Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tough few days

Lost & Found. It's been a tough few days. A death in the family. A favorite auntie. She cared for us when we were boys and Ramuan China Kechil in Melaka was very kampong, unlike today.
And I lost my bagpack while lunching at Kelana Jaya. The Panasonic Toughbook contained as much sentimental stuff - pictures of family and friends - as it did my work. Also gone is a digital recorder containing hours of interview with Tun Salleh Abas. Etc.
My daughter said there is always a good reason behind a misfortune. My son said maybe it's a sign sent from above that I should stop blogging. Heh. A brother has lent me his Fujitsu so it looks like the sign is for me to go on blogging.

p.s. And the counter says it's close to 8 million unique visitors. Thank you all in advance for the hits.


Pasquale said...

May be all the eight millions people visiting Rocky's Bru can find ways to get him a new Panasonic tough book, the only one he likes! Cost only about SD17,000. One ringgit per person about 17,000 people only a mere fraction of the millions commentators?

Anonymous said...

It's a sign that you're being a hypocrite, Rocky...taking on a Western and ostensibly Christian-influenced name. Isn't that unislamic? Isn't your own name good enough for your own blog?

- Sword O' Might

Anonymous said...

glad u chose to 2nd sign from god. blogsphere would suffer a great loss if u opt out! u da bomb!

GUiKP said...

Sorry to read about your misfortune. I hope whoever has taken your belonging will return it to you the moment he/she recognises the popular blogger on the screen, insyaAllah. A few days ago, I used our public transport, and my O2 smartphone somehow slipped out of my pocket, without me realising it. Just before I stepped out, the guy who "found" the O2, kindly handed it back to me. Hope it will be a case of Lost and Found for you too.

Anonymous said...

8 shallow millions

balan said...

Dugaan Bro,

There's a reason behind everything that happens in our live, only that we have to be positive about it.


Anonymous said...

Keep on virtuous path to say what needs to be said for the good of this Nation and her people. Do not be swayed by partisan politics and polluted elements to distort the image reflected in the mirror. When you continue to uphold these ideals, you'd get another 8 million hits down the bumpy track.

caravanserai said...

We need some nudges
Otherwise we think we are great

Losing items feel sorry too
I had my shares lost family members lost money
But there is life ahead of all of us
So there is a lesson learn

Positive thinking
It comes in many forms
You think you have lost plenty
Somehow returns too many times over

Memories only in our minds
Pictures saying we were once there
The story of the past it will not disappear
It is in our minds where it will stay

Then you up blogging
Letting the incident staying behind
Life journey has to go on
The future is always out there

balan said...


A Malay friend of mine sent this, Not sure whether to laugh or be worries. No offence intended.



Subject: Fatwa-fatwa yang akan datang - Please read

Makin hari umat Islam makin ditindas dan dikongkong. Bukan oleh orang
Cina, atau orang India atau orang Yahudi atau
orang Kristian. Tetapi dianiya dan dikongkong oleh orang Islam/Melayu
sendiri. Please read on.

Selepas fatwa pengharaman yoga, fatwa-fatwa yang akan datang adalah
seperti berikut :

Disember 2008

Orang Islam dilarang mandi di kolam renang awam. Di kolam renang awam,
akan terdapat orang-orang yang bukan Islam
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boleh menjejaskan akidah orang Islam. Cara yang paling baik ialah kita
haramkan orang Islam dari kolam renang awam.

Januari 2009

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penduduk Pulau Pinang adalah orang yang bukan Islam. Apabila seorang Islam
berada di Pulau Pinang, beliau mungkin
terhidu bau char keoy tiaw yang dimasak oleh orang bukan Islam dan ini
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Islam yang kini tinggal di Pulau Pinang akan
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Februari 2009

Orang Islam dilarang meminum root beer. Walaupun root beer tidak
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Jun 2009

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sahaja, itupun hanya jika diiringi oleh ahli Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan.

Julai 2009

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Please do not laugh. Many of the above will become a reality if we do not
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in this country are simply not doing anything. We let a very small
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lives. We, especially the Malay muslims, are fast becoming a laughing
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little little things.

When there are so many important things remain to be done, why must the
Fatwa folks spend their time on little
things.. tomboys, yoga, etc, etc. Why don't we ever hear anything from the
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eradicating corruption and poverty, protecting single mothers, helping the
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If you are a rationale, forward thinking muslim, please speak up. If you
choose to remain silent, it only means that
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Bukhari Hood

Shah Alam

teohjitkhiam said...

"Also gone is a digital recorder containing hours of interview with Tun Salleh Abas"

Bro Rocky. Sorry to read about that. Knew you were working on an autobiography on him. So how now? I presume you won't be giving up anytime soon.



Edyes said...

Bro Rocky...

felt sorry about it. I know how it feel... damn it...

Oldstock said...

Hang in there bro. Life is tough... but we all are made tougher!

Paddy said...

Tsk Tsk, my condolences for your aunt. On the loss of data, its called a backup, someone in your position should always be backing up data.

Anonymous said...

It is really up to you, sir. Whether you are gonna continue or stop blogging. The heat is being turned on and like some wise men would say, " if the kitchen is too hot, get out". But I suppose the cooking would still continue..... elsewhere.

Of course this would not be applicable : " Get out of the stable, grandpa; you're too old to be horsing around".

So carry on, start afresh as there's no point crying over spilt milk. And of course, you will only realise the value of things when they are lost.


GMX said...

Tough few days indeed Rocky!

Sorry to read about your misgivings.

And then there’s somebody who had benefited immensely through his association with you in the early days was reportedly to have taken you off from his blog roll list. And to think how his blog actually grows in numbers and popularity over the period, which to a large extend was/is due to heavy traffic diverted from yours (hey, asked those that is in the know, they’ll vouch on this fact), we are seeing a classic case of what an ingrate fool will and can do. But no lost I’m sure. And good to see that you are not resorting to the same tit-for-tat child play, Rocky. Let it stay here as it is, and for every single hit his blog gets because of your link, let it be a constant reminder to him and his kind that you are made of sterner stuff that also come with a big heart. For that is what being a gentleman is, not fakes as we are seeing flocking over their end there. And we also know of course, that there are quite a few them enjoying the same limelight and instant popularity by similar association.

And from my reading on some of the older postings from all over the blogs, this is the same person who had no qualms being seen tailing you like a loyal dog to functions and events where you were invited to cover, I believe. The best part was, to even events where Tun Mahathir was the main draw. Yup, the very same man he is so fond of running down (besides Najib of course), ever since he saw the light. Such is the power of the dark force! A sad and tragic case of when old men behaving like a child. This must be a sign that the his is getting closer, they say.

While I’m on this, hey Monsterball, yes you of the biggest idiot ever found in this cyber realm! Take all your filths and your fights either to your good son’s blog or your above rival’s blog. This isn’t your son’s blog for you to be telling Rocky what he should and shouldn’t do. And we are all just plain tired of your ranting and bragging about your contributions. Why don’t you donate all of it to your beloved blogger son and get him to name the fund under your name!

Dato' Bendahara said...

put some adsense around your blog... I got 40 usd for 22K impressions... you probably get that in a day... by a month, you will be able to purchase a spanking new lappy... or 2 months - a Mac....

rates per click can go untill 0.45usd for malaysian sites - for really genuine users.

Irwan said...

And the tough gets going, bro.

As Bono says, "what you don't have you don't need it now" :)


monsterball said...

Sorry to hear the bad news.....but glad you are in high spirit to carry on.
May I suggest always keep a back up copy of your notes. to be updated...every last day of each month.

Rocky's Bru said...

pasquale! it's RM not Sing dollar.

Sword O' Might! Hypocrite apebenda pulak ni? Roki tu nama jantan Melayu. Nama pompuannya Rokiah. Spelling aje lain .. Rocky instead of Roki. Macam Abraham instead of Ibrahim.

and poor floyd, you must be drowing in the shallowness of this blog! heh.

monsterball said...

Pasquale should start the ball rolling by donating RM100 and I will double it.. with RM200.
This way.....maybe 17 good souls needed....and walla...Rocky is back into business.
The point is...will Rocky accept?
If so....he has to put out his bank account number....and I will keep my promise.
Maybe he gets...thousand times more...and can buy him a brand new 4 wheel drive car too.....hahahahahaha

AChai said...


I;ll start the ball rolling....wl bank in RM1.00 2moro..May I have ur acct number ?

morpheuzneo said...

hey bro rocky..!

sorry to hear such misfortune..!

i will keep an eye in case such panasonic toughbook re-surface in any online auction or forum..

there are number of cases some of these stolen item (i consider it as stolen as the person who found it are not sincere enough to return it back to the owner) being sold openly in online forum and auction website such as lelong or ebay malaysia.

adsense idea from 1 of your commenter is not a bad idea either.. or nuffnang for malaysian market.. (higher pay per click)..

keep on blogging!..

Anonymous said...

keep the good work going!

-concerned rakyat-

barackah said...


Sorry for that.
What's your take on Surida Jalaluddin becoming NTV7 CEO.
Isn't she just a host on one the TV3 programme years ago.
I know she is Big Tree boss.
Know also she's anak Tan Sri with good connections
But is she up to the job??

tharieq dhiyauddin said...


Takziah to u bro,
Keep on blogging,
U r celebrity right now,
everybody respond to u..

To Balan..
Tell u friend bukhari, is not a joke.
naive statement..

HsanT said...

Fell on black day Abg Rocky? Dont worry, ade hikmah sebalik semua ni. Take care and see you kat Bangsar / Chawan / Nandos lagi!

tharieq dhiyauddin said...

Pasquale said...
May be all the eight millions people visiting Rocky's Bru can find ways to get him a new Panasonic tough book, the only one he likes! Cost only about SD17,000. One ringgit per person about 17,000 people only a mere fraction of the millions commentators?

Good Idea.. i can contribute 2 ringgit.. account no?

Anonymous said...

Salam bro Rocky. Pity you. Yep, macam saudara Balan cakapkan, memang dugaan. Moga2 bro tabah hadapi ujian Allah ni. Harap bro Rocky teruskan perjuangan yeh.

btw, terlanjur terbaca pasal your answer to sword o' might bout your name... saya nak tanya. dari mana pulak datang nama "Roki"? Rokiah pernah la dengar. tapi Roki belum lagi. ahaks.
and "bru" tu... is it from german word "bruder", wich means "brother"?

sorry kalo tanya sesuatu yang dah beribu2 kali bro rocky jawab kat org lain.


Anonymous said...

To GMX, on point in making references to that person who happen to fall out with Rocky. He's entitiled to his opinion in as much as Rocky. He may have been a little harsh if he had been personal for his own reasons but let's look at his disagreement as a learning experience each new day. Every blogger deserves commendation when the same is due in as much brickbats are hurled at the same time. That's the equation any blogger has to accept. For me, if Zorro has no wish to smoke the peacepipe with Rocky, that's his privilege, rightfully or wrongfully. For us as the readers, we can only wish they do. Naturally, 2 common voices on a single theme makes more resounding impact than the single lonely voice in the wilderness.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...


We all lose or lost valuables, sometime or other, mine was some followed me 15km and waited 4hrs before they "sapu", broke into my car and only took my laptop, 8 years ago, some said it was "hmmm".

At that time, i was working for a corporate figure... i think you know and understand what i mean.

Could it be a sign, of course yr kids are right - either the Universe has sent you a msg or u knw who is @Work. All things happen for a reason, only time will reveal to you why.


Anonymous said...

Why not Pasquale? I second to that and with a pledge of RM10 on my part. Just state it here or at your blog as to where to send in my small contribution.

Would be tragic if the lost is going to affect Rocky's blogging, and most of all, it'll be unfair to the PR junkies that needed their daily fix. Yeah, we know who they are, the very same people who kept coming here day in and day out, spewing such hatred with their comments till the stench followed them out there in the real world and of course, on their promises that they can never keep (about their last visit here would be really their last). This promising bit, they truly have mastered the art of it. A very good master they have.

Such hypocrites!


Anonymous said...

ROKI please get lost

Anonymous said...

Rocky is the slang name given to cannibis resin or hash. It usually comes in a solid form. The majority of hash found in the Uk is hard and brown and has to crumbled using a lighter. Although softer variants are to be found that just crumble with your hands.
" yo bruv you know where I can get sum rocky?"
" is this skunk of rocky in this spliff?"
"what you after bru rocky or green?"

Diver.Miskin said...

Bro Rocky...

We oso would to thank u for giving us something read...

as for Sword O'Might.. per mende lu nie?? aper yg lu paham pasal Islamic or unislamic?? r u saying that our name or nickname shows the level of our akidah?? feel really sorry 4 u...


Omong said...

nobody and nothing should stop you from blogging, if that's what you like to do

not even the self-righteous pseudo priests abundant among the commentators

AL said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Ahamad Latib said...

Keep on blogging Rocky.

monsterball said...

GMX is a mad dog....talking cock about me.
I post what I like and feel..and as long Rocky approve them...why is he so upset?
You think you are smarter than me...OK......what's the problem?
Roki...Rocky....Abraham..Ibrahim...Moses..Musa......this also don't know....want to talk big.

Anonymous said...

You spelt it "Rocky" and not "Roki".

- Sword O' Might

ayor lemuju said...

i agree with floyd. this blog is not shallow, but of the 8M uniques visitors - (don't be misled with that figure, i can be a unique visitor here 1,000 times over, if you know what that 'unique visitors' means) - most of them are shallow people, like 'balan' above.

that toughbook is great lost, it's tough but not thief-proof.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..your son's is most probably right!!!

Dash said...

Sorry to hear about the loss bro Rocky.I hope they return it to u. I know the toughbook you are proud of.


ewoon said...

First thing first, my condolence to the loss of your aunt. Al-Fatihah.

As to the loss of your tough book ... what a bummer! The thief better not be seen using it or trying to hawk it. It will be tough luck for him.

My RM10 is in the kitty for your new MacBook!

eddy said...

Bro, I know how it feels like to lose a note book, you'll soon get over that dreadful feeling though.

Anonymous said...

In a month 3 of my son's college mates lost theirs too. One with all his project assignments in it.

At times I wonder who are these FENCES and there surely must be ready BUYERS.These had been going on for far too long.

You should device some kind of alert system in your blog to help stop this menace.

Blog Police

Anonymous said...

Ya lor Rocky,

Strange names..

My bro plants paddy in Kedah. Once they were experiencing quite an irritating long spell of draught.

His wife was expecting a baby, they wanted so much to have a baby girl. Well, turned out to be a boy.

So they named him NORAIN.. NO RAIN!!


mekyam said...

sorry to hear abt your loss, rocky.

tapi, work, interviews and other stuffs inside your Toughbook, surely ada backup(s).


thank you balan and Bukhari Hood of Shah Alam for making my day! :D

Anonymous said...

god knows best what he's doing. remember the rexton that drove away by itself? Now the Panasonic ToughBook just took off into cyberspace. What a pity.

Blog Whisperer

Anonymous said...

"May be all the eight millions people visiting Rocky's Bru can find ways to get him a new Panasonic tough book, the only one he likes!"

I strongly believe Rocky ought NOT to resort to this. Should he do so, he will be beholden to the these people. Consequently it will cast dark shadows on his credibility as 'independent blogger'.

More ever, were all bloggers were to practice this, the m'sian blogosphere would be no diff from the MSM. Precisely b'coz he is pro-tem prez, this will have adverse effects the image of all on All-Blogs. Questions of ethics will arise. It will make Rocky's stand on Code of Ethics hollow and unbelievable.

I am sure with his many endeavours, and/or private connections Rocky can well afford a new one himself.

Anonymous said...

Sword O' Might! Dah lebih 20 tahun aku kenal Rocky ni and we share common friends and there a lot of them. Tak pernah pulak aku dengar ada orang komen nama Rocky tak sesuai. Yang penting orangnya dan tingkah lakunya. Bukan namanya.

- Bono

Anonymous said...

rocky, for the 8 million viewers, let compare with the dr M, our beloved Dictatorship. He manages to achieve within less than 1 year. dont feel so proud!!!

zamri, sunway semenyih

desiderata said...


You rock on
while Desi rolls
on the floor laughing
at man's follies
including some visitors' here
signing off as ANON, not all
misses or misters Anon
cowards don't have sex
have wings
will fly over some cuckoo's nest

yezus said...

sword o might

whoa there... there is something clearly wrong with you. simply attack for the sake of attacking or someone asked you too. :-P

never recalled rocky whacking christians or christian names or muslims with christian names.

shame on you!

orangpandai said...


if i were the thief...which means i'd be a smarter thief, i'd either sell the "merchandise" to the right people for a damn good price, OR, get rocky to pay me to get his stuff back.

sungsing said...

anon@3:57PM *floyd*


jealous, ke?

mano said...


luvvit when you givvit!

- take note sword o might and floyd. u dua taddak telur..

and you guys got it from him in this blog...wait til you get it in the face with Rocky.'ll pee in your pants, man. also make sure you bigger and taller than him. and haha smarter! otherwise memang putty in his hands.

you see kalimullah? he so scared of rocky...resorted to sue rocky. depan rocky, menggigil. some more now...he will AVOID bumping into rocky. hahahahah. takut, maaa

see like think he leaves NST with good name and reputation? rocky said-la. he afraid of no one but Him -- his maker.

others like his own dad and older brothers -- rocky loves and respects.

like dr mahathir and pak samad -- he respects and regards.

BRAVO rocky... may the truth prevail...( copy susan looney..but not in the way she means it. susan mana boleh pakai --semua orang dia benci except those who she can pakai)

Anonymous said...

you cant drown in shallowness ..

Zealot said...


that's a small matter. get a new one and write on. that's nothing compared to my 'lost' in the last recession, almost half a mil. My house was auctioned off and car repossessed. i travelled by bus.

now, i monitor all my 7 chain stores on my note book, at home, in bed.

monsterball said...

Pasquale is an idiot that talk sense at times...but on sen and ringgit...he is NUTS!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Innalillah wainnailaihi rojiun.

sorry to hear about your beloved auntie.

dont ever quit bro. it'd be a great loss, even to your detractors.

cant help on your missing laptop tho. am desperately looking for a new one myself.

gargoyle said...


Floyd cannot drown in shallowness becos HE IS SHALLOW. :-P

Anonymous said...

1 - Takziah. Moga2 rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

2 - I know you tak kan bagitau nombor akaun! mungkin ada yang nak perangkap beb!

3 - tengok2 ada hamlau deposit $10,000. rupa-rupanya mangkok ayun umno yang deposit. hati-hati beb!

4 - mungkin ada peminat yg ikhlas nak bantu tapi elok cari cara lain..

ali bt jalil.

Rox said...

Take heart, bro, I'm in deeper shit - have to sell my dream house, say goodbye to beloved doc and cross the Atlantic to god only knows what. The economic crisis throws me back a couple of years. Sigh.

Well, at least I've a few good laughs here when I read comments like "8 shallow millions" and "ROKI please get lost". I'm almost envious!

Congrats for the 8 well-earned millions - yeah, I know you're wishing it's in $. Anyway, you're one tough old bugger and I expect you'll still be blogging when you're 64!

Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Roki tu nama jantan Melayu. Nama pompuannya Rokiah - lol

Mr Atan,

Thanks a lot for bringing out issues for the benefit of Malaysians; in your own humble way.

Many or some expect rocky to be anti establishment in their way or the highway. Like we must all support anwar or lks. We have to be more mature in our politics. I like DSAI as he seems more non corrupt and inspiring. Anyway we got to talk about our differences to understand them.

Pls let us know if you need funds for a new kick ass

temenggong said...

Dear Rocky,

Your son is intuitive. Quit blogging for a while and take a backseat. Your head is messed up and you need to sort that out first. It is so obvious. Forget about the Geiger counter that you are obsessed with. It means nothing. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

just a reminder.. hopefully the tough book does not contain pics and vids like edison chen!

andrew lo

Anonymous said...

thank you for proving my point.

GUiKP said...

Semoga niat/hajat orangpandai tidak kesampaian.