Thursday, November 06, 2008

Govt breaks promise to ex-Judges

RM10.5 mil. On the night of April 17, at a dinner hosted by the Bar Council and sponsored by the PM's Department, the PM promised to pay compensation to the judges "wronged" during the 1988 judiciary crisis. Zaid Ibrahim, the short-lived de facto Law Minister, and the Bar Council had hoped that the compensation would start what they saw as judicial reforms. Politically, someone was hoping that these reforms would save Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's job.

The judges involved had their reservations about the compensation But Zaid promised Salleh Abas and the former judges that the Government would not make public the amount of compensation to be paid to them. Only a handful of people had known exactly how much was paid to whom. Apart from Zaid and the judges themselves, they were the PM, the Minister of Finance ll, and someone from the Bar Council.

Today, the secret is out. Nazri Aziz, who got his old job back after Zaid resigned, told the Dewan Rakyat today that RM10.5 million was paid out to the judges. Salleh Abas, the former Lord President, received the highest amount - RM5 million. Supreme Court judges the late Tan Sri Wan Suleiman Pawan Teh and George Edward Seah Kim Seng got RM2mil each while Tan Sri Wan Hamzah Mohd Salleh, Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin and the late Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdolcadeer were paid RM500,000 each.

Today's disclosure was made in the name of accountability, or so Nazri said.

But what about Zaid's promise of confidentiality, a promise he made in his capacity as a Minister of this government? Today that promise was broken. I am sure the former judges are hurt and embarrassed, so shouldn't someone apologize to them and their families for breaking the promise.

p.s. YB Nazri, I know dinner for 500 ain't that much but if I may ask, in the name of accountability, how much did it cost to organize the dinner that night? And who took the tab, the Government or the Bar Council?


  1. Anonymous7:15 pm


    RM10.5 million in total? And RM5.0 million to Salleh Abbas? And he still wanted to be a Consultant?

    And you think Badawi did all this just to save his job? Why didnt Badawi pay Salleh Abbas using his own money?

    Looks like they are splashing our money around bro.

    Bro, I have a question. We normal ordinary kapchai Malaysians have to pay taxes. Once I got a bonus. Few thousand only lah. But when I got my check, it was much less. Reason? The Income Tax people got their cut.

    So here is a question for Nazri to taichi (meaning Nazri can say 'dont ask me this, its not my responsibility') :

    Did any of the Judges pay any taxes on this special RM10.5 million cash handout?

    Bro I want the Judges, Nazri, the Income Tax Dept or anyone to answer this question transparently. Did the Judges pay any Income Taxes on this RM10.5 million?

    Here is Question No. 2 : Why did the Judges want to keep this special payment secret? Why the hush hush?

    Here is Question No. 3 : This one is for Raja Aziz Addruse. Dear Raja Aziz Addruse, are you prepared to swear on the Quran for anything? If you are a truthful man, are you prepared to swear on the Quran for anything?

    If you are then can you please swear on the Quran that the compensation paid to the Judges (the compensation, dont worry about the amount) especially to Tun Salleh Abbas was justified? That Tun Salleh Abbas did no wrong and should not have been wrongly dismissed?

    God is watching you Sir. Will you swear on the Quran?


  2. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Gee Zaid, ain't this called corruption?

    Anyway, why din the govt/bar council set up another tribunal to overturn the decision of the tribunal led by Eusoff Chin which also consisted of international reps?

    Zaid, oh, Zaid, it's so sad that you din get enough nominations to be Kota Bahru division chief.

  3. Anonymous7:42 pm

    u wrote one stupid line and someone can sue u for 10 mil..

    But can we really measure one's embarrassment anguish torment and torture endured for years?

    Only the wise knows the true meaning of justice. Forget the dollar bro!

  4. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Ya Allah,
    laknatlah semua yang telah menyalahgunakan duit rakyat sesuka hati.
    rakyat yang di tindas

  5. It is people's money and the rakyat have all the right to ask the goverment about it. Nothing wrong in it and it is the goverment responsibility to clear the things.

    This seems like an open bribe.

  6. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Rocky, what is your problem. The judges have been paid princely sums and you are going into semantics. Do you have an agenda.?

  7. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Itu Zaid lah.. ini Nazri lah.. know the difference, you silly Jed Yoong!

  8. let me see..
    1. Salleh Abas got Tun
    2. His kids, grandkids , sons, sons in law , daughters etc. most are wealthy.
    3. he live in a rich class environment.
    4. he won't live for another 50 years.
    5. being embrassed by tun M would tortured and stressed him to death.
    6. he needed the money to give to the needy and the poor
    7. he has no money because he cannot be the "consultant"
    8. he need the money for the hereafter.
    9. Malaysian people are so nice to give the money for all the wrongdoings done to them that if not given will make him stressed out.

    Hmmm.. yeah, i guess we need to compensate him with the RM5mil. Go Pak Lah. Allah will blessed you with your thinking and action.

  9. Anonymous8:14 pm

    And many thought Zaid Ibrahim is the answer for their ideals?


    Lawyers yuck !! A bunch of talk cock self centred igronamaous.

    Probably what we need is Holiday Inn graduate Ibrahim Ali as Deputy Minister of Justice

  10. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Yo Rock the amount came out in the papers... RM81,965.75


  11. Anonymous8:25 pm

    I disagree all along about the payment to these judges as we know that he's getting his pension or payment earlier..And I bet if Tun Salleh were to continue his job, he ain't gonna earn RM5m. Isnt it better to give it to rakyat, i am sure that amount can help millions of rakyat.

    Disgusted by all lawyers..

  12. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Stop over rating Zaid Ibrahim!

    Zaid Ibrahim seems to be voice all thsoe liberals and superliberals were looking for to preach tehir version of good value, equility, justice, liberal and openness, etc.

    He is a wrong guy!

    UMNO will only be happy to see him leave. He is always a liability to their cause, even how cynical ones perception of UMNO.

    Zaid indulge in money politics, was caught and his membership suspended.

    Now he is critical agst so-called ketuanan melayu and social contrct but yet benefitted from ITM education, UMNO's legal work, NEP beneficiary of the lucrative work for PLUS, UEM, and Halim Saad corporate juggling.

    What a hypocrit. Preaching agst something by which he was beneficiary.

    He compensated millions for judges without justification and due process. The judges willingly allowed themselves be bribed.

    He claim to seek judicial reform and got into a tantrum when his idea isn't viable. Check out in detail his idea of judge appointment and one will uncover that his procedure will see flip flop and endless to and fro between the Commission/PM and ROyals. Its utter supidity of the highest order.

    Call me a racist or whatever, I do not care. I do not trust non Malay to be federal court and tehy shd be merely have token presence. They are likely to misinterpret to their whims and fancy with the ultimate intention to remove all the Social Contract and deny the continual legacy of Malaysia as a country with a Malay tradition, history, cultrue etc etc etc built from the ruin of the Melaka Empire. Bar Council is a case in point.

    Remember the press talk at the NPC. What did Zaid had to offer? Zilch ... nothing! He asked the press to propose to the Government.

    Zaid Ibrahim is a man detached from his roots of who himself. He has lost any sense of being a Malay or Muslimn (although I do not call him an apostate). Someone who cannot fathom the idea of berbudi as the basis of any earter society.

    Here is a little secret. Zaid spend more times in his home in Melbourne than in Malaysia. His body is also ourtside the country.

    If he can't understand who himself is, then why would we trust him as a leader? Why shoudl you?

    Dump him like UMNO had dump him for years. He is just a trouble maker who bring nothing to societal benefit. A walking dictionary of a hypocrit or munafiq!!!!

  13. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Why, oh why, do I have more than a sneaky suspicion that the point of all this is hit out (again? Shock! Horror!) at the Bar Council?

    Give it a rest, old man.

    You could more fruitfully respond to Haris Ibrahim's pertinent comments about your earlier post about 'being endearing'.

    But then, you hardly respond when confronted in that rational manner, do you? Ah well.

    Rom Nain

  14. And which of them still enjoy their pension and all their dues?

    Zaid & Ambiga, is that justice?

    You become prosecuter and the judge at the same time?

    The best part, a one sided story is enough for you to jump to a conclusion?

    Isn't that KANGAROO??

  15. Yup all six enjoying their pension.

    Some kind of justice!

    No admission of guilt but yet public money used to those judges?

    Then who is wrong then?

  16. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Woo kena lottery....

  17. Its no longer about compensation per se. I think the government could have done better if the case had been revisited and the given proper consideration. I believe it was not the quantum but the underlying reason that the judges were sacked as a result of political maneuvering to keep Mahathir in power as president of UMNO. It doesn't matter what spin UMNO or its ex-member Mahathir wants to put on it. The judges would have been happy with an apology and the government coming clean on that shameful episode. But unfortunately the government took this path; although it is some consolation to the judges, I sense feeling a of "unfinished business" hanging in the air.

    I would have preferred for the truth to come out and be acknowledged. It is now too late for many of the judges and their families who had suffered so much simply for the shenanigans of some politicians to remain in power.

    But at least the lessons to be learned would have been worth it. Mahathir is not only a has been, he is a tainted one. But he is a force to be reckoned with; many people in postitions of power are "his" men.

    I hope his son loses the race for Youth Chief; not because I like Khairy but because I see him as a throwback to the dark times under Mahathir.

  18. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Selective transparency je tu, more of personal vendetta against Zaid than actually caring about where our money went or if taxes are paid. Kenal sangat si Nazri tuh.

    Rocky, you sure take these old men (you know who)too personally for your own good...sayang anak ditangan2kan, sayang sapa tah ditinggal2kan, sayang kawan pasti disesalkan (tu sendiri punya ilham). Tak berbaloi, bang oi.


  19. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Malay cleansing at the New Straits Times on the card? Cleansing number ??? hmm can't remember. Rocky was the victim of the second round of Malay clensing.

    Wait for the announcement.

  20. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Hi ROcky,
    The Moral is, if you are rude to your boss, preferably the Agong, then say the the Agong's henchman, preferably the PM, wrongfully sack you, you can get RM 5 MILLION!

    Oh, but there's a catch, you need the most principled advocate, preferably a Minister, to hand youthe money from a weak minded Money Gate Keeper, preferabl the Minister of Finance.

    It started out to tarnish one man's image, but now all the above mentioned are nude of dignity.


  21. Anonymous10:51 pm

    It's sad that we cant even trust the government of the day!They broke their confidentiality but most probably it's to embarass Zaid!in the name of accountability.Such craps from this BN goons.

    Green hornet

  22. Anonymous10:54 pm

    The dinner cost 81K, if I am not mistaken. The government took the tab.

    This was released in the NST a few weeks ago.

    Perisik rakyat has it here-

    The bar council dinner, and all this money was actually KJ's attempt to further demonize Tun Mahathir for his so-called misdeeds.

    KJ destroys his critics, literaly.

    I'll just leave it to the UMNO Youth to kick him out!

  23. Anonymous11:14 pm


    before we shoot......did the judges asked to be compensated?

    nazri is unethical!

    the govt represented by zaid offered to compensate and to keep amount private and confidential.

    and the same goverment thru nazri in the name of accountability reveals everything.

    (zaid resigned because he cannot agree with the govt on isa)

    so should nazri resign because he cannot not agree with the government to keep his mouth shout on this matter?

    accountability? oh....nazri......i would have believe in you. but then i find it hard to believe in you because i happen to know one of your "associates".....and it's everything but accountability.

    - accountability -

  24. oh pleassee i want to get sacked
    too and get compensated later
    also doesnt matter-lah.

    we poor people where got opportunity. year in year out
    still got to pay income tax
    on our kacang putih income.

    have to accept-lah...

  25. Bro, I just finished reading a book titled "JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT" written by a Queens Counsel from New Zealand, Mr Peter Aldridge Williams, in the book the author described and I quote "the tumultuous events which accompanied the dismissal of Tun Salleh,.. it is a dispassionate analysis by an internationally renowned QC which takes the reader step by step through the issues".

    Mr Williams conclusion page 238 is very interesting and I urge commentators to find time to read this excellent book which is to me very enlighthening and give an alternative view on the happenings in 1988. After reading the book and comparing it to other publications I read over the years, I am inclined now to think that the Tun Salleh was rightly found guilty by the Royal Tribunal of the charges against him and correctly sacked by the YDP Agung. I strongly believe that the RM5 million given to Tun Salleh is wrong and is an unjustified way of using public money.

  26. Hey Rocky what the fuss. We know you are the defender of Tun Salleh Abbas and thanks to Nazri 10.5 mil is not a small sum paid to an individual for nothing. Who that Tun Salleh? What he do? Oh ya.. he contented as a candidate in PRU.. right. I like to be like him. Write a letter of oomplained to the Agong and let the tribunal sack me with my pension intact then fight back using other platform and not the law. Get Bar council involved and wait for a few years for tree to bear fruits. Prabo to Rocky for the job well done. Hey where the 10.5 mil money came from. Look like from goverment coffers. If goverment it means the money is rakyat money and shame to those people who used the money to compensate on something that not supposed to. 5 million to Tun Salleh plus total pensions paid from day one till today. Prabo Nazri, for the first time in your live you did the right thing. Wonders why all these year beside tun Salleh crtisice the goverment but never mentioned and acknowlede he received pension. May be I m wrong.

  27. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Mahathir wanted the crooked bridge badly. The PM scrapped it. Mahathir wanted to keep Augusta. The PM sold it. So what credibibilty Datuk Zaid had in his promise? Plenty. But this Government had none. When you are no longer holding the post nor in control, someone else who does have the final say. It's just that simple. Accountability? It's not in Barisan's dictionary.

  28. Anonymous12:10 am

    what can that 80 year old man do with that large sum of money these days?

    i guess that 5 million bucks perhaps to buy tractors and stuff like that for his dusun

  29. Anonymous12:29 am

    The RM10.5 Million should come out from Dr.M pocket.

  30. Anonymous12:29 am

    Secret a R SE...

    this is public money and I happen to be one of those suckers who pay my tax religiously. I have the right to know where my money goes.

    Zaid was wrong...Unless he was using UMNO secret fix your good fren TUN's screwup.

    Salleh is entitled is his money but there is nothing secret about it!

  31. When I first read the news that Nazri was to make public the amount paid I was not impressed at all. I didn't know whether there was a promise not to reveal the sum, but I would assume that to be true.(which is now confirmed by rocky)

    Perhaps Tun Salleh have stronger reasons to feel cheated and betrayed this time round compared to what the Bar Council did to him regarding the application to be a consultant.

    Nazri's justification in disclosing the sum is, in my opinion, a very weak excuse. If the honourable minister is truly a champion of accountability, our Parliament would have been a much better institution.

  32. rocky....

    i would like to suggest that, in view of the obscenely big amount of the compensation, the judges donate parla amount to a good cause.. establishment of a think tank for the promotion of judicial reform, seed money for legal scholarship for the underpriviliged, honorarium for academic writings on legal/constitutional matters... etc lah...


  33. Anonymous1:12 am

    I disagree with some of the commentators that the 5m should be paid by Tun M- why should he? AAW made the decision and he should pay for it!
    On what basis was the amount decided?
    Was Tun Salleh found to be wrongfully dismissed?
    If he has any conscience, Tun Salleh should return the money!!
    Failing which, Zaid Ibrahim should do so..

  34. Anonymous7:43 am

    Semua ini kerja gila dan semakin gila. Lebih baik aku berkebun sayur dan ternak ikan diam-diam.

    Azrai Ahmad

  35. Bro,

    Keputusan untuk mengarahkan mereka besara dibuat oleh tribunal (bukan individu). Dalam masa yang sama mereka mendapat pencen mereka juga. Kenapa pula diberikan bayaran yang sebegitu banyak daripada dana awam (my money and your money!!)

    Boleh ke keputusan membuat pembayaran berkenaan yang didorong oleh bekas Menteri Dato' Zaid Ibrahim diterima pakai? Memandangkan ianya bercanggah dengan keputusan tribunal yang telah mendapati mereka "bersalah"?

    Penjelasan perlu diberikan dengan lengkap oleh Kerajaan/kabinet. Saya juga ingin tahu pendirian Bar Council dan Kerajaan dalam hal ini.

  36. Anonymous9:18 am

    To all the judges;
    Yang Arif, harap Yg Arif boleh pulangkan kembali duit rakyat. Duit tersebut dicuri oleh ahli politik dari rakyat utk mendapatkan sokongan. Duit tersebut bukan hak Yg Arif.

    Ingatlah, nanti Yg Arif juga akan diadili di Mahkamah Allah. Bagaimana Yg Arif nak minta maaf dari kami rakyat2 yg ditindas di Padang Masyar?


  37. Anonymous9:23 am

    Dear Rocky,

    This is another flip flop decision by a flip flop prime minister. Wish March is today and he is no the PM anymore. Or why not just pay the flip flop prime minister RM50 million and ask him to leave today. I don't mine they use the rakyat money to pay him and make him go.

    Rosli Dhoby

  38. Anonymous9:27 am

    Tax Payers united,
    How about class action suit against Zaid Ibrahim,Bar Council and the six ex-judges to get our money back. I am willing to fork out RM1000.00 as seed fund to finance the suit.
    Y.B Hisham Gemuk
    ADUN Wakaf Mek Jah

  39. Brunt Council said...

    And many thought Zaid Ibrahim is the answer for their ideals?


    Lawyers yuck !! A bunch of talk cock self centred igronamaous.


    Hey! I love lawyers.

    Especially in their tight white blouses, and tighter white skirts.

  40. Did someone say corruption and bribery?
    In a bribery case, the age old question 'who is in the wrong?'. The giver or the receiver?
    The giver will always justify it is commission,compensation, service fee,consultation fee,upah, buah tangan,hadiah ..bla bla bla.
    Whilst the receiver will say 'I did'nt ask for it'.It was a 'permberian ikhlas'..and oh was 'sedekah'..
    Ini semua dua kali lima Dol...
    Hakim tak hakim..bila duit sudah masyukkkk.... apa pon tolak tepi..
    hahahhaha... jangan mareh..

  41. Anonymous9:49 am


    “They have been given pensions for the past 20 years

    How come Zaid never tell us this?

    How come Bar Council never tell us this?

    If they have been paid pensions all this while WTF pay them huge compensation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What basis? Why pay them if their services were never terminated in the first place?
    Is there elememt of corruption?

    Shit, it now make Mahathir great!!! Sure Mahathir is is laughing at us and all idiots involved.

    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abd Aziz revealed in Parliament yesterday.

    The minister also offered a twist to the story. He said the judges were not sacked or suspended.

    The ex-gratia payment is not the Government’s admission of guilt. I wish to clarify that their services were not terminated.

    “They have been given pensions for the past 20 years. Does that mean that they were considered guilty?” he said when asked by Wee Choo Keong (PKR – Wangsa Maju) on why the judges were given pensions.

    Nazri said the pensions were given because they were given early retirement and not dismissals

  42. Anonymous10:05 am

    Cant wait response from Pakatan's camp and their supporters and bloogers on this stunning disclosure!!!

    where is Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, RPK, Harris, Susan Loone, Elizabeth, Tony Pua, Jeff Ooi, Cskap Tak Serupa Bikin, Zorro, Husam, PAS

    So far silence.

  43. Anonymous10:32 am


    Frankly I am surprised that the judges who claimed to be persons of highest eminence & highest integrity in the country shall take the compensation in lieu of so-called 'wrongly sacking' by the then government of the day.

    There are thousands of the rakyat who are wrongly dismissed and take the employers to court for unfair dismissal.As it take years for the court to resolve their cases, these unfortunate souls are suffering.

    How these unfortunate souls felt that the present government can easily compensated the judges without due process. Furthermore, while these judges were found guilty, they are enjoying pensions and they were not penalised.

    To the rakyat, if they are found guilty , they are dismissed without any compensation.Unfair, isn't it.It seem, there are two set of law here.

    Malulah, rocky. The judges doesn't deserve to get any compensation at all and they should return the money to the government or donate to the needy. As I am also a taxpayer, I will not 'halalkan'

    But, it is more shameful for the present government who without thorough thinking and perhaps influence by the bar council and perhaps in trying to be a populist government (after the General election debacle) shall take this unnecessary steps.

  44. Anonymous11:01 am

    Principle of accountability here clearly is in support of a more open and robust society . And I believe the press freedom, uncensored blogspace are all in the same spirit. So the disclosure was proper if we accept those ideals which we seeem to champion.

    Breaking a promise is not good in itself, but if the the promise was in the first place illegitimate then it is not valid promise.

    I believe the Salleh Abbas and the judges were sacked for lesse majeste, failure to attend court, for ignorance of the law and procedures expected of their high office, and for failing to interpret the law in its proper context. On top of it Mahathir had the good sense to keep their pensions intact.

    If we look at the episode within the broad sweep of history, these mortals brought on their predicament on themselves.

    So, the promise was immoral and brought on by a bungling government. So, turbulent times indeed.


  45. Anonymous11:19 am

    Legal bribary.That's what it is, under the guise of judicial reforms.

    Money can buy justice and this is clearly demonstrated here.

    But who really cares? It is the taxpayers money, so what?


  46. Anonymous11:39 am

    abang Rocky,
    why your views and opinions lately dah melayang-layang macam lalang.
    Just becos u're writing a book on tun salleh doesn't mean u've to defend salleh and his gang's "integrity". If the former judges believe that they're innocent and wrongfully dismissed, therefore deserve the big $$$ then why do they want to keep it confidential. After all it's a special allocation from the government, so the rest of malaysians have the rights to know too.
    Oh ya, salleh needs the money to publish his book and pay rocky.
    When u get paid, jangan lupa buat party nanti Bro. Blog House kan ada.
    Get the best wine money can buy, please.

  47. Anonymous12:07 pm


    mistakes made by the govt, we, rakyat paid for it. justice my foot!

  48. Anonymous12:10 pm

    I am a Malay and last year I've paid tax amounted to more than 15K. Now I knew where the money goes.

    5 million can house 125 families or (125 x 4) 500 souls (low cost 40K each). Simply there is a human being so great that the value of his sacking equivalent to housing of 500 souls.

    All I can say is only Allah is the greatest.

  49. Anonymous12:23 pm

    tun salleh and gang were found guilty of wrongdoings by a tribunal. they were asked them to resign (according to nazri). the govt paid them gratuity and pensions for their past service. then zaid and pm decided to pay them ex-gratia for their sufferings due to being found guilty . does this make sense?

  50. Anonymous12:23 pm

    tun salleh and gang were found guilty of wrongdoings by a tribunal. they were asked them to resign (according to nazri). the govt paid them gratuity and pensions for their past service. then zaid and pm decided to pay them ex-gratia for their sufferings due to being found guilty . does this make sense?

  51. Anonymous12:26 pm

    IMHO I think the government should disclose the amount simply because You and I partly paid for it.

    You said "But what about Zaid's promise of confidentiality, a promise he made in his capacity as a Minister of this government? Today that promise was broken. I am sure the former judges are hurt and embarrassed, so shouldn't someone apologize to them and their families for breaking the promise."

    Well.. I think Zaid should compensate the ex-Judges with another few million for the broken promise.. but this time with his own $$$??


  52. Anonymous12:46 pm

    If the elites of the society can take millions of dollar from the public funds, now think about it, what is wrong for the poor traffic police to take RM50.?

    We have Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) setup for the Police.

    Can we innocent Rakyat also demand the set-up of a Independent Judges and Lawyesr Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IJLCMC)???

  53. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Sometimes I feel that our hard earned money we pay to the income tax is worth nothing to the Govt. They splurge it around wantonly.

    - bystander

  54. Anonymous1:11 pm

    what started out to belittle and to tarnish Mahathir's image turn out to ruin completely the credibility of judges salleh Abas & co.Mahathir must be laughing his heart out at the comedians now.


  55. Bro Bru,

    They've had had enough in their banks. Why can't they return the money back to the rakyat, if they are any good and sincere???

    They knew the money's not Dollah Bedawi's nor Zaid's.

    How on earth did Zaid the smart fella came up with the numbers anyway?

    Why the split of 10.5, 5.0 and 500K, 500K??? How do they weigh the different stress, unfair treatment and preferrentials?

  56. Dear Rocky,

    Too bad we are already told the ending of the book that you are co-writing on salleh!

    I am very amused with the turn of events.

    You still got a chance tough, a twist in the tale, like.. "but the money was disbursed to..." (giving you a lead here, grab it).


  57. Anonymous8:51 pm

    What's the big deal breaking promises? They have been doing that for 50 years! Their trademark!!!

  58. Anonymous5:51 pm

    (heha) : >90% of 'inland revenue'
    comes from nonbumis lah ...hehehe.

  59. Anonymous12:18 pm

    It's great to read here that people are so concerned abt RM10.5 million given to those x-judges. I'm also a taxpayer but that kind of amount rightly or wrongly doesn't disturb me anymore since there are cases of much bigger amount being squandered. Perwaja lost RM15 billion because of Eric Chia, and Mahathir. Sadly Eric Chia was prosecuted for only RM75 million. The Govt dares not push Eric to the limit (hence RM75 million only) because he will produce that letter signed by you know who as his defence. So RM10.5 million pales in comparison laa bro!!

    frm: not idiot

  60. there should be a movement to force these former judges to donate the money they get to charities...

    they dont deserve them...