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Sultan Azlan speaks up

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History, political evolution and spirit of Malay nationalism.

“It is the understanding and agreement under the social contract that enables the country to be successful, harmonious and stable." - Raja Azlan

Read The Star's article here.

The Perak Ruler said that although Malaysia is a multiracial country, it is still based on the history, political evolution and spirit of Malay nationalism. He stressed that the Malays need an assurance that their status, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, is not threatened while the rights of other races are protected.

More than a thousand people marched to the Istana Kuala Kangsar to submit a memorandum to Sultan Azlan. The gathering was organised by Malay groups in Perak, Selangor and KL.

I'd take it as a gentle reminder following the Conference of Rulers' special statement on the social contract here.


  1. Anonymous3:57 am

    The Sultans are almost the last reminder that we to our race religion and nation. We, the Malays had fought hard, and through courage and determination that we have reached where we are today.

    Malay nationalism is a subject alien to many liberal Malays that had be bred and brought up overseas.

    Khairy Jamaluddin has called for an end to right wing politics, i.e. The Malay Agenda. Usually, we would kick and politically slaughter politicians like KJ and Zaid if they dare to make pronouncements in that nature.

    UMNO Youth has lost their balls.

  2. Anonymous4:23 am

    I thought UMNO says it's not "Malay culture" to demonstrate......

  3. Anonymous6:48 am


    Had we known earlier about this gathering, our whole family would have voluntarily joined in... Orang Kuala Kangsar kito ni semua... anytime akan turun bagi semangat!!!

    Sayang NegaraKu

  4. Anonymous7:46 am

    Very touching. It is a pity that our newspapers did not report what HH said when Hindu & Chinese temples were being destroyed or non-Malays were and still are being discriminated against in Govt offices by Malay officers when they try to obtain services that are their right,too.

    By the way, what did he say then?

  5. Anonymous9:21 am

    Daulat Tuanku!

    I love the DYMM Raja MELAYU Perak statement. I wish that I am the copywrite to the text. Otherwise, I would have added something klike this; "Ababila orang Melayu sakit hati, meraka akan mengamuk dan mengalau orang2 Cina naik bot ke Lautan Cina dan orang2 India balik ke Lautan India".

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  6. Anonymous9:27 am

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    Statements like this will not induce Malaysians who are tired of "playing the game" from re-locating overseas, bringing their skills and money to places where they feel more welcome and where the playing field is a little bit more level.

    It will not act as an additional inducement for MNCs and foreign investors to put their operations and funds in Malaysia. Why should they take on the headache of coping with the requirements of "the social contract" and it's spinoffs, permutations and ramifications when other countries and economies offer a simpler and more transparent environment?

    It may be the case that there are "rules of the game" in Malaysia. The flip side of that is that people do not have to accept the rules of the game, when other competition venues are available. And that applies equally to Malaysians, MNCs and foreign investors.

    In a globalised world, nothing is forever writ in stone. Not laws, not edicts, not policies, not theories. It is a fact worth pondering on.

    The Wall Street Journal, in an op-ed column on Nov 6 that commented on Obama's election success, wrote:

    "Slavery and Jim Crow are part of America's history, and racial preferences, however misguided, have been an attempt to atone for the past. But Mr Obama's own success and the success of initiatives banning racial discrimination are signs that America wants to move past the era of racial spoils or favoritism and toward a new era of color-blind opportunity for all".

    It is something that Malaysian ministers rushing to congratulate Mr Obama might want to reflect on.

  7. Anonymous9:29 am

    Dear Rocky,
    If there was a contract, I think it should be honored both ways.
    Don't harp on Malay right when we insidiously change the playing field.
    It is disheartening to see even places of higher learning being changes into racial camps (MARA,USIM,UTAR etc). It disheartening to see civil service being dominated by Malays to almost in totality.
    On other hand, there is similar discrimination in private sector, which will be strenuously denied by the chinese and indians. Probably this is a retaliation of the above.
    I don't see an end to this problem, unless (perhaps) ALL malaysians, become friend from childhood. Same school should help.


  8. Looks like an UMNO crowd to me. At least they are consistent in their racist views. Maybe because they are well rewarded for it. Previously this attitude would have been tolerated but now the political landscape seems to be changing. BN has a viable alternative, and the support levels indicate so. BN barely scrapped together a 51% popular vote count, and that after including all the pengundi hantu and undi pos they can muster. If it had not been for Sabah and Sarawak, they would have been in deep trouble for sure.

    I expect them to lose even more in the next GE; a slow but certain retreat into oblivion. Their fate is mirrored by Gerakan, MIC and MCA. At least Gerakan and MCA are trying to reform and re-engage their lost support base.

    MIC is still in autopilot and will soon be a mere passenger - Samy Vellu has proven to be a liability, not a leader.

    Being corrupt means you have to remain so. Kickbacks to the lower echelons for support have resulted in that being the main criteria for being "a good leader" in BN. I do not expect this to change in the UMNO AGM and so far I have been proved correct. Zaid has been demonised as a tainted member because of his previous suspension. Fair enough I say. But so has Isa Samad, Muhd Muhd Taib, Rafidah Aziz and even Mahathir Mohamed carry the same baggage of being tainted by corrupt practices. I gues I do not know how UMNO members split hairs.

    I think sooner or later, the definition of the so-called social contract can no longer be monopolised by UMNO. Large sections of the Malay community are now convinced this present UMNO definition is simply to line their own pockets while tossing them scraps. It is good they have woken up and not buying the notion that only UMNO can safeguard their interest. Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi is the general sentiment permeating the Malay community regarding UMNO.

    For UMNO members, it was good while it lasted, but surely you can't expect to feed at the public trough forever. Someone WILL call your bluff. For the last 27 years the corrupt have called UMNO their party. It is time the interests of the rakyat take precedence over parochial political interests as manifest by the BN political leadership.

    Well I don't have homes in Argentina or Australia or in any other country for that matter so here I am. This is interesting times for Malaysia and looks like we orang awam will be witnesses to it.

  9. So different from the son.

    Assurance? It is assured in our constitution. We are blur, o Sultan.

  10. Anonymous9:33 am


    I would suggest bloggers to read "Chiang Kai Shek and the China he lost" - how the rulers and warlord torture their own people for their own benefit.

    Altough they have one of the largest piece of land in this world to share and history of 5000 years, yet lots of them migrated to all over the world .

  11. Begging your pardon, Bro Rocky.

    What of the Orang Asal then?

  12. Anonymous9:48 am

    The Perak Ruler stressed that the Malays need an assurance that their status as enshrined in the Federal Constitution is not threatened while the right of other races are protected?? THE MALAYS NEED AN ASSURANCE? Assurance for what? SINCE WHEN DID THE OTHER RACES FEEL THREATENED AND NEED TO FEEL PROTECTED? From what and/or whom?

    Nah! like that la!!! Every little bit thing, feel threatened. Have a female non-Malay as an ACTING GM for PKNS also feel threatened. Have signage in other languages also feel threatened. Raised the quota for non-Malays to enter Universities also feel threatened. Have a church instead of a mosque in a housing estate also feel threatened. Have Chinese type schools also feel threatened. Anything and everything can and will make these malays feel so threatened that they will put on their Sunday best and MARCH! With or without sash! This is utterly CRAZY! and to think that a well learnt Ruler entertaining such maddness... I got nothing to say!

    HOW INSECURE CAN THE MALAYS BE?? Isnt their status enshrined in the Federal Constitution? What does enshrined means? This is so ala airheaded housewifey style.

    The other races have never question the rights of the Malays unless they are provoked. Calling other races a PENDATANG, Waving the keris and saying that the keris shall be bathe in Chinese blood, toying around with the Keris and claiming to want to mempertahankan ketuanan melayu are sure win ways to make the other races jump up and start an attack on the enshrined rights.

    My fellow Malays, think a bit la! Nobody will question your rights if you dont go round telling the other races to balik tongsan jika tak suka. Always so scared and insecure is call spoilt and childish. Grow up la! The whole God damn world is changing and yet, you are still stuck, rooted there at 1900!!

  13. “It is the understanding and agreement under the social contract that enables the country to be successful, harmonious and stable." - Raja Azlan

    " is still based on the history, political evolution and spirit of Malay nationalism. He stressed that the Malays need an assurance that their status, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, is not threatened while the rights of other races are protected."

    Sadly the Sultan in making those statements is making nothing but a populist statement.

    The so called social contract supposedly agreed upon was made at a time when the assumptions underpinning the lives of the parties to that "non-existent contract" were or may have been true at the time that it was made.

    No one talks or wants to talk about what those assumptions were or might have been. But to give some idea, just imagine, the Malay party would have gone to the talks after having had his breakfast of nasi lemak at home. The Chinese guy after Dim sum and the Indian guy after thosai or idli. And none of them would have the faintest idea how it would have tasted. It is different today.

    Fact is the assumptions underpinning the so called social contract of pre-merdeka days don't apply today. Indeed it would be rather strange and totally out of place.

    Maybe the Sultan ought to look deeper down and try and relate the assumptions that may have been valid then to see how valid they are today. And if they are not, then we don't really have a valid social contract today, do we?

    When the social contract of over 50 years ago is seen to be invalid today, how then, relevant is our constitution itself?

    It would seem like the Malaysian Constitution is caught in a time warp intending for it to apply on a people whose assumptions about one other is supposed to remain unchanged into eternity.

    Compare that to the American Constitution. It did not need to be looked into for a black son of a temporary migrant on possibly a student visa becoming the President of the country.

  14. if you're genuinely strong, then no need to be afraid.

    it's when ur strong bcos of the " tongkat " or bcos of the " subsidies " that he constantly feel threatened.

    It's like inferiority complex

  15. Anonymous10:17 am

    I don't get it.

    What is this paranoia about Malays losing out politically or socio-economically when the electorate itself is majority Malay? When the Federal Constitution is our guide?

    When the electorate itself is majority Malay, election outcomes are only reflective of the majority Malay will, whichever party/political group or ideals/policies they may support or want for themselves.

    So what's with this cautious fear? Why the constant reminder about a vague 'social contract'? Where is it written down?

    If it is unwritten, then whose interpretation of it is the right one?

    Mahathir says one thing, Professor Ungku Aziz says another thing. Alias Yusof has his view too:

    "Hampir semua orang Cina dan orang India yang menjadi warganegara Malaysia hari ini adalah lahir di bumi Malaysia ini. Kesetiaan dan kecintaan mereka kepada Malaysia memang tidak boleh disangsikan. Di sinilah tempat mereka dilahirkan dan disini jugalah tempat mereka mahu dikebumikan.

    Oleh itu ‘kontrak sosial’ yang pernah dipersetujui untuk suasana di masa yang lalu itu memang tidak relevan lagi. Kita tidak kira kaum seharusnya mempunyai hak yang sama, tidak ada siapa harus menjadi ‘tuan’ dan tidak ada siapa juga yang harus menjadi ‘hamba’. Kita bukan lagi berdepan dengan pekerja asing dari China dan dari India seperti sebelum merdeka dulu, tetapi sekarang kita berdepan dengan orang Cina dan India yang lahir di bumi ini."

    Now, the concretely written Federal Constitution already guarantees that the rights of the Malays, and the rights of the non-Malays be respected and preserved.

    So why talk about an undefined, unwritten social contract?

    The Constitution is the strongest document and safeguard for the Malays and other races.

    So when we have the Constitution, why bother about a 'social contract' over which different politicians and individuals have different interpretations or views over it?

    Why not just say or remind the following: "let's uphold and defend to the death the Federal Constitution and the rights of all Malaysian peoples guaranteed in it?"

    This is the fundamental issue we, the Malays and non-Malays, should never ever lose sight of.

    Let us not blindly accept views or decrees, whoever's it may be. Let use our God-given thinking capability (akal) to carefully judge and evaluate their truth, value and validity before accepting them.



  17. Sultan Azlan is a one of the wisest Sultan we ever had. He is a man full of wisdom. If this UMNO goons continue to politicise and pester Sultan Azlan for no apparent reasons, i am very sure that all of them will be banished as he is empowered to do so.
    And when this happens, UMNO would be humiliated to the core cause the Sultan has "Murka".
    Don't play play with Sultan of Perak. Everyone knows Sultan Perak is not to be reckoned with !

  18. Anonymous10:42 am

    Bro rocky,

    Do they have artikel 153 and perlembaggaan to protect their own people in China and India?

    Or their ruler purposely don't want to have it so that nobody will take care of them except the politician.

    I hold what I have.

  19. Anonymous10:56 am

    hey Malay rights, my favorite topic!

    GO Sultan Azlan, go Rocky.

    Regardless, I have written on a touchy subject regarding the UMNO Youth Race.

    ''Malaysia’s Obama: Khairy Jamaluddin or Mukhriz Mahathir?''

  20. Anonymous11:13 am

    just to remind the sultans their dawlah is to collect zakat and distribute to the needy ...

    that's what Allah commands them to do ....

  21. Anonymous11:16 am

    Afterall in Malaysia why bite the hand that feeds you these royals.
    anti royal

  22. Anonymous11:18 am

    they pathetically couldnt reach at least ten thousand people who really agreed with such lame ideology. unlike BERSIH, at least hundred thousands were there, supporting the idea that we are in dire need of cleaner election system and its commissioners, as Mr. Clean is no longers clean. ;)

    yes, melayu leka hilang kuasa, but melayu tamak negara tergadai is much crucial.

  23. Anonymous11:27 am

    Don't trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you.


  24. You mean Sultan Azlan thinks the majority should guarantee the minority, when the Constitution which encapsulates the agreed special position of the Malays is very, very clear?

    Pretty strange political or social contract, don't you think?

    Of course, if the Constitution is interpreted to mean that 80%-90%% of civil & Govt service jobs and contracts, scholarships and places in higer education institutions should go to 1 Race, then it is not the 'Others' who should take another read at the Constitution.

    And, it was not just 1 Race which fought for and secured Independence. Know your history!!

  25. the post!! be RELEASED TODAY ....AT 4PM....SHAH ALAM HIGH COURT!!

  26. Anonymous12:56 pm

    One thing's for sure, the World or even the Universe can change, but Malaysia will never change under its race-based policies. Think about it fellow Malaysians.

    My equal rights are enshrined in the Constitution but nullified by a clause in the same Constitution.
    Read below:

    Article 8
    Article 8 by clause (1) provides that all persons are equal before the law and entitled to its equal protection.

    Clause 2 states: “Except as expressly authorised by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent, gender or place of birth in any law or in the appointment to any office or employment under a public authority or in the administration of any law relating to the acquisition, holding or disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation or employment.”

    The exception in clause 2 is used to justify the reservations and special provisions for the Malays and the Bumiputras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153.


    Joe Public

  27. Anonymous1:07 pm

    If the constitution is so sacrosanct, then why were there so many hundreds constitutional amendments over the last 50 years since our independence?

    The American constitution have seen less than 30 amendments (less than 20 actually because the first 10 were even before first ratification) for more than 200 years.

    My conclusion is that it all boils down to this: interested and dominant parties will always cherry pick whatever pieces that suit their agenda to beat their breasts with and pronounce as their inviolable right.

    Old fart's comments make the most sense in this silly debate. There are good constitutions and bad ones. The American one is probably good, since it brought them that far, but there are still tiresome bits about rights to bear arms that have pained them quite a bit. The communist's one definitely need so reworking.

    So what about the Malaysian one? Perfect from day one? Only if you are in the winning end, baby!

    - Non-Expert

  28. Anonymous1:07 pm

    you ni memang racist in the closet bru .dah lama i tahu.

  29. Anonymous1:47 pm

    I think Professor Azly R punya comment on top is betul.......

  30. Who is threatening the rights of the Malays in this country anyway????????? Don't forget the history of Kesultanan Melaka, whereby help from the Chinese were sought to fight the intrusions from the Siams. If not, I think this land will belong to Thais long time ago!!!!!
    So, the one who threatens the Malays right in this country is actually UMNO Malays themselves. They took from us the rakyat and "pay" themselves from the back doors. Don't you guys get it??????

  31. Anonymous3:13 pm

    sayadahbosan said:

    masa kempen propaganda bersih hari tu aku ingat lagi puak2 ni cukup hepi berdaulat tuanku daulat tuanku daulat tuanku penuh dalam mesej macam tak cukup ruang nak berdaulatkan tuanku bila nazrin bagi titah ucapan yang nampak seperti menyokong perjuangan mereka ni.

    tapi bila titah ucapan yang tak kena dengan haluan mereka tetiba tak bagus pulak anak raja sorang ni.

    nampak sangat hipokrit tahap dewa komunis.

    itulah sebabnya kalau dah ada daki darah komunis cuci guna sabun mahal macam mana pun tak boleh hilang perangai komunisnya.

    ini la akibatnya simpan ramai sangat keturunan komunis dalam negara ni.

    akudahbosan dengan rakyat malaysia yang tak reti bahasa. manakan tidak cakap bahasa melayu pun ramai tak reti lagi. tunggang langgang.

    comrade... lu bodoh punya komunis.

  32. Anonymous3:14 pm

    too much goyim here.. sick..

  33. umno is desperate and using the rulers as shield ...

    be careful coz we are not suppose to insult the rulers ...

    to Ketuanan Rakyat!

  34. Anonymous3:49 pm


    after read few comments above, i thanks for Sultan Perak make such statement!!!


  35. Anonymous4:36 pm


    I believe no one is insulting the Rulers. You insult someone when you use harsh, unreasonable and unbecoming words against them, or belittle their person and character.

    It is important to realise however that we can discuss, criticise and evaluate ideas and opinions, whether they originate from the Rulers or others. As humans we learn from one another and help inform one another. No one all-knowing and ignorance-free.

    Rulers are entitled to their opinions and statements. So are we.

    Rulers are humans. Just as we are.

    No one makes final or permanently correct or permanently right decisions or opinions. Only facts are facts (such as "we will all pass away" -- this is irrefutable).

    All other opinions and views are open to rational and polite debate, discussion and criticism. This applies to all human beings.

    But in doing so, we should never insult or injure the personality or character of the Ruler or of any other person. This is not right.

  36. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Non-Expert 1:07 pm:

    You say our Constitution has been amended many times by special interest parties.


    This is why misalnya DAP as a party upholds the Federal Constitution very, very strongly as it was first created. DAP has been consistently solid in its support of the original Constitution.

    This principled attitude is one of the reasons why Tunku Abdul Aziz (former head of Transparency International Malaysia and former advisor to Bank Negara) decided to join DAP as his party of choice.

  37. Anonymous4:51 pm

    who says that only Malays feel "threatened"?.Chinese and Indians also feel "threatened".why i said that?because MCA and MIC have been demanding some things before this.during the dr.M era,there were not really so much demands unlike now.

    someone talked about the "Bersih" demonstration that happened.but really did "Bersih" really was a huge success?i dont know if a big turn-out during the demonstration is what we called a "big success".

  38. As a Malaysian Indian, I would agree that Social Contract may still be relevant but only if relevant parties adhere to principles and practise what they preach.

    At the moment that is not the case. With rights comes responsibility.

    Everyone should strive to uphold the priciple agreed upon wihout being suspicious with each other. Honesty and not greed should be the key here.

    And relationship between races should start from the young which means they should all go to one school so that they can understand each other better, get comfortable, know each other's beliefs and culture.

    This would also mean only one school for all malaysia, national school (not malay school). I for one when to a national school and benefitted tremendously. What I gained can be never experienced by those who went to a vernacular school.

    Are education groups, parents and politicans agree to this??


  39. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Hello Semua,

    Isu ni senang sahaja.
    Semua masuk Islam.
    Semua cakap bahasa Malaysia.
    Maka semua jadi bangsa Malaysia.
    Lepas tu bolehlah orang macam Obama jadi Perdana Menteri di Malaysia.


  40. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Sejarah membuktikan bahawa baangsa dari Tongsan adalah bangsa pengkhianat apabila ia nampak peluang. Ingat tak bagaimana ia sedia tolong Feringgi dengan kapal jongnya apabila menyerang Melaka (Baca Tom Pires..,) Selepas itu ia bersekongkol dengan British pula untuk mula-mula memufliskan khazanah bumi negeri Selat dan merampas tanah dan harta melayu kemudian membantai hasil bumi Tanah Melayu mulai tahun 1874menerusi perjanjian Pangkor. Perjanjian yg dimeterai setelah kongsi gelapnya menjahanamkan keamanan melalui Perang Larut, 1, 2, 3...habis tu triad cina dibawah perlindungan surat sungai membaham perut bumi Johor, apabila dah baham, ia berubah wajah menjadi:
    The Ngee Heng leaders had foreseen that a brotherhood like the Ngee Heng was no longer an appropriate organisation to
    represent the interests of the Chinese and buried the connections to a past that were no longer relevant. It is also questionable whether as merchants, they were really comfortable with the brotherhood’s martial spirit, secret rituals and blood oaths. They
    preferred to replace it with the Chinese Association of Johor Bahru which is a modern style organisation with elected office-bearers governed by an approved constitution......

    Pengaruh samseng ini telalh lama menular keseluruh pelusuk tananh Melayu, sedikit demi sedikit:

    Lihat nukilan ini:

    Some of the major disturbances were:

    — Malacca, 1848: Disturbances in Malacca between the Hai San and the
    Ghi Hin. The former had reached a powerful situation due to their
    control of the tin mines at Kesang.
    — Singapore, 1854: The Singapore riots of 1854 raged for ten days in
    which 400 Chinese were killed. Opinion differs whether the riots was a
    clash between the rival secret societies, the Ghi Hin and the Ghi Hok,
    or whether it arose out of the long standing hostility between Hokkiens
    and Teochews in China (Lee, 8)
    — Penang, 1867: Penang riots of 1867 involving some 30,000 Chinese
    and 4,000 Malays was a conflict between the Ghi Hin and their allies
    the White Flag Society, and the Toh Pek Kong and their allies the Red
    Flag Society.
    • Their conflict is raised to a higher level of significance when they became
    involved in Malay politics as in the
    — Larut Wars of 1862-73 involved the Hai San on the side of Ngah
    Ibrahim and the Ghi Hin on the side of Raja Abdullah.
    — Selangor Wars of 1862-65 in which Yap Ah Loy head of the Hai San,
    supported Raja Mahdi against Raja Abdullah.

    ini baru mukadimah mengenai kebejatan moral dan sosial bangsa ini. belum lagi cerita bagaimana mereka lanyak hasil bumi utuk kepentingan bangsa mereka diCina, bagaimana mereka menyokong Tung Meng Hui dan selepasnya parti komunis Cina apabila bermastaautin di Tanah Melayu, bagaiamana mereka adakan rangkaian dagangan ala kongsi(The term kongsi has a multiplicity of meanings as Wang Tai Peng has pointed out (Wang, 1). It is generally used to refer to any firm or partnership, and has also been used to refer to any group or
    society in a very broad sense. Wang himself is more precise: “my definition of kongsi is that it was a form of open government, based on an enlarged partnership and brotherhood”. This synthesis of partnership and sworn brotherhood, he says, was
    uniquely Chinese) dan seterusnya bersuhabat dengan Tuan Bill bagi meraih niaga borong, org tengah dan runcit. bagaimana mereka adalah anak emas Tuan Bill dinegeri2 selat, bagaimana mereka menyuburkan industri pelacuran di Malaysia,dan banyak lagi kisah sejarah yang ada dalam simpanan saya.dalam bentuk artikel dan buku bukan dinukil oleh orang gila tetapi oleh para ilmuwan.

    maka hanya, chingkie lovva yang lembut dan bapok akan bermuamalat dengan bangsa laknat ini tanpa segan silu dan was2. Kini mereka sehati sejiwa dengan Tuan Johnson dan kuncunya Posmen Mamat serta Imam Haprak untuk membaham bangsa Melayu buat kali terakhir tetapi kali ini menghancurkan agama Islam sama-sama. Ini natijah dari orang Melayu tidak bersatu padu. Mereka ingat kalau laung slogan samarata, liberal dsbnya, mereka maju, moden, kontemporari dan bertamadun. Sudah tentu Chingkie akan menyayangi mereka sehidup semati. Masalah ini timbul kerana tiada pendedahan sejarah yang khusus mengenai kebejatan bangsa pengkhianat ini dari segi sejarah sosio-ekonomi Malaya sebelum Merdeka diperingkat sekolah. Nenek moyang kita mengetahui akan kebejatan tersebut dengan mata kepala mereka lantas mereka buat perlembagaan dan menyerahkan hak jus soli berasaskan "sosial kontrak".

    Sejak itu, chingkie bersumpah nak padamkan sosial kontrak ini dari ingatan kolektif. Ini dilakukan melalui penafsiran semula isu sejarah dengan menggunakan ilmuwan upah, mengutarakan elemen toleransi orang melayu, sikap kerjasama yang omong2 serta melalui pelbagai cara lain. Dengan tiada fakta sejarah bagi menafikan pemalsuan sejarah ini serta menyedarkan masyarakat akan bahaya gelombang kuning maka tidak heranlah kejahatan bangsa barua ini kian dilupakan apatah lagi apabila pelajaran sejarah dipandang enteng. Malah telah timbul kealpaan dikalangan generasi baru Melayu yang disogok dengan hiburan bukan Ilmu. lantas, chingkie bersama Posmen mamat dan imam Haprak mengambil kesempatan menusuk jarum.

    Sudah tiba masanya, aspek ini diperhalusi kembali bagi menyedarkan umum akan bahaya kuning yang menanti dipintu.

    Warrior 231

  41. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Rocky, i know u practise free speech and all, but i can't help noticing how some commentators can really insult our Sultans and our Constitution, as if they have no respect at all for our nation's institution, eg like the amoker.

    Anyway, in something not related to this subject, i hope one day the UK and also the European countries will impose visas for our people, coz i feel i serves us right for not respecting the said country's law and regulations. If you know how to respect others and the law in your own country, i guess it's safe to let you out. Setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga. This way, Malaysians will appreciate what our country has and learn how to assimilate to become a better malaysian, speak Bahasa malaysia, go to one national school and am proud of our Kings, flag, national anthem and of our people's effort and achievement. Don't ask what our country can do for you, but what you can do for your own country.
    I read Malaysians in Singapore will have to prepare to lose jobs there. UK is tightening its immigration laws. Maybe next the EU will follow. So learn now to respect others, assimilate and love each other. It's really shameful to hear Malaysians who do not even know how to speak Bahasa Malaysia properly, or know our nation's history.
    Also make me wonder, what has China national history and culturism got to do with malaysia? Aren't we suppose to integrate?
    Some hardcore chinese nationalists who are Malaysians may not agree with me, but if you can consider to integrate your chinese education into the national education system, and make it better with the core being Malaysian culture and history, i don't see the need for any more chinese schools. If these people agree, i think the Malays will also abolish the NEP. Each have to sacrifice.

  42. the world heritage body should step in and fund the preservation of the malay culture and tradition

    some sector of society are bent on dismantling the malay agenda

    adakah melayu akan hilang didunia??

  43. those who ALWAYS use globalisation as a lame excuse to deny the rights of the malaysian malays should comment on this site

    p.s. the globalised country has gone bankrupt and Obama is half white

  44. Anonymous9:22 pm


    DOn't learn from Ahmad Ismail. Learn from RPK. Let's put a STOP to racist remarks. Is there something called Master race or Supreme race in Malaysia? No such race exists. Everyone, every race, fought hard to where we are today, although we are still far far behind from where we should have been. The NEP should target for every race, not just Malay. If the Malays need help, help them, if the chinese needs help, help them. if the indian needs help, help them! Why must it be differentiated based on race!??? If the majority that needs help are Malays, the majority help go to Malays., that is ok, but please stop using race/religion to determine who should do what! This thiking is idiot!

    Passer by.

  45. As commented by some, Rocky is a racist. I've also observed that this blog is a playground for wild racist pigs. I hunt and eat wild pigs. I'm yet to taste the meat of wild racist pigs. Perhaps it's made bitter of hatred, sour with insecurity and infested with racist worms.

    Don't forget that had it not been for Sabah and Sarawak, Ketuanan Melayu would now be unheard of.

    Rocky, when are you going to graduate for your Malay Mail class? I thought with so many years of experience in the press, you would have shed your tabloid-style sensationalist mentality. Or is it a case of 40 years of experience, but it's 1 year experience repeated 39 times?

  46. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Oh please Balan, contract my foot! You have been using this blog to promote your own! How unscrupulous!

  47. Anonymous11:11 pm

    “It is the understanding and agreement under the social contract that enables the country to be successful, harmonious and stable."

    yes,but people can choose not to understand and agree...and they have their reasons for choosing to do so. i don't expect the social contract to go down without being debated, and healthy debate should be allowed, not quelled.



  48. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    If you're sincere about helping the malays then get the govt to improve the standard of education and give the malays proper education like pre 1970s.

    It's through education that you can equipped them to improve their standard of living. NEP has been abused by BN to help dozens of RM1million cronies (bumi and non-bumis) and not helping the millions of RM1 rakyats.

    As the saying goes, it's better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish because in the former the man can continue to be self sufficient whilst in the latter after finishing the fish, that's the end.

    We should relook at Tun Razak's legacy ie Felda where he said he shall give every farmer a fishing rod so that they can be a fisherman for life.

    'Bila dah sesat baliklah ke pangkal'.

  49. Anonymous1:12 am

    Pelik betul. Kata orang Malaysia tapi tak mahu pakai Bahasa Malaysia. Tak mahu hormat raja yang ada di Malaysia.

    Apa kata kalau orang Malaysia kata bakar colok besar paha tu mencemarkan udara. Apa kata kalau orang Malaysia kata buat perarakan kavadi tu menyusahkan orang ramai.

    Apa kata kalau orang Malaysia haramkan Monopoli dan mengsosialis kan ekonomi macam Republik Cina ?

    Apakata kita ikut republik Cina? Tembak penipu putar belit, perasuah dan penerima rasuah sampai mati?

    Setuju tak?

  50. Anonymous6:26 am

    Hi Rahman 3:57am
    Is the Malays really courage and determine? Are you so sure Malays have reach a level that every one of you are proud off?

    Malays are neither courage non having determination. Give them 30% shares and next thing they cash out. That is the reason why they always complaint that they don't have 30% equity. Who is to blame? Blame the Malays of course.

    Malays only think that they only have to catch up with the Chinese since they can marginalize the Indians, Kandazans, Dayaks and Orang Asli but they didn't know that in the world series they are far behind the Japanese, The Europeans, Chinese, Americans, Korean, Thai.....

    The Malays can never catch up with the Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, you can never match them in language & Science. The mind of Malays are already corrupted by religion, preoccupied with issue that will never put them ahead.

    Sorry for saying such unkind words, before you attack me please reflect and think it is true first.

    If you disagree than please list out what have Malays done to improve themselves without mentioning another race.

  51. Anonymous6:35 am

    To know if a country is great, average or lousy is very simple;

    In a great country it is the majority giving way and protect the minority. Be it race, religion, gender or otherwise.

    In a lousy country the majority attack the minority.

    So Malaysia is really a lousy country, I doubt the Sultans can understand this.

    Wen Jia Bou

  52. Anonymous8:36 am

    these pencacai are up to no good. always creating chaos amngst the rakyat like the penang fella( wearing big ring)

  53. agree with balan, that vernacular schools should cease to exist for national unity to prevail

  54. Anonymous9:49 pm

    ha ha ha ... so funny seeing the Chinese screaming!!! Don't you understand, ...we don't want you here get it! Shoo shoo...

    - Aku

  55. 1st of all this is not demonstration.. Its already become permit event which sultan also present..

    How many times the ruler must say this? Stop playing with fire..

    The constitution shall be respect & honor not questioned & kicked..

    If the constitution been questioned, malays can also questioned the citizenship given to those not having before 1957..

  56. Anonymous9:04 am

    aik, no FRU, tear gas, chemical spray... ini double standard ni!

    Fair Malaysian

  57. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Baitibadarudin and Balan:

    For vernacular schools to stop existing, we have to raise the standards of education in our sekolah-sekolah kebangsaan to equal that in vernacular schools!

    This is one of the major reasons why vernacular schools are a reasonable alternative: because the standards of education in our sekolah kebangsaan is at least perceived as are watered down and not up to scratch for the current world.

    If we raise the standard, hold all students equal, then we can certainly abolish vernacular schools. After all, if vernacular schools are lousy, why do people like Ariff Shah (who contested in Permatang Pauh) send their children to Chinese schools?

    So before we say lets abolish Chinese or Tamil schools, do the following in the mainstream education system (kebangsaan system):

    1. Ensure meritocracy
    2. Ensure high standards
    3. Ensure that the Malay, Chinese and Tamil languages are adequately taught
    4. Minimise segregation or division between students along racial or religious identities

  58. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Anonymous 1:12 am:

    Komunisma style China lain daripada sosialisma (misalnya sosialisma style Sweden).

    Jangan campur adukkan sosialisma dengan komunisma. Dan ingat juga bahawa kapitalisma tulen banyak kelemahannya dan memihak kepada golongan tertentu (elit).

  59. Anonymous7:14 pm

    SenangSahaja 5:56 pm:

    Kalau nak jadi cam Obama kau mintak semua orang masuk Islam??

    Jangan pulak berfikiran sempit.

    Orang bukan Muslim dan bukan Melayu layak menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia selagi dia setia kepada tanah bumi ini dan rakyatnya tidak kira kaum dan agama. Ini yang penting sekali. Tak perlu ubah satu negara jadi negara Muslim. Ianya tidak praktikal dan tidak bermanfaat. Kepelbagaian yang wujud di Malaysia dari segi agama dan budaya merupakan aset kepada negara.

    Lagipun, kalau seseorang itu Muslim pun tidak bererti orang itu akan berbakti kepada negara atau automatik orang itu dikira amanah. Lihat sahaja UMNO yang terdiri daripada 100% orang Muslim dan Melayu. Baik sangat ke? Tidak langsung.

    Ramai ahli-ahli parlimen kita yang muda, yang bukan Melayu (misalnya dalam PKR dan DAP) jelas berdedikasi demi memperjuangkan satu Malaysia yang makmur dan adil bagi segenap lapisan rakyat. Jelas dari ini bahawa tidak perlunya kita mengIslamkan satu Malaysia atau meMelayukan satu Malaysia untuk mencapai satu Malaysia yang adil, maju dan makmur.

    Kalau kita berpegang teguh kepada prinsip-prinsip dan nilai-nilai moral, menghormati dan bangga dengan kepelbagaian bangsa dan budaya di negara kita, setia kepada negara dan memperjuangkan kebaikan negara kita secara menyeluruh, dah dikira kita ini Bangsa Malaysia. Tak perlunya masuk Melayu atau masuk Islam.

  60. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Listen people, prepare for war. If you people in Malaya want to know how much the people of Borneo despise and loathe you, the 'tale' below probably can give some hint:

    A Tale from Borneo
    By Christhoper K. Knight

    Yes, stranger, this is a tale for the children in grown up men; a child in a man who wants to be fooled but fooled in a delicate way, funny way, meaningful way; a tale of pursuits and of legend, of heroes and villains, of adventure, mystery and suspense, of tribulation and victory, of violence and of romance. Oh, and what a delight we do not have to look to as far as Europe to find a Middle Age story of our own.

    So you have come to hear this great tale from Borneo. Or is it the legend of Borneo headhunters that has brought you here? The fable of Sara the Tree Whisperer is also amusing, mind you. But choose not, you can find all of that in this story I am about to tell you. Perhaps you should order us another drink, maybe three.

    To begin with the usual line, once upon a time in Borneo Island there is this story of a revolution. The year is 2008, long before there is telephone or train.

    It is the time in the history of Malaysia when the sky is darkened with smoke billowing from scorched rubbles below, and as far as one can see everywhere is carnage. Nowhere is calm while three nations square up to one another over a thing that was never there – a country.

    On the rugged plain in a peninsula known today as Malaya, live the goblins, the trolls and the ogres – pronounced ORKs. You can distinguish between them by the colour of the skin: Pale is goblin, dark is troll, and red is ogre. Ogres, pronounced ORKs, have more say in many things done in Malaya because they are many. Yet the wealthy ones among the Malayans are usually the goblins, because they are also clever at cheating others. The trolls are nasty folks. They are tall, dark and handsome-not, and they are querulous as soon as their number grows to five. What dislike you found in a goblin or an ogre you can find two times the dislike in a troll.

    The ogres, pronounced ORKs, are not friendly to anyone, in particular foreign women. Just the other night they tore apart a woman from Mongolia. All she ever did wrong was kissing an ogre. No one knows what become of this ogre race. The ogres live in constant fear of having out-witted by the goblins and out-bred by the trolls. It was for this reason they invited the elves from Sabah and the fairies from Sarawak to live with them in a confederated nation called Malaysia in 1963. Given the trusting nature of the elves and the fairies, they accepted the invitation.

    Do you know where the elves and the fairies live? They live in an island, the most beautiful of island ever known to man. Cast your eyes across the sea to the east of Malaya, there lays Borneo Island in the tropical sun like a sparkling jade, emerald green and all. God must have created this island first before He created the rest of land on the face of earth many thousands years ago.

    Borneo Island is the envy of all seafarers. But no hand of man can steal the floating beauty because in valleys straddled by Mount Kinabalu, the tallest of mountain in this part of the world, live the Sabahans, the man-elf race who protects the island through art of diplomacy, when skill of speech is consented, or through the unsheathed of sword, when tactlessness ask for it.

    For as long as one can remember seeing the hornbills flying over land beneath the wind, the Sabahans have been living in continuous harmony with the Sarawakians, a man-fairy race who settles peacefully in the other half of the island. Together, as would a brother to a brother, they protect the island against invasion by Vikings from far north and Bugis from near south. Although often they are far outnumbered by their opponents, the defenders of Borneo Island defended their homeland very fiercely, as would a lioness defend her cubs. While the Sabahans are excellent marksmen, the Sarawakians are good with swords. When Sabah arrows blot the sky, the enemy ships will sink. A Bugis can wade ashore, but Sarawak swords will race to pluck his head.

    Living among the Sabahans and the Sarawakians are the hobbits. So adorable is this creature that even a thorn hesitates to harm them. So caring are they to one another that in everything they do they share the burden with each other and share the fruits of labours. They commit themselves to works in the forest for without them the forest will not have its spirit. This race of people is called the hobbits elsewhere; in Borneo Island, they are called the Penans.

    The Penans live in woods deep in the heart of the island where rivers begin their long journey down to the sea. Walk up the rapid another mile to find young Princess Sara among the Penans. One would be at lost of word as to describe her for she is a princess because she is as beautiful as she is gifted. She whispers to trees and heals the ailing tree, she touches the water and fishes leap with joy. People say Princess Sara the tree whisperer glided down from the sky during a torrential rain many years ago. But Sara herself does not know why her eyes are blue.

    Sara and the Penans, the Sabahans and the Sarawakians, live happily with each other for thousands of years in Borneo Island. However, there is a moment in the history of Borneo when their happiness and friendship are tested. The year is 2008, long before there is telephone or train.

    Evil comes to Borneo
    Nearly everything comes to a standstill that afternoon in seahorse city of Miri. News stunned everyone war is upon them. A Malayan army, in number so large no one bothers to count, is moving towards Miri. By the haste in their stride, and if no one intercepts them, it is only a matter of three days before the brunt of the invaders come hammering at Miri walls.

    Against a Malayan force as thick as sand in the coastline, Miri City is sure to fall. Enter a cavalry from Baram to offer resistance against the invasion, at least long enough while the king sprinted out all Mirians to safety in Marudi. Three days is a safe passage while it lasted. Three days is a small window from where the people can flee to safety before unforgiving arrows can find them. What if the Malayans come too soon? Then a battle is necessary. Make faith, this Baram cavalry is no ordinary force of fighting men on horse back. They are the Kayan Kenyah lakins! They are the spirited warriors from the land of the braves, trained to do battle since the day they are born. The Malayans will soon learn the lakins can defend a city as fiercely as they can destroy a city.

    But there are only 300 of them.

    Miri in trouble. It is impossible to imagine the world’s ending on such a fine sunny day on the eighth day in the month of March, barely six days after the Kayans forfeited annual carnival Irau in exchange for combat with the Malayans.

    Yet the storms of Malayan horses continue to rage throughout Borneo, leaving conquered cities and shattered armies stunned in its wake. The lightning-quick strike of the deadly cavalry wrecked Kuching City and then Sibu, leaving precious little of the Sarawak Kingdom to defend. Now the country is prised open, the Malayan infantry finishes off what the cavalry have trampled, turning the land of the hornbill into a complete state of chaos. Thus the beginning of eastward migration as homes are burnt, men are made tramps, women are made slaves, children are made orphans, and kings are dethroned. A loss to Sarawak is a gain to Malaya. But the Malayans want complete gain over the land and Sarawak must bleed out all she can give. Whilst she hesitates the Malayan wrath continues, leaving behind them a trail of destruction and ahead of them a prelude to terror.

    As the Malayans march to Miri City, a faint wave of tremor is felt in earth on which stood the Kayan Kenyah army. Yet Jack ‘The Lightning’ Lawai gathers his disheartened 300 lakins for one last stand in Miri.

    Malayan horses, bred for speed and beauty, began to splash across Bekenu River. Lawai’s knights and swordsmen, trudging under the weight of iron mail struggle to interpose themselves between the Malayans and the City of Miri. Vultures circle in the air, anticipating the savagery to come. The rest of Borneo watches anxiously for this is the climax of the Malayan invasion and the last stand of Independent Borneo.

    Sara the Penan princess. Somewhere in the jungle far from the battlefield, a bird of bad omen screeches uncanny cries as it flits by. It is not the eerie pitch that has stunned the Penan princess; rather the meaning in that sign. Tears welled up in her blue eyes. She can only hope the bird of bad omen is wrong, as sometime it does.

    She met him for the first time three years earlier. He is a killer. Yet the Penan king, the man who adopted her as his own daughter, has great confidence in this man. Men do what men do and women like Sara seldom can approve to men’s bravado. But neither can she refuse it when it liberates her from her prison.

    She accompanied her father that day as the old king tried to talk the Penans and the Chinese merchants out of a violent confrontation. The Chinese were felling trees in Tinjar River to build boats for sale. The Penan stood in their way. The Chinese merchants said they have permission from King Taib Mahmud in Kuching to do as they pleased in the jungle. The Penans instead asked, Taib who?

    When words alone could not make sense, the men started slashing at one another. As the Chinese have brought ogres with them, the Penans were forced to retreat but some of the men grabbed hold of Sara and carried her to their boat. Later that night, a gang of ogres dragged her into the bushes and they started to tear at her clothes. Out of nowhere came three men. Sara’s attackers were swiftly put to the knives. The trio returned her to the Penans and quietly disappeared.

    Sara’s father told her: The three men are members of KKK, as in Kayan Kenyah Kelabit, a division of Sarawak Rangers, which is a society of knights who answer to no king for they suspect the Malayans have either bribed or twisted the arms of kings in Sarawak. The most feared of the three is son of Antonio Lawai Karing, the Kayan King of Liam; mother is Kenyah Queen of San. He is heir to the throne but after a fall out with the San nobles, among them his father, Jack Lawai is banished to Ba’ Kelalan where he lives among the Lun Bawangs. Ever a ruthless man, he spares no opponent, hence his name ‘The Lightning’ for he is quick in killing. He trusts only himself. The people who walk beside him are the few who passed many of his tests; the many who failed have lost their heads. Now the Malayans have set foot on Sarawak soil, his ‘lightning’ strikes more often than not. There was this night when, in his drunkenness, he has boasted, “Because queen mother loves the natives so much she delivers for them … ME!” Jack could not recall what he said that night, but already that reckless speech somehow played well to the native patriotism, and the people look up to him for an answer when everything else has failed. When Sara was abducted that night, the Penans sent for the ‘lightning’.

    The Malayans continue to make troubles in Sarawak in the following years, albeit subtly. Already they have Emperor Taib Mahmud and Admiral Jabu anak Numpang in the pretentious scheme called BN – that is short name for Brat Nation –; Malaya is, by no feat guessing, armed to the teeth to exert absolute control over Sabah and Sarawak. While the lesser kings in Borneo struggle to buy time, the Sarawak Rangers, a society of knights who answer to no corrupt kings, take it up with the Malayans head on. Along the way, many knights have lost their lives, including Patau Rubis, a distinguished Bidayuh knight from Tasik Biru.

    Yet the Sarawak Rangers is never short of greats. In land of the Ibans, the braves ride with Beginda Minda, who only recently overturned a ship full of ogres. In Orang Ulu County, the rebels ride with Sir Baru Bian in Lawas and Temenggong Pahang Ding in Marudi. Jack Lawai often volunteers to high-risk mission for the Temenggong. His success each time is undisputed but not always he come back unscathed; one time he nearly lost his life.

    The Temenggong’s wagon sprints the dying man to Sara in the high country. A strike from a blade had slightly gashed Jack’s left arm during a duel with Khairy Jamaluddin the ogre. It is now known why Khairy limped away rather smilingly, although he had completely lost the use of his long tail. The wound did not paralyze Jack, the poison from the blade did. Sara is neither a shaman nor a sorcerer but she can listen to trees as they give her instructions against unknown composition of poison. That she did Sara snatched Jack, in the nick of time, from the jaws of death. A week later, he was back on his two feet.

    Jack Lawai sent for Sara and her parents that day he was about to leave her village. He told her she is no longer indebted to him for she has repaired him two folds by saving his life. But as more trouble is expected in the coming weeks and months and years, some of his friends can suffer the same injuries in the line of duty. He will take his men to seek her treatment; she certainly would need more hands to tend to the wounded. If Sara is willing to teach other girls of treatment against poison and stock up medicines in the event of big emergency, he will be indebted to her until he can think of means to repair her; else he is indebted to her for life.

    Jack said very firmly, “I choose which king to serve, not king chooses me. My kings are few my friends are few. In the presence of your parents and the presence of King Hasan Sui, I make known this alliance with you. I choose to offer you my protection, whichever protection you don’t already have, if you choose to offer me protection, whichever protection my armour cannot already give.”

    As soon as he said that, he drew a dagger, cut his palm and allowed the blood to drip on the floor. He mounted his stallion and galloped off. By way of native custom, Sara can leave the bloodstain on the floor or she can wipe it off. If she accepts his invitation, the blood must remain in the floor. Sara chose friendship with Jack. And that was the beginning of a strange but strong alliance between a blue eye Penan and a Kayan maverick.

    True to his fear, he brought 23 injured men to Sara a month later. Sara brought in 200 Penan girls to nurse them, much to the surprise of Jack himself. She has also built a big hall with many empty beds already waiting for occupants. She humoured him, saying she can train more nurses if he think his men cannot defend themselves well. Jack returned the humour, saying she probably has provided more than what was necessary. As she walked away, she whispered to him, “The forest says it is necessary.”

    It is necessary. Across the South China Sea, the goblins, the trolls and the ogres in Malaya were already making plans to kill Borneo.

    Bad blood
    For centuries, the ogres, the goblins and the trolls in Malaya have been in constant disagreement with Borneo Island over the rights to rule in that island. In principle, Malaya agrees to accord autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak. But in practical situation, Malaya pokes its ugly noses in nearly everything that is Borneo. They even ‘ogring’ tens of thousands of aliens in the shape of gollums from the Philippines and toyols from Indonesia. That they did so the men-elves in Sabah become more ogre than they can become man.

    It is understood that the establishment of Malaysia was much like a marriage. Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak entered into matrimony on September 16, 1963, long before there is telephone or train.

    The four regions pledged unity as a single, sovereign federation, promising to be faithful and equal partners in good times and in bad, in joy and in sorrow. As it turned out, Singapore seceded from Malaysia two years later. Malaya and Borneo Island continue as partners, and they lived happily ever after – but happy as in a feigned smile.

    Malaya does not honour his duties as a spouse. The relationship between Malaya and Borneo is no longer sacrosanct, a marriage rocked with broken promises. Borneo has ‘descended’ in ranks to become no more than a wronged concubine in an unfortunate union, with Malaya enjoying political supremacy and socio-economic advantage.

    Then come the day when great wizards from Borneo meet up with their Malayan counterparts in Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Much to the chagrin of the Borneo representatives, the Malayans could not answer many discrepancies in relationship between Borneo and Malaya. Not wanting to subject Borneo to any more pretence from the ogres, James Jemut Masing proposes a DIVORCE with Malaya.

    Boldly he speaks out, “Sabah and Sarawak feel that we have been sidelined. There is still that uneasy feeling that begs us to question if we are really part of the three regions.”

    Bernard Dompok, formerly a Sabah king, stands up to echo Masing’s view: “If we want national unity, it must not be artificial — you know, singing this song or that song... it should be more practical, such as settling grouses and changing the people’s mindsets. There is still this perception that Malaysia refers specifically to Malaya. When I tell the ogres in Malaya that I am going back to Sabah, they ask me when I am coming back to Malaysia. The mindset that Sabah and Sarawak is an addendum to Malaysia must change.

    Sarawak’s John Brian chips in: “Sabah and Sarawak were guaranteed enormous autonomy under the auspices of the 20-Point Agreement, for Sabah, and the 18-Point Agreement, for Sarawak, the international treaty signed during Malaysia’s establishment. The agreement stipulates, among others, that Sabah and Sarawak are not required to declare ogre religion as their state religion. The states would also have control over immigration, the civil service, education and development funds.

    One ogre from among the Malayan bench barked: “That’s your problem. These rights have, over the years, been bartered away by your own politicians who were eager to gain favour with Malaya, am I right?!”

    Bung Mokthar from Sabah promptly cut in: “And we have replaced those politicians, right?!”

    By that remark, the house bursts with laughter. Sarawak’s Tugauw asks the Bung to sit down and never again introduce his silliness in matter so grave. Mokhtar being a bung does not even know how the howler has leaked shame upon himself.

    Tugauw grabs his spear and trains the weapon in the direction of Hishamuddin Hussein, causing great panic across the room. Now the people have stopped laughing, Tugauw says, “Hear us now, you moron, respect for that agreement is the lynchpin of unity between Borneo and Malaya. We, the people of Borneo, feel that the federal government has not met their promise. Sabahans have been short-changed in some crucial areas. The civil service for instance. After 45 years as Malaysians, there are not many signs of advancement in the civil service; we don’t get a chief secretary, for instance. There are many explanations offered by the federal government. But the country has not worked hard enough to ensure that the civil service is a reflection of Malaysia. We should have a service that is Malaysia, truly Malaysia. Another point of contention is the economic disparity between the Ogre Bumiputera and the non-Ogre Bumiputera. There are glaring disparities that require attention.

    Sarawak’s Joseph Tawie: “You ignore at our peril the importance of the international treaty that binds Malaysia. Sabah is wedded to the 20 points. And Sarawak is wedded to the 18 points. We hold it dear to our hearts and you must respect that. Nations are born not because the law binds them. But nations survive, and unity and patriotism are created by winning people’s hearts. Sabah and Sarawak are more than equal partners under the Federation. Most of the 20 points are included into the Constitution; and the states have additional law-making and financial powers, and sources of revenue that are not available to the Malaya states. But whether we, the people of Sabah and Sarawak, are afforded those special rights in the administration, that is the question.

    Malaya: That’s what you think, huh? Sabah and Sarawak must also take a share of the blame. The lack of development in these two states is also the result of inadequate leadership, mismanagement, and the lack of dynamic policies. Above all other, your politicians suck!

    Sabah: Very well, grant us complete autonomy in all areas. You’ll see who sucks up to who then.

    Malaya: That would go against the notion of building a united nation.

    Sarawak: A united nation under a Federal Government? Good, then the Federal Government should respect Sabah and Sarawak’s cultural, religious and language diversity and autonomy. The many minority Bumiputera groups in Sabah and Sarawak are largely marginalised by sheer virtue of the fact that every facet of life — be it pop culture or political discourse — operate along three Malayan racial lines, the Orges, the Trolls and the Goblins. The people of Sabah and Sarawak are more than often under-represented in these areas.

    Sabah: Furthermore, the government should not export Malaya’s brand of race-based politics or try to ‘ogring’ the population. Such actions would undermine the inherent pluralism in Sabah and Sarawak. Malaya has been trying to export its model of race-based politics to Sabah since the early 1990s. It has racialised politics in Sabah and created a heightened sense of ethnicity. Race is not an issue there. When you start promoting race, you will heighten the awareness of racial issues. Additionally, while issues of an Ogre state often given importance in Malaya, Ogre mutants and converts are a minority among the 27 ethnic groups in Sarawak and 32 in Sabah.

    Malaya: Why you need autonomy, you ungrateful lots?

    Sarawak: Sabah and Sarawak feel the need to maintain autonomy because it is the last bastion in being recognised as an integral part of Malaysia. Once Sabah and Sarawak gain parity with the Malaya in terms of progress, development and education, the states’ protective barriers will naturally fade away.

    Sabah: My dear, Sarawak, this is the opportune moment for us to make demands from the federal government in order to adjust the widening disparity between Borneo and Malaya. Already, post 8 March, the federal government has been allocating funds for Sabah and Sarawak, and addressing grievances that have long been ignored such as the issues of illegal immigrants and lack of economic parity.

    Sarawak: Let me ask you, Malaya, when is Malaysia formed?

    Malaya: Why, August 31, 1957. Malaysia is 51 years old today.

    Sabah: You fools! Malaysia is formed on September 16, 1963. That was 45 years ago. Malaysia was not formed 51 years ago. Let us not deceive ourselves to think that something was formed before its existence.

    Sarawak: If you cannot remember the date, Malaya, I can forgive you. But you remember a date but that date is wrong. If you cannot keep to your heart thing as simple as our wedding date, what good then is this marriage? Forget it, forget about everything, forget about us; forget about Malaysia!

    Malaya attacks Borneo

    Cold hard rain soaked the sun-baked earth washing away virtually everything but spite of man. Barely a week has elapsed after the drama in Twin Towers when already Malaya knows what to do. They should pacify a discontent in a grieving ally, as should a friend to a friend. Malaya instead threatens Borneo with war.

    Things have come to the boil Malaya can no longer mask the ambiguity of their pursuit. Now the opportunity presents itself, they demand a total submission of Borneo Island to Malaya, as would a slave to her master. Borneo can no longer remain only a distant partner in company Malaysia. Borneo must not be owned only in name; it must be taken as whole in all sense of occupation.

    The gaggle of quarrelling city-states of the Malayans finally has a common enemy. For once, the squabbling ceased as everyone braces up for an expedition into foreign land. The prospect of amassing loots and women slaves during raids in Borneo infect greatly the men’s vigour. Drumming up support for the war campaign is a powerful organization UMNO – stands for United Male of Nasty Ogres. Almost deified by the hardcore racists, the UMNO continue to breathe a wacky sense of supremacy into this fiendish society. If the nation of ogres cannot unite in civility, they can unite in notoriety.

    Heir to the throne crown prince Najib Razak is scarcely a tyrant. Yet compelled by UMNO, Najib launches the military campaign, realistically as to feed his men with action while at the same time improving his popularity at home. Najib himself will lead the Malayan army to conquer Borneo.

    Speaking before the excited crowd in Merdeka Square, Najib says, “It is not as if I am taking sons from you and send them to do battle with Singapore. Against Singapore army, Malayan army can prove too weak and we can expect a massive loss before we can breach the walls of the lion city. But what risk is there for us in Borneo? What army is there in Borneo Island if not an army of pretty girls waiting for your sons to rape them!

    “The problem with Sabah is there are many elves in that country. The problem with Sarawak is there are many fairies in that country. By the time we are done with Borneo all their children will be ogres. Borneo Island will become Ogre Island. No one will remember the elves and the fairies ever lived in that island. So what are we waiting for? Take the island!”

    Malaya quickly delegates jobs among the Malayans: The ogres will go to battle; the goblins will manage economy at home and supply the ogre soldiers with provisions and armoury; the trolls will go to jail, five trolls in each cell, so they cannot create ruckus at home in the meantime.

    The Malayans having organised, Malaya spare no delays in planning a full scale attack against Borneo. Kota Kinabalu is first target. Sabah force concentrates in Kinabalu City, their defeat will deliver a blow to the morale of the Sabahans. On the other hand, Malaya can receive assistance from ogre-convert gollums and ogre-look-alike toyols in towns surrounding the Kinabalu City.

    The fall of Sabah. In the cool torrential rain, the outposts stood frozen on the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Such vigilant but in all sense are now redundant like fat empty grain. Down below the UMNO-converts have breached the Sabah defence rendering hapless the king and queen.

    For weeks now, outlying towns are raided and sacked and looted by hooded mercenaries suspiciously Malayans in poor disguise.

    It is in June at the turn of the century during interrupted Pesta Kaamatan when Prince Najib and his army of UMNO Putra lay siege to Kota Kinabalu. All attempts to send for reinforcement have been intercepted by the gollums and the toyols. The famous double wall around the tall white city can sustain even the fiercest of assault. But can it sustain the hungry people sheltered within? The Malayan army, on the other hand, is constantly supplied from open sea.

    It is out of desperation to lift the enduring siege when the king’s knights ride out to face the brunt of the Malayans in the open that fateful afternoon, at the same time forfeiting protection from the fortified wall. It is most unfortunate the affair is to be decided in a pitched battle, but the Malayans, preparing to starve off the city rather than attempting direct assault to the wall, leave Sabah with no other choice.

    Anticipating the lost of many if not all of the city braves, the people of Kota Kinabalu quit their homes and form a long line on the stonewall, filling up every space available, every nook and corner, every small window and peeping hole, from one pristine end to the other ragged end. The last fight of Kinabalu will soon unfold before their very eyes. Trapped loosely in their hands are flowers plucked along the way. As the army leave the gate, the swirling breeze carries the flowers up to the cloud. Such is the height of Kinabalu hope that day.

    Flanked by heavily armoured infantry on one side and columns of horse archers on the other, the sturdy lines of heavy cavalry, the shock force, advance cautiously. From among the knights, springs forth the general with a Sabah flag tied to his lance. He races his horse to the enemy frontline as arrows from both sides meet in the air. At his command, the formation, angled sharply in the forefront, careers straight to the heart of danger.

    As observed by the Sabah king in his letter to Sarawak: “Only this morning I had thought my army was insusceptible to defeat yet even the most deadly of my elite units proved unskilled against opponents on the back of camels. In the ensuing melee, lasted whole day, such a pain to watch, my men were knocked down like some dogs in the middle of bulls stampede. Now my castle fell at the mercy of their trebuchets surrender I must.”

    Sarawak fights back. In the gloom, the longhouse feels empty but it is filled with the odour of rust, and tar and animal fur, and the snoring of dogs. It is the man named Tajem who speaks, smacking scared fingers together for emphasis. The steam of his breathes tangling with the wood smoke. He fills the men’s head with legend of exploration and raiding and headhunting, of the days when the Dayak ruled over all things from the mountain springs to end of rivers.

    Lifting a finger in the direction of Malaya he says there waits one place that escaped the clutches of the Dayak. The land, no stranger than their own, is brimming with wild fruits and healing plants and wild boars never once hunted and eaten. In homes clustered up on hills by the sea live fat ogres with their many, many wives. The ogres are haughty, snobbish and selfish. Yet they are weak, as weak as piglets. This proud country, he announces, is ripe for Dayak occupation.

    But it is ogres from the across the sea who covet the realm of the Dayak, following the footsteps of their pirate ancestors who tried to raid but each time drew futile. Now the pirates have come Tajem tells them to flee and leave their homeland at the mercy of the Malayans. Or they can sail across to meet the enemy at their doorsteps?

    His question echoes across the hall.

    A warrior named Billy Abit Jo stands up. He slams his shield on the wooden bench together with his sword and spear. From around his neck he withdraws a talisman and drops it on the floor. All heads turn to him he says he will only pick them up after he knew what to do with them.

    He says 50 years from today after the country is lost, after all trees are fell, after all stone mined, after all fish are gone, after there is no fertile land for people to grow corns, there will be nothing left for them but a sea of mud and brother kills brother for a drop of water. 50 years from now when they look back to this time today, they know what they should have done.

    Rising above everyone, he asks: “Would you be willing to trade all of days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell the Malayans that they can take our life but they cannot take our freedom!”

    The people drink in his every word. In an instance, the darkness is lifted from the men’s face. Billy Abit tells them he is but one man to can change their future. When he asks for volunteers, men slam their weapons on the table and shout in one voice “Agi idup agi ngelaban!”

    At once, Billy picks up his weapons. Sarawakians everywhere do the same as news about the uprising travels from town to town, river to river, jungle to jungle. Volunteers come by the thousands from as far as Limbang. Their number swell until no field can keep them in one place. Everyone – man and woman, or even children, practically anyone who can stand up and walk – stands up and walks and be counted. Sarawak Army rise to the occasion.

    Borneo United. In no time, Sarawak progresses into a nation of warriors, the way it used to be 100 years earlier. The beast in everyone having awakened, the country roars like a wounded tiger out for revenge.

    It is the beginning of a long and violent affair as the war travel back and forth between the scarcely armed natives and heavily armoured intruders. What the Sarawak infantry lacks in skills and weaponry they make up with grits, guts and number. 1000 Sarawak deaths in front of a small garrison holding a handful of Malayan is not uncommon. But while death is rampant, the Sarawakians continue to advance day after day week after week month after month or for as long as it takes until the enemy forsake the fort at long last. What little victory everywhere is a victory to the entire nation.

    In villages and hamlets somewhere in the mountains, women folks sing new hymns every night as they gather around a campfire while waiting for news from the battlefield. They fill the night with songs of hope, songs of courage and songs to immortalize the names of fallen warriors, among them their husbands, who gave their lives in the course of freedom. Song of freedom.

    Even the most learned of Isit bird cannot tell the end of this cursed war. The people of Sarawak may not know why the war is there but they know why they must continue fighting. Because the moment they stop, they become slaves.

    It is in the month of March when Prince Najib Razak marshalled the Malayan army to the city of Miri, the remaining city on the land of hornbills that flies the Sarawak flag. The Malayans expect little resistance as the sheer size of their army could scare off any attempts by neighbouring parties to associate with Miri – the repeat of Kinabalu siege.

    But when Miri lit up the beacon on top of Canada Hill and the signal beamed across the land, the whole of Borneo pour into the city.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    The victory in Miri is the turning point. Sabah and Sarawak now fight as one unified army, brothers to the bone. Now called Borneo United, disparity among military units is quickly put right, pacified or even outlawed. Ineffectual generals such as Musa Aman and Lihan Jok are swiftly replaced. Captain Idris Jala, a great wizard from Bario Highlands who has command over a fleet of Mas dragons, assumes control over Borneo United. The army’s ultimate goal is to free Borneo from clutches of the Malayans. Hence revived the old teamwork: Sabah arrows mow down enemy troops; ogres scamper into the bushes but Sarawak swords race to collect their heads. For the first time during the soul-destroying campaign, after suffering countless of defeats, mourning thousands of deaths, seeing hopes soared and quickly destroyed, Borneo believes she can win.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Death of a conqueror. The rain comes again until there is nothing left of road or wood or field. Nothing in the entire world but mud. The exhausted Malayan soldiers hoist their longbows over their heads trying to protect the precious yew wood from the water. The empty wagons can scarcely roll forward even though all the supplies have long been eaten. From the rear, terrifying hoof beats resound. The Dayak have come.

    The Malayans have been in the slow retreat ever since the debacle at Miri water front where warlord Najib’s glorious siege has been overturned by a relief force. Having suffered heavy casualties, Najib has all but abandoned his dream of establishing UMNO fortress in the heartland of Borneo. Like his men he only wants to reach Damai beach in Kuching and the ships that will return them home to Kuala Lumpur.

    But on the road back to Kuching the Borneo Army overtakes Najib. Knowing the Malayans are fatigue, starving and outnumbered 3 to 1 the Dayak, now consumed by obsession for enemy’s head as war trophy, have no interest in negotiations.

    The Malayans make their stand on a wooded hilltop. The archers plant bamboo stakes in the ground to offer some barriers against the deadly Iban skirmishers. Najib’s only hope is that his lightly armoured infantry prove more nimble than the impetuous Kayan knights and that the ranges of his archers can even the odds before the Kelabit highlanders are upon them.

    He forgot the Penans, under the charge of Jayl Langub, are more lethal with missile weapons and that they can sense danger from miles away. Silently detoured by the Penan trackers the Sarawak army meet their enemies in the rear. Najib and his entire army, together with his witch-wife, perish at the foot of Santubong. The horror of the massacre is unspeakable.

    Sea battle off Labuan. The steady splashing as the oars of 200 ships strike the water drown out all other sound. The most powerful fleet ever assembled by Tiong King Sing of Bintulu and his ally Yong Teck Lee of Tawau sails under the burning light of dawn toward the final encounter with the Malayan navy.

    After Santubong, Malaya has only the sea to plunder. Too slow to keep up with the fight, the invaders abandoned all other holdings on land to the grizzled Borneo headhunters.

    Undaunted, the Malayans turn their attention to the water off Brunei where they intend to break the emergent naval power of Sabah and Sarawak in Labuan. Now 230 rowed galleys and six heavy galleasses lumber into the bay of Labuan to meet the 270 galleys of the Malayan fleet. The ships draw up with scarcely five miles separating the distance between them. A storm of arrows darken the sky and the drone of splashing oars is finally drowned out by the thunder of cannon.

    A vulture stares into the horror in the water and quickly flaps away. The Malayan fleet and Borneo ships have all disappeared to the bottom of the sea. As soon as the wind of the eastern sea disrupts the cloud, the Malayan navy will return. But Borneo will meet them again and again until there is no wood left on the island to build ships.

    Yet, as the Borneo navy continues to patrol the sea looking for a hostile encounter with anything ogres, the war is reluctant to continue. By the reflection in the blue water and the extent of shadows crawling on the rocky sea cliff, it is only a matter of time before the natives reclaim the sea.

    Borneo attacks Malaya
    The war demands a resolute end to it and can afford only one victor. Captain Idris Jala reorganises the Borneo United: While the Sabahans fortifies the island, the Sarawakians will bring the war to Malaya.

    Melanau warriors and Bidayuh headhunters look dubiously at the ships that wobble in the shark-infested sea. What man is this Dawos Mamit to put so many soldiers on leaky transport? Dawos ignores their questioning glances and stares across the South China Sea in the direction of Malaya.

    Najib Razak is dead and now three men claim rulership of Malaya. King Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is relinquishing his hold on the realm in a matter of months but he is yet to decide a successor between Prince Razaleigh Hamzah of Kelantan and rebel leader Anwar Ibrahim of Penang. The rivalry between Kelantan and Penang can escalate into a full-scale battle any time. After the failure in Borneo, the Malayan nation returns to internal strife and bickering and political hogwash among themselves. To complicate matters, the goblins and the trolls gang-up on the ogres and press for equal rights in the Malayan society. UMNO, United Male of Nasty Ogres, is constantly on the lookout for persons responsible for their defeat in Borneo. The outcome of these conflicts is as murky as the haze that shrouds the Malacca Straits.

    Malayan soldiers are professional Keris-musketeers enlisted in the royal armed force, not mercenaries. Dawos’ better chance of defeating them is to strike while the contest between Razaleigh and Anwar stalls a wilful stalemate. But first, he must get all of his fighters into these unreliable boats.

    The future of Malaya is about to be decided.

    Ghosts from Borneo. Minarets of dust twist upward as horse hooves strike the fractured earth. The army of Borneo United stream across the barren of Klang Valley to converge on the walled city of Putrajaya, which was recently recaptured by Abdullah Badawi after briefly occupied by Anwar Ibrahim.

    King Abdullah is the rightful ruler of Malaya but Anwar Ibrahim challenges his right to reign. Anwar challenges the teachings of UMNO, thus making him hugely popular among the goblins and the trolls. Anwar wants to veto their popular pastime, ISA – Ineptitude, Sex, and Altering truth.

    Yet the king’s immediate threat is the Borneo army who are now romping about outside his wall, haunting him, as would vengeful ghosts with a score to settle. They want not his crown but his head.

    With Putrajaya is under siege, it is doubtful if the army can protect his kingdom. Doubtful anyone can remain standing against this elite force of headhunters. These children of fairies and elves carry mystical power with them. Who can kill a headhunter who can dodge arrows? Who can kill a headhunter who strikes like lightning? Who can beat a headhunter who can throw a sword, the sword kill a man, the sword fly back into the hand of the headhunter? Now there are 100, 000 of this breed of men around Putrajaya, what can beat that?

    Enter Anwar Ibrahim for Malaya’s sake. Secretly he makes a treaty with the Borneo army – King Abdullah for Malaya. The headhunters ponder upon the offer. But already they intend to storm Putrajaya and behead all occupants.

    S e p t e m b e r 16. The fate of Malaya is of little concern to Borneo Island now. With or without Abdullah’s head in the bag the island is now victorious and free once again. They know they are victorious since that glorious day in Miri, when hundreds of thousands of Sabahans and Sarawakians, men and women, standing shoulder to shoulder, stepped forward to defeat their fear.

    On the island, the war has quit to exist. What remain now are ruins and painful memories and the traumas brought about by the brutal nature of war. Some people may have lost the will to survive. Some others may have quit all hopes. They are probably trapped in that vacuum for indefinite time refusing even to find the way out. The war has robbed them of their innocence. Now they are killers no better than men who killed them. They have become monsters. This war forced unto them has scared them for life, scared in many ways.

    Not all good things are lost in the ruins fortunately. From among the rubble come a new meaning and purpose to cherish life for, and a desire to try something new. For six long years, live on this tropical island is interrupted by an invasion. It is time to rebuild. This time they know where to begin.

    Many good things happened in Borneo Island since 2008, long time ago before there is telephone or train. As you can see today, stranger, Sabah and Sarawak continue to live in country Malaysia, but now Malaysia points to Borneo Island, without Malayan peninsula in the picture.

    Every year they celebrate Independence Day on September 16, as to mark the day when Sabah and Sarawak were united for the first time in 1963 to form country Malaysia. Malaya joined Malaysia in 1963. In fact, Malaya begged to join Malaysia in 1963. Out of respect to King Abdul Rahman, Sabah and Sarawak allowed Malaya to join Malaysia. Malaya can join Malaysia again, but they have a lot to prove before Sabah and Sarawak can open the door to them.

    The people of Sabah and Sarawak have learnt a great deal of lesson from the war, that is they got each other, through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, in joy and in sorrow. This value they must nurture and protect, especially against a crooked society like the UMNO that continues to uphold Ogres Supremacy. To counter UMNO's evils, Sabah and Sarawak introduce Native Supremacy.

    The ogres, the goblins and the trolls continue to squabble like scavengers in Malaya even until today. That cursed land is so vile and vain one wonders if ever there is honour in that place. One wonders why they cannot do anything right ever. They build roof, the roof collapse; they build bridge, the bridge break; they build a small hut for the price of a castle; they say sex with prostitute is bad, good sex is when they do it with their own daughters. If Borneo Island is the paradise on earth, Malaya is probably its opposite, the hell.

    Angel returns to sky. Next time people ask you where the elves and the fairies live, you can tell them this tale from Borneo. Tell them the elves and fairies live in an island, the most beautiful of island ever known to man. This island floats in the sea, dances in the water. In the tropical sun it glows like a sparkling jade, emerald green and all. God must have created this island first before He created the rest of land on the face of earth many, many years ago.

    What happened to Jack and Sara, you may want to ask. Jack Lawai dies in that battle in Miri; Sara disappears.

    Jack and the 300 lakins, all of them, died fighting with the Malayans for two days and two nights at the gate of Miri as the enemies tried to enter the City. As the Malayans had arrived a half day early, there was still approximately 35,000 people, mostly women and children, yet evacuated to Marudi. With the Kayan Kenyah lakins standing in the way, the Malayans could not enter.

    By the time the armies from Sabah and Sarawak converged on Miri City, the Malayan force had lost nearly half of their number. The Borneo freedom fighters overturned the siege and completed their victory the very same day. They found Jack’s body among the slain enemies. Clutched tightly in Jack’s hand was the decapitated head of the most despised Sarawak traitor, the one head most wanted by the Sarawak Rangers, the one head that has so far eluded many headhunters but it cannot escaped the sword of Jack ‘the lightning’ Lawai. That one head was formerly known as Taib Mahmud.

    Now Taib is dead, the Sarawak forest is free from his greed and selfish politics of development; the Penans are safe. “Because queen mother loves the natives so much,” said a boy to another boy, mimicking a Jack Lawai in his cavalier mood, “she delivers for them… ME!”

    Sara and 10,000 Penan nurses arrived in Miri City that afternoon. King Antonio Lawai Karing, together with the San nobles, presented his body to Sara for they knew Jack’s love is Sara… and she knew she loves him since the day he bleeds for their friendship.

    Nothing is heard of Sara ever since. Some people said she dies beside Jack with her heart so broken. Some said the trees have restored Jack’s spirit and he lives with Sara in Clearwater Cave in Mulu until today. The Penans believe only one story about Jack and Sara. That she has taken him up to the blue sky where she comes from.

    People say Sara glided down from the sky during a torrential rain. But Sara herself does not know why her eyes are blue. The Penans found her in Clearwater Cave in Mulu when little Sara was barely walking on four. Tied around her neck was a locket. Engraved on the locket was a name – Sarah J. Brooke.


  61. Anonymous1:48 am

    hj kamarudin ... ptui...

    ini lagi satu orang tak sedar diri... aku bet ko bukan melayu+muslim.

    ko ingat kebanyakan orang melayu yg pangkah PKR dan DAP masa PRU lepas tu tertarik dengan idealogi korang ker? kiss my a@#$...

    PKR dengan matlamat perjuangan individu, DAP matlamat malaysian malaysia..

    dalam masa 4 tahun hingga PRU akan datang, akan banyak lagi cerita pasal PKR dan DAP yg akan timbul. Setakat ni pun, aku sendiri dah menyesal giler pangkah pembangkang, apatah lagi orang lain.. sebusuk-busuk BN pun, 50 tahun aku hidup aman dan senang...

  62. Anonymous2:55 am

    Alahai kamu semua, I have one GRAND solution that will sove all your problems...

    Yang tak suka sangat dengan segala apa yang ada di Negara asalnya TANAH MELAYU INI, buat lah pilihan sendiri, FREEDOM OF CHOICE:

    1. Ikut kehebatan nek moyang mu bertongkang pi kemana yang suka. Jangan mengaku dari MALAYSIA, tapi, kulit rupa, mengaku dari Negara tok Moyang kamu.

    2. Nak ke Negara asal nek moyang, kasi elek, wang pu liu.. mampus mereka nak layan, tourist visa pun tak tentu boleh dapat.

    3. Nah tengok sikit, Negara mana sangat yang kebuluk nak terima kamu.
    ... Nak ke UK? Hah, Taksin punya visa pun dah kena sekat, dengar kabak angin, duk bertapa kat Negara nek moyang dia dulu..

    4. Nak ke US? Silap2 depa tunda Tongkang kamu balik ke International Waters..

    5. Nak keAustralia.. Sedia duit banyak2, kalo tidak, no way..

    Ini tak suka, ini nak, kamu fikir kamu special sangat ker kat Malaysia ni.. Kalau rasa mabuk bertongkang, KLCC ader banyak kapal terbang menanti, dengan hormatnya dipersilakan..


  63. Anonymous10:21 am

    "Mein Kampf", anyone?

    Read the rantings of one Adolf Hitler and his theories about the "Master Race".

    I don't suppose Warrior 231 and his ilk have read "Mein Kampf".

  64. Anonymous11:21 am

    Salam Haji Kamaruddin,

    Perkataan haji nampaknya tidak membawa makna kepada anda. Bukankah sepatutnya Islam diletakkan tempat yang tertinggi. Asas pertama pemimpinnya sesebuah negara sewajibnya bukan harus lagi beragama Islam!!!!!!!

    -anak penang

  65. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Skilgannon 1066

    Memang dah dijangka reaksimu itu. Asyik merepek bila berdepan dengan fakta dan kebenaran. Mungkin kamu lebih arif tentang master arce memandangkan bangsa awak/ bangsa kesayangan awak (rasanya kamu ini Cina atau chingkie lovva) merupakan antara bangsa terawal didunia mempeloporkan konsep "racial supremacy". Kalau awak tak de kerja lain, apakata u baca teks-teks sejarah dan sastera bangsa u ( u akan sedar siapa sebenarnya bangsa u) dari membuang masa memberi komen bodoh.

    Warrior 231

  66. Anonymous3:08 pm


    I posted earlier in Rocky’s mungkin you ni tak baca kut?

    ….DNA clues on the African origin of Chinese populations Modern man, or Homo sapiens, might have migrated from Africa into China by way of Southeast Asia between 18000 and 60000 years, researchers say…

    (Li Jin is a professor of both the National Human Genome Center in Shanghai and the Institute of Genetics, Fudan University.)

    Forget about “Mein Kampf” concentrate reading on Africa! One day OBAMA have no choice but to embrace you as bludders? Get OBAMA to give his blood for DNA sampling. Mana tau Y kamu match him right on?

    Then Skilgannon can visit, glandpapa moyang diKenya, mulakan kumpulan "BERSIH" disana and bangkitkan semangat AFRICANS - to demand flee citizenship from CHINA!!


  67. Anonymous8:36 pm

    I don't believe that Warrior 231 and SERUMPUN DNA have read "Mein Kampf".

    If they had done so, they would no doubt have some exposure to Adolf Hitler's thinking about the "Master Race" (i.e. "White Aryans") and "racial purity" (i.e. no cross-ethnic bloodlines).

    I find it hard to distinguish between "Ketuanan Melayu" and the concepts of racial supremacy that were taken to extreme form in "Mein Kampf".

    You might want to say that in Singapore there is "Ketuanan" of a different type.

    And how is the treatment of the "indigenes" of Singapore any different from the the treatment of the "indigenes" in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the US?

    Are the Malays in Singapore so discriminated against that there is an exodus of young Singaporean Malay professionals and talent to pursue better opportunities in Malaysia? Or are there more Malaysian Malay professionals and skilled workers who seek employment in Singapore?

    The problem with people like Warrior and Serumpun is that they take their half-baked theories of racial superiority and eugenics and expect the rest of the world to nod approvingly. Well, the rest of the world doesn't need to. If it did, then Malaysia wouldn't have to make the rounds seeking foreign investments or going on roadshows to sell the attractions of the country to MNCs, fund managers and international rating agencies. And having to do all of this in English and not Bahasa Melayu. Oh, the shame of it all!

    Oh, by the way, if Tun Dr Mahathir had the courage of his convictions, he would have addressed all the international forums that he is invited to in pukka Bahasa Melayu, not in English!

  68. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Skilgannon 1066

    You got worked up because i wrote the truth about your race. you dont refute for you just cant as these are "barebone" facts. so what yo do as a typical chingkie you move to a different albeit baser level and bring up Mein Kampf which i dont think you would have understood in the first place given your half past six brain (remember the 66 in the 1066= Half past six ten times over!).

    As i said somewhere else, you are just a chingkie trying to show damn hard he is smart and damn hard he can cum too! but in both instances, you simply fall flat ,skilgannon 1066. It is time you get earn a living with your hands cos you brain is a goner and the pecker has flown away, a long time ago....

    Shoo..shoo....boy. Go and fly a kite, will ya. I am tired of reading your lies and half truths.

    Warrior 231

  69. Anonymous6:29 pm


    better change your nick to 'skilmoron'

    u already proved yourself to fit as one..

    No substance to counter balance your micro-ounce weight of shit worth of ideas & arguments, excreted from your very think-tank asshole brain...

    U are nothing more but a moron disguising to look smart..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  70. Anonymous10:42 pm


    1+0+6+6 = 13

    Born an unlucky man
    Stuck with this unlucky numbers
    All his stocks tumbled down
    One by 60% soon to reach 66%
    So no money left to migrate.. he he

    Agatha Christie