoga. Jika nak haram katakanlah bahwa Yoga ini haram kerana tidak ``Islamic'' cukuplah setakat itu, jangan pulak nak cerita panjang lebar ttg agama orang lain, ini kan mcm menghina orang penganut agama lain, tidak ada mana2 pihak memaksa sesiapa pun mengamalkan Yoga, lepas itu nak kaitkan agama, adakah ini adil dan bila orang mempersoalkan isu kenapa agama pula dikaitkan, itu pulak dilabelkan sebagai meghina setengah pihak.Saya ulang tidak ada orang yang paksa sesiapa pun amalkan Yoga.jika tak nak amal, terpulanglah pada kumpulan tersebut.Rocky Bru you should be more logical, no one is questioning about Fatwa's decision, why they should elaborate about other people's religion when making their decision. Dont you want to see peace in Malaysia, when you post something ponder the consequences first, Yoga is popular in USA, Europe and Middle East and it is fine if the ancient form of ecercise is banned here.Please don't incite hatred among the various religion. I have a lot of very nice and caring Malay Muslims friends and don't want to lose them,. just coz of this posting that has no basis. Thks. Sam

  63. Anonymous7:02 am

    Dissapointed to see that only 2 posts(Mantra and Anak M'sia) got the geez of the issue ie 'the exercise is ok but the chanting is not'.
    I'd expect a more responsible media(including you Din) to chant on this rather than burn the fire of the NGOs, SIS, etc etc.

    This edict(I believe) arises after some questions asked by the public on such practice hence the guide, in which the purpose is to protect Islam abiding citizens on making the go-no go decision.Period.
    I don't think that making a fatwa is a 'suka-suka' kind of thing. Interesting to read how low(stupid/idiotic) one can be on haram-ing the aeroplane....I can only pity the persons who can't find the answer to this silly question - a classic example of how a little knowledge is much more dangerous than no knowledge at all.

    Dr mgr

  64. Anonymous7:06 am

    C'mon on Bro Muslims in Malaysia, you guys are so blinkered and being played upon by media to ceate mistrust and social disharmony.

    Ask yourself honestly - for example - If Hindu sangham had issued an edict to all Hindus in Malaysia that eating halal meat is haram for hindus.

    Note this is an edict from hindus to hindus - i bet you that muslims in malaysia would still have been angered with such a public "disrespect" of islam - am i right or not.

    Islam Youths would have rioted and said islam is being insulted.

    Now do you guys and ROCKY see the picture or are you still blind and naive.

    Correct correct correct.

    "Observer of Human Folly"

  65. Previously...all claim Islam is a religion.
    Now some smart ass following some Christians...calling if ..a faith believer. it a faith or a religion..any one that needs to control this or their followers are infact saying their faith followers have very weak minds.
    UMNO is admitting ....all these 50 more years...our Muslims brothers and sisters cannot be given choices to think at all.
    They must be a herd of sheep.....and must depend on UMNO as their shepherd.
    This is actually saying UMNO admits..having failed to strengthen the Malays think for themselves.
    They must always be spoon fed.
    UMNO is living in a fool's paradise.

  66. Bro Rocky. Some Non-Muslims are taking this issue too seriously; an issue which does no affect them at all. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a sort of 'provocation' on the part of the Fatwa Council seeing how it is stacked with UMNOist appointees. Ya think PAS had a say in it? How convenient this came just two days before HINDRAF's first anniversary march.

    I just wanna say to Non-Muslims please do not to get too agitated on something which doesn't affect you. Ya all know by know how UMNO can and will manipulate this issue, and trying to turn PAS against their Non-Muslim supporters. And to drive a wedge between Malays and others just to consol their ebbing support. Just ignore a cheap decree issued by a bunch of UMNOists, I say.

  67. Anonymous7:34 am


    Muslims may or may not wish to abide by the fatwa. It is a guide. it is not binding.

    besides, it is just the mantra part which the national fatwa council said is against the aqidah.

    really, it is up to you. you still wanna do yoga, go ahead. Sinful or not, He decides. And you are answerable to your maker. As far as the fatwa council is concerned, it was merely doing its job. it is a fatwa council, you know.
    The fatwa council is doing Muslims a favour here...Muslims who must have had questions about yoga.

    so...ease off, man. Back off, guys.

    As far as Hindu Sangam is concerned, I agree with you bro...
    it's none of their business. Their remarks are unnecessary and looks like an attempt to starrt a relgious debate that can explode in our faces!

  68. Anonymous7:36 am


    what do you mean it is for the general populace to decide?

    Whcih part of the whole issue don't you understand???

  69. Anonymous7:47 am


    Hey scumbag...what is it about what Rocky said has made him a government lackey?

    and whose lackey are you, you scumbag!

    Sorry, Rocky....I've been a reader since Day One.. Not that I am your fan..I read many blogs.

    I see that you have idiots and rabid and *ucking jerks as readers.
    although is suspect there are not many -- the same peole over and over again...those wgho *uck you up but are so addicted to you, they come back to your blog -- only to get angry that you are not whacking the government.

    what's their beef, man.

    Take Muslimyoga..see the kind of asshole he is!

    you have never been a government whacker, the way i read you. you have been very criticial of the administtration of Abdullah Badawi -- all those excesses -- yacht, airplane, mega uselss still-not-carried out projects and corridors -- that you posted in your blog last year and early this year. You were and have been critical of SIL and all those greedy hangers-on..of course, Kalimullah (and you have good reason to!)..

    I may not agree wiht some of you views but that's ok...because you definitely will not agree with mine.

    having said that -- you have been criticla of the government and of the opposition. so let's not quibble about this.

    it's just that these, as you say, RABID opposition supporters (and some of them WERE your friends, bro) are not satisfied that you have not been HARD enough on Najib. They want you to repeat all those damning allegations.

    Ss they call you names -- ass lciker etc...b ut let me tell you, bro -- none of them would DARE say it to your face. They're cowards, these people.

    so when you so mush as suggest that tsome of tehm could be inspired OR sponsored by Anwat -- they freaked out. HAHAHAA>..

    see the difference between THEM and YOU, bro?
    THEY FREAKED OUT at a mere suggestion. Hahaaa.

    what a bunch of clowns!

    so. bro...keep it are one BRAVE soul....goign against the tide...

    and they call you an asslicker! MY ASS! I'd have you on my side anytime... whoops....(i do believe that's what they want :-))

  70. Anonymous7:51 am

    alamak KFChan,

    let me explain-lah.

    Yoga -- just the physical exercise is OK. Ok?

    which my Muslim friends do. no need the other two.
    but if any Muslim wants to do -- who's to kmow-lah..

    The fatwa is just a guide.

    that's why...non-Muslims need not worry.

    don't complicate the issue-lah.

    Why accuse Rocky of misleading you?

  71. Salam..

    Bro, i think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

    What are the differences in practicing yoga with that of Judo, Karate, Taekwondo and many other stuffs that relates to/or religion based exercises?

    We are indeed living in a hostile society!


  72. Anonymous7:59 am

    wizsurf malaysia,

    Man, you're pathetic.


    You're happy with non-Muslims attacking the Fatwa Council???

    Muslims aint that stupid-lah. It's up to them.

    You know why the council came up with this fatwa? Because many many many Muslims were asking the question whether Yoga -- because it is based on Hindu philosophy -- was haram.

    The council studied the issue. and it was bound to respond.

    so it came out with the fatwa. KUDOS to the council.

    As a Muslim I laud the council for issuing the fatwa.

    It is very clear that the physical exercise is NOT haram.

    At least Muslims who are into Yoga will know.

    But what's the problem?

    I practice Yoga. I'm a Muslim. I will continue to do the physical exercise. Anyway, I've never been doing the mantra etc...And I know many Muslims who do not.

    To the well-meaning non-Muslims -- thank you thank you for your concern and your sense of brotherhood and sisterhood here. I do appreciate this and as do my Muslim brothers and sisters.

    But to you non-Muslism who want to take THIS opportunity to take a swipe at the fatwa council -- DON'T.

    And, Wizsurf...I agree with Rocky on this!

  73. Anonymous8:06 am

    An intellectual Malay luminary once told me, a Muslim in this country is treated like a second class citizen. They are told what to do, how to behave, where to eat, where not to go and so forth. I never saw that point of view before until he chose to enlighten me. I've only had the pleasure and honour of keeping prgressive malays in my company, and it thrilled me that Malaysia seemed be heading to a wonderful place. But now reading such testy, bigoted and racist remarks on this blog, i can genuinely say i'm disgusted and appalled. Keep up the good work of sowing hatred, ppl!

  74. Anonymous8:06 am

    Good work, Jakim, YET another shot in the foot! It sure contributed a lot to making Islam more midunderstood!

    Hey, don't stop at yoga, keep the ridicule rolling- ban fast food, shirt & tie, Muslims from attending other races' open house during religious festivals, etc.

    Are most muslims that weak in their faith? Or do the jakim fellas have weak faith themselves and automatically assume other lesser souls are bound to be weaker than them and easily shaken in their religious beliefs?

    New definition from jakim- Hindu god is different from Muslim god...

  75. Anonymous8:08 am

    An intellectual Malay luminary once told me, a Muslim in this country is treated like a second class citizen. They are told what to do, how to behave, where to eat, where not to go and so forth. I never saw that point of view before until he chose to enlighten me. I've only had the pleasure and honour of keeping prgressive malays in my company, and it thrilled me that Malaysia seemed be heading to a wonderful place. But now reading such testy, bigoted and racist remarks on this blog, i can genuinely say i'm disgusted and appalled. Keep up the good work of sowing hatred, ppl! *far far away*

  76. Anonymous8:12 am

    Rocky's Conscience,

    Rocky is trying to stoke blahblahblah, you say?

    You understand the issue, or not?

    The council issued the fatwa for Muslims because many Muslims ragu-ragu or was-was about doing yoga. which of course, they shouldn't have been because they should know in the first place that any chants or mantra (outside of Islam) are haram in Islam. And I believe Musoims doing yoga don't do the chanting or mantra part.
    Still, being Muslims, they want verification from the council.
    You know -- doing yoga with a clear conscience, don't want to upset the Almighty.
    (Of course, I can be cheeky and say that haiyyaa...pergi bomohkan syirik can lead to haram or totaly haram but many Muslims go to bomoh..maybe fatwa council can issue an edict on this, huh> wink wink)

    anyway, Rocky's Conscience (tak malu, ke guna nama Rocky>), don't go shooting aimlessly and conveniently want to malign Rocky, and on this issue.

    It wasnt Rocky who solicited Hindu Sangam's views, ok? THE STAR published their views.
    Rocky's view is that Hindu Sangam should not be questioning the national fatwa council's decision, I agree. and you should too.

    And have you read Rocky's last line?

    Don't lah try to malign Rocky like this. Go channel your allegation at The Star -- Go ask Wong Chun Wai...

  77. Salam Rocky.
    NGINAP SRENGENGE is right. Surah al_Kafirun stated clearly - Agama mu, adalah urusan mu dan Agama ku adalah urusan ku.

    Please to the non-Muslim, dont interfere with my religion.

    Out fatwa body dont simply make the decision.

    I would suggest also, that the logo oh Halal on be given to Muslim entpr to safeguard the halal.

  78. Anonymous8:18 am

    BRAVO, Bro...

    Your concern is spot-on.

    What's with The Star, man?
    Getting a hindu group on this is provocative
    There's no end to this. You don't need polemics on this.

    I'm sorry to know that the anti-male Sisters In Islam has yet again shown to be a Muslim apologist.
    For once...don;t try to be popular...sigh sigh sigh.

    I can't believe that for the sake of playing to the gallery, SIS feels it fit to attack the fatwa council.

    Have some conscience-lah SIS.

    And to those who think they're being smart by suggesting that the fatwa council should issue edicts on all and sundry --- please...don't mock the council.

  79. Anonymous8:19 am


    you're pathetic.

  80. Anonymous8:34 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I am with you on this one.
    This is what happens when self serving politicians manipulate issues like religion and race under the name of "unity". Once "the door" is opened, the true colors of multiraces Malaysian are strikingly the end, its not the color that differentiate them. Its their level of ignorance!
    Believe me there are clapping hands behind the curtain when we fight among each other over sensitive issues or any other issues for that matter...wake up people and stop being manipulated by the very evil side of politicians.
    Its simple really- if u have nothing nice or clever to say, why not just shut up...

  81. Anonymous8:35 am

    Hi Fellas,

    This is all about Islamic 'Akidah' which will corrupt the Islamic faith of let the Fatwa Council do their job...

    About somebody 'god' been slaughtered during certain festive so what a different between a festive and daily slaughtering of thousand of this animal through out the world for human consumption??

    Somebody(stupido) mentionong about Parameswara, Tolong pakai OTAK!!!!!

    - willow

  82. Anonymous8:36 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I am with you on this one.
    This is what happens when self serving politicians manipulate issues like religion and race under the name of "unity". Once "the door" is opened, the true colors of multiraces Malaysian are strikingly the end, its not the color that differentiate them. Its their level of ignorance!
    Believe me there are clapping hands behind the curtain when we fight among each other over sensitive issues or any other issues for that matter...wake up people and stop being manipulated by the very evil side of politicians.
    Its simple really- if u have nothing nice or clever to say, why not just shut up...

  83. Anonymous8:38 am

    Yes its true...why do the non muslims be bothered what the Fatwa Council deemed as haram. Why should we non muslims be upset as long as we are not affected by such rulings. Every religion has their own interpretation of their holy books. We as non muslims are not experts in the Koran. So let the muslims themselves decide on what they think of the Fatwa Council's decision. We should not interfere and just carry on with our yoga lessons.

  84. Wahai Hindu semua, Fatwa ni untuk kami orang Islam.. tidak kena mengena dengan kamu semua.. Contohnya, kalau Hindu Sangam buat fatwa orang Hindu tak boleh makan di Restoran Islam, itu hak kamu.. Untuk kamu agama kamu, untuk kami agama kami..

    Yoga yang ada unsur ketuhanan hindu memang tak boleh bagi kami.. setakat senaman saja boleh.. itu pun nak sensitif kaa..

  85. Anonymous8:58 am

    Hey Rock,

    This post adds to the growing and disturbing trend of unethical journalism that you appear to be practising. It is therefore quite hypocritical for you to advocate code of ethics for bloggers.

    To say that non-muslims should not be disturbed by a fatwa that has overreaching effects on society as a whole reflects sheer ignorance and promotes a selfish uncaring society.

    As pointed out by Haris and Helen Ang, a non-muslim yoga instructor may very well be arrested for trying to convert muslims who attend their yoga classes.

    As pointed out by Datuk Zuraidah Atan (see article in Malaysian Bar) what about cancer survivors who practice yoga?

    Even if you do not practice yoga yourself or know any (Muslim or non) cancer survivors who do, you should at least be circumspect enough to engage other views (not necessarily Hindus alone) before jumping to flawed conclusions.

    Rocky, as a popular blogger, Advisor to the Press Club, please be mindful of how you shape perceptions with your words and views.

    As All-Blogs protem president, PLEASE, PLEASE set a good example of RESPONSIBLE BLOGGING.

    I'm truly disgusted with your shallow mindedness, your lack of ethics and concern for your own Muslim brethen.

    What sort of Muslim are you, really?

    comment by *cringing reader*

  86. questioning on one subject such as fatwa doesn't necessarily means when we are questioning the law of this context,"questioning" means looking for clear answer of why such fatwa had been issued and why muslims in Malaysia must adhere to it.

    "Pengerusinya Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin bagaimanapun berkata, amalan fizikal iaitu senaman dalam yoga, tanpa adanya unsur-unsur mentera dan pemujaan pada zahirnya tidak menjadi kesalahan."

    but no worry for all yoga lovers out still can do that body-bending thingy just as long as you know where to draw the line on.then again i think yoga is widely known now and now has been modenize.i think "modern yoga" (if there exist such term) is still practisable.westeners has popularize yoga by taking the physical part only.

  87. Anonymous9:12 am

    sebenarnya Yoga masih boleh dipraktikkan lagi.cuma yang haram bila ada unsur-unsur pemujaan atau ritual dalam aktiviti beryoga.buat yang beragama Islam memang salah lah jika amalkan yoga sambil ada amalkan sekali unsur-unsur pemujaan.tapi kalau diambil cuma ciri fizikal untuk kesihatan badan tidak salah.rasanya ramai lagi yang kurang faham tentang fatwa ni.fahamlah sesuatu isu tu dulu sebelum bukak mulut.

    buat yang bukan beragama Islam,tak perlulah bimbang.fatwa yang dikeluarkan bukan untuk mereka.

  88. Anonymous9:13 am

    Will there be a fatwa against Christian Dior products? It is a Christian product isn't it?

    Nah, after reviewing the issue, I think it is okay to ban Muslims from yoga after all. Because it has already been decided. Period.

    But why are turbans allowed in Islam? Can anyone ezplain why the Sikh inspired turbans are symbols of holiness? Was there a joint pact between the Sikhs and Muslims over this a thousand years ago?

    Perhaps Karpal Singh might know the answer because he does not wear a turban to distance himself from Nik Aziz.


  89. Anonymous9:18 am

    apalah mangkuk sangat some of adult msians who commented in this blog, rocky? very the mangkuk one.

    It has been said that yoga WITH hindu elements (the chants and whatnots) is haram BUT yoga WITHOUT it is permissible. Itu pun susah nak faham ke? It's not like you guys do yoga pun, the most exercise you guys did was pressing the remote control and the walk to kedai kopi. Plus, you guys still do the things that were prohibited and clearly stated in Al-Quran so why the fuss about fatwa? you always do what your thick headed self wants to do.

    as for the hindu sangam, should i consult you on how to properly recite my Al-Fatihah? mangkuk betul.

    apalah bodoh sangat msian adults ni? changing into msian politicians for sure now.

    ~anon 11.55

  90. I am disappointed that Hidu Sangam DID NOT consult Muslims Scholars when the Hindus decided that Lembu is Suci ....

    The Hindus should be allowed to eat beef just like Malaysian Muslims smebelih lembu for hari raya kurban.

  91. Anonymous9:28 am


    Perkid...Yoga ...I don't buy it.

    As my PAS MP said the authorithy will start to come up crazy rulings and edicts to punish young malays for supporting pakatan.

    Melayu sudah berubah!


  92. Rocky, please allow me to make this comment...i hesitated initially but I think its best I do..

    Non Muslims are seeing the talibanization taking place in Malaysia. Eventually it will affect non Muslims if you can see the larger picture.

  93. Anonymous9:36 am

    The Fatwa Council should not have described yoga as something that 'corrupts a person'. That is hurtful.

    What if some Hindu group describes a muslim act of piety as 'corrupt'. Such a mere Advisory to Hindus would be demeaning to muslims.

    The Fatwa Council should have been more circumspect with a better choice of words.

    Since the Fatwa Council considers yoga as a part of Hinduism, they should have consulted the Hindu Sangam for their professional opinion instead of relying on amateur and superficial knowledge of yoga.


  94. Salam,

    Hindu Sangam should learn to respect the feeling of the Muslim after issued the statement, not vice versa. Malaysia Muslim does not need representative to fight for so call the freedom where here we got no issue regarding the Fatwa, and I don't see any business relation between Hindu Sangam and the freedom of the Majlis Fatwa, so please for the sake of multi-religion here please refrain of doing so and learn to be more sensitive.

    For Rocky,
    I like your stands regarding the Islam and your battle in it,so keep up with the good work bro.

  95. .... the Fatwa Council says it would be haram if a Muslim performs the religions elements and the chants. The exercise alone is not haram............
    I am of the belief that all persons have overeacted for they have totally missed the fundamental of the ruling, which u have captured above which is extracted from your post.
    In any event, I am Hindu & a yoga practioner - the two are NOT symbiotic!!
    Cheers, Bro!

  96. Sebagai orang Islam kita wajib menerima fatwa dari golongan ulamak yang sudah pasti memperhalusi semua isu yang boleh mencemarkan aqidah umat Islam.

    Perkara ini tidak sepatutnya dipertikaikan ...apa lagi oleh mereka yang bukan Islam

  97. Anonymous9:58 am

    Hallo abang/adik/kakak semua,

    Fahami betul-betul fatwa yg di kemukan

    "comes together with the three elements, is haram. What were the 3 elements he mentioned?
    1. physical movements
    2. religious elements together with chants
    3. worshipping."

    come together maaa?

    Kalau tak "come together" tak haram lah tu....

    Atau nak senang tukar nama ajer jadi YOG/YOGI/YOGA(M)

    Apa nak susah-susahkan yg senang...

    Ini Hindu Sangam pun satu jgn layan wartawan, wartawan memang kerjanya provok, selagi tak jawab di hulurkan jugak mic/recorder tu pas tu kecoh sengaja di kecohkan....biarlah cool down dulu isu ni tunggu lepas Mac ker?

    Biarkan grp modenist dan tradisonal Islam ini bincang elok-elok.


    Hidup SyahWaliyullah

    frm: Surau Hj Wan Musa

  98. Anonymous9:59 am

    I am not an expert on the matters of fatwa. But I know that fatwas are not pronounced irresponsibly, that the experts or ulama’ in charge must study the issue thoroughly and reach a consensus among them on the issue in question to decide the appropriate hukum or rule. They will refer to the holy Quran, Hadith Rasulullah saw, the opinions of Sahabat, Tabiin, Muslim scholars, the rules of Ijmak and Qiyas, etc. They know that they must answer to Allah if they do not acquit themselves of this heavy responsibility, responsibly. It is not a matter of politics nor power. It is not a game. It is a burden.

    Dengan izin: & .

  99. Anonymous10:00 am

    the people in the gambling outlets arw the most tolerant, rubbing showers with all races and religions. they are the true malaysians. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  100. Anonymous10:15 am

    Hindu/Tamil memang gila publisti, dia orang ini ada masalah inferioty complex.

  101. I think, the word HARAM itself must have been profoundly misunderstood by some quarters of non-Muslim Malaysians. They easily got confused between the religious definition of it and the action of the Government in "MENGHARAMKAN" this & that.

    Please don't get intimidated by Majlis Fatwa's rulings of HARAM because for one thing it doesn't affect non-Muslims' or non-believers' way of life.

    Second thing, I am sure the Government will not "MENGHARAMKAN" Yoga as it has on HINDRAF. The Haram is entirely for two different issues and they came from two separate bodies altogether.

    On the other note Rocky, and with all due respects to Majlis Fatwa, what would you say if somebody wants to 'modified' Yoga by putting some "Islamic elements" into it? Would it be Haram too?

    Azman Mohd ISa
    Shah Alam

  102. Anonymous10:27 am

    why Hindu Sangam statement came out in media? no one block it out? or someone really intent to make public fusing over the issue? people normally can handle 1 or 2 main issue, and if their brain occupied with these, then they overlook other issue which may be more important.

    so dont make an issue out of this. 1) Fatwa council said that yoga is haram IF only it involve chanting of mantra or worshipping. IF it only involve body and breathing exercise and practice it for the purpose of good health, muslim free to do it.
    2) This FATWA is internal matter for the muslim. It does not dictate non-muslim into the fatwa.

    Hindu Sangam is free to dictate their followers too. What to fuss about? Worry about biz may affected with the new fatwa? No need to I think. Cigarette, alcohol, pub, night clubs, casino all haram to muslim, but biz still make millions out of muslims money.

    We should not discuss is any further but to focus more on the current political and economic issue of the country. Dont let us be fooled by the hand that control the media to dictate on what issue is the issue.


  103. Anonymous10:27 am


    If the Fatwa Council deem the religious elements/chants of yoga to be haram, then that's precisely what they should have come out with openly ... rather than carelessly and irresponsibly allow the "haram" label to be slapped on yoga on the whole.

    And while they're doing that, why not publicly state for the record (and for everyone else's good) something along the lines of "Muslims in Malaysia are free to practice yoga as a form of healthy activity?"

    Yoga's Hinduism roots were raised, and you can't blame Hindu Sangam for feeling slighted that aspects of their religion or practices has been conveniently smeared with the word "illegal."

    Put it down to misreporting, or communicative letdown on any party, but your lack of objective stance on this issue sure doesn't help its cause given the ruckus it has already created.


  104. Anonymous10:28 am

    apa kecoh-kecoh ni, drinking liquor is haram still lots of people do it. Go the pubs, press club tengok.
    Judi is haram, if u pass kedai judi especially wkends lots of malay looking chaps in there.
    I know a relatively young man who loves to be called 'haji', memang haji pun la. But mamat ni tak minum and will not eat at non-malay restaurants, tapi main judi ok. kadang-kadang sampai kosong poket, minta duit bini. Hiya!
    So no need fan the fire la brother Rocky. We should just be sincere to God. man-made edicts are just that, man-made.

  105. Anonymous10:36 am

    As for …mother of all fatwa, monsterball, nstman, A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING. I think these guys don’t understand the meaning of FATWA, its deliberations and references on what is HALAL and what is HARAM. “Hindu Sangam urges Fatwa Council to "be more sensitive".

    It is strange to have matured adults giving such shallow comments on religious issues, sounded more like the 2year old toddlers with the Why is, What is never ending queries.

    When my children enquired about Thaipusam rituals, the gruesome piercing of needles and arrows, wielding knives, dancing in trances and walking on hot charcoal beds.

    I will explain to them, NEVER NEVER to question the practices of others religions IF we have no INDEPTH knowledge of HINDU beliefs and practices.


  106. Anonymous10:39 am

    "As a Muslim, I have no problem with an edict or fatwa, as it is basically a guide."

    You can bet that many over-zealous state religious dept. will follow up by banning Muslims from this yoga exercise. First, it's a guide, then it's the law.

    The decision was widely publicised overseas, not that other countries care but it a signal of a more fundamental shift of the Malaysian Islamic relgious authority. That is the aspect that worries non-Muslim Malaysians, not that they have anything to care for a guide concerning only Muslims.

    Today, you ban yoga, what is next tomorrow?


  107. Anonymous10:42 am


    Fatwa is just a school of thought.. by end of the day, its up to us to decide.. if we can get a strong argument from Quran or Sunnah saying practising yoga for health is not sinful.. so, proceed...

    as for Hindu community.. this issue has nothing to do wit u... thus it's more appropriate for u to distance urself fr the issue n stop making any statement.. u may continue wit ur meditation..


  108. Bro,

    Whatever u said even though is a fair comment but still alot of stupid commentators in your blog who does not understand a simple statement.

    1. this fatwa is for muslim. Sister in Islam who disbelieve the Hadis is a muslim?

    2. Muslim can practice yoga exercise but not its internal objective and preaching it mantra.

    That's it man. The Hindus is suck and always want to built the tample scattered in the illegal land.

  109. Anonymous10:43 am


    Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan patut kaji tentang parti politik terutama UMNO. UMNO sebuah parti yang mengamalkan banyak perkarayang bertentagan dengan ajaran agama Islam:
    1. Pembohongan
    2. Rasuah
    3. Penipuan
    4. Pergaulan bebas
    5. Riak
    6. Salahguna kuasa
    7. Halal yang haram

    Beranikah Majlis fatwa Kebangsaan buat teguran ke atas UMNO?

    Pro Islam

  110. Dear Rocky,
    I am rather startled by the issue you have raised concerning the practice of Yoga among Muslims. Please note that the Fatwa Council has done their part by issuing an edict to be observed by the Muslims. We should have no qualms about that. Yoga is essentially a non-Islamic practice and it is timely that the Fatwa Council takes notice of that to guide the Muslims at large on what is permissible and what is not. It is no concern to the non-Muslims as they are not affected or prevented to perpetuate it by such ruling. It is like saying "haram" to imbibing liquors or consuming pork. The non-Muslims should not be slighted in any way by edicts that affect the exclusively the Muslims ONLY.

  111. Anonymous10:49 am

    If Yoga is banned by Fatwa Council, what abour Ramli Ibrahim, the dancer, who liteally worships and prays to the hindu gooddess before the performance starts , are theygoing to ban him too and his students ... Fatwa Coucil should should go and fuck themselve... this are the same ppl who will four wives .... and that is not wrong ... disgrace to Islam

  112. Anonymous10:55 am

    Come on baby...let's do the twist.. come on baby... let's do the twist.. twist it like Rocky.. oh yeah.. twist it til kingdom comes..

  113. Anonymous10:55 am

    i DO NOT beleive in the hindu sangams case. However, I do believe that various laws and ideologies are being concocted to show whos boss. And in the end, the people suffer.

    i concur that muslims in the quran are not allowed to consume alcohol.But in our country, you get PROSECUTED. thats taking away from he sovereignty of the individual. human rights so to speak. now they declare fatwa on yoga practises. here, rocky, u failed to take in to account that they are about to leave it to the state authorities to enforce the ban. ENFORCEMENT. what does that mean? raiding yoga centres? raiding halls. private homes?where does this STOP? prosecution? jail time? issuing killing orders?


    -concerned RAKYAT-

  114. Anonymous10:55 am

    why actualy some other religion group questioning our fatwas? if you want to question it be a muslim.

    as a muslim i can decide if i want to follow the fatwas. even its up to me to follow the sunah or hadith. freedom to choose. dosa sendiri tangung.


  115. Anonymous11:00 am

    We are treading on dangerous ground you say. Indeed so. The issue is a failure of government. The government of the day for some strange reason (beholden to 'reforms'?)has not been able to say very plainly that the Hindu Sangam's statements are a clear transgression of the rights of another community to order its own religous life. This to me amounts to sedition. How much more bigoted can the Hindu Sangam get?

    The Fatwa council's directive I thought was respectful in using the word ' ancient' I also think there are some basis for it's concerns becasue yoga is part of the Hindu religous practice traditionally and in these types of things words are invested with so much meaning and there are subtle but vast differences between types of meditation within the Hindu/Buddhist communty itself and I belive few can unentangle all this and practice it with scientific neutrality.

    These concerns will be amplified when yoga is practiced by charlatans/bigots of the Hindu Sangam type, who have no business calling themselves guardians of their or any faith when their first order of business is to injure, thanks to a bungling govt!

    Turbulent, threatening times indeed!


  116. I think this issue was engineered to crack Malaysia and divide the country.

    Please do not react.

    This, too, shall pass.

    And man, if I'm the only rational person on this, we are in deep trouble.

  117. Anonymous11:01 am

    Peace to all,

    The Fatwa Council has specifically said that the ruling concerns only Muslims. So non-Muslims are not affected in any way hence should not have felt offended. Perhaps the confusion here is in the understanding of the word 'haram'. The word simply means 'unlawful', or 'not permissible', and strictly from the context of shariah (Islamic law). However, due to the often harsh tone the word is often pronounced, some people may think the word carries a more sinister meaning, which is wrong!

    Another point, the fatwa council chairman claims that Singapore and Egypt had also banned yoga. Wasn't successful in finding any info on that from google. Anybody has any reference?

    Also, had a conversation with a Muslim friend from India. He claims that Muslims in India do practice yoga. Hence my personal reaction to the fatwa, please do more research and make the fatwa more specific by deliberating on the specific do's and don'ts of yoga.


  118. Anonymous11:06 am

    Where the fuck is Harris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz, Zaid Ibrahim, Sister in Islam and all those fucking stupid idiot Muslims calling themselves the Article 11 group and progressive Muslims!!!!?????

    Read the bolded ones below babi-babi munafik!!!!

    Article 11

    (1) Every person has the right to profess and practice his religion and, subject to Clause (4), to propagate it.

    (2) No person shall be compelled to pay any tax the proceeds of which are specially allocated in whole or in part for the purposes of a religion other than his own.

    (3) Every religious group has the right -

    (a) to manage its own religious affairs;

    (b) to establish and maintain institutions for religious or charitable purposes;

    (c) to acquire and own property and hold and administer it in accordance with law.

    (4) State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Lubuan, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.

    (5) This Article does not authorize any act contrary to any general law relating to public order, public health or morality.


    Rocky, fire them. There are hipocrits and not worthy to serve you, even for free!

  119. What the Hindu Sanggam meant was, the Majlis Fatwa should have consulted their own newly appointed Chief Mufti, Datuk Sri Anwarisma Ib Ram..first..

    ..hehehe jangen mareh..

  120. Nampaknya Persatuan Hindu Sangam lebih hebat dalam hukum2 agama islam dari Majlis Fatwa.

    Kawasan rumah aku boleh mintak HIndu Sangam anjurkan kelas fardhu ain utk anak aku belajar sembahyang, puasa, dan lain2.

    Kena mintak persetujuan paderi kristian dan sami buddha dulu tak?

  121. Rocky, seemed that you have turned very much didactic. What is wrong with having a bit more conversation between religions? You use to encourage that and now meekly follows the crowd.

    Too bad the Muslims are not happy that the Hindu Sangam said something about their religion. And Hindu Sangam are not happy that the Muslims said something about their practice. If only people would talk and engage.

  122. Anonymous11:19 am

    saya dengar Fatwa Council ade plan nak ban Transformers sebab ia menyebabkan budak budak ( dan setengah golong orang berumur) berangan menjadik kereta, mesin gan dan sebagainyer.

    nampak nyer saya kena buang optimus prime G1 saya. haih.

  123. Salam Bro...

    Siapa kita untuk mempertikaikan hukum dalam Islam. Biarlah mereka yang berilmu dan dilantik sahaja berbincang mengenainya. Islam bukan boleh dipelajari melalui buku semata-mata. Kita memerlukan guru yang benar-benar mendalami ilmu Islam. Rujuklah kepada ahli ulamak.

    Islam tidak pernah berubah mengikut peredaran zaman. Al-quran adalah panduan umat islam sehingga mati. Jika ilmu kurang di dada, janganlah kita berbicara tentang hukum hakam Islam. Takut terpesong akidah kita. Wallahualam...

  124. I totally agree Rocky Bru.
    We are on really dangerous grounds. What SIS did is no help at all. The fatwa only affects muslims. If there is not fatwa on yoga, muslims WILL eventually commit syirik which is a big sin in Islam.

    I agree though that the choice of words by the council could be more sensitive.

    It shouldn't be on front-page of newspapers.

    But this is already destined and foretold in our Hadeeth. Muslims will deviate from religion.

    yes SIS, you are one of them.

  125. Tidak pelik seorang kafir mencampuri urusan agama islam.....tak perlulah mengambil kira pendapat mereka...sesungguhnya mereka ternyata ahli neraka dan kafir selama-lamanya.

  126. Any religion should not be questioning other's religion matters.They have their own right and no other religion should intervene or question the matter, because it only makes things worst. We need to respect each others religion, because what matters is what you believed.

  127. Anonymous11:41 am

    Rocky, thanks for bringing this matter out in the open. Nampak banyak yg menuduh awak sebagai penyokong UMNO bila menegakkan Islam (ie. nstman). Ada pula yg menyamakan Islam dengan amalan orang2 Arab (i.e. monsterball). Saya rasa mereka2 ini jahil dan semoga Allah buka hati mereka. Apapun, saya doakan Allah membalas jasa awak dalam menegakkan ajarannya.

  128. As a non muslim, I would like to ask Hindu Sangam to stay out issues related to muslim in general. Whatever fatwas being issued, it only concerns the muslim. By poking your nose into this issue, you are giving the non muslim a bad reputation. Go and settle issues concerning the Hindus and the Hindraf. This is an area better left alone for muslim themselves to be concerned of.

    Having said that, I need to get back to my work.

  129. After reading your blog post I was outraged by what the HS has said .. until I read the article itself. I was again shocked by your spin.

    You quoted : " it was regrettable that the Council had not consulted with the Malaysia Hindu Sangam first" thus implying that the HS is saying that the Fatwa Council needs to consult HS before making a fatwa. This will rightly infuriate the Muslims.

    However the complete quote was: " it was regrettable that the Council had not consulted with the Malaysia Hindu Sangam first so that the religious and non-religious aspects of yoga could have been explained .Seems like a rational idea to me.

    HS has long recognized that there are 2 aspect to yoga, religious and non-religious and only wanted to explain the difference so that the council can make a more educated decision. Is it a bad idea to consult those who knows about the topic before rashly "banning" yoga ?

    I agree that the Fatwa council has every right to issue whatever fatwa it wants without consultation from anyone, I only question if they had all the facts when they did so. They are after all, only human.

    The HS raised a valid point when they say this might drive a wedge between muslims and non-muslims who were practicing yoga together. What next, Muslims cannot wish kafirs Happy Deepavali, Merry Christmas or Happy Chinese New Year or eat from plates that kafirs have eaten from ?

    But Malaysian unity was not the point of this article wasn't it ? Quite contrary as a matter of fact.

    (p.s: I am not critisizing the Fatwa council, what they did was their call. I am critisizing this article which made a simple difference of opinion into something that can cause racial unrest by misrepresenting the facts)

  130. Rocky,

    Hindu Sangam has nothing better to do.

    They can't even command respect from majority Hindus, if one looks at the number of temples that registered with them which is somewhere like 30% only.

    Hindu Sangam should focus on stamping out deviant practises by Hindus in this country.

    For those who are not aware, there are many Hindus who has this cow herd mentality and simply believe in various deviant practises that is anyhthing but Hinduism. A good example is that they offer prayers to a living person.

    There are also various cult like followings among Hindus which has gone unconrolled for many decades.

    In fact, in respect to Hindraf's contention of lack of religious freedom, I did write that Malaysia is the freest country for Hindus, apart from India, to practise whatever they want.

    You can do almost anything in the name of Hinduism except for maybe murder someone in the guise of sacrifice. There are no written rules whatsoever in Hinduism. Selfish Hindus use name of some gurus in India to practise whatever they want.

    Hindu Sangam should look at this rather than reacting to the word 'Haram' used in the fatwa on Yoga. I have heard Hindus say even worse things on other religions/beliefs.

  131. Anonymous11:59 am

    Kebanyakan kafir tak faham Islam dan hendak memberi komen tentang Islam itu masalahnya. Saya setuju jika Yoga itu haram JIKA ia mempunyai unsur yang memesongkan akidah dan itulah juga yang di beritahu oleh Fatwa. Lagipun, orang kita, nak buat Yoga rajin untuk ketenangan rajin pula, padahal solat/zikir pun boleh beri faedah yang sama. Melainkan yang melaksanakan Yoga itu sememangnya tak solat! Heh, hanya tekaan sahaja.


  132. Anonymous12:00 pm

    n historical time, Muslims did consciously borrow from yoga and acknowledged the source. The traveling scholar Abu Rayhan al-Biruni (11th century) translated the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali into Arabic. Shah Muhammad Ghaus of Gwalior (16th century), a leader of the Shattârîyah order of Sufis, incorporated yoga practices into his teaching, based on the yogic text AmrtakuNDa. Yoga even reached as far as North Africa, where al-Sanusi (19th century) wrote of the yoga âsanas (jalsah); he referred to yoga in Arabic as "al-Jûjîyah".


  133. Anonymous12:03 pm

    1st of all I agree with Rocky.. Wtf Hindu Sangam wanna jump like kera kena belacan.. Fatwa or any other religious councils can claim whatever they want.. After all this is Msia..

    For instance, Buddhist NGO can claim that Buddhist faithfuls must not step into the church as they will dirty the place of God. Does this warrant for an outburst from the Christians then?

    2ndly, Fatwa Council already brought this issue up like 1 mth ago.. Wtf Hindu Sangam is now claiming that they were not consulted? If not consulted, then you guys can do the consultation then on your own device..

    3rdly, Fatwa council can fatwa anything they like. It is just a tool by the UMNO goons to distract the real issue..

  134. Anonymous12:05 pm

    As usual Malaysian like to overreact,may be Hindu Sangam can comments oh our Hari Raya Korban,where all the sacred lembus and kerbaus and kambings will be slaughtered,Not far next month only it is for hari Raya Haji,so got nothing to do for Hindu's at all.Wait a minute,you can't slaughter a lembu coz it is sensitive for the Hindus in Malaysia,any comment Mr Hindu Sangam?Peace be upon Ismael and Ibrahim for this historic incident that we muslim all over the world do it as mockery of the father Ibrahim.No mantras is used for slaughterings.Bring it to parliament if you like to debate it!!!

  135. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Fatwa against Sufis and Shiites is next. If they don`t then Fatwa council is hypocrites.

  136. Anonymous12:06 pm

    As long as this edict applies to Muslims, then Hindu Sangam or any other non-Muslim body should just shut up.

    If in the future they want to announce an edict saying that Muslims owning a Chevrolet is haram cause the logo is a cross, or anything as ridiculous as that (which i'm sure is just a matter of time),any non-Muslim body should just shut up and watch the comedy show.

    The Game

  137. Anonymous12:11 pm

    To mother of all fatwa,

    ]Anonymous mother of all fatwa said...

    Yoga haram so what is next to be haram? Fatwa Council should also consider to list Airoplane as haram. Why? Read on....

    my comment,

    You are exagerating like a standard two kid,better get yourself masturbate your mind with Yoga lah,what has aeroplane got to do with muslim,we even slaughter a cow which is sacred to hindu as a mother god,wait am i confuse here?haiya ini blog best lah ...can speak our mind..agreed?

  138. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Kepada yang komen tentang "we Hindu here first, and remember Parameswara"... remember that Parameswara is a Malay Hindu from Sumatera that convert to Islam, so when will Hindu in Malaysia going to convert to Islam?

    - Ask

  139. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Ali Rustam make Shah Rukh Khan Datuk Deepavali, Shah Rukh prays to hindu idols.
    Is Ali Rustam munafiq? Why is Ali Rustam spreading false islamic teaching in malaysia. Will Fatwa Council take action on Ali Rustam?

    Why muslims must wish hindus on Deepavali. That is also false teaching.
    Fatwa Council is spread false islamic teaching.


  140. Anonymous12:15 pm


    Lembut sangat, itu pasal sebahagian penganut agama lain mengada-ngada.
    Beri Betis nak peha.

    Hey Other-religous!!! I'm warning u don't interfere with Islam. Mind ur Own-Business.

    For u it's ur religion
    For us it's our religion.

    And i want to add more.

    For u it's ur land.
    For us it's our land.

    Dear my Muslim Friends. What u want to compromise more.. to much tolerance.. we are though to defend Islam, our Islam property, Islam Land, our family when kafir LAKNATULLAH threaten us.

    Never compromise when it come to defend Islam. We cannot tolerate more with who want to take a chance with these DAP manace that keep mumbling.

    Islam never recognize Islam moderate or Islam Liberalisme.

    We will defend until our last blood.

  141. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Hey guys,

    Don't react on this.Yoga is not going to lose anything out of FATWA'S statement.Yoga already survive for thousands of years.It is the poor human who's going to lose as they fail to make use of the most precious thing from GOD.

  142. Anonymous12:18 pm

    When the Council on American-Islamic Relations held its 14th Annual Banquet at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel tonight, it was planning to raise funds and honor some of its supporters, but instead several top officials of the Muslim lobby group were served with subpoenas for various civil and criminal offenses.

    CAIR Sued by Former Clients for Racketeering,

    Fraud, & Breach of Fiduciary Duties

  143. Anonymous12:19 pm

    I believe in the spirit of 'you to your religion and me to my religion'. you can do whatever you want as long as it doesnt enroach on my life.there are two reasons why non muslims (hindu sangam included) are voicing their concern.

    1. with this fatwa and subsequent state gazzetements, religious police will start doing raids on yoga centres thus disturbing non muslim practioners, non muslim yoga centre operaters, and thus pissing most of the non muslims. we can already see this in the form of jakim raiding night clubs, closing the dance floor for hours to catch the muslims. i really dont care if the officers are gonna wait outside the exit and catch the muslims, but when they start to stop the dance floor, it encroaches on my life and that pisses me.
    you get the idea bro? if it disturbs our lives, we have the right and responsibility to voice our concern.

    2. secondly, while most of us have no problem with the fatwa, one particular sentence could be better worded. the sentence 'hinduism's elements in yoga corrupts the practioners' by Dr Abdul Shukor Husin was the only thing i have a problem with. he should have said muslims or be more specific as we a re dealing with another religion here. his intended meaning though refering to muslims can be also understood as whomever practising yoga will be corrupted.

    so, to my muslim friends, i think its clear that we dnt mind what you do as long as it doesnt enroach on our lives and secondly don't make comments on other religions. keep fatwas simple like 'muslims are not allowed to.... because they might deviate from true teaching of islam'. and don't ever mention other religions. everyone will be happy then. peace


  144. Rakyat Malaysia,

    Allah is Great, The Almighty, the Knows All. Dari Allah kita datang kepada Allah kita kembali.

    Janganlah kita berbalah sesama kita. Kalau kita menghadapi masalah eloklah kita merujuk balik kepada Al-Quran.

  145. I can only laugh. A big HAHAHAHA. Why yoga alone? Hey people, there are still a lot of Hinduism in the everyday life of the Muslim Malays in Malaysia. Still being practised and sometimes overly exaggerated. I could name several of these things but some people may say..ohh that's the adat we inheritted from our forefathers. My ass. First of the things is dowry or hantaran kahwin. Isn't it from Hindu culture? As far as I know there's no need of hantaran in Islamic wedding. The one that you need is Mas Kahwin. And this hantaran has always been exaggerated. Some keluarga perempuan would ask for thousands of ringgit. Five thousand bolehlah but more that RM10k? Then the naik pelamin thingy..another example of Hindu culture being practised by the Muslim Malays. renjis pengantin and so on. Lots of money have to be spent on the pelamin. Hey, kalau renda kain pelamin kerusi dan sebagainya terus jadi milik pengantin takper jugak. Ni sewa. Is it not enough with doing the akad nikah only.
    Why not haramkan this kind of wedding?
    Another disgraceful thing in Muslim Malays life is Bomoh. Come one..dah terang-terang syirik depa tak haram pulak. Many have fall victim to fake bomoh. Many women have been raped by the bomoh. Even orang besar can be duped into believing the bomoh...remember mona fendey and the yb case. Why not haramkan the bomoh and say those seeking treatment from the bomoh will go to hell.

    I am also confuse on why was the Hindu Sanggam disturbed with fatwa. All non-muslims can continue to do yoga, no problem at all.

    And the fatwa on pengkid/lesbian. Why did the non-muslim NGOs demonstrate against it. Stupid NGOs. Where did you keep your brain, in your clit? The fatwa is just for the Muslims so let the Muslim lesbians/pengkid do the demo. You nak sibuk buat apa. You can continue doing what you want with your partner(s) as long she is not a Muslim. PLEASE LAH stupid NGOs. Just because you want to have publicity in the newspaper you do something stupid like that. Use brain lah wei. Why touch matters concerning the Muslims/religions. There are very extreme Muslims in this country. I don't want because of you those extremist come and bomb my house.
    Look before you leap non-Muslim NGOs. Don't follow blindly what the westerners are doing. Westerners are also stupid you know.

  146. Anonymous12:27 pm

    YOGA haram for the muslim, why u should worry, so dont used your stupid head.

  147. Talking about `aqidah'.With such strict moral guardians around like those in the fatwa council,why the majority of those who are involved in undesirable activities like mat rempit,bohsias,drug addicts,lepak etc are muslim malays?What happened to the aqidah?
    If one goes to JB,many of the pubs there have got malay girls working,some of them are as young as 16 years old,why?I once met a malay girl on her first day as a waitress in a pub,this girl looked lost and confused,I spoke to her and told her that this is not a decent place to work and the money earned is also haram,I told her that the bosses use them to lure customers and eventually you she has to take alcohol drinks to earn commissions.I managed to talk her out of that job.Now I am not a muslim I am a hindu by birth ,I just wanted to help her before its too late for her, as a human being who saw that another human being needed some help.My question is why couldn't these moral guardians help these youths who are straying away in large numbers,why couldn't these youths take advantage of the special privileges granted to them and improve themselves?I am sure yoga would have helped many muslims to ease their stress level and put them in a healthier path,now with this ban,many may stray.Sorry to say this but in my experience,most muslims who seem to talk about the glory of islam turn out to be real hypocrites whereas those muslims who takes a softer tone, turn out to be really kind,compassionate and hold on to their faith and follow its teachings too.

    Rocky,sad to say that you have taken the HS's statement out of context and your posting here has not helped further.I think you bloggers have to learn to be responsible and dont sensationalise issues just to gain traffic and popularity.This is poor journalism at its best.I respect the decision of the fatwa council as do HS,as it has got nothing to do with the hindus,HS was upset only with the words used and not their decision.I urge you to be sensitive to others when you raise such issues again.

  148. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Treading dangerous ground??!! Nah! Like that la... Fatwa from Muslim council can say whatever they like about anything under the sun including bad mouthing other religion indirectly! Nah! like that la.. stir the honnet nest...

    Number 1, True, this fatwa thingy is for muslim only but the fact that it is made haram by a religious body, people can chose to look at it as hinduism is evil and therefore it is forbidden by another religion. This of course is from an ultra fanatic point of view la. The not so fanatic point of view is that if yoga is so bad for 1 religion, than it must be bad for another??!!

    Number 2, I am not sure if the muslim religious department did check with Malaysia Hindu Sangam about this Yoga Yoggie thingy but if they didn't and start this nonsense about "it will corrode, errode, decay one's faith" than I think it is indirectly telling all sundries that YOGA can turn you into Lucifer worshipper which again, if one is sensitive to another's religion, ONE WOULDNT GO AROUND DOING THINGS LIKE THIS!! See! this is another case of mutual respect la!

    Number 3, If the muslim religious department did take the time to go visit or attend yoga classes around, they will realise that there is no chanting or hinduism religion element in such exercise la. Don't be mad la! OK LA!!! maybe the music a bit indian la but if this is classsified as hinduism element, than I got nothing to say!! This is total madness lor! So, if the muslim religious department pass on a fatwa or decree or guideline without first making effort to understand the whole mumbo jumbo.. WHAT IS THAT? SHALLOW!?

    Number 4, The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard besides our Ministers giving idiotic statements is this.. IT WILL CORRODE ONE'S FAITH/BELIEF!!! How weak is that? How moronic is that? For the love of god, if got no respect for your fellow human beings, also have some respect for the ALMIGHTY la!!

    So, to sum it all up.. of course, Malaysia Hindu Sangam will be pissed! The fatwa is INDIRECTLY telling all that YOGA is evil (yes, I am saying it again!) Of course, it is nonsensical if Muslim Religious department pass a fatwa without first making effort to study and understand this whole Yoga thingy! Like blind and dumb like that!!

  149. Sdr Rocky,

    I do agree that hindu sangam has no right to interfere with any muslim rulings but i believe it was done in context that the muslim authority i.e Majlis Fatwa is talking about other belief and religion.

    If the Majlis Fatwa came with a more 'hikmah' approach rather than direct explanation that involved hindu practice, things might be at eased but action has been done so now it is up to the respectives party involved to solve it in a more amiccable way.

    IMHO, the Majlis Fatwa should have acted years ago on YOGA if they find it not suitable for Malay Muslim not now after YOGA has become cultured and part of Malaysian way of life.

    The general perception of YOGA is healthy way of life and i hope Majlis Fatwa could come with a better perception to educate Muslim about what YOGA could do wrong to us; not only give ruling and make us (read: muslim) follow.

    It is time for all party to play a more proactive role and give a more sensible approach to all the issues involved.

  150. Anonymous12:36 pm

    What we do not understand, we must be willing to say that we do not know and welcome the wisdom of experts.
    If the Fatwa council has taken necessary steps to get information and guidance on the issue from the experts and there from make the Fatwa. The Fatwa should be accepted as it is.
    Only if the Fatwa is being done by 20 people having tea and they call it a meeting and discuss this issue based on their knowledge alone. The Fatwa should be allowed to be questioned.
    As this issue is an issue of religion I find hard to digest why other religions should feel any hurt.
    It is the Muslims who are practising Yoga should come forward and object in a proper quorum about this Fatwa presenting their point of view.
    16 years ago M. Nasir entered and sang at The Al Malik Faisal hall IIU. He sang for free using a guitar. The whole UIA before and after he came was in havoc. The story goes that IIU has allowed a rock artist to enter its campus and clearly not Islamic.
    Today IIU has its own band and do promotes music. I have since heard M Nasir has been invited again to attend a function in UIA.
    Did Islam change after 14 years.
    I sure hope not.
    But certainly the understanding of Islam has changed.
    This is what the challenge that the Fatwa council is facing. Understanding. Understand before ruling.

  151. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Himanshu Bhatt, The Sun

    GEORGE TOWN: Muslim intellectuals from around South-east Asia have expressed reservations and regret on the Fatwa Council of Malaysia decision declaring yoga as haram.
    Members of leading Islamic think-tanks and research groups who have converged in Penang said that the decision seems to have infringed on the freedom of Muslim citizens while being based on a narrow viewpoint of yoga.

    Liberal Islam Network chairman Luthfi Assyaukanie of Indonesia described the fatwa as “a part of the conservative belief system that we are trying to deal with in the region”.

    “Yoga is practised for physical health, not necessarily for religion,” he said when commenting on the National Fatwa Council’s announcement on Saturday of its decision to prohibit Muslims from practising yoga, citing that it is rooted in Hindu elements.

    “But the clerics have tried to compress the understanding of yoga to a single perspective. When you live in a plural society you must respect the existence of various disciplines. If you believe in freedom, let them practise their freedom,” he said.

    Malaysian Institute for Policy Research executive director Khalid Jaafar questioned the process in which the fatwa was decided, asking whether experts on yoga or Muslims who practised the exercise were consulted.

    “To my knowledge there is no preaching of Hindu faith being done. There are no mantras or rituals that are invoked in the practice.”

    “The yoga that they practise deal with things like exercises, internal muscles, breathing and control of mind,” he said, adding that the council should allow discourse and discussion on such a matter before making a decision.

    Mindanao-based Amina Rasul, a convenor for the Philippines Council for Islam and Democracy, said although Muslims in south Philippines are not used to yoga, they would find such a ruling peculiar.

    “To people in Philippines, yoga is about the practice of good health and clearness of thinking. It is hardly equated with religion.”

    Jakarta-based Maarif Institute executive director Raja Juli Antoni said one should not generalise what the discipline is about.

    He characterised the fatwa as not healthy in contributing to Islamic intellectual practice in the region.

    The members were in Penang over the weekend to attend a workshop organised by the Southeast Asian Muslims for Freedom and Enlightenment.

  152. Anonymous12:42 pm

    NST Editorial

    WHAT is called "yoga" in fitness centres and gymnasiums has about as much relation to Hindu devotional practices as taking a deep breath and counting to 10 has to transcendental meditation. This would have been obvious to the National Fatwa Council had it matched its presumably exhaustive research into the religious antecedents of yoga with a visit to any session of the practice now forbidden to Malaysian Muslims. They would have found no chanting of mantras, no liturgies or sacerdotal offerings -- merely people engaged in physical exercise. The term "yoga" in this context is scarcely more laden than "Pilates", "aerobics" or "jumping jacks". Still, the council has seen fit to solemnly proscribe it for Muslims, for fear of it eroding their faith.
    To be fair, were the Fatwa Council to have no more than an advisory role, it is highly doubtful that anyone would heed its rulings on matters such as this and the similar proscription now levelled against women not dressing as the council maintains women should dress. But the council seems clearly to presume that Muslims themselves can't be expected to know what being Muslim means, and is consequently concerned with protecting them from themselves. Hence, the council's edicts are accompanied by equally stern warnings against their decisions being questioned by any quarter: the opinions of non-Muslims are irrelevant for obvious reasons, and the criticisms of Muslims are also irrelevant because the council holds that, by definition, those who question these decisions are afflicted with a flawed understanding of their own religion. The council cannot lose, and its critics cannot win.

    Therefore, let us here set aside any questioning of these latest fatwa, and consider instead their effect. They drive a wedge deeper between this country's Muslims and non-Muslims, at a time when racial and religious polarisation are worse than they've been in three generations. They undermine, perhaps fatally, the more inclusive and universal tenets of the "civilisational" Islam Hadhari advocated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the rationalism alluded to by Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah in his address to last weekend's international conference on Islamic studies, as well as efforts to present ourselves as "an exemplar of a modern, progressive and moderate Muslim country" in a world where civilisations are clashing to ever deadlier effect. Most gravely of all, they emphasise again that the National Fatwa Council enjoys the legal standing to declare that its decisions can never be questioned, presuming they hold all the authority of divine scripture.

  153. First the Muslims should go after and stop the Muslims who question the Fatwa.

    Only then can we stop the Non Muslims who question the Fatwa.

    Its normal to first get your house in order before we can others peoples houses in order !!

    Go after Muslims who question the Fatwa....

  154. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Dear POWER OVER ALL 10.36 am.

    Thank you for highlighting the fact that I am among the few who do not understand religion or fatwa.

    Yes, I must admit that I do not understand what these are because it is interpretted in various forms. Every religion has their own interpretation even by their own ulamas. A completely different interpretation will follow if it is interpretted by different mother tongues.

    The holding of the keris is a gallant gesture to some but it can mean something else to others.

    One man's meat may be another's poison.

    Your beliefs may not be universal, neither does mine.

    So, how do you draw the line over this?


  155. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Haram is HARAM! PAHAM!

  156. Anonymous12:58 pm

    yeah... think its another point to divide our malaysian communities rather than integrating and to learn from each other for better.


  157. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Bro BRU...

    He he he he..what is the fatwa in Malaysian contact..

    How many fatwa have been implemented in Malaysia in the past 10 years,

    How many people have been arrested b'cause not following the fatwa?

    Why a lot people should against fatwa??..because they do not know? or they are stupid...

    Even there are more stupid like "Mother of all fatwa said" and a non muslim (Do not offended b'cause you are not muslim and U do not have right to comment about muslim like our muslim have no right to comment about yours relogious)full stop.


  158. Dear Rocky,

    The Hindu Sangam's statement in full is here:

    The quote you found objectionable actually reads in full: "It is regretted that the National Fatwa Council did not consult with the Malaysia Hindu Sangam first so that the religious and non religious aspects of “Yoga” could have been explained to them."

    The main thrust of the Hindu Sangam statement was asking the Fatwa Council to behave in a manner consistent with national unity in their choice of words.

    If the entire statement is read in context, I think it falls within the boundaries of fair comment on a matter of very great public interest.

    K. Shanmuga
    * Note: although I am a Hindu Sangam member and a legal adviser to them, my posting here consists entirely of my personal views.

  159. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Saudara Brew,
    Adie Punde’ (am told this would get your attention).
    Does the name Raj Kapoor ring a bell? If not, does that 1960s (then not known) Bollywood blockbuster Sangam bring back memories…?
    If I may, I think it was RKs first colour film and is still an all time classic to this date.
    You know when driving on the A406 bound west, one would reach North Acton, Ealing, Hanwell and finally our very own “little India” – Southall.
    Then make your way on the A40, and for Northolt, South Ruslip and Grenford, later the A4 for Hounslow, Heathrow, Harrow and Ruislip. There are very large communities of Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistan, Bangladesh descent residing here.
    So if there is an fatwa or edict, should you not be educating and enlightening the minnows here of what they may not know.
    Instead your posting with MH Sangam’s views would seem that you would rather open the floodgates for incitement, and trigger a possible explosive (pardon the pun what with all sorts of heavenly denials in recent days) racial episode.
    Your rival portal had this posting;
    “The National Fatwa Council, the country's top Islamic body, today ruled against Muslims practising yoga, saying it has elements of other religions that could corrupt Muslims as it includes Hindu spiritual elements of chanting and worship.
    Though the council's decisions are NOT LEGALLY BINDING on Malaysia's Muslim population…”
    If its not legally binding, then what’s this hullabaloo about.
    Then, we are enlightened about the famed “turkey fiasco” which turned out to be a financial windfall for importers and distributors, where it was deemed haram to consume that famed feathered creature.
    What then did non Muslims have to pay exorbitant prices from imported “halal birds”.
    A precedent has been set where fatwas’ does have an impact on non-Muslims.
    Shouldn’t you be instead enlightening whether it really is non binding or otherwise, and that comments from non-Muslims are welcomed.
    There are numerous issues affecting the general Malaysian population, but isn’t this a tacit diversionary tactic of placing blinkers to shield society from the coming Umno elections, the economy, the political infighting, Mahathirism and his take on so-called money politics.
    And we have profound intellects like you who contribute to such distortions and diversions.
    It has been said the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    * Dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar naa raha,
    Zindagi hamein tera, aitbaar na raha, aitbaar na raha

    Amaanatein main pyaar ki, gaya tha jisko saunp kar
    Woh mere dost tum hi the, tumhi to the
    Jo zindagi ki raah me bane the mere hamsafar
    Woh mere dost tum hi the, tumhi to the
    Saare bhed khul gaye, raazdaar na raha
    Zindagi hamein tera, aitbaar na raha, aitbaar na raha
    Dost dost na raha...

    Safar ke waqt mein palak pe motiyo ko taulti
    Woh tum na thi to kaun tha tumhi to thi
    Nashe ki raat dhhal gayi ab khumaar na raha
    Zindagi hamein tera, aitbaar na raha, aitbaar na raha
    Dost dost na raha...* (Lyrics from the Sangam hit title track)

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  160. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Yoga kepunyaan org Hindu, jangan cuba curi Yoga jugak sekarang.

    Dah la

    Yong Tau Foo dah curi
    Chee Chong Fun dah curi
    Nasi Ayam dah curi
    Soya Bean dah curi
    Papadam dah curi
    Kain Sari dah curi
    Baju Melayu Dah Curi
    Perkataan Inggeris pun dah curi
    Agama org Arab pun curi
    pakaian org Arab pun curi

    Bangsa yang satu pun tak original !!! Tak Malu ke ?

  161. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Again the selective publishing of news and spin on opinions. You, my dear sir, have been turned.

    Everyone has a price. What was yours?


  162. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Hello Rocky,

    'The edict applies to Muslims only and whether or not many Hindus or Christians or atheists have been disturbed by the edict should not arise.'

    You're being unfair to include Christians & Atheists in the above line, please remember it was the Hindu Sangam that made the statement in the first place and do not equate Hindu Sangam to Hindus in general and please for the sake of heaven stop blaming the Christians and people of other faiths than Islam for everything that goes wrong.
    Frankly, I'm a Christian, I don't give two hoots about your fatwas and what nots and will be more than happy if you can just leave us (non-Muslims) alone.


  163. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Muslims, by referring to the normal practices of others via phrases like "Corrupt" and referring to non-muslims as "kafirs" - how do you think others feel?

    How would Muslims feel if non-muslims refer to your practices of kneeling, fasting and then stufing your faces (this practice is surely damaging to one's health!), etc as "demeaning" and "corrupting", or "misguided", or referring to Muslims as The Backward Ones etc...Now that the shoe's on the other foot...think about it.

    - Sword O Might

  164. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Is there a way of advising all those Malaysians of all religions from stepping into all those 4 ekor shops all over the country and spending hard earned money (meant for buying milk and food for the family) instead of on all those numbers possible to come out for winning peanuts mostly?
    Fat Man.

  165. Anonymous1:34 pm

    More than 1,300 years after the Muslim conquest swept through Egypt, one of the country's highest religious authorities has declared that its ancient sculptures are forbidden by Islam.

    In his fatwa - or religious ruling - issued earlier this month, Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa quoted a saying of the prophet Muhammad that sculptors will be among those receiving the harshest punishment on Judgment Day.

    Fatwa Council guided by Egyptian fatwas should ban all statues in m`sia starting with the National Monument.

  166. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Can't anybody here see the politics behind this????????? It's so obvious!!!!!!!!!

    The Hindu Sangam president DATUK A. Vaithilingam said: “Many Hindus have been deeply disturbed by the Fatwa Council’s announcement,”

    Many Hindus?
    How many?
    Just those in Hindu Sangam & MIC?????

    Does the Hindu Sangam really represent the voice of Hindus in Malaysia?


    It's just another political grouping masquerading as a religious organisation. Very few Hindus are its members anyway.

    No my Muslim friends, Malayisan Hindus are not "deeply disturbed" by the fatwa. Don't believe me? Ask your close personal hindu friends.

    As far as Malaysian Hindus are concerned, this is purely a Muslim affair, to be worked out by Muslims themselves. We are not at all "deeply disturbed" by the fatwa. Of course, we do not see the rationale behind the fatwa as yoga can be performed purely as an exercise. But if that is a ruling for Muslims then it is none of anybody else's concern.

    The Malaysian Hindu Sangam is a useless organisation. Do not listem to them. What is their stand on unlawful arrests of the Hindraf 5 without venue for proper trial in open court if they are indeed criminals? THAT is "deeply disturbing to Malaysian Hindus!

    Nickname: Yoga Bear

  167. Anonymous2:10 pm

    What is the big issue about? Didnt you all know that smoking, drinking alcohol and showing aurat is also haram! but it did'nt stop most muslims continue doing so... dont be a hypocrite and criticise those imams for doing their jobs. Its thier job to give reminders to those who want to listen. For those who couldnt care less or dont want to follow is your right to do so... i for once support the clerics. Do not criticise other peoples religion! by overreacting in such a way makes me as a practising muslim feel that you are putting unecessary pressure to secularize the islam as i know it. islam has a lot of teachings which contradicts with other religion's teaching as well as the western secular way of life. please do not comment on other people's religious affairs! this issue got me thinking, if this was to happen during the prophets time, what would he have done... just give it a thought.


  168. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Dear Bro Rocky,

    Satu kesimpulan... pemahaman tentang Agama Islam amat lemah dikalangan masyarakat kita termasuk mereka yang beragama Islam.

    Fatwa yang dikeluarkan oleh MFN (dianggotai oleh mereka yang arif tentang hukum hakam) hanyalah bersifat peringatan dan maklumat.

    Terpulanglah kepada umat Islam itu sendiri sama ada hendak meneruskan amalan yang ditafsirkan oleh Majlis Fatwa kerana peringatan telah dikeluarkan.

    Sedangkan maksiat yang diharamkan oleh Allah masih berlaku didepan mata... inikan pula yoga.

    Bagi masyarakat bukan Islam, mereka perlu memahami apa itu Islam sebenarnya. Janganlah mencampuri
    urusan agama lain sekiranya tidak tahu. Pendek kata tuntutan agama Islam merangkumi segala aspek kehidupan orang Islam sama ada bersukan, beriadah dan sebagainya.

    Semoga umat Islam dinegara ini tidak terlalu liberal sehingga lupa batas2 agama sehingga AQIDAH umat terpesong.


    Mohamad Fazil

  169. Anonymous2:16 pm

    as expected, despite the QUALIFICATIONS ON WHY AND WHEN YOGA BECOMES HARAM TO MUSLIMS, as explained by fatwa council and highlighted by rocky, the anti-islam and anti-ulama groups (among the muslims) simply can't wait to shout their ugly heads.

  170. /// But these are for the Muslims to decide. The edict applies to Muslims only and whether or not many Hindus or Christians or atheists have been disturbed by the edict should not arise. I don't see why they should be disturbed. ///

    Rocky, it was exactly this attitude and non-action that resulted in the Holocaust .....

    * * *

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

  171. Question the FATWA i do not ...and the Hindu Sangam should stay clear from what is NOT their's to two cents worth rock ...It can be valid and beneficial for Muslims to learn yoga, not as their spiritual path per se, but as a valuable adjunct to the spiritual path of Islam. Islam is a complete, integral spiritual path, so yoga is no substitute for any Islamic requirement. The Prophet said that wisdom is the believer's stray camel: wherever he finds it he will recognize it (and claim his right to it).

  172. Anonymous2:33 pm

    dear org2 Islam yg mempertikaikan fatwa ni - pergi bertaubat la!!!

    org2 bukan Islam - jangan menyibuk!!!

    org2 yg kata ni perkara kecil and majlis fatwa patut focus on perkara besar aje - okay ke kalau polis tangkap pembunuh dan perogol aje dan biarkan pencuri dan mat rempit buat suka2 hati?

    pikir dulu sebelum buat comments la!!

  173. Rocky ...hope you be a little bit professional about this.Yang issue statement Hindu Sangan was Datuk A. Vaithilingam ...whom which i dont give a rat's ass about and not the Hindus on the street.And to the rest of my fellow commentators ... cool lah sikit brothers.

  174. Anonymous2:42 pm

    to muslims who are practising yoga, go ahead and do it, as long as you're confident it won't affect your 'akidah'. that's what the the fatwa is all about. but if you sincerely are looking for a more effective alternative, there's the daily and nightly solat (the solat wajib and the solat sunat). when you do them well and proper as you would your yoga, there's more to just your health benefits to be gained in your solat. if you're interested, go find out the origins of qi-gong.

  175. Anonymous2:43 pm


    Vythilingam is a shit stirrer. He is also the hidden hand behind the Hindraf. Waythamoorthy is Hindu Sangam too. They have very close links with the Hindu extremist RSS in India.

    In Malaysia the RSS has in place a Hindu propaganda man in Seremban.

    Vythilingam and Yoga have no connection.

    Neither does the Hindu Sangam.

    The Hindu Sangam is not the Vatican of Hinduism in Malaysia but Vythilingam is trying to become the Pope of the Hindus in Malaysia.

    Melayu punya bebal pi bagi dia Dato pula. Serupa juga bagi Dato kat Shah Rukh Khan.

    But see his language 'the council should consult with the Hindu Sangam'.

    The Hindu Sangam is conducting 'prayers' for the five Hindraf detainees. At each prayer meeting, they collect money sometimes in the thousands of Ringgit.

    Melayu punya bebal the Hasil Dalam negeri does not check what happens to that money. Neither do they check the accounts of the Hindu angam.

    Each time Vythilngam's name appears in the papers, more money is collected by the Sangam. Just watch.

    I see a lot of bebal people bro.

  176. Anonymous2:45 pm

    dear org2 Islam yg mempertikaikan fatwa ni - pergi bertaubat la!!!

    org2 bukan Islam - jangan menyibuk!!!

    org2 yg kata ni perkara kecil and majlis fatwa patut focus on perkara besar aje - okay ke kalau polis tangkap pembunuh dan perogol aje dan biarkan pencuri dan mat rempit buat suka2 hati?

    pikir dulu sebelum buat comments la!!

  177. Anonymous2:46 pm

    congrats rocky,
    once again you have posted a shallow entry into your blog, knowing well enough there are so many shallow people out there who will start a shallow discussion ... what about the real issues out there? once again, you will survive ... you're a lucky bloke (kind of smart actually ... in a sea of shallow).
    The Hindu Sangam, as you know well enough, has every right to comment, as something close to heart of Hindu was mentioned and disected, without taking in to consideration the feelings of other. But then, did you ever advocate Bangsa Malaysia from the heart? Once again, congratulations.

  178. As much as I am concerned with the Yoga ruling I think that it is suffice for me to say .....

    "It's okay, I don't need someone else to get all hyped up and emotional on my behalf. If I were to think that Islam is all that Taliban and the Hoo-hah old fashion crap I would have already joined your religion."

  179. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Hisham said...

    If Yoga is banned by Fatwa Council, what abour Ramli Ibrahim, the dancer, who liteally worships and prays to the hindu gooddess before the performance starts , are theygoing to ban him too and his students ... Fatwa Coucil should should go and fuck themselve... this are the same ppl who will four wives .... and that is not wrong ... disgrace to Islam

    10:49 AM

    Woi Hisham Hitam,

    You should fuck the HINDU SANGAM firt!

    -Tukang perati

  180. Anonymous3:08 pm

    It is easy to say that the fatwa doesn't affect non-muslim so they should shut up. In reality it's not that easy. Sooner or later some will complain that newspaper carry advert for yoga classes, condemn fitness centers for conducting yoga classes openly at the presence of muslim, etc, guess who's gonna compromise? These are not wild speculation but just learned from past experience. Remember we missed the chance to see Beyonce performing? Non-muslim feel that there are more and more landmines planted around their house and they gonna step on one some day, it is just too stressful to live like this.

    I understand how Islam means to you and I acknowledge how non-muslim's reactions seems offending. But please do not think such reactions are uncalled for.


  181. Secara serius, surya namaskar (sun salutation), iaitu asan atau pergerakan utama dalam yoga, secara literal bererti pemujaan matahari dan boleh dianggap bertentangan dengan akidah Islam. Saya kira ramai pengamal yoga yang risau tentang perniagaan mereka lebih daripada mempertahankan kepercayaan masing-masing.

  182. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Rocky, last time ah I got lot of respect for you. Not just for your height and build, but your apparently 'towering' personality in terms of responsible journalism. But for sometime now, I noticed you started writing strangely differently. Then, your fellow blogger friends became so mad with you for doing something. I read all their comments, And now, after you posted this ah, I have finally come to the painful conclusion that maybe you are somebody's lackey. No different from the UMNO guys who thrive on dividing the people with racial issues in order to stay in power. Why, oh why, Rocky, did you resort to stoking the racist fire? I think, ah, sorry to say, I got no more respect for you lah. I now realise how right my friend was when he told me a couple of years back that you cannot be trusted! Maybe you want to redeem yourself with some damage control like bringing down that post? only if you are sincere... Auntie J

  183. Memang lah Hindu Sangam berani nak question, sebab berlambak2 orang Islam sendiri pun berani menghina/question/mengutuk fatwa ulama kita.

    It is what it is. They are idolaters and we will not apologize for not having a "soft spot" accomodating such beliefs in Muslims or whatever practices used to perpetuate and entrench those yoga ka hapa ka...why should we? They can practise whatever they want, but if it menyalahi aqidah and could threaten the people's faith in terms of "syirik yg tak sengaja", WE HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY IT, SO WHAT? SUE US THEN FOR DEFAMATION LAH!

    I don't even practise Qi Gong anymore for fear of going into the same "gray area".

    Boleh mati ke kalau tak practise yoga? Gosh! And to those who make fun of solat and the inherent exercise in it on MM's blog...I can only pray for them lah...susah sangat nak cakap dengan orang2 yg banyak sangat persoalan...the more intelligence you have, the more it can lead you into utter confusion sometimes.You just make a longer noose with all your arguments to hang yourself. A bit like the question of "so where does Allah come from"...jadi syirik sebab banyak sanagt menyoal ini dan itu dan pandai tersangat2.

    I'm glad to hear that you are not coming out to sound like MM here and jump on the Muslim bashers' society (not that I am the epitome of piety...but the very basis of our beliefs and faith is being questioned here and people are expecting Islam to conform to THEIR own belief systems and desires.

    Yang bodohnya, UMNO, PAS dan Anwar, bak kata anon at 10.03pm...masih tak berubah2, masih tak nampak the bigger picture.

    (gimme a break lah...wrote this half knocked out by flu)

  184. apa hal pulak Hundu Sangam nak sebok-sebok pasal fatwa ni ? Ini kan hak umat islam untuk menentukannya.

    SIS pun satu hal, orang2 yang buat fatwa tu mesti dah kaji dah sebelum buat fatwa. Dan mereka adalah yang arif tentang hal ini. Biarkan mereka buat fatwa tu dan orang macam saya yang tidak mahir dalam hal ini akan ikut sahaja.

    Lagi pun kalau nak bersenaman, ada banyak lagi senaman lain untuk di buat. Buat ajelah yang itu.

  185. Anonymous3:42 pm

    I agree with brother Rocky in this. It has no relevance and significance to other religion. Hindu Sangam must have been "misquoted" in this..hehe. But really, this is fatwa for muslim and for muslim only. So we should cool it...k..

  186. Rocky,

    Most of comments are stupendous... since when any or all Fathwas, Ten Commandments or rules given by God ever followed by humans.

    The Truth is God/Allah didnt issue it, man did, period. If God did issue it, than most of us would be already dead, pakaila otak, ini hal politik, gunakan agama. You know, strategic kuno ke ke ke

    For all of you who are ULTRAS, keep yr view to yrselves, we dont need it. Malaysian are all happy where they are, only problem, we get all these religious bodies wanting some attention and to make it worse, foolish Media/press gives them space ie Front Page, should print two para and forget it.

    Now, bloggers too are becoming mainstream mentality, we are all aware of dramas created every now and then, to divide us as Malaysia, question is are we gonna stoop to their level?????????

    Rocky,the people dont care what these morons (all bodies included, regardless of religion) issue. Most peace loving Malaysian carry on their lives, the moderate way.

  187. Anonymous3:46 pm

    What about those who demonstrated because of “Bar Council forum Conversion to Islam” just because “it could upset the Muslims”?

    What about those who objected a non bumi to be installed as the head of PKNS just because “it could upset the Malays”?

    What about those who shouted on the Penang state government on the multilingual road signs just because “it could upset the Malays”?

    Think before you bark. What you are feeling right now is exactly what non Muslims feel back then.

  188. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I apologise (as a Hindu). My opinion is that the MHS means that it would be able to help the Council to understand YOGA better before making a decision. I believe that the MHS should it in circumstance tell the council what to do.

  189. This comment has been removed by the author.

  190. Anonymous4:29 pm

    God believer says:

    I believe in being sensitive to the feelings of all, regardless of race, religion or creed.

    On this issue I would like to express how sensitive I am to the feelings of Muslims on the Yoga ban

    Somehow, did anybody ever consider that God the creator gave everyone, Muslims included, 'freedom of choice', a concept from whence the notion of sin originates?

    By issuing a fatwa which bans (nay, not a 'guideline' Rock, since bans are enforceable, therefore can be considered illegal), are Muslims to refrain from exercising their God-given intellect and wisdom to discern good from bad, and make choices to earn their place in heaven?

    If it is only the exclusive right of a a few 'good men' to say what is good and bad and therefore decide for others, why not reserve the gift of intellect to THE FEW, and strip the rest of us of that precious gift, rendering us mindless? Then there would be no sin, and no need for the struggle that faith entails to ensure us a place in heaven.

    Ah, but then, what do I know? I am a mere human who keeps the faith, follows my own conscience and listens to the voice of God in my heart, always.

    I am a child of God, and He alone is almighty and all-knowing, not the few 'good men' who bans people from exercising the gift of god to choose between good and evil.

  191. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Reading the comments posted, i am confused. So if the fatwa is a ban, are Muslims still allowed to decide for themselves whether to obey or not? Is this a no-choice ban or just an advice to abstain, as in the case of the fatwa issued in Singapore? Rightly, it should be like the latter.

    Nickname: CONFUSED

  192. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Expect more to happen before Mac2009. What is it that the stupid PM wanted to do for the extension period? Abdullah Badawi, expect to answer all these questions and more to come (on yoga, on muslims, on the corruptions and on your cronisme even when you're dead!)

  193. Anonymous4:34 pm

    hezbollah whallah or hezbollah allah
    Happy suicide bombing!

  194. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Salam Rocky,

    Saya sebenarnya rasa bangga bila begitu ramai sekali non-muslim yang berminat untuk ambil tahu apa yang orang Islam boleh dan tak boleh buat.

    Ini menunjukkan mereka berminat untuk mengenali Islam dengan lebih mendalam.

    Dalam mengeluarkan Fatwa, Majlis Fatwa sepatutnya mengeluarkannya lengkap dengan penjelasan dan hujah yang detail, belilah sehelai dua ruangan akhbar untuk tujuan penerangan fatwa tersebut.

    Apa salahnya memberi penerangan yang jelas kepada orang Islam yang lemah ilmu agamanya dan juga orang bukan Islam yang ingin tahu rasional dan hujah disebalik sesuatu fatwa dikeluarkan.

    Bukankah setiap fatwa yang dikeluarkan memerlukan perbahasan yang detail dengan bermacam-macam hujah berlandaskan hukum-hukum Islam. Ketelusan yang seindah itu tak perlulah disorok-sorok.


    Logik yang u guna tu tak betul, menggunakan logik yang sama saya boleh buat perumpamaan sebegini:

    Walaupun kita mempunyai undang-undang yang mengatakan bahawa membunuh, merompak dan mencuri itu salah dan boleh dikenakan hukuman yang setimpal tetapi perbuatan tersebut tetap dilakukan oleh manusia.

    Mengikut logik yang u pakai, Undang -undang dan hukuman yang ada perlu dihapuskan kerana ianya hanya akan menyebabkan lebih ramai manusia menjadi hipokrit!. Jadi dunia ini tidak memerlukan sebarang undang-undang kerana ianya hanya membuatkan manusia menjadi hipokrit!

    Tidak dinafikan terdapat orang Islam yang melakukan perkara yang ditegah oleh agama Islam. Perkara tersebut adalah satu kesalahan dan juga merupakan satu dosa. Jika mereka terlepas balasan di dunia, masih ada balasan di akhirat.

    Saya perhatikan terdapat satu 'trend' manusia yang melihat sesuatu pelanggaran undang-undang dari segi risiko yang perlu mereka tanggung. Sekiranya tiada sebarang risiko ianya akan dihukum, ataupun risiko dikenakan hukuman adalah terlalu kecil, maka mereka akan melakukan kesalahan tersebut demi mencapai kepentingan peribadi mereka .

    Orang Islam perlu melihat lebih jauh lagi, kerena jika mereka melakukan dosa dan terlepas daripada hukuman di waktu hidup, masih terdapat pengadilan di alam akhirat terhadap kesalahan yang mereka lakukan tersebut.

    Jadi Monsterball, u tak perlu risaukan muslim yang melanggar hukum-hakam Islam, mereka tahu hukuman atas dosa mereka tetap ada,jika mereka tidak bertaubat, di dunia ataupun di akhirat.

    Mache Mache

  195. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Hindu Sangam is threading on dangerous ground. Let that be known.

    This is what I said in my latest posting:

    "So, the non-Muslims – like the Hindu Sangam – please understand the issue and not get involved in Muslim affairs. It’s dangerous for Hindu Sangam president A Vaithilingam to tell Malaysiakini that the council's decision was an insult to all Malaysians.

    I don’t feel insulted! And I am as Malaysian as Mr Vaithilingam. And I do not intend to get involved in the affairs of the Hindu unless my interest as a Muslim is jeopardised. So, Mr Vaithilingam please!"

    Thank you for raising the issue.

  196. Anonymous4:52 pm

    I wonder what will happen if Hindu Sangam issue their own ban on silat.. what will happen... WHAT WILL HAPPEN????

  197. Rocky,
    The Hindu Sangam I think is concerned with the words used by the Jakim chief to the effect that yoga is haram and would lead to one being of low morals etc, thus implying that the Hindus are of such.
    Leaders should weigh carefully their statements before provoking others. AS a Muslim, I am disappointed.

  198. Rocky, I forgot to add, Yoga is not of chanting mantras but of breathing and exercising your body, mind and soul.

  199. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Its a shame of Religous council to act on petty things like this, by practising yoga it will not make anyone less islam. I live in the middle east and muslims here are moderate yet holy,there is huge yoga centres here run by muslims.Maybe they should concentrate on the bigger picture like, why there are many drug addicts among muslims,high divorce rate,high rate of unemployment,infidelity...

  200. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Alana said...
    BRAVO, Bro...

    Your concern is spot-on.

    What's with The Star, man?
    Getting a hindu group on this is provocative
    There's no end to this. You don't need polemics on this.


    i believe the star had acted irresponsibly by going for comments from hindu sangam.

    what really could hindu sangam say other than the obvious - other than comments that would hurt the feelings of the muslims?

    i say it's sheer recklessness on the paper's part.

    damn...i think the star should be reprimanded for this. when nst spinned the anwar saga, a lot of malays left to read the star.

    and now, despite it having a sizeable malay readership, it is acting in typical chinaman style.

    perhaps we should do an anwar on the star as well?

    PS: i was told by some friends that the star doesn't have that many malay editors, despite having household names like shahnaz habeeeb and megawati. can someone verify? just for my personal consumption. i need to decide if i have to stop buying the paper.