Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Understand the fatwa: Lah

update 28/11 - Christians fatwa on yoga
“Why must you get involved in a practice that has an intimate connection with a religion or religious belief?” said Rev James Wong of the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia in Sandakan."

Original post:

26/11 PM urges all quarters to understand yoga fatwa and not twist facts; Muslims performing yoga exercise and not chanting mantras can carry on/STAR
Ah, the Prime Minister must have read Nuraina's posting Now I Can Do Yoga. In it, she said she's glad that the National Fatwa Council has confirmed that it is okay to do yoga -- minus the spiritual elementsl, of course.


  1. ah yes, i think the enforcers in the state jabatan agama islam negeri dan daerah are the ones who dont understand- if not, why are some states rushing to enforce the fatwa if they understand that no muslims practicing yoga have converted to Hinduism?
    i have not heard of Musims doing yoga converting. and fyi, the many practitioners i talked to, said there's no need for the fatwa to come out, as they have voluntarily abstained from chanting. unless of course, the horny enforces want to go into yoga gyms to inspect yoga attired ladies?

  2. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Ha, dengar tu semua? yoga tak haram. nak buat, buatlah selagi tak baca2 mantra atau apa2 yg rosakkan akidah.

    Sudeyh, jangan gaduh2. moh kita buat yoga sama2, lepas tu menari poco2. =)


  3. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Just want to check with so many of you senior and expert here if we can teach stories of the 1001 Arabian Nights to our childrens.

    Not sure if these stories are consider haram stories or not so really need your expert opinion.

  4. Good response Pak Lah. But rather too late. By March you are already history. Wish you are histoiry before the end of the year ...

  5. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Ya, lah Bro, YOU also should have read her posting b4 first before posting your own to produce over 350 comments that cause havoc and stir up ill feelings among commenters.

    **Responsible blogging PLEASE!!!**

  6. perhaps Lah should convince them to issue a FATWA that money politics, nepotism, cronyism is a HEAVY sin

    and this is specially MEANT for UMNO members

    i'm sure ALL religion will support this

    finally Malaysians will UNITE

  7. Rocky,

    Not difficult to understand-LAH!

  8. Anonymous8:26 pm

    i don't think the fatwa council said it is okay to do yoga without the spiritual elements. that was just noraina's interpretation of it.

    and i do not think it is the PM's place to comment on the fatwa, even though what he says is sensible.

    should it not be the agung who has the final say?


  9. Anonymous8:34 pm

    dear rocky, seriously, without the fatwa, you really think the muslims will be confused about yoga and 'spiritual elements'? seriously? you guys are dumber than i thought.

    what about fatwa against standing close to non-muslims? cos we have mouth and we are from different religion, dont you think that is dangerous too? stupid!

  10. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Yes, go ahead and perform the idolaters' worshipping movements minus the mantras. Same bloody thing ain't it???

    Tukar dengan zikir...jadi sembahyang apa pulak tu? Rekaan sendiri? Hehehehe....

    Suka hati lah...kalau dah sayang sangat yoga dari diri sendiri dan Islam sendiri, apo nak di kato.

    Pak Lah nak jaga hati orang dari jaga pengotoran aqidah orang Islam.

    But then the Muslims themselves seem to be doing it to themselves with such relish and "positivity", kan?

    What to do. Esok dah mati, dah terlambat, tapi orang justify, "I answer only to Him". Ha, jawablah nanti, k? Selamat lah menjawab should I say....

    BTW, your son must really want you to stop blogging. Does it take you away from him?

    But we don't have to answer to anyone.


  11. Who eats chilli will feel hot...

    ...if they feel this article hits them that means they are guilty.

    What Hindu Sangam can say...

  12. Anonymous9:00 pm

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  13. It's back to dollar and cents. Yoga classes still have their business

  14. Anonymous9:06 pm

    It's back to dollar and cents. Yoga instructors don't worry, you can still continue with your classes.

  15. Anonymous9:11 pm

    What do you mean PM must have read Nuraina's posting?

    A bit too much la of self importance here?

    Get a grip, man and woman.

    Rickety Rocky

  16. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Ta'habis-habis dengan YOGA,,lantak pi sama dia,,leave it to the individual,,!!!

    Our economy still in deep shit,,!!! Can all the,,so called EXPERT do something to it,,!!!???


  17. Please dont do it.If you want do it then do it the proper way,otherwise yoga will not be effective,might as well do other western designed exercises.Dont have to be hypocrites LAH.This is not NEP to have short cuts in life,this is a very ancient and a divine form of practise ,more than 5000 thousand years old to purify the mind and the soul to connect with the light,which is god,so that, one can be a good human and practise all good things in life,regardless of race,religion and gender.Try to understand all these,if you cant then just eschew from commenting on yoga,no one is begging you guys to practise it.

  18. Anonymous10:26 pm, the main portal for the Wahabi-Salafi in Malaysia features a link to video recording of a Sufi majlis in Malaysia. We rarely visit the site and was only made aware of this video by one brother who was anxious to know the reasons behind what the site terms as ‘dancing’. We went to see the recording ourselves and was pleasantly surprised by what we saw.

  19. A lot of people are commenting on yoga fatwa without reading it thoroughly.I believe some didn't even read it ... well Hindu Sangam must one of them.

    Sometimes when I read comments by Sister In Islam it made me wonder whether they are really Muslim ... I mean a Muslim in a true sense. Someone who have learned fardu 'ain and fardu kifayah ... someone who have learned the true teaching of Quran and Hadith.

    Not someone who is Muslim because they are born Muslim. Or are they from Sisters UN Islam ??

  20. Anonymous11:22 pm

    You mean you have lost your 'back-pack'?

  21. Anonymous12:09 am

    (heha) : yes, aina is influencial man !!

  22. Anonymous12:19 am

    Dear Rocky.

    Today headline in business section.MISC terminated agrement to buy Rumania by way of RTO.

    Sound simple,but if you look deeper you will disciver a lot of investor lost alot of money.

    Tabong Haji alone paper lost almost 200 million.This is hard earn money belong to Malay Muslim live in Kampong.I was told Tabong haji become very agressive buying Rumania Shares because one of his member in Investment Commitee also working with MISC.

    MISC belong to Petronas and Petronas is 100% own by govertment.Rumania is a Bumiputra company.It Major shareholder other than Dato Azizul is Tabong Haji.At Least MISC should be more sensitive,have some Malay heart.

    Tan Sri Hasan Marican,Plese Check with you boy in MISC,Mr HARRY MENON>

  23. Anonymous12:52 am

    PM lebih ariff dan tinggi ilmu daripada Majlis fatwa ?
    DYMM Sultan Perak dan Sultan Selangor belum dapat titah apa apa ,PM dah kate OK ?
    Hebat ke ?
    Lambat ke ?
    Cepat Ke ?
    PM mesti ikut protokol.
    Kalu macam ni punye "damage kontrol ?"orang lain mesti ikut tak hormat Institusi DYMM Raja Raja Melayu.
    arjuna waspada

  24. Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday waded into a row over a ban on yoga for Muslims, saying they could practise the exercise as long as it had no spiritual elements.

    Agence France-Presse - 11/26/2008

    Boleh tapi tak boleh.
    HADHARI at work!

  25. Anonymous8:23 am

    PM should urge these religious people not to do such stupid things in future! Even a 12 years old kid commented that this fatwa, although only meant for Muslim, sounds ridiculously stupid!!

    And.. PM should wake up to the fact is that nobody is twisting anything.... Maybe he is..

  26. Anonymous8:31 am

    it is correct and please dont make assumption without understand it.
    hidup pak lah

    zamri ppbss

  27. Anonymous8:39 am

    I think I'd better stop commenting primarily because I do not yoga and it is none of my business to get involved.

    But if a Fatwa is issued against the Kamasutra, then I will take the matter to the United Nations. LOL.


  28. Its all in the definition. Yoga by its official definition is 'haram' and the Fatwa Council correctly (3x) interpreted it. Yoga is one of the branches of Hinduism. And even Yoga has a few branches within it. Wiki-it and know.

    Yoga-based exercise is ok. But since there are no IP and trademark rights those days, anyone can call their brand of exercise, Yoga. And that confuses the whole issue.

  29. Anonymous9:20 am

    my friend Yoga"nathan" really hurt about all this fiasco. Sad enough.

  30. Anonymous9:32 am

    Hey bro,

    FIRST, you must understand the Constitution LAH! Get Ruler's approval first!

    SECOND, you must understand the issue properly LAH. Read your Quran properly. Engage other views, if you cannot comprehend beyond your own narrow understanding.

    THIRD, choose your words wisely, be responsible and sensitive to feelings of of everyone.Journalism 101 - you are communicating to a m multi-racial PUBLIC, not just your small circle of like-minded friends

    FOURTH, be law abiding. Mind your writings don't stir up racial misunderstanding and tension.

    Nuff said!

  31. Anonymous10:15 am

    Kepada yang mempertikaikan fatwa pengharaman yoga, diharap tolong fahamkan fatwa tersebut. Jangan sesuka hati pertikaikannya tanpa memahami apa yang sebenarnya yang diharamkan. Yoga diharamkan jika perbuatan pergerakan yang dilakukan disertakan dengan bacaan-bacaan tertentu dan niat untuk bersatu dengan Tuhan, itu yang haram kerana boleh memesongkan aqidah tapi jika hanya pergerakan yang lebih kepada senaman dan tidak ada unsur-unsur Hinduism, maka dibolehkan. Walau bagaimanapun, kita masih ada senaman alternatif lain.

  32. Anonymous11:02 am

    I believe all these fatwa hoo haa is only diversionary tactic by BN to shift public discussion away from the bigger issues. Things like the PKFZ scandal, the Offshore Patrol Vessel scandal, the Altantuya murder scandal, Linggam tape scandal (when will the AG prosecute?) etc. Even the Pempena scandal is chump change compared to the OPV fiasco.

  33. Anonymous11:17 am

    Took the PM quite a few days to come out with a response, isn't it?
    And that too after seeing how the Royals has put their foot down. I would think it is a very safe response to hide behind the Royals because at the end of the day, the buck would be passed to the Royals anyway because their Majesties have the final say on all state Islamic religious matters.


  34. Anonymous11:26 am

    To those who need to ask; Yes, Malay Muslims ARE easily swayed in their faith. Thus, they ignore the Fatwa Council's findings that the physical elements are OK, and instead lambasted the Council for issuing a 'wrong' fatwa . Why? Because Malay Muslims read and believe the newspapers' reports and interpretations, instead of reading the Fatwa Council's actual edict.

    It is actually ridiculously easy to sway a lot of Malay Muslims to the wrong path; just write a sensational article in the papers, throw in some comments from some 'experts', and voila! you have it.


  35. Anonymous11:42 am

    Aiya Rocky. You made Lah so pathetic.
    Takkanlah dia ikut cakap Nuraina.
    If so better Nurainalah yang jadi PM.
    Doubt he even read blogs.
    If you tak suka diapun, be fairlah.
    Give the old man a breaklah.
    Yesterday was his 69th birthday.

  36. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Great. Finally, it is clear now. I wonder why so many people misunderstood the fatwa in the first place. Come to think of it, there is no written fatwa issued (I searched JAKIM website and nothing about yoga fatwa there). Next time, JAKIM should issue a written press statement so that people don't get confused.

    In a nutshell, what Pak Lah said was;
    Yoga as a physical exercise is allowed for Muslims. Yoga is forbidden for Muslims if there are combination of physical movements, chanting and worshipping.

    Correct JAKIM?

  37. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Bravo Pak Lah. This is the kind of leadership that we were looking for in the past 5 years.

  38. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Well ,, how do you think the malays first converted to islam ? they are easily swayed lah.simple

  39. As the PM..Dollah should speak out first to response to such a sensitive issue.
    No...he is always the last...making sure what he said...will not loose votes...and get faard up.
    Lousiest PM...and one worst than him...his successor.
    Who chose these two...and sacked 4 brilliant ones?

  40. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Oh yeah man it's really easy to sway malay muslims from their faith. It's not only by writing sensational article in the papers, just bring in any new trends from the western world and they'll surely follow them like flock of sheep. You can say it's ridiculous but it's like they don't have their own identity.

  41. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Ahh.. maybe you should be the PM of Malaysia then, Rocky.. afterall i supposed you're the smartest ass in Malaysia presently.

    Well, at least you are trying real hard to sound like one.

  42. Anonymous5:01 pm

    to quote from a comment i took in a blog somwhere :

    "Fatwa tu sbnrnya dah jelas.

    1. Yoga yang dilakukan berserta mentera dan proses mendekatkan diri dgn tuhan adalah haram.

    2. Jika hanya melakukan senaman dan gerakan, itu diperbolehkan, namun tidak digalakkan. (tidak digalakkan di sini adalah kerana takut2 seorang muslim itu akan asyik dgn Yoga dan akan melangkah ke tahap tinggi iaitu tahap membaca mentera dll)".

  43. Anonymous5:06 pm

    sebenarnya senang je nak faham isu tapi disebabkan ramai yang baca headline dan tak bayak keseluruhan kenyataan dari majlis fatwa buatkan ramai yang "terpedaya" dengan headline tu.haha.

  44. I couldn't agree more MUS.

    The futher you send the Malays to study, the easier you'll confuse them.

    Dunno why; but budak Melayu bila balik dari Amerika dan Britain, sure berfikiran EXTRA LIBERAL dan cepat membodohkan bangsa dia.

  45. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Why does Malaysia has to get unnecessary worldwide attention before making the right moves. Doesn't that tell you the kind of intelligence the NFC has.

  46. Hi Bro,

    Agree with you article, looks like Noraini Samad's explanation is much more practical, now the PM shakes his head.

    Looks like sometimes thy just like creating issues, so the fatwa-yoga thing became a news for the whole week and waitting to see the next headline news which can last for another week

  47. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Muslim tidak ada masalah dengan fatwa. Kalau nak ikut - ikulah..kalau tak nak ikut suka hatilah.
    Yang menyibuk dan kurang akal-ajar ialah bukan Islam. Apa sebab mereka sibuk dengan hal orang Islam? Jangan kurang ajarlah..Orang Islam sudah banyak sabar....JANGAN INGAT LU ORANG SUDAH BESAR SANGAT...INGAT HA...JANGAN SAMPAI ADA BORDER LINE...JANGAN LANGGAR BORDER LINE...BURUK AKIBATNYA.

  48. Anonymous7:18 pm


    First of all you know that the PM dont read nothing. So lets hear it from the horse. Here is the fatwa from the JAKIM website. Here is the url:

    1. "Antara perkara yang telah dibincangkan oleh Ahli Majlis Muzakarah Fatwa Kebangsaan yang bersidang pada 22 – 24 Oktober 2008 di Kota Bharu, Kelantan ialah senaman Yoga.

    2. Setelah meneliti dan mengkaji hujah-hujah serta pandangan-pandangan yang berkaitan dengan Yoga maka, Ahli Muzakarah berpandangan dan berpendapat bahawa senaman Yoga yang berasal dari masyarakat Hindu sejak sebelum Masihi lagi yang menggabungkan amalan fizikal, unsur-unsur keagamaan, mentera dan pemujaan bagi tujuan tertentu seperti mendapatkan ketenangan dan kemuncaknya, penyatuan diri dengan tuhan atau tujuan-tujuan lain adalah tidak sesuai dan boleh merosakkan akidah seorang muslim.

    3. Oleh itu, Ahli Muzakarah juga bersetuju dan memutuskan apa jua jenis atau bentuk amalan yang mengandungi unsur-unsur tersebut di atas adalah dilarang dan bertentangan dengan syariat Islam.

    4. Sementara pergerakan amalan fizikal tanpa unsur-unsur di atas yang dilakukan pada zahirnya tidaklah menjadi kesalahan.

    5. Namun demikian, masyarakat Islam dingatkan wajib berhati-hati dam berwaspada dari perkara-perkara yang boleh menghakis akidah seseorang muslim.

    6. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, perkara-perkara yang boleh menghakis akidah boleh berlaku dengan sebab-sebab berikut:

    (i) kepercayaan atau keyakinan di hati.
    (ii) menerusi perkataan atau pengakuan dengan lidah.

    7. Memandangkan terdapat dua elemen tersebut dalam amalan yoga, maka umat Islam wajib memelihara akidah mereka dari terhakis.

    Bro, please read paras 7, 6, 5 and 3.

  49. Anonymous8:06 pm

    What about atheist Malays?

    An Atheist Malay

  50. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Esok, 28hb November, 2008 adalah hari bersejarah. Sekumpulan 13 orang (G13) petugas Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia atau lebih dikenali sebagai BERNAMA, akan menyaman bekas majikan mereka di Mahkamah Tinggi Jalan Duta pada jam 8:30 pagi.

    Setahun yang lepas, Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd Annuar bin Zaini yang mengaku dirinya rapat dengan Perdana Menteri telah mempengerusikan Mesyuarat Lembaga Pengelola BERNAMA yang memutuskan untuk menamatkan perkhidmatan 13 petugasnya yang tidak bersetuju untuk menyertai syarikat milik penuh BERNAMA iaitu Bernama System and Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (BESSAR)

    BESSAR ditubuhkan untuk memudahkan Pengurusan BERNAMA menggunakan sesuka hati wang rakyat untuk kepentingan mereka. Bayangkan BERNAMA menbayar RM12.93 Juta yang mana RM 7 Juta adalah untuk perisian sahaja, kepada BESSAR untuk membangunkan sistem untuk digunakan oleh Jabatan Pengarang. Keputusan tersebut telah ditentang oleh G13.

    Langkah memecat petugas-petugas ini diambil untuk mengelakkan daripada mendatangkan masalah kepada mereka kelak. G13 ini merupakan petugas yang setia kepada BERNAMA, Kerajaan dan Rakyat Malaysia yang menentang sekeras-kerasnya amalan rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa yang mana ada diantaranya telah berkhidmat selama lebih 20 tahun.

    Tidak lama lagi sebuah jabatan juga akan menerima nasib yang sama dengan 13 orang petugas ini. BERNAMA TV juga akan menerima nasib yang sama apabila syarikat yang dimiliki oleh Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd Annuar bin Zaini akan mengambilalih BERNAMA TV daripada BERNAMA. Ayat yang serupa, "Sertai kami atau kamu dibuang kerja".

    Amalan rasuah dan salahguna kuasa ini bukan sahaja dilakukan oleh pemimpin politik. Lebih hebat lagi diamalkan oleh tokoh-tokoh yang menyokong pemimpin politik.

  51. rocky why you got no guts to approve my comments which I posted yesterday huh?Are you so weak,just like those coward muslims who are behind the carnage in Bombay?If you are a sincere blogger you would have approved my comments,unless you are a racist hypocrite then I am sure you will never approve my comments.

  52. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I setuju dgn "A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING". better dont get involved .

    In fact kalau haramkan semua jenis senaman , I lagi syok !!!


  53. Anonymous10:49 pm

    So much for free speech huh, Rocky? You're blocking my comment posting.

  54. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Allah Almighty had issued a fatwa forbiding Muslim from practising birbery in the holy book but UMNO members never follow so what do you expect a religious body to issue fatwa on Yoga, lipstick and high heel and expecting their mother, sisters and daugther to follow?

  55. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Fed-Up said;
    Before we move any further lets us understand the roles and responsibilities of Majlis Fatwa. They have done NOTHING wrong by giving Fatwa on Yoga. Thats their duty to protect and guide Islam and Muslims.
    One thing i never understand until today. Why is Hindu Sangam want to poke their nose into other people affair? They should instead go to educate and teach their followers on how not to build temple illegally and everywhere like nobody business. Thats is their priorities and duty.
    Can you imagine when your land is encroach by this illegal temple builders? They blackmails and even threaten you just to make sure you don't evict them from your land. The politicians and lawmakers must make sure that all Malaysians citizen is abiding by the laws. Punish them heavily for encroaching into others people land or property. Thats does not belong to them.

  56. Anonymous12:08 am

    Aiya Kali Mabok! What u talking cock la. True la, Chinese take care of their people likewise the Hindrafs also ma. The S Hole Malay bosses in NSTP only interested in getting drunk and what else la... They couldn't be bothered with the well being and welfare of Malays in the NSTP although its Umno owned. The Chinese and Hindrafs in NSTP are taking advantage because Kalimullah Hassan exploited the stupid PM n Umno! So don't blame the Chinese n Indians for taking care n promoting their ppl la!


  57. Anonymous12:41 am

    Syed Feisal dah jalan, Jazilee pun dah jalan, Pat wahid pun ikut serta. Wahab, bila kau nak berambus dari NSTP?

    Ting4 BB

  58. Anonymous12:59 am


    You listen to a 12 year old kid?. Is he "baligh?"...never mind!


  59. Anonymous1:47 am

    Sudahlah.. janganlah nak extreme sangat.. WE DONT WANT WHAT HAPPENED TO MUMBAI TO HAPPEN IN KL!!!

    Religion is fine, money is fine, but please lah.. dont be extreme.. it's a thin line between GOD and SATAN!

  60. Anonymous1:48 am

    Apa salahnya bersenam sambil berzikir dengan niat untuk mendekat diri dengan tuhan. Mantera tu bahasa apapun boleh, Mandarin Tamil, Melayu, Enland, Peranchis asalkan ia memuji Allah yang Satu dan memuliakan Rasullah.

  61. Anonymous2:02 am

    From my personal experience, FATWA is merely a guideline.

    My children and I was not named as beneficiary to my late husband’s EPF, (a substantial amount) was still under his parents names (they are also his WARIS).

    FATWA stated that EPF should come under Harta Pusaka and should be distributed in accordance to FARAID?However EPF released all funds to them (EPF had it boldly printed that in cases of Muslims, distributions should be in accordance to FARAID – maybe as their obligatory reminder, does EPF really considered these funds as HARTA PUSAKA?).

    The beneficiaries having received these huge funds interpreted to me it was WASIAT, kept silent about it, fullstop. THE END!!! FATWA aside, human greed takes its claim.

    Implementation and enforcement ? wallahuallam.

  62. Anonymous2:36 am

    sudah la jangan gaduh2.

    nanti gaduh nanti, ramai yg berdarah.

    -takmau gado

  63. I understand Rocky gets around 250 messages he needs to delete daily.
    Susan Loone also had dozens to delete.
    I wonder how many does LKS...Anwar and M have to delete everyday.

  64. Anonymous7:12 am

    Rocky, Mai kita pakat ramai2 sokong kumpulan G13 Bernama dari cengkaman penyagak seperti Annuar Zaini balaci Sultan Perak! Mungkin ada baiknya Raja Nazrin bagi ceramah kat penyagak ni... Jangan risau G13, DS Najib dan Umno dok perhati gang Annuar Zaini, Kalimullah Hassan, Hishamudin Aun, Kamaruzaman Zainal, Chamil Warya...


  65. Anonymous8:12 am

    they are behaving more like angels instead of thinking of other people who want to enjoy yoga for exercise...not even doing a research if any muslims have converted to i dont think so a muslim will always be a muslim 98%.

    the jabatan agama islam should do lots of spring cleaning in their house before crossing the boundaries of their authourity.

    for instance raid clubs that has gambling machines which allow muslims to gamble.....many homes have been broken because of this.

    for instance the ministry of finance is also to be blamed for giving out such licences and keep a blind eye on allowing the licence holders to abuse their licence.

    i suggest conduct raids and close down the join if they find these places allow muslims to is a serious matter because my sister's husband is a habitual gambler and now they have separated and the children has to suffer.....go raid bukit antarabangsa oakleaf club...thats where my brother in law lost lots of money and his family suffered.

  66. Anonymous9:23 am

    Dato Sak,

    Its not a simple matter of Muslims converting into HInduism so easily.

    Gerak-geri tu yg menyerupai/menyamai hindu worship of their Gods...why would any sane Muslim want to follow an idolaters practise that is so abhorrent to Allah (the practise of SHIRK) even for the sake of exercise?

    Even then American doctors who are treating yoga-related injuries are stating that some of the movements have NO benefit exercise-wise.

    That is the crux of the matter here.


  67. Anonymous12:08 pm

    To those who wish to know/ understand about the yoga fatwa pls go to Jakim website. if ur BM is mediocre, there's an english translation as well.

  68. Dear anonymous is talking about shirk. It is interesting that he says that such 'gerak-geri' is 'so abhorrent' to Allah.

    I dont remember Allah saying that. Any gerak-geri is subject to INTENTION. Are u saying that just by moving your body in a particular motion is enough to be shirk? That is an idea which is monopolised by the insane and ignorant.

    The comment of this Anonymous (may he remain so, Amin) is provincial and ill-judged. It reveals more of the mental state of the commentator than anything at all to do with the subject matter.

    Abhorrent to Allah... jee whiz, man. get a grip. get a life. The crux of the matter... the crux of the matter is YOU.

  69. Anonymous5:50 pm

    (heha) : AIYAH ! can't u just bersilat dengan keris = dun beryoga lah ! not cukup troubles ka ?
    look at thailand & india now !

  70. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Mintak je Hindu Sangam dengan Sisters in Islam duduk kat Majlis Fatwa ke, Majlis Agama Islam Negeri ke...atau jadi Imam Sembahyang Jumaat...barulah Malaysia jadi negara Islam Hadhari...sesuai..sesuai untuk semua golongan Islam dan bukan Islam..

    Kah! Kah! Kah!

  71. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Hey Milky Tea (or should I say, Murky Tea ie Air Longkang)

    Si Reverend Christian (yang worship Trinity ie sama sesat) tu pun ada otak...ko ni orang Islam jugak tarak otak.

    Aku kesian kat ko.

    Ko pi lah minum arak then niat kerana Allah Taala.

    Sama kan dengan ko cakap tu?


    I'm gonna pour this tea down the drain.

    Too horrid to bear.

    Tak dak exercise lain ka bodoh?

    Yoga practiced as worship is already abhorrent to Allah sebab syirikkan Dia.

    Habis tu buat apa la ko nak pi jugak buat memenda yang ASALNYA perbuatan syirik walaupun ko dah "kosherkan" konon?

    Itulah orang yang tak dak perasaan kasih pada Allah.


  72. "ULAMA" CHRISTIAN pun cakap yoga tak boleh sebab menyalahi agama dia, kita orang Islam, Perdana Menteri dan Sultan kita nak menjaga hati orang lain LEBIH daripada kesucian agamaNYA.



    Majlis Fatwa dan Islam telah dikembirikan di Malaysia



  73. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Aiya reverend, u dont know ah this is Malaysia la! Anything can one under Abdullah Badawi ma. He also introduce new religion what @ Islam Hadari. What u talk cock ma #*&@%


  74. Baik masuk longkang dari berdiri atas tempurung macam katak berbahas dengan nama Allah. Jeritan batin mu bukan jeritan Allah, tapi ego seseorang individu yang berpaut kepada pegangan bahawa 'saya istimewa' dan 'saya lebih tahu'. Tidak ada apa2 kaitan dengan Rasul dan Allah, sebenarnya. Ok, saya masuk longkang saya, dan di dalam liang lahad nanti kita berbicara. Kerana di sini, kita masih bertopeng ego dan pandangan yang jauh dari intipati sanubari Baginda Tersayang.

    Benci - benci - benci ! Itu lah jeritan yang sering bergema. Semua benci. Saya amat pasti bukan itunya perangai Muhammad Habibullah al-Mustafa. Mintak maaf jike saya bershukur di atas segala yang ada di muka bumi. Kebenaran yang encik turuti bukan kebenaran yang kami turuti. Hati tertutup, mata masih buta, telinga tak dengar. Sebenarnya, kita semua serupa. Agama bukan untuk memecah belah antara cucu Adam. Tidak kah kau tahu bahawa setiap def2 terhormat segala agama suka memecah belahkan antara manusia? Mereka berkata, ini orang aku, ini Tuhan aku. Itu orang engkau, itu Tuhan engkau. Bangun lah! Jangan bermimpi lagi bahawa kita ni special sangat! Wasalaam.

  75. Anonymous11:11 pm

    You are an evil man Rocky, out to create ill-feelings amongst Malaysians. May God spare you from the fires of hell. Lina

  76. Anonymous7:26 am

    (heha) : after fatwa on 'yoga', then 'arak, rokok, seks, ......'
    what's NEXT ? maybe 'blogging' !

    after troubles in 'india, thailand'
    Next = ...!!??

  77. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Bagi orang2 muslim, tambahkan solat wajib bersama solat sunat, bukan saja badan dan akal sehat, Allah tambahkan lagi pahala anda.
    Kepada YCG, belom lagi keluar fatwa mengenai haram berdiri bersebelahan dan non-muslim. Kalau yang itu haram, tiada lah orang2 non muslim diMsia ni dari dulu lagi atau di negara2 Islam yang lain. Itu pon fatwa ini hanya lah untok orang2 muslim sahaja..

  78. Anonymous7:58 am

    Boleh lakukan senaman Yoga (pergerakan badan sahaja) dan menteranya ditukar kepada zikir seperti Subhanallah, Amdulillah, Walaillahhaillah.

    Seselai masalah.

  79. Anonymous9:03 am

    Pop pun haramkan Yoga, read this-
    Is Yoga Without Hindu Influence Still Yoga?
    The orgins of yoga reach all the way back to the Hindu religion, before Christ was even born. But many faithful churchgoers are chanting phrases from the Bible when they do their Downward Dog, and it's causing yoga purists to lose their cool.

    Susan Bordenkircher teaches a Monday night Christian yoga class called "Outstretched in Faith." "I approach each class as a way to share with people something great about their faith," she said. But which faith? Traditional yoga, with it's roots in the Hindu religion, predates Christianity.

    Its original goal was to develop self-awareness and find divinity within oneself. Those Hindu ideals offend some Christians. Pope Benedict XVI has warned that yoga "can degenerate into a cult of the body."

    When Bordenkricher, a devout Methodist, was first exposed to Yoga, she loved the exercise, but was turned off by some of the Hindu-based chanting. "It made me feel uncomfortable," she said. "It made me feel as if those were elements that I certainly did not want to participate in." So Susan joined a growing trend, modifying traditional yoga, replacing many of the Hindu chants with biblical phrases, or Christian themes.

    There are clear physical benefits to this kind of activity. It stretches the muscles and relaxes the body. But Yoga purists say that Yoga without Hinduism, isn't Yoga at all. "If you take a tree an chop off it's roots, then you don't have a tree, do you?" said Professor Subhas Tiwari, a professor of Yoga philosophy at Hindu University.

    ABC News' John Berman filed this report for "World News Tonight."

    An Indian saying : "There is no yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without yoga". Bhakti yoga is the way of exclusive devotion to God -- Shahpaskal