Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bloggers' Buff 2008

Code of Ethics? Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar suggested today that bloggers consider formulating a Code of Ethics. He was opening the second Bloggers' Buff, a forum/gathering of not-too-political bloggers, in KL this morning [read h e r e].
I think it is not something that is easy to initiate, let alone accomplish, but I think it's a good thing to have.
Of course, not everyone thought bloggers should do it. One participant said it was akin to taking a step closer towards censoring the blog. On the contrary, I responded. A Code of Ethics would act a set of guidelines on how citizen journalists and citizen media behave.
Malaysiakini's misreporting last month on Najib Razak's "manifesto" was discussed in the context of such ethics. Some took the view that Malaysiakini was being irresponsible but I told the seminar that Malaysiakini's decision to apologize to Najib and its readers for the error was the ethical thing to do. The editors of the Malaysiakini were adhering to journalism's basic code of ethics. Something similar could be adopted for the blogging community, I said.
Of course, some of us won't give a damn.

The Bloggers' Buff was held on the same day Indonesian bloggers had their Pesta Blogger. I was invited as a panelist by the Buff organisers in my capacity as the protem president of the National Alliance of Bloggers. YB Jeff Ooi, who is also All-Blog protem vice president, has been in Indonesia for the Pesta Blogger, which has gone a little bigger and a bit more "international" this year.


  1. Anonymous1:14 am

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  2. Anonymous1:18 am

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  3. Anonymous1:44 am

    it was good to have you speak at the seminar. i enjoyed listen to the dialogue session. thank you for coming.

    btw, the post title should end as 2008, not 2009, no?

  4. it's so hard to formulate a code of ethics considering any idiot - can have access to a pc and internet connection. there will be those who respect the need for one, and others who just blatantly ignore it.
    if that's the case - then why bother at all. there has to be a lot more discussion among bloggers, of the many concerns which have to be addressed before such a thing is even possible to be considered.

  5. Anonymous2:13 am

    I'd suggest to Syed Hamid to adopt his Code of Ethics as top priority when it comes to arrests and detention under ISA. Teresa Kok and the Sin Chew reporter are 2 clear-cut cases he stepped out of line and he had acted recklessly. Can we have some leadership by example please?

  6. Anonymous2:17 am


    I see that many sociopolitical bloggers are opposition supporters. And they are not just merely supporting, they are fanatical in their views. They will support anything that is in favour of the opposition, no matter whether it is none but a rumour, or an outright lie or slander. Their actions make me believe that they won't be ready for such a code. Heck, by their actions, I think they're not even ready for a democracy.


  7. hahahahahaha...The most unethical...undignified...undemocratic ...untrustworthy...unbelievable thick skin corrupted fellas with false titles... downright hypocrites...talking about...code of ethics for others?
    Just one mistake from Malaysiakini....and here comes..this stupid idea...from the most unethical government...we have ever experienced .
    They must have realized..using ISA for RPK..looses control free flow or thoughts and expressions.
    Our guided democracy by guiding all of us to be nice good loyal subjects to UMNO....not to Malaysia.

  8. Anonymous4:32 am

    Make Your Own Battery-powered Lamp for Anti-ISA Vigil

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    PJ Anti-ISA Vigil
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    Alternatively, if you know the walking route, you can stop at the Taman Jaya Putra LRT station and take a 15 minute walk to MBPJ.

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    Map of Petaling Jaya:

    Abuse of Power Under the ISA:

    God bless and stay safe. See you all there!

  9. Dear HMB,

    I don't know what Syed Hamid has in mind when he proposed a Code of Ethics, but to me it's a list of should and shouldn'ts (as opposed to dos and donts).

    Eg Ethics #1 - Blogger should ensure the truth of what he posts.
    I don't think I'd call that a compromise at all. We are all for the truth. Or are we?

    Eg Ethics #2 - Blogger should not fabricate, like claiming she has slept with someone she hasn't slept with. Why? A blogger in the US did just that and was sued for defamation.

    Or something like that!

    p.s. the 4th floor boys are laughing but it's nervous laughter these days ...

    Dear Poobalan! Thank you for pointing out the mistake. I enjoyed the morning too.

  10. I wonder if Botak know what is code of ethics or if he ever read any code of ethics on his job as the Home Minister. Before one calls for others to form or follow any codes of ethics one has to be seen a following one's code of ethics first, ....if there is any.

  11. Long live to UMNO
    we do not want to live in the jungle
    we do not want jungle law no such thing as total freedom .

  12. Bro Rocky,
    Pls check Syed Hamid says Zainudin Maidin(ZAM) also in the blogging business? He used to address us GOBLOG.


    If true welcome ZAM in in our GOBBLOG Club.

  13. Rocky,

    I proposed the ethics in 1999. I am surprise that it takes Syed Hamid 10 years to realize that we need the ethics!

    I have written abt it in my blog.

    Have a nice weekend.


  14. Anonymous9:28 am

    Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, Anwar Ibrahim, Khairy Chronicles given a throne status in Malaysian Today and Malaysian Insider....... now they make those earlier conspiracy theory more real.

    Who wrote Khairy Chronicles? Why given a space in Malaysia Today?
    Who is using RPK?

    Time will surely tell.

  15. Anonymous9:35 am

    Hi Rocky, just want to thank Dato Kali for organising year end parties all these years for NST staff. Hey guys and gals, our NST year end party is around the corner. Don't forget to bring your spares! We, the drinking buddies, truly enjoyed the wine and beers served for us to savour after all the hard work put in to ensure Umno n BN continue to rule this country under the able leadership of Pak Lah, our beloved PM n Imam Hadhari. Only Dato Kali can make it happen when it comes to the best champagne in town. Tq Dato Kali, NST can never organise such happening parties without you. My friend Dato Kali, forget about the insults and sorrows...let's us enjoy every drop of the alcohol like there's no tomorrow. Tq again Dato Kali.


  16. Anonymous9:37 am

    Any code of ethics for MSM too? Remember the azan story that put people in prison or the funny reporting on Bersih last year? Any code of ethics for PDRM too (remember PJ's 9 November ("they did not sing the Negaraku, er they sang it four times but anyway we did not use force, er the videos are all fake which is why we tried to have them all deleted in the balai").
    Syed Hamid has weird priorities, while the Malaysian polis is a laughing stock (Sharlinie's abductors or Altantuya's murderers anyone?)

  17. Anonymous9:40 am


    why doesn't the victim in your "Eg Ethics #2" just follow example and sue for defamation?
    Usually, the reason for not suing is... because the allegation is true.
    Hence the unique occurrence of "criminal" defamation, betul ke? There the AG sues and not the so-called victim.

  18. Anonymous9:44 am

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  19. Apa yang ditulis mencerminkan peribadi penulis itu sendiri. Dari membaca tulisannya kita boleh tahu sifat dan sikap seseorang penulis itu.
    Penulis yang mempunyai kredibiliti dan berintegriti seperti A. Kadir Jasin atau saudara sendiri tentu tidak akan menulis benda-benda yang mengarut, tetapi akan menulis sesuatu yang dapat memberi kebaikan kepada masyarakat.
    Etika itu adalah kejujuran dan keikhlasan seseorang untuk membawa kebaikan melalui tulisannya. Walaupun kadang-kadang tulisannya itu tidak disenangi oleh banyak pihak.

  20. That follically- and horizontally-challenged Y***** should focus instead on his ministry’s ability to deal with Chigunkuya outbreaks or flash floods happening simultaneously in three states RATHER THAN trying to teach so-called ‘ethics’ to bloggers.

  21. Anonymous10:37 am

    "I think it is not something that is easy to initiate, let alone accomplish, but I think it's a good thing to have."

    Hey bro,
    This is wishy washy blather.

    If the All-Blogs protem president with his wealth of experience as both journalist and Advisor to the Press club finds it difficult to initiate something so basic like this, is he really qualified to practise as a journalist, advice the press fraternity and lead bloggers?

    It's a sheer statement of incompetence.

    If my boss proposes I come up with proposal which I agree is "a good thing to have", naturally I walk the talk and deliver to my best ability, before giving excuses like "I think it is not something that is easy to initiate, let alone accomplish".

    Simply put, your statement interprets to a COP OUT!!!

    I'll bet my boss would slam me with "what for we employ you then?"

    - copped out by a rock -

  22. Rocky,
    You may be a top blogger but you do not know Steven Gan as I do. He never does thing "uncalculated". He is very calculative. To think that the "Najib manifesto" story was a faux pas and Malaysiakini apologized? Well as I said I will not say to your face that you or anyone else a bastard because it is wrong, but you see I already did use the word bastard. Malaysiakini has inflicted major damage to the Malaysian psyche in so far as Najib's reputation is concern, even though he apologise or not for his mistake!


  23. Anonymous11:03 am

    Aisehman. Lee Ah Chai has deleted the promotion list from the system. But will try to salvage it. No worries.

    Anyway, for the first 15 on the promotion list. Please go on, celebrate. To be on Lee Ah Chai's list is already an honour. If it turns into a reality is a bonus. Adrian David would not have dreamed to be on the promotion list of Brendan Prereira is around. So celebrate, OK. Let your hair down.


    To be a blogger now you must know how to count tables
    For pretty soon all bloggers will be held accountable
    For whatever antics they put up will be regarded as antiques
    Since the same may also apply to the unbalanced concept of ethics

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 231108
    Sun. 23rd Nov. 2008.

  25. Anonymous11:52 am

    It is time that the blogging community adopted the code of ethics as more and more people are turning to them instead of the MSM. It is a natural progression to be in the mainstream instead of being in the fringe all these years. To read the comments by mamak & monsterball & all other anons, it seems that you have been bought by the government and UMNO. Well, lets look objectively at your contribution to the blogging community, shall we;
    1) You are not a coward. We all know your name is ahiruddin atan
    2)Your running battle with the MSM is legendary i.e NST & you have the scars to show for it
    3) You have been consistent in upholding the rights of bloggers even for RPK
    4) You've been apolitical and have not represent any political parties in the last GE
    5) Despite your obvious affinity towards the anti-paklah forces, you have not resorted to character assasination e.g sworn affidavit
    6) You have not made any money from your website or at least not that much..


  26. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Code of Ethics?
    What is a blog?
    Definition: an on line diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page,
    to author an online diary or chronology of thoughts.
    Who is a blogger?
    A person who is the author of the blog and those who maintain and update the blog.

    Why the fuss? Why do you need code of ethics for personal hobbies and interests?

    OK, there are laws which citizens need to abide too. If they flout these laws then they are responsible to be punished. Blogs and bloggers are not above the law. If they go against the Constitution of the Country and the laws of the land then action can be taken against them. No one in their right mind will think that we can monitor all the blogs and get every blogger to register or adhere to some code of ethics or understanding.

    Simply bloggers cannot tell lies, half truth, assume, presume, tarnish, discredit .............. and what have you on others without any valid proof or base on facts and figures. Contents of blogs therefore will not be materials used for political, sosial and commercial gains or benefits. These are personal notes and thoughts.

    One thing that we bloggers can agree too is that we will be responsible for what we write and paste and that we will have to face the consequences (personal or legal in nature) for what we do.

    We must show our true identity and be brave for what we believe in.Whilst we want to be respected for whatever opinions we have, we should also respect others opinion at the same time. We cannot be irresponsible when what we do is for public consumption. The Blog can be regulated and limited to some by the authors but when it is a public domain then no one is above the law.


    Just read his nonsense below....MY COMMENTS IN CAPS

    monsterball said...

    hahahahahaha...The most unethical...undignified...undemocratic ...untrustworthy...unbelievable thick skin corrupted fellas with false titles...


    downright hypocrites...talking about...code of ethics for others?


    Just one mistake from Malaysiakini....and here comes..this stupid idea...from the most unethical government...we have ever experienced .


    They must have realized..using ISA for RPK..looses control free flow or thoughts and expressions.


    Our guided democracy by guiding all of us to be nice good loyal subjects to UMNO....not to Malaysia.



  28. Bro,

    YB Jeff Ooi should spend more time in the country instead of overseas especially when we have a programme on our own for bloggers.

  29. Anonymous1:07 pm

    The Bloggers Bluff

    blogging is a newfound freedom that is not unlike newspeak.

    those for it have their personal motives to ask for freedom to propagate their thoughts and fantasies and lies outside their personal responsibility and domain.

    is there invincibility that is being carved out of this and later to be erected stiff as a monument of freedom?

  30. Anonymous1:27 pm

    bro. I need your help and your readers too.

    Apparently, after 15 years of doing whay i do best in saving lives,now i have to beg.

    Is a live not worth it?

  31. Why need a code when you can't enforce? This is not newspaper where there is license and law to make everyone conform.

    The best way is for Government officials to upgrade their communication skill and have a proper communication strategy, which include blogs and online website.

    Political leaders stop talking in cliche ... and arguing away from the main point. No more, the use of cheap trick of character assination, diversions, etc.

    Be decisive, smart and wise in their position on issues. Most important, be honest!

    F*** all these ole world thinking.

  32. Anonymous2:15 pm

    How about Minister's code of ethics?

  33. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Saya dipinta pandangan oleh seorang kenalan dari RTM Radio mengenai isu ini. Pandangan saya disiarkan pada berita nasional pada pukul 1 tghhari ahad tadi.

    Selepas pandangan beberapa orang termasuk Mahfiz Omar, saya seorang saja dikategorikan sebagai menentang kod ini. Saya ingin jelaskan bahawa saya tidak sekali menentang tetapi hanya menyatakan ini hanya cakap kosong yg tidak ada erti.

    Dari persepektif pengunjung blog (bukan seperti yang dilaporkan sebagai penulis blog), macam mana kod itu akan dikuatkuasa? Mana ada lesen penerbitan atau apa2 cara yang boleh memastikan penulis2 blog untuk ikut, terutama sekali anonymous bloggers.

    Komen Syed Hamid ini hanya cakap kosong dan menunjukkan dia tidak faham apa yang dikatakan.

    Pada saya dunia blog mempunyai mekanisma tersendiri dalam mengendalikan etika yang tak tertulis. Mudah saja - trafik dan timbas balas pengunjung.

    Jika blog itu tidak menarik dan tidak ada kredibiliti, ianya akan mati sendiri dan tidak akan bertahan lama. Blog yg mengepong komentar akan tidak dilawati.

    Market forces akan jadi penentu. Blog yang satu masa dahulu popular dan terkenal boleh hilang kepada market forces. Malah Malaysia Today pun sudah mula hilang popularitinya sejak ia berubah wajah dan isi dari bebas dan seimbang kepada kepartian PKR.

    Masaalah blog kepada kerajaan hanyalah blog komentar politik dan isu2 semasa.

    Cara terbaik untuk kerajaan menangani masaalah blog adalah dengan memberi penjelasan dan telus dalam kenyataan dalam apa2 isu. Sebarang perkataan yg mahu dikeluarkan perlu lebih berhati-hati dan prihatin kerana ia akan kekal dalam Internet, terutama kata2 kasar dan biadap serta komen-komen yang tak masuk logik, bodoh dan melucukan.

    Cara untuk menangani blog yang saya tidak sempat sebut adalah dengan memastikan akhbar dan wartawan lebih professional dalam kerja mereka. Komentar blog bergantung akhirnya pada laporan akhbar.

    Ada antara orang ramai yang skeptik dengan laporan dan ulasan akhbar. Satu cara adalah mengadakan ruang (seperti di portal akhbar) untuk menyiarkan sepenuhnya kenyataan tanpa censor. Ini adalah kelebihan akhbar online seperti Malaysiakini.

    Jawabnya bukan kepada kod etika tetapi melalui cara meningkatkan professionalisma dan memenuhi kehendak makumat pasaran.

  34. Anonymous2:41 pm

    UMNO Bahagian Kota Tinggi pun kamu tak boleh jaga. ISA pun kamu tak boleh tangani. Pulau Batu Putioh boleh terjual. Jambatan Bengkok boleh tergendala.

    Jangan berangan Kodomo Lion nak kawal blogger. Ubat gigi bukan bunyi aum ... yg kami dengar tapi miaow ...

    Dia ingat boleh pakai Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO untuk gantung blogger.

    Dengar2 aku kena ISA ...

    Awas Rocky, dia nak ambilalih jawatan Presiden All Blog. Dia akan jual rumah All Blog macam dia jual bangunan MAYC. Dan dgrnya ada orang buat duit ...

  35. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Code of what for bloggers?? You kidding me right?? Come on la... dont be mad. I always thought that Syed Hamid aka Mr Potatoe is not very clever and therefore will come up with all sorts of mad and stupid logic, reasons, thinking, ideas.. but you???!!!!! WAHHHH... you got high fever issit?? Your brains got fried? Hmmm...

    Look! Code of Ethics for bloggers so that there is some rules and regulation or in your own words, guidelines on how citizen journalist and citizen media are to behave is CRAP la! How can you tell people how to feel, what to feel? Eh, you of all people should know that blogging is writing a damn diary... you write what the hell you like la.. what the hell you feel la.. so, if you are pissing mad with our government, you curse and condemn them la.. thats life la! If you think that is too much or not right, than you dont read la.. WHAT LA!!

  36. They want somebody to write ethics for bloggers. Then some principles. Then voluntary registration. Then they regulate.

    Just don't go there la waste of time.

    If really Bloggers were lying or exagerating and whatever, there should be more court cases and even more arrests.

    In a sense blogging is far more "dangerous" for this UMNO led government than the weekly candle light vigils. Yet there is nothing they can do nor do they have the gumption to do about shutting up bloggers. Why?

    simply becaue there is nothing they can compalin about really. That Syed Hamid Albar is an idiot, he already told us...or did he show us. Or both!!

  37. Haha.. I will agree to it if he apologizes for wrongful detention of Teresa and the Sin Chew chap due to 'ethical' reporting of Utusan.

    Menuding jari tapi lupak diri.

  38. Anonymous7:35 pm

    What the hell! A Chinese whereever they go will only take care of their own skin and people. Based on the list. People like Eileen and David should be given outstation posting like Brenda to show their true worth before Ah Chai can consider them an asset! Most jokers on the newsdesk do not have state posting experience and want to consider themselves as experts. Ah Chai only a sub editor n Lionel only a crime reporter. What a Bull! Brenda deserve a promotion. Adrian the conman n drunkard should be sacked but even Brendan Pariah could not force him to take the VSS. So why promote him. He's deadwood. Don't promote him la If you want him to leave. Ah Chai, how can you promote traitors like Vasudevan. He had already submitted his resignation to join the Sun but changed his mind later. Ah Chai! what asset and 'senior' are talking cock about. For Lay Chin, Syed Nadzri's special girl, many people complaining about her promotion mah. Aiyah, Syed Nazdri send her outstation for two years la then promote her. Then Ramlan n wife cannot complaint ma bcos they don't have state experience lor! Just came back from study leave suda kasi promote. Lu Mabuk Ribena ka!!!


  39. Anonymous8:38 pm

    I can relate to pasquale's statement that Steven Gan "never does thing "uncalculated".

    I recall a personal conversation where I asked what he really expected of bloggers in urging them to "engage the enemy in the real world". He candidly replied all he wanted was, was for authorities to have someone else to target and take the heat off Malaysiakini.

    I can't argue with his practical logic, and definitely agree that Malaysiakini can better survie thus, to perform the Fourth Estate role. But I can't help feeling a sense of disquiet with his method of 'using' bloggers who are by and large supportive of Malaysikini's efforts to preserve its independence from govt/political influence.

  40. Have to agree with A Voice above, why propose such when you already have problems enforcing basic law on the streets?(i.e. Chow Kit)

    The Yemeni should propose something which is within his power and jurisdiction:a code of ethics for his own UNCOUTH & SAMSENG MPs in Parliament! If he can restraint his BIADAP MPs then we baru cakaplah about 'controling' blogosphere. hahaha

    He himself admitted BN is 10 years behind and now he wants to be Taikoh by putting in some codes, html codes also dunno, nak taruh code konon.

    Doesn't he see, these are the very reasons why March 8th happened? Being the Public Enemy number 1 by applying all these idiocy instead of serving the Rakyat!

    I would sincerely hope this regime continue what it does best, enstranging the Mass so everyone will sebulat suara kick them out once and for all! lolz

  41. Anonymous5:40 am

    I urge Hindu Sangam to be more sensitive. HS should consult me before giving out that statement.

  42. Anonymous9:31 am

    Code of Ethics ?

    Barisan Goons Knows hoe to spell ethics meh ?

    Proud Malaysians

  43. Bro,

    Code of Ethics for blogs must be a misnomer, an oxymoron.

    Agree with many posters pointing out that blogs are essentially personal space in the net.

    Some use it as a diary, to post comments, to practice their writings skills, or to just post whatever it is we want to post.

    A code or whatever would be just a "Sword of Domicile" scenario on the more "serious" blogs, like yours and The Scribe, etc.

    Some are just too plain silly to be taken seriously even by those personalities who are so portrayed.

    Syed Hamid should consider the difficulty of policing such a code on the millions of blogs around.

    Or is there jobs in the pipeline in the issue? A sort of watchdog where people (of course, those with the right connections and political inclinations) are given some monthly allowance and internet access and suft around to make sure the CODE is followed.

    Guess who will fork out the money to pay these CODE enforcers if such a thing comes on? :)

    Just kidding. But Pensioners in Pahang are being roped in these days to surf, so you can't really discard it.

    Like the idea of a Media Council, JUST SAY NO.

    God bless.

  44. Anonymous11:52 am

    Code of ethics should be self regulating, not controlled.

    Do whatever you want to but do not offend others.

    But when total freedom comes to play, everything is forgotten.

    Thus ethics will always be left in the attic.


  45. Anonymous2:52 pm

    can you guys stop blogging about blogging? there are so many issues that need our attention.

  46. Anonymous3:03 pm

    HAHAHAHAHA, I laughed till my stomach ached, the one who has least ethics want others to have a code of ethics ?

    So funny.....and you are for it too ?

  47. To Anti-Mahathirism,

    Why la uguys, find a life la please, aku tak tahan tengok korang ni la, si Pemuja Bontot punya pengikut ni, takde kerja lain ke korang ni?

    You think if anything happened to you ur Raja Kunyit will take care of your family?

    Buat apa la hangpa dok buat kerja bodoh ni, lagi stau yang hangpa marah snagat kat Mahthir ni apsal....dia pernah kacau korang ke????

    Aku rasa hidup bawah pemerintahan Mahathir was the best la, gaji aku kecik tapi aku happy, semangat kemalaysiaan masa tu sangat kuat....tapi mnan pi sekarang...hyangpa dok percaya sama si Anwar al juburi buat apa?

    Orang yang pandai cakap ni elok jual ubat kuat je...macam tin kosong bunyi lebih habuk pun tarak...

    How can u all still support this Kunyit man ah? Where is the 6th Sept govt....oh dont tell me it is going to be16th sept of 2020????

    Apa punya parpu tongkang la hangpa ni....ayoyo


  48. Blogging is good but why it has to be about politic, politicians and all those shit. I think Malaysia has the most political blogs that other countries. Ye lah, Malaysians hidupnya politik, politik, politik. Makan politik, minum politik, tido politik. Nak cari kerje, masuk IPT, biasiswa dan sebagainya, semua kena pakai orang politik. This is why the politicians bermaharajalela kumpul harta gila kuasa. Sepatutya, untung nasib politician ni kita yang tentukan. That is us the rakyat who determine the fate of the politican, not the other way around. The press should write more about the people than Pak lah, Najib, Anwar, Mahathir etc.

  49. Anonymous1:17 am

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